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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 12 (Some People Just Don’t Grasp The Concept Of “Unwelcome”)

May 21st, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Better Than Me by Hinder [suggested by Krystol]

What a week this has been: the first for me of summer break, and a whirlwind nearly the entire time. After the glorious revelation of the first poster from the New Moon movie, I received a comment that went something like this:

OMG i screamed! i make out with my twilight poster every day and now i have new moon poster to kiss!!!!!

after which I considered dialing the nearest psychiatrist and recommending the commenter posthaste, though restrained myself in the hopes it was written in a fit of fangirl excitement. If I was Robert Pattinson, I think I would run for the nearest cave I could find — deep, deep in the deepest of woods.

Speaking of the woods, Jacob Black seems to be stuck in some woods of his own now. In the last chapter, he basically decided to strike out on his own in defiance of the pack, and as I expected, Seth tagged along with him. I’ve been wondering what Jacob’s actual plan is now, or if he even has a plan at all. I mean, now that he is basically defending the Cullens, is he willing to fight against his own people? That might be what it comes to, depending on how deeply committed he is to keeping Bella safe.

That is, of course, if there is anyone left in Sam’s pack for him to fight. Leah didn’t take too long debating whether to leave Sam behind. So far Jacob has managed to sway two werewolves to join him: and that is in spite of him telling both of them to hit the road. Frankly, Jacob would be a horrible army recruiter.

“No you’re not. Turn around before I rip out one of your hamstrings.”


Good job Jacob: that’s the perfect way to build up soldier morale.

Strangely enough, it seems to work. Sam’s army has been reduced by three already, which is definitely going to make him think a lot harder about his plans to attack the Cullens. As of now, he’s far outnumbered, and that’s with three werewolves and a hoard of angry vampires as opponents. With all their strength and brute force, I don’t think the werewolf pack can actually stand against what’s coming to them during that battle.

In this chapter and the previous, I’ve noticed that Jacob has extremely sharp senses. Almost unbelievably so. He is sitting on the porch of the Cullen’s house, far away from wherever Bella is, and he can actually hear the uneven beats of her heart? Those are some insane ears he has, or Bella has an unusually loud heart.

Like Jacob, I have very little biological knowledge, and long-time readers of my site will know the various bouts I have fought against my biology textbooks (though in fact, with my grades just posted this week, I found out I passed the class far better than I had expected — hooray!). So when Carlisle starts talking about chromosome-this and amniotic-fluid-that, I find myself yawning and getting distracted. I wonder though, since humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and werewolves have 24, and vampires have 25, if somewhere along the line this would become a good playground insult:


And pardon me whilst I clasp a firm hand over my mouth when they suggest having Bella drink blood. I don’t know about you, but this is not at all appealing (to those of you to whom this sounds appealing: GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE). It is not that I am terrified of the sight of blood. But is Bella actually willing to drink it down? Is that even rational healthy? Strangely enough, Bella seems to have no qualms with the thought. Perhaps it has something to do with her being recently married to a vampire?

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: If you absolutely were forced to choose, would you rather LEAH or SETH in your wolf pack?


– I will be gone again this weekend and thus there will probably be no posts between Friday and Tuesday.

– Bailey (nomoremarbles) and I have a LIVE BlogTV show TONIGHT (May 21) where we will be giving away TWO passes to Twicon. I’ll post the time and location on my Twitter as soon as I know!

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174 Responses

  1. mierva

    Leah. I love Seth, but in a fight Leah seems to have more spunk. Though, Seth beat a vampire in Eclipse and Leah made a stupid move. Maybe I'll have to rethink that one?

  2. Rachel Lock


  3. Bonnie

    Seth. He's a sweetie. Thanks for another chapter! LOVE the New Moon site update. Thanks!

  4. Tegan C.

    I honestly don't know; Leah is more suitable in a fight, but as far as loyalty and tolerance goes, I would have to choose Seth. . . For now, I'll declare Switzerland for this decision =)

  5. Debra

    I was sickened by the thought of Bella drinking blood too (I've always hated the smell and sight of blood). But in her defense, being a mother myself, I'd of tried it too if it even had a slim chance of helping the baby growing in me.

    As to the question, Seth, he cracks me up and seems to be a good fighter to boot. Plus he listens a little better than Leah. Leah does have some good qualities i.e. being able look at a situation and decide on a plan of action where Seth would just jump at his first instinct.

  6. Emma

    I'd probably chose Seth. He is very upbeat and willing to do anything for his pack.

  7. Molly

    SETH OMG HES SO CUTE!!!!! <3

  8. Kristine

    I would prefer Seth for sure. He's just so sweet and considerate. Leah's always whining. I mean, I know she's had it rough, but seriously? Making everyone around her miserable will not help her. Seth Clearwater, FTW!

  9. jaspers_girl

    Seth!! he's just adorable, loyal and obedient, what's more to ask from someone? definetly i'll love having someone as seth by my side

  10. Stephanie

    If I had to choose I'd rather have Seth. Leah comes with her own set of problems and although I like her, she makes life miserable for those around her. Seth on the other hand is happy and up-beat. I'd rather share a mind with an optimist than a pessimist.

    On a completely different note, I remembered in one of your earlier posts (I think it was for New Moon) that you mentioned how much you liked the phrase “bush whacking” and how it's so hard to mention it in a normal conversation. Well the other day I was having to write my Valedictorian speech and I totally found a way to mention bush whacking! I was thinking about that when I was trying to come up with ideas for my speech so in a way, you helped me write my speech! Thanks and congrats again on your book!h

  11. Stephanie

    Sorry about the h at the end; my finger slipped!

