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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 20 (Compromise)

January 27th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Season of Love by Shiny Toy Guns

I was sitting in the school cafe earlier today, minding my own business and getting some writing done, when I overheard a conversation at the table next to me that went something like this:

Guy 1: Jonas Brothers fangirls are the creepiest girls ever. What is with them?

Guy 2: No man, the Jonas Brothers fangirls are nothing compared to TWILIGHTERS.

-all guys murmur in unified agreement-

Guy 3: Yeah, they’re all way crazy over Edward Cullen.

-guys go silent-

Guy 2: Who’s Edward Cullen?

Guy 3, stammering: Oh, I, uh, I, uh, I read the first few pages. My sister had it. Uh. Uh.

Niccceeee. You don’t even see Edward’s name until page 20. Yet another closet TwilightGuy I’m guessing πŸ˜€

Anyhows, I managed to make it home in one piece in this chilling weather, and lo and behold Eclipse was here waiting for my return. Where I left off, Bella was with Jacob, watching the preparations for the war against the young vampires.

Oh Edward Cullen, what a poet. At the moment, I’m studying poetry as part of my English studies, so when I read lines like this:

“Listen to your heart fly,” he murmured. “It’s fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings. […]”

I’mΒ  immediately reminded of poetry. There’s a musical quality to the way that Edward speaks. I’m sure everyone who’s read the books noticed this: he never just says:

“Oh look,” he huffed, “your heart’s beating. Whoop-de-doo.”

He’s got a special way of talking, which is easily reminiscent of the literature from the times when he was born. Again, this is something that sets Edward apart: he’s not trying to be like every other, normal guy. He’s trying to be different, to really show Bella that she means the world to him.

As usual, I chuckled at a very awkward-to-be-chuckling-at line:

“But that will always be what I want most, won’t it?” I challenged. “Blood, blood, and more blood!”

Twilight, Zombie Translation

Twilight, Zombie Translation

It’s striking to me, just how much the marriage means to Edward; as if anything big will change between them, since he is obviously dedicated to her, and she can’t bear the thought of leaving him. But there’s a depth to it, a commitment that Edward is seeking to make, in a very human way that one would think doesn’t apply to vampires. But I’m curious as to Edward’s reason. He can’t be simply doing this and so adamant about an actual marriage just because he is from the early 1900’s: it’s been so long since then, and qualms about societal norms would have vanished into his memory. After all, back in those days, anything resembling vampires was probably considered demonic anyway.

I get the feeling, though, that Edward has many reasons for wanting this: for even though it is obvious that he loves Bella, and his love will not change after they are married, he wants an actual, human connection between them: something normal, that binds them together by actual vows. He sees being a vampire as being ‘tainted’, and I feel that he sees his eternity with Bella as so important, he does not want their commitment to be built upon this tainted foundation, but rather upon a human marriage: one with a soul. After all, Edward and Bella are talking about forever in far more sense of the word than other humans being wed: theirs is a real and literal forever.

I noticed a sudden slew of emails the past few days, most of them telling me oh-how-much they wanted to hear my opinions on Chapter 20. This, as usual, was followed by a bunch of HA-HA-HA-ha-ha’s, which caused me a considerable amount of uncomfortable suspense for what I was going to find. Rest assured, I reacted in exactly the way my readers expected:


Ahem. Anyhow, we were back at the vampires and werewolves fighting something in some sort of a bloody battle. Yes, that’s the part I was reading.

I greatly enjoyed reading the comments on the last chapter post: people have so many different opinions on Jacob. But I feel I should clear it up somewhat and say that I don’t absolutely detest Jacob to his very core. It’s just sometimes, I find it annoying how he’s trying to get between Edward and Bella. I, for one, am a somewhat selfish guy. It would be very hard for me to deal with my girlfriend having a Jacob, and I might not even be able to deal with it at all. I would see it as Bella not being loyal to me, and hanging on to an alternative resort in case things ‘don’t work out’. But if there is such a large probability of things ‘not working out’ that she’s keeping this guy hanging on, then that would make me think that what we have isn’t as strong as I thought. I respect Edward even more, because he can actually bring himself to at least seem comfortable with Bella around Jacob so often.

I realize that the vast majority of my readers are girls, and I don’t know how to put this in a way that everyone will understand; since human emotions and feelings cross such a vast landscape, it is impossible to pin any one person down and say that they are the model for all guys. But I know that I would never be able to handle being Edward, if my girlfriend kept Jacob — even the bracelet from him would be enough for me to feel hurt. Similarly, I would never, ever be able to be a Jacob: this guy who keeps hanging around, pining away at somebody else’s girl, when she really truly wants to be with Edward. I don’t see myself, or any guy who has a decent sense of respect, being happy like that.

But the reason I don’t hate Jacob, through all this, is because he is, or at least seems to be, genuinely well-intentioned. It’s back to the abusive boyfriend situation I used as an example a few posts back: if Jacob seriously thinks that Bella staying with Edward is dangerous to her, then he has good reason to try and get her away. In fact, it’s best for him to do it. But the fact we all know is that Edward is unlike the rest of his kind, and wouldn’t let anything cause him to hurt Bella: as evidenced even more so by the bedroom episode that unfolded in this chapter πŸ˜€

Question for the comments: I’m curious to know, due to the bunch of emails I’ve gotten, who you think should play Aro in the New Moon film.


– There have been additions to the FAQ page.

– The song is from the new Shiny Toy Guns album, which is just plain awesome by the way. Not as good as We Are Pilots, but still made of win.

– Followers of my Twitter will recall a conversation about ninjas earlier. The Twilight conversation I wrote about in this post came immediately afterwards from the same group πŸ˜€

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275 Responses

  1. Natali

    I am totally with you about relationships. I am all or nothing, and don’t do the competition thing so if a guy I liked was digging on another girl and couldn’t let her go, I would ditch him.

  2. slightly obsessed

    You mentioned a “slew” of emails about your response to this chapter. (I’m actually more interested in your response to Chapter 22; it’s by far my favorite in Eclipse.) You can probably also expect a slew of comments in regards to Edward’s age. He’s really not as old as you mentioned, having been born in 1901.

  3. Stacy

    i pictured aro, caius and marcus to be old men because of the way their skin was described so it was interesting to hear the rumor of ben barnes for the part. this post is probably pointless since i’m not sure who i’d pick to play aro. he just needs to be able to be cheery but with a touch of lunacy and menace at the same time. if aro was turned as a young man, then it’s going to be interesting to see how a young actor is going to look with withered skin and not supposed to be old.

  4. Daniela

    Im not sure who I’d pick to play aro…. i remember a friend mentioning johnny depp, and there’s been rummors about ben barnes, but im not sure.

    jacob does that because he wants to save bella, he wants to keep her human because he loves her and he wants to be with her, and if she becomes a vampire then it would be kind of impossible.

  5. Nazneen

    Hahah! You didn’t comment about Bella’s ‘demand? ;D

    But anyways, I feel the same about Jacob too. I know that he hides his pain under his irritating attitude. But then again, it wouldn’t be right to force the truth out from Bella about how much she loved Jacob when he knows how Bella feels about Edward and that she wants Edward for eternity.

    Aro? Oh boy, I really don’t know yet. I picture him as a very impish enemy where he portrays a very friendly gesture but inside he’s this very devil person who seeks war. Am I getting this right? Hahah.

    I’ve no one in mind yet. :/

  6. Mrs. Cullen

    I would go with Tristan Jackson.. He’s not a well known actor and he’s only done double work, a few extra roles and some other things.. He can be found on IMDb.. I think he would be perfect and he’s not at all a hollywood type.. Plus it helps that he is hot enough to be a Twilight vampire…

  7. Victoria

    I just had an epiphany two days ago. My Aro is Bill Nighy !

    But of course, he will never be Aro, because he is already a vampire in Underworld.

  8. Danielle F.

    Interesting. In your mini character analysis here, you say: “…it is impossible to pin any one person down and say that they are the model for all guys. But I know that I would never be able to handle being Edward, if my girlfriend kept Jacob.” You talk quite a lot about how you’d feel if you were Edward, but almost not at all about how you’d feel if you were Jacob.

    There is something missing from your impression of Jacob that the Jacob sympathizers are getting. I think you’re having difficulty identifying with Jacob.

    Really, that’s the crux of the matter for everyone–how much you like Jacob depends exactly on how much you identify with him. Sure, lots of people like little personality traits of Jacob–his sense of humor, how laid back he is, his innocence and youthful energy–but what really allows people to identify with Jacob is something else entirely. The thing you identify with most you found through the “abusive boyfriend” analogy. Yet, there’s a much bigger part that is absent here. The thing Jacob fans identify with most is simply his pain, I believe. Knowing that the one you love loves someone else. That’s an age old internal conflict, but one that everyone will feel differently about. Some have an extremely high degree of sympathy for characters in that situation (often due to personal experiences) and I guess others don’t. For some reason, I get the feeling women would have more sympathy for that sort of romantic pain than men, but I can’t explain why without resorting to gender stereotypes about romance. How frustrating. In any case, I’ve always had the feeling that you’re missing out on the depth of Jacob’s pain. My friends and I used to argue about who would really be hurt the worst if Bella died–Edward or Jacob. You might think the answer is obvious; Edward would be killing himself off somehow, of course, whereas Jacob probably wouldn’t. But Edward has always been more dramatic than Jacob anyway, and I don’t think outward actions are necessarily a fair measure of internal strife. The only conclusion I was able to come to from these discussions was that Edward and Jacob love Bella each in their own way, but more or less equally. Believing that Jacob probably loves Bella just as much as Edward makes Jacob’s case seem so much more tragic (an thus makes the story SO much better). There, now you have a practical reason to try to find it in your heart to sympathize with Jacob–it makes the triangle situation awful in every way when you like both rivals. Every event becomes heart wrenching. It’s awesome.

    Wow this is a long comment. Sorry.

  9. Eliper

    Well put, Danielle, and right on the nose for how I felt about Jacob.

    I am remarkably unconcerned about the casting for Aro or any of the other “new” characters that will soon be introduced to moviegoers. I made myself far too crazy over things like that for Twilight and ended up being disappointed with the movie, but not the casting (though it’s true that some of the cast needs better direction). So, I’ll trust Weitz’s able directing for a thrilling adaptation of New Moon.

    While I picture Aro somewhat older, I hope not to see someone actually elderly. Middle-aged, perhaps. If you’ve seen Hellboy II I could see the Volturi’s faces (particularly Aro) looking a bit like Prince Nuada’s (he’s 40): http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3427374848/nm0331577
    I would make the link actually clickable, but I don’t know if I’m supposed to do that on here. Kaleb?

    At any rate, I’m also on board with slightly obsessed’s comment about Chapter 22. We’ll all be anxiously awaiting your thoughts on THAT one, Kaleb. It’s HUGE!!!

  10. Eliper

    Oh, it looks like it went ahead and linked it for me. Neat.

  11. Silvia

    mmm…since I saw Interview with the Vampire,I’ve been imagining Aro with Antonio Banderas’ features…However, I think he might be too old for that role..
    What about an Italian (or Italo-american) actor? I guess I have to think about a couple of names, though..
    As for yor identifying with Edward more than with Jacob, I can see why you feel that way. If I were in Edward’s shoes, I’d probably behave very differently from the way he does, just like you said. However, I can’t blame Jacob, either. I mean, his pain is so sincere it is disarming; his affection towards Bella is so true and honest and vulnerable you are compelled to empathize. He can’t help being in love with her and he’s not strong enough to see Bella throw away the one-life shot to happiness ans safety he is offering her (to him, Edward is just threatening her health)…

  12. Mary

    I really don’t know who should play Aro. I wish Ben Barnes would get a part in New Moon somewhere, but I don’t know if I want him to be Aro. Maybe Demetri.

  13. Collette

    Aro: i always pictured him as Sir Ian McKellan (tho i’m not sure sir Ian would do the role)
    Marcus: he doesnt really talk so he’s a little more difficult…maybe Richard E. Grant, he was the father in Penelope, he could do that whole bored silence thing well i think…
    Caius: for me he’s always been Bill Nighy, Bill just does that whole “evil-yet-seeming-nice-vampire-thing” in underworld

  14. Monica

    I mentioned in Sunday’s post that I think Christopher Lloyd would be PERFECT for Aro. One of the commenters above said we needed someone who’s “cheery but with a touch of lunacy and menace at the same time.” Ta-daaaaaa!

    As for my thoughts on the love triangle, I can kind of understand Jacob’s perspective. One of my best friends is a guy, and I’d love to ask him out but I don’t think his girlfriend would appreciate that very much. However, I would never go as far as Jacob does in trying to break them up. The way I think about it, I wouldn’t really want to date a guy who left his girlfriend for me–because who’s to say I won’t end up as the girl he leaves for someone else??

  15. Brenda

    I see your point of view, but I also think because of Edward leaving her, it was Jacob who picked up the pieces. Regardless of why Edward left, the reality of Jacob helping her to recover did make a difference. Plus it makes for some might wicked and funny sarcasm between the two of them.

    I’m not sure who should play Aro– I agree Bill Nighy would be cool, but he’s already done the vamp thing and may not want to again.

  16. Shelby

    Cillian Murphy I think would play a great Aro.

  17. Hope

    If you think this is the chapter everyone was most exited about then you are wrong. 22 is by far the one everyone is waiting for. πŸ˜€

  18. Jessica

    I was waiting for you to get to this chapter! This chapter is my own little piece of heaven! Whenever I feel like my life sucks and all the guys on the planet are complete and total (you fill in the expletive you choose here), I re-read this chapter and my hope is restored. LOL very dramatic I know, but I do call this chapter “the most amazing chapter in literary history!”.

  19. Sam

    I think that Cillian Murphy would make a pretty great Aro. Also, Ben Barnes isn’t too bad. He’d be my second choice. =)

  20. Magic Cookie

    Aro is exactly David Bowie’s Hunky Dory persona, so… that’s who I want! But that’s not going to happen. :(

  21. Lindsay

    Don’t worry, there are MANY of us who agree with you soooo much about Jacob, and who are very, very annoyed by him in Eclipse. And we are glad you are for E/B, you really understand their relationship. :)

  22. Sweetbunni

    See, my problem with Jacob is he lacks respect. If Bella is supposed to be his best friend why is he trying to ruin her realtionship with the love of her life? You can use the argument ‘well he loves her too’ but see, Edward’s love has always been purer, The fact that he puts up with Jacob at all just proves that he would do anything for Bella. Would Jacob do the same? HECK NO, he would keep Bella away from Edward all the time.

    I just don’t see any redeeming qualities in Jacob. Edward has always been more mature. He’s always told Bella she could leave him. Jacob’s…”love” is completely selfish. It’s always about what HE wants. Not what Bella needs and that is Edward.

  23. Sweetbunni

    Oh and I agree with you on Jacob, so don’t worry if you offend people. It’s your oppinion, say it! πŸ˜€

  24. Kristen

    Ok. So I’m kicking myself for saying this, absolutly kicking myself. Mostly because I hate it when people compare Twilight to Harry Potter. I think they are both fantastic, but nothing alike and therefore should not be compared. With that being said, I don’t know what it is, but ever since the first time we saw Aro in New Moon I’ve pictured him looking like Severus Snape. I think it’s the hair, truly.

