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January 25th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Hullo peoples, since it’s Sunday and not as many people read here on Sundays, I thought it would be a perfect time to knock out some updates and notes I need to post about. Less people to bore the better!

DAKOTA FANNING: I’ve been saying for months that she’s my pick for Jane, amidst lettuce and tomatoes commonly being launched in my direction. I don’t know about you people, but despite being in Charlotte’s Web alongside 47 Wilburs, I always thought she could do some older roles (check out her interview on the Lexicon). I’m hoping she gets the part. For the comments: What are your thoughts on her?

PREVIEW CHAPTERS: I am now too far behind on preview requests of my book to answer them all. Thus, I’ve given in and uploaded them. I don’t know how long this will last (my publishers might have me take it down) so get them here while they’re available. All the Branfan sites will update their links soon. Sorry for keeping everyone waiting so long!

ROBERT PATTINSON CONTEST: No word back from FailTube. I’m coming up with new ideas for how to do this now. My 10,000 subscriber BlogTV party is looking like a big option. But don’t worry, I will definitely be giving the autograph away somehow (at the moment, it is hidden in my room, due to the recent discovery that an apartment of obsessed Rpattzions is in near vacinity of my own).

NEW MUSIC: I’ve been uploading my songs onto Youtube one at a time and offering them as free downloads. Here’s the latest one (click here to download the song for free):

Also, I have a clip of an entirely new one I’m working on that you can listen to here.

TOPSITES: I’d love it if people would vote for me on the Twilight Topsites! Just click on the image below if you like the site, and leave me a review:

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FAQ: Please, please, please read the FAQ before sending a message. I am still getting requests to email Stephenie or for Robert Pattinson’s phone number, at the rate of about 2 billion per day, most resembling this (shockingly real) specimen:

how you get robert pattincons number

which almost deserves a spot on my Most Epic Comments Of All Time page. I am majoring in English. This is pain to my poor eyes.

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NEWS COVERAGE: Unlike most Twilight websites, I am an opinion blogger, which means I don’t get to most of the news unless it’s huge or I have an opinion on it (hence the name). Thus, I seriously suggest you follow both the Twilight Lexicon and HisGoldenEyes.com for the latest Twilight news. They’ll have it long before I do!



OKAY: I’m done 😀

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83 Responses

  1. Marie1810

    absolutely, Dakota fanning would do an amazing job. I’m really annoyed when people say she’s a disney kid. she’s one of the very few good young actors. she would rock the part

  2. nattie

    YESSS Dakota is amazing!!! I’m so happy that she’s not only a fan of Twilight but actually looks like the character she wants to portray :) So many stars just want roles in book adaptations they like because they are well known and usually look nothing like the characters. Dakota is a great, mature, young actress who has experience with dark roles like Hide and Seek, War of the Worlds, Coraline (even though it’s animated it is Tim Burton…)

  3. gemma

    i launch lettuce and tomatoes at failtube not kaleb <3

  4. Kaleb Nation

    @Marie1810: yeah, exactly. She’s not a Disney kid at all, and she’s one of the few young actresses who isn’t abysmally annoying, and who has a good future in serious roles ahead.

    One of the signs, if I can rant a bit, is that she’s enormously popular and yet never took on any ridiculous roles that I recall, even though I’m sure she had offers. I think she could do an awesome job.


  5. tiana

    OMG please send all the people requesting rob\steph\etc. numbers the MAD TV skit “can i have your number.” you probably have already seen it but if needed just search it on failtube 😛 it is absolutely hilarious and so fitting for tiresome and annoying number requests.

  6. Lizzie Hale

    Dakota is an awesome actress but I saw Jane a bit differently. But who knows she might pull her off perfectly. I just hope they won’t screw the cast up 😀

  7. janeth

    Kaleb, I LIKE that this is an opinion blog site for Twilight. I enjoy your blog writing, funny and insightful way of reviewing the books. I check your blog page probably 6 days a week, and often several times a day. (depending on whether or not the boss is lurking near my office!) And I am always giving out your site address, encouraging others to check it out.
    Keep up the super work!
    PS: I read this blog on Saturday, not Sunday. Could you be a bit confused on what day of the week it is? Mayhaps you are salsa deficient?

