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The Last Time For A Long Time

April 21st, 2009 at 3:58 pm by Kaleb Nation

Usually, I keep outside news to the Notes at the end of my posts, but something enormous just happened this weekend. I promise, this is the last post about my book on my Twilight site for a very long time.

Somehow, pre-orders for BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE have opened an entire month early. This morning, I got as high as the top 6,000 books on Amazon.com, and have fluctuated up and down since (yes, I obsessively check nearly every hour :P). You are all amazing. Most of my debut writer friends tell me they started out in the 1 or 2 millions, and I know it’s you people who read my blogs that started the pre-orders that high.

(Links to other retailers forthcoming)

Due to this flurry of preparation I am physically exhausted and my eyes are burning (as you can probably tell in the following video) which is why I haven’t read the next Breaking Dawn chapter. But if you had intentions of pre-ordering my book, you can visit this page (despite the Amazon listing saying it’s for 9-12, I wrote it for 11 and up).  As the video will tell you, I certainly don’t expect you to buy it just because I say so, and I’m offering the first 4 chapters (50 pages) for free so you can have a good-sized sample first.

If you do decide to pre-order my novel, I would like to thank you sincerely, since you’re really investing in my dream 😀

(I now return you to your regular programming 😛 )

ADDED: People YOU ARE AMAZING: my book jumped from #12,000 on Amazon all the way to #1,130 in THREE HOURS!!!!!!!! If it gets past #1,000 by 10 PM CST, I will do a BLOGTV show TONIGHT.

ADDED: WOW WOW WOW. In just hours, the book jumped from #12,000 all the way to #638!!!! I’m keeping my promise, and going do a live BlogTV show RIGHT NOW starting at 9:30 PM CST at www.blogtv.com/people/kalebnation THERE WILL BE PRIZES AS MY THANKS!

ADDED: The book went all the way up to #350 last night. Seriously people, you are driving me crazy with joy 😀 . Thanks SO much for starting this off so amazingly. I PROMISE, I’ll have another real TG post very soon!

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139 Responses

  1. Nicole B

    I can't wait to read it, only a few months to go ^^

  2. genevievech81

    Yeah I am the second commenter hehe :0
    I ordered my copy this morning on Amazon, I can't wait for it. I really enjoyed the first few chapters :)

  3. Alliebeth

    You sample apples before you buy them? lol. Anyway, I preordered and I'm so excited! yay! I love love LOVED the first few chapters!

  4. ErynJE

    Got mine ordered yesterday…

    Sooooo excited!

    Not only are you an inspiration to me, but I know you are an inspiration to so many others too. <3

  5. Nicole B

    Me again! ^^
    Just wanted to say that I haven't read the first chapters. I have a kind of “sacred” things about books, and I like to know the least about them as I can before I read them. From what I saw and heard (the music you wrote for it? Excellent!) I think it'll be pretty good :-)
    Just let me know if you ever come to Paris (France!!) so I can stalk you and get my copy signed! (I'm so excited I keep using exclamation marks!!)

  6. Natali McKee

    I already told my husband that I wanted to get your book because I enjoy your site. I will definitely go and read the first chapters you have out. Congrats on your dream coming true!

  7. Lauren

    OMG!!!!!!!!! That is SUPER AWESOME!!!!! I haven't ordered it yet though but I am trying to. I had some free time so I read the first chapter and it was awesome! Can't wait until 9-9-09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lisi-pie

    Kaleb I am so happy for you!! Seriously. Ever since I learned that you were writing a book I've been like *when is it coming out?!* and stuff, and whenever you post about it i start freaking out! This is like hope for my writing dream to come true! Definitely buying!

  9. HeyJoyous

    Yes! I'm definately going to pre-order Bran!! Thanks for letting us know we could.

  10. KLo

    Loving your site : ) Here's a link to a post from my blog about “Twilight” … I'd love to get your take.


  11. Abby

    this is me commenting! i swear on all that is sparkly, i will preorder a copy as soon as i get my hands on a valid credit card. please come to indianapolis on your book tour!!!

