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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 13 (Good Thing I’ve Got A Strong Stomach)

June 2nd, 2009 at 5:24 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Sorry by Buckcherry

Oh jetlag: how you plague me. I am writing this from my bed, with Breaking Dawn propped up on one side and my laptop on the other. Two weeks is far too long to go without reading, even with Book Expos and Disneyland. I promise, I have NOT been avoiding Breaking Dawn because I am fearful of the impending blood drinking scene. That would be totally unlike me, because I am not at all sickened by the thought of drinking blood, and I am completely comfortable with the idea of watching Bella consume it in deep, bloody detail.

But for serious, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind, and I’ve barely had time to eat, much less blog about anything. It is here that I must warn anyone reading this post that I am still suffering from severe jetlag, having hit both the west and east US coasts in one week, taken four flights and stayed up past 3 AM last night waiting for the YouTube maintenance to end so I could upload the New Moon teaser trailer in its full, sparkling HD glory. So, if I only make half the sense as usual, crack the worst jokes, and call Jacob by the wrong name (like Timnkumbodle Bandersnatch?) you now know why (and will feel no obligation to report me to St. Rita’s Hospital For The Mentally Deranged).

Where we left off last time, Edward and the Vamps were headed off to get Bella some blood to drink. As stereotypical vampire as that sounds, it is probably one of the better ideas that they’ve had so far, though one I find hard to imagine without wanting to clutch my stomach. Do they just open a spigot and pour some out for Bella? If it’s in the house, how do they resist the smell? And what happens if an outsider stumbles upon said barrel?


The most shocking thing about this could be some of the comments left on my last post regarding the blood-drinking thing. The mothers who told me things similar to “wellllll when you’re pregnant you crave some pretty strange things!” do not put my fears in a happy place. So I am leaving myself to assume that the comments were meaning ‘pretty strange things’ as in ‘Olives in chocolate ice cream and pretzel sticks’ and not what Bella seems to be craving.

I didn’t really need to read the line about Carlisle and Rosalie wondering if they should warm the blood up for Bella. I am thankful though that Edward thought enough to have Rosalie put the red liquid into a cup that was not clear. This episode of distasteful drinking brings back glorious childhood memories during my mother’s health craze. There was one specific thing she had me drink which we had aptly titled the Concrete Drink, because the liquid was so gray, powdery and lumpy, it very much resembled a freshly-mixed cup of the unhardened gray rock. To drink it, I had to close my eyes so that I didn’t have to look at the awful concoction before gurgling it down. *


I do understand the connection though: since the vampire baby is growing inside of Bella, naturally it will want nourishment, like any womb-inhabiting child does anyway. But since the child is vampiric, it seems to basically be starving through lack of blood: or perhaps, feeding off of Bella herself. Of course Bella will like the taste of the blood: it is what her child needs, and what her body has been telling her to ingest in order to keep the child alive. Grossness aside, they’re actually all on the right track here.

There is some obvious tension between the werewolves that has already started to split up their families. Of course none of them really want this, but there is a very big power struggle between Sam and Jacob now that can’t simply be resolved by delaying the attack on the Cullens. Now that Jacob is on his own, he wants to be his own boss.


And oh Jacob Black, and your obvious lack of clothing. It simply isn’t enough to just go without a shirt now. I’m sure it was completely and utterly unintentional for you to shred all your clothes and suddenly be forced to walk around without them 😀

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Now that you have seen the New Moon trailer and Jacob turning into a werewolf, does it change how you picture it in the books?


*however, remembering the Concrete Drink suddenly makes Bella drinking blood not all that gross. YES it was THAT BAD.

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113 Responses

  1. CarolB790

    I didn't think she would drink either, but BD was full of surprises.

  2. Alexis

    Hm… yes, I suppose it does change it, but only slightly. I imagined Jacob as more of a snarling, DIE DIE DIE (!) type of wolf, though with some sort of doggishness in it's expression (Or as much of an expression as a wolf can have). All in all, I like the way the wolf looks.

    That concrete drink sounds ABYSMAL. I pity you. My mother only drinks something that looks like liquid grass, and I don't have to down it myself. :)

  3. Kelsey

    I think they got the wolf formation dead on.

  4. CarolB790

    oh, and about Jacob, it doesn't change how I picture it in the books. Probably because I had those images in my head since way before the movie came out. But I see the books and the movies differently..does that make sense?

  5. Ingveldur

    I didnt think she would drink it either. and like someone before me said Breaking Dawn was full of suprises

  6. Iris

    I see Jacob as a wolf very differently now.I can finally picture a wolf the size of a horse. =D lol

  7. Samantha

    lol, honestly it doesn't change the way I pictured it.

    I had to drink liquid charcoal once.
    I'd prefer to drink blood, personally.

  8. Norma

    You look like Chris Weitz in that picture….

