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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 23 (Monster)

February 20th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Inevitable by Anberlin

Many apologies for my lack of regular posting over the past month: as witnessed in my last post, things are simply becoming too overwhelming for one person to handle! But I think I’ve finally started to get the most rabid of to-do’s under control, now that those three biology tests are over and I’ve finished my 14-page publicity questionnaire! Unfortunately for my fellow students, I had a slight upper hand when one of the questions in the test was coincidentally regarding prophase and interphase. Due to Edward and Bella, the terms had stuck out to me in the study guide, and of course I knew the answer to that one 😀 .

Anyhow, thousands of distractions aside, I’m finally getting to read the famed chapter 23! MONSTER is one of my favorite words in the dictionary. It stands next to ‘abhor’, ‘stink’, ‘loathsome’ and ‘abysmal’ in my list of favorite English terms, such that my opinion of a perfect sentence might use all of them at once, to the effect of:

“You loathsome monster!” Bella cried. “You stink like an abysmal, abhorrent dog, so cease and desist your obvious attempts at stealing me from Edward!”

However, I do not see these phrases being used in the near future. In fact, it would be hard to say such things at all whilst Bella is so strongly pressed against Jacob’s shoulder, and even harder to hear with his snoring.

Brushing past the potentially-scandalous opening paragraphs, Jacob seems to have enjoyed that Bella at least thinks of him somewhat in her dreams, however drowned out by Edward they may be. As to someone talking in their sleep as much as Bella, the only time I’ve been told of myself talking in my sleep was when I had my wisdom teeth removed and was under heavy anesthesia. Obviously, as the doctor later revealed, I talked a whole lot: everything from my bank statement to girls to movies to who-knows-what.  It is for this reason the doctor assured me he was under contract to never reveal anything I said whilst unconscious. However, to my horror, I later realized that the nurse had signed no such agreement.


It is a scary thing, talking in one’s sleep: but sometimes it’s an (admittedly unreliable) way to get into someone’s real thoughts. Bella  has obviously been thinking about Jacob a lot recently.

Even for me, leaning towards Team Edward, it hurts to see Jacob listening in on Bella and Edward’s conversation. How does that feel for him? I don’t know why, but I was under the impression he knew about the engagement; but now knowing that he didn’t, I can just imagine how devastated he is. Given the unconventional amount of time that Jacob spends with Edward’s girlfriend, he actually does have a relationship with her (as much as I have disagreed). It’s close enough to finding out that his girlfriend has decided to marry someone else, and everything he has done for the past months to convince her has been in vain.

There is a part of me who really wants to be happy, since Jacob is finally getting what he deserves, and perhaps he will realize that his behavior around another guy’s girlfriend isn’t right. If I was solidly Team Edward, I might feel that way. But I can’t. For some reason, I feel no victory in seeing Jacob leave. This is a pain that no one should have to go through. Jacob probably means well, in his own way. I know that if I discovered the same thing he did, I would react in the same way.

I am a bit proud of Bella, because she is finally coming to realize what she is doing to both Edward and Jacob:

“I couldn’t have them both, because Jacob could not be just my friend. It was time to give up wishing for that. How ridiculously greedy could any one person be?”

And later, to Jacob:

“It was wrong to stay with you when we wanted such different things. It’s not going to get better. I’ll just keep hurting you.”

It’s a sign that she might be growing up. It give me much more confidence in her being mature enough to get married, now that she is finally realizing her faults.

But oh, for page 524. Bella basically takes gasoline, piles of newspaper, and a lighted match, and casts all three at the same time upon my hopes. Why, when she is so close to ending it; when she is so close to finally letting Jacob go, and finally giving him a chance for happiness, does she turn around and cause him to come back? It is like a suicidal guy saying if a girl does not love him, he will kill himself. Or, for better example, a guy saying if a billionaire does not pay him money, he will kill himself. It is manipulative, no matter how hurt or downtrodden Jacob might be. And Bella falls right into it.

“Why wasn’t I stopping this? […] why couldn’t I find in myself even the desire to want to stop?”

However, there still is some sense in Bella’s head, however buried underneath these strange feelings it may be. She knows what is happening. She realizes she loves Jacob: but she knows it is not enough.

“Jacob was right […] He was more than just my friend. […] I loved him, much more than I should, and yet, still nowhere near enough. […] it was only enough to hurt us both more.”

I read an interesting theory once, from a professor in psychology who was writing about humans and love. In this theory, which probably goes out of the bounds of actual psychology, he proposed that there is no ‘one person’ that each of us is intended to be with forever. Rather, his theory said that there are about eight ‘right persons’ for each of us, but that since these eight are spread so much around the planet we will only have the chance of meeting one: a soulmate, of sorts. This study proposed that from a standpoint of compatibility mixed with probability, if someone was to find one of their soulmates, there would only be a very minute chance they would ever meet with any of the other ‘eight’, and thus wouldn’t feel as strong a connection with anyone else in their lifetime; even though the others do exist somewhere.

This makes me think of Bella, Edward and Jacob. What if, according to this theory, the probability actually did catch a glitch, and somehow there are two ‘right people’ for Bella in the same area? What if, both Edward and Jacob are equally right for her, and only Edward’s luck at finding her first gives him the better chance? Bella admits it herself: she loves Jacob too much for it to be good.

But why is it too much? The reason it is too much is because Edward was there first. If she had met Jacob first, wouldn’t you think she would be loyal to him, and Edward would be the one trying to steal her away? [Added: It was brought to my attention that Bella had met Jacob before, as mentioned in Twilight that she had known him for years. But, at that time it seems to be more of a passing friendship, and nothing very deep like Edward was. ]

I will say that, in spite of my points earlier, and my aversion to Jacob’s manipulation, that this could perhaps be my favorite chapter so far in this entire book. It’s a turning point, of sorts. I’m coming to realize just how deep Jacob runs in Bella’s heart: this piece that perhaps she could remove; but by removing it, might only open the wound again.

Question for the comments: If Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first, do you think it would change things? If Jacob had found Bella before Edward, do you think she would love him instead?

ADDED QUESTION: What if Edward hadn’t appeared at all, do you think Bella would be happy with Jacob?


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191 Responses

  1. Jamus

    I honestly don’t think so. Even though Jacob is a big part of Bella’s heart Edward has captured a much, much larger part of it. Edward has become Bella’s other half she has realized that she can not live without him. Even if Jacob had been there first I don’t think there would have been any way Bella could have fought against what Edward is to her. She would have tried but failed I believe, thus leaving Jacob even more heart broken that she does at this point in the book. I wont spoil the next book so there are more reasons that I can not explain.

  2. Carmen_Denali

    Excellent post Kaleb, yet again! :)
    I know how you feel… this week i have been in over my head with studying for midterms. In fact… I should be studying now. well… forget that! not when there’s a new twilight guy post!

    I don’t think that Bella would ever be with Jacob if Edward was around, even if Jacob had found her first. Edward would have to be out of the picture entirely for Bella to be with Jacob. I think the love between Bella and Edward runs too deep, and that would not change no matter under what circumstances they would have met.

    p.s. I’m really excited for something epic on youtube! bigger than rob and taylor? seriously?!?!

  3. Vanesa

    uuuhh…. this is really interesting!! i never though about that! and i don’t know why, but i think that Bella wouldn’t give Edward a chance if she were with Jacob first, idk, but i feel that she wouldn’t pay that much attention to him… but who knows, really!anyway… great post Kaleb!!

  4. Brilliant Mess

    That how love concept and theory….that is really interesting, actually, which does put a twist on things. and not just the book, but the idea of love and soul mates in general….

    If Edwards was human, actually, and Bella met Jacob (as in become friends with him first, since she did met him when she was little), then it is a possibility that she would have stayed with Jacob.

    and even if Edward was vampire in this, it is possible that Bella would choose Jacob still, if she met him first. Yet, there is a difference someone else pointed out to me.

    Bella fell in love with Jacob like we normally do in life: slowly, as the relationship grows and such. With Edward, she was pretty much swept off her feet by him.

    With that in mind, my final answer is: I have no idea.

    yeah, i know, so helpful.

  5. slightly obsessed

    I think that, even if Bella had met Jacob first and truly understood early on her feelings for him, she would still have chosen Edward later. I know you’ve touched on this topic before, but I feel that Bella and Edward had their own “imprinting” going on. That pull is just too strong to keep her with Jacob; no matter how much Bella loves him, she will always love Edward more.

  6. Nicole

    Ok…so I don’t believe that if Bella met Jacob first she would feel that strongly for him. For she did know him before when she was much much younger. Also when she first met Edward she was addicted to seeing him, and when she first met Jacob she didn’t feel that addiction he was just nice to be around. She didn’t feel the need to go right back to Jacob after that first meeting…she just knew that she wanted to be his friend. Edward and Bella seem to be that “soulmate” of your theory and Jacob is just one of those sad few who can’t measure up to that love.
    I really dig your posts Kaleb…you think outside the box and give others a chance to voice their opinions about the characters and the story. Nicely done sir!!! =)

  7. Edward'sBetterThanJacob

    yeah i think jacob and bella are not meant to be. jacob has an obnoxious personality, and he vblackmailed her for something he wanted. Is it just me, or is bella just too much in love with him to realize that? Eventully she would have realized he’s not all candy and unicorns, and would have ditched him for someone else. And Bella’s ment for Edward, so if bella was with jacob, edward would be alone for all eternity….. *sniffle*

  8. Heather

    This chapter makes me so angry. Ugh. All the characters I want to slap. Still. After reading it a billion and one times I want to throw my book across the room. Even reading your response to it made me angry.

    Anyway, this is going to be a long comment. I’m sorry, I get carried away =(

    I’m very happy to see you got your insane To-Do list narrowed down a bit. Don’t feel bad for taking time off, real life is more important than virtual life. At least, I think it is *scratches head*

    For that one shining moment in this chapter when I first read it, I felt absolutely awful for Jacob. The whole book I had devoted myself to scolding him, and then I felt horrid. But, in true Jacob fashion, he ripped those feelings right out when he became completely unethical, irresponsible, and just plain stupid. How dare you say that to someone? “I’m going to kill myself unless you kiss me.” Seriously?! That is so over the line that he had already danced over the whole book. And she’s freaking ENGAGED!! Arghhh! Slaps for Jacob, slaps for Bella for falling for it and allowing, slaps for Edward for letting Jacob hear all that and for being TOO UNDERSTANDING!! Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    (Once again, I apologize, but this chapter really brings out the worst in me)

    Moving on, I think Bella would’ve maintained that Twilight-type friendship with Jacob if Edward hadn’t happened first. Jacob would of course be all ga-ga over her, but Bella wouldn’t be interested that way. Edward was the reason her and Jacob became so close in the first place, and without him I don’t think it would’ve escalated pretty far. Plus, Bella is only meant for Edward. Although I agree with your eight “right” people for your theory, in the fictional world of Twilight, there are true soul mates (Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper, Bella and Edward, Sam and Emily…need I go on?). So no matter what, Bella and Edward are meant for each other. The only reason (in my opinion) Jacob and Bella are currently “in love” is because Jacob pushed it to the point where she had to be, and of course dratted Edward leaving didn’t help much.

    Wrapping up, sorry this is so long, and sorry if it doesn’t make much sense. It is late after all and I’ve been watching nerd fighter videos all day while doing homework =)

  9. aria

    So many if’s and such. My mother always told me that when you are with a person, try and imagine yourself married to them. Make it really real in your head and see if you are happy. (FYI girls this really saved me some from bad relationships)

    I think had Bella met Jacob first her loves would be far more equally balanced. She would have had time to get to know Jacob, then met Edward and felt an attraction to him. I think Jacob would have become pack leader and possibly and this and that, but what if? maybe if this happened.
    TOO MANY IF’S! I give up

  10. Nicole

    Yes very good post..I’m typing this while sorta drunk so dont judge me for typos….anyway….I do not think she would have been with Jacob instead. From the moment Bella locked eyes with Edward she was hooked and he hadnt even said anything….even before she admitted to being irrevocably in love with Edward she met Jacob and that didnt change anything…..Bella was meant for Edward…besides lets remember that Jacob is a dog….I mean wolf…whatever…he could imprint on some other chick like the animal he is (due to natural selection) and Bella is left in the cold. So I am not convinced Bella was meant for him because if she was he would have imprinted on her. Pay attention Kaleb…the wolf boys find their soulmates that way. So as much as I hate it Bella is made for Edward. Personally I don’t care for Bella much she is immature, annoying and whiney….but whatever.

  11. Cricko

    Maybe. I don’t know.

  12. Billy

    First and foremost, let me say that Bella DID, in fact, meet Jacob before Edward. In the first novel, Twilight, when she goes to the La Push Beach, she talks to Jacob to get away from everyone else and to find out Edward’s back story. Many of us, apparently, seem to assume that that was the first time they met, when this is not the case. During that talk, the reader is told that they’ve known each other since birth.

    Now going into this topic a little deeper, it’s near impossible to argue that they would have become romantically attached at that point, obviously. But it is arguable that once she met Jacob again, in this very moment at the beach, that her memory of Jacob would have been enough for her interests to have sparked.

    Another point: Her description of Jacob is childish. She basically describes him as a child. He’s a few years younger than Bella. Immediately we can tell that she has no attraction toward him. Let’s face it, females at that age rarely look backward on age to find someone to be with. It isn’t until Jacob starts maturing, in New Moon, and his physical attributes start to form, when Bella finally recognizes what she hadn’t seen before. What hadn’t she seen before? Someone who was capable of being in a relationship with. Her feelings grew with Jacob, at an exponential rate.

    Therefore here’s my opinion. I think that if Bella had met Jacob (again) prior to meeting Edward that there could be a possibility of their relationship sparking. But I only believe this would have happened if she hadn’t met Edward until Jacob’s “transformation” into adulthood. If Bella met Edward before his transformation, I doubt that she would have seen Jacob in that way.

    Now once again, I’m going to debate with myself. There is also a part of me that believes that once she met Edward that there would be nothing to hold her back. Not even if Jacob was the man she wanted in that moment. Why do I think this? Bella seems attracted to mystery. Therefore I think that Edward’s appeal would be so great that Bella wouldn’t have another choice but to find Edward so perfect for her. She would have found a way to be with him, no matter what.

    Phew, long speech.

    *Fin. :]

  13. devz30

    I’m sorry if this will be a long comment. I think it will be. This is just the chapter I am itching to comment about. This chapter, to put it simply, is the reason why I didn’t like this book so much. It goes to the top least of the most meaningful book, though.

    It is interesting how you put it. I have to admit, if Jacob was who Bella was meant to be with in the first place, then Jacob would be the one readers would want Bella to end up with. I would say, yes to your question for that reason. I think it would be very probable that Bella will end up with Jacob. Though I have a point to argue: Bella still sort of hang out with Jacob even when she was with Edward. So even if she was with Jacob, she might realize that she loved Edward. This love might even be stronger than her and Jacob’s.

    I guess our opinion on this chapter differs, because this is the chapter I liked least, to put it mildly. This chapter made me so angry at Bella. Enraged. – To the point that I didn’t try to see reason. I was unfair. Bella was human, but I didn’t give her a chance to understand her. But the question that made me really furious was, How could she love 2 people at once?
    I think Jacob is her soul mate, but Edward was someone that wasn’t meant to be there, meant to be dead a long time ago. Edward being there sort of altered what was meant to be, so I think that is why Bella was also in love with Jacob.
    I read Stephenie’s site, and she explained it, so eventually, I learned to calm down. There are different shades of love. Her being in love with Jacob doesn’t mean she loved Edward any less. True love, really is about choice.

    Anyone care to read my little scenario?

    Me: You know, I’ve never had much patience with Bella.

    Mike (I could think of another character who’d ask this): Well, what’s wrong with Bella?

    Me: Well, first of all, she’s in love with this Jacob- don’t you think that makes her seem a little fickle? And then, she accepts Edward’s offer to marry, then after finding out her ‘bestfriend’ Jacob is going to fight, she tells Jacob to kiss her, then discovers she’s in love with him, while in love with Edward at the same time. That’s not very brilliant. Mistake after mistake. Could she have destroyed Edward’s happiness any more thoroughly?”

    I am AMAZED that Edward could pass a day without even punching Jacob at least. I mean, what annoys me is, that Edward’s just keeping it all to himself. Stephenie said one of his major flaws was “…maybe admitted to his jealousy and asked Bella to choose him, rather than watching her get in deeper with Jacob.” YES. I would HAVE LOVED him to say something and it KILLS ME that Bella goes deeper with Jacob and he just— he just— WATCHES. Honestly, he AMAZES me. And that, is why I am so irritated with Bella.


    You are so close to Breaking Dawn, can’t wait to hear your views about it.

  14. devz30

    sorry, spelling mistake:
    *least = list

    And the scenario was from New Moon, btw ^^ Wow, there are a lot of long responses.

  15. Angela

    I think it mentions somewhere in that chapter that, if the world (in the book, anyway) was the way it was supposed to be: without monsters, fairytales vampires, werewolves, etc. Then Jacob would be her soulmate in that world. Because Edward would not exist. But because Edward DOES exist, their “fairytale” love is something so much more powerful and potent than ‘regular’ love and trumps or “eclipses” (haha) what Bella and Jacob have.

