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What Is In The Box?

February 23rd, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

You won’t want to miss it. This Saturday, February 28, at 7 PM CST, on my BlogTV.

Want a hint? It has something to do with every book or movie in the Twilight Saga. So, it’s not tickets to Volterra. And it’s not the pawns used in the Breaking Dawn cover. Also, there are a bunch of them too. Guesses welcome in the comments!

My next chapter post will be up Tuesday, barring any sudden biology exam falling from the sky.

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223 Responses

  1. julia

    in the box is…
    a box!
    which contains…
    your autograph!

  2. Hope

    Aw, you said fans of twilight would love it. While I am a fan of twilight I was hoping that it would be a copy of your book… Oh well, can’t wait to find out whats inside!

  3. Iraiziin Cullen

    maybe.. umm.. the twilight DVD signed by STpehenie (<3) or by the cast?

  4. Krissy-la.


    The Tradingg Cards SIGNED?

    or the



  5. Lauren

    aww, its not candy? ='(

    haha, is it . . . an autographed photo from all of the Cullen actors?

  6. carly

    its most likely the twilight dvd and if it is im majorly jealous

  7. Beth


    Awww… I wish. It would be awesome if she wrote one from *SPOILER* point of view. *sigh* WHY haven’t you read Breaking Dawn yet, Kaleb? I can never express my full opinion because of it! Some of my favorite characters are in that book, but not the others!
    Take your time though.


    IT’S AN EARLY COPY OF THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE TWILIGHT SAGA, ISN’T IT?!?!?!?!? It goes over all 4 books, so you can’t say it doesn’t have to do with all the books! PLEASE TELL ME IT’S THAT, I WANT TO READ THAT VERY BADLY!!!

  8. Schorette

    hummm, it has to do the twiliht series and the film….

    I KNOW!


  9. Erin

    ohhh I’m thinking it’s the new twilight saga guide that would be sweet.

    On another note did anybody else hear that they are already planning to release Eclipse the movie in June 2010?
    I was wondering if that was a rumor or if it had been confirmed yet.

  10. haha

    autographs. I hope! :)

  11. Laura

    WHATS IN THE BOOOOOOOOXXX???!!! http://krrobar.deviantart.com/art/whats-in-the-box-again-67507663

  12. NuttyNetty

    Stephenie Meyers phone number ;D
    lol i have no clue actually ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Mrs. Cullen

    Is it…Rob?? Jk. Hmm…is it…ugh! It can’t be an autograph because it has nothing to do with the books. It can’t be jewlrey because that’s not in every book. It can’t be the DVD because it’s not in every book. I don’t know! Do you know how long this week is going to be?

  14. Mrs. Cullen

    wait does someone win what’s in the box?

  15. Isabel

    a car?

  16. Kimber

    Haha she stuffed Rob in there!
    Ugh, this is so frustrating!

  17. Angela


  18. kimmie cullen

    the action figures signed by the cast!!

  19. loyaljackie

    maybe the cullen crest’s?

  20. Megan

    its the real Edward Cullen isnt it?!?!?

  21. Kayla257

    action figures!

  22. Katie

    hmmmmmm Oo! is it Jasper?!? No he’s too tall to fit in their! A cell phone on which it has all of the cast members phone numbers! Midnight Sun? An Edward doll? Come on Tell us!

  23. Team Switzerland

    I have absoultely no idea what it is. But I am dying to know!

  24. Tess

    I know! It’s words!!! I am so smart…although I don’t know how you pack words into a box. lol

    I also thought the idea of forks was great too. :-)

  25. The Questionable Shieka

    Is it a Stephinie Meyer Autograph???

  26. Wren

    A trip to forks this summer? I like the Forks idea. I like the “meet Stephenie” idea.
    Cooking utensils! Because, like, Bella cooks all the time!
    No, knee pads, because she’s so clumsy.
    Fish! Because Charlie’s always going fishing!
    A green rock from Washington, because that’s where Bella moved to.
    A baseball, because Paul played baseball.
    A set of vampire teeth! Because none of the vampires have fangs!
    Something nighttime, or the phases of the moon. An astronaut helmet!

    Er, I’ll stop speculating now before it goes too far. Whatever it is, it’s probably signed by Stephenie Meyer. Or by you. Or by her editor. Or by SM’s agent.

    It’s not ALIVE is it??

  27. Samie

    hmm u say its a bunch of thing… uhm.. maybe its twilight dolls.. or trading cards.. maybe the cullen crest jewelry.. maybe tee shirts. stickers…

  28. Isabela Dellcos

    I think its….
    A signed Fork fromt the whole cast + Stephanie Meyer.
    Hahaha, I am probably wrong.

