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Come See Me At The Twilight DVD Release Party!

March 14th, 2009 at 12:09 am by Kaleb Nation

As everyone knows, the Twilight DVD will be coming out on March 21, and there are loads of midnight release parties going on all across the country. Bailey is going to the party in New York, so I decided that I’ll head over to the west coast for the midnight release party in LA, California!

I will be at the BORDERS WESTWOOD on MARCH 20 (I’m flying in around 4, so it will be late that evening). Melanie from M2 Productions and Lauren from the Twilight Facebook will be there, along with lots of other fans and fansite people (including Imprint, which will be doing a podcast). If you can make it there, it will be tons of fun!

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67 Responses

  1. Meghan

    Woot! First Comment!

    I’m looking forward to all the bonus features the most. Deleted Scenes <3

    Oh Man!! I’m also pumped about the MOVIE itself!!!!

  2. LizzieMademe

    Ditching your fellow Texans to go Hollywood? tsk, tsk.

  3. Reyna

    if i was a huge twilight fan, i would totally go!
    i’m kinda just a fan of YOU.

    okay, maybe i WILL go… not sure yet.

  4. Colleen

    Hey Kaleb, Matt and Andrew from Imprint will be at that Borders! Have fun! I wish I could go *tear*

  5. Jen

    Kaleb, Matt, and Andrew all in one place, and I have to live in Las Vegas! :( So jealous!

  6. Anna

    OMG I am soooo jealous. Wal-Mart and Hot Topic are both having midnight release parties and I can’t go (11 year old + Twilighter-Skeptic mom). And here you are going to LA!!

  7. yazzi

    i wanna c all the deleted scenes and interviews!!!!!!! they will b awsome!!!!!!!!

  8. Jo

    I’m really hoping they will have some bloopers on the dvd. deleted scenes are great too. There’s just so much that WASN’T in the movie that i’m hoping they had actually filmed some of it and just had to cut it out, but will show us now. better late than never!!

  9. Victoria


  10. Meredith

    Im stuck here in Louisiana… Lucky you.


    Well, I’m looking forward to being able to repeatedly rewind scenes like a crazed fan girl without having to sit through the rest of the movie in a theater to see it.

  11. Jennifer

    AHH! I have dance class that night, but I’m going to try my very hardest to make it that night! Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you! πŸ˜€

  12. Emma

    I wish I could go!!! Please take pictures and perhaps video tape it…I’d love to see it, at least pretend I was there.

  13. Marina

    I’m looking forward to relive the story all again! x3

  14. Wren

    Seeing Bella and the whole story on screen.
    I don’t like Rob P as Edward, so the movie wasn’t as great as it could’ve been, but the bad vampires were pretty awesome, and I liked how close to the storyline everything stayed.
    Sooooo, showing my family what Twilight’s about, since it’s a million times easier to get them to watch a movie than to read a book.

  15. Tara.Seanan

    Is that the same Borders that is hosting Imprint that night? You know, the podcast from TwilightSource.com? (I’m not trying to plug the site, I just wasn’t sure.)

  16. Pragya

    man!!!!i cant goooo!!!im from dubai, ASIA!!! I reeeli wish i could go!!!plz take LOTSSS of pics and if u can videotape it !!i am very envious!!u knw even i agree with wren…..i din exactly like rprattz as edward….he kinda looks like hes gonna strangle u any moment….but dats ok!!d films gr8!!!id love to see the party!!
    U GO BRO!!!

  17. Leilana Dunn

    omg i would love to come but unfortunately me all da way n new zealand sucky ohh well ill be watchn 4 more updates lol

    go kaleb nation

  18. Brogan

    Hahaha I’m in NZ too Leilani! We probably won’t get it here for another month!

    And I was looking foreward to the deleted scenes, but I saw one which made me cringe the other day. So yeah… I could take or leave those. I think bloopers would be pretty wicked. Because I’m sure that all the interviews are going to say pretty much what we’ve all heard. Probably exactly what we’ve all heard before.

