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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 21 (Trails)

February 9th, 2009 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

During my glorious and much-needed break from blogging, it was brought to my attention that I was mentioned somewhere I had never, ever expected to be. One of my readers emailed and said she had been reading Robert Pattinson: Eternally Yours, by Isabelle Adams, and came across this passage on page 90:



I can’t even begin to tell you what a surprise this was! I’m still in shock that I was mentioned in an actual book like that 😀

Anyhows, I managed to make time stop so I could read another chapter of Eclipse today! Where I left off, there were some obvious Jacob/Bella problems going on. Does she love him? Does she not? Does she absolutely detest his slightly manipulative ways? I shall find out…

Bella’s vision of a perfect wedding is very fitting for what she wants: anything human to be over as quickly as possible.She hardly enjoys any sort of celebration, even her own graduation and birthdays, and being wed carries so much weight in her mind she seems to want it over and done with As Soon As Humanly Possible. Obviously, this is not what she has in mind:

Is The Woman Furthest Right Yawning?

Is The Woman Furthest Right Yawning?

Rather, her dream wedding is more like this:

C'mon let's get hitched

C'mon let's get hitched

Alice however, has quite a different set of plans for her human-equivalent-of-a-sister. I had little doubt that Alice would somehow find a way to talk Bella out of the drive-thru wedding option, which she does in record time:

Bella: NO NO NO!




Never try to change Alice’s mind when it comes to planning a possible party*  😀

Bella sets off on her serious mission of misleading the rabid newborns with her scent, which seems as intoxicating as a human scent can get. As she and Edward are making their smelly paths through the woods, their conversation is entirely amusing yet again. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, or if I’m pulling things completely out of the air, but I really enjoy the fact that Edward and Bella can be apart and yet together at the same time. It’s as if they’re walking seperately from each other, but in a way they’re still close: this never ending conversation that dominates everything. As if I haven’t pointed it out enough in the course of reading, it’s such an integral part of their relationship: even when Edward isn’t exactly holding her hand, in a way he’s still there next to her.

I like it how Edward is open to whatever type of wedding Bella prefers, but I have to say I’m with Alice on this one. Really, Bella might want the fastest possible, speed-read wedding now, but about 254 years from now she might wish she had chosen otherwise. Not one to speak of how anyone feels when they’re older and wiser and 200+ years old, I still get the feeling that if she has the chance, why not make something memorable out of it? Anyone could easily skip Christmas, New Years and birthdays because they’re just too busy for such party nonsense, but eventually they might begin to regret what they missed out on. And besides, nobody in their right mind would pass up Emmett Cullen doing the job 😀

Then, exactly as I had mentioned in the previous chapter:

JACOB: “Sometimes I think you like me better as a wolf.”

BELLA: “It probably has something to do with the way you can’t talk.”

JACOB: “You’re so lulzy when you’re mad.”

My thoughts exactly — for though I have no deep loathing for Jacob the werewolf, I can completely feel how annoyed Bella is by his constant irritation of her. I don’t understand. I really do not. It is not that I have anything against Jacob. I just don’t understand how he can constantly act immature and mean and yet still be convinced that Bella secretly adores him. Perhaps I am too accustomed to Edward’s politeness, and Jacob’s ways seem to pale in comparison, because he is closer to being human (somewhat resembling Han Solo’s overly self-assertive personality). But really, how many times has something happened like this:

JACOB: “I know you love me.”

BELLA: “No, I hate your stinkin guts.”

JACOB: “Yeah, I knew it, you love me.”

BELLA: “Look over there, a cliff. Jump off it.”

JACOB: “Yep, you love me, la de da…”

Unless I am mistaken, or Forks is in Opposite-world, Bella is being quite clear, thank you very much.

To Jacob’s benefit, however, he does go along with the plan, and safely carried Bella to the cave, for which I’m sure Bella is grateful. It is so interesting that Jacob might have been the alpha of the werewolves: a bit of history I wasn’t expecting about him. So perhaps a bit of Jacob’s overconfidence comes from the blood of a leader running through him? Readers of my site might find it interesting that part of my family history includes a chief, way back in the Choctaw nation (at least, this is how the family’s story goes…). Maybe Jake and I have more in common than I would like to think… 😀

Question for the comments: What do you think would have happened if Jake was the alpha of the group? Do you think the werewolves would have still worked with the vampires?


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*side note: say that 10 times fast: planning a possible party. muhaha.

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107 Responses

  1. Beckie

    To your question for the comments…

    I think, for some odd reason, that the werewolves WOULD still ally with the vampires…. call it a hunch, I suppose…

  2. Jamus

    I have to agree with Beckie…. But of course I’m sure, like myself, Beckie has already read all the books….lol

  3. Kate

    I think they WOULD work together, but as little as possible.

    But then, this would be if the story went a way in other than the way I know it does, having obsessively pored over those thick books for hours.

    Also, a midnight post? Do you sleep at all, Kaleb?

  4. Beckie


  5. Cam

    Even aside from the hints of things to come – Of course the wolves would ally with the vampires if Jacob was the alpha. He was the one that wanted in at the graduation party, and had to go convince Sam. And he’s all about protecting Bella.

  6. Heather

    Sorry, this is going to be another long comment =/

    “Does she absolutely detest his slightly manipulative ways?” – Slightly? Slightly? Try EXTREMELY HARDCORE AWFUL manipulative ways. Jacob just drives me INSANE in this book. Arghh…

    “Bella: NO NO NO! Alice: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Bella: UGH UGH UGH! Alice: YES YES YES!” – Hahahahahaha! That made me laugh really hard for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s after one in the morning, and I’m on a slight caffeine buzz

    “I really enjoy the fact that Edward and Bella can be apart and yet together at the same time.” – That’s the beauty of their relationship. It goes so deep. It’s why I’ve never understood those extreme Jacob supporters who believe that Edward is pure evil and Jacob is the pinnacle of goodness. How can you deny the connection Edward and Bella have?