    Now Kaleb, you are doing a superb job of attempting to give Jacob some credit, but I don’t think you really understand his point of view.

    Jacob’s POV:
    1. He fell head over heels in love with his bestfriend.

    2. His bestfriend is in love with a monster/murderer who (he believes) will kill her.

    3. He knows better than Bella that she loves him but won’t admit it. And she does.
    Would you stand aside and let the love of your life basically commit suicide (in his POV) like that?

    Oh and plus:
    Jacob IS a child. He’s only 16, give him a break. He’s acting irrationally because
    1)he IS human and
    2) he hasn’t had Edward’s 100 years of experience and self control. He’s raw emotion.

    ***I’m Team Switzerland, but I do love Jacob….

  16. Carly

    Well, if you remember in Twilight, Bella mentioned that her and Jacob knew each other when they were younger. They had already met before Bella even knew who the Cullens were. Personally, I don’t think it would have made a difference in the end. Since Bella only spent a little bit of time in Forks, therefor not having enough time to bond with Jacob, I don’t think things would have gone far. Although, at the beginning of the race to Italy, while Bella and Jacob were in her kitchen, some things were about to kick off between the two. So, I’m not sure.

    I tried thinking about this once: Edward was originally born in Chicago. So, he wouldn’t be in Forks. Besides, he was born in 1901. That’s an 80 year difference we’re looking at. Bella and Jacob were born with only a 2 of 3 year margin. But, without Edward in Forks to leave Bella and drive her into Jacobs arms, she probably never would’ve fallen for him. And then, without Victoria and her newborn army stalking Bellas every movement, Jacob and his friends would’ve never turned into werewolves (in theory). This is because, without Edward in Forks to take Bella to that eventful baseball game, James (and Victoria) would have never found her and never tracked her down. Leading to Edward killing him and Victoria seeking revenge. And if Jacob never made it to that werewolf-sized body of his, he would still be just a human-sized kid…

    My head really started to hurt after trying to figure that one out. It might have had something to to with the Iced-Tea I had earlier.

  17. Kelly

    You know, I really don’t think that they would have been together, were Edward not in the picture. They both think so, but really, if the vampires weren’t in town, Jacob wouldn’t have become a werewolf, he wouldn’t have needed to feel this protection of her, she wouldn’t have started to flirt with him and give him the wrong impression in the first place, and they could have remained really good friends. Bella saw Jacob, really, as a little brother from the beginning–it was only when he matured physically and mentally (mentally, in the sense that he had to take on a lot of responsibility and heartache at such a young age), along with the rest.

    Personally, I don’t think Bella is in love with Jacob. I don’t think she was lying to herself. I think it’s reasonable to believe that, how Jacob affects Bella physically, it would be easy for her to confuse that with loving him, especially since he had been trying to convince her that she *didn’t know* she was in love with him.

    And Devz, I totally agree with you–Edward should have made his sentiments known–not necessarily keeping her from seeing Jacob, but making her aware that he’s concerned about their relationship. That would have put a stop to that right there, by him just being honest with her. Then again, that would take away from Edward’s character in such a way that, were he able to do that, a lot of issues would have become non-issues just by communication. :) It’s what surprises me about the scene that they discuss their pending engagement agreement, in why Edward doesn’t want to turn Bella into a vampire, and why Bella doesn’t want to get married. Same reasons.

  18. Jennifer

    I think Bella still would’ve belonged with Edward, because even if she was with Jacob first, she wouldn’t be for him because she still wouldn’t be the one he imprinted on. Therefore, she belongs with Edward, who probably would’ve respected that she was taken, but probably would’ve fallen for her anyways and have her fall in love with him in return.

  19. Michelle

    Finally, you read the first of the two most outrageous chapters in the book!

    8.Heather, I totally agree with the majority of your comment.

    First and foremost, I am SO MAD at Edward for allowing this conversation to take place at this time. Yes, it’s absolutely essential that Jacob know they plan to marry, but there could not be a WORSE time to tell him. They are on the front of a huge battle, one that Jacob will be fighting in. Edward knows very well that Jacob will the need the full extent of his concentration today, and allowing him to overhear this information at this time is the most childish behavior I have ever seen out of him.

    That said, the fact that he then goes and chases him down for Bella’s sake is absurd. It brings to mind the “you’ve made your bed, now lie in it” mindset. Edward was so ready to stake his claim and finalize things, but as soon as Bella bawks, he’s running off to beg Jacob to come back and smooth things out with her. None of this would have been necessary if he had let this information be found out at any other time, in any other manner. Yes, I’m Team Edward, but my whole heart is with Jacob right now. Heading off to fight, knowing that he’s really lost Bella this time, everything is slipping away, his thoughts spinning madly out of control right when he needs his head the most. Also, don’t forget that the whole tribe is now feeling this pain.

    So, I assume that Edward is operating under the “two wrongs can cancel out and make a right” mindset when he actually drags Jacob back to Bella. I appreciate the fact that he’s willing to give her the space and privacy necessary to have this conversation, even if it’s come a little too late.

    Then Jacob. As soon as he starts talking to her, I can see the guilt trip coming. The way that he plays her emotions here is so wrong that it’s criminal. I understand that he’s just been hurt, but it was not intentional on her end. Surely he can remember that she’s not the one with the super senses? However, Jacob’s still just playing a game he’s determined to win. Now I’m furious at him. (Even though I’ve already seen a few comments giving him permission to act this way because of his age. I think we all know how I feel about that by now…)

    And Bella. At first, I’m still on her side. She’s so in shock at what’s happening that she’s not thinking clearly. Yes, she should be, but we’ve all been there. When she tells him to kiss her, I really believe she just wants to make him come back to her. I’m used to dealing with her feelings of attachment to Jacob. Then, when she falls into it and starts giving back to him… AAARRGH!!! The book was flying. It was more than I could take!

    For this brief moment in time, I’m Team Charlie. She should have just waited until she was in college to meet a boy. LoL It’s hard to stop here because my anger continues straight into the next chapter.

    15. Angela, I remember that part. I’ve been reading something else lately, so I can’t place exactly when it’s said, but it’s one of my favorite parts.

    I seem to be in a vast minority here, but I do think that without Edward, Bella and Jacob would have ended up together. All the magical beings aside, I think in a normal life they were meant to be. Edward shouldn’t be here in this lifetime, and Jacob shouldn’t be a werewolf. Because this is the way that things exist, Bella is Edward’s soul mate. I also think that simply falling in love with Jacob first would have crossed out Edward. I know he still would have realized his love for her, but from the very beginning, he always wanted her to choose life. A normal, human life, where she wasn’t always at risk of him hurting her. If she had been solidly in love with Jacob by the time Edward had come into her life, she wouldn’t have cast him another glance, and he would have left her alone. He would have always felt the pain of knowing that he’d found the girl he didn’t even realize he was looking for (the last 100 years), but he would not have acted. That alone is heart-breaking.

  20. Belle

    Wow a great post Kaleb!

    I love the “8 right persons” theory very intresting.
    That really explains why there is a glitch with Bella,

    Edward is a vampire therefore immortal, and in reality should not exsist at all in Bella’s time or place. Which would have left Jacob – that one ‘soulmate’ for her instead.

    I couldn’t really decide if Bella would be with Jacob if he had come along first, but the other comments make some great points I hadn’t thought of, Jacob really came into and stayed in her life b/c of Edward, he also like someone said did not imprint on her.

    lots to think about…

  21. Jessica

    I call myself Team Jacob but not because I truly want Jake to wind up with Bella but simply because I love him SO much and want him to get a happy ending.

    That said, my husband is solidly on Team Edward and I didn’t understand why until some of your more recent posts. Basically, it’s a guy thing. (Not that all Team Edward people are guys obviously, but that pretty much all guys would be on Team Edward – the whole “she’s taken” thing setting them off.)

    As I was reading this post I asked my husband how he felt when Jake overheard about the engagement and he still felt that Jake got what he deserved.

    So, I just had to comment to applaud you for being able to step away from the defensiveness of Edward’s girl and understand how Jake must be feeling.

    Finally, though everyone on Team Edward thinks it’s IMPOSSIBLE for Bella to have fallen for Jacob if Edward hadn’t been in the picture, I’m confident she would have. If she can fall for him with Edward IN the picture, how is it possible she wouldn’t with him OUT of it? And so long as Jake never gave Bella a reason to get to know the new guy Edward in school then she would have drooled at him in school and left it at that. AND, ethical Edward wouldn’t have TRIED to get to know a girl who was taken anyway.

    That said, IF Bella had met Jake first and they’d been together when she met Edward and IF Bella and Edward had begun to have feelings for each other, YOU, Kaleb, would be on Team Jacob, regardless of the outcome. And my husband would be too. :)

  22. Katie

    I dont think Bella would be with Jacob even if they discovered their feelings for eachother first. Bella and Jacob are still kids in my eyes. They are both shy to real emotion and its obvious Jacob has real self control issues with his emotions. Edward on the other hand has had YEARS to lean self control, I for one find maturity to be far more attractive. KNOWING somebody will take care of you and can take care of you is alot better than hoping someone can and wondring if they even could.

    I’m sorry if that made no sense at all. but in the end Edward wins mainly cause he’s older and more experienced

  23. Tori Schmitz

    ummm. idk. i feel from reading that tthere is a deeper, understood connection between Bella and Edward that doesn’t need to be said but is surreptitiously given off in Stephanie’s writings. To me i dont think it really matter when they met whether it was 50 years down the road and Bella is married to Jacob- she is drawn to Edward, meant for him even and its irrevocable. As a Team Edward person i do know that Jacob is a big part of her life and who she is no matter what but you get to the point where you have to decide between the crutch keeping you steady or the new adventure never known by anyone before….

  24. Steph

    Definitely. I’m not Team Jacob or anything, but I don’t think Bella’s one to ditch him because someone possibly better came along. However, would Edward have ever found anyone else? I mean, the eight persons thing might just be true for a vampire’s la tua cantante. Emmett had two (both of which met with rather unfortunate ends), so is it a human’s blood that indicates a connection between the human and vampire? I mean, I can’t remember if this was ever confirmed, but wasn’t it implied that Emmett was sort of like Rosalie’s singer? It wasn’t just the smell of blood that made it hard for her to control herself, but HIS blood. Although it obviously wasn’t as strong as Bella’s is to Edward. But back to the point. If Bella was with Jacob initially and Edward had to back off, would he perhaps have found another “soul mate” at another point in time? Personally, I don’t believe in the whole destiny, fate, soul mates, meant to be etc. Things just happen. People connect not because they’re “meant to”, but because their personality traits are more compatible than other people’s.

  25. Tara

    Hi, great post! You made me curious though. Can you please email me the title of the study and the name of the researcher if you remember?
    Thank you!

  26. Jackie

    Wow that was a long post. You make me think a lot in different ways when I read the post. I know how I felt when I read the book. But I didnt see it the way you did. But it’s nice to look at it from a different way.

    Someone commented before that most guys are Team Edward fans and not Team Jacob. I actually know this guy who is a Team Jacob fan and his Team Jacob because he thinks that Bella has more fun with Jacob.

    As for the questions. I always find it hard when people say ‘what if this happened or that happened in the book?’. The reason why is because I never know if the person would change who they are or be. Since the people that you met at whenever time in our life alter you in the most smallest yet biggest ways sometimes.

    At first when I saw the question and thought about it I thought that maybe she would fall in love with Jacob more. But then everyone in the comments seem to have a point. Now I agree with them. As I think about it. Someone mentioned that Bella fell in love with Jacob in a human like the normal way like us. When she fell in love with Edward it was something special, different and magical compared the normal love. So I think she would eventually find a way back to Edward. And I dont think the reason that Bella loves Edward more is because she met him first. I think it was a bit of a physical attraction towards him like a spark. Something she never felt before.

  27. Kat

    i loved THIS chapter sooo much!!
    but Kaleb,ever waited to think what Edward must have gone through..seeing the girl he loved asking him to goo get jacob for him.he does that only because his love for bella is actually UNCONDITIONAL!!..i cried soo hardduring the entirechapter thinking ’bout what edward must have gone thru..THE PAIN.!!
    the neztchapter is pure torture..trust me..!!
    i think bella must have fallen in love with ‘only’ jacob had she met him before..they are simplt great with each other..but only if Edward did not exist[in a not sooo supernatural world..in an ONLY HUMAN world]..’cause he does..i think Bella and Edward are made for each other..
    and ne more thing a lot of ppl say edward is very mature..NO he’s not..he’s frozen in a 17 yr old’s body..he can only learn from 100 yrs of experience but that would not mature him too..”’cause when you become a vampire,everything freezes ur likes..dislikes,everything..and if a change comes it is PERMAENT..the change edward got was BELLA”..
    and im soo srry for my loathsome english!

  28. Gatchpatch

    To answer your question: Maybe. Maybe Bella would have fallen for Jacob if they had met 1st. However it is the hardships caused by Bella and Edward’s relationship that brought Bella and Jacob together in the 1st place! (i.e Bella was intrigued by Jacob when he told her the ‘cold ones’ legend and all through New Moon when Edward left her)
    Sure Bella loves Jacob’s qualities that don’t involve Edward in any shape or form but what are the chances she would’ve discovered them on her own?

  29. KC

    No I don’t think there was ever a chance for Jacob to be to Bella what Edward is. If Edward hadn’t left the relationship between them most likely would have never progressed as far as it did. She went to Jacob in an effort to reconnect to Edward and the resulting feelings were a kind of by product of that attempt.

  30. Neo

    No. Edward is the perfect man, so noway around, he is loveble… :) Jacob is Jacob. A great second.

  31. Bekah

    As always an excellent and thought provoking post Kaleb. In the words of Captain Hook: Good form! Haha. Anyway on to my actual comment.

    I liked everything you posted because I felt like almost everything you wrote was everything I was thinking as I read the book for the first time. Im not really either Team although I do lean toward Team Edward slightly more for the express reason that they ARE meant for one another. However, I am no so far gone that I dont feel some sort of hurt for Jacob. Even though he does in a way get what he has coming to him that is one form of pain that no one person should have to bear upon their shoulders.

    I also liked the theory about love that you wrote down. I’m not quite sure I believe it simply because my parents taught and instilled in me the belief that God had created and designed that one person specifically for each person on earth. But I did still find that interesting. Id o enjoy some good philosophy. 😀

    On a side note before I move on to my next “point” or whatever I DO talk in my sleep. It gets even worse when I’m with my best friend. Why? you may ask. We talk to each other in our sleep…..for hours and hours. How odd.

    Now before I start to bore anyone I will finish up this already rather lengthy comment. :) I dont think that if Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first it would have changed anything. If that had happened and bella met Edward a few months later I think she still would have ended up with Edward. My reasoning for this is that with Jacob she had to get to know him and spend time with him before she loved him. Add to that the fact that she didn’t even realize that she loved him until the epic kiss in which I was literally yelling “NO! What are you doing! Stop Bella!” as I read it. However, with Edward, it was like they had a connection if you will excuse the cliche. In Midnight Sun, Edward knew before he had really spent any time with Bella that he was falling in love with her. Bella knew in Twilight that she was falling in love with Edward. They each knew they loved one another and that the other loved them before it was even spoken.

    So I guess that my abridged opinion is that it wouldnt chance anything. Bella would still be with Edward even if she had been with Jacob first because she had to actually build a relationship with Jacob and even then she didn’t realize she was in love with him but with Edward there was no effort and they were ultimately meant to be together.

  32. Bekah

    Oh and I would also like to add that part of the reason that Bella fell in love with Jacob was because he was the one who picked up the shattered pieces of her heart after Edward left and taped them back together. Truly, when you have someone who helps you like that and stitches you back together like that you can’t expect them not to become branded on your heart. If she had met Jacob first then she wouldn’t have had that need from him. so maybe she might not have fallen in lvoe with him. She would have no need for htis personal sun.

  33. Anna

    I do not think that Bella would have done anything truly romantic with her relationship with Jacob had Edward benn met second. The first reason, of course, is quite obvious. Jacob is not Bella’s true soulmate, because if he had been, then he would have imprinted on her. He imprints on somebody else, actually (I am deeply sorry for the spoiler). My second reason is that, even when Bella was positive Edward no longer loved her and would never love her again, even when Jake was “the most important person in her world” in place of Edward, she wasn’t really ready to commit to Jake that way. She just really wanted to be his friend, to love him as family. Bella does sort of love Jake that way, but she doesn’t really want him that way. But she has always been completely positive that she loved Edward as more than just friend or family, and has always been ready to have that kind of relationship with him.

  34. Reneata

    I think that had Bella fallen for Jacob first and then met Edward the pull Edward has with her would still be greater and she would have left jacob to be with Edward but then it would have probably been worse when Jacob turned werewolf and maybe we would have a war on our hands

  35. Mylles

    no, i don’t think she would love Jacob. Even though as you said about the theory i honestly don’t beleive that. i think that we have one soulmate, not amymore than that. and those people who die before ever falling in love, wil have someone to be with afterdeath. and if she met Jacob first she probably wouldn’t have fallen for him. Een though Edward wouldn’t have been in the picture could you honestly imagine her happy with anyone but Edward

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  37. Rhonda

    One of my favorite chapters! My heart was broken for Edward when he told her he wouldn’t listen – “I know you don’t want an audience, no matter which way you decide to go.”

