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Pick The Song For Eclipse [Round 2]

March 16th, 2009 at 7:46 pm by Kaleb Nation

Thanks everyone for the multiple thousands of songs submitted to help me Pick The Song For Eclipse! I assure you, I had a wonderful time digging through all the suggestions, especially when many pranksters suggested songs like There’s A Tear In My Beer by Hank Williams Jr. or Millionรคr by Die Prinzen (I have a feeling I know who sent THAT one in…) ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyhow, I added up the top requested songs, and have put them in the voting box below. Please only vote a maximum of 3 times (I know, sometimes it’s hard to pick just one!). There are a few surprises amongst this list, though thankfully no one got too outlandish:

You can talk about what songs you’re voting for in the comments. That reminds me. Like with Round 1, I’m also giving away a prize to someone who comments here: one custom-made T-shirt from TwilightTShirts.com (you’ll even get to pick the design)! Good luck!

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203 Responses

  1. Rakey

    Yay! I put my vote in!

  2. MrsRPattz

    wow… those choices were hard.. !!

    *entrance form for prize*

  3. Reyna

    muse <3

  4. Megan

    ‘Thinking of You’ by Katy Perry is the PERFECT song. Look at these lyrics:
    “Comparisons are easily done
    Once you’ve had a taste of perfection”
    “You said move on
    Where do I go
    I guess second best
    Is all I will know

    Cause when I’m with him
    I am thinking of you
    Thinking of you
    What you would do if
    You were the one
    Who was spending the night
    Oh I wish that I
    Was looking into your eyes”.

    OH! and:
    “He kissed my lips
    I taste your mouth
    He pulled me in
    I was disgusted with myself”

    One word: PERFECT.


  5. Des

    Tough decision, but I love “Fall For You”

  6. Cali

    these are good!

  7. Erica

    i put my vote, or should i should votes in!

    it was so hard to choose!

    my votes were for the first two songs and the katy perry song
    i love all the songs on the list, but these songs just stood out more.

  8. Vica

    Yeah the KAty PErry One.

  9. Stephanie

    Pressure by Paramore explains Bella’s point of view perfectly.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song Thinking of you and Katy Perry, but Bella was never really thinking of Jacob- or anything for that matter-when she was kissing Edward. She always loved Edward the most and wanted to spend the rest of her life with HIM and knew that.
    I think that Thinking of You would be a PERFECT song for New Moon though.

  10. Stormy

    Voted for Pressure by Paramore.
    Because 1) I really like the band and 2) The song goes well with Eclipse :)

  11. megan

    I have to agree that Katy Perry is the BEST choice! (As much as I love Muse)

  12. Meredith

    the choices are SO hard!!

  13. Sarah

    Katy Perry and paramore. This is also my entry.

  14. AllieA.

    I never thought about collide! I love that song!

  15. Alyssa

    I voted!!! (3 times)
    I love Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional. I think it fits Eclipse perfectly.
    The Lyrics really explain the love triangle in the book.
    “I am selfish, I am wrong,
    I am right, I swear I’m right,
    Swear I knew it all along
    And I am flawed
    But I am cleaning up so well
    I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself”
    Those lyrics could be from either Edward’s, Bella’s or Jacob’s point of view.
    It just fits perfectly!

  16. Kathleen Dacey

    I chose Broken by lifehouse.

    a) at one point Bella and Edward were broken. In someways litterally, and some mentally/emotionally

    b)Collide is one of my fav songs but it doesnt capture the passion that is re-fired in Eclipse

    c) “Im still holding” both edward and bella are stil holding on!

    d) my second choice would be Thinking of You. It involves the three way triangle of people. I.E. Jacob, Bella, Edward

    e) I love Pressure by Paramore, but at the same time its not about a love reuniting and growing stronger.

  17. Kate :]

    im not sure what im voting for yet, ill have to go and listen to all the songs tomorrow :]

  18. katie

    i voted!=) it was hard to choose but i did

  19. Tina

    Those were some really good songs, but I narrowed it down and picked one lol. I love Secondhand Serenade
    Fall For You. it goes with the book I do hope that gets picked :)

  20. Naomi Lir

    I can’t believe “Pressure” by Paramore is in there! I voted for it 3 times. They’re one of my fav bands. I got so excited when they announced they were dong songs for the soundtrack. Love that song. The music vids great too. They’re great live.

  21. Heather

    Man, I just read the lyrics that Megan put up for Thinking of You and I kinda wish I would’ve spent one of my votes on that now. I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry, but those lyrics fit.

    I wish more people knew about the song The Lion and the Wolf by Thrice. I think it fits really well, a ton of symbolism in that song that relates to Eclipse.

