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New Moon Teaser Trailer: A Closer Look

June 3rd, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Now that we have the NEW MOON teaser trailer, simply looking at it is just not enough! Since the teaser went live, I have heard from countless Jacob Black fans who replayed the werewolf scene dozens of times to study the change. But now, just for those super-obsessed Twilighters, I have made a SLOW-MOTION video in high-definition showing Jacob Black’s transformation!

OBSERVE IF YOU WILL: Bella’s clothes CHANGE between scenes of her running from Laurent and Jacob leaping into attack mode (yellow backpack, gray shirt at 0:09, brown shirt at 0:11 when she screams “Jake, run!”). Many diehard fans, seeing these scenes together, thought that the director had deviated from the storyline of the book with this, when in fact if you look closely, you will see that the scenes shown in the trailer are not exactly as connected as the teaser would lead you to believe.

Looking at the quality of this trailer, the scenes and cinematography of NEW MOON already appear masterfully shot. To show off some of the key moments in the teaser, I have screencapped a few of the best stills: Bella, Edward, even Jacob’s fursplosion! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SUPER-HIGH RESOLUTION IMAGES!


Click the thumbnails below to see the high-resolution images:

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99 Responses

  1. Wendilynn

    My own imagination had the wolves looking more like bears then actual wolves, but I think that was because I was trying to get the size right. Their heads are supposed to be about 6 feet from the ground when on all fours. These guys are supposed to be just massive. I also had Jacob a dark reddish brown. Sam is supposed to be Black with Jacob right behind him with reddish brown. Its always interesting to see how others interpret the same description.

    However, I will agree that the quality of the filming already looks better. I like the touch of Jacob's clothes shredding everywhere. I just hope the story line is condensed in a better form then was Twilight.

  2. Jenny

    I imagined Jacob in wolf form the same as Wendilynn had. In my mind, Jacob had a wolf head but a bear body, and I probably imagined him like this because of how everyone in Forks thought they were bears before Bella knew it was actually the pack and because of how big the werewolves were described to be. Also like Wendilynn, I imagined Jacob as a darker reddish brown and I didn't think there was any white on him.

    After seeing the trailer though, I have high hopes for New Moon and it seems like it's going to be waaayyy better than Twilight… Can't wait!! xD

  3. Rachel

    I saw a TV blurb with Taylor saying the werewolf transformation scene is actually where he's protecting Bella from Paul's attack. It has nothing to do with the Laurent scene. Note that Jacob has a shirt on in that scene. The shirtless Jacob (Taylor wasn't 100% certain of this) is from the last scene of the movie – whatever that is.

  4. devz30

    haha.. Wendilynn,MY imagination made me think I was looking at a lion. xD
    Don't ask.

    Everybody saw the trailer, and I was like, “I'm not gonna watch it” (well, reading New Moon twice and sort of getting over my Twlilight addiction….) and then it was right in front of me in the page. I just HAD to click play. lol.

  5. Eliper

    This one little snippet is what already makes me ADORE Chris Weitz's attention to detail far above and beyond Catherine Hardwicke's frail attempt to render this story onto film. And thanks, Kaleb, for posting this slow-mo vid so that I could see it clearly. What I'm talking about is when Jacob makes the leap in the air over Bella you catch a single frame of him looking down at her to make sure she is okay before he looks back up at the attacker (whoever it actually is…). Little things like this is what Hardwicke completely skipped over because she was so focused on how “crazy sexy awesome” everything was (in her own deluded mind) that she missed these types of minor but absolutely CRUCIAL details.

  6. Steph

    Well, phew! They had me worried for a while there. I'm going to go ahead and assume that the “Jake, run!” scene has something to do with Bella perhaps seeing the other wolves?

  7. Miss Sparkles

    I loved the trailer, thought it gave a nice insight into whats to come but not too much that would have spoiled some of the surprises!

    The new house looked nice too with warm tones rather than the cold blue look of twilight, makes it look more like a home!
    Jaspers new wig though is horrible, poodle alert!

    yeh i noticed the change in her clothes too, the “Jake run!” bit looks like its from where paul is getting all mad in his wolf form because she doesnt seem to realise that jake can fight for himself!

    some of the effects are not what i thought they would be, like you can see the harness on jasper when he is thrown away from bella but i have full trust in chris weitz to make it amazing!

    cant wait till november!

