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Reading Eclipse: Chapter 27 (Needs)

March 17th, 2009 at 12:07 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

What a glorious feeling it is to finally be on spring break. I realized yesterday that I spent the entire weekend doing absolutely nothing. I also realized that while spring break is only for 7 days, summer break is multiple times that length — though much to my annoyance, I have no time machine to take me there posthaste. Still, due to this wonderful break, I have finally reached the last chapter of Eclipse!

I feel so sorry for Bella, for even though I knew this was coming I didn’t want to see it. The longer she stayed with Jacob, the harder it would be for her to leave him in the end. It’s like drawing a poison out of her veins, dealing with the fact that they really are over: every good memory with Jacob has to go at once. Thankfully, Bella still has Edward, like an ever-present rock she can cling to, no matter how many times she has beaten up his heart in the past months. I certainly wouldn’t want to see the mess she’d be in if Edward had gone as well.

But, as with all times such as this, it soon passes, and Bella is back in her room clinging to Edward: just like before. It’s hard to tell who is to blame. Is it Edward, for letting Bella act the way she did, and staying around while she continued to hurt him? Was it Jacob, for trying to steal her from Edward and manipulating her heart? Or was it Bella, for causing them all pain? I think that a bit of everyone is at fault here.

As soon as Alice mentioned Perrine Bruyere, the designer of Bella’s wedding dress, I did as I’m sure many of you have also done and immediately Googled his name. I expected to see this person as one of Stephenie’s old friends or something, getting a gob of publicity from being mentioned in the book. Unfortunately, despite there being 20,700 mentions of his name in a search, nearly all of them are from Yahoo Answers (saying he is fictional) or fanfiction. I don’t exactly know how Perrine Bruyere merits a fanfiction, but obviously someone is curious.



Then, Alice whisks Bella into her closet, which is described as being as big as Bella’s bedroom. This reminds me of perhaps the worst scene in what could easily be the worst sequel of all time, Princess Diaries 2 (I won’t even begin to explain how I saw this, but suffice it to say that it was unwilling, and my little sister was involved). It’s the part where the diary-writing princess goes into her own closet, which just happens to be a shopping mall built into her dinosaur-sized home. I take it back: the scene with Julie Andrews and Raven Symone jumping on a mattress and sledding down the stairs to hip-hop music and an improv dance number was actually worse. No, I am not making this up.

The biggest question now is how I got onto that tangent, but I’ll leave it alone while I wonder exactly how much Alice paid for that dress. I’m sure if she can see the future though, she might have already foretold that Perrine Bruyere will be vastly famous one day, and she actually got a good deal whilst he’s a nobody.

I enjoyed this paragraph most of all:

“I guess I don’t have to hide out anymore, do I?” [Bella said.]

“No. The danger is behind us.”

Because finally, the danger has disappeared, at least for now. And not only the danger of Victoria and her red-eyed minions, but also the danger of somehow, Bella and Edward being broken apart. I know that Jacob didn’t intend it, and if Edward hadn’t been there, things would have been so much easier for him. But for a while, it was hard to tell which way Bella would go.

The resolution of this story is short and sweet: though there is still the epilogue, in which anything can happen, so I won’t say for certain yet. This post is perhaps the shortest from Eclipse; not because fewer things happen here, but because anything I say will draw from my final thoughts after the Epilogue: which will be posted very soon!

Question for the comments: do you think it is a good idea for Bella to keep the bracelet from Jacob, or do you think it might end up hurting her more with the memory?


– Depending on this week, I will either write my final thoughts on the book and post them late Thursday, or on Monday as soon as I get back from the DVD release in California!

– Keep voting on the song for Eclipse! I’m only having the voting go for a few days so I can get to reading the epilogue sooner!

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118 Responses

  1. TheHolyThief

    Woo! Congratulations! One more to go. (:

    By the way, I made a sandwich of fail for you. How could you not know who Perrine Bruyere is? He is the one who designs clothes for all the famous gnomes. He also makes horn protectors for unicorns. 😉

  2. Samie

    omg! cant wait for u to read BD!!! wow! it will blow ur mind! anywhoo…

    I think its not wrong for bella to wear the braclet jake gave her. cuz one he was a big of her life, he saved her from herself. put her back together when edward left, u cant erase the past, and i dont know if it will hurt her, but if that was me. i would like to be reminded of the help, and what not that jake has done, and they careing thought he had done into makeing that little wolf. like take it as a sign of friendship now.. rather then a sign of love. and now that edward has put and heart on it… it can represent the two most important men in her life (other then her father of course)

  3. Steph

    ‘Then, Alice whisks Bella into her closet’

    Ahaha… That line just made me laugh so much. I have no idea why. I guess because when I read it I immediately pictured a normal sized closet. So Alice actually being able to “whisk” Bella into a closet that would barely fit them both seemed a little amusing, I suppose. I don’t think I’m making any sense. It’s been a long day.

    Ahaha. I remember that scene. It was awful. Truly, truly awful. I was just like, “OMG! A totally funky wardrobe full of really expensive clothes! Lol.” Sarcastically, of course. I hate that bit. And the entire thing, actually. It’s so… idealistic. Ah, mattress surfing. Now that was completely stupid.