  12. Melinda

    If I were indeed a werewolf, I think I would choose Leah. Since I'm a girl, I think we would have a lot more in common, and if someone else understood her problems, I really don't think Leah would be so terrible. And she's a little more mature, which could come in handy in a fight situation, as long as she didn't pull another dumb move and get someone hurt : p Plus, we wouldn't have as much of an issue with the whole naked/hearing thoughts sorts of things.

    But don't get me wrong, I love Seth : ) I'd take both if I could.

  13. Tia

    As much as a sweetie that Seth is, I would pick Leah.

    Some would say that Leah whines…and maybe it comes across that way, but Leah has known pain and that has made her tough.

    Leah is very unique and deserves someone to understand her and to give her a chance to do well rather than having to always be pitied.

  14. Steph

    Ahaha. Fangirls, eh? So crazy.

    I actually think Bella must have a very loud heart. Vampires and werewolves everywhere can hear it, and yet they miss enough for her to become caught up in all kinds of sticky situations.

    Ugh, the idea of drinking blood is not at all appealing. I'm prone to feeling faint around things like blood, needles, heights, large bodies of water, etc.

    And in the interest of going against the crowd, I choose Leah. Ahaha. Nah, that's not the only reason. I like Leah. She's cynical, witty, and just plain awesome. Seth is cool and all, but he's so damn happy. I can't stand people who are constantly happy.

  15. twicuz34

    that wouldn't be hard at all!! SETH!! i LOVE seth! he seems so loyal and willing to fight –see eclipse where he actually fought WITH Edward AGAINST Victoria and Riley- the biggest threats!! gah! i just love him!!
    haha as for bella drinking the blood… i saw it coming for a long time and was mad that no one suggested it earlier!!! come on people!! –er vampires/werewolves!!! they have super-sensitive senses, but lack that oh so very important common sense?!?! *shrugs*
    well, i really enjoy reading your posts!
    and congrats on your ARCs!!!

  16. Shannon

    Seth hands down!!

  17. Vickie

    Seth! Hands… errr, umm… paws down!

  18. Adrienne

    Definitely Seth.

  19. Tara.Seanan

    SETH, FTW!!!!!!!! ^_^

  20. Giada

    Need to ask?
    Seth of course! He's the most adorable charachter of the series! :*

  21. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Seth! 😀 He's amazing.

  22. Mattie

    ofcourse Seth. Seth is the sweetest person i've ever read about he is adorable. I wish he was my brother.

  23. Kpucine

    Definitely Seth: he's entertaining, he likes vampires, he's nice and he fought pretty well in Eclipse. I like Leah too, but sometimes she just annoys me (:

  24. Rakey

    Choose? Between Leah and Seth? Oh my. They both are characters I love.


    Leah= Very similar in personality to me, sarcastic

    Seth= Hot, nice, friendly, vampire-loving


    Leah= can get annoying, is female (and everyone knows females are psychotic)

    Seth= can get annoying, has the same name as my brother (who I hate)

    Hm… I guess I'm going for Seth.

  25. Rachel M.

    Leah, definitely. Not only because she'd probably put up a better fight, but her personality seems a lot like mine. And of course, my stupid, overwhelming sympathy for her. She got rejected by Sam, Jacob doesn't want her…she could use someone, at least a friend, in her never ending life.

  26. bsb633

    I would choose Seth. I just think that he has more going for him.

  27. cait659

    oh definately seth. my and my sister always have this wierd thing where we like totally obsess over one of the minor characters in the book…..guess who i was??? yeah so totally seth.

  28. 23sparksfly

    Seth all the way. Leah might be stronger, but at least Seth is loyal to a fault to Jacob and the Cullens.

  29. Kathryn K.

    I would actually have to go with Seth for that one. Although he is extremely talkative and opinionated, I believe I would deal with him better then Leah. Leah would just have too much emotional stress for me to deal with, seeing as how her whole little Sam-Emily thing affects her so massively. But anyways, yes, I'd definitely have to go with Seth.

  30. Ninja Fanpire

    I think I would choose Leah…..Maybe. I think that it would be good for both of us since she feels pretty alone being the only girl in the pack, not to mention having to get rejected by the guy who was in love with her and who she loved. And oftentimes I find myself feeling alone with no one so maybe we would go good together.

  31. JSaun

    Seth all the way!

  32. Steph

    I got bored, so I decided to extend my list of Things-that-make-me-feel-faint.

    Being on stage, school orals, high pressure situations, having my arms and/or legs constrained, being stranded, the thought of being stranded…

    That'll do for now.

  33. Beth C

    Ugh, I can't pick. It's too hard! I suppose I'll go with Leah since I suck at fighting. I dunno if I would as a wolf, but still….Seth reminds me of my siblings sometimes with his annoying stuff.

  34. Lais_Pipocaa

    it depends. If we were going on a fight, I'd pick Leah. But if it were peace times, obviously Seth. But I like them both.
    And blood it's weird, it's not entirely liquid, must be too weird to drink.

  35. Kato

    Seth 😀

  36. BitterNatch

    Blood is actually healthy, since it transports everything your body needs XD and there are a variety of dishes made from it… cow´s blood but still…. tastes almost the same, picky vampires… (OOO come on! like you´ve never licked a finger scratch, that´s how I know how it tastes)

  37. Autumn

    Seth. I could never deal with Leah's complaining.

  38. aria

    Maybe it's not mentioned yet or you missed it Kaleb but Jake has really good sight and hearing. Not quite as good as Vampires but…
    Anyway um IDK if I had to chose I'd pick Leah. XP Never thought I'd say that but really I totally understand everything she says (Though NOT by personal experience) But I really feel bad for her and understand. Not to say that I don't Love Seth but in a pack I'd say Leah.
    And no the blood thing doesn't creep me out at all I was screaming at the book two chapters ago thinking it's so a vampire-human half breed it want vampire food! But they wouldn't listen to me until Jake suggested it (unconsciously) but for pete's sake she gonna be a vampire soon anyway and the “fetus'' defiantly was. So that's my psycho view :)

  39. Katie Lee

    I would have to choose Seth, he's too nice. :)
    Well, like others have said, if there was going to be some fight, then, well, I would have to go w/ Leah.