    Aro has this character about him where he seems pleasant and willing to help, when he really only wants two things. Or people rather, Edward and Alice. The present and future working hand in hand, side by side. I think that is why I realate him to Snape’s character, the underlying evil.(However Snape is evil openly. lol)

    So yeah. Shoot me, I know. But I’m still so caught up on the Dakota thing, I think she would be so fantastic. :)

    And is it just me, but does anyone else worry that the New Moon date will get pushed back? Because I really am starting to get nervous about that.

  25. Amanda

    So, I don’t usually keep up with your website. Since you finished Twilight I mostly just skimmed your stuff mostly out of fear that you would turn into one of those annoying people who completely turns their back on Edward.

    I’m really happy to see you’re a complete Edward/Bella shipper and you haven’t fallen under the trap of the “Swiss” mindset, though you seem to be censoring yourself from pressures of your readers. I didn’t completely expect you to feel sympathy for Jacob. Like in your quote “I don’t see myself, or any guy who has a decent sense of respect, being happy like that”, I too can’t imagine a guy being raised to be self respecting and respecting of women to be able to easily sympathize with the Jacob-position.

    It seems to me that you have the opinion that most of us girls either totally love Jacob or straddle the line. I’m really not sure about your readership but the way you’ve worded this chapter makes me think that you’ve had tons of girls pouring in going on and on about how you just can’t understand “poor Jacob’s” position. The truth is is that there are even more girls out there who really detest Jacob and love Edward for the very reasons you give in this post. I don’t understand how anyone can sympathize with a person who does not respect Bella’s body or mind. Jacob manipulates her both physically and mentally through out Eclipse to try and push her into a lifestyle that she can’t live in whatsoever. In my opinion, throughout Eclipse, Bella has abused woman syndrome around him. She constantly think everything is her fault and won’t give him any of the blame. She even ends up forgiving him after he sexually assaults her. Seriously, even if my best friend since I was a baby did that to me and LAUGHED when I broke my hand trying to defend myself. There is a basic level of respect you should have for other human beings, and if you can treat their bodies as if they were mere objects that you can use and abuse, they you obviously do not have any respect for them.

    Eclipse is the weaker or all the books for me, and I’m sure you will see why once you get to the end. One of the things that annoys me like crazy is that no one stops to think about the pain that Edward must be in with this back and forth that Bella keeps having with Jacob just because he’s the one the cries the loudest. Edward loves Bella to much to ever show her that what she is doing is wrong. He’s just that self sacrificing and selfless. I think that shallow readers do not stop to take the time to actually wonder about what Edward is really feeling. They think he’s some invincible rock that can put up with anything. I completely disagree. If anything the books show how much Edward still is very human with normal human emotions despite his unfortunate predicament.

    Like you, I can not sympathize whatsoever with the Jacob position. I have loved and pined. I have had people that I have gotten close to just up and leave for someone else. But the point is that they were never MINE! Like Jacob, I never dated them, only pined from afar. We have all been in that situation and we’ve all gotten over it without sexually assaulting those that we supposedly care about. Without being so arrogant to constantly tell the person that they’re in love with us when they are so clearly in love with another. What most people don’t know the pain of is to see the person you love the most spend their time with another person that is always trying to get in their pants. -_- Seriously, when you actually have made a commitment with someone as both Edward and Bella have done with each other, it ALWAYS hurts worse.

    Anyways, I understand your need to use careful language with this issue, but if you ever want to have an actual real non PC discussion, you should look up some Team Edward livejournal communities.

  26. Shikha

    I’d say Ben Barnes for Aro

  27. Laura

    I have a lot of friends who don’t like Jacob. Mostly because they think he is childish and his bad moods are annoying. The thing people seem to forget when comparing Jacob to Edward is that Jacob is a 16-year-old kid. He is full of teenage angst. And I’m sure morphing into a werewolf every time he loses his temper doesn’t help. Edward is so much older and has experienced so much more than Jacob. It’s natural that he’s more mature about the whole thing. And Jacob is human while Edward is not, making Jacob’s reactions a lot more like that of a human teenager. Because that’s what he is. As far as Edward not being angry about Bella hanging out with Jacob, I think it’s because he’s willing to do pretty much whatever she wants. Bella’s his entire world, and what makes her happy is what he’s going to do, even if it’s something he has to grin and bear.

  28. Erin Lloyd (Twilight Teacher)

    I sure wish my eyebrow could do that…….

    I can’t wait to see your take on Chapters 25-26 which are, in my opinion, the two best chapters of the whole Twilight saga. I absolutely LOVE them…but I’m not sure how you will feel. It will either make you feel much more comfortable with Jacob’s role in all this, or it will make you an official member of Team Edward. I know that’s still a few chapters away, but I seriously CANNOT wait for you to read them!!!

  29. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 20. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Compromise). […]

  30. Laura2

    So I have never commented before even though I never miss a post. But since we are talking about casting, I feel the need to share my thoughts. I’m sure I picture Aro, Caius and Marcus older than I should (I suppose they should be closer to Carlise’s age) but this is how I see them. Aro as Bill Nighy and Marcus as Peter O’Toole. And thanks to a previous post Caius as Ian McKellen. I doubt any of them would actually do the movie and I doubt any of them would be cast but when I read the books that is how I see them.

  31. Paige

    I think Ben Barnes would be an amazing Aro. *crosses fingers*

  32. CJ

    You think thats akward, wait till breaking dawn.

  33. CameronLaura

    That chapter was one of my favs:) wait till BD;)
    and for Aro:
    two words:
    Johnny freaking Depp..oops that was three:)

  34. Charlee

    I love this Chapter!!! Its my favortie, followed by Fire and Ice.

    My favorite line “Bella, will you PLEASE stop trying to take your clothes off?” Haha. Makes me smile.

    I’m not sure about Aro, but as far as Marcus goes, I think that Christopher Lee would be fantastic!!!

  35. Charlee

    Wait, sorry, I meant Caius. Not marcus….haha. Christopher Lee, for Caius. I get them mixed up.

  36. Mandy

    I find it funny how you didn’t mention the “bedroom scene” until the very end. Haha!
    I like Ben Barnes, but I always thought of Aro as being older. Ben Barnes is just too young to be Aro.

  37. Heather Dawn

    Alec Baldwin…not sure if he’s too old, but he played Parker in a Friends episode and the character is described as an “overly positive, zesty guy” and the way he played that character is immediately what I thought of when reading Aro’s responses from reading their minds in New Moon.

  38. tyabelle

    I absolutely agree with your opinion of Jacob. He’s OK sometimes but sometimes also really really annoying…

  39. Anonymous 66

    Not really sure who I want to play Aro….

  40. meleofa

    I love Edward and Jacob both. They each show a different side to Bella. They both bring great things to the story.

    One thing to keep in mind about Jacob is that he is only 16 or 17 years old. He’s young. He’s still learning about a lot of things.

    As for who should play Aro, I think Ben Barnes would be awesome, but he seems a bit young. Johnny Depp would be cool too. :)

  41. Michelle

    Kaleb, you’re hilarious! I knew that you would find something other than the intimacy of this chapter to focus on, as you’ve stated before that you feel like some kind of creeper that shouldn’t be seeing this.

    I, however, am way too much of a girl not to absolutely LOVE this chapter!

    Here’s on thing I picked up on: the way that Stephenie deliberately says via Edward that he’s given various baubles to both Esme and Alice, but leaves out Rosalie. I think this shows even more how much they really don’t get along, and these are things that have occurred long before Bella came into the picture.

    Also, the way he forces her to end the conversation by placing his hand over her mouth. So immature for someone of his age, haha. Also, the bit about never being able to sleep with her. I love that, even if it’s just the once, Edward is acting like a teenage boy! This is something he also has no real knowledge of, and definitely no experience with, so it makes complete sense that he would be acting so ridiculously. I think it’s the one chance we’ll have to see him like this, and I love it!

    “Yes, but you’re such a bad liar that it doesn’t really count. Nobody believes you.” This is my favorite quote of the chapter. It was a necessary bit of humor placed in the chapter, which was getting just a little too serious. Also, good news for me. Since I can’t lie convincingly, it doesn’t really count as lying at all. :)

    I’m also waiting patiently for you to read Chapter 22. I’m also dying for your thoughts on Chapter 23. It’s the one time I’ve ever been mad at Edward.

    As for Aro, I’ll just tack this on the end, and run before the tomatoes start flying… I guess it’s because of the skin issue, but I just can’t see the Patrons of the Arts as being young guys, I just see very distinguished older men. So, I say Anthony Hopkins. Now I’m running…

  42. Heather

    Why can’t guys just admit they like Twilight? Jeez. You are a role model for guys everywhere, Kaleb =)

    I love the way Edward talks. And that’s one of my favorite lines. Glad you picked up on that.

    I never did think about the reasons why Edward wanted to marry Bella. I thought part of it was because of the morals instilled in him from the early 1900’s, and another part was the fact he wanted Bella and him to be tied together even more, like more cement to their already solid relationship. But after reading your comments, I think my part two theory has a little more to it. Maybe he wants to tie her to him more, not only to bind together for their own love, but also to reassure himself that she will never leave him for a Jacob. Even though Edward says he would let her go, the thought terrifies him, and by getting married, it’s harder for him to lose her. Hmmm…intriguing.

    I also love this chapter, and I was wondering how you would react to it lol. I see it makes you uncomfortable, which was actually really enjoyable to read.

    Oh, and while I was reading I swore I saw your picture move, then I thought I was going crazy. But I kept seeing it out of the corner of my eye and to assure myself that I’m not insane, I stared at your picture until it moved again. It really freaked me out lol. Wait…it is moving, right?

    I understand why Jacob is the way he is, and why a person like Jacob would act like that in similar, everyday situation, but still…he goes way too far too many times. Talk about abusive boyfriends…forcing Bella to kiss him is abusive. And it gets so much worse. Arghhhh, Jacob!

    I don’t know who should play Aro. I haven’t cast the Volturi in my head unfortunately. I don’t know how I feel about the rumor of Ben Barnes playing him, I think he might be too young, even though make-up could change that. I just know I don’t want Antonio Banderas to play him. I am so sick of watching New Moon fan made videos on YouTube and seeing Antonio as Armand in Interview with the Vampire cast as Aro. It gets really old =/

  43. Michelle

    I love you. You totally get it. Jacob is a selfish, manipulating asshole. I know you’re either too classy, or too scared, to say it that way, but he is. He’s a loser. No man acts this way. No decent man, I should say. Jacob abuses Bella, mentally, physically, emotionally, while Edward – though Jacob girls love to pretend otherwise – is a selfless, caring man that, to be honest, hardly exists in society. Most men would pummel anyone who sexually and physically assaulted their girlfriend, or who was trying to steal her away. Most would be unwilling, or unable, to tolerate her hanging out with that same male friend – especially such a borderline sociopathic one. They would get jealous or let their anger balloon until there was a fight, a break-up, etc. But Edward doesn’t do that. He respects (after a few lessons, of course, which are forgiven, because many men do not even learn after a hundred lessons; at least he does) Bella’s decisions, even though they hurt him, even though they make no logical sense and only make her miserable, and he did not cry or complain or manipulate or abuse or threaten to commit suicide if she continued, like an emo little wuss; instead, he handled it like a sane, mature person. Even better. Like a saint.

    I just love that you understand these relationships and see through what the author and some of these fans are trying to dish to you. You are an independent spirit. I applaud that. You have NO idea. There are so many followers in this fandom, or people who are too afraid to speak their true mind. And this – some of your comments – are what results.

    Most importantly, you give me faith in men, faith that they do respect’s a woman’s space and her body and her decision’s, without abuse and manipulation.

    <3 You rock.

    Team Edward!

  44. janet

    One of the funnest things about your blog site is reading the comments. You have such intelligent and great fans!
    And I for one am glad that you are a “slow reader”. I think I will greatly miss reading your thoughts and comments when you’ve finished all four books in the series.
    Until then, please keep going!

  45. Jennifer

    I always invisioned Aro played by Alan Rickman, but then I guess that would be too many Harry Potter connections :) If not then my next pick would be Johnny Depp.

  46. Elizabeth

    In answer to your question:
    Gary Oldman, without a doubt. I saw Bram Stoker’s Dracula long before reading Twilight, and Oldman’s version of the Count is *exactly* what came to mind when I read Aro’s description, just with jet black hair.

  47. JessieLynn

    OMC! Your eyebrow thingy in your picture creeped me out. I was reading the line under it when all of a sudden it caught my eye. I would have screamed if I could talk, but alas, I couldn’t.
    Wow, the ninja-guys sound interesting to listen to.
    -grabs random magazine and dark trench coat before teleporting and inconspicuously spying on them-
    I agree about what you are saying about the whole Edward/Jacob paradox. I think that if it were the other way, I would very jealous of my boyfriend being that close to another girl. I mean, having friends of the opposite sex is fine, but when you are always worried about them or they are in your thpughts constantly it would make me uber jealous, and eventually mad. Especially when those thoughts happen during a date, or the equivilent. I understand that Jacob is trying to do what he thinks is best, but sometimes even the best intenetions go awry.
    Can’t wait for it to get more akward……

  48. Aisling

    for a long time now, I have always said that Dakota Fanning should be Jane. Summit seem to be agreeing with me if current rumours are anything to go by (and I really hope they are!)
    Johnny Depp IS Aro…remember Capt. Jack? Johnny has proven that he can be both charming and a little creepy/odd! The very essence of Aro is his manipulative qualities.

    (and I swear I don’t want Johnny Depp as Aro just so my two favourite male actors will be in the same movie!! xD)

  49. Erinn

    My mental picture of Aro and the others is scewed by my first beleif that they were all physically old. Two of them have black hair. They couldn’t have dyed it.

    I thinkt hat all the people who absolutly hate Jacob need to take a need breath and step back. Remember, he’s only 16. Edward is old, he’s had time to mature and such. Jacob is just making it up as he goes along because that’s all he can do, it’s all he knows how to do. His every instinct screams that Edward is dangerous. Is it so wrong of him to want to protect his best friend, the girl he loves?
    I’m not Jacob’s biggest fan but at least I understand that he doesn’t have some evil agenda and isn’t trying to take Bella from Edward solely because he loves her. He wants to protect her, save her. Besides, Bella keeps encouraging him, hurting him and herself along the way.
    Jacob is just doing what he thinks is best for Bella just like Edward did what he thought was best when he left in New Moon.

  50. Erin Lloyd (Twilight Teacher)

    I’m an idiot. I said chapters 25-26….but I, also, meant chapters 22-23. THEY are the best. See, even teachers make mistakes!

  51. 1eclipsereader2another

    I always pictured someone like ben kingsley & his portrayal of a younger ghandi as aro. he looked fatherly, & ghandi was someone who commanded respect although he was one, small man. i see aro that way for the vampire world in twilight, altho he earns respect through fear. he still seems fathery-like to other vampires, such as jane & alec,, & he acts as though he tries to understand the other side before he makes a decision (although we as readers know his mind is usually already made up).