  22. Naomi Lir

    Although, I think I was biased when I voted haha. Cuz I LOVE Paramore. “Thinking of You” is also pretty darn perfect…hm *sigh* oh well.

  23. maggie

    Oh, god, this is impossible… I with the Muse song, Vindicated, and Earth To Bella. E2B is one of my favorite songs, and the name makes me associate it with The Twilight Saga, but Vindicated is pretty perfect. Also, I’m a big Katy Perry fan, but it doesn’t fit. I wish we knew the song during New Moon though :(

  24. marissa

    i like those songs!!

  25. Yesenia

    omg i think my favs on there are Falling Away With You and Thinking of You… theyre both so perfect. agh i HAD to vote for both. may the best song win, lol

  26. Nora

    I think the song “Thinking of You” is amazing! but I think it is also good for New Moon. But my vote is cast!

  27. Nicole

    “Thinking of You” is definately my favorite song!!!! It’s perfect for New Moon.

    It’s my 20th birthday today too btw!!!!

  28. Victoria

    That Katy Perry Song was PERFECT!!!

  29. Mary

    I’m kinda confused…i’ve read all the other comments from round 1 and none of those songs were on the forums…i guess taht’s from the clever ones who kept their votes a secret…i dunno which one I’ll pick because i’m still kinda confused on the choices…guess I’ll be hitting iTunes tonight..

  30. Elspeth

    I voted, but it makes me feel old when i only know the bands, but i never recognize the song titles. So i choose muse, because i love them and they are The Queen’s favorite band.

  31. DONNA

    I’ve never heard some of these songs.Guess I’ll have to listen to them before I cast my vote.

  32. Danielle P

    those were some legit quality choices. i had to vote 3 times, but i think any of the three i picked are perfect =]

  33. Jamie

    Yep… Look at me… I’m commenting again…. WOOOHOOO ROCKIN!!!

  34. Parmida V

    It’s so sad that I only knew 1 song on that list :(

  35. Nicole C.

    I picked Broken by Lifehouse and All Over You. I’m excited to see which song wins!

  36. Pam

    I can’t wait to see what song wins. I like most of them!

  37. Lisa

    It’s no question where my votes went. Vindicated! Love that song… and it’s perfect. A few of the others are too preppy.

    Hey does anyone remember what the final song was for New Moon?

  38. Holly

    Pretty much all of those songs are good choices.

  39. April

    thinking of you by katy perry is a really good choice, i dont kno why i didnt suggest that one in the beginning… although i should probably listen to the ones ive never heard of first

  40. Meghan

    I didn’t even think of Thinking of You by Katy Perry!! That is such a good song and it really fits! I am going to listen to the other ones first before i give it all my votes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Andrea S.

    Hm, surprised “Near to You” by A Fine Frenzy didn’t make the cut. Ah well!

  42. Andrea S.

    Foolish me, I have too much New Moon on the mind. Oops.

  43. Emily

    VOTED!!! w00t!
    Collide (for some reason) makes me think of Chapters 22 and 23 specifically. :)

  44. Rosita

    I really think, Thinking of you by Katy Perry is the song that should win!

  45. AussieT

    I liked Vindicated, Fall for You and Collide. They’re more like Eclipse (to me at least) – the others were a bit New Moon-ish.

    Great work in getting the votes sorted, Kaleb!

  46. Melissa

    I chose Fall for You, Pressure and Collide. Although, Fall for You was my favourite, I couldn’t vote for just that one. I feel like Katy Perry could end up winning, seems a lot of the comments have voted for her. The song just seems more New Moon to me. Because that’s when Edward left (in the beginning of the song it is talking of someone leaving) and then she meets this other person (Jacob) but she can still only think of her perfection (Edward).

  47. becky sue

    I do love Thinking Of You, but I kinda think its more appropriate for New Moon…… ya kno? I think I’m voting for All Over You (the lyrics are perfect and the song is amazing too.) And I love the song by Paramore….. and Fall For You is amazing…… AHHHH THIS IS SO HARD!!!……..I think I’m taking this way to seriously….. Ok so my votes go to All Over You three times, just keep it simple!!

  48. becky sue

    “ALL OVER YOU” It really makes me think about the whole Jacob/Bella relationship.

    Yeah he’s a looker,
    but I really think it’s guts that matter most.
    I displayed them for you,
    strewn out about from coast to coast.

    I am easily make believe,
    just dress me up in what you want me to be.
    I’ll take back what I’ve been saying for quite some time now.

    I gotta feel you in my bones again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.
    I wanna taste you one more time again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.

