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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 24 (Snap Decision)

February 24th, 2009 at 12:03 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Thanks to my new video yesterday, I’ve had quite a few chuckles at some of the outrageous guesses as to what epic things I have in The Box. I’ve had even more fun with the comments on the video page, such as those resembling:



Poor Rob. It must feel odd waking up in the morning, knowing that somewhere in the world, there is a fangirl who desires nothing more than something growing on the top of your head.

Anyhow, I had a feeling that Jacob was simply trying to manipulate Bella again in the previous chapter; it didn’t take Edward’s mind-reading and quick analysis to tell me that either. There’s desperation at work here. Jacob’s ready to do anything possible to convince Bella that he’s worth keeping: either as a lover or as a friend. I’m sure he prefers the former, but he would rather have one than neither. At least it gives him a certain amount of hope.

Edward is one of eternal patience: perhaps foolhardy, in that aspect. He just watched his girlfriend kiss another guy, who could very easily be his archenemy if not for her intervention. What even prompts him to remain so composed? I speak often of Bella hurting herself by keeping Jacob around, but one could very easily point to Edward: he keeps taking Bella back with no regard whatsoever to how she is treating him. Love is blind, they say. But perhaps Edward’s isn’t such a blind love, but rather he believes that it is his just punishment for leaving Bella:

“But…when I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you back up again […] I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn’t let me escape the consequences.”

People have written to me before, saying that this is the reason Edward allows Bella to spend so much time with Jacob, despite the fact that it must pain him to see them together. Edward blames himself for it, since Jacob was the one to pick Bella back up after Edward left in New Moon. And it is true — Edward was the one who left, and Jacob simply stepped in, expecting to finally have his chance now that Edward was gone. It might even be considered harsh for Edward to even think that he could leave Bella and then return, expecting for things to be mended back as they once were. But how long will his punishment continue? When will he come to accept that the wounds perhaps are healed, and he has paid his due?

For Bella, keeping Jacob is almost like leaving a cast on your arm long after the broken bones have healed: perhaps you would have come to lean on its support, but while it is still there, you will never be able to fully recover. It leaves me to wonder which stage Bella is really in. Is she still hurt, and needs Jacob to keep her together while her heart heals itself; or has she already healed, but does not want to remove him for fear she will fall apart again?

I just love it how Edward can see the action from so far away, channeled through the minds of the werewolves back to him like some sort of television feed. It’s amazing how they planned it out, so that he could be far away with Bella and yet still see and hear what is going on through the minds and eyes of the others who are actually there fighting. I can imagine it so well as a scene in the film, flashing back and forth from the epic vampire and werewolf battle nearby.

One of the most curious and most-easily-taken-out-of-context lines in the entire book was this:

“Only a few yards away from that fight, Edward and Victoria were dancing”


I know Edward is quite the fellow, but dancing in the middle of a war…with the woman who wants to kill your future wife? Tsk, tsk.

And then, there is the battle. The glorious, amazing battle in the clearing near the rocks and what’s left of the tent. I reveled in this vampire battle: silently mouthing to myself ‘Finally, finally!’ as all the paragraphs and paragraphs of how perfect Emmett and Edward are; and the chapters upon chapters of Jacob trying to win back Bella; and the pages and pages of description of the scintillating muscles on Edward smooth arms…finally became worth it for any male readers of Eclipse. June 30, 2010, will be marked upon my calendar, as the day I finally get to see this epic scene in the theater 😀

I will also now admit to a mistake in my last post. In error, I had said that Chapter 23 might be my favorite from Eclipse. Unfortunately for Chapter 23, it has now been replaced by the great, glorious, and vampire-battle-filled Chapter 24.

Question for the comments: Do you think (at this point in the book) that Bella is still hurting from Edward leaving her, and needs Jacob to keep her together; or has she already healed, but does not want to remove him for fear she will fall apart again? Both?


– Only 3 more chapters in Eclipse: this means the customary PICK THE SONG FOR ECLIPSE poll will be happening very soon! Start thinking about which songs you’ll nominate because the selection process starts TOMORROW!

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121 Responses

  1. Victoria

    I think that Bella is all healed but doesn’t realize it, so she is afraid that if you remove Jacob she’ll fall apart again. Which I can see her point & all but it’s not fair to any of the three cause in the end she’s still hurting all of them…

    (Actually despite being a girl & all I enjoyed this chapter as well I mean Stephenie Meyer sure has a way to make a fighting scene interesting!)

  2. Beckie

    I definitely think it’s the latter, that Bella is healed, just afraid that if she lets jacob go, she might fall apart without him. He’s kind of like her crutch. Since she was hurt, he’s been the one holding her up, keeping her from falling so far down again. She’s come to depend on him so much, she’s scared to take the few steps on her own again, just in case she can’t do it.

    I remember being so outraged by this chapter. I believe I was yelling at the book while sitting on my living room couch. My dad was a little more than concerned for my sanity.
    the fight scene was epic. I do love me a good fight scene.

  3. Jen

    I think Bella is healed from Edward’s mistake, but now she is suffering the pain and consequences of loving Jacob so deeply.
    Anyway, great post, as always. Can’t wait for you to start on Breaking Dawn.

  4. maribe

    i think that bella is still hurtng from edward leaving her. That is why she acts selfish by asking edward to stay with her during the battle. She is terrified of losing him again. and jacob was her comfort zone when edward did leave so i believe thats why bella wants him around.

  5. Katie M.

    i can’t believe you’re almost done with the third book. dang, time flies. hope you’re well, darling.

    (i’m sorry, my brain is fried. i’ve written 4 papers in two days and it’s almost 2 am here. i’ll refrain from calling you darling.)

    love from nyc,

  6. Nicole

    I think it is neither. Bella doesn’t want to hurt Jacob because she knows how heart-wrenching the experience is, and being the generally selfless creature she is, she puts off hurting anyone if she can help it. She realizes the selfish aspect of it, however, when she has the epiphany that she is hurting Jacob by not reciprocating his same variety of feelings. At this point she feels she can’t have both (the situation is exacerbated by the whole vampire vs. werewolf conflict) and by this time Edward and Jacob have both become significant figures in her life. (Both have welcomed her into their respective “secret communities”, and that, I’d imagine, would forge nearly indissoluble bonds). The former has more weight, but in some ways, the latter is just as important. Bella finds herself at a crossroads that she had been putting off for a long time, and just like most people, though she knows her decision, she avoids finalizing it until the last possible moment. Edward’s guilt does factor in, but another facet of his nonchalance is that in spite of the potential choice of Jacob, Bella picks EDWARD and agrees to marry EDWARD. This choice reinforces, gives more weight to, and adds more depth to Edward and Bella’s entire relationship.

  7. Jamus

    Well since you asked my opinion.. I look at Jacob as more of Bella’s crutch than as her cast… I think she knows she is healed from Edward leaving her and I don’t think it the fear of falling apart again. She has had Jacob in her heart for so long now that she depends on him to help her through things, while she can still move herself, he helps her and she’s afraid without him she might fall. I don’t think it’s the fear of the pain I think it’s the dependency of the help. Jacob is a part of her and though it may be smaller than Edward’s part he is still a part. You don’t need a cast to still be on crutches but if you have been hurt you need them to move on. Even knowing that it hurts Edwards to have Jacob around she still needs him. Of course there are parts of these books when I think Bella might be bi-polar but still… It’s almost like being in a relationship and still being friends with an ex. You will always love your ex but not in the same way you love the person that you are with. But they are still a part of your life and to lose them is like losing a part of you. They have helped you grow into the person you are now no matter what point of your life they were in.
    Of course I’m just rambling and I don’t really know how much of this really makes any sense to anyone but it is almost 2 in the morning…lol

  8. Steph

    Loved the post. This made me laugh so much:

    ‘I know Edward is quite the fellow, but dancing in the middle of a war…with the woman who wants to kill your future wife? Tsk, tsk.’

