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  1. Chelsea

    I like it =)

  2. Jackie (TwilightGurle)


  3. Grace

    Not meaning to sound like one of those freaky-overly obsessed fans, but i am hyperventilating right now.

  4. Sydney

    yay! I've been waiting for this!

  5. Carmina ♥

    I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait for November!!!

  6. Johanna

    I like this poster so much more than the one for twilight! And I'm happy he's not wearing the wig!

  7. ChristieP

    I don't know why… but I LOVE it! It's simple…. yet so revealing. I can't wait for the movie

  8. Janet

    Sweeet! I can't wait til November either. But Kaleb, you're right….. that's not a New Moon. ? huh? Taylor looks awesome mean. The cast for these characters are just so perfect.

  9. joana

    omw!!! is awesome!!! they look so hot so great!!!!!!!!! i love the poster!!!

  10. Maria

    Its soooo amasing ;D;D hyperventeling!!
    Kinda psyco *hiii* 😛

  11. mlindsey

    kristen looks so good in this! As does rob and taylor

  12. Courtney

    I think they did a great job with the poster.. and you're right, there is an eclipse in the corner. Kinda awesome, in a foreshadowing type of way. :)

  13. nati

    this is the first time I ever think Taylor Lautner holds a candle to Rob. good poster magic.

  14. Anna-sofie

    Totaly cool love it:)

  15. AnnaBella

    I never knew bella was shorter than jacob and edward.
    But I LOVE It

  16. Amber Cullen

    it's alright.
    kristen looks sooo much better in this picture though
    no more of those stupid headbands.
    but i do kinda like it

  17. Laurence

    I just LOVEEEEEE it !!!

  18. genevievech81

    I love the representation of Jacob standing between Bella and Edward. this movie is going to be awesome :)

  19. Samantha!

    its awesome :)
    they all look so much better than in the last movie
    gosh i can't waaaait !

  20. Kato

    love love love love the poster !!
    Kirsten looks so good in this, almost different ,

  21. smootoo

    That's hott!

  22. Edward

    It's a moon not an eclipse!

  23. Kym


  24. Twilight Man

    He would be sparkling if it was an eclipse and the sun was out.

  25. Britt

    EEEEEEEEEK!!!!! love love love it

  26. Sammi Cullen

    I LOVE IT! It's amazing, they couldn't of made a better poster. Seriously, I couldn't expect anything more. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. This has really made my day!!!

  27. Whitney

    I think it looks pretty good. The one thing that bothers me is the Kristin Stewart looks too much like herself and not really like Bella.

  28. Corutney

    Taylor Lautner looks SOOO much better without that mop on his head. And is it just me or did they refine Edwards look a bit? I like it better, even though it's the saddest part of the whole series.
    Overall I love this poster!

  29. MJ

    New Moon Definition:
    1. The phase of the moon occurring when it passes between the earth and the sun
    and is invisible or visible only as a narrow crescent at sunset.
    2. The crescent moon.
    Eclipse Definition:
    1. The partial or complete obscuring, relative to a designated observer, of one celestial body by another.
    2. The period of time during which such an obscuration occurs.
    3. A temporary or permanent dimming or cutting off of light.
    4. A fall into obscurity or disuse; a decline.

  30. Courtney

    I just realized I put “Edwards” instead of” Edward”s”

  31. Chazz

    i am soooooooooooooo excited!
    i am sertiously thinking of running to london the day before the premiere and camping out overnight,
    that would be so cool!

  32. Audrey

    This is so much cooler than the Twilight poster. I love it. *wants to buy it and stick it on the wall*

  33. Samantha

    ……Jacob's mouth looks weird.
    Is it just me?

    And why isn't he taller? He didn't have to be like whole 6'7″ yet because he wouldn't be done growing, but he should be at least taller than Edward.

  34. Jessica K.

    Oh! I love it! IT'S SO PERFECT!


  35. Shiloh

    It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  36. Courtney

    I LOVE IT!!!
    it looks so much better than in the twilight poster!

