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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 19 (Selfish)

January 24th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Crushed by Lesley Roy

When I first started Twilight, I told myself that above all, I would not become one of those fans: the one’s who spin around when they see a silver Volvo, or who blink twice anytime a girl says her name is Bella, or re-read quickly when the words ‘dazzle’ or ‘sparkle’ or ‘scintillating’ are used in a sentence. However, I was brought to an immediate pause in my biology class this week, when I opened my textbook to find that we would be studying prophase and anaphase under the microscope.


These were scientific terms long before Bella and Edward were studying them. Sheesh! Anyhows, despite my lopsided posting due to an equally lopsided school schedule, I couldn’t resist grabbing the book and finding out what happened next, as the vampires and werewolves near a war (and not even against each other…yet).

First off, I find it so interesting that Leah is now a werewolf. Up until now, I’ve only known of male werewolves (perhaps I have lost something along the way) but now I’m intrigued. I wonder if Leah could become the anti-Alice: like her werewolf counterpart, the balancing factor between the vampires and the werewolves. It makes me wonder if there is simply a disproportionate amount of male werewolves, or if the females simply do not live in that part of the country. And no wonder Sue is upset: both of her children have up and turned themselves into wolves. Try explaining that to the neighbors.

The whispers about the werewolf pack is so much like a soap opera, now that I’ve heard a bit of Embry’s history. Who’s cheating who? Who’s being true? And who don’t even care anymore? I hadn’t expected this from them, when their pack is so tight. Wouldn’t they be able to read the minds of each other and know the truth: or, at least have the risk of it, in the case of those-who-did-not-become-werewolves? Perhaps I’m simply jumping to scandalous conclusions…


But, while I was trying to think about the various possibilities of Embry’s heritage, I was distracted by a thought Bella voiced: will she be the cause of someone’s death? Because, after all, trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes — and not just in the clumsy sort of way either. This newborn vampire war seems to be the closest anyone has come to dying on her behalf. If someone does die, will it be her fault?

I have begun to gather clues to each chapter from the title, and this one is titled ‘Selfish’. It makes me wonder things. Who is really being selfish? Is it Bella, for wanting Edward to stay with her and out of danger? Is it Edward, who wants Bella away from the fighting, even though her being there might help to save the lives of some of his own family? Perhaps it is a bit of both. Maybe neither of them wants to the lose the other, and in doing so, are willing to sacrifice anything — despite the fact that it might cost the lives of others in the process.

Dire thoughts aside, there is something about Bella talking with the werewolf Jacob that strikes me. I don’t know what it is, but it seems to be one of the softest scenes I have read so far between her and Jacob: as if when he is in that form, it’s moreso the real Jacob Black, and the human form is simply something he assumes at certain times. Even Bella seems to feel how different Jake is:

“It was strange. Even though he was in this bizarre form, this felt more like the way Jake and I used to be — this easy, effortless friendship that was as natural as breathing […]”

As I read this scene, I noticed again why I seem to like Edward more than Jacob. Edward is a listener. He wants to hear what Bella has to say, and he wants to do anything that will make her happy and safe. But Jacob seems to be harsher in this sense: he seems to speak more, to talk without listening. Jacob can’t seem to assume the mature respect that Edward carries towards Bella: that is, until he turns into a werewolf.

Not Related To Current Thoughts

Not Related To Current Thoughts

But now, it’s a quiet scene again, this calm before the storm, with Jacob and her side-by-side watching the preparations for battle. He can’t say anything — he can only listen to Bella. There is warmth in this scene, I can almost feel it as I read: not just the warmth that Bella feels coming from Jacob, but a genuine, friendly warmth that lightens the loathing that Bella had developed for Jacob after giving him a (much deserved) whack. And I can’t help but feel like Bella: maybe, Jacob Black isn’t so bad after all 😀

Question for the comments: for both Team Jacob and Team Edward, do you like Jake better in his wolf form or his human form? Also, have  you ever reacted strangely when you recognize something Twilighty in real life (aka a shiny silver volvo).


– Still working on the Robert Pattinson contest with Youtube. I got a second email from them, basically saying again that they are looking into it. But, I’m starting to form other plans, in case the Youtube thing doesn’t work :( Oh well.

– Summer School In Forks is doing an awesome thing involving free iPods and the Twilight movie soundtrack! Be sure to check out their awesome event (I’m definitely going to be there!)

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201 Responses

  1. Pam

    I have had such a funny moments whit the volvos. Once I was having brekfast wile I wath the T.V. In that moment the video of Decode was in M.T.V. since it was the first time I saw it, you can imagine my reaction. Later that day, a friend and I went to get the tickets for the twilight premiere, and we where in the bus when we saw a shiny silver volvo, just like the one in the movie. I was so exited that I actually bit my finger to stop me from screaming. (there was a little blood, buy nothing serious). And to end my day, I saw in television an interview to Rob Pattz when he came to Mexico.
    I can say that that was the best twilight-related day in my life (of course, it stands after the day I watch twilight in the movies 2 times in the same day).

    BTW Im sorry for my crappy english…

  2. Mizuki

    I like Jake in his wolf form better than human. Well, he can’t talk in that form. Which makes me happy because most of the time he gets on my nerves. *waits to be attacked by team Jacob people*

    And HECK YES I have! Whenever I see or hear anything that could relate to Twilight or any of the other books, I jump around and squeal and then have to try and calm down before I get really hyper. xD

  3. Pam

    BTW I forgot…
    I like Jake in his human form because, lets face it, he is funny after all. I’m team Edward (there’s other team??? xD) but I like Jacob, and I like the way he relates with Bella, ‘Cause in some aspects he knows her better that Edward does.

  4. Mia Banana XD

    I hate hate HATE him in Eclipse!.
    he`s such a jerk in that book >:(
    but I actually really like him in Breaking Dawn. 😀 (sorry if that spoiled you in any way)

    I guess I like him in his wolf form better. he`s a tas more bearable then. :)

    oooh & YES I always squeal & giggle when I see anything Twilight related!.
    also, everytime I see a Twilight movie poster I make a big fuss 😀

  5. Mia Banana XD

    * I meant he`s a tad more bearable then . hehe .

    P.S. where I come from, we have this music show called Vodafone Select Live.. it`s kinda like TRL?. anyhoooo~
    every show they have a sort of Song Battle?. it`s called This vs. That & people vote for the song they like better.. & well Decode just beat the World Record of Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks` No Air . 😀 it`s been the winner for 24 days straight . 😀
    all because of the Twilight Fans . =)

  6. Carebear

    ok so im team switzerland, and i cant chose… but i like jacob in both of his forms

    And I have become the twilight freak of my school, such as:

    My teacher was joking around that my friend was talking too much, and he said, “i will totally give you a paper cut,” and i added “in front of jasper”

    I saw in a song at church “the lion and the lamb,” and had 2 restrain myself from screaming , especially since i was in the first row.”

    I make a twilight reference out of just about everything even if we weren’t discussing twilight at the time

    My friend and i bought team switzerland sweatshirts and wore them on the same day. They said “i refuse to be affected by the territorial disputes between mythical creatures” we got more strange looks than anybody on that campus combined, even though our principal walks around with a life-sized yoda all day


  7. Tess

    Im Team Switzerland and I LOVE Jake in his human form. He gives that comic relief that the books need and some of his favorite moments in the book have to do with Jake!

  8. TwilightGirl

    so unfortunately i do get a little fan girly when i see volvos and twilight posters. not so much anymore but when the movie first came out. yea. yea i did. and jacob…. well personaly he just annoys me all around.

  9. Tegan C.

    I don’t mind Jacob in either of his forms. . .

    As for the Twilight related stuff, yes I have. . . I don’t scream, but whenever I notice something associated with the Twilight Saga, I run through everything in my head. . . it gets a little annoying sometimes. . . The only times I really get hyper with Twilight-ness is when I see something that relates to Alice. . . =)

  10. Michelle

    It’s hard to say with Jake, I really do like him all around, although I’m Team Edward. I think the same things go when he’s in wolf form, just that we’re still seeing it from Bella’s perspective, so she is unaware, thus making her feel closer with him. Not that the pretenses are gone, just that she doesn’t hear him voicing them, so it’s easier for her to feel the original connection to him then.

    I’m not much of a jumper and a squealer. I think my level-headedness would fare just fine in most situations. There’s a possibility I would end up screaming like a teen girl if I met Kellan or Rob.

    What I took away from the whole Embry- daddy thing was that no one really knows, Embry included. Maybe his Mom was a little promiscuous? :) I am with you- Clearly, if he knew who his father is, chances are pretty good that the rest of the pack would know as well.

  11. Kat

    I like Jake better in his wolf form ’cause just like Mizuki he get’s on my nerves..especially in eclipse..!..
    BTW..i loved jacob in new moon..he was not annoying n he was nice n sweet..!!..

    OH YES!!..whenever i see anything twilight related my heart beatusually staggersn then it starts pumping blood on a ‘little’ more than Normal rate

  12. ashley

    i’m on and off about this jacob because i’ll like him when he’s nice but he has anger issues i’m all for edward i love him i think its so cool how you like talk to them :O

  13. Lupita

    I don´t like Jacob at all!!!! Sorry, but it´s true… When i read the books for the fist time I had to read the parts when Jacob appears, I felt obligated, but when i re-read them I skip them, hehe…

    But I really like Taylor Lautner as Jacob. When I saw the movie it was the first time that I liked Jacob at all…but not from the books..

    And well! About the twilight moments, I´m not really a crazy twilight fan, I haven´t bought even a poster or anything, but I do turn when I see a car (i have seen a red truck like Bella´s), or get excited when I hear a song that I can relate to the story. But the craziest thing that had happend to me, well, I live in a city where it rains like almost 6 days per year, so it´s really rare to see a cloudy day. So, I get really excited when it happens because I think that Edward could be outside in a day like that and hang out with me:D hehehe, silly, I know…

  14. Tianna

    Okay… I like Jake in his wolf form better. Maybe I’m biased a little, becuase I loved wolves before I read the series, but still. In this form, I agree that he has to listen rather than talk, like usual.

    Sure, he can be Bella’s presonal sun at times, but he’s a very talkative sun.

    And so far, I only react when I see merchandise, because I know I cant get any of it (the nearest Hot Topic is so far, I dont even want to THINK I can get there…), and not many people in my small town will be able to afford a Volvo. Regardless.

  15. Jackie

    Yeah I agree with you (Kaleb) on your opinions on liking Edward more than Jacob. Reading you post today actually made me think of another side of what I thought when reading this chapter. Especially on the selfish notes.

    As for the questions. I think I prefer Jacob in wolf form but sometimes I like him in human form. In wolf form he needs to rely on his listening skills rather than sharing his opinion. He also seems more relaxed. I like his human form because his funny.

    I have reacted strangly when I recognized something related to Twilight. I feel a little happier but I dont scream loudy or jump around. I just get excited and smile widely.

  16. courtney

    okay. i like in australia. and i didnt think something this big would happen to me.
    but i was walking out the door to go, go karting with my cousins and i started screaming. i litterly fell to the ground. edwards shinny silver volvo was parked in the neighbours driveway. i screamed soooooooo much.
    it was awesome!

  17. Steph

    Wolf form. At least then he can’t try to make out with Bella. Well, hopefully not… :(

    And of course I react to Twilight related things in real life! Especially with friends. We see a Volvo, we high five. Someone has topaz eyes, we high five. There was this time in SOSE, where we were learning about the Battle of Normandy, with Edward the Confessor. I had 5 or so Twilighter friends in that class. We all shot eachother smirks. It was awesome. But I digress.

    Great post. 😉

  18. paty

    well, I´m reading Eclipse too …again :D. But I´m on the 24. chapter. Victoria is here now 😀 …I like this book in my way much than others :). But Twilight is still number one.

  19. Megan

    i personally am team switzerland…. but i like jacob in his human form, because he is honest and says what he feels….my boyfriend, who is not a fan of twilight, reacted to seeing a shiny
    silver volvo in the parking lot of the movie theater after we saw the movie….he was all “look, edward is here..” it was great.

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  21. Bayla

    I can totally identify with you with the whole mitosis thing, Kaleb! I had never studied it before this year (when I read Twilight for the first time I was like, What The Heck?) but when I was flipping through my textbook I saw it and I was like O M G. I was so excited to learn what they are, it’s not even funny. I guess that’s what obsession does to you.
    I have a Science exam on Monday… and I’m sooo bad at identifying the phases and the only thing that keeps me studying is “MUST…BE…AS…PRO…AS…BELLA…AND…EDWARD!!!”

