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April 18th, 2009 at 2:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t devote an entire post to my book on my Twilight blog. However, today is a very big day for me, and I’m so excited about this I have to show it to everyone:


Yes, that is my name on the cover, because this is the art for my debut novel, BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE, due in stores on 9-9-09 (which is important, since I started writing the book on 3-3-03!). The biggest dream I’ve had is to get my own book published: and now, six years after writing the first word, things are finally happening! Here is a video trailer I made, and you can find out more at BranHambric.com if you’re interested:

I will be doing a LIVE BlogTV show THIS EVENING on my channel

to talk about the cover, the past year of TwilightGuy.com, and all sorts of other cool stuff. I don’t exactly know the time I’ll start yet, but I’ll post it on my Twitter as soon as I do (my Twitter posts up there at the top of this page too, next to my photo).

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100 Responses

  1. Sara

    Congratulations Kaleb! Can't wait to read it. :)

  2. Chloe

    Kudos Kaleb!

  3. Convallaria Majalis

    I do hope to read your book sometime:) But unforunatly I will have to wait even longer than 9/9-09, most likely. Living on the other side og the Atlantic does have it's disadvantages sometimes…*sigh*
    Good luck!

  4. Steph

    Wow. That is so cool. I love the cover. Any idea of when it's due out in Australia? I'm definitely buying it.

  5. bloodnoir

    Bloody brilliant! The cover rocks and the release date…even better. Can't wait. Congrats, Kaleb!

  6. Malin

    My biggest congratulations and I hope your book will be as successful as the Twilight series (okay that is actually far fetched but I still hope you can convince as much people as possible). It must be an incredible feeling to have your own book released, Furthermore I think you have the biggest, free and unintentional advertisement ever simply because of this homepage. You are already somehow a famous person in the Twilight fandom so I'm convinced many will support. Have fun continuing Breaking Dawn (my least favorite book…) before your own time with your own book comes 😉 (gosh, I sound so cheesy…).

  7. Amber

    hey Kaleb!

    The cover art looks great! cant wait to read it!

    I was wondering, is the release date going to be the same around the world?
    I live in Scotland and most films, books etc come out on a different date in the UK. Any idea when i'll be able to buy it here or is it still going to be 9/9/09?


  8. Johanna

    Wow, I love the cover.

  9. Rigby9091

    Wow, great release date- don't let them change it. To be so young and to be on the brink of being a published author, how inspiring! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I have no doubt that your book will sell like crazy!

  10. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    OMG!!! 9-9-09?? That's my twelfth birthday!! Maybe I can get your book on the first day as a birthday present. lol that is so weird. and awesome. its like you are giving me a present even though you dont know me. hahaha

  11. KimjustKim

    Kaleb, I think I've only commented once before, but I wanted to give you a huge, huge congratulations on your book. I'm absolutely thrilled for you. What an amazing dream come true.

  12. Kato

    i want to read it 😮 .
    but i don't think it's going to come to Belgium to ? I have no idea really :o.

  13. Paloma

    Oh! I love the cover. It's awesome.
    Do you think it will be the same cover for another countries??

  14. Dye793

    I've already commented on your Kalebnation.com post but….CONGRATS!!!

    Btw…why are you awake at such early hours of the morning? I'm pretty such that's not healthy!

  15. Becky

    I'm going to comment here, on kalebnation.com, AND on the youtube vid, just because I can 😀
    l love the cover art, very cool.

    CONGRATULATIONS! just don't forget about us fans when your a multimillionare, mkay? 😀
    I agree with Dye793, being up at 2am is not good for you, kaleb… haha, not that you could sleep, probably too excited to see the reactions 😀

    wow, that's a lot of 😀 in one post. i think I overdid the :Ding. 😀 😀 😀

  16. allusionedthoughts

    Kaleb, that's absolutely brilliant! I can't wait to read it. Why do we have to wait until September?!

  17. Jessica

    Wow, that's amazing, Kaleb. Again, I LOVE the music, beautiful as well as haunting, and if that's any indication for the book, then it makes waiting even harder! So great that you got the 9-9-09 and that it wasn't an “unlucky day in publishing” as you had feared :)

  18. Megs in NC

    Way to go Kaleb, we are all so proud of our Twilight guy!!!!!! I will be the first in line to get a copy and as luck has it that is my Mom's B-day; consdering how much she <3s you I think this will be a fantastical B-day present for her! I wish you thebest of luck with this new part of your life.

    -Megs in NC

  19. Megan

    Congratulations Kaleb..
    This is really exciting :):)

  20. April

    I'm so excited to read Bran Hambric!!! Congrats and hope your succesful in everything you choose to do.

