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New Moon Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

May 31st, 2009 at 9:42 pm by Kaleb Nation

This evening, I was given permission from Summit Entertainment to upload the HIGH-DEFINITION version of the NEW MOON teaser trailer to my YouTube channel! You can see it above, in all its sparkling high definition glory (click here to see it even larger) πŸ˜€


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195 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    AWSOME!! πŸ˜€

  2. Samantha CJ SMith

    Amazing — more then I expected

  3. its_kaliah_baby

    I looove it!

  4. Jessica


  5. Leiah Abroguena


    amazing teaser. still not sure how i feel about the transformation though. edward owning jasper; epic!!

  6. Kathryn

    well…awesome…but why do they have to go changing scenes that would translate so well into a move as is?

  7. Caitlin


  8. sarclark

    freaking AMAZINGG!

  9. Missahhhox

    sickkkk i think this is gonna be so much more than we all expect

  10. reinix

    Freakin' awesome, yo.

  11. Erin

    most of it is good. a little upset that they changed the laurent scene…hopefully it wont be as bad as i'm assuming.

  12. Feathers

    I just died.

  13. Samantha

    Okay, in all honesty, Taylor is looking great but aside from that I just don't see it as following the book much. Most of the trailer is all Edward & Bella, then a little Jacob, when he's a big part. The wolf is off, I just want to snuggle it, not run from it. I imagined it bigger, and his fur color is wrong. The way that happens, is way off (unless they did a scene trick and put the wolf scene to match up with Laurent and it really isn't like that in the movie?) I don't know. I didn't like it. I just hope it ends up okay, ugh.

    Rock on Kaleb for getting to post a HD version :)

  14. anto

    It looks amazing!!!! I think we will be VERY impressed by the movie! πŸ˜€ cant wsaiittt!!

  15. Gladys

    They didn't change the scene..i you watch carefully the clothes that Bella is using with Laurent and the ones she is using when she screams at Jacob do not match. I loooooooooooooooooooved the trailer, BUT….I expect a change is the wolf because I thought it was cute..not menacing at all! I want it bigger! There is time to improve that! ^_^

  16. spangiepantz

    laurent's eyes are like WHOA! hahaha but the trailer is totally AWESOME!!! =) i loved the details when Jacob was transforming with the clothes being ripped into shreds =D i did imagine him bigger, and darker.. but all is still good!

  17. FabsRocks

    LOVE THE WOLFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LOVE YOU MORE KALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sarah

    Talk about a frickin teaser! It was so short! Can't wait for it to come out. Taylor is going to bo soooo hot!

  19. Paloma

    I really love Twilight, but this movie just looks SO much better!! I can't believe they changed the Laurent scene, though. But, oh well, still AWESOME! πŸ˜€

  20. vanessa

    i just cant be any more excited … im in shock

  21. Karol

    Werewolf transformation = EPIC.

  22. Sarah

    chris weitz i just want to say one thing to you.

  23. Heather

    It looks so amazing!!!

  24. Razzy

    I absolutely love it. The special effects are wonderful, and just — Taylor. What more can I say? That boy's a hunk now, and I'm so excited to see him in the movie.

  25. d A n i

    i like the first half .. the scene with laurent and jacob .. not so great from what was shown .. November can't come quick enough =)

  26. Flweep

    Amazing. Just amazing. I screamed when Jake turned into a wolf..
    Aaaah. (:

  27. Alex/Kaitlyn

    (Deep breath)
    That was cool. :)

  28. Hannah

    nice cake, huh?
    it was not how it was imagined, but it was awesome!
    oh yeah, tell Sarah that you are not chris welch : )

  29. Cara

    so: i still think kristen and rob were pretty crappy actors in that, but chris weitz did amazingggg special effects, did u see laurent's eyes, they were sooo red! and the party scene was reallly good, almost how i pictured it, and the end where taylor turned into a wolf made me scream… that was by far the best part… OHH MY GODDD

  30. Cara

    …and I live in California, so the MTV awards haven't even come on yet.

  31. HeyJoyous

    That was fabulous!!! Wow! I'm so excited. It looks amazing.

  32. Asshleey

    OME times a billion
    I was soo speechless and when my mom asked me why i had that expression on my face all i could say was “MORE THEN I EXPECTED!”

  33. Abby

    oh wow that was amazing
    i love werewolves, have carefully watched transformations in all my favorite movies and shows, and that was by far my favorite. smooth transition, beautiful wolf, blink-if-you-miss-it perfection.
    still dont like rob or kristin. did anyone else catch how unenthusiastic they were at the awards?
    thanks a billion, kaleb! you rock!

    team jacob! woot!

  34. Sevanna

    it was better than Twilight.
    that is all i am going to say.

  35. Rachel

    omg, I cried too. Every time I watch it I cry!! When she stares at the empty forest, that when it gets me… and the wolf for some reason. omg… I cannot WAIT!!!!!!!!

  36. Rachel

    Twilight one like every award man!!!! BEST MOVIE!!!!!!!





  37. Blair11

    yeah ppl the scene with laurent and jake turning into a werewolf are two different scenes. Because in the scene with laurent bella has a backpack and a plaid shirt or something and the jacob scene no backpack and a brown jacket, so we really don't know if they changed it.

  38. Kaylyn

    The one thing that I love (despite that I want to cry when I see it) is that the meadow is dead. Unfortuantly, that meadow wasn't in Twilight, but this one is how I pictured it, so seeing it dead after Edward is gone is just a ton of symbolism for me.

    I love the wolf too. :)

  39. Blair11

    also forgot to say that this looks amazingly epic! i cant wait! :)

  40. Maria

    what!?? it changed a LOT!!!!

    anyways… at least the colors and scenes look better :)
    (L) twilight (L)
    thank you for sumitting this kaleb πŸ˜€ awesome πŸ˜€

  41. Maria

    btw!! I also expected the wolf to be WAY different!!!! that sucked! :(

  42. Hannah

    OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SOOO AMAZING!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh im soooo excited for November!!!! I got chills watching it!!! Its looks totally EPIC OMG !!!! YAYAYAY thats all i can say!

  43. Maria

    werent laurents eyes black cause he was hungry in the book? xD sorry im commenting so much.. but i end up having something else to say :$

  44. Lauren

    WHAAAAT?!!??! That was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So glad they showed the papercut scene….and then the forest scene :( even though it's sad!!! :( …but then…Laurent and Bella in the Meadow…and Jacob turning into a wolf!!! That was insanely crazy awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering how they were going to show them transforming into wolves.

    I love it when they actually show longer parts of a scene in trailers, instead of just 548575793 mini clips of different scenes that leave viewers kind of confused!! lol

    New Moon looks freaken amazing and I can't wait to see it!

  45. Ale

    i don't think they changed the Laurent scene, as someone else said the clothes Bella is wearing do not match, in the Laurent scene she has a backpack and in the other one she doesn't and her jacket is like black….