  9. Wendy

    The movies will never change how I pictured it in the books.

  10. Karol

    I just think going to the trouble of making Bella faint at the smell of blood in Twilight and then having her DRINK blood in Breaking Dawn is too much of a difference. Like it would make more sense if she seemed more opposed to the idea, but when she likes it that's going a bit far.

  11. Lais_Pipocaa

    I never recovered from the whole pregnancy thing. Drinking blood is just one more thing to swallow in the total.

  12. KalebNation

    Is it called CHLOROPHYLL? And tastes like mint? That was another of my mom's drinks 😀

  13. Capucine

    Actually, I was surprised that Jacob turning into a werewolf was exactly like I thought it would be (is it making any sense in English?? ^_^)! I feel relieved, because I feared they messed up this part, but they didn't! It's a good point for Chris Weitz (: Now, I just can't wait 'til November to see the full movie!!

    The contest is going to be awesome!! :DD

  14. Meghan O

    The Jacob wolf is almost exactly how I pictured him while reading the books, so there isn't too much of a difference there. I did expect him to look a little more menacing. The one that we see just seems a little more dog-like and not scary wolf-like. That's just what I expected.

    Meghan O

  15. Becca

    The main difference between what I was picturing of the phasing of the werewolves and what they show in the trailer, is that I was picturing more of a gradual (ie. slower) change. More “Hulk”ish in transition. The teaser trailer shows it so quickly that if you blink, you miss it. But maybe the first time they show him phasing it will be slower. Nov. 20th can't come soon enough!

  16. Hannah

    Yes, very different.
    I imagined him darker for one, and it looked like a fuzzy-wolf/bear. It looked like something you could cuddle up with. :)
    the books are always different than how you picture it in the books.
    Im a little disappointed in the trasformation, though the birthday party was awesome!

  17. Paloma

    I remember when I was six and some girl cut her knee. Our teacher told her to suck the blood and it would stop. Thank god I never fell down.

  18. jussie

    The Change was how I thought it would be the wolf is no so much but still good cant wait to see them all together as a pack the full force ;-).

    as for Bella drinking the blood some have said that because she fainted in twilight she shouldnt be able to drink it in BD but that is the power of a mother anything that your child needs you give 'Plus que mar propra vie” 'MORE THAN MY OWN LIFE” I so get that I thought it showed her strength as a mother :-)

    I have a tatoo that has my daughters name and that in french under it from the book I think it sums up how most mothers and fathers think of there children xxx

  19. Beth C

    Wow, the whole drinking blood thing didn't gross me out, though I can't imagine doing it myself. I've never even sucked a cut finger. It just doesn't appeal to me.

    Phasing was one of the few things in the book I never actually watched play out in my head. So now that I've seen the trailer, that's how I'll see it. I just have trouble imagining things I've never seen before (or at least something similiar)

  20. Dye793

    Haha! My friend's mom makes her drink chlorophyll so she made me try it once when I slept over!

  21. Diana

    You bring up a good point about Jake walking around naked… hmmmm… now I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn (and naked LEGAL Jake) on the BIG screen!! hehe!!

  22. Johanna

    Funny chapter post as usual.
    Yes, I never really imagined how the transformation might look, so now I finally have a visual.

    Love from Norway
    – Keep it up

  23. megan

    Yea it does look different then what I pictured. He's more dog like and less like a big scary wolf then I thought he should be and it looked a little more cartoony then i would've liked. But still, Nov. 20th can't come soon enough!

  24. tina

    I wasn't surprised by the blood drinking. She's pregnant with a half-vampire – just makes sense to me.

    As for Jake's transformation – I thought it was cool, but the wolf looks a little too cartoonish. I'd like to see a little more menacing creature.

    You may still be shocked by some things in this book. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride!!

  25. Trisha

    the wolf at the beginning is to cute and fuzzy, not scary at all. when it snarls then it looks close, but it's too cgi for kids.

  26. saoirse

    Hehe great post Kaleb. Wow that drink sounds disgusting, poor you.
    Even though it said in the book that the wolves were meant to be as big as horses i could never really picture that so no it's not so different from what i imagined. The could have been maybe a little bigger but hey i won't even be watching the wolves, i'll just be waiting for edward to come back as i did with the book!

  27. Janie

    For me, I don't think the trailer will change how i think of Jacob's wolf.
    Jacob's wolf in the trailer looks like a stuffed dog I used to play with when I was five.
    I would cuddle with it, and somehow, I don't think werewolves are supposed to looked cuddly.

  28. sarclark

    hahaha. that concrete drink sounds DISGUSTING! as for the blood drinking. that was pretty bad too. i am not fond of blood. lol ok i think it should be in your body and not out. lol so for me i thought it was gross. i understand why but man i was gagging alittle. hahaha.