  8. Liz

    Bella is just wearing a brown jacket. She has the gray shirt on under the jacket. Maybe that's why it looks like her clothes changed. But the werewolf thing is a little disappointing. I at least imagined the wolves to be much taller, and Jake is supposed to be brown not like a gray.

  9. sugargirl208

    i noe i imagined it the exact same way u did

  10. Daniela

    There's always a critic, someone who is never satisfied no matter what is shown. Some foolish and color blind. Jacob in wolf form is reddish brown so I don't see any problems there. The books describe them as being horse size wolves. which to be fair in this teaser trailer I believe them to look rather large, that's my perception but there's nothing next to the wolf to truly be able to make a comparison. I really love the directors choice with how to interpret the look of the wolves because their not werewolves. Any one who has read the entire series knows that. I loved it and I cant wait to see more, they only sad part for me is having to wait till November.

  11. Clara

    I loved this trailer! I was so worried I would hate New Moon and that it would be a HUGE disappointment for me but the trailer makes me think that I'm gonna like it better than I did Twilight. (Is it just me or does Kristen look prettier in New Moon?) I LOVE Jake. The whole werewolf thing is exactly how I imagined it. (Minus the color but I actually like what they did better) I can NOT wait for more!

  12. Krystina

    I have to say I expected the wolves to not look horrible, but the wolves were way better than I thought they were going to be. People just need to calm down, and stop picking the trailer apart peice by peice. It looks amazing, and 10 times better than the Twillight movie already.

  13. reinix

    *sighs* why must he be underage?

  14. Sakura


    and yes! After watching it several times (and seeing someone say this in the comment box on youtube XD ) I did notice that Bella was wearing two different things during that 'one' scene….

  15. Julie

    i love dis site

  16. Pragya

    well I also imagined Jacob like Wendilynn had mostly because of how people thought they were bears before bella realized that they are actually gigantic werewolves. AND THE SLO-MO OF THE FURSPLOSION WAS AWESOME!!! Thanks so much Kaleb and I didn't even realize that Jacob looked at Bella to see if she was okay and then looked back at the attacker which I believe was Paul. Wow! I didn't even notice! Even though my eyes were glued to the fursplosion going on! And I was so worried that I would be very dissapointed with New Moon…..but now I'm just gonna relax! The teaser trailer looks awesome!!! Just imagine, we all are going crazy behind a teaser trailer….what will happen when the movie comes out???? I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Thanks again Kaleb!!!!!

  17. Samantha

    Shirtless Jake still, plz.
    kthx :)

  18. Dessie

    Yes…you MUST have a still of Jacob Black shirtless…it will make my day…it is my friend's birthday? please? =|

  19. Karen H

    You are hilarious! I enjoy the way you are such a detail person and how you like to share that with the rest of us. I really appreciate that as a detailed person myself!! :0) I went through your slow and slowed it down more trying to figure out where the real Jacob ended and the CG began. Wouldn't it be fun to work on such details??

  20. lucy

    If you look close, in twilight the movie picture a slight blue tint and now in new moon it has a brownish warm tint. The filming quality is a lot better too. And it's also freakin awesome!!!

  21. Tora

    I'm so glad they made the wolf look like actuall wolf and not like some morfed werewolf-scarylooking-things. (Great explanation, I know…) In my head wolf Jacob was more brownish than this and not as gray, but it works either way. And the tranformation looks great! Anyone else noticed that it sort of run downs his spine, that his head changes before his feat? That looks nice, they realy paid attention to the details.

  22. Wendy

    I like the tint it's like gold-ish it seems warm. Does that make sense?

  23. Allie

    I'm really not bothered by how wolf Jacob looks. I'm grateful that he looks like a healthy wolf with lighter colours to be honest, because many movies with werewolves have them all feral and frothing at the mouth. Jake is cute. Jake should be reddish brown, and I thought he looked like that.
    I didn't even notice that he looked down at Bella before he landed – thanks Eliper.
    This is a movie, and most likely, the screenplay is slightly different from the book (Edward apparitions should give that away), so the descriptions of characters would be different. I like it, and I'm anxious for the movie. I was not a huge fan of the way Twilight was done – everything was all blue like Underworld for crying out loud and I don't know if it was just me, but the sound and picture were sometimes out of sync.
    Thanks so much for the slow mo clip Kaleb!