    As for the other question… I don’t really know. Jacob is really funny, I like him in both forms. Of course, he got on my nerves A LOT in Eclipse… so in this book, I guess as a werewolf because he was less annoying.

  22. Hannah D

    I love Jacob, in both human and wolf form. : )

    There’s this blue van down the street from me and I every time I pass it, I mentally shout “TYLER CROWELY’S VAN!”. Pathetic? Absolutely.

    So I’m pretty excited to hear your thoughts on the next chapter : D. 20 and 22 are my favorite chapters in Eclipse!

  23. Talkerwolf

    I very much prefer Jake in his wolf form coz he can’t be the loud-mouth jerk that he is normally then. Soz TJers, but I’m a TEer. Also yeah, my brother bought a silver volvo and I nearly screamed in the middle of the street, it was very embarressing… But I’m okay again now, and my friend has some sort of Robsession going on 😀

  24. Amelia

    I like Jacob in wolf form better than when he is a human but I still stay on Team Edward.
    Yes my friends boyfriend drives a silver volvo no one has seen him eat or sleep or seen him in the sun so we are all convinced he is a vampire.

  25. Maxxie

    I had art 2 once and the guy next to me was going a bit over the top with silver glitter. He spilled some all over his arm, and then nudged me and was like “Look I s-par-kle!” Usually I would have given him a weird look, but when I looked at his arm and saw that it was indeed sparkling I flipped out. It took me about 15 seconds to calm down. By that time he was the one giving me the weird look.

  26. Monica

    Okay, so I work in retail (selling spices, but that’s beside the point). I always talk to customers when I’m ringing them up, and when they say they’re from out of town I like to find out where. One day, a lady told me she wished our store had a location in Washington State. I asked if she was from Seattle, and she said, “No, the Olympic Peninsula.” I was DYING to ask if she was from Forks, but I knew I’d sound like the world’s biggest dork. Still, it put a stupid grin on my face for like half an hour (I might’ve met someone from Forks!).

    I actually looked on our mailing list to see if anyone from Forks signed up to get our catalog (not yet).

  27. Franziska

    When my friend and I were once very bored during our English lesson we flipped through our book and discovered that there’s a town called Carlisle in the UK…we started laughing and our teacher was looking at us like we were crazy…it was really embarassing…

  28. Christi

    I really like Jacob in both forms. I think a balance of the two is necessary and completely essential to the story. Yes, when Jacob is in wolf form, he is forced to listen. But think back to New Moon for a minute. Remember how much attention he pays to Bella? How much he really does listen? He knew things she never even told him, like how she “didn’t like music,” and that she was “holding herself together.” Jacob does genuinely love Bella, and you have to remember, he’s only a 16-year-old boy in love for the first time. He can only be so mature. Of course Edward is more mature, he’s over 108! Anoter point to be made: When you really think about it, Jacob actually knows Bella better than Edward in some aspects. I mean, he knew Bella loved him. How many 16 year old boys can pick up on things like that? Jacob in his human form is really important too, though. He provides comic relief and conflict (even if you’re not Team Jacob, don’t you think the story would be kind of boring without him? without the love triangle? It would have to be a lot shorter, and some of your favorite parts of the books might never happen.). Jacob’s character is essential to Bella learning more about herself, and to becoming the person she is. I say all that to say, I don’t like Jacob better in either form, I just like that he has two forms.

    On the subject of freakouts:
    I TRY not to freak out in public, but do it mentally 24/7. No how miniscule something may have been in the books, I can find it in real life. I get excited over words, over views that look like something I pictured out of Twilight, and over music, definitely. I basically give every song I hear an automatic evaluation of where I think it would fit in the Twilight series. (Speaking of which, the band Deas Vail, album All The Houses Look the Same–so many of those songs would be perfect for the New Moon soundtrack, go check them out!)My best friend got the prophase/anaphase questions right on her freshman biology exam at Auburn University because of a Twilight facebook bumper sticker I sent her. Speaking of my best friend…she and I are both completely obsessed, and while we may not freak out (visibly) when we’re apart or with other people, when we’re together we just let ourselves be completely geeky and we freak over EVERYTHING! We’ve even started a news blog/information extravaganza called the Twilight Tabloid. (If you want to check it out, we’re (proudly) linked on Kaleb’s affiliates page!)

  29. Paige

    Okay… I am about to make some Team Jacob people mad here. I would say I prefer Jake in his wolf form because you have to be a mind reader to hear him! He can’t talk to you and be the big jerk he is!
    Once when I was driving with my mom, I saw a Porsche! It was red, but still. Ever since then, I’ve wanted a Porsche! he he! I am a BIG Alice and Jasper fan!

  30. April

    I Definitely Like Jacob Better in His Wolf Form. And Not Just Because I Just Love Dogs & Wolves. When Jacob’s a Wolf He Can’t Talk, Meaning He Can Only Listen. So Even Though He’s Forced to Only Listen He Seems to Care More. He Can Stop Any Kind of Act He’s Putting On to Try & Win Bella Over & Just Be Himself When He’s a Wolf. He Can Just Sit There With Her & Everything Becomes the Way it Was. When He’s Human I Don’t Think Jacob Really Realizes What He’s Exactly Saying. It Probably Just Pops in His Head & He Says it Without Thinking About the Repercussions. Even Though I’m Definitely Not Team Jacob I Do Feel For Him. He’s so Determined to Win Bella Over Even Though He Knows it’s Essentially a Fruitless Battle.

    ANYTHING That is Related or Can Somehow Be Connected to Twilight Makes Me Smile & Squeal. Like We’re Learning About the Native Americans in Social Studies & I Always Think of the Quileutes. And in the Book We’re Reading They Say the Word ‘Dazzle’ a lot. And I Always Think to Myself, “Psh, This Book is Not Cool Enough to Use That Epic Word. Only Twilight is.” I Know There’s More But Considering it’s Morning I Can’t Think of Them. But I Do Know My Life Has Been Overrun By Twilight. And Frankly, I Love it.

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  32. Christi

    I feel like after all that time I spent defending Jacob I should add that I’m 100% Team Edward, I just feel like Jacob is really important, and, on top of that, I’m just like Bella. I love them both!

  33. Tündi

    About Jacob…
    When I was reading the books for the first time….I hated Jacob with every beat of my heart.He annoyed me and I did not understand how bella can love him after all the crap he did.
    Than I re-readed them and in Breaking down I kinda started to like him.Kinda.
    By the way,reading Breaking dawn for the first time was hard…
    whe I saw that there’s an actual “book two.jacob” I almost started to cry.
    After all…I liked him in it..and since the Twilight movie…I don’t hate him.Dunno.Taylor has such a nice personality that makes me love Jacob.Ok..not love,Like.

    About Twilight related things.
    About a week ago,I saw an old,big,red Chevy….just like Bella’s.
    Oh..and everytime I get on a bus which has a Twilight transparent on it…I can’t stop smiling.
    And yesterday I went to Waterstones…and a girl was standing there with all the books…I’m pretty sure she was trying to figure out which is the second…and the 3.I started to giggle.

  34. Kira

    I went to an ice cream stand once and as I parked the car I noticed the red convertible next to my car looked strangely familiar. This was strange because I don’t really hang with the shiny red convertible group… more the 10 year old Ford Taurus group. I quickly racked my mind for why I recognized this car and realized that it was the BMW M3… My first thought was “It’s Rosalie’s car!” I seriously looked around the parking lot for a gorgeous blond before my sense of reality came back…

  35. Andrea

    I’m currently enrolled in Biology at the college where I live, and we start covering prophase and anaphase next week. I giggled a little. Unfortunately my lab partners name is Prudence. I also, by complete accident, parked next to a silver Volvo at school last week. I considered waiting for the driver…
    To answer your other question: I prefer Jacob in wolf form. When he talks, he most definitely doesn’t edit, and Bella needs that sometimes-otherwise you might push her to do something crazy (again.) I wonder if he would have allowed her in the meadow?

  36. Malin

    I do not distinguish between Jacob as wolf and human being. I simply like him in Twilight, was annoyed in New Moon (I’m totally vampire girl. There were times in New Moon I was completely bored because the werewolves had the full attention), hated him during Eclipse and in Breaking Dawn he redeemed himself again. So I can simply say – every scene between Bella and Jacob in Eclipse was painful me. I always felt so so sorry for Edward. Especially he can hear his thoughts all time long – without difference when he is human or wolf.

    He still is a good friend for Bella. I can understand his actions but he should have trusted her actions more. And more importantly he should have accepted her decisions. Even when he completely disagrees.

  37. Daniela

    About the things related to Twilight, well, I live in a country where you have to be rich to own a volvo or any other car in the books, so I have to be lucky to see one. I saw a silver volvo the other day, and I was trying to see who was driving it, it was very funny.

    Well, I am team switzerland, i like both jacob and edward. i think i like jacob both ways, because i can even feel more comfortable with him as a werewolf, and is hard to talk to him when he is a human, cause, as you said, hes not such a good listener, and he is kind of agressive sometimes. but i still love him 😀

  38. Nicole

    I really don’t understand all of this Jacob hate out there. Yes, I am 100% Team Jacob. I think he is wonderful in both wolf and human form, but if I had to pick between the 2 it would be human form. I think it would be hard to kiss a werewolf! ;0) Jacob is so much better for Bella. Being with Edward is like being with a dull old man. He is no fun at all!I also feel like he treats her like a silly child. Most of the Cullens do. Well, not Emmette. He is the only cool one out of the bunch. At least he likes to laugh and have a good time! Jacob takes Bella for who she is. She does not have to be something she is not. Bella bends over backward for everyone in her life: mother, father, friends, vampires, pretending for them. She does not have to do that for Jacob. And of course Jacob talks a lot. He is human after all and a very happy person. Not like Edward, who is always so serious and stiff. He acts like the 108 year old that he really is. Who, by the way, fell in love with a 17 year old girl. Just a wee bit creepy.

  39. Melanie

    I absolutely love the fact that you freaked out about studying anaphase and all that stuff in biology :) because I did to a few weeks ago, we did the exact same lab as Bella and Edward did and my entire class was like going crazy. haha. it’s all in good fun of course.

  40. Charlee

    I don’t jacob in his wolf form any better. You’ll see why in the next book.:)

    I have been startled by something twilight. I’m a theatre major at my college, and we had a work sheet in acting class that gave examples of ‘motivations’ that actors might use for lines. One, for a guy was ‘to dazzle her’ I almost laughed out loud in class! considering there’s only 10 people it would have been conspicuous.

  41. Anna

    I’m not really sure, but I think I’d have to go with wolf form. He is a nice person, but when he’s human he messes up alot trying to make Bella want him and makes a nuisance of himself more often than not.

    I always freak out about Twilight stuff. Examples: I was in my car and I saw a Volvo that wasn’t Edward’s car but it was a Volvo and it was silver too! So anyway I started screaming to my mom “IT’S A VOLVO IT’S A VOLVO IT’S A VOLVO IT’S A VOLVO.” My friend says “Bite Me” alot and whenever she does I start histerically laughing. Whenever I see a Twilight-related word in a book (Twilight,Bella,Edward,Dazzles,James,Victoria, Blood, Red, or Black)I stop reading and stare at it for five minutes. And my mom was helping with a project and she cut out a part of a newspaper headline cause she thought I could use it. It was one word. Dazzles. I stole it from the pile of news clippings and wrote Edward above it and people below it. The result: Edward Dazzles People. On another kids project there was a picture of Twilight. That was the only part of their project I saw.

  42. laddy

    I definitely prefer Jake in his wolf form, like you said, he’s so much warmer then. As for whether I’ve ever gotten excited over Twilighty things…well OF COURSE! First of, I did the same thing you did with prophase and anaphase… It was my first day of grade twelve bio and of course our first unit was meiosis and mitosis! Me and my friend were giggling about it the whole first day. There was also this time when I went to the mall and I couldn’t help but notice that on one side of the hall there was a store called “Jacob” and on the other one called “Eclipse”….Needless to say that made my day and now I notice it everytime I go shopping!

  43. Destane

    I like Jacob in both if his forms, it really doesn’t matter to me cuz i’m Team Jacob anyway (he provides comic relief, who doesn’t love that?) :) And as for whether i’ve gotten excited over twilight-related things.. YES! It’s really not my fault we live by shops with the name of Bella, and last semester we too learned about prophase and anaphase (needless to say my friends and i got excited). But i digress, anyway i would love to hear your opinion on the upcoming chapter, so please hurry up and read! 😉

  44. Danielle R

    I definatley like Jake better in his wolf form. He’s this much friendlier kinda guy, and also very cuddly! Anyways, i have freaked out many times while seeing things related to tilight. One time i saw a yellow porche at the supermarket like the one alice has, and i took like 20 pix of it and sent it out to all of my friends lol kinda crazy!

