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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 11 (The Two Things At The Very Top Of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do List)

May 18th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is by Looking Glass by Birthday Massacre

If the title of this chapter was made of stone, I feel as if my entire post might suffocate under its weight. Jacob Black is obviously not one for truncating his thoughts into bite-sized morsels, and if there was so much as another word added, it appears the title would spill into three lines. I seriously dread any attempt to write an entire book from Jacob’s point of view (if anyone says one word about Ru***t N**n, I’ll spit ink) but if Stephenie happened to attempt such a task, I would expect chapter titles such as:

Chapter 5: There Are Two Things On This Planet I Hate Most And Only One Of Them Sparkles

Chapter 9: I Forgot My Shirt Again But That’s Okay I’m Teh Hawtness And All Dah Other Boys Are Shrimps

Chapter 37: There Are Two Thing On This Planet I Hate Most And One Of Them Is My Shirt

Chapter 38: The Other Sparkles, Do You Understand What I’m Saying Yet?

But quite seriously the chapter titles are one of the funniest things I’ve read in this book. Gives a nice glimpse into what Jacob’s really thinking, especially when those thoughts have to do with his Things-He-Never-Wants-To-Do list.

One such thing on this list, I am guessing, would be killing Bella Swan. But the voice of the Alpha has come between what he wants to do, and is now forcing him into doing what the pack dictates. Seeing the Cullens fight as they trained against the newborns in Eclipse has inadvertently given the werewolves insight into their fighting styles, and of course where their weaknesses are.


But as I suspected, Jacob simply cannot go along with this. How could anyone, no matter how much mind control was being used, actually make themselves kill someone they loved? Sam doesn’t even understand this at all. If Jacob was to be a part of this massacre of the vampires and Bella, it wouldn’t just fade away like an old sore. Jacob would have to live with this for the rest of his life, and Sam would either be forced to send him away or to constantly use his Alpha authority to make him follow orders. The separation of the tribes was inevitable.

It’s curious how the werewolf history comes into play, because up until now you’ve really had two chiefs of this tribe, but one of them hadn’t yet realized his birthright. It’s a bit of a revelation of sorts that I hadn’t seen coming so much, because I had forgotten the history of Ephraim Black and Levi Uley. Jacob Black ain’t part of nobody’s tribe: Jacob Black is a Lone Ranger.

"There is THE pack, and then there is me." -- Jacob Black

"There is THE pack, and then there is me." -- Jacob Black

Still, nice to see that Seth decided to be on Jacob’s side, even though I didn’t doubt for a moment he’d find a way to join him. Unfortunately for feuds, when you get to know your enemy, it becomes uncommonly hard to kill them.

But now it has come to the point where Bella is sinking. She can’t even sleep on the couch anymore, but has to be hooked up to all sorts of medical gadgets just to keep her alive. What is this growing inside of her? If Carlisle can’t even use an ultrasound, no one has any idea what is growing in her, or if it is even living — vampire, human or not. Just seeing Edward’s reaction, I’m getting nightmarish images of the monster at the end of Hellboy.

However, I have a strange trusting of Bella’s maternal instincts. Despite my reserves of faith in her usual good judgment, she doesn’t seem willing to let anyone close to her that might hurt her child. Rosalie, who hasn’t been able to have a child of her own, seems to be very protective of Bella — almost as if through Bella, she might finally get the resolution she needs. Though seeing how Bella is deteriorating, I can’t blame everyone around her for being concerned. No one knows what this is. Obviously, and ominously, no one has tried having a vampire’s child before, and survived to tell about it.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If you were a werewolf, would you want to be a member of Jacob’s pack OR the Alpha of your own?


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93 Responses

  1. Rae

    wow. its my first time commenting and im the first comment?!?(:
    i love jacobs long chapter titles, gives you more insight than bellas one or two words
    if i was a werewolf i would definitely not want to be an alpha, to much pressure. i guess i would be part of jakes pack. though i would rather just not be a werewolf at all

  2. Dawn

    Hmm…. tough one. In some ways, I might want to be the alpha of my own, but in other ways… the pack has such a bond. And it would be great to be a part of that family-like setting. Although it would stink to have everyone know what you were thinking and be forced to follow the alpha's commands. Guess that's when you hope that the alpha is worth following. I dunno… it's a tough call. I guess I'll just stick with being a human!