  24. Nicole B

    “just for those super-obsessed Twilighters”
    What does that make you, Kaleb? A Uber-obsessed Twilighter? ^^

    About the wolves, it's been a while since I read New Moon, but aren't they supposed to be like, huge? I have a vague memory of them being described as big as horses (or maybe it's just me?)

  25. Leslie

    I think you're right Kaleb! The first thought I had when I saw the trailer was that the scene where Bella is almost killed by Laurent and the scene where Jake does his mid-air change from human to wolf were not one in the same. And I was annoyed that the movie put them together like that. But I admit to being a Harry Potter fan long before Twilight, and thanks to scrutinizing those trailers, I learned very quickly that trailers are not always completely representative of any given scene. They show bits and pieces and make them fit together in a way that gives a good preview… Plus, sometimes scenes in the trailer aren't even in the movie, or have been drastically changed between the release of the trailer and the release of the movie. So before I let myself get too annoyed, I watched the trailer a few more times to see if maybe the location wasn't the same between the two shots, or if either Jake's or Bella's clothes changed, or if Laurent was suddenly no longer there, or any little thing that would suggest the clips came from two different scenes. First I noticed that Bella had a backpack in one clip and it was gone as she ran saying “Jake, run!” And then I noticed that her clothes really were different. So I'm not too concerned anymore about it. I've learned to just wait to see the movie to judge it too much. And I do have to say that the quality looks a lot better between this and the Twilight trailer. The whole thing looks really good, so I hope it actually is!

  26. Autumn

    ZOMG Jake shirtless… fangirl moment

  27. Vitaani

    I love the moment when Edward stops Jasper. It looks really good. I imagined the wolves a lot bigger, and they kinda looked more like humongous dogs. (Kinda like Cerberus in the Disney version of Hercules, but with one head) And my Jacob was all dark brick red. It was sort of a woody colour. This doesn't change how I see the wolves, but it is interesting.

  28. Hannah

    in the first shot of jacob, he has his shirt on. in the second, he has a shirt on. why on earth would he put on a shirt in two seconds just to rip it to shreds?
    i think they put the laurent scene and scene where he fights with paul together. or something
    dont you think?

  29. Evelyn

    I tried adjusting my television when watching “Twilight” in order to remedy some of the blue color. All I received for my effort was the ability to see precisely where the white make-up ended on everyone's neck. It was actually funny to watch it through with everyone looking as though they were in clown-face.

    I'm happy to see that “New Moon” appears as though it will be in 'real' color, as opposed to the blue tint I disliked.

  30. Britt

    That's exactly how I imagined them as well.

    And yeahhh, I hope the screenwriter did a better job at condensing it.. in Twilight it seemed like she tried too hard to shove in lines from the book to please the fans, but it just came out sort of awkward. Don't get me wrong, I loveee the movie (I don't even mind the “shaky camera” that people complain about, or the blue color, it gives the film a certain… atmosphere) but there's a few bits that make me cringe from the awkwardness.. specifically “the lion fell in love with the lamb” and “my own personal brand of heroin” seemed forced in.

  31. Nidhi M.

    I pictured him as a plain old wolf, but this is close enough. He's a little big, however. The animation is acceptable.

    Kudos for getting the still of Edward crying. His face makes my heartbreak!

    I like the color for this movie too. As much as I liked the blue tint/ red highlights in the first, This is a nice change.

  32. Heather

    Hey Kaleb,
    You did a GREAT job on these stills! Thanks so much!
    I was wondering, though, if you could make a still of Bella sitting on the floor after she was thrown into the table by Edward. I think that shot is beautiful. Thanks so much!!

  33. Dye793

    Thanks for clearing up the whole these-two-scenes-are-unrelated thing! Cuz i thought they deviated from the storyline too and i was very upset!

  34. zuppup1

    i picture it like that too. mine looked alittle more like a lion, a wolf, and a bear all mixed together. and i also picture them bigger than in the movie. oh well. :)

  35. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    I agree. Most of the stuff they said was unnatural-sounding and Kristen wastalkingwithoutspaceslikethisIdidntlikethatshetalkedtoquick. It was really rough and choppy.

  36. sarclark

    i love bellas cake! its beautiful. got to give alice props for that one!