  45. Becky

    While I was reading New Moon, I saw a Volvo (neither shiny nor silver) in the Walmart parking lot. Being the obsessive Twilighter I am, I started singing “stupid shiny volvo owner I’m so glad to see you here…” which got some weird reactions from my family. I think they thought I’d finally lost it. I looked around while shopping for messy bronze hair but didn’t see any :)

    And we’re studying the mitosis phases in Biology right now. The girls in class (especially me) are ecstatic.

    And I like Jake better in wolf form, he’s a lot less annoying. But he IS only 16, whereas Edward has had 90 years to mature, so I don’t blame him for acting like a teenager in love. Because he is one.

  46. Becky

    oh yeah, and when I was watching the movie “21” (the one about the MIT students who count cards in Vegas) the main character asked, “Did I dazzle you?” and I was like AHHH EDWARD IN DISGUISE! I LOVE YOU!
    I didn’t actually say that, but I was definitally grinning like an idiot and thinking that (in all caps too)

    And when my brother asked if I liked the movie I said something like “he asked if he was dazzling, of course I liked it”
    :) I’m so obsessed, lol

  47. Pam

    So, I was a little sad to make it to Bio lab and find out, despite learning mitosis again, Edward Cullen didn’t come to my Biology class.

    I was driving by a Volvo S60R that was parked on the side of the road. I had my camera handy and, yes, I have a picture of it. (A quite good one, considering I was driving and taking the picture.)

    The jury’s out on Jake. I like him as a wolf because he can’t talk, but he can be funny, which redeems him at times.

  48. mk

    i prefer jake in werewolf form because for once he’s not convincing bella to pick him, he just shuts up and plays the cute wittle puppy 😛

    there’s a cullen park in the closest city and near it is carlisle’s movers and an edward street…i drove past with my friend and we didnt stop screaming for about 5 blocks lol

  49. amy

    i like jacob in his wolf form better…. he’s less of a jerk when he cant talk.but i have to admit that jake is very funny. but at the same time he is very annoying
    :] team edward!!!

    haha yes i freak out when i see a volvo or even a red motorcycle.
    my friends always say im a vampire cuz i have really pale skin and my hands are always freezing lol.

  50. ruthie

    lol..the volvos!! i just saw one yesterday (the movie version volvo) and i squealed!! and it’s not just the volvos, but also the mercedes’. lol

    i don’t know..but everything just reminds me of twilight. lol

    re: Jacob as human or wolf..i think he’s better off as a wolf. he seems more mature than when he’s a human.

  51. Loony_Lovegood

    I like Jake better as a human, because even though he does stuff that deserves a smacking, he’s more funny and entertaining.
    And, I have a funny story about a volvo.
    Last year, a couple months after I had read the series for the first time, I was getting Italian ice with my family, and then my dad walked down this one dark alleyway, and since I was sitting down, talking to one of my friends, I didn’t notice until my little brothers and sister went with him too, and I saw them round the corner. My friend had to go, so I followed the rest of my family, but they weren’t there! Of course I started thinking of the whole Port Angeles scene, so I turned back around, and out of nowhere, a silver shiny volvo parked right in front of me. I just stood there and stared, until my sister starting running up to me, from the alleyway, saying “Katie, they’re coming!”
    Of course all I could think of was the cullens, and I said “Who’s coming?” … sadly, she was just talking about my dad and my brothers:(

  52. Shakesgirl66

    I like Jake in wolf form because he can’t talk.

    No crazy twilight moments for me.

    I am very excited you are getting to my favorite chapter in the book. Chapter 20 Compromise

  53. Jaclyn.

    Jake is WAAAAY better in wolf form. He’s softer, sweeter, and it’s more… natural?
    Yes. I do have a lot of crazy Twilight moments. I hear a name. I do a double-take. I see a silver Volvo, I stare. My aunt’s fiance has one. SCARY! I hear the word ‘vampire’, and I instantly pay more attention. Pathetic, I know.
    Jake’s plans to get rid of Edward. Great. I laughed.
    And I wanna reelly know you next thoughts for chapter 20!

  54. Madison

    I live very close to NYC, so close that I have to avoid any highway around my town between 4-8pm to avoid getting stuck with a million cars on their way in and out of the city. But about 2 weeks after I finished Breaking Dawn I got stuck on the highway after some poorly timed plans on my part and there was absolutely nothing to do but stare at the cars around me. I managed to see every single car from all 4 of the books, with the exception of Bella’s truck (because taking that into NYC would be a horrible idea?). Some of the colors were off, like the Porsche wasn’t yellow, but still.

    And I like Jake better in his wolf form. I’m Team Edward, and think that Jake can be incredibly annoying at times, but I still don’t hate him and he can be hysterical at times. But half of my friends are that way too (never shut up, can be annoying, but always good to laugh at)… wish some of them would turn into wolves so I could have a moment of peace lol.

  55. daylet

    the same thing happened to me in my life science class last semester. the proffesor started talking about anaphase ans prophase. my friend, also a twilight fan, was sitting next to me. we look at each other and start craking up. and then some one asked how to spell a word, and proffesor said “e as in Edward.”
    it just basically made my day!

  56. Euphrasie

    Aww. Your full posts aren’t showing up in Google Reader any more. Just one more click between me and my dose of Twilight Funny.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever reacted strangely, but I notice things all the time. Just this morning, I was drinking from a cup when I noticed on the bottom of the cup it said “Continental Carlisle.” I guess it’s the style of cup, but… *shrug*

  57. Snow Wight

    I definitely like Jacob better in his wolf form. I have to agree with Kaleb; he can’t really do anything but listen at that point. Knowing that he’s capable of that is kind of refreshing. I’m still team Edward (even though I’d take Jasper over either. haha).

    Twilight-induced-freaking- outage? All the time. The other day, I started reading Gone with the Wind, which for those who don’t know is set around the civil war period in America, and the whole time I kept wondering if Jasper had joined Maria yet…

  58. dsolo

    It’s hard not to have Twilight moments, as SM has so many ordinary things in the story. My friend accused me of bringing every conversation around to Twilight, but she is finally on the bandwagon. She saw the movie and is now reading the books (as she confessed with chagrin). And we are not tweens, teens or even 30 somethings, more like TwiMom’s much older sisters.
    On the character bios on the Lexicon, you’ll find out that Harry Clearwater’s heart attack was caused by seeing BOTH of his children phase. Poor Leah! No wonder she has issues.

  59. ettennly

    I think I would have to say I like Jacob in his wolf form better. As for seeing stuff from twilight I go crazy. My sister and I formed a game sort of like “slug bug” but it’s called “Cullen Kill’em” every time you see a vehicle that belongs to the Cullen’s you yell “Cullen Kill’em” and name the car or the owner of it. As for other characters cars we have the “Bella Swella” red chevy truck, “Mike Strike” older surburban, “Jacob Black Smack” rabbit, and the “Crowley Crush’em” for blue chevy astros.

  60. Ember P

    I prefer Jacob in his human form, but before he had a werewolf form. He was pretty cool through the middle of New Moon. After he changed, though, his human form became really obnoxious and I prefer his wolf form.

  61. Heather

    I think everyone is selfish in this book. If Eclipse wasn’t going with the pattern of previous astronomy mood titles, this book should be called Selfish.

    I like Jacob better in his wolf form. He is too bitter and cruel in his human form.

    And I have so many crazy Twilight moments. I always giggle to myself whenever one comes up, or if someone who is aware of the Twilight significance is around me, then I tap them and share the joke. I have seen a silver Volvo in a parking lot and I sadly took a picture. I have even seen a 911 Turbo that was yellow. It was very exciting. I remember my friend called me once and as soon as I picked up, she screamed, “I JUST SAW A SILVER VOLVO!” I couldn’t get my ears to stop bleeding for a week.

  62. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I think its hard for guys who read the books to look at Jake the way female readers do. In twilight Edward was the cheif male character, he is the person who carrys the story despite not being the “main” character, our narriator, Bella, he is the character guys admire and latch onto at the begining of the series, so in the sequels they see jacob through edwards pov-as someone who’s trying to steal their girlfriend, or not their girlfriend, but you know they can relate.
    So enter new moon were the guys’ eyes and ears leaves the picture in a noble attempt to give the woman he loves a better future only to see some new guy encroach upon his territory, even as a friend at first, and the guy feels betrayed and ticked and starts looking for reasons to hate the charcter, in this case jake. there’s nothing wrong with jake in new moon, or at least the beginning of new moon, just lik in twilight hes a friendly kid with a crush but is sweet and does listen.
    But then something crazy and unreal shakes the core of his world and he’s angry, bitter and sad and all he wants is for the girl he loves to realize she loves him back. feelings are confused and signals crossed and when it all comes down to it the only way he feels he can get things done is saying what he means, even if it means coming off like a jack-ass. this is the state he’s in in new moon, feeling resentful and hollow from changing from what he always was…he’s different, but still the same.
    When hes human he can express these feelings coiled around like an angry snake inside of him, the joy that has always radiated in jake like a bright sun has fallen under clouds and so when he is a wolf, its almost freeing, the emotions are dulled and he can just relax and enjoy what he cant control. this is jake in eclipse.
    in breaking dawn jake has a lot of thoughts about control but they all end up being for nothing, he is able, or rather forced depending on how you view imprinting, to do what he did in eclipse with his wolf form, relax and enjoy what he cant control. what he no longer wants to control. he is the jake we all know and love agian and all is well.
    so I guess in my long drawn out way I’ve said in Twilight I liked him as Jacob, for what he was, just human at the time, but his true self.
    In New Moon I liked him as a human more, his aggression and pent up anger and anxiety over what he had become was too close to the surface as a wolf.
    In Eclipse I liked him more as a wolf because he was happier, and more himself in that form, not because he was forced to listen or anything like that.
    In breaking dawn it didnt matter, he became jacob again, his true self, the one we met in twilight, and I like that better regardless of his form.

    this really wasnt meant to be so long but while Im on the subject I have to bring up the listening bit.
    Edward is an amazing listener, its true he listens to bella more than anyone, but its how he reacts to what he hears thats well wrong, he expects her to react the way that he imagines a human would, sure he picks up on the basic aspects of her character, her personality, he gets that, but how she reacts to things? maybe he hasnt guessed it but all humans react differently to situations, and bella reacts like bella.
    jake doesnt listen as much, but he doesnt need to, he can relate to her like she is, the way she does react. he watches and listens to that. not as much as edward, but enough to know more about the way she IS.
    ultimately this doesnt matter, the whole blinded love thing applies for bella too, she will always see edward as perfect, all the perfect things about him will stand out to her and thats okay, I love bella and edward together, I always wanted them to be together, but I also wanted jake happy too, for his sake though, not jsut to get him out of the way.
    Im rambling now, but I did want to get across that jake listens too, not as much as edward does, but enough.


    ps, I have double takes on twilight related themes all the time, I dont freak out or scream or anything, but everyday there is some parallel that can put me in the “twilight zone” for a minute.
    😀 again, melissaturkey

  63. Kelly

    I’m not answering the first question because I like Jacob either way. His… straight-forwardness(?) is what sets him apart from Edward, so I don’t mind. But I’m still Team Edward.

    As for weird reactions, my best friend was driving me home one time. I had told her how THE Volvo lived in my neighborhood. We had just drove by the house to see if it was there, but it wasn’t. On the way to my house, it passed us on the street. We both screamed or heads off and I hit her in the process, causing her to swerve into the other lane and almost hit the Volvo. We almost died of laughter, humiliation, and a car crash at the same time.

  64. Megan

    Hehe :) Sometimes, I like Jake better in his wolf form. Mostly, when he’s being pushy and annoying :) Tehe. I love Jake though. He’s amazing both ways! And as for the other question, yes. Just the other day, my mom and I were talking about something that had to do with Twilight (I really don’t remember what though), and I look up to see a shiny silver Volvo. It was the same model as Edward’s too. I half-giggled, half-gasped. I go, “Mom! It’s Edward’s car!” and then she laughed at me. It was quite ironic though. Discussing Edward, and then looking up to see his exact car sitting right in front of you. Hehe 😉 I’m not as bad as some of my friends, though. One time, one of my friends and I were walking past Hot Topic, and a bunch of Twilight adds were in the window, along with a new Jacob shirt. She started hyperventilating in front of the store. It was really embarassing, so I tried to pull her away, and she fell down. So I literally had to drag her away from the store. I am not joking. Haha :) I’m waaay more obsessed than she is, so it sort of doesn’t make sense that I was the one dragging her away. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I have more self-respect than she does :)

  65. Laura

    I like Jacob in his wolf form better because as Bella says “I’m pretty sure it’s because you can’t talk.” Whenever Jake says something now in the book, he’s either hitting on Bella or dissing Edward. That doesn’t work for me.