  29. krystaw

    maybe tickets to summer school forks? i know kaleb is supposed to be there…

  30. Abby

    Twihards will not rest until we know what’s in the box.

  31. Morgen

    Is it…EDWARD?!…no edward’s to big for that box….*sigh* if only Stephanie had given him AWESOME shrinking powers…oh well.

  32. Morgen

    maybe (sorry to all Jacob and Edward fans, just so u know i love them both) it’s Edward and Jacob VODO dolls, and there will be two winners, one team edward and the other team jacob…well crap, that would suck for team switzerland(-ers) like myself lol

  33. hakeberevol

    Haha a box full of forks…

    I like the theory of an early release of
    A) The official Twilight Saga Guide
    B) The movie.

    Or maybe the real Edward Cullen’s DNA, then we could clone him, *sigh.

    I can’t wait to find out what is in the box!
    (fun box, oh fun box…..)

  34. Jocelyn

    It is a volvo….or some kind of moon signed by the whole cast of Twilight….Its Kristan Steward or Robert Pattinson… or a real vampire…or Bella’s scent…or a way to become a vampire…. or its Bella’s wedding dress signed by all the Cullens…. or ummm ummm i dont know…. AHHH this week is going to be so long… i want to know…..im going to go crazy.. well crazier… TEE-HEE!!!!!!!

  35. Annissa

    I have no idea…

  36. Kylie


  37. Claire Melinda

    if it has to do with every book in the Twilight Saga, is it. . .


    and since you said there’s a bunch of them too. . . .


  38. ifsogirl80

    Is it the spark plugs out of Bella’s truck?
    Or a whole bunch of biology sides with onion root cells on them? I’m sure we could all name the stages! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I know…. its a whole bunch of “Save the Olympic Wolf” flyers.
    Am I getting close?

  39. Cara

    Ahh, shirts?

  40. becky sue

    GAH! I’ve no clue! But it sure is fun to read other’s ideas. You have some pretty sarcastic fans, Kaleb. Hehe. I do think that it would have to be something light though, because that box looks very not-heavy.

  41. Melanie

    blahhhhhhhh you’re so unfair kalebbbb…making us wait an entire week!!!! haha just kidding, but really, just one more weekend to be ready for the weekend….and it’s not even monday for another half an hour in my time zone….

  42. laura

    i hope its a letter from Stephenie Meyer, promising to finish writing Midnight Sun. that wouldn’t cover the plural items clue though. hmm….

  43. sandini

    is it like cast photos signed or all four books signed by the whole cast now that would be awesome

  44. Mylles

    dude if you put in a bunch of forks signed by the cast that would be awesome, and really unique

  45. Albert

    I think its the Twilight action figures. Did i guess right? Do i win?

  46. xXYasuXx

    uhh ok so..inside the box
    is ur very own
    TAYLOR LAUNTNER!! i wish
    actualli im in the box… i glow like that lol xD

  47. Brilliant Mess

    …gah! Kaleb Nation! I don’t even enter these contest and I dying to know what this is!

    you shouldn’t toy with people’s curiousity!


    …..at least give us more of a hint, please, for there are a lot of things that does with the twilight saga and movie. Forks, Edward, Bella, Jacob, Charles, the Cullens, having some sort of comment about Bella going for Mike as a joke, Stephine Meyers, plans to travel/run away,……

    again, gah!

  48. xXYasuXx

    and for myllesnumber 44

  49. Joanna6618

    My strange guesses:
    An early copy of Midnight sun?(there’s lots of words…)
    An all-expense paid trip to forks where we get to MEET the cast of twilight AND Stephanie Meyer?(lots of…squealing?from me mainly…)
    a complete set of autographed books, soundtrack, dvd, and everything signed by the entire cast and SM?(lots of awesome!)
    The original copy of “forever dawn”(SM’s original sequal to Twilight)?(still LOTS of words)
    …I’m outta guesses…but if anyone guesses right will they get the totally awesome thing in the box?
    These are a couple of my guesses and they r also some of the few things that can possibly be more awesome than autographed pics!(unless u have become smarter than einstein all of a sudden and broke the laws of physics, reality, and life and managed to put robert pattinson in that box…)
    But I REALLY wish you would tell us already!

  50. xXYasuXx

    umm but seriously maybe like a signed copy of the dvd or something?

  51. Heather

    Seriously I give up. Your prizes are too awesome. They are impossible to guess. I would say autographs, but since its in a box, it has to be something more three dimensional. But…I don’t know. I shall await your BlogTV

  52. Jenavive

    Well, it seems to be something very light. My first quess would have probably been the official twilight saga guide but I don’t beleive that is it. hmm…maybe something to do with stephenie meyer or the set of the movies? or the dvd! You should give us another hint.

