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Want A Christian Serratos Autograph?

March 10th, 2009 at 2:14 pm by Kaleb Nation

It’s been far too long since I’ve written a post, and it’s time to throw some new things in here so people don’t get bored while I’m off conquering monstrous school tests! How about I give away an awesome photo of CHRISTIAN SERRATOS, hand-signed by the star herself?



Christian played Angela Weber in the Twilight movie (do I even need to say this?) and sent these photos in specifically for contests on TwilightGuy.com! All you need to do is comment on this post once, and I’ll pick one name by random at the end of this week!

Just a little bit of fun for those of you who are still loyally visiting my site, in spite of my recent lack of regular posting. Be sure to check Christian out on Myspace too!

I will have some really big news in the next few days (hint: it’s about the DVD release of the Twilight movie)! I’ll be posting about this soon.

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1,183 Responses

  1. Joleena

    Commenting, just once.

  2. belle

    Welcome back Kaleb!! I love coming to your site and being pleasantly surprised when you post!! Christian is so pretty!!


  3. LaniLynnex3

    An autograph would just make me sooo unbelievably happy (:

  4. Olivia

    Never mind. Darn.

  5. nicolewilson

    woot. comment love!

  6. Lana

    YAY!! Contest time!!! lol

  7. Billy

    I really hope to win this one. :)

    Also I can’t wait to see Round 2 of the official Eclipse song.

  8. Morgan

    I’d love it! Best wishes on your tests, btw!

  9. Stephanie

    I wouldn’t mind…just for fun since you never know what might happen ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Comenting Once :)

  10. Kim

    Hi. Thanks for doing a contest. And btw, lol Joleena :)

  11. laurendanielle

    That’d be awesomeeee ;D!

  12. Tiffany

    Well this is exciting! How did you like Naperville? It’s basically my hometown.

  13. amanda

    yay! comment! :)

  14. Audrey


  15. haley

    pick me! :)

  16. Vu

    I want one! :)

  17. Sarah


  18. Caity


  19. Rachael


  20. Autumn Taylor :)

    I LOVE twilight. And I would really like that poster :)

  21. Lauren Lucy

    More Twilight autographs?
    Sign me up!
    (Or should i say ‘let me sign’)

  22. Maegan


  23. Anna

    Awesome! A contest I can enter! This makes me sosososo HAPPY. Cause I cant join YouTube (Supid Age Restrictions!). I want an autograph! I love your blogs so much Kaleb they are hilarious. I cant wait till you get to Breaking Dawn!

  24. Jinii

    Me please!

  25. Desiree

    What addiction? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. donniemangino[eyeofsauron]


  27. Gabby

    I would love to win one!

    and you should post a new chapter review soon. ;D

  28. Leigh

    ^^you should randomly select that name. ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. Ashley Phelps

    Hey Kaleb!!! It sounds like you had a great time in Chicago. I cant wait for your book! And I would LOVE to have that autographed pic of Christian. It would make my day! :) Good luck w/ everything and have a great week! <3

  30. Sarah C.

    Oo, fun! I appreciate that you let us know what’s up in your life when things get crazy rather than neglecting us completely ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. Megan

    Pick me! :)

  32. Megan

    Posting! I love your contests Kaleb!
    I’m glad your back. congrats on the illustrator.

  33. gemalem


    (8)In the full moon’s light i listen to the streammmmm and in between the sounds i still hear you calling meeeeee(8)

  34. Sakura

    Hahaha…. Kaleb is cheating!!! I thought you gave up competitions for easter??? ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Katie

    Woot! I also love your contests! Christian was freakin’ AWESOME as Angela. =]

  36. Danielle


    Oh, hello Chris. How are you doing? You look awfully happy. Or do you always have to look happy on camera?

  37. Kaylyn

    *crosses fingers*

  38. Maggie McC.

    she is so pretty. she was really good and neds declassified school survival guide too

    its nice of her and you to be giving away autographs.

  39. Erica

    my comment…
    it’s okay kaleb, we all know you’re really busy with your book.

    congratulations, again, on the success of your book!

  40. Catie

    Thanks for thinking of us Kaleb!!!!

  41. Samantha

    I met her at the Twilight convention in San Francisco and she was really nice!

  42. Tatiana

    yaya twilight!!!
    live it, love it!

  43. Maria

    Welcome back Kaleb!!!!

  44. Trisha

    Comment ^.-

  45. Ellie

    Ooooh exciting!

  46. Marcus

    Hey, I got a lot of stick for being a guy and liking the twilight series nice to see another guy likes it.

  47. paigelovespurple

    Kaleb your so generous!!!


  48. itsxraquel


  49. Jessica

    cannot wait til new moon comes out!!

  50. Valerie

    I think she did a great job as Angela (:

  51. Jessica :]

    Just once.

    But I really love your website. I’ve known about it for a long time, and then a few weeks ago, after my two year boyfriend dumped me, I was surfing, trying to find something to distract me when BAM. Your humor and amazing book, along with all of your creative writing hit me like Tyler’s van hit Edward’s hand. I’ve read everything by you I can get my hands on, including the preview of your book (which is amazing.). Thank you for brightening up my life, at least for a while. I hope I win this, Angela is one of my favorite characters, and I somehow hope she comes back.

    Anywho, go Kaleb!

  52. caroline

    gimme that autograph!!

  53. Katie

    ๐Ÿ˜€ this makes me happy. Thanks, Kaleb! How are you choosing? Would it help if I tell you I am a gnomepire?

  54. Manda

    Ok Kaleb, Im commenting. And waiting. PLLEEAASSE? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH A BILLION CHERRIES ON TOP? Thanks for putting something up for the people who check your site every day. It gets kinda weird when you are checking every hour for a post, wondering, “Is he going to post now, or not?” Awkward…. OK, and Happy Harriet Tubman Day everyone!
    <3 ;7

  55. Alba

    Commenting, just once…..
    :) i loved her as Ange

  56. Neo

    Hey! I’m from Norway so, pick me! (A) :)

    ps. this is really nice of you to give out autograph of her. (sorry my bad english ;))

  57. Kitty

    Oh gosh, I feel so terribly bad for you. School gets so tedious doesnt it? thanks for letting us know whats been going on. Love your site kaleb!

  58. Molly

    she was great in Twilight! id love to win!!

  59. Esther

    A comment :)

  60. Shelby


  61. Victoria

    Here’s my Comment!

  62. Ryan

    Yay for Contests!

  63. Desiree


  64. Michelle

    Awesome, another contest!

  65. Christie

    Woo Kaleb! You rock!

  66. Ashley

    I love that she (a) reads your site enough that she (b) knows about your autograph contests and is (c) awesome enough to help keep them going.

  67. Irishaoifa

    Good luck with all your exams! Thanks for the contest even though you are insanely busy!!!

  68. Cyndi

    So excited to see you back Kaleb!

  69. Kayla



  70. Sophie

    Thank you!

  71. Carlie

    Kaleb is amazing!!!!

  72. Rebecca

    She is pretty. ^_^

  73. Chelsea

    Yeah Kaleb is back.

  74. becky sue

    Hi! We’ve missed you!

  75. Miajane

    Im so glad your back Kaleb :)
    and I love christian, she is so pretty!

  76. Leah


  77. Shelby

    haha, whoever wins, congrats!!

  78. lorin

    heehee yay i love twitter

  79. Sam

    Sweet! And *gasp* you doubted we would still visit your site?!

  80. Kate :]

    Yay! thankyou :]

  81. Cricko

    I love contests :)
    And I’m checking your site nearly every day.