    I think if there was no Edward, Bella would have disliked Forks so much she would have moved to Jacksonville for her final year of high school, and the relationship with Jacob would never have developed!

    Love your posts Kaleb!

  38. hakeber_Evol

    I don’t think anything different would have happened. In this world (twilight world) all the magical beings have their soul mate. The on who is their true other half. Bella is part of this with Edward. But all of them also have their human love. If the world was non-magical like it should be they would end up with this person. This person is in the mythical creatures real time and place (close to when they were born).Edward never met his human soul mate so he only loves Bella. Bella still lives in “her time” so she met Jacob. The love she feels for JAcob is as strong as any human SHOULD ever feel. But it is completely overshadowed by her love for Edward.

    Whew, sorry that was long. I have just thought about this a whole lot. nice to get it off my chest.

  39. Chibi Ma

    I really don’t believe its a matter of who you met first.
    If perhaps Bella did fall in love with Jacob before Edward, she would feel a sense of loyalty to Jacob but a pull towards Edward. You cant ignore that Edward would still tempted by Bella’s scent and if he knew Bella was with Jacob, that would only make the pull worse.
    Bella may stay loyal to Jacob but never would be “complete” and I don’t believe Jacob would in the end want that.
    Lastly, Jacob still has yet to imprint. He would imprint on someone else, leaving Bella (and he would), and Edward would be there for her.

  40. Samie

    I think bella would of been with edward no matter what. I beleive love, is on differnt levels, like u will always love someone on a different level, a differnt strength of love, differnt kind of connection, differnt kind of reasons why u are soul mates. and u always have a path to choose from, some are better then others, But life is all just a big game of choices, i belive that there is alawys one path, u are REALLY ment for, and most of the time we take it. Or atleast one that is similar.
    so i think bella took the path she was ment for, i think she is ment for edward. jake is just another path she is crossing.

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  42. Monica

    I’d actually had the same thought about “right” people. No joke. Alas, someone has stolen my theory before I knew anyone else had thought of it. But it does make sense. Honestly, if there’s only one person who’s “meant” to be your soulmate, what are the odds you’ll ever meet? There are six billion people in the world.

    I wrote a “condensed” version of the Twilight books for Fanfiction.net. Here’s my take on this chapter:

    Jacob: You don’t love me. I’ll go be a hero now.

    Bella: Jacob, don’t be a hero! I do love you, for real! And it only took me 530 pages to figure it out.

    Bella kisses Jacob passionately.

    Fangirls: NOOOOOOOOOO!!11!!1

  43. Laura

    I don’t think it would have worked out if Jacob got to Bella first, because she in many ways is a very mature person so I think his immaturity would have turned her off. I think the craving to be a “typical teen” and act out and be bad is what drew her to Jacob, but a relationship built on that doesn’t work. I think Edward would always be her true “soul mate” because he brought so much into her life that she never thought was possible, but Jacob just brought the “home” feelings she was used to.
    Just wanted to tell you I’m SO glad you’re back! I’ve missed your posts!!!

  44. Camilla

    No, I don’t.
    Because Jacob has the whole imprinting thing left to find him his soulmate; I believe that if they’d been together when Bella met Edward, they would still have fallen in love.

  45. Amanda Milholland

    Yayyy! This is my favorite chapter too, Kaleb!

    I agree with what someone said earlier… it’s hard to answer your question because when we see Bella fall in love with both Edward and Jacob, we see it happen in two different ways…

    Edward and Bella have kind of a whirlwind romance. He “sweeps her off her feet” and they fall almost instantly in love. I think this is part of what makes their relationship seem so perfect and fairy-tale like to all of us readers.

    With Jacob, on the other hand, she falls in love with him gradually over time. It’s the way, I believe, most of us fall in love… you start out as friends, then kind of hit that gray area and then everything changes. Maybe it’s as dramatic as Bella and Jacob’s kiss. Maybe it’s something as simple as a smile or a hand-hold. But something happens and it hits you… you’re in love. And you never knew it until then. That’s exactly what happened in this case.

    So your question is hard to answer. I mean, Edward and Bella just fell in love so fast, so easily… it seems like they were MEANT to be together… like it was out of their control.

    Jacob and Bella had to face so many obstacles along the way and really had to build things up for quite some time before BOTH of them realized their feelings.

    Maybe it would have been like imprinting… like what happened with Sam, Leah, and Emily. Maybe Bella wouldn’t have a choice. Maybe she’d just be drawn to Edward.

    Or maybe she wouldn’t even give that Cullen guy a second glance. Maybe she’d be so happy with Jacob, she wouldn’t see anyone else but him.

    (I’d really like to think it’s the second option, as Jacob is my favorite character in the entire series!)

    Jacob is Bella’s soulmate. But Edward is something more than that. This is quite a dilemma that I often which someone would ask Stephenie, as I am curious for her answer!

    I’m sorry I practically wrote a novel for you, Kaleb! Hahahaha! But Eclipse is my favorite book, Monster is my favorite chapter, and the Love Triangle is the most interesting, dramatic, thought-provoking feature of the Twilight series… it really intrigues me and brings a lot of “what-ifs” to my mind…

    Enjoy it while it lasts, Kaleb! Eclipse is my FAVORITE book, while Breaking Dawn is my LEAST favorite… by a LOT. Be prepared, my friend!

    Okay, I’m done now :)

  46. Zella

    I think our Eddiekins would still win Bella on the basis that although she loves both she loves Edward MORE, he loves her MORE and he is BETTER suited for her. The timing helps, but it isn’t the deciding factor.

  47. Zella

    And despite being 100% Team Ed, I still felt sorry for Jacob…

    … that is, until he manipulated her.

  48. MNR

    This is my 1st time posting on your awesome site!!!
    But to answer the question, I dont think that Bella would have fallen in love with Jacob at all. The whole reason she became friends with Jacob is because Edward left & she was lonley. Yeah she knew Jacob, but she seen him as some one younger as herself and a son of her dad’s friend. But like Edward said in the Fire & Ice chapter, Jake was there for Bells when Edward left and Jake helped Bells start to put back the peices of her broken self.
    So my answer is no, I dont think Bella would have ever had a relationship with Jacob if she “found” Jacob before Edward.

  49. Mary

    Soo, I don’t know what is left to say, Amanda (#45) spared me the trouble of saying it!! Although I think New Moon is my favorite. BD is my least favorite, though.

    And I can’t remember if this was said in this chapter or not, but somewhere it says that…oh, wait, I think it’s in like the 3rd to last chapter, so I can’t point it out to you yet. Dang. Fine, I’ll wait.

  50. Mary

    Haha, Angela (#15) already spoiled it, so I’ll spoil it again. Yes, Jacob was Bella’s soulmate in a normal world, but something un-normal was thrown into the normal world, the vampires, and they eclipsed Jacob. So, Bella and Jacob loved each other with everything that any of us are ever going to feel, the ultimate human love. But Edward wasn’t human, and so, unfortunately, I think, Bella and Edward loved each other with something beyond human love. But don’t be too hard on Jacob, because when you’re the most in love, that’s what he was feeling. None of us will get what Edward had.

  51. Kat

    First off, I hated this chapter when I read it the first time. I was like, so Bella loves Edward and Bella loves Jacob but because she loves Edward a little more she’ll choose him?? I was so angry that Bella loved Jacob any more than as a friend because the entire series she’d been so enthralled by Edward. It was so abstruse!

    I’ve been reading all the books one right after the other (first time around I waited for the weekends to read each so I could give my undivided attention so I read each book two or three times in a row waiting for the weekend) – I’m on Eclipse now but I haven’t gotten to “Monster” yet. This time around, I’m paying closer attention to the relationship between Bella and Jacob.

    Although throughout Twilight and New Moon Bella insists to herself that she only sees Jacob as a friend, it is apparent that subconciously, she feels something more for him. That being said, I don’t think any of that would have happened without Edward. Look back to Twilight and Jacob is only a person from Bella’s past that she gets reacquainted with at the beach. He is an all too convenient way for Bella to get the backstory on the Cullens. At this point, Bella acknowledges that Jacob seems like someone she could be friends with. There is nothing else there on her side. Even when he brings Billy over to Bella’s house or when he crashes the prom, Jacob is seen as a young kid who is nice (and maybe has a little crush on Bella) but Bella doesn’t see him romantically in any way.

    Then on to New Moon. We see in the first chapters while Edward is there that Bella is totally wrapped up in him. Months later, in Edward’s absence and at Charlie’s encouragement, Bella goes to see Jacob, a nice kid that she remembers she could be friends with. I don’t see Bella pursuing that friendship while Edward is there. See time from prom to Bella’s birthday – probably five months – and no mention or thought of Jacob. Only Edward’s absence makes the growing friendship possible. And the love started out with the friendship.

    Ultimately, I think that Edward leaving made the friendship possible and it was starting to grow into something more by the time Alice returned. But up until this point, Bella doesn’t believe that there ever will be an Edward again. On StephenieMeyer.com SM explains that Jacob tries to make himself imprint on Bella. And in the description of imprinting as it is applied to Quil and Claire, it’s hard to resist that level of devotion. Jacob is devoted to Bella (as he is in love with her) and he’s her protector, her friend, etc. as Quil is to Claire and Bella is reacting to that.

    This is getting really long, Sorry!! But I really hope SM does all the books from Edward’s perspective, not just Midnight Sun. I’d like to know what he’s thinking in Eclipse. I understand that part of him wants Bella to choose Jacob and life rather than him and a soulless existence for all eternity but he is TOO okay with Bella hanging out with Jacob. Fight harder, Edward!!

  52. Katie

    That is a tough question. You see, Bella became friends with Jacob before she fell in love with him. In comparison, she became infatuated (Which turned into a deep love) with Edward at first sight. If she were to have fallen in love with Jacob first, that would have taken time, time that Edward would have had to realize his love and that force that drew them together.

    See Bella’s love with Edward is this great mystical, supernatural thing. It is instantaneous, strong, and unexpected, which makes it rather hard to prepare against or fight off.

    But with Jacob, it is just a human romance. Most of it takes place (at least on Jacob’s part) while he is still ‘wholly’ human. Yes it does solidify after his change, but only because it eliminated the secrets between them. A normal romance, despite what the romance novels declare, can be fended off if necessary. The building blocks of mutual attraction, time spent together, and a decision to pursue the relationship, can all be disrupted by careless action, or a conscious choice.
    Another point to bring up, is the fact that the credit of Jacob and Bella’s relationship has been given several times to Edwards choice to leave. Without her seeking Jake out, and her need for his comfort, would Bella have turned to Jacob, if she had never had Edward in the first place?
    That is what truly brought them together.

    Sorry to ramble on like this, but to answer the question (With my reasoning listed above) I believe that Jacob would still have no chance with Bella. The time it would have taken to develop that relationship would have been used by Edward to realize his inability to leave Bella alone, and then for Edward to pursue, and ultimately win, Bella.

  53. Stanka

    Well. I think it wouldn’t matter. If I imagine this situation: I’m Bella (yay!), Jacob is my boyfriend and I meet Edward… Nothing could keep me away from Edward. The relationship with him would form a little slower and I would hurt Jacob much more than Bella did in Eclipse, but I would end up with Edward.

    I’m giggling like an idiot right now, so… Let’s leave it at this 😀
    (and sorry for my English)

  54. christina

    i truly think so. i think she would love jacob as she should (if they met first) and edward would realize, though, that she didn’t love him, and would stop trying. it’s just the obnoxious type of person he is (i AM team edward though, it’s just his extreme understanding bugs me at times :P)

  55. betsy

    could it have changed things if bella had fallen in love with jacob first? ultimately, in my opinion, no. the utter force and finality of the relationship of edward and bella is such that when bella would have met edward, it would have ultimately negated her relationship with jacob, however powerful her relationship with jacob might be. it probably would have happened similarly as it did in ‘eclipse’ except she would already know she’s in love with jacob, and would more than likely make it even more painful for all three.

  56. Hoping4More

    I think that I have to agree with the theory that Bella wouldn’t end up with Jacob. Even if she met him first, the development of their relationship was so intertwined with her relationship with Edward that removing him from the picture would tell a very different story.

    With no lost love to make her go all zombie and seek refuge in La Push, Bella would have continued her path at Forks High and lived a somewhat normal life.

    My theory is that she would end up with someone more like Edward either way, someone who doesn’t go after her and push for her affections. Jacob is very much like all the other boys that she has rejected along the way. Something about Edward made her want to pursue and, in turn, want to be pursued. I have a feeling that Jacob’s eagerness would have put him with the likes of Mike, Eric and Tyler.

    As far as the chapter though, I liked what it revealed but I was very angry reading it! I have to agree with a lot of the pain could have been avoided if Edward would just fight for her already! But then there’s his POV – a part of him wants Jacob to be right because Bella would be safer with him, not have to “die”, and be able to live out the rest of her dull human life. Makes sense, but still makes me angry because we know that she has already made her choice, how much she loves Edward, how much this thing with Jacob is killing her, and how much she wants for Edward to just ask her to choose him…but unfortunately we can “hear” her thoughts, while self-doubting overly-chivalrous Edward is in the dark.

  57. tina

    My answer – it depends!! lol

    IF Edward were never in Forks – Bella would have tried to ignore Jacob just like she tried to ignore Mike and Eric. If she lived thru her accident, she would have gone to college and tried to do everything the way she thought her mother expected it to be done. She wouldn’t have gotten involved romantically with anyone.

    IF Edward left and never returned (at least that she was aware of) she would be with Jake. He helped heal her heart and she would have decided to be with him, even if her heart was divided between the two. Her little vision during the kiss ‘Would Have Been’ her world.

    BUT, in a world where Edward was near her, Jacob never had a chance. The first time she and Edward touched in Biology, it was electric, almost as if their souls recognized each other – true soul mates (werewolves call it imprinting). She loved Jacob, but not in the same way she loved Edward – like she said, not enough.

    Anyway, that’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it. 😉

    Glad you took a break!! You do have a lot on your plate. Thanks for taking time to post again – loved it, as usual!

  58. Mel

    I don’t believe that Bella would have ended up with Jacob if he “found” her first.
    It’s true that Jacob did meet Bella first. Even at the beginning of Twilight, it’s obvious that Jacob likes Bella. But she is already focused on Edward just out of curiosity (this is before Edward and Bella’s relationship really develops).
    Also, Jake and Bella’s relationship development in New Moon is really centered around the fact that he helps her heal with Edward gone. So, removing Edward from the picture removes the reason Bella and Jake became so close to begin with.
    Perhaps if Edward never came back, Bella would have ended up with Jake. But as Edward even says in New Moon, there was never any question as to whether he would come back, just when. He was getting close to breaking down when he hears of Bella’s “death.”
    I think without Edward in the picture, Bella and Jake would just have a casual friendship. Remember, Bella was never really interested in “dating” until she met Edward.
    It’s the triangle theory that you’ve used before Kaleb – remove one point and the triangle crumbles.

    This chapter made me angry as well. I couldn’t believe what Bella was doing to herself, Edward and Jacob. But it also revealed a lot about all three characters as well. It was definitely an important chapter.

  59. Amaranthine

    If Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first, she wouldn’t be quite the same Bella that we know. Love changes a person, to an extent. But part of me still believes that she would have chosen Edward anyway. Though they don’t have quite as much in common as Jacob and Bella (you know, the whole needing to breathe and beating heart thing), I believe that Edward and Bella connect on a deeper level. And that’s just something that you need. Bella being the way she is could never truly be happy with a normal life. At least, that’s what I gather.

  60. Justine Lark

    I do not think that knowing Jacob first would mean Bella would be with him.

    First the main reason they got so close was that Bella was so destroyed by Edward leaving her!

    Second, most people do not stay with the first person they ever date. Even if she and Jacob were an item, Edward is something else! I think he would sweep her off her feet and they would not be able to stay away from each other even if she already had a boyfriend.

  61. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Wow, I cannot BELIEVE how much you guys write!!!!! Goodness. Well, Kaleb, that was a fantastic post. I’m so glad you loved this chapter. It’s my favorite after Fire and Ice. Good news; I finally got my husband to start reading the series and he’s already on Eclipse! Joy!!!!

  62. daylet

    Actually just keep on reading, your questions will be answered.

  63. Sakura-miaka

    You took in this chapter waaaay better than I did but I think that has something to do with you not being too obsessed with Twilight and being a guy (no offense 😀 ) I already had rock music blasting off my speakers and my mom still managed to hear me screaming in my pillow when Bella returned the kiss…

    In my opinion, No… Bella already met with Jacob, they grew up together (kind of) if Bella was really meant for Jacob then she would’ve immediately felt a strong bond and attraction to Jacob just like what she felt when she met Edward back in Twilight. I have a theory as to why Jacob fell in love with Bella and vice versa but I really can’t talk about it until you’ve at least finished Jacob’s book in Breaking Dawn… 😀 …. I like the psychology theory about having eight soulmates out there, it makes sense (as far as common sense applies 😀 )

    Anyway, Have fun reading the following chapters! It’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions and loads of action that you’ve never seen before (in the Twilight world anyway 😀 ) ^^

  64. Becky

    that’s an interesting theory… 8 soulmates, huh.
    Well if that’s true Bella would have 9 because Edward should have died back in 1918. So really, he threw off the balance. Which is why Bella met two instead of one. :)

    I think that Edward and Bella are the vampire version of Imprinting, so even if Bella had know Jake better before meeting Edward, it was sort of inevitable either way.
    Plus- if Edward and Bella didn’t fall in love, something in Breaking Dawn that involves Jacob never would have happened… hmm… that might actually be a good thing, never really liked that part anyway.

