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What Was In The Box!!!

February 28th, 2009 at 11:22 pm by Kaleb Nation

Yes, those are real copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, hand-signed by Stephenie Meyer herself. I told you it would be worth it 😀

Click here if you want to subscribe and be entered in the contest.

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52 Responses

  1. Brilliant Mess

    …okay okay! gosh Kaleb!
    I actually got a Youtube account to support you.
    Be happy.

  2. Mallory

    Wow…thats a lot of stuff to give away. I’m already subscribed and stuff so yeah…

  3. layna

    ahh the video isnt working for me! it says it is no longer available :(

  4. Heather

    I am so mad! I got kicked off BlogTV when you were answering questions after you first opened the box. I had to wait forever in the main room and everything. BlogTV is currently not working for me and I don’t know why. Rarrrr.

    Besides that, awesome prizes, Kaleb. I am still wondering how in the world you got the complete box set (and postcard) signed by Stephenie Meyer.

  5. Brogan

    Oh my goodness! You’re seperating the books from one another!?

    So, seeing as that’s the case, who’s going to get the box signed by Stephenie Meyer? Hahahaha! Kidding. Kind of. I am curious as to what you’re doing with that.

    Anyhow, I’m going to go subscribe.

  6. Melonie

    Ok this is how I know you’re truly the Twilight GUY: it’s now become a contest, a sort of pride thing to beat Bailey. Ha ha ha! I’m very amused. Did you get all of that stuff signed at the movie premiere? I’m amazed.

  7. Jackie

    Yeah me too! I’m curious to know how you got all of these things signed! There are so many. I’m also finding it very funny that you are at war. Dont worry, I’ll support you!

  8. Heather

    To Brogan: on BlogTV (the little bit I saw before I got kicked off) he said that he’s going to keep the box, which is only right in my opinion.

    Also, I’m Team Switzerland on this whole mess. I love you and Bailey equally. I can’t pick one or the other (gosh…I’m finally realizing the difficulties of Team Switzerland. I’ve always been Team Edward)

  9. bethany

    OMG i got it right

    yay i hope to win

    and also

    australia is better than new zealand

    cause newmoon comes out a day earlier than the us


  10. Sofia

    Darn it! I was sick in the hospital, but just come back and missed the show!!


  11. Thacha

    Hey, is there any chance that we could buy those autographed books? I think it would really make my sister very happy.
    Please let me know!

  12. Slivaa

    So what happens if you’re late

  13. Nazneen

    You’re on http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2009/02/win-an-autographed-copy-of-all-four-twilight-books/ ;D

  14. Nicole M.

    This just sucks. being at a different time zone and All!!!

    Btw. I live in Japan. Hi from Japan to you guys.

  15. KitKat

    Kaleb! You got an entry dedicated to you on newmoonmovie.org! Awesome. :)

  16. Krista

    Oh no! I missed you on BlogTV last night. I am so ashamed!!! Who cares about family stuff when Kaleb Nation is talking? :)

  17. Meghan

    Those are some awesome prizes!! Blogtv definitely wasn’t working right last night, well at least for me. My internet might have been slow though =/ Oh and Kaleb, I’m addicted to the Trust Fund Girl song you have playing in the background of many of your videos. It has such a catchy beat!

  18. maya

    ok so what is the name of the song playing in the background i want it so bad!!!!!

  19. Willa Turner

    So did Stephenie Meyer like send you those JUST to give them away?? Wow. I would’ve kept them. 😀

  20. Anna

    noooooo! this sucks so badly! i cant join youtube im too young! i want that stuff soooo badly!

  21. Belled

    OMG! these are the ones what I wanted. I drove my aunt crazy and I didn’t get them.. ah. TASTY!

    and how (I am keeping clean this place) did you get them? I think I have to find a guy and make him start reading Twilight and.. and… make site, right?

  22. Jen

    To whoever said it before, I agree. I want that box signed by Stephenie Meyer! lol.

  23. Sofia

    Hey Kaleb, I’ve a question!

    What about people that already won something (unlike me) can win again?