  37. tw07

    “Fursplosion” is officially my new favorite word 😀

  38. kitababy918

    i luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvd it! i was so worried that new moon would be like twilight in the sense that it wud be too awkward with all of the lines from the book and that the special effects would be crap, but i was so amazed! it was awesome! not to mention taylor lautner looked absolutely UHMAZIN! true, i imagined the wolves much bigger but i'm totally fine with the way they look. i can tell already chris weitz did an amazing job! way better than catharine hardwicke! CANT WAIT TILL NOVEMBR 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXDDDDDD

  39. Maddy

    also jake's outfit changes- he goes from shirtless to wearing a shirt and shorts.

  40. Allison

    slow-mo FURSPOLSION? AWESOME!!!!! I love it! and I'm not even a Jacob fan! I'm a Taylor fan though…haha. :)

  41. Yen

    wow thanks for that. but i have a question maybe you could help me out.
    whats that about? i mean if ANYONE that should be alice, since she would see it coming.
    any reasoning on the matter?

    Btw, thankyou for the tips on bellas wardrobe. it cleared things out for me too

  42. Kalie

    Did anyone notice that you can totally see Bella's red thong as she's running? Why would she need to wear a thong w/ jeans?

  43. Kalie

    I think the transformation a.k.a. fursplosion looks great, BTW…I also noticed that no one but Edward reacts at all when Jasper attacks. What's up with that? Are they all too stunned? Aren't vampires supposed to have outstanding reflexes?

  44. James

    Look I am a guy and I really do love the books. But this trailer is a really big disappointment. Being one of the most anticipated movies going I was hoping they would actually put some money into the special effects. I have to hope that the Jacob werewolf transformation is not how it will look in the actual movie because to me it just looks like a big fake CGI wolf. To me how the werewolves were portrayed was going to be big for me and so far I am totally turned away from the movie. Could they not make them at least cool looking. Even a bit menacing. They dont have to be Underworld scary looking but something other than a big cuddly wolfy bear.

  45. melizsa

    I'm in love with twilight but i care more about how the stars feel in real life like rob doesn't like big crowds and i think that people need to understand that but then there are people who don't care they just want them (twilight crew).They loose their mind and then they go stupid and crazy and don't understand how these stars feel.I mean not being able to go out in public without being screamed at and piled on i mean would you want that?well if YOU do it doesn't mean that the stars of twilight do rob ,Kristen ,Stephanie ,the twilight crew i care how you feel about the fans do love to be in a crowed every time you step out a door or are you just plain tired of it? I love you guy , melizsa from Oregon

  46. melizsa

    you know what JAMES stop thinking about yourself ok their are others who actually lik e that big cuddly wolf that they made .And they aren't going to change it cause one person doesn't like it ,so you'll have to deal with it !

  47. melizsa

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are NOT dating !!!
    you stupid dumb fans need to stop saying rumors about stuff like that!!!
    Just 'cause they kissed in a movie doesn't mean that they are really dating!
    How do i know? WOW! You guys are dumb they have said it sooo many times so get it in you head!
    Rob and Kristen im sorry for what you guys go through you guy
    should contact me on hotmail.com ([email protected]) luv you both lots! MUAH!!

  48. melizsa

    well they probably knew edward would attack thats why they didn't!

  49. melizsa

    OMG! she was wearing a thong no way i didnt see that at all! LOL!

  50. #1 FAN OF *new moon*

    OMG!!! I lOvE eDwArD cUlLeN BuT i LoVe JaCoB bLaCk ThEy'Re BoTh So hOt BuT iT wAs So CoOl wHeN jAcOb BlAcK tUrNeD iNtO A WoLf AnD yOu cAn sEe HiS ClOtHeS sHrEdEd eVeRyWhErE………………… UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THEY ARE BOTH SO *HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT*

  51. #1 FAN OF *new moon*

    plz plz plz plz plz more shirtless jacob in the movie *fingers crossed*

  52. Kate James

    Is it not because Edward reads Jaspers mind so he knows earlier than the others what Jasper is gonna do. And i know u say that vampires are meant to have outstanding reflexes n stuff but u have to remember that Jasper is the fastest out of all of them.


    OMG!!! i love MY Edward i wish i were there with him.

