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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 6 (Distractions)

April 24th, 2009 at 12:01 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Sky Fell Over Me by Shiny Toy Guns

People have asked me if I’ve been living under a rock lately, because I didn’t post that newly-released photo of the Wolf Pack. Actually I got the photo, and I have not missed out on Twilight news. I purposely did not post the photo, reason being I didn’t want every time I come to my blog to immediately be exposed to far more… uh… Rustic Werewolf than I think any guy can tolerate. Apologies to the girls (as if you haven’t seen the photo everywhere else already).

However, not one to be left behind in the fansite news, I’ll proceed with posting it posthaste:

I'm so glad my roommates didn't catch me Photoshopping this...

Much better (I'm so glad my roommates didn't see me Photoshopping this...)

I’ve been warned about the fifth and sixth chapters of Breaking Dawn for quite some time. Actually, I haven’t been warned, I’ve been told things like ‘LULZ I can’t WAIT until you get to CHAPTAH FIVE!’. I don’t know what is more awkward: being one-half of a vampire/human honeymoon, or reading about it. As I read the previous chapter, I found myself waiting for that all-important moment when Stephenie writes






For some reason, that moment seemed very, very delayed. My AIM conversation with my friend as I read chapters 5 and 6 went something like this:

ME: UH…did that say ALL of Edward’s clothes were on the palm tree…?




At which point I really wanted to go read Mrs. Frisbee And The Rats Of NIMH instead.

However, I trekked on as usual — I mean come on, I’m reading a vampire romance novel, and I’ve survived thus far πŸ˜€ . Completely disregarding the awkwardness of carrying your new wife in one arm and a ton of luggage in the other, Edward has finally found a place on the planet where Bella might actually be safe from heartbroken werewolves, vengeful vampires and violent Volturi. It is quite a sad state of affairs when the only such place is on an island in the middle of nowhere off the coast of South America. If Bella ends up getting hurt here, good luck to Edward hiding her on the moon.

For some reason, I had not previously known of Edward’s ability to swim without the need for air. But then again, I suppose if you are an immortal creature, drowning wouldn’t affect you. In fact, Edward might be accomplishing this breathless feat by drowning repeatedly, but just not dying since he simply can’t. I mean, if you’re immortal, what is it like getting mortally wounded? Does it become just…wounded?

Like Bella, I shudder at the thought of Alice actually foreseeing this honeymoon. Seriously Alice: rude! I’m also curious about what the local villagers think of this strange house in the woods that is visited only on occasion. I mean, it is altogether odd that at some random time of the year, a strange pale man and a girl show up together out of nowhere, break headboards and tear apart pillows, and expect the local cleaning crew to tidy things up. Also, perhaps I am confused, but is the cleaning crew coming from a nearby place, or did Isle Esme come complete with its own set of villagers automatically trained in the arts of cleaning? If that’s the case, I might be interested in some island real estate…

At least it’s nice to see that Edward and Bella are having a decent time, in spite of their arguments and the mess they’re making. I have a feeling that these recurring dreams of this strange child won’t be disappearing anytime soon for Bella, either πŸ˜€

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: What movie do you think Bella and Edward would enjoy watching the most together (and Twilight doesn’t count!)?


My brother Jaden announced last week that he will also be with me at Twicon 2009! Be sure to get your tickets early before they run out!

– Summer School In Forks is having a huge call for artwork for their convention! They’re not only looking for Twilight-related art, but anything that is literature or sci-fi related. Check out more info here (I’ll be there in a few months too!).

– I received a deluge of emails insisting I keep people updated on my book, though in deference to those who come here for Twilight only I’ll compromise and keep them short. Today, I just finished some awesome new Bran Hambric widgets, and loads of cool downloads you can use on your site! Check them out at BranFans.com.

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122 Responses

  1. Fruit

    …I don't watch a lot of movies. And none of the ones I watch seem like a proper fit for them, so, I have nothing. Dx

    But wooh! An actual review. LOL.

  2. reinix

    bella and edward seem like they'd like chick flicks.
    they get too romantic and lovey dovey.
    The Notebook. Hahaha.

  3. Kayla

    So i think the movie that Bella and Edward would most like to watch is Breaking Dawn and sense you haven't finished the book Kaleb i won't say why LOL. I can't wait to read your book i preordered 5 one for me and i have some family memebers who are teachers, so they can read it then maybe get it into their schools.

