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TwilightGuy.com: 1 Year Later

April 16th, 2009 at 3:21 am by Kaleb Nation

My first year in the Twilight fandom has been one of the best years of my life. It is impossible to thank each of you enough, especially Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Lexicon for everything they have done to welcome me into this enormous family of fans, ever since the very first post. To show my appreciation to the readers who have kept me going, I’m giving away a copy of New Moon, signed by Stephenie Meyer herself. You can comment on this post or on the video itself: I’ll pick a winner early next week by random number choice. NOTE: if the new comment system deletes your comment, don’t panic! It’s learning what is spam and what isn’t: I can still see your entry anyway.

As I’m sure many of you have realized, my days as an active part of the Twilight fandom are numbered. I’m on Breaking Dawn now. Starting this Fall, I’ll have my own fandom and readers to take care of. But you can be sure I’ll never forget how much the Twilight fandom welcomed me — and at the rate I’m reading, we still have some time ahead!

And now, for those of you who have fun at my BlogTV shows (and anyone who might enjoy some special extra surprises for today!)…

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304 Responses

  1. Sazza

    first comment!
    my new moon fell apart!
    is this sight going to close down after you've finished breaking dawn?
    I hope not!
    well I will keep my hopes up!

  2. jessie

    Please pick me! I really wanna give my friend a signed copy of New Moon for her 18th birthday! o.o

  3. Becca<3Twilight

    third comment :O
    great site <3
    omg i would treasure that copy FOREVER, I'd pass it down through my familys next generations
    XD keep the breaking dawn entries coming, theyre great!
    I know I probably won't win but I'd love to be considered…

  4. kayla worrell

    i want your book.
    i wont sell it.
    i swear.
    im gonna cry if i dont get it.
    even though it would be better if rob signed it i can do with stephanie shes cool too.

  5. KateMezza

    i have no idea what do comment on so i will try my best…………
    Well i love your blog it's awesome i hope the best for you book. i would love to win, i love new moon it is the BEST of them all………… Please……….. πŸ˜›

    < Kate >

  6. Astrid

    That's amazing!!

    Especially because it's all about New Moon now!
    I'm ready for everything – bring it on!

  7. YetAnotherTwilightFan

    Congratulations on 1 whole year! yay for you! πŸ˜€

  8. Brogan

    I'll miss your Twilight posts! They're awesome! But many, many congratulations on your book! I'll look forward to whatever you have to say about that!
    And ha! Whoever said that it would be better if Rob Pattinson signed it?! Stephenie Meyer is like… Awesome. She's one of my favourite authors! Along with Jane Austen, Shakespeare and loads of other magnificent authors… Gerald N. Lund, J.K. Rowling, Paullina Simons! I look forward to reading Bran Hambrick! Who knows? Kaleb Nation could be joining the ranks of my favourite authors!

  9. Natasha

    Wow.. one year?
    I'm following this site since the first post about Bella's truck as a fire truck… I'll never forget that!!
    Unbelievable when you think about what happened with this page and Kaleb during this one year!
    And I'm so looking forward to what is to come – Breaking Dawn, Bran and New Moon! πŸ˜€

    Congrats from Europe, Kaleb!

  10. Anna (A.K.A Remmett)

    Hah I think your blog is so cool, I can't believe no one else has thought of being a guy reading Twilight. Tho I'm a teensy bit jealous (okay, I'm so jealous I'm hitting the table) that you get to meet S.M and do all that stuuf. Maybe I could pretend to be a cat readong Twilight? That would get a lot of press *sigh*…
    Oh, and I <3 S.Ms autogrph ***** : )

  11. Rakey

    Oh my gosh! A whole year already? Wow. It still amazes me that you're on Breaking Dawn. I remember way back when, when you were were on New Moon (that's when I started reading your site). And I think it's awesome that you are giving away an autographed book. Congrats to whoever wins it!

    A BlogTV this Satuday? Yaaaay… wait. Grrr. I have to babysit all day Saturday and don't usually get back until past 11 EST. *Sigh*. I'm afraid I'll have to miss this one or at least be late to it (and inevitably end up in the waiting room). I'll be camping out the night before though. That's a tradition (that I started) I will never let down.

  12. Samie

    aw that makes me sad that ur time is numbered! but u'll always be in the twilight family! <3 i so cant wait fr ur book!!!

  13. arikka

    awww i will always support you kaleb:) i cant believe its only been a year. i can still remeber seeing your site for the 1st time. it still amazes me that you are on breaking dawn.

  14. bloodnoir

    Happy one year anniversary! Seems longer. Anywhoo, I've enjoyed each chapter analysis and am looking forward to your thoughts on the rest of BD.
    And I cannot wait till April 18 to finally see the cover of your book. Also, I've said it before…but I'd love to get my hands on a Bran Hambric CD.

  15. Kat

    Yay! Happy anniversary, Twilight Guy! (Lol, is “anniversary” the right word?) Personally, I'm glad you're taking your time through Breaking Dawn, because it will be a sad day when you're no longer an active part of the fandom…

    That said, I am buying your book when it comes out, and I have a feeling I will be hearing a lot more about you in the coming years. πŸ˜‰ So I won't really consider your last Breaking Dawn entry a goodbye, not by any means.

    See you on Saturday on BlogTV! I'm planning on being there, definitely. :)

  16. Amber

    One year on! thats amazing, the time has gone so quick!
    I'll be waiting to hear the rest of you're thoughts on Breaking Dawn, it really is outstanding!

    Twilighters will always love you Kaleb even though it's nearing the end!

    Love and luck for Bran Hambric, i can't wait to read it and hopefully get my hands on a cd too!


  17. Rebekah

    My friend introduces me to your websites and now I check them daily. Please choose me for the book. I don't have any Twilight books and would really love to have New Moon, it's the only one I haven't read. Thanks!

  18. norma1cruz

    <H2>pick me!</H2>
    i want to win this book. i'm try to get all the book right now i don't have one.

  19. HeyJoyous

    It's kinda depressing that you're almost through the series. I'm holding out hope for Midnight Sun!!! I'm sure you'll make a return appearance as Twilight Guy to read that one.

    And I'm also beyond excited for Bran!!

  20. Meghan

    Happy Anniversary! Unfortunately I have not followed you from the beginning, but I love everything you've written about the saga!! Congrats on one year and everything that you've accomplished! Can't wait to hear more about your reading of Breaking Dawn =D

  21. Sarah

    Happy One Year Anniversary!

    I can't wait to see what you think of Breaking Dawn, you always make me think about things differently so I have to re-read the books along with you too.

    Which isn't so bad…

  22. Mich(elle) C.

    Congratulations! My new moon book broke. It's really no problem going to your site! It's very fun! I'm so mad that I didn't think to go on this site a year earlier! You're amazing! Good luck with Bran.

  23. Erica

    congratulations are making in one year! it seems like the time flew by.
    I love your website, Twilight Guy, and have read it almost daily.
    Your chapter reviews are amazing.
    I hope you keep this up even after you've finished the saga.

    Also, congrats on Bran Hambric and I'm very excited to read the whole thing

  24. Yosyandprettyful

    Congratz Kaleb!You've done well and I love reading your blog. Since I've started reading it I've looked at alot of things that I wouldn't have considered if u hadn't pointed them out. As well to have a Twilight fan not obsessed with Robert Pattinson is a relief.

  25. Jade

    I can't believe it's been a year already lol happy one year anniversary Kaleb! and good luck with the soundtrack i think it's a great idea!

  26. Amber

    Congrats on a year Kaleb!!! Wow that means in like a week I'll have been reading this blog for a year. That's pretty intense and awesome!

    I can't make the blogtv show. NOOO! *despair* And I was so looking forward to it too. :-( Maybe I'll be able to jump in at the end…

  27. bsb633

    Kaleb, we are so proud of you!

    I think that a soundtrack is a great idea.

    Congrats on the past year!

  28. Jessica

    Thank you Kaleb, I love your blog. The posts keep me laughing, though you hate on Jacob πŸ˜›

    Congrats on one year πŸ˜€ Can't wait for blog TV, always fun.

  29. Jessica

    PS: The cover ROCKS so far! It that Emry?

  30. Alliebeth

    Wow! A year! Thats amazing. I admire your self control for being able to go one chapter at a time, I don't know that any of us could have done that. I'm glad you did though, I love this site!

  31. Corinne


    why hello from australia. i can't wait for bran hambric. :). later in the year.
    yes this is about new moon. i love that book. and i would love to get a signed book. :)
    Hope you have great succes with your book. :). and if you ever get the chance, come to australia :) its great.



