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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 16 (Too-Much-Information Alert)

June 15th, 2009 at 6:54 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is All I Need by Within Temptation

When a chapter in the Twilight Saga explicitly warns me ahead of time with the title “Too-Much-Information Alert” I can’t help but shudder. After all, if all the other Too-Much-Information scenes I have endured (namely: almost every scene on Isle Esme) were so light in comparison to one that actually needs a warning, what horrible, embarrassing thing lies ahead of me in the sixteenth chapter of Breaking Dawn?


It is nice to see that Leah is beginning to accept Jacob as the Alpha, because at first she appeared greatly against the idea and a bit forced into the new pack. But I have a feeling that all along, she was just doing it for a show of her own independence rather than really wanting to leave Jacob for someone else. It is one of those things about Jacob that I’ve come to realize — that you can’t really understand him on the surface, until you get to know him. I never understood him in the slightest until I got into his head. Similarly, Leah didn’t see him as a good leader until she was in his pack (and, quite literally, reading his thoughts just like us).

I’m also beginning to wonder if there are any romantic feelings from Leah for Jacob? I know she is still bitter about Sam imprinting on Emily. I get a feeling that she might be desperately searching for someone to fill the void that Sam left — even if not so much in a romantic way with Jacob, but just for someone to love her. It also seems that both she and Jacob are very much in the same position: both of them love someone who can never be theirs, who were never meant to be theirs, and are trying to fight against their feelings for what they know is best. If this was any normal romance novel, and Jacob wasn’t so sore over Bella, I would suspect something blossoming between these two, even if no more than a great friendship and understanding.

Still, it is truly hard to feel the pain that Leah is going through: feeling as if she is just a freak amongst her own people. It is like someone who is suddenly incapable of being loved — a werewolf who thinks that no one will ever imprint on her just because she isn’t like the other women. But like Jacob says, waiting for this sudden and unexpected ‘imprinting’ thing to happen isn’t her only hope of being loved. She could always simply turn back into a human, get a job, meet people, and have a relationship like every other normal person.

(Photo Entirely Unrelated)

(Photo Entirely Unrelated)

And finally, I get to the part where the name Renesmee is created. I remember when Breaking Dawn first came out, and I was immediately spoilered, within an hour of the release, by this name (Renesmee is pretty much one of the only things I was spoilered on in BD, fortunately). I remember it specifically because of all the forum posts and emails about being confused as to where it came from, and why Bella was so selfish as to not include all of her family member’s names at once, an example being Renesmettallie Carjalicphil:

Twicurls aside, I see this as a beautiful moment between Bella and Edward: perhaps one of the most beautiful since they first met in Twilight. Up until now, the child growing inside of Bella was seen as this monster — even Edward agreed with Jacob on this. But suddenly, with just that tiny spark of communication and recognition between the two parents and what is growing inside Bella, it is no longer a ‘thing’ but their child.

Someone told me in the comments, back when Edward was desperate to have Carlisle kill it, that a father does not bond with a baby until after he or she is born (I don’t know how true this is– I haven’t researched it any further that what I was told). Could this be advanced before the child is born, since Edward has made a connection with the baby in his mental, mind-reading way? Because it is almost as if he can really speak to his child suddenly, as if the baby has already been born. Because of the connection between Bella and Edward, and their unborn child, it is almost as if in one startling moment they have gone from a couple, into a family.

But now, I can’t even imagine the pain that Jacob is in. Again, can anyone even think of how hurtful and heartbreaking it would be to love someone so much, and then to have to watch her and her new husband and their child, happier than they have ever been? Wouldn’t you wish that at least she would feel some remorse for not being with you, for choosing someone else — that maybe she would give you the tiniest bit of consolation? But no — she happy, and content, without him. In any normal relationship, Jacob would be far away, and not have to suffer watching how happy the girl he loves is with someone else. He is literally tearing himself apart by staying there, and I don’t think any of us would hold it against him if he left and didn’t come back.

