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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 16 (Epoch)

January 9th, 2009 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Invasion by Eisley

I found it interesting how I’m reading about Bella graduating, a mere week before I will be returning to school. Unlike last semester, this time I’ve transferred to an English degree, which means all my classes are of great interest (Literary Studies, Psychology, etc). No more of that Calculus nonsense (and mayhaps more time to get work done finish Eclipse)!

Before I began, I decided to look up the word epoch, which is the title of this chapter. The definition is as follows:

NOUN: 1a. A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy.

b. A notable event that marks the beginning of such a period.

If you think about it, there are a lot of things attached to Bella’s graduation ceremony. Not only does it mark the ending of school, where she first met Edward, but it also means that she is getting much closer to becoming a vampire. And what then? It seems to me that after Bella’s graduation, so many things will happen, in ways that are far different than for most people. Which of these is the reason for the title? Is it pointing to the remarkable and noteworthy time of Bella being a human, or is this simply the beginning of a new Bella: where everything previous was simply there to prepare her as a vampire?

I think that Bella would have a far easier time choosing clothing if her closet was filled with various items of plaid. Anytime I wish to go somewhere, I simply put on a pair of jeans, choose a plaid shirt, and go. If Bella wants to mix things up a bit, she can close her eyes, spin around a few times, and then wear the first plaid garment her hand touches. None of this “I have nothing to wear” nonsense. With plaid, there is always something to wear.


(ADDED: there seems to be a debate in the comments as to if this is plaid or argyle. WOT?! Good thing I’m not a fashion designer, but what’s the difference?! All I see are lines and colors… πŸ˜€Β  )

But, I understand. When your clothes are being stolen by a newborn vampire who most likely intends other things than playing dress-up-like-Bella-for-a-day, I can see how she can get a bit nervous.

If I remember my graduation correctly, it was dominated by emotional moments and seeing long-lost relatives and friends, none of which happened to be vampires. Unlike at Bella’s graduation, my parents gave speeches about me, which was quite touching and yet slightly uncomfortable, especially recounting certain events I might rather forget (like the time my mother cut my hair a bit too short and I was forced to look like Dwight Schrute for weeks).

I keep wondering why these vampires are after Bella. Are they planning to use her as a distraction, to draw the Cullens out? Somehow, whoever-it-is knows exactly how to get around Alice’s visions and get into Bella’s house, and creep about through Seattle undeterred. What makes it worse is that this vampire didn’t come to kill Bella, but instead is passing on the duties to somebody else: probably more than a few vampires, who using their newborn powers might actually stand a chance in getting to Bella.

I found it nice of Jacob to show up for Bella’s graduation, especially with what happened the last time he saw her. It was probably a good idea for him to disappear early, too πŸ˜€


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– By the way, I love the DVD art for the Twilight movie!


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79 Responses

  1. Kataqu

    Yay, word definitions! The word “epoch” needs to be used more often, I say.

  2. Marissa

    Spot on.

    with plaid of COURSE there’s always something to wear!!

  3. Kataqu

    Oh, yeah. And you’re completely right about the plaid.

  4. Marisa

    I think Jacob is the most obnoxious in this book. Bella and Edward are in love, and he is trying to intrude. If it were Jacob and Bella who were in love, Edward would be understanding.

    Keep reading, Kaleb!

  5. Rachel

    I LOVE dwight schrute. sucks to have had the haircut though. lol

    love the blog. :)

  6. Jacque

    I recently received a belated Christmas present from an aunt that was a plaid shirt. I opened it and immediately thought of you, Kaleb. What’s even better is that the night I wore it out my guy friend that I recently converted in to a TwiGuy said “Nice shirt, Jacque. It’s very Kaleb of you.” I died laughing.

    I sympathize with you. My graduation party was full of the billions of cousins my father has (11 great aunts does that to you) who hadn’t seen me since I was “this big”. I feel like Bella’s graduation, although being an epoch, was so much more simple than mine (and a lot less taxing on her memory as she didn’t have to recall the name of second cousins such as Ruby, Pearl, and Bernie from Louisiana)

  7. Nazneen

    I think that’s just how girls are, you know. Some NEVER wear the same thing they wear yesterday πŸ˜€

    What do you mean by “It was probably a good idea for him to disappear early, too.” sounded like you’re excited. LAWL.