  21. Lynsey

    Freaking sweet! I am ready to read your book!!! The cover art is awesome!

  22. Tessa


    Today is April 18th. Creepy.

  23. HeyJoyous

    The cover art looks amazing! I can only imagine what an awesome feeling that is for you. I can't wait to read it.

  24. ruthiee

    OMG Kaleb!! congratulations..i'm so happy for you

    i'm excited to read it :)

  25. Kathryn

    what a great release date, but soo long away for anxious soon-to-be readers!
    any idea of a release date for england?
    i swear, sometimes the atlantic is my greatest enemy!
    but congrats again :]

  26. Paige

    Wow! Congratulations! I watched the little trailer thingy, and the book really sounds good! I will most defiantly have to read it! That's so awesome, Kaleb!

  27. tina

    Awesome!!! Congratulations. I'll be looking for it!

    You are living my dream!! Someday – maybe I'll be able to send you a link to my book cover!! ; )

  28. Heather

    dude! you made that trailer!
    i'm always amazed at people who can do that stuff…
    i, obviously, cannot.
    but, your book sounds pretty awesome…
    i may have to read it…
    (lol, i was going to anyway, don't worry!)
    congrats, though!!

  29. Girl from Luxembourg

    Congrats Kaleb!
    Would like to read it :-)

  30. CourteyQ

    Great job Kaleb!

  31. Random Person You Do Not Know

    I can't wait to read it! You always give away Twilight autographs, now you should just give away yours! xD
    Actually, I don't understand why you haven't already. o.O

  32. Tricia

    Love the cover!
    The dates are cool too: started writing 3-3-03, released 9-9-09. Was that done intentionally?
    Can't wait to read it from cover to cover.

  33. Tricia

    Wow, I just realized, his mother was killed 4-18. Do you have a thing with numbers or what?!?

  34. Daniela

    Again, congratulations!
    The cover is awesome, loved it :) I can't wait to read it, I'm so impatient, I already read the first few chapters and they were excellent.
    The trailer's really cool. And the dates (09/09/09??): lol.

    Good luck with your book! I know is great :D!

  35. Krista_la

    Wow! I can't wait to see the show tonight, as I've missed the past two. :(

    09-09-09 is a month before my birthday! I can't wait!

  36. Katy

    That's bloody amazing! =D

  37. twilightluv210

    ummmmm dear Kaleb, i have goosebumps!!!! sooo excited. i want to read this book. it sounds amazingg!!!! congrats again!!!!

  38. Kristylalalad

    Awesome Kaleb, I can't wait to read it. I like your work, all of it. :)

  39. Jussie

    Well done K you have done a good job hope to read you book when it comes out.

    You can post what every you like on here it is you sight and as we love Twilight we love you and all that you want to tell us XX

    Keep up the good work you are a machine 😉

  40. Cathy

    Congrats Kaleb! I can't imagine anything more exciting! I hope it's the first of many. The cover rocks!

  41. Sara

    Good job Kaleb. The cover it's great, keeping up

  42. Britt.

    Congrats, Kaleb! Can't wait to read it.
    And the cover is wicked awesome. :]

  43. ShannanG.

    Congrats!!! i def plan on putting in my pre-order!!! So… how do I go about getting a signned copy…

  44. Gothhic Goddess

    I am so very happy for you! The cover is beautiful. I am going to go cry now, not because I'm sad, but because it is so great to see your dreams coming true. 9-9-09 I plan on buying something! 😉

  45. Emerson

    Hey, the same day the Beatles rock band comes out. Sweet.

  46. Andrea

    You started writing on my birthday!
    I can't wait!

  47. Courtney

    OMG!!! YAYAY for you! i love both of your sites!!!!!! You are great!

  48. Laura

    that's awesome. Does anyone else realize that his mom was killed April 18 and it's April 18 today?


    Good luck Kaleb.

  49. Dye793

    Just got back from the Blogtv!!! KALEB WORE A HANNAH MONTANA WIG!!! lol
    You guys shoulda been there!

  50. Michaela

    That trailer is really good =)
    Can't wait to read the book.

  51. Haley

    I'm so happy for you, and I cannot wait to read the book!

  52. Sazza

    the book looks REALLY good!
    who was that girl in the video on your channel?

  53. gina

    or more specifically … in australia????!!!!!!

    cover looks awesome..kinda looks a bit like the leven thumps covers :D:D:D:D

  54. Brogan

    I think your book will be a big hit! My little brother and I can't wait!

  55. Wendilynn

    That artwork reminds me of the artwork for the Harry Potter books. Lets pray you have the same success!

