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Not Another Twilight Parody: Part 1

April 1st, 2009 at 9:52 am by Kaleb Nation

The first part of the epic Twilight Movie Parody by M2 Productions is finally up (with my cameo included!). Happy April Fools Day everyone 😀

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65 Responses

  1. abby

    thanks for posting it, kaleb! you rule!

  2. abby

    i love how you’re thinking about gnomes… but seriously, who isn’t???

    check it out- first comment! finally!

  3. Twilighter's Hub

    ok that was weird..lol

  4. MsKittyCullen

    Zomg, LOL

    ”sex, money, sex, GNOMES.”

    I burst out lauging at that xD

    Will you get more parts in this? O:


  5. Megan

    Ahahahaha!!! I loved the quote from Can I Have Your Number! :)

    That was amazing 😀

  6. Jacqueline

    That was a very strange parody. funny though. I liked the gnomes part.

  7. Sabrina

    Lipstick…lol…gnomes…more lol! And Jasper??? Fell off my chair.
    Great stuff. Def worth the wait. Looking forward to the next installment.

  8. genevievech81

    WOW, that was awesome :) I was laughing so hard and great cameo. Can’t wait for the continuation.

  9. Chrystina

    That was great! I laughed so hard! I can’t wait for the second one!

    See everyone loves Kaleb!! And I’m not just saying that because it’s April Fools Day!

  10. Wren

    Wow, that was good and funny. I love the way they made fun of everything, and I loved it most because the TWI-GUY was in it! Thinking about gnomes while reading a Twilight book? Kaleb, please, think about gnomes after you put the book down. Stephenie Meyer’s stories are good enough without little guys in hats.

  11. Mavvy

    Loved it! Especially Jasper – he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend of mine! And every time Bella says “What the crap?!” I just die!

  12. Natalie

    Haha. Jasper, Heroine, and gnomes.

    That was AWESOME!!!! :)

  13. Natalie

    LOVE the new layout btw!

  14. Paige

    Gnomes! XD

    That made my day. :]

  15. Natalie D.

    I am not the same Natalie as number 12 and 13 just for a heads up. But I agree, the new layout is hilarious, I laughed so hard for ten minutes! Dr. Seuss! Classic!!
    The video was pretty funny. Jasper was great so was the “holy crap!” The best part was the Twilightguy’s cameo though. Gnomes! That is so Kaleb!!
    It was kind of creepy though that a girl played Edward…hummm…interesting. Is it because they are always the main focus of the videos? Do they make these videos together? Otherwise, it confused me.
    I love it when Jasper just eerily appears in the picture. That was fantastic.
    I know what kind of building they filmed the cafeteria and volleyball parts in. Way obvious. But I don’t want to say because then people will be prejudiced and not watch it anymore.
    Let’s just say the people in the video and Stephenie Meyer have more in common than just their love for Twilight…seems kind of great that they filmed it there.

  16. Anna


  17. Kate :]

    ahahaha that was SO great!!! Kaleb, you were pretty amazing! lol whens part two?!?!? cant wait :]

  18. suzanne k

    Yay! Kaleb cameo! It was awesome. I laughed So hard. It’s like this morning when I told my friend that the Jonas Brothers were going to be on the New Moon soundtrack XD
    Anways, this was great! Jasper was awesome (who didn’t love Japser?) and the gnome thing was brilliant. I can’t wait for part 2! XD

  19. Amber

    Jasper rocked.

    Kaleb you cameo had me laughing so hard. Especially combined with Liz&Kiera’s “sex” lmao

    Epic use of a “can I have your number” quote!

  20. Emily

    That is one of the most awesome parodies I’ve ever seen. LOVED IT!

    Part two can’t come soon enough.

  21. Krista


    I watched your cameo twice, Kaleb. You’re such a good actor, you SHOULD have played Edward Cullen. LMAO, I LOVE THIS!

  22. arikka

    this parody is so funny! i love m squared!
    it will probably be like 2-3 months before we get part 2 :(

  23. Tasheena

    I also agree with most of the funny parts listed but I just busted out laughing at the “La Push” break-down!

    “La Push the button…La Push the button again” :)

  24. margaretmay

    Hey! Great stuff.

    I just wanted to shout out to the Mormons – because that is totally a Mormon gym! I would recognize those slidey walls anywhere.

  25. Bayla

    That was hilarious! Especially your cameo 😛
    And the new banner… that’s especially funny because today I went to my school library (I go to high school) and beside the young adult books I saw THAT EXACT DR SEUSS BOOK! I was like o_O… anyway that’s so funny that you have that book in your banner.

  26. Trisha

    I love Melanie and Medya’s parodies so much, it’s rediculous. ^.^

    Now that they put Kaleb in there, it’s the perfect Parody!

  27. becky sue

    GNOMES! woo!

  28. Lexi

    haha margaret i noticed that it was a mormon gym too! anyways, that was a great parody. the part in the biology lab when edward says “that’s what she said” made me cry because i was laughing so hard.

  29. Morgen


    Did you have anything to do with this sight being over run by gnomes??? If you did ur a GENIUS! (not that u arent already)

  30. Delacy

    Love the gnomes!
    And, I may have been mistaken, but I thought I heard a mumbled, “Don’t mind Kaleb…he’s from the rez.” after the shot of you. Maybe I’m hearing things, but it cracked me up! :)

  31. Maggie

    THAT was HILARIOUS!!! Loved your cameo and the rez remark, and I loved Liz and Kiera’s sex haha… the whole thing was sssooosososo funny!!!