  32. crystal

    Congratulations on your 1 year mark with Twilight Saga! Do you think you can be called a “Twilight Saga Fan” now? Looking forward to reading your insightful, quite balanced and extremely funny comments on Breaking Dawn. All the best for your bright future!

  33. Sam

    I love twilightguy.com! Ever since I first saw it, I come every day to see if you post again! Congrats for making it a whole year! And another Congrats for getting your book published! I cannot wait until your book comes out, I am so excited!
    also, signed copy from Stephenie herself! You are SO lucky!

  34. Convallaria Majalis

    Time flyes! I can't tell you how much I envy you after viewing that video, getting all the fun stuff you've got to do summed up. I must say, you are one luky guy:)
    Good luck on Breaing Dawn! I will definetly continue to follow your posts.

  35. Mirela

    Thanks for the opportunity, Kaleb!
    Your blog is amazing! :)

  36. Stephanie

    Congratz Kaleb!

  37. Marlie

    I absolutely love your take on Twilight! You introduce new ideas and commentary into the book that I've never thought about before. Also, you're HILARIOUS!

  38. Morgan

    I'm so sad I only just found out about you a couple of months ago :-( I would have loved to be there from the very beginning of your Twilight Journey lol. But I will be still here when you're done the books, following whatever you have to say! (Because seriously dude, your wicked funny, no lie) Anyways, enjoy Breaking Dawn! (and take your time :-p)

  39. Alysha T

    Congratulations on your one year! im glad to have found this site!

  40. Elena

    Congratulations on one AMAZING year!!
    I can't wait to see all the incredible things you'll do it the future!

  41. ella

    Wow, a year already?? It seems like yesterday when I started to read your posts, because I started from the very beginning. I thought it was a brilliant website, so I kept checking your reviews every time you updated, til today!
    Well, I usually never comment, but I would kill for that signed book lol. So, keep up the good work and take your time reading Breaking Dawn!

  42. Katie in Pittsburgh

    I just want to say thanks for all the great humor and thoughtfulness you've added to my life through your website. It's so fun and refreshing to hear your perspective on the Twilight, so thank you so much!

  43. ella

    By the way, I'm one of your international fans lol

  44. Megan C

    Thanks so much to you and your site! Your wonderful sense of humor and insight into the Twilight world is not only fun but interesting in many ways. Thanks again!!

  45. Ashley

    It's really funny that people keep begging for the signed copy of New Moon because theirs is falling apart…c'mon everybody all of our books are falling apart because we can't stop reading them!

    Kaleb, i can't believe it's been a year already. It's been so much fun reading your blog and hearing your thoughts on the Twilight saga. I'm sad because it will end, but i can't wait for your book to come out. I'm sure it will be amazing πŸ˜€

  46. Trisha

    ah! I want it!

  47. Zack

    I'm Zack and I'm 12 years old. I'm a Twilight guy, too. Started in the summer of '08 and LOVED them. This site is amzing! Thanks so much, Kaleb, for putting up this site. Your such an inspiration. And I can't wait for BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE! Thanks!


    P.S.– Please pick me for the book!
    P.S.S.– If you comment twice or three times, do you have a better chance at getting the book?

  48. Deirdre

    heya. i dont really know what to say,
    but here's my comment.

    i really enjoy reading your blogs,

    Congratulations on one whole year!


  49. CarolB790

    Wow, it's been a year. haha I Still remember when you opened up the chat and I spent my whole summer chatting here and then..dun dun dun I started college. I've loved every single one of your posts!

  50. Zack

    How do you find out who won the book? When and how will you post it? Thanks!


  51. Charisse Tan

    I visit your website whenever I'm down! It makes me laugh so hard! i even made my brother check this site out to try to get him to read the twilight series! :)

  52. Camilla

    I still think you should read Midnight Sun :)
    Congratulations on a whole year of TwilightGuy!

  53. Kendra

    Happy Anniversary Kaleb! I remember reading your first post last year! Whoa.. it's been a while! Time flies by SO fast.

  54. Rylie

    It will be a sad day when you finish breaking dawn! Love this site and think your too funny! I even find myself making comments or using voices that i associate with you! its great! Yay for 1 year!

  55. Shyan

    I would love to win the book! I'm going to be so sad when your done with everything Twilight :(

  56. Amanda

    Congrats on 1 year of Twilight blogging. We'll miss your commentary when you're finished with Breaking Dawn but you'll have more time to work on your own projects. :)

  57. ERIKA

    Happy 1st anniversary Kaleb! After Breaking Dawn, move on to Midnight Sun =D

  58. Sarah

    Happy 1st Anniversary, Kaleb! I have so much enjoyed your journey through the Twilight saga. Looking forward to your debut novel!

  59. Katie

    Hey, I really really want that copy of New Moon.

    Also, are you ever going to change the heading, the one that says, “This is not a fansite….”

    Also, you are not going to continue with, I dunno, the Twilight movies and such?

  60. Cyndi Keaney

    We will miss you once Breaking Dawn is over. It's truly going to and a chapter for the fandom when its all over but I can guarantee a lot of us (including myself) will be following you with your book release and become part of YOUR fandom! Consider me entered and I can't wait to see where this road ends and the other begins Kaleb!

  61. Veray

    Happy Birthday to Twilight Guy.com! You have had a busy and suprizing year. I hope this year is just as fun. Thanks for all the fun you provide for us.

  62. abenning

    Have loved reading your posts over the last few months. I'm a high school English teacher and you are part of the reason I have so many male students reading the series. We all check out your blog together almost daily. Thanks!

  63. Katy

    Whoot! Happy “Birthday”, Kaleb!

  64. Rosita

    Please don't close the website after you finish Breaking Dawn. I love this website! Could you put more TwilightGuy Reports, they are awesome. I want to win the signed New Moon!!!!

  65. AnjieNet

    Wow. Has it already been a year? Congrats! Maybe when you are done with Breaking Dawn you can move on the The Host…love to hear a guys perspective on that one too.

  66. Melissa

    Congratulations on your 1 Year in the Twilight Fandom. It will be a sad day when you have finished Breaking Dawn and are all done here! I won't be able to wake up every morning and check “TwilightGuy.com” for an update!!
    I like the opinion of AnjieNet, you could indeed read the host and tell us what you think :) I also agree with Rosita, I miss the TwilightGuy Reports.

  67. Courtney

    Oh Kaleb. One year. It seems like you have been on here since the very beginning of the saga. I have enjoyed every post, every witty comment, every perspective that you have lent to these wonderful books.
    Thank you for sharing with us. You gave us hope in guys when it comes to these 'chick lit' themes. I am so excited for your book & cannot wait – most of all thank you for sharing that process with us. I have enjoyed every bit of new music, the chapters you emailed out, everything! I hope you keep up the site and just make yourself the “gnomeguy” :o)
    Happy Anniversary Kaleb!

  68. Eden

    Congrats on you one year anniversary! The sign is so funny!!
    The Host is awesome! I agree on it being an awesome idea for you to read it!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of Breaking Dawn!!

  69. Katherine

    Aww, i'm going to be so sad when you finish breaking dawn!
    read slowly πŸ˜›

  70. Rain

    This is so sad I've been reading your posts since the day you created this site, it'll be really sad to see you go. Is there any chance you can still blog about perhaps the special events like if you get invited to the New Moon premier
    Please don't disappear forever.

  71. genevievech81

    Congrats on the one year, that’s so awesome. As a big Twihard I am really happy to have your site to go to for a different perspective on the series. I really look forward to your fan site getting up and going for Brian Hambric: The Fairfield Curse. I read the first few chapters that you released and I am totally addicted. I can’t wait to go buy the book when it comes out. I just went to your site to see the partial reveal of the cover and so far it looks amazing, can’t wait for Saturday. Good luck with all you do and God bless.

  72. k0712

    Wow, it's kind of sad to think of a world without the Twilight Guy :)

    Thanks for the awesome posts.

  73. FictionsMyReality

    How exciting! It makes me rather sad to know that this site is coming to an end. But that’s how it is I guess…All great things must come to an end..=(.=(

  74. Jessica

    Pick me, Pick Me.

    I love your site. You are a funny, funny guy and I wish you loads of success with your book.

  75. Ashley

    A year? Already?

    Happy Blogpost Birthday! Blogday? Happy Blogday?

    Anniversary. Happy! Happy BirthBlogiversary!

  76. Chloemay

    Thank you for a whole year of TwilightGuy.

    I think it would be a great idea to make a bran hambric soundtrack cd.
    please pick me.I can't wait till it comes out, I just hope it's available here in holland.

