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Edward and Rosalie


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  1. decemberromance

    *Sad Face* Alas I have no sympathy for him cause he's about to leave Bella. Idiot.

    Oh, and I think Rosalie's hair looks AMAZING.

  2. Anna_Loves_TWILIGHT

    He looks like he's about to cry! His eyes are red.

  3. Sarah

    OMG! i agree with the people's coments above mine. He looks like he's hurt (not really hurt like he was hit by a truck or something…)
    Actually, in the book, Bella said Edward looks like he's thirsty when Bella's blood “pours” out. (Sorry if my grammer is bad, or even spelling)

  4. AliceCullen

    Gak i hate roalie she can die for all i care!

    Nikki Reed Is an awsome Rosalie tho! i can see her getting mad xD

  5. Alexi

    Rob is gonna do great in this movie, I can just tell. You can see so much with just this one look–he looks sad and regretful and angry at himself, classic Edward. I just hope that Kristen can pull off the epic sadness Edward (Rob)'s leaving causes her. She'd do well to, er, NOT. SCREW. THIS. UP.

  6. Chloe

    totally agree with sarah they left out alot of things the book is better

  7. lucie_cullen

    I have to be perfectly honest…HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!!! Lol. Like he looks like he's wearing lipstick and eye make-up. But, other than that, he has a DEEP expression. LOVE IT!!! I can tell this movie is going to be very deep and emotional…. So bring tissues, tissues, and more tissues…. there will probably be truck-loads of big gallon-sized tubs filled with fans' tears. CANT WAIT FOR 11.20.09…. WOO HOO!!! 😀 <3

  8. evy

    their skin looks pink rather than pale and his lips do look funny but i love how you can feel the emotion on his face!

  9. brittneyLuvzJasper

    I don't know but Rose kind of reminds me of victoria in the ending scene in twilight…all she needs is red hair. And Edward looks Ah-Mazing. No one else could've pulled this part better than him.

  10. Bree_cullen

    Dont cry my edward 😛 you had to do what you had to do
    Smile that very hot smile 😀 you saved her

  11. Bree_cullen

    Dont cry my edward 😛 you had to do what you had to do
    Smile that very hot smile 😀 you saved her

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