  8. Kaleb Nation

    I say salsa deficient!

    No, actually there is a time zone thing going on. My blog’s clock is set wrong, so my post for Sunday was put up a few hours early. It’ll be righted somewhere around 1 AM 😀


  9. Kirsten

    I think Dakota is great for the part. Casting Alec might be a bit tougher, though.

    Haha, Bethenie Wire. :)

  10. Chelsea

    Dakota is my perfect pick for Jane, too. I think she could pull it off PERFECTLY.

  11. Kirsten

    *Waves to Kaleb who posted 2 minutes ago*

  12. lil'

    Dakota Fanning!
    This is so ironic because last month I was out buying some DVDs, and I purchased “I Am Sam” because I remembered one of my guy friends saying a few years back that he cried when he watched that movie. Yeah, that’s right, CRIED! LOL! And so it was much of a shock to me because I can’t imagine him in tears. Ever. So I remembered the title of the movie, put it in the back of my mind for someday I was for sure going to watch that movie in the future. Anyway, I bought the movie, and finally watched it, which of course, starred Dakota Fanning in it. And I have to say WOW…it was absolutely amazing and touching. Her performance was great. I can’t even believe that after a month later, turns out Summit is considering her for the role of Jane.

    So I have to say I’m excited! People should keep an open mind about it. If she gets the part, she’ll make it amazing. Besides, I mean, people were against Robert Pattinson in the beginning, but look at it now. Everyone’s just crazed about him!

  13. Kaleb Nation

    I Am Sam is one of the strongest movies I’ve seen. I forgot she was in it. Now that I remember, that was probably one of her best roles 😀


  14. Stephanie

    Haha Kaleb i was worried that you didnt know the days of the week until i saw your comment. I thought failtube might be making you a little loopy! Anyways, I think Dakota would be perfect! Keep up the amazing work!

  15. Samantha-Noel

    I compleatly agree on the Dakota Fanning casting. She would be wonderful for the part of Jane. And a disney kid thing? Come on, the mature roles shes done, like I am Sam and War of the Worlds, dubble the few “kiddie roles” she done. And thanks for commenting on the time thing, Im still in Sat. and was totally confused for a second…hehe

  16. Emily

    Like Lizzie, for me Dakota doesn’t quite mesh with the way I’ve seen Jane and, to perfectly be honest, I’m always happier when they go with lesser known actors for iconic roles like these. But I’m sure that, if chosen, Dakota will do a fine job. Just not my first choice.

  17. Insane Jasper Fan, AKA Erika

    I wouldn’t mind if she was cast as Jane. Albeit, I was hoping, like Emily above me, that they’d pick an actress that isn’t widely known for the role.

    But I also heard Lucas Grabeel might be Alec. That I’m not OK with.

  18. Caitlin

    I’m excited about the prospect of Dakota playing Jane in New Moon. The more I read through series, the more I began to imagine Jane to look like Dakota Fanning. It’s really strange because I didn’t realize it until news reporters started talking about Summit’s negotiations with her. I think she is one of the only actresses that I know of that could slip into the role of Jane.

    I know lots of people are doubting that Dakota could play Jane, mostly because of her age. She is looking very mature these days, though. I even photoshoped her as Jane (I don’t mean to self promote, I just want to show the doubters): http://crystalbtrfly07.deviantart.com/art/Dakota-Fanning-as-Jane-110441260

    P.S. I hope everything gets sorted out with YouTube, or that you figure out another way to do the giveaway. We all appreciate the hard work that you put into this. :)

  19. Sarah

    Oh yeah, I actually posted a [very stupid and boring] video about the whole Dakota Fanning thing on my Youtube account.
    And I felt so cool when you (kind of) talked to me today, Kaleb.
    A reply to the comment I posted and you helped me when I was having the issues downloading the songs, but yes.
    I thought you might like to know that I felt like I was talking to a celebrity for a moment. Heehee.
    Oh and so far, Bran Hambric is awesome and amazing!!!
    Filled with more anticipation than ever!!

  20. sasha

    dakota fanning is a good actress, but that was just not how i pictured jane. if she does play her, i think that she will do well, but in the book jane is described as being olive skined, and boyish, and the face of a botichelli angel. i hope someone that looks like jane will get the part, but if dakota does, at least she will do it well.