    In my daydreams, in my sleep,
    infatuation turning into disease.
    You could cure me, see all you have to do now
    is please try.
    Give it your best shot and try.
    All I’m asking for is love,
    but you never seem to have enough.

    I gotta feel you in my bones again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.
    I wanna taste you one more time again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.
    This life is way too short
    to get caught up in all this stuff
    when I just want you to love me back,
    why can’t you just love me back?

    Why can’t you just love me back?
    (why can’t you, why can’t you)
    Why can’t you just love me back?
    (why can’t you, why can’t you)
    Why can’t you just love me back?
    (why can’t you, why can’t you just love)

    I gotta feel you in my bones again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.
    I wanna taste you one more time again,
    I’m all over you.
    I’m not over you.
    This life is way too short
    to get caught up and all mixed up
    when I just want you to love me back,
    why can’t you just love me back?

    Why won’t you just love me back?

    Why can’t you just love me back?

  49. Kate

    After a lot of internal debate… I chose Collide by Howie Day and Thinking of You by Katy Perry. Those two seemed to fit the best.
    Also, YAY CONTEST!!!
    Thanks Kaleb!

  50. Miajane

    I love 3 of these songs :)
    Was I the one who suggested Paramore? Coz i suggested 3 songs, and I think 2 of them were by Paramore and 1 by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, can’t remember :p

  51. Team Switzerland

    I LOVE Fall For You. But Thinking of You fits really well. So I’ll vote for both!

  52. Serena

    i have to say fall for you, becuz it talks about thir life, but then there’s katy perrys song!!!!!! its really hard to choose. i have to say katy perry. its mostly bellas story. its perfect for eclipse.

  53. mk

    pressure (paramore) – bella’s song
    thinking of you (katy perry) – bella x jacob song [you cant really get a better one than that!]
    fall for you – sweeeeeetest song ever, its perfectly bella and edward at the end! :)

  54. Emily

    I was thinking that “Where’d You Go” by Fort Minor would be pretty bomb for this movie. Unfortunately I was too late when I found this site :( Oh well.

  55. Katelyn

    I chose Secondhand Serenade. *nods* I think it fits to how Jacob feels about Bella, and how Edward does too. Pressure by Paramore would be a good one too. So I’m going to vote for that one too ๐Ÿ˜›

  56. Angie

    Wow, I need to do my music homework. I haven’t even HEARD of most of these songs.

    Gahhh, I need to get out from under my rock…

  57. Kaylin

    I have to admit that I only know one. Fall For You is my choice, but I plan on looking at some of the others.

  58. Ariel

    I picked my three.
    Thinking of You by Katy Perry,
    Pressure by Paramore,
    and Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade.

  59. Kari

    haha i’ve picked my three but i had to look up all of the songs (except 2)…wow i need to do my music homework because i’ve been living under a rock

  60. Reading Eclipse: Chapter 27 (Needs) | Twilight Guy - with Kaleb Nation

    […] Keep voting on the song for Eclipse! I’m only having the voting go for a few days so I can get to reading the epilogue sooner! […]

  61. Caroline

    I like All Over You and Thinking of You but, since the book is from Bella’s point of view, I’m going with Thinking of You.

  62. Twihard_Fanpire

    ugh… my to fav songs for the twilight saga
    thinking of you and fall for you
    now i have to choose!


  63. Jennifer

    Thinking of You by Katy Perry is THE SONG for Eclipse. It’s like it was made for it.

  64. Billy

    The three songs that I suggested made it to the finals. :)

  65. Gisselle Flores

    I voted for Pressure by Paramore, Vindicated and Fall for You. They are all so good it’s hard to pick. I think especially Fall for you because Jacob keeps falling for bella throughout. I also really liked vindicated because Jacob told her almost at the beginning that she loved it and just didn’t know it. and perhaps she doesn’t end up with him but she at least admits it to herself. :)

  66. Tara

    “All over you” by the Spill Canvas is the most fitting for Eclipse. In this book, Edward and Jacob go to great lengths to win (or keep) Bella’s heart just like the singer proclaims to do. “Eclipse”, even the title alone forshadows a masking of one suitor over the other. Although Jacob (the singer) realizes that he has little to no shot in persuading Bella, Jacob still gives it his all to win her from Edward (“yeah he’s a looker”).

    This novel exists in the series to illustrate that although there is another worthy canidate for Bella’s affections, no matter what that canidate does he can never amount to how much Edward means to Bella. Jacob and the singer are keep trying though.

    Too bad Jacob will never get “to taste one more time”. She will only choose one at the end of Eclipse, but this song, just like the book, sets us up for Breaking Dawn. Will Jacob’s efforts finally be enough…”Why can’t she just love him back” in the final novel?