  3. Krystina

    I don't think I'd want to be in Jacob's pack, he is too moody, and angry all of the time. The secret anyone? I don't need those negative vibes around me.

  4. Charlee

    I guess it would kind be up to who my parents were in order to be own alpha. I guess I would be a part of Jake's pack. I sure as heck wouldn't be in Sam's. But I'm with Rae, I'd rather not be a werewolf at all.

  5. ChristieP

    Love the post… as always. I would want to be in Jacob's pack. I think he has a great heart… even if it does belong to Bella.

  6. emma

    I also love jacob's long chapter titles. They are too funny!

    Actually, I don't think that Jacob forgot his birth right to become leader of the pack. I remember at one point Bella asking Jacob why he wasn't the leader and he told her because he didn't want to. I think up until that point, he had never considered being the leader b/c nothing as important as saving Bella caused him to make that decision.

    Either way, I think I would like to be in Jacob's pack, if I were a werewolf. Jacob does not order his pack to do thing they do not want to do. He knows how it feels to be ordered and not be able to do things he wants to do. Jacob doesn't want his pack to feel that way and give them a will of their own.

  7. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Jacob would piss me off often, no matter how I love him (lol). And I'm a girl. Ugh I don't know, I don't want to have a pack. Ok so this was a hard question for me… -_-

  8. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    But I think if would be nice to be in Jacob's pack. (And I'm absolutely agreeing with emma.)

  9. Sarah

    well i think id side with the vampires. (considering i am one. seriously. i dont sleep, i dont eat (much) i have super pale skin…) so if i had to pick a pack (even though id be with the cullen clan) i guess id have to pick jacobs, but only because hes working with the vampires, instead of against them (somewhat) i think that sams pack would be easier to be with, considering jacobs thoughts (negative, sad, a little pathetic, need i go on?)

  10. HPFangirl71

    Definitely Jacobs pack cause they are helping protect Bella and inadvertantly Edwards family… I would so totally rather be a vampire but since that wasnt an option then Jakes pack would be the right one to be in…

  11. Steph

    Hey! I forgot to check. Again. :(

    I told you the titles get longer.

    Psh. No way would I be a part of Jake's pack. Listening to his thoughts all day? No thank you. If I really had to be a werewolf, I would be an Alpha. And then I'd make people do things for me, just for funsies.

  12. Bonnie

    Ah, Kaleb. Thanks for the chuckles. Always amusing. And thank you, thank you for all the love you've shown the Twilight Guy followers for gettin' back to the books. So good.

    Jacob's chapter titles = Made of Awesome

  13. devz30

    I'd be in Jacob's. Coz it's fun. haha..Well, it sounds fun. It's also kinda nice to be on the side you think is right.

    The whole thing about Jacob having his pack sounds kinda cool, so I wanna join in. xD
    Jacob is also pretty funny too, how he thinks Seth shouldn't come with him. =P

  14. devz30

    hmmm.. I thought the question was asking if I was in Sam or Jacob's side, so I answered wrong.

    Actually, my answer would still be the same, actually. Having my own pack sounds scary, but hey, maybe Jacob would offer a merge. .. Kinda like a merge of packs, since I would probably also have a common goal with Jacob. =)

    I was never good with leadership to begin with, Jacob would probably be best..

  15. Anlynne

    I'd rather be apart of Jacob's. Not much of a leader, more of a loner, but being part of Jacob's would offer a sense of freedom. He's much more understanding and caring than Sam. I couldn't bear giving orders.

  16. Mattie

    I'd wanna b part of Jacob's pack…he's a good alpha and i don't think i'm a natural born leader 😛

  17. Grace

    I'd rather not be a leader, too much pressure.
    I think I'd like to be in Jacob's pack. Sam just irritates me a lot, and Jake is a lot more relaxed in his role. He doesn't really want to push people around.