    Quite frankly, I don’t care what she does or doesn’t do with that bracelet. I know it’s supposed to be all symbolic and whatnot, but I just don’t care. Bella frustrates me to no end. I wish she’d just stop with the indecision and worry.

  4. Caroline

    wait until the epilogue…

    And Breaking Dawn!

  5. Blairbear11

    Yay! Almost to BD!!:)

  6. Carol

    Wow, breaking dawn an epilogue away.
    😀 Can’t wait!

  7. Emma

    1. I would for sure keep the bracelet. He made it just for her, and even though some memories may hurt her, there are good ones that come with jake as well.

    2. Don’t be hatin’ on the matress surfers. I myself have flown down stairs on a mound of feathers. Don’t hate the game, hate the surfer.

    3. Holy moly you are almost caught up!

    May the force be with you, and such.

  8. Gisselle Flores

    I can’t wait til you read breaking dawn!
    and I thought that movie was maybe not the best but for sure not the worse. and I think mattress surfing looks fun. Any ways I think she should keep the bracelet. I mean we all keep things of friends and years and times past and that’s all Jacob is to her. Besides he isn’t dead. *wink*

  9. Sazza

    I think she should keep it as a symbol of their freindship.

    I agree that scene is munted (demented)! it is sooooo weird. Like, why would you need 50 pairs of sunnies!

    YAY! we are gunna get to start to talk about Breaking Dawn now!
    I’m soooo excited!

  10. Brogan

    Well, about the bracelet. I think it’s perfectly alright for Bella to keep the bracelet. Even if Jacob can’t be around her, he’s still a part of her life- he made such a mark on her that he couldn’t possibly be erased. Whether she kept the bracelet or not, it wouldn’t change a thing.

    And I can’t believe that some people don’t like Bella. I think she’s a cool character. Granted, some of the things she does frustrated me, but I still thought she was wicked. (In the good way. I just didn’t want to say ‘cool’ twice in a paragraph). Some guys I know find her really annoying. And I don’t really see it… Maybe it’s a guy thing? I don’t know…

    So, anyways, I hope that you’ve loved Eclipse! And I rekon that you’ll enjoy like the epilogue…

  11. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 27. poglavje knjige Eclipse (Needs). […]

  12. Monica

    That’s an interesting question about the bracelet–I’d never even considered her NOT keeping it. To answer, I think she definitely should. Jacob was an important part of her life, and if she wants to remember him (and she does) the bracelet is a great way to do that.

    You are so lucky that you can just start Breaking Dawn as soon as you finish Eclipse (minus the part about having no time). But you don’t have to wait a whole year for the book to come out. I can’t wait to see what you think of Breaking Dawn! I’m sure your commentary will be fabulous.

  13. Mary

    Keep the bracelet. Definately. And, oh, you haven’t read the epiloge. *sob* well, you’re almost there.

    And yes, you are lucky that you didn’t have to wait for any books to come out. That was torture. Though, it was also kind of fun, you people who did wait have got to admit. Like, counting down, and freaking out and all that.

    Emma (#7) I liked your post!

  14. Lauren

    I really like the Eclipse epilogue. It’s very fluffy and cute and just the perfect way to tie the end of the third book of the series. Breaking Dawn starts out that way and then spirals into a darker (but in my opinion, better) story, so enjoy this pure romance while you can!

  15. Mary

    Was I the only one who DIDN’T Google that name? LoL. I completely glossed that over. If I don’t know the designer already, there is obviously something wrong – in this case, that whole fictitious thing.

  16. Pragya

    1.woo hooo!!! only 1 more to go!!!!i seriously cant wait for u to read breaking dawn……….man i swear it will blow ur mind!!!plzzzzzzzzzz read the epilogue……..*impatient growling**apologetic smile*

    2.holy gnome uve almost finished!!!!

    3.she shud keep the bracelet cz u made it for her nd even though sometyms it hurts ….she shud keep it.

    4.oh nd i so agree wid emma(#7) dont hate the mattress hate the surfer!!!



  17. Soledad

    i think it’s ok for bella to keep the bracelet because even though things didn’t work out jacob was very important for her and definitely occupied a special place in bella’s heart (minuscule compared to the one edward occupies but still)

  18. Courtney

    By the way I love the song What I’ve Done by Linkin Park – but so LOVE it more for the chapter in New Moon when Edward is about to step out into the courtyard & Bella is running towards him! Gives me chills just thinking about it :)
    I have really enjoyed your reviews of Eclipse. It is my favorite of the saga. Breaking Dawn though….well I love it too & am really curious and excited for your reviews! Can’t Wait!!!

  19. Pragya


  20. Hana

    In Bella’s place, I’d take a hammer and transform the wolf charm into sawdust… mwahahaha

  21. Angela

    I think she should keep the bracelet. She shouldn’t try to forget Jacob completely, because he’s still a good friend. I can’t wait for you to read the Epilogue and hear your thoughts. =]

  22. Heidi

    Props for using the word, “posthaste.”

  23. Autumn

    I don’t think it would hurt for Bella to keep the bracelet. What I am worried about is how Perrine Bruyere knew about the vampires.

  24. Tess

    I didn’t google the name….
    Anywhooosss Bella should definitely keep the bracelet Jake gave her. It is part of her past and a past that was relatively happy (minus the Edward being gone part, but Jake brought her out of it).