    A complicated character all in all, & I hope the actor chosen to play him is really good (although no where near to the caliber of ben kingsley. sometimes i think its a silly comparison to make).

  52. Stacey

    Jaccob is a manipulative, controling and abusive person and the comments of “oh you’ve got to remember he’s young” does not wash with me. Thats the same as saying “Oh jaccob just robbed a bank. Its ok he’s young he doesnt know any better”. It only paves the path for Jaccob to go and do worse things as he gets older.

    Sure Jaccob picked up the peices of Bella in New Moon but even if he hadnt EDWARD was going to come back anyway. He said so himself.

    Jaccob is a completely selfish person and wants Bella to love him yet he wont do anything she wants. He then goes on to manipulate Bella completely. No friend does that.

    I’m glad you’re voicing your opinion on Jaccob in such a public place it would be easy to do the team swiss thing. *rolls eyes*

    As for who should play Aro? I always thought it would be an old man but I’ve seen Ben Barnes has been mentioned a few times and hes not an old man so I dont know *Shrugs* I shall try not to get my heart set on anyone that way it wont let me down.

  53. Jaclyn.

    For the question, I don’t know. I have a very exact picture of Aro in my head. I’ve never seen an actor who even remotely matched…
    Chapter 20 is only my favorite because of the very last pages. I feel really embarrassed for Bella through the rest of it.
    But what I’m waiting for is Chapter 22. It’s insane! Really interesting. And I feel so bad for Edward at that one part…
    But, yeah.
    Nice eyebrow raising.
    Speaking of, if you think that’s AWKWARD, wait until Breaking Dawn. *Scary movie background music*
    But, yeah. You’ll get there.

  54. Meghan

    GARY OLDMAN SHOULD PLAY ARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is an amazing actor and can pull off any accent. Also Gary is very good I playing the “bad guy”, Aro is not exactly a “bad guy” but he kinda stratles the line. I also believe that he will do a fabulous job as Aro and he already knows Rob Patt from HP so that is a bonus. And he is also really hot which is another plus!! GARY=ARO!!

  55. JC

    haha. I was laughing at your “awkward” thing because the first third of breaking dawn is just full of that kind of awkward stuff. i was actually considering not finishing the book when i read the first third, but then once I got past those chapters it was amazing.

    Here’s my strategy with breaking dawn: read the whole book the first time, otherwise you won’t understand anything. Then, re-read the last two thirds of the book, and they will seem WAY better than they did the first time because they won’t be tainted by all of the inane cheesiness of the first third.

  56. Alba

    I think for Aro Gary Oldman would do nicely.

    Like most of the comments I think Chapter 22 is the best one of the book and look forward to your review of it!

    P.s This is going to sound so corny…… but to me you are on a par with Edward Cullen :)
    I guess you get that all the time but still. :)

  57. Amanda Cullen

    Hey! I think that ben Barnes would be an amazing Aro, and for all you, “He’s too young!” whiners (sp?) he’s 27. Yes. 27. I did not think he was that old, but he is, and I feel that the way he looks young now is him ALREADY showing essence of vampire. πŸ˜‰
    Loved your “awkward” sign, and the brains pic. They were funny as Alice and her Porsche…ahh Alice… :)

  58. Insane Jasper Fan, AKA Erika

    Like other people above me, I say that you haven’t read any awkwardness until you’ve read Breaking Dawn. Boy, the first half is a fairly, um, interesting read.

    As for Aro and the rest of the Volturi…I haven’t the slightest idea of who I want the actors to be. I’m actually more concerned with who they’re going to cast for Demetri, Felix, and Gianna. Why this is, I’m not entirely sure.

    One more thing: I also cannot wait to read your reaction to Chapter 22. That will be excellent post, your thoughts on “Fire and Ice.”

  59. Rodolfo

    i think ben barnes would be a great Aro

  60. Kristina

    I think John Lithgow would be an awesome Aro.

  61. Kaitlyn

    I think Ben Barnes is way too young to play Aro, Caius, or Marcus. I agree Johnny Depp should play one of the three, but I haven’t made up my mind who else should play them. It’ll be interesting to see who the director chooses.

    Also, would everyone PLEASE STOP DISSING TEAM SWITZERLAND? Whoever is on Team Switzerland is simply showing that they can easily relate to the depth of all the characters’ personalities and relationships: something that was Stephenie Meyer’s goal. She wouldn’t be a good author (and we wouldn’t be good readers) if we could easily make up our mind on which team we should be on. If there are readers that can relate so deeply to both Edward and Jacob that the readers can’t decide between them, that means Stephenie Meyer has done a good job in writing a deeply thought-provoking story. :)

  62. Mylles

    Well, i totally agree about relationships! Sometimes i wnat Jacob to go die in a hole! but other times he is a really good friend. About who should play Aro i’m cluless. The first time i read the books i was reading to fast so i thought aro was the old guy. But no he has slick black hair and is not gorgeaous! what a waist of a Vampire! Anyway, the only person who i have ever seen in a movie that would work would be the guy who plays Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies!

  63. Mylles

    oh and i would like to comment on post 49. Yes Jacob is only 16, in my opinion that is way to early for him to start saying he is so madly in love that he would kill a guy to have her. if he is so young he can’t mature, he is to young to be taken seriously about love.

  64. caths

    I know it is wishful thinking but I would love to see Adrian Brody as Aro.

  65. Marissa


    guy 3 is most definitely a closet twilight guy.

    This chapter was my favourite for one reason: the proposal :) it honestly (as cheesy and fangirlish as this sounds) when Bella was wearing the ring and she described how elated he looked it melted my heart lol.

    as for Aro? BEN BARNES!!!

  66. Marissa

    also: I think people like Bill Nighy and Gary Oldman and Stuart whats-his-face are good, but they’ve already been vampires and big ones at that and I think its a bit overkill and would make Twilight look like just another typical vampire flick.

  67. Lisa

    Ok. i got a pretty big character list. if they they decide to make the volturi leaders younger than i say Ben Barnes should play Aro. on the other hand, if summit decide’s to make them older then

    Sir Ian McKellan: Aro
    Michael Caine: Marcus
    Bill Nighy: Caius.

    these are the others i think should play the volturi soldiers

    Dakota Fanning: Jane
    Tom Felton: Alec
    Tom Welling: Felix

    i couldn’t decide who i wanted for demetri but i think i put enough names down already. by the way, it perturbed me that u forgot to mention ur opinion over Bella’s “demand”.

  68. Mylles

    I can’t believe i keep posting! anyway, i just read a bunch of the really long post and it made me feel like mine was to short! =) I have always and will for forever and eternity be an Edward fan. When i read one of the previous posts it said that Jacob was not sympathized with enough. And now i am brought to quote a line from twilight. “Oh, you’ll get over it. it’s just a crush!” this may have not been Jacob speaking but someone whould tell it to him. Stephenie Meyer on her website said that she believes there are many different types of love! true, oh so true! we have all had crushes on at least two people in our life. if you haven’t your not human. and i think that Jacob only being sixteen can’t justify his feelings. i personally think that you can’t be in LOVE at such a young age. many teens claim to be, but most of the time they aren’t. and i don’t really think that Jacob’s earned Bella. Edwards been waiting since 1918, and the whole time he wasn’t completely happy. Jacob has been waiting at most, 6 years. right about when the hormones kicked in!

  69. Sarah W.

    I’m con-foo-sed. Do you like Jacob, then?

    By the way, good post!

  70. Sarah W.

    Um Mylles? Bella was only a year older than Jacob when she fell in love with Edward. Or are they REALLY in love, as you seem to think that age range is too young to be in love? Just sayin’.

  71. morningtheft

    I’d like to throw Emile Hirsch out there and also Henry Cavill. Henry was the actor Stephenie originally thought of to play Edward (before he got too old). I’d be happy with either of them in any role!

  72. anon y mous

    Danielle F., you are my new hero. Thanks!

  73. Laura

    Wow. Remind me not to read the comments anymore. All this “Jacob should die” stuff is kind of intense.

  74. More horror « Futurealex’s Blog

    […] Guy – with Kaleb Nation Reading Eclipse: Chapter 20 (Compromise) 17 hours […]

  75. Amanda

    Team Edward. Enough said.

    As to Aro, I like the idea of Johnny Depp. Don’t kill me!

  76. Natalie

    That is hilarious about the overheard conversation. Why can’t guys just wise-up and admit how good these books are? Oh, my, the “Awkward” thing was so funny, I almost fell out of my chair! Aww, Kaleb, nothing else to be said on the subject? Understandable but disappointing nonetheless…Edward wants Bella to keep her soul in every way, even if it means taking moral precautions. And I think he wants to make sure that she is willing to make the committment, so running off with Jacob would not be so easy. I think he is afraid though there is no reason for him to be. He thinks of himself as a lesser being and not worthy of Bella’s love because he is a vampire. He is afraid of losing her.
    Yes, I totally agree with some of you. I feel sorry for Jacob, in love with a girl who doesn’t love him the same way. But still, that is no excuse for his behavior. He is VERY manipulative and selfish. If I were Bella, I would not want to see him anymore after all of the things he did to me. He has no respect for her wishes. Period. Yes, he is worried for her safety but only marginally. He needs to go away…far, far away. He is so annoying and such a jerk in these chapters that I could hardly keep my fingers from ripping out the pages from the rest of the book. Sorry, it’s true. My love for Edward’s character kept me reading when I really wanted to be done hearing about Jacob’s rantings.

    YES!! Tom Welling should totally be Felix, perfect!!
    No way!! Ian McKellan is great, but these actors are FAR too old to play the Volturi. Not pleasant for means of film. Sorry. “Vampires” means Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, Keifer Sutherland, etc. Not the crypt keeper.
    As for Aro…easy…
    If they don’t pick him, they are crazy!! He is not THAT young, he is nearly 30 years old.
    They have gotten my hopes up now, they better not dash them. He could work perfectly, great actor, not to mention easy on the eyes.

  77. Michelle

    I keep coming back to check the posts on this one because they’ve all been so good.

    I’m agreeing with Sarah W. You really can’t be down on Jacob loving Bella because of his age without also being down on Bella for loving Edward.

    I’m the same from comment 41, but I didn’t really discuss Jacob. Just like Stephenie has written before (although not in this context), I can empathize with Jacob, but I can’t sympathize with him. I think back to being 16, and everything in your mind is so over-played. It’s true that after a few years experience, once you leave your sheltered home life, it’s easier to put things into perspective. We all think our first love is our true love for eternity, don’t we? So I can feel for Jacob all the while not liking him because of his actions. He really thinks what he’s doing is right. He’s very much in his own bubble and doesn’t even stop to think of the ramifications. He just wants to save Bella, even if it’s from herself.

    There’s also a whole other-worldly piece of this that would never factor into real life. The vampire-werewolf drama heightens this love triangle in ways that would never be real. The easiest to relate would be your son of a cop best friend that knows you’re dating the son of a huge drug dealer? Yeah, that’s stupid… but we’re talking mortal enemies, here. Poor Bella is just stuck in the middle as the prize. They both believe the other is the absolute worst choice she could make, only Edward is man enough to let it be her choice, even if he thinks she’s wrong for other reasons than just being in love with her.

    If it were me, I’d much rather Bella be with me because she’s positive that she doesn’t want to be with Jacob, but I think I’d be in the forest smashing a lot of boulders with Jake’s face scrawled on them. The fact that she says over and over again that she really doesn’t want to be with him but can’t stand for him to hurt is extremely frustrating if you look at from Edward’s point. When Jake hurts, for some ungodly reason, Bella hurts. When Bella hurts, Edward hurts. There’s a whole lotta hurt.

    And more, Edward is stuck with the thought that if he had not left in the first place, Bella would never have sought comfort with Jacob. To think that you were the person that pushed the love of your life into someone else’s arms…

  78. Jenny

    I feel so sorry for you kaleb because sooner of later you won’t be able to avoid commenting about the awakward part anymore. *snicker*

  79. RaySkack

    so, I dont have much to add regarding the Aro actor thing (all of my choices were covered). same deal with chapter discussion.

    BUT, I must comment on the song. I am not ashamed to admit that I have barely stopped listening to the new shinys album since it came out. The music is amazing, though i much prefer the old singer’s (Carah) voice to the new (Sisely).
    and there you have it.

  80. idreamofedward

    I vote Ben Barnes for Aro-for no other reason than he is Hot Stuff.

    But really, I don’t picture the Volturi as very old. Maybe in their thirties, early forties at the latest. It’s not that they look old, but that they are aged. Like an ancient statue. The statue doesn’t become wrinkled like an old human would, but as centuries slip by, the statue becomes worn out, it loses its sheen, it’s not as flawless as it once was.

    So that’s why I’d be perfectly okay with Ben Barnes playing Aro and why I don’t want anyone older than 50 trying to play the Volturi. Ian McKellan is a wonderful actor and made of 100% Awesome, but I’d throw a fit if he was cast as Aro, as suggested by someone on LJ a while back.

  81. Amy

    I really agree on your comments about Jacob and Edward. Even from a girl’s perspective, I felt so frustrated for Edward! The first time I read through Eclipse, I really liked it the least of all the books. I liked it better the second time around, probably because I understand the connection between Bella and Jacob that is revealed in Breaking Dawn, but I still felt Edward’s jealousy, and got really annoyed by Bella’s pull toward Jacob.

    As for Aro – this sounds strange, but I kept picturing the emperor from Star Wars…not how he is after he gets super old and wrinkly, but whatever he looks like earlier. Weird, I know.

  82. DukDany

    I would love to see Jason Issacs as Aro.

    Mmmm the “awkward” picture eyebrow freaked me out, I thought I seeing things.

  83. songster

    My personal pick for Aro would be Anthony Hopkins. He has the ability to portray nice and normal with an overlay of chilling menace. Think Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. Of course, I don’t think any “big” name is going to be doing this because he will also have to be available for Breaking Dawn (hopefully to be made as well). I will be ok with anyone as long as they are good.

  84. Becky

    awkward? pfft, this is nothing xD

    *bounces around in anticipation* yay, you’re almost to chapter 22! My favorite chapter of Eclipse πŸ˜€

    I’d have to go with Ben Barnes as Aro because whenever I think of the role of Aro, I starting hearing one of the Twilighters Anonymous podcasts where they’re going on and on about Ben Barnes living in Rob’s hair, which is actually Narnia. But yeah, he’d be a good Aro. Another guy to droll over when watching the movie (not that you care Kaleb, lol)

  85. Becky

    omg Johnny Depp as Aro! ahahaha…
    the budget isn’t THAT big (unfortunitally)

    but seriously, Johnny Depp as a vampire = amazing. no, a pirate vampire. that would be epic.

    and Orlando Bloom could be Marcus/Cauis πŸ˜‰

  86. Gianna


  87. Nicco from italy

    Hi i’m a guy and i read twilight books too! i’m so into them! yes you can call me a twilighter but i’m not like jonas bros. fans…btw i don’t have an idea for Aro…because in the book it’s not clear if he have the look of an old man or a boy (like edward) or even a man in his 30s(like carlisle) 40s 50s
    plz send me an email to share your thoughts!