  37. Karoline

    It is beautiful! i am really lovn' that “knife stab” going on with taylor!
    lol! 😛 rob, looks real angry, he is a good actor. kristin, not so much!

  38. Samantha

    I love werewolves.

  39. xXCourtney HaleXx

    It is, it is! It is an eclipse! Eeeeeeeeep!
    *ahem* sorry. I can not wait until november!

  40. Ally Jordan

    I love it. The fact that it shows Jacob defending Bella and him making his move and steeling her is portrayed really well. So i am satisfied with this poster!

  41. NightxMayor

    idk, its okay, i like the angle it's at and how Taylor looks like he's defending Kristin, but I'm not too crazy with Rob's pose :-

  42. whowantstoliveforever?

    I love it!! I like “Edward's” mourning and mopey look and then “Jacob's” glare and almost as if he's holding “Bella” back from going to “Edward”.

  43. Olivia

    Eh, it's all right. I mean, it can't be GREAT because it has Robert Pattinson in it. *Ducks as screaming fan girls throw stones and dvd cases* He's so creepy!! I ♥ Taylor and Kristen in this, though. Taylor is perfect, and Kristen is good because she hasn't opened her mouth yet. lol! I really like how there's an eclipse in the background, too.
    Also, am I being too nit-picky if I complain that rob is wearing black? The Cullens never wear black in the books because it contrasts with their skin too much. They probably did it to match the rest of the color scheme, but it bothers me, since I am freakishly obsessed. Oh well.
    New Moon will be infinately better than Twilight because Rob is gone!!! Woo-hoo!! *Ducks again and runs away*

  44. Stephanie

    This pleases me. (:

  45. Paloma


  46. HeyJoyous

    Oh man. I love it. I think it's much better than the Twilight poster. It's dramatic!

  47. Courtney

    taylor is no doubt my prince, :)) but he looks a bit strange in this pic, and the fist?? haha, kaleb is so right…

  48. Kayla

    I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Kelsi

    hey i like this one!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH!! better than twilight's!

  50. Kayla

    All of three of them are so WONDERFUL!!!! Perfect choices! I dont care what anyone says.

  51. princesslautner

    ha, you are awesome, :))

  52. Shannon

    I LOVE IT TIMES INFINITIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I am a twilight freak!!!!!!!!! wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee

  53. Victoria

    Holy Crap this is AMAZING!!!!!!

  54. ShakespeareIsMyHomie

    OMIGODOMIGODOMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD I don't mean to sound fanatically obsessed, but I just burst out squealing in a wave of fangirlism when I saw this.

  55. Carlos a.

    I like how it looks all mysterious. I wonder if the eclipse in the background was just put there to make it look cool or for a special reason(next movie?)

  56. JillianStarship

    He's stabbing her!
    Kaleb, you make me laugh BUCKETS!

  57. Kitty

    Gosh, anyone else agree that this movie will be WAY THE HECK BETTER than the last? not that i didnt absolutly love the last one but this is going to be freaking fantastic.

  58. Jessica

    My only problem with it is that having Edward instead of Jacob in the front doesn't really reflect how he was gone for most of the book and Bella wasn't sure if she would ever see him again.
    Actually though I think Edward wearing black is fine because he was super depressed in New Moon.
    Still, looks great!

  59. taylorM

    I love it. Just like I loved the twilight poster but ended up hating the movie. How come the posters are better than the movies?

  60. McKell

    I wish they could get a decent pic of rob for these posters, but who cares about rob with Taylor right there *growls*

  61. Julie Cullen

    It's all about the hands in this picture. Bella holding Jacob (slightly), Jacob is standing in between Bella and Edward, Jacob with his fist clenched ready to fight, Edward with one hand slightly clenched….I also like where how they are facing in the poster. Bella is looking towards something, most likely Edward, but she doesn't know where he is … Read Moreso she isn't looking in exactly the right direction. Then Edward is looking towards Bella, even though he isn't with her. Jacob stands between them. And in the way Jacob is standing, you can tell he is being very protective. Edward looks slightly haunted, and Bella, I love her expression. It's a mix between determined and devastated.
    Love it! <333

  62. Mmary

    Love it! it's definitely better then the Twilight one.