  25. Sallie

    Hello, I’m new here. (lol)


    1. I agree with you, it was a little bit all of their faults. Bella’s for stringing them both along and hurting them, Jacob’s for being SO DANG PUSHY, and Edward’s for not fighting, and allowing this. I guess the saying true. Love Hurts..

    2. I’m not sure about keeping the bracelet, It’s one of those things she has to decide herself.

  26. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Trust me, Kaleb; teachers love Spring Break just as much (if not more!) as students!!!! Unfortunately, mine doesn’t begin until Thursday. But, I get all next week off:) I hope yours is lovely, and I’m glad we get extra posts due to it.

    Bella should indeed keep the bracelet. Jacob is a huge part of her life and holds a piece of her heart whether she likes it or not. Pretending that isn’t so will cause more harm to her well-being than good. She has to accept the way she feels about him and try to reconcile it with her love for Edward. The bracelet represents that love, and to throw it away would be to deny who she is because of Jacob. Besides….it’ll all work out:)

  27. Katie

    hahah she should keep the bracelet…for a reason you will know when you read farther… and i dont mattress surf….I use sleeping bags…much easier to move

  28. Michelle

    oh gosh i really can’t wait till you read Breaking Dawn. This is killing me. lol

  29. Sylvie

    Yeah, I think she should keep it too, it´s a part of her. Well, and for another reason, but you´ll see that later;).

    And I totally agree with Brogan. Of course Bella makes mistakes, but we all do. I think she´s a really great character!

  30. Meg

    Yes, Kaleb…your little sister wanted to see Princess Diaries 2…come on, we all know it’s not really like that 😉
    however, I think Bella should absolutely keep the bracelet from Jacob, because now Jacob is a part of her, and she cannot just forget him and leave all behind her back…she must accept everything she did and go on, just like everybody does: we’re all human, and humans make mistakes (yes, vampires too…).

    I am so excited that you’re gonna read the epilogue, and then the 1st chapter of Breaking Dawn…I wanna know what you’re gonna say about Charlie 😉

    Happy lazy days!

  31. Kpucine

    I think that’s a good idea Bella keeps the bracelet because as she says in the book (or at least, as my translation says ^^), Jacob is kinda her second soulmate. So there’s something special between them. And even if he leaves, she knows that something will always remain, like an invisible link.
    If Bella would have decided not to keep the bracelet, it would have really hurt her. I mean, the bracelet reminds her the good moments she shared with Jacob. Not to keep it would mean there’s no more hope, that everything between them, love, friendship, is dead.

    Anyway, enjoy your break and the release party too ^^

  32. Kato

    Okaay. about the bracelet. I think she should keep it, For so far she knows ( now ) she will never or maybe almost never see him again . the bracfelet can remind her of the good times , but yeah also of the bad times they had together. but you can’t erase the past. Jake is a part of her life . because he protected her when Edward was gone.

  33. Miss Tree

    Bella should keep the bracelet. Jacob will always be a part of her life. Without Jacob, Edward would have found a very different Bella upon his return. Jacob saved Bella.

  34. Bayla

    That was really random/a coincidence, the Princess Diaries 2 reference, because my brother and I were just talking about how we should watch it just to make fun of how bad a sequel it was.
    Anyway, Bella should keep the bracelet!
    & Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on eclipse 😀

  35. Victoria

    Finally!! I was so happy when you posted! I love the last page of Chapter 27, when she asked Edward where the ring is cause she has to show Charlie… Ugh! and I hate the Princess Diaries 2! It was beyond terrible especially with all those little princesses there!?! Anyways, I think bella should keep the bracelet. Jacob will always be a part of her life. Her feelings for him should eventually fade.

  36. Heather

    Short comment for once! Yay for me not rambling.

    Personally I think she should’ve stowed the bracelet away somewhere. I think it not only hurt her, but also hurt Edward to see her wearing it, no matter how much he insists he is jolly good with Bella basically cheating on him. But whatever. Like I’ve said before, I think every character is to blame in this book.

  37. mattie

    I don’t think the bracelet will affect her so much. I’d keep it. Like Edward said…it’s a part of who she is.

  38. chloe billcliffe

    i soo think she should keep it. its better to remember the good times with jacob like when he gave her the braclet. and anyway edward gives her and extra charm for it. so i think she should keep it x

  39. Morgan

    I think she should keep the bracelet. It won’t cause her pain to be able to remember Jacob in the future. IT also has a peice of Edward on it now with the heart from Edward.

  40. Cara B.

    Yay!! This is probably one of my favorite chapters in Eclipse just because Bella finally gets off of the tight rope she’s walking and makes a decision. I also love that the wedding is right around the corner. (: …And I am ecstatic to see you starting Breaking Dawn. I’m pretty sure there are things going down that you would NEVER expect.

  41. Vi

    u didn’t write anything about the meadow part! i wanted to see ur reaction to that -pout-
    so funny though kaleb, ur awesome!

  42. Vi

    OOH she should SOOO keep the braclet it IS her. her half. u noe sometimes it think that bella is bout .5 jake and .5 edward and 100% bella. if that makes sense :)

  43. CoveredInFeathers

    BD is within reach!!