  56. Rakey

    Yay! I absolutely LOVE the cover. And sorry I couldn't be at BlogTV. I had to babysit *sigh*. I wish I was there, but I had my friends say “hi” for me, so all is okay.

  57. Jackie

    WOW Congrats!! I love the cover!! Just out of curiousity, will there will like another edition of the book in a different cover, because I would love to see that if there were. Just wanted to know.
    Oh and the trailer you made, gave me goosebumps, seriously!! Awesome trailer.

  58. Angeliss

    Dear Kaleb,

    You have one up on most authors. You already have a fandom waiting for you, and better still- we're fans who feel like we have an “in” with you. Writers who make themselves seem like normal human beings that we can see and touch. (Okay, living out in Washington state kinda makes the whole “touching” thing unlikely at best.) Because you've made such an effort to be someone we feel like we can know, the response is going to be amazing. People are going to buy your book. And, having done so, they will enjoy it, because many of the aspiring authors reading it will feel like they “know” someone who had a book published.

    The art is fantastic, by the way. I seem to recall you liking the covers for Percy Jackson and the Olympians- this reminds me of the same art. Same color scheme, with light as a focal point, and the same idea of movement. Lovely. XD

  59. Angeliss

    Dang it. If only I could quit my job, drop out of college and switch my sleep schedule around to watch those… *sigh*

  60. Tara.Seanan

    Seriously, dude, when can I pre-order this?

  61. devz30

    wow, I like the cover. Can't wait to be able to read it. ^^

  62. VeggietarianVampire

    Hey Kaleb(:
    I can't wait til your book comes out. (The cover art looks great, by the way)
    So, last night on BlogTV, you put the Hannah wig on. I must show you the screenie I took.
    Go to : http://www.twitpic.com/3lfgb to see it!!

  63. dsolo

    Good luck. I hope your book is the next Harry Potter or Twilight, and then all of us who love your posts can say we knew you when. I'll be pre-ordering your book on Amazon. Have you thought about signed bookplates for your current fans? I'm going to want an autographed copy of your book, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Based on your blog, I know your book will be amazing.

  64. Rachel M.

    Amazing cover.
    Awesomeness trailer.
    Totally buying it 9/9/09!

  65. Marisa

    So what age group is your book intended for?

  66. chloemay

    Hey, congrats with the cover its awesome.

    does anyone know why You can't atch kaleb's blogtv show when youre a junior member?

  67. Theresa

    Aww yay! Congratulations!

  68. Julie

    Congratulations Kaleb! The cover art is beautiful, but I'm sure that it cannot compare with what is written inside! The trailer and the music are wonderful… so creepily mysterious. The perserverance you had to complete such a project (and while you were still a teen!) is inspiring, and the first few chapters are great. I cannot wait to get a hold of what will surely be a bestseller- even if you didn't have a million girls following this website. So, to KAN and his forthcoming novel that, hopefully, will be as successful and as captivating as the Twilight Saga!

  69. Julie

    Am I correct in assuming that the release date is the same for us (often overlooked) Candians?

  70. kim

    how awesome is that to have your name on the front of a book!!!!!

  71. Mandy

    <:-)> gnome smiley!

  72. aree

    OMG Kaleb! I already commented on the video, but for the record, I'm very excited to watch your dream come true.. You're amazing, and I can't wait to read it…. I just hope it gets to Mexico, wich will happen, cause I know It'll be a best seller, traduced into 17298738274 languages!

  73. Amie_O

    I was thinking the same thing! Congrats Kaleb! I am buying my brother a copy as well because I dont think it will be going to South Africa this soon?

  74. sonia

    Kaleb, I so happy for you! How exciting and awsome, because it is nice to watch someone's dreams come true before my very eyes. I can't wait to read your book. I laugh at your haters, cause it only confirms your doing something right.

    God Bless

  75. Jo

    Congradulations Kaleb!
    I wish you the best of luck with your book x3!

  76. Jessica H.

    I just wanted to say congratulations! I love the cover art! Can't wait to read this one. I'm working on my first novel now as well, and I know that it is a fun, yet daunting task, so kudos to you on getting it finished and published!

  77. Chassity

    Congratulations! This is a huge achievement. I am very proud of you.

    The cover is very eye-catching. I'm sure the contents will match up!

  78. Justine Lark

    Your book cover looks absolutely beautiful! But I have to say that, even though I know better, Kaleb Nation really seems like a made up name. Guess you will be explaining that to interviewers from now until forever.

  79. Matt Urdan

    Congratulations, that is awesome!