  21. Jam

    I think Dakota would do great in the role from an actress perspective.. I’m just afraid that she might be a little young.. Jane is supposed to be “child like” not exactly young.. Plus then you have the downfall of trying to cast someone along the same age as her who could pass for her twin. I know that there has been talk about Lucas Grabeel and & Tom Felton but they have to keep in mind that both Jane and Alec were the smallest members of the volturi.. It just has me slightly worried about the whole situation with the casting of this movie..

  22. Jazz

    I think Dakota would be amazing as Jane – she’s been doing more mature roles lately (has anyone seen the preview for Push?). She has a very mature and serious demeanor, and I’m hoping she gets the part!

  23. Amber Pederson

    It’s funny how one minute, people are saying she would be great, then criticizing her the next. It’s been over the silliest things, too. Her hair color is one. It’s like nobody has heard of hair dye. The next thing would be her age. I think she’s actually a little older than my version of Jane, but we KNOW she’s supposed to be young.

    Dakota is not my picture perfect Jane, but I’m sure she’ll get the part and I’m sure she’ll be great.

  24. MyRandomName

    Dakota Fanning would be PERFECT for Jane ^^
    And she is a great actress!

  25. Monica

    Yes! Dakota Fanning=WIN.

    And this probably won’t ever happen but I think Christopher Lloyd would be PERFECT for Aro. He’s good at those “smart-but-probably-insane” roles, and he’s been the villain in a few other movies. Plus, he’s one of my favorite actors. I’ve actually tracked down movies just because he’s in them.

  26. Your Sunday Morning Post « The Twilight Tabloid

    […] Read it here. […]

  27. Tracey

    Dakota would definately be a good choice. I think ‘I am Sam’ proved that she can actually act.

    My friends all adamantly disagree with me though. For some reason they think that I’D be a good choice for Jane. Apparently they’re all under the impression that I’d be good at nonchalant evil… dunno how flattering that is…

    But yes. Dakota FTW!

  28. Tori

    I definatly dont think dakota would be good..shes already really tall and since shes young she would be changing alot throught out the different films..

  29. HeyJoyous

    I have loved Dakota Fanning since I saw “I Am Sam.” Even if you don’t enjoy “Uptown Girls” you have to admit that she does a phenomenal job in that movie too. She is an amazing young actress. She is older/bigger than I imagined Jane but who am I?? She would do an AMAZING job.

  30. Heather

    I’m sure Dakota Fanning will be great. I’ve just never liked Dakota Fanning as an actress (although she did pretty good in Hide and Seek). I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always had a teensy issue with her. But I’m not picky on who plays Jane because I pictured a younger Umbridge from Harry Potter as her. I must’ve been inhaling rubber cement fumes or something, cause on the second read I realized how wrong my picture was. So yeah, I am ashamed of my imagining skills, therefore I am not picky about who plays Jane.

    I just hope they don’t make her look like Dakota Fanning. Everyone else became their characters so completely in Twilight that I was never pulled out of the experience chuckling, “Oh Rob.” I’m worried I’ll be all into the drama of Volterra and then Jane will walk up and I’ll be like, “Oh, Dakota Fanning!” I’m sure they will make her look great, though.

  31. Rachelle

    Personally I don’t like Dakota Fanning. I just can’t see her as being Jane. I think Juno Temple would make an amazing Jane. She was Polly in “Notes on a Scandal” , Lola Quincey in “Atonement” and Jane Parker in “The Other Boleyn Girl” . I just think Dakota Fanning is not old enough for the part of Jane. She has to look the same for the rest of the movies and look at how much she has changed in the past year.

  32. Cassia

    A lot of people are going to be mad about this, but I can’t stand Dakota Fanning. Not only is she completely different from how I would picture Jane (and I don’t mean hair color), but I don’t think that her acting is that good either. Just because she is one of the names eveyone knows does not mean she is suited for the role. To have her play Jane would be like having Angelina Jolie playing Bella. I just don’t think she could pull off being an evil, menacing, cruel, beautiful vampire.

  33. Alexis

    Although Dakota is an amazing actress, especially for her age, she just doesn’t fit the way that I saw Jane in the books. I think she’ll still be able to pull it off perfectly, but it will just take some getting used to.

