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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 1 (Engaged)

March 30th, 2009 at 12:07 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous by Good Charlotte

I can hardly believe that after almost an entire year of writing for TwilightGuy.com, I am finally reading the last book in the Twilight Saga.

I can still remember the weeks we waited for this novel in 2008. I remember the last two days especially, when the fansites were working overtime to squash the people who were posting spoilers. I remember staying up that evening to watch Stephenie read the first parts of the book at her release party online. And then, finally, the world could read Breaking Dawn.

Obviously, between Eclipse and the fourth book in the series, much has changed for Bella Swan. She has a new car. A new credit card. She even has a new set of rumors floating around town about her (as if she didn’t have enough of those already). It’s no wonder the townspeople can’t stop staring at her. If you saw a teenage girl getting married to a 90-year-old man who showered her with expensive gifts, wouldn’t you start to wonder what was really going on? When you think of how this sounds, perhaps it’s actually a very, very good thing that Edward is a vampire and doesn’t appear anywhere near his real age, or else the town would really be talking 😀

I think a lack of sleep caused my vision to be a bit blurry as I started reading, because when I read this line:

…in her minivan, Mrs. Weber had turned her whole torso in my direction. […] I tried to take some comfort in the fact that she wasn’t really staring at me, just the car.

I instead saw the ending as

I tried to take some comfort in the fact that she wasn’t really staring at me, just the cat.


Which might have changed the story of this book quite a bit:

To be irrevocable in love with a vampire is both fantasy and nightmare woven into a dangerously hightened reality for Bella Swan. Pulled in one direction by her intense passion for Edward Cullen, and in another by her profound connection to werewolf Jacob Black, she has endured a tumultous year of temptation, loss, and strife to reach the ultimate turning point.

Then, the Megacat appears.

A creeping, monstrous creature of the night, the cat towers above the city of Forks, casting its shadow all across La Push and blocking the sun in what could only be a new form of an eclipse. It desires one thing before the break of dawn: that which terrifies Bella so, that which has held her sleepless for many a night; that which Bella refuses to give to any creature excluding a vampire or alternatively a werewolf.

Her life...bo

[Note to Stephenie: it was my idea first. Hands off.]

Stephenie refers to Bella’s shiny black credit card on page 5 (for future reference, I’m using the hardcover book). Of course, being one who cares absolutely nothing for the frivolous lives of the rich and/or famous, I have never wasted my time looking these up. Since nobody cares anyway (and especially not me) I am probably boring the stuffing out of all my readers by saying that the Centurion Card is crafted from titanium and requires a minimum of $250,000 spent per year. Since no one is curious, I won’t post any photos.

I find it hilarious that Edward got Bella a car that is primarily used by arms dealers, drug lords, and various other criminals:

Bella's New Friends

Bella's New Friends

But in a strange way I can sympathize with Bella and her new driving troubles. Not that I have ever driven a European* car that comes with its own paparazzi, but the ridiculous stopping and starting that one does when getting adjusted to a new vehicle you are not accustomed to driving. I can still remember the first time that I drove my grandmother’s car instead of my mom’s van (which I had done all my driving practice in). Obviously, my grandmother’s brakes were newer, so that when I nervously made a turn at an intersection and lightly tapped the brakes, instead of slowing down I found myself stopped in the middle of the road completely. Then the light changed.

It’s nice to see that Bella’s mother supports her; and that at least Charlie isn’t taking his gun after Edward. It did strike me as odd that no one has even put forth the possibility of Jacob’s disappearance being Edward’s fault. After all: Jacob loves Bella; Edward loves Bella; Jacob disappears; Edward and Bella get married. The obvious conclusion the Forks Police Department should have surmised from this is that Edward and Jacob had an old-style duel-to-the-death, the winner taking Bella’s hand in marriage.

What Really Happened

What Really Happened

Still, it’s wonderful to see Bella in her happy place at last, even though her best friend can’t be there to share it with her. Or will he? I’ve never known Jacob to sulk away for too long, so judging the size of this book I expect there are plenty of surprises for me in the following chapters 😀

Question For The Comments: If you were Bella’s parent, would you be happy with her getting married to Edward Cullen that young? Also, same question, but what if she was marrying Mike Newton instead?


– After all the questions about what a Bound Galley is, I decided to actually show everyone on video:

* is this grammar fail? An European car? A European car?

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197 Responses

  1. Z


  2. Maegan

    For me it would depend.
    I would probably want to know the boy better.
    And, uh, Mike Newton would probably be OK with me, even those I personally don’t like him. :3


  3. Carol

    I was just actually asking myself kinda the same thing one of these days..is it an usb or a usb?? good thing I’m no english major. :)

    oh well. I would be pissed if my barely legal daughter was getting married to a weirdo. haha. oh well. This is fiction. Also, I’m 18 right now so I know my mom wouldn’t agree with me getting married right now.

  4. Carol

    * even if it was to Mike Newton.

  5. Carol

    or..WITH Mike Newton.

    ok im spamming now…

  6. Aimee Hadley

    Okay the funny thing is…if you were Charlie or Renee – you wouldn’t support this union…let’s face it Bella is 18 years old right? As far as Charlie is concerned this is her first boyfriend. I happen to think Charlie ends up supporting it because he knows if he argues with her – she could move far away from him (half expecting his ex-wife Renee to take up the slack).

    I think Renee does not pick of the slack because she remembers what it was to be in love with Charlie at that same age and that nothing and no one stopped her either.

    You have to live your life, you can’t and don’t get approval from everyone or anyone. You just have to know you are doing the right thing for you…at whatever age that may be :)

    Awesome question though!!!!

  7. Shannon P.

    As a mother, I probably wouldn’t be thrilled with the young marriage idea. However, if they are happy, maybe. Bella and Mike, not a chance!!!

  8. Rachel

    Can I just say that I loved the “Gold digger” reference? Hilarious!

  9. TheHolythief

    *yawns* Too late to answer questions, so I’ll give it my best shot.

    If I were one one of her parents, I’d force her to marry Kaleb Nation. When everyone finds out, I’ll jump out of the shadows and shout “what a twist!”

    And that will be the replacement story for Breaking Dawn which will be called [Title to be Announced].


  10. Rachel

    Fantastic :)
    If I was the parent I would want my daughter to wait a bit longer, but ultimately let her make her own decisions.
    If it were Mike, I would be less inclined to accept it, as Edward would be perceived as more mature and able to look after Bella.
    I don’t understand your asparagus reference, or is that just a random awesome word you would call the person you are dueling?

  11. Josie

    OME Kaleb!! I am so excited that you are finally reading Breaking Dawn! It is my favourite in the Saga so I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!!

    I would like to believe that I wouldn’t mind much. I mean it is her life so I think that as a parent I would trust her judgment.

    xoxo Josie <3

  12. Wren

    You’re so funny when you’re tired!
    I’d be a confused parent. I wouldn’t be observant enough to notice Bella’s attachment, but I’d care enough to probably persuade her to wait a little longer, perhaps. Not overly worried, though.
    Don’t know about Mike.

  13. Wren

    So, your friend Jackson that you told us about gave away an ARC over her blog. Will you do the same?

  14. Rachel

    Wren you probably would notice her attachment.. she was a zombie for months after he left her in New Moon.
    If that doesn’t mean attached then Edward Cullen doesn’t mean super sexy vampire :)

  15. Jacqueline

    I’d wonder why she was getting married so young, but I’d also say it’s her life. She’s a legal adult technically. 18 is considered as such and even though I’d think she was making a mistake I’d still support her. Even if it wasn’t Edward. If it was any guy in general I’d be like okay. I’d be like her mom. If it made her happy. And if it didn’t work out I’d just say ok you learned a lesson there. I mean I am saying this from the viewpoint of the parent that wouldn’t know he was a vampire and all and that part of her saying yes was that he said he’d change her into a vampire if she did haha. you’re hilarious.

  16. Gothhic Goddess

    First off, I woke up the cat from my laughter at your gold digger reference. (She doesn’t wake up when the baby has decided to “pet” and “bathe” her, ie: rip out patches of fur, and use her as a new teether.) That was great, thank you. Next, could they be anymore snobby about the requirements for that credit card? “Invitation only”, what a load… :) And finally, I married my high school sweetheart about 2 months after highschool graduation. Mistake on my part? Very much so. Would I let my kids do it? It depends on the maturity of their mate and their relationship. With Edward and Bella, both of those ideals are met. With Mike? I think not.

  17. Steph

    Aw, jeez! Could I be any later to read this post?

    Nice song choice, by the way. I used to love Good Charlotte. Not so much anymore, but they’re still good.

    Edward’s nearly 110, actually. You have to count the human years. 😉

    Wow… titanium credit card. I want one.

    I think it’s a European. Because your pronounce it like a Y.

    Ahahah. Can imagine Jake and Edward dueling. Early 1900s style… Did people duel back then? Maybe in Texas, right? 😀

    Hm… If I were Bella’s parent… Nope, wouldn’t happen. I would never raise such an annoying child. Ahaha. Still, let’s say I’m Charlie and have had next to no say in her upbringing. Then I think… Screw it, I don’t care what she does. If I were Charlie I’d barely even know her, therefore I’d be emotionally detached, thus resulting in some spectacularly awful parenting. See, I don’t know why Charlie cares about her so much. Ah well. Tell you what, if I were Charlie and did care about her the way he did, then… I wouldn’t let her marry Edward, just to be mean. I’d force her into marrying Mike. Muahaha. Dang… when did I become so cruel? Ahaha. Nah. Mike’s cool. 😀

  18. Reyna

    If you were Bella’s parent, would you be happy with her getting married to Edward Cullen that young?
    I wouldn’t be happy, being that she is so young. In fact, I’d think she was dumb for making that decision so early in her life… I don’t care how convinced she was that she’s in love. This is probably ’cause I live in America, and half the marriages here fail. However, I wouldn’t stop her from doing marrying him. She is my daughter, after all. I just want her to be happy.

