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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 15 (Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock)

June 10th, 2009 at 8:04 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Rebirthing by Skillet

After being greatly amused that it is considered national news when Stephenie closed her Myspace* I have come to the conclusion that the entertainment industry at large will now report on any and all stories that contain the words Twilight, Stephenie, Meyer, Robert, or Pattinson. I figure if I drop those words into one of my posts enough times, I will come up on the Entertainment editors’ Google alerts and get featured.

The title of this chapter has led me to believe it is about one of two things, each of the Ticking and Tocking variety and both featured in the following illustration:


Though, I assume the Ticking and Tocking has more to do with Bella’s child’s impending birth. This whole pregnancy for Bella is going by awfully fast, and it makes me wonder if she is even ready for what is about to happen. Edward is in total disarray, Jacob doesn’t even know how to feel anymore, and for the past uncountable days the entire Cullen household has either been sitting beside Bella, behind the couch, upstairs or in hiding. I honestly don’t know what to expect either. With all the intensity surrounding this child, and the mystery of what form it will actually take, Bella and Edward’s lives will never be the same again, and even more so changed than any normal couple’s lives would be.

I have wondered for a long time exactly how Bella will break the news to her dad that she has turned into a vampire. I have tried to imagine how this might go down if I was to try to let this secret out:

ME: Hi! Guess what! I’m a VAMP’R!

FAMILY MEMBER [wielding crucifix]: SPAWN OF SATAN! Go back to the Shadow!

But honestly, it’s going to be very hard on Charlie whatever happens. If Bella finds some way to lie out of it, what is she going to do then? Stay out of the country for the next 40 or so years until her parents die? That would just be horrible. It leads into the question that many people (unfortunately, most commonly those who are in the Twilight haters community) have voiced about Bella and Edward: is Bella ready to give up everything and everyone she has ever known, just for Edward? Love and butterflies aside, is that a healthy relationship?

I can see the Team Jacob people giving a bit of a cheer here, because we all know if Bella had chosen Jacob, she wouldn’t have to lose anyone, and she would be able to continue her life as a human, and have children and friends and family. In that sense, it would be much easier — but would it really be better? Romeo and Juliet had to die to be together — Edward and Bella must live forever to be together. Do we consider Romeo and Juliet’s love any less tarnished than Bella and Edward’s, even though the latter isn’t exactly (technically) suicidal?


I always found it oddly interesting how blood is actually provided to doctors for their medical use. According to Seth, since Carlisle is a doctor, he can actually go somewhere and buy blood. What sort of a job is that? Who actually signs up to be a blood salesman? How do you sell blood? Are there specials and prices and different levels of how pure a blood is for each doctor? What about Frequent Customer Appreciation Plans or coupons like Buy-1-Pint-Get-Another-Pint-Free? I am thinking this out way too much…


QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think that Bella has carefully weighed what will happen, or is she blinded by love and forgetting all the consequences of becoming a vampire?


*actually, not so laughable: Stephenie had more friends than Lindsay Lohan

– This week’s a busy one (we’re getting ready to close on my book, so I have to do lots of finalizing things!). This is why my posts are shorter and farther between.

– I’m announcing the Summer School In Forks contest winner very soon. They’ll be contacted by email too.

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108 Responses

  1. Jenny


  2. Jenny


  3. Lily

    I think Bella has kind of contemplated what it would mean for her to become a vampire, but she's not willing to face the right thing to do. And no one is making her, because she's too frail and pregnant and being chased by killer vampires throughout the series to actually make her see sense. But the rate of the pregnancy is really making her think about it, and she's making every effort she can make to have the end result coincide with what she wants to happen.

  4. Lacey

    wow, one of the first 3. From what I read, that's a cool thing. yay!

  5. Judith

    In my opinion, I don't think Bella has forgotten about the consequences but I do think she is blinded by love. Obviously, a lot is going to have to change once she becomes a vampire but her love for Edward is so strong that the idea of being with Edward for the rest of their lives outweighs the troubles that will come with it.

    p.s. Good song! It was the first Skillet song I ever heard and I still love it.

  6. Krystina

    I think that at the end of Twilight Bella was not ready to be changed. At that point in time, she had not thought it through and she was blinded by her love for Edward. After Eclipse, I believe that Bella had finally thought everything through and had made her decision. So no, Bella has thought about the consequences, and she has made her decision.

  7. Lacey

    I love Skillet. Good Song!

    I think Bella is a little blinded by love, but after all they have gone through she's had time to see the consequences. I've thought about if I would make the same decision as she did. it's a hard choice. I think I have a different hold up than she encounters. My relationship with God and my spirituality is really important. Bella's character doesn't really have that realm to her, so that isn't there to hold her up.

    If I had to make a choice…God would come first.

  8. Autumn

    Love your nod to Lord of the Rings. Bella thinks that she's thought it all through, but she hasn't completely because Edward comes before everyone else in her mind. But I think all the people who say she's not in a healthy relationship with Edward need to stop being so critical. It may be unhealthy, but they are happy together and always will be, so let them be.

  9. Vi | Maximizing Utility

    Honestly, I don't think that Bella has carefully weighed the pros and cons of becoming a vampire. Although in Eclipse she clearly saw both sides, I think now, she doesn't seem to see. But still, she's human and I'm sure most of us have made some stupid (not carefully thought out) decisions when in love.