    *sigh* Jeez, Edward. Some standards, please?

    Oh, and this:

    ‘finally paid off for any male readers of Eclipse’

    Finally. Ahahah. Poor you. Though, I must admit, the battle scenes are some of my favorites. Truly, I only read Twilight for the fantasy side of it.

    I think that, from an objective point of view, Bella is ridiculous for keeping Jake around. However, from her perspective… well, it makes a lot of sense. She can’t be sure of Edward or Jake. Edward might just leave again, and Jake might imprint. It’s more likely that only one would happen (although Bella does have terrible luck), so then she would have someone there for her. If she chose Jake and Edward was forced to leave (by her, I suppose), then Jake imprinted, who would she go to? If she made Jake leave and went with Edward, who’s to say Edward wouldn’t leave for some other reason again? It’s quite the pickle. 😉

  9. Lupita

    I think that she is healed, but she wants to keep Jacob close just in case Edward leaves again…

  10. Lupita

    Oh! and I have the same camera! It rocks!!! great choice!! 😀

  11. Jackie

    I agree with Nicole now. My opinion before was that she was healed just that she was scared to let go of Jacob. Kind of like the quote you used.
    “But…when I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you back up again […] I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn’t let me escape the consequences.”
    But you cut some of it out. There’s a part where he says that those stitches are bound to leave a mark on you. And that’s how I see the triangle relationship between the three. Edward left Bella, Jacob stitched her up and now she needs both, but she cant really decide since they’re loyal to her.
    I love this chapter too. This has the best fight scene. It’s not as epic as New Moon (in my opinion). But it sure is the best fight scene. I love it! I think I had to read it twice because I was so excited! Like Victoria said, Stephenie Meyers sure does know how to write fight scenes.
    This has got to be my favourite part in your post.
    I reveled in this vampire battle: silently mouthing to myself ‘Finally, finally!’ as all the paragraphs and paragraphs of how perfect Emmett and Edward are; and the chapters upon chapters of Jacob trying to win back Bella; and the pages and pages of description of the scintillating muscles on Edward smooth arms…finally paid off for any male readers of Eclipse. June 30, 2010,
    I love it!

  12. Kelly

    Going along with the fact that I don’t believe Bella is really in love with Jacob (assuming that she’s really confused, mainly because of her previous consideration that Edward would NOT be coming back, as well as Jacob’s attitude of the situation and physical presence), I don’t think it’s either, actually. I think if anyone considers what would happen if they lost their best friend, it would be truly heart-wrenching, especially because (up until now) Bella really only saw him as a good friend, regardless of his feelings for her. She had been trying to hold on to that so hard, and until their kiss, she was even realizing that it was time to finally let him go, because she couldn’t have him as just a friend–he would always want more.

    So I think Bella’s need for Jacob is actually an attempt as salvaging a friendship that she values so highly. Jacob would create his own hole, but not for the same reasons. She has put time and effort into their relationship, as anyone would with a best friend, and that’s not something easily written-off.

  13. Kate

    Bella says so herself that she is selfish and that’s why she is keeping Jacob around.
    Is she healed? Not fully- because there are parts of her that still feel the emptiness when Edward is not with her. She doesn’t need Jacob there now with Edward back-but she’s not letting him leave either for the fact that he left once what if it happened again?

  14. Jussie

    Bella is healed an has trust in Edward but could it be that pushing away a friend like that could hurt just as much? As the love of a friend is also important as the love of a lover She needs them both to be whole.

  15. Jamey

    First of all, how did I miss the memo on when Eclipse is coming out in theaters?! That’s my 31st birthday- never thought that would be such a great one to look forward to! Ha!

    As for Bella- no she is healed up fine but Edward is right, those stitches leave their mark and really connect her to Jacob. She doesn’t want to hurt Jacob and she does want him in her life, but now realizes that may not be possible if she doesn’t want to keep hurting him.

    She doesn’t care about hurting herself- she feels she deserves whatever punishment kissing Jake brings from Edward – it’s hurting Jacob that I think has kept her from admitting how deep her love for him is. And know that she has felt it and realizes it’s still not enough….

    Eclipse is my favorite book- and like you- my favorite chapter kept changing as I got further into the book. I love how Stephenie’s writing really makes you feel like you are there at the fight. There is still a lot of book left- maybe not by number of chapters- but by how deep they run. I can’t wait to read your comments, as usual!

    Take care,

  16. Kriss

    I think Bella’s completely recovered from the hurt when Edward left, and is ascertained that he did it thinking it’ll be the best for her. She is confident by now of Edward’s love, that was her epiphany in new moon. So I don’t think she was keeping Jacob just in case.
    It was Jacob that kept Bella alive while Edward was gone. But I can’t completely agree with Edward, Jacob didn’t and couldn’t stitch the hole in Bella’s heart, he just made it easier to bear. No wonder why it’s still Edward all the way for Bella… but Jacob will always have a piece of her, for having made it easier for her, for having been her sun, for being there when she needed someone. I guess that’s why Bella can’t really say “no” to Jacob, to totally ignore him, although she wanted, for Edward’s sake. There’s actually nobody to blame, that’s how love works, I guess.

  17. Carolyn

    I don’t know. Somethings you don’t heal fully from. No matter how [near]perfect or amazing the person you’re with is there may still be parts that end up permanantly broken.

  18. Hope

    I would have to say a bit of both. A person does not heal that fast.

  19. Kat

    i don’t think it’s any of the TWo..personally..i believe..Bella has very well healed..further she knows that Edward will never leave her again..she is with jacob because during new moon they formed a bond that was very deep…they became those great friends[from Bella’s POV atleast*grins]..she truly cares for Jacob and at this point of time she doesn’t wan’t jacob to be hurt and that is because she and jacob are really close to each other..but thereis one thing im very sure abt…if and only ‘If’ bella knew how much she was hurting edward by doing this she wouldn’t have done sooo..and this is the first time i think that Kaleb ur taking it in the wrong way..!!

  20. Mary

    Um…I think Bella is in love with Jacob, but is also in love with Edward. Jake helped her through the brokenness, but then she fell in love with him. This is not more brokenness.

    Kaleb, I was Team Edward through the first time I read New Moon. After you finish the series, go back and re-read them, and you might see Jacob differently.

    One last thing…I love that song. Hmm, I should get back into suggesting songs. Haven’t done that since the beginning of New Moon.

  21. Mylles

    i think she is healed but is very frigthened to leave Jacob. When you get a cast removed it is kind of painful for a while. your arm is a little bit smaller than the other one so doing simple tasks with it is harder. i think that she is afraid of that. i think Edward has fully repaid his debt. i mean honestly how much can you put him through. and he did do it with good intentions in mind.

  22. response

    I think Bella has completely healed from the pain caused by Edward’s absence. However, I think she experiences a new kind of pain whenever she’s away from Jacob, because she could be a different Bella around him and he means more to her than she realized before. Giving up Jacob would mean that she is giving up apart of herself. I think her fear of falling apart this time stems from losing Jacob, and not Edward.