  34. Abby

    for the last few years i have absolutely hated dakota fanning. but im not sure, lately im starting to come around to the idea of having her in decent movies. “push” looks amazing, and i really could picture her as jane. as long as the rumors about vanessa hudgens as leah clearwater are all lies, i have faith in the casting of new moon.
    also, i loved the new song!

  35. Kate

    I think Dakota would be perfect for the role. Many see her interviews and say that she is to bubbly to play a sadistic vampire, but she won’t be playing herself. She is a very gifted actress, and her past roles have proven that she has the talent not just to play a bubbly 14 yr old but also rise to the challenge that being evil Jane is.
    I casted her months ago, it’s a tad exciting that one of my picks may acutally be in the movie.
    P.S. Kaleb amazing job on the new song, brilliance in a musical form :)

  36. Ember P

    I really hope that Dakota gets the role. She has that perfect angelic-looking face, but she’s an amazing actress and will be able to make the perfect Jane.

    Twilettuce! I remember that. LOL! You should post random images from the past more often.

  37. Shelby

    Wow, those preview chapters were amazing! They pulled me in and now I want to read the rest!!

  38. JessieLynn

    Hey Kaleb!
    1) I think Dakota would make a great Jane, I mean, she isn’t my first choice, but I wouldn’t be upset if she got it. Especially since she has been going towards more super-natural roles, such as “Push.” She would be the one actress to look forward to.
    2)I personally like Jacob in his wolf form better. In it, he is there for Bella and you can see his potential to be a great friend, or more. That was one of the reasons I changed to Team Switzerland after New Moon.
    3) Yes, I have actually. My friend, who wasn’t a Twilighter at the time, got a hand-me-down silver volvo when she got her license. I went all fangirly, and when my only response to “Why?” was telling her to read the books. She has now read them and the car she thought she hated is now her prized posession,lol.
    4) The song was, yet again, amazing! You have a gift for music, thats for sure.
    5) Great post, and it was absolutely UN-boring, thats for sure.

    Keep up the fantabulous work Kaleb!

  39. Alyssa

    Haha I remember that Random Image from the Past!! It was great. Love the “Bethenie”. Clever :)
    And I agree about Dakota Fanning, I think she would rock it.

  40. Angelique

    Why can’t you read the whole post in the feeds anymore? It’s annoying!

  41. Juni

    Well, I was watching the trailer for “Push” and she was in it. The movie looked really good, and from what I saw she was amazing in it…even though it was just a trailer. I really think she is serious enough to act as Jane. She is a really good actor and she might be the one little thing that could make New Moon a lot better. If you haven’t guessed, I’m stoked to have her play as Jane. I hope she gets cast!

  42. Michelle

    I love the thought of Dakota Fanning for Jane. I think she’d be great at it! I’m just glad the Vanessa thing for Emily was false. I could do without the Disney leakage into the wonderful world of Stephenie. I guess I didn’t realize your huge star power, Kaleb. I always assumed that you probably had Stephenie’s number, but I didn’t realize you were tight with Rob. LoL!! Patincon? Is that something like Twi-con?

  43. NuttyNetty

    I agree with you Kaleb :)
    Dakota can totally tackle the role of Jane. I am open to anyone else though… as long as it’s true to the book.
    Keep up the good posts Kaleb =]

  44. Mia



  45. Kaleb Nation


  46. maggie

    I really like Dakota Fanning for Jane. I keep hearing people (mainly on other sites) say Jane is supposed to be in her thirties, and I can’t help but to laugh and wonder if they read the same book as me. Anyway, Dakota will be awesome. Also, lets all have a silent prayer of thanks for the fact that Vanessa Hudgens isn’t Leah :)

  47. becky sue

    I think Dakota Fanning would be amazing. End of story. 😛

  48. Natalie

    At first, I was sceptical about Dakota Fanning being Jane-too young, too tall, hair too light, too much of a good-girl. But now that I have thought about it, I think she could do very well with it. She is young, yes, but Jane is supposed to be young enough to have a “cherubic face” and I think Dakota is old enough AND young enough. I think she looks like the part and I think she could do the evil attitude very well. I am excited to see her get the part. But what about Alec? Who would work for that part?
    Yeah English Majors!!
    Kaleb, that song was SO SO beautiful, I couldn’t believe it!! I want more music from you!! I almost cried when I was listening to it and I don’t even know this character! I am now VERY excited to read your book. When does it come out? I want to support you! Yeah Kaleb!! Never stop composing or writing. You are both humorous and very deep, Kaleb!!

