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January 10th, 2009 at 9:08 pm by Kaleb Nation

On a live BlogTV show earlier today, I announced that the prize for the next Twilight Youtube Contest Of Awesome will be a


Details on how to win this or a special autographed photo of Peter Facinelli (thanks to the people at Twicon!) are in this video:


These are actual, hand-signed photos, and not copies or reprints. YES THEY WERE ACTUALLY TOUCHED BY CULLENS 😀

You can enter as many times as you want. Within the first 5 hours, there has been over 10,000 comments and 750 video responses, making it already the #1 most discussed video on all of Youtube. Wowsa, Twilighters… if I’d known you wanted it that bad, I’d have done this contest long ago 😀

NOTE: YOU CANNOT ENTER ON THIS PAGE. You must enter the contest by commenting on the video on Youtube. That is the only way for me to count the entries. Good luck!

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69 Responses

  1. Ally

    Congrats on being the #1 discussed video on YouTube today.

  2. Ally

    How on earth do you go through all those comments to pick a winner?

  3. Lizzie Hale

    This AWESOME!!!

  4. Andrea Cullen


  5. Andrea Cullen

    I’m commenting again because I also would mind winning a pic of dr. cullen aka peter f.!

  6. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 1: I am in LOVE with Robert Pattinson.

  7. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 2: My friends are also in love with Rob.. which means if I win this I would have the best bragging rights IN THE WORLD!

  8. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 3: My wall is 3/4 full with Twilight.. what’s better than an actual signed autograph?!

  9. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 4: Taylor Lautner is coming to my school and I would feel it wouldn’t be fair just to have Jacob and no Edward.

  10. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 5: I am on Team Edward! DUH!

  11. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 6: I would be generous and make a photocopy of the autographed pic and give it to my aunt, friends, sister, and everyone in love with Rob!

  12. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 7: It would give me a reason to keep my room clean more often! If I have something this nice.. I would love to show off my room so I’d have to keep it clean!

  13. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 8: Restating a part of what you said, Kaleb, I wat a part of Rob in my room.. like a fingerprint!

  14. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 9: I have a really nice picture frame that needs a photo.. why not fill it with my hollywood heartthrob?!

  15. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 10: For having a picture of Peter Facinelli..(darn. did I spell that right?!) I personally find him the second best looking Cullen!

  16. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 11: Who wouldn’t want this prize?!

  17. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 12: If I win this pic of Robert.. I would literally cry.

  18. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 13: This may sound stupid but I actually cried when I saw Rob on screen.. that’s how much I love him.. and it wasn’t even the movie. hahaha

  19. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 14: I hope to be an extra for one of the twilight movies and then I could thank Rob and Peter for signing those pictures for me.

  20. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 15: I have drawn many people to the Twilight world and have them be in love with Rob, too.

  21. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 16: I’m seventeen. Edward’s seventeen!!! WE ARE MADE TO BE!

  22. Kaleb Nation


    You can’t enter the contest by commenting here. Please read the post above for where to enter the contest.


  23. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 17: If I win… I would also videotape myself going crazy. I would allow myself to be a bit humiliated just for this pic.

  24. Andrea Cullen

    Reason No. 18: My english class is actually recieving a grade for reading Twilight and annotating it. Maybe I’ll get some extra credit!

  25. Andrea Cullen

    Oh! Thanks Kaleb! haha woops

  26. Hanayuki

    Hi! (duh that sounds stupid xD) I posted this on the video but I think it is already lost in the massive amount of comments haha! I was wondering, how do you pick the winner for this kind of contest? this must be crazy! O.o 1 comment count for one and 1 video count for 3… Seriously, I poster 4 comments, and when I saw all the “spam-like” comments, I was like: duh, I can’t win against THIS hahaha! XD Really, you must be some kind of superheros to not sink in madness with all those comments 😛 Keep up the good work!!

  27. alexx-a

    niice site!!

  28. Talkerwolf

    i cant enter *I say in a whiney voice* It’s so not fair :(

  29. Ember P

    Awesome Contest! How on Earth are you going to tally those entries, though? It’s a ton!!

  30. Michelle

    I’d just like to say that they are not the “Cullens” they are just actors pretending to be “Cullens” which in reality are just from a book series. Yes there are people with the last name of Cullen but the people who play or act as Edward or Esme or whoever else, they are really people, not anything else. Just ACTORS!! Just remember that.

    I know it’s complaining but please be more specific and not say “The Cullens” because they are all just ACTORS and ACTRESSES.