  29. Hannah

    Have you ever been in a blood situation?
    I have. This kid hit another kid's face and blood spluttered all over the floor. the most gore-ist thing i have ever seen
    It wasnt so bad, but it doesnt count that you know how a bloody situation feels unless you have been in an incident like that.

    poor kaleb, im sorry you have such a weak stomach

  30. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    Are you ready for SUPER nasty? The little sister of one of my friends used to love the taste of blood…in its congealed form. She would pick off her scabs and eat them. Then, as if that isn't bad enough, she'd ask if she could have our scabs too!! EWWWWWW!

    I think Jacob-as-wolf needs to be larger. Although it was hard to tell the scale from the trailer, but he needs to be horse/bear size. The color is “russet” which is perfect, but he needs to look less “cuddly husky” and more “werewolf monster.” They haven't had too much time to work on the special effects though, so I'm sure that the finished product in November will be even better. Yay!

    BTW Kaleb, you told me to contact your publicist so I can get a copy of “Bran Hambric;” how exactly do I go about doing that?

  31. Melinda

    My parents went on an all-liquid diet a couple years ago… those “shakes,” which were supposedly chocolate- and strawberry-flavored, looked like lumpy brown/pink curdled milk, and smelled even worse. Although it seems that the concrete drink would be worse.

    As for Jacob turning in to a wolf, I agree with CarolB790 to an extent. Seeing the first movie changed my perception of what the school and town looked like, and the Cullens' home was obviously different than the book's description. But there are some parts that my brain just won't change when I read the book, the werewolves included in this. I think it's probably because I read the books before I ever saw the first movie. But who knows, perhaps once I see New Moon my perceptions will change again. It's hard to say from just one short clip : )

  32. Sakura

    *should really be sleeping since exams starts tomorrow but…..*

    LOL so you joined the club of people that was disgusted by the scene! Hahaha… Oddly enough I'm one of those weirdos that wasn't the least bit disturbed by the scene. I accepted the logic and moved on… As for the Jacob turning into a wolf thing, the wolflosion (yes, I'm the same person as Sakura2miaka from youtube XD ) was exactly as I imagined it! I guess Chris Weiz really is the best man for the job (though that's obvious considering how he marvelously managed to create Pullman's Daemons in the Golden Compass)

  33. Alexandria

    Yah, I agree. They are two diffrent things. The way they make them is the way they imagine them to be. They could literly make hundreds of versions of one movie to get it the way everyone thinks it should be.

  34. Paige

    As always Kaleb, you crack me up! I will excuse your ill insaneness. I'm just glad you FINALLY got around to reading more! Honestly, you're out of school, and now that you're back from your book tour, you have no real excuse for putting this off!
    Frankly, I was not impressed by Jacob's transformation into a wolf in the trailer. But I was not dissapointed, considering I could honestly care less about Jacob and the wolves in general. No offense to any Jacob lovers around here. I can't help by laugh and say Jacob is a cute wolf! LOL! He seriously was a cute little mutt! But that's just me. =)

  35. Samantha

    I hated that scene when I read Breaking Dawn for the first time! I detest blood, so I DID NOT like when Bella slurped it down. *shudders* I love you as THA BOSS. Have you seen that Saturday Night Live skit?? I like Jacob the wolf, but I think the transformation looks kind of weird. It reminded me of the 4th Harry Potter movie when he's turning into the Gilly Weed thing for the second challenge. Too fake looking, and not at all like I pictured it. :(

  36. Cara B. :D

    I'm really not trying to be b*tchy, but I was looking through that part, & Bella says that the transforming was was so fast that if she would have blinked she would've missed it. Just thought I'd say that. 😀 Anyway, I really pictured the wolves as these HUGE, dark monsters. The Jacob wolf in the trailer looks like a puppy compared to the things I was thinking of. BUT, I really don't think it ruined it for me I still love the look they came up with & i definitely am liking the transformation. 😀

  37. Kristen

    I wasn't disgusted by the blood at all. In fact it didn't even not make sense to me. She has a half vamp baby inside her that is HUNGRY she needs to feed her child!

  38. Melly K

    In my head he'll always be bigger, and darker. AKA more menacing. The wolf in the movie just seemed more like a fox or dog than a wolf. Especially WEREwolf.

  39. Krista_la

    I think the wolf TRANSFORMATION is awesome…

    The wolf is too cute though! Jacob is NOT supposed to be a cuddly little pup! Jeez, every time I see it, I start THINKING with a lisp, and acting like I'm five with a cute little puppy dog.

    ^Overuse of the word “cute”^
    ^Couldn't care less^

  40. Katanna

    With the Jacob thing yes I think as Jacob more more more hotter than what I thought haha. Just cause of Taylor. He does the part well. 😉 and I wouldnt think she would drink it but she did which was good.