As for Jacob Black, this line in the beginning practically horrified me:

“I was only about a mile from where I’d left my clothes, so I phased back to human and walked.”

Whilst visiting Forks, I will remember not to venture into the places where Jacob is known to run completely naked for miles. Especially knowing those super-devoted fans who might try to recreate this scene.


QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Would you rather Bella had a son and named him EJ, or a daughter and named her Renesmee?


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158 Responses

  1. Paloma

    I'm really confused. You knew about Renesmee, or you just knew about the name? I asked you in your last blog tv and you said you didn't *don't* know the end of the series.

  2. mick

    Who was that random girl at the end of the Twicurls video?

    Btw Nice post Kaleb! One of my favorites.

  3. Rachael

    I really hated the name Renesmee at first. It felt so stunted and forced that I mentally tripped over it every time I read it on the page. At that point I really wished Bella had named her Carlie instead of Renesmee because it was just so much easier to say. But eventually it grew on me. Especially when everyone started calling her Nessie. Plus it is toally worth it just for “You named my daughter after the loch ness monster” – launch. That cracked me up for like 10 mins!

    And I prefer Renesmee to Edward Junior. I just can't stand it when parents name their kids after themselves. Its just wrong!

  4. Erinn

    Jacob's pain isn't only in that Bella is married and having a baby with Edward, it's the fact that she's literally dieing for it. Jacob sees the obvious danger that Bella is completely oblivious to and it hurts him that she refuses to accept the dire consequences of her actions. He isn't as optomistic as she is. He can't see it all working out in any way other thean Bella dieing.

  5. Krystina

    ha ha I thought that Leah and Jacob were going to become a couple the first time I read BD too.

  6. Erinn

    I think Bella said that EJ stood for Edward-Jacob, not Edward Junior.

  7. sarclark

    i think that renesmee is better than ej because renesmee is unique and anyone could be named edward jacob. although i think it is cute too. so did you get the last paragraph of the chapter yet kaleb? if not go read it again. you'll scream and write another post cause i did.

  8. Lauren

    I'm glad she didn't have a boy only because I think naming your son after another man is really disrespectful of the husband that you love. This is one thing that really bothered me. I was luckily spoiler free from all the books, so I sat in anger reading that she wanted to name her son Edward Jacob. I would never in a million years name my son after a man I had once loved. Awful. So hurtful to Edward.

  9. kim

    i definetly prefer Renesmee to EJ, i'm not big on intials as names but thats just me.
    i couldn't agree with rachel more though!
    i wouldmuch rather carlie to renesmee. it's easier to say and not so….weird!
    while reading breaking dawn there was a great deal of texting and emailing going on with my friends and renesmee is a pain to type! but i like the nick name!!!! i don't know if you know it or not so i won't say it!

  10. Beth

    Number 1 – That's my little black lap-top in that picture exactly!!!

    Number 2 – Renesmee. Undoubtedly. When I read this chapter the first time, that was my opinion. GRRRRR!!!!! There are so many things I want to say and can't!

  11. KalebNation

    For some reason, I totally missed the part about the J in EJ standing for Jacob.
    That would be totally unacceptable and very disrespectful of Edward if she had.


  12. ancha85

    Yes, Reneesme is a strange name, but it fits. There will be no one in the world like this child. Half human and half vampire and both parents able to be in the child's life.

    I think it was sweet of Bella to name her after both of their moms and both of their dads, even though it does sound kind've forced. Luckily, she will have a cute nickname that she will be called more than Reneesme, even though Bella is NOT thrilled with it.

    Yes, it is very touching when Edward finally is able to communicate with the baby, and realizes that this is HIS baby with Bella, and NOT a monster.

    It is also extremely sad for Jacob to have to watch it. It was very compassionate of Edward to give Jake the opportunity to get out of there for awhile. I really love how both Edward and Jacob are now feeling compassion for the each other. Lucky Bella to have two such wonderful guys in her life. You just have to know, at this point, that her luck is not going to run out on her, Thank God.