  10. Monica

    True fact: The Red Cross and all those other organizations that collect blood donations actually SELL it to hospitals. On my honor. So it is, in fact, totally plausible for a vampire to buy a couple pints of blood.

    Oh, wait…

  11. Katie

    Bella is right to be changed. She loves him, she has the right. 😀 I donno if she's blinded or not though…lol

  12. KSDavis

    I'm not sure at age 19 that Bella is truly capable of thinking through the consequences of her actions. To the extent of her limited human experience I believe she has. But, she's never truly lost anyone to death herself (except possibly her grandparents) and her family isn't exactly close knit. Charlie is very attached to Bella, but very much in his own world and her mother just sort of floats through life, easily distracted from things she doesn't want to examine too closely. Though she is pregnant at this point in the book, her track now is pretty much set. If she already had a child, her perspective might be different. Would she wish for Renesmee to be in her position and make the same decision? Would she be able to say goodbye to a child in order to become a vampire? At 19 it probably would have been easier for me to decide in favor of vampirism than it would be at 30-something. Of course, these are considerations she doesn't have to make and perhaps transforming at 19, she never really does see it from any other perspective.

  13. Emily

    I believe Bella is blinded by love. I do not blame her for that. The bond between Edward and Bella is so strong, it is impossible for either of them to think rationally. Edward is feeling emotions long since lost, and their newness along with the power due to his vampiric nature, has him over-thinking, while Bella's feminine naivite and human hormones and emotions running wild, she under-thinks. I doubt she really fully grasps the situation. How could anyone? How could any human fully understand immortality? Humans do not have the capability to wrap their heads around such concepts. How could she possibly understand giving up all she knows, when that is all she knows? She's never known such drastic changes, how could she possibly accurately imagine it?

    But I'm getting far too wordy. In short- I believe Bella is a bit blinded by both love and her own human shortcomings. Yet this isn't a bad thing.

    Bella and Edward are meant to be- their pull to each other is almost a vampiric version of imprinting. They simply must be together, and rational thoughts and comprehensions fall by the wayside in favor of doing everything in their power to be together forever.

  14. Becca

    First of all, I just want to say, YAY, A POST!

    And, I just want to say, I LOVE the way that they tell Charlie. I'm not going to spoil it, but it's nothing that I could have imagined. You're going to love it…I think.

    So glad you didn't get blown away in the tornado!

  15. tina

    I agree that you have the option at 19 to change and leave life behind. An option that wouldn't be the same if you were older.

    I do think Bella has considered her options, but how can you ever really be prepared for immortality? The pregnancy negates her choice now. Makes Edward's decision for him. It's transformation or death for Bella when the baby is born. Good thing she was already of that mindset!!

  16. sarclark

    bella has thought about what will happen if she became a vampire because if you recall in eclipse when she is deciding between edward and jacob she looks at both outcomes and decides that she loves edward and she will give up everything for him or she will see if she can work something out so she can see charlie. :) so dont judge bella just because you forgot what happened in the other 3 books. lol :)

  17. g

    Actually in the book i'm reading the chronicles of vladimir tod, a character who is a nurse will actually steal bags of blood because after a certain point in time, it becomes useless to humans or “expired” but its perfectly ok for vampires. I don't have any real medical knowledge, i'm just saying what i read in the story.

  18. Sofia

    Ok let's remind ourselves that Bella is ninteen, pregnant, and madly in love with Edward. She's probably blinded by the love she feels for Edward and the now coming child, that she hasn't put in thought that being a vampire means leaving for months or eating Charlie. She tells Edward several times in the three other books in the series that she in fact knows that she has to leave everyone she loves when she becomes a vampire, that she is ready for that. But now with the child on the way, and her love for Edward even stronger after their marriage she totally mis leads herself into thinking that everything will turn out fine in the end. By the way I think you'll love the Charlie part, I think it was very well written. 😛

  19. gabriela


  20. Kizmet

    kudos for the lord of the rings reference! =)

  21. Chicagotwilightmom

    Before modern forms of transportation and communication…. When you married, you left everything, your family and friends to be with your spouse. And if your spouse chose to be a nomad or pioneer or just move about 500 miles away. You never saw your parents, in-laws or others ever again. So its not surprise that Bella can do that. Biblically speaking your suppose to leave those other families behind and start fresh with your spouse. However in our modern era, we have no excuse to turn completely away from those other families. Modern communication and transporation devices allow us to visit, talk, see one another without have to severn ties or burn bridges even if we are half way around the world. We are able to maintain some form of contact. Bella, has resigned her self to give up everthing and she has not thought it through so when the time comes she'll have some choices. But if she has to she can leave it all behind Edward is her other half.

    As for Bella,

  22. Brianna

    Bella knows she can't live without Edward and she is ready to take what comes along with that. Speaking from experience, sometimes its totally worth it to give up everything you have for just one person! Having a huge amount of happiness with areas of sadness is better than having a huge hole of sadness with areas of happiness.