  53. Joanna6618

    Better idea, you put all that stuff in my previous comment, AND you added in a large amount of forks(the utensils) with the actors autographs on them! They can symbolize FORKS!!! or you drove to Forks and stole that sign that says “You r now entering Forks”! It would match AND it would be REALLY awesome!!! A Twilight fan would LOVE it if they got to meet the cast from the film and who wouldn’t want autographed stuff from the cast? and does these comments count as entries??? or do we have to enter later to get the stuff? Either way I forgot to add this in my previous entry and it makes sense cause Forks is in ALL the books, there could be LOTS of Forks(utensils), and if u get robert pattinson and kristen stewart to sign each one then it would be the meaning of awesome AND nearly impossible!

  54. Katie

    I bet it is the collector addition of all the books signed by stephenie meyer. maybe the cast too?

  55. Tara

    The meaning of life!

  56. Mallory

    It could be just about anything. I have no idea! A box full of Twilight happiness!!!

  57. Karol

    I’m so curious now!
    It’s fun reading about other peoples’ guesses. Haha, I like the idea of lots of Forks signed by the Twilight cast. That’d be awesome XD

  58. Savannah

    Something signed by all the actors?
    Unreleased books?
    I don’ know!!!
    What’s in the stupid box?!?!?!
    Stupid box!
    This is going to be the longest week of my life…

  59. Kelly

    Maybe it’s Catherine Hardwicke’s book with hers, and all the actors’ autographs! :)

    I hate surprises. I mean, if someone comes up to me and says, “Surprise! Here’s a surprise for you!” then that’s okay, but I can’t stand suspense. I guess that’s why I read all 4 books in 4.5 days. :)

  60. Elicia K.

    I seriously think its an advance copy of the saga signed by stephanie meyer and the rest of the cast of twilight.


    It could be her rough drafts of all the books that she sent to her publishers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. Morgan

    I think it is Twilight Saga stickers or bookmarks.


    hmm. i like the idea of the forks so
    maybe a box
    in a box
    in a box
    in a box
    in another box
    with a little fork in it
    no jokes that wouldn’t be it
    but i seriously have NO IDEA
    give us another clue, pwees Kaleb?? <3

  63. Ashley

    i was thinking the bella and edward dolls(action figures)…hope so, they’re so cute…other than that i have no idea…

  64. Cassia

    Well, since this post is in “Stephanie Meyer” it is probably a book signed by her.

  65. Filipa (from Portugal)

    Your book? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    The whole twilight saga books signed by Stephenie?

  66. Soledad

    um…..a car….i need one heh heh…..
    i think the ultimate prize would be a copy of midnight sun but that’s only wishful thinking
    i really have no clue…. i can’t wait

  67. MyRandomName

    A BlogTV that’s not in the middle of the night? =D=D

    Seriously, I have no idea xD
    I like the idea of books signed by people. That would’ve been cool =D

  68. Samantha

    I’m thinking it will be some jewellary perhaps? its used in all of the Saga.

    I really dont have a clue, it could be anything really!


  69. kassia

    Anything from you, Kaleb, would be epic. =D Hmmmm I really don’t know. It’s under SM, so it has something to do with her? It’s autographs.. or you somehow got a Midnight Sun manuscript! Or the creepy new Edward and Bella dolls. The dvd? a signed dvd? the official Twilight saga guide? Or Catherine’s directors notebook? Or more awesome autographs?

  70. Hannah

    In the box…
    well i was going to say all the autographs but i’m going to say…..
    tickets to Forks.
    Or maybe it’s signed copies of the books from stephenie…& tickets to Forks :-)

  71. Talkerwolf


    It’s whatever is in that box! And you can’t say I’m wrong, coz that’s saying hwatever is in the box is in the box ๐Ÿ˜‰

  72. Jess

    Is it a Edward Cullen Cardboard cut out??


  73. Jess

    Is it a Edward Cullen cardboard cut out???


  74. Super-Ted Cullen!

    Hmmmโ€ฆ I’m really interested; What could be better than all those autographs? One question though; was the shiny thing edited in? If not, then taking in the shape it is making and its approximate size, I would say a DVD or CD. But just guessing as it being numerous copies of the Twilight DVD would seem very unoriginal.

    So what else would be greater than all those combined, relative to all 4 books AND the movie? It’s a hard oneโ€ฆ There seems to be some sort of a white disc refleced on your eye as well, although I think that’s probably my over-reactive imagination. So this is what I need to ask; What would Kaleb have?