  88. Orietta

    I would love to see Christopher Lloyd as Aro…so perfect! I always imagined him and the rest of the Volturi as older guys.

  89. Jayne

    Did you *see* him as Magneto?
    one word: Awesome!

  90. meg

    Hehe, i was wondering how you would react to this chapter…I guess you managed to avoid it pretty well…

    Have fun reading Breaking Dawn… πŸ˜‰ mwa haha

  91. altissimus

    I totally agree on Edward. I have been firmly Team Edward since somewhere in the middle of Eclipse. I had some doubts in New Moon. I believed that he knew what he was doing to Bella when he left her and went anyway. I saw his actions in New Moon as selfish, although I now see them as merely misinformed.

    In Eclipse, however, Edward proves himself to be the most self-sacrificing person ever. He knows Jacob’s intentions, and yet lets Bella stay friends with him because it makes her happy. That firmly set me on the Team Edward side.

    In fact, I’m so Team Edward that I would prefer for Edward to be happy than Bella. Of course, I know that he wouldn’t be happy if she weren’t, but I get angry at Bella all the time because she keeps hurting Edward after all he’s done for her. I really sympathize more with Edward than with Bella.

    I don’t know many actors, but I see Aro as older than Ben Barnes. He played the role of King Caspian in the Narnia movie, and was too old for that role. I think he’s too young for this role. I see Aro and Marcus as in their thirties or forties, and Caius has grey hair so he’s maybe fifty or sixty.

  92. Katilyn

    this may sound a bit weird but,

    I think Johnny Depp would be the perfect Aro.

    That dude can be anybody.

    He can be all creepy and evil like he was in Sweeney Todd, but also happy and kooky like he was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    I know that Willy Wonka doesn’t sound like very much like Aro but it works in my head.

  93. anissa

    hahaha, I love the awkward picture. I definitely wish my eyebrow could do that! πŸ˜›

    I think either Cillian Murphy or Ben Barnes would do a good job as Aro. And then whichever out of the two is left over, he can be one of the other vamps. :)

  94. Cesar

    Hey there. o.k. to start i agree with edward on him and bella on getting married i dont really know how he feels but i know if i was in that situation i would want bella for myself to belong to me so marriage is kinda deep and everything but i agree on the getting married as a devoted team edward twilighter i purely with all my heart detest jacob black i wish that he will end up in the deepest pit in hell i HATE him he is the wedge driving edward and bella apart he thinks hes got a chance but he doesnt he is so obnoxious and stupid he has no chance what he and bella experienced was nothing just a spark a tiny spark that was berely visible compared to the blazing never ending fire bella feels for edward i hate him in eclipse ahhhh! if i was edward i would have killed him wheni found out that he forced her into kissing him i would have started the war right that moment and his good intentions i dont believe in them i think he just wants to keep her be selfish the stupid mutt Sorry if i say this but in those few chapters i think bella is so STUPID for even thinking of liking him she is so messed up that freakingly jealous dog needs to be taught a lesson by edward he should kick his butt so hard that puppies will be coming out his mouth and whats up with that freaking turd bracelet she should have snapped it right there i mean who wants that i(and im pretty sure 99.99999% of people) would have prefered a diamond heart than a wood carving ahhhh i hate him (jacob black)

    and for the person that shoul play aro i dont know why but everytime i read and picture aro i picture Lucious Malfoy i have no idea why my mind is a weird place

  95. Cesar

    i love how bella chooses edward that was so obvious that everyone new it was gonna happen ive been team edward since i started reading twilight of course im one of those people who hated edward for leaving in new moon but i was happy when he came back eclipse was extremely good just that there was too much jacob interference i hate him so i would give anything for him to disappear of course i love the books the way stephenie wrote them i love them but jacob should die at least in my mind

  96. vesper

    with ben barnes im thinking he would be better as demetri. I would want the trio to be a little older. bill nighy would be cool, but I think thats a little to old for aro. He needs to look wise and be old, but still kind of young looking… haha. Someone said johnny depp somewhere and I thought that was the coolest idea yet.

    And I also agree with the comments about chapter 22. Can’t wait to read about your thoughts on it.

  97. Kate

    I think Jensen Ackles from Supernatural and the new movie My Bloody Valentine, would make a great Aro. Or even a Dmitri–really any of the guys in Volterra. He is so good looking yet dark and mysterious that I think he’d make the perfect “bad” vampire. Plus, he’s really talented. :)

  98. Giggle dorks (me and mom)

    My mom thinks that David Tennant would be a good Aro. He does inteligent goofy well. And Chris Noth for Marcus.

    I still think Johnny depp for Aro. And Tom Felton or Freddie Highmore for Alec.

    I just want to add that i am trying to figer out someone to play seth, because he is awesome any ideas?

  99. Elizabeth

    I agree that Dakota and Ben Barnes could work for their respective characters but at the same time I freaked out over who they were casting in Twilight and frankly I don’t really care now. I just want to go see the movie and then I will be able to tell.

  100. Cara

    Wow, I was laughing so hard at the conversation you overheard. Hahahhaa
    I get the feeling it was a little awkward for you to be reading this chaper :)
    No idea who should play Aro, maybe someone similar to Michael Jackson hahahaha

  101. Lexi

    I don’t know about Aro, but I think that Terence Stamp would be a great Caius. I don’t know why. I can just picture it working out very well.

  102. NuttyNetty

    LOL =]
    loved the post (Duh!)
    this chapter wassss awkward for me… i felt like i was intruding into somebody’s diary… so personal! haha
    oh well. i agree with you on your perspective of Edward. Idk how he does it. If i were Bella i wouldn’t hurt him like that (you know like with the bracelet thing).

    I honestly picture Johnny Depp as Aro — he is one SEXYYYY VAMPIRE hehehehehe πŸ˜‰

  103. Daniela

    Ok, this is my 2nd comment. First I want to say that I’m team Switzerland. And maybe im going to get in trouble for this.
    Many girls really love edward and say he’s just perfect, but there is something in him that sometimes i dont like. he thinks he knows whats best for bella, and maybe he really does because of his age, but when he tries to protect her -even from herself- he just hurts her. i mean, he left in new moon, and i know he did it because he thought it was best for bella, but he just hurt her. and not just her, but all his family -i mean, im sure it was hard for the rest of the cullens to leave forks, to start a new life again. some may say that they dont matter, because bella is his first priority, but he has a family too, and he has to think about them.
    and then there are other examples of this, though im not sure if i should mention them (i think its kind of a spoiler).
    jacob is irritating and annoying sometimes, and doesnt respect edward and bella’s relationship, but remember their case is different. they live in a world where vampires and werewolves are enemies. so how would you feel if the girl you loved wanted to become a part of your worst enemies? i think jacob knows he should stay away from bella, but he knows if he does, hell loose her forever, thats why he tries to get between them.

  104. J.Jayy

    iM Nawt Tryna Get All “Harry Potter” iN Heer,
    Buhh The Guy Who Playsz Professor Snape Wuldd bb A Good Aro [iThink.]

  105. tina

    Way to avoid the ‘awkward’ topic!! You make me giggle with your avoidance of the intimate scenes.

    I believe there are a few reasons that Edward wants to be married so badly. First – it is totally in character for him – he avoids killing humans as his food source because it is the moral thing to do. He is a very moral person. Second – He still carries the values of the early 1900’s with him – just because values change in the world around you it doesn’t mean you have to change your values. Thirdly – He is jealous of Jacob and Bella’s relationship and he wants to ensure that she will ultimately be with him. Fourth – He is afraid that after she is changed, her feelings about him will change – she will be unhappy and blame him. (Sorry – really long explanation.)

    As for Jacob – I think he does love Bella – at least as much as any 16 year old loves anyone. Besides, he is a protector, he is doing what he was born to do – protecting her from vampires. However – he is annoying!! Any guy who forces himself on a girl in any way should be kicked! Just because he feels he is justified, doesn’t make it right.

    The proposal is my favorite part. And yes, it is cheesy!!

    Casting – Ben Barnes as Aro is a good choice – but I’d love to see Johnny Depp.

    Jason Isaacs as Caius. He’s a good bad guy (The Patriot, Harry Potter).

    David Tennant as Marcus.

    They need someone really tough to be Demetri – like The Rock!

    I just hope whoever they choose does a great job!!

  106. Steph

    Everyone’s said this, but definitely Be Barnes. He was so awesome in Prince Caspian. I can really see him pulling off the happy-go-lucky Aro. πŸ˜€

    Great post. Ahaha. Awkward. *snicker* It was. Very. Ahaha… ah…

    I can’t believe I took so long to comment! I’m usually in the top 10 or at least 20! Sigh. I feel like I’ve let myself down.

  107. Steph

    Okay, I admit it, I can’t type. I meant Ben Barnes and you all know it.

  108. Nightly News! « The Twilight Tabloid

    […] Kaleb has updated his site with his opinion on Chapter 20 of Eclipse. Read his thoughts here. […]

  109. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I dont really know who Id like to play Aro, I just know that I dont ever want any ultra famous, recognizable actors playing roles in any of the twilight films, I have this thing when I picture the twilight universe where every character seems so real it makes it believable. but if every character could be recognised from their work outside the twi universe then it would take that believability away from the experience for me.
    or at least thats my thinking. its different with rob and kristin, I dont see them as the characters in different roles, or as themselves, they’re completely other.
    anyway, I also dont want anyone really famous because then they’d have to pay them alot, and that would take away from what they could do on-screen.

    I love the way edward speeks too.
    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

  110. Jessica

    Wow, I just came across your website for the first time today, never having heard of it before and we’re on the same chapter of Eclipse! Ha ha
    I’m reading it for the first time.

    I still want to “La Push” the puppy dog off of a cliff.

    Cheers and later!

  111. Rachel

    β€œOh look,” he huffed, β€œyour heart’s beating. Whoop-de-doo.” Am I the only one who found this comment hilarious??? I started cracking up and couldn’t stop for a few minutes. the whoop-de-doo at the end just pushed me over the edge πŸ˜€

    Bella, Edward, and Jake lol where to start with this? well, despite what # 8 up above me might say, Edward would be hurt far worse than Jacob if Bella ever died. Edward’s decision to kill himself was not some overly dramatic display. Edward IS NOT the type prone to theatrics. Sure he’s more romantic, and often says things in a poetic way, but he always tries to act perfectly rationally and controls his emotions. he has to, he isn’t allowed to express his feelings freely like jake. He doesn’t allow himself this luxury, simply because the alternative would be bella’s death. Even if you believe Jacob loved Bella as strongly as one human can love another(I do not) he wouldn’t be able to love her as much as Edward loves Bella. Jacob as human can fall in and out of love and his emotions can change. Edward’s cannot. for him if Bella dies that’s it. And he can’t even tell himself to just endure living until he dies as some people do after loosing a loved one, because he won’t have that to look foreward to. If Bella should die and Edward doesn’t kill himself he would just exist. like marcus. It should be obvious to all, especially after reading breaking dawn, that Vampires become much more strongly attached/bonded to their mates than is humanly possible. co-dependant at the very least.

    If bella were to die then jake on the other hand would be very hurt. Crushed even, and for a while grief would probably consume him. But for him time would start to heal the pain. He’d move on and find someone else in all likelihood. Now, you can justify Jacob’s behavior as stemming completely out of concern for her well being, (generous in my opionion)but even so if he loved her as much as Edward than he would be able to show respect for her. You say that’s not fair because he’s only 16? Edward is forever 17. He has the same body and drives as other 17 year old boys. Sure he can learn new things, but his personality, and character are frozen. Perhaps Edward was more mature than Jacob at almost the same age, but it’s not just that. It’s because Edward loves bella so much that he acts so mature. True love is by it’s very essence unselfish and therefore matures. Edward acts so mature and unselfish not because he has some super inner power that makes him so, but because he loves bella so much that it just natureally leads him to act for her best intrest even if it means pain for himself. It’s why he doesn’t hate Jacob, because his love for Bella doesn’t leave any room for it. Jacob, if he loved bella, truly loved her, he wouldn’t hate Edward, even if he does think she should be with him for her own safety.

    And Kaleb, I honestly can’t agree with you that Bella is keeping Jake around just in case. I don’t think she realizes how much she’s hurting edward, because he keeps most of it hidden. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and she tries to do this through compromise aka switzerland, but, you can’t be switzerland in this case. You can’t hang on to two guys and think that it’s ok. It’s not. Even if jake claims to be ok with being second fiddle. He isn’t. This is my biggest gripe with switzerland people. It’s like the politically correct group. It’s the worst though, because it’s the cop out, that doesn’t lead to someone being excluded. it takes no hard stands and doesn’t offend. But in the end it only causes the most pain for everyone, (especially jake) and is just a stalemate. I like Jake’s character, and that’s why I’m not Switzerland.

    However, there is also another reason to bella and Jake’s relationship, which will be shown later later on.

  112. Leslie

    AH! I just realized that picture moved! Scared the Life out of me! Goodness!
    …..and this is why I have a phobia of eyebrows.
    Love your post by the way! Keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  113. Leslie

    Oh and I think Aro should be played by……… (drumroll)….. Jacki Chan!
    Chuck Norris! YOU, KALEB NATION!

  114. Ashley

    ha,ha,ha…i’m sure they’re all closet twilight guys…. it’s awesome that you stand up and say you’re a fan, and heck you’re even kinda famous for your blogs, but i think more guys need to be like you and not be so afraid that people will find out they’ve read the twilight series.

    i agree with you on the whole jacob/edward thing. and it’s one of the reasons why edward was such an amazing guy to me because bella still wants jacob in her life even though she knows she’s gonna stay with edward, and edward is jealous, but he would never make her feel bad about having jake there because he trusts her, and because jake can give her the human life edward always wanted her to have.

    i have more than one person for Aro, but i was pretty pleased when they brought up Ben Barnes. I don’t know if he’s gonna get it, but i think he would do a great job if he did get it.

  115. Kat

    i soo agree with you Rachel [#108]
    and the way u’ve put it is beautiful..!!

    and kaleb that was a nice post..as for Aro i don’t know who should play him..but i have him well pictured in my head..!!

  116. Jackie

    Wow! Everyone wrote a lot. Ummm I’ll start with the casting.
    Aro – Either Cillian Murphy (Batman…I think) or Ben Barnes (Prince Caspin).
    Marcus – Paul Bettany (A Knight’s Tale)
    Caius – Jason Issac (I agree with Tina)

    The other issue on the relationship. I agree with bits of everyone and I think if I wrote it all down. It would be way too long and I dont have the energy right now to write it now.