    And random comments:

    1) Alice is always right, even when she screws up

    2) That’s the perfect description of Jacob (Look over there, a cliff. Jump off it…Yep, you love me, la de da)

    3) Nice Han Solo comparison!

    4) You’re reading Fire and Ice next!!! That is one of the most epic chapters of the whole series. I’m so excited for your comments on it.

    I can’t really answer the question for the comments. And I did try saying it ten times fast…I got to about four before I flubbed it all.

  7. Twihard_Fanpire

    aaw beckie… thats cheating! but we wont tell Kaleb all that happens… will we.

    any ways

    i said it ten times fast
    (im an extremely fast talker and that asnt such a hard sentence!)

  8. Autumn

    AH!!! the next chapter is my favorite in this book Dx hurry up and read it!

  9. Nazneen

    Yeay for next chapter review!

    Stop wondering whether you loathe Jacob or not. Of course you do! Hahah. I agree with Heather, even though you’re on a caffeine buzz, I still agree [:

    If Jacob was the alpha of the group, well. I’d probably say that yes, they would still worked with the vampires. But just to kill some newborn vampires. It runs in their nature to kill vampires. 😀

  10. Nazneen

    Oh yeah, and whoa to your name mentioned in the book!

  11. Daina

    Hehehe, interesting question. Hope Jacob wouldn’t do anything silly with the Alpha power… 😀

    And I think that Jacob is reading signs from Bella, because she still wants him around!
    And also, I was so sad that they didn’t have Emmett as priet! :( That would have been so funny!!

    “..planning a possible party..” x10. Not that hard! 😛

  12. Sakura-miaka

    Have you seen Bailey’s declaration of YouTube war against you? 😀

    Anyway, I say the pack would still work with the vampires considering that La Push might be in danger and Jacob won’t let anything hurt Bella.

    You just don’t say ‘NO’ no Alice. You just don’t. You’ll end up teared to shreds and burnt before you can do that. LOL.

    Chapter 22 ish going to be an interesting chapter while Chapter 23 is going to be a definite shocker. Have fun…. 😀

  13. Steph

    Stolen, yes! I can play that on guitar. Granted, it’s ridiculously easy, but that doesn’t make me feel any less awesome. 😉

    I have a criticism to make. Yes, it’s little, but I’m eternally annoyed by the all too common usage of words such as ‘anyhow/s,’ ‘anywho/s,’ and ‘anyways’. They all mean ‘anyway’! Except they’re not real words. I hate it when people purposely use made up words. So ends my rant.

    As for your question: I think they definitely would have still worked with the vampires. Though it’s likely Jake would’ve tried to work in some conditions. Involving Bella and possibly his lips? *shudders* Silly, immature Beta. 😀

  14. Steph

    Oh my goodness! Thank you, Heather, for reminding me. You’re reading Fire and Ice next! Love it. Definitely Eclipse’s best chapter. So hurry up and read it.

  15. Rakey

    Rawr, Fire and Ice is NOT one of the best chapters, contrary to what people here are saying. Grr. But, hey, let’s let King Kaleb form his own opinion. (OTNC FTW!)

    I’m not sure if the pack would be different with Jacob as the alpha. I think they probably would, as Jacob loves Bella and wouldn’t want to take any risk of getting her killed (although he would prefer that he didn’t have to work with vampires and wishes he could kill them off with the evil ones). But, hey, what do you expect from a flea-ridden mongrel?

    On another note: OTNC FTW!

  16. Amanda

    Your questions…hehehe.

  17. kassia

    Why the Jacob hate? I’m wearing my Team Jacob shirt right now, actually. People just don’t try to see things from his point of view. Edward and Jacob are in the exact same situation, except Bella loves Edward more and they go about trying to win Bella in different ways. Wait until Breaking Dawn, you’ll understand why Jacob is like that. Really, he’s not annoying.

  18. kassia

    I think the pack would change slightly, although Sam and Jacob still have the same ideas for the pack. Jake would try to work with the vampires a bit more, to try and keep Bella happy, and there would be more protection from the werewolves for Bella. Sam just tolerates the vampires because of the treaty, but Jake knows that any conflict between the vampires and the wolves would hurt Bella.

  19. Lucian

    I agree with kassia.
    Besides the fact that I find the conversations between Jacob and Bella hilarious and they slightly remind me of conversations with my own best friend [although it usually ends in her acting violent], he’s more closer to human. Edward’s a cool guy, no doubt! And I believe Bella belongs to him. But he’s obviously “older than his age” so relating to Jacob’s just easier.

    And if Jacob were the Alpha from the beginning already, then he totally would’ve worked with the vamps. I mean, if he were to attack Edward and the rest of the Cullens, which beloved human do you think would stand in his way? haha
    He’d have no choice.

  20. Lucian

    Oh, and that’s pretty cool you got mentioned in that book dude!

  21. Rachel

    OH OH OH! You are so–xDDDDD

    Are you SURE you haven’t read Breaking–OH EM GEEE.


    Alpha is a big word, Mr. Kaleb…

  22. Michelle

    The two things that hit me in this chapter are
    1. How easily Edward could deal with the fact that Bella had cut her hand open and was leaving a blood trail all over the place.
    2. How Bella didn’t realize she was wearing a huge diamond until Jacob told her. I didn’t realize it, either. I have to wonder if they really came from his mother, though I don’t think he would lie to Bella. I guess his family was pretty well off back in the day.