    Also, same question, but what if she was marrying Mike Newton instead?
    If it was Mike Newton… He seems too average. I wouldn’t support the marriage. Average people cheat… or fall out of love. Edward really really really showed that he cared for her. Mike just seemed like he had a crush on her and nothing more. It would’ve ended quickly and badly.

    Do I sound cynical? :/

  19. Nicole

    I believe “a European car” (as you had it)is correct. In my linguistics class this semester, my professor said that “a” vs. “an” is determined not by the letter, but by the sound. Words such Europeans, university, and hour are perfect examples of this phenomena to go by sound rather than spelling.

    As for the question, I wouldn’t be particularly pleased either way. However, I do believe that although her parents can’t place a finger on it, they suspect Edward to be out of the ordinary, and therefore at some subconcious level view it differently. A marriage to Mike Newton would be perceived as Renée and Charlie the sequel.

  20. Steph

    Can I just say that I found TheHolythief’s comment hilarious? It was awesome. *applause*

  21. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    For me this question is very similar to the one you asked about if we were Bella’s parents who would we choose for her Edward or Jacob? To that question I gave a variety of answers and ended with the answer that it would be her choice and at the end of the day I really would have no say in the matter (unless of course we lived in a state like mine where you have to be nineteen before you can own a car or get married without your parents permission).

    I think that if I was Bella’s mother and she came home at eighteen and announced she was marrying Mike Newton I would immediatly assume she was pregnant or that there was some other reason why they wanted to get married so early like maybe they wanted to be married so they couldnt go off to different colleges and be seperated or maybe go to the same college but worry about the other one finding someone else. I would be looking for an explanation as to why my daughter would want to marry so young as its not what happens often anymore.

    But I think that if my daughter came home and announced that she was marrying Edward Cullen…I think like Rene I would have to see the bond there, the connection that made Rene so sure they had already been engaged in Eclipse when they visited her. Rene knew Bella well enough to see the wiseness behind the decision and that she had to have made it because of the deepest loves given her personallity otherwise she never would have married so young and the only reason she sees this of course is because the “young” man in question is Edward Cullen.

    In my imagination Edward exudes this quiet difference that the rest of the cullens do that makes you feel immediatly his age and maturity, when I imagine Edward talking to people as I’m reading the books I imagine this. So given that I think as REne I would see that, and of course see that he is impossibly handsome and not question my daughters choice.

    Its quite different when you put a mundane human boy up against that in comparison and not come up with the conclusion that it is not as strange for her to marry Edward Cullen than it would be to marry Mike Newton at eighteen without a reason.

    WEll I guess that answered that question. sorry its so long. I promised myself I wouldnt get so thoughtful and contemplative about these questions but as always I cant summerize my thoughts so here it is 😀 melissaturkey

  22. Shakesgirl66

    even though i wont be able to do anything about it as seeing as though she would be legal, I wouldn’t want it. I think 18 is to young to know your in love.

  23. Heather

    Yay for Breaking Dawn! I am surprised you didn’t have a field day with the nice engagement reveal to Charlie lol

    I know if I lived in Forks and was witnessing all of this from afar, I would be uber (not a word, Firefox corrector? I’ve used it all my life…*fail*) suspicious of everything, from the showering of gifts to the “Have You Seen This Boy Who Was Close To Bella Then Suddenly Disappeared Soon After The Cullens Returned Recently Sporting Some Serious Injuries.” Yeah, I would be concerned lol.

    For your question, I think I would be with Renee on this one. She’s her own person, she can make her own decisions, and I probably would approve of Edward based on the hospital stuff in Twilight and the stay at Florida in Eclipse (if I was more like Charlie, it might be a different story). However if there was any sign that my daughter was in anyway being mistreated or whatever, I would be down there in a second to steal her away.

  24. Danielle F.

    So you’re finally on Breaking Dawn. While the first few chapters are fine, I really hope the fanbase doesn’t pressure you into giving unnecessarily positive critiques of some later chapters. I love the Twilight series as much as anybody, but from an editorial perspective, Breaking Dawn has…problems. Of the conflict resolution sort, but not in the way you’d think (i.e. all conflicts are resolved TOO easily. Watch for it, you’ll see I’m right).

  25. Jackie

    It’s hard to say. One because I’m not a parent and I wouldnt know exactly how it feels to be in that position. Two I can only see it from Bella’s point of view. But I’ll try and see it from her parents.

    It would be a normal reaction if her parents were to question why she wanted to get married so early. And most parents wouldnt agree to it since she’s so young and they probably think that she has more time and life to make these decisions. Getting married is more of an adult decision not some teenage love thing. That’s probably what they would be thinking. But with this in mind. I’d say it really isnt their choice. Bella is 18 years old. She’s an adult, basically her parents cant really stop her from what she wants. I dont think I’m making much sense but yeah. At the end of the day. Bella chooses. And if it’s Edward that she wants to marry than that is what will happen.

    If she were marrying Mike Newton it would be the same. Since her parents arent in on the secret of Edward being a vampire. It wouldnt make a difference to them.

  26. Michelle

    I’m so glad that you’re finally here! I couldn’t wait for you to see Bella in the missile-proof drug dealers’ car! I about died when I read this!

    My Dad had a nice, shiny black Discover Card, so it never really occurred to me that they would be anything overly spectacular. He did have some pretty amazing credit, but I know he wasn’t spending 250,000 a year. I was more interested in the clear credit card that Alice had used in the Outtakes from Twilight. My research never yielded any spectacular results.

    I was actually surprised by how adamant Charlie is in trying to finding the missing Jacob, given that Billy is showing no concern.

    If I were Bella’s mother, meaning that I would be Renee, I can understand why she so readily agrees to the marriage. She has always seen Bella as wiser than her years, and she’s confident that after taking care of herself for all these years, that she is very capable of making her own decisions.

    If I were Bella’s father, I can only think that I would probably act in the same way he did. Much the way my Dad acted when I told him about getting married. Dad’s generally try not to get too emotional on these topics, so they tend to spout something about you being happy and leave it at that, even when that’s not really what they mean. Also, I think Charlie completely expected Renee to put up a huge fight and push the date back.

    Being a mother myself, the idea of either of my little girls getting married at 18 seriously unnerves me. I guess we’ll see when they get there, but it seems too young to settle down to me. I know I was older than that, and I still feel like I rushed things.

    Also, I think it’s a European. I think that it would probably be an USB, but that really seems weird. NO wonder English is such a hard language to master.

  27. Kpucine

    Haha ^^ Love the megacat story !! There really should have been a megacat in Twilight 😀

    Anyway, about your question, I agree with Bella’s point of view : when so young people get married, you’re obviously wondering why. If I had been Bella’s mother, the first question I’d ask her would have been : are you pregnant ??!! Not that I don’t approve this wedding, but you know, people usually don’t get married so young.
    The fact is, in this case, that there’s so much love between Edward and Bella, that, as a mom, you obviously say it’s a “true” wedding, and that it’ll last forever.
    However, if she would have marry Mike Newton… My first reaction, as a reader, was to laugh ^^

    Generally speaking, as parents, if your child is happy with the person he/she’s getting married with, you can only approve and wish them the best :)

  28. NuttyNetty

    kaleb. you need sleep lol i noticed another typo in your 3rd qoute — i believe you ment to put “irrevocably” 😉

    Answer for the question:
    If I were Bella’s mother I would support her decision no matter what :) whether it were a vampire or a human lol I would give her my advice and hope that she has thought about it thoroughly. Whatever she believes is the right choice for her I, as her “mother” would support 100%… omygosh kaleb i’m only 18 and i feel like i’m 81 saying this :/

    Furthermore, my favorite type of book to read is one that can take me into a situation or world i could never ever ever ever imagine to even have thought of or imagine in all my life :) Authors with these vivid imaginations are my literary Heroes <3

    P.S. don’t worry Kaleb, your secret is safe with me 😉

  29. Pragya

    Aw jeez! Cud I be any later to answer this post??? And you very obviously knew that we would be VERY curious when we read about the credit card! I couldnt really understand her distress caused by the credit card until I read about it……..then I realized that IS a bit too much! And it was hilarious when I came to know that Edward had given her a car which was used by druglords etc. and various other criminals so ya and I’m not going to ruin the surprises of breaking dawn so you don’t need to be worried! And I repeat be ready for an adventure………..I’m really curious about ur views on…well,umm,everything!!

    And for the question I don’t think If my daughter was 18 I would actually let her marry …… If I didn’t know what it felt like to fall in love and as I wouldn’t marry if If I hadnt fallen in love I guess yes if inkmew the boy properly and knew that he would take good care of her and she could go live her life!! It is hers and she should live it just how she wants to!! If they were happy with each other than yes I would but it would depend on a lot of other things too like he should have enough money to support their family and as I now know because of the credit card and car I wouldn’t have a problem and as Edward is flawlessly polite and really sincere I DEFINITELY wouldn’t have any problem with him or his family once I met them and if it was mike then well with he same conditions I wouldn’t have a problem either…..I guess that’s it and I really liked the megacat idea!!! It was really funny!!