    Just wanted to add, I love how you have questions for the comments. :)

  117. The Dawn Is Breaking

    Hmmm…Aro, Aro, Aro…I could kinda picture Johnny Depp to play Aro…Not Ben Barnes though – he seems to be more of a Demetri…

    For Caius, I could really see him being played by that guy that played Silas in ‘The Da Vinci Code’, but that’s probably just me…

  118. Talkerwolf

    I don’t know about handling being Edward or Jake. What about having to handle being Bella? Being to torn between her boyfriend/true love and her *ahem* best friend.

    Playing the part of Aro, that’s a tough one, as long as he looks bewteen 30-45 I don’t really mind, as I imagined him to be middle aged kinda, though I spose 30 is a little young still… No, maybe it isn’t, I don’t know! LOL:D

  119. Emily

    Aro should be…some ugly skinny guy…Micheal Jackson?

    Anyways i was reading a book the other day about vampires (don’t ask) and it was saying about they have no soul and gave a bunch of reasons why they have no soul. Now i’m seriously confused on what i should believe. help?

  120. Taylorb

    Gah! I was so anxious for your reply to this one– it’s like my favorite chapter.
    You didn’t even comment on the best part!!

    And Team Edward all the way! I agree– he’s rude and gets in the way.
    And it gets worse, Kaleb.
    Coming up, the #1 reason I cannot stand Jacob.
    You’ll see.

  121. Taylor

    Wow my last post made a lot of sense.
    Jacob is rude, etc.. Not Edward!!

  122. Taylor

    OK, sorry my last comments didn’t make much sense–I was on my iPod, and its hard to type on it. But now I’m on my CPU, so prepare for a longer post!

    In reply to Danielle F. :
    You claim that we need to identify with Jacob’s character more–but I really don’t think you know Edward–or Jake, for that matter– at all. If you doubt, for one instant, the love Edward has for Bella..good god! Edward’s not just going to go kill himself to be theatrical–he cannot live without her in his life. By killing himself he would be putting in that last effort to do whatever he could to BE WITH HER. I think he would be hoping that there is a good after-life for vampires, as Carlisle believes, (hence New Moon) so he could be with Bella. And, take this BD quote as an example (don’t worry, its not a spoiler) from Jake’s prospective. “I knew I would have to live a lot more, suffer a lot more, before I could understand the look in Edward’s eyes.”(that may not be exact) That right there, my friend. Jacob never really KNOWS how much Edward loves Bella–he’s in denial.
    AS for Jacob.
    I’ve never had much feelings for him, because I never truly believed he had 100% good intentions–hence mostly the thing that happens in the forest soon–which I won’t mention for Kaleb’s sake, if he reads this. Jacob’s too pushy, too forceful. It strikes me that even in New Moon, when Bella was at her worst, Jacob still had the guts to call the vampires “bloodsuckers” in front of her, to try to hold her hand in that movie theater, etc…its like he doesn’t care about her feelings at all–he just wants her to go out with him. On top of it all, he knows how IN LOVE Bella is with Edward–and he still wants to tear them apart. It’s horrible, and cruel. He cannot honestly believe Edward would do her harm–he’s as much a danger to her as Jake is to her. He’s kind of hypocritical–to think, oh, Edward can hurt her, but I KNOW I won’t? They both are stronger than her, and Jake knows if he loses control he could hurt her as well–he’s just so in denial about it. To be honest, I was on good terms with him up to a point in New Moon–it sucked that Edward was gone (I cried…a lot..) but really, he was there to help her, and up until he became a werewolf he had good intentions. But after he got all angry and self-confident I couldn’t take it anymore. And, as much as everyone thinks New Moon is souly based on Jacob, its not. Not at all, not to me. Just because Edward’s not there in flesh, he’s there in MIND. The entire time. It’s not about how Bella befriends Jacob–its about her knowledge that she needs Edward in her life, and in her own words, their bond cannot be broken by absence, distance, or time.

  123. Taylor

    As for the Aro thing..I have no idea..Ben Barnes would be good, I think. I think.

  124. Genevieve

    BEN BARNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Marlien

    I think the discussion about Edward/jacob is very interesting.

    Some people here say that Edward loves Bella more than Jacob loves her. They see the fact that, when she dies Edward will most certainly kill himself, although Jacob would probably live on as a proof. I think you cannot compare these reactions.

    Firstly, they are diffrent people with diffrent characters. You can count on Edward to always overreact. You can count on Jacob to be a rebel and don’t think things true.

    Secondly, Edward is a vampire. Jacob is human (well, quite). Edward won’t change, because he’s a vampire. His love for Bella is unnatural and doesn’t change. Would she die, his life would be meaningless. His love towards his family wouldn’t even matter to him anymore. Sometimes, I find Edwards love for Bella and her love for him quite disturbing. Jacob’s love, however, is human. This certainly doesn’t mean is feelings aren’t as deep as Edwards feelings, but Jacob’s love for Bella is just diffrent. It changes. He used to have only a crush on her, but as he gets to know her better during New Moon, he really falls in love with her. Would she die, his heart would be broken in one million pieces, but he would eventually feel better, even if he wouldn’t believe it himself. People change, feelibgs change – it’s part of being human.

    I’ll just wait until chapter 26 is discussed, that one really changed my thoughts on Jacob.

    I think one of Jacobs reasons to keep ‘interfering’ between Edward and Bella is that he truly believes Edward is dangerous to her. Don’t forget that he knows what vampires are capable of and that he still doesn’t fully understand the Cullens.

  126. Brad

    Sixteen. Sixteen? Okay, I was reading your comments and I saw a lot of “Jacob is only sixteen.” Which totally reminded me of High School Musical 3. Hahah! You do know there was a song called Sixteen right?

    But what made me go “Sixteen, sixteen” was because all your comments were all using the same old “he’s just 16” reason to be so utterly annoying and gets away with it.

    Well, I am sixteen. And I’ve been where Jacob is before. And I would really love to give myself a reason to be so annoying like Jacob and actually get away with it πŸ˜€ But no, there is never a good reason for me to behave the way he did.

    I can agree with him being a werewolf and werewolves can’t really control their patience and all. But sixteen? Stop it, that’s ridiculous! Sixteen year old are not THAT immature!

    Some say, “Edward left, so he needs to deal with it. Jacob was there when he was gone, and he deserves her love”.

    But what about Edward? Bella was already under the impression that Edward left her because he didn’t want her to be with him. She had a reason to move on, but she didn’t. Because she loved Edward way too much to even stop to think that she could stop loving him. But Edward, he was the one who left, and he knew that he left Bella while she was loving him. He knew what could have been. But he didn’t stay. He left FOR Bella. He came back FOR Bella. No one stopped to wonder, when he left, who was the one to STITCH Edward back up?

    “When I wasn’t actively tracking, I was… totally useless. I couldn’t be around anyone. I’m embarrassed to admit that I more or less curled up into a ball and let the misery have me.”

    Of all the time Bella was befriending Jacob, Edward was hurt and no one was there to pick up all his shattered pieces. But I’m pretty sure that the thought of Bella being happy was all he needed to comfort himself. Because all he cared was Bella.

    If Edward has to deal with the outcome AFTER Edward left, then why can’t Jacob deal with what happened BEFORE Edward left, or before Bella came to see him? It’s the same as saying, Edward was there first to take his place in Bella’s heart. And there’s no way he will ever leave. But then Jacob came in later, and he, too, couldn’t leave. So how come Jacob deserves better than Edward?

    Jacob did pick up all the pieces for Bella. But why did those pieces fall in the first place? Because Edward left. That shows how hurt Bella was when Edward left. She wasn’t planning on forgetting him. She wanted him back. And although Jacob helped her out, and fell in love with her, I can still accept the fact that he tries to express his feelings towards Bella. But showing Bella how much he wishes she wasn’t with Edward? Well that’s too much don’t you think?

  127. tyabelle

    Don’t know about Aro, but i think that Cristina Ricci would be a good Jane…

    And, oh well, Johnny Depp would be a great Aro, now that I think about it…

  128. Rachel

    I don’t know if anyone else has noted this, but about Jacob/Edward… something you missed about Edward’s ability to let Jacob hang around. I think there is a part of Edward that wants Bella to choose Jacob, and if he bans Jacob, then he’s removing that option – not the option of Jacob, but the option of life. It’s the self-less part of him that wants her to choose life – human life. Edward’s great struggle is whether or not to turn Bella. And if she chooses Jacob, she’ll stay human. His selfish and self-less sides are battling, and it’s his self-less side that enables him to keep Jacob around, in the hopes that Bella will choose life.

  129. Jaye

    I must be completely out of the Aro description loop. I always pictured him looking old, as if maybe he wasn’t actually as old as he looked, but still looking ancient.
    That being said, I have NO idea who I could picture playing him, and if I did, it would be someone really old, which is probably way off.
    Looking forward to your chapter 22 analysis, 21 is good, 22 is my favorite :)

  130. Heather

    I’ve just got to say…Preach It Brad!!

  131. VERY obsessed (see #2){Zella}


    Done. I think.
    My opinion? I think Johnny Depp IS Aro (see Sweeney Todd for proof).
    And that part about putting yourself in Edward’s place is exactly what anti-fangirls don’t get. He IS trying to deal with it, but he’s still a GUY. To quote Angela:
    “Edward’s only human, Bella, he’s going to react like any other teenage boy”

    Well, he isn’t, but the principle is still spot on and I’m sure you understand.
    Now, excuse my babbling, but I’ve got Chocolate orange cookies on the brain…

  132. Cutter

    Sorry, I just see the character of Aro being played by a young actor with the skill of bringing a “sweet” yet conniving bastard, presence to the screen, Ala John Maklovich or Nicolas Cage.
    Someone mentioned Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) as a possible actor. He does have the presence and skill to pull it off. Just watch him in “The Patriot.”
    But here is a name I haven’t heard for Aro – Christian Bale.
    Timothy Dalton would make a good Caius, and for Marcus – that’s a tough one. Need an actor that can pull off a good presence with not very many lines. One that can get the bored, yet doesn’t miss a thing around him, attentive look. Maybe a Michael Keaton type actor.
    Felix (remember, he is the fighter) – The Rock. Hands down. Can’t you just see the scene in New Moon where “he raises his hand, palm up and curls his fingers twice”
    Demitri (the tracker) – Ben Barnes.
    Of course some of them might be a bit old for the parts, but finding young actors with that skill might be tough.
    After reading the books numerous times (starting Breaking Dawn for the fourth time) I have come to the conclusion that Jacob is an ASS. Part of it has to do with my feelings on the action he took the first time he kissed Bella. I DETEST that type of behavior and if I was Edward I KNOW I wouldn’t have had the self-control to not do something to him after I found out.
    Rachel (post #108), I agree with you on most of your thoughts, with one glaring exception. Personality is not tied to physical age. Personality can and does evolve with experiences and knowledge gained over the years.

  133. Emily

    I think Lambert Wilson would be a good Aro… i always pictured him as it. If you’ve seen the Matrix, hes the Merovingian (evil french guy) here’s a picture: http://www.ota-jones.net/main/images/lamberter3.jpg

  134. Sara

    Gary Oldman would be perfect for the part! He could dye his hair, and he’s a great actor! He’s perfect for the ‘bad guy’ in Aro.

  135. Jamie

    I think Guy Pearce would be the most amazing Aro ever… He’s deffinatly got the face for Aro or atleast one of the Volturi leaders… Plus he is a totaly amazing actor.. I mean there aren’t really that many actors who can play a drag queen one year and then a total bad a$$ the next…. I totaly love him and think he would make a great addition to the Twilight series….

    Plus Kaleb, I’m super excited, just like everyone else, to see what you think of chapter 22… SO READ!!!!!!! lol

  136. Jamie

    Ohhhhhh…….. or what about Christian Slater as Aro….. I mean he played an amazing crazy psycho in My Own Worst Enemy… Plus he is SUPER HOTT!!!!!! Just a random though…lol

  137. Michelle

    The posts are amazing! (So amazing that this is my third post.) It’s an all out Edward/Jake war!! First off, if there were not pieces of us that identified with both boys, it wouldn’t be good writing. The fact that people have gotten so ridiculously against one of the two just shows how amazing the series is! I do agree with the few people that said Team Switzerland is just a cop-out. When we look at if from Bella’s point, the whole reason she chose Switzerland was so that she didn’t have to choose. Yes, total cop-out. You’re one or the other, or you’re just afraid to admit it.

    I just have a few people to comment back to:

    83. Thanks for agreeing with me about Anthony Hopkins! At least I’m not the only one now!!

    98. I agree with you about the awesome-ness of Seth. I completely love his character, even though it’s not fully developed until Breaking Dawn. I’m not very up on the world of young teen actors, but I looked around anyway and tried to find someone. In just a short amount of looking, the one person I think might be okay is… Max Thieriot. What do you think??

    119. What I have taken from the Twilight books about vampires and souls is that you never really know. Maybe if this Complete Guide ever comes out after a zillion new release dates, there may be an answer to that. If you think about vampires over time, Angel (from Buffy) was the first vampire to have a soul, and he was cursed with it. Then Spike fought to win his back hoping to gain Buffy’s love as a result. Stephenie’s world of vampires are totally different from anything we’ve read before, though. I don’t think it’s supposed to matter much what we think about the subject, just that we know what they think. Carlisle believes there is something for them after death, so does Bella. Edward says he’s not sure, but Bella doesn’t believe him because when he thought the Volturi had killed him, he believed he was back in Bella’s arms in death. I think, for now, whether or not you believe vampires have souls is something that rests solely on you. Just don’t put too much credit on outside sources.

    128. I totally agree with you about Edward hoping that Bella chooses life. Just like he’s said before, he wants that as much as he doesn’t want it. I think that’s the real reason he never asks her to choose. He knows there’s that chance that she’ll choose Jacob, and he knows that no matter what her choice, he can’t bear it. However, I really don’t see how at this point it’s much of a factor that she stay human, because eventually, the Volturi are going to find her. When they do, if she’s still human against their orders, they will destroy her. After all the fear that the Volturi has instilled in me up to this point, I find it funny that people have pretty much forgotten their demand sitting in the background.

  138. lisa from germany

    John Malkovic! there is no one who is better for Aro in my eyes! I actually have an intire cast for NM in my head! and the Twilight guy in hiding at your college is hillarious! I somehow would have gave him a hint towards this site…

  139. Jen

    For some reason, I have always pictured Lord Capulet from the Leo Dicaprio, Romeo and Juliet. Who was that guy?
    For Marcus I like Jean Reno-he always looks bored in his movies.

  140. Kerri

    Aro, for some reason, Jason Issacs,(Lucius Malfoy) yet I believe he could pull off the nice but having something going on the back burner!

  141. Bethany

    Hmmm…I’m thinking that Johnny Depp could make a pretty good Aro. But then, perhaps I am biased in favor of Johnny Depp’s acting powers…

  142. Susannaofalabama

    In my opinion Edward tolerates Jacob’s front and center presence in Bella’s life because Edward can read Jacob’s mind. He knows that Jacob is there for Bella and that Jacob’s intentions are pure. Despite their differences, Jacob and Edward share a common goal What is best for Bella comes first. Similar goals creates a bond even between rivals.