  77. Sanne

    I can't believe it's been a year since your first post! Congratulations! I really don't like the idea of checking this site one day and finding out that you finished the whole saga. Maybe you should read a little slower. :)

  78. Orla

    1 year! Yay!
    It dawned on me a couple of days ago that I didn't know what would happen when you finished Breaking Dawn. that is going to be so sad. Anyway, happy anniversary and um . . . reading. πŸ˜€

  79. lizzy

    i cannot believe that one whole year has past since you started this site. i love how hilarious you are and thanks for making that one year so enjoyable for me. im sooooo excited for your book to come out, and i want to be the first one to read it!!!!!!! i really hope i win the new moon book. happy 1 year anniversary!!!!!!!!!

  80. Carolina

    happy aniversary πŸ˜€

  81. Mindy Stone

    Reading your comments, questions and personal experiences during your time as the Twilight Guy has been a blast. Thanks for having this website and making me laugh. I look forward to all your posts.

  82. Maja

    Omg! This is totally going to be one of my most sacred days!!! I actually got a little tear in my eye when I saw your video… :O (don't tell anyone!) And thank you SO much for this site and the contests! I almost check it everyday for new posts!

    Read the first chapters of Bran Hambric and thought it was great – I'm really looking forward to reading it all! And I totally think you should make that soundtrack, people could listen to your relaxing songs while reading the book πŸ˜‰

    Actually I think that some of your previous theories was pretty close to what's gonna happen in Breaking Dawn.. that's pretty cool.. Enjoy it!

    And wont miss you, cause I'm hoping that you wont go away, and that you'll keep posting once in a while, maybe about the movies or something…

    – Peace, out

  83. Soledad

    congratulation! a year of twilight guy, lets hope there's more to come

    ps what will happen when you do finish the series…? i don't want to know

  84. Marionn.

    Already one year! Great!
    I really wish, just like Chloemay, that we will be able to buy Bran Hambric here in Holland!
    'cause the first few chapters were fantastic :)
    Have fun finishing Breaking Dawn! :)

  85. Felicia

    Congratz, once again! Have a wonderful anniversary -giggle-! I don't know why it makes me laugh when I say that. This whole year has been awesome :]

  86. Gaby

    Wow. It's so amazing how Twilight has impacted your life! I enjoy reading your posts and getting a guy's perspective on these awesome books. I'm sad that you are on the last one. : ( Good thing it's also the longest one! ; )
    I would love to win the signed book! <3
    I can't wait till the release of Bran Hambric gives me something new to read πŸ˜€
    Your music for the soundtrack is so beautiful, it would be a crime to not sell it as a CD.
    You rock Kaleb!

  87. Ellen

    Wow, one year.
    Love to read what you think about the books because it really makes me think. You are always noticing little details that IΒ΄ve missed and itΒ΄s fun to know about them XD
    CanΒ΄t believe youΒ΄ve met Stephanie Meyer And all of the cast! You are so lucky!!
    Hope I get the book, it would be great!
    Keep up the good work! :)

  88. kim

    I LOVE your site! i first heard about it i believe you were on chapter 7 of twilight. since then, i've checked it every day!

  89. Nathalie

    Your rock Kaleb, please go on with reading twilight
    I hope I win (A)

  90. his_singerr

    Congrats on the one year anniversary! I've always enjoyed your blogs and will continue enjoying them; it's refreshing hearing a male's pov. And I can't wait for your book! xD
    I know this won't help my chances at winning the book, but it would be awesome if I did because New Moon is my favorite book out of the series. It's the most difficult for me to read, but it really is my favorite because both Bella and Edward after returning from Volterra realize that they each have been altered for life–they can't escape their love, no matter what. Like Bella said, she never really had a choice/it's too late. Granted she does ultimately have the choice of staying with Edward or not, but she knows how painful it is without him in her life, so…yeah, she probably doesn't really have a choice. Sorry, that's confusing.
    And putting out a Bran Hambric cd would be a great idea. I'd buy it!

  91. Katie B.

    Wow, I can't believe it has been a year! Congratulations Kaleb!! I've really enjoyed your site.

  92. Kim C.

    Congratulations on the year mark! It's amazing to imagine the possibilities, isn't it :)

    I've been following your site for a while now, and I can not express my thanks for everything you've shared with me and the rest of the world. It's meant a lot to me, in ways I can hardly find words to express. I am a writer of sorts and I've been struggling for a long time, mainly due to pure lack of confidence. Your story and your sites have inspired me to reach for that impossible dream. Sometimes dreams do come true right? :)

    The story of Edward and Bella is so much more than a story to me. It is one of my greatest inspirations and we should all be so lucky to fnd that kind of love.

    Thank you again for all you do and best of luck in your future endeavors!

  93. Mattie

    nooo i dont like the idea of no more twilightguy that would be terrible…i think you should keep it going even when you finish Breaking Dawn…maybe report on movie business…you never know you could go to the otehr film premieres πŸ˜€

  94. Nicole Jet

    Congratulations on one year!!
    I can't believe it's actually been that long.

  95. Britt

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary Kaleb! I'm trying really hard not to think about when you're done with Breaking Dawn and all your posts are done…. sniffle…
    But, I can't wait to read more about Bran, so I guess I'll take the bad with the good :)
    Your posts cheer up my day so much – no matter what mood I'm in, you get a giggle out of me!



    God Bless you!:))

  97. ErynJE

    I am just so sad that I didn't find you until recently! Here's an idea for you…maybe you could put together a 'book' of all of your chapter posts and a 'DVD' of any book related videos. I would soooo buy that…

    BTW – I am really looking forward to your book! You do realize that you're going to set all sorts of records the day it releases, right?

  98. Jeen

    Wow I still remember when I started reading this bog, I think it had 5 o 6 entries, almost one year after that I can say that its been the best blog I've ever seen and I thank you so much for making it.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  99. Kathy

    Please pick me, my paperback New Moon has seen better days. I love your site and much luck to you in the future.

  100. Billy

    That's so exciting! :)

  101. Kirsten

    happy anniversary! I've loved reading your take on the books! I'd also love to win that copy! mine is falling a part from lending it to all my friends -“you MUST read these books!” (They've since bought their own copies!) Of course I do think the teeth marks from my friend's dog on my New Moon are a little ironic.

  102. Vickie

    It's so awesome that you have come so far, Kaleb! Congrats!

    I can't wait for your new blogs!

  103. NoodleWolf

    What a fabulous way to celebrate your 1 year anniversary! Congrats!
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the signed copy of New Moon and I look forward to your future posts about Breaking Dawn. I enjoy them so much!

  104. Courtney Brombosz

    Thank you so much for all you do and making our days that much more interesting :)
    I would love to get new moon too- still don't have it :)
    thanks again for all your do! you're awesome

  105. Sammy

    Thank you for all the time you put into making all of the videos, contests, and everything else for us! It's been a great year (:

  106. Fabi

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary. I've enjoyed waking up and reading your posts even if its not everyday lol.Hope this next year is just as fun as the first.

  107. Nightmare and Dream

    I can't wait for your book to come out. I need to beg for money from my mother! xD~

    After you finished with BD you have to keep going with the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun. You can't stop! Q____Q

    I'd so love a signed copy of New Moon. I only have my copy of Twilight signed because one autograph per person was allowed. I carried 6 (BD wasn't released in both German and English) books with me to the event because they told me on the telephone that I'd get all books signed…

  108. Natali McKee

    I would love to have something signed by Stephenie. I love her work

  109. Elene


    Thanks for making my virtual internet life awesome XP

    PLEASE PICK ME!!! Is that sad…yea….



  110. Lily Giddings

    Happy birthday twilightguy.com! This is an amazing site, and I'm so glad there's still a little time left while you read…

  111. Leslie

    I would LOVE a book signed by Stephenie! I have always been a bit of a bookworm, and the thought of having a book signed… It would be awesome.

    Anyway, I've really enjoyed keeping up with your site over the last year. Best of luck when you have your own fans to attend to!

  112. Lauren

    Happy birthday…sort of… *shrugs* It's been a good year.

  113. Nicola Findler

    Ahhh wow! You are amazing!

  114. Samantha

    ahhhhhh! i would LOVE to win that copy of New Moon! mine is soo ratty…lol
    i would probably never let another human being touch it…it would be my prized possesion, shes my idol
    pick me!!! πŸ˜€

  115. Emily

    It's been an epic year.

    I've really enjoyed reading your posts. The pictures you post to accompany the chapter analyses always crack me up! You're a very good writer with a wonderful sense of humor.