    Yes, I always thought that the only reason that the werewolfs and vamps worked together on this in the first place was because of Jacob showing up at the graduation party. Otherwise, the pack never would have known what was going on. The fact that Jacob had decided so readily that they would fight also tells me that even as an Alpha he would have been ready to go. Their dedication as protectors goes above and beyond his feelings for Bella. I’m sure that’s his main driving point, aside from getting to kill any vamps at all, but I think it’s protecting all the humans from so many vampires being around that is driving the rest of them.

    I love when Bella calls him the Beta… so cute.

    Cool with the book mention!

    Also, I could say it ten times fast as well.

    Can’t wait for the next two chapters!

  23. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Well I am thrilled that you have finally finished chapter 21, because that means you are now on CHAPTER 22!!!!!!!!!!!! You may even be reading it right this moment….but probably not:) Well here it comes, Kaleb, the best chapter in the whole Twilight Saga. And chapter 23 is the second best! Your feelings toward Jacob are why there is a Team Edward, and the next 2 chapters will really either soildify your annoyance of him, or will change your mind completely. I’ll be very interested in your thoughts! Love you Kaleb; I’m so glad you’re back!!!!!

  24. raph


  25. Catie S

    I think they still would have helped if Jake was the alpha because its protecting Bella.

  26. Hakeberevol

    Haha! I can’t wait for chapter 23 (?). All the Jacob understanding will go away. I threw my book across the room when I got to that point.

  27. Monica

    I think that if Jacob were the Alpha, he would work with the Cullens for two reasons:
    1) To protect Bella
    2) To kill the newborns

  28. Janelle

    I think part of what always annoyed me so much about Jacob is the fact that I actually know a guy like that, & at times when I read it felt as though he & I could’ve easily been Jacob & Bella, just on a slightly smaller scale.

  29. Sylvie

    “I don’t understand. I really do not. It is not that I have anything against Jacob. I just don’t understand how he can constantly act immature and mean and yet still be convinced that Bella secretly adores him.”

    okay I´m sorry but I really diasagree with you this time. because jacob isn´t half as convinced as you think he is. he definitely has his doubts, I wouldn´t go so far as to say he loves bella as much as edward, but he loves her as much as a human can love another human(I don´t watn to spoil anything but i really think you will understand him better when you read breaking dawn). And if you would really love a girl and think she´s about to make the biggest mistake of her life, which is probably going to kill her( because he doesn´t trust edward enough as to think he won´t kill her while trying to change her into a vampire) wouldn´t you try to prevent her from said mistake?
    And though bella says she doesn´t love him she wants him around and is thus encouraging him. Everybody only sees the bond between bella and edward(which is indeed stronger than the one between bella and jacob) but they don´t get that jacob and bella aren´t just friends. Jacob helped bella through the very worst time of her live and almmost saved her from insanity so that had to leave something. i really think what is motivating jacob is that he think he´s going to loose bella if he lets edward win. he knows it´s a long shot but he still trys to cinvince her to live a normal life(of which i don´t think bella is capable of;) ).
    okay end of defending jacob^^
    i look forward to you reading chapter 22. i don´t think it´s the best of the whole twilight-saga but it definitely has something and you will understand both edward and jacob better–> have fun^^

    king kaleb *lol* =)=)

    congratulations for being mentioned in the book!

    oh and sorry for the long post and my bad english, i hope it´s understandable xD

  30. Sylvie

    oh and for jacob acting immature: well after all he is only 16 years old^^

  31. Sylvie

    ugh. already found a few mistakes myself… well, i was afraid my lap-top would crash(again) because that´s what it´s usually does when i wrote a log text and am about to press send 😉

  32. Michelle

    Just had to comment again for the sake of this Jacob thing. This is basically the same discussion we drew out on the last chapter.

    First, I think we all understand completely how Jacob feels about Bella and why he acts the way he does. Being Team Edward doesn’t automatically post a super hatred for Jacob. I like Jacob, even though I find him annoying. I do not like him with Bella.

    You have to put yourself into this situation. You have a best friend who’s in love with someone you hate. Your bestie tells you time and time again that she loves you as a best friend, but that she doesn’t want to be with you. You continue to push the issue every time you see her…

    Sometimes you just have to decide if you love someone enough to stay their best friend, or if you love them too much to handle the pain of watching them with someone else. For all purposes of his sanity, Jacob should have just made a clean break by now. In the end, I don’t think it has anything to do with worrying that Edward will kill her, because he’s convinced that once she’s a vampire, she’ll be dead to him anyway. However, it is a good excuse to keep berating her. He’s so stuck on proving to her that she loves him. She already knows that she loves Jacob, just not enough. It was just like the Romeo comparison. She knows that Jacob is second place, and so does he. The fact that you would keep fighting for someone, knowing that you are fall back guy, is so pathetic that it verges on insanity.

    Also, and I’m not the first to bring this up, you cannot proclaim your love of Jacob by means that he is an immature teenager. Bella is only a teenager, and no one doubts her love or commitment. Yes, I know that her Mother said she was born thirty five and all that, but she still has her stubborn teenage moments which prove otherwise. The thing is, the times that she acts out are few and far between compared to the way Jacob acts.

    He hides behind the fact of his age to get away with all the crap he pulls, but then he wants to pretend he’s a grown-up when it comes to his feelings of love.

    I don’t understand how anyone rides down the fence on this, AKA Team Switzerland. I can understand liking both characters, which I do, but in the end, only one can end up with Bella. That’s what the “team” thing is all about. In the end, I want Bella and Edward happy together. It doesn’t mean that I want Jacob miserable, but really, he’s still got plenty of time to imprint on someone. If you love her so much, just let her go.

    Also, I did see Bailey’s You Tube video. I think it’s hilarious! Now this is a time that I have to Team Switzerland. I love both Kaleb and Bailey! Pretty impressive that she’s got Mike in her corner, though. LoL

    Maybe I’ll just have to go Team Jaden on this one. He’s my Switzerland.