  30. Michelle

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Kaleb is up for a few Dazzle Awards! He’s too noble to ask us to vote for him.


  31. Jamaica

    No way, you’re kidding me, right? I also read the word ‘car’ as ‘cat’ at first. Maybe not the same word exactly, but it was in Breaking Dawn and my imagination didn’t take me as far as yours did 😀 Maybe that was because I was squeezing in a few chapters of BD before I sleep when I read that part. I ended up sleeping at 2am to finish the whole book XD
    Sorry for that tangent. Anyway, I think it’s a European car. My English teacher taught us something that a few weeks ago when a classmate of ours randomly asked that question (effectively postponing our quiz)
    Now, for the question…I think I would ask Bella to think of marrying a good bit before letting her live her decision, because it’s such a huge step to make. And I would like to get to know whoever she was marrying first, just to know if I’m comfortable with him being with my daughter or not. Also, another concern would be whether he could provide for them or not. Apparently (seeing the car and the credit card), he could, so that problem would be solved. I would encourage her to wait a little longer to be sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Edward. But I wouldn’t force her to make a decision that she doesn’t want to.
    Mike, well, he’s good guy, but I guess since he doesn’t seem as mature as Edward, or as capable of providing for them, I don’t know.
    Here’s to Megacats and asparagus 😀

  32. Malin

    My parents would kill me just thinking about marriage. I’m 22 now and they still wouldn’t approve. It is easy to forget that we know Bella’s perspective and it sounds so logical that they marry at such a young age. I mean she wants to be changed into a vampire and be immortal – marriage is nothing against that. Still, Charlie and Renee don’t know it. I can understand that Charlie is pissed. For him there is actually no reason why they should marry so early. If they truly love each other and are sure to stay together forever you can also wait with marriage. I bet Charlie thinks Bella is simply marrying because of sex (hehe… especially because it is somehow true). After all – the sad truth is – most relationships in that age are not meant for eternity. Charlie doesn’t know the extend from Edwards feelings. Of course he is against the idea.

    And to be perfectly honest. If one girl I know age 18 would suddenly announce her engagement, her acceptance into Ivy-League without having the necessary grades, a new astonish car and being owner of a black credit card I would talk too! Everyone would talk about. So I feel sorry for Bella but I understand the folks of Forks. And I bet Bella would talk and watch too if that would happen let’s say to Jessica or Angela.

  33. Michelle from Alaska

    ok so the Cat and the Gold digger thing had me laughing.

    If i was a parent of an 18 year old who was announcing her engagement to her first boyfriend ever would piss me off. Regardless if she was marrying anyone. But in the same sense i could find myself supporting it because i have many friends who have done just that and gotten married right out of high school and are still happily married and with kids. So its a toughie. I do understand why Charlie doesn’t fight with Bella though, because if he were to do so she would most likely rebel, I mean he has said he doesn’t like her with Edward and she still see’s him. So it would be no shock if he said she can’t marry Edward that she would just go ahead and do it anyway.

  34. arikka

    yay kaleb you are on breaking dawn(my favorite book in the series).

  35. Cara B.

    Yay breaking dawn finally!!! Kaleb you are more hilarious than ever! (:
    As for the question…
    I think that Edward and Bella have something totally unique and Renee sees that and that is why she is allowing this. I think Charlie is blinded by the fact that Bella is marrying someone who not only caused her pain but also isn’t Jacob. If I was bella’s parent I think that I would definitely be happy but would allow her to do what she wants if it makes her happy. Oh mike! I honestly don know what I would do if my child wanted to marry mike newton.

  36. Colleen

    I wouldn’t be happy about my daughter marrying so young. She would have had her entire life ahead of her, and I wouldn’t want her to settle on her first boyfriend. Granted, I wouldn’t have know how deep Bella and Edward’s love went.
    p.s.- I can’t wait to see your reaction to the end of Bella’s book.

  37. Sarah

    Mike Newton….Edward Cullen… Hmmm…

    Naturally, of the two, I’d be for Edward. But, if I was in Charlie’s place? Hell to the No. I was surprised when Charlie didnt completely blow up. “-Studders incomprehensionably- YOU’RE TOO YOUNG!” It’s what my dad would do. -shrugs- And, I’m certain he’d prefer Mike over Edward any day.

    Edward has all ready broke Bella’s heart before, which in turn hurt Charlie when she had to lie to leave in Twilight. If something was to go wrong with her marriage because she’s a naive young bride, it would hurt Charlie just as much.

    Oh, and Kaleb, it would be A European car, I believe. ^^

  38. Autumn

    My decision would depend on whether she was truly in love or not. No matter who she was get married to, I would just want her to make the right choice.

  39. Katie

    Just curious, do you think you are ever going to change the top of the screen. You know, the part that says “This is not a fansite…..”
    I mean, you are reading the fourth book now, and have done things(Like premiers and such) that (I would think) only fans would be truly ecstatic to attend.
    Just a thought.

    I think that I have to agree with what Renee said to Bella, that she was an old soul, and although an early marriage didn’t work for Renee herself, she knew knew that it would work best for Bella. I think the amount of maturity shown by Bella and Edward is what convinced her parents that she was ready for this next big step. Compound that with all the trials that they’ve gone through (And that’s only what the humans know too!) I think her parents would be pretty accepting of Edward as her fiancee.

    Not so much if Bella had been engaged to anyone else…including Jacob.

  40. Stacy

    I’ve said it before to you, Kaleb, but everytime I see or hear you use pwn or pwnd, it makes me laugh so hard. As far as I thought, although you’ve obviously proved me wrong, using pwn and pwnd was only something that my friends said.

    I think as a parent, if your teenage daughter was going to marry anybody, Edward Cullen would probably be the best option – polite, responsible, good family, able to provide, etc.

  41. Soledad

    i wouldn’t be happy if my daughter were getting married that young no matter who the boy was.

    i’m so exited that you are finally reading breaking dawn!

  42. Britt.

    Hooray for finally reading Breaking Dawn!

    Interesting question. I would be a little leery of them getting married so young, but if my kid was as mature as Edward and Bella are, then I would give my blessing and trust that they are willing to put the effort into making it work.

    But if it were Mike Newton…not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mike (how can you not love the comic relief?), but he’s just not on the same level of maturity. If my kid wanted to marry him, they’d be waiting till they were 25.

    I think it’s “a European car”. That’s what sounds right, anyway.

  43. Maria

    I would probably tell her to wait a little, to be sure that this is what she wants, but I would let her choose who she wants to marry, it’s her choice. In Bella’ situation it’s obvious that she really loves Edward (I’m talking from Charlie and Renee’s point of view). If she’s happy then I’m happy too. :)

    I’m currently reading Breaking Dawn too, I am at chapter 23, it is awesome!

  44. Aria

    Hmmm lets see. Edward gets points for being a gentleman. However, in the eyes of a parent (not knowing the vampire thing)he’s caused her to run away to phoenix, ITALY, caused several fighs between him and her best friend, and she was sure jumpy last month.

    It’s obvious they’re in love. if you’ve ever seen the movie Moonstruck you’ll remember Cher’s mom asking first, “Do you love him Loretta?”
    Cher, “No ma.”
    Mom, “Good, cause if ya love they drive you nuts cause they know they can.”

    Towards the end of the movie she asks the same question, “Do you love him Loretta.”

    Cher, “Yeah.”

    Mom, “That’s to bad.” with tears in her eyes.

    Great movie.

  45. Pam

    hahahahaha! I so had the European car moment (not the grammar one because where I’m from we don’t talk good). I drive an old Chevy and had to drive my mom’s European car. I read that part shortly after my driving issues.

    As far as Bella getting married, I don’t think I’d be terribly concerned. They’re more mature than other people our ages. I’m almost 21 and I’m not rushing to the alter.

  46. Sam aka "nessiecullen"

    oooh im so excited now that you are reading breaking dawn! Now I promise to comment on each post! yay! I hope you like it alot so I can brag about how “kaleb likes it” to all the chat ppl who always make me sad with their lack of Breaking Dawn love.

    To answer you question, I am not a parent so I don’t know how I would take it, but I know for sure my parents wouldn’t have liked it one bit if I did that at Bella’s age. I don’t think my mom would like that now, and im in my twenties. ( attachment issues :p) But my mom can also be as much as I love her, a bit of the shallow kind, so I think she rather me marry Edward Cullen. However, if he is in the form of Rob Pattinson maybe not because she thinks he looks “dirty” and not the smexy kind- the like gross kind. hahaha. Man, I love my mom.

  47. Bayla

    Awesome post Kaleb! I couldn’t wait for you to start Breaking Dawn! =D I loved it.

    If I were Bella’s parent, I would probably accept her marrying Edward because I would know that she is old and wise enough to make her own decisions and possible mistakes. She and Mike never really had any more-than-just-friends relationship, so I would be like, “Wha???”

  48. Jessica

    As for the “European Car” bit, it would be “A European Car”. Why? Because while European starts with a vowel, it makes a consonant sound.
    Take the letter “Y” for example. It can serve as both vowel and consonant.

    Consonant:(in English articulation) a speech sound produced by occluding with or without releasing (p, b; t, d; k, g), diverting (m, n, ng), or obstructing (f, v; s, z, etc.) the flow of air from the lungs (opposed to vowel )
    [Ref. Dictionary.com]

    Note that a letter’s identity of “vowel” or “consonant” is based more on sound rather than the actual letter itself.

    Yolk: A Yolk
    Ypsilon (pr. Oop-sill-on): An Yspsilon
    [Note that very few words start with Y as a vowel sound]

    Egg: An egg
    Euro: A euro

    It’s just one of those strange things about the English language.