    Here's to another year of Twilight! :)

  116. Kato

    :O So many comments , im never going to get it .
    i hope the site isn't going to get .. quiet(?) when you finished breaking dawn.
    i love everything you put on here .
    I even don't know if it's possible for me to win the book , im all the way from Belgium. :O
    You even got a fan from Belgium ^^ .

    Anyway, I've really enjoyed keeping up with your site over the last year.

    Best of luck when you have your own fans to attend to! x


  117. Janie

    It is so great you have had this asome site for a year!!! I wish you the best luck for next year! Me winning that copy or anything TWilight for that matter is impossible because I have the worst luck, but I wanted to congratulate you for this milestone!!!:))))

  118. Tori

    Congratulations on one year!
    I have been following since September!
    My new moon book is torn from reading so much and marked up with some of my favorite quotes and it wont lay down any more =)
    Congrats again and please dont quit the site after breaking dawn.

  119. Jessica

    Kaleb – Thank you so much for starting this site. I have loved reading the books and thinking about each chapter in depth with you. Plus, your random comments and pictures make me smile :-) Keep up the good work!

  120. Sarah

    Congrats on one year! It seems like I have been coming here for a lot longer then that but maybe that is because I check the site more then once a day!

  121. Shelby Linn

    I can't believe you've been posting for a year. It seems like its been longer and shorter at the same time. I've been secretly lurking your page for the past 3 or 4 months and I just love it. I already read all the books so its interesting to get someones views on it that are so different than mine. And I also like living vicariously through you as a first time reader and reminiscing about my first time throught them. Keep up the good work. :]

  122. Elspeth

    Congrats on One year Kaleb! And New Moon is my favorite :) I would love a signed copy!

  123. Kathleen

    Happy one year anniversary Kaleb! I can't believe I've been reading this site daily for almost a year! Your insightfulness into each chapter makes me appreciate my favorite book in new ways. You provoke me to look at situations with different eyes, and helped me to understand the male view of Edward vs. Jacob. Thanks for blogging. I can't wait til the next chapter!

  124. tbishop

    Congrats! Your posts are so hilarious! It makes me want to read the books all over again, and who wouldn't want to do that?! Last year I missed out on the book signing tour, it sold out so fast, so i would love to get that signed copy…please!

  125. babybott330

    Wow, I can't believe I didn't even think about it being the site's anniversary. Geesh. I love the site, it's been a lot of fun reading and commenting.
    Is this the New Moon from the whole set you had, or another copy? Either way, I'd be completely thrilled to win it!
    I thought you were releasing the WHOLE cover art… GRRRR. LoL What I can see looks pretty great!

  126. Tess

    Congrats Kaleb! One year is a long time to be reading Twilight…most guys would have given up!!! Look forward to reading your take on BD. It will be good πŸ˜‰

  127. Cara

    Congratss :)

  128. Nora

    I found twilightguy.com when you were in Eclipse and I am so happy for all your success! And be warned, everyone wants that New Moon.

  129. Sarah W.


  130. Erin B.

    Congrats Kaleb!!!! I have only been followingyour blog for 2 months but I find it very funny, and entertaining!!!

  131. Melissa

    Hey!! happy anniversary to ur site and happy bday to me:D, im turning 18 today!!!!! It would be sooo awesome to get that copy as a bday present XD. anyway i hope ur site doesnt close down after breaking dawn.

  132. Esther Crabbendam

    Thank you for all your amasing posts :)

  133. kristen

    congratz!!!! :)

  134. Bambii

    thats so cool. congratulations to who ever wins. and for the success with this site, keep it up, its amazing..!

  135. Diana C.


  136. Emily.D

    Kaleb, thank you so much for starting Twilight Guy. Your posts and thoughts are so funny. It's really refreshing and interesting to have a guys point of view on the Twilight Saga.

    Keep up the good work!

  137. Jen

    lol kaleb, you always surprise us with what you have. i love the look of the site and is it going down after you finish Breaking Dawn? i really hope not. can't wait for your book.

  138. Lacey

    I would love to win! Pick me!

    I don't want it to end! We'll miss you dearly in regards to the Twilight Guy!

  139. Alyssa

    You can read “The Host”. Even thought it's not Twilight it's still written by Stephenie Meyer.

  140. Cristal Gomez

    Congrats on a year of success!
    Twilight's kept me sane from my crazy college schedule!
    As well as your fabulous blogs on the book, HILARIOUS!
    Wish I had found you from day one.


  141. Susan

    Thanks for another awesome contest! Good luck with everything coming, you deserve it! Oh and also, this is the greatest prize EVER!

  142. Abbie

    Wow your so lucky! to have met such a talented, humble author of one of the greatest books ever!.
    Also I love your site, its so addicting hehe
    Congrads on the one year mark

  143. Jessica

    A signed copy of New Moon would be so amazing!

  144. Tina

    i wish it was a copy of Eclipse since my sister stole my copy and refuses to give it back :o( but New moon is good too!!!!!

  145. Snow Wight

    Bran Hambric soundtrack? YES!!!

  146. Sasha

    hi kaleb!

    I have been following your site for about…oh about 10 out of the 12 months you have been doing this site, i read it religiously and it always makes my day =) i would love to have this copy of new moon =) thanks so much and i look forward to reading your future posts!

  147. goloptious

    Congratulations on a year! I can't wait to read your book!!

  148. victoria

    YOU ARE AWESOME! i love reading your chapter blog posts, they are the funniest ever!

  149. Justine

    Oh my goodness. Congratulations!!

    Your site is the best, honestly. And I watch your videos all the time! I wish you more successful times for the years to come!

  150. Nicole

    I would love a signed copy of New Moon. I wasn't very excited about all the movie star posters but Stephenie is amazing!! I hope I can do as well when I am an author!

  151. beckysue

    I feel like its been much more than a year. Thats crazy! Congrats.

  152. Kelly

    Well, well, well. I've commented quite a bit on here before but alas, I've never commented for any of the prizes.
    Or I lied. Maybe once. Maybe.
    Here's to my second attempt!

  153. Krystol

    I've been enjoying following your Twilight journey for the past year. You are funny and creative, I can't wait to read your book this fall! Congrats on a year! (Oh and I want to win that book! )

  154. Mmary

    Okay, I really, really would love to have that book. New Moon was my favorite. And, Kaleb, in response to what you said in the Breaking Dawn chapter 4 blog, for some girls, there still are teams!!!! =DD

  155. Tina

    Happy 1 year anniversary!:D

  156. Arielle

    Aw, congrats on hitting the one year mark, Kaleb! I've loved following your blogs, and hope that even after you finish Breaking Dawn, you'll still make occasional posts on the site (*Cough*The Host*Cough*). Anyway, cheers on such a successful year, here's hoping to many more!

  157. Jessi

    Congrats! It's been a great year, you've accomplished so much! Thank you for everything you do for us :)

  158. Hannah

    Kaleb, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

  159. Mia C.

    Congrats on your year in the fandom! I remember going on the Lexicon and finding a link to your blog. I think Bella's fire truck is what kept me coming back. Your insights about the characters and their motivations have made me consider the books differently and it was great to discover Bran Hambric through you. I think you should continue your blog, only with reading Harry Potter after you've finished Twilight. Those books will keep a book blog going for you for at least another few years, some of the books have 40-50 chapters! As an author, I think you'd enjoy and appreciate the details and quirks JKR throws into the books. It's neat to finish a series, only to go back and realize that the author had everything planned out from the beginning. You'll find this with Twilight as well. Enjoy Breaking Dawn and good luck with everything surrounding Bran!

  160. tina

    Happy Anniversary!!! I really don't remember when I started to read your posts, but it wasn't long after you started!! It's been fun to follow along with you!

    I hope you'll keep a toe in the Twilight water, even after you finish Breaking Dawn. I'll be patient…wait for posts without complaint…keep you around longer. lol There's always The Host…

    I'll be watching for your Bran Hambric information!

  161. Aaliyah

    WOW! I had no idea about your site until today. I must say that I am very impressed that you are ACTUALLY reading the Twilight Series! I was browsing through Ms.Meyer's site, I like to keep checking for updates, and I really think she is great, especially when I read how her life was while she was trying to write the book and how I related so much. I am also a mom and getting an inspiration or an idea always does happen at odd times!

    Anyhow, there you were on her site, a little button that caught my eye…A GUY READING TWILIGHT? I had to check it out and now, here I am, about to embark on the monumently task of reading all of your posts, starting from the beginning of course.

