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NEW MOON Will Be At Comic-Con

May 20th, 2009 at 8:38 pm by Kaleb Nation






From Summit:

On Thursday, July 23, Summit Entertainment will hold a panel for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON at Comi-Con International in San Diego, California. Come see our stars and exclusive new footage for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON — there may be even be a surprise or two in store!

Tickets to Comic-con are selling out fast, so we recommend you get your Thursday tickets soon so you can have access to our panel. Unfortunately, the 4-day passes are already sold out, but the Thursday single-day passes are available, albeit in a limited quantity. Tickets can be purchased on the official Comic-Con website.

For the inevitable questions: I do not know if I will be at Comic-Con. HOWEVER I have already bought my ticket, just in case, because I am quite certain these will be gone in 24 hours.

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29 Responses

  1. New Moon will be at Comic-Con

    […] You can read the rest of the article here […]

  2. TiffanyH

    *le sigh* Too far away. :(

  3. TheHolyThief

    I'll be in Quebec, speaking francais. D:

    Have fun!

  4. AustinMamaDrama

    Oh do you think they will come to TwiCon in Dallas?? I hope so!

  5. KeannaCasey

    'Tis not fair! I live in Ireland! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

  6. Samantha

    If I only I was rich and didn't have a daughter.
    You'd think living in NY, more Twilight cool shit would be available.. but, not really.

  7. CaliMum

    D'oh! We're going on Friday. Last year the Twilight panel was on Thursday too, but I gambled on Friday this year. For those lucky Thursday registration holders, have a great time! Kaleb, you should definitely try to go.

  8. sarclark

    noooo thats not fair!!! why cant comic con be in chicago???? ahhhh i want to go sooooo badd!!!!

  9. Dena

    why! why! why! IS IT SOO FAR AWAY!
    this makes me really sad. please, please, please, someone get good videos of everything going on.

    thanks and tell me when it uploads
    my youtube account is: mydoggisonfire

    thanks, and thanks for the update Kaleb.

  10. Ricky

    I have family there so I might have a chance in getting my parents convinced since we haven't seen them in a long time while going to Comic Con… I hope there is still tickets :( I WANT THEM!

  11. Rachel

    I live in Virginia, so quite across the country from San Diego. I however just booked my ticket and am determined to find a way there! It is one of the craziest things I have ever done, but totally worth it!!

  12. Faightys

    This freaking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am from San Diego… But just moved out to México…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just hate when this happens…. I hate my father so much….!!!….. aaaaaa!!!! But i´ll get my shot i know!!!

  13. Marie

    San Diego, California!!!!! NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!
    Come to Canada, ON!!!!!!
    I Want To Go So Bad!!
    Kaleb plz tell me your going and your going to video eveything!!!???!!!!

  14. Tina

    thanks for telling us before they sold out. hope to see you there Kaleb.

  15. vanessA

    Totally already have my four day pass! I bought in hopes this would happen way back in February!
    Thanks for sharing the news Kaleb!

  16. Candice

    I just bought tickets now before it could sell out. But I can barely find any info about this. When do we find out who in the cast is going?

  17. Adrienne


    Too far from Indiana.

  18. Usagi

    Yey, I have my thursday pass ready =D, Kaleb, we hope to see you there!! ;3

  19. dimitra

    PLEASE Kaleb go and get some videos for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
    it's so unfair!
    too far…. :(
    i wanna go, too……………. i think i'll cry………=(

  20. Xaymary

    i live in New York,New york very far!!!!
    not fair
    they should do it here in new york it will be better!!!


  21. Paige

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I live right next to San diego and i'm totally confused about comic con. Yes, i was here for last year (to see it online) . just please tell me what happens… I'm reallly confused quickly!!!!!!!

  22. Nightmare and Dream

    Well, I live in Germany…

    Have fun to everyone who will be there.

    There is a fan event here in Berlin with Ashley and Rachelle, but it's also SOLD OUT! Q__Q

  23. genevievech81

    man, I am going on Sunday. I am going to kill my sister because we were suppose to go Thursday but she couldn't get the day off :(

  24. Kitty

    how much did the tickets cost? just out of curiositly which i believe i spelled wrong and am too lazy to correct =]

  25. JenB

    That is so cool, I wish I could go!! I live in Utah & it's too far away & I'm too poor. It's too bad too because I've always wanted to go to San Diego & something Twilight related as a reason to go is even better. How sad :( tear.

  26. claire

    whoa cool i remember passing that building while getting something in the stores for my aunt. aww i wish i could go to see and get stuff and maybe see Kaleb.

  27. YAYME!

    To whom it may concern (Kaleb Nation is whom I am referring to)

    I came on this site the other day and I realized it was very different. I have one man on the side screaming “DON'T LOOK AT ME” and the other saying “YO GET OUTTA MAH GRILL, I AM WITH MY LADY FRIEND,” and then there is this scary man with a breaking dawn book saying “I AM CREEPIN you”

    Now as a devoted reader I felt it was my duty to tell you that it gives me chills at night, I see a shadow and scream, “OH NO! NOT THE SCARY LAYOUT!” Then I cry. I am not asking you to change it, I am only making you aware of the many years of therapy you have caused me.

    Thank you for your posts they make me so happy, even if your layout scary me.

  28. inzaratha

    I might go to this. We sometimes go to Animae Expo or Comic Con.

  29. inzaratha

    I might go to this. We sometimes go to Animae Expo or Comic Con.

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