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Kristen Stewart on a special DVD greeting for everyone there!


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  1. Victoria

    Cool. I thought that video would be longer… At least they gave me that greeting DVD for finishing second in the scavenger hunt, since I couldn’t buy the movie.

  2. Kahley

    Sweet! What were Taylor and Kristen saying, if you remember?

  3. Victoria

    Kahley, if you go to Youtube and type in boders twilight greeting, or something like that, you can probably find it.

  4. Maite

    I Want To be there!!! But im in mexico!!!

    Greetings for you.. club twilight queretaro

    President Maite

  5. McKinsey

    OOH! I hate it how almost the whole entire twilight cast smokes! Its gross! I there for think that the books are better than the movie (going to be movieS) but Robert Pattinson is defantly a hotty mc. hot sauce. Eww and Kristen Stewart smokes pot, Eww!

  6. Cindy

    aww mann. u wish i was these =[

  7. Cindy

    awww man. i wish i was there

  8. Snow Wight

    Hmmm. Guess we ditched before they showed this. Oh well :) Hey did anyone else see yet–Melanie and Medya made it onto the DVD!

  9. mia

    i luv twilight

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