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Bella and Edward stand beside Bella’s truck in Forks, WA


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  1. Sarah

    Edward doesn't look really pale in this picture.

  2. Tracy

    I'm So Proud Of you Reading the Books and What Not

  3. Andrea

    Looks very good. I wish they didn't show as many vital parts of the movie as they did in the trailer tho.
    But I'm still gonna pre-order tickets to see the first screening!! :)

  4. Amanda

    I just hope Kristen shows a little more emotion in this movie than the last. Then again, this time she has an excuse for it, since Bella is like a walking zombie for part of the book. I can't wait for the movie though!

  5. Emily

    Heh, Rob looks nice here. His hair isn't so…. big and orange ^_^

  6. Alexi

    This still really captures the moment in the book: the sudden unsure feelings, the awkward silence, the fear of what might be coming. I just really hope Kristen can pull off the depth of Bella's despair in this movie. Please don't let her screw up!!!!

  7. Braty


  8. Braty


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