  33. Shelby

    I think that the wolves would still ally with the vampires. Jacob isn’t stupid, he knows its the right thing. The fact that Bella is tangled up in the mix is what would mainly make him agree to such an alliance.

    But then again, I’ve finished the series so my opinion might have something to do with that. hehehe 😛

    I have a feeling that when you read Breaking Dawn, you’ll love Jacob, Kaleb! My friend was a huge team Edward supporter until she read BD, now she turns all of her friends into team Jacob people! Its crazy! I liked Edward through the whole series and I loved Jacob through the whole series. But once BD came out and I read it, I began to hate Edward and loved Jake even more! Sorry if the wheels in your head have started to turn now, Kaleb, but I had to hint at the feelings that some people-including myself- have felt towards the hero known as Edward Cullen!

  34. tina

    Glad you’re back. Love your post!! I’m excited that you are mentioned in the book – you are making quite an impact on the guy world with your site…

    If Jake had been alpha, they still would align themselves with the vamps. But, things always happen for a reason…you shall see.

    On to chapter 22 ‘Fire and Ice’ – truly one of the best chapters in the book, because you get a glimpse into the Edward/Jacob dynamic.

    Read, Kaleb, read!!

  35. Victoria

    I actually said “planning a possible party” 10 times really fast without messing up! =P Anyways, one thing I hate about Bella is that she doesn’t really take marriage seriously. Atleast it seems that way. She always misses out on big events in her life. She is just so into becoming a vampire, that she could careless about anything else, and I just can’t stand that!
    I’m really not sure what would happen if jake was the Alpha at this pont right now. I don’t think he’ll force others to do stuf like Sam does. They all have no choice but to follow his orders.
    At this pint I do, in a way, think that both the vampires and werewolves would have still worked together just to protect Bella. Jacob “loves” Bella, so I do think he would give his all to keep her safe too.

  36. Victoria

    O, and I voted your site for best twilight site! You are absolutly amazing!!!!

  37. Bekah

    okay so I’m gonna go out on a limb and disagree with pretty much comment I’ve read on here.

    Although I don’t think it would be entirely impossible for them to work together, I also do not believe that it would be very likely for it to work out that way.

    If Jacob was the Alpha then he could have decided to attack the vampires and no one could protest his orders. Although he does care about Bella he tends to not think things completely through before doing them. He would be more likely to forget about how much it would hurt Bella and attack all the vampires anyway.

    He already has issues controlling his anger and phasing while Sam is the Alpha and I’m sure Sam was probably ordering him to let it be. But if he were the true Alpha no one could order him. On the contrary….he could order everyone else to do his bidding.

    While I don’t hate Jacob–I actually like him because he reminds me of my own literal Jacob–he has enough hatred toward Edward and the “bloodsuckers” to actually refuse to ally and let them die or to attack them himself.

    This is just my opinion although as I stated before I don’t that the chances of them becoming allies would be an altogether obsolete idea…..it would just be very unlikely.

  38. Kari

    ok so I think that if Jacob were the Alpha then he would REALLY try to go after Bella. Like Sam was probably making him stay on their territory and not violate the treaty but he would probably (just to piss off Edward and make him break the treaty) kidnap Bella and take her to La Push so Edward would have to break the treaty. He would probably do something like that because there would be no one ordering him around. And I think that the werewolves would still ally with the vampires because Jacob would want to keep Bella safe and in order to do that, they would have to team up with the vampires.

  39. hakeber_Evol

    Hey 37(Bekah)! I spell my name the same way! (sorry just no one spells it this way anymore….) Anyhoo way to go KAH people and down with the CCA!

  40. becky sue

    If Jacob was Alpha? Oh my, I’m just not even going to go there. End of story. *pfffft*

    And you should get used to seeing your name in print: especially because you will have YOUR OWN BOOK soon!

    ABSOLUTLY cannot WAIT for the next chapter!! Eeeeek!

  41. becky sue

    And to hakeber_Evol:
    in my school we have three girls with the same name one goes by Rebekah, one by Becca, and i go by Becky. its kinda funny.

  42. Lauren

    I think Jacob would still work with the vampires if he were Alpha because he would do absolutely anything to make sure that Bella stays safe– that’s where the similarities between him and Edward start and end.

    I agree with becky sue– You’re going to be a world famous author one day, get used to the publicity!

  43. Dara E!

    Hmm…is there a way to answer you’re question WITHOUT giving away what happens…? I don’t think so (even though everyone else probably already has given it away) But anyway…congrats on the book mention! And I can’t wait till you get to the next chapter!!! Fire and Ice is definately the most epic, awesome chapter in the whole series! And you’re probably gonna be like everyone else and immediately be Team Edward, I’m still TEAM JACOB 100%!!!

    Being a teenage girl who has to deal with annoying boys 24/7, I’ve gotten use to there annoyingness and have given up on being bothered by their stupid games. If you take the teenage antics away from Jacob, I think he’d be the best for Bellain the long run.

  44. Ana

    I think if Jacob was the Alpha, werewolves will fight with the vampires againts the new-borns, because it is to bella’s procttecion, but i’m sure that he will began a war very soon because he just don’t care about bella’s feeling. If he think that he can make Edward stay away from Bella, he will try everthing he can to do that. It doesn’t matter what bella want.

    And that is one of the reasons why Edward deserve to be with Bella, because what make her happy is the most important thing to him.

    And i agree with you, Bella don’t want a big wedding now, but later she going to regret, so Alice have right, like always.

  45. Ana

    i mean we ‘know’ Alice, and Alice always win, right?

    And Bella ca´’t feel guilty about anything, Alice will use that, i am sure, so i am almost sure that Bella will have a big wedding,doesn’t matter if she want our not.