  44. Anna

    Bella should totally keep the bracelet. It is a reminder to her of who she is and what she has had to go through (as Edward said, “No, Bella. It’s part of who you are.”).

    YAY!!! You are almost done!! OMT I can’t wait to you get to Breaking Dawn. And just a little hint, the epilogue is so different from the rest of the story. The last chapter is the closer and the epilogue is like a side note.

    Random Twilighter Moment: YAY!!! The movie comes out on Saturday!!!!! Finally!!!!I Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!

  45. Kristen

    I don’t know which describes your ignorance on Princess Diaries 2 better…your complete ignorance of what a closet should look like for a princess or if you’re just a doosh bag. Don’t feel bad though this is my only problem with you. =]

  46. Jenny

    I actually liked Princess Diaries 2, but I can’t blame you since you’re a guy. And for you question…I think that leaving Jacob and his memories are for the better, but I think it might be better if she kept the braclet so she can keep some good memories with her. I also think that the braclet represents how Jacob and Bella had a very close relationship and as Edward said, “It’s part of who you are,”. =D

  47. Michelle

    I enjoy this chapter. Seems like Bella does a good amount of growing up, doesn’t it?

    I’m not much into high end fashion, so it didn’t even occur to me to google the name. I always assumed it was made up, but I got a general idea in my head of what the dress would look like.

    My favorite line: “Everything in my world was about him. What a silly thing to expect.” Silly, indeed. He should know better by now, LoL.

    I agree with Edward. The bracelet is part of who she is. She can’t just chuck it.

  48. Lizzie Hale

    Yay I’m so excited for you to read breaking dawn. I can’t wait!!! XD

  49. Becky

    Haha, Princess Diaries. Didn’t like those movies, either. Although for a different reason- Mia and Michael weren’t together! WTF Hollywood? Do you have something against young love? Other than that they were great.
    ANYway, moving on.
    I think Bella should keep the bracelet but maybe not wear it so much because I doubt Edward likes it. But she should keep it, because she IS still Jake’s friend, even if their relationship is a bit weird.

    Also, yay! You’re almost to Breaking Dawn!! Can’t wait to see how to react to that one. Personally, I thought it was a bit of an unlikely ending, but I will stay silent until you read it.

  50. nidhigirl11

    You really don’t like the princess diaries 2, don’t you? The closet scene was a bit much, but Raven Symone and Julie Andrews mattress surfing? the most ingenious scene of all time. snicker.

    I’m excited to know that you’ll be starting Breaking Dawn soon…Ha ha, snicker, mwa ha.

  51. Once Upon A Life

    when did you atart reading the series? I finished it in 2 weeks:
    2 days for Twilight
    2 Days for New Moon
    3 Dyas for Eclpise
    and a week for Breaking Dawn

    All I have to say is don’t talk to me about Twilight cause i’ll most likely ruin the ending without even noticing.

  52. Sarah Cullen

    Breaking Dawn! It’ll blow your mind! But I think with your humor and maturity, you’ll love it!

  53. BellaTookMyMan

    I really wish you’d do something funny about the meadow scene. And I can’t wait for the Breaking Dawn jokes…I’m already giggling!
    Bella should wear the bracelet; she still loves Jacob, it was a gift from him. Obviously Edward’s cool with it as he said she should wear it. I think that when you read BD, you’ll agree…

  54. Kristen

    I don’t think she should wear it, but I do think she should keep it. As much as I dislike Jake, he put a lot of work into that bracelet, and Edward has representation too. Bella’s never going to forget Jake, no matter how much she tries. His mark is permenant, and she’ll always love him in one form or another.

  55. AussieT

    Can’t believe you’re at the end of Eclipse – which means you’re about to start BD! What will we do when you’ve finished??

    I think Bella should definitely keep the bracelet as many have said before – he is part of her life and she should keep it. Only reason I could think for her not keeping it is if they had a really bad falling out and never ever wanted to speak to each other again.

    Must say I have never watched either of the Princess Diaries – nor have I googled Perrine Bruyere. I think I assumed he was a fictional character anyway…

  56. Cara

    :O You picked one of my favorite songs!

    Ehh, it’s probably a good idea. He’ll always be in her heart anyway; a bracelet can’t do too much more damage.

  57. Becka

    i think she should keep the bracelet.. he’ll always be apart of her.. i mean they were so close… aahh the end of eclipse was so sad.. i love jake.. he’s always so happy :(

    well read the epilogue… it’s .. ugh :(

  58. christina

    hey cant wait for your book and i am wondering did you give away that autograph picture yet?
    AHHHHHHHHHH 4 days to dvd yah
    happy St. Patrick’s day

  59. Lie

    1. You used the word ‘posthaste’ :) it is a fun word.
    2. You are almost done, but HOW do you read one chapter and STOP? I can’t even do that in a boring text book I only think ‘get done, If I read this much more I will finish sooner’
    3. Great song for the Chapter.
    4. PLEASE! Get to BD. Quickly…

    5. Sad beginings meet happy ends

  60. Emma

    I didn’t google the name either, so some of you are not alone in that one.

    I have to agree with most, if not, all of you. I think it’s OK for Bella to keep the bracelet. I think that Jake will always be in her mind, whether she wants to think about him or not. Having the bracelet might make her feel better, thinking that he was there for her and helped her get through some really rough times, even though they had issues as well.