  65. Becky

    there *is* a fairly good reason Jacob fell for Bella but it’s part of Breaking Dawn so I won’t give it away. 😉

  66. Yoko

    I think that the only way it would have worked out between Jacob and Bella would be if Edward had never existed. I think even without Edward, Jacob would never have gotten his real chance because Jake and Bella don’t fall in love until New Moon. So she might have ended up with Mike or Tyler or Eric anyway… To me, it’s sort of a moot point (heeheehee). It’s too hard for me to imagine or speculate what might have been. Things are just too complicated between these three, and it all seems so set in stone, like a history instead of a story. It’s already done and no one can change the past, so to speak.

    Also I really believe that there is no such thing as soulmates or even 8 soulmates. I believe that if you fall in love with someone and have a desire to make it work then it will. Obviously, you have to be compatible, but I believe that there are more than 8 options spread throughout the globe. There might be 8 options in your town alone (depending on how big your town is, lol). I think it’s silly for people to limit themselves that way.

  67. NuttyNetty

    I’m sorry kaleb, but this it one of those very rare times where i have to disagree with you.

    This is my belief: In Twilight, Bella say’s that she was the type of girl who wasn’t looking for love. She FELT she had her life together. She was going to move to Forks and that was that. When she met Edward, he opened up a part of her she never considered opening to someone; her heart. And not only that but she opened Edward’s heart as well. Now that’s DEEP. That is their strong connection; realizing that each of them never wanted to open their hearts up for love until they met each other <3.
    Now in New Moon, when Edward left, Bella’s heart remained OPEN. It was open because of the HOPE that Edward would someday return and she will be happy again. Something she wanted more than life itself. Jacob was there to fill a “bit” of the void in her heart where Edward’s love once filled. That’s when she knew she needed him. Because, despite her beliefs, there was someone out there who could make her happy, and she really NEEDED that.
    It didn’t matter that Jacob couldn’t give her the Love she once had with Edward, It was ENOUGH to give meaning to her life again.
    that is why i believe she would have never fallen in love with Jacob if it wasn’t for Edward.

  68. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    Despite how much I like Jacob (despite his manipulation, which I dont fully attribute to age or inexperience, though that is part of it) I dont think that if she had been in love with him first it would have made a difference. Edward in the grand sceme of things in this messed up fluke that is Bella’s life, is….well I have a theory for that that pertains to this “world” of SM’s.

    With the whole imprinting thing and the Edward/Bella/Jacob thing, and what happens later on in the series, it made me think that maybe there is (for this mythical universe that is Bella’s reality) two “soulmates” for each of them, the mythical creatures and their partners that is; a BIG one and a “normal” one. One that defies all laws of rational and one that just IS in the mundane sense. Had there not been any mythical creatures and craziness and Jacob had been just some quileute boy that was a son of a friend of Bella’s dad, they would have been soulmate, are in the natural world of things.
    But its not a natural world and the mythical creatures do exist, in this world, Edward is the “BIG” one, the one that defies all rational and is, this being so in a world that they meet its impossible for her to not be with Edward, just like in this world its impossible for the quileutes to not be with the ones they imprint on. that said, Jake has his “BIG” one too, and she’s coming…he just has to step aside and let erm…nature take its course.

    So, no, even if Bella had been in love with Jake first, in this mythical world she still would have been with Edward because he is the “BIG” one, while Jake was just the one, just like meeting Bella first (because thats the only way it could have been) for Jake, had no effect once he met his one…you can apply this (BIG one, mundane one theory) to any of the twilight couples and it fits, alice and jasper, carlisle and esme, and it fits, they were born in different times, they wouldnt have met had it not been for the fluke of immortality, and yet they all found extraordinary loves…same for Leah/Sam/Emily there had been a mundane ONE and a BIG ONE.

    I guess that explains it, 😀 melissaturkey

  69. Talkerwolf

    I’m very much Team Edward, so I would say in that purose only that bella would still love Edward instead of Jacob more.

    But ‘what if’ can nevr really be answered because that what if in past tense would never happen, coz if jacob and bella got together before bella met Edward then she would be in love with Jacob to much to think a second thought like that about Edward wouldn’t she? But then there’s the fact that Bella is Edward’s obvious soalmate, though she wouldn’t know it of she was Jacob. Therefore I conclude, I have no idea 😉 lol 😀

  70. Maribel

    I don’t think Bella would chose jacob regardless of when he came in the picture. First of all Bella was in a vulnerable position when she started forming a friendship with jacob. In other words he was her rebound. And when she did meet jacob in twilight, sparks didn’t fly between them. But with edward it was kinda of love at first sight for her. she became so intrigued by this guy that her every thought revolved around him. Even if edward came along after bella and jacob were a couple, edward wouldn’t play dirty like jacob did. but eventually Bella would feel the attraction for edward and she would leave jacob.

  71. Talkerwolf

    hang on, I do have an answer actually. But Kaleb, you can’t read it coz you haven’t read Breaking Dawn…

    Jake was never meant to be with bella was he, he was atrracted to bella coz of Renesme (how do you spell it?) so therefore, Bella would still love edward coz of that! :) Yeah, thats a good enough answer for me now 😉

  72. Heather

    Um, so i was lazy and didnt read any of the above comments… So sorry if I’m repeating anything…

    But I’ve done my fair share of obsessive Twilight research, and I think I once heard SM say that Edward was more of a “BANG!: true love!” thing, while Jacob was more of a “I’m slowing falling in love” experience…

    So, with that said, I think the timing would be extremely important, when considering your question. If Bella hadn’t been with Jacob for very long, of course he would be replaced with Edward. But, say, if Edward came along years and years after Bella had fallen for Jacob, then that probably would have posed a problem…

    Lol, thats my theory… I know it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but thats my mind for ya! =D

    Great post, btw. I love how at least ONE guy actually takes the time to read and love Twilight…

  73. Heather

    Oh, i just read comment 71.
    Yeah, you are sooo right!
    My answer was just from an Eclipse stand-point.
    But you, Talkerwolf, are so unbelievably correct, I don’t think anybody can argue the question anymore.
    (Not that I know that anyone is arguing. like i said, i havent read any of the other comments, well, except 71.)

  74. dsolo

    It’s interesting to read all the different perspectives on this, and anger at all three of them. Keep in mind, that none of them have that much life experience, outside of Edward, and the majority of his life experience has not been as a human. Edward sees himself as a monster, not worthy of Bella. Bella believed Edward could leave her because she sees herself as a klutzy misfit, and Jacob thinks the girl that he loves is throwing away her life. They are all reacting emotionally, not rationally. Bella’s love for Jacob was partly based on gratitude, because he helped her recover to the point where she’s functional. Bella would never have gotten involved with Jacob, as more than a friend, if Edward hadn’t left. Once Edward returned, Bella was in a quandary. Edward is her fate, but she feels guilty about how she left things with Jacob. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to resolve it. Bella wants to do the right thing, but she doesn’t know what it is. Nothing in her life has prepared her for this. How could it?

  75. aree

    I cant help but feel that love its a very complicated thing, and it gets worse when the two of them are just perfect for her in their own way. And they’re completely extreme opposites. Cold and heat, live and death.
    This is one of my favourites chapter as well.. It is so charged with emotions and I felt overwhelmed reading it.

  76. Kristen

    i dont think so. i think she would still have chosen Edward because she was more intrigued by him. she was constantly looking at him and trying to figure out who he was.therfore she would fall in love with him first. once she knew the puzzle of edward she would actually be able to SEE jacob. plus Edward showed more emotion for her. jacob didnt tell her his feelings until later. she could always spend her time with edward, being at school. she also fell in love with alice and that would cause her to spend even more time with the Cullens . even if she spent time with jacob she would be concerened about billy. bella didnt know but in the beggining jacob was attracted to her for her looks. edward was attracted first by her smell but later about her life and how she reacted. Edward was looking for bella’s soul and falling in love with her. she sees edward always looking out for her and protecting her. where as jacob just does what his pack needs him to. also edward was ready to give her up and if she wanted jacob she could have him. he was going to let her decide. jacob wasnt going to. he wanted her to pick him and to leave edward. anyway jacob and bella wasnt meant to be. he didnt imprint on her therfore saying jacob wasnt meant to love her but was meant to carry on line with someone eles, Nessie.

  77. Feven

    (I didn’t read any of the above comments so I wouldn’t be influenced so forgive me if it sounds exactly the same as everyone else.)

    That is a VERY interesting question. Because Stephenie had said before that Jacob was Bella’s soul mate, but Edward was the soul mate “trumper” I had never really entertained that thought… but y’know what.. that is a really valid thought. If Stephenie had never mentioned the above things about Edward’s and Jacob’s relationships with Bella, I would definitely think yes, she would be loyal to Jacob.. but that would essentially be an alternate universe, not even a different side of canon. (Do you get my weird distinction? :p) While there can be soul mates in the world, there are also soul mate “trumpers” in theirs (Edward & Bella. Jacob & Reneesme) and even if she would be with Jacob, I know she’d eventually leave him for Edward.

    She’d have to be part werewolf or something cause she’d probably imprint on Edward. hahaha

  78. Morgen

    I don’t believe so. Don’t get me wrong I love Jacob (team switzerland!), but I think that Edward and Bella have a much deeper conection that Bella and Jacob do. I belive the term ‘oposites atract’ fit Bella and Jacob nicely, but with Edward and Bella its more ‘made for each other’ (when you dig deep into the books that is, while reading Twilight for the first time I kept catching myself thinking ‘what possible chemestry do they possibly have?’) But yeah…Do you think that Bella would be with Jacob is Edward had died in 1918 like he was supposed to?

  79. EMI

    no. if Jacob met Bella first…ya kno..first love and everything like that…but when she’d meet edward…she wouldnt be able to stay away..she WOULD dump Jacob for Edward..its as simple as that….an di think its great that your leaning towards team edward!

  80. Carrie

    I don’t think falling for Jacob first would’ve changed the outcome of things. Bella and Edward seem to have an undeniable attraction and a connection that cannot be broken. If she were with Jacob when she met Edward, she would’ve ended up dumping Jake for him eventually. Also, Bella never would have developed feelings for Jacob in the first place if Edward hadn’t left in NM because she would’ve been spending all of her time w/ the Cullens, and Jake would’ve remained just a friend rather than her best friend.

  81. Natalie

    I don’t think she would of. I have a wierd theory about it, so here it is:

    Looking back, I have always had a vision that the ‘gods’ created Bella FOR Edward, but then they accidentally sent her through the regular human system and she also got assigned a human soulmate, Jacob. But I think that if you would look at a picture version of Bella and Jacob’s hearts put together, you would see that they fit in places, but in others they are all bumpy and off. Yet they fit in enough places to still be soulmates, however, There hearts could be separated easily. If we were to look at an image representation of Bella and Edwards hearts put together, they would be like two puzzle pieces – perfect in every way. AND I also see them as magnets. So it is possible to wrench the pieces away from each other, but eventually the power of magnetism will pull them back.

    Simple answer to the question: No.

  82. Natali McKee

    For your question, Jacob says it right in one of the next couple of chapters. I think you will know what I am talking about the next time they talk.

  83. Natalie

    oh…and a continuation to that theory is that the ‘gods’ then created a person perfect for Jacob, but since Bella was already his assigned soulmate, it had to be someone RELATED to Bella; case in point: Renesmee.

  84. Sophie

    Personally, I think Bella and Jacob would have shared a greater bond, but Edward’s bond would be stronger. Unfortunately, that makes it even more difficult for Bella (as if she needs that).

    Kaleb, I adore the theory. It’s probably my favorite theory on love yet. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Alaris24

    I have never commented on here before, but I have read all of your posts, and this is a chapter that really fires me up. In response to your question, No, Bella would have loved Edward even if she was with Jacob. Why? Because theirs was love at first site, Bella fell in love with Edward in the first few chapters, meaning she fell for him in a matter of weeks. It took Bella months to fall for Jacob. And if Edward wouldn’t have been there, then Jacob and Bella would have never really gotten close to each other. It was Bella’s curiosity to find out about Edward that led her to flirt with Jacob, which I believe to be the trigger for Jacobs crush on Bella, and then when Edward left in New Moon was when Bella got closer to Jacob and the whole thing just got out of control. Never, for not even one second, did I feel bad for Jacob in this chapter, I am too much Team Edward for that, but I did hate Bella for hurting Edward, she should have just let Jacob alone for a while and then after the war was over, go and talk to him. Not start yelling for him to come back, make Edward look for him and then kissing him, knowing very well Edward would find out. That is just my opinion, but whatever. Sorry for the long post.

  86. Samantha K.L.

    Well, let me just make it clear at this point that I am team Jake. I guess I’ve always had a thing for the underdog (no pun intended).

    Anyways, In my heart, I truly believe that if Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first, she wouldn’t end up with Edward. For starters, Bella had never been in love before Edward, or Jake for that matter. Never before did she know what true love felt like, and I think that Jake would have made a special place inside Bella’s heart in that case, the way anyones first love will. The way Edward no doubt did for Bella. Besides, it isn’t in Bella’s nature to betray something like a first love for someone else, and in turn hurting the other person in the picture. Another reason why her choice between Jacob and Edward is harder: She doesn’t want to betray Edward, and even though by choosing him she would be hurting Jake, it’s the lesser of two evils.

    The answer to your second question is a bit harder to determine; It kind of makes me compare Jake to Mike in that sense. Mike clearly found Bella before Edward, but that had no effect. Now, let’s say in this scenario Jake and Bella had become good friends by the time Edward came into the picture. I think that he might have made Bella’s ‘craving’ for Edward less. Another reason why Bella fell for Edward in the first place is because she really had no one else she could connect with in Forks. She had no real friends, her Dad was around, but he was independent, like her. When Edward came he immediately became her center focus. I think if Jake had come first and been able to befriend her, she wouldn’t have gone into her relationship with Edward so completely and whole-heartedly. Jake would always be there as a true friend to talk to. I think then that if the time came, it would have been even harder to choose between them than now.

    Oh, and a comment on Jake. Yes, he is immature (16!), yes, he is stubborn and sarcastic and scornful all those other things. But quite frankly, he’s human. The reason I never liked Edward was because he was too perfect. There would be no faults onto which to base some equal footing necessary to maintain a relationship. Of course, Edward can have a bit of a temper and be over protective, but those aren’t the type of qualities that you can soon become fond of, qualities that will become as much a part of that person as it would a relationship. Edwards bad qualities are just qualities that are so annoying that they end up breaking the relationship.

    Now, keep in mind that what I said in the last chapter portain to only Eclipse and the books preceding it. Breaking Dawn is a different story entirely, and made me think differently about Edward.

  87. Jenny

    Wow this is a very insightful post.
    That is a very cool theory and I think that it could apply to Bella, Jacob, and Edward. And as for your question, I don’t think that she would have been able to love Jacob because she was always in Phoenix and she barly knew Jacob and when she did come to Forks Edward was basically the first person that she saw, besides Charlie. I’m sure that because of Bella’s scent and the fact that she sits right next to him, that there would be no possible way for her not to become involved with Edward. Edward would have fallen in love with her and if Edward knew about Bella and Jacob, then he would never try to be any more than freinds. I can’t help but wonder that in that situation, I think Bella would fall in love with him, but would never leave Jacob.
    Kaleb, you bring a lot of intersting veiws to the story and this is why I like reading your posts.

  88. Lizzie Hale

    No not at all.Even if Jacob saw her first Bella would meet Edward and fall in love and not the friends love the “love of my existence” kind of love. So unfortunately for Jake that wouldn’t change anything.

  89. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    comment 77, the soulmate “trumpers” that was what I was trying to get at in mine, emily is that for same and leah, edward is that for bella and jake, renessme(sp) is that for jake and bella…even though renessme was the reason bella and jake were so drawn together when she was pregnant I dont think thats why they liked eachother in the first place…in a different world they would have been together, as it was they felt connected by some hidden (or not yet existing connection) bella always felt they should be a part of one another like family, and maybe on some level jake felt that too, but if there wasnt a such thing as renesme, because there was no such thing as edward, then they would have been together because they were connected on a soulmate level, not a weird, “i love your daughter”, “ok come on in, son” kind of way.
    lol I dont think Im making any sense anymore….I refrained from using Nessie as an example in my earlier comment to keep to answer the question in a eclipse point of view but as everyone else is going to hell…lol just trying to be funny ther 😀 melissaturkey

  90. Ayari

    Ok I think Stephenie herself gave us the answer to this question. It seems that most of the readers have forgotten about another love triangle (Sam-Emily-Leah).

    Bella is in Sam’s position, Edward is in Emily’s position, and Jacob is in Leah’s position. Sam was Leah’s HS sweetheart, according to people close to them they were really in love and I believe they were going to get married. But when Leah’s cousin Emily came to visit all that love that Sam had for Leah didn’t matter any more; and so he imprinted on Emily. Sam still regrets doing that to Leah, but he can’t do much about it.