  49. Kayp

    dakota fanning is a really plausible actress for the role. she looks the part and is taken serious unlike disney actors. no offense.

  50. Shelly

    About a month ago I was talking to my best friend about who we wanted in New Moon and I immidiently said that I wanted Dakota Fanning to play Jane. She’s an amazing actress who takes her roles very seriously. Hell, she was better than Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds. Whoever compares her to a “disney kid” obviously has never actually seen a movie with her in it. Dakota has a huge future ahead of her and I will be ecstatic if she gets signed as Jane in New Moon.

  51. Amber Pederson

    D: Um… Typing in all caps doesn’t make you seem more intelligent… My braind hurts now.

  52. Michelle

    Dakota Fanning, hmmm…I can see her doing a good job playing Jane, definitely. But I was leaning more towards Jodelle Ferland: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3176570112/nm0272706

    But no complaints about Dakota, she’s a great choice for the part. :]

  53. ruthie

    i agree with what most of you said. Dakota would really do a great job on playing Jane. she’s a great actress inspite of her age and she’s not obnoxious like other young stars..so yeah. Dakota FTW!!

  54. Cara

    I actually totally agree with you on Dakota Fanning for Jane… When I think about it, she would look pretty much perfect for it.
    She is doing some older roles… She’s playing that girl in Push… I want to see that movie :)

  55. Annie

    Gosh Kaleb, where is your brain? Stuffs? Scandalous. Heh, anyways, I think that Dakota Fanning would be great for the role of Jane. I didn’t get the Bethanie Wire thing for a few minutes, I was like, ehhh, random? Then I realized it was a rhyme. XD

  56. Theresath

    Can you guys imagine Robert Pattinson being scared of Dakota Fanning?
    I have, the my mental picture is quite amusing 😀

  57. Catie

    I love being a Twilighter, but sometimes I don’t understand the Twilight fandom. I spend a significant amount of time on fansites like the Lex and HGE, and I’ve noticed that the people opposed to Dakota’s possible casting have 3 main arguments against it, none of which hold their own in my opinion:

    1) She’s too young.
    2) She doesn’t look like Jane/She’s “just not what I had in mind”.
    3) She’s too well known, too “Hollywood”.

    Dakota’s what? 15? And Jane is supposed to look very young. Also, Kristen is the only cast member that is her character’s age. Everyone else is at least 4 or 5 years older than who they play, so if Dakota signs on for future movies her aging won’t be an issue.

    Also, her physical appearance seems extremely unimportant. The combo of hair dye, makeup, and a little CGI can work some serious movie magic. Everyone has a unique mind so every person has a different mental image of what Jane should look like; no actress will satisfy everyone.

    Finally, Dakota’s well known for a reason. She’s played extremely diverse (and often intense) roles, meaning she can only bring talent and experience to the New Moon set.

    I’ve noticed that Twilighters (and I do include myself in this) are predictable. They’re passionate; whenever a major announcement/change is made they tend to do the online equivalent of rioting and a ridiculous amount of petitioning. Then it eventually blows over, and finally the hatred turns to crazy intense passion. Ex: Rob’s casting, the director change, and now this.

    By the way, if anyone couldn’t tell I’m a pyschology major ;).

    I didn’t mean for that to get so long and ranty, but I’ve been arguing about this with my sister all night so I’m in an argumentative mood.

  58. Mia

    I’m soooo sorry about that comment earlier ^
    that wasn’t me, it was my friend..
    she doesn’t really like twilight & she commented while I was in the kitchen.
    so sorry :O

    hehe she does kinda have a point though… isn’t stuffs grammatically incorrect?

    ….no offense 😀

  59. Jazz

    Wow – the 44th post cracked me up 😀 I’m an English major, too. Apparently we should only speak old English and sip tea with our pinkie fingers up?