  13. Cara B.

    Kaleb, we are definitely on the same page with Jacob. It's really hard to think about what he's going through at this point because I think this is actually the point where he finally loses hope of ever having Bella. Once he sees that Edward loves Renesmee, it's over. On the Leah issue, I always wished that stephenie wouldve told us the end of her story. :C And I really think that if Bella had a son and named him EJ Edward would cringe everytime he heard his sons full name. (Edward Jacob?) yeah, & I just about rolled off my chair reading about the fans that are reanacting Jacob running around naked! 😀

  14. newmoonkiwi

    Grow up

  15. LochNessieMonsters

    it becomes evident later that it was necessary for bella to have a girl however, i wished she had used renesmee's middle name as her first name (you'll find out what it is later in the book)

    i too really enjoyed this post, definitely one of the best since i've been following

  16. Mavvy

    I can't help but be relieved that she had a girl – I CANNOT imagine what Bella was thinking when she decided to even partially name Edward's son after Jacob. I think that was the moment when I started to suspect that she had completely lost her mind…

    But why was she happy to name a daughter after the grandparents and yet insistent on naming a son after her two love interests? Why not Edwina Jacqueline? (Yes, I know that's horrible.)

  17. Lauren

    I don't think Stephenie Meyer says that it stands for Jacob in this chapter, she eludes to it. I completely missed it as well when I first read it, but Bella says EJ's full name in another chapter. Thanks for the response Kaleb!! Totally made my day!!!

  18. xtonks

    I would have prefered EJ.

    Her little 'Edward Jacob' :) Mostly because I hate what happens with Jake and Renesmee. I don't think it's disrespectful, though, to name your child partially after someone you care about deeply. Bella's feelings for Jacob are confused and she doesn't know why yet, but Jacob is family, he's like a brother, her best friend. Nothing wrong with that.

  19. xtonks

    Chapter 19, Burning – Page 371:

    'Black spots covered the light in the room as a cold point of new pain stabbed icily into my stomach. It felt wrong-I struggled automatically to protect my womb, my baby, my little Edward Jacob, but I was weak. My lungs ached, oxygen burned away.'

    As I said earlier, without trying to spoil, there is a reason for all of this, and why she feels the way she does about Jacob. I can't really explain fully without spoiling for Kaleb, but it's not disrespectful, and it would never happen anyway because it's not what's meant to be. If EJ actually existed, then yes it would have been, but her feelings for Jacob.. nevermind. -.-'

    (So hard to explain this point without saying certain things lol)

  20. Emily

    Haha, the road at the top of the map is called Robin Hood Loop.
    I was lmao at the twicurls BlogTv. So hilarious when you left when Keira was like “I want to lick him!”

  21. Paige

    *gasp* Stupid people spoiling stuff for you! Sorry, but I gotta ask… do you know ANYTHING else about the baby besides the name? I really hope you don't! I really like the name Renesmee for a girl. Probably not EJ so much for a boy. Perhaps she could just name a boy Edward, jr? I dunno. But I'm gonna shut up before I say anything you possibly don't know about the baby. Update soon! =)

  22. Lauren

    I get what you are saying xtonks, without you actually saying it. And yes, you are right. But that is how I felt while I was reading it for the first time. It is a different though than naming your child after a brother or friend, because you are never in love with a brother or friend. Bella has said how she is in love with Jacob. My comments are all from the point of view of not know what was to come since Kaleb doesn't know what is to come. My feelings on the name Edward Jacob do not change though, even by the end of the book.

    I do love your name though.

  23. errrkalove

    I would have preferred EJ

  24. Rita

    I prefer Renesmee, just because it's a little prettier than Carlie, and plus, Edward Jacob, it just doesn't have that flowing rhythm that Renesmee has.