  23. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Neither. This is the only time in the series when I really start to get angry with Bella. She sees perfectly well what she’s doing to both Jake and Edward with her actions, but she doesn’t care enough to stop. I honestly think she’s just enjoying having two men (well, kind of…) who want her. She’s totally cheating on both of them, but she thinks that it’s OK since she’s been hurt in the past. She’s not hurt anymore, but she’s too selfish to let Jacob go. She continues to want it both ways, instead of doing what’s best for everyone and finally focusing on her true love and giving Jacob up. Bella still has some growing up to do before all is said and done.

  24. Michelle

    I think i have to agree that when eclipse comes out on big screen i am actually really excited to see the fight scenes. It will be very interesting, plus i hope it is just as awesome as the one i imagined in my head. lol

  25. Daniela

    I think bella is afraid of loosing edward, like she did in new moon (which is the reason why she asked him to stay with her), so she wants to keep jacob. Besides, she fell in love with him, so she needs him too.

  26. Laura

    Kaleb, this is my favorite chapter too! In a sick way my favorite part was when the “dance” ended abruptly w/ a quivering ball of red curls rolling towards the trees.
    I think Bella hanging onto Jacob is ridiculous. She knows she shouldn’t do it, but she also doesn’t want to be the bad guy and say “look buddy…there’s no chance, so give it up!”. She really annoys me w/ the way she is w/ Jacob in EC. Like when she visits him and they’re walking on the beach holding hands…seriously WTF is that?! She knows Jake’s going to feel like he still has a chance, but she’d rather lead him on then hurt him. I don’t really like Jake, and that fact that the way she leads him on makes me feel bad for him really irks me. LOL! I hope you enjoy the next chapter, and I can’t wait to read what you think!

  27. Kelly

    Laura, I’m glad I’m not the only one who intensely dislikes Jacob! :)

  28. Lauren

    Since Jacob is like Bella’s personal sun, I think she’s on the brink of getting sunburnt. It’s like a hot summer afternoon when your lounging in the sun. You love the warm feeling and how content you are. However, you know it can’t stay this way forever. In a matter of time, you will go from tan to bright red. Bella needs to walk away soon, or her (and Jacob) will get burnt.

    She loves the feeling, and she is starting to realize she needs to walk away. After all, some things weren’t meant to last forever.

  29. Angela

    I think you missed the part where Bella said that she LOVES Jacob. Romantically. Not just as a friend. THAT is why she hangs onto him. Letting go of him would not only hurt Jacob, but hurt her, too. She may not love Jacob as much as she loves Edward, but she DOES love him. And Edward knows that. Bella may not be making the best choice by holding on to both of them, but give her some credit here. She’s doing her best NOT to hurt either one of them.

  30. Kira

    I think it all comes down to the fact that Bella’s kinda a selfish idiot. Since early New Moon she knew she was using Jacob and truthfully, being a terrible person, but she never walked away because when it all comes down to it, she thinks that her own comfort is more important than anything else. I don’t think Bella ever really loved Jacob, she knew that her behavior was hurting him the whole time and she never changed anything because his pain was never as important to her as her own.

  31. Amanda M

    I agree with Angela (#29) Bella LOVES Jacob as much more than a friend. If she leaves him, she’d be leaving behind a piece of herself as well.

    Bella may not have REALIZED that she loves Jake until Chapter 23, but I think the fact that she was in love with him before that is the (subconcious) reason she kept him around. She just can’t let someone she loves go.

  32. hakeberevol

    I agree with the people saying that Bella realized she loved Jacob subconsciously. That’s why she put up with his crap, that was why it was so hard for her to let him go. But she loves Edward so much more which is why she fought against the realization. It will cause everyone in the triangle pain.

    Trying to find a normal comparison to this situation is reminding me of a funny quote from Breaking Dawn. I will tell you when you reach the chapter it is in. Anyhoo, READ BREAKiNG DAWN SOON!!!!!

  33. hakeberevol

    I love that song! The killers are right up there with Coldplay for my favorite band.

  34. Laura

    Kira I agree! If she really loved Jake then why would she continue to do things that hurt him? I just don’t think she was ever deeply in love w/ him. I think it was like a “Wow…I could have this really easy, simple & loving life w/ Jake”, but it would have never made her feel complete. She will always need the passion and electricity that she gets w/ Edward.

  35. Megan

    I don’t think either of those are correct. Bella says in New Moon, that from the moment she saw Edward again, she was healed. She said it was as if she had never been hurt in the first place. She’s not just going to stop hanging out with Jacob, though, just because Edward came back. She loves him, so she’s not just going to leave him. That would hurt him, and her. Even though she has Edward, she cares for Jacob, too. She can’t just ditch him. Haha :) It may be confusing now, but in Breaking Dawn, it’s all cleared up. Anyhoo…this was one of my favorite chapters in Eclipse, too! Well, one of my favorite in the whole series. Vampire fights sound awesome. Especially when Edward is one of the ones taking part and the one who wins :)

  36. Victoria

    I personally believe that Bella isn’t hurting anymore about Edward having left her early on, although I know she is still subconsciously scared that he might leave her again, even though I think she knows that will never happen. I think that Bella is just too scared to leave Jacob because he was her supporter, not a good might I add. I don’t know why Bella is so scared of hurting Jacob if he’s such a manipulator. She really doesn’t need him. She needs to remove that “cast” and move on. She’s to attached to her “cast” that she doesn’t need anymore.

  37. tina

    I have my own theory. Yes, Jacob helped Bella heal. Yes, she does love Jake. Yes, she is worried about hurting him. No, she isn’t afraid of losing Edward again.

    BUT…mostly, giving up Jacob and making the final decision to marry Edward and be changed makes it all a reality. When Jake is gone, she will be totally committed to becoming a vampire, and I think that although she wants this, she is scared!! She is an 18 year old girl, faced with a decision that will last an eternity!! I would think she was insane if she didn’t have a few issues with making that commitment (yes, even with Edward). She is leaving behind her old self, her parents, everything.

    I can’t wait to see what you think about the rest of this book. This is Bella’s moment of decision, of maturation.

    There’s obviously more involved, but if I spill, I’ll spoil… 😉

  38. GenevieveCullen

    As a member of Team Switzerland, I’m glad your being open-minded about Jacob. Yes he’s played dirty in trying to “save” Bella, but you can’t deny the kindness he showed Bella in the early part of New Moon.

    Jacob had a huge impact on Bella in the second book. Remember when Jacob became a werewolf and he had to leave Bella? She said that he left new hole in her, not as bad as Edward’s, but a wound none the less.

    Bella loves in many different and powerful ways. She has love her mother and father, a love for her friends (humans/vampires/werewolves), and her love for Edward. Those are pretty straight forward types of love.

    Her love for Jacob however, is very different and it can’t be classified yet. He is not a cast or a crutch, but a “gravitational pull”. We’ve witnessed the love that the mythological characters in Twilight are capable of, the draw that they feel. Especially with the werewolves. How Sam imprinted on Emily. They are ruled by their feelings and what they are. (and no, Jacob has not imprinted on Bella, before anyone gets on my case)

    Please continue to have an open mind with Jacob. I can guarantee you that the forces that keep Jacob and Bella intertwined will make sense by the end of Chapter 18 in Breaking Dawn.

  39. belle

    Neither, I think as well. She fell in love with Jacob and did not realize it, until later. When she fell in love with Edward, it was such a sudden, sweep you off your feet kind of romance from the beginning. I think that she didn’t recognize that she was falling in love with Jacob unconsciously because it was so different. It’s when he forces her to make a choice to kiss him that she finally admits it to herself; and even then she hopes that she suffers for it. When Edward finds out about it, she begs for him to call her every bad name that he can think of. But then he explains to her that he understands why she can’t let go of Jacob. I don’t think that its because she’s selfish, its just that it’s very difficult to let someone go. Someone you love. It is possible to love more then one person at one time. The magnitude might be different but it’s still possible.
    I personally cannot wait for you to finish up the book and start Breaking Dawn!!! Happy posting.

