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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 4 (Gesture)

April 15th, 2009 at 12:52 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is (The Symphony Of) Blase’ by Anberlin

And so they are wed: Edward and Bella are together at last, as we always knew they would end up. This wedding is magnificently organized by Alice, and just imagining it causes me to immediately remember this film:

Except, instead of Steve Martin, Charlie Swan; and instead of humans, a strange assortment of very nervous looking vampires and werewolves. What a wedding to remember!

Then, Jacob Black appears. I don’t understand. I really do not understand at all. I am completely baffled and perplexed. At what point does it become appropriate for an old boyfriend to come to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and then take her for his own private dance whilst kissing her hair the moment the groom (currently her husband) disappears? Where does this equate to Jacob being respectful to Edward and his wife — of all days, on the very evening they were wed? This, in my opinion, is but a less severe example of a groom who sleeps with one of the bridesmaids (I’ve once lived in an old Texas hicktown: this does happen 😀 ).

Now, understand that it would have been fine for Jacob to show up at the wedding. If I was Edward, I don’t think I would have any trouble with some of my new wife’s old guy friends making an appearance (on the grounds they are appearing just so that I can make them feel incredibly jealous 😀 ). But Jacob isn’t happy with just being there to wish his friend well. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating things I have read so far. Who does Jacob think he is?

People are going to ask  me why I am jumping so harshly upon Jacob Black, especially when I have tried so hard through writing my posts to understand him and to not choose any side. But this is because, as of this chapter, there are no Teams anymore. How can I be Team Jacob, if Team Edward won? It isn’t really a question of who would be better for her, since it is done. To be Switzerland at this point, in my opinion, would be to hang on to the hope that Bella will leave her husband in order to be with her ex-boyfriend. This is Twilight, not some daytime drama.

Sounds like an episode from this show

Sounds like an episode from this show

Still, as usual, it is easy to be against Jacob without looking at things from his point of view. Completely disregarding all courtesy and respect for Edward and Bella, what sort of horrible heartbreak must Jacob be going through right now? This poor guy has tried everything he can to convince Bella she is making a mistake, and even then he can’t give up, when his chance is gone and there is really no more reason to fight for her. I can’t even imagine if I was Jacob Black at that wedding, dancing with the girl I loved more than anything else in the world, and knowing that it is perhaps the last time I’d ever get to, since after that she is someone elses. I know that Jacob probably wishes that time would stop then, because he never wants to leave that last moment.

This type of thing can tear someone apart wondering what might have been if Bella had chosen to remain a human with Jacob. Setting aside all the questions of who is good for Bella, and who shouldn’t have come to the wedding, and all the Teams and Switzerlands: this marriage is going to be hard on everyone. Werewolves and vampires have entirely new treaties to deal with, Jacob must find someone new, and now Edward and Bella must deal with their new life together: and, Bella’s new life as a vampire. Things would have been far simpler had she not fallen in love with Edward. But, things might not have had such a happy ending.

I feel there is a good resolution, however, to Jacob’s feelings for Bella, and that Jacob finally owns up to what he must do:

“Are you happy, Bella?” (Jacob said.)


“Okay.” I felt his shoulders shrug. “That’s the main thing, I guess […] I’m just here to be your friend. Your best friend, one last time.”

Those final words are the reason I chose the song for this chapter: in a way, I think Jacob feels this could be his last goodbye to Bella, or at least the last time he will really get to hold her. After this day, she is all Edward’s. My respect for Jacob, who might finally be maturing, has grown considerably: and even with my criticisms of his choices, I still feel very bad for him as he is dragged away from Bella, once again with a broken heart.

So I shall throw my imaginary bag of rice in the direction of Bella and Edward, bid them best wishes on their honeymoon, and hope that all will soon be well with the broken-hearted Jacob: from whom I doubt I have heard the last.

Question For The Comments: Do you think that Jacob Black went too far at Bella’s wedding? Also, do you think he deserves to feel the way he does now, for hanging on to a girl who wasn’t his: or was it noble for him to try to change her mind up to the last day?


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188 Responses

  1. Josie

    First comment?? I hope so!!

  2. reinix

    Yeah… the whole Jacob thing was weird. It must've taken a lot of balls to go to that wedding, though (seeing how in love with her he was.) It was finally official he had to let go, and I guess he wanted to do it formally. Though, I'm not sure if it was a good or bad thing that he stayed in her life “as a friend.” It's just… I dunno. If they were truly in love, that friendship could never work out. I was always on Team Edward. I just couldn't see Bella's stubborn butt clicking with him. [Though I COULD see MYSELF with Jacob 😉 ]

  3. reinix

    Btw… why'd your comment system change?

  4. reinix

    Holy cow, I'm surprised there aren't more comments by now.

  5. Jessica

    So I think Jacob was just being himself, he always was affectionate. He didn't try to do anything more inappropriate than what he usually did. He would fight for her as long as it took, if he thought it would make a difference.

  6. CarolB790

    Yeah, I think Jacob did go to far at the wedding, but that's what I expected, I mean he IS Jacob! I understand the whole hanging on to her, but he should have given up by then, I mean, she's already Edward's wife..HELLO. A little too late to change her mind.

    lol @ gossip girl. I love that show.

  7. KalebNation

    Because this one is loads better, and it lets me reply to comments like this!


  8. reinix

    Oh, awesome! It's like a thread!
    Wait… is this what WordPress meant when they introduced threaded comments? I totally didn't even bother to check.

  9. Josie

    OME I was the first comment too!!!! YAY that never happens!!! Yeah what is up with the comment thing…not sure if I like it or not…

    No I think that it was wrong of Jacob to crash the wedding so to speak. Although he was invited to the wedding Bella did not want him there, so therefore he should have either not gone or stayed in the background as too not upset Bella. He also shouldn't have basically tried to piss everyone off at the wedding because to me that's kinda what it seemed like to me.

    <3 Josie

  10. Rach

    I think it was good that Jacob came to the wedding – it is what Bella wanted and by extension, what edward wanted.
    I understand what you were saying about “who does he think he is” but Jacob knew that Bella wanted him there (via Seth) and I think it was hard for him to be there.

    He really should not have lost his cool and potentially spoiled the wedding like that. Although, in his defence it came as a big shock that Bella and Edward planned to have a honeymoon. Just because he had lost to Edward doesn't mean he could stop caring about Bella and her safety.

    Oh and Kaleb – congrats on Best Male Twilight Site!! Keep up the awesome work!

  11. babybott330

    I think we're all having mixed reviews as to this new comment system. I, however, am stuck in my ways and not one for change. MySpace still has convinced me to go to 2.0.

    That said, Yes, I do think that Jacob went entirely too far. He asked questions he didn't really want the answers to, which all led into a huge amount of grief for everyone involved. It the one time I was honestly concerned for Bella's safety. He seemed too blind with rage to control himself, and when even Seth noticed it, I really wanted someone to pull Bella out of there.

    Then, just like that, it's all over, and Emmett is teasing her again. Good for Bella for finally saying she is going to shove something in a locked drawer and leave it there… and then doing it.

    As much as I love Jacob as a character, I've never loved him with Bella, and by choosing to involve himself in the personal details of her honeymoon, he allowed himself to be ripped back open, and he deserves what he gets. As Bella said along ago, way back in the first book, you don't really want to know everything that someone else is thinking. The only reason that Jacob has made absolutely no progress in getting over Bella is because he hasn't ever tried.

    Kaleb, you know what I would absolutely love? If you would record and post a video of you reading the next chapter. I really think it's the only way to handle it.

    So, no one else is going to post about what they think is happening tomorrow? You're not at 30,000 subs yet, so it can't be that. It has nothing to do with your book…. It's not your birthday. I'm perplexed. Maybe you're going to announce that you've got a new girlfriend? o.O

  12. Ana

    Well, the whole time i kinda had a feeling Jake would show up, I mean if not to ruin the wedding, to at least say goodbye to Bella. It took a lot of wolf balls to go there, I mean is not like noble Edward would've hurt him if he show up but to the fact that Bells had already chose Edward OVER HIM! Does he have dignity?! Jeez!! Anyway i don't think it was noble, but i do think he deserve one last goodbye! XD
    By the way, Love Father of the Bride!! Seen thousands of times! lol

  13. Jacqueline

    okay took me a minute to figure out how to comment here. I always sort of liked that Jacob came as a final goodbye. Bella was sad her best friend was heartbroken and took off, and she had wished he could be there as her friend. The one thing that bugged me though was it couldn't just be left as that. A best friend coming back to say goodbye and wish her well. He came to the wedding and started a fight over the honeymoon. In which then Edward felt bad for it being a “real honeymoon” as Jacob put it. And I feel it's none of Jacob's business. I personally feel that once Bella's decision was made to be with her first love, then there are certain things that the 2nd love has no right to be concerned about anymore. As harsh as that sounds. I think it just makes it worse and harder to let go. If you come back to say goodbye and agree to finally be the friend, and let her live her life with whom she chose, then you shouldn't start an argument on how she lives her life with her chosen one. That says to me you're not fully letting it go, and at some point even if it's with a broken heart you must move on.

  14. babybott330

    Wolf balls… hahahaha. Nicely put! I think Jacob established his lack of dignity long ago. o.O

  15. Rachel

    He was just being Jacob, who did take things too far even though Bella has always been Edwards.
    I like the new comment system!

  16. Caroline

    I think he went too far, but I suppose I understand why he wants to savor the last precious moments with the girl he'll never have before she completely slips away. I don't really think he was trying to change her mind though I'm sure he was thinking it. He is just trying to come to terms with accepting that he can't have her.

    I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter: Isle Esme

  17. tartar le freak

    Oh, just you wait. Things only get more extreme with Jacob from here. I really cannot wait for your reactions to some of the plot details later on in the book. Hopefully, nothing has been spoiled yet. I look forward to seeing your first reactions to the rather twisted things to come. When the time comes and you find out why Breaking Dawn is so controversial, I want to see your point of view. You are always strive to be unbiased, so this should be interesting when I believe you will be tempted to have a vehement reaction.

    I had the same reaction as you, Kaleb, when Jacob was too affectionate with Bella. I thought his probing for details of their honeymoon plans was completely intrusive. If Jacob wanted to make Bella happy by attending the ceremony, he could have done it in a less dramatic way.

  18. Lenka

    It wasn't only Jacob's last chance seeing Bella before she is forever Edward's, more importantly he sees it as his last chance being with her when she's still human and not some bloodthirsty newborn vampire who doesn't even recognize him. Her wedding or not, he could not let this chance escape, could he? He's just desperate, clinging on every minute when Bella stays Bella.

  19. NuttyNetty

    Jacob doesn't deserve to feel that way.
    i am Team Jacob, and while i was frustrated with his attitude at the wedding there are a couple of things we have to keep in mind. His First True Love does Not love him back = He's only 1617 so he doesn't know how to handle his emotions or make the right judgments/decisions. On top of that, he has trouble coping with keeping his thoughts to himself (with the pack) so there is no privacy! imagine being a teenager experiencing things for the first time and some of those things include sharing your deepest feelings and secrets with a whole pack of friends and enemies (leah lol)…. must be extremely tough.. AND who does he turn to for advice? Advice about “How does he tell the girl he loves not to marry the man of her dreams; who wants to taste her, can easily break her, and is his worst enemy because he is capable of killing dozens of humans at once for dinner? or How does he help his thoughts and feelings so the people in his pack don't see his pain?” If i were him i wouldn't know what to do anymore either. so i would just go with my instincts i suppose… because even if i gave it a lot of thought, i still wouldn't know what is the right thing to do…. I believe this is part of the learning process for him. And i think Bella understands him like that.

    anyway that is why i am team Jacob :) and NO kaleb Team Jacob doesn't mean you want Bella for Jacob anymore…. but that you prefer Jacob for yourself =] lol

  20. Kat

    Well, in my personal opinion, you seem to have overlooked a crucial point about why Jacob overreacts at the wedding… He is EXTREMELY concerned that Bella will be either hurt or killed because of her wish to have a “human” honeymoon. Yes, Jacob can be very pushy when it comes to his affections for Bella. But he gets the most concerned (and overprotective) when it comes to Bella's safety… From his perspective, Bella's relationship with Edward is dangerous and often destructive. He has a hard time understanding that Edward is such a good guy. Whereas we all understand that, because we hear the story from Bella's perspective.

    I think Jacob was prepared to wave the white flag, so to speak, until he heard that Bella might get hurt. Then, as usual, he lost control over his emotions. (Much like how he lost control when he found out Bella's intention to become a vampire.)