  46. Emily

    I. am. hyperventilating. Seriously.

    I'm wayyyyyyy too excited for this movie. GOOOD LORD THE TRANSFORMATION WAS EPIC!!!!!!

    I'm actually disappointed in the overall trailer- I don't feel like it did justice to Bella's sense of loss and pain. Then again, could that just be Kristen's performance? I wasn't a fan of her in Twilight… but I digress.

    The trailer certainly makes me excited to the point of hyperventilation (I'm seriously short of breath as I type here). The transformation was better than I thought, and it makes me eager to see more of the infamous Jacob. I'm a very big Team Edward person, but I was Team Jacob before he became a werewolf. I like him a lot in New Moon, actually.

    okay. I need to go… lie down…. before I faint…. ohhh god….

  47. Karen H

    OH my!! I couldn't be more excited for the movie than I am right now!! The bigger budget made all the difference it would seem! Can't wait until November!

  48. Mariah

    OMG…thats all I can say….just OMG!! My heart still isnt at its regular pace yet. Thats my cardio workout for the week! omg but really, that was amazing. It had most of the parts in it I was looking forward to from the book! Like when Jacob transforms, or Jasper, or when Edward leaves…OMFG…I cant quit saying that. haha im such a freak and I dont care : )

  49. Samantha

    Yeah, I see that now. The first time I watched it I didn't catch it, and when I posted that comment it wasn't working up top for me, lol. So, I was commenting after only one look. πŸ˜› Still, I just don't get the feel that I expected from it. I can't really explain it, lol, but I do see the difference now. Thanks πŸ˜‰

  50. LemonLulu

    I agree with Emily!! EPIC transformation!!!!! Left me in suspense and literally on the edge of my seat!! (or computer chair πŸ˜› )
    The trailer was amazing though!! But yes..it didn't really do justice to Bella's pain… maybe they could've shown a bit more of the forest scene or when she's in school in the following months..or something along those lines …but we'll get to see the rest of it in November!!

    **New Moon November!!!!**

  51. Marie

    WOW, i think new moon is going to be better then tilight but i hope the change when jake goes to wolf looks better in the full movie.

  52. Mariah

    AGH!! Im still going insane with anticipation over everything that is was or will be Twilight New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn or anything else that has to do with those! The first time I watched it I was crying, shaking, hyperventalating (I know I spelled that wrong. sorry. just sound it out.) and doing a laugh/screaming thing all at the same time. Then I started running around squealing and twirling and spouting out random words like “hotness” and “amazing” and “ablagugasperjublah” (which means pretty much every amazing awesome word ever said-in my own personal language…eek) all the while my mother was staring at me like Im crazy….which I guess I am: ) but all of this ended when I twirled too far out and almost fell into the oliptical machine, then in an effort to try and not end up hitting my knee on it, I ended up on the floor, face down, on my arm. My big toe on my right foot seems to have suffered the most damage. But since Im sure you are just sooo concerned about how my toe is doing (ahem…not) the trailer was…better than all the twilight trailers put together-times five! wowzers they did the best on it. haha this is my second comment, but whatever!

    ps my mom says “hi” : P

  53. looselips

    AWESOME!! Thank u for showing this Kaleb!! I don't have cable so my sister has been messaging me all night about the awards that Twilight won!! Yay for Twilight!! I love the trailer!! To all of the above… Yes this should have been the meadow they used for Twilight, much more like I had pictured if from the book (except dead, yes, I see the symbolism) Yes I cried when he left her! And the wolf… My sister thought he looked too small, but I thought he was huge, so I guess since there wasn't anything around him to compare it to and get perspective on, it just depends on how we perceive it I guess till we see the real thing, which I can't wait!!!! I know I'm writing a book here but there's just so much I wanted to say, and I still haven't said it all cause I've forgotten everything I was thinking already!! If this is any indication then this movie is gonna be WAY better than Twilight, even though Twilight was awesome, hence all the awards tonight.OK I'LL SHUT UP!! SORRY

  54. Wendilynn

    For those who are expecting the movie to match the book, are you insane? As with Twilight, I am expecting some of the scenes to be mushed together, I'm just hoping and praying they do a better job of it then they did in Twilight. I was worried with how they were going to create the wolves. They could not go cheesy. Chris's experience with the Polar Bears in The Golden Compass is going to serve him well here.

  55. kim

    it was amazing! i can't wait it was so good! the CGI was great! the makeup was so much better
    the birthday scene rocked. the only thing that looked…odd to me was kristens eyebrows.

  56. Janelle

    And the vampires looked great!! So much better, so real! And they were all georgeous of course!! They even had Bella looking pretty good, poor thing, i think all this filming and pressure is a little too much for her, I didn't see it but I heard she was pretty messed up on the award show and even dropped her award? At which Robert was cracking up! But anyway… Looks like Cris Weitz, or however u spell it, is doing an amazing job. Everything i saw (i thought) stuck to the story line pretty good. I cried when she was all curled up on the forest floor, then had chill bumps galore the second Jacob turned into the wolf!! Mariah you're hillarious!! And I too can't stop saying OMG!! I'm just like…..wow. Team Switzerland?? I don't mind being hot and cold at the same time….hint, hint? Oh sorry, did I say that out loud? heehee

  57. Niki

    I endured the MTV movie awards just to see the teaser trailer. (No, I couldn't wait for you to put it on your site.) I loved the trailer and watched it with a big ol' grin on my face. Then when they showed Jacob (who I'm not really a fan of) transform into a wolf – wow! I couldn't help but applaud, squeal with delight (yes, 30-somethings squeal) and say how awesome it was over and over. November can't get here fast enough.

  58. pri murray

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
    The Laurent Scene is so great… he looks sooo scary, like a real vampire…
    Oh Edward, without works!!!
    The papercut scene, mmm….. itΒ΄s a little too much…
    I really donΒ΄t know, but the wolf scene is not that i think it, but is great!!!
    Ok, i canΒ΄t wait to november……

  59. looselips

    Yeah, I was shocked with Twilight. I saw the movie and thought it was good, THEN I read the book and was like, what?? If I'd have read the book first I would have been soooo disappointed, so I have been really worried about New Moon and trying not to get my hopes up. But like u said I don't think he's gonna go cheesy. Looks like he knows what we want and is gonna give it to us!! lol Hopefully anyway. Maybe it'll be better.

  60. Julie

    Hopefully this time they actually follow the book. In the trailer they could have done a better job with the scene on which she almost gets killed in the meadow. I'm expecting from the trailer they are just going to do the same thing that they did to twilight. Yay. Anyway… thanks Kaleb for putting this video up. I love your articles and videos so I can't wait until your book comes out!!!!!

  61. Maddie

    actually.. the trailer disappointed me. My first reaction was, “…well that sucked.” Don't get me wrong, I love twilight. I've been reading the books sense only the first one was out years ago… But i was just hopping for the acting to get a little better this time…. oh well.