    And of course I freak out everytime I see a Volvo! who deosn’t! Even if it’s not a Silver S60, I still freak out. I was watching Zathura last night, and at the end when the Mom comes to pick them up, shes was driving a Volvo! It freaked me out!

    I also freaked out when we studied anaphase, prophase, etc. & the krebs cycle in class. And later this year, we’re going to do blood-typing! YAY!

  66. Meghan

    My friends and I have the best reactions when it comes about twilight related things. One day, a few years ago, we were driving by an old house and my friend’s mom mentioned that that house was made of marble. Well my friend started screaming, spazzing, and jumping in the car while also hitting our other friend next to her. It was one of the funniest and scariest moments of my life. My friend’s moms reaction was great because she was not expecting that from her daughter. My other friend however did receive some bruises from that incident though, I was lucky and was in the front seat and instead of being attacked I just coured in the front seat. We have had many other moments but “the marble moment” which we have coined it is before the best one we have had. And I do like Jacob in his wolf form better he is less of a jerk!! But… Team Edward all the way!!

  67. Wendy

    I like him both ways as wolf or human. Every time I ‘m reading something and the word dazzled comes out I think about Twilight. And when I see volvos or jeeps I think about even it also with “Bella’s” truck.

  68. Stephaine

    I like Jake better as a wolf. Those Twilight relating things I have toose on a daily baseis. I was in World Civ. on day and we were taking a pretest on the Renassance and one of the questions was “What is the name of Micheal Angalo’s famous staute.” I knew what it was before I even looked at the awenser options. And today it is raing here and it thundered and my sister freaks out because hates the thunder, and I trun to her and say “Chill the it’s just the Cullens playing baseball.

  69. Insane Jasper Fan, AKA Erika

    I’m indifferent to Jacob’s forms.

    And just like everyone else, I completely flip out when I see something Twilight related:
    -A silver Volvo. There’s one right down the street. I freak everyday when my bus passes it on the way to school.
    -A red M3. Saw one at McDonalds the other day. I went absolutely insane.
    -A yellow Porsche. I have yet to see one of those. But I can imagine my reaction now…
    -Volleyball and/or badminton. We’re playing volleyball in gym class. I suck at it just as much as Bella does.
    -Any map. I will immediately circle Forks, Washington; Denali, Alaska; Houston, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Phoenix, Arizona; and Italy.
    -A wolf, a bear, a mountain lion, etc.
    -Apples, chess pieces, flowers, and ribbon.
    -Clair de Lune.
    -Paper cuts, plane tickets, car stereos, ballet, pink candles, pizza, Cheerios, blue dresses, Poptarts, shoelaces, gas stations. Absolutely anything and everything that is mentioned.


  70. Julia

    Heck yes! I was driving with my mom, and we came across “Edward.St” and I made her get out at take a picture of me standing beside it!

    Also, I simply don’t like Jacob in general; which includes both wolf and human…
    But if I had to choose, it would be wolf. Because I agree with bella: The fact that he can’t talk when he is in wolf form is amazing 😀

  71. DukDany

    Friday I was on my geology class and we were looking about tectonic crusts and that kind of stuff. It’s one of those classes with 150 people and we take it in a auditory. Well the teacher asked “Where can we find granite?” and without thinking I just said “In Edward Cullen”. It was so embarrassing. Most of the people just looked at me weird since they didn’t know what I was talking about but I still heard some laughs around me.

    I like Jake better in his human form, he’s funnier.

  72. Melissa

    Haha, the bit from Alan Jackson’s song cracked me up. =P
    To answer the questions… I’m an Edward fan. I prefer Jacob as a werewolf. He can’t really say or do anything stupid that will make me dislike him even more. Lol.
    And wow. I find something related to Twilight everyday! Just yesterday I was shopping and saw a store called Fire and Ice and immediately had to take a picture. And I am constantly on the lookout for a yellow Porsche. (That’s not just because of Twilight though. It’s a nice car, too.) =P

  73. KitKat

    I prefer Jake in his human form. He’s funnier and less hairy. In my opinion, dogs are nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want one for a pet.
    As for freak-outs, has anyone ever noticed how often the word ‘twilight’ appears in “Jane Eyre”? It was mildly distracting. My friends accuse me of talking like the books, and I must admit that the other day my stomach growled and I said to myself, “Lunchtime for the human.” Oops…

  74. Beth

    Ah, I have those “TWILIGHT!” moments all the time. I can relate almost anything to Twilight. And my friend is a Team Edward freak (I’m Switzerland) so once while we were riding our bikes, we played a game were we had to screech EDWARD! at the top of our lungs every time we saw ANY Volvo. Volvos are surprisingly popular where I live. *grumbles something involving sore throats and stupid, shiny Volvos*

    Anyway, I love Jacob as a human and a wolf. He can be a pain as a human, but he is FUNNY. To a person with my sense of humor. Ah, sarcasm and irony. How I love them so.

  75. Samie

    i always have twilight moments. lol.. on a daily bases.

  76. Ashleigh

    About two weeks ago my sophomore biology class did that same lab. All of the girls in my grade were freaking out.

  77. Natalie

    As I am a strong and lyal member of Team Edward, I do like Jacob better in wolf form because he can’t talk! What a blessing! His mouth can’t make Bella feel guilty or hurt in any way. She can just use him as a pillow and an ear to listen to her troubles and all is well. I totally agree with you Kaleb! Love cannot be true unless the other is willing to listen deeply to the other and sacrifice everything they have in order to make the other happy! Very deep!
    And, YES, of course! I flip out every time I see ANY Volvo even if it is not silver! Once I almost cried with joy when I was reading a random novel for school and saw both the words twilight and Volterra on the same page! What are the odds?!
    And every time Ocean’s Eleven is on T.V. I have to wait and watch until the ending just to hear the Clair de Lune song! I am sadly obsessed and gladly admit it. I scream and jump up and down every time I see or hear anything Twilight-related. I saw a sparkly chandelier today and wished it was Edward instead!

  78. rach

    Wolf. Definitely wolf. For the reasons you just said. He can’t TALK. It’s like Jacob is lacking that mental filter than chooses what you say and what you don’t. As a wolf, he just can’t say anything, so the filter is not missed.

    And don’t worry, it’s okay, because I do the exact same thing. Every time “dazzle” or “masochistic” turns up, I chuckle. I can’t take Jane Eyre as seriously as I normally would whenever I see Mr. Rochester’s first name: Edward. Especially since Edward Rochester and Edward Cullen, while there are similarities (after all, Steph said Edward is a mix of Mr. Darcy – yum -, Mr. Rochester -laugh-, and Gilbert from Anne of Greene Gables -eh-), they are VASTLY different.

    But there I go, ranting again.

    It is probably a little bit of both. But, there’s no way you can get around it. ‘Tis everyone’s nature, whether you’re a human, vampire, or Superman, to be selfish. It’s the entire reason that the word ‘evil’ is in the dictionary.

    At first, I didn’t like Leah. I thought she was being very spiteful in the third book. But hold your final judgment until you get to Breaking Dawn. That’s all I’ll say.

    Anyway, I’m excited! The next chapter, while I have no absolute favorite, comes pretty close to being it.

  79. Kristen

    I’m a huge Team Edward girl. (I actually received a shirt for Christmas that reads, “Stupid Lamb”) So, I definately like Jake better as a wolf. Although, I didn’t like Jake much at all until the end. He is able to comfort Bella better as a wolf, because he is so close to his “original” personality. I really love this scene, as you said…the calm before the storm.

    As for all things “Twilight” making me do a double take, or flutter alittle…that happens all of the time. As soon as I finished reading all four books my AP English teacher announced that the next book we would be studying was Wuthering Heights, which is Bella’s favorite book. So in reading that, I found quotes from in that were in Twilight. Also in my AP English class we were analyzing poetry. A beautiful Robert Frost poem was on the list, Fire and Ice, which is the poem in the front of Eclipse. I start when I hear the name Edward, or see someone with golden brown eyes. It’s sad, but true.

  80. Hope

    I like Jacob in both forms for different reasons. In his human for he is funny and outgoing where as his wolf form is just plain awsome 😛 and is sweeter in a way.

  81. Genevieve

    Ahahaha yes. My biology class did the mitosis lab the other week. I was so excited.

    and….I can’t wait for you to read the next chapter xD

  82. Brilliant Mess

    There has been many things I have seen after reading twilight, but one moment that i remember was when watching Eleventh Hour, at the end of one episode. a mother was going to name her baby Edward, but after meeting Jacob Hood, she was thinking that Jacob would suit the name of her baby as well. simple names, simple coincidence, but i couldn’t help but laugh out loud the fact that the baby would be name, either way, by someone from twilight, and the fact that is was between two characters that have teams for them. 😛
    and thus, the battle between Edward and Jacob continues……maybe……:D

  83. 1eclipsereader2another

    I like Jake better when he is in his wolf form b/c he doesn’t say as much 😛

    I also act strangely whenever I recognize something Twilighty in real life, like seeing a silver Volvo or a yellow Porsche. I say to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if Alice or Edward were driving those cars? LOL. Then I would recall reality. Like yesterday I was watching 20/20 and they were covering a story about a plane crash survivor. I immediately thought about Edward and Bella’s conversation about being the two luckiest plane crash survivors in history and I began to laugh to myself. It was strange because stories like that usually make me very sad. I became sad later on because several people died before they were able to get out of the emergency exit of the plane.

  84. Cara

    I guess I like Jake better human, though I am Team Edward. He’s more interesting that way, while when he’s in wolf form, he can be a bit dull.

    Many times. I start freaking out, and I kind of scream quietly haha

  85. Aria

    Wolf form definetly, he can’t talk! As for Twilight moments I have a lot of them actually. Mostly that my friend’s behicle is a really old and beat up volvo. I have decided that Edward’s car and Bella’s truck got jiggy with it and out came this… Thing

  86. Marie1810

    definitely like jacob better in his wolf form cause he can’t talk! 😉

    i’m not that obessed with twilight. i don’t have time for anything else than studying really, i’m in law school!!!! :) i’ve actually just discovered your site. but i do go a little crazy with twilight-related things. two weeks ago, i was at a restaurant with a few friends. i hadn’t read the whole menu cause i loved something on the first page. one of my friends ordered mushroom ravioli. of course, i froze and, of course, it was MY turn to order! …

  87. Lizzie Hale

    I have a LOT of twilight moments. Anything will remind me of a part in the books or movie. It gets ridiculous actually I’m not going to lie.Like one time I went to Big Bear and there was a shop called Jasper’s antiques. I just smiled to myself and thought of my fav twilight character.
    I think Jakes better in wolf form even thought he can be pretty funny as a person.

  88. Rosi

    I suppose I prefer Jacob in his human form, even though I am very Team Edward. There is just something strangely creepy to me about the werewolf form.

    I always react when I see, or hear something that in some way is related to Twilight. One time I was driving with my sisters on the freeway, and we all just suddenly noticed a blue Volvo in front of us. We couldn’t see if it was an S80, or an S60 and got into this huge debate over which one it was. So, in order to find out for sure, we sped up behind the car so we could read it… Then the guy who was driving it looked into his rear-view mirror and saw us (at this point everyone had leaned forward, squinting to see) and promptly sped away. I saw the look on his face before this, and the guy looked completely freaked out. Turns out the guy was one of our neighbors. Since then I have tried not to react so much when I notice such things.

  89. Bella Cullen

    I like Jacob in his wolf form. He is like the jake before he found out he was a wolf and the cullens. I like him better when a wolf.

    Yes I have freaked when I saw something twilight related. I saw a black mercedes and freaked and then saw a yellow porshe. I screamed alice. also the silver volvo. we were heading back from the airport and i saw volvo looked over and screamed when I saw a silver volvo. Also when I saw a grizzley bear and moutain lion. Also we are singing this song in choir and it says twilight on this one line and I freaked out in the middle of class lol

  90. Madison

    I LOVE Edward and am totally TEAM EDWARD but lately I’ve been ‘sorta’ Team Jacob becasue he got the crappy end of the stick. Plus, Edward gives Bella too many limits. Anyways,I have “Twilight moments” ALL the time!