  40. Meghan

    OMG I screamed when i saw the song for the chapter!!! The Killers are my favorite band ever and Mr.Brightside is one of my favorite songs by them. It was the first song I heard by them and it holds a special place in my heart!!!!

  41. Lana

    First time I’ve ever commented, and it’s on this….sweet. Funnily enough, I am reading this series for the same reason you are — to find out why every chic likes it so darn much. (And your hilarious website helps make that enjoyable!) And so I can get the noose instead of you, for once — I am still not a fan. I am interested, sure, and the writing has improved over time, but once it’s over, I won’t be re-reading it.
    All right girls, you can break out the shotguns now.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I think your question is too simplistic. I don’t think it’s as simple as “Bella’s better! ‘Cause Edward’s back! Bye Bye Jacob!” Nor is she ‘clinging’ to Jacob out of fear she will fall apart again without him – being engaged to her dearly beloved pretty much forestalls that. We all know why our protagonist needed her werewolf pal, and we all also know that that situation has been essentially made void by long-lost Edward returning to not-so-sunny Forks. But we also all know that what’s done is done, and there are now bonds that are in existence that are not easily broken.

  42. Kate

    I don’t think it is either of those reasons to be honest. She doesn’t need Jacob to hold her together because of the pain Edward caused her, she needs him around now because she is in love with him! It would break a tiny bit of her heart to push him away. Also, in New Moon, when Bella was finally reunited with Edward in Volterra, she explained that she felt not as if she was healed, but as if she had never been hurting in the first place, or something along those lines.

    I believe Bella knows that Edward would not leave her again, after her epiphany in New Moon that he really did love her, and I don’t think she is so uneager to let Jacob go for fear of losing Edward again or falling apart, but simply because she truely loves him, and now is aware of this romantice love she has for him.

  43. Heather

    Haha yes this chapter is very awesome with the fight sequence. I also love when Bella throws herself at Edward and is all, “Make me forget how awful I am!” I don’t know why, but it always makes me laugh.

    I think Bella is healed, she’s just clinging to Jacob, and the reasons for that cling have changed throughout the span of the book. At first it was because she didn’t want to hurt him, but when she began spending time with him again he, in my opinion, forced her to fall in love with him. Stupid manipulative Jacob.

  44. AussieT

    Eclipse is my 2nd favourite book of the series (the 1st being Twilight) as there are so many chapters that I consider up there as my favourites in both.

    Anyway, I mostly agree with Twilight Teacher (comment 23) – I think that Bella is holding onto Jacob not because she’s still wounded over the Edward thing, but because she’s being a bit selfish and knows it will hurt if she lets Jacob go. She doesn’t want to feel any hurt herself or feel the guilt for hurting Jacob. So essentially she’s thinking a bit of herself and how she can minimise her own pain – which in reality is mostly what people do (try to protect themselves) so its very teenage human of her…

  45. Becca

    I also think it’s neither, but for another reason that has not yet been mentioned. Bella does love Jacob (albeit no where near as strongly as she loves Edward) and she realises how much he loves her. Having had the love of her life leave her once, I think that in loving Jacob, she can’t bear the thought of inflicting the same sort of pain on him by leaving him.

  46. Olga

    Without repeating something that has already been said I agree with Nicole’s opinion (comment 6) entirely.
    Just wanted to add – I don’t feel that the connection between Bella and Jacob gets “explained” in Breaking Dawn. There the situation is very different, the connection is different although may seem the same because the characters are the same, but generally don’t go holding your breath for a breakdown of how’s and why’s for what’s going on in Eclipse :)

  47. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I dont think that Bella is still hurting from Edward leaving. I think that the moment she finally accepted or had that epiphany or whatever you want to call it, when she finally realized that Edward loved her as impossibly much as she did him and knew that he did not plan to leave she was healed, all that is left now is that impossible fear that he will leave her for her own good again. but she is healed, as long as edward is there she will be healed.

    And I dont think that Bella keeping Jake around has anything to do with him “mending” her like a bandage, she cares about him. Like Charlie says she’s stubborn and once she gets something in her head she doesnt let go, this same thing applies for her friends and or/ romantic interests. Bella just refuses to remove him because some part of her feels like he has to be a part of her life. It doesnt have anything to do with “just in case” edward leaves again and she needs him to mend her again. It has to do with her caring for him. No one wants to let go of people they care about.

    😀 melissaturkey

  48. Lizzie Hale

    I agree with Victoria. She doesn’t know that she is healed and is afraid to remove Jake from her life because she is worried she might fall apart again. And I think if Jacob does go away she will but not nearly as much when Edward(btw I hated that part)went away.

  49. Sofia

    I know what is in the box…

    Are Twilight DVD’s…


  50. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    ps the pic cartoon “Did you hear something, Edward?” “No, keep dancing, love” and the “I know Edward is quite the fellow, but dancing in the middle of a war…with the woman who wants to kill your future wife? Tsk, tsk.”
    were hilarious, I couldnt stop laughing, it was an ambiguous sentance, very obscure if we didnt know what was really going on *attacks, battles, werewolf seth, oh my* !
    😀 melissaturkey

  51. Bekah

    Excellent post as always Kaleb. You had me giggling like a little school girl. :) So I’m going to, as always, give my opinion. However, as always it will be a lot longer than I mean for it to be so buckle up for the ride haha.

    I think that Bella is totally healed from when Edward left her. I think this because if you remember fromt he second book she goes to Volterra to save Edward. When she finally finds him and throws her arms around him she says that it wasn’t like a wound had healed but as if there was never a wound there in the first place.

    Now onto my other thoughts about hwy she holds onto Jacob. I know that Bella is looked upon as a generally selfless person. However, she is only human and selfishness is just a part of the human nature. She knows that she’s hurting Jacob by stringing him along and she feels terrible about it. She’s hurting him while she keeps him so close yet refuses to reciprocate the feelings he holds for her. At the same time she has this greedy selfish part of her that wants to keep him around. She wants to have her cake and eat it too and that just can’t happen.

    So in the simple terms, Bella is completely healed and is acting out of selfishness when she tries so hard to keep Jacob near her.

  52. Cody "Emmett" Jacobs

    KN, you awesome. And your right. This whole series is made (in my opinion) 1/4 better just by the fight seens at the end of almost every book. It’s the same for nearly all the books out there. Harry Potter (say the name with reverance) has the best fights. SM has made fights that are even more interesting because of the powers of the vampires. (TWILIGHT GUYS RULE)

  53. Elise

    LOL id burn his hair;) but i think that in his healing her heart she grew to love him, so much so that she is terified of causing him pain. But remember this is IMPORTANT; HE HASN’T IMPRINTED YET, so there is another *person* he is ment to be with. coughnextcoughbookcough

  54. Cara

    Hahahha. Nice commenting on Victoria and Edward’s dancing :)

    Question: Neither. I don’t think she still needs Jacob to heal her, or that she’s afraid of what will happen after he leaves. I think she’s just keeping him around because she loves him, and of course you don’t want to lose the one you love.