    Your eyes cracked me lol I am so sorry but they do, I guess it's the way you are looking, I assume trying not to get caught type of look, because you are reading a “CHICK BOOK” lol. I think it's great you are reading it really I do.

    Well that's all and thanks for having a site and not being afraid to say, “Hey, I am a guy, and I read the Twilight Series!”

  162. Lela

    wow! one whole year!!!! your so famous, compared the small town radio DJ you used to be!! (i think you used to be a radio DJ) consider this my entry for winning new moon!

  163. jamus

    Awwww Kaleb….. I am totaly going to go back to having nothing to do when you finish Breaking Dawn….. I always look forward to seeing what you though about certain chapters and conversations in the books… Of course I will have your book to read but when I am done with that I shall surely perish……… Love you!!!

  164. Shelby

    i am so happy you made this site. im not sure what i will do when you finish the books. good luck with bran. ps that was my favorite name before you used it : )

  165. Amanda Cheng

    i LOVey dOVEY you video!
    i don't care about which comment number i have i just love you, love new moon, and love TWILIGHT SERIESS!!
    i especially love new moon it's my favorite book out of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because it first introduce the volturi and the pain bella had felt when edward left her!
    please i'm begging you i want this soooo freakin'' badlyy!
    i deserve this i am a hard working person!!!!
    please please please!
    and you might be thinking omg this girl is soo annoying blehh!
    i'm sorry but i love your videos and you
    and i'm ending this message….now..well basically after i write my name e-mail etc okay sorry now!

  166. VT

    Can't wait to read your book!

    Happy one year!!!

  167. Amanda Cheng

    congrats by the wayyy ;]]]!

  168. KountessKoRnGiRl

    Ah Kaleb I can't believe it's been a year!!! Congrats.
    And i think I speak for the fandom when I say: WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.
    Kaleb you have changed at least part of the fandom. You have opened I'm sure alot of eyes with the way you've analyzed the series. And you've grown the fandom by making guys realize that it doesn't make you a fag if you read a vampire love story. Thanks=)
    Also… you aren't leaving us just yet. You still have a LONG while to go=)
    And I will continue to stalk you and be in your fandom when you're done with Breaking Dawn as I'm sure many others will!

    Ahhh and I want that New Moon! I want it soooo bad!! LOL it would go in a case on my wall with sensors that alert me anytime someone gets within 10 feet=)

    Crossing my fingers!

  169. Maria

    Congratulations Kaleb! You rock!
    Wow, probably I will not win the book, but hey let's be optimisc..:)

  170. Janna

    Kaleb, I'm realizing that you finally began to read Breaking Dawn. And this makes me really sad because it's true what you said: there's not much time left :(
    But after you've finished BD, I'll keep visiting your site because I'm sooo interested in your book and I wanna have it! I just hope I'll understand it because I'm from Germany, haha.

    Besides, I want this signed New Moon copy!!! πŸ˜€

  171. Katie G.

    πŸ˜€ congrats, you are over the hill!

    Oh, and you should read midnight sun when it comes out… and post about it. Mainly because I really enjoy your down to earth commentary.

  172. Jessica K.

    Once you finish Breaking Dawn I won't be able to look forward to your funny and witty comments about the Twilight Saga.
    I'm shocked it has been a year. I found this site about 6 months ago and read every post in a day because I loved it so much.
    You should definitely read Midnight Sun when it comes out!

    I can't wait to read your book.

    I want this New Moon copy. I absolutely adore the book and Stephanie is awesome.

  173. Alli

    Aw…this is a really big day! Congratulations Kaleb! I came here on Chapter 15 of Twilight, and that day I read every post you had written up to that point and listened to all of your music. You are awsome! This is honestly the only Twilight site I still check everyday. Thanks for making this site, and I CAN'T WAIT to read Bran Hambric.

  174. megan

    Congrats on getting through your first crazy and exciting year! twilightguy.com is one of my favorite websites!

  175. Becky

    happy one year anniversary for the site! wow, was it really a whole year ago, it seems like just yesterday I found your site and you were on like, Twilight chapter 6 or so…

    After Breaking Dawn you could post your reviews of the extra deleted scenes on Stephanie's site…. and enjoy your millions from your book sales :)
    AND you could do harrypotterguy.com, as I think you said at some point in a blogtv that you have never read the awesomeness that is Harry Potter. *hint hint*

    haha, “hopefully you'll continue to support me as I finish breaking dawn” like we were all going to desert you and stop reading your blog for no reason just as you get to the best part! pssh.

  176. NougatCat

    One whole year of stuff… with just a few books……. geeez! I have to say often I was jealous that just hitting on a great idea, having the web/writing skills for it, and some great humor, led to all this. Not to mention your own stuff! How do you do it?? Please please let me win the book! Congrats!

  177. shelby

    omg has it really been a year? I started reading twilight around the time that you started so i guess its been a year for me too!! CONGRATS! i luv ur humor and stephenie m is totally right about how funny you are… keep reading breaking dawn !!! :)

  178. angie

    happy one year anniversary kaleb! i can't believe its been a year already. congrats on all your success! no one's ditching u after u finish the twilight saga my friend. thats not what us twilighters do, as u probably know!

  179. Haley S.

    Happy 1 year Aniversary Kaleb! I love this site to death!

  180. ToytleOrange

    Oh snap, the comment thing changed…But anyways! Congrats, Kaleb, for being the funnest thing to read. πŸ˜€

  181. Emily


    And congrats.
    It's seriously been a year? Wow

  182. Jenna

    Happy 1st birthday TwilightGuy.com

  183. Jennifer

    YAYAYAYAY Happy Anniversary! or birthday…or….hmmmm not sure what this is…YAYAYAYAYA anyway!

  184. Elaina

    Happy Twiguyversary! (before claims are made i want to say that I made that up!) I wish i could of been here when the site started but i just started reading the series in October, and i found this on a list of links somewhere ( i think it was stephenie meyer's site) But I've been visiting almost every day ever since! I REALLY want New Moon signed by Stepheenie, so please pick me! (or someone who has been on WAYYY longer, cause they probably deserve it more than me)

  185. Becky

    YAY Kaleb! It has been a wonderful year. I enjoy reading all your posts and watching your videos. Keep up the amazing work.
    FYI, New Moon is my favorite book in the Twilight series…*hint hint*

  186. jenny

    Omg! Can I have it? I would love to have signed copy of New Moon!
    Please, with sugar on top. =D

  187. Mimi

    You're awesome Kaleb :)

    I love New Moon btw :)

  188. Danni

    Congrats, Kaleb! Hope to see the 2 year mark next year!

  189. Ethan

    Hey kaleb, it's Ethan!


    I'm so happy for you're 1 year Anniversary!

    Woah! Stephenie Meyer, meeting cast, book publishing, YouTube, SOCIAL TIME, SOCIAL NETWORKING, ECT!!!
    How do you have the time?
    I'm not begging you for the copy, I would be just happy to even enter this because Kaleb you're so cool!
    Congrats on your sucess and whoever wins the copy of New Moon, congrats to you too! (Even if it's me, which I highly doubt ((though I want it so much, not going to brag)), I would say congrats to me and squeal like a girl ((even though I'm a guy)).)

    Ha! Well You're awesome!

  190. Caroline

    Happy one year! :)
    I only started reading your blog a few months ago, and i love it every post! I check it daily. Haha, good luck with your own book.
    Love, Caroline

  191. Josie

    OME that would be the coolest thing to win!! Even though I didn't like New Moon I would still love to have a copy of it SIGNED by the master mind behind it all!! I really hope I win because I never win ANYTHING and it kind of sucks…

    And, even though I just recently started reading your blogs (like as recent as January) it has been amazing! I love hearing guys points of view toward this beloved series because it gives different meanings to a lot of different parts of the story. I am so happy that I came of knowledge to you, your sites, and your writing! I have yet to read the preview chapters for Bran Hambric but I have heard from so many people that it is amazing and just from seeing your writing style from these blogs I am sure it is! I can't wait until your book comes out, I will definitely be first in line at the store at midnight so I can get a copy…then go home and read it!!

    Can't wait to hear more of your views of Breaking Dawn and more news on your book; I can already tell that it's going to be great!! Keep it up! Peace and love!!!

    <3 Josie

  192. Claudia

    I hope I win!
    About the new comment system, I think that there should still be numbered comments, just in case you want to find one and you only know the number :)
    Good luck with Breaking Dawn and Bran Hambric.

  193. Natalie D.

    Oh, Kaleb, it has been a full year for you as a Twilighter, Congratulations!!! I am SO happy that I have been able to read all of your clever, hilarious, and profound insights into Stephenie Meyer's beautiful world of Twilight! Are you not going to read the Host then!?!

