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We Interrupt This Broadcast…

February 2nd, 2009 at 1:01 pm by Kaleb Nation

At the encouragement of some of my readers, I’m taking a break from blogging for just a few days.

Filming, editing and promoting five videos, doing a live BlogTV show, and writing for two websites all in one week (not to mention full-time school and a biology test!) has left me slightly exhausted (and looking more like a vampire than ever). It’s probably best for me to recover some after last week’s whirlwind of 7,000 (!) new subscribers and the resulting 2-AM nights of behind-the-scenes work. I’m also not as funny when I’m tired 😀

For your continued entertainment, the Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner autograph contest is still going, and I’m up to 16,500 subs already (wowsa, I’m going to be doing another BlogTV VERY soon it seems 😀 ). Also, later this week I am uploading a new song to Youtube. Enough fun stuff to keep you occupied until I return Friday-ish with the next chapter!


PS: for those who haven’t noticed, I finally put up that quote from Stephenie about me, in the sidebar. Coolest few words I’ve ever received 😀

PPS: photo from the past, by request:


Look what I found in that haystack, ma

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54 Responses

  1. Victoria

    And a very deserved break, Kaleb !

  2. Daniela

    Yeah. You’ve earned it 😀

  3. Heather

    Good! Just sleep, eat, study, and go to school. That’s it, no more. Fans orders.

  4. Melanie

    haha good. take some time off, you need your rest! sounds like you’ve obviously had a crazy week, understandably!

  5. Synne

    Kaleb, I care about you and your well-being. So sleep, eat and relax. We love you soooooo much. We don’t want you to get the too-many-twilighters-and-too-much-twilighty-stuff-syndrome (Some of my friends got it after I spent a whole week babling about Twilight: The Movie and nothing else, and I also gave it to my teacher)Not funny that syndrome. But don’t be gone too long. I need you. We need you. But just remember as you are eating your lasagna or chillin on the couch, we love you, but we are not known to be the most patient of people. But no need to feel pressured or anything 😛
    Feel the love from me and my fellow Twilighters here in Norway. I just sent some positive energy airwaves your way. Love ya 😀

  6. Jazz

    I love that you put Stephenie’s quote on the side bar. Yay you!

  7. UnintendedChoice

    take care of yourself, buddy! we need you bringing your A-game for our twi-pleasure!
    the girls at letterstotwilight.com

  8. Kayeclipse17

    Dr. Kate’s remedy for getting your energy back:
    – at least 2 smartwater’s
    – 2 and a half reese’s
    – dance with a gnome for 7 minutes
    – lots o’ sleep
    +repeat steps every day for a week and you’ll back to your energy back in no time :)

  9. Haley

    Yeah, I noticed that you had a few bags under your eyes on your last video! I thought you might have been vamped! 😮 (Now, how cool would that be? Or, maybe thats just me…)
    Please get LOTS of rest and enjoy your break! :)

  10. courtney

    I havent been on the computer in one day and all of a sudden theres a new contest and your giving away a TAYLOR LAUTNER autograph!!! wow i can miss a lot in one day! anyway take some time off and get some rest that way youll be able to keep us updated! Youre awesome Kaleb :)

  11. Liz twicurls


    you’re way funnier when you’re tired.

  12. Krista

    Poor you

  13. Krista

    Ooops. Didn’t mean to post that!

    Poor you, though. I was wondering how you weren’t dead yet, all that work you do. XD

  14. AussieT

    A well-deserved break – I don’t know how you manage to do it all and still have some social interaction. I have trouble just keeping on top of everything you post!

  15. Amber Pederson

    Hahaha. Looks like that ‘two months’ estimate for how long it would take you to get to 20,000 was vastly off course. :)

    Get well, though! You deserve it! You’re the Oprah of Twilight.

  16. Haley

    Hmm. I believe one day before you had a blogTV, many of us awaited like, an hour or so before you got there. And someone let it slip that you were taking a nap. xD We tried to convince her to wake you up via phone call, but, she wouldn’t. We all tried to convince her that you are sooo much more funny when grouchy. (:
    But, that was us just us being impatient.
    YEAH, SLEEP WELL THOUGH! 😀 Second post of the day! Haha.

  17. Morgen

    That is ironic. I’m the “American Gothic” farmers wife in a play my school is putting on. I just printed out the picture yesterday to find my costume, although I like your version of it MUCH better. KalebNation you’re halarious. Enjoy your time off.
    Peace, Love, etc.,
    – Morgen

  18. Rakey

    OMG Haley, I remember that! I was camping out there for like 5 hours before he got there! Good times! We were all anti-Kaleb-sleeping.

    But Kaleb, take the break! We know you need it. And I noticed the quote and was like “was that always there?”.

  19. Mary Anne

    psh. lies.