    So, yes, Jacob might have gone too far, especially since the situation easily could have turned into a confrontation between the vampires and the werewolves, which would spoil the wedding (to say the least)… But his intentions aren't quite as selfish as they might seem at first glance.

    That said, I completely agree with what you said about how, as of Chapter Three, there aren't really “teams” anymore. At least, not as far as who ends up with Bella is concerned. In that way, even though I love Jacob to pieces, I'm always Team Edward, since that was Bella's choice. :)

  21. Kat

    Also, I have no idea what the surprise is… I guess you might be giving something away? Anyway, I'm looking forward to finding out! :)

  22. Miajane

    Please tell me you have finally reached the number for the next giveaway!
    I want one of those pics badly!

  23. Mattie

    Yes i do think he went to far at the wedding. I can appreciate he was there just to make Bella happy and see her and i know he tried hard to be good but he had no right to fly of the handle like that. he had no right to well try and kill the groom when he heard something he did not like. But (being someone who is actually quite fond of Jacob ) i am glad he turned up as it just was like the icing on the cake for Bella and well it is her day and i wanted her to have the happiest day that well could be provided, also, i think Jacob deserved one last chance to see her becuase well to him she will be 'worse than dead' next time he would see her (btw i am telling you this as my opinion when i was reading this chapter so i'm ignoring my knoledge of what i know happens).
    And no it was not noble it was selfish becuase he knows this is what she wants and to stop her changing well he jsut wants her for himself…it isn't for the greater good or anything…Edward is the only noble one here as even though it will obviously be better for him if Bella changes he still would rather she stay human so she would enjoy her life better

  24. Feathers

    O Kaleb I do remember seeing you lately on GG
    Hahah yeaaa
    Read more!

  25. Jessica

    No, Jacob didn't go too far because, personally, I would have stopped reading the book if Jacob didn't come back. Yes, sure, it only took me like an hour to get to that point, or less, but still. It was sad enough when he left, but if he hadn't come back, the book would have been a fail, which it wasn't.

    Personally, I stand on a Team Jacob side because, yes, Edward won, but so? Just because your sports team lost the championship, it doesn't mean you have to drop all support for them and give in. It just makes you cheer harder for your team. Same here. Who's to say that Bella wasn't going to cheat with Jacob on her wedding night? Hmm? And who's to say that something else may not happen that would cause the pair of them to get together again?

    I am personally a Jacob fan because I cannot stand Edward Cullen. Bella was, well, idiotic, may I say, to marry him, but that was her choice, and I have mine. I like Jacob, because I – take note of that, I – would choose him.

  26. babybott330

    OOOOO! I just found out something HUGELY super special, happening, but it has nothing to do with Kaleb at all. TwiCurls fans check out their YouTube channel. Something AWESOME is happening!!

  27. Kpucine

    I don't think Jacob went too far at Bella's wedding. If he did, Bella would have told him, or at least, Edward would have done something (:. I think that dance is kinda a goodbye present she gave him. But it's also hard for Bella. Even if it's her choice to be with Edward and like Edward forever, she's also giving up her family, her friends, and in the case of Jacob, her best friend.
    But Jacob doesn't deserve to feel as he's feeling. I don't believe he actually wants to feel like that. He has no choice. It's stronger than him (if you see what I mean ^^), he can't help it.

    So, about the contest, are you going to give away one of the pics?? That would be awesome!! I can't wait to know what it'll be D:

  28. Mylles

    I just wish he would leave. I used to like Jacob. In New Moon he was a great guy. But what frusterated me was how much Bella liked him. Then When Jacob became a werwolf, his maturity levels seemed to drop from their already low point..
    You know this is a really pointless subject. Kaleb stop asking us these questions! My friends are die hard switzerland fans and I promised that I would change my ways from Jacob hater to you know like friend. You just keep making this harder!!!! Sorry, i overreacted still, we all no how this book ends! we shouldn't keep arguing about it on your website. Kay so you don't know but the rest of us who post do. kay i will just shut up now because i am making no sense at all. 😀

  29. Kristen

    Yeah, I do think that Jacob was WAAAAAAAAAAAAYY out of line at Bella's wedding. But, at the same time, it's hard for anyone to give up on the feeling of a first love, and Bella and Jacob have been through more than most people. As a strong member of Team Edward, I want to say that Jacob deserves to feel this way, but by this point in the story, his happiness is important to me too. Really, I do think that what he does/is doing is noble. He wants the very best for Bella, he wants to be able to be around her, he doesn't want to hurt her, and he's failing epicly in all of these areas in his opinion. Bella has closed the Jacob drawer, but these things still hurt her. She got what she wanted, for her friends and family to see that she made what SHE thought was the best choice, to marry Edward.

    Btw, “How can I be Team Jacob, if Team Edward won?” is the greatest thing that I've ever read. I'm just sayin'. lol.

  30. Mikayla

    I shall guess that it's either another Youtube contest of awesome, or a blogtv. I dunno. I'm wayyyy too tired to think too deeply about it.

  31. Erinn

    I think it was good of Jacob to come to the wedding. He had been invited afterall and Bella had made it clear to the readers that she wanted Jacob to be there but didn't want him to feel obligated. While their dacing Jacob says something along the lines of him getting only one dance and Bella said he could have as many dances as he wanted, so thrilled that her best man had come. Both of them needed some sort of closure.

    Besides, if Jacob's intentions were anything less than noble do you think Edward would have let him dance with Bella? I've never been Team Jacob simply because I knew he didn't stand a chance and Jacob sems to now realize that what's done is done. Admitedly, he shouldn't have flipped so much about the honeymon but werewolves are kind of known for thier insane tempers, not that that excuses his actions or anything.

    I don't think Jacob was being selfish. He was just trying to make Bella happy and you can't really argue that prior to the whole honeymoon fiasco, he was failing.

  32. Shyan

    I don't think that Jacob went to far by coming to the wedding. Without him there, it just felt that someone was missing and Bella definitely felt that way. She wanted him there as her friend and since its hard for him to be that, I think he did a pretty good job. He didn't try to kidnap her or plead her not to go with Edward. He wants her to be happy even if hes suffering.

  33. Fabi

    Wow, I can't believe no one is guessing what tomorrow is…its so easy.
    Its Twilightguy.com 1 year anniversary!!!!

  34. crystal

    I thought Jacob coming to see Bella at the wedding was nice. It could not have been easy for him. However, his making a huge fuss about honeymoon was so totally uncalled for, extremely rude and completely inappropriate. There is no excuse for it. Besides, Jacob really knows (though he would not admit it even to himself) how much Edward cares for Bella and would never consumate if he found it to be impossible. I felt that Jacob was still unconciously hoping and trying to get Bella back.

  35. Amanda M

    Jeez, Kaleb! Way to be uber harsh on my favorite character in the series! (*cuddles Jacob*)

    I don't get why everyone's always bashing the poor guy! Yeah, people can sympathize with him (like you do) but it seems like the vast majority of people are always so critical and hateful towards the poor guy! Sure, some of the things Jacob does are a bit immature and rash at times, but what more can you expect from a guy who's madly in love with the girl he can never have?

    Anyway, getting back to the question — I think that a large part of the reason Jacob showed up at the wedding was for Bella. She wanted him there more than anything… don't you remember her reaction when she first saw him? Being there, seeing Bella so happy with Edward, must have been torture for poor Jake… he probably wouldn't have shown up if it weren't for the fact that Bella was so worried about him and wanted him there so badly.

    He was being selfLESS, not selfISH when he made the decision to come to the wedding. But I think he underestimated just HOW hard it would be, especially when everything finally sunk-in. (hence his outburst of anger and almost-transformation).

    A lot of people say that they have a better understanding and a greater respect for Jacob after they finish Breaking Dawn… and I hope you're one of them! I really don't like BD very much, but I'm looking forward to seeing your reactions to it and finding out if your attitude toward Jacob changes at all :)

    I'm sorry for that little rant, but I'm very protective of my Jakey <3 Hahaha I sound like a psycho.

    Happy reading, Kaleb!

  36. Ella

    I know you’ve tried to understand Jacob and still have trouble dealing with the things he does, but I think comes from how you view Bella and Edward’s relationship. Repeatedly, you call Bella his and say you don’t know how Edward can tolerate it. Now, I do’nt mean for this to sound rude, but Bella is her own person. She chose Edward of her own volition. She picked him. She married him. And whereas Edward does not have to trust Jacob, he does have to trust his wife. He’s the only who thanked Jacob for being there, because it’s making his wife happy. He’s the one who left them alone, which just shows how much he has grown and matured – he does trust them.

    But Jacob says he’s just there to be her best friend one last time. Because after this, like you said, everything’s different. He has to say goodbye to Bella. And not because Bella is Edward’s now, but because Bella is no longer Bella to him. He has to give up all hope that Bella will change her mind and be with him. Jacob wants to live in an alternate reality, if only for a few moments, and believe it’s wedding night with Bella. That there weren’t vampires or werewolves…there’s just him and the woman he loves.

    Because as far as he knows, the next time he sees Bella, she’s going to be a vampire – aka his enemy. To him, he’s saying goodbye to her while she’s on her deathbed. She won’t be the same Bella he knows and loves after this. It isn’t that he lost the fight against Edward, because after all, this wasn’t a fight against him…in Jacob’s eyes, this was a life and death situation. He could give Bella life and Edward would be giving her death. Which Edward agreed with, which is why he refused to turn Bella for so long.

    The tables turn and things get out of control when Jacob’s alternate reality is broken. He wants to stay there, but he’s too curious…he wants to reassurance that she’s going to be okay. But Bella can give him that because they have two different definitions of being okay. He wants to trust that Edward will take care of her, vampire or not. It’s almost as though Jake is going through the stages of grief throughout the entire process. He denied it, he became angry, he was even bargaining, saying he’d kill her himself if that’s what Bella wanted.

    Undoubtedly, this is hardest of Jacob because he views that matter completely different and no one’s even listening to him. His whole world is changing. Once Bella is turned, the treaty is broken and it’s an all out war…against the woman he used to love. I couldn’t even imagine being in that position.

  37. Shiloh

    Well, i thought it was nice of Jacob to give Bella a nice wedding present by showing up, as well as behaving somewhat well. The only thing I thought he went to far with was the honeymoon. It was really none of his business, and he should of held in his feeling infront of Bella. it wasnt his place to overreact like that.

    But it's just what he does, think of how you would feel if the girl you absolutely loved was making such a horrid mistake (in his opinion) Now, after this, there is absolutely no hope to change her mind. The only reason he feels that way because he won't let her go. He has to realize that this is what she wants more than anything. If he can accept this finally, knowing that she will be with edward, he could begin to start to heal the wounds their strained relationship has created.

  38. genevievech81

    Great post!! For me Jacob is not just lossing Bella becuase she is marring Edward. Jacob knows that Bella wants to be changed into a Vampire and he will loose his human Bella that he loves so much.

  39. Shakesgirl

    For the first time I would have to be on Jacob's side here and say no he didn't over react.

    Her and Jacob where talking, Yes Jacob said way too much as usual. But at the same time Bella shouldn't have said what she said about her honeymoon, when she knows that stuff upsets Jacob, and an upset Jacob leads to a warewolf.

  40. Anlynne

    Like you, everyone should put themselves in the place of Jacob. Have the person you loved more than anything love someone else, to marry them. It would tear anyone up inside and possibly out. If you had one more chance to hold them, to feel them, even if it is at their wedding, no matter where it is, wouldn't you take it? Jacob is still her best friend and he deserved to be there. Sometimes, you have to see things for yourself and in a way he owed it to them – to whatever him and Bella could have been. It was their goodbye to that alternate future and the love they had for one another.

    As far as Edward goes, the regret he feels for leaving her, the gratitude to Jacob who'd taken care of her while he was gone, for loving her enough, Edward owed it to Jacob to give them a chance to mend. After all, he won, he had nothing to lose.

  41. Sarah

    Poor Jacob…

    I think, in the end, it was always going to be Edward and Bella, they just fit together perfectly. Although, I have to say, if I had to personally choose between Edward and Jacob I'd probably chose Jacob. I think that should be the definitions of the teams now. Of course we don't want our favourite guy to end up with Bella, we want him for ourselves.

    Anyway, about the special thing tomorrow isn't it the cover art of Bran Hambric?? It did say the 16th on the video, right?

  42. Nora

    Its going to be another Christian Serratos autograph I'm sure.