  91. Bella Cullen

    OH THERE is this street name as Jasper on this road. I took a picture and now its my new screen saver.

  92. becky sue

    *fangirl scream* you just basically claimed your official title as a twilighter. you are going to have to change the banner at the top of the site now………

    and of course ive done odd things when something reminds me of twilight in real life. usually it involves me saying “ow” because it hurts that twilight isnt actually real.

    also– this one time– we were riding home from watching twilight in the theater (for the 4th time) and while passing a car on the highway, i suddenly recognized it. it was a shiny silver volvo. exactly like what is in the movie– this was the first time i have EVER been able to tell WHAT a car was from the rear view! (I dont speak car and driver) it was amazing!

    it is scary how much in real life relates to the books. that is one reason i love the series soooo much. its similar to reality, yet it has a HUGE twist. simply amazing.

  93. becky sue

    also, i think i favor jacob in his human form as compared to his wolf form.

  94. Amaannddaa

    I prefer Jacob in his human form, even though I am very Team Edward. Jacob is funnier in human form and less hairy. I’m not a fan of hairy. :]]

    As for the reacting thing….ALL THE TIME!

    I was playing Taboo with my family and friends. I don’t know if you know what that is but if not just google it. It’s a game. Anywho…the word was Adrenaline…and we were trying for the winning point.

    I totally said this:
    “The word Edward told Bella to google.”

    and my sister knew what I was talking about. WE WON!!! YAY!!!

  95. Lori..

    I like Jacob in his wolf form in Eclipse and I like him normal in New Moon. I also like him in Breaking Dawn after he imprints on Nessie. I dislike (I won’t say hate, much) him in Eclipse because he’s not being sensitive to Bella.

  96. Amanda

    I like Jake better in wolf form. I’m not sure why, but I do. And yes, I often react strangly when I see anything twilighty. Just today, I saw a shiny silver volvo, and actually shrieked a little.

  97. Karyn

    Hmmm…I like Jacob in both forms. When he’s human he can make his snarky comments that make me laugh, but that has it’s setbacks, because you’re right Kaleb, he doesn’t listen. And he acts like a jerk. But as a wolf, I can also feel that warmth, and I can see pre-wolfy Jacob from New Moon.

    And don’t even get me STARTED on me flipping out over Twilight-y stuff. I down-right SQUEALED. I’m in college, and one of the faculty members happens to own a silver Volvo S60R. I saw it in the parking lot and I squealed. VERY LOUDLY. Like, so loud people stopped to stare at me and thought I was a bloody lunatic. And I freak out every time I see a silver Volvo. And I’ve seen the Volvo they used in the movie and I was on the freeway and coming back from the grocery store with my mom and I screamed, “OH MY GOD IT’S EDWARD’S CAR!!!!!” I scared my mom. Haha. And THEN, I’ve seen Carlisle’s Mercedes, and I’ll randomly shout, “Carlisle’s car!” Then, every Porsche I see, I have to check if it’s a 911 Turbo. But one day I saw a yellow Porsche and I almost demanded for my mom to follow it as she was driving because I HAD TO KNOW if it was Alice’s Porsche. Then in the weeks before “Twilight” was in theatres, I took pictures of every billboard, poster, and advertisement of “Twilight” I saw. And when I saw people reading the books, I would stop them randomly and talk to them. I’m sure there’s loads of other crazy stuff I’d do, one of which was taking pictures with the Edward cardboard cut-out in the UCI bookstore hehe…but there’s so many incidents of my fangirlish craziness that I can’t remember them all x__x;;

  98. Nicole Jet

    Normally, I wouldn’t leave a comment this far down on the page, but I just had to share the Volvo game.

    The Volvo game is like the slug bug game. The first person to see the Volvo and call it gets a point. Our other friends laugh at us for it, but we don’t care.

    To date we’ve seen two S60Rs. The first was outside of Barnes and Noble (The greatest place to see one, right?). Because it was dark out, we couldn’t agree on whether it was navy or black. We were so excited that we ended up spending the next ten minutes taking photos of the car.
    The second one was red and parked across from us at Sonic on a rainy day. That time we got so excited that our bouncing shook her car. If that didn’t catch the attention of the other people there, our screaming certainly did.
    Something tells me if we ever see a silver S60R, we’ll probably explode and die. Rest assured though, it will be a happy death. 😀

    My best friend is my Bella and I’m her Alice. We make Twilight references out of everything.

  99. ash

    in science lab me and my friend zanny freaked when we had to do the same exact lab.she never understood that part till then so she was super hyper.

  100. marisol

    Probably the funniest twilight related moment I had was a few months ago, when I was helping a friend’s daughter to study biology for a test, and the main subject was cell theory, and there was an entire chapter of the text book that talked about the Krebs cycle… When I read that, I coulldn’t stop the giggles!

  101. tina

    Jacob wouldn’t be Jacob without BOTH forms. It makes him who he is – defines him. Can’t have one form without the other.

    As for Twilight freak-out moments – I’ve had my share. Tonight, my hub and I went to a movie and waited while the credits ran, there was someone named Cullen – I didn’t freak outwardly, but inside I was like WOW!!

    And, there are a couple of ladies here in Utah that sell Essence of Twilight scents and lotions – yeah, I have some….I can smell like Alice, Edward, Bella or Jacob on any given day. They also have lip gloss for Edward (icy mint) and Jacob (hot cinammon) mmmmmmm.

    Safe to say, I’m quietly fixated. 😉

  102. erin

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!! i like him better in his human form. and that is ttly nt true! He listens to Bella, but it’s just that sumtimes what shes saying hurts!! and that picture was really annoying i thought you said your team switerzerland!!! TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Cam

    Every time I see a cougar or mountain lion (on TV, etc) – I think “Edward’s favorite”. And when I see other vampire shows, I find myself thinking “No, that’s not how vampires are…”

  104. Christin

    I like Jake in his wolf form, for sure. He does seem more at ease, and as others have mentione, he can’t talk and say something stupid to ruin the whole moment! LOL

    My Twilight freak out moment has to do with the movie, more then the book. There are a few people in my neighborhood that drive the Jeep like Emmett has in the movie, and everytime I see it my heart jumps, for no reason at all. I know that it not the *real* Jeep, and each time it happens I feel like a complete dork. LOL Oh well.

  105. Ashley

    i definitely prefer jacob in wolf form, because he doesn’t listen to bella when he’s human..he’s just making some dumb remark to make her mad or trying to kiss her… when he’s a wolf he can’t do anything but sit there and listen, nod his head…

    i have twilight moments every day… i smile like a dork when i see the cars, after we saw the movie for the first time we all went to IHOP, and for about 5 minutes my sister and i thought the song on the radio, which was acoustic guitar, was going to be rob pattinson’s never think. i don’t know why but it really, really sounded like it to us…it was crazy…and the waiter saw my sister drink her coke fast, and she brought her another. we were about to fall out of the booth we were laughing so hard because it reminded us of twilight, when they went to port angeles.

  106. Kelly

    I think the primary reason I don’t like Jacob Black is because his human form DOES get in the way of himself! Yes, he may care for Bella, but he doesn’t care for her in the way that Edward does, as you mentioned.

    Contrarily, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that Jacob knows Bella so well in a way that Edward doesn’t understand, and that wouldn’t be possible without Jacob’s personality to bring that to light.

    So… because Jacob is such a jerk most of the time because of his obsession with her supposedly being in love with him, there is nothing strong enough that positively sets the balance. In my mind, it doesn’t even break even.

  107. Tash

    my twilight moment was when my (non-twilight obsessed) friend was freaking out about her exam and franticly said ‘Distract me!’ to which i happily replied ‘ I’m going to run over Tyler Crowley tommorow before school”!
    she didnt quite get it… but well it distracted her :)

  108. Tash

    oh and theres a suburb near my house called Carlisle:)

  109. Savannah

    my school was going to the career center and me and my friend were sitting next to each other and the bus stopped at the train tracks and i looked out the window and there was a silver volvo sitting in a driveway i told my friend and she started freaking out and screaming and we both ended up getting detentions because we were at train tracks and were supposed to be quiet.

  110. mckenzie

    Ok, yes i completely and utterly fangirl freak whenever something even remotely twilighty ever comes in my vicinity.Things such as: i see ANY volvo(not even shiny silver!), i read the word twilight in anything, i see eclipse gum, i see anything about mitosis , we talk about the spainish influenza in history class, or last but not least i see the name Edward ANYWHERE…i seriously have twilight fangirly issues.(oh theres also a store i know called Cullen’s lol)

  111. Camilla

    Yes, scarily, I do jump when I see a Volvo, etc.
    And when I figured out we were doing mitosis in Biology… Well, safe to say I was VERY annoyed that I missed the identifying-slides practical!

    The Jacob getting rid of Edward picture was hilarious!!!

  112. Juni

    I like Jacob better as wolf because he’s like a pet dog, kinda. He’s gonna be there for you when you need him, and will gladly protect you. And you don’t have to put off with some of the annoying things that come out of his mouth. But at the same time, I’d much rather have human company than an animals. So…I’m kinda torn in the middle for your question.
    And I have reacted strangly when encountered with Twilight stuff. Like one time they put up a Twilight poster for the libary and I couldn’t help smile because it seemed like Twilight was taking over the school. I had seen a silver volvo once too; it took me a while to stop staring. =D

  113. Clara Renee

    ha ha I know it’s really bad but when in church I was flipping through a bible waiting for it start when I saw the names Jacob, Rachel, Rebekah and Leah. In Twilight Jacob has two sisters Rachel and Rebecca and a “friend” I guess you can call her for lack of better name, Leah. In the Bible Jacob (from the story Jacob and Esau) has a mother named Rebekah and two wives Leah and Rachel. I reacted by barely containing a squeal but jumping up and down in my seat.

    (I like Jacob better human, I disagree that he doesn’t listen because look at new moon he knew not to say Edwards name to her and that she doesn’t like music without her telling him. He does listen, he does care, he’s just frustrated and angry. Which you can tear him down for all you want because we all secretly enjoy the sarcastic comments resulting from that)

  114. Emmy

    lol loved the little part with the Alan Jackson song in it!!!!! it’s rare country music is incorperated with Twilight… well unless of course you’re Taylor Swift or something. 😀 I also liked the comic too even though I’m totally on the side of the vampires… or at least the good ones 😀

  115. Allison

    Kaleb –
    I too was one of those people saying I wouldn’t become one of ‘those’ fans. My mom and sister roped me into reading the first and I had the remainder of the saga read in a week. I can’t decide whether Jacob is better in either form because as a wolf he doesn’t have any speech to Bella and he simply shows more emotion. You can sit and pet him and it would probably be the best conversation you’ll ever have. His mouth takes flight when he’s human. As recognizing Twilight things outside the book I received a phone call a while ago. I picked it up, as usual, and said, ‘hello?’. The other end was a male voice, younger sounding, and very amiable. It say, “Hey, Allison. It’s me. Jacob.” To my surprise, I stood there trying to remember how to breathe and how to respond. My brain flipped through a million questions but the first was “I don’t know anyone named ‘Jacob’ but Jacob Black”. All i could spit out was ‘uh…hi?’ Pretty impressive when one of the men in your dreams gives you a call and all you can spit out it a meager ‘hi’. It turned out it was a ‘Jacob’ that I had had in a class on campus who was looking for a piano accompanist for his voice lessons. As crazy as it may sound I was honestly convinced that it was Jacob Black. I immediately called my Twilight friends and told them. They laughed, too. So never fear. We are just like you and are enthrawlled with this incredible book. Good luck with your own book. I am excited to read it and enjoy another amazing story!!

  116. Kate

    Mia Banana, you’re from NZ too?? I love vodafone select, and I voted for Decode everyday! Just shows the power of the Twilighters, even in NZ 😀

    Anyway, I am Team Edward, and I think I like Jake in his Human form, because I find it really hard to get my head around the fact that it is really Jacob inside the body of a huge wolf. And I like the way he and Bella interact with each other as humans, even though he can be a total jerk sometimes.

    Also, Twilight experiences… When I moved to the U.S, and had my first day at school, I had this weird almost Deja vu feeling. First period, this guy with short spiky blond hair came up to me and said “Hey you’re the new girl, Kate right? I can help your find your classes if you like.” I was like okay, weird. Mike Newton is in my class.

    I also see Twilight related signs all the time, there is a “JASPER & JASPERS” store near my house, and an Emmett street in my hometown, along with an Edward Avenue.