    I think it would be the same for Bella. She is Edward’s soulmate they do belong together (by the way I am 100% Team Switzerland). Even if she was completely in love with Jacob the minute she sees Edward her feelings for Jacob would never be strong enough to keep her from him. Bella would still love Jacob but her feelings for Edward would be stronger.

  91. Albert

    This is the first time I disagree with you my friend. I dont think Jacob is right for Bella. I dont think the bond between them is as strong as Bella and Edward’s. What Bella feels for Edward is greater than anything in the world, even though she admits she also likes Jacob. Of course they developed a special bond when Edward left her in New Moon, but that only happened because she had a deep wound in her heart. I’m probably not making any sense but what i mean is that Jacob cannot be Bella’s soulmate, he’s too immature. And you can tell that Edward cares more about her because he’s willing to let her go if that makes her happy, unlike Jacob, which only makes her feel bad about herself and is technically taking advantage of her. Jacob is not prepared to love and take care of Bella as Edward is, thus making Edward the best candidate for Bella.

  92. Cara

    One of the few points I disagree with you. Edward and Bella are more meant to be than Bella and Jacob. Maybe if she had been with Jacob first, and then met Edward, she might feel a need to not hurt Jacob so much, so she might not go to Edward. But either way, she’s more meant to be with Edward than Jacob.

  93. Kitty

    It’s my second favorite chapter, right after the one where Bella punches Jacob (I laughed out loud). Regaurding your profesors theory: I have given a lot of thought to ‘soul mates’ in the past and i came up with a similar idea. I dont believe that there is only one ‘perfect match’ for people in the world. I believe there is a ‘perfect type’. You just dont come across that type every day, to say the least. Not type like catagory, but the type of person who has all the qualities that match with yours: a rare find.
    I almost started crying while reading this chapter because you can really feel Bella’s pain. I was extremely impressed at how easy it was put myself in her position. It was obviously very well written. As was your post! This is my favorite of your posts so far. Great job Kaleb =]

    To be honest, i dont think Jacob and Bella could ever have been together while Edward was there. It’s obvious they wre meant for eachother. Im sure people would say that Jacob and Bella were meant for eachother too, but does it not seem like there is a bigger force pulling Edward and Bella together? I think they would always end up with eachother no matter who she had first.

    p.s. i fail at spelling so please excuse any errors, i dont feel like doing a spell check ^_^

  94. Aubrey

    After reading this chapter and finishing Eclispe I have discussed the Bella/Jacob relationship with many a friend and I have come up with my own conclusion, my own theory. I strongly believe that, if Bella lived in a world without vampires, she would be with Jacob. There is no question in my mind that the two of them would have fallen in love, got married, and had a long and happy life together. But the fact is, the Cullens do exist and Edward and Bella’s love goes beyond anything human. It’s a bond beyond comprehension, a bond that not even her human love for Jacob can break.
    But once you finish Eclipse and move onto Breaking Dawn, I think you’ll realize how important it is that Bella made this decision. After reading Breaking Dawn I think you’ll come to see how everything that happens in this saga has a touch of destiny to it. Everything happens for a reason, and everything happens just as it should.

  95. *Sydney*

    In answer to your questions, I think it is a resounding “No”. You see, Jacob isn’t perfect for Bella. There are many things wrong with their relationship. One: he’s younger. Two: the imprinting. Three: Edward.
    Edward is Bella’s other half, in a very literal sense. Jacob was just thrown into their lives as extra drama. From the beginning, they knew they were meant to be. Nothing could change that, not even Jacob Black.
    Bella wouldn’t have felt right with Jacob before. And, I mean, come on! As if Edward COULDN’T steal her from Jacob, if it was reversed. All Team Edward fans know that Bella would have fallen just as hard.
    So, in conclusion to my ranting statement, Bella belongs – and always has – with Edward. End of story.

  96. Aubrey

    By the way, I know it’s a little early and your two chapters away, but if you could use the song “One Moment More” by Mindy Smith for Chapter 26 ‘Ethics’ that would by great. It’s perfect for the heart-wrenching conversation Jacob and Bella have and Jacob’s hope and love for her. Mindy Smith is more of a Folk/Country singer in case you didn’t know, and has the most beautiful, soulful, and honest voice. Just a suggestion. Look the lyrics up and see what you think!

  97. Kizmet

    “It’s close enough to finding out that his girlfriend has decided to marry someone else, and everything he has done for the past months to convince her has been in vain.”

    I feel like you don’t quite understand Jacob’s situation, although at least you sympathize with him somewhat unlike some people. It isn’t just that Jacob doesn’t get Bella for himself. It isn’t just that someone else gets her. It’s that Jacob realizes that Bella will probably be turned into a vampire and to him that is a fate WORSE THAN DEATH. It’s not just his own selfish desires that are hurting him – it’s his love for Bella and his conviction that she’s made a choice that is pretty much the worst possible thing he can imagine for her.

  98. rach

    Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck.

    In the whole twilight series, this is my LEAST FAVORITE chapter.


    Bias aside, I have a whole different definition of “soulmate”. MY definition is that it’s a pair of souls that will continue to find each other throughout time. I’m a believer of that reincarnation stuff.

    When I think of Bella and Edward, I don’t know why, but I’ve always thought of Beauty and the Beast. The original. Perhaps it’s Bella’s name, or perhaps it’s the whole “beast” and “vampire”. The point is, I really think the Bella’s other half is Edward. And vice versa. Of course, there is many different loves – different kinds, different levels, etc. But I think that there is only ONE love that is “soulmate” level.

    Jacob has his own soulmate. Not Bella, but she’s — she will come. I can’t reveal too much, but I think all will be explained in Breaking Dawn.

  99. cullen17

    I have to say I love your posts Kaleb. I don’t know if Bella would have ended up with Jacob. It is very probable. They would have very close relationship no doubt. But Jacob will eventually find the one that is right for him. :)

  100. Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, Is Back in Action | Twilight Info & News

    […] has now found the time to continue his read through Eclipse and has made his way to Chapter 23, Monster. As usual Kaleb provides his own, unique guy’s point-of-view on the chapter.  He does end on […]

  101. Zoe

    Oh, geez. Okay. Well, I pretty majorly feel for Jacob, for being Team Edward… and I’ll explain my story as briefly as possible… partially because it’s just freakin’ weird and it takes “Twilight Guy” to a new level… and also because I couldn’t NOT be a Jacob fan, hah.

    Okay. Well, here’s the thing. My (very straight, very male) semi-love interest, G, went through a breakup last year and, upon my suggestion, started reading Twilight. He loved it and as a LOT of people who’ve been through such situations do, really felt like his feelings were expressed through New Moon… but then, started really, really hardcore finding parallels between himself and Bella (and yeah, I acknowledge that it’s generally reader proxy and all but really…) and well, long story short, through all this, I ended up apparently as his Jacob. Talk of motorcycles and cliff diving and all. Anyway, he’s back with his (far more glamorous) girlfriend, so I’d have to say that though I’m nowhere near as forward, I do really “get” Jake. (I hope the parallel stops before it reaches Breaking Dawn status…. Because hale no, that’s not going to happen.)

    Now, all of that had a point. Bella and Jacob (NOT referring to me and G here) have insane chemistry. Their “just friends” scenes in the books are wonderful, and in all honesty their relationship is why New Moon is my favorite. They could most definitely work. BUT. If not for Edward, I highly doubt Bella would have reached out to Jacob like she did. They would have continued being friends, sure, but she would never have felt the need to become as close to him as she was. So it’s thanks to him that they have that potential… but it’s because of him that for Bella, it will never ever work. She’s made her choice in giving her heart to Edward, and she can’t take it back enough to give it to Jacob. He will always be second for her.

    An interesting thought that a professor first semester of my freshman year brought up… one’s supposed ideal match’s values should be the same as yours… but their personality traits should be the opposite. This, for me, could be taken as validation for either of the guys for Bella. Where she’s strong, they’re weak, and where she needs to be taken care of, they’re on it. (The boys are definitely more alike than they thought) But then, I think Edward’s values match Bella’s more. I think that they see life in very similar ways that Jacob probably wouldn’t get. He’s far more laid back than Bella… and let’s face it. Love Bella and Edward both, but they’re way high strung. Too much of that would make Jake crazy. And that’s nothing against Bella, really. It just is that she reacts to things far differently than he does.

    So I’m rambling. In a nutshell – I’m team Edward/Bella and Team Jake/Someone Awesome. And by someone awesome, I don’t mean… aw, heck. Just read Breaking Dawn.

  102. Michelle

    Wow, nearly 80 comments later and I still stand alone. I thought for sure there would be a number of people that could agree with what I had said about Edward never even pursuing Bella had she been solidly in love with Jacob. If you think about it, after their initial meeting: the hand over the mouth and nose as if she stunk, the murderous glance, and then not returning to school for a bit, she was no longer intrigued by him at all for that fleeting moment. Therefore, I solidly believe that Edward would not have cast her another glance, even knowing the he loves her, because his desire to keep her safe from him was so much stronger at that point. It’s really her persistence that brought them together in the first place. If she were in love with Jacob, she wouldn’t have thought another thing of him.

    Yes, I am Team Edward all the way and I adore his love story with Bella. Twilight is actually my favorite in the series because nothing can compare, to me, with the blossoming of their love.

    Still, in all we know of Edward’s personality, and of Bella’s, combined with Jacob’s tenacity, imagine how he would be if he did actually have her. Think of how hard he’s fought for her believing it’s a lost cause- he’s pretty much always acted as if he imprinted on her. The overbearing adoration… had it been realized first, it would be hard to walk away from.

    Also, I think that it would never have occurred to Jacob that he didn’t imprint on Bella, since he knows that to be something that is considered RARE. He would have continued on with her, and as we all know, nothing would have ever changed. If Jacob stayed with Bella, it would have become statistically impossible for him to ever imprint on another.

    And along those lines… Sorry, but I’m very disappointed in those of you that have decided this spoiler was not worthy of keeping under the rug. I know it’s sometimes hard to answer Kaleb’s questions as they are in this moment because of what we know by the end.

    Kaleb, I frequent a movie site that has spoiler tabs on it. When you want to write something that is considered a spoiler, you add these tabs to the front and back of it, then rather than showing, it only shows the word [spoiler] and you can click on it to reveal the words underneath. Perhaps you could set something like this up, then anyone wishing to discuss anything past this point in the book could label it, and you would be able to read through our comments without coming across sensitive information.

  103. Erica

    well i am on team edward alllll the wayy!!

    but u did make me think..
    i find the “soul mate” information very interesting…
    Even if Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first I think she would still would have fallen for Edward after all. She basicly fell in love with him at first sight. Edward is someone that i like to call gorgeous!! He is soo amazing and just perfect. :)

    BUT if Edward was not alive(nor a vampire) I think maybe its possiable that she would be happy with Jacob. but i dont think she would ever be more in love with jacob than edward. or happier with jacob than edward.

    With all of that, i DO think Edward and Bella were really made for each other. When they are around each other you can just tell they are absoulty in love with each other. ahh i love twilight soooo much!!! and good info. and questions kaleb :)

  104. Beth

    If Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first, there is no question that she would stay with him. Jacob and Bella are alike in so many ways, and have so many qualities that attract them to each other, they would have stayed together. And if Edward had not existed, then they would be together. Some people say Edward is Bella’s other half: I disagree. He is only a third of Bella. Edward is her love, Bella is her life, and Jacob is her family. Had Edward not existed, Jacob would have been her other half, taking love and half family, Bella making up life and the other half family, thus making Bella whole. When Edward left in New Moon, Bella felt whole around Jake because he was the family component she had been missing (and didn’t think she needed.), and was slowly becoming Bella’s other half, her love and her family. But Edward could never be that, because he can’t be that family component, as a) He wouldn’t seem like a brother to Bella, as Jacob does when he and Bella became friends, and b) They can’t have children, which could create a mother/father bond that makes them a family. When Bella realizes she does love Jacob, that is because category b is starting to form for him in her mind. ” … I saw the bobbing heads of two small, black-haired children, running away from me into the familiar forest.” If Edward did not exist, Jacob and Bella would get married, and be the parents of said children. I am Team Switzerland, and this comment is not at all biased, merely what I believe would happen, based on what characters say throughout the rest of the story! Thank you! But, when you read Breaking Dawn, you will see that Jacob and Bella *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* because, *SPOILER* was *SPOILER* and Jacob *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*! Wow, that’s a LOT of spoilers! Oh, and THEN… *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* and *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*, but then *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* and the *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*, terrified by the *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*!Oh, and now *SPOILER* is probably going to go *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* to *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*, because *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* EVERYTHING! What a jerk *SPOILER* is. Probably going to ruin some *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*! It makes me want to cry at the very thought of it! And then he’ll probably *SPOILER* *SPOILER* it! Poor thing! And there is my non-spoiling summary of the last third of Breaking Dawn, for you, Kaleb, leaving some things out even then! Thanks!

  105. Michelle

    LoL, Beth.

    Now, assume that Edward still exists, but that Bella was in love with Jacob before she met him. Would she have left Jacob for Edward or not?

    (I don’t think she would have.)

    That’s the first question that everyone is debating. I hadn’t even noticed the added question.

    Yes, I also agree that if Edward had never come along Bella would absolutely be happy with Jacob.

  106. Amanda

    I believe that if she had fallen in love with Jacob first and then met Edward it would have been like the Sam, Leah, and Emily story. This follows up on the idea that Edward and Bella’s love is kind of like that unavoidable imprinting. They dont know how to stay away from eachother. I believe that if all this supernatural stuff didnt exist she would have been with Jacob just like Sam would have been with Leah. Sam still loves Leah but his connection with Emily cant be ignored. Just as Bella loves Jacob but cant ignore the pull between her and Edward. So Jacob and Leah are left in the lurch so to speak, but this is magic and there is most undoubtedly some way to balance this out… thats all I’m going to say for now.

  107. Wendy

    If Edward didn’t exist then the series wouldn’t have existed. XD
    Seriously I have been asking myself that question, what if Edward didn’t exist would Bella end up with Jacob?hmmm…
    Bella most likely though be happy with JAcob

  108. Wendilynn

    If Edward were never in the picture, perhaps. But Jacob was able to become such an important part of Bella’s heart because he helped her heal from severe heartache. I think the one thing that you overlook in all this is that Bella is a caretaker. Those she loves she wants to see happy. Most of the time when she is running to Jacob its to heal whatever unhappiness she percieves he’s suffering and since she knows she is the cause, she wants to set it right. Jacob, however, is willing to do anything to “save” Bella from a fate worse than death and isn’t above using whatever manipulation he can. Jacob doesn’t view Bella being in love with an actual person so doesn’t feel he’s stealing her away from your typical human boyfriend. Personally, I thought it was just a little underhanded how Edward made sure that Jacob knew their best nights and that they were engaged. But, then Jacob also pulls his “I guess I’ll just go die” routine. Neither promised to play fair. What I like though… is Edward’s reaction to the stunt Jacob just pulled.

  109. Amanda

    I really don’t think so. Even though in this chapter she said she realized she loved Jacob, I just don’t think meeting him first would have changed anything. She said from New Moon that she loved him as a brother, and I think that in this chapter, she may have thought that she loved him as more because she was kind of caught up in the moment. Maybe not, but that’s what I thought. If Edward adn’t appeared at all, there would be no series, but going along with that I think that yes, IF there was no Edward (painfull even to type) Bella would be happy with Jacob. This topic get’s me into lots of big, phlosophical thoughts, but basically I think, looking at New Moon espicially, they connect at a level where she would be happy with him. That’s because, and this kind of works the same for any team edward people, there’s really no one to compare him to. I mean, we meet Edward first in twilight. We learn so much about his character, while there’s so little about Jacob. And then by New Moon when Jake really comes in, we have all (minus the team jacob people) decided that edward is the most amazing guy in the world, and no one could possibly compare. So as Jake’s character develops, we can’t help but compare him to Edward, the few ways they’re similar, all the ways edward is better, ect. And I’m sure that even though bella had known Jake for awhile, it wasn’t on the same level. And so in new moon, when she was already madly in love with edward and couldn’t see herself with anyone else and was so upset about him leaving, I don’t think Jake had much of a chance. But, if she had never met edward, then she wouldn’t be comparing him to edward, and she would probably think HE was the most amazing guy ever, and no one could compare, because obviously throughout the series he was second only to edward. So that’s my thoughts on that. But then, you have to remember that Bella really met jake and got to talking with him in twilight because she wanted information about edward, so if there was no edward, would she have actually ever really talked to jacob? Even in new moon, when she really builds up a friendship with ihim, it’s because she wants to do something reckless to hear edward’s voice. So really, would she have gotten to know jacob if there was no edward? This is giving me a headache :)

  110. Lexi

    um…if Edward didn’t even come along Twilight would be a waste of time. it probably wouldn’t even exist. duh.

  111. Megan

    I don’t think that Bella would have fallen in love with Jacob. I just don’t see it happening. She never would have given him a second thought in New Moon if Edward hadn’t left and she didn’t decide to be reckless. But if, by some chance, she did fall in love with Jacob, she could have been happy with him, but she would have dropped everything and left him for Edward if she happened across him. She will always be happier with Edward, he is her soulmate. I think Bella and Edward belong together. You’d kind of have to read Breaking Dawn to see what I mean here…Bella explains it there.