    I’m glad that you’re almost done with Eclipse and will start Breaking Dawn. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait for the next book to come out b/c that would’ve been torture for me!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Epilouge!

  61. Lie

    BTW, when you put B for Breaking And D for Dawn together I always see a happy dude with sunglasses, I have no Idea why I just do, it’s The Happy Sunglasses Guy! BD

  62. YetAnotherTwilightFan

    Yes I think it is a good idea for Bella to keep the bracelet!

  63. response

    i think it would say a lot about how much bella has matured if she keeps the bracelet. before, when she saw even a picture of a wolf she’d run to him out of guilt. at this point, she’s gone through more than enough with jacob. i don’t think keeping the bracelet would be a bad idea. she doesn’t feel that guilty about hurting his feelings anymore because she’s hurting as well. it’s a nice token of their friendship, so i don’t think she should throw it away. she’s not running from her feelings anymore, so why should one bracelet be feared? whatever. those are just my thoughts :)

  64. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I think its fine if she keeps the bracelet, I cant remember if theres any real significance between the bracelet and BD that everyone keeps alluding to, its been since august since Ive read it…but regardless there is a certain coming of age type ritual of keeping a few keepsakes from first relationships, a way to look back, even grown women who have been married and divorced keep the sentamental stuff, like the first love note, a card to the first boquet of roses…ect. its natural I dont see anything wrong with her keeping it, it has a bit of both her loves its a part of her.

    😀 melissaturkey
    ps after my stunning insights on charlie and bella and co. in the comments for the last chap I feel Ive lost wind since this one is so short. oh well so much better for those who read it eh?

  65. KC

    In to Breaking Dawn Kaleb!

  66. Shakesgirl66

    No, I agree with Edward the bracelet is and will always be a part of her.

  67. Angeliss

    I think it depends on what that bracelet means to Bella. If it’s some way to think of the happier times, the better times, and to remember Jacob fondly, then yes, she should wear it. If it’s her way of holding on to Jacob in some way, no. There’s no cut and dried answer of whether or not she should wear it.

  68. Aria

    Every little thing that does or does not happen to you, shapes you through your life. 99% of people who deny their past are stupid. Keeping Jacob’s bracelet is memory. Of course it will hurt for a while. But in a few years she’ll look at it with a smile.

  69. FictionsMyReality

    Lol after you had mentioned the thing about Perrine Bruyere being fictitious, I just had to go look it up and see for myself. It’s quite funny how many other people out there are rather interested in who this character is and if he’s real or not. He didn’t even appear in the series..lol..His name was just mentioned..Lol.
    *sigh* I think someone should try and draw him. That way when other fellow Twilighters do an image search for him, they’ll at least be given a picture..lol..yeah..Just a random thought.

    As for the bracelet. I do think that Bella should keep it. When I had read the book, I had actually thought that Edward shouldn’t have put something of his on it. In my mind, the bracelet was from Jacob..Something special from a special friend, someone who meant a lot, who did a lot for her.

    In a way it seemed to me like Edward marked it..Taking something that Jacob had given Bella, and put a little something of him on it too.

    Jacob and Bella’s relationship was special, no matter how hard/complicated it was. I think that they should have something special between them, something that Edward shouldn’t stick his hand in. That bracelet was made by Jacob for Bella, something from the heart, something special meant for the 2 of them.

    (Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not “team Jacob” or “team Edward”..I love em both. But I kind of do see where they are both coming from.)

    Even though I don’t think that Edward should have put his heart on Bella’s bracelet, I do think, however, that he should have had it put on a necklace. In my mind, it’s more symbolic. This way his “heart” would rest above/close to her heart..=) Also..I think it would lessen some of the conflict…

    Lol…yeah…That was just a spew of my thoughts..


  70. devz30

    The bracelet! Oh, I almost forgot about that one..

    I don’t think she needs to throw it away, maybe she could like, keep it somewhere where she doesn’t always see it.

    And I can’t wait for you to read BD. ^_^

  71. devz30

    I forgot to menton that the Perrine Bruyere (did i spell that right?), well, I googled it cause you got me interested. lol. And yeah, lots of people are searching that designer. I think it’s just a name Stephenie used. Not really anyone in particular. Actually, the name sounds real. lol.

  72. Chrissy

    I don’t think Bella keeping the bracelet is a bad thing; not only does it remind her of the good times she had with Jacob, but there is a part of Edward on there too.

  73. MNR

    I think that she should keep the braclet as long as Edward is ok with it. They were BFF’s and like the pp said there were also good times they had together. But she should keep it on until she is ready to remove it, and do something nice with the big ass rock Edward gave her!

  74. jennifer

    when it comes to the bracelet I thought that she should maybe not throw it away but store it somewhere. to me it is a reminder of her friendship w/jacob but also the manipulation and mean deeds of an annoying, immature teenage boy (jacob really made me mad in eclipe) it kind of made me mad that edward told her to keep it (he is too understanding and a gentlemen sometimes! I felt like Bella in the one chapter where she told him to fight!) anyway enough of my ramblings

    I can’t wait for you to get to and finally read Breaking Dawn. I absolutely loved it. I think it might be my favorite book (but it’s hard for me to pick a favorite because I love them all!)