  43. Sallie

    I did Think Jacob went to far. I mean kissing her hair, everything.
    I don't give Jacob all the blame, Bella knew how sensitive he was when she was talking about her and Edward, and she just HAD to say something about the honeymoon. LOL .All and all, I thought it was a great chapter, the wedding was perfect.
    And no, I don't believe we've seen the last of Jacob, either XD

  44. tina

    Yay!! This is the kind of post I like…insightful, honest! I dare you to be this open about the next chapter!!! 😉

    I think Jake came as a gift. He did ask some questions he should not have, and when he got the answer, reality hit him in the face! He flipped out because he didn't want to think about Bella really being with Edward. By now, he knew that Edward would do everything in his power to keep Bella safe. His outburst was born purely of jealousy!! She was Edward's – it was final, and the honeymoon was just the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

    Read on, Kaleb!!!

  45. Debra

    While, yes I do think Jacob went too far at the wedding, it is Jacob and he seems to do that a lot. People also have to remember that he is only a teenager and will not act a mature as he probably should. While he had no business bringing up her honeymoon at all, he did, and I do understand why he got so upset, Edward is worried about the exact same thing. Can't wait for you to read more.

    And I have no idea what the special thing will be tomorrow, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

  46. Nora

    Oh, and also, I do think that Jacob went a little too far, considering the fact that he kissed her hair when she is still in a wedding dress, at her reception! When Bella told him to “butt out” of personal business when discussing the honeymoon/Bella's transformation, Jacob over-reacted. I feel that because she isn't his, and she IS Edward's he had no right to react that way. I know it is only because he loves her and does not want her to become a vampire but I still think that it's Bella's life and Jacob has no power over it anymore. I also think that Bella was a little to passive aggressive because she let it happen, with the whole kissing the hair thing.

    And Edward, I am Team Edward by the way, I feel that this moment is almost like the ending of Eclipse in a way. Because, although Bella is his now and they are together and in love, Bella still wants Jacob around, and Bella is still hurting Jacob, obviously but she is also hurting Edward in a way, because she doesn't want to let Jacob go. Edward, to me, is giving a huge sacrifice for Bella because he just absolutely loves her, to the very core of his being he wants nothing but for Bella to be happy.

    And in reply to your question, I believe that Jacob is noble just showing his face at this wedding, but at the same time I think that it is his fault for having his heart get broken again, if he had never came then this abysmal goodbye would never have torn his heart out again, like Bella in New Moon. Everytime these two say goodbye, its is another tear inside him, leaving him empty.


  47. Nora

    Kaleb, did you delete my comment with me guessing what the contest is because I'm right? haha

  48. Linia

    I think that Jacob didn't go too far at the wedding, he was just saying his goodbyes in his own Jacob-y way. However, I do think he deserves to feel how he does. Rather than saving Bella, he was more just tearing her apart. It would've been best for both of them if he could've just done one clean break. Though he did try at the end of New Moon/beginning of Eclipse, I feel he should've tried harder to just completely break off from Bella. It wasn't a noble or right thing to do to try to get her 'till the end– and technically, Bella could still get divorced. For all he knows, he still has a chance, after trying to get her through Edward and Bella dating, Edward and Bella being engaged, and now, he could still go after her in the Edward and Bella being married stage.

  49. Talkerwolf

    It's all changed, (the posting thing) Anyway….

    Yeah, I think he did take it a bit to far, why can't he just except that Bella loves Edward? But I do think he might feel like that, coz after all that he's done to try and tear them apart that it isn't wise for him to try and stay Bella's friend like that

  50. Nora

    My comment got deleted!

  51. Joyce

    Jacob's fears and concerns about Bella are very well founded. No one should read this book the first time this slow. You can reread it more slowly the second time.

  52. kassia

    Oh, bless you Kaleb, you understand!!

    I don't think Jacob went too far, he is as you said maturing and realizing as much as his heart might be broken (the Jacob fangirl in me tears), Bella is finally as completely with Edward as is possible. He just went to the wedding to see if Bella was happy. He is finally admitting that as hard as he fought for her love, Edward won, and he will accept the cosequenses with good grace. It also shows how much he loves her that he CAN do that, and that if he can't be with Bella, he will make sure that she will be happy over anything. *tear*

    Knowing as much as he does love Bella, he's going to try so hard to find some way to keep Bella from Edward not just because he wants Bella for himself, but he wants to keep her safe and happy and he can't see why Bella would want to be with Edward. Because he can't see why she loves him, Jake will keep trying to change her mind and make her see that she is making a mistake. He tried to keep Bella from Edward, but the last minute he understands that he can't do anything anymore and that Bella's happiness over-rules his broken heart. That's why he got so upset when Bella told him that she will have a normal as possible honeymoon, and they will have sex, and it's not just that Bella will have sex with Edward as Jacob is terrified that Edward will hurt her in some way and that Bella won't be happy anymore. He still might be young and a werewolf, but he has legitamate reasons for being so angry.

    Jacob doesn't deserve to be hurt. It might not look like it, but everything he does is because he loves Bella and it's for all good reasons. It just comes down to the fact that over everything, Bella loves Edward more, and her love for Jacob can't over rule that.

  53. Karli

    oh! of course! how come i didn't think of that?

  54. Samantha

    oooh! one of the best chapters in my opinion!
    and about your question…yes i think Jacob went a little to far..i realize that he still loves Bella and is hurting but i still thought it was a little strange..Like you said he has to accept that Edward won and he needs to move on. I liked your point in how it is slightly impossible to be anything but Team Edward by this point the series because Edward has 'won'. Even Team Switzerland doesn't make sense, because i highly doubt Bella would cheat on Edward.

    And i thought it was sort of dumb how Jacob got all defensive and violent when Bella told him she and Edward were going to have a “normal” honeymoon…what did he expect? They were going to get married but never…yeah okay you get what i'm saying…i just thought he should have known better than that..
    All in all i think that Jacob went a little too far by trying to win her over one last time after she was married, he should have given up (at least to me) after Edward had proposed and the wedding was set…Bella obviously chose Edwards love over Jacobs as hard as it might be to accept.

    can't wait for you to read more !!! 😀

  55. Cyn

    I'm all for Team Edward but I think I can sympathize for Jacob on this one. I mean, he does love Bella and he's losing her to his sworn enemy. But he should have been less touchy with Bella. After all, she JUST got married to Edward. And she does love Edward more (as we assume from the wedding) and if Bella was the one he was suppose to be with, how come he hasn't imprinted on her? So Jacob went a little too far when he could've had a nice slow dance (at arm's length) and talked about how they'll miss each other or any of that other stuff… He's been hurt a lot but he needs to start and try to move on from Bella.

  56. suzanne k

    Now that you mention it, I DO think Jacob went a bit too far. I mean, he knew they were getting married months in advance, so he didn't really have an excuse there. Still, I guess it's understandable how he came just to see her, because he loved her, even though he knew he'd lost.
    In a sense, I suppose he does he deserve what he got, but it just sounds WAY too harsh in that context. It's like the way Edward took everything Jacob threw at him in Eclipse, because he thought he deserved the pain for hurting Bella when he left in New Moon. my excuse for Edward leaving Bella, is that he just had no clue what he was doing to her when he left; like he said in Twilight, he had no experience in love, and no one in his familiy had ever fallen in love with a human, so he was all on his own for that one. So I don't think anyone really deserves to suffer.
    What I don't get about Jake, is how he actually came to their WEDDING to try and disuade Bella from doing what she was going to do. I mean, I get the fact that he tried in Eclipse, but NOW?! Seriously, love really does make fools out of people. Jeez.
    I was always Team Edward until Breaking Dawn, until I reverted to Team Switzerland (even though, like you said, the teams are pretty much dead now). I think you'll see why eventually.

  57. Kizmet

    It's not just that Bella will be Edward's. It's that Jacob believes Bella turning into a vampire is a worse fate than death.

  58. Natalie

    Finally!!! I congratulate you, Kaleb, for finally acknowledging that Jacob Black has gone too far this time. Thank you for finally joining the Team Edward winner's circle!! YEAH!!!

    But, I am glad that he came at all, marginally, because Bella was miserable without him at least saying one last goodbye (why, I have no idea!!). Yet, when he starts trying to convince her to change her mind once more, it shows that he has indeed gone too far. And it is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS concerning Bella and Edward's wedding night. He went too far. The end!! It is sad but it's the truth. He lost. I wish he would give up already!!
    And, yes, Edward and Bella were meant for each other. Jacob had always been a strange obstacle, he never belonged with her. Edward breaks my heart the way he always lets Bella keep going back to Jacob like this.

  59. Mavvy

    All I can say is that I would have been pretty upset if my ex or a guy I sorta-almost-kinda had a thing with showed up at my wedding and freaked out like that. No bride wants to get yelled at on her special day – even a non-bridezilla like Bella. And I can guarantee you that my husband would have minded – a LOT – and he's a pretty mellow guy about most stuff. In fact, I don't think I know a single man who would be okay with another guy putting the moves on his lady or freaking out in her general direction, wedding day or not. Boys do have a tendency to revert to cavemen in those situations. I can just see Edward whipping out a big club and bonking Jacob on the head before pulling Bella back to his cave by her hair. I think it's a latent instinct in men. Anyway, I found myself wishing that Bella would grow a spine in this chapter and just tell Jacob to go pound salt when the honeymoon issue initially was raised.

  60. Marie

    awwww :(
    i feel bad for Jacob! i no this might sound wierd because everyone is hating on him now but i feel soo bad for him! he was the one that helped Bella when Edward left! hes a part of her now and nothing can change that! even tho Edward will always be Bellas, Bella will always need both! she thinks she can live without Jacob but in the end she needs him too! he left a mark on her thats never fading and i think Edward needs to accecpt! BUT im not trying to make it seem that Jacob isnt at any fault here, he came to their wedding to be a gft for Bella to see her best friend. he should have shut up and minded is own because whatever Bella and Edward had planed for after the wedding is their life now! he had no say in it! but getting all mad was SSSOOOO uncalled for!! like take a chill pill! shes not yours! im happy Edward stepped in! and sam was right to be waiting by just in case! but other then the Jacob thing the wedding as AMAZING! Alice is amazing! Bella was soo lucky to have her to plan everything! the way stephenie described everything was beautiful! i really hope that their make a movie for this! BUT! back to the wedding/Jacob thing i wasnt really mad at him but when Bella and edward are leaving to go to the airport and jabob starts howling like his heart is being ripped out!!! I WAS PISSED!!! like WHAT THE F!??!!!?!! someone slapp him!!!! does anyone agree with me???

  61. jenb

    I loved the wedding (Alice did an AWESOME Job) up until Jacob showed up. Jacob showing up could have been a good thing (for Bella's sake because we know she wanted him there, why? I'll never get totally) but he ruined it by doing what he did & yes he did go too far. Bella was married to Edward she loves him more than anything & they are meant to be together. He knew for a few months they were going to be married so he really needed to start to move on, if he was meant to be with her he would have imprinted on Bella the first time he saw her after he became a wolf! (I got this from SM's website) This is yet another example of Jacob being his stupid, immature, annoying, teenage self and another example of why I am totally Team Edward and Jacob gets on my nerve A LOT of times. (just so you know I don't like the term ex-boyfriend to refer to Jacob or ex-girlfriend for Bella. they never dated she was always w/Edward, even when he was gone in NM. before Eclipse she never thought of Jacob that way & it was only because he manipulated her into that kiss & she saw what she would loose (humanity) by picking Edward. but that's because she's meant to be w/him.)

  62. Justine Lark

    Haven't read all the comments.

    Just want to say, I do not think he went too far. It was nice of him to show up. He freaked when he heard about the honeymoon. That is natural. To him it is like Bella said brightly, “I'm so happy. We're married now. And Edward's going to kill me.”

  63. Mel

    Well, i don´t think Jacob went to far. Jacob wished Bella to be happy, and seeing him and knowing Jake is safe seems to be somethimg that would make her happy. Also i think it´s very important for jake to be with bella even if it´s only as a best friend. He wants her to know that he´ll be there always.And when he freaked out abut her honeymoon is just natural. I mean, if it were you and the girl you loved just said that she´s going to do something that probably will kill her you would freak aot too.
    Jacob really matured. he knows it would hurt bella if he never came back. So he came back, no matter how much it´ll hurt him.
    And I think i know what is going on tomorrow. it´s twilightguy.com s first birthday!!!! 😀

  64. Krista_la

    Wow! 56 comments already! :)

    For the question- I think Jacob goes too far ALL the time (with or without realizing it). I'd love to elaborate, but I can't really explain. He's a silly bum. Ha ha, I was trying to do that without swearwords. :)

    Tee hee! It's coooooooming Kaleb. I CANNOT wait for the next chapter. Read it right now. You don't have a say. 😀

  65. beckysue

    Hmmm. I dont really think it was too over the top for jacob. and i love this song “congragulations” by blue october for this chapter (the music is really pretty and the lyrics are perfect):

    Is that seat taken
    Would you like to take a walk with me

    My mind it kind of goes fast
    I try to slow it down for you
    I think I'd love to take a drive
    I want to give you something
    I've been wanting to give to you for years
    My heart

    My heart, my pain won't cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu
    My heart won't take this cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu

    I came to see the light in my best friend
    You seemed as happy as you'd ever been
    My chance of being open was broken
    And now you're Mrs. him.