  112. DukDany

    I think that If Bella and Jacob were together first, and if she was happy, Edward would have noticed and he would not dare to take that away from her, he would probably stay away in the first place and would save her all that confusion, that’s the big difference between Edward and Jacob, Edward always puts Bella first, Jacob puts himself first and then Bella.

  113. Adriana

    Hi Kaleb:
    First of all, I congratulate you because I can not believe you have time to do so many things; I must admit I feel I going crazy among college, photography classes and practices in the hospital (I’m studying Medicine).
    Well, according to my personal experience, real love develops gradually over the time, as people will know each other. In this case, the balance will be inclined in favor of Jacob, because he pass time with Bella when Edward leaves her. However, may be I’m a dreamer, but I think there is a person somewhere in the world that is done for each of us, and may even be more than one, but the majority doesn’t find that other person in a whole life, so we tend to conform with the love that grows out from the friendship and the life together, and probably we will be happy because we won’t know another way of love. But if by chance of fate, we meet our “soul mate”, I think that would establish an unbreakable connection just like the “imprinting”.

  114. Angeliss

    You know, I think that it was Bella and Edward from the start. Even without Edward. Poor Jacob never had a chance.

    Pre-Edward, Bella never showed any signs of attraction to the guys around her, and their attention made her uncomfortable. It was Edward who changed all of that. I see them as fated. However you read it, the fact remains that they were kinda bumbling through life, no real purpose, and then that changed when they met.

    And in New Moon, it was really because she loved Edward that she grew to love Jacob. Because she loved Edward so much, she could not stop loving him, she needed someone as different from him as possible. Someone who wouldn’t leave her. Someone who was still young inside. Jacob fit. And you have to understand, it wasn’t the actual nature of the love itself, but Bella’s need to love and be loved in order to make sense of herself again. It was Edward all along.

    Jacob was there because of Edward. But he’s about as likely to end up with Bella as Leah is to ending up with Sam.

    Interesting theory your teacher had, although you were right that it wasn’t strictly psychology. But I think I may disagree with him. It may just be how much info I got from one sentence, though. But to say that there are eight implies that there are eight people who would equally suit you. If this is talking about all the ways I need someone to match up with me, that’s a very specific set of attributes. Which means that these theoretical people are interchangeable, or the same in one fundamental way. And I just don’t think that you can have people so close to each other. But as I said before, that’s just what I gathered.

    You might find it odd to know that I’m Switzerland all the way. I don’t really like Edward- the more I read the series, the more I see past Bella’s lovestruck optimism, and see arrogant, angsty, and tempermental. I’m much more of a Jacob girl myself, although I was an Edwardsupporter at one point… Now I just can’t simplify it into teams. Great chapter, Kaleb, or entry, or update, or whatever this is. I can tell you’ve taken a good break- there’s a lot less “My brain foggy so let me summarize” spots, and a lot more insights. (Please don’t take that as an insult- I write, too, and I know what writing looks like when you get tired.) I look forward to your next one!

  115. jdhuston

    Yes yes..a person can love two people at the same time but it’s a bad idea! To the question if Bella had really bonded with Jacob first – Seriously – Edward probably would have killed her because she wouldn’t have been as vulnerable and drawn to him. Reflect how black his eyes were in Twilight first few days at school.
    Personally – I like Edward a lot. His patience and his ability to wait reflect on his being 104 years old. He only has time. Why fly off the deep end if you are immortal?
    As far as Jacob’s behavior – I felt bad for him when he found out that E and B were engaged but he had recently told Edward that he was going to fight (and unfairly at that). Edward let him know that he would lose and he would be fighting too. Someone had to lose. Shame on Bella for not having been a better friend and been upfront with Jacob when he was running with her in the woods.
    Edward, even though it was mean to reveal their relationship vow without Bella’s knowledge, kept true to what he said to Jacob. Not once (that I can recall) did Edward ever say “I will do this” and then he did the opposite. He maintained his integrity. What he said he followed through on, from his vegetarian lifestyle, to leaving Bella in New Moon, to protecting her from herself (via Alice), and many times more.

  116. julia

    The thing is, I agree with what you said…what if E and J was the right people for B?

    They are both so different and when B is with them, she too is different.

    But personally, when I’ve finished Eclipse I can’t help but wonder…not ‘if only Jacob and Bella met first’…(in the movie they did meet first, in the book, they didn’t), but I can’t help but think…if Edward just died as he was suppose to…if Carlisle had not prolonged his life by making him a vampire, B would probably end up with J. Or if Edward just hadn’t come back in Newmoon.

    J has it right when he said..”if there were no magic and no monsters..)…they would probably end up with each other. Which is of course what made is so sad for me…to be so close and yet so far…

    Manipulation by Jacob…*sighs*…this is what I don’t get, people just keep harping about this when…HELLO, both Edward and Bella does some cruel maneuverings and manipulation by themselves but nobody calls them on it cause they’re the main characters.

    What is Bella’s attempt on stopping Edward from joining the battle by mentioning..she’ll go crazy if he’s far away from her…playing on his guilt of ever leaving Bella in the first place if not manipulation…and considering how she was willing to endanger the Cullens by pulling Edward back from joining them in the fight, not even thinking if one of the Cullens, on of E’s family buys it there, Edward would have a big pile of guilt dropping him on him, and to think that the Cullen’s were protecting HER, she still does them a disservice by reducing their numbers…sneaky manipulative ungrateful bitch…(yeah, I really did want to wallop her here)..

    And everytime Edward warns Bella off from going with Jacob by saying that ‘Hell worry less, he only wanted her to be safe. gives him peace of mine..” that a lash of guilt trip there too….

    What people don’t really think about, try not to, and pretend they don’t do is that we all do some kind of manipulation in all our relationship…and the reason why it works…because those people loves us and wants to make us happy…sometimes it’s done without thought, sometimes it’s on purpose…it’s like a little child asking with big wet eyes and trembling chin…”don’t you love me?”

    It’s the same as that…so when people goes on and on at Jacob’s ‘manipulation’ and what not, well, I scoff at them…

    And Jacob was just trying to lash out at her, not that he really meant it, and was actually surprise that she did ask him…and since she did, why not…it’s like somebody that was hanging on with slippery fingers finally, out of nowhere, got a branch to hold on to…more power to you, Jake. He ain’t a man,. ain’t human if he didn’t make the best use of it…

    And HAH!, at least it got B to finally realize her feelings and justifies all that he did, his actions, his certain pushiness…she does love him and that was what he was trying to prove to her for so long…

    When it’s a matter of a woman between two guys, it always depends on a woman,..if the woman so much as give an extended gaze, a lingering touch…a much too warm smile, it’s obvious that any guy would think that she’s into him even if she keeps telling him no. And we have to admit, Bella gives more than that to Jacob.

    And Edward is not innocent either, he knew that Jacob was there but talked about the marriage anyhow, intending for Jacob to hear them…he admitted it…and I don’t blame him…so when Jacob did him a turn of the same, I don’t blame him either…

    Newmoon does remind of Wuthering Heights, of how love can turn ugly and cruel when we demand too much of it.

  117. Peachfans

    Just wondering if there was any more information on that professor and his theory. Did a book or an essay ever publicize?

  118. mckenzie

    1st. I have to say even if Bella had loved Jacob first, I think she would have loved Edward more.
    2nd. I think Bella WOULD have been happy with Jacob if she never met met Edward.
    3rd. I AM solidly Team Edward and I STILL feel bad when Jacob is hurt so bad. That shows something.BUT I think it is for the best because Bella does just need to choose one and move on, and in truth she DOES love Edward more. I am not unreasonable in my Team-Edwardness, I recognize Jacob is nice and should not be in so much pain, I just like Edward better and think he should be with Bella more.(sorry I wrote so much)

  119. lila

    YAY NEW POST…LOL. so, yes i agree with the person who rambled. Beth?

  120. Natalie

    Well, Julia, Stephenie Meyer said that New Moon got most of its inspiration from Wuthering Heights, so that would make sense :)

  121. Ember P

    For the first comment question, I have no idea. 😀 For the second one, I think if Edward never came into the story at all, Bella would have been happy with Jacob. But I also think that if he just never came back after New Moon, Bella could never have been happy with Jacob.

    I know what you mean with prophase and interphase and stuff. We just started a unit on cell division, and the teacher said we were going to look at them under microscopes tommorrow. Someone in the class literally asked if we would get a Golden Onion. It was hilarious.

  122. Courtney

    OK, well i believe that, no it would not have been that way if Jacob had walked in first. when you read the fourth book i think you will understand even more, but for right now just remember that the only reason that Bella fell for Jacob was because she had hole in her heart where Edward was before. so all in all my answer is no.

  123. raph

    The whole bella-edward-jacob thing is so confusing. I mean, whenever bella makes up her mind about something, she suddenly takes a 360 turn and they’re always back to where they started. For me, Breaking Dawn was even more confusing. I would have definitely hated reading one chapter a week from BD.

    To your question: I do not think things would have been different if bella fell in love with jacob first. as to my reasoning: edward is still fascinated with bella more than jacob was, and I think she has always been fascinated by him too.

    If edward didn’t appear at all, I think bella would be happy with jacob.

  124. Rosalie

    I think if she had fallen in love with JAcob first, she would have gotten more hurt when he imprinted.. So I think its good that she found EDward.

  125. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I think most of us do agree with you that had Edward met Bella when she was with Jake he would have tried to stay away and let her have a better life or a better life by his standards meaning a human life, I think alot of people (including me) agree with that, we’re jsut answering the question from a Bella stand point.
    Bella, even with Jake, because of their (Bella and Edwards) …connection would have noticed him too, and she would have been interested in him, thats what we’re getting at, because even if Edward did not fight to steal her away as Jake would, he would not be able to stay away, even when he believed himself to hate her at the begining of twilight he could not stay away, he would have been there, Bella would have gotton an unhealthy curiousity and no matter how much she loved Jake she would have chosen to take a chance on Edward because he is the “BIG” one (see my previous comments) whether he was in the race or not, he wouldnt fight for her if he knew she was happy but if he thought she’d be happier with him than he would give in, isnt that what he does time and time again in each book despite his better judgement? give in to whatever makes Bella happy? though of course being Edward he sees this as giving himself an excuse to be selfish because he does love her and could never be happy without her….I think Im rambling now and not making much sense but I just wanted to address the fact that though everyone commenting this post is saying how much we think in this reverse situation (loving Jake first) it wouldnt matter because of the greater love with Edward. we’re not nessicarily saying Edward would fight for her, just that she would pick him regardless.
    and now Im going in circles again, *sigh*, lol
    anyway to address my comment in the previous post I wasnt saying you thought all that just using the post as an example that not every team switz. member beleived the only way jake behaves the way he does it his age, that we dont and we have other beliefs as well…sorry to sound like I was misunderstanding you or calling you out, it was just an example. sorry :) and I do believe that everyone on every twilight site is team stephenie, I was pretty mad that King thought he had the right to say certain authors sucked at writing.

    I think Im way off topic now but anyway Im done now, 😀 melissaturkey

  126. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    ps, about the spoiler thing, Kaleb already said in the chat thing that he was spoiled about Nessie and all that the day after BD when people were discussing it there (on the chat) so its kinda pointless to keep this spoiler free, though I tried in my first comment, it seemed impossible not to use HER as an example in this whole soulmate trumper theory business. not that everyone should go blabbing all BD’s secrets, we can leave a few surprizes right?

  127. =val=

    This is my favorite chapter I really love it!!!

    And I think that Bella could be very happy with Jake is she hasn’t meet Edward.

    ps. sory for my bad english i’m from mexico

  128. Savannah

    hahahahahahahaha! no way would it have worked out as well with bellajacob. first of all, when u put the names together u get becob or jalla. not very appealing. but technically, if edward hadn’t seen her first, wouldn’t jacob had imprinted as soon as he was werewolf? due to previous studies of my own, none our werewolves have ever been lucky enough to be WITH THE GIRL THEY IMPRINTED ON AT THE TIME OF SAID IMPRINTATION (or imprinting. just tryn to sound smart here) but life has twists and turns and the future IS set in stone, when you think about it, so it’s completely redundant (asuming this actually happened) to even speculate what would of happened if you went back in time and changed it because it’s like that either way because u technically already went into the past and changed it so that’s why its the way it is now. my god time travel is confusing, but it sums up to you cant change a thing. point is no. plus . . . just read Breaking Dawn already BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES!

  129. Michelle


    I like you. I think we could have a lot of great discussions about the Twilight series.

    The Jake/age issue I’m referring to stems back a few posts, where an overbearing amount of people explained away his horrid behavior because of his age, then in the same comment, saying he couldn’t actually love Bella because he’s too young.

    That said, I think you would also have to discredit Bella’s love, due to her age. So, basically, I think age has nothing to do with it. That’s just his personality type. It’s annoying sometimes, but I’ve grown to love him for himself over time. Just not near as much as I love Edward. LoL

    I’m going off topic to ask your opinion about New Moon: Do you think when Edward took Bella’s packet of pictures for her Mom, he did so knowing that what they were, and had removed the pictures of himself before sending it?

  130. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I dont think age has anything to do with love, for Bella’s case or Jake’s.

    A woman I call my grandmother was 8 years old when she first met her future husband, who was 16 at the time, and she knew right off the bat she loved him and would marry him one day. I dont write that off as a childhood infatuation, I grew up listening to her tell that story and it doesnt sound like that. Even that young she knew she loved him, at first sight all of that, its actually that story that made me such a romantic sap. And the reason no matter what story I’m reading I look at all the characters, no matter what their age and believe their feelings are real for their story. age shouldnt be a determining factor to base any emotion. (sorry had to say that in response to those earlier post comments)

    Anyway! About New Moon, yeah I do think that Edward offered to send those pictures for her, knowing what they were, to take his out of there, just in case at some point in her life she was looking through an old album of her mothers and found them and got sad. I dont beleive he would want her in pain like that, and he did promise it would be like he never existed. and then he sent the pictures off after taking them out, but I do think he stashed those stolen pictures, along with the ones in her album under the floorboards with the rest of ‘their’ stuff.

    question for you: did you expect Edward was leaving when he started acting fishy in new moon, or did you beleive, like Bella falsly hoped, that he planned on taking her away with him alone?

    😀 melissaturkey

  131. Kristen

    Pretty much everything I wanted to say about the questions has been already written so I won’t go into all the details again. But I will say I agree with most, and think Bella would always choose Edward over Jacob.
    Also, if Edward had never come around I think that Bella and Jacob could have been happy together for a while at least. However, if Jacob were still a werewolf then He would eventually imprint on someone else, because he never imprints on Bella. So the eventual outcome of their relationships would be that he would leave her. He might regret doing so, and hurting her, but he really would have no choice. He would have to be with the girl he had imprinted on..aka Not Bella.
    Bella is better off with Edward!

  132. Shelly

    The thing about Bella and Edward is that when Bella first met, or rather saw, Edward (and vise versa)there was an instant connection between the two whether it was negative or not. In Midnight Sun Edward even says that upon seeing Bella and listening to Jessica’s rude thoughts about her he had the “strangest urge to step between them, to shield this Bella Swan from the darker workings of Jessica’s mind. What an odd thing to feel.” So let’s say Bella had fallen for Jacob first. Would she stay with him after meeting Edward? Honestly, I don’t think so. I think that no matter what she probably would have picked Edward over Jacob. But would she be happy with Jacob if Edward never became a vampire or, for the sake of arguement, was never born in her time? Probably.

    Also – I think the song Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional is a good song to represent the next chapter (and the whole of Eclipse…) 😉

  133. Ana

    Great pots!

    About the theory that you read about, i hope that is true, because is must easier to find the right person for us if exist 8 off them.

    Now Bella’s case:

    If Edward had never appear(thanks god he did) i am sure that bella will fall in love by jacob and they will live a very happy life.

    for the other question, doesn’t mater if Bella known first Edward or jacob, because when she frist saw edward she automatically though that he was special, and strange( and totally gorgeous of course) but when she saw jacoob it was more like he’s cut and funny.

    In my opinion, Edward and Bella never have the chance of be apart, their love was just meant to be. To quote edward, since the first time they saw wich other, they became under a spell, if Bella saw Jacob first, it will just take a litter more time to her chosse edward.

    ( I am sorry by the mistakes of writing,my mother language isn’t english)

    love the site

  134. Michelle


    I actually did think that he was going to be leaving on his own, as much as I didn’t want to believe it. I tried to convince myself over and over that he would get over this, like Bella. Deep down, I did believe that he was going to go.

    I actually had to follow Stephenie’s advice and read through the book twice, because I did just as she thought readers would. I read through the book so fast, waiting to find Edward again. I was just as sure that he would be coming back. I mean, what’s the point of Bella and Edward, unless they’re together?

    When they reunited under the clock tower, that’s when I knew that Jacob would never win. I knew from that point forward, no matter what happened along the way, when the curtains were pulled shut, it would Bella and Edward always.