  4. Zack

    They would definitely be watching Blade. :)

  5. alee

    o.o first comment
    wow wat honor !

    lol i was waiting for your humorous comments about these chapters
    i was also surprised when the honeymoon's romantic night stopped like that…. haha
    anyway. i love your blogs !!

    hello from mexicoo!

  6. alee

    mmm i was not the first :(

  7. Freya

    They probably wouldn't watch a romance (they've got enough of that already) or a horror movie (for the same reason). In fact, they'd probably enjoy something lighthearted and undramatic, and possibly in a foreign language (more mentally stimulating for Edward; with subtitles for Bella). I would recommend a funny french film, 'Welcome to the sticks'. That should take their mind off all the melodrama.

    Or they could go with something REALLY dramatic and horrific, just to put their own sufferings into perspective.

  8. Cam

    I think SM said it was actually Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, so it was a romance.

  9. I love New Moon

    Love the wolfie pick, but why are you looking so disgusted? πŸ˜›

    Probably nice, easy-watching movies like Mary Poppins

  10. lorraine

    the movie they would enjoy watching is…………………………..How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days….lol

  11. Ashley

    Once again you have made me laugh. I swear, all of it was HILARIOUS. Can't wait for the next post (as usual).

  12. NuttyNetty

    LOL that was HILARIOUS xD the awkwardness for this video hahah i was expecting you to feel this way but not to show your awkwardness like that (the post before). Anyway, I felt the same way. I was like… should i give them some alone time? …. *keeps reading* 0_0 … *keeps reading* :O…. *keeps reading* >_< !!!!! lol and i Alice! hahahaha that makes it even more awkward xD

    As for the kind of movie they would like… hmmm Harry Potter series heheheheheheheh (particularly the 4th one) hahahahha it would be hilarious XD “Edward! you never told me you appeared in a film where you played a 17 yr old Wizard!” hahahaha

  13. Stacy

    i can't really see edward being interested in watching movies. at least any made in the past 20 years. i'm a huge movie buff and i'm always thinking ok what's going to be to plot conflict and how are the characters going to fix it blah blah blah. i'm sure movies today are nothing new or original to edward. i don't think bella would be too crazy about movies either. i think she's way too much into books. i don't know, she liked romeo and juliet in new moon. maybe she'd prefer period films like atonement. i think she'd like atonement haha :-)

  14. Steph

    You know what? I think I like your version of the picture better than the original. And it's a good thing your roommates didn't see. That could've led to some awkward questions. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, Kaleb. You needn't have worried. We Mormons are too conservative for anything that would worry… anyone, really.

    It mentions that they don't need to breathe in Twilight, when Edward's talking about Carlisle swimming the English Channel.

    These couple of chapters have some pretty funny quotes, even if they are a little awkward for those not in the know. I remember when it first came out. We were quoting it at school, saying things like, “I bit a pillow. Or two.” And everyone who hadn't read it within the first couple days were all like, “Why are you giggling? What does that even mean?” 'Twas hilarious.

    Movie… movie… I feel like getting on Edward's nerves, so… All Dogs Go to Heaven. Ahahaha… If I do say so myself, that is pretty funny. And I do say it.

  15. Catherine

    Someone's probably mentioned it already but the cleaning crew come on a boat. I don't have a quote but I'm sure it's mentioned somewhere…as for a movie I'm not in a very imaginative mode at the moment so I'll leave another comment later when i think of something πŸ˜€

  16. Kylie

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  17. Malin

    What about Titanic!
    This is a classic love film!
    I guess they would enjoy it! xD

  18. Dawn

    lol. I love the AWKWARD…. well, thankfully Stephenie did kinda give us the fade to black… (or some of us would have to skip some parts) As far as swimming, … well, you must have just forgotten that conversation back in Forks about Carlisle swimming to France (“Because, technically, we don't need to breathe” p338 of Twilight) But that's okay, you've had to deal with a lot (and that chapter was a lot longer ago for you than for most of your readers) And, who needs villagers? It's Isle Esme – Esme's own personal island…. I kinda doubt that Carlisle and Esme would like villagers around (it could be a little too tempting if it had been a while since hunting) Although, your thoughts on cleaning villagers are quite nice… I think I'd like a couple of my own…. hmmm…
    As for the movie…. I know that Stephenie said that they were watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but with how much Bella likes her Austen… What about Pride and Predjudice? (the new one) 'Cuz you know that Edward won't really be watching it anyway (just like when they watched Romeo and Juliet) and he always just wants to make Bella happy, and she loves her classics.
    By the way, CONGRATS on your success with your book – Already!!!!!!