    My words they don't come out right
    But I'll try to say I'm happy for you
    I think I'm going to take that drive
    I want to give you something
    I've been wanting to give to you for years
    My hearts

    My heart, my pain won't cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu
    My heart
    My heart won't take this cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu

    And I can't change this
    I can never take it back
    But now I can't change your mind
    (You left me)
    And I can't this
    I can never take this back
    But now I can't change your mind
    can't change your mind
    (You left me)
    Can't change you mind
    (You left me)
    (You left me)
    (You left me)
    (You left me)

    Go away
    Make it go away

  66. Mandi

    Ok so, firstly Edward invited Jake to the wedding at the end of Eclipse, that was the reason why he ran away. But Jake shouldn't have gotten all up in Ed's wife's grill at the wedding, he could have came said his wishes and moved on. They are married now, so its time to move on. Jake should know that Bella is not for him for one she wanted & married Edward, 2nd Jake did not imprint on Bella that should tell him right there. And he should not be all up on their sex life, that is none of Jake's biz-nass at all. So yes Jake was out of line causing dramaz at a wedding, that is not very classy if you ask me lol. Jake needs to realize that he did not get the girl so either be in her life as a friend only or go on some where his chances are over. period.
    Oh goodie, I cannot wait to see your responses to the next few chapters…this is where it gets ::interesting:: LOL

  67. Jennifer

    I do think Jacob went to far with this one. I feel his pain at having lost the girl he loved, but come on they.are.married! I can't conceive how this is considered appropriate. Sure Jacob tries to throw in a few comments about letting go and just being friends, but this scene is just too intimate. Perhaps if he just attended the wedding, in the background, I would be more sympathetic. To me it's just more of his empty promises to be friends and let her go, but he still hasn't actually done it. And how about how he hurts her arm and practically ruins the wedding! And the distant howling! Once again, he is preying on Bella's emotions making her feel guilty.

  68. Melissa

    Even though I've always been Team Edward, it hasn't diminished my affection for the impossibly human and teenage Jacob Black. He was out of line, but when hasn't he been? There have been quite a few times where I just wanted to shout “Oh for pete's sake, Jacob, just GO AWAY!” But I wouldn't want him to disappear permanently. Jacob's total lack of emotional control is the perfect counterpoint to Edward's unshakable emotional control. Jake can't help being out of line any more than Edward can help drinking blood. So, did he act like a total nitwit? Absolutely. Could he have acted any other way? I doubt it. At least Edward didn't kick his werewolf butt straight back to La Push, which he had every right to do.

  69. christina

    jacob went WAYYYYYY too far with this whole showing up at the wedding thing. i mean, sure, it was sweet and nice of him to come and see her and say goodbye. but that wasnt all he wanted to do! he was trying to guilt bella into thinking she made a mistake and feel sorry for him. hello!! she just got married like not even two hours ago. and then he got all up in her personal business about her marriage. and then imagine how edward feels after jacobs gone! jacob caused all this stress for everyone because he cant get over himself and move on!

    and THANK YOU kaleb for FINALY calling jacob out! you have NO IDEA how uber mad jacob makes me in this chapter so thanks for recognizing his idiodicy

  70. kitkat

    @ the last bit, soooooo true! Although I love Jacob (Team taycob, right?), this competition makes me think of the Harry/Hermione shippers that continued to hope even after J.K Rowling admitted that Hermione and Ron were going to be together.

  71. Heather

    I kinda admire Jacob, in a way. Bella, to Jacob, is almost like Edward is to Bella (confused? =D)
    He can't let go. and, if not for Bella letting it slip about the whole sex thing, I think Jacob would have held it together.
    He was, in a way, giving Bella his blessing… despite what he thought was right.
    You're right, he is growing up.
    Of course, being a werewolf can do that to you…
    But, no. I don't think he went too far. Jacob knew Bella still wanted to be friends, and he was trying to do that for her…
    If he was trying to change Bella's mind, he would have told her to run away with him or something…
    No, Jacob was showing Bella that he accepted what she chose, even if he hated it. I felt so bad for him.
    Noble and brave and nice. That's what he was being… well, until he lost it.
    But, he tried his hardest not to bust. That's what counts…

    And Edward, as always, was nice enough to let Jacob try to patch things up with Bella…
    Honestly, do you thing Edward would have let Bella near Jacob if it was otherwise?
    They're both just great guys, i think…

    (and i'm not a Team/fan person either. I like everybody… and i'm not on anybody's side.)

  72. Twilightaholic

    As much as I have never ever ever had any respect or like for Jacob, I can't say I was surprised that he showed up that way–come on, its Jacob. He doesn't care if he's being rude, annoying, or just downright ridiculous–he's still going to do it!
    But, and as a solid Team Edward fan this came as a shock to me, Breaking Dawn was when I really liked Jake. A) He's out of the way, and he knows that Bella has never been his and he can stop trying to change that. B) Since he stops being so absurd, you can stop to take a look at who he is as a person.
    You'll see that I think, as well, Kaleb, as you keep reading. I could definitely tolerate him in this book–he was even likable. I gain a lot of respect for him in BD, too.
    You know what's funny, Kaleb? I started re-reading the series for the umpteenth time just last weekend, and I'm already on Breaking Dawn! Chapter 6! Hehe. It was funny…when I got past chapter 4 I was like “yes! I passed Kaleb!”

  73. Ada

    It is kinda frustrating when I know what is going to happend and I don't want to spoil anything..

    and then about Jacob and the wedding:
    I think it was selfless of him to go to the wedding for Bella, but then again, was it only for her?
    And yes, he did go a little overboard 😛 He should not have asked her about the honeymoon thingy (quoting bella) it's really not his buisness xD

    (ignore any wrong spelling)

  74. Iris

    I pictured the same movie while reading Breaking Dawn…haha 😀

  75. KountessKoRnGiRl

    I think it was a it to much for Jake to come. Honestly I can't even believe that Edward did allow Jake alone with her. But I can see that he wants to trust her enough to leave them alone, and had I been Edward I WOULD trust bella… I just wouldn't trust Jacob.
    But you're right it does seem like Jake is finally maturing a bit. I'm glad he finally accepted that it is over. But then of course he ruined the almost happy moment. Though by the time I had read Breaking Dawn I had already formed a dislike of Jacob for the pure fact that he tried to force himself on her, and so I really couldn't forgive him here the first time I read Breaking Dawn. After reading it again a couple times and looking at it a couple different ways I accept Jake a tiny bit more but I still have a feeling of dislike toward Jacob Black and to be truthful ANY man who tries to force himself on a woman. But then I just don't like people like that.

    Tell me Kaleb… had you been in a position like Jake (minus the vamps and wolves) would you have tried as hard as Jake did even going as far as to force yourself upon the girl? I think that if Jake was REALLY in love with her he would only want her to be happy. Do you agree?

    So yeah I do think Jake went overboard.

    Oh and I can't wait 'til tomorrow!!! Maybe you're giving away one of the books????

  76. KountessKoRnGiRl

    *sigh* first sentence should say: “it was a *bit* to much”

  77. KountessKoRnGiRl

    WTF???? Ok so i just posted a really long comment and then I posted another because I was correcting a grammatical mistake and my first disappeared leaving the correction comment only.

    So if it doesn't come back this is a summary of what I said:

    I think he went VERY overboard. But then I think he crossed the line just coming. But then I've got a biased opinion being that I don't like Jacob for the pure fact that he tried to force himself on Bella. I just don't like people like that.

    I want to ask you Kaleb… Had you been in Jake's position (minus mythical creatures) would you have tried so hard to get the girl you love even going as far as to force yourself on her after she has already chosen someone over you? I believe if Jake had TRULY loved Bells he would have excepted this (even bitterly maybe) and just wanted Bella to be happy.

    Ohhh also can't wait til tomorrow! Perhaps giving away a book? =)

  78. rie

    Yes, it wasn't correct for Jacob to actually get things too far. Bella's already a married woman! And I wouldn't consider what Jacob did noble. It just doesn't feel right, you know, to let her be all gloomy in her wedding day.

    have a great time reading, Kaleb 😀 I love your desire to read this book 😉

  79. KalebNation

    Hello people,

    Is the new comment system deleting your comments? Because two people have said it is, but I now see them all here. It might have just been a temporary problem.


  80. Stephanie

    Im guessing blogtv tomorrow?? Thats usually the big thing, with the whole contest thing and what not (:

  81. Orla

    Wow, that was quick. I wasn't expecting another post so fast.
    Anyway, I was glad Jacob still showed up because in reality I'm a very greedy happily-ever-after person and I really would rather have everyone there or no wedding. Although, I really don't think he should have over-reacted so much ; he needs an anger management class or something. So that's my take on things, enjoy the rest of the book! 😀

  82. H.Fallon

    OK SO….I totally agree with you about Jacob being WAY out of line and not just at the wedding, but for a long time. I don't think it was nobel either. It was just pittiful. I mean, I get you love her but come on, there's a place that the line has to be drawn and you went over it a LONG time ago bud! Plus if he really loved her so much, her happiness would be #1 and he'd have stopped hanging around her and hurting her a while ago. There are times when I really like Jacob and he makes me laugh, but the times that make me hate him out number the good ones by a mile. In my opinion, when he left he should have stayed gone or at least out of Bella's life.

  83. BlueMoonLight

    I don't think that Jacob was out of line at the wedding, he was getting 'closure' or so it seemed. I don't think it was nessisarily NOBLE of him to try to win her over until the last day. I think he was more in denial and trying to lie to himself. FOR EXAMPLE In New Moon, after Edward returns and Bella is having her 'epiphany' she thinks back to that night with Jessica in Port Angles and her two options for hearing Edwards 'voice' 1 Insainity 2 her mind giving her what she thinks she wanted…when she figures out the third and true one 3 edward loves her. I think that Jacob was trying to convince himself that Bella would chose him [seeing as he KNOWS she loves him], like Bella tried to convince herself that Edward didn't love her [which he did/does] but when deep down he's in denial because her love for him just can't compare to the love she has for Edward.

    And a guess about tomorrow, are you giving away one (or all of) the signed books/cards?

  84. Rebekah

    I think it was nice of him to come but he reaaaaally shouldn't have been asking for honey-moon details. Really.

    Anyway… *snicker snicker* have fun reading the next couple chapters! *snicker* I agree with someone up there that you should video tape your reaction. lol…. so that's sort of awkward….. Good luck with the honey moon!

  85. Paige

    YAY!!! The honeymoon! I can NOT wait to see your reaction! LOL! Update soon!
    I am a Jacob hater and think he went too far. Showing up at your ex-girlfriend's wedding to another man is totally innapropriate. But of course you should also respect the fact that Bella does consider him a close friend, as stupid as she is for it. I only have 1 person in my group of friends who's Team Jacob, the rest of us are Jacob haters. So we get into a lot of heated debate about it. LOL! Jacob did deserve the punishment of seeing the girl he loves marry another man.

  86. Cathy

    There never was a Team Jacob. Bella was never going to be with anyone except Edward. Jacob keeps whistling–even at her wedding–but that train long since left the station. It's all FORESHADOWING people, leading up to the NESSIE SITUATION. Bella is dead without Edward–see most of New Moon. Even when she's with Jacob, she's … thinking about Edward. When Edward shows up again, she's not “mended”–she's “as if there had never been a hole.”

  87. Gianna

    yes i do think jacob went too far at the wedding.i mean its over.he lost her.edward won.jacob needed to get over that.i mean i think its fine that he showed up but he made me mad in that chapter lol.oh btw i LOVE the gossip girl pic!!!it was hilarious!!!!

  88. Albiku

    No, Jacob didn't go too far. He was invited to the wedding. Bella wanted him there. Edward wanted him there (he invited him when Bella refused to do it because she didn't want him to feel obligated and suffer even more). He was her best man, she said it herself. He was her best friend. I don't really get why you think that Jacob showing up was so wrong, Kaleb. I'm actually kind of disappointed with your thoughts on this chapter. Sorry, can't help it.