  25. Becca

    I love the Forks map with the 'Naked People' warning. You crack me up, and that's why I love these posts! :)

    Renesmee is a wierd name; but I remember being VERY thankful when we discovered it was a girl and we wouldn't have another character named Edward. I think I was partially thankful because I knew that Bella's evil baby nightmares weren't going to come true, entirely, at least. That was a breath of relief.

  26. Rakey

    Hm… Renesmee Carlie versus Edward Jacob. I'm split divided here. See, Renesmee is atrocious (although I'll admit to liking the nickname Nessie, although my first though upon seeing the name was “At least they can call her Renny, which I also like)). Edward is lovely, but I'm really not a fan of using a parent's name (although he would be Edward III). Carlie is kind of a guilty pleasure as I was nearly named Carly. Jacob is utter failcakes.

    Why don't we get something everyone can enjoy? Just call her Rakey.

  27. cookies ! ! !

    renesmee definetely . . even though i think it is kinda cute she would put edward and jacobs names together she loves edward and cares for jacob. . . but i totally felt for jacob in that moment having to see bella and now edward swoon over their baby , i mean that must have felt like a dagger to the heart. . i also thought leah and jacob would be together it seemed more logical to me but it didnt happen.

  28. Emily

    I like the fact that it is Renesmee. Even if it is a little strange at first, I think it is a pretty and unique name. Edward-Jacob is just… Bella doesn't need two Edwards in her life. And beyond that, EJ is kind of an annoying name in my opinion.

    Granted, I know what happens, but even at this point, I was kind of happy about Bella having a daughter. I agree with your asessment, this scene was one of the most loving in that both Edward and Bella matured a great deal once Edward heard Renesmee's mind. Even 108 year old Edward matured.

  29. Carrie

    Bella kept dreaming of a little boy, so it was a nice twist when she had a girl instead. I understand Jacob feeling a little betrayed when Edward changed his mind about the baby, but what did he expect? If he were in Edward's place, his feelings would've changed instantly once he heard the baby's thoughts. I get Jacob hanging around because Bella's dying, but I felt like it was ridiculous at that point for him to be feeling jealous. Bella was a married, pregnant woman. He needed to get over her.

  30. Carrie

    Oh, and Edward Jacob would've been inappropriate, since Jacob wanted nothing more than to take Bella away from Edward.

  31. Judy Bradley

    Renesmee. Different, but as already mentioned, it is for a different kind of being. Most of the time, I have felt that Jacob was really overstepping where he should be, and that Bella was nuts for wanting him – but it is easier to understand later in the book. Edward must have the patience of Job through most of this. All in all this is my favorite book. How could they not love the baby when she said she loved them? (through Edward's abilities) Still scary not knowing if Bella could survive the birth. No EJ – thank goodness!

  32. Ana Eskildsen

    I loved that their child was a girl, but I think it would have been better if her name was Elizabeth, like Edward´s mother, it kind of makes sense. She wanted to name (if he was a boy) Edward, the reason she gave was because Edward´s father´s name was Edward…so…what about Edward´s real mom? Can't she have some kind of honor, too? She was the one who told Carlisle to turn Edward into a vampire. If she hadn't said anything Edward would have died…she deserves something to be remembered. That's my opinion, lol.

    I still like the name Renesmee….could have been better, but you kind of get used to it after a while XD

  33. Judy Bradley

    Oh I am glad for your map as I hope to go out there (from Florida) the end of July and I really do not want to run into any naked people thinking they are Jacob!!

  34. Jess

    ok…. for everyone who is commenting: don't spoil it for kaleb, nobody likes spoilers… and to kaleb: boy, will you be surprised

  35. Marie

    i agree, having jacob part in your son's name is unfair for edward! i dont get why bella keeps trying to pull jake back in when hes trying to push himself out!! shes would have just hurt him more if she did that!