  8. Lucy Cullen

    hahaha she can’t wear plaid to her graduation!!
    finding an outfit is so much more than just picking something up :p
    oh and you wrong about the vampires…they ARE planning to play dress-up-as-bella :)
    and good analysis (Y)

  9. Lucy Cullen

    and also….dwight is awesome πŸ˜€

  10. Cassia

    I agree with the plaid, although your shirt is argyle.

  11. Elle

    Graduations are typically referred to as Commencement Ceremonies, so thinking of “epoch” as the definition “a notable event that marks the beginning of such a period,” makes sense to me.

    We tend to view graduation, specifically from high school, as an ending. That’s not saying it isn’t, but it represents a lot more than that. Overused as it is, the phrase “the first day of the rest of your life” comes to mind. And I think that’s what it means for Bella. She’s done with high school, she’s 18…in a lot of people’s eyes that means she’s an adult. Where she goes, what she does from here (become a vampire or not) is entirely up to her. It’s the beginning of a whole new era a in person’s life, but not necessarily the beginning of a whole new person.

  12. Steph

    Okay, first, did you really look like Dwight? Because that is the single greatest thing ever. πŸ˜€

    Second, I think plaid should not be a part of ANYONE’S wardrobe, particularly not a main part.

    Third, how can you be sure the vampire doesn’t just want to see what it’s like to be Bella? It’s possible.

    Fourth (dragging on and becoming repetitive…), I think you may want to read a little more carefully. I mean, you’re talking about how you have no idea who is sneaking into Bella’s room. Fair enough, it’s not a scent anyone recognizes, and it’s a little bit foggy at this point, in regards as to what’s going on with all the newborns. But Bella just said it was Victoria behind it all. She said she was certain it was her. And in New Moon, Laurent clearly states that Victoria wants to kill Bella for revenge. Please tell me I haven’t ruined it, but isn’t it… well, obvious? Bella knows all this already. *shrugs*

    Okay, fingers crossed I didn’t just cause your spontaneous combustion. I’m sorry if I did. But, you see, I’d already figured it out by this point, and I assumed you have, too.

  13. Wendilynn

    Plaid is too comfortable to wear to graduation. Its sacrilegious to be comfortable when you graduate. πŸ˜›

    I really liked this chapter. I remember feeling really tense when I first read it. Bella’s realization and Alice and Edward’s reactions really touched me. I really love how Edward is so protective of Bella. His hug and kiss after she tells him what she thinks is going on just speaks volumns to how important she is to him.

    I thought it was an appropriate title for the chapter myself. Bella’s graduation is the date where her becoming a vampire goes from ‘in the future” to “going to happen”. She is saying goodbye to the human side of her life and getting ready to take on the immortal side. She’s no longer a child, Edward can’t be kept from her and despite the worry about newborn vampires and whoever is prowling her room, her future with Edward is more set.

  14. JessieLynn

    Well, not everyone can rock the Plaid like you Kaleb…. But, I bet that would have been the first thing the Vamps take.

  15. Catherine

    That’s a great DVD cover.

  16. DJ

    I like the way the DVD cover looks too. You meant “art”, right?

  17. Zella

    The hard truth of life is that only you can get away with plaid, Kaleb. And since I don’t wear blue denim, leather (excepting some shoes) or plaid, it does take me a minute to prepare something good in the morning.
    And great post, as always. You set a high standard for bloggers and twiguys everywhere :)

  18. Zella

    PS. And the dvd cover is made of awesome, can’t wait to see it sitting on my Very Important Books shelf (entire quantity = my twilight books).

  19. Nicole Jet

    Ha ha! That shirt is definitely argyle, not plaid. Plus, I’m thinking the plaid would be more of Charlie’s thing. No girl wants to dress exactly like her parents.

    I’d have to say my graduation was more like Bella’s. The most memorable thing that happened would have to be having my name mispronounced as I crossed the stage. How someone messes up Nicole Jet is beyond me.

  20. ariana

    i love plaid shirts. i wear mine all of the time. and so when i think i have nothing to wear, i just pull out a plaid shirt. i get mine from good will and they are really cheap. even though i am a girl, and the men’s shirts are huge, they are still awesome.

  21. Shelby

    I love that DVD cover!

    Kaleb, you didn’t ask us a question for the comments!!! I’m lost without one! *looks around, wondering what to do*

    Yeah, I agree that it was great of Jake to show up for the ceremony… He was risking a lot. There are so many things that make him such a great person… And, although he is pretty selfsih when dealing with his feelings for Bella (although I love him for it…GO TEAM JACOB!!!!), he is still a great guy… He’s like the perfect boyfriend…and if not boyfriend, he’d be a great best friend… I know a lot of guy like him….