    And yeah, he got mad about the honeymoon. Are you guys so blind that you can't see his reasons? Even Edward knew he was right! Jacob knew that a honeymoon was too dangerous for Bella. He's been a wolf for MONTHS, so it's normal if he doesn't have as much control over himself as he had. Mix both reasons (his knowledge about the dangers of a honeymoon with a vampire and his wolf being much stronger inside himself after being in control for a lot of time) and voilá… Jacob looses his cool.

    Give him a break!!! He's so NOT the bad guy!!! He only wants the best for Bella, and that's why he fights so much over the things he thinks are bad for her.

    By the way, I'm Team Jacob. That doesn't mean I want him to win. Bella doesn't deserve him at all. When I say that I'm Team Jacob I'm saying that he's my favourite character.

    Well… A lot of people switched to Team Jacob after Breaking Dawn. Let's see what you think of him after you've read all the chapters. Don't be too harsh on him before seeing by yourself all his developement as a character. He's actually the most developed character of the series. You'll see.

    Greetings from Spain,


  89. Rachelle

    Do I think Jacob went to far at the wedding? Lets just say this – one of my best friends, who is 150% Team Jacob, was absolutely, royally pissed off at Jacob Black for what he did at their wedding. I wanted to castrate him. He's SOOO lucky he redemed himself….

  90. jussie

    To be there is one thing, To hide is another, If he was truely happy for her and a best friend he would have been there the whole day to support her as a ture friend would ex or not!! As for the honeymoon not his beewax and even your best GF would think twice about asking for details on that at least till after the event. Cant wait to read what you think of the next chapter??????

  91. Daniela

    I think Jacob being there was kind of a good gesture, but it is too much pain for everybody. Especially Jacob. I mean, he doesn't deserve it, because no one deserves that: watch your love getting married to somebody you hate, somebody you truly think is dangerous, knowing it is a mistake.
    I understand Jacob's point of view, that's why I feel sympathy for him.
    On the other hand, Edward should've been more careful, after all, she just became his wife, and it is not good to leave her alone with a guy like Jacob, knowing the relationship they shared.

    You have no idea how much I laughed with the Gossip Girl picture. Still laughing. I can't believe you are in Breaking Dawn, hope you enjoy the book like I did :D!!

    And, congratulations on YOUR book. Im very happy for you.

  92. Amanda

    I had figured that Jake would show up at the wedding, but in my scenerio it involved fighting. Yes, I do think he went too far. And I don't want to say that I necessarily think he deserves the way he's feeling, but I think that Bella made it very clear that she wasn't going to cahnge her mind in Eclipse, and it would have been less painful for BOTH of them if he'd just accepted that.

  93. Victoria

    OMG first, Father of the Bride is my all-time favorite movie!!!!!!!!! Seeing that clip made my day!
    Ok , now to answer the question. I was indifferent when Jacob showed up to the wedding. She just finished tying the knot with Edward so I knew that he could do nothing. They dance was cute, but he started to go too far! He asked too many rivate questions and he almost exploded into his wolf form there!!! It was soooo embarrasing!!! I was so happy when Edward showed up and took her away. Jacob is stupid and immature to not have noticed that he lost the battle. He will never get Bella!!!!! I can't believe that even after she got married he wouldn't give up.
    I LOVE what you had to say about Jacob!!!!!

  94. Molly

    I think it was totally resonable for Jacob to come back for one last time because he knows things will ever be the same again. I agree with you TG aka Kaleb with Jacob maturing and being the man he always was on the inside.

  95. his_singerr

    I'm torn, to tell you the truth on whether or not Jacob went too far. I know Jacob came back for Bella's sake (and his own subconsciously) and just wanted to see her still in human form one last time. Of course Jacob tried his best to stay in the best friend role, he was prying for details so he would know she was safe. And then he finds out they're going to have a “real” honeymoon, and he instantly thinks the one thing he hates most (vampires…Edward especially, I'm sure) is going to violate the one thing he loves most and probably kill her in the process. I personally am Team Edward, and have been from the start. However, Jacob is my favorite character in the series. And when I use the word 'violate' I know that sounds a little harsh given they're married adults, but from a werewolf's point of view, a werewolf madly in love, I'm sure that's what he sees it as. At this point all Jacob wants is Bella to be safe and human, and now he finds he she won't be either. I'd kinda freak out, too, if I were in his shoes.

  96. Nora

    I think that Jacob went too far on the kissing the hair thing. But at the same time Bella was being a bit passive aggressive because she let it happen. Jacob had no right to do this, considering the fact Bella is Edward's now and will always and forever be his. I don't mean to sound that Bella is a slave (lol) but Jacob needs to realize that. The fact that Jacob shows up with Bella still in her wedding dress and still at her reception is absolutely atrocious.

    I am Team Edward, by the way and I feel that Jacob is “digging his own grave” if you will by coming to the Cullen/Swan wedding. It is noble for him to even show his face at a wedding where the girl he loves is marrying his mortal enemy. But at the same time he does deserve to feel the way he does. If he hadn't come to give Bella the most abysmal goodybe of all eternity then he wouldn't be feeling the Bella did in New Moon: like there is a never-ending hole where his heart used to be. Every time these two say goodbye it is another tear on the corners of that hole. I know all the Team Jacob people will say that he is doing it because he loves her and will do anything to keep her human, but its Bella's wedding night for Kaleb's sake!!! And he overreacted to the most extreme degree when discussing Bella's honeymoon/transformation, and again I know it is only because he loves her but, Bella is already married and in love to Edward, and he needs to realize that.

    And Edward, barely anyone thinks of Edward in this situation. For some reason by the time I read this book the 4th time (12 in total), I could not stop thinking about how this is still like Eclipse. I don't think anyone can condrict when I say that Edward loves and adores Bella to the very core of his being and wants nothing but for her to be happy. And although he is married to her and that she is his for forever, it still kills him inside, again like in Eclipse. Because Bella still wants Jacob around and still wants him in her life. The fact that he left Bella still haunts him everyday and it kills him inside when he hears Bella's absolute love and happiness when she says Jacob's name.

    Sorry this is so long!!! I just have a lot to say about this topic, haha.


  97. Nora

    I think that Jacob went too far on the kissing the hair thing. But at the same time Bella was being a bit passive aggressive because she let it happen. Jacob had no right to do this, considering the fact Bella is Edward's now and will always and forever be his. I don't mean to sound that Bella is a slave (lol) but Jacob needs to realize that. The fact that Jacob shows up with Bella still in her wedding dress and still at her reception is absolutely atrocious.

    I am Team Edward, by the way and I feel that Jacob is “digging his own grave” if you will by coming to the Cullen/Swan wedding. It is noble for him to even show his face at a wedding where the girl he loves is marrying his mortal enemy. But at the same time he does deserve to feel the way he does. If he hadn't come to give Bella the most abysmal goodybe of all eternity then he wouldn't be feeling the Bella did in New Moon: like there is a never-ending hole where his heart used to be. Every time these two say goodbye it is another tear on the corners of that hole. I know all the Team Jacob people will say that he is doing it because he loves her and will do anything to keep her human, but its Bella's wedding night for Kaleb's sake!!! And he overreacted to the most extreme degree when discussing Bella's honeymoon/transformation, and again I know it is only because he loves her but, Bella is already married and in love to Edward, and he needs to realize that.

    And Edward, barely anyone thinks of Edward in this situation. For some reason by the time I read this book the 4th time (12 in total), I could not stop thinking about how this is still like Eclipse. I don't think anyone can condrict when I say that Edward loves and adores Bella to the very core of his being and wants nothing but for her to be happy. And although he is married to her and that she is his for forever, it still kills him inside, again like in Eclipse. Because Bella still wants Jacob around and still wants him in her life. The fact that he left Bella still haunts him everyday and it kills him inside when he hears Bella's absolute love and happiness when she says Jacob's name.

    Sorry this is so long!!!

  98. Vitaani

    Jacob didn't go to far when he went to Bella's wedding because she wanted him there as her best friend. She had no idea where he wasj, and was getting worried. It's a nice thing for Jacob to show up at the wedding even though it really hurt him to do so. I don't think he DESERVES to feel this way, but I think he should. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I know what I mean : ). I think he thinks it was the right thing to fight to take Bella out of a “dangerous” situation up until the last moment. I understand his point of view, even if I wouldn't have done the same thing.

  99. Rebecca

    Okay I haven't read all the posts so hopefully I'm not repeating 50 others but here's what I think: no, I don't think Jacob went too far. I think BELLA went too far. I will qualify this by admitting I am Team Edward for the most part but I have a huge appreciation for Jacob as a character and I fiercely love him in his own right but anyhoo…I digress…as I was saying…Bella has always been the problem because she can't let him go, even on her wedding night. Sometimes I worry about Edward's self esteem that he endures this tug of war with her. Even if she still has feelings for Jacob, friendly or otherwise, she needs to grow up and put them away. You're MARRIED now woman…time to devote yourself to your husband. She's hurting everyone–Jacob AND Edward–with her childish clinging to the past. I am often disappointed in her behavior and was especially so at this part. But she made up for it by ignoring his howling at the end. So those are my thoughts. Hmmm, this was fun….may post again sometime.

  100. MRK

    I must say, I was fairly annoyed with Jacob Black. For him to even pursue her to the level he has is highly unfair! As a werewolf, he could imprint on someone at any time, since he obviously hasn't imprinted to Bella…and then where would Bella be? He would leave her broken hearted without the love of her life AND without the best friend love she would have settled for with Jacob.
    I agree that for him to show up was great for Bella, but he took it too far, as usual! She made her choice and he has a problem respecting that. So all the people hating on Edward's controlling behavior in the beginning of Eclipse…where are you now? Because Jacob is refusing to respect Bella's decisions, which Edward learned quickly to do.
    Is Jacob better because He thinks remaining human is the best thing for Bella? His selfishness looks romantic because it's saving her humanity? At least Edward allowed and respected Bella's CHOICE…
    Whoops sorry, going a bit off topic :)
    Anyway, no, I'm not thrilled with JB's behavior at the wedding!

  101. Dye793

    I toally agree..except for the Team Edward part. The view you have is basically the view of all my fellow Team Jacob members. We believe that Bella is the main problem in this whole series. She has a hard time growing up and getting over the past and this is what makes Jacob keep fighting. He knows he still has a chance because Bella still has feelings for him.

  102. EmmaMJ

    Technically, Jacob was invited to the wedding by Edward (at the end of Eclipse) b/c Edward knew how important it was for Bella to have Jacob there. Plus, Bella says that that was Edward's gift for her, to have Jacob there and to dance with him. Jacob might've gone too far with telling her certain things about her husband, but then again, he is her best friend. And I have to agree, he does grow up a bit and telling her that all that matters is that she is happy.

    Jacob, nor anyone, deserves to feel the way he does. If I were him, I do not know if I would've been able to go to the person I love the most's wedding. How could I see that person with somebody else, no matter what we've been through? He does need to let her go and understand that she is no longer his, at least in the way that he wants her to be. I also think that it was a bit pointless for him to try to change Bella's mind after she's married to Edward since she has made that choice to be with Edward and not Jacob. At least, that's what I think.

    Kaleb, can't wait to hear what you have to say about the honeymoon!

  103. Nora

    Kaleb, I have written some insightful things in a comment 3 times and they have all gotten deleted. Forks is extremely boring, so I have written it at 3 different times of the day…all deleted. Is it because my comment was too long?


  104. ancha 85

    I really think the main reason Jacob went to the wedding, is because he (and Edward!) knew that Bella would want him to. She didn't want to hurt him, but she clearly says that her “best man” was missing. Jacob felt that, and even though it would break his heart more to be there, he went.

    Now, when he got there he had good intentions of just being there as Bella's best friend. Of course he still had his love for her, and had a hard time not letting that show through (his kissing her on the head was a little inappropriate considering his love for her, but you would kiss your best friend on the top of her head at her wedding wouldn't you Kaleb?). However, his main thing was to make her happy.

    He asked her about the honeymoon, because he wanted to know if that's when Edward was going to turn her. It was just eating him up thinking about that. He really shouldn't have asked for all concerned, but he couldn't help himself. He was glad that Bella said it wasn't time yet.