  18. Rachel M.

    I'd be in Jacob's pack. I don't think I could handle being a leader. (Or Alpha, whatever you want to call it.)
    And I love Jacob's chapter titles. :)

  19. nextcullen

    jacobs pack hands down

  20. dsolo

    I think I'd want to be in Jacob's pack. Even though he's young, this is his birthright and he's a natural at it (just like he was with phasing). His natural talent at this becomes clearer in the following chapters. Glad to see you posting a bit faster, love the illustrations and the alternate chapter headings. There were complaints about the section from Jacob's POV, but I actually loved it and the chapter headings were my favorite. It's interesting to see the Cullens from the POV of someone who isn't either frightened of them or fascinated by them. I'm waiting for your take on the Rosalie/Jacob interactions.

    PS Bran Hambric is on my Amazon pre-order. Can't wait to see what happens there. Loved the posted chapters.

  21. Aria

    I hated Jacob up until this chapter. Not like with passionate flames or anything, he just drove me bonkers. This chapter I was like YEAH HE GREW BAWLS!!!… AND IS USING THEM!!!

    Definetly the Jake pack. Sam drives me even more nuts.

  22. Lais_Pipocaa

    Me and my friends used to say that Bella was pregnant with Alien (from the movie) or with Baby Demon. And I would be in Jake's pack, if I really had to be a werewolf.

  23. Autumn

    Well, I love Jacob, but I'm sorry, the boy's too stupid. I wouldn't want him leading my pack.

  24. Marie

    If i really had to be a werewolf i wouldnt want to be in his pack because he would piss me off way to much and i wouldnt like it if he knew what i was thinking!

  25. Anna

    oooh I HATE Sam!!! Want to kill him! B/c I just hate him. For making them… grrrr.
    I don't think I'd like to be an Alpha of my own pack. It'd just be wierd. I'm not good with responsibility. So I guess I'd be a member of Jakes pack. At least he won't FORCE ANYONE to do WHAT THEY THINK is WRONG, mentioning no names hem HEM…
    (sorry, I tend to rant a bit about Sam given half a chance.)

  26. Beth C

    I'd be in Jake's pack, because Sam ticks me off. He throw human morals away in order to protect humans, which is wrong, I think. Even though Jacob has serious personality issues, I think he is a good leader. It's in his blood for Pete's sake! (Who the heck is Pete??)

    It amazes me how much of a maternal instinct Bella has. She's not my favorite character by far, (I don't hate her or anything…but still) yet this show of strength by her is admirable, in my opinion. She resists vampires who want her to abort the child, and is clever at recruiting Rosalie. Granted, it's a bit sneaky, but for the sake of her child it's awesome.

    Wow, longest comment I've ever posted. Can't wait for more Kaleb!

  27. Beth C

    *He throws human morals away*

    Sorry, guess I should read over my comment next time.

  28. MsKittyCullen

    Hmmm…Me, leading a pack?
    Damn, everyone would be dead. Jacobs pack sounds awesome though – as much as I hate Jacob.

    And im loving those chapter names ;D


  29. Alba

    The separation of the packs was one of my favourite scenes of all the saga. I wish you would have written what YOU think about it. About what Jacob's giving up. His home, his brothers, his family, his tribe. He's giving up his life for Bella. You didn't say anything about that, what makes me wonder if you're really trying with Jacob. No offense! 😉

    And I would stay at Jacob's pack, of course. Too much responsibility otherwise.

    Talk to you soon, Kaleb!

    P.S. I knew you were gonna love the titles, haha… I just knew it!

  30. Rie Pie

    I love the chapter names.

    Oh and I think it is awesome that Rosalie is pro life. Rock on

  31. Samantha

    I would be in Jake's. Not because of my undying love for him, but because I'm a shitty leader. I think it would suck to be in his head all the time, he has way too much turmoil and I'm far from a fan of pedowolf so.. oh well. I couldn't lead, I'd be like uhhh wtf do we do? kthx. Jake's pack it is.