  63. Ginny


  64. hugetwilighfan

    omg, rob is lookin drop dead gorgeous. this poster is so much better then the twilight one, rob's face doesn't look fake, and looks beautiful. and kirsten looks gorgeous too, n i really don't care about jacob as long as there's EDWARD.

  65. Team Edward all the way!

    just love rob's side cut, his eyes, his hair, n his irresisitible lips. especially the dark eyes n red lips

  66. yeahjacobblackkk!

    yessss! jacob black! soo hott. and i love that edward is off to the side looking jealous.
    oh and bella is okay i guess…

  67. aria

    Thank You thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!! OME this is awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks SOOOO much!!! Taylor is totally ripped :)

  68. FirstLoveTwilight

    i love how bella's like looking for something but cant quite find it.
    So im guesing edward:]&& jake is like ready to fight,And i think
    that means hes ready to fight for Bella.And Edward Look just devistated.
    I really like this poster. I think its the closet they could get to the meaning
    of the story.

  69. Jadie

    haha, Edward and Jacob are standing back-to-back glaring at each other while Bella stands unsure to the side… This poster is really New Moon in a nutshell XD (yes, I realize all I just did was describe te poster, but whatever, haha) Edward looks so much better in this one than in his pea coat >.< They all look so…*speechless* *gazing in awe with fangirl eyes*

    <3 Edward <3
    <3 Jacob <3

    Love book Edward better, but in the movies I think I prefer Jacob, hehehe XD

    *sigh* Taylor IS ripped =D


    (I admit I'm SLIGHTLY obsessed…. I've gotten much better, though, hehe)

    btw, has anybody counted the hairs on any of their heads yet!?!? I don't have time…. =P

  70. Stephanie K.

    I'm going to cry. I LOVE THIS POSTER!!! I haven't been following New Moon as closely (New Moon and BD are tied for my favorites =] ) because of school, but I CAN NOT WAIT for this movie!!!!! =] =] =] =] =] =]

    I love the whole feel of this! They did an awesome job capturing the main plot in such a simple picture. =] Whoever took this picture is a GENIUS. I can't wait to see what our new director has to bring to the movie. =]

  71. iluvec

    lol haha..tis is so hawt
    damn* edward cullen and jacob black are
    hha peace nikkuhs

  72. Emily

    Thanks sooo much for releasing this!!! I absolutley love it, they all look great!! I also like how they were positioned, and the whole ECLIPSE forshadowing thing.

  73. Klara

    ummm….I was watching that ET special on New Moon and Jacob Black had the long hair thing happening…not that I am a fan of the wig….but what happened to that?

  74. 2Merc

    Cool poster but it would be cooler without Jacob. I hate Jacob !!!

  75. Sasha

    L O V E IT!!!!!

  76. Rachel

    Wow! i love it! Thanks for putting it up! :)

  77. Lamouzinga

    Awesome foto! LOVE it! the edits on this are beyond fantastic…. 😉 Seriously…. When did Jacob get so attractive? Somewhere in between working out and guarding bella? either way, I'm a fan…. mmmm nicee!!!!
    Except has anyone else noticed that super hottie Edward is sporting some fashionable (or not) chest hair! hehe I thought vampires came clean as stone… well without putting too much thought into it. lol

  78. Marisa

    omg i lve this i cxan not wait for the movie to come out!!!! i love rob he looks sooooooo hott!!!!!!!!!1

  79. Maria

    (L) love it, love it, love it!

  80. Brennaaaa

    GAAH i love it and its simplicity but i DONT like how they made jacob black WIGLESS! dont get me wrong, hes so much more attractive that way but its NOT what he looks like in the story or movie, he has long hair so why have no wig in the poster?? it makes it look more like kristen+taylor than bella+jacob. nonetheless, very nice.

  81. Haley

    I think the poster looks really good! I liked the Twilight poster too, but this is even better! =)
    Bella/Kristen looks so much better in this, cause she looks stronger and more grown up. And the headband thing is gone, oh joy.
    Another thing I think is cool about this one is that it really shows that Edward is more “out” in this and Jacob is in. He's like protecting her, and she is so holding on to him =D
    I love it, done!!