    Great post, Kaleb…but next time, give us a question to answer! lol

  22. Carrie

    I also love the DVD cover. I expected it to have the same cover art as the soundtrack, but they got more creative. It looks awesome.

  23. Melanie

    Firstly I guess I’m a newer reader to your blog I’ve only been reading a couple of weeks, but I love it :) so I decided to comment
    I love the plaid thing! I actually got a coat for Christmas that’s red plaid….so I think it would be pretty cool if Bella wore plaid to her graduation, on a different topic my older sibling’s college has plaid as their colors since theyre scottish, and so they wear kilts in their marching band
    pretty much I’m trying to say that it would be even more amazing if Bella wore a kilt to her graduation. But anyway…..
    I agree that it was good of Jacob to disappear early :) but also that it was cool that he showed up.
    I’m glad that you don’t have to suffer through calculus anymore, lucky duck, I’m subjected to an AP class of that for the next two years of my highschool life due to being on an advanced track for math…..
    well thanks for the blog post,
    and PS I agree about the DVD art too!

  24. hakeverevol

    YAY! now you are only 3 chapters away from chapter 20!!! That one is my favorite! Anyhoooo… I am so psyched for the movie on DVD! I’m going to watch it like everyday!!! πŸ˜€

  25. Becky

    haha, I’m trying to picture Alice’s reaction to Bella wearing plaid and jeans to graduation! πŸ˜€
    very nice of Jake to show up at her graduation amid the vampires. But Jake’s like that, he braves the vamps to be with Bella.

    I agree, the DVD case is made of awesome

  26. Becky

    it made me laugh because your picture is of argyle instead of plaid… good thing you’re not a fashion major, Kaleb :)

    and any mention of plaid reminds me of a guy in my class who always wears plaid shirts, jeans, and cowboy boots. He’s not even from Texas, lol

  27. Meghan

    I loved how my hero was mentioned!! Dwight Schrute!!

  28. hakeverevol

    That is most definantly argil!

  29. Stacie.Make.Do.

    Not leaving us with a question leaves you wide open. I choose argyle.

    It is argyle, but I think you could make an argument that argyle is actually “argyle plaid”, a subset of plaid. Maybe you should look up “argyle” and “plaid” wherever you got that definition of epoch. Not to be confused with EPIC. Shouldn’t you care if you are a writer? Anyway, I thought all of Bella’s plaid was flannel, which a sweater definitely is not. But you look great in argyle. Is that your rugby outfit?

    And didn’t you read Paper Towns? Those guys didn’t worry about what to wear under their grad robes! Eeek.

    The DVD cover looks good.

  30. Hihi

    wuts with the argyle and plaid thing? i dont even care about that. anywayssssss. ia about the whole bella has it easy when it comes to clothes thing. i would NEVER find something to wear as fast as her

  31. Melissa

    Haha the Dwight haircut comment made me laugh. Not so fun to have that haircut though. =P
    I love the DVD art, too! Oh I can’t wait to get it when it comes out! =D

  32. Rach

    Er…yeah, that’s not plaid. Plaid, while it does form diamonds, is strips of different sizes and color that criss-cross each other. That, that’s just a golfer sweater :)

    Anyway, yeah, I was kinda surprised, I admit, when I was reading it. I was like, “graduation?? are you u sure?? right smack in the middle of the book??”

    so, yeah, anyway, it all comes together now! And gets REALLY interesting πŸ˜‰

  33. Juni

    Its funny how before I even read this post I was wondering what epoch meant and if I should look it up before or after I read you’re post. It turns out there was no need! You defined it for me. LoL. Thanks Kaleb!
    I really don’t think that is plaid by the way. =D

  34. Terri

    Awesome that you defined epoch, i was too lazy to look it up myself, Thanks!

  35. Renesmee{PANTS}

    A. it is argyle, or however that is spelled
    B. the concluding paragraph made me giggle, i dont know why and
    C. i have yet to receive my peter facinelli poster-y thing. what is up with that?!

  36. tina

    I am a girl of the 80’s – the sweater is definitely argyle.

    However, once again I believe you are a bit psychic…..Bella and a plaid shirt….hmmmm. You’ll see.