    Congratulations for your name be mencioned on the book, but i agree with beck sue, you have to get used to

  46. Tricia

    Yep they’d work together… in my mind, Jacob is the only reason that they ever work together. He’s not so bad, a little immature, but seriously, what do you expect, he’s still a kid. Edward has such an advantage because of his age. I like Jake’s spunk, never giving up, at the same time there are moments that I’d like to slap some sense into that boy.

  47. Becky

    Kaleb, you of all readers should know why Jake is acting like that. He’s being a teenage boy! And he’s in love. Or at least, he *thinks* he’s in love. He loves Bella, so in his mind, she must love him. Plus, he honestly can not imagine anyone actually loving a vampire.

    to answer your other question: hmm… well… I think that because it’s a matter of keeping Bella safe, Jake (if he were Alpha) would work with the vampires. He wouldn’t like it, but he would do it 😉

    HURRY UP AND READ THE NEXT CHAPTER! In infamous Tent Scene, finally you get to it.

  48. Becky

    @ 39, hakeber_Evol:
    :( what about the Rebeka-with no-H’s of the world?
    way to leave us out, gosh. lol

  49. Zella

    You should be more careful with your questions, Kaleb. Some of these could get you spoilered.

    And about “planning a possible party” x10:
    Pah, childsplay. Try “Two teatree toner tabs” (I get them from Lush, they do miracles to your skin, btw)

  50. Nicole

    Kaleb were you reading? It was Jacob’s idea in the first place to help the Cullens fight the newborns to protect Bella. Besides they need to protect the tribe is well and the town so they dont unless a massacre. So if he was or wasnt they were going to help the Cullens. Jacob went and told Sam what the problem was and they decided to help. So hell yes he’d help since essentially it was still his idea Alpha or not! 😛

  51. Jaclyn.

    If it was over Bella, or about her safety, he’s somewhat like Edward.
    Number 1 Rule: Keep Bella safe.
    I think that he’d do what he’s doing now – dealing with his problems while hoping that something better might come out of it for him (like, idk, Bella running away from Edward, screaming – he he, sound familar? – and straight into his arms?)
    He’s pretty hopeful about his situation.
    And that’s where he gets cocky and annoying, and that’s where I start to not like him anymore.
    But, it’s the truth.
    As most likely stated above, your question will be more fully answered later.

  52. Kendall

    Kaleb, I think you’re a bit more psychic than you realize… I shan’t saw more than that.

  53. Tori Schmitz

    yeah i think they would because its still for the Bella’s saftey and just a hunc similar to the others who have read all the books…. 😉

  54. Shannen

    I don’t think I’m the only one who can’t answer that question, Kaleb…

  55. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 21 (Trails)

    […] the original post on Twilight Guy Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

  56. lexine

    ohhh kaleb. haven’t you ever met someone that can make you angrier than you’ve ever been, but that you would lay down in traffic for? someone who gets under your skin BOTH ways? and if you have such strong negative feelings, doesn’t it make sense that you could swing way back in the other direction as well?

    if you haven’t, i suggest you try finding someone like that. it’s something to experience.

  57. Marissa

    im sure the werewolves and vampires would work out even if Jake was the Alapha……..mybe i can just see the furture like Alice =)

  58. Alicia

    I actually found out about you, Kaleb, through the Robert Pattinson Eternally Yours book. I was reading it and I was like that sounds like a cool website, so I went on and now I go on every day! So i am really happy that they mentioned you in there! And its really cool that they put you in there!

    Anyways, for the question for the comments, I think they would still work with the vampires becaue it is still for Bella’s safety either way.

  59. nidhigirl11

    You’re a very good thinker, Kaleb. thats all I’ll say.

    As for Jacob’s behavior: he has no excuse. its childish and rude of him to act like that. especially when he violently kisses bella without her permission. that could be considered harrasment! Edward, even though he is dying to kill her inside, would never lay a hand on her if she did not allow it. But kudos to Bella for not leading him on – at least not currently.

    I’m not sure why Bella wants to be a vampire so badly. In no way is she held back from Edward as a human. Its not as if they can’t be together when they’re human. But at the same time, she may feel that edward will stop taking all those “precautions” once she is one of them. Also, she may be thinking of him. The sooner she turns into a vampire, the less pain Edward goes through to be with her. Although the book doesn’t let on that she feels so, she might feel bad for making him suffer as a result of being with her.

  60. Cara

    Oh yes, I remember reading that bit about you in the Rob Pattinsion book… I don’r like Rob. Haha
    Regarding the question of the day… Yes, I think that if Jake was the alpha, it would make it even more likely that they would side with the vampires. Bella’s safety, and all.

  61. Kristen

    Okay. This question is killing me…

    But I definately think that the vampires and werewolves would still work together if Jake was the Alpha. Jake still loves Bella, no matter what rank he is, so he is going to try and protect her no matter what the cost. Even if it means teaming up with the vampires. :)

    I love it, keep reading.
    I can’t wait to be reading when you finish Eclipse and start Breaking Dawn.

  62. Tianna

    Oh, hmm… I do think bella is quiet clear on a lot of things… and then Edward is very vague on somethings… and that Jacob just likes distorting everything else. XD

    I like Jacob, sometimes more than Edward, and defiantely more than Bella…

    I think if he was the Alpha of the wolves, I dont think they would have. In case you havent noticed (although I am sure you have…), Jacob hates Edward, but loves Bella as best as he can. And the fact that Jacob wants Bella for himself… he would risk getting Edward killed to do it, even though he has seen how much Edward and Bella like being in the others company.

    It just gives you a load to think about… like how Jacob just needs to suck it up sometimes and not let his prejudice to get away with him.