    Anyway, about Bella marrying Edward so young; I guess I don’t really know. On the one hand, Bella is very young, but very responsible as well. Ok, I take that back. In general she is responsible, but tends to have random engagements with extremely irresponsible behavior (running away to Phoenix, Riding motorcycles, running away to “LA”*, etc). However, I believe I would still trust her to know what she was getting into. Also, Edward is an exceedingly responsible type of person.
    However, as a parent and a human, instincts might get in the way. After all, Bella never started getting in trouble until Edward came around. And, of course, there is the factor of the inexplicable fear most humans are said to feel around the vampires.
    But then again, there’s the aspect of true love; it’s obvious to any outsider that Bella and Edward have a type of abnormal love for each other. So perhaps that aspect alone would make up my mind.
    So I guess I could never really know unless I were put in that situation, or at least until I am a parent. I am only sixteen after all. My mind works slightly differently than the mind of a parent. ^^

    *I only included situations which her parents are aware of, because any other cases, like the general daily engagements with supernatural, and dangerous creatures, would be, unknown to them as they are, irrelevant.


    [Lol. This got really long xD]

  49. belle

    Hi Kaleb!! I loved your post. I was laughing so loud at work, they actually had people come and check on me. lol.
    Let’s see for your question… I believe that, even though Charlie seemed upset, both of Bella’s parents were happy with her decision. From what we’re told in the series, Bella is usually one to make up her mind quickly and follow through with whatever she chooses. I know that she’s young, but when you know… you know. I got married at 19 (not too much older) and I don’t regret it at all. (My husband and I have been married now for 6 years). As for her and Mike… if she would have showed the same love and adoration she had for Edward… I would have to say maybe. We know that Edward loves Bella unconditionally, but would Mike care for her the same?? I don’t think so. I believe that’s why her parents don’t have an issue with this… they see the love that Edward and Bella have for each other.
    Here’s looking forward to your next post Kaleb!! :)

  50. kim

    some people who get married at 18 are happy and some aren’t…i think it depends on the people.
    bella has never really been 18 anyway she’s far too mature and grown up. and so is edward…obviously he’s 108. as long as bella was happy and safe i would be happy to.

    ps. i’m so excited you started reading this book when i saw you posted this morning i squealed-which was quite odd-like i was reading the first chapter myself!

  51. Caroline

    For the grammar “fail”:

    I’m guessing “a” refers to the car, not European.

    A Car: A (European) Car
    An Apple: An (European) Apple

    This may or may not be correct; I’m not an english major or grammar genius. You totally blew my mind by bringing that up though, and now i want to ask my english teacher about it.
    Jessica, #48, seems to be correct, now that i just read her post.

  52. cordelia lynn

    Mike Newton. Who wouldn’t want their daughter to marry him? He’s a nice, small town boy whose parents own a local business, that he most likely will run after college. That’s stability for you.

    As a parent, I’d say him over Edward. Mike doesn’t get Bella into trouble. haha. But I definitely like Edward more.

    What gets me, is that no one ever questions the fact that Dr. Cullen is the only one in his family to have a job.

    No one ever wonders about Edward’s goals in life, let alone Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. Or maybe, just maybe, they assume they’re all so filthy stinkin’ rich, there’s no point in having a job?

    Something to ponder.

  53. Tess

    Just wanted to throw in that I believe it is TECHNICALLY an European car but that neither sounds right and it irrelevant because it’s your blog and you can be grammatically incorrect if you want.
    FWIW, I think either way, 18 is too young to get married. If you really want to get married that young, I would say get engaged and then take a really really REALLY long time to set a date and plan a wedding. =)

  54. Monica

    I think that if I were Bella’s mother, I wouldn’t be happy about her marrying ANYONE at that age. I would be worried that she’s making a hasty, irrational decision–after all, her parents know very little about what’s really going on–and that their marriage doesn’t have much chance of working out. I’d be afraid that Edward would leave her again, and that would absolutely destroy Bella.

  55. Talkerwolf

    If I was Bella’s parent, I would probably say that it wasn’t my desicion, but don’t coem crying to me when it all goes wrong. lol, evil!

  56. Andrea

    As a mother I would want to know “Why the rush? Why don’t they just wait till they are older.”

    It would just seem very out of charachter for Bella to do this. But then again seeing the cetripetial force between Edward and Bella I might just think that they are REALLY in love, and can’t wait to start their life together.

    At least that is what I think Renee thinks. She is confident in Bells maturity, and it might help that Edward is georgeous, wealthy, and a gentleman.

  57. MNR

    If I were her parents, I would see that she would do what she wants to do, no matter what we would say to her. I would also see that she is madly in love with him and him with her. I would want her to wait, but she would have to make her own choice. I would also see that the 2 of them are very mature for thier age, so they should make thier own diecision and in turn I support what ever they want to do.

  58. Kato

    I would ask ehr if she’s sure, and if she really wants to spend her whole life with him, i would say it was her choice,

    but if it was mike newton ,
    Wel he’s really fun and all , but he isn’t so ‘grown up’ as Edward.

    And Go Kaleb ! You’ll be suprised while you read the book (; , I read it hm 4 or 5 time’s already. reading twilight Again at the moment :] can’t get enough of it ^^

  59. Maribel

    hilarious post kaleb. had me cracking up.

    so for the questions, i think that 18 is too young to marry but i would support the decision anyways. Regardless of who it would be, although i wouldn’t expect for the union between her and mike to last. I would have more faith if she married edward due to the fact that he is obviously more mature, financially stable and has proven to love bella more than his own life.

  60. dsolo

    This is a difficult question. Most teen marriages don’t survive (my parents didn’t), but I have a friend who married her high school sweetheart at 18, and they’re still in love over 30 years later. Another friend married her high school sweetheart at 20 and they are still happily married more than 25 years later. It just depends on the people involved.

  61. Taya

    I agree with Dsolo. It depends on the people invovled. If I were Bella’s mama, I’d give her whatever advice I could. I admit I wouldn’t be happy about her being married so young, because I, myself, believe that one should live on their own a little, get to know themselves before shoving off into married life. But I’d also be able to see how deeply in love with Ed Bells is, and I’d have a good hope that because of that, everything would work out.

  62. annab

    I’ve been waiting for you to read this chapter forever. you probably don’t remember my comment from when you were reading the first book but that’s okay.. I wouldn’t either. But when you said Bella’s truck reminded you of a fire truck I commented on how I thought Bella’s truck actually paralleled Edward in many ways and probably even symbolized him.
    .. I read the beginning of Breaking Dawn like a month or so before it came out or whatever. Me being a literary dork and finding comparisons i found the loss of the truck to be a VERY bad thing. I thought it could mean a couple things
    1. I could be completely off and there is a coincidence of a parallel but no real symbolism.
    2. truck does = edward and something happens to him
    3. truck does = edward and Bella doesn’t need him anymore or something.? (it’s been awhile since i was thinking of outcomes)

    So yes I had to go about a month with the loss of a symbolism of a main character and thought the worse…. I wonder what you think.

  63. Victoria

    Yea finally! I was so happy when I saw that you posted! I love the whole credit card thing! That was so funny, “Since no one is curious, I won’t post any photos”.
    Know to answer your question, I wouldn’t be mad at Bella for marrying Edward. I would tell her though to wait a while longer. Edward is a wonderful man! Edward has proven himself to be a responsible and respectful person. I would definitely have to side with Renee and what she said to Bella about her getting married to Edward.
    On the other hand, if she was getting married to Mike Newton, I would infinitely disapprove! Mike is not like Edward! Edward is a gentleman with manners. He also has years and years worth of knowledge (not that any other human, but Bella, knows that fact). Mike is just a young hormonal teenager, who can’t help but think dirty thoughts about Bella. He’s to immature.
    ~One thing that I love about this chapter is how Charlie freaks out when Edward tells him that they are getting married! That was the funniest thing ever!!

  64. Taylor

    If I was Bella’s mom, and I knew she was marrying Edward…well, I’d probably find a way to sabotage the wedding, give Edward a love potion, and then he’d marry me! =)

  65. jenb

    I was really surprised at how easily Charlie & Renee took the news that she was going to marry Edward. I was glad though so that it could all work out and Bella could start living her life w/her soul mate and the wonderful Edward.

    Now to your questions. If I was Bella’s parents I would probably not be mad but would want her to wait. (They get engaged & married in like what 3 months?)But then again Bella has always been very mature for her age and Edward is a gentlmen. As for Mike (interesting question) I don’t think I would be as cool. He’s just a immature teenage boy who doesn’t think of Bella as more than a pretty face & the new girl he was hoping to “get”

  66. Paige

    Oh Kaleb, you never fail to crack me up! Congrats on your book! I shall keep an eye out for it! What types of books do I like? Hmm… not really sure. I have pretty diverse taste in books, but at the same time I’m kinda picky. I suppose I like anything somewhat similar to Twilight. LOL! Thanks for the little lesson on what they do with your book before it gets published. I’m an aspiring writer myself, but so far I’ve been sticking to fanfics. I probably won’t be able to start my own novels till I get my own laptop.
    Now unto the Twilight question. If I was Rene or Charlie, I probably wouldn’t have any objection to Bella marrying Edward. Maily cuz I would be able to see how much they truly love each other. A love like that deserves to last. Now if it was Mike, I dunno. I’d probably say no! LOL! Mike’s okay, he’s just kinda of a pest.

  67. tina

    Yay!! Kaleb is reading Breaking Dawn!!! I’m excited to see what you think!! Glad I checked today.