  23. Victoria

    LMAO! Kaleb, that last part with the blood selling was hilarious!!! I had to laugh!
    You know, I reallllly hate Breaking Dawn after the honeymoon! I know that at this point, there is no way Bella can survive and is fatefully going to be turned into a vampire. I don't like that she doesn't really care much about her REAL family anf friends. It seems like the Cullens fill that in her. She needs to think about Charlie and Renne! I'm not really sure how healythy their relationship is anymore. I mean, I know they are married, but idk…it's just weird for me…This love has blinded her so much. She's completely obsessed with Edward and vice versa.

    Oh, and I have to say, I love what Lacey said! (6th comment) That is so true!

  24. such a tween

    Buy one get one free from the Blood Bank of America… This is the hardest I have ever laughed at one of your columns. I will never see that bank's sign again without thinking of this picture! thanks for making my day!

  25. ancha85

    I think Bella has thought about the consequences, and worries about them, but her love for Edward overshadows them all.

    I also think a lot of it has to do with Bella being a teenager.
    MOST teenagers attitudes' are –

    “Dang, this is a difficult situation! But, you know what, everything has worked out in my life so far, so I'm sure this will be fine, too.”

    Teens think that they are pretty much invinible and all the bad stuff may happen to other people, but not to them personally. I remember feeling this way, my two sons feel this way a lot, and many, many young people I have worked with also have this same attitude.

    Most of the time, they are right and things work out for the bests.

    It is very sad, however, when a teen makes a snap decision without thinking it all the way through, or decide to do something that they know could 'cause them big problems later. Too many young people end up alone trying to live an adult life they are not ready for, in jail, or dead.

    I always say that if they can make it to from 14 to 25 they'll be OK, but they are taking a risk in those years. That's why it is so important that they have a mature adult to help them when they need it.

    Bella thinks that no matter what, things are going to work out for the best.
    She doesn't really believe that she'll have to stay away from Charlie, Jacob and Renee for too long, maybe a few years.She hasn't lived long enough to consider that anything else is possible.

    Bella believes that everything with the baby will turn out perfectly fine, even though everyone else is so scared for her. Bella is a teenager. She can't imagine anything truly going wrong in her life.

    Edward, however, has and it shows. He is a vampire turned into a worry zombie, poor guy. Even Jake feels bad for him.

  26. Bonnie

    Kaleb, I love your take on stuff. Thanks, thanks, thanks, for continuing to post chapter updates! As far as has she carefully weighed what will happen… how much can/does anyone do that. I think even people who “date” someone for ten years before marrying them are surprised at the challenges of marriage, and really it boils down to learning to live a new life. That's the choice. All the way thought through? Nope. But I don't blame her for that. Can she LIVE with the choice? Different (better?) question.

  27. Heather E.

    Yeah. She was totally blinded by love. But that was a good thing, right?
    At the same time, though, I think she was very well prepared. She knew what becoming a vampire entailed. She made her decision–one where there's no going back. Plus, she had Edward. It's always a good choice when Edward is involved… LOL!
    It's late. I'm tired. That's my answer to the question for the comments…

  28. Marie

    i think she knows what shes doing, she thought hard about becoming a vampire and to her this is the perfect way to do it. but i dont think she knows how much shes really hurting edward, this is killing him inside and although he trys to hide it you can tell. they would do anything for each other because thats how strong their love is, i truee Romeo and Juliet story

  29. Isabella Raymond

    check out:

  30. J

    I, for one, have never understood why so many people hold up the example of Romeo and Juliet as the epitome of romantic love. Sure, practically everyone is against the match and they (sort of) end up together. But I see that play as more of a mockery. Romeo was supposed to be in love with another chick, then he sees Juliet at a party he crashes and after very little conversation he is so fully in love with her that he literally can't live without her? Sheesh. Romeo and Juliet were impetuous and didn't take the time to see what love was really about. They didn't think anything through. And they were cowardly. They could have moved far far away or just faced up to their families instead of hiding and sneaking around.
    What Edward and Bella have if far more substantial. Sure, there are unhealthy elements to the relationship, and far more sacrifice is required than in most marriages, but they didn't come to their decisions in 5 minutes.

  31. Steph

    I loathe you, Kaleb. You and your damn updating habits! It was midday over here. I mean, come on! I don't even use the school computers, let alone use them to look up Twilight Guy.

    You know, my cousin and I had a conversation about Bella and Edward's relationship via email. She lives a good 12 hour drive away from me, you see. Anyway, she stopped reading the series sometime in New Moon because… Well, I can't remember her reason. I think she said it was trashy. Twilight was brought up, as well as Hannah Montana at some point, so it went something like this:

    Cousin: heyy that sounds cool… apart from the fact that i hate Twilight =P

    Me: How can you hate Twilight? Did you see the movie, even? And then the books are so much better than the movie. It's like a smaller scale Harry Potter. Except it's not as good. Ahahaha.

    Cousin: i hate it with a passion. and no i havent seen the movie. i've heard it's really bad acting though buh i wouldnt know cos i havent seen it…

    Me: You hate it with a passion, despite having never seen the movie or read an entire book. Uh huh. That's… logical.

    *This was in response to something about Hannah Montana, FYI* Hannah Montana can die for all I care. And I mean that quite literally. She's single handedly lowering the standards for children's television.