  41. inzaratha

    Parts of BD are very hard to read, just like parts of MN are hard to read, and I'm not talking about reading ability, just some parts are gross and some parts are heartrending, and some parts you want to hit the characters with a 2 x 4.

    And Bella just sits around drinking bloodshakes for a while.
    That is not as bad to me as Jacob hanging out there while Edward is worried about his pregnant and sick wife.

  42. RosalieC

    the phasing was exactly what i had originally pictured

  43. RosalieC

    O and how is this weird for you? You do realize your reading a vampire book? The blood drinking was bound to come up sooner or later… HAHA

  44. Nicole

    You said you were going to do a frame-by-frame of Jake becoming a wolf in the trailer… I was wondering… would you mind doing a frame-by-frame of Jasper and Bella? Jw! =) Have a nice night!

  45. Leslie

    I was really glad, actually, that the way Jacob changed in the movie was just like I pictured him changing in the book. He exploded into the wolf in midair as he was running and the way they did it was really good! I do have to say that, like a lot of the rest of the people who have commented, I did picture a little more ferocity in the wolf form. But still, I don't have too big of an issue with it because he still just looks like a wolf – a huge wolf – but not really a monster.

    As to the blood drinking scene, I have to say that I was only somewhat disgusted by the whole thing. The thought of drinking blood makes my stomach turn, but that Bella had to drink it to save her own life as well as her child's made sense. I mean, it makes sense to crave the things that the baby needs, and if the half-vampire baby needs blood, that's what she's going to crave. I think that's probably what I was thinking more about through the scene, rather than really taking in that she was drinking blood. And as an additional side note, I think there is very little a mother wouldn't do to save her child if she had it in her power to do so.

    As always, love the posts, Kaleb!

  46. RosalieC

    BTW glad you can see past the grossness and see the logic behind it all.

  47. Harlee M.

    i still utterly adore these books no matter what the trailers do. But the movies are officially ruined

  48. Bekah

    Too those who think the transition is too fast to be like the books Bella said herself in New Moon “it happened so fast that if I blinked I would have missed it.” I for one like the wolf except… i it just me or does that wold have blue eyes?

  49. Feven

    Oh Kaleb.. you were never that much of a Jacob fan to begin with, but i'm starting to see you lose your former sense of impartiality :/ (i thought you'd love reading Jake's POV. Guess not.)

    In terms of the transformation, i liked how smooth the change was, but the wolf was too CGI for me. I liked the idea of having such beautiful fur that you'd automatically want to touch it.. not odd bristling pixelated fur. I understand that's probably as close as its going to get so i'm not going to complain, cause Chris Weitz did absolutely amazing for everything else in the trailer/clip!! However, what REALLY threw me off was with the wolf having blue/green eyes (as the person above me stated.) I was like.. where did THAT come from?

  50. WritesTooMuch.Sorry.

    The were wolves are slightly different than i pictured them…
    The only real difference I imagined is the color. Jacob's fur isn't as “russet” as I thought it would be. Of course, my definition of russet is the color of his skin. I have no clue what “russet” really looks like, and I have no intention of actually finding out…
    I guess they could be a little bigger, though…
    But, overall, I am EXTREMELY pleased with Chris Weitz. The transformation (from human to wolf) was so unbelievably perfect that, just after seeing the trailer on MTV, I got up and squealed and ran around the house like the stupid fangirl I am.
    Man, I never thought I'd like something so mainstream. Then again, Twilight wasn't this crazily popular when I first heard of it… So that gives me a little peace of mind…
    But, dude, can I get off topic! LOL! Okay, well, I'm going to shut up now…
    Before I go, though, to answer the original question, no, the movie wolves and the book wolves stay in their own little corners–more like halves–of my mind. The same goes for pretty much all of the characters. [Like Edward. I NEVER pictured him as Rob Pattinson. Same with Emmett… Although Kellan definitely doesn't displease me…] Anyway, I picture the book wolves no differently than I did before. The movie and the books, in my mind, are two COMPLETELY different things…

  51. ancha85

    I love the transformation.

    Yes, he looks very cuddly when he is not snarling, but that is how SM describes him. Bella cuddles him.

    And the main thing to remember is that the Wolfpack are shapeshifters NOT werewolves, so they would look like wolves and NOT like monsters, except in their size.

  52. WritesTooMuch.Sorry.

    Back again. I was reading through some comments, and I thought I'd add my opinion.
    Personally, I was never really shocked or bothered by the blood drinking scene at all. It make complete logical sense to me–that Bella would need to get blood into her system for the baby. She was dying, fast, so she did what she had to. I do wonder, though, if a normal blood transfusion would have gotten the job done… But, regardless.
    Does anybody else stick their finger in their mouth after a paper cut or something? Because, that, in a way, is sort of like drinking blood. (I know, it's a stretch… But just go with it.) Does anybody ever even taste the blood? I never have. That makes me wonder: does blood even have a flavor or a smell? If so, I never noticed…
    LOL! Am I creeping you out now? If so, sorry. I swear, I'm not a cannibal or anything… I'm just not sensitive to gore, at all. I should be a doctor. =D

  53. Lisa

    Idk. I always pictured the wolves to be more scary. Like at first sight they make you think of the scary werewolves, not puppy dog playful wolves. But I can live with what they look like.