    Your question – Well, I am a mother. My oldest is 19. There comes a point when you realize that your children need to make their own choices, and that you can’t be in control of their lives as they get older. If my son came to me and said he was getting married, I would sit down with both of them and talk – about reality…the cost of living, what their plans are for college, etc. But, when it comes right down to it, I’d support them and love them, even if they don’t make the choice I would like them to make.

    It’s not easy to be a parent!! 😉

    By the way, I started dating my hub when I was 18, we got married at 21 and have been married for 21 years. It is possible for relationships like ours to work!!

  68. janeth

    teenage daughter getting married?
    uh – no. Not if we’re talking about MY teenage daughter.
    Bella? yeah. ok. As her mom said, Bella is an old soul and she has found another old soul to love. If her mom thinks it will be ok, then I do.
    – ” a care made in Europe.” ??
    – thanks for the info on AMX Centurion cards. Had no idea. But then again, why would I?
    I’m excited about you’re getting into the last book.
    And nervous about what we’ll do when you finish.
    I mean, besides all flock to your Kaleb Nation web/blog site. I’ve so enjoyed your comments and observations on these books!

  69. Rian

    First off i’m almost 22 and i think that that is still too young to get married in the real world, but this is fiction so i’m okay with it.

    As for Charlie, i expected a bigger reaction from him, but i don’t think he want’s to be on Bella’s bad side. He knows at any time she could just disappear and he knows she would be with Edward. I also thought Renee would have a hissy-fit.

    Yay! I’m so happy that you started on Breaking Dawn! It’s my favorite and i can’t wait to hear all of your insights!

  70. Mylles

    AHHHH!! breaking dawn!! 😀 finallY! anyway, if my daughter were getting married at age eighteen to anyone i would probably be freaking out. i mean seriously, scary thought. and it would be creepy if that guy were say a vampire! interesting thought. but i think Renee saw this one coming. in fact she says she did so i think i would have a better hold on myself like she does. and if Bella married Mike Newton i think Jess would be so pissed off, which would be hilarious but i still think i would react the sam eso why not Bella’s parents

  71. Vanessa

    I’m so excited about you reading breaking dawn! 😀 LOL.

    I think I wouldn’t like it if my daughter wanted to get married at 18. She’s really young.
    But this is a fictional book, and there are plenty of reasons of why getting married is really important for them.

    And if she wanted to marry Mike, I wouldn’t like it either. As I said, she’s young, and she’s starting to live. I think getting married that early is dumb, because you just became an adult, you’re just starting your life, you’re just entering the world.

    Again, I’m really excited about you reading BD!!! But it makes me feel sad, everytime I realize this is the last book :(

  72. Anna

    YAY!!!! Kaleb’s reading Breaking Dawn. I really love this book, it has so many unexpected twists and a bunch of things you wouldnt have thought possible.

    I would just like to let you know, Kaleb, that if Breaking Dawn takes place in the year I think it does, Edward would be 105 years old at that point. Right now he is 107 1/2.

    If I was Bella’s mom, and she told me she was marrying Edward, I would not have been surprised. I would also not have been angry. She is a very mature person, and even though they havent even known each other for 2 years (can you believe it?) it is clear even to an oblivious-of-vampires human that they have been through alot in a short time. Mike: I would have been shocked. The first words out of my mouth would have been “You Hardly Know Him!!!”. I would definetely tell her to wait on Mike, it is clear they dont have much of a bond.

    The correct grammar is A European Car.

    Has anyone else noticed that everysingle comment was labeled 1? or is that my suckish computer??

  73. Heather

    hmm.. it probably would depend on what the girl were like. ya know?
    if she were as responsible and level-headed as Bella, then i might just approve of such a crazy event (although, i myself would never think of doing such a thing!).
    And Edward is WAYY into Bella. Anybody can see that. He’s too devoted to doubt.
    Mike Newton, on the other hand, seems just like any other teenage boy, so i probably wouldn’t approve of him at all..
    Then again, i’m very biased. =)

  74. Guess Who’s Finally Reading Breaking Dawn? | Twilight Lexicon

    […] Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, has finally gotten around to reading Breaking Dawn. you can read his view on Chapter 1 here. […]

  75. Natalie

    As a parent, I wold be fine with Mike Newton. But from Charlie’s point of view, Edward is bad for her. He has put her through a lot and she has basically gone crazy and catatonic because of him. And now she wants to marry him??… What is she, nuts?!

    haha. I’m an Edward fan, but I can’t blame Charlie for disliking him. Still, he realizes it’s not his place to tell her who she can marry. Poor Charlie.

  76. Kylie

    WOOOOO BREAKING DAWN!!!!! I’m so happy you’re reading this now.
    Megacat made me laugh so hard!

    Btw I’m pretty sure it’s A European car because it has a “Y” sound at the beginning instead of a vowel sound. So yes you are right 😀

  77. Nadia

    I would certainly not want her getting married, she is too young even if it is her ‘soul-mate’ I would insist on the college education being completed first.

    Also like Charlie I would prefer she dated Jacob for a couple of years and then get married. – the long distance relationship while she was in college would be no prob for jake with the speed he runs.

  78. Jen

    Kaleb, for some strange reason the first chapter’s analysis of each 4 books has always been my favorite, especially eclipse’s first chapter. I don’t know what it is but I just love the first chapters. Not the chapters themselves, just your take on it. Anyway, thanks for another great chapter. Just an idea, I think it would be great if, at the end, you would make a wall of fame and have viewers vote on their favorite chapters that you wrote about. Just an idea. :)

  79. Michelle C.

    If I were Bella Swan’s mother…I would allow her to get married. True love is a strong abstract, and this is just one of the things that a parent can’t give her. But, parents allow their children/teens happiness, right? Well, she’s happy with Eddie, so, yeah. I don’t even think eight-teen is that young. Plus, eight-teen is the age you start taking control of your life & deciding yourself.

    I don’t really believe in true love for me, because of my complications & marridge is a STRONG commitment. I’d write a novel of this..but, i dont wanna take it out on Kale’s fans.

    CONGRATZ KALE! This is a amazing book! My 2nd favorite.

  80. D.Y.E.

    Yayyyyy! You finally made it to BD! I’ve been very deprived of your posts for the last like two weeks, and this one is like a breath of fresh air!

    I can’t wait till you finish!

  81. Megan

    If I was Bella’s parent I’d want her to wait a few years until she’s at least finished college. I wouldn’t mind though because I knew that marriage wouldn’t change much for them, they loved each other and were already planning on living together, so why not get married?

    If it was Mike Newton? Um…If she loved him as much as she loves Edward it would be fine…Funny…but fine;p

  82. Mariana

    oh my gosh I saw cat at first too!!!
    I, however, did not think of MegaCat. I had this weird thought process. In my imagination, the cat morphed into a wolf. And that wolf was Jacob. And he was following Bella around. And I started cracking up, because I had a picture of a giant wolf following a ridiculous giant car around the empty streets of Forks. 😀

  83. Mariana

    oh, and I would not be okay with it. Especially not when I made the mistake. But, as Bella has pointed out, she is of age, and I as a parent wouldn’t really be able to do anything about her getting married.

  84. Maddie

    Just a warning: You’re probably going to hate this book. I did.

  85. Tina

    1. If I was Bellas Mother I would see that Edward makes her happy. I wouldn’t mind her marrying young, if she is happy with him I wouldn’t want to stand in the way. Plus Bella was at the legal age of 18 when she got married, she was out of high school, and She was planning on still attending college. If I saw that I wouldn’t stand in the way. Sometimes you have to let them go and do what they want. Bella was always happy with him around. and Bellas parents see it, of how happy she is with him.

    2. I cannot see Bella with Mike at all. She always seemed she wanted to be his friend nothing more. So no I could never see them married. even though Mike would love to be married to her lol, it will never happen.

    3. But think about this

    What if Bella Was with Jacob?
    What if Bella Married Jacob & not edward??
    How will Bellas life be with Jacob??

  86. Melanie

    I enjoy the thought of you in the middle of an intersection in your grandmother’s car. It makes me feel less stupid about driving as a I just started yesterday and got made fun of at school by friends because my father and I spent an hour and a half driving around a huge school parking lot and doing laps around the school. So anyway thank you for that.
    If I were Bella’s parents I would hope I would be observant enough to see how well Edward and Bella work together. Though I would be frightened by marriage so young, I think I would have to understand and trust Bella, who is honestly a pretty sensible girl.
    Mike Newton could be thought of as a completely different situation. The same trust would have to apply, yet to see Bella with someone who she obviously wasn’t intertwined souls with, I do not believe I would be happy that she would be marrying him.
    Hope that makes some sense…..
    Also kudos to having started Breaking Dawn :) yay for new beginnings!!

  87. Chloe Cullen

    With Bella getting married to Edward, I think that I would feel like Bella was too young but like I could be happy with that choice. Neither of them is what anyone would call ordinary, and they are both very mature and quite obviously truly in love.