  40. Monica

    Seth! He is adorable. And I don't much like Leah, although I grew to like her more in “Breaking Dawn.” But I still like her brother better.

    Oh, and the chromosome thing might actually be important. It could help to explain one of the really weird thing that happens in a later chapter. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what it is!

    Bella drinking blood was definitely a bad omen for me. First of all, I didn't understand why it had to be INGESTED instead of, I don't know, hooking her up to an IV? Plus Bella's sudden turnaround in attitude made me think that the thing inside her was controlling her and it was evil. Maybe I've seen too many episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” but in my mind, humans interbreeding with anything non-human is automatically bad for the human and most likely bad for humanity.

  41. Lily

    Of course Jake has extra-sensitive senses! He's a werewolf, he's got animal senses, honed by natural selection to be very very sharp.
    In Jacob's first chapter in Breaking Dawn, he talks about how he went to his room, lay on his bed and just listened. He could hear EVERYTHING: Paul, cars, the beach, the store. It seems normal to me that he can hear Bella's heart, even from the porch. Plus, Edward told Bella that the sound of her heart is the most significant sound in his world, I would expect it to almost be more important to Jacob since he's obsessed with her mortality.

  42. dimitra

    well, i don't think drinking blood is so awfull. we're talking about vampires! and personally, i was sure this was what the baby needed.
    as for whom i would choose for my pack…i don't know. i mean at first thoght, i would choose Seth. he's perfect! but wouldn't it be a little akward for both of us, since i'm agirl? also Leah is not so bad. she must be good but she just can't show it because sam was in the pack!!!!!!!!!

  43. Jacqueline

    I hate the sight of blood and sometimes I get queasy at the word blood written or said depending on how much you talk about it. So that part where they suggested her drink it wasn't something I enjoyed reading. Oh and I'd choose Seth. Leah is a pain in the butt. I realize why she is one. The man she loved imprinted on her cousin and yeah she has to go to the wedding. I get her heart is broken but the whole bitter ex girlfriend thing doesn't help you get over someone NOR does it help your packs sanity. An angry bitter girl or Seth a tag along “annoying brother type”. I think I'd go with seth. Seth seems cuter too ha. :D. and Seth and Edward are friends and I find that adorable.

  44. Katie

    Is there even a choice? It would so have to be Seth. Leah has already shown herself to be vicious towards her teammates, careless when fighting, and reluctant to be a werewolf. Seth however has shown an open mind towards anything, including vampires and human/vampire offspring, a good moral compass, and a willingness to compromise to make life easier for everyone. He may be a little young and in-experienced, but I would still pick him any day over Leah.

  45. Nightmare and Dream

    Seth of course!!!
    I also kiss my Twilight posters sometimes… xD

  46. Samantha

    Seth, hands down. Leah is a whiney, melo-dramatic cunt that needs to get over Sam and shut the fuck up. :)

  47. samanthacr

    “But is Bella actually willing to drink it down? Is that even rational healthy? Strangely enough, Bella seems to have no qualms with the thought. Perhaps it has something to do with her being recently married to a vampire?”

    I attributed this as a side effect of pregnancy. If you (the pregnant mom) hate hot dogs — have hated those gross things all your life, but the baby is craving hot dogs, suddenly you can't wait for a hot dog, and pretty soon you know where the best hot dogs are in town…


  48. Jen

    Kaleb! Congrats on the ARC'S!!!!! You are so deserving. Anyhow… I know the whole blood drinking thing is beyond disgusting, but….. I have 5 (Yes, really, truly) FIVE kids! When you are pregnant and the cravings hit; you're a gonner! I have friends that craved (and actually ate) DIRT! Ugh! Supposedly they were suffering from iron deficiency -anemia- and that's the way it manifests. I have eaten the same food for 11 days straight (My other kids were pretty annoyed) when expecting. Trust me; when the kid get's out, the wierd cravings go too!

  49. robin sparkles

    SETH! seth seth seth seth seth seth seth
    he's like the loyal little brother :)

  50. kim

    i would choose seth, he seems more level headed. and not to say leah isn't strong or whatever but chances are seth is going to be stronger than leah. and he's more pleasant to have around.
    also, as for bella drinking blood….which sounds pretty gross. when your pregnant and most the time when your not, your body craves things it's lacking. so if the baby or bellas body needs the blood it probably won't be that revolting to her.

  51. kristen

    i love seth <3 he's so awesomee!!! i'd love to hapyy that happy mutt following me aroundd. he's such a sweet heart

  52. Wendilynn

    When one is pregnant, you find yourselves sometimes craving things you'd never touch under normal circumstances. My last pregnancy found me craving ceaser salads. I'd never had one before then, but one whiff of someone having one and my mouth literally started to water, it was crazy.

    I hate to mention this, but some cultures mix milk and blood as a health drink. Makes me kind of nauseous to think about and when Bella had to drink blood I definately went “yuck!”. I had to laugh when Edward tells Rosalie to not use a clear cup so Bella doesn't have to look at what she is drinking.

    I understand Leah… I'd still want Seth over her, but I understand Leah.

  53. Janelle

    I would definitely want Seth more. He's adorable, and it would be easier to be in his head than Leah's. But I would still allow Leah. I understand her motivation. Poor girl.