  54. cheesey skittles

    if u pause it at 0:05 omg its the best picture ive ever seen in my entire life i could stare at it 4 ever hes so way more than cute u should gte what im sayin but yah i cant wait 4 new moon i will die if i dont see it when it first comes out seriosly om not kiddin

  55. sveta

    what happens when bellas clothes “magically change” is that the part with jake is somewhere else in the movie because thats why she screams “jake no dont.” in the field with laurent jake doesnt change, he appears out of the woods in his wolf form. the part where jake changes on front of her, she already knows that hes a werewolf/ “shapeshifter” ( haha some BD humor there, kaleb youll get it later when you get towards the end of BD)

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  59. VAMP


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  61. Selina

    It is just a teaser trailer….the scene where bella shouts jake run is actually where she is running from paul! just different scenes put together cuz they look good! bella cant just run from the meadow tot jake's house in a sec just like a vampire!!! 😛

  62. justremember

    honestly me too. i noticed that while i was watching the trailer on MTV…i didnt expect jacob to look so dog like though. wolves tend to have longer faces (noses?) and i certainly agree with your description of his color wendilynn. however, it does look muchhh better than twilight. god, twilight was a joke. i hope the sunlight bit actually looks like diamonds in the sun instead of static on a tv.

  63. VAMP

    i know they need 2 WHAT 4 that [bella bing a vampire ] untill DRAKING DAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;]♥

  64. VAMP


  65. Abby

    Hello. I Loved Twilight. I think they did a great job with all descriptions…However, I am on board with all the people who aren't too keen on Jake's transition….He IS supposed to be as big as a horse, almost 7 feet tall, and bear-like. I envisioned a cross between Professor Lupen and Serious Black in Harry Potter the Prisioner of Azkaban. (Can't spell, sorry). This is such a critical piece to get right, not only for the fans but it sets the standard for the remaining movies, which won't be directed by this person. I don't know, I will watch them all no matter what…I just hoped they would at least stick to the descriptions of the key parts of the story….

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  69. carrie

    i definitely thought the wolves would be bigger because bella mentions his “enormous” head and things like that, i just pictured them looking like normal wolves, but huge. Because she describes them as being really big and looking up at their heads sort of thing. mind you, from the frame they show you cant tell exactly how big the wolves are because he doesnt have a human standing right next to him to compare or anything.

    anyway, from the trailer this movie already looks heaps better than twilight (not that i dont like twilight) but the cinematography looks better in this one, and hopefully the storyline will flow a little more.. i think if you havent read twilight there are a lot of things you can miss in the movie that are just little things you know bella's thinking because she says it in the book, but they might not make it obvious in the movie,etc

    cant wait for new moon to come out!

  70. Shalena

    The screenwriter for Twilight is going to be the same for New Moon too. Her name is Melissa Rosenberg.

  71. "B"

    um i may be wrong but doesnt the book say that bella reached down to touch jacobs fur in the book when laurent was trying to attack her….that would be kinda impossible if the wolves are 6 ft on all fours….i think ur confusing the wolves height with the height of the characters when not in wolf form…and considering that they are wolves….the wolf in the trailer actually is big for a wolf…plus when reading the book you have to remember this is all from bellas point of view and she is a teenager in high school (and most teenagers in high school exaggerate about everything when telling a story). so when you read the book think of it more as a friend telling you this story whos perspective is prolly going to be a little different than yours and exagerrated to make the story sound better. and one last thing lets not forget the budget for the movie….they may not have the funds to make everything perfect and when transferring a book to movie stuff is going to change so depending on budget, directors perspective of the book, and the actors and actresses its never going to be exactly like the book. the movie can never be perfect for everyone cause no one pictures the book the same way so its really just about taking the book and using it as a guide lines to have the movie should be and getting it as close to that as you can and still keeping it a decent length for a movie…. who wants to sit in a theater for 6 hours why every little detail of the book is explained…..twilight wasnt very good because it lacked a fantasy director and the funds to make it what it needed to be so lets not get all picky about the size of the wolves or the height of the characters or your going to be setting yourself up for disapointment and a this idea of a movie thats never going to get satisfied because u were expecting a book not a movie


    ugh im horrible…. i think im addicted!!! To twilight i mean!! Edward is just so… god like but Jacob is like a guy that u actually believe ( other than the werewolf) that is real!! I really dont know… maybe its that u cant have Edward and Jacob is SUPER cute?? Rob really isnt that cute i think its cuz we cant have him is why we like him so much… YA KNOW??!!


    O by the way…haha I LOVE TWILIGHT!!

  74. aaaaaaa

    I hate how they always cut stuff from movies cause its always the most important deatials.