  12. Taylor

    I can't wait for your book to come out. I haven't pre-ordered yet, but you can guarantee a copy from me. I read a bit of it online and got really intrigued (haven't finished the preview yet, but it was excellent, I loved it) and I'm very interested in the story. It's awesome.
    Congratulations on your book =)

  13. Paige

    I would totally pre-order if I wasn't poor and had prom coming up in like 4 days…
    Yeah. But I will totally buy your book once it comes out! I can't wait to read it! I found the first 4 chapters on your site, and I'll take the time to read it later. I read a little, and it's pretty good so far! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you, Kaleb! I'm an aspiring writer myself, and I must say you're really inspiring me! I gotta lay off the fanfics and start a novel! LOL!

  14. Sarah

    Do you know if the book will be offered electronically (ereader, etc.)?

    If you go to school near UNT, you could sign a hardcopy for me. :)

  15. Rachel M.

    I preordered!
    Although, I haven't read the first 50 pages yet. I don't want to spoil anything!

  16. Bev

    Haven't pre-ordered yet but I will be getting myself a copy and probably one for my little sister too.

    i just looked though and you are up to #4,246


  17. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    I wish I could preorder! I know my mom wont let me though. I will probably get it on my birthday. Which is, in fact, the very same day the book comes out! Yes, my birthday is 09-09-09. That is an awesome day. Same thing in each space.

    : )

  18. Meghan Smith

    Don't let the hate mail get you down. It's your website and you can do what you want with it! You can post about Bran as often as you can b/c I personally don't read your Kaleb blog enough. Twi-Guy is my only source for Bran news. I can't wait to be able to purchase the book!

  19. KalebNation

    YAYYYY!!! I was so excited when I saw that. It's a new record for my Amazon ranking already 😀

  20. KalebNation

    Woooow! That's so cool. That'll be an awesome birthday. If only you were turning 9 years old too…or 99 😛

  21. KalebNation

    Thanks so much :)

  22. Aubrey

    Top 6,000, that's amazing Kaleb! Congratulations!!! I haven't pre-ordered my copy yet, but don't worry I will. Can't wait to read it!

  23. Aria

    KYA~!!! I'm so happy for you! That must be an amazing high! I'll be waitin' in line the release date to buy it.

  24. cnfac

    I would so preorder your book if I could, but I am so old fasioned that I buy stuff the day its released!
    Its because I am a 16 year old who's never used a visa card in my life. . . Lol But actually I just asked my mom about it and she told me that I should get a visa card now. I completely agree too. On the 15 of May [when I get paid] I shall be learning how to pre-order things! XD
    I have read the chapters you have given and it's magical so far! So this is one waiting fan you have!


  25. Kayla

    I'm going to pre-order it now! Yipee!! Oh, you must be so excited! I know I would be jumping around the house shouting sensless babble. I can't wait to read the rest!!!

  26. jenb

    Congratulations! That's so awesome. I'm a bit jealous. I enjoy writing myself and would love to have a book published. I am old fashioned and buy my books in a bookstore, usually Borders so no preorder here. But I look forward to September!

  27. stini

    i really want to read your book ,but im going to wait till its in stores. Dont take affense i just really like buying books from a book store than online.
    you really are insparation in its self

  28. Shayla

    Hey congratulations that's so cool i'm gonna preorder very soon I started reading the preview chapters and I gotta say you have a gift man! and I would love to get that print of the cover art it's great!
    HAPPY #1888!!

  29. Mylles

    AWESOME!!! Yhat's great! I'm going to pre order it. If your book is anywhere near as good as your posts than there is absolutley no question how excellent of a book it will be. I want that cover by the way! 😀

  30. ShannanG.

    I pre-ordered!!! Can't wait to read it. Also would love the autograph cover!

  31. Amanda

    ahhhhh i totalllly just pre ordered your book! i lahh laahhh laahhh youuuuuu! i would lovee to get the signed cover(: <3

  32. NuttyNetty

    September feels so far away >_< lol
    Kaleb, i live in TX. so if you ever decide to do a book signing here can you please post when and where? :) i would really appreciate it, thanks.