  67. Claudia

    I don’t know what to choose, I’ve pretty much not heard of any of them!

  68. Finch

    Look to be good songs, but I don’t listen to this type of music, really. So, I will venture round YouTube to listen.

  69. Sam

    Neat list! I feel a little better than I did with the ones for Twilight and New Moon…I actually recognize some of these. XD

  70. Monica

    I believe write-in votes should be allowed. I would like to nominate “I’m Not Edward Cullen” by Hank Green.


  71. Soledad

    i’m disappointed the song i picked in round 1 didn’t make it…i mean c’mon people, mr brightside was just perfect
    anywho….i picked thinking of you this round…

  72. Lara

    it’s so hard to pick one

  73. Joanne

    thinking of you by kate perry all the way!!!!!!


  74. Saskia

    Millionรคr by Die Prinzen…
    ok… but what do the lyrics have to do with the book?^^

  75. Gaby

    I think Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You fits really well.

    I can’t wait till you read Breaking Dawn Kaleb! It was my favorite after Twilight!

    Looking forward to your book! :)

  76. JessieLynn{JL}

    I chose Broken. It just made more sense. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an annoying dog to take care of.

  77. Irishaoifa

    Still think David Gray was a better fit! Anyone who has never heard of David Gray go look him up!! Just AWESOME!!!!!! I voted for Secondhand Serenade…mainly cos I like the guys voice! LOL

  78. Denise Che

    I voted, and can’t wait to see the results!

  79. genevievech81

    I voeted for the two songs below:
    Broken by lifehouse
    Becuase of Line: Iโ€™m hanging on another day
    Just to see what you will throw my way
    And Iโ€™m hanging on to the words you say
    You said that I will be okay
    it reminds me of how bella hears edwards voice when she puts herself into danger.

    Fall for you by secoundhand**
    Because of Line: This is not what I intended
    I always swore to you Iโ€™d never fall apart
    You always thought that I was stronger
    I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start
    This reminds me of when Edward is back and what he is telling bella about being wrong for leaving.

  80. Kristen

    The Katy Perry song would have been PERFECT for NEW MOON, but it doesn’t really fit Eclipse. The perfect love of Bella’s life is Edward and she doesn’t lose him in Eclipse, and this song is talking about losing the perfect love.

  81. Kate

    I had to vote for Muse, Falling Away With You is great for the ending of the book, but All Over You by the Spill Canvas captures Jake’s perspective perfectly.

  82. Rachael

    Thinking of You is a good song, but it doesn’t really fit.
    I think Pressure fits Bella’s perspective perfectly.

  83. ErikaMansen

    I think it should definitly be Falling Away With You. Personally, I don’t really like Katy Perry, though her lyrics are good.

  84. Kirsty

    Katy Perry “Thinking of you” easily. ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s lyrically perfect

  85. Jami

    I’ve only heard one of these…so that’s what I voted for. lolz.

  86. Hunter Vala Cullen

    Ok so like lol I didn’t know half of these songs so I actually just went and looked them all up and listened to and compared them all. And I was torn between the Lifehouse one and Katy Perry but I chose Katy. I think it fits really well.

  87. Stephanie

    Thank you, at least some people agree with me. I think Thinking of You would be perfect for NEW MOON, not Eclipse. I think Pressure will be great for Eclipse.

  88. mckenzie

    I’m going to say “Thinking of you” is pretty darn perfect

  89. GenevieveCullen

    Reading the list, I immediately thought Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional.

    It’s not just the lyrics but they way he sings it, the desperate way his voice cries
    “and I’m flawed”.
    “the diamond in your ring
    cut to mirror your intentions
    over-sized and overwhelmed
    the shine of which has caught my eye”
    Reminds me of Edward’s proposal.

    After reading the other comments and the lyrics pointed out, my second and third went to Thinking of You by Katy Perry and All Over You by Spill Canvas.

    I wanted to suggest Breaking The Girl by Red Hot Chili Peppers but I was too late.

  90. mattie

    I am going to vote for Katy Perry’s Thinking of You. In my mind ‘him’ is Jacob and ‘you’ is Edward. That’s the way I see it fits ๐Ÿ˜€

  91. Alicia

    I think i’m gonna go with Thinking of You cuz I think, for the most part, it sums up New Moon pretty well and I don’t know the other songs all that well. So, that would have 2 b the song I would pick.

  92. Alicia

    And also I just read Mattie’s comment and I agree with her…I think of the him as Jacob and the you as Edward.