  143. Carrie

    I like the idea of Ben Barnes from ‘Prince Caspian’ playing Aro. I thought Aro would look older, but I think Ben Barnes has the right look and he can pull it off. Aro is very cordial toward Bella and the Cullens, but underneath he’s really cunning and manipulative.

  144. Victoria

    I love how Edward had values. I just hated that Bella had trounle accepting the ring and agreeing to get married. Jacob does need to back down. Bella is taken. I don’t know why she thinks she has feelings for him. This chapter, other then chapter 8, is really hot!

  145. christina

    I have heard johnny depp, i have no idea i think he would be good choice.
    I have always pictured Aro ahs creepy and dark and on Jacob

  146. Rachel

    well rereading through my earlier post, I’m glad it still makes sense to me…. lol

    Cutter, I understand what you’re saying, but I think his personality is whatever it was when he was biten at seventeen. Personality in humans does evolve, but that doesn’t apply to the vampires in Meyer’s world because it’s not only their Physical characteristics that are frozen.

    EVERYTHING is frozen including personality. They can change their behavior, opinion and mood, however, personality changes are, I think, rendered practically impossible for them. Rosalie will always be self absorbed, Esme will always be motherly, Carlisle generous and compassionate, And Edward will forever be a doting son/brother/lover who wants to do what’s right.

    Personality as it refers to patterns of relatively enduring characteristics of behavior (according to wiki) doesn’t change for them except under extreme circumstances. Such as loosing their mate. I’d hazard a guess that Marcus used to be very different. And once a change happens it seems to be equally impossible to change back.

  147. Deanna

    Yay Kaleb =D
    Anything by Shiny Toy Guns= Epic WIN =D I love this song!!!!!!

  148. belle

    Hello Kaleb,
    I’ve never commented before here, but I wanted to pass along my thoughts.
    I liked how you thought deeply about why Edward wanted to marry Bella so badly… but when I first read this chapter, I thought it was something more along the lines of ‘wanting her to belonged to him and no one else’. –Jacob anyone?? Now before I get things thrown at me, I really like Jacob. I love that all he knows is that he loves this girl and he’s going to do anything in his power to protect her, with everything he’s got. And slowly you begin to understand why it’s hard for Bella to let go; it paints the whole picture for you later. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Chapter 22.

    As for the cast… I was thinking about another actor for Aro, but when I saw it mentioned earlier, I could picture Christian Slater. Not sure about the other two….

    I love reading all these comments!! They are so interesting and so debatable.–keep posting everyone. They make a great read for killing time at work. :)

  149. Sarah E

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, people can we all just take a deep breath? Good lord. I have no idea how many times this whole ‘Jacob is an ass in Eclipse and Edward is a saint’ debate has been done, but honestly, if you can’t handle what’s been written in the comments and voice your own staunch opinion on how horrible Jacob is (which has been done HOW many times now?) DON’T READ THE COMMENTS! I really think we should all just respect each others opinions. I think it’s great that a book can illicit such strong emotions in people, but blatantly criticizing someone else’s beliefs? The great thing about literature is that the reader is free to interpret the text however he/she wishes! I’m sure that those poor people who were brave enough to support Jacob would cringe at what some people have thrown back in their faces. Let’s be reasonable. Not broken records repeating the same stuff we’ve all seen over and over again. We here to applaud Kaleb on getting so far and give wonderful insight on the books we have come to love. Let’s not turn his enjoyable website into a place to trash Jacob/ Switzerland supporters. It’s getting old. We all know who won. So instead, let’s find out something we didn’t know before by supporting everyone of different beliefs and Kaleb himself. Come on, these books brought us together, let’s not let them tear us apart.

  150. Katelyn

    Dear Kaleb
    I’m so happy to find someone who agrees with me on the reason Edward wants to marry Bella! My friends all think that it’s just because he wants Jacob to stay away, and matrimony will make that wish become a little more solid. We got into arguments quite a few times as a result of all of our differing opinions, but we all just learned to accept it (a few bags of now smashed animal crackers later.)

    For Aro, I could definitly see Ben Barnes or Johnny Depp as being the old collector. Both have an agelessness to themselves that not many people can pull off, as well as an Italian accent.

    Keep reading!

  151. Maggie

    “‘Bella,’ he murmured, his voice warm and velvet. ‘Will you please stop trying to take you clothes off?’
    ‘Did you want to do that part?’ I asked, confused.”

    LOVE that… it’s so funny. (Also, I did that from memory, since my copy of Eclipse is at my dads, so if I screwed it up, cut me some slack)

    Anyway, I hadn’t really thought about who they would cast for Aro… Johnny Depp would be nice, but I pictures him as a really old man, even though he’s a vampire. That’s just me though…

  152. Maggie

    CRAP!!! I messed it up… its “your” not “you”. I wasn’t actually TRYING to make gangsta Edward, it just turned out like that…

  153. Adele

    I say Tom Cruise. Anybody who has seen ‘Interview with the Vampire’ will know why

  154. Michelle

    LMAO at Maggie. Gangta Edward!! I’ve got my copy right here. With the exception of “Would you please…” and “Do you want…” you’ve got it on the money. I’m impressed that you could quote so closely from memory!

  155. Kari

    omg i think robert redford should play aro. he has that kind of voice that i pictured aro having and all he would have to do is dye his hair and act like a sadistic vampire

  156. Rachel

    Yea I agree with your reaction haha, I did the awkward turtle for quite some time before continuing to read.

  157. Lindsay

    Surprisingly, I hadn’t thought about who I wanted to be cast as the Volturi at all until I read this! And, without looking at the comments, I immediately thought of Johnny Depp as being the perfect Aro – and I’m glad to see that others agree! Although, if that doesn’t happen I can definitely see Alan Rickman playing him as well… or maybe he’d be a better Caius? I can’t really tell. Caius seems a bit more openly evil to me.

    I think it’s funny that so many people are now translating your post as you being Team Edward! I am, of course, undeniably Team Edward; but I didn’t get the vibe from your post that you are fully on board with us… yet πŸ˜€ And I totally agree with you – Jacob is annoying, immature, pushy… well, you get the picture. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I can’t wait for you to move onto Breaking Dawn! This is my favorite book but a lot was thrown into BD so I’m excited to see how you’ll interpret it all!

  158. Lindsay

    I also wanted to add – Go Brad (#126)! I fully agree :)

  159. Lizzie Hale

    For Aro I always imagined Johnny Depp but thats…just not going to happen:(.I just hope Summit picks really good actors to be in NM.But I have to say they did an awesome job for twilight I mean they got rpattz,cam,jackson,taylor,kellan and peter.The list can seriously go on.XD

  160. sarah

    Umm. I’m all with the others who can’t wait for you to read chapter 22, which is my favorite chapter in the saga.

    Aro… I know he’s a vampire and was probably changed young, but with skin that looks like flaking onion it would seem a young actor would not do, neither do you want one too old, since that would look too human. I guess I don’t know. Johnny Depp would do fantastic, but I have a thing for unknowns and less knowns. Seeing someone on screen that you haven’s seen in a ton of movies adds a sense of reality I think; which sounds bizaar when you are thinking of a vampire movie. All the same, that’s my preference.

  161. lauren!

    my Aro is Johnny Depp!
    he can do the crazy, cheerful, angry thing-as evident in Secret Window. (:

  162. Michaela M

    okay so this might sound weird, but even though he’s already Carlisle, I think that Peter Facinelli would make a PERFECT Aro. What’s your opinion, Kaleb? You should answer your own questions (and I don’t mean the way insane people do, ha-ha)!

  163. Bekah

    I think that Anthony Hopkins would be a great Aro. I’m a big fan of him and I think he’s absolutely brilliant.

  164. Yen

    you know, im not sure who would play aro….but that last one about anthony hopkins would be pretty awesome. in my head aro reminds me of someone, with his hair and grace…but i cant be sure of who.
    btw…hahahaha to that guy 3 who swears he hasnt been reading it. WHAT-EVER!!! lol.
    omg and yeah, i love that part where he compares her heart to the wings of a humming bird. pay attention to that line Kaleb! hint hint
    and yeah man…whenever i read that, i feel embarrassed and awkward ” ‘Can you please stop trying to take your clothes off bella?'”hahaha

  165. jordyn

    gahhhh i started reading your posts on each chapter 2 days ago and finished them today…. and now dont know what to do with myself, cant wait for the next ones =]
    haha that had to be one of the best lines in the book : “can you please stop trying to take your clothes off bella?” hhaha classic =]

  166. Meg "RFF"

    You know…I never really had anyone in mind for the role of Aro…however, I pictured him to be like middle aged…but I am more than happy if Ben Barnes gets the role. I have wanted Ben in the movie since before Twilight was cast…however, I pictured him as Demetri, but so long as he is in the movie I am cool with whoever he is. :)

  167. Amanda

    Hm. I’m liking the Ben Barnes suggestion for Aro. I’d also be okay with Kerr Smith or Timothy Olyphant. Or maybe the three of them could play all the Volturi lol. I think they kind of have a similar look to them. And I think it would be absolutely awesome if Dakota Fanning were Jane. She’s so completely sweet looking that it would be manacing and freaky to see Jane’s wrath.

  168. maggie

    Thanks Michelle (124)!I’ve read all the books about 5 million times, so a few lines have just stuck with me I suppose lol… also, I know this is slightly random (well, actually, its REALLY random) but Gangsta-Edward really would be funny, dontcha think? :)

  169. Shann

    well, I’m sure for all the people who have already read all of the books… you’ll find out why Jacob is sticking around in Breaking Dawn and that’s one of the reasons why most of my friends hate Jacob ‘to the core’. you could say….But i just can’t hate Jacob. haha

  170. NoOdLe

    Chapter 20 is my favorite chapter. Priceless πŸ˜€
    I say Johnny Depp for Aro, but I doubt that he would be casted.

  171. Alli

    I don’t have a pick for Aro, but I heard Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) wants the role, and I think he would be great.

    GOSH KALEB!(<–jk) I know this chapter is awkward for a guy, but you could have mentioned the ring/proposal or something…there’s almost nothing about the actual chapter here…

  172. Bella Cullen

    I think that the one guy named —– Grey (one from the X men and lord of the rings) should play aro. I don’t know why I just imagine him doing it.

  173. Soledad

    ed westwick would be a great “evil” vampire…..he could play aro or marcus or caius

    i’ve also heard rumors about ben barnes playing aro and i have no objections about it

  174. Soledad

    i also think the twilight guy, kaleb nation, should have a cameo or a minor role as a vampire in the volturi’s guard

  175. Brianna J.

    I love the closet twilight-guy!!! Ohmigosh, I laughed so hard!! For Aro, I would pick somebody who was tall, skinny and kinda old, maybe fifty-ish. I love your “awkward” pic, moving eyebrows are the best! Great post, Kaleb!

  176. hakeverevol

    Awkward… is right. I had my guy firends read that book and I told them they might want to skip that chapter in Eclipse. Of course they didn’t…. it was a little awkward in the group for a day or two there….. Not nearly as much as with breakingdawn though. *AHEM*

    Anyhoo…. I am looking forward to seeing how much you like JAcob after chapter 23. I liked him a lot untill he kissed Bella earlier on. Then I was mad at him but I got over it. And then that chapter happened…. Well I can’t hate him anymore…

    I have no idea who I think should play Aro, maybe we’ll get lucky again. A lot of actors in the last movie, like Alice and Carlisle, I had no ideaif they were right or not. Then I saw the movie and it was like “they’re perfect!” but I’m not really good at guessing….. so yeah.

    you Rock my Socks!

  177. Michelle

    WOO!! Yay to 163 and 164!! I’ve got some people jumping on my Anthony Hopkins boat! Wouldn’t it just be so awesome to see him being all fatherly to Dakota Fanning? I think it would be amazing!

    Maggie (168), yeah, Gangsta Edward would really be funny! He would have to start driving the Vanquish, though. I can’t imagine Gangta Ed in a Volvo! Hahaha!

  178. Mylles

    Hi, yeah i don’t know if anyone will even read this, but i just wnated to say that Sarah W. had a good point when she posted after her first post. and i really don’t know how to prove my point anymore… but i do have one more weak sentimnet. bella is mature beyond her years. jacob may have been judged as older in new moon because he is extremeley talented, but Bella’s mother said she was born thirty five. if my mom said that to me i’d either think i was really mature or i was really old looking! so i guess that’s pretty weak defense but hey i’m just saying that their are a lot of girls who are using Jacob’s age as an excuse for his actions and well i decided to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  179. Tash

    wow someone mentioned Cillian Murphy as Aro… i like that he can do the creepy vibe well.
    However I disagree,strongly, that it should be an older actor. I’m pretty sure the characters are meant to be youngish to mid aged pysically.
    What I would love to see is a middle aged actor who can convey age or a kind of weary-ness(with their body and voice etc)
    This i think would give an accurate depth to the charcters (vampires who are psyically young(ish) but have lived for centuries and aquired ‘old’ characteristics)

  180. Jazz

    I like Ben Barnes, but I personally think he’s a bit too young for the part of Aro.

    I watched “The Fisher King” with Jeff Bridges in it a couple days ago, and I think he might be a pretty good Aro. If you want a more recent movie, he’s Obediah in “Iron Man.” I think he could pull off eccentric with a bit of flourish, yet have a malicious undertone.

    What do you think?

  181. Mylles

    Not Ben Barnes! he’s to cute for the part of Aro. Aro was unatractive for a vampire! And Ben Barnes is good looking!

  182. Luciana

    I don’t know…
    someone is be handsome and good actor. it’s enough for me.
    But A question about Edward is a feeling how us grandfa and grandma
    is so normal for his.

  183. Jen

    Aro= Donald Sutherland or Anthony Hopkins, give them darker hair and smooth their wrinkles. Either would be creepy and very debonair!

  184. Darci

    David Bowie for Aro!!!

  185. Bijou

    Cate Blanchett for Aro???

  186. Shelby

    My boyfriend is taking a break in between New Moon and Eclipse right now to read The Watchmen (which I bought for him for no good reason other than the fact that he said he wanted to read it.) but he read the first chapter of Eclipse. When he read the epilouge for New Moon, all he had to say about Jacob was… “He’s an ass…” which really upset me. I love Jacob. There are a lot of things about my boyfriend that reminds me of Jacob…mainly the extreme confidence they both seem to have a lot of. *rolls eyes*

    I don’t see Jacob as a bad person or anything. He’s just trying to do what he thinks is best, he just does the wrong things. It isn’t his fault that he loves Bella. You can’t help who you love. He can try to tear Bella and Edward apart, but he knows- even if its in the back of his mind- that there’s a huge possibility that he won’t succeed…

    Sorry, I just feel I should stand up for Jacob since he doesn’t have that many followers. *pouts for jacob*

    I loved the bedroom scene in this chapter…hehe. Sorry you had to deal with that, Kaleb. But its kind of funny. Bella tries so hard to get what she wants out of Edward…you have to give her a little credit for trying. Sadly, Edward is just to strong and he can easily stop her. lol

    I really don’t know who should play Aro. I guess I’ll just have to deal with whoever it is… I think Ben Barnes is too cute for the part, but he has a great voice that I could hear for Aro. But I’m not sure if he can play the wise and creepy part of Aro.