    Anyhow, I’m a MUCH bigger fan of the books than the film! But I still WAY enjoyed it! I saw an advanced screeing of it here in New Zealand, and it was like a scream fest! I’ve never actually been to a movie where screaming was allowable! Hahaha!

    Stephenie Meyer rocks my socks! And Kaleb Nation- awesome!

  19. Talkerwolf

    The bonus featres and being able to watch the film whenever I want to!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Krista

    NOOOO! I am in Canada!!! Grr…

    Anyways, I am most looking forward to the extended scenes (even though I’ve already seen them on YouTube, and some of them… well, I’m glad they left them out :) ) and the bloopers, because Rob’s will be hilarious.

    Kaleb!!! You can come HERE to meet some of your fans! :) Pretty please?

  21. Krista

    Oh just thought of something… Which edition is everyone getting? Best Buy is doing this SUPER cool one that I want (might just be in Canada, though), but they don’t have a midnight release party! I’m torn, but was curious about what edition you guys are buying.

  22. Kayla

    Yeah, i can’t go either :-( I’m in Virginia. I’d have to say I’m looking forward to the deleted scenes the most.

  23. Alana

    Aww man, I was hoping that you would be in one of the Dallas ones, so I could, you know, try to accidentally run into you or something.

    What am I looking forward to the most? The video of Edward/Rob playing the piano. Definitely.

  24. Meghan

    I cant wait for the deleted scenes!!!

  25. Lana

    awww kalebbbb!!

    why couldn’t you have stayed in texas?! that would’ve been totally awesome!! *sigh* oh well =[

    anyway, i’m looking forward to all the special features. thank god, i have my loving parents, siblings, and friends! because of them i’m getting like 6 different twilight dvd’s lol YAYYYY!!

  26. Christine

    Noooooo! And I thought you were gonna stay in Texas. *pouts*

  27. Chloe

    I’m looking forward to the deleted scene’s.But I’m bummed, here in The Netherlands we don’t have a Twilight dvd release party, and my parents won’t buy me a ticket to LA. Well I didn’t ask but if I would they would send me to a hospital for mentally ill people.

  28. Soledad

    i’m looking forward to all the extra material, especially deleted and extended scenes.

    i’m also looking forward to being able to watch it over and over again

  29. lucy

    Why does nobody come to Florida??

  30. abby

    please come to indiana some day!!!

  31. Alyssa

    I cannot wait for the commentary. I love watching those because you learn about all these little trivia things about the movie you didn’t know before. And it’s with Catherine, Kristen, and Rob, which is awesome.
    Also, can’t wait for the “7-Part Documentary”. And the deleted scenes. And the movie.
    So, everything.

  32. Claire

    deaar kaleb….i think you should come to wisconsin sometime for no apparent reason. because nothing fun ever happens here, except for summerfest and thats during summer. and usually only four days. and the occasional jonas brother concert. so it’d be cool to grace us with your presence. i suggest the dells, because it’s funtacular.
    but alas…i can’t wait for the dvd either. i always look forward to the outtakes.

  33. Ana

    What I most want to see?.. well everthing, but what a can’t wait to see is definitely the extra stuff. Deleted scenes and hopefully the actor’s gaffes

    big kiss

  34. Kimber

    The deleted scenes, definately. That’s what I’m waiting for.
    And ugh, Kaleb, you got my hopes up with the fake DVD, haha. Can’t believe I fell for that one…oh well.
    I can’t go to the midnight parties near my place. Parents are such sticklers…and plus our school is having our version of American Idol. But dang it, have fun you guys!

  35. Sazza

    I am SOOOO looking forward to the baseball scene and the deleted scenes!

    I am gunna watch it like 3 times a day!

  36. Sazza

    Hey Kaleb,

    Did you know that Stephanie Meyer is in the movie?

    cuz’ she is

  37. becky sue

    “Totally unintentional” huh? Suuuure. I wondered.