  54. Rachelle

    Thankfully, I do not have to change how Jacob looks in my head to how he looks in the movie because they are almost exactly the same. Except for the white. But I can live with that XD

  55. Victoria

    YEAAAAA!!!! You posted a chapter! Yeah, that bllod thing turned me away from this book even more. That is so NASTY!!! I hated that scene too…just thinking about it grosses me out!
    Now to talk about the New Moon trailer!! Yippy!
    Ok, so I was totally freaking out when I saw it! That was the most exciting thing I have ever seen this year! Everything was great till the wolf part. It looked totally fake! It's nothing how I imagined the wolf. It's supposed to be totally different! Hmmm I'll just have to wait and see the movie to futher my opinions.

  56. Carrie

    I think the movie wolf looks great. I'm glad they made him a russet colored wolf. I hope all of the wolves are the colors they're supposed to be in the books. Anyway, it doesn't really change the picture I had in my head while reading the books, except that the wolf doesn't look as big in the trailer as I thought it would be. I figured they just looked like normal wolves, but huge. Seeing it in high definition, I think the wolf looks beautiful.

  57. Allan_Hatai

    Actually, it was sort of how I envisioned it, to an extent. Magical creatures defy the laws of physics almost as a rule, and I tend to think of things in that way. Okay, so the wolf was a little weird, but the size was good, and the red color. It was a little weird in the part where Edward leaves; it didn't seem to flow very well… Maybe I'm just nitpicky about that kind of stuff…

  58. Emma

    I thought the trailer was awesome and cannot wait to see the whole thing. I, however, pictured Jacob differently in wolf form. Actually, I pictured all the characters different than the actors whom portray them. As someone said (the director of “Twilight” or Stephenie Meyer maybe) that everyone pictures the characters differently. Even though I pictured Jacob's wolf form differently, I thought it looked pretty cool!

  59. Emily

    The trailer doesn't change anything about how I view Jacob as a person, and the transformation is exactly how I imagined it. I however picture in my mind an even color tone to his fur, not the fur in the trailer wolf.

    In short, no, the movies do not change how I view the books. Granted, Rob Pattinson is now forever ingrained in my mind as THE face of Edward Cullen, but that's because I think he did a FANTASTIC job in the movie. As an actor myself, I truly enjoyed his performance, and I think he embodies Edward so perfectly, it's eerie.

    And I agree on the Bella drinking blood thing. It makes logical sense (and I thought of it ages before the Cullens did, actually). Would Bella drink it if she wasn't pregnant with a vampiric baby? Probably not.

  60. Mandy

    You're photoshopped eyebrows make you look like Spock! lol 😛

  61. Jackie

    Strangely enough I didn’t exactly find the whole drinking the blood thing that gross. I mean I probably didn’t think about it a lot, but like you in my mind I was thinking that it made sense. She does have a vampire baby in her.
    Oh props to the song you chose. I really like the lyrics. They suit the chapter really well. Good job!
    As for the question, I didn’t really have a clear idea of how I imagined Jacob turning into a werewolf. I just though of him kind of like shifting from human to wolf. But I liked the wolf that they put in the trailer it was good.

  62. Shakesgirl

    Nope It does not change the picture I had in mind. In fact its pretty much what I had picture. The only difference is that that not the way she found out about Jacob's little (I mean big Seceret).

  63. Cara

    Doesn't really change my view. I have since a long time ago started to separate the books from the movies, so that I'm not incredibly disappointed.

  64. :)

    i don't think it changed how i viewed the transformation in the book at all.
    Seeing the movie before reading the first book, did however, make me picture Rob Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella and so on and so forth.
    I do regret seeing the movie before reading the book, but in the end i do think that otherwise, i might have just blown off the series, me being a not too avid reader and not wanting to become another obsessed person, not acting my age at all!

    BTW; keep up the good work! Twilightguy.com is one of my favorite websites! i always love to hear new posts, video clips and articles. Keep up the good work!

  65. Mylles

    TOTAL SENSE!! No one seems to get how I can separate a book from its movie but I tend to look at them as parallel worlds were the same basic story takes place but it is tweaked a little differently

  66. Steph

    Really, Kaleb? Why would you post at 5.30 pm? I'm barely at school by then! Sigh.