  33. megan c

    Just pre-ordered my copy! I would love to win a signed copy of the cover art! I read the first 50 pages when you first released them and I loved it!!!! Can't wait for 9-09-09 and congrats on having your dream come true :)

  34. Sammy


    First off, epic congradulations!!! It must be so exciting to have everything with your book falling into place (and quickly, it seems!) :) Can't wait to read the book – and am definately pre-ordering! The preview chapters were amazing!! Although now I'm all anxious to read the rest of it…

    Can't wait!

    xxoo – Sammy

  35. Jessica Umiker

    yay i just ordered it =]

  36. Marisa

    I would love to pre-order your book, but first I would really like to know what age group your book is intended for?

  37. Amanda

    I will preorder as soon as my mom wakes up from her nap! lol :)

    btw, just thought I'd mention that RIGHT NOW your book is #1,888 !!

  38. Kate

    It's been pre-ordered!!! 😀 I can't wait to read it, the preview chapters were great and I know that all the other chapters will be amazing as well! You are definitely an inspiration to other writers, whenever i'm done with college and start to have time to write again hopefully I'll finally be able to finish my book 😀 Congrats on all your success! p.s. I really love the cover, brandon dorman is a brilliant artist 😀

  39. Kim

    *Pre-orders Book* YAY!!!!
    Congrats!! I've had stuff printed in the local paper and thought that was exciting, but this I'm sure is infinitely more amazing!!

  40. Deb

    Traveled from TwilightMOMS to Twilightguy to read the buzz about this new book. I'm going to check out the free 50 pages all because your video was pretty darn funny. Quirky, humorous and charming. Thanks.

  41. rox

    Maybe it will be worth a lot in a couple of years!! OUHHH!!

  42. Mylles

    Just pre-ordered!!!!!!! totally phsyced!!

  43. Stephanie

    Hey Kaleb. can't wait for the book to come out. I've already pre ordered it, and since me and my best friend have pre ordered it, we've decided to make our own Bran Hambric fansite. You don't have to look at it, but just wanted to let you know that you've already got fans and the book hasn't even flown off the shelves yet :)

  44. Gothhic Goddess

    Hi again Kaleb! (First yaoo, then twitter, now here, lol) My hubby is going to pre-order your book for me in the next few days, as my big 3-0 is coming on 5/13, and I told him I HAD to get your book (even if it's a few months late) and he would be giving me the most EPIC gift ever if he did that for me. He agreed. Happiness!!! Also, I was just on Amazon and you were at #1888. Congrats! I am so excited for you!!!

  45. D.E.L.

    I will preorder the book soon. I really want the signed bran hambric cover.

  46. Gothhic Goddess

    I'm not sure what that first one is, should say youtube… lmao

  47. Stephanie K.

    AHHHH! GO YOU! =]

    I think I'll cook dinner… Then quickly slide the question into our conversation. I can see it now…

    “Wow, Steph, good dinner!”

    “Thanks, mama! Now, what about that Bran Hambric, huh?”

    lol Trust me, she knows who you are. When I'm laughing hysterically, she tends to worry. That's how she knows you. lol Youtube videos and blogtv make me laugh!

    From a fellow writer, CONGRATS! =]

  48. Anna

    It's at :#1,130 right now

  49. Dye793

    I just got a Borders giftcard! So when it comes out for pre-order on Borders it'll be the first thing i'll add to my cart!


  50. Carrie

    I'm preordering right now! I loved the first chapters, and I wanted more! I can't wait to read it! Congratulations!!!

  51. Beth

    EEEK! Congratulations, Kaleb! I'm so happy for you, and can't wait to read your book! AHHH!

  52. Melissa

    Aww, good going Kaleb! It's freakin incredible that your dream DID (yes, DID) come true. X-D

  53. beckysue

    I wanna pre-order it, but I always use Barnes&Noble. Its not on there yet for pre-order :( But, once it is— I shall get it done faster than you can buy apples……..! 😛 And also, I LIKE hearing about your book on TwilightGuy.com!!!

  54. BlueMoonLight


  55. Danielle P

    I just pre-ordered it…I can't wait til it comes out!