  19. shenali

    hey kaleb!!! u rock…
    i think they would enjoy watching something like “its a wonderful life” or “walk to remember” or something like that…
    btw congrats on ur book!! =)

    liv on twilight!!!!!

  20. antoinette

    Thank for blogging on the twillight saga. i have a great time reading your blogs

    wel maybe they would like Running on empty as a movie. It have great piano music for Edward, and a forbidden love in it for Bella.
    Or Jane Eyre. I think Bella can really relate to that also for the forbidden love in it. And Edward can relate to the male lead character very well. By the way the male lead character is also called Edward.

    Goncrats on the up coming book. I hope he is coming out in the netherlands.
    I myself been just contracted for bringing out a poetry booklet.

    Greetings from the netherlands

  21. Mattie

    hhhmm well let me see what film would they watch? I hav no idea i just wanted 2 comment. love ur wolfie pic but gotta say i prefer the original πŸ˜›

  22. Line

    I guess the Underworld movies….

  23. Krista_la

    Hurray! I have been waiting SO long for this Chapter.

    I have NO idea what they'd watch. Something older maybe?

    Oh, I am still giggling internally.

  24. Jackie

    Firstly I've got to say that I cracked up so badly at the wolf pack thing. I can just imagine what your roommates might be thinking if they did come in and sw you photoshopping that picture! LOL I couldnt stop laughing, I think I hit my head on the table and my mum came in to ask what the noise was about? Gosh I'm going to crack up every time I see that picture now.

    Now to the question. What movie do I think they would watch? I'm guessing Romance, like the classic romance films. They watched Romeo and Juliet in New Moon and it was 1960's on which is old-fashioned and suits them both (Edward – old fashioned, Bella – books) or romance movies that are books. The type of movies that you like are similar to the books you read, so I'm guessing that.

  25. Jackie

    Oh forgot to mention – cant wait for your reaction to the next chapter?? (winks)

  26. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    Kaleb, you forgetful person. Edward is not breathing because vampires don't need to breathe! They only do it because A)they need to be able to smell and B) its a habit. Do you not remember Carlisle's story??

    Kaure and the other guy (cant remember his name, was it even mentioned?) came on a boat from the mainland. There are no local villagers, dont you think Edward and Bella would have seen or at least heard them?

    The part where Edward showed Bella the destroyed headboard was possibly my favorite pat of the chapter. The first time I read Breaking Dawn, I started laughing uncontollably.

    Yay!! You are almost at Chapter 7! The title is “Unexpected.” Believe me, it is a very fitting title. It's REALLY unexpected.

  27. Brandi

    I think they should watch some disney movies. lighten up their life a little.

  28. Rowena

    I don't usually comment but… your awkwardness is so tangible here I couldn't resist.

    Out of all your chapter reviews, chapter 6&7 put across your views most poigniantly, and hilariously. I had exactly the same reaction to you when reading these. The thing that makes me feel a little sorry for you is that I actually felt more awkward when reading chapters you haven't read yet…

    Your chapter reviews have always fastinated me with their attention to detail and analytical skills, I really wonder how you will react to this book… especially since you seem to have liked everything more than me from the beginning XD

    Good luck with your reading and new book ;P!

  29. Stacie.Make.Do

    Ok, first I have to say I liked NuttyNetty's suggestion of Goblet of Fire. Too funny! So were All Dogs Go To Heaven and Buffy.

    My movie pick would be Highlander. There's nothing like being immortal and hearing everyone's thoughts…oh, and marrying a mortal and watching her grow old.