  62. Molly

    now i understand why people got so upset about how things they imagined in the book weren't the way in the movie. i pictured the papercut scene SOOOOOO differently. but the wolf is pretty close, i pictured it a little darker and a bit bigger. the scene im so excited for is the reunion scene. saw pics of it and cried. thank you so much for put this up kaleb

  63. Lupita

    THE TRANSFORMATION WAS AWESOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O!!!!!!!

  64. Jess

    i agree, the makeup is 100 times better but kristens idk if it was her eyebrows or something but she looked a little different.

  65. Kato

    HOLY SHT. Omg omg omg omg omg , i think im gonna go in shock.
    It's soo awsome, well i did imagine some stuff diferent but well yeah. omg omg πŸ˜€
    i wish i had somethig to time travel , to go to november, just can't wait !
    omgg <3

  66. Jacqueline

    I loved this Trailer. I was extremely disappointed with Twilight. I am very picky about my movie adaptations and they changed too much for me in twilight. I think if I had NOT read the book first I would have appreciated the movie, but that wasn't the case. However this trailer looks SO much more closer to the novel than the first film. I think they got it right this time. And sure they might have “changed a few things” in the film I am sure, but all movie adaptations do that to a degree. I have an issue with it when they changed it TOO much. To the point the story of the book is lost. That's how I felt Twilight was. However New Moon looks close enough to the book, and that's all you can expect from a movie adaptation is close enough. Yes twilight was way off close enough. So GO NEW MOON!

  67. Angela

    AHHH. im pretty much excited now. kinda disappointed that the whole transformation thing happened differently, but maybe it will be explained a little more in the movie. now i want to watch it, dang it!!

  68. Jo

    Dude that was AWESOME!!!!

    I cannot wait for the movie to come out >D!!!

    I love Edward to death, but Rob just doesn't do it for me sadly… ironically, I'm not really into Jacob but Taylor changes my mind all the time, lmao!!!! The wolf transformation was great, I just wush he were darker and bigger but I guess we can't have everything we want. Also I'm glad that the whole Laurent scene is actually different and that they synced toe two scenes together as someone posted before, that makes me a bit happier lol. It's already looking better than Twilight to me πŸ˜€

  69. Yoko

    So. Excited. 5 months is waaay to long.

  70. Becky

    I loved the birthday scene, I loved the farewell scene, I loved Laurent, I loved the wolf transformation, I love the wolf… and I randomly love the way Bella screams “Jake, run!”. Yeah… I'm biased though. I cannot wait for this movie!!!

  71. Steph

    My first thought? It sucks. Seriously, these movies are ruining the books for me. New Moon is my favourite and now… Ugh. Laurent's accent has changed and he has a beard/goatee thing. Rob is just… awkward looking. Kristen doesn't seem quite fragile enough. The stunts still look ridiculous. The CGI wolf looks fake. The Laurent/wolf scene has just officially cut out over 60 pages of the book. And from what I saw, the adaptation of chapter 3 is going to be way shorter than the book, which sucks, because it's my favourite chapter in the entire series. Also, if Bella's hallucination of Edward isn't there in the meadow with Laurent, I will scream. I love that part.

    The only good part in the trailer was the Cullens at the party. Ashley makes an amazing Alice, all the Cullens fit their parts so well, and that party was very much like how the book described.

    I'm starting to really dislike these movies, though. I wish a bigger studio than Summit had picked up Twilight. Maybe if the movie had been made a year or so later, when it was more popular, the quality would be a little better. The budgets are just stupid, really. Twilight made so much money, you'd think they'd put a little more towards New Moon than $50 000 000.

  72. Wombat

    God, the acting is so wooden. Though I did laugh when she said “Jake, run!” and then he exploded. LOLOL.

  73. Erika

    oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!

  74. Victoria

    The comments exploded…. just like Jake !

    I so love it. Somehow I didn't expect that ending so when it happened I just screamed; NICE !!

    I love this trailer πŸ˜€

  75. eliise

    *explodes from excitement*

    no, it won't be perfect. but I'm sure I'll adore it anyway.

    I want to cuddle the Jacob-wolf.

    Lol @ Jasper and the piano. Such a shame. That was a damn fine piano.

  76. TwilightJunkie6887

    You guys have to remember that trailers don't take the scenes from the movie as they are. You can see that between the beginning of the Laurent/Bella scene, and then the transformation of Jacob into the wolf, that the characters switch outfits. When you first see Jacob, he's shirtless, then when runs off his porch he's wearing a gray tank and then he's shirtless again. Bella's outfit also changes, although it's harder to tell with her because most of her outfits pertain the same earth tones & always include jeans & some form of plaid or windbreaker.

    You can also tell that the scene with her & Edward is going to be more detailed than what they showed. But I'm sure the producers figured that they would have to include Rob Pattinson as much as possible in the trailer, because unlike most of us on this site, there are a million people out there (when I say “people” we all know I pretty much mean “girls” lol) who only know Twilight “the movie” as opposed to Twilight “the books”, and they WANT to see Edward as much as possible. I think most of us can agree that we KNOW the end of this movie would be MUCH more exciting and the intensity of her rescuing Edward would be more extreme if they had left him out as much as possible. Even Pattinson says he wishes his part had been more minimal throughout the movie, because his absence is what gives the story so much depth & allows her relationship with Jacob to grow more strongly. But the movie people have to ensure that their target audience will show up on opening weekend, and that requires their power players (i.e. Robert) having larger roles than they should have. Not that I'm really complaining about the idea of seeing more of him throughout the 2 hrs on a big screen lol.

    They just take snipets from the movie & piece them together to make it look like an actual scene without really showing the scene itself. What you saw is not what you will se in the movie. So don't judge it too harshly, although it seems like almost everyone is in agreement that this looks fantastic!

    I thought seeing a trailer FINALLY would ease my hate for having to wait all the way until November for this new flick, but instead it just made me even more anxious for the next few months to buzz on by lol!

  77. XXVenganzaXX

    I think there is more edward and bella in it just now, because they havent done the rest yet, tbh i dont think they should have done a teaser trailer, but ah well yeah the wolf is more cute that scary, i dnt get that , yeah i think they changed the sceans , me to but it looks okay its just the book was more dramatic than this but its hard to make it the same

  78. Alba


  79. Tara.Seanan

    JACOB!!!!! Pretty Puppy! πŸ˜€

  80. Leonie

    Ho-ly!! I seriously CAN'T wait anymore! Jacob transforming into a werewolf is the best piece of SE ever!!!

  81. Robyn

    Jasper's hair is HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE AWFULNESS. *dies in a negative way*
    And the wolf is horrible.

  82. Nicole B

    Oh so they are NOT going to have the annoying “Bella has no idea what Jacob is even though he told her in Twilight”? I'm guessing that since he shapeshifts in front of (or rather above) her.
    That's what REALLY made me dislike New Moon, so if they take that out, it could be good.
    But it also means that they are changing things. From my experience with the Golden Compass, it doesn't surprise me.
    I agree that the effects look better, less cheap.
    It's a cool trailer, though I don't like Laurent. (not even in the 1st movie)

  83. bloodnoir

    I know what you mean. The wolf seemed, not weird, but not completely what I was expecting. Still, awesome trailer!