  75. yassi (G)

    totally can’t wait for breaking dawn… my favourite was New Moon, i don’t even know why.

    she should keep the bracelet. like 1000 ppl said before me, its who she is. she’ll never forget jake so whats the point if she stops wearing the bracelet? it wont make i difference

    lmao luvd the bit about princess diaries… i agree with Kaleb but once upon a time (when i was a tween) i loved Princess diaries…

  76. Hélène

    Huho, when I google the name “Perrine Bruyere”, I end up with a list of websites like facebook, website-for-former-friends-at-school stuffs and all. Poor French girl (who definitely doesn’t seem to be a stylist), does she knows that she is being googled every day by new ravenous twilighters ? Just imagine she read the book ! I would have enjoyed having my name in Eclipse too, haha.

  77. Bella (-) the B

    I don’t think having the bracelet will hurt her more. Besides, Edward is represented on it too. It has become part of her past that she sould keep. And if it does hurt her, then all she has to do is look at Edward’s face and God knows everything will be okay then!

  78. Hope

    Hahahaha I just found a song for Bella!


  79. Yesenia

    i think it will hurt her to keep the bracelet on, but i think its better this way in a certain sense, because that way she can REALLY get all that pain out, and then cope.

    but from persoanl experience, even after she broke it off with jacob and it hurt me… i kept MY BELLA BRACELET!! lol. yessss i have one. :D…WITH A REALL CARVED WOLF!!!

  80. Karen

    well, maybe she should keep the bracelet but that will hurt edward, even if he doesn´t admit it

  81. Marianne

    The braslet was fro her friend, not realy a “painful” memory – i know that um… the past has er wellhad it kicoups but…. It was given to bring a smile on her face to fudging make her ache with sadness!

    She should were the cute braslet with pride and I think that seeing it brought back her best friend. That for her was as just as good…. (soooo sorry if I’m not making any sence, trust me I do try y best)
    Lookingford to you’r take on “Breaking Dawn”!

    Keep Smiling folks!

  82. Marianne

    ooooh er look, I’ve just realised y typos… sorry bit crap at typing, writings more my thing!
    er yeah sorry!!!
    Maz :)

  83. tina

    Wow Kaleb…you did it!! Just the epilogue left!! Then, onward and forward to Breaking Dawn. I’ve been following you since Twilight…can’t wait to see how you feel about BD. Your insights on the threads that run thru all 4 stories, etc.

    I’m not a Princess Diaries fan…watched the first, avoided the second. Glad to say, I haven’t seen Julie Andrews mattress surfing!

    And – Bella should keep the bracelet. She is now wearing Edward’s ring. He has no more to fear or be jealous over. They have matured (Bella especially). It is part of her, part of the journey she has been on.

    Finish quickly now – gotta start Breaking Dawn…really!!!

  84. Taylor Cullen

    I think it is a good idea for Bella to keep the bracelet! She does have an object that can hurt her, but it can also bring back the good memories! And for a plus, Edward is in her life and he can help her through the pain! She also has the heart that Edward gave to her! She has a reminder to think of Jacob, but at the same time to think of Edward too!

    P.S. Kaleb have fun in L.A. I’ll be at a party here in Philly! I wish you fun and I’ll do the same! Have fun Kaleb, talk to you when you get back!

  85. sarah

    I like Princess Diaries 1 and 2, and you can never go wrong in a movie with Julie Andrews singing anything. She’s amazing.

  86. idreamofedward

    I cannot agree with you more about the awfulness that is the Princess Diaries sequel. The first one was horrible to the book, but the second was painful to watch. PAINFUL.

  87. Wendilynn

    One, I don’t think you can really point fingers in this one. Your looking for someone to blame and interestingly enough, I think you can’t really apply blame because each character feels responsible themselves. I really loved Edward in this story. He realized the pain he caused by leaving and he had the patience and love to let Bella work out her dual set of loyalties. Not that there was ever any doubt that she would choose Edward, but Jacob brought her back to life and that type of loyalty and love from that deep a friendship is not something you can just throw away like a used q-tip.

    I loved the final meadow scene in Eclipse. Edward was really amazingly sweet when he tries to break their deal about the wedding and waiting only to stop because he knows its what Bella now wants. This shows again why the Twilight Saga is so loved by women everywhere. Whether your team Jacob or Edward, what makes these men the best is that they are dedicated to the woman they love. They are not just using her for a “night on the town” or looking for the next lay. They love someone and they are in it through thick and thin and that is not something that is celebrated often. The Twilight frenzy in a way is a backlash against the one night stand mentality on relationships that is popular today…especially in our media.

    I have to laugh at the PD2 movie reference. I actually loved the quirky little movie, it had some real cute moments as well as hokey moments. But my heart goes out to you for having to sit through what cannot be a pleasant experience for any boy to sit through and kudos to your little sister for making you. *grin*

  88. Twihard_Fanpire

    i have read al of the twilight books
    but in my personal opinion

    i thought it was so sweet to have something to remember jacob by, although i thought edward was showin off just a tiny winy t when he went and put on a crystal heart. but jakes gift is nice and sweet… i went and bought a replica bracelet after that!