    Cousin: nah i've read one and a half books (i stopped for a reason.. i hated them with a passion=P) and heard practically the whole plot… and i didnt watch the movie because i hated the books with a passion so i assumed i'd hate the movie with a passion too… and THAT'S logical right?

    while it's true that HAnnah MOntana has practically no intellectual value (“haha, you said do-do!”…. i said that to my teacher XD) i think it makes a nice light hearted break from reality. and i would MUCH rather 11 yr old girls obsess over HAnnah Montana than Twilight. much, much MUCH rather. at least Hannah montana doesn't try to kill herself.

    Me: You read one and a half? So you started on New Moon? How could you not wanna read more? What is it that you hate about them?

    Oh, you are kidding me. I suppose you're referring to Edward there? At least it faces real world issues. You can't pretend suicide isn't real. Besides, I never said 11 year olds should read Twilight. The Young Adult rating is somewhat of an indication of the intended audience. It's definitely not for anyone under 13.

    Cousin: because it was just a complete waste of time.. I don't like the writing style, the morals contained, or the themes. A lot of the time it's mushy, trashy and just over the top.

    i didn't say you said it either =) but the fact remains preteens emulate teen trends, and Twilight has become a teen trend… so naturally they have become obsessed with Twilight too.

    and i recognise that suicide is a real issue… but putting it in this setting almost glamourises it, making it seem like something romantic (eg “i can't live without you blah blah blah mush mush mush”)

    Me: Ahaha. You called Twilight trashy! What does that make High School Musical? Not over the top at all, right? And what's wrong with the “morals”? Who even cares about morals, anyway? Do you think people sit down to read Harry Potter and go, “I dunno about some of these ideals the Death Eaters have.” Ahahah.

    I loathe preteens. Besides, that's their own fault. It is a genuinely good book series, even if there are elements which don't suit everyone. Some people take it too far, and they're to blame for that. I'm so sick of the prejudice people have against the Twilight fandom because of a few weirdos.

    Well, Twilight is first and foremost a romance. Of course it's romanticized. Meyer's not going to turn it into a hardcore book that faces real life issues head on. That's the whole point. It's like a worse version of Romeo and Juliet. Nobody goes to Shakespeare and says, “You romanticized suicide because they died for their love!”

    Cousin: well like I said it's all a matter of personal opinions and yes I do call Twilight trashy because I don't think it's suitable for me to read and yeh. but yeh its just a personal thing and everyone's entitled to their own opinion =]

    well i for one am not prejudiced… I've read twilight for myself and made up my own mind… and I happen to disagree with the whole “good series” thing buh yeh that's me =P plus i think it's badly written in many places =] for a best-seller anyway..

    actually yes I hate how Shakespeare did that I don't find it romantic at all. when we had to make an appropriation of it for school i asked my teacher if they had to commit suicide in it and she said yes… buh I just didn't and i wrote all these reasons why it wasn't romantic/good and I got a really good mark haha

    Me: Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But anyone whose opinion differs from mine is stupid. 😀

    Well, obviously it's not fantastically written. Not that that's ever mattered with a romance. However, I think that Stephenie Meyer did well, considering it was her first time writing something.

    Shakespeare wrote masterpieces. Quite clearly, I'm not going to go commit suicide over someone, but the idea of being so invested in that person and your relationship that you would have to do that is the entire point. It wouldn't be particularly amazing if one died so the other decided to move on with their life.

    Cousin: thats not real love. that's… obsession and self-absorption in a way.

    Me: Exactly. Obsession. That's what everyone secretly wants. That's their idea of real love. They want someone to be so obsessed with them, so “in love” with them, that they'd die for them.

    Cousin: i don't like obsession though.. it becomes too complicated and restrictive and jealous

    Yeah, then the argument kind of trailed off. These emails happened over a period of 6 weeks, so we were understandably both a little sick of it.

    Bella isn't stupid, but yes. She's acting like a total idiot. It's just what happens, I guess. *shrugs*

    Hm. That was kind of long, huh? Ah well. Have fun reading it. 😀

  32. Heather

    We only think it is the “healthy” thing to do because society since the beginning of time has enforced on us the normalcy and requirement that we must get married at a young age and have lots of babies and that is our requirement in life. If anyone does differently, it is looked down upon. Sure Bella is going to give up family and babies, but Edward and Bella's love (in my opinion) is such a beautiful thing that it does take a lot of sacrificing to be able to keep a love like that. And those who use the whole God and religion point in their arguments, the Bible stresses love love love, it doesn't stress babies babies babies near as much. With babies comes love, yes, but love is the main point. The fact that Bella gets both kinds of love, soulmate and child, will take a lot of sacrificing (which she is going through right now).

    (That might have been a total ramble, so sorry if it is. It is very late)

  33. antoinette

    wel I think she had seen so much what it mean to be a vampire. She knows the stories, she had expericiense what it would mean. Besides that they can not live without eachother. She know if she dies, Edward would die and though it is hurting Edward now by thought of turning Bella. Bella is wel aware of that and thought would hurt her. So in the end it is for the best.
    Bella is always in a way a different teenager then normal teenager. In matter in fact. I think when is was born, she already been born to be a vampire, because of her pale skin, the sensitivity of blood( she smels blood, accoording to Edward a human couldn't). Not relating to people her age or people period( Twilight) and her lack of balance(like she is walking in slowmotion that is more diffecult to hold your belance. (remember vampire speed)

    so even if didn;t think it al the way true she never could change her dicision.