    Oh, and a little thing about the next chapter… its one of my favorites, so I hope you cant wait to read it!

  63. Mandy

    Hmm…. Not sure about the comment question (lol)
    Please hurry up with the next chapter. It’s my absolute favorite!!!! Me and my friend even have an (imaginary) band called Fire and Ice because of it!!!!!!!!!

  64. AussieT

    Another great post – need some humorous relief after a weekend of severe bushfires in Melbourne area (where I live) which took the lives of over 170 people. Just want to post a thought for all those who lost loved ones, houses and belongings.

    Onto brighter things – like so many others here, the next chapter is my favourite of this book and possibly of the series…

    If Jacob was alpha, he would still eventually align with the vampires anyway. Especially when the danger is not actually coming from the Cullens – he would do what’s necessary to protect his clan.

    Loved the Han Solo comparison by the way.

  65. Kizmet

    i don’t think jacob is overconfident. i think he puts on this jerky, overconfident facade to cover up the fact that he’s actually not confident at all and absolutely terrified of losing bella. i’m not saying his is the best way of dealing with those feelings, but it is what it is. it’s jacob.

  66. Jess

    Yaaaaaay! Thank you, Kaleb, for a post about a chapter! Yay! I’m actually mad at my email/Blackberry for not sending me the alert that a new post was up. Dammit. But I digress…

    I love this chapter. And yes, Jacob annoys the bejesus out of me sometimes, although I’m no Jacob hater.
    Right about now, Edward is gonna start getting on my nerves too. You’ll see why.

    To answer your question: I do believe that if Jacob were the leader of the pack, they would still find a loophole in the treaty and ally themselves with the “bloodsuckers”. Perhaps Jacob wouldn’t have the maturity at that point to realize the urgency of such action, but protecting Bella would make him do it, regardless.

    See, Kaleb, I’m not a twilightguy hater! You made my cold little heart all warm and fuzzy again! Haha!
    Have a great week! :)

  67. Bekah

    okay so I committed a big time no no on my last comment. (Sorry about the toddler speak. I have a young child lol). I commented and I guess I sorta left out other aforementioned elements in the book that had a bearing on the whole vampire werewolf ally thing.

    So I do believe that the pack would form an alliance with the Cullens even if Jake was the Alpha at the time. However, they would not be as in sync with one another or work so closely together even though they are indeedworking toward the same goal which is to protect Bella.

    I agree with Kaleb on what he said about how even when Bella and Edward are together they are apart. They are so thoroughly on the same brain wave that it’s unbelievable. Not many people actually have that type of relationship so when you see it manifest itself it is truly beautiful.

    Number 28…Janelle I think was the name. I know what you mean. I ahve a best friend who acts completely like Jacob even down to the point that he says some of the things to me that Jacob would say to Bella. It kinda freaked me out first and I had to explain to him why. He had never heard of Twilight before. Unacceptable! His name is even Jacob too lol. He calls me his Bella now. Weirdo.

    And Number 39 Rebekah….right on. Rebekahs and Rebeccas and Rebekas of the world unite! lol

    Sorry about that. Just had to sneak that in there. I also wanted to add though, on a little tangent, that I think that girls who read Twilight are not so much in love with Edward Cullen himself but with the idea of a guy who has that kind of dignity, respect, and class. And that’s just the revised and abridged list lol.

    While I do like both Edward and Jacob I can’t help but agree that Edward is better for Bella in so many ways and on so many levels. But then again….isn’t that the way that Stephenie intended things to be?

    So I’m done now…..sorry I ranted so long. What can I say? I’m a twenty year old girl who has no one to talk to all day but her infant daughter. You would ramble and rant too. haha

  68. Bekah

    oh and I also loved the Han Solo comparison…..I’m a big time Star Wars geek. I know way more than anyone–especially a girl–should ever know about Star Wars haha.

  69. Jess

    Oh and PS: great song choice for this chapter! I was gonna suggest “These Bones” by Dashboard for the next chapter, but nevermind…

    PPS: Bekah (from comment above) – loved your comment. Yes, indeed, the world needs more Edwards. The world could definitely use more Cullens period.

  70. yen

    i honestly dont know if he would be as willing as sam to work with them. maybe if sam talked to him about it…then yeah.

    but OMG i totally agree with you! its like wth jacob?! leave her alone! she said no! lol…geez

  71. Megan

    If Jake was the alpha…oh dear. That would be chaos. Haha :) He would probably still work with the vampires, but only to protect Bella. Anyhoo…about Jacob’s attitude towards Bella, I agree. He is a lot less gentle than Edward. He really got on my nerves in this book. Oh well. I still love him to peices :)

  72. Michelle


    Jacob did kidnap Bella once and take her to LaPush. When he rode up to the school on his motorcycle. Edward was out of town hunting. Still, Edward did not break the treaty to go after her.

    The Cullens and the werewolves both respect the treaty set in place. It’s not just about Edward and Jacob. If someone breaks the treaty, it means war. Both sides will lose people that they care about.

  73. devz30

    “Rawr, Fire and Ice is NOT one of the best chapters, contrary to what people here are saying.”

    YUuup, It is NOT the best chapter. But thats just my opinion ^^ I may be biased; I don’t like the third book in general.

  74. Lindsay

    Like someone mentioned before, it was Jacob’s idea in the first place for the pack to work with the Cullen’s when he found out about the newborns. So, I think alpha or not, that would be his first priority.

    I’m not sure how anyone could be persuaded to not like Edward after reading Breaking Dawn like a few people have said happened to them. I don’t want to spoiler anything but I think his willingness to sacrifice everything throughout the whole series for Bella (not fighting with his family and waiting with Bella at the camp site is a good example) makes it impossible to not appreciate his love for her. Of course BD helps explain a lot about Jacob, I can’t see how it would make you like Edward any less. That’s just my opinion though.