    Great post, Kaleb… Although I wish you’d see the good things about Jacob, not just the annoying things… :(

  187. danielle

    well first of all, i just wanted to say how much i love how deep you can get into the meaning of things, yet your a guy. i think that is just so wonderful. i also wanted to say that i reallly dont get the concept of Jacob loving bella if he knows that werewolves get imprinted on people and he knows that bella is not the one the imprints him ( if he even knows that.) i’m very sorry if im wrong i just finished New Moon yet i know a lot about the twilight saga. please clear this up for me if you can. Thanks!

  188. danielle

    oh yes, and kaleb are you only on eclipse? im a new viewer to this sight so sorry i am so blind to all these details and such.

  189. linnee

    first of all,
    i love the guys “conversation”
    it cracked me up so hard …my mom asked what i was doing ( suppose to be doing my hmwk)

    i dont really care who plays aro.. i mean i think any guy would be fine..

    i’m still anxiously waiting for them to confirm that dakota fanning IS jane!

  190. Michelle

    (187-188) Danielle, I’m clearly not Kaleb but I’ll answer your questions.

    Yes, Kaleb is on the book Eclipse. He posts as he reads.

    In the books, Quileute legend states that imprinting is rare. Jacob knows there’s a chance that he’ll never imprint on anyone. Like in New Moon, Sam and Leah were high school sweethearts, then Sam met Leah’s cousin, Emily. When Sam imprinted on Emily, it changed his love for Leah. It’s clear to Jacob that he won’t imprint on Bella because it would have already happened. You’ll learn more as you read.

    Hope this helps!

  191. danielle

    Thank you very much for clearing that up for me michelle! πŸ˜€

  192. danielle

    oh yes, and i do know who jacob imprints on.

  193. danielle

    i have a question. does anyone else think that eclipse is kind of like the book in the shadows of all the others? Like twilight is the start of everything so its going to be the biggest one, then in new moon edward leaves bella, and in breaking dawn they get married and other stuff that i shall not ruin. what happens in eclipse that is significant?

  194. Rachel

    Eclipse is the love triangle. It is the testing of Edward’s and Bella’s love against others who would break them apart….

    To me it’s perhaps my favorite of the books πŸ˜€

  195. Chelsey

    For some reason I always imagined Aro a bit like Stanley Tucci…only with a less oblong face (more round) and very pale. I also imagined him with fairly effeminate mannerisms. So if Tucci could be sinister enough, I would like him. I never imagined Marcus, Caius, or Aro as young. Needless to say, I don’t really pay much attention to descriptions in books. Heck, I imagined Alice with long, thick hair!

  196. lexi

    I never really put a face to a name with the Volturi. But I would love to see Terence Stamp as Caius.

  197. danielle

    oh ok! thank you for telling me that rachel πŸ˜€ i can’t wait to start eclipse! i just bought it, like, 20 minutes ago. so it sounds like it will be good now. Bye bye fellow twilighters!(oh yes, and im wearing a twilight shirt as i post this) hee hee πŸ˜‰

  198. danielle

    Oh yea! my opinion on the actors for the volturi is, that, they should be a bit older. I did not imagine them being very young, especially since one has snow white hair.

  199. gracey

    I’ve seen a few Johnny Depp’s for Aro, but I just don’t see it. But i Love Johnny nontheless.
    I do know who would be Aro. maybe Luke Goss. He would be good =]

  200. Jessie

    I throughly enjoy reading your opinions on the twilight books. I only became a twilighter a few months ago and know no guys who read(except for my 16 year old nephew). I don’t have an opinion on who should play aro or the volturi, except that i heard that dakota fanning was supposed to play jane and although she is a well known actress I do believe that she will do a good job. and unlike most people who seem to need to choose jacob or edward, I choose both. I quite enjoy every single character in the book. I look forward to reading your future posts.

  201. Lauren

    Ok, first of all, Kaleb, I would like to thank you. Why? Because you don’t act like a stupid teenage boy now that you’re reading Eclipse (like all of my other Twilight guy friends who break out in girly giggles everytime “Eclipse” is so much as mumbled while they’re in the same room). I’m glad you found a way to just go on ahead and run completely around that subject…and I love the “awkward” picture because it totally describes what I looked like (except I’m a girl) when my mom said “Sooo…about that part in Eclipse.”
    Anyway, about the whole Edward/Jacob thing. I think Jacob is annoying. Come on, people. Remember in grade school (or maybe middle school, or high school, or even college) when there would always be that ONE person who was always butting in between you and your friends? And maybe at one point they actually had been your friend (until you got so peeved at them that you got in a fight, and the rest is history). Well I know AN EXACT person like that. Thats why I’m totally Team Edward…plus, why did we all get excited about the series in the first place anyway?
    Now, about the Aro-casting thing. I totally agree with whoever posted that comment about Aro looking like Snape (I think their name was Kristen or something). Only I imagine Aro as a slightly (verrry slightly) uhh…corpulent Snape. Or maybe “Pleasently plump” would be a word for it….and I know its impossible for there to be a chubby vampire… but thats how I picture him.
    I’ll be waiting for the next chapter update :)

  202. Tianna

    First of all, Im fine with Jacob. He may be young, so he still has a lot to learn about girls and everything when it comes to relationships… But I agree with the few out there that say thats not an excuse.

    It is just part of one, if you ask me.

    And Dakota Fanning playing Jane? To be truthful, I dont see her as much as a Jane as I see Rob Pat being cute on screen during Twilight. Seriously. (Dont judge me! lol.)

    She doesnt have that much of an ‘evil’ aura because Im used to her playing the goody-two-shoes in the movies. So, seeing her be kick-a*bleep* character, is a bit of a shocker. Plus, I always saw Jane with black hair. Alec seemed more like a brunnett… XD

    And for someone who can play Aro… I always imagine him as the guy who played Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies… just a bit younger looking, you know?

    So yeah…

  203. Brianna

    Yes, this chapter is nothing on a certain other chapter in this book. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. I also look forward to hearing what you say about the chapter Fire and Ice. It’s probably one of the best chapters in the book.
    I’ve heard that Aro might be played by the Prince Caspian guy, but I don’t really see him as Aro. I pictured Aro as much older than that and for some odd reason I always picture Aro, Caius, and Marcus towering over all the rest of the vampires. Like, being just massively tall. I’m not really sure why. And I don’t really know who I’d like to play Aro. I have a picture in my head and I can’t really see anyone in Hollywood portraying that. I suppose anyone would do for the movie.

  204. maggie

    Yes, this really is the most awkward chapter. My grandparents (!) saw me reading the book, and so they’ve both read the entire series. My grandma comes up to me after finishing Eclipse, and was like “Oh, wow, Mags, that one part in Eclipse, where Bella was trying to be all sexy with Edward… Yeah, that was funny!” and I’m just like: “Oh my God. My grandmother just said the word sexy.” Also randomly curious here, do any of you guys have twilight grandparents?

  205. Phoenix

    I pictured someone older for Aro… I dunno how it’d go but I could see Christopher Walken as Aro lol. He looks like he could be a vampire.

  206. Lauren

    “maggie”^^^ I see where you’re coming from…ALL of my Grandparents are “Twi-Grannies” (yes, thats what they call themselves) and my Grandpas are “Old Twilight Guys”.

  207. Nirak

    How about James Masters as Aro? (But the poor guy is probebly sick and tired of playing vampire …)
    I’m 100% with you on your “no charing girlfriend/boyfriend train” but there is one thing I feel verry strongly you hadn’t considerated quite enough: Edward left Bella! He told her he didn’t love her any more! He disapered! He took on himself to deside what was best for her,and she was broken almost to the part of insanity because of that! Only Jacob kept her sain during those month.
    Sure, she loves Edward, (who doesn’t)but I don’t think she has forgoten that. Even if she understands why Edward left her she probebly still feels betrayed. It will take a loooong time for her to trust Edward competly again. That’s why she subconsciously still needs Jacob in her life. (As a friend.)

  208. Kelci Holten


  209. Michelle

    LoL at Maggie! I’m 25, and only have one grandparent still living. I can’t for the life of me imagine her being a twi-granny. I don’t even think I could convince her to watch the movie!

    Hi again, Danielle! I rather enjoy Eclipse.Aside from the whole love triangle, I think two other very important things happen in the book: Bella’s graduation, and x spoiler x. I will tell you that it happens in Chapter 24. Sorry I can’t say, but I don’t want to ruin it for you or Kaleb. Of course, if you read like me, you may already know the answer… :)

    Nirak, I didn’t even think of James Marsters! Shame on me, being that I love him so! Seems too young to me one of the leaders, but I’d love to see him as Garrett. Can you imagine how funny it would be to see him act out BD p 624-625? LoL

  210. Kat

    kaleb why didn’t you say anything about the proposal.that was sooo sweet..and was not awkward..!??

    and that eyebrow moves..SCARY..!
    hurry onto chapter 22 that’s the one im waiting for you to write on..!

  211. Nirak

    Always nice to “meet” another fan of James, but there is no way you love him more than I do πŸ˜‰
    Seriously, do you really think he is to young for playing Aro? He’s getting older too,you know,just like the rest of us, and with some makeup …

  212. danielle

    i feel horrible because i have not even started eclipse yet and i got it two days ago but i have been dreadfully sick. but anyway, what should i do if my mom is like oh i should see the twilight movie but i dont want her to because it would be quite awkward. im only 13 and what if she does not approve of what im reading? but, at least i know that she will not read the books because she does not read. weird like that. but cant you imagine how awkward some of the parts would be?

  213. danielle

    oh yea, and does anyone know how to make a web site? I would really enjoy making my own twilight web site. but if i did, i dont know how i would spread the word around about it. and do you have o pay to have a web site? please help!

  214. danielle

    Oh yea, and some people say they are on team james……. WHY WOULD ANYONE BE ON TEAM JAMES!? i mean, he tried to kill bella!!!!! i just really don’t understand that. Oh, and other people say they are team james and team edward and im like “WHAT!!!???” it’s so weird.

  215. LizzieMademe

    On the marriage thing, I thought that Edward might think of marriage as a Sacrament, in other words, just in case he has a soul, and of course, in that he is always trying to safeguard Bella’s.

  216. Michelle

    Nirak, okay, I retract my statement. I just googled a recent pic and with everything they can do these days, he would fit the role. I’m not sure how many more hotties I can stand to see filling the screen at once, though. Haha.

    Danielle, hard to say about your Mom. The books were all aimed at a young adult audience, though I think that Breaking Dawn stepped across a few lines. Don’t anyone freak out, I only think that NOW because I’m a Mom. I wouldn’t have seen any problem with it when I was a teen either. I think trying to stop her from watching the movie is only going to make her more likely to watch it. I’d bet that your Mom probably has a better understanding of what you’re reading than you think. I’m sure she’s done her own research to make sure it’s appropriate just like my Dad used to do when I was younger. I think your Mom watching the movie and discussing those “awkward” scenes with you is in your best interest. It’s nice to be able to have an open line of communication with your parents. I would much rather any questions you have be answered by your Mom as opposed to some outside source that probably doesn’t have all the facts. Don’t worry, she knew when you were born that she’d eventually have these kinds of questions to answer. My daughters are only 1 and 2 and I’m already thinking about it! LoL

    Also, I don’t know a whole about web design. I’m pretty sure that you do have to pay for a web domain. I don’t know much about that either, but google works wonders if you want to look into it.

    I’m wondering who has been saying they are Team James? People on this site? I’ve never read that. I agree that it wouldn’t make any sense to be Team James, unless that person is just a hater that wanted Bella to die.

  217. danielle

    Yea, i saw people talking about being on team james on like, flickr i think. And on twilightthemovie.com your desktop background can be james and i was like “Ew, who the heck would want him as a background?!”

  218. danielle

    oh, and, are these posting times in texas’s timezone? Because, it said i posted my last post at 6:37 and i posted it at 7:37.

  219. Michelle

    I don’t know what time zone it posts in. I’ve never payed attention.

    I looked up the Team James thing. From what I can tell, it started with Hot Topic. “Because Evil is Cool”. Whatever…

    I also did a little looking into website domains for you. The (seemingly) easiest option I found is GoDaddy. They offer some software to help you make websites and you can also register domain names with them. I also checked them with the BBB. They’ve given the company an A+. I don’t have any personal experience with them, though.

  220. Tylerr

    Heyy Daniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  221. danielle

    Thank you very much for looking that up for me. Hot topic is a weird store. But, they would be the ones too say evil is cool or something, i mean, i get my twilight clothes from there but otherwise i dont shop there. and hey tyler! want a mocolocochoco tyler lol!!!

  222. Tylerr

    Has anoybodyy met my blaxicanescan brother kyleee?? He lovess Tacosssss…..but i lovee Twilightt!!!

  223. danielle

    yes i have met him tyler. he is my bff. twilight is better than tacos though.you are very random tyler.

  224. danielle

    oh yea, and you spelled blaxicanese wrong ty.

  225. Michelle

    LoL. I won’t pretend I know what’s going on, but I’ll laugh at it all the same.

    I’m thinking about ordering that shirt with the apple on the front that says “bite me” I love it!!

  226. danielle

    oh yea, that one is cool. but tyler is my friend. i was talking to her on the phone when she was posting that. shes a big weirdo. she was talking about tacos and blaxicanese because we have this friend named kyle and he loves tacos and we call him blaxicanese. ( black, mexican, chinese)

  227. ~Kris

    Um, this is interesting…i haven’t read new moon since the movie came out (which, if you haven’t already, DON’T go see it…it was terrible, they included NOTHING about Jasper…

    As for Aro, i REALLY think John Hurt would be a really good choice!!! He played ollivander in the potter series movies, and i think that he would do good, hes got that old look to him, like hes been around too long and he can act…i don’t know if i’ll even go see new moon, but i think i might…depends on the reviews…

  228. danielle

    My friend got me a shirt from hot topic that had edward on it and he was surrounded in broken glass. I really like it. I also have a jacket, which, on the front, says “twilight” then on the back it says “Are you afraid?” I want a necklace from there thats in the shape of a heart and says “I dream about being with you forever.” and a jacket that says “and so, the lion fell in love with the lamb.” If you guys want twilight gear Hot Topic is a really good store to get it. (don’t recommend it for normal clothes though. That’s a little scary. hee hee)

  229. danielle

    Oh, and my opinion on the team james thing is if anyone says they are team james then they should not be considered twilight fans because, a real twilight fan would not be on the team of the person who tried to kill bella.

  230. Moegi

    Danielle, no matter who they like, it’s not going to change the fact that they’re fans. And come on, James is hotness! :DD

  231. danielle

    eh, i think he looks like a hippie when he has the long hair and stuff. but, like when hes normal looking yea, he is pretty hot. but i dont get it, why would they make him look uglier than he is if they are trying to make him look like a vampire which are supposed to look amazing?