  75. Maddie

    I also tried to get the size right in my imagination for the wolves. It was a really weird description of the wolves I didnt understand, were they suppose to be taller then the people or at least up to their stomach? Im glad they made it simple and went for a basic size, maybe a but bigger. I just hope Stephanie releases a sketch of how tall they were suppose to be

  76. KiArNa

    that was the worst comment back ever, u suck

  77. KiArNa

    *cough* spaz attack *cough* seriously i agree with james but i still think i'll love the movie but about the wolf thing, too cuddly and well small compared to how they were described in the book. and i thought he should be a more reddy colour…

  78. Jesse Bolte

    Her clothes did change dumbass.

  79. Twilight_Lover_Anna

    Well ..yeah ..I love the movie ..but in the movie like you said, Jacob doesn't look like I expected .. ..anyway …i'm waiting for the movie:)

  80. courtney_os

    my own personal brand of heroin seemed sorta loke he was trying mot to laugh [sidebar: i would laugh out loud if i had to say that] but it also seemed pained…

  81. Name

    the only reason Becca's clothes change is because they're two different scenes merged together.
    and, if you look closely at Bella, you can see her red thong. lol.
    and, I think Jacob is supposed to be a lot bigger.
    but, I loved the way he changed.
    I can't wait until the movie.
    only a little less than 4 months!!

  82. louieandmax

    ugh! i hate harry potter! they made twilight delay the new moon debut 4 months later!

  83. evy

    i hope new moon sticks to the book more than twilight did because twilight was a huge disapointment, like for example, bella tells edward she knows he's a vampire in the car after eating, and the movie screwed it up and changed the location to the forest and then after that everything was completely mixed up! i also hope they stick to as many little details as they possibly can, because come on, everyone knows harry potter is one of the most accurate movies and i think the twilight movies have to be good because IT IS BASED ON A REALLY GOOD BOOK after all, and i think the movie should be made as almost as good as the book.

  84. tokyokerry

    honestly i imagined it similarly, but I just thought of them as oversized wolves and i imagined jacob to be just a sholder behind sam and to his right.. cuz ya know he's the rightful pack leader.

  85. twilightluver22

    i pictured the wolves the same too….like bears but with with werewolves face and tail……but as long as its better than twilight…..it bothered me how in the book kristen is kinda snobby on some of her remarks and comments…..but in the movie just kind of stuttered and flinched alot…..that really bothered me…..but i absolutely loveeeee kristen. she is awesome. so i hope she can really get into chracter for the rest of the movies…..and this would probably help her like it helped laurent (idk his actuall name .lol.) but he read the books when he got cast in the movie and he was amazing because he knew how his character was supposed to act…….and ya the blue tint to the movie twilight…..bothered me…and how bella had a cell in the movie (but not in the book) ugh cuz now its gunna be wierd if they dont give her phone cuz she had one in twilight….but if they give her one in eclipse she wont forget edwards phone……and ya just those little cell phone moements……lol….but ya i really liked the movie no matter what….

  86. taylorsminebitches

    oh my god i'm the same with the real and the CG x]

  87. Kainoa

    I would have to agree with you on the fact that Kristen did sound weird, she also did what I like to call the “Swallow and Stutter” bit. She did it a lot in the movie where she swallow her saliva, and stutter as she got through her lines, it got a little old and tired out really.

  88. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    actually, when bella is being attacked by laurent she jumps back from jacob. also, bella is not what i would describe as “most teenagers in high school”. and plus, this isnt a friend, it is a book, and if Stephenie said they were six feet high on all fours, then that means they are. books dont exaggerate unless they note that it is an exaggeration. if you're figuring that every book in the point of view of a high schooler is going to be exaggerated, you may have some proportions wrong.

  89. PassiveEmoNess

    plus if remember jake was fully dressed when he and paul fought…remember???? Im so smart:)

  90. gabbyjohnstone

    They were totally suppose to be huge! Jacob isn't that big at all. I just don't understand. But yes I hope that this movie pan's out better than Twilight because all the books were great, but the movie wasn't what I expected.

  91. Destiny

    i am so in love with twilight and new moon. I am excited to see eclipse and breaking dawn!!!!!! There's no way I'll miss them!!!!!!

  92. :) :)

    the trailer shows 2 different scenes. You can tell, because in the book when laurent attacks bella jacob and the pack are already there, when jacob transforms into a werewolf in front of bella, it is because paul had already phased and was angry that jacob had told bella their secret. Everyone who has read the book should know that

  93. :) :)

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