    On the other hand, if Bella was getting married to Mike I would seriously suspect what Bella fears that others think about her and Edward’s early marriage 😉

  88. Samantha

    jw, i can’t seem to find the links to read your reviews for the rest of the series..knowing me it’s probably right in plain sight..but anyway i hadn’t finished reading those so i thought i’d ask!
    oh and i’m super happy you started reading bd! it was my second favorite of the series :)

  89. maggie

    I think that, not even counting what all the non-hmans know, if I were Charlie or Renee, I would wish she would wait a bit longer, but I would let her. I would see that they were going to be able to work it out. As for Mikey… well, I don’t think people are very nice to Mike! He catches a lot of crap, just because he isn’t a supernatural being! He can’t help it, so BACK OFF AND BE NICE!!! Plus, if there was no Edward or Jacob, she so would have fallen for Mikey… but, no, I wouldn’t let Bella marry him just out of school. My parents married at 19, and they lasted 11 years, but they shouldn’t have been married so young, because they were really just kids. That’s the difference with Edward and Bella. Even those who don’t know that hes 110 years old are able to tell that he isn’t really a kid, and even though Bella’s only 18, she’s not really a kid either…
    That’s the condensed verion of my thoughts… I’m so glad you’ve started Breaking Dawn, its my second favorite (the first being Twilight)!
    ps: sorry for rambling :) :)

  90. maggie

    Oh, right, and I just remembered about the driving thing: I got you beat, Kaleb!! Not sure how it is in other states, but here in NC, you have to be behind the wheel for 6 hours with an instructor riding shotgun before you can get your permit. This is the first time I’ve ever driven. I pull out of the parking lot and SPLAT! I hit a squirrel. Seriously, the first thing I ever did behind the wheel of a car. I was traumatized, and I hate driving to this very day…

  91. lauren

    I would be happy even if it was Mike Newton. The only reason is because if she’s was happy than I would be happy for her (even if I wasn’t happy).

  92. Morgen

    No, it’s not a grammer fail. “European car” is correct because ‘European’ is acting as a proper adjective (modifying ‘car’) and all proper adjectives are capitalized.

  93. Jenny

    Just so you know, Kaleb, you will have
    A LOT of surprises in store for you. As for you’re question, I think I wouldn’t be upset if Bella got married to Edward, as long as I got to know him and if she really loved him, which she does. As for Mike Newton, the same principles apply. =D

  94. Kiedra

    I wouldn’t mind the marrying Edward part but mostly because Bella does seem very mature and Edward is a gentleman and has, even after the leaving thing, proven that he lives and dies (pardon the pun) for Bella. Mike? Nope, he’s not the same caliber of man.

  95. Carrie

    I wouldn’t be very happy about my 18 year-old daughter getting married, but I guess her mom can see that she is very much in love and she is an adult now. It didn’t even occur to me that the police would be blaming Edward for Jacob’s disappearance. I thought it seemed obvious that Jacob ran away because he was upset over the wedding.

  96. Wendy

    Took you long enough to get here. Just kidding. If I were Bella’s parents I would be upset but Edward can be very charming and if it was Mike I would say to wait a little bit longer.

  97. NancyB

    As a mother, I would LOVE to see my daughter marry someone as hawt and rich as Edward Cullen. Mike who???

  98. FabiolaBlack

    if I were bella’s mother and my daugher was about to get married to Edward Cullen i think i would try to sabotage the wedding and kiddnap edward so he can marry me instead of my daughter…
    ok just kidding i may not be really happy but agree at the end

  99. courtney

    If you’re a huge fan, why did you wait so long to read Breaking Dawn? Hasn’t the wait been unbearable?

  100. Yesenia

    good research right there Kaleb…thats a true lit critter. heheh.
    hmmm…id think bella was getting married way to young. i mean, before, i used to be all like, “awww highschool sweethearts getting married” like as soon as theyre out of school, but the other day i as thinking to myself, that is way too young. like, not many people take things serious at that age. so if i was bella’s parent, thats where my mind would be.
    but if she was marrying mike newton… oh lordy…idk lol.

  101. Linnee

    can i just say that comment #9 ,theholythief was absoultely amazing?
    and it’ll be called Twisted Nation.

  102. Meghan

    At this point, at age 24, I still get cold feet. Maybe that’s why I still don’t have a boyfriend. In real life I would not approve of Bells marrying at 18. There is so much growing up to do first. Even if I knew the guy was a forever-17 vampire, she will still look young at 21 and can wait till then. But don’t worry, the age differences are even more bizarre in the Host.

  103. Meghan

    BTW, MegaCat, I luvz it. Does Ceiling Cat know?

  104. Lissete [Frerard Addict]

    Yeah I think it’s a European car. :) Not an because if you say it out loud it sounds kinda funny, dontcha think? 😉

  105. courtney

    Lol. I thought the drug lord thing was hilarious and the fact that jacob left broke my heart. To answer your questions, i would be happy if my child were marrying young. I only say this because 1. she has been with him for how many years now???? 2. she is completely head over heals i love with him (if you were arould her you would probably be stupid not to notice). I would only want what makes her happy. Better him (a gentlemen) than Mike (a young kid with a crazy stupid agenda)!!!

  106. Laura

    Yay finally Kaleb!! I’m so looking forward for you to keep reading… I wouldn’t be very happy that my 18 year old daughter was getting married, even less if it was to Mike Newton (lol that was random). I won’t spoil anything but if like me, you feel that a lot has change just by the first chapter, just wait until you’re further in the book, it’s crazy. I can’t believe that you didn’t mention the monster passing away!!! I couldn’t believe it… and Edward could’ve picked a car just a tiny bit less notorious.. loved the photos:)and surprises in the following chapters? you have no idea… Jacob’s missing is heartbreaking…next chapter is really good though there’s like 2 different feelings to it, u’ll get it (and I can predict a few things you will talk about;) )

  107. Laura

    Heather: “Have You Seen This Boy Who Was Close To Bella Then Suddenly Disappeared Soon After The Cullens Returned Recently Sporting Some Serious Injuries.” hahaha

  108. Anonymous

    This is just my theory but I would say a European because it starts with a ‘y’ sound

  109. Jadie

    lol, awesome song choice! It totally fits this chapter!

    Hmmm….I’d have to say NO to Mike Newton. He’s not near mature enough to be married yet, seriously.

    Maybe Edward, just because he is such a gentleman, and seems mature enough. although, then again, 18 is a little too young to be married. so I’m not sure on that one.

    It’s probably “a European” because ‘y’ is only sometimes used as a vowel.

    I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the rest of the book!!

  110. devz30

    parenting questions while I’m still 15? lol. OK, I’ll answer.
    In a parent’s pov, think it would be ok if Bella married young if I knew Edward well…. And trust him, I guess.
    … and Mike Newton? If Bella loved him and if I think they’ll be happy, then why not? After all, who is to tell who their ‘edward’ is in their lives? ^^

  111. Margie

    I would be very upset if my child was getting married at 18! However, I would try to be sympathetic and listen and trust because my husband and I fell in love at 19 and have now been married for 7 years and together for 12.

  112. dee

    if i were Bella’s parent I would not have agreed. She’s too young.

  113. Albiku

    God, how many comments in such little time! lol

    Wow, I can’t believe you’ve started already! Really, you have me completely addicted to your blogs. When I saw you had updated, I even laughed out loud. I was so excited!

    Well, let’s talk about what you wrote. I wouldn’t be happy if my daughter wanted to get married at 18. I wouldn’t agree with that. But, they can’t really stop her since she’s 18, so I guess they don’t want to fight her and spoil their relationship with Bella when they know it will be useless.

    About Jacob, well… You’ll see. 😉

    There was one thing that touched me in this chapter. It was Charlie’s worry for Jacob. We have to remember that he’s been friend with Billy since forever, so he’s seen Jacob grow up. I think he loves him as an uncle or something like that. It’s touching.

    I’ll be waiting for your next update!

  114. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 1. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (Engaged). […]

  115. Katie in da Burgh

    First of all, thanks for your great website, it’s a real treat for someone like me who is looking for a little Twilight fix to fill in the empty spaces.

    As for your question… I don’t think Charlie’s reaction in the book is really all that unrealistic. First of all, I think parents are willing to be much more supportive than we give them credit for, especially when their kids seem happy. I can’t imagine that Charlie is completely surprised about the announcement, given his little speech in Eclipse about having a feeling he would be losing Bella soon. I think Charlie is very likely to accept the decisions Bella makes – it seems to me that he already sees her as an adult, because he lets her do all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning in the house. Whether or not he likes Edward, I think he has seen that Bella can’t be without Edward. He probably knows as well as anyone.

    As for Mike Newton? I don’t know. As a parent, I don’t think I’d want my daughter to settle for the nice, normal guy. I think I’d want spectacular things for my child, a dazzling, passionate, challenging man – not a boring one.

  116. Mary

    Note to Stephenie: it was my idea first. Hands off.


    And, yeah, I think there was somethin different about Bella and Edward that even Charlie noticed, so that’s why he let them get married.

  117. Poppy

    I Would Be Crushing On Edward If My Daughter Had Descided To Get Married So I Would Be Thinking Grab Him He’s A Keeper! And He Would Know So He Might Find That Creepy But He Is Irressitable.

    Anyhoo Yeah i wouldn’t Mind With Edward Cause She Really Loves Him And He Too With Her So Yeah I would Be Ok With That 😀

    But Uh…. Mike Newton On The Other Hand.. I Dunno He’s Cute And All And Funny. But Edward Just Has All The Charms For A Son In Law.

    And Thank You To Your Posts Kaleb This Thing Keeps Me Sane Otherwise There Wouldnt Be Anything Twilight – Books Related To Read – Read All Books A Dozen Times Still Cant Get Enough!

    Bye Kaleb xx Enjoy New Moon I Did!

  118. Pinky

    Well this was funny….Cant wait for you to read the next few chapters…should be a doosie of a post!!!