  30. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    They should watch Titanic. πŸ˜€ (Just joking)

  31. Teresa

    I'm commenting to let you know that The Rats of Nimh was a superb story! I read that back in elementary? school. (I think). Anway, love your blogs. Funny how you faded to black when you updated the Isle Esme chapter. You did exactly what Stephenie did. How funny…

    Can't wait for your book. I'm definitely buying it for myself and my daughter. (She's an avid reader, like her mother). :)

  32. hici

    well I love movies and I think bella and edward should watch a comedy for once, so they can laugh a bit.
    So how about
    “50 first dates” with adam sandler or “Ace Ventura” with Jim carrey (probabbly edward wouldnt like that movie so much) but what i really think they would love would be “DICK AND JANE” (also with Jim Carrey)
    I loved that movie and its so funny, I think edward and bella need some time off, and they need to laugh and be a bit childish for a change, I mean they are still young…well technically not but u know what I mean =D

  33. Mia

    Well, first I have to say that in the first book (Twilight) Edward tells to Bella that dr. Carlisle tried to kill himself when he knew what he had become.
    Carlisle tried among other things, to drown himself. But that failed because he didn't need to breath. (I say this to you in a not critical way… of course).

    -Now that that is out…. I think they could enjoy to watch the movie “A walk to remember”. Or that's a sad story, but anyways, I'm not quite sure, perhaps “Blade” ? :) Or maybe “The Illusionist”, I totally love that movie.

    And I totally love to read TwilightGuy πŸ˜› :) It was so funny to read what you had to say about chapter 5-6… lol! πŸ˜€

  34. Cara B.

    I thought the exact same thing about Alice seeing Edward and Bella “on their honeymoon.”
    Also, I'm so excited that you're finally getting into breaking dawn but I'm so upset that this site will be over. I will miss all of your jokes and pictures. They always make my day. :)

  35. victoria

    “seven brides for seven brothers.”

    question 21

  36. Becca<3Twilight

    Wuthering Heights the movie lool
    OR Romeo & Juliet
    please say SOMETHING about chapter 5 XDXDXD

  37. Janelle

    Poor Kaleb. I can just imagine your horror as you read the last two chapters. As much as I love this book, I felt rather awkward, and I didn't have any obligation to blog about them! I like your compromise. Chapter 5 Isle Esme: AWKWARD. lol.

    I do have a question about the wolf pack now though…is Solomon Trimble no longer playing Sam??? Or do I just completely not not recognize him in the picture with shorter hair?
    I love your version by the way. And it's definitely good that your roommates were out. That could have looked…bad.

  38. Snow Wight

    Haha…I bought Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH yesterday, and am reading it right now, rather than keeping up with you in BD. Despite being a girl, there are some things even I can't handle more than necessary (Chapter 5 being one of them).

  39. TheUltimateTwifan

    I Never EVER comment on a post but this one i really couldnt resist..

    Your version of the wolf pack is so HILARIOUS! seriously.. i couldnt only imagine too well what your roomates would say,
    1:”Kaleb, Should We Leave You Alone?”
    You:”NO! im just doing this for my blog”
    2.:”Are you coming out of the closet now?”
    You:” No… this is for Breaking Dawn!”
    1:”Arent you getting a bit obsessed lately?”
    You:”Edward and Bella are HAVING A REAL HONEYMOON!”

    As for the movie…. I Think they would enjoy… Maybe The Notebook… Because Its Really Romantic..
    Or Something Comedic.. You Know Because They THINK That All The Dangers Are Over And That They Dont Have To Be Worried Anymore..
    Except Something “Unexcpected” Happens In The Next Chapter..
    Trust me It REALLY IS Unexpected

    Sorry if This Contains Any Spoilers Or Anything..
    Not My Fault.. Well It Is Actually My Fault But…. Never Mind

    Anyway… As For Your Book.. I Am Definetly Buying It!!!!!!
    And Im Gonna Get One For My little Cousin..
    So When You Become a Famous Author I Can Always Say.. “Oh Kaleb! Yeah.. I Used To Read His Blog BEFORE He Got Famous For Writing Stories…You've Never Heard Of TwlightGuy?”
    Cant WAIT!

  40. Heather

    I thought SM did the fade to black far too soon. I'm like…wait…deeper waters? What? That's it? More! I can just imagine you completely freaking out as Edward and Bella slowly lose their clothes lol.

    And for the movie question…hmmmm. Probably one that Bella really likes so that Edward can watch her reactions to it. But I can't think of one.

  41. Heather

    Oh yes, and I forgot to mention…if you think this is awkward, JUST WAIT! You have not even tapped into the uncomfortable-ness that is Breaking Dawn (don't worry, on the third or so re-read, you get used to it)

  42. magicalhannah7

    I think Edward and Bella would enjoy watching The Sound of Music. I don't know why. They would.