    But I will admit she have not overseen the consequence by having this child, what it would mean in the vampire world.

  34. Tara.Seanan

    Keep reading, you'll get it… 😀

    Oh, hey, awesome people. If you have facebook, you can come talk to me. I don't bite. 😛 name: Sarah McCall. Email is the same as my user name on here.

  35. dace

    you finally got to the point in the series which ruined my view of the author. i know, flame time for me, but i just thought the saga all went downhill fast from this point on. if this is a spoiler, take it down but now the vampire plot tuns into an Xmen comic.

    i know i'm being harsh, but i'm positive you all know what i mean.

  36. Amanda

    I was thinking about the coment 'is Bella ready to give up everything and everyone she has ever known, just for Edward? Love and butterflies aside, is that a healthy relationship?' Many women used to get sent away for marriages, some of them loveless marriages, and they may have been sent so far they would never return home or see their family again. People still move away from their families and friend with their spouse, it's just that traving is easier now.

  37. ciociaa

    I really dont think thats Bella has put much thought about what she is going to do, this is taring me up to say thi but maybe she should of stayed with Jacob. As an EDWARD fan i truly beleive that she is not ready, and does not know what she is giving up.

  38. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Actually you can sell your blood… or you could in older days anyway. I have a friend, and her family was poor (well not VERY poor, but anyways) when she was young. So she selled her blood… yeah, that's horrible.
    Ok, the answer for your question: Bella really had thought it trough. Well, she's the adult one. And doesn't matter how hard the decision(?) is, she often chooses right, or something near that.

  39. Sakura

    Hmm…. I forgot what happened in this chapter and I'm afraid to open the book since I just might forget that I'm in the middle of the exams and start reading the book again…. (Not a good idea to write about Vampire molecular structure during my Chemistry exam XD )

    To answer your question, If this was back in New Moon or Twilight then I would've said No but now that we're past Eclipse, We've seen that Bella realised that she has a 'better' choice. Once she realised that she was in love with Jacob she knew that she could have the 'normal' life. She knows the consequences of becoming a vampire and she has chosen to become one despite knowing all of this. We knew that it was a tough choice for her, it was manifested through her illusion of those two kids running away from her towards Eclipse. It maybe something that she decided over night but it's a decision where she has weighed out all her options. So with that in mind, I do think that it is a healthy relationship because she's not completely blinded by love.

    Besides, even if she did decide to stay human just a little longer, in the end, she will still become a vampire. Unless Edward leaves her again, (though, I'd say she'll be broken beyond repair if that happens and even Jacob won't be able to 'fix' her) she's going to choose Edward over Jacob again and again. She knows that she can't live without Edward. Therefore, if she did choose to stay as human, it's going to be the same as Romeo and Juliet. They both die at the end, cause as we've seen in New Moon, once Edward thought that Bella was dead, he went to Volterra faster than you can say “Quidditch” (sorry had to lighten the mood a bit XD ).

  40. Rachel

    After Bella realised and finally admitted she was in love with Jacob (i hate jacob) she fully understood every thing she was goin to be givin up in order to spend eternity with Edward. Bella knew she cud of had everything she ever wanted with Jacob and she wud of loved him and he wud of loved her n they wud get married have kids Charlie n every1 wud be thrilled n her life wud be almost perfect. So did she make the right decision? Of Course she did even tho she loved Jacob it was nothing compared to what she felt 4 Edward. Edward was her soulmate (weather vampires have souls or not i think they do :D) her other half, they were the reason 4 each others existence. What Bella felt for Edward was more than love it could possibly be stronger (or equal to) imprinting. Like she sed after she told Jacob it didnt matter that she loved him, that pain was not as bad as when Edward left her.

    I cannot wait 4 Kaleb 2 finish the book im dying to jus blurt out everything that happens but i wont :( it'll ruin the surprise but i kinda dont want him to finish the book because then i wont b able to read his hilarious thoughts and opinions on the book :(

    omg the buyin the blood thing(in Kalebs post) was sooooooooooooooooo funni i had tears in my eyes!!

  41. Twilight Teacher (Erin)

    I just wanted to thank you for the LOTR reference……it's been WAY too long since I watched them all and have decided to spend my day doing exactly that (yay for summer break for teachers!).

    Then I'm going to put in season 6 of Star Trek: Next Generation (I have the whole series on DVD) and waste away my life in front of the tube. I am SUCH a nerd.

  42. Stephanie

    I think she thought it through but neither Bella or Edward thought that having a child was possible so that part is new, to their thoughts. As far as Charlie is conserned I think throughout the first part Bella just wanted her family to no she was happy without knowing anything else.