  56. Haley

    I kinda want to wait to preorder it so I could (maybe?!) go to a book partay.
    Most likely, I'm going to go ahead and preorder it on amazon.
    9-9-09 is so not going to come fast enough.

    SQUEE EXCITEDNESS!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  57. Kari

    I just read the preview chapters. OMG I'm going to Amazon right now to pre-order Bran Hambric!!! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  58. Sunshinee

    Hey! I have just been checking out your site like since the day of your one year anniversary and was like this guy's cool, so I'm now going through your book and after this (and my homework…bummer) will read the chapters and if its really cool, I'll beg my parents to let me get it and possibly pre-order it! (crossing fingers!!)

    But either way, you're extremely cool in my world and may become my next favorite author!!
    And btw, I don't mind hearing about your book either, and for those who are putting you down, ignore them, obviously since I love Twilight, but hearing about new authors is always cool too, and if you get the Twilight following, boy are you in for the time of your life!!


  59. Krista

    Kaleb is a meanie who hates me! I swear Kaleb, do you PURPOSELY wait until you're sure I'll miss it? I am so depressed right now.

  60. Krista

    And OM-fricking-K, I can't even watch the video on my iPod! Kaleb's life goal is make me miserable, I swear it. :(

  61. michelle

    wow im so excited
    i agree wit u im goin to read the first ch's
    im pretty sure it will be good though
    im a huge book worm

  62. Sarah

    Kaleb, I am about to share something very deep with you, so please, please, please read this whole thing. Pretty please! =)

    I just want to say that you and Stephanie Meyer have been so inspiring to me!

    This past year (actually ten years) has been really rough for me. I have been a struggling single mother since my first child was born in 2003. I now have 3 boys, and they are my whole world, but my life has been in such shambles I have not had an opportunity to stop and breathe a minute.

    Last year, on April 17th I woke up with the left side of my body not working properly. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have not worked since that day, but I have spent all the time I possibly can with my children and volunteering at their school.

    During this past year, I decided that I was going to stop trying to force everything to work out and just take things one day at a time. Eventually, it will become clear to me what direction my life needs to go.

    Enter Twilight…

    On the 8th of this month, almost one year to the day I became ill, I rented Twilight the movie on PPV, and decided to read the books. Like everyone else, I breazed through each book in about a day (each), and was hooked. While reading the books and finding out about Stephanie's personal story and journey, I began to have a fit of anxiety. I wondered what was ailing me, until I realized that I was being inspired to write. That was the anxiety.

    I have been trying desperately to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, and how I am going to take care of my kids. Suddenly I read a book and know for sure what I want to do.

    I have always liked writing, poetry mosty, but never really considered it as a career.

    Anyhoo, once I became obsessed, I started searching the web for Twilight fixes. I found twilight lexicon, and subsequently found your site. Your blogs have had me rolling! You are so funny! I started back from your first blog and have read every single one.

    Now, I have already told you how Stephanie Meyer has inspired me. But, I am in awe of you, Kaleb Nation. I am seven years older than you, and I can't believe all of the talents you have, how motivated you are, how funny, how sincere, how thoughtful, how self-confident…shall I continue?

    Both of you have inspired me to actually use the time I have off from working to pursue my dreams. You have encouraged me to write, to learn how to design a web page, to investigated YouTube further… You are both amazing people!

    I will most definitely be purchasing you book even without reading the chapters you posted, because you deserve it. Maybe I will even buy one for each of my kids, so that we can all read it together!

    You are a shining star (as Paula Abdul would say), and I know the world we be hearing much more from Kaleb Nation for many years to come!

    BTW, I am going to send this to your email also, cuz I don't know if read both of them.

  63. Blairbear11

    Kaleb! I promise that, when I am able to, I will preorder it!!!!
    I can't this is all happening for you!
    Really, Kaleb, I am so happy that this is happening for you! You have truly earned it!
    Congrats! :)

  64. Tricia

    Amazing! Can't wait to read the rest of your book.

  65. Sarah B.

    Totally going to pre-order it when I find out how much money I have in my account. I was just wondering though, What books do you suggest to read in meantime while we are waiting for your book to come out? I read pretty fast, I can finish all of the Twilight series in five days….