    That’s all. Bye.

  31. Rachul

    To Michelle:

    We are not delusional. Often times, especially in contests directed to a certain fan group, people will refer to the characters an actor plays. It is just good publicity on both parts.

    You should also realize that Kaleb frequently refers to the actors by name. (i.e. WIN A ROBERT PATTINSON AUTOGRAPH, not WIN AN EDWARD CULLEN AUTOGRAPH)

    Stop being so SRS BSNS! We are all well aware that the Cullens are fictional characters and that both Robert and Peter are actors. If you need someone to spell it out for you each time then… I’m sorry for you.


  32. aninha cullen

    hii i love the contest!!!!

    when its close?


  33. Brenli

    Wow u rock keep making those videos!

  34. vivs

    wahoo!!! this is awesome. im going straight to youtube to enter!!!

  35. Jessica :O Cullen

    omg i love rob!

  36. Jessica :O Cullen

    twilight is amazing!!
    wooshh bby!!

  37. Jessica :O Cullen

    mwah hahaha
    ohhh yessssss

  38. Jessica :O Cullen


  39. Jessica :O Cullen

    its amazing rob patt is HOTTT
    and extremely SEXY
    i dont care if he cropped his hair he is still our little robert and edward cullen!!

  40. Jessica :O Cullen

    i love twilight!!

  41. Jessica :O Cullen

    i love twilight

  42. Jessica :O Cullen

    i love twilight!!!!

  43. Jessica :O Cullen

    robert is my smexi beast!!

  44. Jessica :O Cullen

    go twilight!

  45. Jessica :O Cullen

    😛 i love twilight :OOOO

  46. Sia

    Hahaha ANYTHING FOR ROB/EDWARD !! I love Twilight and so do alot of other people and this doesn’t surprise me !!


  47. Annie

    Oh, wow. You are going to have a terrible time choosing a winner. Good luck to you.

  48. kayp

    I have an important question Kaleb. When does this “contest” end? Please let us know.

    (youtube commentor)

  49. tyabelle

    Hey! I just checked youtube, it says that This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. What now? Will you be able to see all the comments anyway?

  50. Tinkerbella

    the video has benn removed

  51. Anna Kate

    Oh no! The video has been removed! What rule did it break?

    *goes to search the youtube terms of use*

  52. Hannah

    Hi. I’m really interested in entering this contest but the video has been removed!! What happened? If it is permanately removed, will there be another way to enter? Please help!!

  53. Brianna

    Well, it’s kinda hard to enter the contest when the video was REMOVED!!!! I really wanted to enter and it just had to be deleted! Now I’ll never get Robert’s autograph…this has to be the worse thing to happen to me already in 09… :(

  54. Julie

    I cant post on the vid because it has been removed from youtube due to terms of use violation. Help! IS anyone else having this problem.
    I really wanted the autograph
    luv u kaleb

  55. yay4snow

    Since the YouTube link is not back up and running yet…can we enter here?

  56. yen

    hey, so when is the video gunna be back up? is the same link going to be used? thanks! 😀

  57. jessie(:

    Robert pattz is yummylicious! 😀 such a hotttieeee, like you kaleb(:

  58. lela

    omg rob is so hot but his hair is ewwwwwwwwwww when he does new moon he needs 2 put a wig on dat looked like his old hair


  59. Willow

    I love robert pattinson hes the most smexiest person ever!!!!!he is my life!!lol<3 i cant beleive youtube did that!!!kalebs a cool guy and they suck for doing that!!!plz tell me when the contest is back on thank you
    I love Robert Pattinson <3 & im not a stalker

  60. Willow

    well im just obsessed

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  62. smokin'aces

    heey , actually i dont really need the autograph , but i think that hes a great actor , he gets into his movies like if it was in real life :) & one day i wanna become an actrice too XD

  63. Danielle

    it says its no longer availalbe…huh

    well luhv your site!!

    luhv rob pattz 2!

    -Danielle <3 :)

  64. miss edward cullen

    OMG IM A SAGGITAREUS AND HE IS A LEO WE ARE A LUV MATCH (FAINTS)IS THAT AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS SOO YUMMY I WISH HE WAS WATER I WOULD DRINK THAT ANYDAY mmmmmmm HE IS SOOO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Brittany

    is the contest over? i would die to get an autograph by him!! he’s my life, my love <3

  66. ffion

    i would love to win he is so cute how do u win

  67. ffion

    i would love to win he is so cute how do u win

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