  60. Vesper

    When I read the books I deffinitely pictured Jane a bit differently, but I just tried reading the jane part again and picturing Dakota and it fit pretty well.
    I think it would be awesome to see her toturing people like Jane. muahahaha.
    My favorite movies with her are Uptown Girls, I am Sam, and War of the worlds. She is an amazing actor for being so young… and actually she really isn’t that young anymore, but she is still amazing.

  61. Abby

    to mia: “peoples” isn’t a word either, but should that stop anyone from saying it? it just plain sounds better!

  62. Claire

    I must say I have high hopes for Dakota. She’s done a lot of great movies at a young age, and she just might be one of those lucky few child actors who can make the transition to adult actor with a minimum of psychological damage. She’s no stranger to science fiction/fantasy and she’s handled some tough roles already. I say make her Jane!

  63. Dii

    Oh! Dakota Fanning as Jane would be PERFECT. Has been said already, of course, but she’s very well capable of performing creepy roles. What’s that one she was in with Robert DeNiro? Ha! It doesn’t get any creepier. She’s also been in CSI in a very difficult episode, and in films with Denzel Washington. I also hope she gets the part.

    I wouldn’t mind her playing both Jane AND Alec either.

  64. Kristen

    I think that Dakota Fanning would be sooooo fantastic as Jane. She is and amazing young actress and I really think that she has come to the age that she could handle a role like that one. So fantastic.

  65. Megan

    As long as there aren’t any little Disney Channel people in it, I’m good. Tehe 😉 I love Dakota Fanning, though. She’s amazing! She’d be great as Jane. And some people are worried about how popular she is; Calm down :) Look at how popular all of the other actors are now! Tehe :) Chillax. Really, she isn’t that big. And she’s a good actress. Oh, and I loved the picture at the bottom. Twilettuce. Hehe. That was amazing. I giggled about it forever. My mom gave me a lot of weird looks :)

  66. Megan

    Oh yeah, and I don’t think Dakota is a Disney Channel person. I’ve never seen her on there, and I have to watch it all the time because of my little brother.

  67. Jacque

    I can’t believe people are still thinking of Dakota Fanning as a Disney girl. Whenever I see her I’m more stunned by how creepily intelligent she’s always seemed for her age (which could be perfect for her portrayal of Jane). I’m going to go ahead and agree with you Kaleb, as I almost always do.
    Oh and your most epic comments of all time made me laugh so hard!
    Thanks also for posting the preview chapters of Bran Hambric. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the rest!

  68. Colleen

    I have nothing against Dakota, but I don’t think she is the best choice. I’m afraid that Summit will turn the movie into “New Moon, staring Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Dakota Fanning.” The main reason they approached her, other than her really good acting skills, is her already famous name. I had gotton the impression that Summit was looking for unknown/semi-unknown actors. I’m afraid that Dakota’s big name will outshine the other actors who aren’t big yet. Plus, she doesn’t look at all the Jane i see when i read the books. I picture Jodelle Ferland instead. Again, I am not hating on Dakota. But, I think they should choose the best choice for the role, not the biggest name they can get.

  69. Melanie

    I personally think that Dakota could be a great Jane. I’m not some super fan of her, but I’ve seen her in a few movies and did think she was really good in I Am Sam. (On a side note I also adored the soundtrack of that movie). I almost kind of pictured Jane with blonde hair even though SM definitely said she had light brown hair, and the other thing that I really like about Dakota is how hauntingly angelic she looks. To me the vampires in general are obviously hauntingly beautiful, but I also pictured Jane as a little demon stuck inside of this hauntingly angelic small body. So personally I think Dakota could play a great Jane, but I’m a fan, and I guess I’ll go along with whatever Summit decides!

  70. sofie800

    hi! yea as it says I’m sofie800. i just have a few questions. i actually just found out about this site like a few minutes ago but so like, (im a slow thinkr sometimes so here me out) do u actually have robert pattinson’s REAL number. because (tho it might be hard to believe) i was in london in october and found his actual number! so i called him and it was indeed robert pattinson. ( holy crap why did i just ask that!) oh well what ever. but i guess my real question is: Is Dakota Fanning REALLY going to play the part of Jane without an audition? and is there still time to audition??? and if there IS still time, will someone PLEASE tell me how!!! PLEASE:) but dakota fanning is a VERY good actress!