    The thing Bella’s graduation made clear to me was that she really didn’t have a lot of people to leave behind when she became a vampire. No aunts, uncles, cousins…just Charlie and Renee – and Jacob, I guess.

    Keep reading – you are getting to the really good stuff!!

  37. Cara

    I LOVE DWIGHT!!! The Office is my favorite show πŸ˜€

  38. Britt.

    Gee, Kaleb, you look good in argyle. πŸ˜›

    Graduation. Hmm. When I graduated, it was kind of helter-skelter and surreal. It was kind of hard to grasp that I was FINALLY done with high school. I think Bella’s graduation signified that her human life was winding down and the true high point of her existence–becoming a vampire–would be upon her soon. She wasn’t exactly stellar as a human, but as a vampire, well…she’s Bella, but magnified tenfold.

    Ooh, DVD cover art…yummy. πŸ˜€ Only five or so months till it comes out. Yay. *happy dance*

  39. Tara.Seanan

    Plaid is described as a criss-cross design while argyle is multicoloured diamonds. I think the picture is argyle. Plaid tends to look more like overlapping stripes.

  40. Jamaica

    LOL, i just got off chatting with my fashion-obssessed cousin about pencil and A-line skirts and now i’m reading about whether it’s plaid or argyle. whatz.
    oh, the luck. we just got off a particularly head-spinning math test and i’m extremely nervous about the results. God, i can’t wait ’til i get off high school.
    your post made me realize what word i forgot to look up back when reading eclipse because i was just sort of breezing through it, never stopping and i was keeping a list of incomprehensible words, to be looked up after i finish. i just knew i was missing something. epoch, right.
    anyway, rambling again. great post, thanks for making the humorous part of my day. i don’t know what else to put, since there was no ‘question for the comments’ segment, so…
    yeah, and the DVD art is pure awesomeness.

  41. svetaa

    i LOVE LOVE LOVEE the dvd art!
    where did you find it??
    i cant wait till the second contest!
    do you know when the dvd comes out??
    i heard that it will come in 1, 2, or 3 disc editions
    i am so getting the 3 disc!
    are you going to buy the dvd kaleb??

    oh and i love the post!! keep reading kaleb!

  42. Liz Twicurls

    definitely argyle.

  43. Lila

    That is SO argyle. Defintely.

  44. Loony_Lovegood

    hahaha. argyle.
    also, i have a question. how is epoch pronounced? like E-poke or e-pak?

  45. Sarah

    okaaay. the differences between argyle and plaid – you may want to read this kaleb ;D

    1. these differences aren’t necessarily true O__O.
    2. argyle is a pattern used in preppy socks and sweaters that old school harry potter nerds are accustomed to wearing. ok jkjk haha.
    3. plaid has squares and is much more attractive than argyle.
    4. argyle has a diamond shaped pattern and is usually found on the socks or sweaters of school uniforms – esp. gossip girl episodes.

    NOW you are fully educated on the differences of plaid and argyle.

    i liked your commentary on Bella’s debate on what to wear. Spoken like a true man hahaha.
    And congrats on switching to an English major/degree. Wise choice ;D

  46. SevanaXJacob

    wow I really like the cover of the DVD. like 023870298457092486570928 times better than the twilight movie poster. wayyyyy better.
    and great post Kaleb.


  47. Heather

    Ha I have never looked up the chapter title, even though in the back of my mind I’ve always wondered what it meant. Thanks, Kaleb! Today I have learned!

    And it probably was a good idea for Jacob to run away fast, not only for Bella’s anger towards him, but Edward’s. Especially since he got quite a load of bad news at the end of the chapter.

  48. Karey

    it’s argyle. it may just look like lines (cuz it is) but plaid goes horizontally and vertically where argyle does like diamondish patterns. i love both the same though :)

  49. Brittany

    OMG The DVD Is So Awesome :]

  50. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 16. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Epoch). […]

  51. alexx-a

    I love the cover of the dvd…!!
    It is so nice!!

  52. Ari

    yeah thats not plaid. Plaid is squares intersecting in other square, usually in various degrees of thickness to the lines. Argyle is diamonds intersecting in other diamonds.
    Sory, I’m aspiring to be a fashion designer.

  53. Krystalle

    For the epilogue of Eclipse the theme song should be “Lucifer’s Angel” by The Rasmus becuase it fits the epiloge- you’ll see, if you haven;t been spoilered already. Another good song for the end of Eclispse, or rather for The 2nd or so chaopter of Breaking Dawn,. would be “I Ran (So Far Away)” by Flock of Seagulls.