  82. Alli

    Christian was really good in the movie! I loved her!

  83. jenna


  84. EMI

    Commenting Once! Luv Luv Luv your site! I visit Everyday!!! *spazz!*

  85. *Morgan*

    I want an autographed picture!!!

  86. Monica

    Whoa, another contest! You’re so generous, Kaleb!

  87. Gatchpatch

    Your are awesome kaleb! Thanks for the twitter update

  88. Steph

    Hi Kaleb, welcome back from your vist with the publishers, i hope it went well, and by the way, I SO want a tv in my mirror lolz.

    :o) Steph

  89. Laura V

    kaleb, you rock my socks.

  90. Laura

    Coolio! I thought Christian did an amazing job as Angela and would really love an autographed photo of her! Congrats on the big executive dinner meeting.

    PS-My brother didn’t beleive me when I told him about the TV in the mirror so I had to show him the video. Lol.

  91. Mayte

    yea just commenting =D

  92. Maja

    Hi, Kaleb – hope you had a great time in chicago!!!

    and wowsa – a christian Serratos autograph = yay!!!

    you’re not boring us at all, we’re just glad that you’re doing these awesome chapter reviews and contests ๐Ÿ˜›

  93. Jen

    haha did you really think that us loyal fans would leave ya b/c you were gone for a bit? LOL no way

  94. Jessica L.

    Yes, another contest. THANKS KALEB

  95. Melanie

    of course I’ll post kalebbbb
    haha. i love your posts always. even when they are semi irregular. it results in even more appreciation everytime i open your page :) (haha when i get on the computer i always go first to facebook, then i usually hit up your site, stephenie meyer’s of course, and twilightsource.com….) hope your busy life is going well!

  96. Seirra

    Commenting, Just once.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  97. Jacque

    I had a hellish last week full of five tests, two papers and a flare up of mono so I completely understand your lack of posting. Get that studying done and keep getting As, Kaleb, we can live without you for a little while.

  98. AllieA.

    YAY! I love her!

  99. frodofan

    Cool contest! Thanks Kaleb!

  100. Stephanie

    I love your site!!… and Christian!! i really hope i win! (=

  101. Caroline

    Hello Kaleb :]

  102. Kahley

    Hi Kaleb! I think it’s awesome that you give away such amazing stuff. You’re dazzling. :)

  103. Stephanie Marie!

    I love how you do these contests so everyone has a chance! :)

  104. Lily Anneva



  105. ashpi

    Heyy Kaleb! Your site is awesome, I can’t wait until you get back to your normal posts! =)

  106. Jessirae

    Yay for another autograph contest! Missed ya Kaleb! Welcome back! (: Hope you had a wonderful trip! Looking forward to another blogtv party!

  107. Jess

    You Amuse me to no end.

  108. Claude

    If I win this it will be the second thing I’ve ever won. The first was a guess the number of candy in the jar contest. I got to keep the jar with 276 pieces of IKEA candy!

  109. Tara


  110. Spinach

    …commenting in progress…

  111. Krista

    Yay! I thought there would be a lot of people going “I don’t care about Christian Serratos!”

    But I’m actually impressed! I want the autograph, and from what I’ve seen, everyone else here is as grateful as me! :)

  112. Jessica

    Hi Kaleb.
    Good luck w/ all your tests. I just got through a tough week at school myself. An essay on the plastics industry is sooooo much fun. So I understand your craziness. lol.

    The photograph is really cool!!!

  113. Heather

    Haha, is there even a point in commenting?

  114. Hannah

    KalebNation FTW


  115. Alexx Ash

    Sweet! Kaleb you rock!

  116. natalie

    itd be cool…

  117. Stephanie

    Can`t wait to see who wins i mean it might be me or maybe not YOU NEVER NOW

  118. Moira

    Woot!! I can’t wait to see who wins. I love Kaleb Nation and Christian Serratos.

  119. Marissa

    The picture is really awesome! Good luck on your tests. I have SATs on Saturday. ugh.

  120. Elena

    Ah Kaleb I’ve missed you.
    You are made of awesome.
    Epic win.
    Pick me :)

  121. Laura

    To have an autograph from anyone that was in twilight would make me so happy!!

  122. Lauren

    Good luck on your tests, Kaleb! Thanks for the random give-a-way!!

  123. Katie

    comment! :)) lol

  124. Kpucine

    Happy to see you back :) And with another awesome contest !! Will you stop surprising us one day ?? I don’t think so ๐Ÿ˜‰

  125. Julie

    Well shoot, if that’s all I have to do, then here’s my comment. =] I actually can’t wait until your book comes out though. I will definitely be picking it up. =]

  126. TommyJohn

    Commenting just once….

    Soooo excited.

  127. DONNA

    i just love contests

  128. Kristen C

    Contest time!

    luv ya Kaleb!


  129. Ammarie

    yay!!!! UR so awesome kaleb!! haha i think ur contests are awesome but i think ur more awesome lol :)

  130. Michelle

    comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  131. Leah

    She is an awesome Angela :]

  132. Rakey

    Another contest? Sheesh, Kaleb, you’re awesome Too awesome for your own good, actually. But that’s one of the reasons we love you.

    Congrats to whoever ends up winning.

    – Rakey

  133. Jessica W.

    You are awesome Kaleb!! xD

  134. mk

    awww we wont get bored of you kaleb!!!

  135. Leyla

    Commenting :]

  136. Hannah

    Ooo, this is exciting. =) You’re awesome Kaleb.

    Good luck to everyone.

  137. Melanie

    Welcome back Kaleb. You’re great, it’s nice to hear from you again. xoxoxoxoxox

  138. Andrea

    Welcome back Kaleb! Hope you did well on your tests! I always look forward to your posts.

  139. Indigo

    she was so awesome in twilight, she was perfect! i want one! ๐Ÿ˜€

  140. Stacy

    Commenting! I’d love an autograph, I’m beginning to think I need to start saying I collect autographs!

  141. Alexis

    Pick me!

  142. Team Switzerland

    Just wanted to say I love your site. I had heard a little about you from my friend but I never actually looked at your site until a couple weeks ago. I love it! I check it almost everyday. I love reading reviews of the books from someone who isn’t just in love with Edward Cullen. Your take on the books is really interesting, and I love reading your site.

  143. Ally

    Pick me? *puppy eyes*

  144. Angela

    Another contest!

  145. Rita

    Probably not going to get it. Luck tends to avoid me, especially the good kind.

  146. Rayne

    she played a very good Angela. i was impressed. haha

  147. Kate

    Thanks for doing another contest! You rock, Kaleb!

  148. Devan

    Sure, why not? [=

  149. emily

    Thanks! You are awesome!
    Only comment :)

  150. FabiolaBlack

    ok here i am! =D 150! thats the lucky number!

  151. ingrid

    I really hope i win! Is it okay if i live in Europe?

  152. Jessica

    i hope i win!

  153. Ricky

    I have never won anything! I hope I win! :)

  154. E

    For the record, I knew who she was BEFORE she was in Twilight.

  155. jamus

    Yep…. I’m awesome…. I’m postin a comment on this photo so I can win it… Watch me ROCK!!!!

  156. Nela

    Don’t worry Kaleb, I still check your website every day anxiously awaiting your return!! : )

  157. Cyndral

    HI KALEB! Love your show, it makes me crack up everytime i’m in the mainroom asking you questions. I’m starting my own show too! :] see you around!

  158. naomi

    heyy kaleb! im not bored with you site lol. no matter if your here or not. anyways…GO CONTESTS!!