  84. K

    This is only a TEASER. Not even the actual trailer. They only took a few bits of it, as in, only an explanation to what happened and the wolf bit. And they can't create a wolf just for a movie, it's physically impossible. And that wolf was the size of bears, almost, and Bella does cuddle it, if you remember, in Eclipse.

  85. K

    ok, um, he basically tells her in the first book and she totally forgets, so why can't she forget between Twilight and New Moon? Of course they have to change things, it's always gonna change at least a bit, and usually for the worse, but it's hard getting all us fans happy, considering we all see different things. For me, I saw the meadow alive and well, kinda like, 'even without Edward, the world still goes on' for Bella, symbolically, while others saw it dead. They just can't make everyone happy, and they can't convey all the emotion Bella feels and we feel, because Bella's supposed to look lifeless, even though we and her are heartbroken on the inside. I don't mind Laurent being black either, even though it's different, because Edi Gathegi is such an AWESOME actor, and he did the perfect accent!!

  86. K

    that was absolutely amazing!! I agree that Jazz's hair was horrible, but I can understand why…it had to be a wig, guys, ever heard of that? He had to shave some of his hair off for The Last Airbender, or whatever movie he was doing, so duh he had to wear a wig, while in Twilight, it was Jacksons real hair. I still love Alice!! her hair is even darker than in the first movie!! I honestly think they take our complaints seriously, as far as they can without changing the main cast, because of that. I watched it already 4 times in the little while I've been awake since it came out.

  87. devon

    This trailer is better than the entire Twilight movie. 'S all I'm saying. (:

  88. Sara

    I love it, though it fells too different from the first movie. Everything was very blue and green the first, and now it's all red x)

  89. Amanda C 19

    It was good but when Jacob turned into a wolf well… it was really fake. They should rey to make it so so animated, like use a real wolf instead of a computer animated one, they can do it if they want to and it would look so much better.

  90. AussieT

    Yay – I just caught up on all the blogs I missed because I'm just too busy!! Yay – I just saw the New Moon trailer and it looks great! I really liked the transformation from Jacob into Wolf – he looks awesome with his short hair and buff bod.

  91. Johanna

    I like it, loved the whole “Jake, no!”

  92. Sarah

    woah, changed much? that's kinda dissapointing, although it does look good. sooo far it looks better than the twilight movie. i wasn't sucha huge fan of that, which was also disspointing :/
    aaand, i thought wolfy jacob was a chocolate colour :( still, wolfy jacob is way cute. i want one, aha.

  93. Paige

    Wow! I can't wait for New Moon! That was awesome! Really epic. Frankly, it looks like it could be better than Twilight. The books will always be better than the movies, but the movies are fun to watch just to see what you read.

  94. Kristen

    not gonna lie, i don't like it. or at least jakes change. he wasn't even there when bella met laurant. not as a human at least.

  95. Dusk

    I'm in the minority here in that…I think it sucked. I was hoping that with a *ahem* proper director it would be better and possibly seem like a real movie, not some crazed, video-camera owning fan's attempt at one. And yet…

    Rob and Kristen's acting is still terrible. It's literally so bad that I LAUGH when they're supposed to be yearning and pining and whatnot. Also, did the trailer seem to have a serious lack of music? It felt really flat. I love Rob looks wise and yes, I do think he pines well, but that's all he seems to be capable of. Kristen, on the other hand, seems to be pretty much devoid of skill whatsoever. I digress.

    All that said, I do think that the special effects are MUCH, MUCH better. Laurent's eyes are excellent, as it the werewolf transformation. Even if he looks like my wolf stuffed animal and not a big scary monster. I still think the movie as a whole will be laughably bad, but of course I'll see it anyway since no matter how hard I try I can't break my addiction to Twilight. I do, however, have high hopes for the Italy scene, mainly because it focuses on Alice (who Ashley plays wonderfully) and the Volturi.

  96. slumdogluvr

    come on guys. it looks okay, its not THAT good.

    and rob's make up looks horrible.

  97. NuttyNetty

    =D i loved it. soooo happy to finally see it! =D woooooo

  98. NuttyNetty

    laurents eyes are supposed to be black!!! lol that is my only complaint =]

  99. christine

    the book reader in me cringed a bit during a lot of it–the obvious laurent scene change, and it seemed as though edward was straight-forward telling bella what was on his mind (not what he did in the book) rather than telling her that he didn't love her anymore (what he did in the book, which also lent more heartbreak to the situation, in my opinion)–but i did like the transformation, since jacob did look the wolf just burst out of him.

  100. Rachel M.

    I've only seen the trailer once, and I was too busy screaming to catch any flaws. XD
    When I go back and watch it again, I'm sure I'll pick out a bunch of things that bother me. I just need some time to bottle my insane inner-fan-girl back up.
    I did notice, however, Jackson and Nikki's new wigs. And then came the hyperventilating/screaming when Jasper attacked. :) Team Jasper!!!
    Dang it, why can't it be November yet?

  101. Rachel

    Obvo they cant make the film exactly lyk the book other wise it wud have 2 b lyk 10 hrs long in th book it took weeks b4 bella knew jake was a wolf n they jus havent gt tym to do tha in th film so i am tryin to be open minded about the movie but the scence where edward leaves bella looks terrible i am extremely disapointed with it but hopefully the full scene in the film will b brilliant x

  102. Wren

    I think it worked that Bella found out that way (combines a few scenes, I think, though I would've been funny to have her guess and stuff). The only problem I have is that Jacob looks WAY too small. The wolves are supposed to be HUGE!! Like, shoulders high as a man's head, right? And people mistake them for bears? And he looked a lot like the wolves from Narnia: Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, except RED (at least the color's right).
    The Party Scene was done well, too, changed just enough to be understandable by non-Twilighters.
    overall, a 4/5 teaser trailer.

  103. Alison

    What do I think? lksjdklajsfklajflkdsajfkasjfksajdflksj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The wolf is perfect! Not too big, not too small, not too scary, not too cute… PERFECT! And the way he transformed in mid-air is just like how I pictured it in the books :). (I won't go into details about how sexy Jake's bod is for you, Kaleb ;))

    And in case anyone didn't spot this, Bella is wearing a backpack when she is with Laurent, but when Jake transforms, she doesn't have a backpack. So she doesn't find out that way. I think they stayed true to the book but they made it look like she finds out that way. Probably, he changes when Paul freaks out (like in the book) and Laurent runs because the entire pack is there (like in the book).

    I have high hopes for this movie, and so far it looks like it is living up to my expectations!! :)

  104. yesica

    All of you have to remember this was just a little something from the movie just to make US want more… well good job i need more……… the scenes are from different parts, so that is why some of you cant get it but so far it looks GREAT and for the Jacob transformation is perfect and it cant get more big it will look not real and the color…..yes…. should be a little darker but I KNOW IS GOING TO BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER, dont forget this is not the real deal is just a small teaser trailer and not everything can be perfect except for ROBERT…….JUST KEEP PRAYING FOR NOVEMBER 20 AND I AM SURE WE WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED…. a truly TWILIGHT FAN.