    Please, please, please choose me to receive the New Moon book signed by Stephenie, I will keep it with me forever and never let it go! New Moon is one of my favorite books ever written and definitely my favorite book of the Twilight Saga by far!!! And since my sister has lost my only copy I have been absolutely torn in two! Please choose me!!

    Thank you SO much for all you have done for us, Kaleb!!!

  194. Lauren!

    kaleb, you keep thanking us, someone needs to thank you!
    you have been so great to everyone, providing us laughs when we need them and giving us a great new perspective on the novels. i am so excited to read your book! you're going to be even more famous one day–we'll be seeing Bran Hambric being made into a movie!
    i can't wait to read the rest of your posts! WE LOVE TWILIGHT GUY!<3

  195. Tiffany

    You've grown. On behalf of all your fans, I can say that we are proud of you. Congrats on your first year!

  196. Laura

    It just struck me how soon twilightguy.com will come to a closure. That makes me so sad, I've been following this site since your first chapter was posted. :) I thought you were genius, and I still do.

    I hope you continue to stay with the twilight fandom long after you finish breaking dawn, even with your new book. Next thing I'll know I'll be competing for YOUR signature. hint hint. πŸ˜‰

  197. Jessica

    Thank you Kaleb for all these amazing contests! You are awesome for doing this to show your readers your appreciation. I love this website and have been a fan from the first posts. I would be honored if I were to receive the copy of New Moon and I understand if i don't. Thank you Kaleb for all that you have done for us and I want to congratulate you on your first year. :)
    <333 Jessica

  198. Daniela

    Congratulations on your first year, thanks for all your posts! I'm sure I'm going to cry when you finish reading Breaking Dawn. I'm going to miss your posts so much! Also thank you for all the contests and the videos and the entertainment you give all Twilight Fans. We love you :D!
    I want New Moon :O lol.

    Happy reading!

    PS: I think it is a good idea you release the soundtrack, your music is great :)!

  199. amber

    omg i would love that!!!!

  200. Cayla

    Happy 1 year!

  201. alexiaa

    omg i hope i win.. it would be so awesome.. i would guard it with my life =]. i would lend the other to ppl and keep this to myself.. muahahahahh.. =]

    well congrats for a whoel year on here.. o hope you dont close the page or stop writing when you're done..

  202. cullen

    AND 200! Yay!

    We love you Kaleb, you'll always be a twilighter to us!

  203. Twilight Lexicon » Happy Anniversary Kaleb Nation

    […] Nation is celebrating his first anniversary online as The Twilight Guy. He has the entire story of how he went from an obscure blog that he thought […]

  204. Palmer

    Look at all these crazies sucking up just to get a signed book!!! What a bunch of brown-nosers.

    Um… can I have it? Thanks.

    No, wait- I'm not falling in line. I don't care what awesome give-aways you have. You can't make me tell you how awesome your site is… NEVER!!!

    Aw, shucks. I really want that book. And I do read your posts often. Crap. There goes my pride. I'm even starting to have a facination with gnomes lately & don't know why. Damn that Kaleb Nation. He knows how to brainwash people.

  205. maribel

    I became a twilight fan not so long ago. but the minute i began reading it i became obssssessssed !
    I dragged my husband to go watch the movie with me the minute i finished reading the first book.
    at about midnight after the movie we went to walmart to go buy the rest of the books and i read them all that weekend.
    (I seriously don't know how you do it to keep yourself from not reading more than 1 chapter at a time)
    I began googling twilight at work and found your site and almost peed cuz i was laughing so hard.
    I went through all the chapter post in less than 2 hours. I couldn't stop reading and i've been a devoted fan
    of twilight guy ever since.

    Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary. I'm truly gonna miss your thoughts on the chapters when you finish reading Breaking Dawn but who knows, Stephenie Meyer will hopefully finish writing Dark High Noon :) i would love to know what you think of Edward's perspective.

    Thanks for everything Kaleb =]

  206. zafifah


  207. Alicia

    hahaha kaleb, you're awesome!

  208. Jamie Jensen

    Ooh! This is my commenting. haha Your site is awesome!

  209. kristel

    I want your signed copy of new moon for my husband Hal because he has become a big fan of SM. But he didn't start liking her from her books. He went to BYU with her and he even has pictures of her from back then, as well as my cousin. They all lived close to each other. My husband said his roommate went on some dates with her. He told me she was really cool. So……. that is why I want your copy. If you ever want to see the pictures just let me know.
    Thanks Kristel Shields

  210. vanessa

    i just have to try, right!?

  211. Carmen_Denali

    That is so awesome Kaleb! Thank you so much for starting TwilightGuy.com! You have added so much to this fandom! I can't wait to read your book!!!!! :)

  212. Pragya

    Happy 1 year Kaleb!!! I know ………how more late can I get???? but I'm not commenting because I think I can WIN! But because I am reallllllly happy that it's been 1 year……..I can't believe it! And I'm sad that it's all gonna get over …………I am going to miss all your posts!!! And man your music is great!!! And I really wouldnt mind if I could win that new moon copy!!! :P……..i will really miss your posts Kaleb!!!

  213. Amy

    Don't tell me the site is closing down after Breaking Dawn ends!!!!!?? :O:O:O:O

    I would be absolutely heartbroken if it did. : (

    Well, Happy 1st Twi-birthday! : )

    You are SOOOOO lucky to have met stephenie meyer and the cast btw! So jealous =P If you ever meet her again, tell her to come over to the UK for a week or two and do some booksigning and meet some fans here! She would be welcomed greatly!!! :L:L lol


  214. Amy

    Happy Anniversary Twilight Guy, love your site, would love to get your copy of New Moon.

  215. Lena

    Happy 1 year! What an amazing year you had!! Your book looks interesting. Can't wait to read it.

  216. Jacci

    Happy one year anniversary! If this happened to me, I would be pretty shocked too! Anyway, I love your website and all of the others and am pretty excited that we still have time left. Hope your books get as popular as the Twilight Sage (but not more popualer of course ;-]… who knows? Maybe I'll WANT it bigger than twilight @.o) and that you become a really famous author for it. You as a person, as far as I've seen, deserve it. =]

    (p.s. Love the cover!)

  217. Merebear

    Has it been one year already? Holy crap! What a sweet way to thank all of us, with a signed copy of New Moon! So exciting. Congrats on the one year, and I can't wait till you choose someone. :)

  218. Jaclyn.

    Sorry I'm late, and that everything here is late but life's been hectic. But, still here to say I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH and congrats and all that jazz with a cherry on top and everything else! You are so totally awesome and love your views and you always make me laugh somehow. AND happy birthday twilightguy.com! YAY!

  219. Stacy O

    WOW! So inspiring, a REAL man reads Twilight Saga! (wish my dh would!)

  220. Scarlett

    Wow! I just found your site and LOVE it! I would also love to win that copy of NEW MOON! Happy 1 year to you!

  221. Stephanie

    wow cant believe its been a year for you kaleb nice! good luck for hopefully nany years to come and i love the site and would love to have that copy of new moon!

  222. rachel

    W-O-W !! well done, it already been a yeear, and still obessed with twilight! anyways hope you had a great year for all the hard work you have done, hope theres many more to come! stephanie meyer! new moon, signed ahh amazing!
    congratsss! thanks for all the twilight bizz youve given! cant wait to purchase your book, it looks like a mystery !!!

    byebye from ireland!

  223. Kaitlin

    You are pretty much awesome.
    And i really want your book :)

  224. Maria Vasquez

    I'm so exited that you are on Breaking Dawn! I'm reading it for the second time myself again, so cheers for that! Congrats on the new book!

  225. lofern

    Can't believe it's been a whole year already – congratulations!

  226. emiline

    Ooh, ooh! Pick me, pick me!!! That would be the coolest thing ever. Yours is really the only Twilight site I ever check out anymore…the only one that cracks me up every time, and lightens my day πŸ˜€ Thank you tons!

    I am SO excited to run out and get your book, but I can't believe there is still so much time left to wait!

    <3 Em

  227. Kira

    Wow… I would die if I got that book, in contrast to most twilight fans (and especially the Team Edward fans of whom I count myself among) New Moon is my favorite book. Please! I want it.

    btw I love the cover art for your book, it looks fantastic.

  228. Samantha

    im so proud of you!
    good luck on another year!