  93. Alicia

    Ok, i’m REALLY sorry I keep leaving comments but I just wanted 2 say that I just looked up Broken by Lifehouse and listened 2 it and I think that it would also b a really good choice 4 the song 4 New Moon. Ok I will stop leaving comments now!!!! Sorry I left so many!!!

  94. Micaela

    I would have to say “pressure” by paramore and “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional. The rest are fighting for my number three spot. Idk.

  95. Amber

    I’m gonna have to go with Vindicated as my top choice. But I like Fall for You too.

    And I really love Broken by Lifehouse and “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry. But to me both of those would have been way more perfect for New Moon. They mirror her relationship with Jacob when Edward’s gone and Bella’s originally trying to heal in my mind.

    So yeah. Vindicated. Especially the chorus is perfect for Bella.

  96. Jenny

    It’s hard to choose, since there are a lot of really good choices. =D

  97. Elizabeth

    Love the song choices, Kaleb! Quite a few are on my homemade soundtracks (from that dark time when the movie was only dreamed of).
    Also: Look for “the rep foreigner” on Flickr for a poster that looks shockingly akin to your picture setup

  98. Tara

    People! Vote for the songs based on the context of Eclipse NOT New Moon!

  99. lizzy

    omg, i luv fall for you!!!!!!! i always cry b/c of the words. ITS PERFECT!!!!! (kaleb, i luv this website. i check it like, twice every hour. its amazing!!)

  100. Jennifer

    I absolutely love the songs choices! I picked my 3 but I truly hope “Vindicated” wins. I think it the best for everyone in the book.

  101. lizzy

    Fall for you!!!!!! the line is perfect ‘this is not what i intended. i always swore to you i’d never fall apart. u always thought that i was stronger. i may have failed but i have luved u from the start” u guys all no it fits, dont even lie…. :)

  102. alexis

    i didn’t know any songs except for 4. i picked earth to bella.i thought the millionar song was nice. the video was interesting…:)

  103. Kristen

    I love the song Broken by Lifehouse, and it was so perfect. I didn’t even think about it at first, but it really fits well. :)

    So, are you sad to see this book end, or super ready to get to Breaking Dawn?

  104. Darci


    Hope dangles on a string
    Like slow spinning redemption
    Winding in, winding out
    The shine of it has caught my eye

    And roped me in
    So mesmerizing
    So hypnotizing
    I am captivated
    I am

    I am selfish, I am wrong
    I am right, I swear I’m right
    Swear I knew it all along
    And I am
    But I am cleaning up so well
    I am seeing in me now
    The things you swore you saw yourself

    So clear
    Like the diamond in your ring
    Cut to mirror your intention
    Oversized and overwhelmed
    The shine of which has caught my eye
    And rendered me so
    Isolated so
    I am
    Certain now that I am

    So turn
    up the corners of your lips
    Part them and feel my finger tips
    Trace the moment for forever

    Defense is paper thin
    One touch and I’ll be in
    Deep now to ever swim
    Against the current
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip against the current
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip away
    So let me slip away

    My hope
    dangles on a string
    Like slow spinning redemption…

  105. Lauren

    its so hard to choose! ๐Ÿ˜€

  106. Rachelle

    vindicated, Vindicated, VINDICATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Mariana


  108. Vlora

    yep, some of those songs are more “New Moon-type”.
    it is hard to choose (good thing we can vote 3 times!)

  109. Hayley

    I picked Fall For You. It is my all time favorite song ever!

  110. Mariana


  111. Shyan

    I picked falling for you because it’s such a good song and it fits really well too!

  112. Sam aka "nessiecullen"

    Despite the reaction to my vote from round 1 on the chat, I STILL believe milkshake is the best song for eclipse despite it lack of presence in round 2.
    Think about it:
    “My Milkshake Brings all the boy to the yard” – Bella defo brings a lot of boys to her yard including Jacob, Edward, and various school chums like Mike Newtown ( who pwns them all with his epic butt shaking in the movie)

    And yes this song has a large amount of sexual undertones in it- but so does this book. Bella really came out of her shell and tried to go home base with poor prudish Eddy… ๐Ÿ˜€

  113. YetAnotherTwilightFan

    This was my first time voting in one of these! That was hard but I did it! I voted!!! :)

  114. Brogan

    I chose 2. I chose Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade… It reminds me of Jacob more than Edward though…. Especially the line “You always thought that I was stronger
    I may have failed, but I have loved you from the start.” Because Jacob thinks that with Bella making the decision to become a vampire means that his plan failed.

    I also chose Vindicated.

    I don’t actually think that “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry fits… I LOVE the song though, but when Bella kisses Edward, she’s NEVER thinking about Jacob. She sort of just stops thinking altogether. So yeah… That’s my opinion.