  159. Deanna

    A contest??? YAY :) I heart contests :) Hope I win. And I can’t wait for a new post from you Kaleb :)

  160. Imagine


  161. i dream of edward

    Good luck with your other five tests, Kaleb!

  162. AussieT

    We’re a patient lot, Kaleb. We’ll wait…

  163. chloe

    that is so awesome that it was just for this contest! :]

  164. amber

    I think Dakota Fanning is gonna be awesome!!

  165. Daniela

    well firt of all thank you for giving these things.. lol…
    um, and dont worry, take your time… we know how hard it is having tests =)
    Good luck!

  166. liz mc


    I feel like I’m probably not allowed to enter. BUT I WANT! kthxbai

  167. Rachael

    Good luck with your exams Kaleb! And good luck in your war with nomoremarbles – I am routing for you both!

  168. Jia

    Thanks, Kaleb ๐Ÿ˜€

    Commenting. Just once!

  169. Marne

    You’re pure comedy Kaleb, thanks for being such an awesome TwiGuy!

  170. Stephanie

    *comments furiously*

    I love your contests, they brighten my day ๐Ÿ˜€

  171. Tobey

    Wow!! how cool is this!!!! Good luck on mid-terms BTW….

  172. Chelsea

    I’ll comment to up the chances a little =)

  173. Betsy

    I’m still a loyal visitor.

  174. Kimber

    Just once, eh? <3

  175. April

    Wow so Many Comments!
    I Shall Contribute 1 Comment ๐Ÿ˜€

  176. Kyzyl

    Kaleb, you are amazing!

  177. Lauren

    Ah! Christian Serratos is such a great actress!

  178. Jen

    Comment! ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS-I totally understand, I just finished midterms and am already gearing up for finals!?!

  179. Meghan

    Hey Kaleb! Good luck with the school work and life work and everything! I’m surprised you have anytime to catch some sleep!

    <3 Meg

  180. Kate

    Commenting once (:

  181. Jessica

    It never ceases to amaze me how much prize material you come up with. It’s awesome!

  182. Allis

    Teehee, Kaleb justs loves contests. xD

    *Commenting just once*

  183. Angie

    I think you should pick me since you posted this on mah besss frannnn’s birfday. ๐Ÿ˜€

  184. Elise

    I Really Want One ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  185. Hunter Vala Cullen

    *crosses fingers* Please pick me!
    LOL yeah like that’ll happen=p
    Glad you had a nice time on your trip and glad you’re back!

  186. Jenny

    Yay! Okay, I’m done. =D

  187. Maggie


  188. Sasha

    Good thing I am loyal to this site and I check it without even thinking sometimes lol


  189. Cayla


  190. abby

    wow i dont check for ONE day and i miss all of this??? oh well, good luck on all of your tests! please randomly select me!

  191. mikl2233

    Lalala commenting is very fun! I don’t think i’m eligible.. but hey!

    -It’s awesome that you have contests-
    -I am now the envy of my friends-
    -I dunno why i’m putting little hyphens-

  192. carolina

    woo! ๐Ÿ˜€

  193. arikka

    that is really cool:) i love angela weber.

  194. Soledad

    wow! that’s great!
    i’ll need some luck though
    thanks for doing this!

  195. Kristen

    imm commentinng ONCE =)luvv u kalebb

  196. Marisa

    woot! woot! i hope i win!

    good luck on your tests!

  197. Gloria

    Hi Kaleb! You’re awesome. :) DFTBA!

  198. Andrea S.

    Thanks for the chance, Kaleb!

  199. Lais

    wow, you just have to give away something to people start showing up (I always come here, just never comment)

  200. Tori

    COMMMEENNTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  201. Samie

    aw kaleb u rock my socks! u are alway thinking of us fans of yours! love ya!!! good luck with all ur test im sure u will do fine

  202. Amanda C

    ME!! ME! ME! I’m commenting! yah!

  203. Mari

    I hope your test go well, I just finish mid-terms and I almost died. =)

  204. Stephanie S.

    Hey Kaleb! Glad to hear all is well. I feel your pain, I’m so glad I’m in my last semester of college, but then I’ll have to go out and get a real job…Good luck with the book!

  205. Erika G

    I love your contests! Oh by the way, I work at IParty and we sell the cardboard cutouts of Edward Cullen and the Sweethearts. I will update you if we get anything eles of Twilight in.

  206. Mary-Shannon

    You always have the best contests. Hope I win one of them!

  207. Audrey

    she did an awesome job in twilight! Cant wait to see her in new moon!

  208. Gabbie


    please? LOL ^^

  209. Madawn

    ohhh kaleb how i have missed you! im glad things are going well for you!

  210. SamAnn:D

    Ah, Kaleb, bribery isn’t the anwser….but I love it!
    We understand that your busy with your book, and school….and job! Take your time, we’ll still love you when ya get back! ๐Ÿ˜€

  211. Mallory

    She was great playing Angela…I can’t wait to see her play a semi-bigger part in New Moon and Eclipse!

  212. Kathleen DeMarle


  213. Beth


  214. Red

    Thanks so much for thinking of us, your loyal readers, in the midst of daunting tests!! <3

  215. Kiki (Anneke)

    OMG this would be amazing to win! Gosh Christian Serratos is so amazing and beautiful! <3

  216. Shakespeare Is My Homie

    Just thought I’d post in honor of the fact that my boyfriend read all of Twilight of his own free will recently without my asking him to AND HE LIKES IT!

    Hi Kaleb! ๐Ÿ˜€ *waves*

  217. April

    wow ur gonna get a lot of comments. ๐Ÿ˜€

  218. alexia

    heey!! i hope i win!!! =]

  219. Jenni

    Good luck on your tests!

  220. Hannah

    Kaleb, may I just say i loooove you very very very much. Me and my friend Katy are trying verrrrrry hard to get to twicon this summer (mostly to meet you and the countless number of others involved in twilightness!), however, we dont think itll be possible! were quite depressed!!! We even trying to have a car wash but our water bucket kept freezing and quite a few people asked if we were crazy. stupid winter.

  221. Mike

    Hey!!!… i read all of the twilight books more than once, and i can officially and proudly say that i am a twilight guy!

  222. Shannon P.


  223. lizzy

    twilight ftw! (:

  224. Nathalie-Fairy

    Hey love!
    Thanks for the contest! good luck on your test! Im in the same position!!!
    Suerte(good luck) in spanish!

  225. Sarah

    Ohey, pick me lol

  226. Stephie


  227. heather

    Take the time that you need, school is important.

  228. edwella cullen

    KALEBB!! i missed youu ๐Ÿ˜€ and ur funny posts :]

  229. StupidLamb1918Jennifer

    Hey Kaleb,,,good luck on your school work!!! You’re AWESOME!!
    I can’t wait to see who wins!!

  230. Sarah


    ^^ And, might I add it isnt just for the autograph? Love you, Kaleb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yeah, count them, 29 exclamation points! Now, plus one. xD)

  231. dianacastro5

    Hi Kaleb,
    This is an awesome pic!

  232. Twilax101


    so, kaleb, good luck with the tests!

  233. MelonCulley

    even though im totally late on commenting

    love the things you do Kaleb

  234. Cynthia

    i love christiannn. <3
    i hope i win… im not very lucky. haha.

  235. AmandaMarie

    Commenting for a chance to WIN

  236. Andymae

    She was the best Angela i think they could have chosen!!

    love Twilight!
    and Kaleb your awesome

  237. Jenny

    aahhh!! real life autograph. i’ve been dying to get at least one of the people in the movie. please pick me!!!