    So naturally, he wonders what is the point of the honeymoon, if them being together would kill Bella (since everything he has heard and everyone else has heard is that it would!). When he hears that they are going to try to consumate their marriage while Bella is still human, it just makes him go ballistic. He truly thinks that this is Bella's DEATH SENTENCE! He really believes that there is no way that Edward can be with her without killing her. This is obvious, because all he is waiting for later is to hear that Bella is dead or that Edward already turned her. He sees NO OTHER OPTION.

    We have the foresight to know that those two things are not what happens, Jacob does not. We need to try to see things from Jake's true perspective and not see some ugly alterior motive for him. He realizes that Bella is Edward's and he is not trying to win her back. He just doesn't want her to die! He is even starting to be willing for her to become a vampire, as long as Edward doesn't kill her.

    You are right, Kaleb. This not the last we'll see of Jacob Black. He is meant to be in Bella's life in one way or another…

  105. Gothhic Goddess

    I think it was good of him to try to be her friend when that's all she wanted from him. And he did try. Because, how hurtful would it be to have your best friend NOT come to your wedding? Feelings in the love department aside, he did try to give her that much, which was big of him. Although… but I will not spoil you on this. 😀

  106. KalebNation

    Hi Nora, sorry about that! For some reason, the new comment system thought you were spam. Now, it shouldn't ever happen again. I've also restored a bunch of other people's comments that had disappeared too :)


  107. JennaB

    Having completed the book I will say, you have judged Jacob too harshly… (completed readers like myself must agree)
    But I will give you this, that took a lot of brass to do what Jake did and it was perhaps the inappropriate thing to do at the given circumstance.
    Edward however was always the wary of the ongoings so in essence the kiss really does prove truly harmless.

    I can not wait until you finish the book, I have all my friends totally riveted and eager to see the progression of this sordid love triangle, and I know you must be curious too.

  108. Aria

    I can kinda understand Jacob, only because I have the ability to try on other people's shoes (being metaphorical here folks). However, there was a proper time to throw in the towel and not be a selfish douche. What i hate is that he's so certain that Bella will not be Bella anymore. He thinks they'll instantly hate each other, they have no choice. It's so stupid. STUPID JACOB!!!

  109. xxx

    and gg is the best show out, kaleb — just dont EVER cover penn's head again, k?

  110. Nicole

    Well I am no Team Jacob or Switzerland citizen so I never particularly cared for Jacob after Edward came back….I am so not understanding why Jacob was there. I mean yes this is fiction and you can do what you want, but I feel his presence ruined the entire wedding for me….and apparently for Edward and Bella for a short while.

    Ever since Eclipse I had a love hate relationship with Bella. She completely pissed me off with all that Jacob has to be happy shit and it was very annoying, and the reason why he was so annoying all stemmed from her! Bella refused to let Jacob go early on which caused him to cling on as well. Which is so typically Bella anyway because she is so friggin needy and clingy, which a find unattractive in a woman. Anyhow if it werent for Bella her and Jacob would have never been messed up, she always said with her mouth they were just friends but her actions showed him something completely different, also her insistance on being in his life to make him “happy” made it worst. In the real world..your ex is what an ex should be, a thing of the past, you dont invite the ex to the wedding nor does the ex crash! Bestfriends that are in love with you fall right in the category. I think Jacob should have stayed away.

    However he came. Although his kiss on her forehead was inappropriate everything was fine until Bella opened her big mouth! As usual she was overreacting to something someone said and then inserted her foot in her mouth ruining everything. It doesnt surprise me that Jacon reacted as such and yes I mean he doesnt have a right to because well its her marital duty to satisfy her husband, however, in this case her safety came into play and he understood that obviously because Bella never does. So maybe it would have been best if Jacob stayed wondering around like a lost dog in the wilderness in Canada rather than come and cause an upset at Bella's wedding. I suppose being a true masochist where Isabella Swan is concerned her just couldnt help himself. It never ends with him.

  111. MegisRFF

    Team Switzerland doesn't just mean Team Jacob/ Team Edward and who is better for Bella…..nooo it also can mean (and does mean in my POV) that the Team Switzerland members LOVE both Edward and Jacob no matter who she ends up with or who is better for her!

  112. Whittney

    -“Who's to say that Bella wasn't going to cheat with Jacob on her wedding night?”

    Um. The fact that Bella is a moral, decent person?

    Losing a potential mate to marriage with someone else isn't like losing a championship game. It's not *wrong* to come back next season and try to win the next championship; in most societies, breaking marriage vows is considered morally abhorrent. Granted, those situations seem to becoming more and more prevalent in our current society, but wide occurrance doesn't make it either right or acceptable. Why on earth would someone bother to make marriage vows they either can't or won't keep? Bella would never make such a committment (which, with the way she was raised by Renee, has nearly a life-and-death significance of its own) if she wasn't going to absolutely and entirely keep to her vows. Otherwise, there would be no point in *making* them.

  113. Sara

    Jajajaja, when I saw the video I start laughing, because i imagine the wedding something like that.

    I got excited when Jacob appears in the wedding, and he is trying to keep things easy for her, making the gesture of his friendship as a gift on her day, he dance with her, kisses in her hair, asking her if she was happy, it was a nice gesture coming to the reception because Bella was a little sad cause her happiness wasn’t complete, she misses Jacob, way to much I think.

    But then I got really mad when he stars asking her questions that are really personal and involves her relationship with Edward as husband and wife. At first he is a little comfortable talking about her conversion as a Vampire, but then he has to talk about the honeymoon, and all ends up in a complete disaster (and that was Bella’s fault too, I’m sorry girls , but it’s true). In the moment when he grabs her roughly and begins to argue with her about it, I whish that someone came and stop that, I felt that so disrespectful, thinking that he didn’t should done that, it wasn’t his business, what she was going to do with her new life.

    Because of him losing control of his emotions, he almost starts a fight between Vampires and Werewolves. But we all know that he is Jacob, and that’s the way he acts always even then, he cares about Bella happiness and safety. But he overreacts with that. I know it’s hard to let things go, and he’s making it so much harder for him. Some times I think Jacob is masochist, don’t you think Kaleb???.

    And you will see that things change a lot in the next chapters, can't wait…

    Jajajaja, this is the largest comment I've done so far…

  114. NougatCat

    Very nicely written out, Kaleb, and seeing all sides, even though all of them are getting equally mixed. Frankly, after being all 'le sigh' over the moment -finally- arriving, and how fun it was to picture the relations between all the family members there and hope things will now be okay, yeah, some of that irritation I had in Eclipse at our main trio emotionally wrangling each other surfaced again. I mean… come on, how much are they going to keep….dang… -stepping- on each other!!! I look forward to reading your musings on how this plays out, because this book is the only one in which I wish we had been left with our 'happy ending', and not start getting ticked off at certain characters again….. ;P
    And what's this about a surprise? Has it actually been a year for this site? All this, plus a following, and benefits, and a -book-??? Wow…. we get a treat, right? Oh please oh please I'd love to win a treat!!!!!! ;D

  115. Natali McKee

    Jacob just takes advantage of Bella allowing it all. I think the happily newly married woman should be the one to stand up and say something and not allow him to kiss her hair and what not.

  116. Heather

    Yeah, that made me mad, too. I was like, JACOB! COULD YOU HAVE NOT JUST APPEARED AT THE WEDDING AS A GUEST LIKE A NORMAL PERSON? OH RIGHT, YOU COULDN'T, BECAUSE YOU'RE JACOB AND YOU MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT! Of course, it was past midnight and I had been excessively hyper the entire night waiting for Breaking Dawn, so that could've been a bit over dramatic *blush*

    But I think he shouldn't have tried, once again, to change her mind. Your outburst does surprise me a bit. I think Jacob's appearance at the wedding wasn't nearly as bad as him saying he was going to kill himself if Bella didn't kiss him in Eclipse. I was grateful that Jacob accepted her happiness, or at least pretended to, because I felt like he had matured slightly. And Bella had, also. She actually let herself enjoy the wedding, and then locked her Jacob drawer tightly so as to completely devote the night to Edward, since this was for him.

    By the end of this book, you'll see that the Teams are pretty much dissolved. Like you said, it's very hard to be on Team Jacob or even Switzerland once she is married. I don't think anyone cared about Teams during Breaking Dawn…all the uproar (the completely uncalled for uproar that was super dramatic and frightening that made poor Stephenie crawl into a hole for a while) surrounding this book after the midnight release had nothing to do with Teams.

    Now for the something very special happening tomorrow…are you FINALLY giving away Robert Pattinson? I think I did hear a crazy slow news week rumor that Rob had been kidnapped from the New Moon set…was that YOU Kaleb?!

  117. Ashley Phelps

    I think that Jacob went way too far. He has frustrated me so much through all of the books. You do not mess with someone's heart when they are in love with another person. I know that Jacob needed to tell Bella how he felt about her, but he has no right to make her feel bad about being with Edward. Bella and Edward are soulmates and he needs to get over it. …..ughhh!!! I just can't even start to explain how mad I was at Jacob when he kissed her hair. That's EDWARD's job!!! lol

    And I hope the surprise is a blogtv!!!! that would be amazing. :)

  118. Cara

    I think he went a little too far with it… I mean, I think it's nice that he wanted to be her “best friend for one last time”, but I don't think he should try to convince her out of this now…
    :( I won't be here tomorrow.

  119. kristen

    short & simple. he went too far at the wed. plus guys dont like to lose, they will just keep trying so its natural for him to do that but he shouldnt have – its her WEDDING

  120. Cam

    OK – totally off topics, but The Lex had a link to a Normal Mormon Husband blog where he thought he figured out why women love Edward so much. He gave his theory then gave five examples to back it up. They were hilarious, but I kept thinking: What would Kaleb do with this? Inquiring minds want to know. I'd love to see your comments on it.

  121. maribel

    Jacob definately went to far. I mean it's their wedding. one of the happiest moments of ther lives. and here comes jacob black to mess things up. I mean get over it, she chose edward over you so many times. In new moon she chose to go to italy and find edward rather than to stay with jacob. in eclipse she chose to be with edward and now she decided to commit herself to one person for the rest of her exsistence and jacob still thinks he has a chance? It was good that he didn't give up on her so easily but now it's kinda pathetic and needless to say disrespectful.

    and i have no idea what the suprie is but can't wait to find out.

  122. Marley :D

    yes. jacob went just a tadd to far. but ive already read breaking dawn so i know things you wouldn't. i wont spoil anything, but jacobs atemt at imprinting was far to hilarous to not mention, imagain a tall, muscular man staring at you as you walk in the park….. creepy but you gotta love for if we dont who will? :)

  123. Wendilynn

    Considering that the real relationship between Bella and Jacob is more brother and sister then anything else, I didn't consider it inappropriate for him to be there. I probably have a different view of this considering that my own exhusband and I are still really good friends and can tease each other about goofy stuff all the time. Would I ever go back to him? Not a chance, but he's my children's father, he was an important part of my life and he's still a member of the family. We care about each other but its not sexual in any way, shape, or form. To understand Jacob and Bella is to realize that deep love is not always boyfriend and girlfreind, sexual, husband and wife, etc. Real love, in all its forms is touched quite deeply in all the relationships of Twilight. We don't get that too much in our popular media which pushes selfish, short term relationships. Edward knows and understands. He knows that the love Bella has for Jacob is not in competition with the love Bella has for Him. He also understands enough to want Bella to be happy knowing that her best friend approves, in some way at least, that she is getting married. I also think that Edward wants Jacob to be at peace with her choice. Edward respects Jacob, even if Jacob doesn't really return the favor.

  124. devz30

    I was just passing by, I didn't expect the next post to come so fast. .>.<
    and to have to many comments already…
    You make a point I so firmly agree upon: “At what point does it become appropriate for an old boyfriend to come to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and then take her for his own private dance whilst kissing her hair the moment the groom (currently her husband) disappears? “

    Yeah, I don't understand too.
    For your question:

    Do you think that Jacob Black went too far at Bella’s wedding? Also, do you think he deserves to feel the way he does now, for hanging on to a girl who wasn’t his: or was it noble for him to try to change her mind up to the last day?

    I don't really want Jacob to be in the wedding, but putting all feeling of antagonism aside, I don't think it's wrong for him to there or that he doesn't deserve it. After all, he and Bella are friends now, and he just wanted to hold her one last time. You see.. Jacob tries. It's an annoying fact of Twilight, but he does. Bella was never really his, but in New Moon, he took care of her broken heart, he was there for her.
    I think for that reason, he at least deserves to be there in her wedding.
    And he loves her.. I'm not saying I liked that he danced with her, etc. etc. but there are some things (how irritating that may be) that happen because of how a certain character thinks or acts, and in Jacob's case, it is that he loves her. It's still painful to lose someone, and think that the person you want may never be in your reach again… Also the fact that he knows Bella is turning to a vampire, and he doesn't want that…

  125. Becca<3Twilight

    i see what you mean about Jacob
    personally, I think he went a little to far, i mean, Bellas MARRIED
    but can't blame him for wanting a dance 😉
    one of my fav entries so far
    gossipgirl & breaking dawn <3<3<3 my two fav things XD
    keep 'em comin!!