  54. Melissa(melissaturkey)

    haha there wasnt a question or prod for the comments, just thought I’d comment on that, lol
    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  55. Noel

    Kaleb,Argyle and Plaid ARE two totally diffrent things….

  56. BrooklynBridges

    although i love the plaid shirt idea, i think alice would murder you if she ever heard you say that. she would cut your hair AND force you to dress like dwight!
    and everyone knows the real reason Jacob ran away was because he KNEW bella was wearing plaid under that graduation robe, and werewolves have sensitive eyes.
    Anything too amazing burns them.
    That is also why they hate vampires.

  57. Jessi

    to be highly specific your shirt is a plaid with argyle patterning and yeah for the movie

  58. mav

    it’s argyle.
    there’s a diamond pattern

  59. Brianna

    As I am sitting in English class, not doing what I’m supposed to be doing right now but really should be, I decided to comment your post. Anyways. I love how funny you are, and how deep and thoughtful all your posts are no matter how long they may be. And I’m sorry, but I’m not a big fan of plaid or argyle for that matter. And I do believe Alice would murderize you if she ever heard you say that. I suppose I should get back to work now so I don’t fail. Keep on reading and posting. I am really enjoying it.

  60. Karia

    WOOT WOOT! lol forget team edward and team jacob. TEAM DWIGHT all the way! lol

  61. Michelle

    Wow. This is the craziest set of posts yet. I guess I always thought that plaid was like a color design and that argyle was a fabric type. Of course I’ve never thought to look it up… As usual, my assumption was entirely wrong and that actually is argyle. Strange. Also, Steph of number 12, I was there with you for a minute and was actually going to ask Kaleb how he had yet to pick up on that, but I just drug my copy of Eclipse off the shelve and hit on Chapter 16. She actually hasn’t said anything about Victoria yet. Doesn’t happen till 18. You spoiler!! LoL For those of us that can’t stand to read one chapter a week though, I can see how it all jumbled together for you right there. It’s almost like it was one revelation when you keep turning the pages the way I do.

  62. Michelle

    Oh, duh. I’m so sorry. That was “shelf” that I meant to say there. What the world is a shelve? That’s as bad as holy crow!

  63. Sophie

    Hey kaleb,
    i was wondering if i could interview you for my youtube channel: BiteMeCarlisle ??
    if i can can u plz reply the answer to my email!!

  64. maria

    nice office referance!

  65. Blair

    Great post!!! It always entertains me to hear what you have to say about each chapter.

    I love the DVD art! I can’t wait for 3/21!!!

  66. Luciana

    Yes, this very strange same been working, but Bella not a normal girl, is very different with things and people.
    Your vision is interesting in somethings points,
    but a Meyer book’s is most complicate to undestand,
    this a gospel vision about a life,sex and others
    and it a vision very square
    is some points, edward show very well this questions.
    so later

  67. Kristen

    so. i just saw this website, and was intrigued. haha.

    i started reading twilight so that i couldn’t be called a hypocrite when i made fun of my friends who were reading. but, i totally got sucked in. i think eclipse is posibly my favorite of the four books.

    it was interesting to hear your take on a chapter. can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the entire thing. :)

  68. rebecka

    ahhhh omg keeep reading ur prob done by nowww where r u at now?

  69. Lotty

    I LOVE eclipse. its my fave book out of the 4.
    And i totally agree with what you said about the DVD art.


  70. twilightaholic

    Dude! How long does it take to post up Chapter 17! I am so sucked into this website its hilarious and i NEED MORE ! JEEZ I would’ve had the whole series finished 10 times over by now!

  71. kiara

    i like this website because it all about twilight. ahh twilight…..
    anyway i just love it

  72. sophie

    wats with all the wierd spellings?

    oh… i forgot about the whole different language thingy

  73. shirley

    wonderfull `!!

  74. Hollie

    I think Edward and Bella should be together forever lol, i'm only on chapter 16 on Eclipse so i don't know what happens but it's sooooo goood

  75. Hollie

    I think Edward and Bella should be together forever lol, i'm only on chapter 16 on Eclipse so i don't know what happens but it's sooooo goood

  76. Anneburalli

    hey i heard about you on my movie destonation forks and i thought it was cool that of how you made this website i mean its anazing

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