  32. Natty

    I love the chapter titles and the one's you made up! But I get the sense Jacob's constant shirtlessness is driving you crazy… :) Anyhoo I think if I was a werewolf I would be ok with either. i mean, Jacob is totally annoying and stupid but also really awesome a lot of the time, so his pack would be ok, but on the other hand, it would be kind of cool to have my own pack where I was the Alpha! Lot's of responsibilty though… Anyway cool post! Judge Judy lol!

  33. ancha85

    If I had to be in a pack, it would have to be Jacob's.

    He is very understanding of others feelings and does not force others to do his will, if they do not agree with it.

    Jacob knows what it is like to be “forced” to do something against his will. Luckily, he had his own Alpha in him to refuse to do it. Good for him.

    You are so right, Kaleb. If Sam would have made Jake and Seth kill Bella and fight the Cullens, it would have destroyed the Pack. Thank God Jacob was able to stop it.

    And to the person who said that Jacob is always negative and angry, I have to say that is not true.
    If you remember, Bella calls him her “sun”, because he has such a cheery and fun personality.

    He is only negative and angry because the person he loves most in the world (up until now) is either going to die or become one of the undead. He sees her suffering and in pain and he hates it.
    He can't help but feel that if she wouldn't have chosen Edward, she would not be dying.
    He has even accepted her becoming a vamp, as long as she doesn't die.
    That is what he is so scared and angry about, and that is what he cannot accept.

    He is normally a happy, easy-going person, it is the situation with Bella that is causing him to be angry, because it hurts him so much to see her suffer and to think that she might die.

  34. ancha85

    He give up so much for her, and will continue to do so.

  35. ancha85

    The comment about pedowolf is not really called for. That is completely explained with Claire and Quil.

    The wolves imprint whenever it is that they see their imprint, once they have become wolves. They will then be whatever the imprint needs them to be. Period.

    Nothing oogie about it. It is what happens with wolves. It is not something they choose. It is something natural, that they have no control over.

    Look at Sam and Emily. He loved Leah a lot before and after his transformation, however, the minute he saw Emily, everything changed. He felt terrible because of what he had to do to Leah, but he had no choice. His imprint is his soulmate, and nothing and nobody can trump that.

  36. sarclark

    i think the titles are great. lol they make me laugh even now after i read breaking dawn.
    I would probably join jacobs pack because i would probably die without someone saying ok this is what were going to do and stuff like that. although i hate jacob as much as the next team edwarder (lol), you get a really good insight to what he thinks and how much he really loves bella. its cute.

  37. Brianna

    i'd trust jacob's judgment to lead the pack, i don't know if i could trust myself…
    i love the chapter titles too! they are one of my favorite things about breaking dawn.

  38. Ra_Chel

    I would want to be part of Jacob's pack he just seems like he has a better natural instict for being a leader. It seems like Sam has a lot more difficulty with controlling the other members of his pack. Plus I could never hurt a Cullen <3.

    Jacob's titles are the best things in the world I can't wait till you get to my favorite title you are gunna be sick of typing by the time you get to the end of it. lol. (it's chapter 17 btw)

  39. E

    First, I just want to say that this is my favorite chapter title out of all of the Twilight Saga.

    Second, to answer your question, Jacob's pack.

    Third, I just want to say that I think you need to take Jacob more seriously. He abandoned his tribe to go guard the leeches! You barely look at Jacob–though you do analyze how he feels about Bella. And then of course you have to make fun of him with the chapter titles thing. The chapter titles are funny enough in this section without you adding insults to him. Sorry, but in my personal opinion, that's what it seems like.

    Still love this site (but love Edward, Bella, and Jacob more, no offense intended)

  40. Becky

    Jake's pack, of course :) i like his leading style: “stop following me!”
    plus, i like the Cullens and Jake's pack is Cullen-friendly
    although I think it would be WEIRD to have the pack's mental connection. That would freak me out a little, lol
    plus, Sam… i just don't like the guy.

  41. Dye793

    I'd def choose Jacob's pack considering i'm Team Jacob ftw! I'm a great leader but I hate having all the responsibility so I think i'd grow into being Jacob's second-in-command or go-to-girl!