  32. Michelle

    I’ve already seen it, but I had to comment to you. I do love your cameo. It’s hilarious! Hey, at least you weren’t thinking “cats”. LOL

  33. Gabriela

    greatttt cameo!
    i was a little sad they chose a girl for edward though. it makes things alittle awkwarddddd

  34. Becky

    haha, epic.
    “La Push the button! La Push the button again!”

    and gnomes. of course.

  35. Medya [MSquared]

    Hey guys, just clearing something up about the whole girl playing Edward thing.
    Melanie and I started out making these videos together–her as Bella, me as Edward, so that’s how it’s always been. It’s not meant to be creepy; it’s meant to be funny.
    If this is your first time watching a video of ours, you probably think it’s awkward because you haven’t seen our others! You should check them out cause they’re way funnier than this one. =]
    And yeah Melanie’s Mormon, so we used her church for a couple of scenes. ;]

  36. Lizzie Hale

    lolz love the fact that you were thinking of gnomes 😀

  37. Icy Topaz

    “What the CRAP?!?!?!?”

  38. Blair11

    I agree with all the comments! Especially the “That’s what she said!” I was laughing so hard.
    Great parody! And great cameo Kaleb! Absolute fav!

  39. ashley

    hahah that was great. gnomes!

  40. Hunter Vala Cullen

    haha “gnomes” “Gnomes???” “Yeah don’t mind Kaleb…”

    This made my day!

  41. Stephanie K.

    Did they hunt you down?! OH NO! They know your hiding spot!

    And I seriously haven’t heard of these girls before, but seeing this, I LOVE THEM! Can we get some links to them? =]

  42. Angeliss

    Kaleb- head over to the Lexicon forum, if you haven’t already…

    It’s Kaleb Nation Day, apparently. The fangirls have finally realized Edward and Jacob are out of their reach, and decided to go after you instead. There’s an entire forum for you that I think you’ll enjoy.

  43. Danielle P

    haha april fools day has to be the best! your cameo was pure win, and so was the rest of the parody!

  44. Taylor Cullen

    This video made me lol. The real one is a lot better though!

  45. Mariana

    this made me realize what a jerk Edward is to bella… And I quote
    “What the crap?!”
    And, I think her ipod headphones really stay on in the movie

  46. Darcy

    Very well done! I love how Kristen Stewart’s odd facial expressions and reactions were down pat.

    Jasper…. funny funny funny!!!

    Great job! I can’t wait to see the next chapter.

  47. Katie

    haha Gnomes. I watch it just to see your part ahahah

  48. emma

    this is awesome! M2 productions rocks! I loved your cameo also! it was great! I can’t wait for the 2nd part to come out!

  49. Emily

    As much as I love Twilight I’d have to say that was freakin hilarious! I like how the much they payed attention to details like clothes and facial expressions. And the google about adrenaline rushes LOL that was sooo funny. Oh and nice cameo Kaleb! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  50. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Well, Kaleb, since you’re from the res…I think YOU need to be in the wolf pack! Come on now, show us those abs so we can see if you measure up:)

  51. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    BTW, I heard gnomes are the natural sworn enemies of werewolves……

  52. Sarziee

    lmfaooooo! omgg, This is even funnier than the nigahiga parody. =)

  53. Heather

    It was great! I especially loved your cameo, Kaleb lol. What’s funny is I watched this video after two hours of sleep (so I was like really over-zealously hysterical with laughter) and when I commented on the video I quoted your whole cameo bit, but spelled “gnomes” as “knomes.”


    Some kind YouTuber alerted me of my stupidity. Unfortunately there is no edit comment button on YouTube, so it will forever be there, mocking my intelligence.

  54. Priscilla


    ‘how did your ipod earphones stay in?’

    i love that. and u were in it too!!

  55. NuttyNetty

    It was AWESOME =] i loved the whole thing i had to call my sister to watch it too :>
    also i loved how you were “reading eclipse” and thinking of “gnomes” lol i was trying to figure out which part of the book that thought might have crossed your head xD

  56. Willes

    The Jasper was absolutely awesome! The weird thing he did when he appeared behind Edward.. Epic!

  57. tina

    Bizarre!! But funny!! I instantly recognized the gym and hallway of the church!! Round tables for dinners and wedding receptions!! Stage off the gym. Standard Mormon church!!

    I have to say, it is a little distracting that Edward is a female, but you guys have their expressions down!!

  58. donna

    7:50 to 7:55 HILARIOUS.La Push, La Push, La Push Push Push.

  59. Manda

    Omg this is so funny! i can’t wait 4 the next parts! “gnomes” Kaleb, HILARIOUS!!! Jasper was really funny 2, alnog with “wears gray coat”

  60. Vi

    its kinda awkward that edward’s a girl …
    but GREAT parody

  61. Beth

    Sex, money, sex, money, GNOMES!
    Aha! This made my day! :]

  62. Ashley

    So, the only part of that video that I actually enjoyed was, “Don't mind Kaleb. He's from the rez.”

  63. Justice

    OMG…so damn funny….anybody who loves (or hated) Twilight has to get the parody by Stephen Jenner
    Get it on Amazon. OMG!

  64. lindsay1994

    OMG this was too funny and the guy rho played eric is a good rapper

  65. lindsay1994

    OMG this was too funny and the guy rho played eric is a good rapper

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