  117. Kate

    Mia Banana, you’re from NZ too?? I love vodafone select, and I voted for Decode everyday! Just shows the power of the Twilighters, even in NZ 😀

    Anyway, I am Team Edward, and I think I like Jake in his Human form, because I find it really hard to get my head around the fact that it is really Jacob inside the body of a huge wolf. And I like the way he and Bella interact with each other as humans, even though he can be a total jerk sometimes.

    Also, Twilight experiences… When I moved to the U.S, and had my first day at school, I had this weird almost Deja vu feeling. First period, this guy with short spiky blond hair came up to me and said “Hey you’re the new girl, Kate right? I can help your find your classes if you like.” I was like okay, weird. Mike Newton is in my class.

    I also see Twilight related signs all the time, there is a “JASPER & JASPERS” store near my house, and an Emmett street in my hometown, along with an Edward Avenue.

  118. Nirak

    Your question made me laugh, because I live in Sweden, where volvos comes from. Here volvos are so common that if I payed special attension to every silver volvo I saw my life would get rather tiersome… :-)

  119. Vesper

    I always react when I see twilight related things.

    I was never really good in bio, but then we got on cells, prophase anaphase and all that jazz and I couln’t not pay attention. When I can connect something to twilight or really any book I’ve read I pay attention a lot more. I ended up getting good grades in bio for the rest of the year. haha.

  120. Brianna

    team edward all the way, jacob acts too jealous of edward and is selfish and as he tries to win bella over, he’s just hurting her more than ever, i am on team edward, edward treats bella like his queen and treats her like she needs to be, he protects her but not like jacob, edward protects her more romatically than jacob, i think jacob need to get La Pushed off a cliff =D

  121. Minh Thu

    I don’t know if I prefer Jake as a human of a wolf. It’s not easy to imagine having a wolf as a friend. ^-^

    I always look for a Volvo on the streets but there aren’t many here in Germany and they’re not even silver Q_Q
    And I recently saw a Italian restaurant called Bella Italia. My friends thought I was crazy. I tried to make photos but it was to dark and…

  122. Jessica L.

    Hmm, are you truly asking that? Have I ever freaked out over something “Twilight-y” in real life? Let’s see, I was with my cousins (all Twilight fans) and we were driving out to eat dinner and then this Volvo pulled in front of us and we all started screaming and laughing and my older cousin wanted to tail the car to see if it was Edward, lol. We cheer when we see apples/red and white flowers. I was at a craft store when I found a poster with a chess board on it and was like “OMG BREAKING DAWN.” I eat Cake Batter Ice Cream because Taylor Lautner does.

  123. Jessica L.

    Oh, and, I like Jacob better as a human because he’s so much easier to kiss :) I think the fangs/fur would get in the way a bit if he was a wolf.

  124. Caitlin

    Hey Kaleb!
    Yes, I felt that same way when I read this chapter. It was as if the old Jacob was back. I liked this chapter too. It was as if the other new Jacob didn’t exist.
    Yeah, I agree with you on that. Jacob doesn’t listen to Bella the way that Edward does. Edward listens to Bella. That is another reason why I love Edward! LOL!
    Yes, I do stop whenever I see something twilight related. I did the same thing when we studied Mitosis last trimester. I just stopped in my tracks. I think I actually paid more attention to it this time too. :-p

  125. Camilla

    Kaleb, I think it would be fasinating to do a poll which told the ages of who likes Jacob in which form. I have found other mothers, like myself, appear to be far more forgiving of him in human form than girls between the ages of 14 and 18. Also, whether boys or girls like him better and in which form. I myself love Jacob in both forms. In his human form he reminds me of my own 16-year-old son, with the witty comments and the smirks. And in his wolf form he reminds me of how my son was when he was younger, cuddly and happy to just be near you. I think it’s too easy to be critical when you haven’t been a teenage boy or are in the middle of dealing with teenage boys who are the same age (meaning teenage girls – mothers are still way more forgiving).

    As for the Twilight moments, well, as a “mature” mother of four I try to contain myself. However, I have found myself saying “Its a silver volvo” out loud during morning carpool with 5 twilight teens in the back just as excited as we drive by. My daughter, an avid fan herself, has been quite embarassed by me and all of my friends come to me for the latest news – I too can turn anything into a Twilight moment! My favorite though would have to be the weekend before Thanksgiving. My daughter and I saw Twilight Friday morning with 24 of our closest friends from church and on Saturday she was flying out to her father’s house in Texas. After she boarded the plane I sat down and was reading Twilight (for the third time). The plane left the ground and I drove home. My daughter called right before I flipped on the Soundtrack and when I got off the phone I waited for a car to pass then got in the fast lane. “Super Sonic Black Hole” began to blare and I looked up to see I was following a Silver Volvo. To top it off, my husband had just texted me when I left the airport to “look for shiny silver volvos” which I finally saw about 2 minutes later. I tried to keep up, but alas the owner was driving like a Cullen and I do not (even on the freeway). I think the reason we are all obsessed with Twilight is because even though it is fantasy, it still encompasses everyday life and that is the fun – to see Twilight in everyday situations and imagine “what if”.

  126. Lisa

    i prefer wolf jacob most definately because people seem to always be more themselves when they’re with animals. And in Biology once, we were studying viruses and the Spanish Influenze came up. I was giggling to myself because of the twilight reference and then my Bio teacher MENTIONED IT TO THE ENTIRE CLASS! She was a secret twilighter! Who would have thunk it?

  127. Natalie A.

    i like jacob better as a werewolf cause then he cant talk. i really don’t like him, i don’t know why.

    This year in science we studied the stages of mitosis of onion rootip cells (which is exactly what edward and bella do in twilight!) at first i thought it was wierd because they did it in grade 11 and i did it in grade 9, but then i started jumping with joy (cue half the class staring at me like wtf?) and my friends had to get me to calm down. i kept looking at the door waiting for my edward to walk in :) (there are only 4 guys in my science class, none of the edward worthy)

  128. Natalie A.

    comment #124, Camilla

    the first song from the soundtrack is called super MASSIVE black hole, not super sonic black hole 😛

  129. Codi

    I don’t think, if I were in Bella’s position, that I would be able to stand Jacob Black in human form. But he’s alright as a wolf… and quiet too.

    As for your other question…

    I heard the song Ice Dance from Edward Sissorhands, and I am so pathetic that I came up with two lists of ways that it reminded me of Twilight…
    1)Ice Dance- Edward Sissorhands- Jackson’s hair- Jasper
    2)Ice Dance- Edward Sissorhands- His name is Edward

    Yes, I am that lame.

  130. BrooklynBridges

    Jake is better in his wolf form just because he cant talk. Every other word out of his mouth is dissing Eddie, and thats harsh, not only to Bella, but also to us TE’s.
    And i freak out every time i see anything remotely related to twilight. Me and my friend were constantly yelling at one of our guy friends just becuase his name was jacob. And he didnt have a clue what was going on. plus, the same friend will use any possible scinerio to turn into a twilight analogy.

  131. Anna

    Well, to be perfectly honest, when I first read the books I wanted to run Jacob over with a bulldozer… (please don’t hurt me Jacob fans–it gets better!)

    Now, I really like Jacob. I think that Taylor, being more open to him, rereading the series, and a few other factors have helped that… I can’t mention them all now and spoil you, but I’ve grown to like him and understand him like a friend, even though I’m completely devoted to Edward. 😀 I like Jacob as a wolf and human, human in NM and wolf in Eclipse. He does have some redeeming parts in Eclipse though, so that’s why I say both.

    Twilight Moments? ARE YOU KIDDING? I have one EVERYDAY! Honestly, give me any word and I’ll find a way to relate it to Twilight… I relate tons of things to Twilight… and the other day I had this entire texting conversation with my friend Sam about how I have a secret lover, (she thought I was being serious) and I said the guy was Edward Cullen, and it went on for about a half hour until she realized I was talking about a FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!! It was hilarious 😀

  132. Didina

    For the Jacob question: For sure, as a wolf. If he’d naver phased at all, then maybe I’d like him. I was rereading Twilight the other day, I realized how cute Jacob was when he was still that normal sized sixteen year old. But then again, if he’d never changer then there would be no point in this question.

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. I always react weirdly when Twilight related things come up. On the first day of high school, I met a girl named Alice, I turn to her and say “Do you realize that you have the same name as my favorite vampire?” We could bond about that, because she loved the book too! :) I turn my head in the cafeteria everday because a girl who sits at the table behind us name is Bella, she has a habit of losing things so her name is called a lot. My science teacher looks freakishly like Rob Pattinson and he drives a silver Volvo (No, I’m not lying.) I had a mitosis moment too, when we were looking over the unit again, I was actually expecting a golden onion. :) And every time I see a dent in a car, I wonder if a vampire did it.
    People are kind of looking at me funny because I hear whenever something Twilight related happens, it’s like Edwards mind reading thing. I mistake words for twilight related ones in sentences, and I can pretty much relate Twilight to anyhing.

  133. Lisa

    It really depends. Jake is sweeter when he cant talk but when he does talk a few nice things come out too. idk. I’m Team Edward all the way but i still like Jacob. but either way he’s still a d-bag in Eclipse.

    On another note, yes, i go crazy any time i see anything Twilight-related. the other day I found a lion and lamb garden statue at Hobby Lobby and totally flipped out. so yeah, u can say i get a wee-bit excited :)

  134. Kendall

    I like Jacob in his wolf form, but that might just be because I like furry animals.

    About the everyday-twilight-related things… yeah, I tend to giggle a lot when I see anything that reminds me of Twilight. Especially today when I was reading this book called Percy Jackson and The Olympians, and Percy encountered these creatures called the “Empousai” which are basically vampires with one goat leg and one bronze leg, but anyways,he described their smile as “dazzling” and I was laughing for about 5 minutes. :)

  135. Alice Cullen

    haha. Jacob’s better in his wolf form in my eyes. His whole problem when he’s human is that he talks. he says the wrong things, says too much..yadda yadda. lol.

    haha. Volvos…seen them. freaked out about them. I still flip and listen twice everytime is hear the ad on the radio saying that digital radios are being installed in all new VOLVOS MERCEDES AND BMW’S. ahh. that ad..lol. u can imagine i automatically think of the cars from twilight 😀

  136. Bethany

    Hmmm…well I like Jacob both ways, although he makes me kinda mad in Eclipse.
    As to the screaming fan girl thing…that’s totally me. I keep a look out for silver volvos. :) Whenever there’s a cloudy day I like to call it a “good vampire day”. Haha! :)

  137. Samantha M.

    Oh, Volvos…yes, I constantly stare at them now. I have always wanted one, even before reading the books. My dad has been looking into getting me one finally, but I was a little mortified when he told me he was possibly getting me the C30. The thought of pulling into the school parking lot with that thing is embarrassing. I would be publicly harrassed until I graduate. I would much prefer the S40 in BLACK, not silver. Haha.

    Jake tends to make me fall in love with him all over again during Eclipse whenever he is in wolf form. It definately reminds me of New Moon Jacob. But, I can honestly say that I love Jacob Black in both human and wolf form.

    As for Twilight moments, I have Jacob Black moments (on top of my Volvo moments): I have a huge dog who happens to be russet brown and I catch myself thinking of him as Jake when he “grins” (yes, Twilight is a curse and a blessing).

  138. Melia!

    I just have to say that you are one of the most hilarious people ever!!!! I LOVE reading your blogs because I know that I will laugh every time! Keep it up!! <3 <3

  139. Laura

    The following is a list of vaguely Twilight-related things that cause me to hyperventilate/scream/babble incoherently.
    1.) Words- twilight, eclipse, dawn, dazzle, snack, apple, art, or wolf. In ANY context.
    2.) Names- Edward, Bella, Alice, Charlie, Jacob, or Robert.
    3.) Cars- silver Volvos, red BMWs, Porsches, rusty old red Chevys, and black Mercedes.
    4.) Miscellaneous- apples, red ribbons, Wuthering Heights, Romeo & Juliet, weddings, and pianos.

  140. Jen

    Hehehehe…. Anything Twilighty in real life? Oh, I’ve got one.

    We are studying World War 1 in class and were watching a powerpoint made by our teachers. They stopped the powerpoint right at the year 1918… Sound familiar? When I saw that I had to burst into quiet giggles because I remembered that was the year Edward Cullen was dying of the Influenza wave. Obsessed, huh?

    I also am starting to look for the big black books, because they are probably one of the Twilight series. Some people take the graphics off the book so nobody knows what they’re reading. But I do! If I look over their shoulder to read a page, I know exactly where they are in the book. Sometimes, not even a whole page. Then when they catch me I give them this conspiritorial smile and walk away. I must seem so creepy!