  24. madawn

    Wow you are way to good to us kaleb!

  25. Christina Cullen

    I have officially made a YouTube account (peacelovetwilight13) just for these contests. I LOVE Kaleb Nation!!! He gives the BESTEST prizes ever! <3

  26. Nicole

    Wow that really is an epic giveaways!

    I never thought it would be signed copies of the books….how deliciously amazing is that?!?

  27. Lela


  28. janet

    Kaleb, you and Bailey make me laugh so much, and laughter is a much needed commodity these days.
    I am subscribed to both you guys (only once each) and I hope that I will win some of the awesome prizes you are offering. But if all I receive is the added pleasure of your fabulous blogs, reviews, and videos, then let me say, that will be prize enough for me.


  29. Hunter Vala Cullen

    LOL I still think Rob’s hair would have been awesome but this is just as good! I watched some of the show but eventually it quit working for me so I gave up. Awesomeness of a contest though. I really don’t think you should give them away separately though. I don’t know how you can even give them up at all though! But yes Kaleb I think you at least deserve the box =) You should seriously see if you should get a hold of Rob’s hair though… lol jk.

    Oh and BTW what about the mentioned possibility of a prize for those who voted for the Eclipse song???

  30. Sarah

    @ #9 Bethany: Because of the International Date Line, even though New Moon is being released on the 19th, it’s still the same day for the U.S. who are on the east side of it. It’s the 20th over here while it’s the 19th over there. We’ll be seeing the movie the same day.

  31. Britt.

    EPIC. WIN.
    Glad I’m already subscribed. :)

  32. Lindsay

    I am already subscribed to your youtube account, so I am hoping I’ll win one of the books or pictures (or postcard)! Thanks for always having AMAZING prizes for us!! :)

  33. Cara

    Can’t believe you’re giving these away. I would think you would want to keep anything signed by Stephenie Meyer…

  34. Claudia

    I’m sad. I never win anything :(
    But I have to say that those are fantastic prizes! *sigh*

  35. NuttyNetty

    This war is getting pretty interesting MUAHAHAHAHA xD
    i’m not sure who’s team i leaning towards at the moment… may take some more bribing… hmmm lol jk

  36. Brogan

    Hahaha thanks for the info about the box Heather! He should keep the box in my opinion too! It’s something, at least! Seeing as he’s giving away all the books!

  37. Hera

    I never win anything too =/
    But the prizes are definitely A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
    Oh, and Bailey definitely got “pwned”.
    Though I love her too!

  38. Courtney

    Kaleb, that is SOOOO AWESOME!!! BTW i checked out NoMoreMarbles page and you are WAY WAY WAY WAY better! YOU ROCK!

  39. DeDe PR

    OOOhhhh!!!! u have soo much to give away…. go
    I N T E R N A T I O N A L

  40. Jenny

    Sorry Kaleb not interested. Mine are already autographed. Thanks though and hope whoever wins them enjoys them!

  41. Yen


  42. Yen

    oh, and dont worry kaleb, subscribing to your channel would be so much better anyways… lol

  43. Genevieve

    heeey kaleb? If I don’t win anything else…can I keep the box? Like, the BOX box that held the books? pretty please? O:)

  44. Camryn

    I WANT SOMETHIN !!! i just need an autograph and my collection will be complete !!!

  45. Rashum

    Omg I sooo want that! Even if I don’t get it, its okay because I know you still rock!

  46. olivia

    wow! you rock kaleb! i know it’s kinda selfish, but i want everything! it’s all so great.

  47. May-Linn

    ah. Let me win!
    maylinnbabyy @ youtube!
    you rock!

  48. Jessica

    That stinks, I’m not aloud to have a Twitter, I don’t really understand why but that’s what the parents say, is there some other way I can get updates?

  49. Samantha

    This is amazing!!!

  50. Liyana

    I want. :)

  51. andrea espinosa

    wow im a really fan of stephenie meyer who wouldnt like to win all the saga signed by her OME

  52. andrea espinosa

    wow im a really fan of stephenie meyer who wouldnt like to win all the saga signed by her OME

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