  105. Lindsay

    They didn't change it. I thought that at first too but it's spliced :) Bella has a totally different outfit on when she's face to face with Laurent and when Jacob phases.

  106. Miraclegirl6

    The transition of Jacob going into the werewolf is the best!

  107. antoinette

    nice teaser, just wait with jugding about the movie till you see the whole movie. This teaser trailer is just edited like they changed a lot from the book. maybe this teaser is a lot about Edward and Bella. It don't mean that Jacob have a fair share in the whole movie. And about transforming into a wolf is really great it wil always look like fake because in real they don;t excist. And Jacob the wolf is not huge enough, I think it looks like that but if you see how tiny Bella is behind him, you see he is huge.

    I think in the end they really do justice to the book and fans.

  108. Mikayla Bee


    Me thinks thats all that needs to be said here.

    Besides how unbelieveably SEXY Jacob looks.

    Srsly? yeah.

  109. Bayla

    I screamed when I saw it last night. I couldn't fall asleep thinking about it.
    So what if it's flawed? Who the heck cares! It's New Moon and I'm loving it.

  110. Victoria

    OME!!! THAT WAS THE BEST TEASER EVER!!!!! I started like shaking with anticipation!!! I couldn't scream cause my dad was there… =( I was couldn't speak!!! Words could not ex[ress the awesomeness of that! I had my mouth open the whole time like hyperventalating!! That birthday scene was SOOOOOO EPIC!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I know that it's not like the book, but still good enough! They all look amazingly gorgeous!!!! The wolf was too fake though.

  111. Becky

    AHHH! So much happiness!
    I can't wait for the movie! Only 172 days left! :)

  112. Robyn

    I SO agree with you! Jeez, Jake-wolf is supposed to be SCARY, not teddybear-ish…

  113. Lacey

    Also on a MTV interview of Taylor, he said that the scene where he phased was when he an Paul fought. I was really worreid at first too, but it's all good.

  114. Lacey

    Again, they didn't change it. Taylor himself said on an interview with MTV that the scene where he phased was actually when he fought with Paul. Also, yes, Bella was in two different outfits.

  115. Kristin

    If the movies are ruining the books for you, don't watch them. I'm not trying to be rude – that's just the way I feel. I wouldn't watch The Tale of Despereaux for the same reason – loved the book as a kid, couldn't stand the thought of them ruining the movie. But my point is, if you hate the trailer, hate what they're doing to your favorite books – then don't watch them or come onto sites like this being excessively negative. It's kind of a waste of everyone's time.

  116. JSaun

    I LOVE IT!

  117. Vitaani

    It looks great, but not like they followed the book very closely. (Edward tries to make Bella think he doesn't love her when he goes. Bella isn't supposed to know the wolf that saves her is Jacob until later). I guess it's a little early to call though.

  118. Emily

    i really like Rob Pattinson's acting when he's saying goodbye, and the reluctance when he kisses her. Its really well done, the detached professional feeling. And then, when he's saying goodbye, it's nice how he adds that little bit of feeling, when he can't control himself. Also, Kristen did nicely… when Laurent was about to kill her, she only looked a bit distressed, because at that point Bella didnt care if she died. Good. I'm excited!

  119. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    AWESOME!!!!!! REALLY AWESOME!!!!!course, it would have been better if my stupid computer hadnt kept stalling. and the whole thing with laurent is probably just to add interest, and not actually whats going to happen. they did that in the Twilight trailer too with Emmett saying “This is wrong, Edward. She's not one of us.”

  120. missy

    OH MY! that was sweeeet! I totally cant wait to see that on the BIG SCREEN!

  121. roxy

    i loved it!:D i think the part where she gets a paper cut is too exaggerated i mean she bled a lot! other than that its going to be amazing:)!

  122. Natalie

    Oh…my…goodness!!!!!!! That was the most amazing trailer ever!!!!!!!!!
    Everything was perfect!!! The cinematography was gorgeous and Edward was perfectly cold and distraught. Laurent was SO scary!! I get chills and I cry every time I watch this!!!! Everything was better than I imagined it!!!
    Oh good grief, you guys, seriously!! The first trailer and you are already picking on it!!! Give it a break already!! No one is ever satisfied are they!?! Completely epic!! I am SOOO glad they changed directors!! The wolf is freakin' awesome!!! He is close enough to a wolf yet with human qualities. I am so glad they didn't make it weird looking like Professor Lupin in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!! And yes!! The trailer is deceptive because the Laurent part in the end is actually two seperate scenes because of Bella's clothing change, not to mention location change.

    And did you notice that her and Edward's meadow is DEAD??? It's all yellow and parched. It is a perfect metaphor for their relationship in the movie!!!!! And, seriously, what Edward says in the trailer is EXACTLY what he says in the book so…no more complaints or I may have to hurt somebody!! He looks sad but ALSO cold!! They didn't show us the entire scene and he looks cold to ME when he kisses her goodbye on the forehead. He just looks mostly guilty like a guy would look like when he breaks up with a girl he doesn't love anymore.
    I thought the transformation was awesome!!! And even huge budget movies like Transformers and Iron Man the CGI work looks fake no matter what. Oh wait, maybe they should have used real werewolves!! IDIOT FANS!!!!!!
    I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Is it November yet!?!?!?!

  123. Natalie

    Oh!! And one more thing!

    Actually, Laurent's eyes are SUPPOSED TO BE RED!!!!!!!!! Not black!! Have you ever read the book?!?! Bella sees Laurent's red eyes and wonders why they aren't gold because he was supposed to be a vegetarian by now!!

    The Trailer is perfection!!!

  124. Alba

    My name is Alba too, but I would say:



  125. beckysue

    OH MY GOD. this is going to be epic. i pretty much loved it all. cept a couple parts. im glad that i read some prior coments because now i know that it isnt that different bc bella's shirt is different! :) they sucessfully got me interested and its full of tension. i so want it to be november!

  126. beckysue

    her papercut only bled a couple drops before edward pushes her into the table and the broken glass cuts up her whole arm. remember?

  127. Melly K

    Um, Kristen was probably messed up becase she was high :(. She and Rob did not improve their acting very much over the last movie, i see. Edward has the exact same as before, which means he was flawed but he was also mostly perfect. i'd really like to see some better acting from Kristen though :(. Jacob, OM G :). The wolf needed to be bigger though, he just looked like a regular wolf, and these things need to be HUGE ya know? eagerly awaiting more trailers!

  128. Melly K

    BTW, I DID love it, I'm just a hopeless nitpicker :)

  129. Krista_la

    I love it.

    The parts that I DON'T like are when Bella makes an idiot of herself in the first ten seconds, and the fact that the wolf is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! The transformation part was excellent, but the wolf comes across as a fluffy puppy that I want to pet. THIS IS NOT THE POINT!!!

    Still. It was pretty amazing.