  126. Steph

    Dammit. I keep forgetting to check. Sigh. Ah well.

    Well, being not only Team Edward, but also Team Vampire, I've always thought Jacob was stupid for trying to force Bella into loving him. Maybe the Team Jacobs just like pushy, forceful boyfriends who have that weird way of making you think they're going to turn out to be abusive. *shrugs* That aside, I don't really care that he came to the wedding. Edward won. I was actually happy that he came. Nothing lowers your hopes like seeing your crush wearing white. 😀

  127. Kaianna

    I like Jacob, I think he's really funny and I think that what he did at Bella's wedding was apprpriate. Bella and Jacob have a complicated relationship and don't know what to do about it. They are best friends but will soon become enemies. How do you say goodbye to someone that you love, that you might hate in a couple of days? Jacob tryies to stay calm while at the wedding and behave himself but then he finds out about Bella's honeymoon plans and loses control. The fact that Bella told Jacob her honeymoon plans still bothers me, but I think that the way Jacob handle's this information is appropriate, too.

    Also, I do not think that he deserves to feel the way he does now. All he wants is to be with Bella and now, not only did he lose Bella to Edward but, she will also be turned into one of his enemies. Poor Jacob : (

  128. Albiku

    I completely agree with you. You took the words from my mind. I don't understand why almost no one sees things like you and me when we're absolutely right! Everyone wants Jacob to be the bad guy!!! It's just frustrating!!!

  129. Meghan

    Before I say what I'm about to say, I want to say that I'm all for Edward and Bella. Not that I have anything against Jacob, but he just doesn't belong with Bella (and to be honest, I really hated him before this book). Anyhoo…I do think it was noble of Jacob to try fighting for Bella up until the last day. He shows that he really, truly loves her and a lot of men today wouldn't do that. It is pointless, of course, because Bella and Edward are so obviously perfect for each other, but at least Jacob tried. Sometimes he went a little far in trying to convince her (for example, the kissing scene in Eclipse that made me so mad I just wanted to smack him), and he should have had more respect, but he realizes his mistakes now, and he has matured.

  130. Meghan

    Oh yeah, and I also don't like that Jacob was being so…friendly with Bella at her wedding. Shame shame 😉

    And Edward let her go! Alone! I was surprised with him. Oh well, I guess he figures Bella loves him enough and isn't stupid enough to do anything at their wedding. Hehe jk 😉 But he juts married her and he knows that Bella loves him more than anyone else in the world. He believes her when she tells him something. And I'm glad he finally toned down his protectiveness (is that a word?). I mean I know he loves her and everything, but seriously he was going way too far trying to keep Bella from him in Eclipse. But, you know, it was more about jealousy than anything, so on the other hand I can't say I blame him. If I had the power to keep the boy I loved away from all other girls, I would 😉

  131. Albiku

    Maybe we like REAL boyfriends who are sweet and take care of us without being too protective of ourselves. Boyfriends who let us have fun but are always there to save us if something goes wrong. Boyfriends who are hot and soft, who have a great sense of humour.

    Maybe Team Edwards like overprotective boyfriends who don't let them do anything FUN because it could be dangerous for them. Boyfriends who even break their cars to stop them from seeing their best friends. Boyfriends with whom you can't do ANYTHING without making them want to kill you. Maybe Team Edwards like corpses as boyfriends. Cold and hard as a stone guys. What a turn off!

    Seriously, back off. I don't care if you don't like Jacob. Just don't you dare say such nonsense about our boyfriend choices and about us loving abusive boyfriends. It was very insulting. You should apologize to every Jacob lover out there.

  132. Poppy

    Being Team Cullen And all I never really liked jacob that much and just thought he was getting in the way of Edwards And Bellas Relationship and i completely disliked him, untill i finished Breaking Dawn, and then i started to understand him better, Like i can see why he came to the wedding, to say goodbye to her and hold her for one last time, but when he started getting involved on the honeymoon buisiness, Jacob you crossed the line, Let her go. I know its probably hard for him but she has chosen. <— No disrespect to Jacob Because I Love Him Aswell 😀

    Anyways the Gossip Girl Thing, Lol, Wayy Funny, Love That Show!

    Poppy xxx

  133. Jenni

    I read your blog all of the time and enjoy it alot, but have never commented on it before. I have to say this is the most insiteful one yet. I have read Breaking Dawn a few times and I never looked at it quite that way. I was glad that Jacob came to the wedding. It completed the day for Bella, and it seems that it was Edwards present to her. But being someone that has more guy friends that girl friends. When I get married I hope that all of my guy friends would be there. But I never looked at it as disrespectful until now. Thank you for this post. I always learn so much more about the Bell, Edward and Jacob as they seem through your eyes.

  134. Lin

    So I will admit that the first time I read the books I was an all out Jacob hater. I have read them 3 times with the intention of trying to understand Jacob better and to find some good qualities about him. All I have accomplished is not hating him as much in New Moon and not hating him by the end of Breaking Dawn, but that's about all I can say.

    So yes, I think he went way way too far at the wedding. This might be very hard for him to handle, but once you're married you don't share sweet tender moments with ex-loves, even if it is just to say good-bye. The time for good-byes is before the wedding. I don't mind him being there to show support, at my wedding reception my husband's ex-girlfriend showed up and that was fine, but there was no intimacy to the visit, just a congratulations and hopefully, for her, finalization. The thing that made me so mad was that Jacob wanted to spend time alone with her and talk about personal things. That draws the line for a married person period, much more for a married person at their wedding. And I don't think he was just concerned for her safety. It's like is Eclipse, how it wasn't just a vampire/werewolf thing. Jacob needed to come to terms with things before he showed up at the wedding and he should havebeen detatched enough from Bella that he didn't have to share an intimate moment with her.

  135. Nora

    Oh yeah, and sorry if my comment is here like 4 times, I re-commented because I thought it got deleted! I would delete them if I could…ugh I feel like a total loser.

  136. pink

    You are so right!
    I agree with everything exept that I started liking Jacob in BD, and liked him in NM, exept for the end. In eclipse I was a jacob hater. But what I don't understand is that someone says theyr team Jacob now, like you said Kaleb. She is married, and wan'ts to be with Edward. Why should she break up with Edward, the love of her life, to be with Jacob, who can inprint on anyone anytime? I like Jacob as her friend, but NOT as anything more. I think it is bad of him, when he has said that hey can just be friends, that he ceeps pushing her. And Edward had been so gentle (as always) to invite him for bellas best,. and then he just ruins it, by asking private questons, and then get angry. Mabye he is afraid of Bellas safety, but it is no excuse. And he should now that Edward love bella way to much now too kill her, even if they have a ''real honeymoon''.

  137. Cassia

    Not really sure how I feel about Jacob at the wedding, but I do find the gg picture funny. I always thought that Chase would have made a much better Edward, even though I have never watched the show.

  138. Rita

    Being a loyal Team Edward card-carrying member, I do believe Jacob went a little far. I mean, kissing Bella's hair once Edward is gone? RUDE. I haven't liked Jacob ever since he kissed Bella in Eclipse, and tried to convince her to love him more. I think Jacob has a habit of going much too far with assorted things, so I don't like him.

    As Lin said, you don't try and rekindle a flame that's already extinguished. Bella has already chosen Edward, and she won't leave his side for anything. Jacob needs to realize that Bella isn't going to change her mind. It just irked me even more about when he wanted to discuss all kinds of personal things. Personally, I despise Jacob's personality. It was OK in New Moon, but he just got brattier, maybe is the word, in the following books. Trying to get Bella's love back, etc. As Seth said in Chapter One of Breaking Dawn, “Jacob made his choices, you made yours.”

  139. Duorian

    Jacob definitely went too far. It was fine for him to come to the wedding to support Bella, but taking her aside alone at her wedding was taking it a bit far. When he brought up the honeymoon? yeah, that was too much. It's really none of his business. Of course, I sort of understand why he's so upset, he honestly believes Edward is going to kill Bella. I think it's time for him to let go of Bella.

  140. Mmary

    He didn't go too far, yes it was noble, and omg, this chapter is so sad.

  141. Delacy

    I don't really think Jacob went too far by attending the wedding, or by what he did. He wanted a last time to see Bella before she was changed, because at that point, he knew that he probably wouldn't even talk to her when she was a vampire, let alone see her. And he was a victim of morbid curiosity, it happens to the best of us. We ask questions that we know will probably have answers we don't want to hear… It just kinda blew up in his face when the fact came out that Edward and Bella were going to have a 'real' honeymoon. Of course he got upset, he was positive that it would kill her. He didn't see the logic in having the 'real' honeymoon before she got changed, because if she was a vampire, she would have no chance of dying. In fact, I would probably lose my temper as well if Bella told me that, because from an objective outside point of view, it seems unnecessarily dangerous. He reacted because he cares. I don't think he came to try and change her mind-he already knew that he'd lost to Edward. He just came to see her one last time.

  142. E

    Poor Jacob. Poor, poor Jacob. I felt so bad for him in the beginning of this book.
    Edward is the one who invited him to the wedding, though, so I didn't get mad when he showed up. Is one dance–well, two–so much to ask?
    I was always Team Edward, but I've also always liked Jacob.

  143. Mylles

    i totally agree about the “How can i be Team Jacob, if Team Edward won?” greatest line ever you should tell that to my Team Jacob friends. One who knew Edward one refused to read Breaking Dawn. I tell her it's wasted commitment but she still keeps that book closed

  144. Amber Sweet-er Than 16

    I don't think Jacob went to far, I mean, he really wanted her, and he KNEW what she was doing was wrong. It really was kind of like a last good bye.

    Does he deserve to feel the way he does now? No, no one does. It was noble for him to hang on and try to change her mind up until the last minute.

    I really liked Jacob, though I've always refused to choose a team. Jacob is the most like me in this sense. I never get the one I want.

  145. Mylles

    won not one sorry

  146. Mylles

    nice smile at the end! 😀

  147. Mylles

    i totally agree that Jacob has no business interfering with Bella's (mphh) personal life, and i agree he should move on. also i agree again that the next few chapters are going to be…interesting, especially from your opinion Kaleb. XD sorry to funny

  148. Angela

    Jacob did not go too far. This is the only part in the book that makes me cry every time. I think you're missing the point of why he came– I honestly don't think he came to change her mind. I really doubt he wanted to be there at all– I mean, why would he want to torture himself like that?? He only came because he knew it would make Bella happy for her to see her best friend at her wedding. Jacob never deserved to be hurt. It was just an unfortunate consequence of his falling in love, and no one should be punished for loving.

  149. Dessie

    Wow, um, I'm just gonna say this, it is totally off subject, but you are extremely hot. I just noticed that. I am sorry for the randomness. I'm too young for you, though. =(

  150. Amylee

    Me Too!! lol

  151. Emmie

    nah jacob didnt go to far
    i mean i am a complete team edward
    but i just think jacob kind of deserved his last chance
    i mean he has been so good to her for so long

  152. ancha 85

    I am so glad that some people who commented here see Jacob's intentions for what they were.
    He had NO intentions of “getting Bella back” or “not giving up” at the wedding. He was just there for Bella. He wanted one last moment with her because he figured she would be turning into a vampire right after the wedding, and most likely not be able to be his friend at all anymore.
    He freaked out about the honeymoon because he didn't want her to DIE, which is exactly what he thought would happen if she had a “real honeymoon” and remained a human.
    I don't understand why a lot of people can't see this. Probably because many of them are young and only think of the “romantic” type of love, when in the Twilight Saga there are so many different kinds of love.
    The love between Jacob and Bella (and yes Bella does love him, he didn't force her to!) is multifaceted.
    That is why it can still exist after the “romantic” side of it is over.
    Jacob and Bella's relationship is complicated, but great.

  153. Cory Harbour

    If you could put a second song on here it should definitely be Congratulations by Blue October. It is perfection for this.