  43. Paige

    Oh Kaleb, you crack me up! I loved that “you shall not pass” youtube video! LOL!
    Bella has decided long ago she wants to be a vampire. It was agreed she would be changed after she married Edward. But she is pretty crazy for wanting to go through with this pregnancy. She must be aware she could die, but she probably isn't aware of how odd her chances are of actually living. I should stop before I spoil anything. Trust me, something good comes out the pregnancy. Update soon! =)

  44. yessie

    HEY KALEB! I just thought maybe you should post the pictures from the italy scvene for new moon! where edward takes off his shirt and bella and him kiss (swoon!) lol

  45. Angelica

    YES, she knows what she is doing!
    YES, she has all the experience she needs to make that choice!
    Because by choosing vampire the doesn't loose the future with her parents, normal life and all that.
    You can't loose your future because you don't have it yet. She doesn't know exactly what she's giving up, but she doesn't really know what she's getting either. Young adults make that kind of choices all the time. Well, maybe not human/vampire, but compare it with staying with mom/moving and study in another country. You can't know for sure what you would not have by making that choise so you have to

  46. Angelica

    Ooops, sorry.
    CONTINUING: by making that choiCe so you have to choose blindly anyway. :) What if she had stayed human and died in a carcrash together with all her five children? You can never know the future for sure, so it is pretty hard to give up..

  47. twilightaholic

    I think Eclipse is proof that she has thought everything through.
    In Eclipse, she had to reconsider everything. She reconsidered being a vampire, reconsidered giving everything up, reconsidered Jacob vs. Edward.

    But in the end, I don't truly believe she was “blinded” by love. I think that love made her vision quite clear. She knew what she wanted, and she was willing to do anything to get there. She knows she can't live without Edward, she knows all that she needs in life–she was ready for it.

  48. Alexi

    Oh, Lawdy…… that's a very hard question.

    To answer it, I'm gonna put myself in Bella's shoes:

    Imagine if the love of my life was a vampire, and would live forever, while I wouldn't. That would be unbearable to me. Having someone so fast, strong, and beautiful tied to a human wouldn't feel right. I'd want to be a vampire too, so we could be together forever, instead of me always being the inferior. Any relationship counselor will tell you that you can't build a relationship based on inconsistency. Having a vampire and a human together would be one of the biggest inconsistencies you could ever have! On this perspective, I think that Bella is absolutely right in wanting to be like Edward.

    And I don't think she's blinded by love. She could still love him and stay human. She knew what she was giving up; you could tell this especially in Eclipse, where she was fighting about the decision for a long time. In Twilight, she wasn't ready. Now, at this point in her story, she's absolutely prepared. She could still have many of the benefits–she could still see Charlie occasionally, she could talk to Renee, she's already had a child so that part is done; plus aging and dying isn't really so cool. I think that at 19, choosing vampirism is the perfect thing to do–she's aged close to Edward, she can stay forever young, she has a daughter. Everything works; although having Charlie and Renee die will be hard on her.

    I also love the reference to Romeo and Juliet. It's nearly the exact same thing. E&B are choosing to live forever to be together; R&J died to be together. In both situations, the characters gave up everything they had for love. The only difference is that being a vampire, you'd have much cooler perks than being dead. =)

  49. Natty

    I don't think she's blind. After all, in this modern world of technology, it's perfectly possible to know someone and communicate with them without ever seeing them at all! And she has had three and a half books to think it over and decide… It's a very well-thought out decision by now.

  50. becky

    I don't think Bella was blinded by love, she really did weigh the options. She knew that she couldn't stand NOT being with Edward (as evidenced in New Moon) so I think she just focused on that. She knew what she was getting into. Plus, staying human wouldn't guarentee (totally spelled that wrong but i'm too tired to check) that she would see Charlie and Renee and have kids and whatnot- she could just as easily get a fatal disease or be in a car crash the day after deciding.

    Bella knows what she's doing, and what she's giving up, at this point.

  51. Fervt88

    “Romeo and Juliet had to die to be together — Edward and Bella must live forever to be together” I´ve never ever thought about his, is it indeed a very good example and and ironic thing actually, mainly because Bella and Edward would be both death… although vampires are funnier than zombies! and a lot more romantic too! ;D

  52. Clara

    Romeo and Juliet was a lust story not a love story.

    Just thought i'd point that out to you *winks*

  53. Ellie

    YES! Im SOOOO glad you picked Rebirthing by Skillet for this chapter Kaleb :) Skillet is my FAVORITE band! Sadly i wasnt here when you were doing the blogs for new moon (and the song probably wasnt out yet) but if i was there i would have recommended Comatose (full version of the abbreviated condition, Coma) by skillet, i think it best describes Bella's need for Edward to return. i LOVE it!

  54. Alison (harrysgreeneyes)

    Woohoo! Skillet!

    I really can't think of a way to answer the question without spoiling the rest of the book for you so… yea…

  55. xtonks

    First off, LMFAO @ the blood bank of America. Priceless.

    Second off, I waited so long for Bella to say this, and was quite disappointed when she never did:
    <object width=”425″ height=”344″><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/cGvAT8i8QYI&hl=en&fs=1″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”http://www.youtube.com/v/cGvAT8i8QYI&hl=en&fs=1″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”425″ height=”344″></embed></object>

    Thirdly, I think Bella is just blinded by love for anyone. She's so willing to put herself on the line, like she has no self-preservation instincts whatsoever. She knows the consequences, she's thought about them, but Edward is all she really has (aside from Jacob) and all she knows, so to her, he's worth it. It takes maturity to know that NO man, soul mate or not, is worth dying for. You may never get over it, but you can live with love lost. When you're dead, uhhhh? She feels like she doesn't have much of anything to lose, which she honestly doesn't, but wasn't thinking about the future she was giving up, too. Maybe it's just my 'Team Jacob'-ness talking, but being secluded from normal life, and only having like 8 people to talk to for an eternity? Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. For a little while, sure, but forever? No thanks. Love is great, but there's more to life than that.