    Anyway, glad you’re back from your break! Hope you enjoyed it! Can’t wait for you to move on to the next chapter!

  75. Kat

    ur reading ..Fire And Ice next..and then from this chapter till the very end..GOD i totally love the book from here..!!!

  76. Jackie

    I’ve got to say I agree with most of what you’re saying in fact just not on all your details about Jacob. You’ll see why in the later book.
    Ummm…I totally agree with you on the relationship about Edward and Bella and how they can be apart yet together. It’s so cute and it shows the honesty I think in their relationship like what’s underneath.
    As for the questions, I think that the werewolves would still side with the vampire becuase of the treaty in a way. They have to protect humans and Bella is a human so they must do tat even though it means to side with vampires. I think the group would possible be different if Jacob was the alpha. Some of the decisions would be made differently.

  77. Brad

    #29-31 Sylvie
    Yes he was pretty much very convinced that Bella loved him. And that Bella would choose him instead of Edward. And no, don’t use the age 16 as a reason for him to behave so. It’s just highly ridiculous.

    #32 Michelle
    I love you. Truly, I do. You just make sense.

    #33 Shelby
    Hating Jacob would still be okay. But hating Edward? MYGOD. *Gawks*

    #43 Dara E!
    Edward is not playing a stupid game.

  78. Danushka

    this is my first comment, though I’ve been reading you for a while, now. but, I wanted to say that the next chapter is my favorite! and I can’t wait to read what you think about it

    and, I too agree that the wolfs would have fought with the vampires, if Jake were the Alpha. after all, weren’t Edward and Jake the first to rearrange the treaty? in chapter 10, if I remember correctly…

    and, even though Jake can be a bit annoying (ok, a lot) in this book, his feelings are true, so, it’s not THAT bad…

    (and sorry for my english… I’m working on it…)

  79. Reneata

    I love jake maybe because he is so very human and i have read all the books so i know how more complicated things get and how they get resolved but i want so badly to hear your take on everything that happens from this point onwards.

    I have to say this is my first time reading u i have watch your youtube vids and i joined twitter because of you but I have come to somewhat Idolize you lol just wanted to say thanks you make my days at work so much more bearable

  80. Aria

    I think yes, they would hae worked with them, and more readily too. But future complications could make the pack more ready to turn and attack

  81. Sarah B.

    there is a little thing I caught in your post….Jacob takes Bella to a cliff not a cave :p

    Hmmm….if Jacob was alpha…..I WONDER what would happen.

    I think that the wolves would work with the vamps, only to protect their family and friends though :p :p

  82. Sarah B.

    Also I can wait to see your thoughts on the next chapter, which is “Fire and Ice”…right? It’s probably one of my favourite chapters out of Eclipse, which is my favourite book!

  83. Brianna

    If Jacob were the alpha I do believe the werewolves would still work with the Cullens.

  84. Hera

    Hm.. I think Jacob would still work with the cullens…He’s WAY too obsessed with Bella >_>
    ..and which werewolf doesn’t like tearing vampires apart 😉

  85. Cullen17

    I think Jacob would still work with the vampires. I mean they are conspiring to kill Bella. He is not going to let them kill her. He would probably stand alone against 400 vamps for her. If he was alpha some things in the future would never caused any trouble……. :)

  86. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    ‘don’t understand how anyone rides down the fence on this, AKA Team Switzerland. I can understand liking both characters, which I do, but in the end, only one can end up with Bella.’ {from a comment above}

    Why is everyone always ragging on team switzerland?!?!

    I get that people hate us for not picking a team, we’re wimps, whatever, but seriously none of us, not even the 100% loyal Team JAke fans would have said before BD that they honestly thought Bella was not going to end up with edward, of course she was going to end up with edward, everyone deep down wants her to end up with edward, that is THE relationship of the series!!!

    team switzerland is not blind to this, we knew she was going to end up with edward, we love edward, we wanted her to be with him, we just loved jake too, not necessisarily for bella or for us, but we love him just the same, we’re not trying to cop out on picking a side, or saying whose better we’re just saying we love them both.

    end of story. Im so tired of people picking on my team (or non team or whatever you want to call it), I mean after BD isnt having teams pointless anyway? unless it just means which character we, personally like the most?

    In the end at least for switzerland werent we the ones that got most fulfillment out of BD, both male characters got their happy ending right? they both won so to speak, not over bella but they won in the fact that they ended up with their greatest loves (or what will become their greatest love) and is that not the point of teams?

    I am team switzerland. if you think thats a cop out thats ok, but all we did was choose to love both characters, because in the end it doesnt matter who we personally would have loved more, because they’re fictional characters.

    I dont pick on team edward fans or team jacob fans, so dont pick on switzerland, we’re neutral, we never did anything to anyone!

    ok Im done now.

    melissaturkey 😀

    oh and ps, if jacob was alpha they most definatly would be allies, and thats all Im saying.

  87. Sarah E

    I have this strange feeling that YES, they would still work together for some odd reason….I can’t say WHY I feel this way….weirdly enough, I seem to recall reading it in a BOOK of all places…. :)

  88. Sarah

    Melissa (melissaturkey) you speak the truth! :)

  89. Sheba Yousefi

    just wanna say Kalen u are like the GREATEST contest runner EVERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ur prizes are AMAZING!
    lol and i would SOOOO wanna win robert pattinson when u reached 100 000 subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would be AMAZING!!
    ok this comment is getting really long so luv ya u rock PEACE!

  90. Mandi

    I think that the pack wouldn’t want to help, but in the end Jacob would decide to do it to save (or possibly impress) Bella. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the rest of the book!