  229. Johanne from Norway

    Congratulations with your first year as the Twilight guy! It's really fin that a guy reads Twilight and blogs about it – escpecially the way you do! You notice tiny things in the book and when you write about it I and many others get to know them too:D I'm from Norway and I absolutely love Twilight, Stephenie Meyer has the greatest imagionation of all times!! I would love to get a signed copy from her, it's amazing that you're giving it away to someone randomly, but very generous of you^^ You're lucky to have met Stephenie and the cast. Keep going and please read and blog about Midnight Sun after you've finished Breaking Dawn!!

    Keep up the good work and again, happy one-year! ;D

  230. Beth

    Oh no, Kaleb!
    It is so sad that your Twilight fandom days are numbered!!
    But, at least myself will be part of your new fandom for Bran Hambric.
    I can't wait for your show tonight, I'll be tuned in!
    Beth 'BranHambricFan' :)

  231. Emmy

    It's been a good year reading your musings, Kaleb! I've been reading TwilightGuy from the beginning. I look forward to what you may give the world in the years to come.

  232. Emmy

    It's been a good year reading your musings, Kaleb! I've been reading TwilightGuy from the beginning. I look forward to what you may give the world in the years to come.

  233. Andrea

    Congratz πŸ˜€ Can't wait 'til your book comes out

  234. Ashleigh

    Woo… New Moon FTW

    heh.. I loves you Kaleb

  235. yas

    haha, your welcome! its hard to believe it been a year but also hard to believe you haven't finished all the books yet!

  236. edwella cullen

    aww great job on 1 year kaleb!! πŸ˜€ and as for that new moon contest, my book is falling apart πŸ˜‰

  237. Steph

    Congrats on one year Kaleb!! I love your site! I also can't wait to read your book!

  238. jasmine

    “…this new site made me laugh buckets”
    stephenie is hilarious lol xD

    ~happy 1 year! πŸ˜€

  239. Kim

    Congratulations on 1 year on TwilightGuy.com! What is going to happen to the site once Breaking Dawn is finished?

  240. belladonna101

    hey, twilight guy i love the sincerity you have professed in the 1 yr anniversary video. I would love to own a signed copy of New Moon. My copy's binding is falling apart. I have read the Saga twice already including Host which you should look into as soon as you finish breaking dawn. I am starting to read it for the third time and would love to have this particular copy to add to my collection. please consider me

  241. Princess Kimmy

    Happy Anniversary Twiight Guy and the whole Kaleb Nation! I love your chapter comments (even if I don't always agree with them) and especially the male perspective. I laughed hysterically when I first started reading them. I hope you just keep writing. New Moon is the only book in my Twilight Saga that I don't have signed so I would adore a signed copy. But anyway, hang in there and Happy Anniversary!

  242. Alejandra

    Hmmm… Hi!! I really do not know what to say…. just that New Moon is the best book ever!! NM is my fav. heehee… And also I cannot wait to read your book! It seems to be interesting! =] Congratulations and Hope you do well! XOXO

    I WANT THE NEW MOON BOOK! heehee =}

  243. Carrie

    I would love the book! No one would be allowed to touch it!

  244. Feven

    Super late, i know, but i've had limited access to the internet. Taking 4 ap's do that for you >.<
    But I just wanted to say congrats. You're witty, thoughtful, and insightful. Thank you for emphasizing for Jacob even though there were times I could tell you couldn't stand him, and thanks for the GREAT song choices. Near To You was perfect for New Moon, &your latest one by Anberlin (favorite band) MAKES MY DAY.



  245. Talisha

    Congrats on your success!!! I appreciate your hard work and energy and love reading your posts! Your ROCK!

  246. Talisha

    Congrats!! I apreciate your dedicaton, hard work and energy. You ROCK!

  247. Caitlin

    Wow…I can't believe it's been a year already.
    Congrats on everything!
    & I cannot wait to read your novel!

  248. Monisxox

    Wow, its so amazing that one guy can just do some cool stuff and kinda climb up to the place where you are at, like you did!
    I admire the work you have done so much!
    Anyway, I hope I'll some day get to win these fun contest you are holdin; and one more thing, thanks so much for holding them!
    <3 Monisxox

  249. Jenny

    So this is actually my first time visiting your site…but I like it! I just discovered the books and the movie like, 2 weeks ago. AND I'M OBSESSED.

  250. Rachel

    OMG!!! :) I love the twilight series soooo much. The lastbookis my fav because of what happenes. I also think it is themost exciting. I am really happy so many people like it because i am crazy about Twilight and my friends thought it was weird because i wouldlook it up on youtube and have a pic of them on computer. Also Happy 1 year!!! i am soooo jealus of you because Stephanie Meyer seems really nice and it would be cool to meet her. Bye:)

  251. Elaine

    Congratulations on the 1year anniversary! i think its awsome that your reading twilight and that u can admit it because a lot of men can't. I guess its their pride that makes them not want to read it but who knows? All i know is that other people of luck on theshould follow your example and read the twilight series. All women should applaude your bravery to admit to reading the twilight books online were anyone can see. I read all the books and they were amazing!! Also best of luck on the Bran Hambric book!

  252. Mekara

    congrats! i love your site, you've been amazing. and i would love the copy of new moon, it's would look super pretty on my book shelf, my old copy of new moon is a little worse for wear.

  253. Chloe Cullen

    Hi Kaleb! Thanks for running this (and all of the other ones) contest!! By the way, I LOVE the cover art for the Farfield Curse. I can't wait to read it! Ooooh I was in Forks TODAY πŸ˜€

  254. Jennifer

    I enjoy it when I see that you're giving away something to a fan.
    It's always a delight.
    I'd love to win this time, we'll see.

    twilight/twilightguy fan

  255. devz30

    1 year? I can't remember how I found out about this site, I think I was just searching for random Twilight sites.. Then I remember following ever since the end of Twilight, chapter 23/24 I think, and I was like: Oh, this blog's pretty good.
    And then I started seeing your earlier posts.. haha…

  256. Link

    Wow. It's been a year for me too since I started reading Twilight. YAY! celebrations all around. (Also, I can't wait to read The Farfield Curse. I've been following it for ages and I'm praying and hoping that I will be able to get it one day down in Australia!

  257. Kel

    Happy anniversary Kaleb, We love you! I really enjoy this site- I think you are hilarious. I'm sure we would all love for you to keep this site going after you've read Breaking Dawn, but that may be a lot to ask as I'm positive you have plenty to do already (considering your new book which i am sure to buy!). Anyways, thanks for all your posts, your contests have been awesome, and we wish you all the best!

  258. belladonna101

    Hey, Twilight Guy I loved your video and am amazed I just came acrossed it recently. i am an avid fan of Stephenie Meyer's books. i have read all of them twice, including Host. i read you are just starting on Breaking Dawn, and i think for 96%of it you will certainly not be disappointed. I am inquiring on the signed copy of New Moon you are giving away. I know you are picking the winner at random,but I would like to express how much it would mean to me to win it. My copy of New Moon is falling apart by the binding, and it would be totally awesome to own my very own signed copy. I am a total geek when it comes to anything about Stephenie Meyer because she got me back into reading again. I am so obsessed that I look on all the Twilight websites for updates on the upcoming flick. I even entered the be a part of New Moon contest even though I knew I didn't have a chance of winning. I know you have a tough decision to make deciding who will receive this amazing book. Please consider me. Love, Peace, Twilight

  259. SophieLouise

    It's weird to see how much can happen to someone in just one year. Good luck for the future :)

  260. The Findlay Sisters

    Hello Kaleb from England!

    We think its fantastic that you took this experiment and turned it into something which a lot of people have a passion for can relate to. Its also great to show everyone how cool it is to read! Your determination put you in a place where most of us want to be and you showed us that its possible! We would say good luck for the future but we don't think you need it! xx

    P.S We loved the first few vids you did reading twilight, when you say “Edward” and then fall off the chair, it was hilarious!

  261. Danielle R

    Congrats Kaleb on making it a whole year! i love your website so much!!!!!! i'll be sad when u finish the books but im still happy for you!

  262. Amanda Navarrete

    Congralutations on your first year, Kaleb!

  263. Genevieve

    pick me!