  141. Dana

    Kaleb, there are no other female werewolves. It doesn’t happen. Its only because of the enourmous number of vampires in the area that leah turned. Also, Embry doesn’t even know who his dad was…. sorry if that was a bit brusque, I’m a bit touchy when it comes to the pack, seeing as I’m their number 1 fangirl

  142. Laura

    I’m definitely a Team Jacob girl, but not for the same reasons as some. I don’t think Jacob and Bella should end up together or anything, I just love Jacob’s character. He’s probably my favorite in the whole series. He’s just so realistic to me. He’s irrational and he doesn’t hold anything back. I like that. But I probably prefer him in his wolf form. It just seems so natural for him. As much as he says he doesn’t like being what he is, I think he feels more comfortable that way.

    I have experienced anything Twilighty in real life yet. :-(

  143. Laura

    Ok, I had to post again because something sort-of Twilighty happened to me in class right after I posted the previous message.

    I was in my Music History class and we were talking about Beethoven, and one of the guys said “moot point.” I actually laughed out loud, and the guy sitting next to me looked at me kind of weird. I know that’s not completely Twilighty, but I knew you would love it.

  144. Bella

    i once saw not one, but TWO ‘twilight cars’ parked against the curb while i was walking home. when i saw edwards silver volvo and then alices yellow porsche right behind it, i actually screamed out loud (something along the lines of “ome theyre here!!”)and stopped walking to look at the cars. unfortunately, it was a fairly busy sidewalk, and im sure i freaked everyone out… they probably wondered why i was out of the mental hospital lol… oh well
    to Jen- thats awesome! ive done something like that once or twice too, but not a lot of guys around here read twilight, and the guys are usually the only ones that dont want to admit theyre reading a ‘girly’ book

  145. Kaitlyn

    I’m Team Switzerland. I can’t decide whether I like Jacob in his wolf form better or human form better… I love him in his wolf form because Bella feels more comfortable around him then. But I love him in his human form because then he can show Bella how human he can be, something Edward can’t always do.

    In my English class, we are learning some Latin and Greek roots so we can take apart and understand bigger words. My class is made up of tons of twilighters, and I think we were able to make a twilight reference out of every word she gave us!! (She would tell us a Latin/Greek root word, and we’d have to give an example. So something like “re-” means again, so we could say “restart”)

    Teacher says:
    Volv= roll
    Girls scream “VOLVO!!”

    Bell= beautiful
    Girls scream “BELLA!!!”

    Also, one of our vocabulary words was the French term “savoir faire” which means basically to know what to say, what to do, and exactly when/how to say or do it. All the girls can be heard whispering to each other “EDWARD!!!” It was a very fun day for us twilighters. LOL

  146. Amy

    My girlfriends and I (all moms in our 20’s) went to see the midnight showing of Twilight and on the way home, I kid you not, we saw a silver Volvo driving home. I’ve had many “Twilight” moments IRL, too many to share them all. My favorite is probably when my husband and I went out for his birthday dinner at a steak place and the hostess announced, “Edward, table for 2” over the intercom. Hmmm, what would Edward order at a steak house? Something very rare, and an extra Coke. :)

  147. ale!

    tottaly team jacob!!
    but i used to looove jake when he was just human.. i mean.. becoming a wolf has been hard 4 him.. it just change his life… and he was really happy before it happnd.. i think(as jake..) that bella feels more comfortable with the ¨furry jacob¨ is just because this one.. doesn’t.. puts any pressure on her… i mean.. it’s like.. when they are laying in the grass, cuddly and stuff, and yet, she doesn’t feel like she is doing anithing wrong, like when they were BF(and both human hehhe).. i think what bother bella the most(because of course that is NOT the only thing!, i mean i’m not stupid!)about the hole.. Jacob being all over her thing.. is that she doesn’t want to hurt Eddie.. plus he is goin too hard on her..(he deserved to be punched in the face… with a baseball bat..).. he is just doing it because he doesn’t want to loose her(REMEMBER… 4 jacob if bella:
    ends up w/Eddi= Bitten= worst than dead).
    well thats all..

  148. Alexis

    Kaleb when you said Jacob was harsh and that you prefer Edward cause he does everything to make Bella happy, well i have to voice a fact. Jacob talks to Bella exactly the way a person who trealy cares talks. He doesn’t sugar coat the bad stuff like Edward does. I would want my best friend even boyfriend to be straight forward with me even if it does make me upset. I guess it just depends on the person but wouldn’t you want the truth too? Still love your posts though, just had to add my opinion to it.

  149. Victoria

    First,I think Jake is a jerk period! He doesn’t seem any different in either form. He has his moments were he’s nice, but then he’s rude.
    Second, I have really reacted strangely when something reminds me of Twilight. I’ve seen the volvo from the movie, and the 1st time that happened I texted everyone. Hahaha! I was driving with my friends the other day and I stared at the car infront of us, and in the middle of the conversation I was like OMG it’s Edward’s Volvo!! They were like are serious! We were laughing. They love him too. There are songs from the movie that play on the radio and I’m like O Twilight song. Now-a-days anything that people say, I relate it to Twilight…It’s pretty sad…

  150. Victoria

    O, and another thing. My Government/Economics teacher was talking about the Civil War and I was like OMG Japser was in the Civil War! Hahaha!

  151. Laura

    Oh My Gosh: biology
    the instant my boring teacher that makes me fall asleep mentioned the word “anaphase,” my friend and I, who were falling asleep, immediately snapped our heads up to look at each other and start laughing. One of my best bio expiriences.

  152. Madeline

    I like Jacob better when he can’t talk. In his human form, he talks and acts without really thinking first, but in his wolf form, he can’t do that. He’s protective and loyal like a dog, but also silent.

    And I am also studying the phases of mitosis in biology. I can actually pay attention! We even did a similar lab that they did in the book. I got an A on that test. 😀

  153. Casey

    OOOH yes. I have stopped telling people when i link stuff to twilight all the time, makes me seem a little obsessed 😉 haha. Someone in my neighborhood has a silver volvo thats similiar to the model thats in the book (NOT THE MOVIE) so one time after i started reading the books i stopped to take a picture of it. The, one time, i was at Capital Alehouse for dinner and looked at the menu, one of the entree’s was some sort of seafood from Prince Edward Island. I took a picture of the menu. O, and then, on Halloweeen at work, we had a guy come in dressed as Edward cullen. Best costume iv seen yet. I freaked,haha.

  154. Sarah W.

    Of course I freak out when I see something Twilight-related!! Silly. I like Jake in his human form because then he actually gets to TALK! I feel that he is the underappreciated and only comic relief the books really need sometimes. If girls could just put off their Edward fantasies for later, MAYBE (and that is a HUGE maybe,) they’d see Jacob differently. Or maybe not. SOME off them…. :)

  155. Sarah W.

    Alexis! I couldn’t agree more!

  156. Amaranthine

    In response to comment #88: Hahaha! I remember that…so awesome. I remember reading his lips when he noticed us. “What the…???” What was funny is that our mom was driving and she hasn’t even read the books, but she was leaning forward and squinting too! Good times, good times. I think it was a S60, wasn’t it? There’s a person in my apartment complex that owns an S60. Not as cool as an S60R, but I’ll take what I can get.

  157. marissa

    In bio, i sit with three girls who like twilight, but arent quite as into it as I am. But we started the mitosis lab and we were looking at onion rootand identifying prophase and anaphase and I started giggling and they started giggling and the other guy at the table was looking at us like we were insane. Then one of them leaned over and said something to a friend at another table, and she started giggling, and some of the people at her table started laughing, then nearly all the girls on our half of the clasroom were giggling and Mr. Andrews (our teacher) was like, “whats so funny?” and nobody would explain it to him. All of us just sort of shook our heads and looked at each other.

    Also, my doctor told me I had a form of influenza which is unlike the common flu and my first thought was “Oh My God, EDWARD!!!!” I missed everything after the word influenza.

    One time I saw a red BMW just like Rosalie’s in my school parking lot and I serouisly looked at the blond girl getting out and wondered where all the other cullens were.

  158. marissa

    continuing my last comment…
    my sister’s name is Isabella, and we call her Bella. And my aunt visits us alot, and her name is Alice. When ever anybody in our family says “Bella and Alice” I go TWILIGHT inside my head. Even sometimes when I’m just talking to my sister.

    And another thing: I can tell you anything you want to know about WWI, because I payed special attention during that unit.

    Since the book came out, I’ve read Mansfield Park, Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejuduce, and Sense and Sensibility.

  159. Gabriella

    The term “imprinting” came up during a lecture and was also a definition in the textbook for my Child Development class. OF course my mind immediately went into Twilight world. The next day my friend and I were laughing and talking about how I should have raised my hand in class and given the professor the Twilight definition of imprinting. =)

  160. Shelby

    Ok, so I am team jacob. I honestly love Jake all the time. And one thing that you haven’t gotten yet, Kaleb, is that Bella is ok with Jake talking all the time! She makes her feel like its ok to just stay silent…. Just thought I’d mention that because in my public speaking class in college, our teacher mentioned that us women love talking but sometimes, we like shutting up long enough to listen to our boyfriends’ opinions and stories. We like when guys listen but we don’t know whether you are listening. Men have selective hearing so half of what we say goes in one ear and out the other for men. lol

    Ok, now on to my experience hearing twilight related stuff in real life………..

    The one that really popped out at me was when I was out at the gun club (I’m a trapshooter, which means I shoot shot guns at small orange flying discs.) and my mom works behind the counter where we put the scores up on the boards. our gun club has one of the largest shooting leagues in the country and the parking lot gets packed every wednesday night. ANYWAYS, I’m standing there with my boyfriend before we have to go out to shoot with our team when, over the loud-speaker I heard my mom’s voice say, “will the owner of a silver volvo please move your car, people can’t get out.”

    I stopped and grinned. I raced over to my mom and told her how funny it was. Unfortunately, she hasn’t read enough of twilight to get how funny it really is. She just kind of chuckled and went back to work.

    Now that I think of this story, I realize that it never would have been Edward’s shiny silver volvo because he wouldn’t park in peoples’ way like that! But it still makes me giggle to this day!!!

  161. Stacy

    i definitely turn and look at silver volvos when i’m driving. then if i see the specific one (silver S60) then i’m like haha aww edward. but i just got a used volvo and the dealer found it for me and it just so happens to be silver. so i call it my edward car. my friend’s mom got me a shirt that says stupid shiny volvo owner.

  162. tyabelle

    Every time i fear o song from the Twilight OST I just freak out 😛 It’s really embarrassing when it happens in public…
    And not only do I flinch when I see a silver Volvo. Any silver nice car gives me the creeps these days. I feel like I’m going mad… lol

    The strangest part is that I can start laughing at anything. It doesn’t need to be directly connected to Twilight at all. My mind does all the clicking 😀

    And I have started to growl on people when I’m getting angry. lol

  163. Lana

    So I’m the “Twilight Freak” in my family, out of all my friends, and at work. I love Twilighty stuff. What I don’t love is that sometimes I lose ALL composure. I’m 24 years old yet anything Twilight related sends me into a fit of squeals, giggles, and OME’s! O_o Not a good thing when you’re in the presence of other people!! Last month for my birthday a group of friends and i went out of town. We opted to go shopping and obviously the guys wanted NOTHING to do with it so we went our separate ways. When we were done shopping we headed to the crowded food court. I was exhausted by that time so I wasn’t paying much attention when we got to the table where the guys were sitting at. Out of nowhere I see EDWARD!! **COMPOSURE BE DAMNED ** Squeals, screams, giggles, shrieks, tears, and OME’s ensued. EVERYONE in that food court seemed horror-struck.. They must’ve thought I was having a mental breakdown or something but I DIDN’T care. I was now the proud owner of an Edward Cullen cutout! By far the BEST birhtday present EVER!!

  164. Rebecca

    for days after my first time through Twilight I wasn’t afraid of speeding while my husband was in the car because I kept thinking he had “automatic radar”. :-)

  165. mykelin

    lol, I have the regular “volvo” moments and such, plus I always think its funny when my dad makes spaghetti for dinner

  166. ChelseaLee

    You KNOW you are from Texas when you reference Alan Jackson! LMAO! That was the highlight of the post for me!