  82. Nurazlin

    Ooh la la, me likey :)
    I like how Rob and Kristen look. Taylor looks a bit weeeird…
    But this is still beast. ;D

    Rob looks reeeally good. Really.

  83. wesrider

    not too sure about the chest fuzz on rob or taylor's hand (it looks like it's been digitally enhanced!! ?? !!) but it does get the general story emotion across. i'm still interested to see how the they get taylor to grow as jake does in the books…………….interesting. a hidden set of wolves eyes in the background would have made it perfect as the new moon / eclipsing moon in the top corner is very cool….BRING ON NOVEMBER!!!

  84. Jen

    Edward is HOT!

  85. Jennifer

    I LOVE this poster. People are mad because Edward is in the front and it's New Moon. He is barely in it. But I LOVE it. I can't wait till' it gets released. I also can't wait for New Moon the movie released November 20, 2009. I am going for the release.

  86. Laura

    Rob's sexy chest hair! And they certainly made Kristen look very beautiful!

  87. morgan

    I am the #1 Twilight fan, and i think that this is a great poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. savannah

    I love how Jake and Edward are like watching each other out of the corners of their eyes!!

  89. savannah

    The only thing that should be different is that if thy aren't going to have him with the wig it means he's already transformed so he should be at least taller then edward

  90. Rebecca

    Taylor is soooooooo Hot!!! i love this poster and i need the movie to come out!!!! desperitly** bad!! ahh

  91. Miiiiiaaaa!!!!!!!!

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm hyperventalating!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob is soooooooooooooo hot!!! Edward sorta gives me the creeps though… i've always liked jacob better! (no offense). i think that edward should be like behind them looking at them ominously it doesn't make much sense to have him in front but i still LOVE it!!!!!!!! i can't wait until new moon comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Faye

    Ewww… Rob has chest hair! Personally, I think that Taylor is a major hottie! ♥♥♥ :o)

  93. Faye

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ lol ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  94. Brittany

    I love the poster. but I think instead of her hand being on Jacobs arm she should be reaching across wanting Edward. get it. she has Jacob but she wants Edward. but besides that awesome poster!

  95. audrey

    i think i am hyperventilating a little too!!!!

  96. Rawr

    Pretty good poster. Jacob rocks and looks good in this picture!
    I guess edward is ok…I'm not a big fan of Bella (I know the books is mainly written in her perspective but whatever). Or KS in the first film..
    This poster looks awsome though, but I hope they do it right and don't have edward popping up in the movie when he is supposed to be doing whatever he was doing while he was away (plotting world domination?). Twilight was ok but I hope this one turns out better. Better = more Jacob!
    More Jacob = me happy!

  97. Mandy

    LOL edward has chest hair!!!!!! LOOK!!!!!

  98. Layjane

    I totally love it 2… Omg it's amazing I can't wait to see my baby Jacob but I have 2 say the truth Edward looks gorgeous I love this pic of hi… It's like wow I love it!!!!

  99. Audrey


    I love this poster!!! I think it conveys so much more than the one for Twilight. I think that keeping Taylor for Jacob was one of the best dicisions Summit ever made and I'm positive that he'll be AMAZING, though I'll probably have to see New Moon at least twice because the first time I'll be restless waiting for Edward to come back even when I know he will eventually. XD

  100. Kelsi

    Has anyone else noticed that Rob & Taylor are SMOKIN?!?

    This poster is amazing. Period. I'm also lovin the whole Eclipse foreshadowing thing. Alsdo, I'm seriously wondering where Jacob's wig ran off to (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING!).

    As far as the positioning of Edward, Bella, and Jacob, I absolutely love it except that I think Bella should be reaching out to Edward a little. I also love that a) Bella looks stronger and more grown up & b) the headband thing has vanished. AMEN!!

  101. Marion

    Am I the only one who observed that neither Kristen nor Rob look like 18 in this poster? I like it though…

  102. bekah

    I can't breath right now.