  119. Bookflower

    There is no way in which I approve of her getting married so young.
    I’m not actually that old yet, but I definately don’t want to get married before I’m finished Uni (or college as you Americans call it). I’ve seen a lot of relationship break down disarstrously in that period and that, I think it when someone begins to establish themselve as a individual and work out who they truly are, without someone else influencing them. Bella was robbed of this chance – she will develop with Edwrd, just say if something happened to Edward, Bella won’t know who she, in herself, was anymore.
    So, no, I wouldn’t appprove of her marrying Mike Newtown so young either.

  120. Katherine M.

    getting married so young – if it makes her happy
    edward – YES!
    mike – not in a million years!

  121. response

    to both candidates –> probably not. if they were a bit older, like 20, then I’d be more likely to be okay with it. But ultimately it would be her choice, and if they were sure it was what they really wanted then I’d probably be able to live with it.

  122. Susie

    Marrying Mike Newton = epic fail at any age

    If my daughter married Edward…hmm. I’d think she could wait a couple years.

  123. Maria

    If my 18-year old daughter decided that she wanted to get married I’d seriously consider locking her up like Rapunzel! Even Bella knows that getting married so young is neither wise nor responsible no matter how deep you think your feelings are. Because at 18 you’re not nearly mature enough to know what you’ll want for the rest of your life!
    But if I could choose between Edward or Mike I’d probably go for Edward because he’s more mature, he seems to adore her and, let’s face it, he’s loaded so at least they won’t starve! Ok, now I sound like a gold digger…

  124. Certifiable TwiMom

    First off kudos to you for picking up on the Centurion Card – I disregarded right away as some fictious creation. I can’t believe they are real! Which made me think, wouldn’t the townspeople also notice that the Cullens are buying 1/4 million $ worth of stuff every year? I mean there is only a certain amount of stuff you can buy and not be noticed.

    As a mom I wouldn’t be happy if my daughter married at 18, but I would support her. Everyone knows that trying to prevent people to do things backfires, so I would try to support her as much as reasonably would be possible. OTOH, I would take her back no problems if it didn’t work out. Bella’s mom has already pointed out that Bella and Edward have a strangely deep relationship, and I think her mom has basically resigned herself to fate. Can’t wait to see what you think of the rest of the book!

  125. Polly

    ewwww. can you imagine Jacob in Bella’s happy place with Edward? that would be weird.

  126. Becky

    Yay! Breaking Dawn!
    “I expect there are plenty of surprises for me in the following chapters”
    AHAHAHA! sorry. couldn’t help it, that’s just… you will eventually look back on this thought and laugh at how right it was.

    As for your question: I would be skeptical of it. I mean, if my hypothetical 18 year old daughter met a supposedly 17 year old guy and wanted to marry him, I’d probably say they were waaay to young. Regardless of how amazingly hot and rich he may be. And considering that Edward has already left Bella once in their short relationship… I’d be against it.

    But, I’m not a parent, so I can’t really say for certain.

  127. Micky

    Awsome job, finally on breaking dawn, ehh.

    A: If I was bella’s parent I would not want her to marry either one, I would make her wait longer before marriage.
    But i’m not bella’s mom and this is a fiction book so….
    Marry Edward, Vampires are EPIX~

    Werewolfs…. ehh… they’re ok… I guess…?

    By the way loved the gold digger refrence i’ve considered that lots of times, and I also thought about her and edward if he wasn’t a Immortal Vampire God, (Ok i’m exagerating a little) it would’nt be such a love story if he was really 108 years old, but it would add quite a twist!

  128. Rachel

    I’d be dead if I got married that young, no matter who the person was.
    And personally, I don’t exactly agree with getting married that young. But in the book’s case, it sort of had to be that way.

  129. Mattie

    Well, I think i would accept my daughter marrying an Edward beuase he is obviously very mature for his age (figures) and well Bella is hardly the typical teenage girl. it’s like what Renee said…she never has been a teenager. And no i would not permit her to marry Mike as well another reason i would accpet Bella marrying Edward is the way they are around each other. it’s special. (as renee also said) it’s like Bella subcontiously is pulled towards him…even when they ajust movements and it would be quite obvious how much Edward loves her as renee said he looks like he is ready to put himself infront of a bullet to save her. As you can tell i have no copy of the book with me otherwise i’d quote 😀 I think you wil like Breaking Dawn well at least the middle bit (it’s split in 3 parts)…u’ll find it very interesting i think :)

  130. Jennyluxx

    I would probably not agree with the marriage but end up agreeing with it.
    a. it’s Edward! He’s very mature for his age!
    b. Bella was never really a teen.
    c. it would be a definite no if it was Mike or Jacob

    Good job and I’ll be waiting to hear ch.2!!
    I’m so excited that you’re reading Breaking Dawn! Its my favorite one! =D

  131. Rachael

    Ha ha ha! Dr Seuss!

  132. Nicole

    Well as a parent I would definately want to know what the rush was all about. Seeing as they both just graduated highschool. However even thought I’d voice my opinion I couldnt force her because she’d before an adult.

    Bella was 18 and there was nothing her parents could really do to stop her from marrying Edward….all you can do for your children after they are 18 is advise, but you cannot coerce. They must live their lives as they see fit and you must trust that you raised them to go right.

  133. SayuriTeriyaki

    i would let her marry Edward because that´s what will make her happy…aren´t parents supossed to want that??? mmm…about Mike…nope,not at all…he´s just so plain…not the right guy for her…i mean,even if they were a couple it would be obvious that they are not meant to be…
    yay!!! you finally started Breaking Dawn!!! I was so happy when I read this chapter…you know,all the bliss Bella is soaking(haha)and anticipation…

  134. rhiannonanne

    as a parent, i would not approve of getting married so young. my approach would be to express that opinion clearly (and respectfully) once, then support my daughter in whichever choice she decided to make.

    again, i would let her make her own decision, but inwardly i would always be a little disappointed if she married the newt. he’s kind of the ricecake of guys, and bella is clearly anything but average, adequate, or boring.

  135. rhiannonanne

    p.s. GREAT song pick!!

  136. Crystal

    As a parent, I wouldn’t support my daughter making those kind of decisions–let alone this guy being her first boyfriend and all–. But she’s eighteen, so it’s her decision. If I had known the reason to get married in such a rush, I’d have thought about it more precisely, agreeing at the end. It’s her life, not mine.

    It’s AN European car.

  137. Bella

    If I was a parent and my daughter came to me with her boyfriend and sat there and told me she was getting married, I wouldn’t mind. I would be proud. If I liked the guy and thought he was good then yes that’s a keeper. If she really liked this boy enough to get married then she must have a reason. As long as he wasn’t anything like a druh dealer or anything. If she had a good head on her shoulders and he was okay or better than okay then yes I would let them. Give them my blessing. I wouldn’t have that big a problem. It’s her life and she should be able to live her life the way she wants and spend it with whom ever she wants. I would know this would happen eventually anyway if I was a parent.

  138. Bella

    I would have a cow if Bella married Mike… He is a stick in the mud..always do this dont go with him I dont like Cullen… WELL I DO!!! so I wouldnt like if she married Mike…omg thats a good story AU!!! Bella marries mike hahah. ITS AU PEOPLE!! NOT REAL!!!lol

  139. ChelseaLee

    I read “Megacat”, I sing “Spaghetti Cat”.

  140. Meghan

    Breaking dawn… sigh.
    Stephenie could have made it ten times better. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do… the plot had so much potential, so much build-up from the first three books and then… boom. crash. hopes-are-destroyed-type music.

    Anyway, to answer the question:

    Well, if Bella was marrying Edward so young and I was her parent, I would first try to steal Edward from her, but after that terrible, terrible attempt, I would be angry. Eighteen is way too young to be married. (However, I think Bella made the right decision due to the circumstances in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse, mainly the circumstance dealing with the fact that her love was frozen at the age of seventeen).

    If Bella was marrying Mike Newton, I would be even angrier, because I hate Mike so much…however, it would be quite the funny story…

  141. Meghan

    P.S. I started laughing EXTREMELY hard at the Megacat thing. I could totally tell that you were a writer when you wrote the whole “they the megacat appears…” section, it sounded EXACTLY like the inside flap of a book.

    P.P.S. The LexKalebCon looks pretty amazing!!

  142. Shannah

    Okay… for the rest of Breaking Dawn (When it starts getting bad I mean. And you’ll know when it happens) please, please PLEASE do not feel pressured by annoying fangirls to be positive. Bash it is much as you want.

  143. ulrika

    I would probably think it was a bit wierd if i would have been Bellas mum but since Edward is freakin’ gorgeous I probably wouldn’t mind 😉 Although I might have been a bit jelous. And Edward is definitly a better choise than Mike 😉

  144. Hélène

    Hello Kaleb!

    I’m 20 years old and I’m french. Your Twilight website is the funniest and the most interesting one I’ve found on the internet, so congratulation!

    If I were Bella’s mother I would really freak out about this wedding! Actually if were Bella I would freak out too… I would never get married until I have a job, my own house and a lot of grown-up stuffs I am not intending to get now!! But that’s true, if the groom was Edward, I would think a little bit more about it…

    Thank you very much for your hilarious comments on the twilight books, and please don’t mind my english mistakes!

  145. Claudia

    OME!!! First of all I’m glad you got to Breaking Dawn finally!!!

    *tears* I remember the time the design of your site used to be Twilight..ok moving on.