  43. Amber


  44. Allison

    Kaleb – this is probably the most pivotal part of the series. Now, as for the movies they should watch, well mainly Bella because Edward will just stare at her (like Scuttle says in The LIttle Mermaid), Romeo and Juliet. They have wtched is before but it's pretty close to their own lives and Bella loves it.
    I wish you the best of luck with your book and am so excited to read it. Can it come out earlier? Good LUCK!

  45. Victoria

    Hey Kaleb! You know I think that no one lives on that island. “I’m also curious about what the local villagers think of this strange house in the woods that is visited only on occasion.” It just has that Esme's house. The cleaners come from the main land on boat. I think Edward says he heard them coming off from the boat or something like that. I'm just saying… I'm not sure what movie Bella and Edward should watch.

  46. riddleinside

    Hi there

    Just want to say that we already know that vampires do not need necessary to breath it's just a habit: we learned that in Twilight chaptre: Carlisle (he crosses the sea to go to France).

    Voila :)

    keep up the good work πŸ˜‰

  47. Nightmare and Dream

    Kaleb, you are awesome! xD
    Maybe Bella and Edward could watch “Last Tango in Paris” like Rob and Kristen did together LOL
    I can't wait for you to read chapter 7. And just wait till you get to page 481… xDDDDDDDDDD
    Your opinions on the chapters are always great! You point out things I haven't noticed even though I've read every book at least 5 times…

  48. Becky

    i think they should watch “dracula” :) haha, though i doubt edward would enjoy it much.
    or, you know, harry potter. because lets face it: EVERYONE should watch and read harry potter.

    can't wait until you get to chapter 8 (think its 8… yeah, its 8) because i bet you'll really love the change the story takes there πŸ˜€

    oh, yeah. you haven't even STARTED on the real awkward-ness yet. not that i dislike breaking dawn (i've grown used to it) but the first read through of it is… interesting.

  49. shelby

    omg kaleb ur hilarious..

    in all seriousness Edward needs a little comedy in his life.. mabye BElla would even enjoy..although it is a total Emmett pick

  50. CarolB790

    “I have a feeling that these recurring dreams of this strange child won’t be disappearing anytime soon for Bella, either.”
    *big grin*

    uhh..maybe they should watch…..a comedy. yeah.

  51. Jaclyn.

    i loved your comments.
    First of all, the new picture is very nice. I like it. Especially that one guy in front… He looks vaguely familiar…
    The fade-to-black thing did actually happen, and I'm very glad it did, because if it hadn't, well, as you put it: AWKWARD.
    And then, HOW COULD YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN??? Twilight, Chapter 16: Carlisle, page 338, it very clearly states the whole conversation of how Carlisle swam the English channel to France, and how he didn't need to breathe, and then Edward made Bella be quiet, even though she wasn't and ended up saying stuff like “how long can you go without breathing?” and “you don't have to breathe?” and then Edward did his whole thing with him afraid of her running away, blah, blah, blah. It was a very memerable part, which later led us to his bedroom. Which was another memerable part. Without a bed. Hee hee.
    And I thought about what would have happened if Alice had been spying on their honeymoon, and then I got really embarassed about it, because I thought about how I'd feeli if someone had spied on MY honeymoon, and then just put the thought out of my head.
    And, somewhere in that book it does mention the cleaning crew coming on a boat. I remember.
    I also remember the movie being a musical, and all I could imagine was Oklahoma or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. But every once in a while I would see them watching Gone With the Wind. Not exactly sure why, though….
    And FYI, the AWKWARD-ness has just barely even started.

  52. Sakura

    I would've thought that you spotted that little info about vampires not needing to breathe back in Twilight or maybe you've just forgotten? I think Isle Esme is a deserted island and the cleaning crew came in a boat (as far as I can remember, I haven't re-read breaking dawn since I finished reading it the first time).

    I think “The Notebook” would be the kind of movie that Bella and Edward would enjoy watching together. Keep the dream in mind! Since we all know that Bella's dreams usually means something important. Now that we're past the introduction of the story, get ready for the craziness to start!

  53. tori

    haha i luv this website!! anyway i think they should watch some vampire mvie like interview with a vampire and laugh about how far off it is from what edward is…..

  54. Lisa

    I think they should watch Underworld. I mean you got the whole vampire/human lovestory with werewolves.