    I guess for me, just an autograph from Steph would outshine everything, but again not too original. =D
    I don’t know, mate. You’ve stumped meโ€ฆ

    Ah well. Only 5 days, 7hours and 55 minutes to go! Not that I’m counting. =]

  75. Malin (swe)

    I’m guessing… Is it dolls? Maybe ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  76. Ainsley

    omg I really want to know and I can’t think :(

    i live in the UK so will you be able to tell us in a video to because I wont be able to watch you.
    damnn x

  77. lau

    i think thereยดs all the complete twilight book saga anda autographs of all the cast of the movie

    or.. real robet pattinson!!


    i hope so…!

  78. pikka_bird

    Twilight action figures.. I don’t if they’re signed but, yeah, they’re THE action figures!

  79. CallThisADecemberRomance

    It’s got to be a vampire.
    The way the box glowed when you opened it. haha

    Yellow Porsche please.
    Yeaaah =]

  80. D.Y.E.

    It’s definately THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE TWILIGHT SAGA(signed by the WHOLE cast AND Stephenie I hope!)

  81. Emerson

    It’s obviously Forks. DUH!

  82. Shieka

    I KNOW!
    Someone gathered Robert’s cut off hair and put it in a box to give to crazy Twilight/Robert/Edward fangirls!

  83. Allis

    Hmmmm…. the only thing I can think of is the Offical Guide to the Twilight Saga. Which would be AMAZING!! And maybe it’s signed be Stephenie! AHHHHH, I think I would faint! xD

    Or maybe it’s the silver Volvo! YES!! Make it that! ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. Ciara

    OMG, it’s edward isn’t it??!!!!!!!!!

  85. Maja

    umm maybe the dvd??? the box with all four books, signed by Stephenie herself?? or a bunch of hand-signed autographs from cast??

    Argh!! i don’t know! please tell us!

    And to Erin: Yes, i’ve also heard about eclipse, i think they wrote something about it on hisgoldeneyes.com …. It’s a little soon for that- that my personal opinion.. they haven’t even started filming new moon!

  86. Anna


    Now you have everybody in suspense of knowing what’s in THE BOX!

  87. Jen

    hmmmm… could it be a poster that says the Twilight Saga signed by all cast and Stephenie???!

  88. Desi Cullen-Black :)

    ok um is it he next book? i noe whos p.o.v it is but is it the complete version or all of the diff p.o.v for all 4 books? i really want midnight sun i read all of the draft already like 4 times btu i really want al of them i so cant wait :)!!!!

  89. Riley

    I betttt its a signed copy of all four books (:

  90. Maggie McC.

    maybe a crap load of tickets to the next twilight comic con.

    or autographs from everyone, actors, directors, authors. cause you’re so awesome and can get that sorta stuff easily.

    or plane tickets to where new moon is being shot. not in italy, but in portland (forks in my mind) you basically have everything at your disposal

  91. Taylor Ramey

    its probably a bunch of forks lol
    he says its in the series a lot and that there is a bunch of them therefore I assume its just forks..but maybe autographed forks ๐Ÿ˜‰ jk

  92. Claire

    i sure hope its your new filing cabinet..

  93. Kate :]

    Stephanie Meyer autographs??? I wish :]

  94. Kate :]

    :[ awww why do we have to wait a whole week??
    I dont think I’ll make it.

  95. Nicole

    I have 3 guesses:

    1. A few copies of the Official guide to the Twilight Saga by: Steph.
    2. A lock of Bella’s hair.
    3. Stuff with the Cullen crest on them.

  96. LucianRevolution

    Well, as long as we don’t end up like Brad Pitt in “Seven”, I’m syked!

  97. Leigh

    gnomes!!! oh wait…twilight….
    gnomes signed by stephenie meyer!

  98. Mary-Shannon

    It’s a Stephenie Meyers autograph. She wrote all the books and was in the movie for 7 seconds. Please let it be an autograph from Stephenine!!!

  99. Jessi

    the special edition box set for the movie with all of the jewerly and posters and such released really reaLLY REALLY EARLY TO YOU

  100. Maggie

    stickers? bookmarks? autographed photos?

  101. Mariah G.

    I really hope that it is the Offical Guide to all things Twilight! I have been going crazy waiting for it to be relaeased and if that was in the box, well it would be so cool!! Or, I also like the Signed DVD idea from above as well. Both of those things there are going to be a lot of them soon and they will make every single Twilight fan excited! ๐Ÿ˜€ Will there be a contest coming soon, too!?!

  102. HB

    Um…lets see here, a box…a ferret? *snicker*
    No, how about a super awesome pile of sweat socks! *Ha!*
    Seriously though, I have no idea! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Waiting to find out is going to KILL ME!!