  36. JudithG

    I actually love the name Renesmee! For the obvious reasons that it's unique and a really pretty name but also that along with Carlie, it's a reminder of Charlie and Renee. Charlie and Renee are eventually going to die, Bella and Edward aren't, so whenever they think of her name, they can also think of them.

  37. Alba

    You think it would be disrespectful? How many things has Jacob done for Bella? And not only for Bella, he's done things for Edward too. Do you really think Edward would object to his kid having Jacob as the second name after everything Jacob has given to them? Goodness, you guys always take Edward into account, but you can't seem to see more than him.

  38. LilMissTrouble

    Thank you, Kaleb, for posting a note about Peter Facinelli's bet on twitter! As a Twilight fan, I really hope he wins this bet and gets to keep his beloved chair back. I also CANNOT WAIT to see Rob DeFranco in a bikini dancing to All The Single Ladies.

    Thank you again for spreading the word!!!

    YOU GUYS! FOLLOW @Peterfacinelli on Twitter! http://twitter.com/peterfacinelli


  39. Alba

    Jacob gave Bella up at the end of Eclipse. He lost hope of ever having Bella then. He doesn't feel like he does here because he suddenly understands he's never going to have her. He already knows that. He feels like that because he thinks that the baby is bad and wrong, and Edward agreed with him until now. Now Edward loves the baby too, and Jacob finds himself alone thinking the baby is a bad thing that will kill Bella.

    I wonder if Jacob will ever be understood…

  40. Hope

    Forget EJ or Renesmee, Renesmettallie Carjalicphil all the way!

  41. KalebNation

    It would be very disrespectful. Jacob is one of Bella's guy friends, and should ONLY be that. Not only was he her former boyfriend, but he tried many times to steal her from Edward, and they obviously still have deep feelings for each other, even after Bella has become a married woman.

    I know, as a guy, if my future wife wanted to name one of our kids after one of her old boyfriends, I would be very hurt, and begin to wonder if she regrets marrying me because she still has feelings for him. Especially after being hurt that she wants her old boyfriend to stick around and still be a part of our relationship. It just doesn't work well that way.

  42. Alba

    Oh my God… Jacob wanted nothing more than to take Bella away from Edward???
    Read the books again, 'cause you know nothing about Jacob.

  43. Alba

    Jealous??? Jealous????? You think he was JEALOUS???? Of what??? Of Edward having Bella??? You think that's what he's feeling in that moment???

    He wasn't JEALOUS, for God's sake! He felt LOST now that Edward loved what he thought to be a monster and Bella's killer! He felt ALONE!!!! He felt ALONE now that he was the only one hating the baby, the monster who was killing Bella!!!

    He knows Bella is married, and pregnant! How many times has he said that he would go away if only Bella didn't look so happy to see him all the time? He doesn't want her to love him right now. He just wants to be able to walk away and forget. It's Bella who doesn't let him go!!!

    Again, you know NOTHING about Jacob. Read again, not only this book, but the whole series. And while reading, try not to see Jacob through a veil of hate.

  44. aria

    Yes EJ Is for Edward Jacob Page 371 you just haven't gotten there Kaleb

  45. NuttyNetty

    I really wish they did :/ i think it is SICK who Jacob ends up with >_<

  46. NuttyNetty

    i couldn't agree with you more :)

  47. Alba

    Oh, wow! Kaleb answered me. lol Well, I'll try my best to explain my point of view, even though it's 5:40 here in Spain and even though my knowledge of the English language is a little limited for these hard discussions.

    Now, you always think about their situation as if it was a normal one. It's not normal. It can't be compared with real life, because it's not real life.
    Bella, Edward and Jacob have bonded to each other in an unbreakable way which won't allow them to separate their relationships. It's not about Bella and Jacob's love for each other. It's not about Edward and an old boyfriend (by the way, Bella and Jacob were never together, so he's not an old boyfriend). This thing they have runs deeper than that. And they know it. The three of them.