  115. ruthie

    i haven’t heard the one by katy perry..but omg..the others, so hard to pick from. ended up voting for ‘fall for you’ though. i just love secondhand serenade.

  116. Kristin

    I chose thinking of you and vindicated!

  117. Becky

    While I like a lot of them, Broken and Collide are actually my 2 favorites. :)

  118. Jen

    Comment ๐Ÿ˜€

  119. Kristina

    I love hearing the “theme song” for the books. I usually end up buying them on itunes, if I don’t already have it :)


  120. Dryden

    Tryna win a t-shirt. :)

  121. Kiki (Anneke)

    YESSS!!! 2 out of a million of the songs i suggessted are here! well, other people probably did too, but yay!

    hehe and i love prizes too! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  122. Sarah

    kay, i voted!

  123. Sammy

    hey everyone ! who wants to win a t-shirt? Hmmm . . . ME :)

  124. Karlee

    ‘Thinking of You’ got my vote. I think it would have also fit New Moon very well though.

    4 more days till the DVD of Twilight!! Anyone else scream when the commercial comes on???

    Woot T-Shirts! Kaleb I love you.

  125. Karlee

    Gah! You guys got me! Pressure is wayyy better for Eclipse.
    I revoted.
    Thinking of You is more New Moon.

  126. Johanna

    For me, ‘Thinking of You’ is more New Moon…
    ‘Falling away from You’ is the best, but also ‘Vindicated’ :)

  127. Ashley A.B.

    I voted for Vindicated :)

  128. urcoolcarrie

    I voted for Broken by Lifehouse. The lyrics are absolutely perfect for the last few chapters of Eclipse.

    I also voted for Collide, because that song always fits with the Twilight series. :)

  129. Theo

    Vindicated all the way baby!!!!
    The lyrics are PERFECT for Eclipse.

  130. Miss Mikayla Bee

    I chose Thinking of You by Katy Perry. I loved the original music video, but the new one with the kid from Kyle XY is okay too. Both of them made me cry. Haha.

    I’m craving bacon. Yummmy. But I’m at school and should be paying attention to my criminal justice class, so yeahh…

  131. Ashley

    i love the choices! collide was a really great one, and pressure… still deciding on my third choice, i’m thinking Muse though. can’t wait til you start on Breaking Dawn!!!!!

  132. Kat

    iLOVE fall for you and collide..they just seem to be PERFECT..!!.
    and then Vindicated is awesome..!!
    THat is my three votes.!!

  133. Kat

    and yes thinking of you and the others are more new-moon kind of songs..!
    collide vindicated and fall for you..go brilliantly with eclipse.!

  134. Sasha

    I loved that paramore song, for some reason I had never heard it. can’t wait to see which one wins! <3

  135. Jenna

    ugh I do not like Katy Perry’s voice..

    Definitely “Fall for You”!

  136. Katy0

    Good picks, I haven’t decided what to vote for yet.

  137. Traci

    dashboard confessional. definitely.

  138. VT

    Broken or Pressure are my 2 picks.

  139. Amanda

    Earth To Bella all the way! I think it is perfect for this book.

  140. Nela

    That was a really hard decision! I think a lot of those songs would have been better for New Moon. But I made the choice to go with Pressure – because Paramore is my favorite!! – Collide and All Over You! : )

  141. gaia

    I think that brpken of the lifehouse is the best song for this book …that song is beautiful

  142. kim

    i voted 3 times! once for collide by howie day and twice for fall for you by second hand serenade. that song goes great with the book….google the lyrics! it’s almost as if it was written for this book!

  143. Mindy

    I heard the Katy Perry song after I had already submitted my choices. It is just perfect!

  144. Gianna

    as much as i love thinking of you,muse,and fall for you i chose pressure because a)i love that song b)i love paramore and c)its PERFECT for Eclipse!!!i never thought about it b4 but it is lol!!

  145. Heather Dawn

    Loved MOST of the songs. Hadn’t heard a lot of them, since most of my time lately has been spend reading :) I chose to go with Katy Perry, because the words just fit the most, out of all of them. Even though it’s not my favorite song, it fits this portion of the story the best. Thanks Kaleb!

  146. Madeleine

    I voted for:
    1) Thinking of You. One of the first times I heard the song, I thought it would be perfect for Twilight.
    2) Falling Away From You–the lyrics fit
    3) Broken–I was surprised how well I could associate this with the series.

    But yeah, there are many of these songs I could connect to the series as a whole, but not specifically Eclipse.

  147. MsKittyCullen

    Ugh. This sucks.
    I didnt like any of the songs.
    So I just went for Fall For You.