  55. Katilyn

    first of all, I think they'd probably enjoy a romance together (it's their honeymoon after all) like “Ever After” or maybe “The Princess Bride” (these ideas stem mostly from my own meager dvd collection, they may not actully enjoy the princess bride. it's a bit cheesy, but I loves it XD)

    Secondly how did you not know that vampires don't need to breathe? It was first brought up in Twilight. I even know the chapter. (16. Carlisle) when Edward was telling Bella how Carlisle swam to france and she was like “He swam to france?” and then Edward said swimming was easy because “technically we don't need to breathe” and Bella was all ZOMG WHAT!?! (I may have paraphrased a bit) but still, kinda hard to miss.

    then again I guess I shouldn't be pointing fingers. The first time I read twilight I didn't catch that Billy was in a wheel chair. (though I picked up on it in New Moon)

    Anyway, HOOAH for rambling posts!!!

  56. twilightluv210

    ……. you. are. amazing. hahaha.

    ummm movie….. hmm a classic. i doubt edward would watch, he did watch bella instead of the movie in new moon… so maybe a movie set in a different time? like Jane Austen… or a war movie… i'd ask edward how it was during that time.

    and Kaleb, I forgive you for leaving this blog a little. Bran deserves your attention like a child demands if his dad, lol. I cant wait for your book to come out!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! :)

  57. Rachel M.

    I don't watch a lot of movies.
    But I'd say something comedic. I mean, who would want to watch a fluffy romance after…uh…the screen went blank?
    Now that the majority of the awkwardness is over (I use the term 'majority' loosely; there's still quite a bit of awkwardness left), I'm anxious to see you thoughts on the rest of book. Your thoughts shall be interesting, indeed.

  58. aprilshowersflowers

    You know what I love?

    I love it that Kaleb uses the same picture when he photshops things.

    HAHAHAHA I just think its funny!

    And don't forget the unforgetable eyebrows!! HAhaha :)

  59. Rebecca

    Bella and Edward should watch TRANSFORMERS!
    Its one of the best movies :)


    PS: Kaleb, you are amazing!!! You are one of the luckiest guys around. To meet Stephenie? Wow… thats .. wow. lol. and the cast of the Twi movie!!! Thats.. … haha. theres no words. lol. But seriously, you are cool :)

    Keep up the wonderful work :)

    PPS: Your book, Bran Hambric, looks so interesting! I cant wait till it comes out. 9/9/9 =) Looks awesome as!!!!!!

  60. Wendy

    Rebel without a Cause

  61. Kristina

    Just putting this out there. You said something about missing the fact that Edward doesn't need to breathe. It's somewhere in Twilight. I'm just not sure where :)

    Hmmm. A movie for them. Probably something Bella would pick out because I can't see Edward seriously watching a movie. They did watch Romeo and Juliet in New Moon. So I guess something of that sort.

  62. Elise

    I wish I could have seen your face when you read that! LOL

  63. Cody "Emmett" Jacobs

    You know, I think that they would like Eight Legged Freaks(an action, adventure, horror), Tommy Boy(one of the world's funniest movies), or I Am Legend(it would make Edward feel better : -)= )

    Emmett Out PEACE

  64. Aria



    often when I am watching a movie the thought crosses my mind, “At some point, the Cullens have watched this movie. Just to waste a few hours.”

    I think Wall-E, cause it is the cutest romance movie ever!

  65. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    Well since several people have already stated that you completely missed Edward saying he didnt have to breath in twilight I thought Id mention that the Cullens and Edward are all mentioned to stop breathing several other times in the series, I only mention this because its relevant to the rest of the book… or a bit of the book anyway.

    Anyway, I also wanted to point out that my understanding of the cleanup crew was that because this place was a gift for Esme from Carlisle they hire locals to come in every few weeks to keep the place up for them, dust a little, that sort of thing, but hey I could be wrong, that was just always what I thought.

    And if Edward and Bella were to watch a movie together…huh well there would be several things they could watch, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, the Notebook, older films Edward's seen he thinks Bella might like…there are limitless possibilities-well I couldnt see Edward busting out to get the new Superman but, you know, there are some things….

    πŸ˜€ melissaturkey

    ps I know you've been spoiled of the “surprise” of the next chapter but I still cant wait to hear your reaction to Edward's reaction. πŸ˜€ hurry up and read the next chapter!