  103. alex cullen

    yay! oh man lets see theres a bunch and theyre in all four. easy vampires!. no better yet Cullens ohh yayayay that be the best thing in the entire world a box full of Cullens. ughh okay maybe cars. ! thatd make more sense that people. but noo because cars wouldnt fit in the box either. ahh im racking my brain here. its definitly so obvious . Youre So Cool Kaleb!!!

  104. Kendall

    i see sidebar and i see Twicon ads….

    IT’S NOT TWICON TICKETS, IS IT?????? I say it is :)

  105. Amanda Cullen

    My guess is that inside the box is an autographes collection of stepehenie meyer’s twilight saga. OR a picture of the autograohes twilight saga because kaleb, you like to photocopy things. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Wendy

    COOKIES! Just kidding, hmmm…

  107. Miranda

    Dangit! I WANNA KNOW.

    I hope it’s the official guide………or maybe its the keys to a brand new cullen car! or trading cards
    or the movie
    or tickets to…….something amazing!

  108. Kate


    i’m guessing… twilight dvd signed by movie people?

    or um um gnomes signed by twilight people? lol

  109. Morgan

    Ok so I read like all the comments and there are some pretty good guesses. But seriously how cool would it be if there really was like…all the books signed by SM and the whole cast, the official guide to the twilight saga or maybe the dvd and like preview to all the movies and behind the scenes look at all the movies.

  110. Becky

    well it’s either signed copies of every book in the series. Or its a vampire.

    OR keys to Edward’s Volvo used in the movie (that would be amazing, please say it’s this)

    Or- lots of Twicon tickets ๐Ÿ˜€

  111. Becky

    omg I love this one, A BOX FULL OF FORKS! that’d be epic. especially if they were signed by the cast and included car keys to a certain Volvo…

  112. FabiolaBlack

    *aliceยดs porsche keys??
    *a date with rob Patz
    ยจ*his phone number??
    *tickets for the new moon premiere ??
    *a full tour around the olympic peninsula?
    *a part on the movie??
    *a backstage day with all the cast??
    *another box??
    *the super ultra limited edition stuffed animals of the lion & the lamb??

    ok i give up

  113. Icy Topaz

    OMG! It’s Rob Pattinson’s underwear!!!! USED!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Joanna6618

    If kaleb says there is a lot of it then I’m suddenly thinking that it is…a large amount of $5 bills to buy twilight stuff :) or if he wants to be evil…it’s air…and there is a lot of air and it is in between the pages of every book…and it has to do with everything too…but I would LOVE it if he made the prize something that has to do with metting the cast of twilight or stephanie meyer…that would be SOOOOOOOOO cool and 10 million ppl would subscribe for that!

  115. Lie

    Epic means: noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style; or heroic; majestic; impressively great. So it is got to do with ALL of the books and movies in the saga… There are lots of them. In the video there is a light in the box… but i’m pretty sure a light isn’t epic… I dunno, are there words, not like autographs, but word words on it? GAH! I dunno, long post though, hehe.
    Seriously… Not a fun box but..

    Fun Box Oh Fun Box Small and Square and Dark Fun Box Oh Fun Box Check out These Cool Pad Locks YAY…

  116. Lie

    HAHA! wait, why would N E 1 but Rob have a large amout of his own used undies? What would you do with them? lol, wait I DO NOT want to know… I’m a girl and I don’t want to know.

  117. Sarah



    (wait can he fit in there?)

  118. Astrid

    I was thinking the same as #42 Laura: the letter from Stephenie promising to finish Midnight Sun.

    I hope it’s gonna be something extremely good ..

  119. terhen

    flight tickets there (usa) to meet the writer and the actors? :’D

  120. Sera

    lots of bookmarks for all twilight saga books!

  121. Princess Potter

    Something epic

  122. Rae

    o_0 *gasp*

    Kaleb, you are in big trouble mister! Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s illegal to kidnap people? Let Stephenie Meyer out of that box.


  123. Sarah

    Is it Stephanie Meyer??

  124. Sarah

    …oh wait, she wouldn’t fit in the box…lol

    over-excited twilight-fan moment!