  38. YetAnotherTwilightFan

    You, Kaleb, are Hilarious!!!:D

  39. Hunter Vala Cullen

    I was like OMG! How did he get the movie already!?!?!?!? I thought you cheated Kaleb!

    Hmm… I’m looking forward to the whole thing. But the deleted scenes most of all probably. Maybe the commentary.

    Haha I don’t even know if any of the stores in my area are having a release party. I live in PA in the more woodsy part and i would probably have to go to Pittsburgh if I wanted to go to any cool parties. But hell who knows they might have a party at one of the stores around here. I wouldn’t be able to go anyway with the whole being 13 and having a Twilight hating mom and my sister works at night. So yeah…

  40. Lizzie Hale

    I’m really want to see the deleted stuff,behind the scenes and interviews of the cast.And of coures my favorite part of the whole movie the baseball scene. XD

  41. Lizzie Hale


  42. Carrie

    i think she was awesome as angela. she really got the whole sweet vibe our dear miss weber had in the book. you said we should comment here in your videoo if we want it. sooo…yeah i want it :)
    i always comment on your blog and stuff.
    and yes i knwo i sound crazy. but hey. i am a huge fan of the books. believe me. i am glad i can call myself an ORIGINAL twilighter, bcause i’ve been a fan since the beggining; and not just because it was popular.
    *sigh* it happened with harry potter also.
    i want the autographed pic.
    ‘kay bye

  43. mandy

    ok so i posted the post by “Carrie”. i always change names you know? soemtimes i use my middle name. i dont know why. so just so you know it’s amanda. mmkay?

  44. Nicole M.

    My mom hates reading books (I bought her a copy of twilight before and she only read 4 pages cause for some reason, she always falls asleep whenever she reads. Weird right?) So, If I get her the movie, she might as well WATCH IT ALREADY AND REALIZE HOW AWESOME TWILIGHT IS!!!!!!
    oh.γ€€and I want the collectors edition one so i can add it on my collection πŸ˜€

  45. Candace Charee'

    Hey Kaleb!
    I will also be at the dvd release except i will be SINGING!! Im sooo excited! Borders wants me to sing at their dvd release party for twilight! It will be in Mesa Az at superstition springs mall! Borders is also going to be selling my cd full time in all the arizona stores! So wish me luck!!!

  46. Anna

    I was like: WHAT!!!! NO WAY!!!!

    But then(at the End of the video) I was like: OH!! ok….

    Very funny Kaleb ;), I hope you have fun at The Twilight DVD release,

  47. Poppy

    Ok Seriously i am HUGE Twilight Fan, no i Dont have all the stuff YET and i Dont have alot of pictures but thats is because i dont have a printer unfortunately but i do love it with all my heart. Seriously. And i would so goo and would love too but a) School B) Its In America ( Im from England and probs couldnt afford it) C) My Mother would never let me go ( she hasnt read the books or seen the movie! i know shocking :O so she doesnt understand) believe me i am trying to get her to read the books and im forcing (literally) her to get me the 2 disc adition of twilight πŸ˜€ lol Cant wait!

    Have Fun Kaleb! *sigh* *wishing my mother wasnt so evil* < lol. πŸ˜€

    Love You!

  48. Poppy

    Oh and very funny Kaleb i thought it was the actual one πŸ˜€ lol

    And Does anyone know of they are having an opening party for the Twilight DVD in england if so PLEASE share xxx


  49. janetH

    As always, you make me smile. I am one of your multitude of fans that is so happy for all your success. And your good grades too! All of these wonderful things could not have happened to a nicer guy.
    Wish I lived on the West Coast so I could come to the party and meet you!
    hugz – [aTwilightMom]janet

  50. Lauren

    What I’m looking forword to the most on the Twilight DVD is all the de leated scenes. Oh and when I saw you holding that Twilight DVD cover up I just about went crazy. I was like how the heck did he get an early Twilight DVD. LoL good one Kaleb.

    Is any one going to be doing a Midwest (partically in St. Louis) Twilight DVD release party apperance. Once agian the Midwest gets left out again.