  80. spangiepantz

    can't wait!! =) hope it comes out in australiaa =)

  81. Anika

    yay! i'm really excited for your book, no matter what anyone else says. good job kaleb!

  82. Britt

    Congrats Kaleb! The cover looks great! And all of us “REAL Twilighters” are very excited for you, lol!

  83. Natalie

    Oh my heck, Kaleb, I can't believe your book is coming out soon!!! I can't wait until September. I will be at a bookstore that very day (what a cool date!!). I am so excited and your video made me even more excited, I love the music!!! You are so lucky! I wish I could get published!! Amen, Britt! Don't worry, Kaleb, us Twiliighters will support you all the way! The book cover is so beautiful and colorful!!!

    I can't wait, Kaleb! Keep writing!! Your name…on a book cover…YAY!!!

  84. Kaye

    Congrats! The font reminds me of harry potter somehow though O.o

  85. Jade

    WOW that is amazing it looks sooo cool!! ill definately be reading your book Kaleb and not just because the cover is pretty lol =)

  86. Ang

    Aw, good on ya, T-Guy! The cover looks fantastic and the trailer got me pumped to read the book. Can't wait. You're an inspiration!

  87. Natazukii

    I look forward to reading your book when it becomes available. I visited your Bran Hambric website & was impressed with the music you'd composed. Good luck, Kaleb!

  88. Sarah

    Love the cover. It makes the book like exciting. I agree with Stephenie that books should be enjoyed by all and people shouldn't judge solely on age guidelines but what age group is your book suppose to be for.

  89. Norma

    Wow, Mr. Nation!

    I will call you this now because it just occurred to me that if I ever cite you in a paper, I will have to use Mr. Nation. Its a bit amusing because you are younger than me, so it is a bit odd even if the difference is not big. I believe you have converted me into a fan. I have been very frustrated lately with Children's Literature and Adolescent Literature because of the lack of children and adolescents that write this genre! I am hugely inspired by you at the moment because I almost believed that publishing at such a young age was impossible. Thank you for inspiring me to keep working on my novel. I will work on it in between my busy schedule. I graduated college and am working towards a teaching credential so my life can get hectic with student teaching and my other courses. By the way, as a side note, I would like to share that I am in a Harry Potter Theory Course. I am not sure whether you are a fan, but it is an amazing course. We are using theory as a lens to analyze Harry Potter. Feminism, Psychoanalysis, Structuralism, and Queer Theory are some of the schools of thought we are using. It is AWESOME! Anyway, I can't wait to read your book. I am sure it's going to be a hit!

    Norma (Creepy person who took a picture with you at the Twilight midnight release party)

  90. Christina

    Wow. That's awesome. I can't wait to read it.

    How long is your book anyways?

  91. kendall

    EPIC!!!!!!!!!! so totally reading that! 😀

  92. Kirsten

    Congrats on your book!
    You must be so excited! :)
    Can't wait til it comes out.

  93. Jacqui9988

    Congratulations on your new book. It seems to have taken a long time to write, and that you have put in a lot of effort into finishing this book. I know that when it comes out, I'm going to get myself a copy, and im sure lots of other people will be doing the same thing. I hope your book will be a great success. I do hope that you will continue writing books, because you put such great effort into every aspect of your work. Again, a big congratulations to you.

  94. Angelique

    wow! it looks so good, Kaleb! really, the cover art is beautiful! congrats! i am really excited to finally purchase it!

  95. Jamaica

    Wow, congratulations, Kaleb! It's really inspiring to see someone who works so hard on their dreams and succeeds. I really like the cover art, but I'm sure that what the book contains is more amazing. Wow, you have a lot of fans for this book already and it hasn't even been released yet! Think of the loads more people who'll jump in your fandom when they finally get to see this book 😀

    Oh, will this book be available in the Philippines, too? And will the release date be the same around the world? I can't wait! XD

  96. Utterly Absurd

    Congratulations Kaleb! We are all so proud of you!! Our little Twilight Guy is growing up so fast…

  97. Poppy

    Really Excited! It Comes Out 3 Days Before My Birthday! Woooooo……. So Going To Get It :D:D:D:D

    It Looks Really Good *Crossing Fingers* Hopes Its A Best Seller! Wait……. Is It Coming Out In England 😀 Hopes So 😀

    Poppy xx

  98. Tara B

    09.09.09 is my 20th birthday!!!! :)

  99. inzaratha

    I think the cover art is great by the way – it has a sort of Harry Potter feel to it – yet different.

  100. inzaratha

    I think the cover art is great by the way – it has a sort of Harry Potter feel to it – yet different.

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