  66. Bri

    I'm so excited!!! I just pre-ordered my copy. Way to go Kaleb! I can't wait for it to come out. : )

  67. Christie P

    Way to go Kaleb!!! It's awesome to see your dreams coming to life right here!

  68. Cara

    now #557… congrats Kaleb!

  69. ...

    That must be the best feeling in the world!
    I hope everything continues to go well for you.

  70. Kate

    I just preordered your book, (along with the new Dan Brown book which is also due in September) and I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for you. I myself am an aspiring author, and it makes me smile to see someone acheive their goals. It is amazing to me that you not only wrote this book, while juggling college, but also that you got it published (especially with the state of the publishing world these days, as more and more people are turning away from books and towards electronics). I read the first 50 pages of your book, and I am very excited for the rest. September can't come soon enough!

    Once again, congrats on the success! You deserve it!

  71. sally

    Hey Kaleb, I just wanted to tell you I'm so happy for you, and although I can't pre-order your book, I definately want to buy it when it comes out :)

  72. Bonnie

    Kaleb, #383 in Book Sales at 11:17 mountain time. Woo and Hoo are in order.
    I'm with Pikes Peak Writers based in Colorado Springs, CO. I hope to be in touch with you in the near future.

  73. Addy

    Congrats Kaleb!!!!!! Preordered mine yesterday. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to read the book.

  74. Karen H

    Congratulations Kaleb!! It is awesome to see a persons dream come true right before your eyes! You are an amazing role model! Enjoy the lime light!!

  75. Katrina

    Hi Kaleb~
    Bonnie beat me to sharing that you are at #383! How crazy is that?!?!? I think she beat me because I was trying to find a Twilight relevant comparison for you. 😉 While you still have a little ways to go before catching up with the saga (ok, seriously – if you include the boxed set of the books, Stephenie holds spots 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11) – I am happy to report that you HAVE passed all 4 of the Twilight books in Spanish! Congratulations! 😀

  76. rachel

    What do you have against John Green?! I like his books…

  77. NougatCat

    Congrats! I'm still so jealous…. such a following already… and because you pull off a great blog and energy to go with it. Wonder if there's any way I can get that to rub off on me…. 😉 Look forward to seeing more reviews and prizes you do (and hope to win!!!), and think about it…. now you're in a similar league to your favorite, Stephenie!

  78. Brogan

    Oh my gosh!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so super happy for you!

  79. Sarah

    For some reason (two little children) the only time I get to be online for any length of time is ungodly hours of the night. Kaleb, I'm so happy and proud for you!! Being a teacher is always nice to see kids succeed at what makes them happy! I'm pre-ordering! Congrats!

  80. Rach

    Congratulations Kaleb this is awesome!!! I have preordered my copy. I can't wait to get it.
    BTW you are so cute in your video, all flustered and humbled. Enjoy this triumph, I am sure it is the start of much more success to come.

  81. Mandy Taylor

    I'm so happy your Pre-order numbers are going so well.. but not suprized… YOUR AWSOME! I just got off of Amazon after placing my preorder and your ranking was at 383! Thanks for all your fun cookey videos and blogs… keep them comming.


  82. Angeliss

    This is the reason that I love giving gifts. I love seeing reactions like yours. I am so happy for you right now! And you know, it's only going to get better! This is just the beginning. The whole of the Twilight fandom, minus the Twilihgters who are crazy and mean, will be rushing to support you.

    The best part? When you don't dance around as if you deserve the spotlight. Every bit of this is something you aren't taking for granted, and the happiness is catching.

    This made my day. I know it sounds crazy, because it was YOUR day, but I am so happy for you… Congratulations, Kaleb!

    (And secret confession… I'm not preordering, nor will I read the sample pages. The sample pages will hook me and make me go crazy, and then I won't be able to get the book until at least the one loan is paid off… I hate being a student, sometimes.)

  83. inzaratha

    I am glad that your book is doing so well in the preorders, that is great.