  55. aree

    Kaleb! Loved your post. As always. And the image of Edward dancing with Victoria… Hilarious!
    And now for your question..
    I believe Bella really learned to love Jacob, cause he kept her going when she thought she was dying. As she says it, he’s her Jacob, her own personal sun. She’s in love with his personality, and though it might also be because she’s afraid of getting hurt again, shes afraid of letting go of Jacob, cause she is in love with him. Of course it is a different love from the love she feels for Edward.

  56. Indigo

    ROFL edward and victoria dancing….

  57. Kristen

    i think she has healed. but she did say never ket herself hope, but with jacob she didnt have to. because he was there no matter what had happened. she doent believe edward will leave her but her heart may say that he will, so she “needs” jacob too.

  58. Nicole

    Bella was completely healed. In New Moon when she was back in Edward’s arms she said it was as if the hole wasn’t even there to begin with. I think the reason Stephenie kept making reference to Wuthering Heights was because Bella was acting just as Catherine did.

    Jacob no longer held the enigma of being her Sun and warming her from the cold because there was no more reason for that, however, in Edward’s abscense Jacob was more than just a crutch he really did become a friend and she was feeling things she didnt want to admit because she was still to preoccupied with her love for Edward and how damage she was. Here in Eclipse we still see her battling with trying to justify Jacob’s presence in her life, not wanting to admit she is in love with him in a different way from Edward. Through her forced naivity of her own feelings she in turn ends up being incredibly selfish and ends up hurting Edward, Jacob and herself.

  59. Hayley

    hahaha i finished all 4 books in 3 and a bit weeks. book 3 was my fave!

  60. Michelle

    Aaah… I’m late to post this time!

    I love it! The dancing picture is quite hilarious.

    I’m going to say neither. At least I’m not alone on that. I think that Bella was completely healed at the moment where she realized that Edward truly loves her and is not going to leave. She hasn’t needed Jacob for a long time.

    I do believe, however, that she has made herself believe that Jacob needs HER. The reason that she will not let Jacob go is because she doesn’t think he can handle it. Or so she says. I actually think that she’s just trying to keep him from finding someone else, because she doesn’t believe that anyone else is good enough for him. Like she could be, loving someone else, though…

    I’m still mad at Jacob and Bella from the last chapter. As I’ve said before, now I’m mad at Edward too, only now I can say why. I cannot believe the way that he just bows down and takes this! I wish, just once, he would yell and scream and ask Bella what in the hell she thinks she’s doing!! The reason I think he doesn’t do this, is because having the exact image in his head, he’s not entirely sure of himself anymore. He sees now that there is a chance that Bella could be happy with Jacob. He realized that he wants this as much as he doesn’t.

    I’m so aggravated at Edward and Jacob! Neither of them will force her to choose because they’re both afraid that she won’t pick them! They choose to remain in this odd three-way created by Bella. I would much rather be the odd man out, so I could just move on. I could slap her…

    I’m so glad that Victoria finally showed up. Even more glad that she’s now been done away with. I was tired of waiting around for her to come barreling out of some dark corner. Did anyone notice, though, that SM’s description of her voice is not at all like the voice of the actress in the movie? Interesting…

    Just one more thing… Did anyone catch the yumminess that is Robert Pattinson sitting behind Mickey Rourke at the Oscars? That’s the best I’ve seen him looking in a while. Nice to know that he still cleans up well. 😉

  61. Nazneen

    Healed but afraid to fall apart again. Damn, I used to write so much. But now I’m out of ideas. Blame the piles of homework. And I didn’t comment on Chapter 23 too! :(

  62. Emily

    I really think neither. Bella is completely healed from Edward’s departure and is very sure about his love now. As she has said in New Moon, Jacob has been carving his own hole in her heart instead of healing the one Edward left. I believe it is possible to love two persons at the same time. I don’t know which hurts more; not knowing which you love more; or you do know which you love more and have to do something about the other one.

    For some reason, I don’t belong to Team Edward or Team Jacob. I love both guys as much. I’m 100% Team Bella. I was devastated while reading New Moon. Every time Bella is curling up like a ball and hurting, I just wanted to hold her myself. While reading Eclipse, time to time I wanted to go protect her and shoo the guys away from hurting her.

    Hahah, I’m crazy. Yes I am a girl and yes I like guys. Bella is still my favorite heroin of all time.

  63. Cereal.

    I think what makes me love this Chapter so much is that it reveals how much deep the cut has been for both Bella and Edward. I wouldn’t say that Jacob is cut deep now, because he got what he wanted – for Bella to know that she loves him too.

    At that time when Edward was speaking to Bella, it shows how behind all the patience he held within himself, he is also hurt right in the heart. When he said “How?” I imagined the face he should put on and the pain that you can see in it. It should be glimmering, if not wet. Because vampires can’t cry right? ;P

    The fight scene, ah yes. It’s going to be bigger than the fight scene in Twilight. And I can’t wait for it to be on screen. Seeing it from Bella’s point of view, it’s going to be awesome. And the panic that Bella had when she picked up the rock, it’s just going to add up the tense. PFF! I’m pumped!

    As for your question. Gee, I don’t really know. I’m sure about the Bella & Edward part. But I’m not sure about the Jacob part. Pretty confusing. :/

    But yes, she is healed [:

  64. Twilight Slovenia » Blog Archive » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 24. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Snap Decision). […]

  65. MNR

    The answer is simple. Bella loves both boys, in different ways. She is in love with Edward as a lover and she is in love with Jacob as a friend. She wants them both in her life but relaizes that each of the boys dont want to share her with the other. I think she is over the fact that Edward left but sice Jake was there to fill that void when Edward did leave she has a very close bond with Jake. Whlie reading the books there has never been a doubt in my mind that she would pick Jake over Edward…so lets see what she really does!!!!!!

  66. Baird

    Bella wants Edward for her husband and Jake for a best friend

  67. jenb

    I think for the most part Bella is pretty much healed. The only thing she worries about is the fact that she knows her decision in choosing Edward (because honestly what else can she do?) that she will hurt Jacob. So yet another example of Bella being almost too good and always thinking of others before herself.

  68. Talkerwolf

    I think she healed from when Edward left in New Moon, but scared the same will happen again if she lets Jacob leave

  69. Natalie

    I agree. I believe she is healed from New Moon. She was healed the moment she literally ran into Edward in Volterra (though not completely). And I don’t think she keeps Jacob around in case she gets hurt again, I think that she just wants him around because she loves Jacob, too (though why I cannot possibly imagine). AND she does not want to hurt Jacob either by saying goodbye. She is trying to be everything to everybody and she is ripping herself apart in the process. She is not helping the situation. She is making it worse. Cathy all over again.
    I love the vampire battle here. It is so awesome. Yeah, June 2010!! Can’t wait.
    But what rips my heart into pieces is that Edward sits by and calmly watches the love of his existence make-out with someone else. And he can’t even show it, vent his feelings at all, without hurting Bella. So it’s like he is pretending he can’t feel. Putting off feelings, like a self-induced numbing process. This is because he still hates himself and thinks (what nonsense!!) that Bella would be safer with Jacob. Maybe happier (ridiculous!!). So I think he is readying himself for the loss when Bella leaves him forever.
    I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous it is when Edward calls Bella “love”. Finally. A pet name that is simply dripping with compassion, care, and love. It’s like every passion he feels for Bella is fused into this one word. Maybe I’m just sentimental. I get chills (the good ones) and feel like jelly every time he utters that word to her.
    Here, I hated Jacob so much I wanted Edward to end his miserable wolfy existence now and finally take what is his by right. But that is why Edward is better than any other “man”.