    Ahaha. My mum makes us take vitamins and tablets. Fish oil, Student HD, magnesium, iron, Inner Health Plus, Ease a cold, a bright orange one and several others that I don't know the purpose of. If she wanted to poison me, I wouldn't notice until I was already dead. I'm just glad they're all in tablet or capsule form. There were several unpleasant months where I was forced to drink some olive leaf extract every day. It was nauseating. I had to hold my breath so I wouldn't smell it. It made me enjoy having a cold, because it dulled the flavour.

    Yeah, you'd think by that point Jake would have a little self control. He secretly enjoys having no clothes on, you can tell.

    The transformation was exactly how I expected, actually, apart from the oddly Narnian looking wolf. *shrugs*

    You had better read the next chapter soon, to make up for the weeks we were forced to go without your posts. 😀

  67. Shannon

    the teaser trailer was awesome!!! and Jacob's transformation was better than I expected, though still similiar in thought.

  68. BeckyAnn

    Well, I'm sorry to say that I have drunk blood- let me explain. As a child, I was prone to horrendous nosebleeds, which resulted in a LOT of blood running down my throat. I can't say I really tasted it, and I have to kind of agree with that other comment that it doesn't have a strong taste. I can tell you this, though: it makes your throat raw, and always gave me a stomach ache. I don't want to gross anyone out, but burping blood is not pleasant. The only plus to that situation was that ice cream was the best remedy!
    With Bella, I attribute her reaction to the blood to being pregnant. Really, she's carrying a vampire, and her body is truly changed to accomodate it. And as so many others have said, taste and cravings in pregnancy can get really wierd!
    The phasing in the trailer looked good to me- I am relieved that the special effects seem to be better quality than Twilight's. The wolf looks somewhat different that what I imagined, but I still like it. I just hope some of the acting improves as well…

  69. Heather

    My mom craved ice, lemon juice, salt, and pickle juice as a drink when she was pregnant with me. Better than blood, though lol.

    I am currently re-reading Breaking Dawn, but I am at a section where I don't constantly see Jacob exploding into wolf form, so…so far no. We will see when I reach that section. But sometimes when I read books, I picture really weird things. Like I've always pictured the wolves as Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street (link: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/muppet/images…). Don't ask me why lol.

  70. Natascha

    it is SOOOO Good. I LOVE IT <3 xoxo
    I cant wait

  71. Steph

    Too late. I'm officially grossed out. 😉

  72. NancyB

    I always wondered how Bella would ever be a vampire if she can't stand the smell/sight of blood. This seems the perfect transition – you will and can do anything for your child.

    I too tend to separate the movie from the books. Books are heavenly – movies are earthly. I feel the movies do the best that they can within constraints that my mind doesn't have with books. I can read books over and over and create my own pictures and that is why I will never stop reading and dreaming. With movies we get one director's pictures. I can't wait to love the movie!

  73. HeyJoyous

    BD – I think Jacob's revulsion had more to do with Bella acting so vampiric (is that a word?). Vampires are Jacob's enemies and the girl he loves is exhibiting vampire trait #1 before she's even turned. I doubt it's the grossness (another possible non-word) of the blood but the fact that she's acting like a vampire.

    NM Trailer – I loved it. I was honestly very worried about the phasing. I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. I'm having a hard time determining how big Jacob is as a wolf. I hope they're huge. I agree with you, Kaleb, that the rest of the trailer looks extremely well done.

  74. Monica

    Exactly! I was completely convinced at that point that Bella was pregnant with an evil demon baby.

  75. Autumn

    No, I still think of him the way I always did. Maybe tht will change after I've seen the whole movie, but for now it's the same.

  76. Lee

    I liked the “phase” effect. Quick and garments ripping away….

    As for pregnancy cravings, for me it was green olives. Sometimes taste buds change during pregnancy. I hated green olives before my first pregnancy (age 28), then during I craved them and now I love green olives. Think I'll go have a few now.

  77. meljurgens

    I actually like that aspect–it is yet another point of irony. She hates cold and rain, yet falls in love with a cold (yet hawt) vamp in the rainest place on earth. She is a danger magnet, and her hero is one of the most potentially dangerous things in her life (particularly because she smells so good to him). She faints at the smell of blood, yet if she gets her wish to be turned into a vampire, blood is exactly what she'll need to survive. The whole premise is beautifully rich with irony and paradox!
    And, though I have never been pregnant myself (adopted all three of mine…much less painful), I have heard of a condition called pica, whereby women have an overwhelming urge to eat non-food items, like laundry soap, paint chips, dirt, etc., when they are pregnant. What's a little blood, then, particularly if that craving comes naturally from having a vampire's baby growing inside of you?

  78. Dessie

    it did change the werewolf changing scene for me. I always saw them shaking – A LOT – uncontrollably for like 2 seconds and then they like double over and crap, but that is not what happened in the trailer – obviously.

  79. Zella

    When reading the books I pictured the wolves kinda like bears, weirdly enough. However, the movie wolves have not changed my perception. The wolves are better in my head.