    Ya, the blood thing made me gag too, but Bella's willing to do absolutely ANYTHING for her child. I thought she was crazy at this point in the book, (I had the same problem with the word “fetus” as Edward and Jacob did) but I understood after finishing it. I won't say any more.

    Happy Reading! And congratulations on your Biology grade. 😀

  54. ancha85

    Of course I would choose Sunny Seth. He is more sunshine than even Jacob was before he had to deal with the Bella/Edward thing. I love Seth!

    However, I would let Leah stay. I think it is so nice that she now has someone that kind've understands where she is coming from and has a place to start to heal. Poor Leah, to think that she has had to be in Sam's head and he has had to be in her's all this time; and to top it all off, the whole pack has been in both of their heads.
    So sad…

    Jacob is an awesome guy to finally start to understand and allow her to have a place to start over.

  55. Courtney

    Definitely Seth… Leah is way to annoying (now let's hope my bestfriend Leah doesn't see this and wind up thinking I am talking of her…..).

    And I enjoyed that youtube video more than I probably should… hmm.

  56. vanessa

    i would want seth defo i wouldnt want to be in leahs train reck of a head and seth is so optamistic and cool who is playing him in the film he has to be really cute

  57. elaine

    Seth, he's such a sweetie.
    He and Jacob is my favorite Quileutes ^^

  58. Allison

    Breaking Dawn just has so many surprises! ;P

    I would definately prefer Seth in my pack…he just soo happy and i love it!!!!!!

  59. ClaireB12545

    Seth. Leah is evil.

  60. Flweep

    I would totally have Seth in my pack.
    Seth pwns

  61. Carissa C

    Definetely Seth, because he's so loyal and innocent. He can get stronger, he just has to train more.

  62. Rae

    seth<333333 hes my favorite wolf!

  63. Paloma

    Definitely Seth! He's honest and pretty cool 😉

  64. Marie

    Seth because hes smart in a fight. Leah trys to act all big and bad but in the end makes all the wrong moves !

  65. Sarah

    I would rather have Seth in my wolf pack. He has some great ideas, but is also laid back enough to follow orders. I like Seth a lot better than Leah.

  66. sarclark

    i would want seth in my pack because he is really loyal and can take orders really well… and hes cute! hehehe

  67. Lecia

    So, am I the only one who thinks the whole drinking blood thing as nothing more than a craving by a pregnant lady?
    Not that Bella is a normal pregnant lady, but damn…she has a vampire spawn in her womb. Kinda like prenatal vitamins for a vamp child. xD
    To me it makes perfect sense.
    I mean I know that she is faint to the sight/smell of blood, but when you are pregnant, you eat some pretty weird stuff. Lol
    (I would know my sister and my best friend are pregnant and eat some things that leave me gagging…)

    And I would definitely say Seth, he is just the epitome of a good hearted person.
    He never judges anyone, and he is willing to go against his family to save his friends. His mind isn't clouded by this “Vampire/Werewolf Hatefest”

  68. Lecia

    I guess a few people think the same as I did. If I had seen their comments earlier, I might not have commented lol.

  69. Elle

    Absolutely Seth. Even though I'm all for “girl power”, Seth is much more loyal and doesn't argue much.

  70. KeannaCasey

    Oh, duh! That's easy, Leah. I had someone to b*tch fight with.

  71. E

    To answer your question, I'd have to say… Leah. Seth is an absolute sweetie, but she's just cool.

    And also, pay attention to that chromosome thing. IF the fetus has the same number of chromosomes as werewolves… 😉

  72. Britt

    Oh, definitely Seth, at lest he's pleasant.

    And congrats on getting a good grade in Biology!

  73. lizzie

    SETHSETHSETHSETHSETHSETHFTW! i love seth! He's amazing!

  74. Ashley13824

    i would choose Seth because he is funn lighthearted and easy goin

    while on the other hand Leah is to angery and stuff
    i know she has reason to be
    but she should tone it down and be sensible to others around her since they share the same thoughts and all

    and besidess Seth is like a mini Jacob
    and Jacob is awwe-sommee except when hes all like “bloodsuck this and bloodsucker that”

  75. Ashley13824

    thats funny maybe i should change my answer…..well maybe nott….ily<33 Seth

  76. Ashley13824

    holy shnaa i agree with you 100% everythingg uu saidd i agree withh holy shna

    twilight people think alike

    (its suppose to be smart people think alike but whatever)

  77. Becky

    The blood drinking made me a little freaked out. Bella, you're not a vampire yet! But I think it's partially the pregnancy and partially the vampire spawn.

    Definitally Seth, he's always so cheerful and easy to talk to. Nothing against, Leah though. I really like her. I can understand her view on things.

  78. Ashley13824

    now i dont think Leah is evil just misunderstood and since she was in a pack with all guys who dont want to talk about

    her feelins i can guess why she is still like that its not her fault for wat happened but maybe it is her fault for how she

    handled it but dont worry i l♥ve Seth — he is my fav wolf — then comes Jacobb

  79. Ashley13824

    ii like ur thinkin about the wholee Leah thing
    because i feel bad for Leah and understand her
    (sort of)
    soo i wouldnt kick her her out or anything
    but ii would choose Seth

  80. Jaclyn

    Ummm… I think I'd pick Leah.
    A) She's a girl
    B) We've got stuff in common
    C) She's fun in a sarcastic way, which I totally appreciate.
    D) There wouldn't be any awkwardness about the whole naked thing or reading each others minds
    E) She stops to think about stuff, even if she is single minded.
    Don't get me wrong though, I adore Seth. He's just this cute little thing that makes me want to steal him, like put him in my purse and walk away. Not that he'd fit or that I'd be able to carry him, but you know what I mean. And he's funny and sweet…. UGH! Now I want to take him and Leah. This is just not working out. Oh well. I'd just take both. Problem solved, since I don't have to choose. YAY!
    The Whole Playground Come-backs thing, yeah, I'm sure that would just send little kids away crying. “I've got more chromosomes than you.” Oh yeah, real good. Sometimes I wonder about what goes on in your head….
    And as for the blood thing, I see nothing wrong with it. Blood's a little salty, yeah, but it's not that bad. No, I'm not crazy, but I've wanted to be a vampire since I was five. Obviously, things haven't changed much…
    Congrats on your book! I'm totally gonna buy it when it comes out!!!

