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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice)

February 14th, 2009 at 12:02 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Hot N Cold by Katy Perry (suggested by Melanie)

This entire week has been a rush of school and writing stuffs, and I don’t believe I have stopped for even a minute to take a breath. However, while I was out getting prints made for my photography class, I managed to check the fanmail PO box, and behold the return address on one of the packages:

Christian Serratos???

Mail from Christian Serratos???

From the star herself?! Wowsa, what could it be? You’ll know its mysterious contents soon enough 😀

Anyhows, after my psychology test, I managed to leap into the next chapter in Eclipse: the much-hyped and anticipated Fire and Ice! Usually, when I receive an odd amount of comments or emails from people saying they ‘simply cannnottt waitttt…lulzzz!!1!’ for me to read a certain chapter, I instantly know to be wary. The last time this happened, Bella attempted to extract herself from more than the usual amount of clothing someone removes during wintertime. Now, she and Edward are alone in the mountains in a tent. Whoops. Maybe I should skip this one…

Luckily for me, there’s still someone else to keep them company: probably wary, I’m sure, of leaving them alone. Not like it would matter. As half of the title suggests, there is quite a bit of chill up there: and not even half of it is coming from the vampire. I can say from terrible, horrible, oh-so-memorable experience that cold weather and camping do not mix well. In fact, on one such camping trip, it was so cold that my Boy Scout troop won the Polar Bear Award for actually surviving the night (true story).

Unfortunately for Bella and Edward, there appears to be no such award in Forks. But never fear: Jacob Black is still hanging around as always; and, he is all too eager to make himself useful. In the kind and total selflessness of his heart, he offers himself as a living space heater to Bella Swan, with the pure and noble intentions of simply keeping her warm through the night.


Smooth, fella. Very smooth.

I enjoy this confrontation between Jacob and Edward: partly, I believe, because they are forced to be together and not fight, for the sake of Bella. They really seem to want to kill each other: you can feel it in the tone of their words. But even in the midst of this verbal battle, there’s some type of common goal that they both must work towards, if they want Bella to survive.

I pick up a certain amount of uncertainly in Jacob’s words, something that he doesn’t show much when Bella is listening. I think that deep down, he knows that he will never convince Bella to leave Edward. Somehow, he seems to know this, but he is fighting it: hoping that somehow she will leave the vampires. And he is right: it might better for her to stay with him. I’m sure the prospect of leaving Bella to Jacob, and her staying a human, is quite a conflicting one for Edward. It would easily be better for her to stay a human, in a literal sense: but how long would she survive if Edward was gone? I don’t think he’s willing to take the chance again, after what happened in New Moon.

People have gotten onto me recently because of my disagreements with Jacob, and his obviously intent of stealing Bella from Edward. Admittedly, it is hard for me to see any excuse for Bella to keep both of them hanging on: it is something that is simply not done, in any sort of respectful relationship. But there is a great amount of truth in saying that Edward did leave Bella: he told her he didn’t love her anymore, and he would never return. Team Jacob people tell me all the time that Edward brought Jacob into the relationship because of that: and now, he must suffer the consequences of his actions.


Still, there seems to be a deeper, underlying meaning to this scene in the tent: an analogy, almost, to where Jacob and Edward stand in regards to Bella. Perhaps I am mistaken. But I seem to pick up on certain familiar images. I see Edward in the tent, wanting to help Bella but feeling unable to. And I see Bella not wanting to accept Jacob, but needing him in some way. And in the middle of this, I see Edward accepting the fact that for Bella to survive, he might need a bit of help from Jacob after all.

And isn’t this the core of their problems? Isn’t this what has caused so much friction between the three? As I have said many times, it is the nature of this triangle: you cannot remove one without the other two collapsing upon each other. If Edward was to leave, Bella would surely die. If Jacob were to leave, she would never forgive herself. And like Edward, perhaps I am slowly coming to understand Jacob’s special purpose in both of their lives 😀

Question for the comments: feel free to take guesses at what Christian Serratos sent. Oh, and I’d love to hear about any nightmare camping experiences, sans werewolf space heaters 😀


– Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I realize this is very anti-climactic for a blog studying a romance novel, but it is 2 AM here and I can’t make a proper card nor flowers 😀

– For anyone who enjoys my music, I just uploaded a new song that you can download for free — click here to listen!

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  1. Carly

    Cool, first. Anyways, how many people do you think sugested “Hot n’ Cold”? It’s almost a perfect song for this chapter. While reading this chapter myself, I thought about why Edward was being so honest with Jacob. I think it’s because Edward respects Jacob, to an extent.

  2. Kat

    Happy Valentines Day Twilighters..!!
    Christian Serratos says that she LOVES this site..??

    Now to the chapter..yes ur right..this is one complicated triangle,but isn’t that the reason why we totally adore it..YES IT IS.!!
    personally..it’s in this chapter that Edward slightly shows his feelings..he never tells bella that he is jelous ou insecure..or that he is hurt when she is with jacob,it’s in this chapter that we kind of realize how much Edward rily must be going through all along the way[in Eclipse!].I cried in this chapter..my mom thought i was INSANE..crying over a characer..but i just did,thinking about How much hurt Edward was deep inside..
    personally i think he needs to seriously stop taking up everything on himself..if u start to count just hot many times Edwards felt guilty during the entire Saga we might as well loose track on the count..He is tooo forgiving,altruistic,loving,caring,respecting..and what is the word..yes,Masochistic..but i LOVE HIM..!!