  130. Krista_la

    No, I think she's right. I always thought that it was only a tiny bit, and that was enough. And anyways, ONE paper cut from GIFT WRAP does NOT bleed THAT much.

    I don't mean to argue or anything. Maybe it's just me. :)

  131. becky

    AAAAHHHHHH *dies*
    okay. fangirling moment over, had to do that.

    awesome trailer, although Jacob as a wolf… looks too cuddly and cute to be fierce but you can't have everything I suppose. still, so far it's definitally meeting my expectations πŸ˜€

  132. Krista_la

    Me three! I wanted to PET the werewolf! NOT a good sign!

  133. Wendilynn

    My biggest disappointment with Twilight was the mushed “I know what you are” to “Lion and the Lamb” scene progression. How they thought they could show them falling in love in one scene is beyond me. So not buying it. You don't even feel it until they separate in their efforts to evade James. And the movie is mostly over at that point. Often a director has ideas but the studio doesn't want to pay for them.

    I've watched the trailer several times now… anyone else notice the shredded clothing floating down to the ground? Nice detail there.

  134. Meg

    Every time I see it, I cannot breathe. It's…it's…WOW.
    But there's something I want to see…the Volturi!!! We haven't see them yet! We've seen the Wolf Pack, the Cullens…I hope they don't expect us to wait till November, cause I really CANNOT.

  135. Meghan O

    I DIED when I saw it the first time!! It was soo great!! If there was this much hype for the trailer I can only imagine how we're all going to feel for the movie. I can't even wait!! Come on November!!!! =D =D =D =D =D

  136. Megan

    that is AMAZING!!!! so beyond what i was expecting! that was hilarious at the awards when we all thought they were gonna show the trailer but it was a fake!! i started freaking out for noting!! haha! epic!

  137. Aubrey

    AMAZING!!! That is the only word that could accurately describe this trailer!!!! And everyone said it was going to suck, yeah right! I'm so glad they used a CGI wolf, I was really worried they were going to use a real wolf or something. I'm so excited for November. This movie is going to be EPIC!!!

  138. Rachel M.

    Ok, so I posted already, but I've had some time to settle down and stop screaming.
    Now that I've watched the trailer a few hundred times, I'd say I'm pleased with what I saw.

    Ok, for the biggest controversy between us Twilighters: the Laurent/Jacob scene. The scene of Jake “fursploding” is when he fights Paul, not when Laurent attacks Bella. If you go back and read that chapter, you'd know that Sam is actually the first wolf to confront Laurent, followed by Jacob, Quil, Embry, and Paul. Besides, Bella doesn't even know that they are wolves at that point in the story, nor does she watch the wolves kill Laurent. She discovers that a little later. I love how Jacob transforms into a wolf, but then he just looks a lot like MY dog, who frequently sleeps in my bed. He could have been a lot bigger and his fur could have been a bit darker.

    I know that they can't follow the book EXACTLY, but there are a few details that bugged me. Some of them could have been easily fixed, and a few others I understand why they left it out.
    -The Laurent/Bella scene was supposed to be in the meadow, not some dead, random clearing.
    -Emmett never leaves to put the stereo into Bella's truck. He could have walked in after Alice drags Bella down the stairs. Problem solved.
    -The whole “you're the only reason I'm still alive” bit wasn't while they were watching Romeo and Juliet. I totally understand why they didn't put this in though; people are going to theaters to see New Moon, not R&J.
    -Esme looks a lot different. They must've just straightened her hair or something, but it was bothering me.
    -Jackson's wig. Oh, I was disappointed. I know he cut his hair for the AirBender movie, but still…
    -The birthday scene. Yes, it looked fantastic, and the Jasper attacking Bella was amazing, but there were those TINY details that I wished would have been fixed. The cake was supposed to be small and pink. The presents were supposed to be wrapped in silver paper. The candles were supposed to be pink. The flowers were supposed to be pink roses in crystal bowls. I think that those could have been really easy fixes, but oh well.

    Oh, and here's an interesting little tidbit. You know how a lot of us are like “They got Laurent's eyes wrong! He's hungry! They should be black, not red!” Actually, they got it right in the movie. Page 237 says that he has red eyes.

    All in all, I thought it was great, and I think the movie will exceed our (at least my) expectations. I even think this movie will be better than the first. I think I'll go watch it again and scream when Jasper attacks Bella. I<3Jasper. :)

  139. Tina

    It looks really good, and way better than Twilight so far. But I am a little disappointed. I had wanted to make a trailer spoof for New Moon, but I think it is going to be harder than I thought because the trailer is so freaking epic!

  140. Mel

    Love it. Can't wait. Period.

  141. E

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! *Hyperventilates just like she did when she watched it again and again last night*

    Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it. Fangirl moment done now.

    All in all, it looks AMAZING.

  142. Tori Driggers

    The wolf reminded me of the chronicles of narnia: the lion the witch and the wardrobe. anyone else?

  143. Jenny

    I think that the clearing was the meadow which would make sense since now that Edward
    is gone all the happiness and beauty is gone and all thats left is dry dead grass.
    I luv the trailer! Its ten times better than I expected! The birthday scene looked amazing, as it should be
    and their wardrobe was better too! I wasn't that excited but now I totally am. I can't wait!

  144. Shannen

    First thoughts?
    But yeah, that was pretty awesome.

  145. Alexandria

    It looked really awesome! The only thing I had a problem with was Taylor's wolf transformation. The wolf looked all wrong. The wolf looked like it was mechanical. It didn't seem real at all. It was too small and the color of the wolf was too light. The transformation didn't seem to match up when the wolf appeared.

  146. Allison

    I loved it!!!! At first when I saw the paper cut seen, I thought it looked like a lot of blood….i just imagined a little pool of blood on her finger…but it was dripping! But I made up an assumption that Bella cut it really violently….or it was really thick paper… ;P


  147. Rebekah


  148. Kari


  149. Samantha!

    OMG! it's way better than i expected!! it already looks better than twilight πŸ˜€
    the only thing that i noticed that was way different was when Jacob transformed right in front of Bella! that is soo not how she found out in the book…but i guess it's better for the movie..more exciting! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can't wait !! i feel like such a fangirl right now…lol
    oh and another thing, Jakes hair color did NOT match to what it said in the book! but i liked how the wolf looked overall, better than how i pictured it! okay i'm done :)

  150. Gothic Vampire

    OH MY FREAKEN GOODNESS! I want to see that movie so bad now! November come faster NOW!

  151. Anneke

    hmmm the only thing is, the colour scheme. ywilight had foggy blues and evergreen greens, but new moon is all about gold and topaz and dead grass…maybe eclipse will be hot pinks!!

    bus yeah edward pwn jasper was sad, but epic

  152. albino peahen

    Hmm… I don't know. It still felt a little awkward to me. What happened to the Cullens' house, and what was with Laurent's bright red eyes? He's supposed to be thirsty, but his eyes are so bright red he looks like a newborn. They should have toned that down a little. Also, what's with the dead grass? Everything is supposed to be green there.
    We didn't see a ton of the Cullens, but they just weren't giving off vampire vibes, IMO. I mean, did you see how tightly Esme hugged Bella?