  70. Wendilynn

    She is healed as much as anyone can be at this point. She is secure in the love and dedication of Edward and has no worries on that point. She loves Jacob like one would a brother or best friend. Jacob wants this to be more but it can’t be. I found this triangle between the three of them such a deep and mind blowing situation. Stephanie really delves into the complexities of such a situation and I felt as torn as Bella was. Not in who I loved more, but in torn loyalties. Above all, there is the love for Edward. It trumps everything else. Next to it is the loyalty and love born from the healing process of a friend helping during a time of absolute pain and loss. It is not easy trying to make everyone happy and Bella is forced to realize that sometimes you have to make those tough choices and can’t make everyone happy. It not easy to do when your a natural caretaker and want those you love to also be happy. Edward is amazing in these final chapters to me. I love rereading these chapters because the care and concern Edward shows Bella really reflects the love he has for her. He has stood by her as she works out her conflict with her torn loyalties between him and Jacob, showing patience that only comes with age and a great deal of unselfish love.

  71. Wendilynn

    One more thing. I personally found Edward’s response to Jacob’s manipulation amusing and reassuring. I don’t agree with the others that Edward would love to have ranted to Bella. He understands more clearly what is going on then Bella does. Partly because he can read Jacob’s mind and partly because he does understand human nature. He’s been listening to the thoughts of people for 80 years. His recognition that Jacob was making a strategic move and able to appreciate it for what it was I found amusing.

  72. Ang

    Bella’s healed, but she’s healed over Jacob, like a piece of shrapnel. Or, more fittingly, Jacob was an implant (pacemaker? artificial heart?) that kept her heart beating when Edward left. Edward came back, and her heart’s working fine on its own, but she never removed Jacob. Now she’s healed over with him inside, unnecessary and problematic, but impossible to remove without risking serious damage. 😀

    I thought it was funny how you made it sound like Jacob was just waiting in the wings for Edward to leave the scene. Bella did seek him out, after all, and encouraged his attentions (heh – watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday) by default when she went along with everything and actually enjoyed most of it. Jacob’s an immature little punk, no mistake, but I don’t entirely blame him for not giving up on Bella, not when she has constantly sent him mixed signals.

  73. AmandaMarie

    I think she’s healed over Edward leaving, but if Jacob were to go then a part of her would fall apart that Jacob has grown into. She’d been technically friends with Jacob before, when she was little, and so he’s always had a small space in her heart. When Edward left, that space expanded into a friendship with him as well as filling up the gap Edward left. Now that Edward is back, that hole as been healed with what was originally there, but her love for Jacob has grown and if Jacob were to leave, a hole would be left there as well like there was with Edward.

  74. Jaclyn.

    I think that Bella is completely healed, but as usual, she feels guilty about Jacob, and has a hard time letting him go, because of how they became while she was broken.
    I don’t like Bella that much, because she’s really weak, and it bothers me. She is too… kind, too nice. She needs to grow up, get a backbone, and stop being a child about some things. However, just to contradict myself and show that I don’t hate Bella and I can see her side, she is very grown up about how to handle herself, and make decisions that most wouldn’t be able to. And then she has her best friend and the love of her, well I don’t want to say life, because she’s going to live so much longer than that… The love of her forever, I guess you’d say. And going between that is hard, especially when you’ve needed both for so long, and don’t know how to let go.
    But, that’s just what I think.
    By the way, nice picture. And who would want to eat Rob’s hair??? That’s just kind of creepy.

  75. Tricia

    I think Nicole, No. 6, summed it up perfectly.

  76. Shannah

    Ok now, this is for all you Jacob haters out there.

    I’ve said this a jillion times before and I know it’s wasting my time, but here I go again. When Edward left, Jacob did not just slide on in, thinking it was “his turn”. BELLA went to HIM, he saw what a mess she was, and helped her not for his benefit, but hers. Hers. Even in Eclipse, the only reason why he’s pushy and kissing her is NOT just so he can win her over. He’s doing whatever he can think of to save Bella’s life, as said by Steph on her website. You can check if you don’t believe me.

    Really. If anyone’s manipulating, it’s Edward. Do you honestly believe he’s okay with his fiance making out with a dude he hates? Nooo. He’s purposely using the “as long as your happy” thing on Bella so that he looks saint-like in comparison to Jacob. Obviously he’s pissed about it on the inside, he’s just faking so that he wins this game between him and Jacob (the prize being Bella) Edward has a hundred years of practice of lying & manipulating on his record. He knows what he’s doing and Jacob doesn’t.

    I know I’m making a big deal over fiction but I just don’t like Jacob-hate. People refuse to be a little open minded, I guess. I don’t care if your Team Eddie, you obviously have that right and everything but…*sigh*

    Also (I’m done ranting now) I don’t think Bella is afraid of letting go because she’s not healed… I think it’s just cause she loves him, he loves her. She doesn’t want either getting hurt.

    Ok, I’m really done now. I promise.

  77. Jenny

    I think that Bella is neither holding healing or holding on to him, but instead it is like Jacob has become part of her so that she can not part with him without feeling pain. Jacob has become so much a part of her that taking him away will be like hurting her again. I do think that she might still be healing from Edward’s leaving but is also holding on to Jacob because she knows that if Edward ever left then Jacob would be the only thing in her life that could help her live her life. I hope that answers your questions. =D I actually like the more emotional chapters better, but this is one of my favorite chapters.

  78. Loony Lovegood

    Wow, you are beyond hilarious now. “I know Edward’s quite the fellow, but dancing in the middle of a war… with the woman who wants to kill your future wife? tsk tsk.” I really liked this chapter too, because it was so descriptive and amazing! Also, i find it so interesting that you picture jacob as a cast… someone needs to draw bella’s heart in a cast that says “jacob” and edward trying to pry the cast off… haha.

  79. Michelle

    Loony Lovegood…

    LoL I’ve only recently begun reading the Harry Potter books. Otherwise, I never would have caught that reference.

  80. Aria

    I think that Edward leaving was like Bella sticking her arm down a garbage disposal. Like an industrial one. her arms was a bloody, pulpy mess. The Jacon came along and became her bandages. After a while she resented them and would take them off, only to find she was not ready. Now Bella has had the Jacob bandaid on for so long, she doesn’t really remember what her arm looks like anymore. It could be just as before, or deformed and ugly with scarring.

    I should either become a therapist… or shut up. And since I don’t wanna hear people’s problems all day…

  81. Sarah

    I think that when edward left it was like he stabbed her. And she used jacob as a cast. Once edward came back she healed fully but didn’t want jacob to brake because didn’t need him anymore.

  82. Sylvie

    I don´t think she´s still hurt because edward left her.
    Though she loves edward more, bella loves jacob. so that´s the reason why she doesn´t want to cut him out of her life(not even for her own sake)

  83. Aubrey

    KALEB!!! I already asked you this in the comments from your previous post, but if you could PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use the song “One Moment More” by Mindy Smith that would be awesome! I hate using capslock obnoxiously but it is the PERFECT song for that chapter. Hands down the best one I have ever heard. Please listen to it! Thanks.

  84. Amanda

    In my opinion, Bella is entirely healed, that’s not the issue here at all. Edward is back, and won’t ever leave her again. He knows that, she knows that. But while Edward was gone, Jacob became a part of her. Just as Bella felt her chest had a huge hole in it when Edward left, Jacob is now a part of her very being as well. If he leaves, he will rip out his own chunk. It may not be as painful a wound as Edward’s absence, but still an agonizing enough prospect that she’s not about to risk it.