  3. Kat

    oops..typing errors..
    *”‘jealous or’ insecure”
    **”just ‘how’ many times..”

  4. Michelle

    “It’s an uncomfortable truce, isn’t it?”

    Obviously, being written from Bella’s point of view, this is not a dream like she thinks, it’s really happening. I’m wondering, how a vampire and werewolf with their super senses did not realize that?

    I love how this chapter finally has the two proving that it’s possible for them to be cordial with each other. It’s already been decided that Bella is not going to be able to be without either, no matter how unfair that seems at this point, so it’s at least nice to know that Edward’s probably not going to throw his Volvo at Jacob.

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention the third wife! Bella the accident prone martyr wanting to throw herself into the middle of a huge vampire fight as a distraction. That girl’s so silly!

    YAY KALEB!! You’re finally through this chapter everyone was so nuts about. Now you’re on to the two I can’t wait for you to comment on… The only time I’ve ever been mad at Edward. I’m so mad at the three of them through the next two chapters, I could … spit? LoL I think I threw the book the first time. (Isn’t that a SIN???)

  5. Michelle

    Shoot, I forgot to comment on Christian. I think she’s given a few autographs to auction off. Call me crazy, but I also think that she’s requested your autograph in return.

  6. Jussie

    I think Carly is right Edward is so open with Jake because he respects him but he also trusts in the love that he and Bella have deep within him self he knows that Bella has a different kind of love for Jake much the same as he and Rose or anyother of the Cullens. Happy V/Day love much XXXX

  7. Jamus

    Ya… So I’m happy you finally got this chapter read… I would comment much much more on this whole topic, but as you said it’s 2am, well 2:30 now and my brain doesn’t seem to want to be that creative… Maybe after I’ve had some sleep… =) Happy Valentines Day!!!

  8. NuttyNetty

    HAPPY V-DAY <3
    I just wanted to let you know that we’re TOTALLY on the same page on this chapter. At first it was hard for me to understand why it was so hard for Bella to still hang on to Jacob like that but now i can see that she needs him in her life :) as a friend. she NEEDS him to be her friend. He does complicate that for her but underneath it all you just know that he’s that fun smiling friendly Jacob Black she met before the whole Werewolf Vs. Vampire mess.
    I feel like Bella. I am not in any “Team”. I prefer Edward as a “lover” (haha lame i know) and jacob as a BFF =]

  9. NuttyNetty

    oh! and i think Christian sent you a shirt that says ” I SUPPORT THE TWILIGHT GUY” that she designed herself! 😀
    i got a strong feeling she sent you something she designed… i can feel it in my feet!

  10. ruthie

    oooh. i wanna what christian sent you. *jealous mode*

    oh and about this chapter,it’s my favorite from eclipse. i just love how Edward and Jacob sort of became friends there even for just a moment. i love both guys in this chapter, because it proves that they really love Bella, and each one trying their very hard to fight for her. really love this chapter.

  11. Herenya

    I really like the triangle analogy, that they need each other because if one side is gone, the other two collapse. I hadn’t thought about it like that (and I’ve thought about the triangle quite a bit, trying to get my head around it.) Somehow, it makes lot more sense.

    I think there’s a bit of denial going on here. Bella’s in denial about how she feels about Jacob, and about the extent of his feelings for her. She’s convinced that Jacob is nothing more than a friend, so I don’t think she has realised exactly what she is doing by keeping him around, because she is so convinced that it is platonic.
    Jacob’s in denial about his chances with Bella when Edward is. Edward’s not in denial – I think he’s better able to see what is going on – but he has moved from being overprotective of Bella, to not sharing his knowledge, his awareness with Bella. He’s not one to take the middle ground, is he? All extremes. Which brings it back to the triangle – it’s existence isn’t all Bella’s fault and it isn’t all Jacob’s fault. Edward is as much responsible for it as they are, for his actions first created Bella’s need for Jacob, and his refusal to share his awareness of what Bella is doing by letting Jacob hang around with Bella is perpetuating it. They all have the choice to destroy that triangle… but for their differing reasons have chosen not to.

  12. Talkerwolf

    She sent you a message asking you to marry her? (joke)

    And the love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella is a tricky one. But I still do think that there wouldn’t even be a triangle if Jacob accepted that he was just a best friend and not a lover… I can’t believe you didn’t mention the third wife either…. Lol, I can’t think of anything else to put, though I know there was soemthing. Oh well, happy valentines day! 😀

  13. Samie


  14. Steph

    Ahaha. Hot N Cold? I was just watching the Hillywood Show Twilight Parody with the same song in it. Hilarious. Go watch it. The Cullens dancing… I will never get that image out of my head.

    Argh… You used anyhows. Come on, Kaleb. We’ve talked about this.

    Ugh, I don’t do camping. I find it hard enough to get to sleep in my own bed, let alone on a tent floor.

    Keep the songs coming, by the way. I absolutely love The Grave of Embry Hambric. Really beautiful. Makes me cry half the time. Oh, wow… that’s embarrassing. I have to stop telling people things like that. Ah well, I’m a muso. *shrugs*

    I think your wariness was warranted, given Jacob’s involvement. 😀

  15. Steph

    Oh, my bad. Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s 10 something at night here, so the day’s almost over. I kind of forgot… since it’s Saturday and all I’ve done is watch movies and make cookies… Lame day. Apart from the cookies.

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  17. Monica

    Another great chapter! I think the conversation between Edward and Jacob is one of the best in the entire series. Especially because Bella tells herself she didn’t really hear any of it.