  81. FabiolaBlack

    Seth! he is soo easygoing!! he gets along with everybody!
    haha i really got distracted by the social networking video!!

  82. Paige

    I don't get it why a lot of the comments are saying that blood is disgusting.

    I've tried it before and I'm not talking about when you have a small cut and you lick it.

    I've ACTUALLY tried it. In large amounts…..

    And it wasn't even my blood…..

    It wasn't that bad . I mean I gagged a little, but vampires drink blood so …..

    Is that gross? Ha! I guess i should go back to the grave Kaleb!

  83. Cricko


  84. Sallie

    I think I' d have to choose Seth. =)

  85. Lindsey!!

    SETH!!!!!!!!!! Haha, how could you resist? He's sooo sweet and is friends with Edward! Plus, he kicked some serious bad-vamp butt in Eclispe. Double win. 😀

  86. Lindsey!!

    Oh, and the blood thing freaked me out a little too. But it really does make sense. I mean, it's probably all those pregnancy cravings that's making her tolarate (sp?) it, plus she'd do anything to protect…um, her baby (Uggg!! Wanted to give something away right there, but I won't risk spoiling you, Kaleb!!) and what else would a half-vampire kid want to eat?

  87. Jenny

    I luv seth! He's like a newborn puppy. They have instincts but are cute, and sweet by nature.
    Thats how I seth is. So, I would choose seth, because who wouldn't want a puppy around? =D

  88. Rach

    Seth. Hands down. No contest.

    Leah's really not that bad when you get to know her. But Seth is such a nice kid, he would just be a pleasure to be around.

  89. maggie

    leah, without a doubt. not because i like her (although, once you get to know her, she isn't that bad), but rather, because i would want her to do the same for me. i've been in leahs situation (well, kind of. there wass an obvious lack of wolfy imprinting involved), and it is one of the most painful experiences i've ever had. seth is sweet though. crap! i want both of them :)

  90. marissa

    Like many,

    Seth! most definitely!

    I have nothing against Leah, but I think I'd get along with Seth better

  91. Cara

    Seth… He's pretty cool.

    Hahahahha, the video from Social Networking that u had for getting distracted… Soooo funny, and soo true!

  92. Wendy

    Seth hands down he seems so chill to be with

  93. Amanda

    Seth, no contest

  94. Johanna

    Seth, he's a cutie.

  95. Mylles

    SETH!! No questions asked.

  96. Mylles

    WAIT!! Maybe Leah, cause everyone thinks shes a jerk but she is really just trying to catch a break and yeah…

  97. Emily

    Hard one. I'd have to say Seth. Leah is kind of a b*tch, in personality as well as physicality (ohhh see what I did there? Ha lame joke)

    Seth is young, but a strong fighter and eager to please, which would make him easier to deal with if I were Alpha. A little annoying, sure, but easier to get things done and done well. Leah might be more of an interesting person for me to be friends with, I wouldn't want to work with her in a, shall we call it, “working relationship” where I'd have to be her superior, because she'd complain and moan about my every dictation.

    I guess it depends how my pack is set up, and whose talents and abilities I needed for the betterment of my pack.

    And on the subject of Bella drinking blood– okay, I know I'm really weird, but I don't mind the taste of blood. I lick my cuts clean. It's not terrible, really. I'd drink it. Even if I hated it, I'd drink it for my baby. However, Bella being so unfazed by the subject seems out of character for her. Bella, who in Twilight passed out at the mere sight and smell of blood, now in Breaking Dawn drinks it eagerly by the cup full? I agree that by marrying into a vampire family, and carrying some kind of possibly vampiric child, she would do it for her child with less disgust than the original pre-vampire Bella, but I would think she'd show a little more aversion to it. I mean, it's still human blood… the very idea…


  98. Leona

    I'd rather have Seth, hands down. Leah eventually grew on me, but Seth is like the little brother you never had, almost. Anyway, Bella drinking blood made me queasy too, lol. (But hey, I guess she won't have to worry about any iron deficiencies, right? Har har.) And one thing I always wondered about, regarding the chromosomes, was that, (and I'm no geneticist, so I could very well be wrong) if his (Edward's) had a higher count than Bella, wouldn't that mean they would be genetically incompatible? Or is the difference not great enough, and it's the same idea as a horse and donkey making a mule? *shrugs* I normally wouldn't even bother questioning this, but it's just that Meyer brought it up in the first place. Anyway, glad you’ll be posting more often and I hope you’re having a good summer break. And congrats on your grades :) I, too, am obviously not overly proficient in anything-biology and so it’s always a good feeling when you get a grade up in a subject you don’t care for. ^___^

  99. Avery

    Thanks for brightening my day with your hilarious comments!

  100. ashlyn


  101. Jade Lawson

    Seth, you never know what Leah might do if she gets angry and Seth is devoted 2 cullens

  102. fanpire_kayli

    Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth Seth <3
    I am team Seth, so most defiantly Seth!

  103. Jackie

    There is no competition. I would choose Seth. I like Leah too. But Seth is just awesome! Some of the quote from the previous chapter just cracked me up while I was reading it. Gosh his funny!!