    I never gave on thought to Bella’s black card and OME!!! Edward is too extravagant, I mean I don’t even have one credit card, I mean they won’t even approve me for one, but her black little card can probably buy my house with cars and furniture included, ok moving on…

    Yeah I would mind if my 18 yr old child wanted to get married, because she’s so young and not experienced in serious adult relationship, even if it was Edward, now me thats a different story I think I could have married Edward at 18 😉

  146. kris

    omg, “the megacat”!!!! LMAO
    anyways, no, i wouldn’t let my 17 year old daughter get married, no matter who was the groom…..
    ….ok, ok maybe i’d make an exception for someone like Edward, but Mike Newton? NO WAY!!!! LOL

  147. chris

    Jacob black is so hot!!!!!serious. but edward is so fucking ugly!!!!!!So true ok those people that like Edward…bella is so fucking white.it looks like she saw a ghost.well again JACOB BLACK IS SOOOOOOOO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. Cara

    Ahahha, Megacat. :)
    I think that I wouldn’t be too happy about her getting married so young, though if she were to, I would prefer her being married young to Edward rather than Mike, seeing how he’s such a gentleman :)
    Indeed, it is “a European” because its pronounced with a Y sound.

  149. Megan

    If I were Bella’s parent I would definitely be happy for her if she was marrying Edward. I mean, I know that she is young, but anyone in a 100 mile radius can tell that they’re irrevocably in love. On the other hand if she was marrying Mike Newton I would have to go with no.

  150. Sophie

    YouTube won’t let me post anything, so I’m posting the video comment here instead. Technology hates me with an everlasting, burning passion. (My friends would back me up on this.)

    I can’t wait to read your book!
    Fiction and fantasy are my favorite. Anything like that, really; however, I like In Cold Blood. Then there’s Jane Austen and Wuthering Heights. Right now I’m reading The Catcher in the Rye for English, and I love it! It’s always exciting when you love a book that’s technically considered homework, don’t you think?
    Ooo, the ARC talk reminded me of my English class’ website (www.not requiredreading.com). Sometimes we get ARC’s to review, which is always exciting.

  151. Chelsey

    As always, Kaleb, your posts make me roll laughing.

    I think if I were a parent I would be okay with my daughter getting married that young, especially to someone like Edward. I think everyone, especially Renee and Charlie know that they’re in love, and like above posters said, he is the ideal guy- able to provide, polite, well educated, etc. However, if she were marrying Jacob, that would be a different story. Somehow I can’t see Renee being okay with her and Jacob, and I don’t think Charlie would take it well. Nor would they if she were marrying Mike. However, that does make an interesting* plot for some fanfiction. Which would be rather hilarious, if you think about it.

    *On the grammer fail: It’s “a European car” The rule was created to provide better sentence fluency with the transition of vowel sounds. Since “European” has a ‘y’ sound instead of a typical ‘e’ vowel sound at the beginning, there is no need to put an “an” in front of it. However, if you were pointing out a letter in a paper, you would say “an N” or “an M” because when you say those letters you make an “e” sound at the beginning. Ah, the glories of English.

  152. o_0~MeGaN~FaYe~0_o

    Yeah the credit card is actually really cool looking. I don’t have one, but I used to work on the rich side of town, and every now and them someone would use theirs…they are heavy, and not nearly as thick as you would think, but they are like ice cold to the touch….. As far as the question goes, I like to think of myself as an open minded person, so I would like to think that if I felt my son our daughter was truly happy, then I could stand behind that.

  153. ingrid

    Breaking Dawn is the bst book ever cant wait till the movie comes out im crazy for the whole Twilight Saga im obssess with all the books and the movie hope tat thay make more money about all of the books

  154. Katiepie

    Bella's proven to be more mature than most teens her age. I would have to agree with Renee, when she says that Bella's never been an ordinary teenager. And personally, I think it'd be better for them to get married with their parents approval, rather than 'forcing' them to elope to Alaska without it. Who knows what ceremonies they'd hold up there with the penguins…

  155. tia_jb10

    i would be fine with them gettin married with a child like bella i can trust that she would make the rite decision and edward is amazing so i cant see why anyone wouldnt approve.oh and i personaly dont like mike n. hes soooo annoying i would not allow bella to be in 100 feet of mike no offense to mike but im glad bella didnt end up with him i really cant stand mike but i do like him when hes not all wanting to go out with bella when hes “just” her friend.

  156. marissa

    well if bella were my child i would probably be okay with it because i know that her and edward really love each other and i also know that edward will not let anything bad happen to bella. bella is a person who will make the right decision. i would be able to trust her. she is a smart girl and a very good person.

  157. Caroline "Rosalie-look-a-like"

    It is does'nt really make a difference to the parents if Bella marries Edward or Mike, they don't know that Edward is a vampire and Mike isn't. Her Dad may like it better however because he always thought Mike Newton was “a nice boy” but everyone knows Charlie's dream is for Bella to marry Jacob. If I was Bella, I would personally choose Jacob, he has always been there for her.

  158. emily boone

    i love the twilight series its awsome ive read every book at least 6 times already

  159. daydreamer13

    i have a few things to tell you Katiepie, about alaska. one i live in alaska. two there are no penguines here there in antartica. and if you think that we live in igoloes your plain out stupied. we live in house's just like aneywhere else in the world.

  160. daydreamer13

    if i were bella's parents i were trust her jugment to be the right one and for her to make the right choice.

  161. bkackes

    i like ur answer kool

  162. NuttyNetty

    thank you so much :)

  163. DramaQueen

    I'v been wanting to read this book but I can't because I'm on New Moon. I'm half way through chapter 10. I love this series!!!

  164. orangegirl10

    I read eclipse but not breaking dawn and i cant wait i almost cried at the end of eclipse. My favorite quote from eclipse was “The clouds i can handle. But i cant fight with an eclipse.” Jacob says that to bella when she ays that he is her sun!!!!! so romantic

  165. carolina

    Hahaha funny pics
    OMG i just luv the twilight saga

  166. jordan

    uhh, wheres the chapter??? all I hear si your babbling about the chapter

  167. w061204

    I married my high school sweetheart just 2 weeks after graduation and that was 5 years ago. I loved him and knew what I wanted so I personally see no problem with this obviously.

  168. wolfbaby17

    im wondering where i can read the real story online?

  169. Raine

    Um how old are you coz i think i know you

  170. Alynna Ramos

    ok if I were Bella's parents I would agree she could marry Edward Cullen me because he could take care of her no matter wat and if Bella truly loves him……..And if theyre sure that they could handle there problems together…
    With Mike Newton no way his not that attractive sort of and I really dont think he could handle a good relationship even if they were married! sorry for the late comment ive read this like a year ago I kinda forgot and I checked out this website again then i remembered bout this haha sorry!but really i love ur website!

  171. Alynna Ramos

    really so how are u and ur wife now?

  172. Cheese_montoya

    hey alynna ramos do you like pie

  173. Winnie

    It depends on if bella really loves edward ormike newton but mainly edward.And if she wants to spend the rest of her ife with that guy what kind of parent would i be to stop her

  174. Winnie

    It depends on if bella really loves edward ormike newton but mainly edward.And if she wants to spend the rest of her ife with that guy what kind of parent would i be to stop her

  175. Kiana

    why cant i read the book

  176. Meganmarch332

    dosnt any1 no where i can read the whole book? Its annoying having to and look and type and click through the internet- think iv'e found what im looking for and it ends up being some website like this!!!! (mood-aggarvated)

  177. Meganmarch332

    why is every 1 talkin about edward and MIKE what bout edward and JACOB i mean seriously though mikes barely in any of the movies hellooo anyone notice that???????????????

  178. KalebNation

    Why not try being a decent human being and going buy the book in stores, instead of trying to steal it online? You act as if I'm the bad person for not stealing it for you.

  179. Ayannatenise

    omg! i in love with edward cullen and i will say 3 words GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!

  180. Miranda_cyf

    hahahaahaha some kind of book!!!!!!!! fd up hahahahaha

  181. Maandacs

    Not that i will advice that to my own daughter, but i think and believe, iuf it was me….i will take the chance and go blind in marrying that someone whom i believe is the one, not necessarily a vampire but one that simulates the likeness of Edward. They will only pass this way once and to let that pass maybe a big mistake.

  182. Halofoxey

    it would suck if she married mike. she'd be NORMAL

  183. Mojojojo1234

    I am the biggest Twilight fan on the Earths surrface!!!!
    I think Bella is making a great coice picking Edward because somtimes Jacob can be a jerk!!!
    I love Renesme Carlie Cullen

  184. Samriddhi

    eww never mike edward i wud say yes but not coz of money

  185. Samriddhi

    if she is happy then i wud say yes

  186. Ninoskateague


  187. Ninoskateague

    i love twilight and im excited for breaking dawn. i even want my whole life to be like all the books in twilight. im super obsessed with all the books and movies. i hAVE TO WATCH BREAKING DAWN AND IM JACOB BLACK'S NUMBER 1 FAN. I LOVE HIM. HE MARRIES BELLAS DAUGHTER AND THATS AWESOME. TOTALLLY COOL!!!

  188. Delilah Grace

    It would be “A European car” because the way we pronounce “European” it begins pronounced something like “urapean” witch sounds slightly like “your a pee-in” so, think about it that way. “A European jerk just hit me with my car, causing my brand new copy of Breaking Dawn to fall into a puddle just as the bookstore closed for a week long holiday” is a good example.  

  189. iPod Freak

    ummm if i were bella's parent i would be happy for bella and edward. if it were mike newton, and i am not a big fan of him but i like how edward freaks out when bella talks about or is near him (and plus how edward reacts when he reads mike's mind!), i would feel the same way …… but not knowing the vampire side of the story i would feel like bella was being well taken care of.







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