    I’ve only been camping once in my life, and it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. My family went along with a couple of my friends’ families and the weather was beautiful. Except it did get REALLY cold at night, and the outhouse smelled like it hadn’t been cleaned in at least a decade.

  18. Michelle

    I discovered your site only 2 weeks ago and i was mid way into reading Breaking dawn, but i made a promise to read all your blogs on everything you had read so far after i had completed the book. I read everything so fast, that by the time i got to your most recent post i wasn’t even satisfied and i was dying to know what you had thought of this chapter. lol.
    anyway just thought i’d throw my two cents in whatever they contribute, not much. But thank you for all the postings, it is really fun to read what you think of each chapter because you seem to notice things i didn’t lo.

  19. Meredith

    I love your site!

    Well, at the mention of the Polar Bear Award, I paid little attention to the rest of the blog, b/c I was reminincing about my summer break.

    No werewolf space heaters.

    In the middle of June, I went camping at both Devil’s Tower and Yellowstone. [Not at once.] With me, my brother, and parents in the tent, it seemed to shrink. A lot. At Devil’s Tower, the wind got so bad, the side of the tent hit me in the face. But that wasn’t really bad, compared to Yellowstone. [Keep in mind, I am a Texan/Louisianian and this was the middle of June.] When it went below freezing, I was pretty surprised. [I was probably wearing shorts while we were there.] As a Girl Scout, my mom thinks I deserve to be in the Polar Bear Club for surviving two freezing nights in June, but….

    Anyway, love the site!

  20. Maggie

    This is also an awesome chapter of the book. You get to see into Edward and Jacob’s heads more than you do almost anywhere in the saga. Anyway I agree with Michelle: She sent autograph. Possibly a request for yours… OOOOH I JUST HAD AN IDEA!!!!! You should give away YOUR autograph! Because I think pretty much anyone who reads the site/subscribes to you youtube would like that. And if you’ve already done that or something and I missed it then nevermind…

  21. Cody "Emmett" Jacobs

    Michelle(#4) has a good point. I wonder what it would say if S.M. wrote the third book in Edward’s view, and Jacobs. I don’t know if anyone asked but, how was your Valentines Day. Vamps RULE :-)=

  22. Zella

    haha, nice post. The confrontation in this chapter makes it my favourite out of the entire series. The reason I have been patiently waiting for this since you were only midway through Twilight was that I was sure you would give us an amazing, deep, analytical post that would open my eyes to a new aspect of the scene, and you did not let me down!

    PS. I don’t think I said, I got a green light-up gnome for Yuletide and I named him after you Kaleb.

  23. Marley from Ontario

    YAY!!!! you finally made it to this chapter!! 😀
    And i have a winter camping experience that i can share.

    2 years ago my pathfinder group decided that we were going to go winter camping. We were going to be sleeping in tents on the lawn of my leaders house. She lives right on the lake, so we get all the cold air coming from the states. that night i didnt get ANY sleep because i was shivvering so badly!!! and we were staying there for 2 NIGHTS!! :P.
    My group wanted to go winter camping again the next year, and i gladly said that i would sit out this time 😀
    happy reading Kaleb!!!

  24. haha

    lol try living in northern Minnesota in the middle of a blizzard with no electricity. It only got about forty below. anyways, I think the package was autographs.

  25. Alli

    This is an interesting Valentine’s chapter: Bella trapped between her two loves. I’m anxious to know what Christian sent you, but I have no guesses.

    You should try to put up a Valentine-themed Twilight Guys Report later (in between plans with a girlfriend we don’t know about :) ).

    I love your thoughts on this chapter, but I’m more anxious about chapter 26. It’s very emotional, and I want to know what you think. I sent in a song suggestion for it!!!

    There’s something very important and NON-spoilerish you should no about the end of Eclipse. The epilogue is …different from Twilight and NM. It deserves its own post/song (especially song) from the last thoughts on the whole book. You’ll see what I mean when you get there.

  26. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice)

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  27. Jen

    I have a camping horror story! When I was just a little young-in 6th grader my class took a camping trip (in actual tents, with actual outhouses) in the beginning of April. One would think it would be warm in April… but not if you live in Michigan. Our paper-thin tents contained NO heat at I woke up at 2 in the morning shivering. I put on every sweatshirt, blanket, coat and pair of socks I had but I was still freezing. Our teacher started a fire and everyone ran to it. You’d have to turn your front to the fire, get it warm, then turn to get your back warm. Terrible!

  28. kassia

    haha, everyone who gives a camping story thinks they had such a terrible time. I actually enjoy camping once in awhile, and every winter with my girl guide group we go to this cabin for a winter camp. Now, when it’s a cabin you’d think it would be fine, cause you’re inside. But this cabin is literally just 4 walls and a roof, and no insulation, and made out of logs. Plus we had a woodstove. Keep in mind I live in Canada, and it was February, and it was about -35 C (-22 F).

    The first night we slept inside, and had to keep waking up to stoke the fire, but the second night we stayed outside. We made shelters made out of tarps and rope and fir needles, and stayed outside in that weather. It was completely cold, but it was fun.

  29. Emili

    It’s not exactly a nightmare camping trip (or even much of a camping trip for that matter) but one night I decided it would be a great idea to use my new tent and camp out outside my dad’s house. All was well until the next night when I decided to do it again. All of my stuff was still in the tent, so I plopped down on my sleeping bag. After a while I looked at the tent walls only to notice that they were coated in spiders. I burst out of the tent after realizing that I had actually left the door open all day, and the spiders must have crawled in. Thus ending my near-the-house camping trips and immunity to arachnophobia.