    And his chapter titles are awesome Kaleb…just admit it! You love them!

  42. Alba

    Goodness! Will you two shut up? lol
    If Kaleb reads these comments, the story will be kind of spoiled for him, don't you think?
    Don't give too much away, please! I'm sure he would like to read without knowing what's going to happen next.

  43. Alba

    By the way, I'm with Ancha85. Spoiler or not, that comment was uncalled for.

  44. Alba

    Yeah! I wish Kaleb would just try to address all the angles, as he did with Edward an Bella all the time before. I want him to look at the deepness of Jacob's choices in Breaking Dawn. It would be a shame if he just stayed in the surface.

    Come on, Kaleb! Humour us! lol

  45. Aubrey

    I LOVE SETH CLEARWATER!!!!! Seth just keeps getting more awesome as the story goes along. Sorry, I know that wasn't part of the comment question, but it so true. Anyway, I would definitely chose Jacob's pack. I think the whole pack realizes that Jacob is in the right here, no matter what Sam might say, or how dangerous the situation might appear.
    Aren't Jacob's chapter titles funny?! That's what cheered me up through all the really intense and dreadful parts of the book. And believe me, you haven't even gotten to the really funny ones yet!!! Happy Reading, Kaleb. You're so close to…nevermind, I can't spoil it for you.

  46. Hillary

    What does he mean by Ru***t N**n?

  47. Aubrey

    Actually Rosalie isn't exactly pro-life, she's more “I WANT THAT BABY!” As Kaleb said, she is trying to live vicariously through Bella. She can never have children, and that is what tortures her most of all. Rosalie would do anything and give up anything to become a mother, even Emmett. By the end of the pregnancy, I think it's reasonable to say that she cares a little bit about what happens to Bella, but not so much that saving her would be a top priority. Basically: All Rosalie cares about is keeping the baby safe in order to raise it as her own. Because, come on, does she really think Bella will survive? Just look at the birthing scene. With the scalpel and everything. No, Rosalie isn't exactly your usual (or sane) definition of pro-life.

  48. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    If I'm in my own pack, do I have to have pack members??? It would be torture to me being in a pack, because of the whole mind reading thing. I can't give out ANY personal information or tell personal thoughts. Its impossible. But, off-topicness aside, if I had to have pack members I would choose Jake's pack because I don't like leading. But if it could just be me I would definately go for the my-own-alpha option.

    OMT, Kaleb!!! I'm reading this chapter tonight! thats awesome. i really love this chapter. it really shows how devoted Jacob is to Bella, even though she doesn't love him the way he loves her and she never will.


  49. Madeleine

    Jacob's pack, definitely. I would not want the responsibility on my shoulders of making decisions for an entire pack, and I wouldn't want the power to make them do things against their will. If I had that power, I would start to feel like it was my duty to use it if I thought the pack was in danger, etc. I don't want to make wolves do things they are so strongly against.

    Also, Jacob is a compassionate person and VERY mature for a 16 year old. He is also siding with the Cullens (an extra bonus).

  50. Cara

    Jacob's pack. Just seems more… fun.

  51. Feven

    Sorry. Actually, I definitely would be in his pack. Although Jacob's mind is tortured for the time being, I'd still love to have an all access pass for his thoughts. Although I'm really headstrong & an alright leader, I'd rather not have command of other people's lives.. way too much pressure. Plus, I LOVELOVELOVE Seth. He's my fave character after Jacob.

    The chapter titles made my life. :)

  52. Heather

    I don't have too much commentary for the middle of Breaking Dawn. I was exhausted, as it was 2-5 in the morning, I was in complete shock, and I wasn't registering the horror around me. Not until the end of Jacob did I start to wake from a zombie state equal to that of Bella in New Moon. I did think Rosalie's intentions were to make sure the “thing” was okay by taking care of Bella, hoping Bella would die in the process and she would get to keep it. I still sort of think that, since her intentions were never fully explained.

    As for your question, I would want to be apart of Jacob's pack, because it sounds like being in a pack of your own is insanely lonely.

  53. Wendy

    join him

  54. Steph

    Ahaha. I was just thinking the same thing. Seriously, guys, think before you type.