    Jacob is Bella's best friend, and right now that's the only thing he will ever be to her. He knows that. She knows that. Even if they love each other, they know there won't be anything between them. Ever. And Edward knows that too, so Jacob's love for her (and Bella's love in return) isn't a problem anymore.

    On the other hand, you always say that Jacob tried to steal her from Edward. It was not like that. He wasn't thinking: “He has her and I love her, so I have to have her. Screw him”. That wasn't his motivation. He truly thought that Edward was going to be the end of her. He really thought that Bella wasn't safe with Edward. He believed that he had to try his best to get her away from that monster he thought Edward was. And he knew she loved him too, so he thought that the only opportunity he had was to show her that she had another path, another choice. A better and healthier choice. He gave up when Bella told him that she loved him, but that her love for him didn't change anything. He gave her up then. Not once in this book has he tried to steal her from Edward, yet you Team Edwards still see him as a threaten to their relationship. Stop thinking like that. The only thing he wants now is to keep Bella happy, and to protect her from his brothers. That's why he's still there.

    Anyway, I think it's not disrespectful to Edward. Because the situation they're in isn't normal, because Edward himself knows Jacob's pain and feelings and he's the one who understands more than anyone (even Jacob himself) that he deserves some recognition, because Jacob has been there for Bella all the time, because he has protected her life even more times than Edward, because if Jacob wasn't there, Bella wouldn't have been there either.

    I'm sorry I can't explain myself better, it's really frustrating for me. As I said, my English is very limited. But the main point here is that you compare it with a normal situation when it's not normal at all. You did it on the wedding, and you're doing it here again.

    And I'm going to bed. lol It's 6:00 AM here in Spain. I should be sleeping. Thanks for answering.

    P.S. That said, I really think that if Bella had called her kid “Edward Jacob”, Jacob would have thrown a fit. lol He would want his name to be attached to that baby. I think it would be disrespectful to Jacob, not to Edward. 😉

  48. Anne

    I prefer Renesmee only because the name EJ reminds me of Titanic when Bruce Ismay says to the captain, “Retire with a bang, eh, EJ?” So i think of old white haired men with beards when I think of EJ.

  49. NuttyNetty

    lol i second that! 😀

  50. NuttyNetty

    lol random 😀 i would have never thought of that if it weren't for you. Titanic is a great movie btw :) love it!

  51. Alexia

    i dont see why bella want to name EDWARDS Child after Jacob. it sounds to much like ET im come on their child is not an Extra-Terrestrial, i like the name Renesmee!maybe if it is a she they can just shorten it as she gets odder and give her a nickname?

  52. Sarah

    Ok, so , WOW. There are a few readers who don't really understand what the term “spoiler” means. I sure hope you read quickly, Kaleb. You might find out the ending before you get there!

    Also, no one seems to understand Jacob at all here. I am totally Team Edward, but I'm not stupid. Jacob did want to “take” (for lack of a better word) Bella from Edward, but not just because he liked/loved her. He really felt like Edward would be the death of her. He wanted to keep her safe and away from the bloodsuckers. And, like Alba mentioned earlier, he knew he had ZERO chance of getting her to leave after Eclipse.

    I am not particularly fond of the name Renesmee. I actually prefer Edward Jacob as a name, but for the sake of the story, Renesmee works better. It couldn't be a boy. Just take my word for that. You'll see why soon, Kaleb.

  53. Cara

    Son named EJ. I find the whole Renesmee thing a little ridiculous.

  54. Steph

    You're trying to annoy me with your update times, aren't you? You can be a real jerk sometimes, Kaleb.

    As odd as Renesmee is, Edward Jacob would be worse. I know, fellow commenters, that you're all very fond of those names because of the characters, but just think for a moment. Bella wanted a little boy that looked exactly like Edward, which would live with them, be part of their family, etc. Eventually, you'd be left with two scarily similar looking Edwards. And then what excuse could they use? “Er… we're related, but not so close that having the same name would be weird, or anything.” It would be very awkward.