    Hahaha. I love your little picture thing with Jacob, Edward and the chromosomes. You know this brings up a story of my friend and I having this argument about chromosomes. He didn’t believe that we have 23 pairs of chromosomes he though that we had 24 and I was arguing with him and telling him that we had 23. Then he found a book that said that humans had 24 pairs which I was totally shocked at. So when I went home – yes this was still bugging me the whole day. So when I went home, I searched it up and figured out that I was right. I have no idea why I just told you that story but yeah.

    Oh, I haven’t been on your site as much, because I’ve been really busy. But it looks GREAT!!!! I love it! The layout is awesome!

  104. HeyJoyous

    Seth. Leah is bad for morale.

  105. Heather

    Haha I loved the whole “one more chromosome” than you. That's exactly why vampires pwn.

    “GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE.” I cracked up! Yeah I get so sick at the sight/smell of blood (and I get chronic bloody noses…hurray) so this book isn't the best for that side of me lol. On re-reads I skim over gruesome parts. I just didn't get how Bella could drink it what with her aversion to blood. Also, how that would influence her vampirically (totally just made up that word) once she is changed. But you will learn all of this in due time =)

    Uh Seth! No question. I love that little furball.

  106. Natty

    the “Go back to your grave” thing was really funny!!
    I am not sure who I would choose. Seth is such a wonderful little puppy, and according to Edward he has a very kind, pure mind or something like that. Leah seems very cool and also she's a girl so there's a plus, so I'm really a bit undesided. If I had to pick I'd say Seth cause he is so so so nice.

  107. Dye793

    I'd definately pick Seth! Leah is wayyyyyy to much like me so that wouldn't work!

  108. Edward's Amy

    First, I'd keep Seth. I can't stand all Leah's negativity. Second, I can't believe you didn't see the whole blood thing coming. You're usually a bit sharper than that! :)

  109. Dessie

    SETH!!!!!!…i think…i haven't read the Twilight Saga in a while, so ….I HAVE NO CLUE!!!!

  110. ClaireB12545

    I was rushed when I made this comment, I also feel that Leah is
    misunderstood. But I think she could possibly show it in a way that
    was more pleasant for her fellow pack members.

  111. JenB

    For my pack I would definitely want Seth. I love that kid. He is just plain AWESOME.

    I was kind of grossed out as well of Bella drinking blood, but it makes sense. I couldn't believe it took them long enough to figure out that that might be what Bella and the baby need. (I know I had it figured out as soon as Edward told Jacob that Bella can't eat anything.) But it doesn't really surprise me that Bella's all for it for one she has been ready to be a vampire herself for awhile and two she would do anything to make sure that baby's okay.

  112. JenB

    I would definitely want Seth in my pack. He is my favorite wolf and is just AWESOME.

    I wasn't surprised that Bella would need to try to drink blood. (I couldn't believe it took them so long to figure that out. I thought Carilse being a doctor he would've before now. I did as soon as Edward told Jacob that Bella couldn't eat anything.) It is king of gross if you think about it but it makes sense to me. And I'm not surprised Bella's wiling to try it for one she's wanting to be a vampire herself and two she'll do anything for the baby.

  113. JenB

    SORRY about the double post. It looked like for some reason it didn't post my 1st one! (stupid computer) My bad sorry

  114. Switz

    Hmm.. this is hard. My first reaction was SETH, definitely but others have pointed out that they're similar to Leah with their sarcasm , as am I. ..But then I thought wouldn't it just be horrible if both members of the pack just sniped at eachother all the time?
    So I have decided on Seth because he's so happy, it would be like Yin and Yang and hey, if he annoys me , Jacob might not be wrong about the hamstring bit . . .
    Um, as for the drinking blood part and this is something very strange about me , I am more creeped out reading about it than actually seeing it. Does that make sense?. . . didn't think so . You see, my brother has busted his head open four times when we were growing up. The first time I thought he was dying, the second time I shouted for my parents and by the fourth time I was like “Meh, just leave him there.” (No, not really but I was a little exasperated) So I really did not like when Bella drank the blood (though I expected it ) I also hated that article where the pupils at some boarding school in Boston (I think) were exchanging blood :O (Ever heard of a little thing called Hepatitis B?!)
    Oh, and as for the “I make out with my poster every night” comment , I heard an interesting thing the other day about Fangirls. It went something like “The FBI could use a fangirl who had a crush on Bin Laden”
    ” GO. SHOO. BACK TO YOUR GRAVE” cracked me up, by the way. For such a dark part of Jacob's life,(Is Jacob's life ever totally bright?) your posts are very funny. I am a very “laughable” person anyway (that was my friend's number one word to describe me, not mine) and when I read these people are looking at me like “What is she doing?!”

  115. Switz

    I was so preoccupied with blood and Seth and Yin and Yang and all the other strange things in my last comment that i forgot to congratulate you with your Bran Hambric stuff. I think it's great that it's finally almost in shops because you were writing it for so long.. for this. So good luck with everything 😀
    And I am not an MCR fan but i really cannot stop singing their song “Blood” now and it's not the most pleasant song. People are looking at me again . . .

  116. Melly K

    Seth. honesty and straightforwardness over crazy emotional female any day. And I am a female :).

  117. Taylor Lanick

    Seth, I don't like Leah at all!

  118. Alba

    Exactly what I was going to say. lol Kaleb, go back to chapter one of Jacob's part. His sharp senses are explained there.

    By the way, I would choose Seth. He's really sweet and caring, and he can fight! He killed a newborn in Eclipse, didn't he? And he doesn't let his prejudices toward the vampires rule his life. He likes the Cullens. And he absolutely adores Jacob! That's a plus for me.

    I think I'm the only one, but I don't like Leah that much. Don't know why. I do like her, just… Nevermind, I can't explain this one. lol

  119. Lexi Clearwater<3

    SETH!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!! HE . IS . MY . LOVE .