  66. Jenn

    I think they were watching High School Musical….(please note my my slight smirk).

  67. alice's accomplice

    x-men!!!! edward's like xavier and bella's like his lilandra. don't know if i've made a correct comparison. i've always thought lilandra was a cool character.

    i kind of feel sorry for alice if she had in fact foresaw everything. *gasp*. thank goodness we got the black out version. hahaha.

    so yeah, nothing else to say right now. can't wait to read your next post.

  68. Jacqueline

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    And who needs movies on a honeymoon?? Edward would only watch Bella, anyway.

    I'm really excited for you to read the next chapter!!! I really hope you'll have a great blog about it!

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    and kudos to all who mentioned Harry Potter. yes, everyone should watch/read HP. seriously. are you a fan, Kaleb? πŸ˜€
    i think Bella would watch Pride and Prejudice or something similar..'cause she's a fan of classics and all. Edward, based on what happened in New Moon (when they were watching Romeo and Juliet), would most probably watch Bella instead of the movie.
    lmao, something 'Unexpected' is seriously going to happen next.

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    I don't think there is such a thing as mortally wounded for a vampire. It's either wounded or dead.

    I must admit the fade to black came much later than I expected as well. Every time I see the quote on the back of the book, it looks so innocent, but if you know they're both butt naked in the ocean at the time….

    Oh, and I think it mentions that the cleaning crew is from Brazil. They don't live on the island. And yes, they are a bit suspicious.

    Movies… they would probably watch some really obscure foreign films, or maybe the film versions of Shakespeare plays. And the film versions of Bella's favorite classic literature (I'm sure Bella loves the 6-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.)

  78. Kahley

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    Bella: Hey, that Cedric guy looks a lot like you…
    Edward: *looks at Cedric for a moment* I don't see it.

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    And the Owner Of The Island Is Always The Same, Isnt That Abit Werid ;SSS

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    I think they could have watched 3 Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2 and The Notebook so Bella could cry some more!

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    Awkward, definitely.
    Movie? Hmmm..Titanic or some other romance stuff.

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  89. Paula Graciano

    Well, I usually don't write comments here, though I do read everything everyday (actually, many times a day), but as we're dealing with the Brazilian portion of the book, I felt personally affected by your post on chapters 5 and 6. Not in a bad way, I should say, just a little… hum… frustrated… I do respect your work and POVs and think you've contributed a great deal in opening people's minds to Twilight, especially men's, breaking the ridiculous stereotype and prejudice regarding Twilight readers and fans. I consider you a very intelligent person, quick-witted and funny but respectful in the way you approach some topics, and so I have absolutely nothing negative to say about you and your work. The kind of disappointment I felt with this post is due to the way Brazil seems to be regarded here: a lost place in the middle of nowhere, so far and hidden that even centuries-old evil creatures don't acknowledge its existence. I sincerely believe you did not mean any disrespect to Brazil or Brazilians, but I felt like I needed to come here and clarify some things.
    Although Isle Esme doesn't really exist, it's “located” just 30 minutes away from Rio de Janeiro, the second biggest city in Brazil, the 3rd biggest in South America, the 23rd biggest in the world. So I would not say Edward got Bella to a place “in the middle of nowhere”, such a lost place that no evil creature would be able to reach, so far away that if she got hurt she would probably die for lack of access to medical service.
    Another thing that bothered me a little was the “where does the cleaning crew come from?” part. They come from the city. Actually, there are hundreds of islands just like Isle Esme around the Brazilian coast and people often come and go, staff included, from town to islands. People who work in those islands are usually not “villagers automatically trained in the arts of cleaning”, but inhabitants of the cities nearby and/or people hired and brought to the place by specialized companies.
    As for Edward and Bella coming to the island, there is nothing awkward about it. These islands around our coast are expected to be empty for long periods of time and visited only during tourism season (summer) and/or once in a blue moon by their owners and guests, in the case of the private ones. Nobody would be really surprised to have visitors to Isle Esme or that these visitors are pale or singularly-looking, since most of tourists who come to these islands are foreigners and have a much paler skin and look a lot different from us.
    I really believe you did not mean to disrespect or underestimate us or our country at all, I truly do. And I don’t mean to be picky or obnoxious. I just felt I should say something, as people from other countries tend to have a prejudiced view of South America. And since your website is world widely visited and may be a reference to a lot of people, especially young ones, I think it’s good to clear the air about possible misunderstandings.
    I wish you all the best in your career and hope we’ll hear a lot from the great books you’ll come up with in a near future. Count on at least one Brazilian reader!