    Still, I wish it had been a boy. Renesmee is such a Mary Sue.

  55. tina

    Love the post Kaleb…love that it's on Twitter so I get it faster!! :)

    I'm happy with Renesmee. But, then again, I understand how SM pulled all the threads together. Not everyone likes it…I do!

  56. Brogan

    I still GREATLY dislike the name Renesmee. I'm not a big fan of combining parents/hero's names in order to create one for a poor unsuspecting child. I've known a few horrible mish-mash names in my time. They're usually about a gajillion letters longs, and freaking mouthful's to say!

    And I'm not the biggest fan of Bella naming her baby after Jacob. I don't think it's fair. Not on Edward or on Jacob.

  57. Lauren

    I just have to say that I loved the way you explained it and I agree. Not once did I ever think that it was disrespectful to Edward. I also agree that it would be more disrespectful to Jacob.

    Anyway, I really wished Bella had a boy. I like the nickname EJ. It's cute and not as complicated to say.

  58. EmilyK

    Lol to Steph! I had never thought about that, wow that would be incredibly awkward huh!
    I'm not a fan of Edward Jacob. I mean seriously, how unoriginal can you get, naming your kid after your husband 😛 plus yeah, it is a bit disrespectful to Edward although at this point in their relationships I'm sure Edward feels nothing but gratitude for Jake. Still makes it a little wierd lol.
    I don't mind Renesmee. Besides, I've heard wierder. Peaches Geldoff and Apples Martin anyone?

    Update again soon Kaleb!!! I love your stuff :)

  59. Heather

    Haha loved the intro of this post. You've had TMI moments throughout the whole series, I think you would be relieved to see the warning sign for once.

    I thought the same thing about Leah and Jacob. I was guessing that at some point they would hook up. And maybe they were meant to be together, but because they were both werewolves the imprinting canceled out? I had a lot of theories about them two as a couple.

    That moment with Edward, Bella, and EJ/Renesmee was adorable, but I wasn't so radically swayed like Edward was when I read this. I was leaning more towards accepting the “monster,” but still not convinced that it wasn't a demon child (which I have known many in my time lol).

    When I first read this, I liked Renesmee better, even if it was really weird. This is a tiny bit spoilery, but since you already know the full story on Renesmee's name, you might as well see this. I guessed that EJ stood for Edward Jacob, and in like 3 chapters I found it that I was right. I didn't like that name, mostly because from Edward's POV, that most likely would've been painful for him. He can't escape Jacob, he is even present in their child (even though I like, understand, and appreciate Jacob after this whole middle section in his head, I am still staunchly Team Edward. Jacob did too much in the past (AKA Eclipse) for me to completely forgive him).

  60. Angeliss

    Woah- I know you love Jacob, but just because someone doesn't understand doesn't mean that they hate him. Let's not get into arguments about how well we as fans know the characters, please.

    Sometimes it takes multiple read-throughs or a lot of thinking about a certain character, especially when said character is on the opposite team. People want to make someone the enemy. Jacob's an easy target. But you have to get past that to understand the way a character's mind works. Not everyone does, but more than that, for the majority of people, it takes a while.

  61. Becky

    I'm not a big fan of combining names, but I think that, regardless, Renesmee has a real pretty ring to it. I like it a lot.

    EJ, on the other hand… meh, I'm just not that keen on initials as names, I guess. I also think it's unfair to both Edward AND Jacob. No matter how understanding Edward would be, and how justified she might be in naming the baby after Jacob, I still don't think it's fair on him. Nor is it fair on Jacob, because, as others have said, I really don't think he'd be all that pleased to have his name connected to the little monster. I think it would just be one more stab in the gut for him what with Bella's perma-happiness whenever he's around.