  238. Kaylin

    she seems like such a nice person

  239. Amber-Leigh

    as many people that have commented i probs wont get it….
    But damn that wont stop me TRYING!!!!!!!!!!

  240. cullen17


  241. Anh

    shes was good in the movie, n seems really nice! ๐Ÿ˜€

  242. Ketzia

    Wahoo!!! this is my super amazing, super fantastic single comment!!!!!!!! :)

  243. Renesmee{PANTS}

    I bet this surprise will be that you are totally coming to Wisconsin for the release. I assume I am correct :) I should be using an alias to have a better chance of winning…NAH

  244. Maria Viana


    I’m so gonna comment a LOT

  245. Maria Viana

    DUDE LOTS of comments, no way I’ll winn this

  246. Angie

    Christian Serratos is so pretty and she creates an amazing Angela. I can’t wait to see more of her in New Moon! <3

  247. Sabrina

    Good luck on those exams! I just took 3 of mine and don’t have to worry about another one until next month! Whoo-hoo!!! Spring Break here I come ๐Ÿ˜›
    Awesome contest btw.
    *crosses fingers*

  248. Cassia

    Can’t wait to hear who wins!

  249. Maria Viana

    Yeah, she’s great… It was really nice of her to send the pics

  250. Karlee

    Ah how I missed you Kaleb!
    Welcome back :)

  251. sharon

    woot i can’t wait for the twilight dvd!
    i preordered mine off of borders special edition!

  252. Kayla Sanders

    I miss your regular posts… but this is still okay! ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait for your tests to be over so you can get back to posting! ๐Ÿ˜€

  253. Mariana

    I want an autograph

  254. Maria Viana

    I wonder…

    If I dis win this, what would kaleb do? mail me the pic? I leave in Brasil, and I cant aford international mail. Gosh, taxes are a bitch.

  255. Becky C.

    Another contest. Ace!

  256. maggie

    oh i’d love to win:)
    glad you had a good trip kaleb!

  257. Maria Viana

    I cant wait for Kalebs book…

  258. christina

    Hey Kaleb glad to have you back and posting. i would really like that autograph. also good luck on your exams. Tests really do suck and i got to start doing that next year yah
    mid terms blah blah bablah blah babalh and final exams yah for me. Feham year here i come

  259. christina

    Hey Kaleb glad to have you back and posting. i would really like that autograph. also good luck on your exams. Tests really do suck and i got to start doing that next year yah
    mid terms blah blah bablah blah babalh and final exams yah for me. Freshmen year here i come. oh yah ignore the one i posted before

  260. stef


  261. Maria Viana

    Do any of you know how Kaleb dows this aleatory comment thing?

  262. olivia

    thanks for the contests kaleb!

  263. sophie

    commenting! woot! (:

  264. Corinne!

    You’re super cool, Kaleb. Just thought I’d tell you. [Or as Jaden would say: js js js]


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    rawr Kaleb

    it means i luv u in dinosaur


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    Good luck to everybody though!
    and I can’t wait for the twilight movie!! Love ya Kaleb!

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  616. Roman

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    stef, x

  641. Stef

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    love the new site design.

    hope i’ve got some chance out of the other 638 people. haha.
    stef, x

  642. Stef

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    anyway you probably don’t remember but i commented on your YouTube page asking you about how you made the copies of your book. (thanks for answering!) i went on the site and im about to make some copies of my own book :)
    also a big congrats on getting your book signed. i absolutly CANT WAIT for it come out. i’ve been bugging my local bookstore about getting it in as soon as it comes out :)

    i know you are an EXTREAMLY busy person but i would sincearly apreaciate it if you could write me a quick email about how to get inspired for writing (i find it hard sometimes).
    [email protected]

    thankyou so much! your amazing :) (oh and sorry about the huge comment)
    mikaela <3

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    except, they didn’t “enclose” my tickets.
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    you rock Kaleb!
    Christian’s so pretty!

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    But I’m not complaining. Because it’s cool.

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    BIGGG Kiss Amel
    xoxo from Belgium

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    Can’t wait for the big news.

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    love your site, Kaleb, and you’re doing a fantastic job keeping up with us fans, and school, and all your book obligations. you rock!

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    Welcome back! I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, and watching your vids! oh,good luck on your Biology tests! I completed A&P last semester so I completely sympathize with the loads of studying you must be doing!!

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    Heheโ€ฆ I wonder what you are going to reveal? The DVD thing? Sounds cool. =D
    How’re your tests coming? Good luck with them all! I have some pretty major tests coming up soon, although I doubt they’re half as bad as yours.
    Anyhows, have a good day!

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    like the background.
    for the contest!

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    I will be amazed if I win this.
    I don’t have a hope though
    Ahwell n_n


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    I keep the random in your life

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    Anyways heres my comment for Chrisy’s autograph!
    Good Luck Everyone!

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    Good luck to everyone though (:

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    i’m entering that new moon ocntest
    and i’m so excited ๐Ÿ˜€

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    If I had an signed autograph – I wouldn’t ive it away. ahaaa’
    But i’m just selfish. >..< Bwaha :)

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    haha he said it’s not bad :)
    so 1 down and lots more to go!

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    Well I’ll comment just once in the hopes that I might win. I doubt I will but it’d be really cool since I could use the picture for my English presentation. I’m using her as an example of what I think a character in my book would look like.

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    Anyhoo, great contest! I’m a huuuuge Christian/Angela fan.

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    Kaeleb, you always have such great contests!
    I myself am a huge Twilight fan, & would love to have a signed picture by Christian Serratos.
    Thanks again for giving all of us Twilight fans a chance to win these great prizes!

    -Alanna Embrey

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    pce ๐Ÿ˜›

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    I thought Christian was great for Angela. She did a fanominal job.
    Hope I win! XD

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    ilyyy!! Lmao x33
    Showingg Comment/Page Love !

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    but good luck on all ur tests and ur book publishing stuff :)
    can’t wait to read it!

  784. Sara

    Thanks for freezing my computer, Kaleb!
    : )
    Anywho…I would like that autograph very much, so, uhh, comment.

  785. Mike (a fellow twilight reader)

    I understand what you mean about Jacob, it’s so easy to understand what is going on in his consciousness and yet everyone still seems to hate on him. It’s unfair. The only thing I don’t understand about him is WHY on earth he loves Bella. He befuddles me. Anyway thought i’d comment for the chance of the photo.

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    oh well.

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    Finally got my boyyfriend to read twilight. He loves it I know! :) Woot

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    jonas brothers are coming (:
    july 13th!

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    (There’s no need for a sign off like that, eh? I mean, my name is already on that name section…I just felt the need to.)

    That was random.

  807. Bella (yes that is my name)

    Team Edward!

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    Yeah, I got the memo REALLY late.

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    Thank you!
    Great website, contests, youtube channel…

    You convinced my boyfriend to read Twilight.
    (He loves it, of course)

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    hi kaleb! i love u! cuz u love twilight! all the guys at my school says its retarded & i almost slap them but u, u r a true man! cuz REAL MEN READ TWILIGHT! :d great job btw!

  822. Ashley

    So when do we get a Kaleb autograph contest?!? :)

  823. Smile! Edward Loves You XD

    You will not believe it but I just noticed that you could subscribe to you and get emails when you update! I know it’s retarded that I didn’t notice before!