  90. Meredith

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    … I think they would watch Pride and Prejudice or something like that. After all, the book inspired Twilight, according to SM, and they already seen Romeo and Juliet together.

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  93. Justine Lark

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  94. Shannon S.

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    I hate to admit but your reviews are the only way I'm gonna know what happens at the end. I never finished the book. Kinda fell out of favor with me. But I still kinda want to know what happened, so post away, Kaleb! ^_^

  95. SaraGentless.

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    They have sex like 50times (exaggeration of course) during Breaking Dawn.
    Lol, but seriously I think they would like movies like either really old movies (for Edward of course) or lovey-dobbey romance movies.

  96. Sarah

    I must say, my husband and I totally love your version of the photo of the wolf pack! Thank you!!!

    As for movies for Edward and Bella? Edward's not really into the books she reads over and over, so Pride and Prejudice are out, as well as pretty much anything else Jane Austen. I think they would both cry through the entirety of PS I Love You, since they've both dealt with being without the other. I would say that one. Of course, that's on the romantic side. Edward does like fast cars… Pointless guy movies with fast cars would include all of the Fast and the Furious movies, as well as all three of the Transporter movies. And since they are both so self sacrificing they would probably watch plenty of pointless guy movies as well as a plethora of sappy romantic movies.

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    Heyy Kaleb. Yeah, I caught that palm tree thing on an AIM window with my friend, she didn't think he did. I guess she misread. But this blog contains all the EVIDENCE here (: . Thanks. I'm not really sure what movie they would be watching…I think they defined it as a musical & romance? Maybe “West Side Story”? Ha, yes..before Twilight even came out, my top plan was to get a private island.

  99. Jude

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  100. brian

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  101. Death

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  102. KalebNation

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  103. KalebNation

    Ha ha ha! Sleepless in Forks. You must be a long-time reader :)

  104. Jonathan

    I'm currently reading Eclipse for the first time and I'm happy to say I'm a guy. I think the series is pretty cool. And I really woudn't know what they would watch, probably something old and romantic. Edward would probably pick because from what I could tell, Bella would pick some horror zombie flick. :)

  105. inzaratha

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  106. tia_jb10

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  107. Tracy

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    – Texas Chainsaw massacare

    – Teenage Wearwolf
    – harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire <—– ;D

  108. Jessica Rudy

    From what I understand no one lives on Isle Isme, that's why she (Bella) heard a boat motor. I suspect the cleaning crew comes from a relatively close neighboring island. Otherwise that probably would lead to some interesting questions πŸ˜€

  109. babybott330

    I agree with you. No one lives on the island. Carlisle bought the whole island for Esme, hence its' name. It's also eluded that the cleaning crew is aware that the owners are vampires, vampires are meant to be feared, and that they pretty much get on and off Isle Esme as quickly as possible. Those poor cleaners, you have to feel bad for them. LOL

  110. Traveller_Adventure

    Great post, really help me alot. Thanks.

    Gof Putting

  111. alexandriawagner

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  112. alexandriawagner

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  113. ummhedaya

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  114. zZidk im 11Zz

    things like the notebook, boy in striped pajamas [although im sure edward was alive to see all that stuff happen lawl] and such of course edward wouldnt enjoy romeo and juliet as you know [haha] it all depends on what typeof guy edward is [obivouslyno some perv x} o.O i hope] but yeh most likely romantics πŸ˜€

  115. Raysangel1973

    I believe that vampires being able to swim very well was discussed in both Twilight and New Moon (Twilight with Carlile swimming the English Channel and in New Moon when Jacob mentioned how Victoria had the advantage over the warewolfs in the water).

  116. Raysangel1973

    I believe that vampires being able to swim very well was discussed in both Twilight and New Moon (Twilight with Carlile swimming the English Channel and in New Moon when Jacob mentioned how Victoria had the advantage over the warewolfs in the water).

  117. K Pannell

    Titanic. I seem to like the idea of Bella beginning an argument with Edward using Titanic as a reason to make her a vampire. But maybe thats just me…….

  118. Camille

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  119. Groovydakota

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  120. TaNyA

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  121. Kpstepan

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