  30. Melanie

    hmmm i’m bad at guessing so i don’t really have any guesses on christian….hope its something fun though :)
    glad to hear your thoughts on the chapter, and hope you have a nice valentines day (and singles awareness day ha….) im personally spending mine eating sugar and babysitting and catsitting….i think i might tow along my twilight book though….its been a few weeks since ive read it because i took a break to read pride and prejudice and other love themed books but i really wanna get back to twilight…haha sorry for the randomness :)

  31. jenb

    I like this chapter because we do get a better understanding/insight into both Edward & Jacob’s minds.

    At first I really hated the silly love triangle, it just made me mad (and didn’t help how much Jacob bugged me & made me mad w/his manipulative ways) but now I’m over it. Team Edward!

    I’ll be waiting to waiting to read your thoughts on the next few chapters because both Bella & Jacob really make me mad. I love reading your blogs
    on the different chapters you always have different insights & thoughts that I never thought of & most of the time I agree w/you! You’re awesome Kaleb.

    As for the thing from CS I have no idea! Maybe an autograph for another contest?

  32. Sydney

    I have never really thought about it that way…with the triangle falling in….
    I was listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5ss4awsKv4&NR=1
    This is Linkin Parks-In Between
    This fits this response to Fire and Ice. They are needed to balance each other out. I didn’t really get that from the poem until reading this….
    Without one it is hard for Bella to stay sustained. I think the reason Bella can not come to realizing she might love Jacob, is because what she has with Edward is oh, so unique….
    Valentines Day is also the last day that Bella and Jacob really had a normal human to human time together. I think that is hard for Jacob to come by; due to the fact that he was human and didn’t have to involve Bella in all of the Super Natural things that have happened. I think that he might wonder if he is any better because of that or maybe he IS a TINY bit better, because he is not the predator whom has fallen for the prey, but the friend who has fallen for the friend… Of course Edward could say the same thing. Bella did try to be his friend when he was acting utterly strange towards her, but she didn’t know that he WAS a vampire. And from what I know, Edward know more about Bella then Jacob does, and is so willing to give up every thing for her. Jacob cares, but Edward goes the extra mile….
    Any ways I likes how you wrote this response, I think it’s my favorite….


  33. Allison

    oh youve reached my favorite chapter!! when i convince people to read the series, and they discover its not all too bad to jump on this bandwagon, i tell them my favorite part is the tent scene in eclipse. i absolutely love jacob and edwards converstaion, each of them kind of unsure, and neither of them trying to impress bella.

    i think that christian serratos sent something special for your next youtube contest of awesome =D

  34. Cara

    Happy Single’s Awareness Day! (Valentine’s Day)

    I have never been camping. It’s very sad haha.
    I guess she sent… candy hearts!

  35. Wren

    You couldn’t have been in Texas and it be that cold…were you? That’s awesome you were a boy scout. How far did you get? Star, light, eagle? It’s just, you seem like you’ve done just about everything. You make your own music, your own stories, your own websites, blogs, movies, you’re reading Twilight, you’re going to college, you were homeschooled…and now we find out you were a boyscout?

    My brother earned the Polar Bear through Boy Scouts…and he’s only 13. (It is a lot easier to find cold weather in the mountains, in the winter).
    We’ve never had a werewolf in our tent, but we were camping once and had a bear pass by in the night, growling and sniffing about. There was another time we sat a bear in the middle of the day while we were camping in Alaska. True story. We even got it on camcorder: a black bear walking right past our RV.
    Then there are all those times (twice or thrice) we’ve been rained out, and our tent has filled with water, and the sleeping bags were soaked.

    (next you should please give out an autograph of Stephenie Meyer!!!!!)

  36. KitKat

    I was not in a tent at the time, but it snowed at the grand canyon in april when I was in an RV.
    As for this chapter, I really just love the set up it gives for the next few. That’s what I’m looking forward to!

  37. Lauren

    I am a horrible guesser, and I hate surprises, so I’m not going to breach the topic of the letter.

    I do, however, have a very memorable camping experience. My friends and I just decided to camp out in my backyard one night. It was freezing,but we were all under a literal mountain of blankets and the tent was kind of small, so body heat took care of the rest.

    It was a Saturday night. That weekend I had taken home a stupid mechanical baby for a project in my child care class. The baby was supposed to cry every two hours or so, and there were these keys you had to stick in its back. They were labeled “feed, burp, change…” etc, and whatever the baby needed you had to put in the key.

    My baby was broken, and I e-mailed my teacher Friday night saying that it hadn’t cried once. She assured me that it was fine and that there were problems with a lot of the babies and that I didn’t need to worry.

    That night, as all four of us were in the tent, we didn’t get to sleep for a while. It was around three when we were all pretty much dead, and then we heard the weirdest sound.

    My dad ripped open the tent flap and threw my mechanical baby inside, which was actually crying. I swear, it was a DEMON CHILD. A demon child from the land of the MECHANICAL UNDEAD.

    So, naturally, I ripped the battery out and we all went back to sleep.

    But I haven’t been camping since. That baby would find me. I don’t exactly look forward to death by fake child rearing.

  38. Kelly

    Definitely–If Bella were to somehow leave or cease to exist, there would definitely be a war, no matter who caused it. Bella, is, undoubtedly, the one person who keeps that relationship between the wolves and vampires hanging in the balance, but also is the source of a lot of its discord. At the very least, Jacob would try to kill Edward (I think Edward feels too condescending toward Jacob to actually take him seriously outside of their relationships with Bella), and that would bring everyone in on it–all the vampires, all the wolves. I think the vamps would win, personally, simply because they’re more experienced and have Edward on their side.