  154. AlexaCarlie

    Well, i think that Jacob did go a little bit too far. But if i was in Jacob's shoes, I would have done the exact same thing. I mean, if the love of your life is marrying one of your mortal enemies, then I would go beserk if I found out that she would want to try something so risky. So risky that it could hurt her, maybe even kill her. I think that it's actually really sweet that Jacob is holding on so strong to Bella. It means that he doesn't want anything to happen to her because he thinks that Edward is dangerous. But the thing is that since Jacob is holding on so tight and then to just let go all together once they're married is probably the hardest thing he has to do. I hate seeing him like this. You always desire the very thing you can never have, right? And for all those people who think that Jacob shouldn't have come to the wedding at all (although i don't think that there's very much of you), didn't Jacob deserve that last chance to be real with Bella? Shouldn't he get to feel her warm skin, take in her rosy cheeks, or catch her when she falls (litterally and figuratively) just one last time? Besides, Bella asked Jacob to be her “made of honor” ahaha, so that technically means he has to go. Jacob is Bella's best friend and will always be. Jacob has been so loyal to Bella that she practically OWES him. He's always been there for her and is always there to cheer her up.

    Side Rant: UGHH! Why does Bella get all the perfect guys? Edward is the beautiful bronze haired vampire. He's smart, a true musician (like Robert Pattinson;D ), he's VERY noble and faithful to her, and he has unconditional love for Bella. Jacob is the heart-warming russet-skinned wolf-shifter. He's hilarious, he can always cheer you up because you can't help but smile when your around him (or read about him), and he is the most loyal person anyone could ever dream. I want guys like that in my life. It's SO unfair… End of Rant

    Off Topic Question: What do the words say in the background of your site? I can't read them! lol.

  155. sari

    I love your blog!!! 😀
    And that gossip girl picture is so funny 😀

    XOXO Sari 😀

  156. vanessa

    the rest of the book is better but the star is still good i just love the hole thing

  157. Kahley


    “Because this one IS loads better,”

  158. Jackie

    Well it seems that everyone has very strong mixed views on this chapter. Just before I start getting into my opinion. I would like to say that I love your new comments system. Not that I didnt like the old one. It's just that this one is neater and you can reply which makes it way better.

    Okay firstly answering questions. Do I think Jacob went too far? In a way yes, but in another no. He didnt exactly go too far by going to the wedding, since he was invited by Edward. But he did go too far when he started asking Bella questions about her personal life. There was a part of him that didnt want to know the answers to them, yet he still asked them. He did deserve to feel the way he feels because loving someone that now isnt yours is heart-breaking. But he was noble for trying to change his mind. I dont think I'm making much sense. But I'll just keep going.

    I thought that it was really nice that you tried to put yourself in Jacob's position. It's hard for people that hate Jacob to do that. Not that you hate Jacob, it's just that I know people who have a hard time letting go of Edward and thinking about Jacob's feelings. It really was a sweet moment, until it got ruined by the whole honeymoon thing. Reading this post especially that paragraph where you put yourself in Jacob's position made it more clearer to me that Jacob was hurting more that I thought.

    I love the song that you chose for this chapter. I am going to go download it now. Also, I love the new song you composed for the Bran Hambric site. The Gossip Girls thing made me laugh especially when you said that, this would probably all happen in one episode. lol and the Father of the Bride wedding. I love that movie. So funny!!! Ooo can wait for you to read the next chapter. I agree with one of the girls that you should tape record yourself and maybe you could do you post of that chapter in video form or for another chapter if you get lazy.

  159. Luxa

    for me its not that i think Jacob is better for bella truthfully bella annoys me it just i prefer Jacobs personality over Edwards i mean i know edward is sweet and hot and hes a vampire but he is to overprotective and overbearing for me. Jacob lets bella live the way he wants and he the type of person that makes you laugh. the whole time ive been team jacob is just because i prefer him. however right now i find a blend of the two who last name just happens to be cullen lol

  160. Alisha

    Okay so maybe you don’t understand Jacob. Remember back about his heritage and his story and the story of his ppl. This all has to do with this. The imprinting. Jacob truly believes that bella is his imprint. He has no choice in will, he can not stop loving her. How does one fight what their heart truly madly deeply feels? Keep this in mind in the upcoming chapters.

  161. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 4. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (Gesture). […]

  162. suzanne k

    I think he meant, “it is a lot better”. I'm not really sure if it really is a typo or not, but whatev.

  163. reinix

    i totally photoshopped something similar with the Gossip Girl cast with me and a friend of mine.


  164. ancha 85

    No offense, Alisha, but Jacob KNOWS Bella is not his imprint. He wishes she was, but knows that she's not. He stares at her to try to make her that, but it doesn't work (I believe in Eclipse). She even asks him if he has imprinted, and he says no, because he has to see the girl, and all he can see is her.

    However, there is a strange bond between them that Jake does not understand, since Bella is now married. This gets completely explained in BD.

    Kaleb, don't be too hard on Jacob, some things are out of his complete control, which you will understand later.

    It is amazing to me that after all the controversy came out after BD, it is now the favorite book of most people. I do love it, but I think Eclipse is my MOST fav.

  165. April

    My feeling is that it was too late and he should have stayed in the shadows…she already said “I do” so too bad for JB. If he had shown up the night before, after Edward left for his “bachelor party” with Jasper and Emmett, then okay, take your best shot. But, he went too far once she was already legally married…looking forward to your next installment, Kaleb!

  166. erica-loves rob and taylor

    i do think he went a little tooo far. showing up for her wedding is great, but he went a little to far with all the other stuff.
    jacob makes me mad sometimes… im team edward, but i do feel for jacob.

  167. Tessa Wolfe

    Well, personally, I love that Jacob keeps trying. It shows he loves her.
    And no, you havn't heard the last of Jacob, believe me!
    And I addmit, its kind of harsh that he just shows up at Bella's and Edward's wedding and starts freaking out at Bella for trying to have sex with her new husband. He already knows she's technically going to be dead, as a vampire, and he said his self that it would probably be better if she WAS dead. But, I still love Jacob, and the book made me love him even more. Keep reading Kaleb, you're gonna get the biggest surprize ever, I know I did.

  168. Pam

    I always thought Jacob should just have a big “R” tattooed on his forehead, to stand for Rebound. He is the very definition and epitome of being a rebound [guy/girl] and why you should avoid at all costs being that person. It hardly ever works out and the rebound guy/girl just continues to have his/her heart ripped open again and again. You feel so justified in staying involved because you were the person that healed the heartbreak but you just can't and you shouldn't, not when the person has moved on and not if you want to recover yourself. It is so unfair, but that's just the way the dice rolls (sorry for the cliche). To answer your questions, no I didn't think he acted nobly for the reasons you've mentioned as well as other commenters. As Bella tried to move on in New Moon, Jacob should've started that process as soon as Edward was back in the picture. Using all that “best friend” business to try to stay in Bella's life…I understand it but for me, I've only seen heartbreak when you try to stay friends with someone so soon after a breakup of sorts. In my humble opinion, you can't do that until you've both moved on. There are exceptions, but they are rare. At various points in reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I kept wandering how much experience Stephenie had with the rebound situation in her past, because for me it was so thoroughly explored. But, enough guessing about Stephenie. I've followed your postings but this is the first time I've ever posted because I liked your questions and especially your distaste of Jacob's actions in this chapter. Good luck with everything.

  169. Alisha

    So this is totally off the subject but dont you all want to know what ever becomes of Jacob and Nessie? Would that not be a killer book? Think about it, we could all find out if Nessie got a chance to grow up and if she did how? Is there a wedding in her future? Did she choose to live on the reservation with Jacob? I feel there was so much between them got left unsaid :( Dont get me wrong I love the books so much but I want to know Nessies and Jacobs future and love story. What do you all think?

  170. Alisha

    So your answer took me for a moment and I had to go back and look in the books, you are right! I think this strange bond you speak of is Jacobs intuition maybe? He feels the way he does for her not knowing why, well of course until later it becomes apparent, but do you think that’s why he has stuck around for so long, that he just cant seem to help himself? I’m also interested to hear what controversy came after BD?

  171. Alisha

    You know what,,,,,,,, I should not have wrote that there! :( My apologies I forgot for a moment that he is reading this chapter by chapter and I hope I did not ruin anything by me thinking ahead as usual. :( so sorry.

  172. Lisa chavez

    ok, so basically i think Jacobs intentions were good at first. he did want to show up and be Bellas friend no matter how hard it was for him. he wanted to be her best friend one last time. but then he gets all pissed because of something she told him that wasnt his business anyways. but he wanted to know…and she told him. it comes down to the fact that he shouldnt of even went there. especially at her wedding…but thats Jacob i guess.

  173. SammieLynn

    I think that jacob went a little too far with the whole “i'll kill you, i'll do it now” thing, but i think that his emotions are justified in the fact that he truly believes that edward will kill bella “in his drive to get some”. i think also that the fact that he didn't tell her that she would be better off with him than a bloodsucker was a step in the right direction, and i find it admirable that he came to add to her happiness, even when it must have been extremely difficult for him to stay friendly or even face the fact that bella's decision is now final and permanent. i do, however, find his comments about her becoming a vampire a bit harsh, rude, and patronizing. He should realize by now that bella has made her decision and will stick to it, it's in her nature. i can understand his wanting her to remain human, but i think that bringing it up on her wedding day is a bit too much.

  174. ancha 85

    Hey Alisha,

    I really do think that the reason he couldn't give Bella competely up and move on is this strange bond they have. If Jacob didn't continue to feel that and if Bella didn't keep on insisting on seeing him and needing him in her life so badly, then he wouldn't have been around for the most important event in his life. It was his fate to be there.

    I love Jacob, he is my favorite character in the series, and I hate to see him in such heartbreaking pain, but he had to go through that to get what is his destiny. Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons. I think that is one of Stephenie Meyers' major themes in the series, and an important life lesson to learn.

    The controversy on BD was that many people, especially the younger readers, were upset because they felt the romantic part of Edward's and Bella's love took a back seat to the main conflict of BD. But most of us “older” fans realize that that is just a natural phase of a true love relationship. Your love matures in such a way that it is possible to not have to have that “romantic” feeling constantly at the forefront. You know that your love is always there and will not go away.

    Many people complained awfully about this and really hurt SM feelings.
    However, with time, the book has become the favorite in many people's eyes. I hope SM feels much better about it. I think that she probably does.

  175. marissa

    Hey don't hate on Gossip Girl. It's my brand of heroin.

  176. Alisha

    I so totally feel you, but you cant say that they were not romantic, I mean cmon now remember back when she had new eyes and yada yada yada the compassion, the romance the long nights LOL talk about romance! I dont feel that their romance took a back seat at all! I think as a mother(spaking for my self) she did what she had to do, like anyone would do! As far as jacob is conserned, I adore him as well I want to see his future now! I am if anything a lil sad that I did not get to see him play his role more and end up w/his happily ever after! Maybe your right, maybe that is life. Ill have to think about the story and life lessons and get back to you. :) I like the way you think. Interesting.

  177. Sazza

    I think he went a little too far at the wedding but I'm not sure about him continuing because otherwise, Bella wouldn't have been and able to change her mind if she wanted to even though it was looking bleak. She also wouldn't have a shoulder to cry on all the time (no affence to people who like Bella).
    (You can diss gossip girl more! it's killing my sister! hehe I'm evil)
    (btw it's not the girl above me!)

  178. Maddie

    Boo Jacob. Boooo. 😛

  179. TeamVolturi

    I thought Jacob was going a little overboard on the showing up at the wedding thing. A bit too predictable. But, whatever.

  180. ancha85

    I would absolutely LOVE a Jacob and Nessie book! I SOO want to see Jacob happy with his soulmate!!
    Please, SM, please!!!

  181. tia_jb10

    i think jacob did go too far at the wedding but i did like that he came it was like a wedding present for bella. oh and i think it was ok to fight for her till the end because he really did love her and he would be the one she chose if edward was never there so he had the rite to im my mind anyway,but idk if he deserves to feel the way he feels he cant have her cuz he lost the fight but he still wants her its like enevitable cuz he knew there was a big chance he wouldnt win.

  182. Shannon

    What Jacob Came trying to convince bella to stay with himok!

  183. Maandacs

    Jacob can not understand the pull he feels towards Bella…he knows that it was already a lost cause but there was something he cant explained why he needs to be there. He just cares too much but doesnt know how to show it and why he feels that way. It seems like the magnetic pull will always be there for Jacob to protect Bella, his reason for this was also unknown to him. He just feels that he needs to do it so the voice in his head will stop telling him to go out there and see Bella for the last time.

  184. somerandomperson

    i dont think he shouldve kissed her on the head… at another guys wedding… her being the bride… o.o

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