  71. Chelsea

    I wouldn’t say Dakota is my “ideal” pick for Jane- i’d rather have a (relative) unknown, just because I really liked that about Twilight-not really recognizing anyone. But I think that she’ll do good. If you look at her movies like hide and seek, I think she could pull off a blank/creepy/intimidating look which is good.
    I don’t know.. I’m still undecided. But i’m not going to say “she’d be the worst Jane ever nooo!” because I do think she’d be at least descent.
    and if anything, everyone got mad over rob, and we all know how that turned out.

  72. Meg "RFF"

    Dakota was always my second choice for Jane just because I pictured Jane with dark hair…not sure why, but I did.

  73. Meg "RFF"

    Colleen, yeah I agree…my first choice is and will always be Jodelle Ferland for she is who I see when I think of Jane

  74. Mary

    I think she’ll do a good job.

    I remember that picture! Someday when I’m really bored and don’t have anything else to do i’m gonna go through all your old posts on here. it’s gonna be great.

  75. Megan

    i just watched i am sam this morning and yeah, kaleb, your a genius ( i think i spelled that wrong ,sorry!)
    She would be perfect for the role, because i think she is actually on of the only young actresses that can actually act. I really think she could pull it off

  76. Amaranthine

    Oh, Kaleb, oh Kaleb…welcome to the dark side. I just have to say…I love that, in true form, as soon as you change your major to English you mention it in every day conversation to express your horrification (Shakespeare coined words, people!) at horrible grammar. You make me proud.
    On topic, I think Dakota would be a pretty good choice. She has the ability to be extremely scary looking with those eyes of hers. And she just looks so sweet…even if she did scream too much in War of the Worlds.
    Also, I love your new songs.

  77. Rachelle

    Just please go to internet movie data base ( imdb.com ) and look up Juno Temple. Then you will see that she would make an awesome Jane.

  78. Samie

    i love that movie hide and seek. i didnt even realize she was in it.. i dont normally pay attention to actors.. and when i noticed that someone here said she played in hide and seek i ran right over to my self to get the movie and she was the little girl emily. thats awsome she did really well.. i think she will do good as jane.. i cant wait till the movie!

  79. coffee

    They should be careful casting Dakota Fanning for New Moon, she might steal the show

  80. adlyn cullen

    Personally,I don’t think Dakota Fanning should be Jane because, well, she’s 15. EW.com once suggested Kristin Chenoweth as Jane, and I think that would be perfect. Shouldn’t they vary the vampires’ ages? Some people feel like Aro should be this old guy like Gandalf but come on, he could’ve been a 30 year-old dude for all we know (except with papery skin). I totally see Ben Barnes in Aro’s place.

    That aside, Kaleb, you are an English major? No wonder you can look past the obvious of the books. I too am an English major, but I hate analysing literature of all sorts. Keep up the good work!

  81. Lydia

    First time Posting Here-
    SO totally new here.
    But For the casting I Jane,
    I Think Jodelle Ferland Would be a Better choice just because,
    The Fact that She is the same age as Dakota, but she just is not very well known, She also (too me at least) Looks like Jane. She Also looks the right age, While Dakota Fanning, Is in the ‘maturing’ stages.
    Oh and some one commented in the one of the first comments that she isn’t a Disney star, but too me she looks like one… Dare I Say who she looks like? I dare say, I dare say.
    Miley Cyrus…. Bum. Bum. Bum. BUMMMMM… (Screams from the Godzilla movie)
    Sorry it’s a boring day for me.
    Finally I say sorry to scar with the idea, or if you have an over descriptive imagination as myself, I’m sorry for ruining the scene where Jane and the Volturi are deciding the fate of Bella, Edward and Alice. (Imagine with me: Jane randomly breaking out in song of “The best of Both Worlds” then the rest of the cast joining in.)

  82. Nicole

    Okay… so dakota fanning should NOT be jane. She’s to well known and is too young. It would ruin the movie completely. They need someone who’s not well known at all.

  83. Rakey

    People seem to be saying Dakota is too young. If anything, I think she’s far too old. I always thought Jane was between the ages of 8 and 13. Dakota is like 14 or 15 now.

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