  232. Michelle

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they live like Nomads. They don’t have a home and their clothes (in the movie) were a mixture of things taken from their victims, so it makes a bunch of sense that they wouldn’t be clean. I do think Cam’s a hottie, though. I even liked him back in the day when he was killing off Marissa… LoL

  233. danielle

    Ew, so what your saying is, at first, they were just some vampires running around naked until they stripped their victims? thats a bit weird. lol.

  234. Natalie A.

    Orlando Bloom for sure!
    i heard ben barnes might be playing him tho according to a facebook group

  235. maggie

    Yeah, I’m not sure why anybody would be Team James… I understand the whole “Evil is cool” thing, but… still, wtf? Although, yes, MOVIE-James is hot. BOOK-James is horrible. I’m kind of getting sick of all the speculation about who is playing Aro… I wish they would just finish casting already!!! Oh, and I meant to tell you guys, if a guy named “Walker Arkansas” is one of the wolves… yeah, that’s my cousin, he’s auditioning :)

  236. Elizabeth

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who pictured Bill Nighy as Aro. He has always been the Aro in my head as I read the books, even though the Volturi are younger than he is. He’s just the perfect Vampire bad guy.

  237. Michelle

    LoL Danielle. No, they had clothes before. They just ditched them when they found cooler stuff. I watched an interview about that somewhere. That’s just the perspective from the movie.

    In the book, of course, they were wearing some, like, hiking clothes. All flannel and hiking boots and whatnot.

    Plus, they don’t have a house or anything so they don’t really keep clothing. I guess once stuff starts to wear out they just replace it with something from a victim. Or steal it. Except James who likes holy jeans, haha.

    However, it is pretty funny to picture them running around naked. It brings to mind a chapter in BD.
    Have you got to start Eclipse yet??

  238. danielle

    uh yea, cause those clothes are cooler.( hints to sarcasm in that) and, id rather not have that mental image of vampires running around naked lol. but no, i have not started eclipse. I’m still sick and i would not be able to concentrate very well. When i go back to school, which may be tomorrow, i will start it.

  239. J Cullen (my real name)

    Wow, its so interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on the love triangle. I at first really hated how the relationship was going between Bella and Jacob. Maybe b/c I new somehow that Edward had to come back and that I hadn’t fully taken in how Bella and Jacob’s relationship had grown over a period of months, and so I thought that she should just wait for him to return or at least hunt him down somehow. I had the attitude that you just can’t let true love like that slip away from you. If it really was true love then don’t give up on him. Do whatever it takes to get what you want and don’t let Edward sacrifice himself for your safety. I just totally thought of Edward and Bella as being inseparable, especially after what James did to her.

    Also, for some reason, when reading New Moon, I always thought that Jacob might be the one most likely to hurt Bella, because he didn’t seem to be able to control his temper. I also thought that since he was a new werewolf that he wouldn’t be able to control his temper very well, and might “accidentally” harm Bella. She also seemed so much more mature for her age than the other characters, and Jacob was physically younger and definitely much less mature than Bella. But if you look at it from the point that Jacob being in so much pain b/c he does love Bella, then it makes his childish actions somewhat understandable. Bella told Jacob often that she didn’t love him romantically, but at the same time she in some ways kept his hopes alive. If I was a human Edward, I think a person like Jacob would have really bothered me, but I certainly wouldn’t have let anyone know that. The one thing that put me at ease with the issue and made me realize that Bella truly does love Edward, is how Stephenie Meyer explained it in her FAQ on her web page. She mentions that Bella has a choice. Jacob is the easy choice, and she could live an almost happy, normal life. She could have children and wouldn’t have to give up her family. Edward is a far more difficult choice because of the danger and the whole becoming a vampire issue. And Bella chooses Edward without any hesitation and in fact I don’t think she sees any of the “sacrifices” she has to make to be with him as sacrificing anything. That point also relates to why I was so mad at her for a while in the second book. She knew that her love for Edward was unconditional and would never wane, yet she didn’t try to stop him from leaving. Well, I guess you could say she tried as hard as any human could to stop a vampire from leaving.

  240. Asya

    I’m trying to find as much stuff to do as possible to keep myself away from Breaking Dawn. I call it fighting the addiction, so Ive just been reading your blog and laughing so hard to myself, especially at your reaction, which I must say was pretty much like mine. I think i went through the whole chapter just cringing at how awkward it was. But nevertheless, no matter how cheesy and awkward it gets, I still love the books.

    Please post some more about what you thought as you go along reading the book. I finished Eclipse last week and I enjoyed the last 6 or so chapters, although i get quite irritated at Bella, (you’ll find out why). Tell us when youve read further!

    By the way, I just “discovered” you two days ago from being a faithful member of the Facebook Twilighters, and just so you know, I think ur awesome. πŸ˜›

    Take Care! Oh and good luck on your biology test, even though I think this is a bit late. x x

  241. Ashely

    I think it will be interesting to see who they get to play Aro, considering Lindsey Lohan is in talks to play Leah… *throws up a little bit in mouth* i think they need to be careful not to cast too many “big name” actors/actresses just for the name… However, since I do not know of any lesser known actors I will have to stick to a big name for now lol. Aro needs to me slightly mysterious… creepy almost.. i picture him to be very short (although taller than Jane) and for some reason I picture him bald… or maybe just incredibly blonde… hmm… this is hard… any thoughts guys?

  242. danielle

    Well, they cant make him blonde or bald because in the book it describes him as having long black hair. Why would they cast lyndsay lohan? ew. i bet she cant even read lol!

  243. Michelle

    Ew to the Lindsay stuff.

    J Cullen,

    What I got from New Moon was that Bella didn’t try to stop him because it was always her fear that he would eventually realize that she wasn’t good enough for him and he would leave her. She’d noticed over the last few weeks that he had become withdrawn, she’d even had the pictures to look at and compare. She said that his eyes had just gone dead and she knew that something was seriously wrong, even before he told her. She tried to fight with him when he said that he’d stay with her until she didn’t want him anymore, and when he caught that she was going to try and use that approach, he said the only thing that she couldn’t argue with… that he no longer wanted her. I know that it seemed clear to most of us at that time that he was just trying to leave her because he’s no good and not because he doesn’t love her, but she didn’t get all this. All Bella saw was that Edward didn’t want her anymore. Her biggest fear finally come to life.

    I was devastated the majority of New Moon by their separation, but I was never mad. Edward just thinks too much, and he thought he was saving her. Silly boy. Bella was just trying to keep breathing any way that she could. I was actually grateful for Jacob in this book because he helped hold her together for many months.

    It’s in Eclipse when I end up mad at all three of them. Jacob’s actions really annoy me a good deal of the time.

    He still annoys me a bit in Breaking Dawn, but for most of it, I’m too struck by his absolute grief to be mad at him over it.

  244. danielle

    yea, i was getting a bit mad in the part in new moon when they were at the movies and mike was in the bathroom. I thought Jacob came off a little conceited and sassy in that part. It really annoyed me. I was thinking “oh, gag me with a spoon!” lol!

  245. J Cullen


    alright, that does make some sense. I think if you consider that Bella never really thought that she was good enough for him, then I can understand where you were coming from. At the end of Twilight though I got such a strong feeling from their talks in the emergency room that she just couldn’t bare to be away from him. It almost seemed like this was the first time we saw the quite and shy Bella really assert herself when she told him he was crazy for speaking of leaving her.

    And yes I also agree with you regarding the end of Eclipse. They all annoy me. It will be interesting to read these again and pick out the subtle points that I probably missed the first time through.

  246. Michelle


    Yeah, I’ve read the books like four times now. LoL

    Like you had said before, though… It’s not really as if she had any chance of physically holding him there with her, and Dr. Cullen had only left word that they were in California, which she knew was obviously not true. With him having infinite money and resources, it would have been pretty difficult to try and track him down. Not to mention, what would she have told Charlie?

    I think the fact that she couldn’t stand to look at the stereo and clawed it out of the dash also speaks for how much she was really hurting. I think at the point she really thought he didn’t love her anymore and was never coming back, otherwise I don’t think it would have been so painful to see.

    Even when she went to Italy to save him, she didn’t want to fall asleep on the plane ride home because she was so sure that when he got her safely home, he was going to leave again. Through all of that, she still couldn’t see how much he really loved her. She’d already convinced herself of the latter, so even when he tried to admit his lies to her, she thought she was dreaming.

    It’s in that conversation that you find out about her thinking he left because he finally realized he was too good for her. When he says how painful it was that she believed him so quickly, and she says that she always has been waiting for him to realize that he didn’t love her. About the same way he always wonders when he will say something that will be too much and she’ll run away from him, screaming.

    New Moon made me cry A LOT.

    Eclipse caused a lot of eye rolling.

  247. danielle

    ow, eye rolling. i bet im going to get pretty annoyed in eclipse. i hope mike is in it. cause that means he will be in the movie. mmmmm mike! hee hee πŸ˜‰

  248. danielle

    But anyway, i did a lot of crying in new moon when edward left bella and at the end when she was like “you love me!” you know, the part where she actually believes him and figures out that he never stopped loving her. But the part at the beginning of new moon made me cry uckets because i was getting over a horrible break up when that part came up and it was just so horrible. the guy i was with pretty much said the same exact thing that edward said to bella “i dont want you.” it was very devastating. This was on December 13. I have recently made people believe that i am totally and completely over him since the other day he called me stupid. I believed that too but im just not sure. it’s very difficult. oh yea, and one day, and exact month after we broke up, he called me and i almost passed out right there talking to him. i could not breath. so, yea, it was pretty bad.

  249. Danielle:D

    hey viewers of my last comment im sorry for writing that. i didnt need to blab about my problems on this. im sorry.

  250. Michelle

    Aw, it’s okay, Danielle. Sometimes you just need to let it out.

  251. Michelle

    Actually, we’re probably the only two still paying attention. LoL :)

  252. Danielle :D

    yea. i finally started eclipse. only 3 pages but its better than nothing.

  253. Kelly

    I think either Christopher Lee or Ben Barnes should get the part of Aro. They’re both awesome. ^^

  254. Nazneen

    Okay, whoa. I just watched Inkheart. And I definitely think that Andy Serkis who played Capricorn in Inkheart should become Aro! Hahah.

    Fantasy stories are awesomeness.

  255. Allison

    I always imagined a person resmbling Robin Thomas as Aro.

  256. Danielle:D

    i dont know about enough actors to even suggest a part for aro. how are you guys getting all these names for him? its so confusing. everytime i read a comment suggesting a new aro im like “WHO IS THAT!!??” lol. i DO know who johnny depp is. big fan. i used to want to be a pirate so yea i know him. lolz. now i wanna be a vampire.hee hee! πŸ˜‰

  257. Cody 'Emmett" Cullen

    Don’t talk to me about akward. Ive head the whole series three times. I’m Twelve. and look at the name in parenthesees. You dont know the meaning of akward!

    your sites awesome : -)=

  258. Danielle:D


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  260. m5roberts

    You keep referring to “If I were Edward, I wouldn’t like _____ about the Jacob situation.” Let’s just say you’re not Edward. Let’s say you’re Jacob. Would you not be equally as stubborn? If you sincerely believed that Bella was “the One,” would you really just step away? I don’t know if you are a fan of The Office (US) or have followed its storyline, but in the Roy-Pam-Jim triangle, Jacob is a lot like Jim, but in Jim’s situation, the writer intends for you to take his side, whereas with Twilight all signs point to Edward. It’s clearly a matter of perspectives.

  261. Maddy

    I think it means more coming from a guy.. So I’m glad you pointed out Edward’s position.
    Also, Edward is an old-fashioned guy.. so marriage means a lot to him, and it is also a way for him to declare his love for Bella to the world.

  262. Deacon Cabrera

    Same, the Jonas brothers can make any song a decent song .

  263. Destin Sharpe

    joe is cute but nick is HOT i like nick j more than you so put it in a jucie box and suck it

  264. Gothhic Goddess

    Smooth out the wrinkles, and I would hands down say Aro should be played by Johnny Depp. He has a way of bringing characters to life, like none other. And, he could do the whole cheerleader gone bad attitude as well. πŸ˜‰

  265. Sam

    i loved the conversation part! that made me crack uppppp! oh and i totally agree about him being a “yet another closet TwilightGuy” lol

    and i also found your mention of the ‘bedroom scene’ being awkward hilarious…just wait until BD!
    as for most fangirls this is one of my favorite chapters because of the proposal…and i agree 100% with post number 65!

  266. Thomas Jefferson

    Haha that was a funny line. Another line (well a couple of lines) was:
    Bella: (I don't remember the exact wording at this moment but it was something along the lines of:) “So that's it, you won't sleep with me until after we're married?”
    Edward: “Well, technically, Bella, I can't ever SLEEP with you.”
    Bella: “Very mature, Edward”

  267. JackNBrown

    Despite wind-burned cheeks, freezing fingers, and the deafening hum of the switzerland clothing cold wind in your ears, a paragliding trip is well worth the unsurpassed birds-eye view of the sparkling lakes below.

  268. Ali

    Well, Im commenting finally. Giving my opinion on this Jacob/Edward war and I have to say…I dont like Bella.

    I really dont like the way she played the two of them, and its really hard for me to like a book, but hate the main character. She just irritates me. While Edward and Jacob come off as sincere in their love, though they show it differently, Bella just seems obsessed with Edward and selfish with Jacob.

    As for the other, people keep commenting how Edward shouldn't let Bella see Jacob and I disagree. Edward left HER, not the other way around. He told her to move on and she tried, in her own way. I think thats why he 'lets' her see him with no complaint. Its his fault her and Jacob are friends. I always found Edward more controlling, and thats why I lean towards Team Jacob.

    At the same time, Jacob is immature and childish. He does try to separate them. You say you try to see it from Edwards point of view, well try seeing it from his. The man left her completely broken. Barely functioning. And he was there for her, when Edward was not. Id be miffed if she just ran back to him the second he returned.

    In the end, I dont like Bella most. Then Jacob, then Edward. (I also like the way the wolf pack get along more than the way the vampires interact.)

  269. edwardluvsbella

    :) this is my favorite chapter i love edward!!!
    BTW twilight guy you should act like edward tward your girlfriend any girls would love to have a boyfriend that acted like edward theres not many out there :/

  270. ummhedaya

    ha ha ha… 'closet twilight guy' that is soooo funny!!! Your posts always make me laugh so much… makes me sad that I'm so late on this twi-craze… I seem to have missed out on all this fun while it was happening :(

  271. Nicole

    Don't worry. It's never to late to jump on the Twilight train.

  272. ummhedaya

    Thanks a bunch… it actually makes me feel nice that the fans are so open to newbies… even older ones like myself :)

  273. Nicole

    Don't worry. It's never to late to jump on the Twilight train.

  274. ummhedaya

    Thanks a bunch… it actually makes me feel nice that the fans are so open to newbies… even older ones like myself :)

  275. Tai game hanh dong

    My personal sis recommended me personally about your own internet website and exactly how excellent it really is. Shes correct, Im really impressed with the writing and clever design. It appears in my experience you are merely itching the surface when it comes to what you might achieve, nevertheless youre on a good begin!

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