  56. xtonks

    Rawr, of course, no HTML.

    Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGvAT8i8QYI

  57. Alexandria

    I think that Bella has thought everything through. She wasn't ready in twilight because she was blinded by love. She has changed alot from then to in breaking dawn. In Eclipse you could really tell that she was really thinking about her future. She has grown from making careless mistakes to where she just makes minor ones. When Edward proposed to Bella she thought everything through before she awnsered him. She thought through the dicision about her becoming a vampire more because she would have to die and give up lot of things that she loved to do it. Bella made the decision so that her family wouldn't be chased by vampires that wanted to could get to Bella.

  58. inzaratha

    I do think the whole thing goes by so fast they don't have time to really come to terms with it – but you know sometimes life is like that – sometimes death is like that – so in a way this is like the real decisions we all have to face. Things in life can change very fast.

  59. inzaratha

    If you choose not to decide – you still have made a choice.

  60. Crystal

    I think the family issue is why Stephanie wrote the whole Cullen family and not just Edward. Yes, Bella is giving up her whole life for Edward, but she's not getting just Edward in return, she's getting the entire Cullen family.

  61. sarclark

    hey guys if you havent already seen it there is an article about “vampirism” and it is seriously HILARIOUS! take it from me. i was shocked and laughing at the same time. check it out ->


  62. Shannon S.

    Funny you should mention the vampire secret, Kaleb. Truth is, Bella is gonna be forced to tell Charlie sooner then she would like. It's kinda funny, actually. 😀

    Also, Bella knows the consequences for her actions, but she believes that her life with Edward will outweigh anything that she has to give up. In my opinion, it's a bit messed up. Both Edward and Bella are blinded by love. Their entire relationship is a bit unhealthy. Then again, that's only my opinion. Can't wait to hear what you have to say when the POV goes back to Bella. ^_^

  63. Lizzie Hale

    Bella kind of thought about the consequences but is so blinded by the fact that her having Edward forever is so close that she doesnt really think about the stuff that sucks about beinga a vampire.(though there arent many) XD

  64. Mmary

    No comment for the question. I've answered it too many times, and am sick of it.

    I love Jacob's chapter titles, though! They're all hilarious!

  65. Lizzie Hale

    * BEING sorry

  66. Carrie

    Bella thought everything through in “Eclipse”. It's totally her choice to become a vampire. Edward didn't even want her to change and was willing to stay w/ her as long as she lived. I don't think it's true that everything would've been peachy if she had chosen Jacob. He's still a shapeshifting wolf. That's not normal. Plus, he never imprinted on Bella. How would she feel if she had chosen Jacob and he imprinted on someone else one day? He'd have to ditch her completely the way Sam ditched Leah. In any case, Bella never would've chosen Jacob because she knew all along that Edward was the one she was meant to be with.

  67. EDW

    The Red Cross, and local blood banks, do sell blood. But they do not make a profit on it. They are non-profit agencies. and sell it at value only to cover their own expenses for collecting, storing, testing and shipping the blood. Btw, it is unlikely that a doctor would deal directly with a blood bank. Hospitals and clinics have their own blood banks where the blood is stored, and they contact collecting agencies based on their needs. I always wondered how Carlisle managed to charm a blood bank employee into setting up a contract with him. It's a highly unlikely scenario. (Can you tell I worked in blood banking for three years?)

  68. Bailey Shoe

    I think what you're doing is really cool — just an fyi, not EVERY girl is obsessed with Twilight. Some of us read it and hate it (and this comment is purely self-referential). It's admirable that you're giving the books a legitimate chance, though, as opposed to just writing them off like so many guys do. I have a lot of respect for you in that.

  69. Madeleine

    That is true. But don't forget, in Eclipse she also said she never really had a choice about Edward. Her attraction to him was so strong that not even she could do anything about it…the only way for her to be happy was to have him. This shows that she is at least partially blinded by love. But has she really weighed the consequences? Well…she's weighed them enough to suit her. As others have said here, in the midst of all that is going on and her love for Edward, how can she really come to terms with what she is giving up and the changes that will have to be made? It doesn't matter that she has not thought it through as thoroughly as we would like. When you come down to it, her instincts are correct. She knows that her only chance of happiness is with Edward, and it doesn't matter what has to happen to her, because she feels it will be worth it in the end.

  70. xtonks

    I have a love hate relationship with Twilight.
    I just loveeeee to hate it. :) And yes, I'm a girl lol.