  167. One Small Tree

    It depends on the scene; I like it when Jake shuts up…but he provides some great comic relief when he can talk.
    And I squeal whenever I see a shiny silver Volvo. I almost drove off the road in excitement one time. Also a black Mercedes (Carlisle’s.) And today in Anatomy and Physiology class, we were blood typing. My Twilighter lab partner and I sat there, playing with blood, pining for Edward Cullen to go with us to the nurse’s office. Also, the Prophase/Anaphase thing is way too familiar. What else? Whenever it’s twilight outside, I feel the need to say “It’s twilight…the safest time of day for us.” Strawberry-scented shampoo. One time in Wal-Mart, my brother said to a friend, “Hey, Edward,” calling him by his real name. I immediately squealed “WHERE?!?”
    Yup…I’m obsessed.

  168. Samantha

    me and my friends play the volvo game when we are on the freeway. spot a volvo and its 50pts, a silver volvo is 1000pts

    and I totally freaked out when we did the phases of meiosis in AP bio! lol

  169. Karin

    You are so funny I love your website!

    Kisses from BRazil!


  170. Taylor

    I like Jacob in his wolf form–mostly for 1 reason and 1 reason only–he can’t talk! Mwahahha.

    And I recognize twilight things all the time. In my English class, my teacher has a folder with the words “Twilight school” on it and I flinch whenever I see it and I smile to myself. I’m always looking for silver volvos…I got mushroom ravioli at a restaurant once only because Bella had it..it was good, too…the list goes on.

  171. Carrie

    I definitely prefer Jake in wolf form. I’m on Team Edward, though. One of the main reasons is the very thing you mentioned, Edward is a listener and he’ll do whatever he can to make Bella happy. I definitely don’t think he’s the selfish one in any scenario…I can’t help but do a double take when I see/hear anything that reminds me of ‘Twilight’, like a silver Volvo or if I read the name Cullen or Edward somewhere else. I think we’re all a little too obsessed w/ these books. :)

  172. Jannet

    It is like Bella says… Jake is easier to get along with in his wolf form because he can’t talk. :]

    haha. I take the usual double takes, sure. But one time in class, a teacher came in to ask my friend something and I read his name tag. And my eyes just popped wide open. And when he left I just turned to my friend and screamed “HIS NAME WAS JASPER EDWARDS!”
    …it was a /little/ obsessive.

  173. Stacy B.

    You said about promising yourself you wouldn’t turn when Volvo’s passed, etc. Try being me, working at a retail store, 24 years old and freaking out when someone comes in a grey coat, very similar to Edward’s in the film… OR yesterday when a customer came in who’s name on his checks were “Robert R. Patz” lol… That’s DORKING OUT…

  174. Yen

    im still team edward, but ive softened up to jacob.
    i prefer jacob in his wolf state, because it’s so much easier. then, jacob isnt trying to force a kiss out of her, or attempting to seduce her…he’s simply jacob.
    and yeah, ive had that happen. i cant see a volvo with out thinking of edward.
    oh! the other day there was an announcement made at our school and they said “jacob black” I held my breath like OMG! and texted all my twilight buddies. lol. too bad its not the real deal

  175. Krista

    You are awesome. I worship you.

    Anyways, my cousin and I just about scream every time we drive by “Cullen Landscaping” which is right between my house and the city. My friend was once on a trip and met a guy named Jacob Cullen. This was too weird too think about too deeply.

    As for Jacob, I pretty much despise him in any form. I mean, the way him and Bella are hanging out when he’s in wolf form, would probably NOT have happened in his human form. Although I guess he is SLIGHTLY better as a dumb old dog. *Grumbles*.

    Oh, God. I’m like Charlie with Edward. XD

    By the way, love the bucket of water picture. XD

  176. Alli

    “…and who don’t even care anymore. Makes you wonder who’s doin right to someone tonight, and whose car is parked next door..”
    WOOT!!! Alan Jackson!!! Yay for country!

    I like wolf Jake better. He’s sweeter that way.

    Twilight experiences…
    My friend and I looked at each other and grinned the first time Dartmouth was mentioned in our American History class, I jumped the first time I saw a GMC Denali (and then I remembered that it’s a place in Alaska)…and on the way to Disney World, OMG…I saw a sign for a place called Jasper, I got excited when I saw the signs for Jacksonville, I saw a Volvo and Porsche plant right next to each other, and best of all, on the way back, I saw a sign that said Embry! I got pictures of everything but the car plant. Kaleb, if you want the Jasper and Embry pics, let me know, but it may be a while as my laptop (where the pics are) is screwed up at the moment and I’m using the family comp now. My friend was scrolling through the pics at church one day, and I turned to talk to someone else, and then i heard her laughing hysterically, because she was on the Embry picture.

  177. Luciana

    Jacob is a good friend, but is so stupid somedays, me prefer in wolf forms cause is not talk much more.
    Edward is more responsable with Bella, he’s be safe and he’s right this. Vitoria is a monster so better keep Bella safe.
    When read a selfish i fell who Bella is so guilty herself, without need it.
    But agreed with you, Edward’s car is so good, it’s good has one.
    Now read all books,so interesting!!!
    so later
    Luciana Amorim

  178. Luciana

    Edward Team cause i believe in romantic and gentle man nowadays!!!!

  179. Olivia Pace...erm...Cullen

    Okay, I am Team Edward and so more into Jake in his wolf form, specifically because he can’t talk. He also just seems a lot more likable and sweeter.

    I have had SOOOOO many funny moments. Every time I see a volvo I have to stop myself from screaming. One time in my science class two girls did a project on black holes and said something about Super Massive Black Hole and my friend Ashley and I started jumping up and down in our seats trying not to scream. One time I cut my finger in a restaraunt and just whispered “Jasper”.

  180. Brianna

    I prefer Jacob in his wolf form, probably cause he can’t talk. Just like Bella said. =P But when Jacob opens his mouth things tend to get worse instead of better.
    I haven’t really had any experiences with shiny silver Volvos. =( But if I ever do see one I know I will react strongly.

  181. Tori Schmitz

    wolf form his big mouth is silenced and he’s human( ina way).
    And yes thunderstorms, volvos, biology, music, myself being handicappingly klutzy!, etc…

  182. Cass

    I so team Jacob! And I like him better in his human form cuz he CAN talk. its just more interesting that way. I think it’s awesome how he so honest (even if it does come out rude sometimes… which is hilarious anyway so who cares!) anyway… so rite.. honesty. ok so ive never met a guy in my life who knows wat they really feel, let alone tell someone about it. And also, i think its unfair to say he never listens. In New Moon ALL HE DID WAS LISTEN! obviously. it was his first love. and who wouldn’t get mad if all of the sudden the guy who broke bella’s heart came back (not to mention rite after he was close to making her feel normal again) and won her over…AGAIN (grrrrrr). i mean its the human thing to fight for her. Which in my opinion he shouldn’t have to fight since Edward had his chance and blew it.

    Also, (and this is kinda random) but its so completely annoying wen people say that they like Bella with Edward more cuz then they “get jacob to themselves”. WHAT?! that makes no sense wat so evr.

    And i havent had many twilight moments. but in class we were talking about wuthering hieghts and i strted freaking out lol :)

  183. CallieHale

    I like Jacob in his human form and his wolfy form. But I don’t prefer him to Edward. I’m Team Switzerland. Pahaha.

    E=Being addicted to Twilight is not good. I was sitting an English exam last week, and there was a character called Edward. I almost passed out. No kidding. And then the unseen poetry question involved something “glittering coldy”. I squeaked, yes squeaked in teh middle of and English exam. *Oh the shame* Not to mention the fact, the invigilator looked at me as if I were a crazy person and almost cancelled my paper for cheating.

    I don’t care. I love Twilight ^_^

  184. F

    I just started reading your blog and I love it!
    Actually, something happened to me this week. We started working with Jesus Christ Superstar in English, and our teacher had a CD with songs. When she started it, the song was like almost the same as Spotlight in Twilight, so both me and my friend jsut stared at each other and started laughing so much so I cried. it was so funny and a bit embarrassing. I love it when things make me think of Twilight.

  185. mattie

    I react strangely when i hear any twilighty word even though one half of my brain (a small part) goes ‘Mattie plz…this was a word long before twilight was written. plz take a deep breath and stop giggling at this’.
    Such as when my biology teacher mentioned Imprinting ( i got to admit that was one word i did think stephanie mayer had made up)
    The words ‘absurd’, ‘ridiculous’, ‘dazzle’.
    and i think i like jacob more in his wolf form…but jsut abit ( i like jacob alot actually…i’m still team edward though)

  186. Cara

    Wow, I just had my first twlighty experience a few weeks ago. I was in school and my science teacher was asking questions for a test review. This one boy raised his hand to answer, but spoke so quietly that no one could hear him. My teacher kept trying to get him to speak louder but he just kept mumbling. Finally, she walked right up to his desk and said, “I’m sorry but I can’t read minds. Some peope can but I’m not that lucky.” My thoughts obviously flew to Edward and I started giggling when I pictured my science teacher reading twilight (I later realized that she may not have been kidding and actually believes that mindreaders walk among us) . I looked around to see every other person who read twilight was also laughing.
    It might not be as funny as it was to me (I think you would have to know my teacher to completely understand).

  187. Cara

    Ome, I forgot to mention my two most recent signs of obsession. First, everyday I drive home the same way from school and in the same space is,I swear, Bella’s truck. It is exactly the same, rusty red paint job included. Also, today I was waiting to leave homeroom and I notice a VERY familiar ginormous black book. A new twilighter was about 3/4 done with breaking dawn. :)

  188. Bella (yes that is my name)

    my name is Bella and people now do a double take when we are introduced; scary thing is (and I know everyone says it) but I am EXACTLY like bella

    I always smell good to everyone (sometimes I haven’t even showered and I get that comment)
    I faint at the SMELL of blood
    I am pale white and from Dallas AKA the southwest (like you Kaleb)
    I read like no one’s buisness
    I am an only child
    I’ve moved a bunch
    I miss the heat
    I think trees are gross and awful
    hate snow
    my mum and I are best friends
    I want to name my kids weird names

  189. angelique

    i am pretty much team edward, but i dont utterly hate jacob. i like jacob’s wit and sarcastic remarks, but i do like when he is in his wolf form the most. as you said, he’s more genuine and warm becuase he is probably more comfortable that way. if he’s at ease, then everyone else can be too.

    everytime i see cullen blvd, i smile :] and today i just saw a plaque thing at the park with the “cullen family” donation thing. but it was a real family.

  190. struhar2009

    i know this is old but i have to comment. first i love the note to self thing, its great. second, yes one time right after i read the books i saw a yellow porsche while driving to school and no lie i thought “alice?” like uh duh, no. she is a fictional character. lol i felt soo dumb.

  191. neonstar

    I'm team jacob and all but he gets on my nerves to the nth degree, it's like every thing's fine right now why must you ruin it boy! there's a sweetness and a kind of innocents to him when he's a wolf thats not there when he's human.

  192. Ajaratu

    Yes, I like Jacob in his wolf form better because he can't say anything like a dummy…..oversized dog with anger management issues.
    I am Team Edward if you haven't noticed.

    And yes, I always have Twi moments. My father owns a silver volvo and someone at my school is named Edward and every once in a while I see someone with a Porsche……..yeah……I wan't a porsche……so I can run Jacob over…..hehehe

  193. Kassl Cullen

    A) I prefer him as a wolf, he can´t open his big mouth
    B) As you when I studied mitosis in science I wrote in my book “EDWARD´S AND BELLA´S BILOGY CLASS!!!”
    Really pale people, a yellow Porshe, many things, I relate everything eith Twilight really…

  194. Kassl Cullen

    A) I prefer him as a wolf, he can´t open his big mouth
    B) As you when I studied mitosis in science I wrote in my book “EDWARD´S AND BELLA´S BILOGY CLASS!!!”
    Really pale people, a yellow Porshe, many things, I relate everything eith Twilight really…

  195. Nicole

    I like Jacob in his human form better because to me he seems sweeter when he's just with Bella and for the other question I've never actually seen a silver Vlovo.

  196. Maandacs

    I feel a bit ashame as i am very close to becoming fifty, but whenever i see or read anything about the Twilight, i stop and take my time to read or explore whatever it is being written about them. I sometimes becomes so confrontational but friendly if i hear anyone bad mouthing the movie or any character in the story especially Edward and Bella.

  197. Johanna

    My friend and I almost got hit by a silver volvo, it was even the same model Edward has! We were so shocked that we stop right in the middle of the street to look at it.. 😀

  198. LeeseeQ

    I too seem to have the uncanny ability to remember every insignificant detail of the Twilight series too and notice parallels around me ALL THE TIME! I was so engrossed in the books while I read them, and to add to that my emotions were running high while I read, such that my brain saved every detail to the hard drive. Why can't that happen for the IMPORTANT details in my life?! … Apparently I need to get out more.

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