  84. Beckie

    Uhhhh, Kaleb?!
    Just checked Amazon…
    From writer to writer, I'd just like to take this moment to squeal along with you.
    I'm bouncing up and down on my bed, I'm so excited. And it's not even my book!

  85. Janelle

    Yay Bran fans!

    Please don't worry at all about posting updates onBran Hambric, Kaleb. This is your blog after all, and we're all super excited for you! And I must admit I love your reactions too. (“I sold more books than John Green…for 10 minutes!” :D)

    I definitely do want to preorder, but I think I'll wait until I can at Borders or Barnes & Noble, as I have no credit card to use on amazon, haha. The preview chapters left me intrigued. :)

    And as far as your recent ratings…NEVER underestimate the power of Twilight fans! lol. You've got us all rooting for you now too. Congrats!

  86. Shifa Q.

    FINALLY, an author who will sign my book while I'm hiding behind a tree!
    I've been waiting my entire life to do that!

    Congrats on your book, what company is it getting published by?

  87. Kat

    #378 Amazon ranking! Woo-hoo! That's awesome, Kaleb. By the way, I just preordered my copy without even previewing the chapters in advance, because I'm so excited for you (and nothing makes me happier than supporting and reading YA lit, so that's an added bonus!). I'm sure I'll check out the preview chapters anyway, while I'm waiting for the release date. 😉

    I just have to say again: I am SO excited and happy for you. Seriously, I was just thinking this week about how you've inspired me in so many ways, one of them being never to give up on my dream of finishing a novel. Congrats on your success (and I'm sure there's much more to come)! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :)

  88. Bonnie

    #375 – wow!!!

    I mean wow!!!!!

  89. Jen

    Yay Kaleb! *is so excited for you* :) Congrats on your book being almost published!!

  90. Jen

    Oh and Kaleb… Check your ranking for your book now :))))))))

  91. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    #374!!! OMG I'm so happy for you!

  92. Jackie

    Congrats Kabel!!! I'm really really happy for you!! I'm so excited – you wont believe it! I even told my mum about it (she looked at me like I was crazy).
    I would pre-order it. Only thing is I dont think my mum would let and I dont work which means I cant pay for it myself. Another problem is I live in Australia and I have no idea if it will come out here. If it does I will be sure to buy it!! I promise!
    Congrats again and it seems that you have jumped even higher ^^^ YAY!!

  93. devz30

    #6000+ ? Just how long did I miss?
    Your on 300's now.

  94. Hera

    Bran at #432
    I can't pre-order BUT i can't wait for 9-9-09 so i can raid the bookstore…! =P

  95. cnfac

    I missed your blog, But Con Grat any who Kaleb! Next you got to hit the Top 100! o.O

  96. Hera

    Woahhhhhhhhhhh It just jumped upto 300 something =O
    in like….10minutes =O
    fluctuation much??

  97. Arielle

    Wow, congrats Kaleb! I mean…that's amazing! I speak for all those who ardently follow your blogs, that we are so excited for you. Cheers!

  98. Linda from BC

    I am 60 years old and a twilight fan, but just lately I came upon your website and got hooked. I went back to the beginning of your posts and read them all and I am now up to date. I am pre-ordering your book without reading it because of how excited you are and how much I enjoy your writing. Congratulations and keep up your enthusiasm for writing.

  99. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    It's up to #448 now Kaleb!!

  100. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    Nope, I'm only turning 12. That would rock if I was turning 9!

  101. ariel

    I'm so glad ur book is doig well. I can't wait to read it!!

  102. Anna

    W00T thats so cool! Haha your enthusiasm is infectios. BRILLIANT can't wait to get your book! XD

  103. AnjieNet

    My nephew and I are going to love it. We preordered yesterday afternoon. How awesome!

  104. ShannanG.

    Been checking back and you are still under #1000… number #444!! YAY!!

  105. Suzanne

    Congratulations! I just pre-ordered the book on the UK Amazon, and you're pretty high on there too, so kudos! I'm really looking forward to the book. I'm pregnant, and I went for a scan today to find out that my baby's due date is 09/09/09! Talk about ironic, huh? =p

  106. donna

    Good for you Kaleb. I just read the first few chapters and after I write this I will definately be headed to Amazon to pre-order my copy. But please if you see me walking down the street or out with the book please do not jump out of the bushes or from behind a tree to sign it. I really don't like to be scared.LOL.