  89. Laura

    i don’t think is someone to blame for this situations…u might be right-everyone has his part of guilt…but i would like to think that this is destiny and there’s no one to blame.i and think it’s a good idea of keeping the bracelet because it’s good to remember and to have memories even if u made a choice.it remember her of the good time she and jacob had together.

  90. Talkerwolf

    I think she shoudl keep the bracelet, as a little reminder fo their ‘friendship’ besides, ti also holds the charm from Edward…

  91. Jen

    You’re on Spring Break?!? We still have 2 weeks! :(

  92. Carrie

    OMG, that little comic strip of the evil dress designer is hilarious! =) I don’t think it matters if Bella keeps Jacob’s bracelet because she already made her choice and she has Edward. I think it would be more painful for Jacob to keep something that Bella gave to him.

  93. Carrie

    Oh, and I totally agree w/ you on the Princess Diaries movie. It is godawful. Every time I flip through the channels and see that it’s on, I feel the need to change the channel immediately.

  94. tyabelle

    Little sisters can be so annoying, can’t they? 😛
    I think that Bella is right to keep Jacobs’ bracelet, because he was and still is her friend and I think she’d hurt even more if she got rid of it. The bracelet is sort of a symbol of the balance she has achieved between Edward and Jacob. She carries them both in her heart as well as on her wrist.

  95. marissa

    I assummed Perrine Bruyere was fictional, but when you said there were a bunch of fanfics on him, i went on FF.net and searched his name.

    Princess Diaries 2: Hated the movie, loved the closet.

  96. Meghan

    Although Bella should keep the bracelet in a scapbook, she should not wear it. She belongs to Edward now and should not hurt him anymore with her other love. She has the memories anyway.

    Also, I loved the first Princess Diaries. I refuse to watch the sequel. I mean the guy who made her foot pop in the first movie is not who she ends up with and that’s just wrong. Julie Andrews is such a sell-out. But I digress

    Despite being Team Eduardo, it’s still his fault that this Jacob mess started anyway. At least Bella finally has closure to that part.

  97. Jackie

    I do think the bracelet will hurt her more with the memories, because its a strange thing, kind of like when someone you love dies. You still have memories of them with things that remind you of them or songs, or things they gave you or photos, video etc. It’s hard, but in the end those memories are the only things you can hold on to of them and she does have a part of Edward on her bracelet on there. So she gets reminded or her happy times with Jacob and Edward. So I think she should keep it.

    Also wanted to mention that I love the song that you picked for this chapter. You’re really good at picking songs. This one really fits.

    It’s funny, you searched Perrine Bruyere and I never thought to search him ever on google. But I see now that he is fictional. I thought maybe he was just a famous designer or something so I left it. But it’s cool to know that his fictional. lol.

  98. Albiku

    Can’t wait to read what you have to say about the epilogue. 😉

  99. Wei-Wei

    I didn’t Google the person who designed the dress at all. I thought it would be a real famous designer though.
    Well, I think Bella should keep the bracelet. I know it’ll hurt herself, and some of the others to hold onto the past but its better than forgetting one of the most important people in her life. The bracelet kind of shows that even though she loves Edward more, she still cares for Jacob. Even though the memories might hurt, she does have a part of Edward on the bracelet. Eventually the pain will fade and by then you will remember all the happy memories with both Edward and Jacob without pain.
    Btw, way to go! Can’t wait when you start Breaking Dawn. I love reading your reviews :)

  100. Jordana White

    “Edward, like an ever-present rock she can cling to.”

    I’ve never commented before but that quote made me physically angry.

    Edward left first,

    Jacob left because Bella picked the jerk anyways.

  101. Megan

    I think it is alright for Bella to keep the bracelet because no matter what Jacob Black will always be her best friend and I wouldn’t want to forget that.

  102. Shannon B

    She should keep it, he was and will always be her best friend, and she should keep it as a memory of him.

  103. Nazneen

    I don’t know about whether she should keep it or not. I think that if she doesn’t, and she’s fine with it. Then that’s that. But if she does. It still doesn’t matter. Because she can’t be with Jacob for she chose Edward. So it’s good to have a memory of Jake, or a symbol of him there with you.

  104. Maddy

    You’re right.. all of them are at fault… I won’t use the word blame, but somehow I feel like Bella is too busy wallowing in self-pity to even consider Edward’s feelings.. and her whole friendship thing is something I’ve always had a problem with. Renee was her “best friend” but yet it sounded like a visit to get her teeth pulled out everytime she had to contact Renee. Alice was her next “best friend”. She lied to her own husband and risked her own life for Edward and Bella, but Bella never seemed too appreciative of that either. And ohhh.. Jacob. It’s not even about him anymore. Most of the time she was with him she was too busy chasing Edward’s voice. He didn’t even GET to know the real her… and suddenly she’s like “OMG Jacob is my best friend I need him.” They never even had any meaningful convos or shared interests. He came off more as a distraction and their friendship seemed sooo shallow, only a step abov Mike Newton. Even in Twilight when she and Edward were getting to know each other and open up to eacher… that felt more like friendship to me.. but yet she never considered him her best friend… she doesn’t see them as equals… she has a skewed vision of him and I’m just quite annoyed at her at times. Her “friendship” tunes are very irritating to me.