  51. Anna S.

    Wow, that’s cool. Wish I was still *don’t kill me!* as into twilight so I could go and meet you. I might just go just to meet you =))

  52. sarah jonas

    cant wait fo the twilight movie to came out i saw the movie in theaters 17 times i almost memorized all the words i read the whole series and i want to read the last book but it doesnt have anything to do about twilight oh well cant wait to own the movie pre order it now at barns and nobel thats what i did

  53. Kimber

    WOO! Update – my wonderful mum (who had a change of heart) is driving me up to the mall tomorrow to preorder Twilight and then on Friday taking me and some friends to the party and thus, giving me the movie at 12:01.
    I love my mum.

  54. Emily

    The deleted scenes, and anything with Rob Pattinson in it πŸ˜€

  55. Kiki (Anneke)

    haha very funnywith the prop.

    I am so pumped and i WILL be the first person to talk to you at the party!

  56. Elise

    ummmm if i buy it, it will be to smash it up with a hammer screaming “I HATE YOUR HAIR!!!” or something a little more…colorful. LOL;)

  57. Cheryl

    Wish I’ll be close enough to come; sounds like fun.
    I’ve watched this video about 5 times; my 6-yr-old son found it hilarious & kept asking me to replay it. lol

  58. Beth

    Have a great time at the release party! Twitter away while you’re there, for those of us at home!

  59. Vica

    hey kaleb!
    Kay i find you relle funny.
    why? Cuz u and Bailey of nomoremarbles are always like fighting over the web of who is the better twilight blogger.
    its relle funny.
    I wish u would come to Canada.
    im getting my edition from HMV cuz its like a 3disk one but there is no dvd party.
    zomg(im saying that now) i wish they where

  60. Amaranthine

    Ah, Kaleb…every time you go to California I get immensely jealous. Not only do I regret moving from my wonderful home state, but it is the only place you seem to be for Twilight things. Besides Texas, of course… and my college religion professor insists Texas is best…
    You really will have to come to Utah at some point. Sadness.

  61. vivs

    awww man… i wish I could go to california….oh well…hopefully ill still be able to got to a midnight release party.

    hey i have a question for anybody who has an answer:
    ******QUESTION 4 PPLS******

    Somebody told me that Adriana Lima was going to play leah clearwater for new moon. I searched all over the internet to see if this is true… but i didnt find anything. Does anyone know if this is just a rumor or if this is something that is being condsidered?

    Thanks, just wonderin. bye!


  62. Daniela

    I really want to see the bloopers and the deleted scenes πŸ˜€

  63. Taya

    oh, kaleb. you’re so cool. =3
    hokay, i guess what i’m looking foward to the most on the TwiDVD would be the comentary with Kristen Stewert, Kathrine Hardwick and Robert Pattinson. most people hate documentaries, but i don’t. (obviously…)
    …i’ll just invision myself at the Cali. party with you, Kaleb. ='[ ahaha

  64. Lucy

    Hey Kaleb, I don’t wanna sound like a whiner cuz im a huge fan of u but could u please post the next round 4 the eclipse song soon.I’ll be waiting patiently! πŸ˜€

  65. AussieT

    I’m looking forward to all the extra scenes and commentary – and the ability to watch the movie over and over again!

    We don’t get it here (Australia) until 22 April but I have already pre-ordered my copy. YAY!

  66. Rebekah

    I’m sssoo excited about the DVD release party that I am going to here in Oklahoma!
    I’s going to be so cool! So many Twilight fans all out on the same night… Weird.
    I’m looking forward to watching the movie agian and I’m just excited to get to own it. I love adding to my DVD collection.

  67. Jackie

    lol. You are so funny! You make me laugh. I always love your videos. They are so awesome!

    Well I’m looking forward to everything on the DVD. Especially the deleted scenes and the commentary. I hae a feeling that might be funny! lol. But yeah basically everything. Once I figure out which DVD I will get, I’m going to watch all the special features!!! I’m so excited. (picture me jumping up and down) lol.

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