    But don’t you worry your…uh, handsome little head about it. Everything happens for a reason 😉

  85. Caroline

    I love Renoir’s Dance at Bougival :)

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  87. Emmy

    The part you wrote about the wearing the cast after a broken arm has healed just for support reminds me of a story my friend told me about her mom who just broke her arm and instead of an expensive heavy cast she got this padded cast like thing. and so my friend asked her mom what it was and her mom explained and my friend said “so it’s like a bra for your elbow??” and her mom said “yep that’s exactly right”. and I just noticed this one huge run-on sentence… oh well. :) and the hair part was funny… I mean who would want to eat someone’s hair?????? I mean people send back food with a single strand of hair in it at restaraunts… so it’s a little odd. lol

  88. Petite Alice

    I think Bella is over Edward leaving her yet she stills needs her Jacob. Can’t wait till you start Breaking Dawn!!!

  89. Sarah

    i think bella keeps Jacob around because he’s a part of her too. In New Moon, after Jacob “breaks-up” with Bella, she says something like, “i thought Jacob was healing the hole Edward had left, but its clear that he was just carving out another for himself.” In that figurative sense, bella has two “holes” and by keeping Edward and Jacob, she can remain whole, although Edward’s hole is much larger than Jacob’s.

  90. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    wow, alot of people agree that she’s healed and just loves jake as well and isnt willing to let go for that reason…I think youre outvoted kaleb, lol.
    I agree that sometimes I want to scream at edward to tell him to express himself more. I mean he keeps alot of doubt and issues bottled up, sometimes (like at this point in eclipse) it would be better if he just screamed/shouted, had some sort of reaction. I agree that its just because he has doubts about how happy bella would be from having that mental image of them kissing in his head, but he should tell her he’s feeling this! It bugs me sometimes that unless he’s got something comforting to say (or the opposite of that “i could kill you”) he doesnt really let her in on all he’s feeling, Bella (who is also frusterating at this point) at least tells him everything shes feeling as she feels it (unless its embarassing, then she edits, but she still tells him!) And if Edward had been honest about being jealous earlier Bella might have realized that it would hurt the boys to be around both of them, she would have stopped seeing Jake to make Edward happy and it would have saved everyone alot of heartache, well take that back, even if Edward had been honest I doubt Bella would have given up Jake, he is a part of her at this point and she doesnt want to hurt him…hmmm it probably still would have ended up the same, having to choose the way she did at the end of eclipse…but I do think its good she realized her feeling for jake, that way hundreds of yrs from now when shes lookign back she doesnt have to wonder what might have happened…
    I liked the pacemaker analogy, very creative, (and cool)
    and incidently I watched pride and prejudice yesterday too both of them!)
    I think there was someone elses comment I was going to comment on but I cant remember now…*sigh* oh well
    😀 melissaturkey

  91. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    oh yes I remember now!
    someone said something about bella being bella and being too guilty to let go of jake. and thats true, bella puts alot of stock in guilt (remember that was her explanation to herself for why edward went off to italy? and jake knew that a guilt trip would be especially easy to pull over bella because he knows who she is)
    (ok ok Im getting to my point)
    But Bella has other reasons for not letting Jake go. Bella does have a bit of a selfless streak (she takes care of her parents, putting their needs above her own, she’d give her life for anyone she loved, edward, family, friends, vampires, werewolves, babies…) and she would always be willing to cause pain for herself to make the people she loves happy, which is the reason *spoiler* she eventually is able to choose between them, because she knows it will hurt her but she cant stand to hurt edward anymore and leave jake hanging like she is.
    at the same time she’s also being selfish because she doesnt want to choose. she wants to keep her “best friend” and her Edward, and that of course hurts them all worse….
    bella has very complex emotions, being guilt, selfless and selfish all at the same time!

    I have no idea if any of that made any sense, Im so tired right now, and its only 5:30! its been a long day! lol but I hope everyone gets the idea…

    off to nap…:D melissaturkey

  92. Michelle


    I am also glad that she finally realizes her feelings. I think Jake can at least be happy in the fact that he knows now that he tried his hardest. At least, although far too late, she levels with him.
    I hate the epilogue, though. Another time I could slap Edward. Never seen him go against a wish so blatantly before. Ever get the feeling he was just trying to rub it in, all while hiding behind the nice guy facade? 😉

  93. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    *sort of spoilery Kaleb dont read*

    Actually that was the one time I didnt think he was playing a game right along with Jake (only taking the higher road in doing so, like you said “playing the nice guy” though most of it was genuine I assume (though he does admit to Jake in the chapter they talk in the tent that he is/was fighting for her too). I mean now that he has her, she’s chosen him once and for all, I think that he honestly himself would have wanted the opportunity (to go to the wedding) so he was offereing it to Jake. (Even though of course he didnt want him to really come, unless of course it made Bella happy.
    So though I think there were other times when Edward was hiding behind a bigger man facade I dont think he was in the epilouge, he’d already won and I dont think Edward is spiteful enough to rub it in is face though…or maybe not, I dont know I could be wrong…

  94. Karlee

    I think Bella is totally healed. I think she is more afraid of sending Jacob anyway and hurting him rather than seeing the pain she is causing him along with everyone else by keeping him around.

  95. Karlee

    I must agree with Sarah though too. I just don’t know for sure.

  96. Michelle


    I see your point…

    but can you imagine actually attending?

    I can certainly understand why it is that Jake .

  97. KC

    Neither, I think that she has admitted her affection for Jacob, a product of her past with Edward but she knows who she can’t live without even if Jacob remains. Isn’t natural to gather all you love around you, even when it makes situations difficult.

  98. priyanka

    she loves both, and she isnt trying to hurt anyone. she needs both of them, because she loves both of them and she wants to keep both of them. ofcourse bella always has that fear that maybe edward will leave her but that is not the reason she keeps jacob around. she keeps him around because she loves him. and she isnt trying to punish edward for leaving her at all, she just is trying to spend as much time with jacob and make him happy as a thanks for healing her when edward left. bella knows she is hurting edward for doing this, but she knows who she wants and edward also knows that she loves him more. she secretly knows that she can not keep jacob, so she is just giving him the best memories that she could give him, because they know they both love each other…

  99. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    *slightly spoilery*


    I can certainly understand why it is that Jake?
    did you finish you’re sentence?

    And no, me myself, could never attend an ex’s wedding (not that they’re really “exes” in a literal sense) but I think thats why Jake didnt come to the actual wedding, it would be too much, but a reception…it would mean alot to Bella for him to be there and Jake could make it easier on himself by pretending it was any party (only bella’s wearing a wedding dress of course, something you certainly wouldnt see happening on just any occasion).

    Actually I take that back, I could go to an exes wedding, if it had been yrs since we’d been together and we were friends, zero weirdness, but this…this heartache all only happened what two months ago, three? Not very long, thats way to fresh, I actually admire that he had the heart to [go] for Bella.

    anyways…so off topic now! lol
    😀 melissaturkey

  100. seriously annoyed

    ugh ppl do you have to hint or put spoilers? seriously some people (not me) really want to enjoy the books spoiler-free. gosh, i nearly cried when i couldnt visit a single twilight sight without being spoilered or whatever you call it because i hadnt read all the books yet.

    serioulsy think about. you guys are naaring(haha south african word you probably dnt know)

    anyway, i definitely loved this chapter. i had no idea stephenie would imagine somethin so gruesome…. oooo the movie’s gna be freaky

  101. Michelle


    Hmmm. I did finish my sentence. I actually said I can certainly understand why it is that Jake does what he does.