    I don’t have such a bad camping experience so much as my general inability to successfully warm-up and stay warm when it comes to things like that. So everyone may be completely fine, but I’ll have a rough time sleeping at night just because I have this silly habit of losing an immense amount of body heat while I sleep, no matter how many layers I have. This was until I got my Thinsulate(r) insulated mummy sleeping bag. It’s beautiful.

    Oh, and I don’t know why people were so excited to hear about THIS chapter… I want you to read the NEXT chapter! I am on the edge of my seat, and almost wish you had cheated and read two chapters in one week. I really can’t wait!

  39. Anna

    Nightmare Camping Story! I was camping with my family for a week and it was pretty sweet, but then the last night these people show up in the camping ground across the road from us. The things they did include but are not limtited to: blocking the path to the bathroom, shouting, camping outside of the grounds they rented, cutting branches off trees (LAW BREAKERS!!!!), having a fire all night, and setting up at nine o’clock P.M. It was awful. Thank goodness it was my last night there.

  40. Cullen17

    I am very confused upon the mail form Christian.

    Horrific Camping Story!
    I was on a girl’s scouts trip to our cabin. We walk in to ind rats & rat poo everywhere. One bathroom for 100 girls!!! :(
    Let’s just say we left after that. :)

  41. Soledad

    one of my favorite chapters of eclipse

    happy valentine’s day!

  42. Amber

    I could have used a werewolf space heater last weekend. Camping in the cold is never a pleasant experience. Unless you have a werewolf of course. Although, I did see Big Foot on that camping trip so who knows what else was out there?

  43. aria

    This isn’t quite a nightmare, but I was actually a little scared at the time. I was on a church retreat to a camp, we had cabins, not tents. One night I’d had a fight with my best friend at the time and my boyfriend (and the other guys) had vanished. I stayed out all night, it was very cold but there was a barn and I am not above sleeping in hay. The next morning I was so cold, I couldn’t move. I was somehow positioned towards the east were I saw the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen. So beautiful I actually cried a bit. Suddenly, I hear and Hallelujah chorus. No lie. It seemed to be resonating all around me. IT WASN”T THAT COLD! I seriously thought I was going to die.

    The sun was already pretty warm (yay Texas weather) and I slowly crawled to the top of the haystack to see a church choir group singing for no apparent reason in the field surrounding the barn.

    It wasn’t all that scary, I was actually rather calm. But it was funny.

  44. janet

    Camping story: Outer Banks, North Carolina, Spring Break March.
    I was camping in a tent with my daughter and we got a real for true Nor’eastener storm. The wind, the rain, the temps dropping fast, I felt like we had been shipped back in time. We had an inflated mattress for our sleeping bags but it was losing air and the floor of the tent was taking on water. I had paid a little extra for a camping sight near the bathhouse and closer to the ocean shore and it came with an outdoor outlet. Don’t ask me why, but I had packed a hair dryer. I used that hair dryer to heat up the inside of the sleeping bags – zipped together so we could share our warmth – and when the dryer would heat up as if to burn out, I’d turn it off, let it cool down and then start over again when I thought it was safe. All the while making sure the cord didn’t touch the water logged tent floor. I stayed up all night in while it stormed doing that and it kept us from freezing.
    I can’t even guess what Christian Serratos sent to you, but that is pretty cool.
    and Kaleb, 2 a.m.? tsk tsk. You will get sick if you don’t get enough rest (said the TwilightMOM!)
    Happy Valentine’s Day !

  45. Kylie

    I totally agree with you about Jacob.
    I hated Jacob all through Eclipse (it just gets worse and more complicated). But you’ll probably feel differently in Breaking Dawn:)
    It isn’t right for Bella to keep him around. I know from experience that it just ends up hurting everyone involved. It’s a rather selfish thing to do actually.
    I’m totally with you Kaleb!

  46. KIM

    I love the song you choose for the chapter its one of my favorites. take a look at this Twilight parody with the same song!!!

  47. KIM

    and silly me I forget to post the link…


    also I can’t wait to hear what Christian sent!!!

  48. Ari

    Hmm Im uessing she sent a pic of her you could raffle off..well thats what I hope

  49. Michelle

    LoL!! I was so busy posting on the chapter, that I really didn’t think about horrid camping stories. You all have got some good ones! I was on a camping trip once, when in itself, was a pretty nice time. I was with Boy Scouts who were kayaking because I’m a certified life guard. You would think that would be the turning point in my story, but oh no…

    It was in the middle of the night when a few of the boys decided to try and take a swim. One of them got caught in the current and they woke me and I had to throw myself in after him. I ended up about 1/2 mile downstream by the time I caught him. He knew enough basics to be able to keep his head above the water while he was bouncing around, but he couldn’t get out the current by himself. No one was hurt in the end, but talk about a crazy adrenaline rush, bouncing through rocky river in the middle of the night…

  50. Sasha

    Im guessing Christian sent you an autographed picture of her (or perhaps the entire crew?!) to give away in one of your contests….

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    My own horrific camping story was when I was camping with my family in a local park, and it started downpouring during the middle of the night, and didn’t really let up until sunrise. That wouldn’t usually bother me too much except for the fact the tents weren’t all that waterproof and we were to leave the next day and our vehicle’s tires were completely submerged in mud. My Dad had to walk approximately 15 miles to a friend so he could pull us out. Good times.