    Rob Pattinson was Rob Pattinson. I may be the only one who is annoyed by all the facial exercises he's trying, as well as the way he mumbles. I sincerely hope that “you're my only reason to stay…” “…alive” is just because of camera awkwardness and not how that line is actually supposed to sound. And when he says “this is the last time you'll ever see me,” despite the awkward facial contortion, he seems to be saying it so matter-of-factly. Actually, it kind of sounds like he's reciting a line. It's just not quite the way I would expect him to say that line. I do think his American accent is better, though. It doesn't sound like he's being strangled. Oh, and Rob, SMILE :) I know there's not a ton to be happy about in this movie, but when there is, you're allowed to smile. You don't have to look tortured all the time. Yes, Edward probably is tortured all the time, but he doesn't show it. See?

    Anyway, I just like to complain a lot, but the trailer was truly cool. Taylor Lautner looked awesome, and I'm sure all my little issues with it will be fixed by the time the movie actually comes out.

  153. Becka

    Aaaahhhh OMG!!!!!!!!!




    Aaah i'm exciteddddd :]

  154. Blair11

    i thought that's where the other scene came from.

  155. Blair11

    yeah i thought it was a bit much too, but they probably did it for other people to understand that she's bleeding, and that's why jasper attacks her or something like that

  156. abby

    this is the TRAILER, not the entire movie. calm down.

  157. inzaratha

    Good picking up the clothes change – it bothered me before that.

  158. Brandi

    Def has the whole “Holy Sh**” Effect lol
    I was so impressed with the transformation and the apperance of the wolf.
    It was awesome.
    I think the Laurent/Jacob transformation are not actually tied like they were in the trailer… they just made it look that way.
    If you look closer at what Bella is wearing it changes.
    Look at her with Laurent.
    Then look at her running/Jacob jumping over her.
    It changes so I think when Jake jumps over her he is going after Paul who is about to attack Bella!


  159. Nicole

    Chris Weitz did an amazing job at following the book I must say, however I was not impressed with Kristen and Robert or the choreography of the scene where Jasper flips. In the book all of them freak out and had to hold Jasper back, and had to leave the room, also she got thrown into a glass table and ended up getting a huge cut and it was way more dramatic, I guess it's just a clip and we didn't see the entire thing. The scene where he is leaving her….yea Kristen looks confused and lost but I expected more emotion. The meadow part with Laurent is ok……but seeing Taylor….OMG seriously….I feel like I'm team Jacob now….that boy is freakin HOTTT….I feel like such a pedo for saying it but hot damn he looks good. The transformation was awesome, and I could tell it was from the scene when Paul was like “protect her then” and he phased so easily….omg I'm really not going to miss Edward not being there if this is how Rob is acting in it……I wasn't too impressed by him. but it was only a snippet. I give Christ thumbs up for being so accurate though!

  160. Saaba

    OMG OMG OMG im so excited. and when bella gets a paper cut all of them get red eyes!!!! ugh and the laurent scene was SO wrong.

  161. Joni

    No they aren't supposed to be black. Bella says in the book that because he was living in Alaska with the others, that she expected him to look like the cullens but something was off and she realizes that his eyes are still red and not golden. I don't have my book, as I've loaned it to my mom, or else I would quote it.

  162. Saaba

    yea actually thats what i was thinking. because they woudlnt make such an obvious mistake where bella's clothes are completely different!! so i think its two seperate scenes! but the part jasper goes for bella the rest of the vampires stand there akwardly when in the book it says something like “i stared into the eyes of six suddenly ravenous vampires” so they got that part wrong too!

  163. Joni

    I absolutely LOVED the transformation of Jake to wolf. I've watched it over and over again. Chris couldn't have done a better job in my book. I have to admit that I was worried about how they were going to pull that off, and I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised. I loved the whole trailer, because unlike some others, I understand that it's not going to be the same as the book and there are things that will change or get added to it, and that it is just a teaser and scenes are pieced together. You have to take it for what it is, or you will be disappointed, and why do that to yourself when you could be just sitting back and enjoying a great trailer. I can not WAIT for November for this movie to come out. I liked Twilight, but I didn't love it, this one I have a feeling I'm going to absolutely adore. Awesome work Chris, I'm so happy they brought you in to do this movie.

  164. Britt

    I think it's just 'cause they're not comfortable with the attention

  165. Cat

    So, in the Edward vs Jacob debate, I'm team edward. HOWEVER, I am absolutly team Taylor in the taylor vs rob debate. I hate to say it but I can't WAIT for edward to take a hike so we can see some more of taylor's amazing acting. The B-day scene could have been better, but it's just a teaser so I'm not complaining. Some of Edwards lines and expressions were…eh. But that last part…OMJ! That was so much better than I expected.

    But are you people seriously complaining about the wolf?!? That was the best part!

    -He was not too small, come on people-watch closly, he's HUGE! You have to pay really close attention to how much bigger he gets DURING the transformation, as well as how far away he is from Bella, in order to get a good idea. But he is easily bigger than a horse.

    -His color was fine. Flat russet is boring so i'm glad they spiced it up a little. looks more real. He's still mostly russet so get over it.

    -Yes he looks a little fake-It's CGI. It will ALWAYS look a little fake. I, however, think it looks excellent. Good fur motion, great detail: it looks as real as CGI can in my book.

    -I loved the transformation. I actually paused, copied, and pased it, scene by scene, so I could see the transformation laid out. It flows really well. I thought it was perfect. Better than I could have hoped.

    -Seriously? You think he looks…cuddly?…cute?…a fluffy puppy?!? Are you kidding? He looks like he's going to tear your head off! HIs lips are pulled back exposing the incisors, the snout is wrinkled, hackles raised (that's not fluff people. That's wolf for “come closer and you die”), tail is out and stiff, ears erect, back arched, he's snarling… the list goes on and on. If you think that looks cute, then I fear for your safety should you ever come across an angry canine. That is definitly fierce.

    Sorry if that sounded rant-ish or rude, I was just a little upsst at how many people are criticizing things that arn't wrong. I go on the record saying he's perfect. Can't wait for more!!!

  166. Britt

    Well my first reaction when I saw this on the MTV Movie Awards was “AHHHHHHHHHH! OMG!” And then after that I whined a little bit about all the things that weren't exactly like the books.. I got over that quickly though, having experienced a TON of that with Harry Potter. (On a side note, I sooooo don't understand when people complain that Twilight was too different from the book…. I mean COME ON, it was really really really close. In fact I feel like they sacrificed some of the quality of the film to shove in lines that were in the book. But really now, they gotta condense stuff so that it flows right.) I'm pretty freaking excited. The trailer didn't flow that well (the constant blackouts are annoying) but I doubt they're done with much of the movie, there's still like six months. I think everything looked pretty great for the time frame we're getting to see it :) The only thing I'm still a kinda disappointed about is that Jake looks a little too cuddly. Oooh I like the warmer color scheme too.