    Seriously annoyed,

    You’ve seriously annoyed me. First off, only people that have read the Epilogue know WTF we’re talking about. I am very careful not to be spoilery, and this is days after the original post, and Kaleb doesn’t usually keep checking back days in. Also, if you’re pretty sure that we won’t know what naaring is, then don’t mention it in context to us. It’s highly offensive.

  102. Maz

    I belive, that Bella is distracted from her hurt because,of her ‘oh so lovely Edward’. It pains her when he leaves, surely evidence?
    Her feelings for Jacob are (I belive) are friendship. Only she’s childishly confused because, she has never had a friendship so strong (to add to her distration he’s a bloke, and aparently fit).
    Oh and girls like myself enjoy the fight scene. The book needed some action.
    He he, hope all goes well with your ‘research’
    :) maz

  103. Michelle C.

    Well, first of all, it is so confusing to have someone having the same name as you at times. >.<. Anyways, I love both Jake & Edward. But, out of the options you listed, I think that Bella is healed. What I think is that after the pain of loosing Edward, bella might feel that Jacob will be hurt too. & Jake just might be desperate. I can’t say anymore for anyone who isn’t finished, like I am.

  104. Stacy

    I think Bella is healed from Edward leaving in New Moon. She knows she loves Edward and belongs with him but she’s so scared to hurt Jacob. He has a special place in her heart and always will and she’s prolonging that pain by continuing to lead him on. She doesn’t want to hurt either one of them, but she also is afraid to hurt herself and actually feel her heart break by saying goodbye to Jacob. She can’t keep him as a friend or love interest. Jacob is already too far over his head, and I think he loves her in a selfish way.

  105. Ana

    I love the fight scene,the book need a scene like this. and Kaleb, girls like fights scenes too.

    Bella is healed from edward’s mistake but in every time that edward have to stay away from her, the wound just cut open again( but in a smaller form), and for her just think in a ideia of losing edward forever and the rest of the family Cullen, not help them, that hurt her behind everthing(except the pain of losing Edward, obviously). Now,in jacob’s matter i think that is not love… is friendship but is more like he became a piece of Bella, like Edward is a piece( ok, a big piece) of Bella, Jacob now is too. Of course bella doesn´t send Jacob away because will hurt her, but is also becase she doesn’t want to hurt Jacob feelings.
    I think that Bella is so focus in Jacob pain that she don’t see Edward’s pain.

    that all.


    love the post like always.

    ( And I am sorry for my written mistakes, my english is not the best)

  106. Ana

    Just one more thing, I don’t hate Jacob, but i read a comment left here and I wanna say, that Edward don’t manipulate Bella, He is true when he said that he want the best for her. No one is manipulate anyone in this book.

    I just wish that this thing, this Hate between team jacob and team Edward stop. Please, is a wonderfull story, but is already written and it won’t change, Can we just enjoy the story without the drama and the fight between the two teams. Lets put things in this way, my opinion is my, your opinion is yours. it is diferent but is also precious..

  107. maria

    they are not dancing… he is fighting with victoria,but saiyng that he was “dancing” with her is just because of their moves…they seemedd to be dancing

  108. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    he knows that, it was meant to be a joke.

  109. Michelle


  110. Lacey

    Where’s your next chapter! I can’t wait. I just finished reading all your posts on Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Now it is hard to wait, lol.

    I enjoy your writing. Keep up the good work!

  111. Lacey

    Also, my sister HATES Jacob, and she HATES Bella for loving Jacob. Those harsh feelings ruin the story. I try not to talk about the book to her anymore.

    I think if you love the book, you need to love all of the book. All of those things makes the characters who they are. It makes the story what it is.

  112. mary

    I think that Bella knows that (despite how much he promises that he won’t)Edward halfway wants ro leave her again, and she wants someone to fall back on. She knows that Jacob will always love her, and now she knows that she loves him, too. As Edward always tries to convince her, she is too good. She wants everyone to be happy, and in this situation, it’s making her unhappy. She knows that she has to leave one of them, because it hurts them, too. It hurts Edward to know that she loves Jacob, and it hurts Jacob to know that she will never be able to love only him.

  113. Maddy

    . Love is blind, they say. But perhaps Edward’s isn’t such a blind love, but rather he believes that it is his just punishment for leaving Bella – I am so glad you point htis out. He really takes on too much as his burden. And he can never hold it against Bella because it’s his fault. That is just beyond sad. One thing I’ve always thought was how unfair it is that Bella seems to disregard Edward as capable of having feelings because he seems so perfect to her. She forgets that even in mythology, Greek gods were passionate beings with faults and tempers who felt jealous, made mistake, fell in love… So while she is always concerned about hurting Jacob and everyone else, she never stops to think about Edward.

  114. bluecrush129

    ok so i know this is COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC but thanks for using the Renoir girl in the battle pic…it reminded me of the episode in Gilmore girls when they had the night of the living pictures…

    it just made me really happy for some extremely weird reason that has NOTHING to do with Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn.

    PS Keep up the awesome chapter summaries–they’re hilarious!

  115. Stephanie

    Yay! Another Killers song!

    I’ve always thought that Bella really did need Jacob at one point; he was her “sun”. But when Edward came back she didn’t quite know how to make the transition back to Edward and away from Jacob. She was used to having Jake as a friend and for the longest time didn’t know how to deal with the relationship with him and her relationship with Edward. Jacob was her crutch that she wasn’t quite ready to stop leaning on and Jacob was all too willing to keep standing there to let her lean on him, thus making the situation even more confusing. I think that Bella did use Jacob and Edward but in her defense that’s a hard place to be! And I think everything works out all right in the end.

  116. Sandra

    Bella was hurting so much when Edward left and Jacob pretty much fixed “everything” but despite everything….. Bella still thought of Edward. She never was over Edward, she put herself in danger so she can have Edwards image appear and try to stop her… so i think Jacob really didn't heal Bella as much as she thought he did. I think she just really got attached to Jacob & the attention he gave her when she really needed it, so I just think that she wanted to keep Jacob around because she still was living in the fear of losing Edward and she wanted to keep jacob and not loose him either. which i dont think is fair because shes hurting a lot of people besides Jacob.

  117. ummhedaya

    Ha, when I read your last post I knew you would change your mind… This is definitely a guy-friendly chapter… I like this too… mostly because Bella is once again being saved by Edward… Jacob will never truly be able to grasp how much Edward and Bella have been through… I don't think that Bella needs Jake to be around because she is scared of falling apart, I just think that she does love him, but like she said… its not enough to do anything but cause more pain… its the lesser love, but like she said in New Moon, there was a small part of herself that was left after Edward hurt her… thats Jakes part… Edward gets all the rest, she can't help it… their love is just like that…

  118. ummhedaya

    Ha, when I read your last post I knew you would change your mind… This is definitely a guy-friendly chapter… I like this too… mostly because Bella is once again being saved by Edward… Jacob will never truly be able to grasp how much Edward and Bella have been through… I don't think that Bella needs Jake to be around because she is scared of falling apart, I just think that she does love him, but like she said… its not enough to do anything but cause more pain… its the lesser love, but like she said in New Moon, there was a small part of herself that was left after Edward hurt her… thats Jakes part… Edward gets all the rest, she can't help it… their love is just like that…

  119. Maandacs

    She has completely healed but has no heart to put down her best friend feelings. She cant find the words and the courage to seal the deal that Edward is the one and not him. He wants Jacob to have that clear head for the fight for the fear of getting hurt badly if she didnt kiss him. He is that important to her at this point she doesnt know why yet that pull is so strong, she cant pin point what it means but all will be answered in BD.

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