  135. Katrina

    I do think that, if it weren’t for Edward, Jacob and Bella would be together and happy. Given how much she already loves Jacob and how much more Jacob loves her, there would be no reason for anything less. Charlie obviously would be tickled pink to have Bella with Jacob, and despite much evidence in the contrary, Bella is likely to be swayed by his opinion. And sure, Jake annoys the hell out of her, but only in his attempts to steal her from Edward. That wouldn’t be a problem.
    I don’t, however, think that it would have made a difference if she’d fallen in love with Jacob first. She makes it clear that she loves them both, but just loves Edward so much MORE. So, let’s say that Bella did fall in love with Jacob first. As luck would have it, she stumbles upon Mr. Cullen one life-changing day at Forks High School. Edward pursues her friendship, desperate to get a better insight of her mind. He doesn’t take so kindly to insignificant mortal girls shutting him out of their heads. Now, we must think back to Twilight. Bella was, in a sense, addicted to Edward’s very being. He made the difference in her good and bad days, he controlled her heartbeat, he drove her crazy. She, no doubt, would have done everything possible to find out what he is, as she did in Twilight. The more she wants to learn, the more time she spends with him, and the more he draws her in. “Everything about me draws you in. […]” She soon finds out just how perfect he is, and we’re in the same situation. Jacob loves Bella, Edward loves Bella. Bella loves Jacob first. Bella loves Edward MORE. That’s the only factor that really matters. She simply loves him more. It was likely to have been that way in any case.
    Or so I say. Let’s bear in mind my tendency to be horribly, horribly mistaken about everything.
    Though this is how I see it happening. Yes, indeed.
    Poor Jake.

  136. Ana

    Like i said i am sorry by the mistakes. I don’t wanna say tha jacob is cut, but cute.


  137. Brogan

    I think that Bella is an extremely loyal person, and if she had met Jacob first, I find it hard to believe that she would have left him for Edward. And IF she had developed that relationship with Jacob first, I don’t think that Edward would have tried to ‘steal her away.’ All Edward wants for Bella, is for her to be happy, and as is evident in Eclipse, if she wanted him gone, he would leave her alone, never showing her how much it hurt him to do so. Had she loved Jacob first, Edward never would have even shown Bella that he loved her, so Bella would be none the wiser.

    Anyway, had Bella fallen in love with Jacob first, there would have been no story. It would have just been “Bella moved to Forks. Bella fell in love with Jacob Black. Jacob Black turned out to be a werewolf. Bella and Jacob lived happily ever after.” Not much of a story.

    And even though Jacob was a wee bit manipulative (or alot, whatever) I can’t really be mad at him. Bella HAD to realise that she was in love with him, and unfortunately, Jacob had to trick her for her to finally realise this.

    But I am still FIRMLY Team Edward! Woohoo!

  138. Daniela

    If Bella had found Jacob first, I think that she would have fallen in love with him, and that Edward wouldn’t do anything about it. Because he just wants to see her happy. And of course, they would be happy.

    This chapter wasn’t that shocking for me, because I saw it coming. Because Bella fell in love with Jacob in New Moon.

  139. raph

    (spoiler: of ch.26. i hope this comment is okay to write here. it was just so interesting to me.)

    the most interesting part for me in eclipse was in ch.26, when bella reveals that had edward not left her (in new moon) she didn’t know whether she would feel the same way about him. i mean, she said that after edward left she realized that she could not live without him, even when she was with jacob. i do not think she fell in love with jacob because edward left. i think there was more of a possibility that she would have considered jacob’s proposals more seriously had edward never left.

  140. raph

    so after reading that, i stopped believing that their relationship was as inevitable as i used to think. kind of goes with the 8 soulmates theory. if edward never left, i did wonder who bella would have chosen. but i don’t think that’s the same as asking “who would bella have chosen had she fallen in love with jacob first”.

  141. Rachel

    Eclipse is my favorite book in the series, and I have read it numerous times. I was quite torn at first over how Bella handled to situation with Jacob. It is certainly a tricky one. However, I don’t think that Bella ever intended to be with Jacob. I think that had Edward never appeared, that maybe she would be happy with Jacob, but I don’t know that she ever would have dated him. I think her feelings for Jacob stemmed out of being so hurt by the loss of Edward. She formed this emotional connection to replace the one she had lost. I also don’t think that she is mature enough at this point to deal with the ramifications of what she had/has done… only time tells with that. Overall I think that she could be happy with Jacob, but never truly fulfilled!

  142. Joanna6618

    It’s an interesting question because it almost seems like jacob was ment to not be in love with Bella. He is so close to imprinting on her but (you will read about this later in the series) there’s always one thing holding him back no matter how hard he tries. So I don’t think she would have chosen Jacob…and through wat he does in the book you can sense y Bella wasn’t exactly in love with him. This was a chapter that made me want to yell at Bella, slap Jacob, and talk to Edward for a bit(I don’t feel like punching him) cause Jacob is just evil for telling his best friend to either kiss him or let him die…what does he think will happen? (redo that, I wanna hit Jacob’s face with a large hammer) Bella is an idiot cause her Fiance can hear Jacob’s thoughts and she doesn’t even consider how much kissing him will hurt Edward!!! how dumb IS she? And does she REALLY think someone like JACOB will kill himself just cause his best friend won’t kiss him? And I feel kinda bad for Edward cause he has to watch the whole thing happen. I’m surrprised that he hasn’t gone and punched Jacob’s face til it was distorted and bloody for wat he did since Edward is supposed to overreact a LOT. If I was in his situation I wouldn’t be able to resist giving Jacob’s face a couple of punches. And as for Bella I still wanna yell at her SOOOOOOOOO much for kissing Jacob back AND falling in love with him when she was ENGAGED! So this was not one of my favourite chapters cause it makes me so mad but it is memorable…
    srry about the long post

  143. Malin

    Yes, Bella would have been happy with Jacob. When she never would have met Edward he would have been perfect for her. She loves him (even when I don’t like it) but she loves Edward more.

    When Bella would have dated Jacob first the surronding of the B/E relationship would have been so different. Both – Bella and Edward would have had reasons to stay away from each other. I think she still would have had feelings for him. The question would be – how would Edward react realizing that Bellas boyfriend is a werewolve. Would be a funny storyline… Nevermind, I’m glad that it is B/E. I understand Jacobs actions but I hated his bribery towards Bella. I really wanted to strangle him. That was immature and childish. But at the very end nothing changed – even when she realized her feelings she still stayed with Edward. Hehe.

  144. Sylvie

    I also think if edward never had appeared in her life bella would have been happy with jacob.

    But if edward had come after bella started a relationship with jacob…
    well you shouldn´t only consider bella´s feelings but also edwards. because he tried to stay away from her in order to her being safe even when she didn´t have a boyfriend. I think if she had been togheter with jacob and had been happy, he might have convinced himself to leave… because he always wants the best for bella and not for him. But still if it were up to bella i think she would have chosen edward!

  145. Sylvie

    @ joanna: she didn´t fall in love with him when she was engaged. she fell in love with him in new moon, after edward left her, she just didn´t realize it before.

  146. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I admit, I cheated when I read new moon. I knew he was going to leave the second he kissed her like he had when he thought they’d never see eachother again. I didnt want it to happen but I saw it like one of those freak storms that come out of no where for humans but thinking back they realize the world around them was pretty devoid of animal life, they had all run off. I felt like that. And the second I realized that I skipped to the last page, saw Edward was there by her side and resumed reading chonologically.
    So when he did leave it didnt hit me like a knife, I just said to myself, “its ok, he’ll come back.” And then I read through the whole thing, fell in love with Jake as well (he was terribly sweet in new moon) but rejoiced like mad when Edward didnt step out into the sunlight, lol, ’cause for Bella there was no one else after Edward so its kinda funny answering a question about if she had been in love before Edward.

    :) melissaturkey

  147. Maggie

    This whole situation is so complicated, that just trying to organize my thoughts in a way that others can understand is giving me a headache. But I’ll do my best…

    If Bella and Jacob had become friend pre-Edward then she may or may not have falled for Edward. You know how Bella is, it would pretty much depend on what kind of day Edward caught her on. But really I don’t think she would’ve been friends with Jacob, without all the Edward-stuff. If she hadn’t met Edward, he wouldn’t have left, and if he hadn’t left, she wouldn’t need motorcycles, and if she didn’t need motorcycles, she wouldn’t need Jacob. See what I mean? But it could have worked out so that they would’ve become friends. Maybe Billy and Charlie would’ve set something up between them. Maybe some random vampires would’ve been passing by, and smelled Bella (remember she’s all crazy good smelling to pretty much all vampires) and gone berserk, thus causing the werewolves to go berserk trying to protect Bella.

    There are a million ways this could’ve unfolded, and all we will ever really know is the way it did. There’s really no way to know…

  148. Yen

    Wow…i hadnt ever thought of it that way. its a very good point. im thinking maybe you’re right. if bella HAD indeed fallen in love with jacob first, she would probably be loyal to him. because though she would love edward too, she would probably love jacob more…and feel more “right” with him because edward seems like something too good to have.

    and that theory sounds pretty awesome

  149. katey

    In my opinion, Bella would have been happy with Jacob just as much as if she was with Edward, seeing that her paths never crossed with vampires. I want to point something out though. How come you didn’t reflect of the future Bella saw of herself with Jacob? It’s really a huge point in the series. It means that it’s not just the ultimatum-type choice, “I must be with Edward or I shall perish!” anymore, but it introduces the thought that being with Edward might be too much, or even a burden.

    Just saying8)

  150. Amanda

    My hearth ached for Jacob in this chapter, yeah it was inmature that he totally played on bellas emotions to get her to kiss him but I cant say that it made me angry at Jacob, because so they say everything is fair in love and war, and I cant say that if it was myself in the same situation I wouldnt have done the same thing,I think that the whole relationship between jacob,bella and edward has a lesson, Jacob was the easy choice, Edward wasent, but at the end she chose the person she trully loved not the person that was the easiest to be in love with.

  151. Didina

    Wow… I’ve never really thought about it.
    This chapter, I felt horrible for Jacob and so, so angry at Bella.
    When you read about Bella, the happiest she ever is is when she is with Edward. Not Jacob.
    There’s no denying I love Jacob, but Edward really is right for her.
    Look at it in this light: Bella would be completely happy with Jacob, sure, but what about Edward? He would be soulless, and empty because he’d never found his “one” he’d never have found his Bella. Is that right?
    See, even if Jacob was with Bella and there was no Edward. doesn’t imprinting seem eventual? See we all know he imprints, but if Bella can have two soul mates why can’t Jacob? Because obviously Bella’d be hurt again, just as in New Moon.
    …Would this where we queue in Edward?

  152. ale!

    *favorite chapter ever!!*
    .well.. think that if.. the cullens hadn’t lived in forks at the time of bellas arrival.. She would ended up w/ jacob.. because well.. they’re atracted to each other and their parents are Bfriends and all.. but that story would not have werewolves in it..( no vamps.. no wolfs..) so it would be the HAPpy Jacob u know.. haha… the one we ALL LOVE(cm on team edward… u kind of like him too..!!)..
    But that is not really agood story .. well.. at least I wouldn’t have read THAT book..(even w/ all my love 4 jake.. hehe)

  153. ale!

    ^up^ there should say ^WOLVES^ sorry… but i’m a latin girl.. hehe it slipped.. hoho ^.^

  154. Naomi

    I guess.. I think it’s all possible! Because *spoiler alert — later on in Eclipse* when she says good-bye to Jake, the only thing, I think, that was stopping her was the pain that Edward had caused her when he left. She thought that she wasn’t going to be able to recover. BUT, she almost did in NM with Jake. So if Edward hadn’t chosen to leave in NM, would have influence her choice in Eclipse? I don’t know, It feels like it would have.

    I’m sorry for my terrible English – A Swedish chick XD
    // A big fan!

  155. Naomi

    Oh! *sorry for posting twice* I just wanted to say that my opinion’s might be very influence by my state of mind regarding Jake. I love him, he’s the best thing since sliced bread! Sort of. But it still makes sense XD

  156. Natalie

    Alright…maybe it’s just me but I think this question is ridiculous!! Jacob…ha!!! What an absurd notion. I guarantee that if Bella met Jacob first and Edward second, it would still be the same result. She liked Jacob at first but with Edward there was an absolute spark and flame between them that could not be put aside whether he was first or 100th behind a line of Jacobs. Edward is perfect for her, absolutely perfect. Jacob just seems like one of those puzzle pieces that doesn’t quite fit but is jammed in just to make Bella feel some way in completion when Edward leaves her. Her love with Jacob came out of loss, to emotionally survive and to stay sane. It has nothing to do with actual, true, deep love that Edward shares with her.
    That is why I like the movie better on this point. Jacob came first, as a friend, no spark. Then Edward comes and the flames alight like hay covered with gasoline.
    Edward fits with her in every way. Jacob is a jerk. End of story.
    I can’t believe he would manipulate Bella by threatening (a lie, really) to kill himself. He says it himself, even if there was no Edward, he still would not stay behind safe for her sake like Edward does. Even if there was no Edward, and Jacob and Bella got together, there would still be something missing. He would not do anything he doesn’t want to for Bella’s sake. And that speaks of a terrible relationship on the horizon.

  157. Elizabeth

    There are two things I have to say in order to really answer this. First, I think what Edward and Bella have is just one step shy of imprinting. They have a connection that is undeniable and unbreakable. (After reading a comment made by Carlisle in Midnight Sun it confirmed this to me.) Second, I personally have experienced both types of love Stephenie Meyer describes with Bella and Edward, and Bella and Jacob. My “Edward” was NO Edward — I ended up with my Jacob. That said…

    I have to say Bella would not have fallen in love with Jacob first. She falls in love with Jacob only because Edward left. Jacob became her personal sun because she needed one! She has known Jacob for years, so really Jacob had found her before Edward did. She would not have had any interest in dating Jacob — it was only when they were brought together under the circumstances that she came to love Jacob the way she does.

    I do think Bella and Jacob (assuming Edward didn’t exist)could have been happy, but it would have been different. She appreciates Jacob in ways her experiences have led her to. I hope that makes sense.

  158. Julia

    On another note..what is Edward’s honing in on Jacob’s bracelet and hooking his heart shaped diamond if not manipulation…please…that is such a guy move…

  159. TwilightGuy hits the nail on the head « Twilight Etc.

    […] Jacob to keep him from basically commiting suicide when he leaves to fight the newborn army.  Kaleb made some great observations/postulations regarding the whole Jacob/Bella/Edward triangle.  It’s interesting to hear his thoughts and impressions since he has not finished the series […]

  160. Becca

    [Added: It was brought to my attention that Bella had met Jacob before, as mentioned in Twilight that she had known him for years. But, at that time it seems to be more of a passing friendship, and nothing very deep like Edward was. ]

    whoever infact told you this, is incorrect. in the movie is only when she knew jacob before. in the book, she had known his older sisters, rebecca and rachel, but not him.

  161. Tammy

    Okay, what I believe a lot of people forget when it comes to Jacob’s “manipulation” is that he has TWO reasons for wanting Bella to choose him, and the most important one is NOT that he wants her to be his girl completely and not Edward’s. The most important thing to Jacob (and don’t get me wrong, her being HIS girl is extremely important to him, too) is that he REFUSES to just stand by and let Bella become a vampire! When he says that he would “rather you be dead!” it was very wrong and hurtful for him to say that to her, but he does feel that way to an extent, because LIKE EDWARD, he feels that she will be giving up her soul when she does this. He is not even sure she will be “Bella” anymore, but a monster. Edward realizes that she will, but he ALSO doesn’t want Bella to become a vampire, because he is afraid that she will lose her soul and not be able to go to heaven. That is Edward’s main reason for not turning Bella into a vampire in the first place! This reason is why he is so patient with the Bella/Jacob situation because a big part of him feels that Jacob would be better for her than he is! He wants Bella to keep her soul. So does Jacob, that is why he is being “so manipulative”, trying to get Bella to realize she loves him too, and choose him. He is trying to save her life and her mortal soul.
    I truly do feel that Bella had to choose Edward, but I also understand Jacob and DO NOT feel that he is bad or has “ulterior motives”. He is very upfront with both Bella and Edward that he will fight as long as he can to keep her a human, and HIS.

  162. Tammy

    One last comment regarding twilightguy’s question, Bella actually says if things were normal and she didn’t exist in this supernatural world, Jacob would have been her soulmate, but in this supernatural world, she HAS to choose Edward, because he is even MORE of her soulmate.

  163. Annie Smith


  164. Kaitlyn

    If Jacob and Bella were already together when Edward came along, Edward would not have even bothered to capture Bella’s heart anyways. Edward has stated many times that if she loves Jacob more, he will be willing to leave her forever so she can be happy with him. If Bella was already with Jacob, I’m not sure Bella and Edward would ever have gotten to know each other. But of course we’ll never know…

    I also mostly agree with Elizabeth’s comment (number 157). The main reason Bella fell in love with Jacob in the first place is because Edward left, and she needed someone she could call her “personal sun.” So another question to ask would be this: If Edward left PERMANENTLY (and never had come back, but actually succeeded in committing suicide), then would Bella be happy with Jacob?