  55. Krista_la

    Question is too tiring to answer. Sam is stupid. Final answer.

    Awesome post. Going to bed now.

  56. Leafeh Dappler (Leafdapple)

    I would most certainly want to be part of some else's pack. I have horrible leadership skills, and am much better at following.

  57. Rita

    I've always hated Jacob and his bitterness against Edward and the rest of the Cullens, and how he wouldn't let go of Bella.
    But now seeing that conflict between the pack, I really have to admit, although it goes against Team Edward (don't tell anyone), but I'd want to be a member of… Jacob's pack. From reading the prior books, you start to become attached to the Cullens, and don't want anything to happen to them. I know why Sam hates the Cullens, and want to kill them: he hates any kind of vampires, and they broke the all-important treaty.

    Great post, and I'm looking forward to your opinions in further chapters!

  58. Noel

    Well, if I had to be in a pack, I would be in Jacob's. But I would much rather be a alpha. I like to follow my own path. And I dont like people following me down it.

  59. tina

    Jake's chapter titles added a much needed comic relief to the book. I would definitely want to be in his pack!!

    Loved the post! So much more to come!!!

    Oh, and His Golden Eyes is back up!! Problem solved – stupid hacker type!!! Come visit our forums and chat with us, why don't cha!!

  60. Dessie

    I would most definitely be on Jake's. I'm not much of a leader. I might be able to be an alpha of my own if no one else wanted to be in my pack. I would be fine with that…but if that wasn't the case, then I would be in Jake's, and not just because he is a way better leader than me, it would be nice to stare at him for hours at a time without anyone thinking I am actually stalking him. *sigh* As you can see, I have already thought this over for about…..3 minutes…..so, I should know what I'm talking about.

  61. RosalieC

    Seth is the best person in the world!!! I love him more than Edward(gasp) only sometimes though. It depends on what chapter I'm reading……. HEHE Well I think you are dead on about Rosalie and the baby and all that jazz……
    I would probably want to be part of Jake's pack because he is an easygoing guy and he doesn't try to be the alpha and he knows he's not perfect. Sam acts like he is and just makes decisions and doesn't think about it enough. It would be hard to ride the fine line of being the leader and not over-leading. Also I don't think I could handle the responsibility of being Alpha because if you do something wrong that your pack doesn't like then it's not gonna be a secret and you would always have to be thinking two steps ahead. I just can't think that much!

  62. ancha85

    I did my best to only talk about Sam's imprint.

  63. Janie

    I have always been on Team Jacob, because he is a little more daring and doesn’t follow the rules. For this reason exactly is why I would join his pack and not stay with Sam's. Even though I adore Sam, Quail, Emery, and all of the other wolfs/shape shifters, I would feel the need to break free of the large bonding pack. Also, imagining Jacob in this much pain would break my heart. I would have to go comfort him even though he may not want it.

  64. bon jovi

    what does “Ru***t N**n” mean?

  65. donnie

    I despise Jacob. He ruined book 4.

  66. Alexandria

    I'd be in my own so I could slaughter the Cullens. I'd ralley up th Volturi, give them a lesson on being scary, and lead us to victory. Then we'd stop by La Push and take down some werewolves–I mean “shape shifters” which really makes no sense. If they're really shape shifters, why didn't Meyer call them that in the first place? Oh, right. Because Meyer needed a reason to build up a fight and if everyone thought they were werewolves, the build up could happen, but since they were really shape shifters nobody would have to die! Oh, I get it. Meyer did this so she could have a stupid ending.

  67. sarah

    i'm sorry “Ru***t N**n” what?

  68. inzaratha

    As I have agreed Kaleb – I love Jacob's long chapter titles too. His way of thinking is so different from Edward's maturity wise, yet sometimes he gets things that Edward does not.

    Keep reading Kaleb, keep reading… you are in for some shockers.

  69. Jazz

    I hate to make Kaleb spit ink…but I was wondering what “Ru***t N**n” meant, too.