  103. kate

    wonder ful

  104. MirandaCullen

    Your right it's a new moon duhhh!!! The title is new moon so it is probly a new moon. But Bella looks like she trying to make edward jealeuos for leaving her. Now jacob wont let her go back. Now edward is going to leave for good.

  105. MirandaCullen

    how can you not like rob he makes the movie i wish they could get a decent pic of taylor.

  106. MirandaCullen

    thank you everyone says who cares about rob he is smokin hot

  107. MirandaCullen

    he had to lose the hair for the whole werewolf thing

  108. MirandaCullen

    I love this poster! I love how edward is just like a shadow following bella. And bella is trying to look for him.but jacob dosent want her to. Jacob is ready yo fight for bella. But as bella is looking for edward she is still loving jacob.

  109. Faith

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!
    😀 :) :] =] =)

  110. Libby

    I cannot wait!!
    this movie looks better than the first!
    I hope that it does not disappoint!

  111. mERANDA


  112. Chloe

    It's perfect, I love it. 😀
    Although I don't think this is a very attractive picture of Taylor Lautner — who is beyond hot in reality.
    he looks sort of Chinese actually… lol.

    But I've been curious since I saw Twilight… what is with the wristband thing on Edward's arm?
    I noticed that in Twilight in the Biology-Room Scene.
    Does anyone know why exactly he's wearing the random black wristband?

    And Kristen Stewart looks absolutely stunning. :] although you can clearly tell her face was Photobucketted. 😉

    LOOOVE IT. Can't wait til November. :]

  113. cheesey skittles

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! gah i wuv it so so so much and i am personaly team jacob i gots a team jacob bag and a team jacob shirt!!!!!!!!!! they really do look the same believe me!! im gonna save this picture and use it as my back round but i origanaly had drag me to hell but my mom made me take it off cause im pretty young and she dont like i because were christan and it represents hell but i totally disagree wit her anyways im getting of topic well bye now oh and btw instead of putting ur real e mail u can put [email protected] just sayin well bye 4 now because im gonna stalk u jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk

  114. cheesey skittles

    i no i already posted a comment but i will ALWAYS LOVE the poster but has any one noticed that in all the new moon posters bella is like all up on jacob i no cause i have 2 new moon posters in my room from magazines and if u watched the mtv movie awards its so funny when eddy and bella were supposed 2 kiss and bella just turned 2 the audiance and said thanks so much and eddy had a face like dang it bella wats ur prob we were suppposed 2 kiss and im calling eddy egghead from now on cause also he told bella he wasnt goin 2 see her anymore cAUSse jasper almost ATE HER or just sucked her blood but anyways then the black vampire dude thats baad and almost killed her but then (my future husband even tho hes 7 years older than me) jed her the acob came out of no where wit hes shirt off (omg!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost fainted) and saved her!!!!!!!!!!

  115. cheesey skittles

    i ment 2 put then blah blah blah jacob cames out of no where and saved her blah blah blah u no the rest

  116. Laura

    Ohhhh my gosh it is the most simplest, yet perfect description of how the movie turns out. Who will she choose, Edward (most definetly !!!!! LOL) or Jacob (I feel so sorry for him!!!!!, sob.) But i recon the !!!!!Twilight!!!!! series has captured many generations and will keep everyone coming back for more of this great beautiful, brilliant, the best, perfect love series romance ever made!!!!!

  117. Audrey

    I'm pretty sure that the black wristband has the Cullen Crest on it. Rosalie has a necklace and Carlisle has a ring (which he auctioned off for charity or something like that) with the same crest. They have different merchandise (i.e. wristbands, necklaces, t-shirts) with the Cullen Crest that you can buy at Hot Topic and places like that.

    Hope I helped. XD

    And no, it's not just you. He does sort of look chinese. =D

  118. niki101333

    totally agree LOVE J in this pic

  119. niki101333

    rob sucks in these movies

  120. someone

    the poster is awesome!

  121. rkb123

    i loved jacobs long hair, it made him look more authentic american indian, and it was hot

  122. smdahl

    That's not an eclipse… it's a new moon! xD

  123. an

    you like new moon???

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