    Let me put it this way. It’s like an endless cycle: Bella needed to fall in love with Edward, and he had to leave before Bella could fall in love with Jacob. But the only way she could be TRULY happy with Jacob is if Edward never existed (otherwise, even if Bella and Jacob got married, she would forever be mourning Edward’s death). It’s an endless circle.


    question answer thingy!!! i think nooooooo!!!! but cheese!!! she should love MIKE NEWTON!!!!!! YES!!!!! WOOO!!!!!
    EDWARD SUCKS!!! i am a vampire!!! how about u??? abuput!!! will u marry me? nevermind… URSALA IS OPRAH!!! NINE IN THE AFTERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!! FEELIN AS GOOD AS LOVERS CAN!!!!
    I SHOULDNT READ TWILIGHT ACORRDING TO PANIC AT THE DISCO!! THEY R ANTI TWILIGHT PEOPLE!!!! WE SHALL GO TO FACEBOOK!! WITH UR MO0M!!!MOM NOT MOOM!!! is that a cupcake? no its NEW MOOM OR MOON WHATEVER!!!! whats a new moom? moomoomooomooom!!! im rightin a novel in this comment!! would u buy it? it will be bigger than… HARRY POTTER!!! NOT TWILIGHT!!!! i am NOT anti twilight but i am anti edward!!! and anti bella. my grandpa is edward!! no joke!!! his name is ed!! he had green eyes and his hair is redish brown. and he went crazy!! and my mom has a sparkle!!! the voltures are the volturi!!!aro is… MICHAEL JACKSON!!!eat it eat it eat it!!!!!!

  166. yasmin

    ok then shaneequa. someones high…
    anyway, regardless of some crazy f****d up ppl awesome post kaleb… i’m sort of both. i cant decide! i love edward and jacob. they’re both great in their own unique way.

  167. Cass

    i actually think that if edward never came, jacob and bella would be perfect together. This is how i picture it (and for this, just assume that without edward, the vamps never moved to forks). So if the cullens never lived near la push, then jacob would have never become a werewolf and would stay the jacob that bella loved from the beginning. So in a way, i think his personality would be really different. The main reasons why he becomes “obnoxious” and “stubborn” is because 1) hes a moody werewolf and is going through changes in his life that normal teens don’t and 2)because of edwards involvement in his life.

    *still on the topic of personailty changes, i think that bella would be different too. i think she’d be a little less bold. Though i conradict myself when i say that she could have gained that confidence from Jake too… I DONT KNOW! but what i do know is that without edward, she’d be normal and happy, yet undistinguished*

    However, another thing i’ve cosidered is what if edward was a human the same time as bella? i think that they wouldnt have the same ‘spark’ as they did when hes a vampire for some reason. I just think that the things he gains from being a vampire are what bella is truly attracted to, not edward himself.

    So pretty much jacob is her natural choice. I think it said something about how jacob was her sun and air or something and edward was just her drug: stupid yet addictive

  168. tialda

    I believe that when someone is in a relationship they can fall in love with someone else, or at least think they have. Not because the other person is a equal or better suit, but just because that person’s obvious qualities are some that you are desperatly missing in the person you’re currently with.

    I’ve had this myself, i’m very happy with my bf, but for a while, or rather for over a year, he was depressed after his dad died, and i really missed the happy go lucky sunshiny part. I met a guy who was all happy sunshiny, as in this basically being his most profound character trait, and i fell for that. I was confused for a while till i realized that the other guy only represented something i was missing in my bf, and that the other guy as a whole was not my type. Or i could say that my bf was 90% my type, and the other was only 10%, but happened to be the exact 10 % i missed in my bf. I decided to let go of it, my bf got out of his depression and is back to being my full 100%.

    I think the same goes for Bella Edward and Jacob. Edward is a pretty contained person, he kinda holds out, is too composed, too careful. Bella just craves some raw passion, someone to go for her all the way, blindly, passionatly, physically. She wants that from Edward but since he won’t she finds herself attracted to this traits in Jacob.

    Jacob is there, he lets her know he wants her, he is physically available, won’t withold his passion. He is her 10%. The 10 % she misses in Edward. But without Edward being ever having been in the picture, he would just be that, 10 %.
    I guess they could’ve ended up together in a few years after Jacob grew up a bit, but i doubt she would ever have been more than happily content.

    Personally i’m more team Jacob by the way. But then i’m a girl who’ll take a fun guy over brooding one, even a ashtonishingly handsome sparkly immortal brooding one, any day. Hmm although he does play piano and i’m a sucker for pianists.

    Nice to read a guy’s perspective BTW
    thumbs up!

  169. tialda

    Oww on the what if Bella had been with Jacob first…
    I guess she might have been Edwards slip up. Bella in the woods on the way to la push, the way she smells, no classmates around… he would have eaten her. Anyone read Midnight Sun?

  170. alyce

    Hey, I am a newbie to your site.
    All the way from down under, Australia.

    Have recently become a fan of yours and think you are hilarious, yet rather clever.
    So thank you for keeping me entertained. :)

    Anyway back to the question…

    I honestly don’t believe that if Jacob had found Bella before Edward that she would love him instead. Perhaps in time, if Edward was not in the picture at all, then Bella and Jacob would gradually grow closer due to their previous friendship from when they were younger.
    However this would not be possible due to Bella’s complete infatuation towards Edward. You feel how she is somewhat magnetically drawn to him from the moment she spots him for the first time. This is something lacking between her and Jacob. Their relationship is mostly one sided, with Jacob subtly showing interest in her.

    It is not until Edward leaves that Bella finds comfort in Jacob. And even then the only reason she goes to see him is to help her repair the motorbikes! It’s only from then that they spend more and more time together and grow closer. Bella realises that he may be the only person to make her moderately happy again. He became a security blanket for her. She became reliant on him, not necessarily because she wanted it that way but because it was forced upon her due to the love of her life (Edward) had left her stranded and broken hearted.

  171. Maddy

    I don’t think that just because she met Jacob first, she would have chosen him instead of Edward.
    Love is not all based on timing. The only way this could happen is if Edward was never around. Like I said before, I think that’s why SM included the Sam-Leah-Emily parallel. Sam didn’t break Leah’s heart on purpose. And even though Bella and Edward don’t have werewolf magic involved, their love is just as overwhelming and real. I consider it a small miracle that she didn’t meet Jacob first and THEN break his heart and any promises she made to him.

  172. beacullen

    i hate this stupid idiotic deranged chapter!!!!!!!!!

    IM team EDWARD ang i felt betrayed myself by bella!!!

    i dont know actually the points of this deranged love triangle where
    the center of it keeps striking pain the two boulders….

    poor my Edward…..

    anyways from the start i only felt they are fictional characters,…

    but i was captured by you KALEB great posts///////

  173. monster hater

    I dont like this chapter…….


    who likes to kiss a dog???????/

    yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bellA!!!!!!

    i hate this chapter!!!!!
    why does meyer have to do this????????????????????????/////////

    im a girl and i i thought i should feel more sympathy because i can emphatize
    but all i feel way angry!!!!

    anll were stupid

    bella for all the pain
    edward for all the consent
    and super hatred for jacob's stupid attempts which just keeps hurting him and all involved

    but kaleb i cant quite get you by liking this chapter….

    im so angry by it that i almost pulled that stupid pages from the book

  174. Avea

    Wow! People had a lot to say for this one :)
    I think if she had fallen for Jacob first, it would have been even worse. I believe Edward and Bella were meant for eachother no matter what. If she had been with Jacob first i think there would have been even more hurt between them because eventually she would have left him for Edward. I know she loves Jacob, but him and Edward are so different from eachother. They fill her, but so different. Horrible to say, but…. and I'm not on a team of any kind. I love Edward and Jacob equally, but for different reasons.
    However, if there was no Edward, I do think that Bella and Jacob would have made a life together and that they would have been very happy.

  175. Kristyn Gilmer

    I totally agree this is my favorite chapter in the book too (maybe in the whole series)! The kiss was so shocking and turned me from being die hard for Team Edward to Switzerland, just like Bella. I think if Bella had fallen in love with Jacob first than Edward might have been able to stay away from her forever like he had tried to in New Moon. I also think that he would have backed off when he first met her and was still so afraid of endangering her life. Jacob did know Bella before Edward, so he did find her before Edward. It had no effect on her love for Edward except for the fact that she became so wrapped up in both Jacob and Edward that she constantly hurt herself, Jacob and Edward. If Edward hadnt appeared at all I do believe that Bella and Jacob would have been happy together, she said so herself that she saw their life flash before her eyes and that she wanted it. Except for the fact that Jacob would most likely eventually imprint thus leaving Bella heartbroken, classic Sam and Leah senario.Or maybe since in Breaking Dawn he imprints on Renesmee who only came to be because of Edward and Bella's romance if Edward hadn't showed up at all Jacob wouldn't have imprinted and he and Bella could have been happy.

  176. KeithLBrown

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  177. kittywitty

    dude i know this sounds wierd but i am so sad because i love jacob and edward is just wierd and i cold and stares to much. i wanted bella to be with jacob instead of edwierdo.he has values , it is a wierd cool thing to eventually fall in lovewith your best friend, also edward is not as passionate about it i think and if you read chapter 23. monster and the way jacob treats bella i say go for jacob black!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Vickie

    Great post!

    I have to say that I really like Jake and Bella together, (sorry all you Edward/Bella-fan). Maybe because I feel so sorry for Jacob, trying over and over again to win Bellas heart, but fail every single time.

    But that's how love is, you can't control it, even though Bella loves Jake, I'll have to accept that she loves Edward more. Sad for me and the rest of the Jacob/Bella-fans, good for you Bella/Edward-fans;)

    Anyway, without saying too much, it works out great for poor Jake in the end, he deserves to be loved and I like the way it turned out for him (:

    Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    ps. I need to say, I don't dislike Bella/Edward I think they're really cute together, I just like Jake/Bella more, so please don't hate me (;

  179. neonstar

    I think the only reason Bella loves Jacob is because she's with Edward and vise versa Jacob with Bella. Now stay with me here I know everyone in their right mind would be like thats so not true but listen, can you really ever see Bella with Jacob they are so different and even being friends they are that way. Jacob Would of corse fall for her and have a crush on her and they would date for a little while and go to prom together but can you really see them being passionately in love like Edward and Bella. nada. She loves him because she loves Edward, she loves Jacob because she loves him in a way she will never love Edward. With Edward she was swept of her feet she feel so much in love with him she would risk her life, their love runs deep. With Jacob she loves on the outer layer, she can count on him he is the man in her life like puppy love. The loves are so different that she can't just chose one and move she needs both of them in her life. Now on to Jacob, again yes he would fall for her he'd ask her out they'd date but would he ever actually love her as much as he does now, nope. He loves her so much because he's trying to unconsciously top Edward's love in a way.
    PS I love that theory about love form your prefossor

  180. abberrzz

    I think it would change things. The longer you know someone and are aware of a connection, wouldn't you choose them, wouldn't you think you loved them more, knew them more, trusted them more? Hence, YES!

  181. rosie

    I know the song has already been picked for this chapter but I think breathe by taylor swift would be a really good song for this chapter

  182. avaspeaks

    Here's the thing. If Bella and Jacob still wouldn't had happened because Bella would had been dead! Remember, Edward saved Bella from the van crushing her. Had Edward not been there, then Bella would had been crushed. That was not a supernatural event, so if it wasn't for Edward's presence or his “supernatural” presence (because remember, Jake said that if it wasn't for the supernatural him and Bella probably would had been together), but that's a major flaw, they would not had been together simply because she would had been dead.

    So in that sense, Edward's mere presence and Bella making that decision to come to Forks, that was all destiny. Jacob, her thinking she was in love with him, the other vampires, the Volturra, all of these things were just mere obstacles and in the end Bella said it, she knew who she couldn't live without, she could live with Jacob, she couldn't live without Edward. He almost offed himself and she tried to do the same. I don't see her doing that for Jake.

    Not too mention the fact that Edward had never seen Bella in that much pain, but she was in worse pain over him when he left, just nobody knew it. Or at least he didn't know it directly. But Alice and Charlie knew how much she had been in pain. Hell, even Angela Weber made her feel a little better as well, but nothing, not even her growing feelings for Jake compared to the relief that she felt when Edward came back and throughtout the rest of the book.

    Two more things, there was too many times that Bella felt “relief” that Jake didn't have some kind of supernatural hold on her, once when he said that he never imprinted anybody and the second when after he imprinted on Renesesme and didn't look at her the same. Now that's not exactly “true love”.

    So to answer the question, Edward and Bella's mere presence with each other at the same time was destiny and fate and wouldn't and couldn't happened any other way. Her meeting Jake as kids means nothing, it was just steps, along with her coming to Forks, they all were just steps leading up to the eventually outcome of her and Edward being together.

  183. Sandra

    WOw .. i think that it really wouldn't of made much of a difference if Jacob came in first or not. I just think that Bella would of still hurt Jacob and ended things with him as soon as she came across Edward. Now… if Edward wouldn't of appeared at all I DO think Bella would of been happy with Jacob because nothing would of came betweent them & Bella wouldn't of been in much danger with vampires after her.. she wouldn't have to worry about trigging Jacobs anger because there wouldn't be a reason for her to make him mad therefore she wouldn't b in danger with Jacobs transformation. His friends seem to like her and Billy.. plus Charlie really seems to approve of them together.. so She would totally be happy with Jacob

  184. ummhedaya

    Wow, those are alot of deep questions… I dunno… I tend to think that sure Bella would have been happy with Jacob if Edward were never in the picture… but when they met their attraction and the draw of their hearts was almost instant… she couldn't keep her mind or eyes off him and he was instantly intrigued with her due to the fact that she was a mystery to him due to his lack of ability to read her mind… not to mention her blood being soooo potent to him… Basically, they both demanded the attention of the other… totally other-worldy attraction… I don't think anyone really could have a chance against that type of thing… just my thoughts :)

  185. ummhedaya

    Wow, those are alot of deep questions… I dunno… I tend to think that sure Bella would have been happy with Jacob if Edward were never in the picture… but when they met their attraction and the draw of their hearts was almost instant… she couldn't keep her mind or eyes off him and he was instantly intrigued with her due to the fact that she was a mystery to him due to his lack of ability to read her mind… not to mention her blood being soooo potent to him… Basically, they both demanded the attention of the other… totally other-worldy attraction… I don't think anyone really could have a chance against that type of thing… just my thoughts :)

  186. “The worst part is knowing what could have been” – J. Black « narami

    […] So I found this theory someone shared in a blog entry; […]

  187. Maandacs

    Why not? Jacob is not that bad…. but the story is all about Edward and bella. So there.

    It wont be that interesting without the impossibility of choosing who or what a girl should do. Casting the characters as vampires and werewolves only made it more difficult to choose and interesting, rather than having the character Edward as a plain old 60 yr old or an older man who is an exconvict reformed but cast away by society falling in love with a 17 yo. Bella and having a bestfriend Jacob who is about the same age also thinks that he is in love with her but has a secret but nothing like being a werewolf. It wont be as hard as the Twilight story because to choose Edward means she could become a vampire in the future and it is a process where you cant turn back in case you felt you dont like it anymore. So the impossibility of what would become of her should she choose any of the two…is just unthinkable. Only a story like this can tell because none of us, if we really put ourselves in her shoes will do what she did. Glad it was decided for us by Stephenie.

  188. Halle

    I honestly don't think that a romance with Jacob would have ever started. Many people point out the fact that Bella knew Jacob practically since they were born. If you really read it you realize that though she knew him she didn't really KNOW him. She was closer to his sisters who never made an appearance in the book and even then she stopped going to La Push around 8 years old.

    Then when she meets him on the beach she already starts noting how childlike he seems. Bella is mature for her age, throughout the saga she puts the whole world on her shoulders and in the first few pages it was noted that she was the one who took care of her mom, not the other way around. With that said I think that if she hadn't known Edward at that point she probably wouldn't have even kept up a polite conversation. Instead she would've kept to herself, like she does the majority of the time after meeting new people. Yes, Jake qualifies as new.

    However, she did know Edward which was the only reason she continued a conversation with him. In fact, since she knew there was a specific reason why Edward and his family weren't allowed on the reservation she flirted her way to the information from Jacob. Had she not flirted, he might not have been interested. He just would've been an awkward teenager who might not even have had a crush on her initially. This flirtation was the catalyst for the romance between Jacob and Bella. Ironically, without this conversation she wouldn't have known that Edward was a vampire and their romance wouldn't have begun, so technically that conversation was a catalyst for the whole series including the love triangle.

    Since this meeting wouldn't have happened without Edward, Bella most likely wouldn't have gone to La Push any time after that. Jacob and Bella may have seen each other a few times, but not going to the same school, living in different places, and having no reason to seek each other out, they wouldn't develop a powerful enough romance before Jacob undergoes his own transformation. As we all know, the pack is supposed to stay away from most people until their anger is in check, so if she came over he may very well have avoided her.

    If there was absolutely no supernatural stuff in this novel and Bella met and fell in love with Jacob first, I believe their relationship would've been successful. If Edward was also human but came after Jacob, well, I just don't know. So much of his characterization depends on the fact that Edward is a vampire, he came from a different time, and he has read the minds of the most vile humans.

    If Jacob and Bella had a relationship but Edward as a vampire came second, I believe she would've chosen Edward. They're a co-dependant, old at heart, wise, and devoted couple. That's not to say that Jacob couldn't possibly handle a relationship like that, he just needs time to mature. I think we all forget that while Jacob battles to the death and takes care of his handicapped father that he is still a reckless teenage boy and it takes time to become as mature as a certain Edward Cullen.

    As you all can tell, I have waaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands. Team Switzerland forever! :)

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