    I have been following you since you were at the beginning of Twilight but when I checked to see if you updated, it always seems I have missed a lot! Last time I checked you were at the beginning of Eclipse and now you are already nearly finishd it! Anyways I am SOOO happy that now I can keep on up to date with you like I always wanted because you are amazing and so funny :L:L

    I really like your facial expressions as well on your youtube videos and in stills as well! You crack me up all the time!

    I LOVE Christian Serratos! You are so lucky! If I was you, I would probably keep them all to myself though… lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    Lots and Lots of Love,
    Smile! Edward Loves You (cause he does ;))
    Amy :)

  824. Erica

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    kaleb, you are amazing!! ur the only guy i kno who likes twilight.. and i think that is so cool!!
    keep up with these awesome contests! love yeahh.

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  826. Nikki

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    I’m just commenting, like you said to. Haha.

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    I like commenting so hi.

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  830. Eva Martaaa

    the biggest thing I’ve ever won is like 5 dollars once .. so .. it would be awsome if I’d won thisone :)

    also, U probobly wont readthis , BUT still .. I wanna say, If I would be Stephanie , I would be SO proud I have such awsome fans as you :)

  831. Abbey

    By the way, I am MONDO excited for your book!

  832. kerrybear7

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  833. kerrybear7

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    Oh and congratulations on everything that is happening for you this year. ๐Ÿ˜€
    You totally deserve it.

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    GOOO ROBSTEN!!!! Kristen & Rob!

  841. Saumia


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    luv ya lots.

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    and of course I’d love an autograph!

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  847. baY baY/TWI-freak!!!

    I like totally love you!!!
    TWI-guys are like totally awsome!!!
    and theirs like not that many of them (compared to TWI-girls) so that make you like even MORE awsome!!! LoL!!!

    -Love Bailey!!!
    P.S. I would’t mind an autograph!!!

  848. Kaeli

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    love your contests!
    hope i win!

    ta ta for now!

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    …From England
    Hope thats ok !? :)

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    I love her more then Kristen!

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    I enter this contest

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  869. Emily

    Hey Kaleb! Love the site. I’m following you on Twitter. I love your contests. You are the best!

  870. Sarah B.

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    I can’t beleive there’s already 870 comments, well actually i can. Love ur site and all ur wonderful insight on things. Hope you pick me.

  872. Alisha

    I want an autograph!! I love reading your posts about the books. It is nice to have a male perspective. Someone who isn’t a hormone driven teenage girl screaming I LOVE YOU EDWARD/JACOB! I am a TwilightMom and am a bit obsessed with the series myself, but I absolutely love your site. Here’s waiting to hear from you again! :)

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    Here it is ๐Ÿ˜€

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    (–crossing fingers–)

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    <3 OHIWICS

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    Good luck everyone!

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    this is a greaatt website! :)

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  904. Maddie

    Thanks for having all these contests!
    I am really excited for your book to come out i cannot wait to start reading… and u probably won’t answer cuz u have another billion comments but im writing a book to and i was wondering where is the place you can send ur book in and they will bind it with a real cover?
    thanks sooo much!!
    i am kaleb nation!!!

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    this is crazy!!
    you are so so so so so so so so awesome for having these contests!!

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    next comment is right here!

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  917. Emily ;)

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    some say its even better than facebook lol

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    i also like noodles. Booyah baby.

    *staring at the wall and not quite seeing it* (that is a twilight quote, fyi)

    “does my being half naked bother you?”

    no, no, jacob. i dont mind if u show off ur incedibly hot abs, if u dont mind me sayn’.

  920. Once Upon A Life

    Ummm, ditto?

  921. rach

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    Doubt that I’m gonna win, but here’s to trying anyways on a lagging iPod. :)
    Love the new layout on your site, btw. Can’t wait to hear the news on Bran Hambric since I need to read it the second it comes out, of course. ๐Ÿ˜›

  924. Francesca

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    thanks for these contest by the way.

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    I-I want ._.

  934. Cy

    AAAAH!!! I would love to win a Christian autograph she’s definitely my favorite human XD

  935. darcycullen

    I would love to have at least a autograph from someone in Twilight, i mean im not that lucky or anything to get one myself, and realllly do hope i get one.
    commenting just once *

  936. Samantha

    ditto to everything that has been said… *squee*

  937. Taylor Lear

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    your site is awesome and an autograph would totally make my life :)
    thanks for everything!

  938. Skylah

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    I think Angela is absolutely one of the best characters in the book. She’s so sweet and kind!

    I really hope I win! =) Thanks, Kaleb!

  941. rock.the.bouffant

    thisismycomment hehe

  942. Marissa.

    ohh yeahh baby. lol.
    you should do a contest for your own autograph,since your a soon to be author of a published book!
    that’d be awesome!

  943. Felicia

    I’m not too updated with her, but she seems nice :]

  944. kelsey!

    gosh kaleb thanks a billion!!

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    your basically pure awesomeness. You’re a twi guy and you’re always giving out stuff! can’t wait to see your novel out in fall!

  955. Becky

    YAY FOR KALEB! Surprise contests are wonderful! So once again…YAY FOR THE TWILIGHT GUY! ๐Ÿ˜€

  956. Elizabeth

    I Love you Kaleb! You are so awesome. Can’t wait to read your book!

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    Yay ! Awesome contest :) Oh and I hope your book makes it down to Australia when it’s releaed, I can’t wait to read it!

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  960. Jessica Graham

    Omg!!! Kaleb your the greatest!!! I want one soooo bad ๐Ÿ˜‰

  961. Beth

    Sweet, and for the record, the 11th was my birthday, I’m just saying…

  962. Angela

    well my name is angela. so you know what im thinking. i should really get this autograph. ๐Ÿ˜€

  963. Sage

    oh how you entertain me!
    Thanks so much for your insight, like i said, it is entertainment!!

    ~Sage W.

  964. Celia

    Hey Kaleb!
    I think your site is awesome and I would love to get that autograph!

  965. Amy

    I’d love an autographed picture!! :)

  966. Summer

    she’s so pretty~ loves!

  967. Kayp

    I am crossing my fingers!!


  968. Daphne

    Hi, Kaleb! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Christian’s really pretty!

    I hope I win the autograph :)

    Oh, and will your book be sold in other countries beside USA too? :)

  969. bethany

    christian serratos

    is awesome :)

  970. Josie

    I would love to win the autographed picture….it’s AMAZING!

  971. Alex Berman

    i would sooo love an autograph
    it would make me sooo unbelievability happy~

  972. kenzie

    omg i love christian serratos!

  973. myrna

    Hey kaleb you’re amazing!
    and you have truly inpired me to start writin so thanks!
    I really hope i win!
    and if i don’t then congratulations to whoever wins

  974. Laura C

    Woo, I love your contests Kaleb.
    So here I am entering another one :)
    I love you!

  975. kelly b

    glad you are back i missed your post… awsome contest. just one comment…

  976. amita

    gosh, it would be SO COOL to win an autograph! angela has gotta be one of my favorite characters (next to the cullens, of course) cuz she’s so sweet!! plus christian serratos is really pretty… <3 !!

  977. Samantha

    OMG, i LOVE HER AND YOU, u are so funny!!!!!!!!
    Love ya Kaleb!
    Can’t wait for your book!

  978. Amelia

    Hey Kaleb! Yay you’re back to updating! :) I think Christian Serratos was an awesome Angela, and she’s so pretty in the picture too!
    Commenting once! Hahah.

  979. Catie S

    Just so you know we haven’t abandoned the page.