  20. Yen

    yeah man, just get some rest cuz that sounds like way too much. we really appreciate your efforts though! 😀 love ya

  21. Lupita

    Thank God!!!! Sleep well!!! 😀
    We love you!!!!

  22. Nazneen

    Go rest, Kaleb! I’ll be waiting for Friday. We love you! [:

  23. ERIKA

    Have a good rest Kaleb and be back soon! =)

  24. miri amee

    Kaleb! You’ve earned your rest. You’ve been entertaining us for quite a while, ehueheue, go and regain your strength!

    Btw, i mentioned you and promoted your upcoming book on my blog, if that’s OK with you.

    Now people in Indonesia & Malaysia will know all about it – well, at least the people i know there.

  25. God
  26. urcoolcarrie

    Relax. You totally deserve it.

    Thanks for everything! You rock, Kaleb!

  27. Alyssa

    Hahaha another great picture from the past.

  28. Annie

    Oh dear. You need to go seal yourself in a dark room and sleep for three days. You don’t want to catch the cold that’s going around.

  29. Ember P

    Take a break! 😀 I can’t believe you did that BlogTV show that soon! 😀 (It was epic awesome, by the way. I don’t despair!)

    LOL! Another random image from the past! 😀 I love those!

  30. Tuesday Tabloid Tidbits :) « The Twilight Tabloid

    […] Twilight Guy has added a new post. Read it here. […]

  31. Kimmie

    yes rest, and I’ll look forword to your next post cuase it’s one of the few things to keep me occupied during these next two weeks as I’m on bed rest from surgery. Hopw all goes well.

  32. Mickie

    this may be off the subject of this comment thing but i just found like lets say 5 guys at my school that are reading twilight and take it to lunch and read! they like all sit at the same table! i used to do that but then i had finished the book so i may just start all over again!

  33. Ilana

    Haha, god you must be tired.
    It was well worth it. :)
    Congratulations on the subscribers!!

  34. Kayla

    Hey Kaleb, have a nice break. You sound like you have a million things going on. You should totally take a vacation, then let like Jaden or somebody take over for you, and have a chance to come back rested, and refreshed.

  35. Haley

    @Rakey: Haha! Thats so righttt! Oh my gosh, great times. xD We all hung out for like 3 hours talking. Pre-BlogTVs are awesome. Especially the ones where there aren’t THAT many people on (like this last one… Crazy how many people were there!!). Ahh. We had so much fun then. Only 50 people might have been there… if even 50. o__o I dunno. Oh well! Still fun. :3

  36. Jazz

    Wow – I just checked and he’s already past 19,000 subscribers! 😀

  37. Jen

    I know how you feel, Kaleb. Drama is exhausting me as well, but I’m not writing a website. Take a break and relax… we’ll still be here for you when you come back!

  38. Tiffany H.

    Take your time, dearest. :) We’ll be here waiting patiently.

  39. tyabelle

    You deserve a break! Make the best of it 😀

  40. Stephanie K.

    You’re funniest when you’re sleepy, though! Anyway, enjoy the biology stuff. =] I LOVED bio! I think my clinical rotation and AP bio are the only things I’m looking forward to as a senior. Sigh.

  41. Cam

    On an unrelated note, there’s a new Twilight Riddle game online, and you are the answer to one of the questions (I won’t give away which one).

  42. Erinn

    Congrats on reaching 20,000 subs!!!

  43. vivs

    cant wait for u to start blogging again and come back from that well deserved rest. 😀

  44. hakeberevol

    I’m glad you’re getting your rest. You work to hard! But this has been a loooooong week without any of your stuff. *sigh* But I really hope you feel better soon!

    Lot’s of peace and love! (and maybe some rock and roll)

  45. Sarah

    You definitely need some r&r. Take it easy and recover. I recommend hot tea, relaxing music, and a nice book.

    And for some hot gossip while you’re recuperating: did you hear about what Stephen King said about Stephenie? Scandalous!

  46. Laura

    LOL Cam…I was going to tell him about that too. Yea it’s a PITA riddle quiz, and it made me smile that she included you. We miss you, come back soon! :)

  47. Sarah

    ahh you have 20,000 subs!!!

  48. Alice

    Ahh, Kaleb? READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! READ READ READ READ READ READ [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!

    As I was saying, I think -THINK-
    that this so called ‘Stephenie Meyer’ that you found on Myspace…is not the real Stephenie. Do you know how I know? This is because on the real Stephenie’s page, it says the only sites she owns are http://www.stepheniemeyer.com and http://www.myspace.com/stephenie_meyer. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s there on http://www.stepheniemeyer.com on the post ‘December 17, 2008.’ Go and see the bad news for yourself, Kaleb. Go.

  49. Kaleb Nation

    I assure you, it’s the real Stephenie Meyer. If you go to myspace.com/stephenie_meyer, and read more on her blog, the post is down there.


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