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    So everytime I read this chapter I think, “Bella, I know how you feel.” Not because of Edward and Jacob but because we have both survived extreme camping trips. That was the one and only time I hated thunderstorms. And yet I was still oddly fasinated… hm.

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    The conversation in the tent is one of my favorite parts of the Twilight series. You could feel the tension, and the change in attitude that each of them had (a little change).

    As far as camping – the best way is in a trailer, with water and a fridge and warmth!! Best camping story ever is too long to tell here. Suffice it to say, we were deer hunting, the camp above ours was full of people who were drinking, a carload left to drive back to the valley, and my cousin and I played a trick (for my uncle) with a light that resembled a UFO. Hilarity ensued!! Good times!!

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    That’s a very interesting insight on the symbolism of their places in the tent, I’d never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. I might have to read them over again and actually look for literary meanings in them.

    I love that chapter because of the civility between him and Edward, that they’re actually able to talk normally about their common love. Plus I love the witty remarks between them. Plus since I’m on Team Jacob it’s natural that I love that chapter :)

    Eclipse is my favorite of the four books. The next chapter is a good one too, I won’t say anything more than that, I don’t want to spoil it.

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    And about the rest of your post: Totally Awesome as usual =) I loved the picture of the man putting hearts on his sword as an exaqmple of Jacob’s behaviour. Although, I do think Jacob is a great guy, sometimes while I was reading Eclipse I just wanted to slap him for some of the sleazy things he was doing to Bella. Did you feel that way at all???
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    I think you are finally starting to understand the Jacob connection and why he needs to be around, although I agree he needs to back off of Bella a little. By the end of the books everything will make sense to you.

    I think Christian’s letter to you is…just a wild guess….a marriage proposal!! Because there’s nothing better than a guy who reads Twilight (except Edward of course, but sadly he doesn’t exist, except in our heads)!

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  85. hakeber_Evol

    yes I’m sure Jake was ALL honorable intentions here…. *COUGH*
    Yeah so your momentary extra understanding for Bella and Jake is about to die! I HATED everyone in the next chapter, sadly that included Edward. I hope you get to it soon! I can’t wait to see what you will do.

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  88. Amanda

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    When we first moved from NY to KY, we were staying in a campground for a bit. We actually had two mattresses and a dresser in the tent. And, being on the edge of tornado alley…. Yeah, dime-sized hail, torrential rain, and a probably 50 mph wind was not pretty. The only thing keeping the tent from blowing away I think was the dresser.

    And for the other one, a friend of mine invited me and a bunch of other kids to a camping birthday party. There were three tents. And then we got a severe thunder storm, and of course I ended up being one of the lucky ones in the tent that leaked. There were three or four of us girls standing in about an inch and a half of water in the bottom of our tent. So we moved into my friend’s mom’s tent. And then her’s started leaking. So in the end, a couple girls squeezed in the last tent, which stayed dry (miracle?), and my friend, her mom, and I slept in their pickup truck…well, not much sleeping happened. They were in the front seat, and I was trying to lay down in that little tiny space behind the seat, with a couple over-night bags, one of which contained a bottle of hairspray that had no lid, so every time I tried to stretch my leg out I ended up hitting it and we’d here Pssssss and started getting hair-spray-fumed half to death. Fun. But somehow I still love camping lol.

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    Anyway, I like your analogy. I didn’t see that when I read the book! The conversation between Edward and Jacob is really interesting, it gives you both of their point of view in their situation. The next chapter is going to be a big shocker for you… I can’t wait to read your reaction to THAT incident 😀 Ok better shut up now before I spoil it…. Have fun ^^

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    I’m a bit of a camper, but can’t recall any particularly horrible camping experiences. Though I did have a few cold nights camping around Sweden and Norway with my uncle about 20 years ago (a bit colder than the Australian climate)!

    I think Christian sent you an autographed gnome to give away in your next contest.

    By the way, only because I know you’re so sensitive about them, there’s a couple of little errors in your blog. First there’s some “…uncertainly in Jacob’s words…”, instead of “uncertainty”. Then “…it might better for her to stay…” – should there be a “be” in there somewhere? Finally, there’s “…his obviously intent of stealing Bella…” instead of his “obvious intent”. Sorry – I know it was 2am and you were most likely very, very tired. But thought I’d point them out!

    Looking forward to the next few chapters!

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    Long story short I ended up sleeping on freezing concret, no sleeping bag, no covers. only two hodies and two pairs of sweatpants. It was like 30′ degrees outside. I was blue when I woke up.

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  95. AllieA.

    I loved your take on this chapter, it was almost exactly what my husband said when he read it! (after much cajoling on my part, he’s not addicted like I am yet, but a girl can hope!)

    As far as camping trips go, I’ve got a couple of horror stories, but the worst was when I was a senior in high school. My friends and I always camped on the top of some bluffs by a lake. We’d spend the days cliff diving (how very La Push of us!) and cruising around in boats. Well, one night someone was having a huge party on a houseboat, so a few of my friends decided to moon them from the top of the bluff when they went by. They got a little too close to the edge and 2 of them fell, in the pitch black, with no pants on. The houseboat ended up pulling them out of the water…they were quite amused. We were too after we realized that our friends were okay, but it was a scary few minutes!

  96. Ember P

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    I love the photo you used about Jacob. I think the envelope has what everyone else said an autograph but if it doesnt. I think it might have a CD or a book. Since the package is in a square shape!

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    She’s advertising for you! :O

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  101. Sevana.