  980. Louise L.

    Christian is amazing! I hope I’ll get to be the lucky winner! ๐Ÿ˜€

  981. Serena

    Christian is so pretty! Commenting once ;D

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    <3 your contests / blog! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  988. JamieLynn

    You’re so cute! Here’s my comment. Love your videos, and can’t wait to hear more about what is going on with your book!

  989. Frank

    Hey im a guy. and ive read all of 4 books.. i love them.. my girlfriend got me into them

  990. Brittany


  991. Sarah M

    I should win just because I had to scroll through 989 comments on an iPod touch to comment. lol

  992. Mel.

    I really hope i will get the picture

  993. Nathalie

    You’re awesome kaleb ๐Ÿ˜€
    And so is twilight, the swedish translation for Breking Dawn comes out today! Even though i ofcourse already have read Breking dawn a couple of times ๐Ÿ˜‰

  994. Jenna

    OMG!! I am such a big fan of you Kaleb! I’m subscribed to you on youtube, following you on Twitter and

  995. Jenna

    OMG I officially love you kaleb!!LOL Christian Serratos has been one of my favorite actresses since the start of Ned’s Declassified!! I would sooo Love to win this Picture I would have entered yesterday but I was grounded from the computer because I was on too much!! HAHA PLease Pick Me I’m subscribed to you on youtube too so I would really love love love to win that contest too!! luv ya (LOL)

  996. Jack

    YOU ROCK!!!!

    From a fellow twi-guy

  997. Morgan

    I want the autpgraph. she was really good in the movie.

  998. Tina

    Cool, I hope I win ๐Ÿ˜€

  999. Sarah Strowbridge

    Oooo, Angela was my favorite character in the book.
    And I love Christian!
    Great contest Kaleb!
    Props to you! lol.

  1000. LaaniPrudente

    woow , that was straight forward haha.
    i want to buy your book. it seems interesting by the title. and since you read the twilight saga, i believe you have goodtaste in books, and prolly goodtaste in writing a book. haha:D

  1001. Alanna

    You are just soo awesome, Kaleb!!

  1002. Claire

    omg i love twilight!!

  1003. Tori

    omg i soo want this! i love her :]

  1004. Genevieve

    Want a Christian Serratos autograph?
    Why yes, I must say that I do :)

  1005. Laura

    I would love to win an autograph
    thats why i shall comment :)

  1006. Kathy

    Here’s what I would do if I were to win an autograph from any of the lovely actors/actresses in Twilight:
    1. cry. a lot.
    2. scream bloody murder
    3. kiss my dog. & I hate my dog
    4. cry. more.
    5. laugh.
    6. tell my friends that Kaleb is the most awesome person ever to bless the face of the earth.
    pick me to find out the rest! haha, jk jk. i’m not that selfish(: lol. good luck to everyone!

  1007. Seamus

    Mmmmmmmm. I can’t wait for opening night of New Moon. Twilight was an experience, and I want to do it again. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yay for autographs!

  1008. mallory j

    it is hard to believe she is angela. not that angela is’nt pretty or anything, cause she is, but she looks totally differant in the movie than in pictures! twilight rocks!

  1009. Katie L.

    Hope i win!
    I’ve never won anything beforee! :O

  1010. Andrea R.

    Please I want the autograph Kaleb :) Do it because today it’s my 13 birthday =D!

    I think I would do the same as Kathy only that I don’t own a dog xD

    Hope I win :)

    PS: Good Luck everyone =)

  1011. Andrea R.

    Omg I want to win (; Please do it because today it’s my 13 birthday =) Also I think I would do the same as Kathy If I win (without the dog part)

    I hope I win :)

    PS: Good Luck Everyone

  1012. Andrea R.

    Oops I doble post :S Sorry I didnt mean it :S

  1013. Alejandra

    I hope i win!!!!!!

  1014. angie lee

    I hope i win my sister huge fan of Twilight and she has cancer :/

  1015. E

    I forgot…. PICK ME!

    Also, I would highly appreciate anyone who reads this to check out http://www.twilightbite.com

  1016. Liz

    YAY!! Kaleb you always have the best contests!! You are FABULOUS <3

  1017. michelle/alice cullen

    Thx for all the great contests kaleb! u r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  1018. Cassie

    here’s my single comment! haha keep up the awesomeness! i love the contests and stuff you do!

  1019. Christina!!!

    Contests=fun! I love your blog Kaleb :)

  1020. Christina.. not that one^

    Hey! I really love how you do so many contests. You rock, but you already knew that:)

  1021. Monisxox

    Kaleb, you are one fantastic guy who does all this stuff for us other Twilighters! Just wanna say thanks, we all love you (:

  1022. relexia

    okay, i got a dumb question. kaleb, (you probably wont answer this, but thats okay) do you just give stuff like this away to keep people coming back who want stuff? bleh, i know that’s rude, but its like. . .i find it odd that you would give it away for no reason. hmm, i dunno, maybe your just a nice person.

  1023. Jena

    Um, yes please? :) I just re-read all of the books for the second time. They’re even better after you’ve had a chance to digest the info. Seriously. I’m picking Twilight back up right…..now. I mean…something’s gotta keep my occupied until the movie comes out :)

  1024. Brittany

    kaleb you rock my socks (:

  1025. Elaine

    That is so cool! (:

  1026. Ilana

    Kaleb Nation, you are my hero.
    I can’t believe Christian sent you those herself!! That’s freaking cool.

  1027. Brianna

    Yes I love all of your contests!

  1028. Anna

    Awwww… I would love to win an autograph! Here’s my one comment.

  1029. alexis

    i want to win stuff. :C

  1030. Ellen

    I Like Cheese!

  1031. makayla

    pick makayla pick makayla lol

  1032. Loony_Lovegood

    commentinggg. :)

  1033. Jessica

    Thanks for all the amazing contests, Kaleb.

    P.S. I follow you on Twitter, now. Hahaha.

  1034. DaquiRee Moore

    That’s way awesome!
    She is amazingly pretty!
    I’d love a picture!

  1035. Shalee-Skye

    that would be totally wicked to get that hope i have a chance

    (shout out to my grl loved you in neds, gl in all you do. cant wait for new moon)

  1036. mandy

    commenting :)
    love your youtube stuffs and can’t wait to read your book and i’m not just saying that to butter you up so you’ll give me the autograph lol :) (only a little)

  1037. JessaRose

    Constantly I hear how people wish Edward were real, or any of the Cullen boy’s for that matter(Jacob, too), but I wish Angela were real. Friends as grand and purely sweet as her are basically fiction. I got mad at Bella for choosing to go to the movies with Jessica, when Angela has the true ‘shoulder for her to cry on'(I hope Bella doesn’t take Eric up on his offer in New Moon, although that would be funny…). Everytime Angela was involved in a chapter, I could feel a smile make it’s way across my lips. (like now)


  1038. Magda

    Hmm, Big News ?
    Well, Your probably giving out a dvd eh ?
    that’d be amazing.
    Well as long as I’d win ;]

  1039. carter

    I would love to win the autographed picture,I love Twilight!

    Pick Me!!!! :)

  1040. Ashley V.

    news in a few days?? why must you tease us? :( lol i’m so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1041. Andii

    Hey kaleb! You rock, your book will rock (judging by the preview chapters), Your video rocks, Your exam concering rocks lol Everything rocks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    -Andii :)

  1042. veronica

    ahh i love her(: she is soo pretttyy <3

  1043. veronica

    ahh i love her(: she is soo pretttyy <3. shes one of my favorites (:

  1044. Ashley

    OME!! She is sooooooo beautiful. I still think of her as Suzy from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Giude.