    As for the question – I'd like to be in Jacob's pack, but only if Leah left. :) She would be way to sulky to be around for any prolonged amount of time.

  70. Angeliss

    Saint Peter, I believe is where the term comes from. You know, the guy who guards the pearly gates in all those jokes.

  71. Nicole

    It would be fun to be in Jacob's pack. He's real funny and wont make you do anything you didnt want to. He's hot and he's funny it wouldnt be so bad. Plus he'd be around the Cullens alot so it would be a good way to just oggle at the Cullen boys….even if I'm a shapeshifter with the keen sense of smell and an inate instict to hate vamps….I'd still appreciate there beauty.

  72. jasper_alice_emmett_lover

    hehhe…i also like jacob's titles….

    well…of course i want to be in jacob's pack..im also a leech lover….

    and it was better when leah joined the pack…
    i hope you get to read SURPRISE…you'll like it!!!!!!

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  74. Mikayla Bee

    Um, I would most definitely want to be in Jacob's pack. Yeahh.

    Though I might get in trouble with everything that goes through my head.

  75. CullenWannabe

    I wouldn't even want to be a wolf. If I could I'd rather be a Cullen, they are just an awesome family. But to answer the question, I would never want to be a part of Jacob's pack. Are you kidding, that annoying, immature, teenage boy who drives me crazy most of the time. I think I'd go insane. The only good part is that Seth is now with Jacob, and Seth ROCKS. He is definitely my favorite wolf.

  76. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

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  77. Wendilynn

    Another excellent post as usual, Kaleb. I loved the chapter headings for the Jacob chapters. Not only do you get a bit of insight into how Jacob thinks, but you also get the changed POV. Bella sitting on a couch in pain would have missed the good part of the story.

    Sam is wrong. I remember how I felt as Sam was browbeating Seth and Jacob and I felt such a sense of freedom when Jacob found a way to escape. Sam is moving on fear, while Seth knows that the vampires are good people and inherently trusts they would do the right thing. Jacob doesn't know what to think except he's just had to grow up in a real hurry. I would have joined Jacob's pack in a heartbeat, I could not have done what Sam was trying to get them to do.

  78. smootoo

    Neither; I run with the vampires!


  79. vampd

    “Unfortunately for feuds, when you get to know your enemy, it becomes uncommonly hard to kill them.”
    This part of the post reminded me of Ender's Game, which is a book from which I draw a lot of inspiration. Anyway, I wouldn't want to be an Alpha, as long as I trusted the Alpha to make smart choices. It seems like too much responsibility.

  80. Lily

    Theory for “Ru***t N**n:” Russet noon?

  81. tia_jb10

    id certainly be in jacobs pack i soo love jacob and id loved to see him shirtless every time lol well thats just a perk but i would like to kno wat is in his mine and besides im not much of a leader i couldnt really stand up and talk for everyone i mite make mistakes and someone mite get hurt and i would blame myself but on the other hand im lettin jacob be the bad guy but id help everyone the best i could i could be jacobs beta or watever.

  82. Gothhic Goddess

    I'd be forced to kill Jacob, so I have to say Alpha. :)

  83. Flweep

    I would so be a part of Jacob's pack.
    That would be so awesome.

  84. Meghan

    I would be part of Jake's pack :) Seth is part of it, so of course I would follow him around. Seth is one of my favorite characters! He's so cute 😛

  85. Jackie

    Well I would probably be a member of Jacob’s pack. I’m not leader and even though I have strong opinions about things sometimes. I don’t think I could be a great leader. It’s hard though to say which you would rather be, since being either of them you would pros and cons in both situations. But I guess I would rather be in Jacob’s pack.

  86. babybott330

    'gentle ray of sunshine over an ice cream cone, and it doesn't melt'

    Holy crap, that's not a lot to live up to.


  87. kelsey

    im teh hawtness lol i didnt see that one comming i didnt think stephenie would actually know wat that spelled haha

  88. Kayy_22

    no he didnt
    he made it more exciting
    now you achially realise his pain

  89. Kayy_22

    no he didnt
    he made it more exciting
    now you achially realise his pain

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    I havent checked in here for a while as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

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