  125. Poppy

    okai is it edward cullen….. i knew it i bet it is, i told my friends he was real! jkes ohhh i really wanna know! i swear these days are going very slowly now that im excited….. oh maybe its the action figures tht would be sooo cool ….. or Muse! OME that would be amazing cause you know stephanie loves muse anyhoo oh maybe its alice i would love her to be my sister! ok how about midnight sun then i would actually scream my head of start to cry n they be in hysteric jumping crying the hole thing ringing up my friends n everything oh i wish it was tht would be good….. i bet its going to be epic tho i cant take the suspense n by the way some of these guesses are very good i like the idea of midnight sun or flight tickets to usa (which i would love to go since ive never been i know tragic!) to meet the actors that would actually be amazing….. i cant wait to find out im so gunna be there even if i have to drag my mum and tie her around a chair to get on to the laptop….. im that serious i HAVE to see it cant wait !! xx

  126. Poppy

    i love u kaleb u make my life so exciting well so does stephanie meyer by bringing the books into my life but u just made it even better! xx

  127. Hunter Vala Cullen

    OOOOH! It sound like it’s gonna be big!!!! =) Is it tickets to Forks??? I wanna know what it is!!!! LOL

  128. Amanda


  129. Twilight-Vampire

    Hey guys firstly i wanna know HOW TO WIN IT!!!
    kaleb? How do u win this awsome thing?
    we know you veiw the comments can you anser my question? please i really want to win wutever it is an di dont know how to enter! will you tell us how to enter?Please and thxs.

    Also EPPPP i hope it will be something like tickets or summething

  130. Allie

    is Stephenie Meyer inside the box?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  131. S

    Something to do with Stephenie Meyer.

  132. Mary

    omg! is it tix to twicon?!?!?!

  133. Catherine

    box set of the books?

  134. Laura

    A vile of vampire venim.

  135. Laura


  136. Maddy

    midnight sun?!?!?!?!?

  137. Indigo

    OOOH is it an offer to be in the movie? lol but that wouldnt be in a box i guess….is it….MIDNIGHT SUN? no probably not :(

  138. laura

    Possibly TICKETS TO GO TO FORKS OR THE MOVIE SET!!! or… ummm….. autograph of Stephanie meyer, a toy replica of the silver volvo, signed twilight DVD, thats all i can think of. I NEED TO KNOW!

  139. Fiore


  140. henriette

    is it the twilight figurines signed by the cast or the Cullen crest


  141. Gratia




  142. Neo

    I have no idea what is in the box… maybe an other box inside the box? :)
    The really sad thing her is that I’m going to miss the show :( I live in a other time zone so it is the middel of the night her when it is 7 pm there :( I hope I figure out what is in the box anyway…please…

  143. Haley Pattinson

    It’s all of the books signed by stephenie meyer! Or it’s the EDward and Bella dolls!!! OME! I bet that’s it! I can’t wait to see!!

  144. danielle

    tickets to vist forks lol

  145. dani

    get to meet stepheine meyer!?


    the cullen crests?

  147. Tinkerbella

    ummm oh the twilight dvd signed :) <3 xxx

  148. Tinkerbella

    umm oh is it the Twilight DVD signed <3 :) xxx

  149. Talkerwolf

    I know, the DVD, the offical guide to the Twilight Saga, the twilight saga, the director’s notebook thing and autographs.

    I must of has something right out of all of those guesses, right?

  150. vilte

    is all the twilight sequel books signed by some of the cast and stephenie meyer?

  151. Hannah

    i dont suppose a volvo would fit in a box? lol x

  152. Danielle (I love you rob)

    Okay. I bet it’s a stephenie meyer autograph!! Or one of her books signed by her! If i get it right, will i win?

  153. Danielle (I love you rob)

    Oh yeah! If you meet rob, will you tell him danielle marie says “hi i love you soooo much”??

  154. DeDe PR

    well i think is the books signed 4 the cast and SM??

    or is MINDNIGHT SUN??

  155. courtney

    is it tickets to forks xP

  156. Hannah

    edwards piano?

  157. Megan

    I know! It’s a whole bunch of sparkly Twilight Sweetheart candies! The ones that have Twilight trivia on the back and spelled Edward’s last name wrong (they spelled it ‘Mason’ instead of ‘Masen’)! Haha :) Actually, I have no clue. Can’t wait to find out, though! :)

  158. Megan

    Oh, wait…you said it wasn’t candy. There goes my guess. Haha oh well :)

  159. Megan

    O.M.G. I’ve got it! A bunch of little syringes full of vampire venom!

  160. Carmen

    I know what you did Kaleb! You’ve been busy with Biology and other college related subjects because you went on a search to find Edward Cullen. You probably tricked him into thinking Bella was in the box and since your made of awesome he just couldn’t read your mind and was utterly confused as what to do. So yeah, my guess is Edward!!

  161. Adrienne

    The complete saga? Autographs? The trading cards? I have no idea, but I’ll be @ blogtv when we find out!

  162. Anne

    It’s Robert Pattinson…definately Rob!

    Nah, it’s probably signed books like everyone else said…

  163. Savannah

    i don’t think it has anything to do with robert pattinson or any of the cast. to me: they have nothing to do wit the real twilight. i hate how the movie ruined everything for me.. now everyone knows about it and the only think twilight fans care about anymore is what robert pattinson’s hair looks like this week. f you.