  1045. madison

    Wow this is fabulous.

  1046. donia el

    hii :)
    it’d be nice to win eh?

  1047. Susan

    ~My one comment entry!~

  1048. Chloe Engel

    I wouldd love to win!!!! I love your site and channel!

  1049. Samantha Marie

    Commenting :) This would be an awesome prize. Christian is amazing

  1050. Michelle

    hey kaleb.
    well im happy to know that u r a guy reading twilight that is much to be appreciated. and welcome bk……ill be waitin for ur next post

  1051. Becca

    Robert Pattinson died in a tragic blimp accident while blimp watching in Budapest. Tragic and rare, i know, but blimps kill over 1 americans every year.

  1052. Anna Lee

    i’m trying to think of something witty to say that will catch your attention and therefore pick me as your winner. but unfortunately all i can think of is “i would like to win her autograph; please pick me”

    hey, at least i was polite :)

  1053. Emily

    commenting cause… yeah, it’s obvious

  1054. Janelle

    I love you Kaleb!

  1055. pjgt

    i love christian serratos! i first saw her in “Ned’s declassified school survival guide”.. she’s so cool… love her!! just commenting once.. thanks!!

  1056. Claudia

    Is this contest still going?
    If it is I hope I win, but I’m not very lucky.
    I’m also happy you’re posting again Kaleb.

  1057. Linn

    Hope this contest is still on, I want to win!

  1058. Alexandra


  1059. 2Merc

    I want a Robert Pattinson autograph ! Btw Iโ€™m a Twilight Guy too :-)

  1060. Nathalia

    I hope I win!!
    Commenting just once ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1061. Rianna

    you rock.
    the end

  1062. F

    Its no Rpattz autograph, but its someoen from Twilight.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  1063. ashley

    i love christian. i met her at the convention and she was a sweetheart. pleaaase [:

  1064. Rebekah

    HEY! I loved her the movie! A really good actress.:)

  1065. Josie(:

    I would very much like to win(:
    This is weries its like 1:30 where you are. but 6:30 where i am :):) x x

  1066. Amaranthine

    Speaking of the Twilight DVD (however brief the mention was), which version would you suggest buying, Kaleb?

  1067. Madeleine

    Yeah, what’s with all the different versions of the DVD?

  1068. Sanna.

    To be honest, i am not waiting you to finish Eclipse, because its my favourite and it should last LONG.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ But a photograph would be nice.
    Love you.

  1069. Melanie


    i am from Chile in south america and the first time that i see you page was a time a go when my boyfriend find it. because that, i want the pictures of Christian Serratos for him, he loves that girl at Ned’s guide. when he saw the cast of twilight… he can’t believe it!… after that he read twilight complete.
    PLEASE! for other twilight guy!!


    pd: sorry for the english :)

  1070. Jenna

    Haha I love Twilight! It would be really cool to get her autograph. I can’t wait to find out the news about the DVD…..

  1071. Vi

    cool contest! [:

  1072. katelyn

    ooooh i would love to win this (:
    don’t have very good luck though haha.
    have a nice weekend!

  1073. Mrs.Taylor Lautner =]

    omg i would loove if i won this <3

  1074. Katie (BIG twilightguy fan!)

    kaleb I am so inspired and happy about your book! I CAN NOT wait to read it!!! good job and dont give up :)

  1075. Lizzie

    Hey Kaleb!

    I can’t wait for your book. I know it’ll be AMAZING. You are a beast, TwiGuy.

    So…yeah. I’m commenting. Once.

  1076. Ericka

    Hey Kaleb, I sure hope I could win this! Please enter me. Good luck to all the contestants that entered :)

  1077. Aerial

    I think it’s so nice have you to have so many contests for all of the fans of the Twilight series. Thanks for entering me in the contest, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

  1078. Rachel

    yeah so im just a MAJOR twilight fan…… RPATTZ! lol ๐Ÿ˜› so yeah this is my 1 comment………….. woot woot!

  1079. Brooke

    i’m commenting once and i really hope i get to win this. i’ve never really won anything and i love twilight so it would be really cool if i won something twilight!!

  1080. Michael

    Yay another autograph
    I hope i win!

  1081. Wei-Wei-

    wow Kaleb you have brilliant ideas to make Twilight fans come to ur site! I Love you wallpaper b/c my fav book outta the series is Eclipse! Im not rly sure i’ll win. Jus droppin by to say hi! :)

  1082. Danielle Starls


  1083. Anna

    WOW There are a LOT of Comments 1083! and more to come!…..scary

  1084. Liz

    look its a comment!

  1085. Brittany

    Comment!!! I hope i win!!!

  1086. Lindsey!

    woot woot! I hope i win tooo!
    Yay twilight and everything connected!

  1087. Lissie

    OMGSH!!! Kaleb, you’re so awesome with all the contests and the comedy and what-not!!! I hope I win!!! =]

  1088. Wendy


  1089. Ashlyn

    Hey Kaleb! You have the most amazing contests, ever! Well, this is my shot at winning, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  1090. ErikaMansen

    Hey Kalbeb! I’ve been following for a while- I was the one who told you to give a shoutout to BC last blogTV. You might not remember, as you did a million other shoutouts, and I guess you can’t be expected to remember every one. I would love to win the autograph, but if not, I think you should give it to Jessica with the broken heart. Jess, your story is touching… imagine being stitched up by (in my opinion) the greatest love story ever! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1091. ErikaMansen

    Wow I can’t believe I spelled ur name wrong, i forgot to check… sorry Kaleb!

  1092. brittney


  1093. Suki

    Kaleb you rock!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1094. Ana-Cecilia Suarez

    Heyy!! I wanna win!!! I Love you!!! I REALLY wanna win!!! Thank you! Byez! *hugs* Here is my attention thingy-


    Just a thought. :) Thanks, Ana

    ((P.S. I LOVE your book))

  1095. Lindsey

    I’m entering!

  1096. Diana

    Yay contest ๐Ÿ˜€

  1097. Mona

    Yup yup, I love these contests! =D

  1098. marissa

    pick meee!
    oh jeeze i would hyperventilate for daysss!

  1099. Lucy

    You have many many comments.
    So I shall add another one.
    Good videos.
    Thank you.

  1100. Sandra Norin (MewSandra)

    Hey ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope I have a chance now. ^^

  1101. Nicole.x x x

    Wee ! ^^
    iiM sO exciiTed !
    iiHoPee iiGeT a cHance ! !^^
    yOuuH aRe sO aweSoMe ! !(:

  1102. Matt

    Commenting…just half a time ๐Ÿ˜›

  1103. Marianne

    here’s a comment :>

  1104. Jenna


  1105. Christy

    i love your contests kaleb! thanks.

  1106. Karley

    Random contests are awesome!!! Woo ^^

  1107. Dee


  1108. Malin

    uhu. let’s see if i’m lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1109. Meagan

    Hey Kaleb, I know there are.. 1108 other people before me saying this, in a way at least, but I just wanted to tell straight out how much we all appreciate everything you do for the Twilight fandom.

  1110. Flaxy

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I think I’ll try. (I think this is the first time I have ever posted a comment…but I’m always reading!).

  1111. Liz

    I love your videos.

  1112. Brett

    Awesome! First post here, definitely dig the site

  1113. Matej

    Wow, 0,09 % is my chance to win this.


  1114. May-Linn


  1115. Michelle

    yay! =]

  1116. Ellie the Elephant!

    i love love love love love your contests! hah!

    if i don’t win it’s all good? ha ha…

    i love you for reading the twilight saga… it is truly amazzing!