  80. DonnieMangino

    I hated every part of Breaking Dawn.

  81. DonnieMangino

    I totally agree!

  82. Rachel

    OMG the railer looks amazing!! Sooooooo much better than Twilight!!! Jacob-wolf looks mega cute!!!!!! its noooooo where near annyfing lyk i imagined and it looks a lot lot smaller its not scary at all!!! Laurents eyes look wicked! u cud barely see the red in Twilight
    As for Bella drinkin blood at first i thought she was gna be drinkin animal blood n i was lyk gross but wat eva we eat their meat but wen i realised it was human blood i was lyk eeeeeeeeeew but lyk summin sed bwt havin nose bleeds n it goes down ur throat it doesnt actually taste bad but its not nice either and if its wat the baby needs any mother wud do it. I dun fink guys can fully understand the bond between mother and her baby while the baby is still in her womb the mother is completely responsible for the health and survival of the baby so she is gna do anyfing she can even if it means drinkin blood

  83. Charmie

    Ummm does it change how I perceive Jacob in New Moon – yeah absolutely from Twilight :) I am really impressed with the trailer to be honest – I was afraid they were going to go 'too werewolf' for my taste (more like Lupin in Harry Potter) and i'm so glad they are going more traditional. The more I see of Taylor Lautner in his role of Jacob the more i am pleased with the outcome.

    I think that Taylor perceives the emotional quality of Jacob – now i know that not everyone likes Jacob – but I do…I feel for the guy here he is – in love with this amazing girl, helping her get over heartbreak and pain and hoping for the day to come that maybe he can be there and she will one day love him back and it's never enough! “Poor Paris — he never gets any love” :)

  84. Natty

    I don't think it changes my perspective too much, but I imagined him darker and MUCH bigger. And also I know everyone has been complaining that he is too cute and cuddly, but after reading the scene in Eclipse where Jake-the-wolf and Bella are sort of having a conversation, and she starts petting him, I think a little cute and cuddly is pretty good! :)

  85. Mandi

    The New Moon trailer just enforced what I thought the transfermation looked like. And if
    You thought this chapter was gross….

  86. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    The transformation is awesome!! Jake does look different from how I imagined him, but I really don't get the “he looks to cute and cuddly” thing. It wont change how I imagine him in the books. The books and the movies are nearly completely different things for me. I was watching Twilight a few days ago and the title showed and for a second I was like, “OMG it says Twilight!” but then I realized, duh, it IS Twilight. It was hilarious.

    The blood thing doesn't really creep me out. I think it's an excellent example of how far things have come and how much things have changed because of all the crazy stuff thats been happening to the Cullens/Wolves. And personally, I love how blood tastes. I could imagine drinking it like that.

  87. iloveEdwardnTaylor!!!

    The trailer was great!! but i thought the wolf was pretty bad. it wasnt how i pictured it…. i wish it was less animated, but i kno its really hard to create a huge wolf!
    I CANT WAIT FOR NOVEMBER 20th. ahhh!!! i am sooo excited!

    As for bella and drinkin blood.. i didnt really find it that gross, which it really wierd cuz i can not stand looking at peoples blood!! it didnt surprise me that she needed the blood cuz she does have a half vampire child growin inside her!

  88. Z.J. Cullen

    It was like Chris Weitz was reading my mind when I was reading New Moon. I completely pictured the transformation the EXACT SAME WAY. Even Bella says that if you blink, you'd miss it completely. And before I even knew who was to play Jake in the first film, as I read the books I always pictured a 16 year old boy like Taylor Lautner. I also love the way that Jake 's clothes just rip to shreds when he changes.

    That was one of my favorite parts of the trailer. However, my FAVORITE part was when Edward left Bella. I like the way that she just stand there for a second after he's gone, and just starts breathing heavily. The she just collapses to the ground, and presses her head into the dirt and starts to cry. Now THAT was exactly how I pictured the break-up! Thanks SO much to the cast and Chris Weitz! Can't wait till November!!!

  89. Alexandria

    Yah, i know what you mean. I thought Jacob looked like my friends dog. Not very menacing at all.

  90. Ryan

    I did not picture the “Werewolves” as big dogs when I read the books, I pictured them as werewolves so to see the trailer i was at first disappointed, however i think it will grow on me.

    By the way I am 27, male and straight, Ive seen the 1st movie 47 times and read all four books 5 times and Breaking Dawn 7 times. Love the series and your website.

  91. devz30

    Yup. Pictured it that way. It was fast and everything.

    And I already imagined the break-up scene when I was reading it.. it gave me the chills. ^^

  92. cnfac

    I just watched the Trailer again for like the millonth time. Seriously there is no getting over Jakes transformation. I love it, It is perfect, I just want to reach into the trailer and pet his oh so soft fur.