  164. Anne

    I’ll be on BlogTV to find out! Definately!

    (And then, if I don’t win something, I shall despair.)

  165. Amanda

    Is it…………a picture sighned by the whole cast??????

  166. Lauren

    This has gotta be the edward and bella dolls!!!! Maybe even the alice one that they made….

  167. Megan

    Hm…Rob told and interviewer his hair style came ‘straight out of the box’

    Yeah I doubt that’s it

    I think it’s an advanced copy of the movie or the official guide, or something autographed

  168. wrtie4love

    whatever it is i need it! [=

  169. Sam

    Wuthering heights!?

  170. Patricia

    umm..vampires? the iternal love for bella and edward? The forbidden fruit? edwards smell..the perfume?

  171. Laura

    Is it a 3 tickets to go meet robert pattinsion???

  172. Sophie

    either everyone’s autograph?
    a keys to edward’s volvo!?!?!??
    a ticket to meet all the cast?
    an autidtion for the next movie?

  173. Sophie


  174. Sophie


  175. Anna

    Lets see….Hummmmm…..what is in the box…I don’t know but I am sure it is awesome! Can’t wait to find out what it is on Saturday!

  176. julie

    ohhhh!!!! its a copy of twilight, new moon, eclipse, and braking dawn autographed by Robert Pattinson or Stephanie Meyer or someone, or all of them!

  177. Ashley

    A fork. Signed by SM.


    I want to knoww!

  178. Linca

    Tickets to Twicon?????
    i dont know but im dying to know!~!!!!1

  179. juliamckay

    hmm , is it all the books signed by Stephanie Meyer and the cast of ‘Twilight?’

  180. HeartBreakkkGirl

    Is it Vampires? Werewolves? Bella’s truck tires? Am I getting warm?! EEP!

  181. Corinne

    *Reams of Paper (you said inside every book and movie.. well- WAIT!)
    *The script in the movie!!!! Signed!!!!
    *An Apple- ew
    *A green apple to make Craig Deering happy- lol
    *topaz colored contacts
    *Sparkling glitter
    *Keys to a VOLVO!!! Better yet- THE Volvo (it doesn’t fit in a box but stilllllll)
    *A phone call from (insert cast name here)
    *FANS… something from each book and movie… they all have fans soo… fans, errr… twicon tickets???
    *Muse, stephenie meyer’s muse… kinda. They were in every playlist and on the soundtrack
    *A bella and Edward Doll?
    *puppies/wolves (you are disturbed if you think keeping a puppy in a box is legal)
    *Rain, there is rain in every book… so some werido collected rain from forks?
    *Love!!! a valentine? Por moi, you shouldn’t have.
    *HATERS- they all have haters…
    *Cutlery… yeah? no. ok
    I dunno- we’ll have to see!!!!!

  182. hayley

    It’s a framed autograph isn’t it?

    Or maybe it’s a replica of the charm bracelet Bella has – with the wolf and heart charms.

    OMG! It’s Edward! I saw sparkles!

  183. Venice

    the key to rosalie’s car xD
    or maybe one on bella’s jewelries? .. her ring or bracelet?
    would be cool :)

  184. Sian

    Aw, I like so many others think it’s the Cullen Crest :)

  185. Emma

    Maybe is a copy of the Midnight Sun!! because you said that it has to do with the books and the TWILIGHT SAGA..so..i thought it mite be Midnight Sun!

  186. Kristen

    i KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS!! its the offical guide to the series by stepheie meyer!!

  187. xXxpeebee&jayxXx

    i think it a chance to meet the twilight crew! super duper sweet!
    please let it be that! OMG! i wanna win!

  188. Hannah

    Okay, so look how big the box is guys. It can’t be a cutout or a real person 0_o
    I’m not going to guess because if I am wrong, that would stink. Can’t wait though :)

  189. Olivia

    Okay, I just have to start out by saying that this will probably be the longest week of my entire life. But on a different note, i think its going to be an early copy of the official guide to the twilight saga. i would LOVE for it to be edward cullen (the real one), but robert pattinson is close enough (its too bad he isn’t some sort of contortionist to fit in the box..) =]

  190. carolina

    i think its all 4 books signed by the whole cast and stephine

    lol the answer comes out on my bday =]

  191. KittyGoddess

    Is it a baby? I hear those come in boxes…and everyone in the books was a baby once…

  192. Chloe

    all books handsigned by the cast and Stepehnie meyer, and all the jewelery….

  193. gemalem

    Twilight dolls?

  194. Bebimaire

    It’s either all the tradingcards signed or the dollz!!

    If that’s not it the IDK!!!!