    Yea, im in a bad mood. I cant comment much on anything today :(

  148. lizzy

    fall for u all the way!!!!! the song is PERFECT for eclipse!! i just started commenting on this hilarious website yeterday b/c of the prize, but i luv commenting and seeing wut other people think…. anyways, FALL FOR U!!!!!! (i luv this site about as much as twilight!!! its amazing!!!!!!!) :)

  149. Nancy

    I liked Thinking Of You by Katy Perry and Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional… but I really think they fit ‘New Moon’ rather than Eclipse more.

    It’s cool though :) great job summing up the top 10 songs!

  150. Emily Shewcraft

    Awesome! I was really hoping that Paramore would make the second round … and it did! =D

    Too bad Imogen Heap didn’t though…

    So yeah. I voted for Pressure by Paramore. Great song. (And that was one I suggested for the first round. =] Yay!)

    Oh, and by the way…

    *insert comment here*
    There. I’m entered.

  151. Lynnae

    My choices were Muse, Lifehouse, and The Spill Canvas.

    I have to say, though, I’m still very disappointed that no one nominated “Jessie’s Girl”. It’s PERFECT! And it even includes “moot point”. :)

  152. idreamofedward

    Vindicated is perfect for Eclipse! But it’s so hard to choose!

  153. Gabbie

    Woo! Secondhand Seranade!!!!!!

    Kaleb pleeeeease give me a T-shirt?
    (Yeah I know this is not the most dignified & mature post but I’ve just gotten through a 24 hour day & I’m exhausted…)
    Pick me pleeeease???

  154. Alicia

    When I left comments earlier, I had just read a comment that said that Thinking of You wouldn’t b there choice 4 Eclipse, but it would b 4 New Moon. So um… I left a comment about what song I would choose 4 New Moon. I know. I feel very stupid. But my choice 4 Eclipse would have 2 b Collide. I think it would b a really good choice 4 Eclipse!

  155. Kelly


  156. Erin

    I chose Collide as my first choice, I think it just shows how Bella was feeling with her relationships between Jacob and Edward.

    I then voted for Vindicated because Bella finally realises she loves Jacob too.

    And I was going to vote Pressure for the my last one, but even though I love Paramore, this just reminded me more of New Moon than Eclipse.

  157. Emilie

    Of course i am voting for
    ‘ Fall For You’ by SecondHand Serenade it is the most amazing song ever!!!

    love itt <3

  158. Stella

    I voted for Collide…just because I really love that song!!!

  159. Suzie

    Earth to Bella fits best,

  160. Meagan

    Wow. These are all very good songs to choose from! I was having a hard time choosing between Muse, and Secondhand Serenade…
    I ended up choosing Secondhand Serenade, Fall For You really fits the book. :)

  161. Amalia

    I have never heard a lot of these songs, but now I just bought them of iTunes:) It was so hard choosing one, but I did it:D

  162. Stephanie

    One word: Paramore! I LOVE them! And that song is PERFECT for bellas perspective! (: (:

  163. Ciera

    O jeez, this was a hard choice. You have to love the music gods Muse and Paramore. But there were some other top contenders here as well!

  164. Mop Top


    can’t wait for the 21st by the way!

  165. Morgan

    I voted for Thinking of You and Fall for You. They’re both SO
    perfect!!! Thinking of You
    especially, because of the whole love triangle thing!!!!!

  166. Delacy

    I voted for:
    Pressure-To me, it fits Bella, Edward, and Jacob
    Broken-Fits Jacob
    All Over You-Fits Jacob

    To me, Thinking of You fits New Moon a lot better than Eclipse, but just my two cents. :)

  167. Roxanne

    Yeah CONTEST!! Twilight shirts are so cool! I already have a twilight logo one, but I could have another one!:)

  168. Renee

    I <3 voting for songs. Secondhand Serenade!

    I don’t have a twilight tee yet :( It’d be cool to own one.

  169. DreamingEternal

    okay. I love “thinking of you” by Katy Perry — but only as a New Moon song. It doesn’t really fit for Eclipse.

    I voted for “Fall for You”. It’s sucha sweet and touching song and Eclipse was such a sweet and touching book (my favorite in the series). Edward and Bella are sort of falling in love with each other all over again and learning to trust each other after Edward comes back from leaving her. Now that they know they can’t live without each other, many of their previous reservations and misgivings are gone.

  170. luisa=D

    i voted for fall for you

    i just fits soo perfectly!

  171. luisa=D

    i voted 4 fall for you by secondhand serenade

    it fits perfectly

  172. Stephanie

    OMG! All the songs I love for this book are on the list! How will I choose???