    Greatest post I have read, Kaleb.
    Thank you :)

    I really like your view on it.
    a lot.
    times infinity,
    thank you again.

  102. Jaclyn.

    With the triangle analogy, I think you hit it dead on. It makes complete sense, and that’s how I saw it. Personally, I think that Bella needs to toughen up a little. It’s sort of pathetic how she does this, and it a cruel and unusual punishment to Edward and Jacob. I don’t like people who are weak, so Bella gets on my nerves a bit. But then again, I can sort of see where she’s coming from.
    As for the Christain, it’s either
    A) a letter
    B) a card
    C) an autograph
    D) something else that I’m not saying or do not know….
    And if you want a bad camping story, I’ve got one for you.
    I was at girl scouts, and they decided to takes us on a three day hike.
    Day 1 – Hike.
    We walked 15 miles, the last 5 of those in the rain. We found out that the counselors forget half the stuff back at the camp, but it was too dark to go back to get it – since we left at like, 5 or 4 PM. So we ended up using our shoelaces to tie the tents together. And then we were told if we put up the counselors tents, we’d get another hot dog.
    Day 2 – Bike.
    We got up at the crack of dawn, got dressed, got our shoelaces back in, and then walked a mile to the place where they had the bikes all ready and waiting for us. Half of the brakes didn’t work, and then the smallest bikes were too big for the little people – like me and my friends Kate and Lily, and a lot of other people. Somewhere around 35 miles of biking, a 15 minute break for every 5 miles or so. It took us a while. The evening was the same as the one mentioned above.
    Day 3 – Canoe.
    On the third day, we woke up later. We put our shoelaces back in – where they would hopefully stay – and walked about 2 miles to the canoes, and then 5 minutes to the water. Half of us had never canoed a day in our life. There was a race to the other side. And we were told there was food waiting for us. For starving children, we wanted to get to that other side. We were not told that there was a current. Everyone was spining around in circles, almost everyone flipped trying to stop spinning, two girls got sick, and then, when everyone was finally on solid ground, we discovered that we had missed dinner.
    That night, back in our “cabins” – they were actually giant tents – we plotted to kill our counselors – Lollipop, Pickel, and Lizard.
    And so there you have it. The day we left, L, P, and L woke up to find they’re shoelaces missing, they’re shoes wet, and honey, chocolate sauce, and silly string dried into they’re sheets.
    Just goes to show that you should never anger evil girl scouts. Especially when they want revenge, and have the ability to get things normal girl scouts can’t.
    We didn’t even get in trouble, cuz there was no evidence, and we couldn’t possibly had the resources to sneak in the kitchens and take stuff. Even though the windows don’t have locks and there aren’t any cameras and no one gaurds the kitchens. He he he…

  103. Jaclyn.

    Sorry about the long post. I tend to rant a little.

  104. Charlee

    Comment #4, that definately has NOT happened yet! that’s the next chapter!!! AHHH!

  105. lucy

    ah camping. Last time I went camping I had mosquitos the size of small birds attacking my camp and I kept running into saw palmetto. For those who don’t know what it its…Basically its a tree with saws in the shape of leaves that can cut through clothing. I spent a week in that. Plus with no working showers or toilets.

  106. Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) | The Best Offers Around

    […] “Twilight” director planning making-of book; Stephen King disses Stephenie .. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 22 (Fire and Ice) | Twilight Guy – with Kaleb Nati.. Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » A match made in preteen heaven:.. NEWS.NINEMSN.COM: […]

  107. Michelle

    Comment #104. Yes it has.

    Edward told Jacob that Bella had been talking about the third wife in her dreams and that when he asked her, she said it was an old Quiluete legend. Edward asked Jacob what the legend was, and he showed him. Edward comments that Jacob should understand exactly who Bella identifies with in the story.

    Alice has also warned him that Bella wants to throw herself in danger’s way.

    That’s all I said. That Bella wants to throw herself in the middle to help. That’s how she convinced Edward to stay with her in the first place…

  108. Shelby

    Ok, my guess of what was sent is either a letter explaining that she loves the site or an autograph for you to give away in a contest. lol. Or maybe she’s trying to help you get in the set of New Moon! Now that would be awesome! 😀

    Ok, about this chapter….

    I have a feeling that when mentioned all the Team Jacob people getting on to you for bashing Jake, I was included in the mix. (correct me if I am wrong, Kaleb) Sorry for freaking out, but it honestly frustrates me when people hate Jacob or don’t even try to understand his motives. They truly are honorable motives, even if he is trying to steal Bella from Edward. Even though he does some things that he shouldn’t, I believe he is doing what he feels is best for Bella.

    I love this chapter. It shows that Jake and Edward could actually get along if it weren’t for Bella being in between them. It also shows that they can easily work together if the need arises. They both care enough for Bella to keep the fighting verbal-even though that can get a little terrifying- and that’s always good. They really care.

    I love the fact that Jake was able to help Bella here. Of course, when I first read it, I hated Jacob for it, but as I thought about it, I realized that its ok. There is nothing wrong with him helping her this way…after all, he has a permanant fever, why not use it? 😛

    As for interesting camping trips, I’m not sure I have any…unless you count us freaking out at a church camp out because wild horses were creeping around outside all night and coyotes were howling in the distance.

    Kaleb, I’ve suggested this song twice in the “suggest a song” but I’m mentioning it here too. Please use Inevitable by Anberlin for the next chapter, 23, Monster. It works perfectly!!!! Thankiez!!!

    Great post Kaleb!