  105. Maddy

    Ack.. gotta stop hitting submit before I’m done… The other point I had was the Tanya issue…Rosalie barely mentions that Tanya expressed an interest in Edward and Bella freaks out. Edward has to convince her nothing happened. If she can become so irrationally jealous over the simple mention of some other woman….can she not take a moment to see how Edward must be faring when she’s off running around with his mortal enemy who also sends him images of what he’d like to do with her??? I’m not suggested she had to cut things off for him, but she never considered things from Edward’s perspective yet expected him to completely understand everything from hers including her views on sex, marriage, becoming a vampire etc….. That girl got away with everything under the moon in those books.

  106. Penny

    No one is completely faultless in this, but I do wish Bella accounted for more of her actions. She didn’t even get a slap on the wrist!
    Edward already felt extreme guilt over leaving Bella and not being there to protect her. Bella also fed into that guilt – not only insisting Jacob was her “Best Friend” (extremely questionable) but by putting herself in more danger by trying to sneak off to see him. Edward’s only solution was to allow her and try to control the circumstances but frankly, it had to be killing him the entire time. And Bella ignored it.So did SM.
    Jacob was also playing into it, using Edward’s guilt against him. I wished Bella had really taken the time to understand THAT. Imagine Edward begged Bella to marry him (practically) and then went off to kiss Tanya Denali to save her life because she did so many things for him. Would that be ok? No, I’m pretty sure at that point Edward would be a cheating scum and Bella should leave him. She really never offers Edward any comfort. After that kiss and seeing her cry over Jacob, did she really think that telling him “I know who I can’t live without” would really ease the insecurities? Come on!

  107. Luisa

    I totally agree. She was totally unfair towards Edward. What’s worse is that she voiced her feelings of love to Jacob. It’s one thing to realize that you have feelings for someone, but then to tell them. It ruined the book for me. I understand that SM did it so Bella would have a real choice between living a full life with children or living with Edward. I just found Bella didn’t have to express her feelings out loud for her to acknowledge the choice.

    On a side note, does Edward throw the “crystal” from Bella’s bracelet at Victoria? If so, why doesn’t Edward or Bella try to find it once the fight is over? I thought that maybe at the end of the book, when Bella decided to have a formal wedding, Edward would have presented it to her again. This question has been eating at me for months.

  108. Caroliad

    I totally agree with Penny’s and Luisa’s comments above.

    Moreover, Bella’s should have been more considered of Edward’s feelings when he proposed to her. It was something important to him. He says it all in one sentence “I would have been that boy”! (when Bella says she didn’t want to be that girl who marries right out of high school). To me, it sounded like not only that it would have been important for him to get married when he was human, but also that it was part of the human experiences he misses so much.

    So, if Bella loves him the way she says she does, she could pretend to be touched by his proposal, if only for his sake!

    And when he gives her his mother’s wedding ban, she could show more feelings. She was more touched when she got the carved wolf from Jacob for crying out loud!

    And all that from a girl who is supposedly selfless!

    I feel that in this book (Eclipse), Stephenie Meyer lost momentarily touch with Bella’s character. It seemed to me that for the last half of the book, Bella was out of character!

    Maybe I am too old (44 years old), but I can’t see what the problem is with marrying the one you “can’t live without”, especially if you are willing to be damned to spend eternity with him! Doesn’t that make sense?

    Having said that, I LOVED the next book in the series, Breaking Dawn, Bella seems her own self again! And not to spoil anything, but the ending, however surprising, is good!

  109. Caroliad

    And I would like to add something:

    Did anyone notice that no matter how many “Please” Edward says, or how nicely he says it, Bella NEVER gives in, never listen to him, never pleases him? But she only needs to say Please once and Edward does anything she wants? I bugged me a little…

  110. neonstar

    I'm sorry to say that I have to shun edward for putting his heart on her bracelet. That was a special bracelet thing between Bella and Jacob and he kinda shoved himself into that by putting his own memento on it, and it doesn't seem to match the rest of the bracelet but I'm sure that won't bother bella…

  111. Cheese_montoya

    hey you you know you are so dumb you dont what happened in the movie ya whatever your mama face

  112. Cheese_montoya

    hey you you know you are so dumb you dont what happened in the movie ya whatever your mama face

  113. Isidora

    I know what you mean. I think that Bella is quite annoying in this book. I also think that she should more obviously show Edward how much she really loves him, and that everything she does, she does for him….Because it's causing him pain and I think he is still not sure does she love Jacob or him. And Edward would do anything for Bella, but she is just so…Uh. I am so angry because of this.

  114. Isidora

    Bella is really out of her character in this book. It seems that she doesn't love Edward as much as she says she does.  I think that this opinion is strongly supported by her acts. We all know that she isn't physicaly cheating on Edward ( still questionable), but she is emotionaly doing it, with Jacob. And I think that's the worst way of cheating on someone for every living ( or undead) creature. Poor Edward. Bella completely ruined this book for me!!! —sooo mad at her—  !!!

  115. Team Alice <3

    oh  my god honey i love absolutely love twilight i mean stephenie is amazing! she totally makes everything sound realistic and easy to understand! i love how she uses bella as a girl who can't live without her boyfriend, and has to stick  with her own personal sun (jacob black) at the same time! shows how strong love and friendship can be <3 <3 <3 stephenie better pulish midnight sun

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