  167. beckysue

    hmm i just know thats how it is in the book, and its a trailer so they cut around (like how bella's shirt is totally different when jake jumps over her as compared to when shes with laurant) so i just figured that it skipped the part where it shows her cutting herself on the glass stuff behind her.

    but either way could be right, im not fighting with you πŸ˜€ im just saying thats exactly how it is in the book, thats why chapter two is titled “stitches”.

  168. Gothhic Goddess

    Yeah, I was about to freak about that as well. Thanks for noticing!

  169. juicygreen

    awesome trailer !
    I can't wait to see the movie

  170. Ylva

    I love it! The special effects is much better than twilight, but Bella wasn't supposed to know that Jake was a werewolf when Laurent tried to attack her?

  171. Betty

    Awesome!! I can't wait till November.. But Alice's hair are much worse than in Twillight, what a strange wig :(

  172. Melanie

    I was waiting on the edge of my seat for this to finally show and even though the CGI werewolf seems more cute and cuddly than scary and menacing (and not at all what I expected), the trailer still completely delivered and met all my expectations. I cant wait for this to come out it june.

  173. watermelondrea

    Is anyone else surprised that the Cullens don't really flinch at all when Bella first gets her paper cut (slash throws her present on the floor lol)? I can't remember exactly how it happened in the book, and I know the focus is on Jasper, but surely the other Cullens were like “Oh dear. This isn't gonna be good!”


    Other than that I thought it was excellent! I'm glad they changed the inside of the Cullen's house… in Twilight the movie you might say that they took just a tiny bit too much poetic license. Although that house they pull up to at the very beginning is Bella's house? Right? Maybe after Edward took her home? They both look pretty somber, like something serious happened, but Bella is wearing a jacket that covers up what could be her lacerated arm. Hard to tell. Definitely teasing us!

  174. lala

    I really liked this trailer. Its a great montage of what we have to look forward to in New Moon. I am not sure of what I think of the Jacob as a wolf. I was excepting the Wolves in New Moon to look more real. I know they couldnt have used real wolves being as the wolves in New Moon were big as bears. However, there are other movies that have huge wolves that look more real. The only reason i am pointing this out is because the vampires are so believable , I just love it. But this is only a sneak peak of New Moon and we will all love it no matter what !

  175. yenster

    I think i just fell into a Twilight relapse…shoot!!!
    oh and great observances on the poster, like the coming eclipse.
    just genius

  176. Dusk

    As bad as I think the trailer is, after having watched it for the fifth time I've concluded that almost anything can be forgiven -including cuddly werewolves- because at least the Jacob-wolf DOES look like a wolf and not some horrible half-ape and half-giant naked mole rat creature like Lupin was in HP and POA.

  177. Natty

    Awww Jacob-Wolf is so fuzzy and cute looking!!
    This is all wrong, but I guess it can't be helped.
    This was pretty awesome, but I have a fealing the break-up is going to be less than up-to-par… I think in the Movie Edward will be more focused on you're-in-danger than on I-don't-love-you…
    Oh well pretty awesome still!

    And yeah, at first I was mad about the Laurent scene but then I saw her clothes so I was like oohhhh… splice!

  178. IMANI

    yeah me and my mom thought that too, but we watched on this site and saw it was diff. they couldn't change that scene or the whole movie would be different. i want to see how bella reacts when the wolves come!!!!!!! I AM SO FRIGGIN EXCITED!!!!!!!

  179. ancha85

    Really loved it!
    Edward so sad.
    Bella so hurt.
    Jacob so protective and HOT!

    I really appreciate that CH loves the Saga, but some of her ideas are just quirky and weird.
    I understand that she had to cut some parts out of the book, due to budget constraints, but she could have picked better ones to leave out and better ones to include. (the Waylon thing was pretty pointless).

    She would have done much better including more of the Edward/Bella romance growing stuff, especially the Meadow Scene.

    However, Chris Weitz has made nothing but the RIGHT decisions so far!!

    Summit needs to keep him for Breaking Dawn, especially since they need a great CGI guy for Reneesme.

  180. Kristen C



  181. CullenWannabe

    Thanks for posting Kaleb! I LOVE This trailer & have already watched it probably 10 times on your channel. The b-day scene was awesome. Especially Edward throwing Jasper across the room. The snippet we got of the break up scene oh man. And I gotta say I was impressed with Jacob fursploding. I was a little worried how they would do it & just from this I'm liking what I see. And Laurent's eye were RED! This has just pumped up my excitement for November.

  182. vampFAN

    ehh kind of but waay more bad ass XD

  183. Claire

    I originally said, “There is no way in hell am I watching that trailer.” Why? Because, well, after seeing Twilight, I remember thinking, “I sort of already saw all the good parts…” and I thought, if I didn't see any trailers or anything, it would of been more of a thrill and surprise to watch come November. So, i stubbed my toe in attempt to turn the tv off super quick so I wouldn't see it. Then soon afterwards I got frantic excited texts from a friend just freaking out. I clearly said NO. And i was thinking about it that night, how i'm most likely going to see all the stills and everything on Facebook bumper sticker, and I would of went to this site and seen Jacob Black in Wolf form and it wouldn't in action and it's really confusing to explain. So yesterday morning i was in a really bad bad mood because I had a damn math final, so I watched it.
    And thank God I did.
    Just whoa. My main concern for New Moon was that they were gonna make the wolves look like, well plain wolves.
    Just whoa.
    I closed my eyes right before Jacob phased then forced them open because i knew i really really wanted to see it. Whilst I am shaking like there's no tomorrow, my mother walks in and says “Why is that wolf so big? He looks weird.”
    Story of my life. I wish i would of seen your version first, 'cause jeez, your HD kicks ass.

  184. Samantha

    I was disappointed cuz the wolf wasn't as realistic as I thought it was gonna be.
    But it's still awesome

  185. abby

    they better not have destroyed a steinway for that. though it IS twilight… and I thought edward was supposed to have a huge concert grand? not the little baby grand jasper crushed. other than, i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. lucy

    If you look close, in twilight the movie picture has slight blue tint and now in new moon it has a brownish warm tint. The filming quality is a lot better too. And it's also freakin awesome!!! I love the birthday and the woods scenes. I love it all. November can not come fast enough!

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  188. Melissa

    I believe the reason most of the footage in the trailer is with Edward and Bella is because that is what they're is working on. That's the beginning of the movie. It's still early in the editing process so the beginning is all they had to show us. This is not enough to judge the movie on. You can't tell anything from this trailer other than the transformation was freaking amazing. Keep an open mind and enjoy it for what it is…an adaptation.

  189. Rix

    OMG love new moon and spotted a lot of mistakes in this……..LOL!

  190. Rix

    True lucy! so true!

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  193. Natalie

    It was really awesome and all but i dont like that he phases there because in the book she has to figure it out days after she encounters Laurent and then he finally phases in front of her when he's fighting with Paul

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