  120. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    Seth, I dont like negative people, they get on my nerves, not that I dont like Leah, Im going to writing a fan fic about her, and I really do get where shes coming from, its just I dont really need someone complaining in my head all the time when I get enough of people doing that outside my head.
    😀 melissaturkey

  121. Alexandria

    I would chooose Leah to be in my pack. She has gone through a lot being in Sam's pack. It is probaly hurting her even more seeing Sam every day let alone sharing all of her thoughts with him. Leah thinks things more cleary and she is a good fighter.

  122. Gothhic Goddess

    Seth has a very open mind, and loves people despite their differences, so I would have to say Seth.

  123. Pri Murray

    Seth rocks!!
    he is the one!!
    I want to recommend a song for the chapter 36: Bloodlust, the song? Take a bow – Muse
    it fits perfectly!!

  124. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 12. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (Some People Just Don’t Grasp The Concep… […]

  125. F

    I would rather have Seth since Leah is a crazy bitch..

  126. Aubrey

    SETH CLEARWATER ALL THE WAY!!!!! Although I do find Leah really fascinating, I just love Seth sooo much. He seemed to be one of the characters who really shined in this book. Definitely Seth.

  127. Emily

    oh my god! do you watch SuperNews too?? i LOVE that show. and everything on current tv.
    sorry, i totally freaked out when i clicked on the link XDD

  128. DreamingEternal

    Definately Seth. He is so positive and loyal and energetic. I can see why Jacob might get a little annoyed at him for being so perky when jacob is going through a hard time, but i certainly wouldn't mind having Seth around. He's one of my absolute favorite pack members.

    As for the blood thing, that really didnt weird me out when i read it. I guess that is because i was into the vampire genre long before i read twilight, so reading about that kind of thing wasnt new. In most series, the humans end up drinking blood at some point because that is how they turn into a vampire– by drinking from a vampire. Anyway, i thought it was simply logical that bella would have to consume some blood, seeing as she had a half-vampire living inside her.

  129. DawnMoon

    Kaleb, is this your first time reading BD? I'm reading it now for the second time and glad to have a virtual partner. Bella is finally tolerable in this one! And I like the JPOV.

    I'm not sure ingesting blood makes sense, but WDIK. It's fiction, just go with it.

    Seth is funny. Leah is a downer. Need I say more.


  130. Sarah

    If you think that part is gross, you shouldn't eat or drink while reading that book for a little while!
    I would so choose Seth because he is kind, caring and funny. But Leah only thinks about rude cold hearted things! (Sorry if there are some Leah lovers out there)

  131. Sarah

    Omg! I totally forgot to say that I agree with 'F'
    (Btw she/he said 'I would rather have Seth since Leah is a crazy bitch..'
    hehe. I fully agree with that)

  132. Keeley

    Leah. Definitely Leah. Not that I don't love Seth, but she's totally my favorite character.

  133. Luke

    I'd definitely pick Seth. He's packed with way more awesomeness. And by the way, you have a grammar error. Horde means large group of people. Hoard means to store away or something that was stored away, usually food. Is Jacob hoarding away the vampires for tomorrow's breakfast?

  134. waka laka


  135. Beth


  136. kendall

    psh…. who would actually pick Leah?

  137. Brianna

    seth, he's just so happy :)

  138. Tracy

    I would like Seth to be in my wolf pack Beacuse he's loyal and a Good Friend And he is REALLY Strong
    and thats my Brothers name soo yep Plus Leah's A Complete Betch.

  139. nikki

    thanks for the update!!! but god ur sooo annoying though. not to be mean just get to the piont and stup up!!!

  140. Ember

    I loved the chromosome part!! I thought it was really interesting.

    I would definitely choose Seth. I have nothing against Leah, but she can be really depressing. Imagine having to share her thoughts! Ouch.

  141. Stephanie

    I personally would choose Seth he seems like the kind of person and shapeshifter that I would get along with, while Leah would just drive me insane.

  142. ohmyedward

    Seth No Doubt, but it wouldn't have been a quick choice I would have to think it over.

  143. Kaitlyn

    I would choose Leah.
    I think she secretly likes Jacob.
    I think she is getting used to it and actually wants to help Bella and Jacob.
    It doesn't seem that Stephenie actually finished the series.. You don' t know what happens between Jacob and Leah.

  144. Amber Sweet-er Than 16

    Leah, she's closer to me in personality and I'd rather have her by my side in a fight

  145. Becca

    I don't think i could choose!
    Seth: I would choose him if I was going to be in my wolf form alot and liked to talk to someone
    Leah:I would choose her because she wouldn't be bugging me all the time since she wouldn't be in her wolf form all the time.
    They both have their ups and downs. Seth can get kind of annoying and Leah can just be a bugger :)

  146. Mal

    Seth! He is the best werewolf to have in your pack ever!!!!!!! Who cares if he gets annoying or immature or whatever at least he is better than his sister…… :)

  147. Monika

    I would totally have Seth in my pack!!! Not only is he friends with vampires, he's such a sweetheart and he's soo kind and loyal! He has such a pure soul!!! To me, I just think Leah's way too harsh!

  148. Rachel

    hey this has nothing to do wiv th seth leah thing but it is twilight related and i didnt kno where else to write it :S
    i joined this group on Facebook called 'you wouldnt undertsand its a twilight thing' and one of the discussion boards was called things Emmet Cullen shouldnt do. It was the funniest thing i have ever read in my entire life i was crying with laughter lol ive pasted the link 4 it below cos im sure every twilight fan especially Emmet fans will want to read it. Its HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! i urge everyone 2 read it NOW!!!


  149. inzaratha

    Love that pic – chromosomes – that is so funny.