  109. Jessica

    Yes, I HAVE been waiting for you to read this chapter. But, oh my, you’re becoming awfully perceptive, Kaleb. Watch out, or you’re going to start spoiling Breaking Dawn for yourself…
    Although, I wonder if it hasn’t already been spoilered for you, about Rene-
    Oh, never-mind. You’ll find out soon enough.
    But the chapter I’m REALLY waiting for you to read is Chapter 23: Monster.
    Oh my.

  110. yen

    you got it man! i knew what it was but never did word it: that jacob is so stubborn because hes trying to fight that Bella WILL indeed pick the vampires. he knows deep down that she wont choose him but rather, edward.

  111. priyanka

    omg!!!!!!! i love the song choice soooo much! katy perry is an awesome singer and the chapter where jacob forcefully kisses bella, the song should be “i kissed a girl” by katy perry. if that were the song, i would’ve laughed soooo hard! i liked the post and i think chistian said that she really liked ur site and it made her laugh and to keep up the good work. this is my favorite chapter in eclipse and i liked ur thoughts on it.

  112. Aubrey

    Kaleb, remember that last line you wrote, “And like Edward, perhaps I am slowly coming to understand Jacob’s special purpose in both of their lives.” That’s very important. Very,VERY important. You do not understand how crucial it is that you remember this for Breaking Dawn.By the way, that previous post about Jacob being an almost-alpha werewolf, that’s kind of important too. You really do pick up on everything, and it’s getting so hard not telling you about what’s coming next.

  113. Nurazlin

    “…and his obviously intent of stealing Bella from Edward.”

    Should that word not be ‘obvious’?

    But other than that: Daaaamn, you would be my english teacher’s favourite student with all your perceptiveness and understanding. Geez man, reading your posts always make me want to reread the book (unforetunatly I can’t at the moment due to the fact that I lent it to someone)

    So as always, love, love, love your humor! 😀

  114. Maddy

    Sorry you keep getting all that crap from Team Jacob people, just as people think Edward fans are very defensive, I think they are also very Jacob fans are overly offensive. Edward is not perfect.. but neither is Jacob!Edward made a mistake by leaving, but no one can say he wasn’t trying to do the right thing. And it’s sad that some people can’t understand the type of sacrifice that sometimes comes with love. As for Edward having to deal with having Jacob around, that just sounds mean and spiteful. I think he’s been quite tolerant already.

  115. Jaycie

    what made me laugh during this chapter is when jacob said”of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.”
    then bella maneged to say easily
    “C-c-cut it out, Jake.”
    lol i’m only 11 and i’ve read all of stephanie meyer’s twilight saga. started last month and couldn’t put it down!!! I♥EDWARD!

  116. Jaycie

    team edward!

  117. abberrzz

    So… I'm gonna be the late commenter! LOL. the ppl under me are from 10 months ago! (Its not like i havent read the books — i read them ttwo years ago, b4 any knowledge and all the crazy fandom of the movie. GO ME!) This is my favorite chapter. I think this because in this chapter, you can see how much they all need each other. Bella needs Edward, her unnatural true love. Bella needs Jacob, the true love she would have if Edward didn't exist, as he shouldn't. Edward needs Bella. He has gone round and round with no dedication, waiting to be a soldier and keeping his eyes on his goals too much to take interest in anyone. He needs Jacob because since he loves Bella too, he kept her sane and alive when he couldn't! (New moon, When she was cold, etc.) Jacob Needs Bella. As I said b4, She would be his true love if not for Edward. And again, Jacob needs Edward cause of Bella. YOu can really see that edward and Jacob struggle, see that even though Edward is perfect in Bella's eyes, he's afraid of losing her to him — to anyone.

  118. emilia245

    my friend told me about this website and shiverguy.com. i just finished reading “Shiver” last night. i took me one and a half days to read. at the end, my mom was watching the olympics and i was reading. my lip started to quiver about a page before the end, then with the last two sentences, i started bawling my eyes out, even though it was a happy ending. i love the “Twilight” Saga, and my favorite book is Eclipse. i also think that you are cute, kaleb. thank you for making a site like this to make me laugh.

  119. emilia245

    i read abberrzzs' <(i don't know if that is correct) comment, i want to comment myself on the fandom. i think it always seems like i end up liking something before it becomes popular, then it becomes really ANNOYING to me. like the song Fireflies by Owl Citie. i got it as a freebie on itunes and then it became really popular, now i can't stand the song or the band. anyway that's my take on the subject, bye.

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    my friends are going gaga over it…

  121. ummhedaya

    My parents have always been big on camping… therefore, we all had to suffer due to their enthusiasm. My most horrible experience was when we went camping in the mountains and it started raining buckets and then to make matters worse our tent started leaking in the middle of the night and we all got drenched and were freezing… and they wonder why I'm not an outdoorsy gal anymore??? :)

  122. Effie

    Hiya Twilighters…

    This was my fave chapter out of the whole saga! I feel for Edward knowing that he'll never be able to forvive himself and for Jaccob knowing that she'll never be with him in the way he wants. That's why I loved it at the end when he became part of the family that suited all of them. I think this chapter is when they both learn to exept eachother as what they are…

    I'm not on a team… I'm team Swizerland! x

  123. Effie

    Hiya Twilighters…

    This was my fave chapter out of the whole saga! I feel for Edward knowing that he'll never be able to forvive himself and for Jaccob knowing that she'll never be with him in the way he wants. That's why I loved it at the end when he became part of the family that suited all of them. I think this chapter is when they both learn to exept eachother as what they are…

    I'm not on a team… I'm team Swizerland! x

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