  71. Jacqueline

    I loved your comparison to Romeo & Juliet. For Meyer her self referenced it in the second novel. I find it interesting the Team Jacob or haters go for the look what she's giving up. Romeo thought his love was dead and poisoned himself. Juliet in return woke up and couldn't live without him. So she gave up her life for him. People compare Bella becoming a vampire to giving up her life, but as you pointed out it's not that much different. And People love the story of Romeo and Juliet. Everyone feels Romeo and Juliet should be together in the end. For that's how the story is supposed to go. So if Edward and Bella's story is a modern day Romeo and Juliet in some ways…then wouldn't it seem fitting for people to want them to be together no matter the cost. I mean obviously they don't have to feel that way but it seems weird that most people approve of Romeo and Juliet's story but somehow see it differently when someone is becoming a immortal instead of dying :p. Or maybe the ones that want to know why Bella would give up her mortal life for just one man, don't like Romeo and Juliet. Hmmm. I feel Bella is aware of the consequences and has thought it through, but is also blinded by love. She in her head would love to find a way to be together with Edward and her family. Since I know what happens I'll end my comment now. No spoilers.

  72. Elise

    No, she's thought of every solution, she can't just give up beacuse what would edward do if she died? he'd give the baby to his family then beg Jake to kill him. She can't let her baby be without BOTH parents. She's doing the only thing she can, for her, her baby, and edward. Besides if it was you would you do the same thing?

    btw does anyone else think that edward being a dad makes him hotter? lolz

  73. Mylles

    I think that in Eclipse she became ready. She saw a newborn vampire and still was ready. And it is a lot like Romeo and Juliet, they gave up there lives to be together. Well Edward didn't have a choice but to give up his mortal life. But Bella does, and we all know that to Edward that is worse than having to give up his. I don't think she's blinded by love. Love is the reason behind it all anyway, so saying she is blinded by love is making love sound like the bad guy. But it isn't. Isn't love the utopia we all dream of? She's not blinded by love, she's made up her mind for love. She's giving up something valuable for love. But in the end wouldn't most of us?

  74. Iyikka

    I wish there were more comments about Leah-Jacob- and the rest of the pack.

  75. CullenWannabe

    I think at this point Bella has really thought about what it's going to mean and be like when she's changed. In Eclipse she saw how newborns act, and she's heard all of the Cullens stories, how they were changed and what life was like for them afterwards, and the difficulties they had. (It said at the beginning of the book somewhere that she spend a lot of time over at the Cullens house preparing herself for this. I think she learns more than we do as readers. Which kind of stinks in my opinion.) And she needs and wants to be with Edward forever and she will do whatever it takes to be with him. And I want to say more, but won't since you aren't far into the book yet.

  76. Jackie

    This question about whether Edward and Bella’s relationship is healthy brings up the issues of the teams. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing which team they are on and it’s mainly based on your opinions. I don’t really know where I stand for whether Bella’s relationship with Edward or Jacob is healthy or unhealthy. I see both sides.

    Now to the actual question for the comments, do I think Bella carefully weighed what will happen? I think she did. There’s a question on the Stephenie Meyer website where someone asked what the most pivotal plot development that happens in Eclipse was. She answered that every aspect of Eclipse, her relationship with Jacob, the background stories etc are all revolved around the fact that Bella needs to examine the price that she will pay for becoming a vampire. So in Eclipse I think she did balance what she would gain and what she would lose in order to become a vampire. Is she blinded by love? Yes she is. We’re talking about Edward here and like many people have already commented about her situation right now, she has thought it through enough to know the consequences. Not as much as we like but enough for now. I love the comparison that you made between Romeo and Juliet and Edward and Bella.

    I love the song that you chose. It suited the chapter really well. I’ve never heard of it, but I really like it. The music is really good in that song. The Bran Hambric song really suited the meaning that you were trying to convey. I like it when the piano starts to kick in (I’m pretty sure it was piano) around 1:50. That part made the song so much more dynamic and stronger.

  77. Anahara

    Honestly, I'd have to say this question has definately come from a person who has never truely been in love. I've been in love, thankful I still have him and I would give everything for him. If you don't find that in your life you haven't really experienced love to it's full extent. Sometimes there is no thought needed and your heart tells you where to go.

  78. Lecia

    Well first off, The whole tick tock thing, it reminded me of the crocodile on Peter Pan. Lol.
    Second, I love how you threw the “Romeo and Juliet” thing in every Twi-hater on the web.
    Pure, undiluted awesomeness. 😀 Kudos friend.

  79. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Guy je prebral 15. (Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock) in 16. (Too-Much-Information Alert) poglavje knjige Breaking […]

  80. Jubul

    i think that at first, bella was rushing into her decision on whether to be a vampire or not. She loved Edward and that was enough for her. But she's had months and months to truly contemplate on what this will mean, and i think that she's ready for the actual transformation. She knows the price and after careful consideration, she's ready for it.

  81. Sofia/emsidizi

    I think Bella was more blinded by love in Twilight, because in Twilight she's like “Bite me Edward!!” and she's not thinking about the consequences of becoming a vamipre. But now in Breaking Dawn she has matured and gotten time to think it through, and she's developed a deeper love to Edward, so I think she knows what she's doing.
    And I just love this song, can't get enough of it, Skillet is THE best :)
    I love all your pictures, but the ones with you in it… your facial expressions are hilarious! Love it, keep it up!

  82. Makayla

    I'm reading all your posts now and I can't stop laughing!!!What you write is so funny

  83. Makayla

    I'm reading all your posts now and I can't stop laughing!!!What you write is so funny


    TEAM EDWARD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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