  93. E

    Well… I thought it would come to the blood drinking thing. Doesn't mean I enjoyed it. Although Jacob was funny.
    And the only thing I didn't like about the wolf transformation in the trailer was the size. I thought he'd be bigger. But other than that it looks good.

  94. Ylva

    I never imagined the transformation either, or I sort of tried, but I couldnt..
    I had imagined Jake's fur to be more reddish- brown, but I still can't imagine him the size of a horse, so I guess I'll just wait for the movie!

    More Love from Norway :)

  95. Ylva

    Hmm, I think blood is fascinating! Clean blod thoug, like nosebleed 😛 I don't drink nosebleed of course, but if I cut my finger, i suck it.. Haha, it doesn't taste that bad, really..

  96. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral 13. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (Good Thing I’ve Got A Strong Stomach). […]

  97. Emily

    I too hope the acting improves. Kristen was… ugh. Though, it was rather humorous to listen to me 22-year-old, tall, muscular brother who holds a Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts in Drama from New York University rant and rave about how terrible she was. It's a teen romance novel/movie, and here was this big guy freaking out like a Twihard Teenybopper, if a Twilight Teenybopper cussed like a sailor.

    He also fawned over Robert Pattinson's performance in a way that made me question his sexuality…

    PS- not grossed out at all. 3 oral surgeries. Mouth full of bleeding incisions. 9 teeth pulled in one operation. Yeahhh.

  98. beckysue

    i agree too. its separate. and i never have high hopes for the movies because i know that it will be its own “thing”.

  99. beckysue

    me 2. cept i thought he'd be more of a chocolate brown.

  100. beckysue

    I always thought of Jacob-Wolf as being cute-ish, not completely horrible and monster-like. I thought it was pretty dead-on, except I always pictured him as more of a chocolate brown. But, all in all, I was happy.

    And as for the blood drinking, I never minded it. I kinda like the taste of blood. Except I could never imagine drinking a whole glass of it……..

    And I am SO happy my parents weren't health-nuts.

  101. Sylvie

    I never quite managed to imagine horse-sized wolves, but what I came up with definitely looked different than the wolf in the movie! I didn´t imagine them so… cute xD

  102. babybott330

    Ha, yes, I'm late in this reply, as happens when you take an internet sabbatical for two months. I completely agree with you, in my mind the werewolves are much bigger, not the size of a normal wolf. That's the first thing I though when I saw it. I'm remembering specifically the moment in the field where Bella is leaning against him while watching the Cullens practice their fighting style against the newborns.

  103. Cat

    On the blood-readily-available-in-the-house-thing: “Do they just open a spigot and pour some out for Bella? If it’s in the house, how do they resist the smell? And what happens if an outsider stumbles upon said barrel?”
    In chapter 13, Rosalie says '(…) all that type O negative laid aside for Bella.' which makes perfect sense:
    1) since the whole family was in on the plan to change Bella soon after the wedding,
    2) knowing she would crave real human blood as a new-born vampire instead of their vegetarian diet,
    3) and her and their distinct wish to not let her be tempted to kill a real human for it,
    they would surely have stacked up on donor-blood as a precaution (like Edward says later that nobody had to die in order to provide for the blood, when Bella asks him if this will be her first 'claim').
    Also, Carlisle is a doctor and would have easy access to type O neg (being thé commonly used donorbloodtype).
    And to avoid discovery and the tempting smell – I guess they have a special hidden and insulated cupboard for that… 😉

  104. neonstar

    it wasn't really cause of the trailer but at about chapter 19 in eclipse is when I stopped seeing the werwolves as these weird mutant wolves that have itty bitty arms and stand on 2 feet and look really scary (they kinda resembled lupan the werwolf in harry potter) and actually started seeing them as you know actual wolves, yea it took me that long

  105. Brennan

    Try these one-of-a-kind kids party hat ideas for your next kids party. Create a colorful cast of characters with a few bits of paper, paint, glitter and glue.

  106. Chelsa

    Wow, you are one mean critic.

  107. GraceLautner

    Yum Yum!

  108. Ali

    Pregnant woman craving 'strange' things is called Pica. Theorizing that a lack of a nutrient is what makes the craving, woman have been said to crave: dirt, ash, mud, sand, glass, bleach, grass, cat litter, charcoal, bark, ect. A very mild form of Pica involves craving ice.

  109. Ali

    Pregnant woman craving 'strange' things is called Pica. Theorizing that a lack of a nutrient is what makes the craving, woman have been said to crave: dirt, ash, mud, sand, glass, bleach, grass, cat litter, charcoal, bark, ect. A very mild form of Pica involves craving ice.

  110. Shorty-d

    no the werewolf wasnt anything diffrent as the way i pictured ii while reading the book

  111. Phoebebastock

    i respect bella because blood taste awful 

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