  173. Whatzit Tooya

    The songs are great,
    and the comments are funny to read :)
    I LOVE ECLIPSE :) Really, I lvoe all of the Twilight books. It’s hard to pick just ONE song from the list :)

  174. Whatzit Tooya

    Oh, and also,
    Will anyone tell me what song got the most votes for Round One?? :)

  175. Whatzit Tooya

    Ptttsshh. As if I’ll tell which song I voted for ๐Ÿ˜‰ It wouldn’t be fair to all the other songz.

  176. Danielle R

    I voted for both Thinking of You and Fall for YOu cause i love both those songs and i think thye both fit the book perfectly in different ways!!!!

    I hope i win a shirt!

  177. Lola

    Me thinks everyone should pick VINDICATED!!!!!!!!

  178. Kayp

    heres my vote ๐Ÿ˜€

  179. Sarah

    I’m a little bummed my song didn’t make it to the lightening round (Total Eclipse of the Heart, which was based off of Wuthering Heights, which Eclipse was based off of… how perfect is that? It even has ECLIPSE in the song!)

    But, alas, voting was still so HARD! All the songs picked were so good! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think they’re all great :)

  180. Becky

    I submitted my 3!
    Although it was hard to pick them, I feel like a let the other songs down and these comments are very pursuasive… *sigh*

  181. Liz

    Collide — Howie Day…

    submitted it in the first round. It’s just a beautiful song, which belongs with a beautiful book: Eclipse

  182. Liz

    Collide — Howie Day…

    submitted it in the first round. It’s just a beautiful song, which belongs with a beautiful book: Eclipse

  183. Tash

    I totally agree with the people who are saying we are voting for ECLIPSE! not New moon, thinking of you goes perfectly with new moon but NOT with eclipse! I always think of fall for you at the end of new moon when edward proposes… im curious why do people think it fits for eclipse? Nobody falls for any one again as far as i can tell…
    I’m voting vindicated i think it captures edwards perspective perfectly ( thinking he is selfish for changing bella) but not only that, a lot of the characters struggle with thinking that they are not ‘worthy’ and this song feels like realizing that yes ‘I am flawed but i am cleaning up so well’ and a song of hope for the future it also ties in the impending wedding well.
    Falling a way with you is Perfect for jake at the end, love it.
    But why fall for you?
    and please not thinking of you! its not right for eclipse at all!

  184. Tash

    Whats Earth to Bella like?

  185. Jen

    Because I am a hermit, I don’t know any of the songs! :(

  186. Lela

    it was hard to pick… but i think the katy perry song works the best

  187. Lori..

    I think it needs to be either Paramore or Muse,though I can’t pick which one.

  188. R.

    Thinking Of You really doesn’t fit. In that song she’s already lost the person she’s talking to and wishes he’d come back. Bella never let Edward go and never actually dated Jacob. And when she was hanging out with Jacob, she really enjoyed that; she wasn’t thinking of Edward the whole time, or deciding between them would have been easy!

  189. Kaitlyn

    Thinking of You by Katy Perry is PERFECT! (might’ve been better for New Moon, but still..)

  190. Kaitlyn

    I don’t know if this is the perfect song for the whole book, but AT LEAST for the chapter “Monster” the perfect song is “Faking My Own Suicide” by Relient K. ๐Ÿ˜€

  191. Megan

    It bothers me that he got the name of Falling Away With You wrong… *twitch*

  192. Katherine M.

    Pressure by paramore is the perfect song! thinking of you is also great!

  193. Stephanie

    I love the song Fall For You by Second Hand Serenade

  194. Allison

    Fall For You has the exact passion that is represented in every one of Edward’s actions. I also voted for Pressure by Paramore because…it’s Paramore.

  195. Megan

    I voted for Lifehouse because I love them and the song!

  196. Ashley Phelps

    I voted for secondhand seranade b/c i just think the song fits perfectly!!! And i am a huge fan of them :)

  197. Skeeter

    I voted for Paramore, but The best song for Eclipse is totally “Another Heart Calls” by All American Rejects

  198. SammieLynn

    for me, there was no conflict on which to vote for. I love paramore, and i think that “Pressure” really is sort of about what bella is going through with having to choose between Edward and Jacob.

  199. cherylRI

    Well I really liked “hold you in my arms” by Ray LaMontagne and actually it fits with the type of music Robert Pattinson likes to sing. It's an older song but it is great.

  200. cherylRI

    Well I really liked “hold you in my arms” by Ray LaMontagne and actually it fits with the type of music Robert Pattinson likes to sing. It's an older song but it is great.

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