  195. tara


  196. Spring

    It would be awesome if it were a model Volvo. Though, if it were keys, I’d rather it be to the Aston Martin Vanquish, lol.

    And to add, the “Forks” guess had me cracking up laughing for about 15 minutes straight. Bravo on that one.

    But how would Mr. Kaleb know it relates to ALL the books if he has yet to read Breaking Dawn? Tsk Tsk. Hehe, just teasing.

    Don’t worry. Whatever this item out of the magic box is, I’m sure it’ll cause people the exact opposite of despair.

  197. Allison

    Is it…. vampires?

  198. Kylie

    So I’m going to go ahead and say its not an action figure, an autograph, or anything like that because they weren’t in the books lol. Love the forks idea though. And personally I don’t think action figures can top those autographs! Anyways my guess is plane tickets to Forks because Bella was on a plane at least once in each of the first three books. But I dunno for sure.

  199. OctoberRazzerberry

    It’s a box full of Vampire Glitter!!!!!

  200. Stephanie

    Stephenie Meyer

  201. Stephanie

    Stephenie Meyer is in the box?

  202. megdog

    is it Jakob? or is it Edward? Either of those would be mighty fine for me!!!

  203. Nicole M.

    Hmm…Is it like, pieces of paper with all the names of the characters in the book? ๐Ÿ˜ Cuz I absolutely have no clue what it is ๐Ÿ˜

    OH! OH!

    Is it the official music sheet that Carter Burwell used for writing Bella’s Lullaby? :>

    Is it something Red? :>
    Red Crayons? Red Forks? Robert Pattinson’s HAIR??

    err… a picture of Edward and Bella?

    A replica of the Cullen Cars?
    uhmm…. a jar full of soil from Forks?

    the address aor a picture of the Cullen House?
    The Swan’s crib?

    Is it an Apple?
    A Flower?
    A Ribbon?


    Charlie the Unicorn????


    Damnit! I give up ๐Ÿ˜

  204. Nicole M.


    Stephenie Meyer always mentions them in her 4 Books and she even said ‘than you for inspiring me a whole saga blah blah’ and they also used supermassive blackhole as the OST in The movie. :>

  205. Nicole M.

    Oohh.. Is it Rocks/Stones? You could never have enough rocks :>

    Sparkly Stones/Rocks? :>

    Lemme Guess more:



    -Contact Lenses that comes in topaz,soft and hard gold, caramel,red and black.

    -Volvo? (Nah. Tyra Banks already gave the exact car to some lucky pie eater :|)

    -Hair!:D Rob’s HAIR!

    -Mike Newton :> Mwahahahah!


    -Crappy old desktop computer of Bella? (but she did used a macbook in the movie..)

    -Kristen Stewart’s Weed! ๐Ÿ˜€ (haha kidding)

    -A Lion and a Lamb! ๐Ÿ˜€

    -Front Pages of the Books and The Twilight movie poster?

    -A Replica of Stephenie Meyer!

    -A Replica of Stephenie Meyer with the Cast! ๐Ÿ˜€

    -Charlie. The Unicorn. :> Hahah kidding.

    -Mushroom Raviolli?

  206. Jess

    the keys to a silver volvo s60r!

  207. Nicole M.

    The Trailer of The Movie?

  208. Nicole M.

    The Sun!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ or something. Maybe a Picture or a replica or a pendant of a Sun!

  209. Nicole M.

    Face powder and foundation used by the vampires in the movie :)

  210. Nicole M.

    is it a box full of chickens? ๐Ÿ˜€

  211. Find Out What’s In The Box!!! BlogTV Tonight | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] people! As announced earlier this week, I received a Very Important Box which I will be opening LIVE on BlogTV! This box contains […]

  212. Spring

    Yay! It’s Box Night!

    And Nicole…”All Hail the Banana King!”


  213. dash12396

    I think it will be two tickets to the summer school forks since there is two main characters, Bella and Edward,two people Bella loves, two families, two kinds vampires and werewolves, two temperatures,two towns, two school, two of everything!

  214. Sophie


  215. Sophie

    the vampire fangs wore by the actors in that photo shoot?

  216. Saba

    The official Guide to the Twilight Saga & some autographed things!

  217. Michelle/Alice

    i think that in the box is a autograph from EVERY character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Hoagy62

    Heard this morning on the radio that Drew Barrymore is slated to …DIRECT…’Eclipse’. No absolute confirmation on that, but what do you think?

  219. mallory j

    i’m guessing its autographed photos or books or both?

  220. Rose

    ๐Ÿ˜€ It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  221. Rose

    ๐Ÿ˜€ It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  222. Rose

    ๐Ÿ˜€ It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

  223. Rose

    ๐Ÿ˜€ It's Bella's famous sweats! XD

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