    =] peace out!

  1117. chanice

    you know. even with the very small odds of winning i still post a comment.
    why? i still ask myself that.
    you just keep me posting.

  1118. chanice

    you know. even with the very small odds of winning i still post a comment.
    why? i still ask myself that.
    you just keep me posting.

  1119. steph pattinson

    heeeey kaleb.

  1120. Melissa

    heyy im not too late for this contest am i? :)
    love the site kaleb, keep it up ๐Ÿ˜€

  1121. Rachel

    hey :]

  1122. T-Jae!

    I wants it lol

  1123. Isabeau

    Posting a comment for the autograph

  1124. Ana Gaby

    hey, pick me pleasee !! =)

  1125. Nicole M.

    Holy :O Hey people!

  1126. Alexandra P

    haha ok this is kinda pointless since theres about more than a thousand comments… but il try xP
    so this is my comment…. very eciting xP

  1127. Lithia

    comment =)

  1128. Nan

    Yay that would be so awesome! :]

  1129. Kristin


  1130. Sophie

    Glad too see your back posting :)

  1131. Jessica

    Yeah, she is really pretty. I would love to win the autograph also. It would be awesome.

  1132. Dixie

    please pick me for ANY of the prizes. I exspecially want the books!

  1133. Callie

    She was awesome in Twilight!!

  1134. Hanayuki

    Is the contest still open? If yes : Yaaaay i,m in ^^ If no : too bad … ๐Ÿ˜›

    It’s great that you can do contest like this ^^

  1135. Gothhic Goddess

    I discovered this page in the past hour, due to Steph’s myspace blogs. I enjoy the way you write, and I hope you keep on with it. :)

  1136. Lizeth

    ahhhhh….. soooooooo…..excited…..!!!!

  1137. Beth

    Always enjoy your videos and reading your comments about the Twilight series. Keep reading!

  1138. Nathalie

    Wow, I hope I win. I love everything from twilight ๐Ÿ˜€

  1139. roula

    i don’t know if the contest is still on…but here it is!
    keep up the good work kaleb!

  1140. Catharina

    Wow! Many comments..
    I think I have a little chance to win now – but I really want to win it!
    I live in Norway, so this is maybe my only chance to get this autograph! :)
    Anyway. I LOVE YOU SITE!!

  1141. Amadea

    Kan you’re awesome! I follow you everywhere! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Of course just on net because I’m Hungarian…
    I really want to win!!! :)
    so I hope this comment is enough:D
    LUV YA!

  1142. Stacey =)

    wow there is soooooo many people who love twilight as much as i do!

    thanks for the chance kaleb

    good luck guys! =)

  1143. Pam

    Commenting just 1 time! Love your site thanks for the chance!

  1144. Helena

    what the heck….i might as well try

  1145. vivs

    am i too late? ive been so busy that until now am i able to check ur site.ok well wut the heck ill post the comment and hope its not too late.


  1146. Lilia

    Yay Kaleb thanks for all this!!! You are awesomeee and i cant wait to read ur book! :)<3

  1147. Rachel

    Twilight is amazing and so is your site!!!

  1148. Paola

    HEY KALEB!!!!!!!

    good luck on all ur test, i hav a chem midterm next week =[ (not excited at all) well hope i win and i read the intro to ur book and its really good, ur AMAZING!!!!!!

  1149. ElizabethAnnCullen

    Love u!!!! i want the autograph so bad!!!

  1150. Taylor

    I want this autograph! I have a whole TWILIGHT wall, and would love to add this to my collection! Any girl would love this! Please pick me!
    You Rock,

  1151. Taylor Cullen

    I want this autograph!
    You Rock,

  1152. Alexa

    hheyy!!! please pick me!!! :)

  1153. o_0~MeGaN~FaYe~0_o

    PeAnUt BuTtEr JeLlY tImE!!!!!!!! I am comment 1153……all odd numbers….. :)

  1154. Emily C

    hey kaleb! luv the site

  1155. Iris W

    yay ๐Ÿ˜€ love your contests!!

  1156. chelsea

    awesome contest! lol and what is the website bar under leave a comment reffering to?

  1157. Marne

    This’d look great in my Twilight scrapbook :)

  1158. Bianca Celaya

    Ooo I really like her! What an excellent contest prize ๐Ÿ˜€ Such a gorgeous photo of her! She seems like such a sweet person; i’d be ecstatic to meet her!

  1159. Sammmm

    ZOMG! This is so awesome! Thanks a lot for doing this! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1160. Paulina

    she is soooo pretty.
    bella has some competition. haha

  1161. Hannah B

    Heyy kaleb!



    she si so pretty!

    I used to watch her in Neds Declassified School Survival Guide :]

    I hope I win :]
    It would look nice next to my Nikki Reed autograph :]

    ps. im that aussie who was talking to you in the chatroom a couple of weeks ago ๐Ÿ˜€

  1162. Karol


  1163. Kylie Timmington


  1164. shannon

    love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love,love, twilight, new moon, christian serratos,eclipse,breaking dawn :)))

  1165. Ryan

    Oh. I’ve loved her long before Twilight! I so hope I get this one. :)

  1166. mariah marie :)

    First of all good luck on your tests kaleb I know how you feel hope you do good.Second of all….WOW!!! omg i love christian serrentos!!! she played an excellent role in twilight. I love her acting did you know she was born in pasedena and raised in los angeles? She was born on september 21st 1990.She is mexican irish and italian. She has played so many roles!!! suzie crabgrass on neds declassified school survival guide, she was also in hannah montannah, zoey 101, 7th heaven, mrs.marshall, cow bells, and of couseangela weber in twilight!!! Also she used to figure skate and she writes and sings her own music!!wow!!! i love her!!!!!please pick me she is my idol!!!
    love mariah :)

  1167. Rosalie

    Hey! Kaleb, I want to wish you all the best in life, with your book and everything :) I’m so jealous you get to meet all these cool guys like Robert Pattinson etc :)
    Thanks for setting these contests, every time I do participate with a hint of optimism :)

  1168. amanda

    i think it is awesome that you do this stuff!!!

  1169. Kes

    hey…this was my first time to even see your website……
    i managed to get about 10 guys to read the series…they were hooked..:) i especially like Twilight in Edwards point of view…


    i hope to get the autograph…she played an AWESOME angela.

    again…love ur site

  1170. Anna

    hi, i love all ur blogs good luck to whoever wins :) :) :)

  1171. Jess

    hi Kaleb! sorry i missed your blogtv show today :(
    stupid failing internet..
    commenting just once :)

  1172. rachael k

    hi kaleb woul love to win a christian autograph as i loved her in twilight as angela .. just a shame we didnt see more of her :) and in nz we dont get as much merchandise as the usa
    :( so please please PLEASEEEEEE let me win!!!

  1173. Sophie


  1174. norma1cruz

    hey still have some

  1175. Gabriela

    SHE IS THE BEST!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  1176. Liyana

    I seriously have no idea when this ends, so if it hasn't ended, why not? :)

  1177. andrea espinosa

    O.M.G I love Kaleb for making all of this contest im so ecxited to see who will win
    YAY CONTEST TIME ps i love robert and kaleb OME

  1178. khen

    hey my name is khen and i like your website
    and more i like CRISTIAN pleaze pick me

  1179. Tara

    just commenting once!
    only once:)

  1180. Crabgrass Killer

    She so cute.

  1181. Crabgrass Killer

    She so cute.

  1182. Theo

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