  264. Rebecca

    Happy first birthday, so to speak.
    I was going to leave you a birthday wish on the day, but I… forgot. :)
    I saw the Bran Hambric cover and I simply cannot wait! Is it on Amazon yet? You know, for pre-order? I doubt that it will come out in England on the same date so I'd love a garuntee of getting it!
    Anyway, catch you later. I'm off to re-read the Bran Hambric preview. For the twentieth time…

  265. SkittlesAndTwilight

    hello….how are yew????=p(idk… just starting the comment thingy)
    woooht nice one year..cant wait till ur book comes out i love the muci thingy
    your book sounds very interested and haha u strted it on 3/3/3 and then will come out on 9/9/9
    thats kawel
    well yeah it would be awesome to win the book signed by stefanie

    and i hope this website doesnt come to an end or clousre or howeva u say it
    cuz its pretty kewl..and look what all u've done in the past year well yeah u made a video on youtube bout it =p
    well i'm supporting you here and on youtube

    if you call comented here and rated your videos as support well yea IM SUPPORTING YEW!!!!!!!
    hope i win keeping m fingers crossed(is that what you're suppose to do if u want good luck or sumthing)

    oh and i cant wait til'' ur book comes out i know iknow i already said that b4 but….like i also kindof like to write ina way….
    usually poetry..but also like stories about magic…like one i made up for a class project harry hotter
    okay now im writing tooo much

    hopez i winz


  266. Allison J.

    I love this site, Kaleb! It makes me smile!
    Happy one year anniversary Twilight guy!

  267. marie

    I just wanted to comment to say how much I enjoy your insightful commentary on every chapter. Your site is one of the few sites I check daily to feed my twilight thirst!(no pun intended i swear!!)looking forward to reading more about your new novel.

    P.S I would seriously love to win the signed copy of new moon. I know I'm going against the majority opinion,but it was actually my favourite book of the saga. I've also never won a thing in my life!!!

  268. Vica

    thats an awsome contest idea!
    congrats on the year of twi-fandom!
    Hope i win it if not thats okay

  269. AussieT

    Happy 1 year birthday in the Twilight Fandom! I've enjoyed reading all your posts and look forward to checking out Bran Hambric. Hope its not too late to be considered for the prize made of awesome-ness!

  270. Susan Wilder

    I can't believe your time with us is coming to close! My husband made fun of me reading the books until he saw the movie. He has read them through 4 times. Really enjoys the writing style. I also am intrigued by your book! The trailer you designed was very mysterious… Thank you for joining our Twi-tribe this past year. May you be blessed on 09-09-09 and always.

    A fan,


  271. Icerider

    Whoo! Anither book give away. Thank you Kaleb I love reading your site. It makes me look at twilight in a totally different light than when i used to. I'm deffinately team edward but you make me look at Jacob's perspective. Now i'm not saying that i like Jacob any more than i used to, but i can see why he does what he does.

  272. alisha

    hi kaleb, love your site…see you at Twicon…can't wait

  273. alisha

    don't meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!

  274. krissx

    good job with the one year! you're almost done with the series! you are such a great guy and i cant WAIT for bran hambric it sounds so interesting. ANYWAYS. :) I hope you end off breaking dawn good πŸ˜€ byeeee

  275. iva

    happy one-year-versary!
    hopefully i'll win the book!

  276. Janine

    Man i wish i could meet the cast but i live in New Zealand and they don't have any conventions or partys that have anything to do with Twilight. i wish we did.

  277. Wren

    Yes, please. I'd love a signed copy of New Moon.

  278. Amanda

    Hello Kaleb! Congrats on your book coming out! It must be a thrilling experience. Im so happy to have followed you on youtube and twilightguy, its refreshing to see a fan that is over the age of 18 ha! Good luck with you other projects and dont let the haters get you down, youve got a great following and loads of respect from web lurkers like myself!

  279. Amanda

    One Year! WOW! Congrats! and i cant wait to read your book!

  280. jfwstarrider

    Way to go on your new book! That accomplishment is so awesome. I've got you on my calendar. Good luck to you. Wish me luck on the contest.

  281. jfwstarrider

    I also swear to you by all that's vampirish, that I would like to win the book for my personal library and at no time will it ever show up on Ebay like you know some people are wanting it for. Again, good luck with your book. I look forward to reading it.

  282. Katie

    I'm a new reader and absolutely adore your blogs. You're halarious! Conragtulations on all your success and best of luck to you in the future! :)

  283. Rhiannon

    Wow! A whole year has gone by…It's hard to believe we went from Bella's “firetruck” to her getting married. Truly amazing.
    I guess as we're coming to a close, I bid you farewell and wish you luck. Thank you for providing a years' worth of reading and entertainment. I know it's not over, but it's like we've come full circle, you know? Anyway …I'm really, really excited for your book! haha.

  284. Jacqui9988

    As a Twilight Saga fan, I try to get as many of my friends, and even my family to read Twilight so they can share with me the pleasure of reading the books. So it's wonderful to hear that you have enjoyed reading the Twilight books, and sharing with us as you read what you thought about each chapter. It's great to see you checking out what everyone is talking about, and even though you are a guy, you have given the Twilight Saga a chance. I tried to get my dad to read the books, but i had to pressure him every hour to read just one page. But it is good to know that this website is going to go on for a while longer, and I'm sure everyone is extremely greatful for your efforts of discovering deeper meanings for each chapter of the books. Everyone can't wait to read about what you think of Breaking dawn. I watched your live BlogTV, it was funny and entertaining. It would be great to win the book, because I'm only 13, so I can't get a job, and it's taken me a while to save up money just to get twilight, and I still don't have enough money yet to get Twilight! So I would be very greatful if I could win New Moon. Happy 1 year twiversary!

  285. sheZza

    i used to want you to read the books faster so i can know what you think of them…but now i think you should take your time there is no harm in finishing breaking dawn in the next few years…DONT LEAVE US
    But if you do then leave me with a parting gift…say a signed copy of New Moon πŸ˜›

  286. Ylva

    Happy anniversary Kaleb!

  287. jfwstarrider

    I loved your video. I've watched it a couple of times. I'm thrilled by your success and must be living vicariously through this site. lol Good Luck, Judy

  288. Laura

    Congratulations! So glad you're still here!

  289. Gavin Kerr

    Congrats on the one year mark.

    Im also a guy who reads twilight. I read it in secret cause I'd have gotten chirped at my school. Nice to know other guys DO read it.

  290. Britta

    Wow Kaleb! Congrats on the anniversary! And I know this is waaay after… But better late than never right? So nice of you to give away that copy!

  291. Pooja Pandey

    thats soooo nice of kaleb to give a copy away. i'd like keep mine forever and like it lock it up. haha. but if u see this kaleb, would you be able to work on “The Host” too? this is because i would love to see your point of view and you're always so funny.

  292. shari

    i WANT that book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Cricko

    I'm away a week in Barcelona and it feels like I missed so much. Glad to be home again and able to use a computer… :)

  294. caroline

    Congrats! what kind of card would be correct for this occasion? Like….um, happyfirstyearstartinganawesometwilightwebsite? ill send you one as soon as i find one.

  295. Kristina

    Happy Happy One Year of Twilight Guy!

  296. KATHY

    Congrats Kaleb!

  297. Autumn

    I think this is a very brave & creative website. Thanks for your insights:)

  298. jfwstarrider

    Hey congrats again Twilight Guy!! This is a great site you have and looking forward to reading your book. When is this contest over? I'm looking forward to my prize. Just wondered when I would be able to get my congratulatory email that will set my heart all aflutter. Then I'll run to the mailbox evvvvvvvvvvvvvvery day until it arrives and then I'll read it again for the umpteenth time because I know that having Stephenie's autograph will add magic to this edition and I will become so much more insightful when it comes to all matters New Moon. lol Then I can go to my local Hallmark store and buy you the nicest card possible.

  299. Twilitex57

    I think I'll comment! It is pretty cool. & your soo funny! Happy 1 yearerer as a Twilight Reader!

  300. the internet

    Cool story, bro

  301. zee

    omg this site is totally awsome!!!!!!!!!
    ~long live twilight~

  302. Haley

    Wow i love this site!!! i go on it every second of the day now!!! OME i love New Moon!! Its my favorite book in the Saga!! And signed by Stephenie Meyer?! Wow shes a legend!! I cant wait til i can get the Bran Hambric book!!!

  303. Amy

    I'm really glad you started this site… I love checking my email for your' updates at the end of my day. I've woken my fiance up more than once laughing out loud at your' jokes and witty takes on the books. Also, it's great to see a guys point of view on the books, as it does give a perspective I probobly wouldn't have seen otherwise. Congrats, & keep up the good work!

  304. Amy

    I'm really glad you started this site… I love checking my email for your' updates at the end of my day. I've woken my fiance up more than once laughing out loud at your' jokes and witty takes on the books. Also, it's great to see a guys point of view on the books, as it does give a perspective I probobly wouldn't have seen otherwise. Congrats, & keep up the good work!

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