  107. Lacey

    Kaleb, I loved the first few chapters. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to buy it because I have so many other books on my 'to read' list. However, i just read it and can't wait for it to come out. Congrats!

  108. Dyla

    I just pre-ordered it! Congrats Kaleb! You are awesome and you should be proud of the wonderful community you have created around you!

  109. Kira

    Congrats! I want to preorder your book, but my birthday is the week before and I've told my parents to buy it for me… but if they don't I'll be ordering it on my Birthday! either way I'm getting it when it comes out. You deserve this definitely… you're amazing1

  110. Katy

    Go Kaleb!!! I'm so excited for you. =D

  111. meljurgens

    Too cute! I am so completely excited for you! Going to pre-order now…and yes, I would love to be entered to get a signed copy of the cover art. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see how high its popularity is today. Happy Earth Day!

  112. Ashley

    Congrats Kaleb! I'm so happy for you. I just read the first four chapters and I want the rest! Those few chapters were absolutely amazing! I'm impatient for the book to come out. I'm on the verge of pre-ordering. Congrats again. Hope to hear more from you.

  113. Nicole

    Hey Kaleb!
    So I just wanted to say that maybe, yes, some (it might be a lot) of Twilight fans who loves you! It is so cool that you are becoming a big deal! Go Kaleb! I hope you have an amazing time over the next couple of months! I cannot wait until 9-9-09!

    P.S. As a fellow college student, I think you are amazing with the amount of different things you handle! Blogs, youtube, homework and studying all with a book coming out! Kudos to you! Once again:GO KALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Jen

    WOW i love the preview chapters and i cannot wait until it comes out 9/9/09! good job with everything kaleb!! Congrats

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  116. Anneke Weweler

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    The second video actually made me cry. I'm just so happy for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


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  120. sarah

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is such great news! I read the first 50 pages the day you released them and have been hooked every since. You have such a gift with writing and I am so happy that your dreams are coming true! p.s. I would absolutely adore a signed copy of the book print! One day far from now when you are on the best seller's list I can show everyone that I have your signature!Keep up the good work!

  121. Karli

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    I just pre ordered your book! And I've read the first few chapters and it's great! I really can't wait to read the rest of the book! Congratulations to your success on Amazon. Clearly, in your video, you were very excited too. It's great to know so many people have already pre ordered it! It would make my year if you could sign the book cover!!!! Congratulations again on all your success.

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    After seeing that trailer you made for the book last week,,,I was caught in your net Kaleb. Just like that! I'm heading right over to read the first chapter now! Branhambrick.com here I come! (wow…that sounded stupid..)
    *epic gasp of shock*

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    I just read the first few chapters and I absolutley think it's awesome.
    Congrats on your amazon succes. I'm going to pre-order it right now, and i hope it will arrive here in Holland on 9-9-09. (probably not though).

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    I'm so uber happy for you and your book – i shall be having a look at the first few chapters in due course .
    You keep on being awesomely hilarious.

    p.s. you can post all the Bran Hambric news you like on here i promise you practically all of your loyal fans will be as excited to hear it as you are telling us about it 😀

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  129. Courtney


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    Are you able to preorder the book at any book stores yet??? If not I'm heading over to amizon.com . I loved the chapters you sent me and I'm thinking of rereading them again. 😀

    I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with everything!!!!


    Oh and don't listen to those people who don't want to hear about your book becouse they are “real twilight fans” I honestly would rather hear about your book even though I love twilight and love what you have to say about it. 😀

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  133. TwilightFreak613

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    i was wondering if you know if it comes out on the same date as America in Scotland though??
    (also can you come to Scotland and sign your books??:P)

  135. Emily

    first of all congrats and i hopefully you will be a New York Times BEST SELLER!!
    OMK (oh my Kaleb) HOW flippen' awesome would that be??
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  138. Zoë

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