  91. maggie

    Listen to Melissa, people! She is right! Even though all along, I’ve really wanted Bella to end up with Edward, I have NEVER at any point in the series hated Jacob. I’m Team Switzerland (with SLIGHT Team Edward leanings). Anyone who has been in Jacob’s position (coughcough ME!)(well, ya know, without all the vampires and werewolves and such) will find it impossible to hate him, even if they like Edward for Bella. Also, Alpha-Jacob would make them be allies, for Bella’s sake. And yes, I know that I’m rambling incoherently.

  92. Karlee

    Bella and Edward are perfect for each other. I also get very annoyed with Jacob because he is so manipulative. To answer your question: Yes I think they would still work with the Cullens because Jacob is still so persistent on showing Bella that she is in love with him he would do anything to keep her alive.
    I love your sight and you!

  93. Michelle

    Geesh, why don’t you take me completely out of context and bite my head off.

    I never said that I hate Jacob. Not once, in any of my posts, have I ever said that I hate Jacob.

    I also don’t recall ever saying that I thought the characters were real.

    Oh well, at least Brad loves me :)

    However, I do love that Stephenie’s writing is so good that it makes people have such strong feelings. Go Team Stephenie!

    FAIL for Team King.

  94. aree

    I think yes indeed, they would have work with the vampires… Just because Bella’s life is in on it, and Jacob really cares. (:

  95. Nicole

    The fact that you just compared Jacob to Han Solo made my day.
    not enough Star Wars love out there.

  96. Megan

    I kind of think that jacobs persistence with Bella has alot to do with his personal insecurities more than anything else, like maybe its easier for him to take the rejection if he thinks that she is just lying to herself…..thats what i thought when i was at this part of the book anyways. As for the actual question, they still would have been allies, because, as everyone mentioned above me, it is still all about Bella, and Jacob would not put her life in any more jepordy (i think i spelled that wrong, sorry!) simple for the sake of his pride. :) congrats on all the subscriptions and on the mention in that book. Thats kind of awesome. :)

  97. Cody 'Emmett" Cullen

    Fire and Ice is my favorite chapter in the whole series.

    Nuff Said

  98. ale!

    Of course… i mean.. only because they are protecting bella.. but anyway…
    But it will be impossible that Jake would be the alpha,… he doesn’t like much being a werewolf i think… he is getting used to it… but it doesn’t mean that he likes it…. hehe
    … ciao… haha

  99. Ra to the Chel

    Chapter 23 = the best chapter in the book!

    Can’t wait to read what you have to say about it!

  100. Alison

    Sorry, this is kinda bothering me:

    and they’ll be updating their followers with the “LASTES” in Twilight news!

    And if Jacob was the alpha, rather than Sam, I think they would help the vampires because Jake knows that Bella is in danger and he wants to protect her, even if she doesn’t want him.


  101. BrooklynBridges

    What??? Jacob head of the pack?? Who are you – Alice?? shutting up now. :)
    But if he hadnt have killed Eddie-boy yet, then i think he wouldve just locked Bella up somewhere on werewolf land and made the rest of the pack fight to the death to protect her.
    And then Eddie would’ve killed him.

  102. Jessica

    This comment is coming late, I realize but I just recently discovered your website and have been reading from the beginning, trying to catch up.

    This is the first time I felt the need to leave a comment, knowing how outdated it’s posting is.

    I consider myself a Team Jacob person although I fully recognize that as long as Edward is around and wanting her, there’s no way Bella could choose him. Not the choice I was would make. :)

    Anyway, you’ve been pretty good so far at figuring out why those of us who love Jacob do so. But in this chapter you got it very wrong.

    On some level, Bella IS in love with Jake. And his confidence in that is H.O.T.

    Edward (who I do love at times) can be needy when it comes to believing that Bella loves him as much as he loves her.

    Jake doesn’t need that crap. He just knows.

    Bottom line: confidence (even borderline cockiness) is sexy.

  103. m5roberts

    Comment about the Han Solo reference: If you recall, although “overly self-assertive,” Leia DID like Han. If Edward were to be anyone in that analogy, he’d be Luke, and dude, that’s her brother.

    I am not Team Jacob. I am Team Devil’s Advocate.

  104. Maddy

    I just don’t understand how he can constantly act immature and mean and yet still be convinced that Bella secretly adores him. Perhaps – THANK YOU. I never doubted that Jacob was a good guy at heart, but he’s so pushy, rude, and downright disrespectful of Bella at times…

    And I’m not Team Switzerland or Team anyone. Bella is hardly a piece of meat to be fought over… and the only person who actually thought he would lose Bella is Edward himself.

  105. ummhedaya

    I don't think it would have changed anything if Jacob was the Alpha… He would still be fighting to help out the Cullens defend Bella… and not to mention that he is totally pumped about the chance to kill 'some' vampires. Its funny to me that Bella has these two… totally awesome both 'alpha' type males fighting over her… in many ways Edward is a leader in his family too… after all he was the first one that Carlilse changed. Sounds pretty much like any girls dream come true 😉 Yet, she is 'average' and not particularly extraordinary… well at least on the surface… after you get to know the character you see that she is in fact very extraordinary in her own way.

  106. ummhedaya

    I don't think it would have changed anything if Jacob was the Alpha… He would still be fighting to help out the Cullens defend Bella… and not to mention that he is totally pumped about the chance to kill 'some' vampires. Its funny to me that Bella has these two… totally awesome both 'alpha' type males fighting over her… in many ways Edward is a leader in his family too… after all he was the first one that Carlilse changed. Sounds pretty much like any girls dream come true 😉 Yet, she is 'average' and not particularly extraordinary… well at least on the surface… after you get to know the character you see that she is in fact very extraordinary in her own way.

  107. Nicole

    Yes I do and mostly because it was to help Bella.

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