    I would pick Seth, he is loyal, trustworthy and friendly.

  150. Melissa M

    I actually love the character of Leah… reminds me of Eponine from Les Miserables. She may do some strange or even slightly evil things, but we can empathize with her heartache. However…. I would much rather have Seth around!!

    As for Bella's drinking blood, I thought it seemed like such an obvious answer! I was surprised Carlisle didn't figure that out earlier. I sure did. It made sense to me that she would be able to drink it… it's what the baby needs. If given the choice either drink blood or potentially malnourish my baby who would then in turn eat me from the inside… I'd drink the blood. And I don't even eat meat.

  151. Patricia Rakel

    SETH! Definantly my Little Sethy Clearwater!

  152. Casey

    Seth, definately. I love seth…hes so cute!! And i love the fact that hes innocent enough to look past the whole vampire werewolf arch enemies thing. Leahs annoying, she can be such a martyr, and she wants everyone to suffer with her.

    The blood thing really does make sense….Rosalie even said it. When Bella was ashamed of thinking that the blood smelled good, Rose told her that it was a good sign, that it was what her body needed. Isnt that why we humans make reference to “pickles and icecream” when we talk about pregnancy cravings? The body really does crave what it needs.

  153. Madeleine

    I agree completely! I can't believe no one else on the cite seems to realize this. Don't forget that the baby inside Bella is not human (LOL, as if it were possible to forget that, right?). It's obvious that the fetus has a lot of control over Bella's body. When the Cullens were inadvertently starving the baby, Bella became sickly as well. It's very plausible that the baby, being a vampire, has changed the chemistry of Bella's body. She craves blood BECAUSE the vampire child craves blood. If she were not carrying this baby, she wouldn't have the craving. I don't know, to me it seems very simple.

    Also, I would chose Seth, definitely. Here's the thing with Leah: I understand she's gone through a lot of pain, and I feel sorry for her. I RESPECT her, but I don't LIKE her. That is, she's not the kind of person I'd want for a friend. Her pessimistic attitude would get on my nerves FAST. But Seth is just such a happy-go-lucky, innocent, optimistic kid that I'd love to have him in my pack. I love happy boys, personally :)

  154. Katanna

    Seth all the way. Leah is a good fighter and uses her head a bit more than just running into battle. BUT she's a stick in the mud. Seth is carefree and gives me something to laugh about. Even if it may be in the worst time ever but still. And plus he's a good fighter. XD

  155. Lorie

    Wow. All the things you mentioned freak me out too…

    Plus spiders, falling, being stabbed, shot, hanged, ripped apart(sharks, BEARS, mountain lions- ironically not wolves though…), etc. 😛

  156. Lorie

    I understand Leah better, and us girls can do things to others that are even better than fighting(crippling others emotionally-which is far worse than physically, making grown men cry… etc). And I think we'd get along personality-wise(I'm pretty sarcastic too).

    But Seth on the other hand is fun, sweet, loyal, and HOT.

    So yeah, hard decision that one…

    Therefore I declare neutrality!!! I am Switzerland!!!!!

  157. Lauren

    Seth for sure! He seems like the most comforting and honest one. And he gets along with Bella and the Cullens! :)

  158. victoria

    dude, i'd pick seth any day. he's a sweetie. Leah's a jerk.

  159. Alexi

    I think that'd be a hard choice. Leah is only mean because she's misunderstood. Through this whole trial of imprinting and being a werewolf, nobody's really asked her what SHE wants or how SHE feels. I'd love to pull a Dr. Phil and get her on my team, cuz I'd be able to understand her a lot better, and sharing thoughts wouldn't be embarrassing (or as embarrassing) because we'd be able to see from each other's standpoints; plus I'd be the one she could rant to if needed.

    However, I think I'd like Seth a lot more in the long run. He's much more levelheaded; he's kept an open mind on fighting, vampires, werewolves, the whole lot of it. He's happy-go-lucky, and that would be great for me. He's sweet, and nice, and really cool, too. However, sharing each and every one of each other's thoughts may be a little awkward. 😉

    Overall, I'd have to go with Seth, although I'd take the two siblings both if I could.

  160. Alexa

    leah, but if i could i would take both

  161. team seth!!!

    seth duh! leah is really rude and obnoxious and seth is only 14 (my age!!!!), but he isn't real immature like most 14 yr old guys. he's really sensitive and nice 2 all the cullens. and hes hot!!!!!

  162. team seth!!!

    but i do feel for leah. she's the only girl in a pack of guys, and her thoughts arent exactly private. i reckon there should hav been a nother girl werewolf so leah could have someone to talk to. Like me!!!!!!!

  163. kelly

    my initial thought was that vampires have 25…humans have 23…werewolves have 24….so then bella and edward's spawn would be a werewolf. makes sense, right?

  164. LinweTheCarrier

    quote: ''I wonder though, since humans have 23 chromosome pairs, and werewolves have 24, and vampires have 25''

    … so that actually means Edward and Bella can't have a baby.

  165. Tori1420

    Seth no dout about it i cant stand leah!!!=)

  166. Savannah

    Seth, of course. Leah is only thinking of her own, duh.

  167. Kassl Cullen

    Love my little lobito.

  168. Kassl Cullen

    Love my little lobito.

  169. Laura

    SETH! Beacuse I love that guy's guts! He is about one of my favorite characters ever! And I found Bella drinking down blood kind of weird, but I am weird and I must confess I kinda like the flavor of blood. As I mentioned before, I'm one little weird folk x)

  170. Groovydakota

    seth!!!!! cause hes way more hot than jacob can eva be …… :)

  171. Chelsea


  172. Shawna

    sethsethsethsethsethseth! he is THE cutest werewolf EVER

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