  62. devz30

    Normal or not normal, does that make any difference? The thing is, if he's named EJ, it won't change anything- it's still disrespectful to Edward. Okay, let's say that the whole world turned square. Let's say human's aren't humans; they're cats. It doesn't matter what humans are; Yes it's a book set up on a completely different world. I understand that. I understand that Bella and Jacob have a deep bond. Jacob was never Bella's boyfriend, but it was just like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Jacob protected Bella many times, but she's married now. Jacob is not a threat, but being a threat is not the point here. He rescued Bella countless of times and protected her- Does that really change anything? After everything that has happened, Bella is still very much in love and married to Edward. But she names her child the name of the guy she liked. Wouldn't that be rude and hurtful? I think you're not seeing Edward's side here. Imagine yourself in his shoes and see what it would feel like.

    “Do you really think Edward would object to his kid having Jacob as the second name after everything Jacob has given to them?”
    No, I don't think Edward would object,but only because he's too polite to do so. Edward didn't ask Jacob to help Bella. Even if he did, I don't see why there has to be something given in return, like say, name the child EJ.

    “And Edward knows that too, so Jacob's love for her (and Bella's love in return) isn't a problem anymore.”
    Isn't a problem anymore? Who decided that? Yes they're all fine now, and they're married. The thing is, the feelings still remain, and what irks me most is that Bella is making it harder for Edward by making her feelings for Jacob more apparent. It's her and Edward's child for goodness sake. Why mix someone else into the equation? More importantly, why do it so blatantly? I think Edward already knows how she feels, no need to include Jacob's name. It's basically not fair for him.

    From my understanding, Jacob never did try to steal Bella, but it just seems so obvious that he so wants to, that is is what his intentions are. I can see it isn't his fault falling in love with Bella, but we know that he loves Bella so much and hates vampires that it seems like a perfectly natural assumption that he likes her, and since he does, he wants to steal her away.

    “He has her and I love her, so I have to have her. Screw him” Of course he wouldn't be thinking that way, but the rough meaning of that would practically mean the same thing: I love her. I want her.
    Isn't it obvious what follows?
    Besides, I don't think he'd say that anyway, because like Edward, he'd be too nice to kill the guy she loves, so that wouldn't be his way of thinking. He thinks Edward is dangerous to Bella, but he knows Bella is happy and she loves Edward. Being friends with Bella and wanting her to be away from Edward is preventing Bella her happiness, despite how he continues to protect her, no matter how right it might be. So long as you're preventing the person you love's happiness, that can't be right.

    It would be disrespectful to Jacob? Oh yes, I can see it would him because Bella didn't name her child his name, even when he already knows she can't be with him. I don't think it is even any form of disrespect at all. It won't even be a big deal if the child's name wasn't to do with his name, because he already accepted that Bella can't return his feelings.

    So, back to topic, I'd choose Renesmee mainly because she seems really adorable and cute. ^^ I think it would be more fitting if it was a girl for some reason. Don't ask. >.<

  63. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Guy je prebral 15. (Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock) in 16. (Too-Much-Information Alert) poglavje knjige Breaking […]

  64. Erika

    It's Edward-Jacob, not Edward Junior!!

  65. Rachel

    definatley a girl
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG I CANNOT WAIT 4 U 2 READ THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAJOR SHOCK-wel it was 4 me anyway

  66. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Of course Renesmee! This name is adorable! ^__^ Well, Edward Jacob would be really nice, too, but not EJ.

  67. Madeleine

    Uh, he was never her boyfriend, exactly. There was never a point in New Moon when she was over Edward enough to comtemplate dating again. While she and Jacob had feelings for each other, they never became official boyfriend and girlfriend :)

    That said, I agree with Kaleb. Not only would it be a huge blow to Edward, but must she really make this worse for Jacob, too? He says every time she signals she wants him around, it hurts him deeply and makes it harder to leave. She would have screwed him up SO much had she named her CHILD after him!

  68. Kato

    I'm glad it was a girl 😀 i love the name renesmee.
    i don't know , just don't really like Edward Jacob. (:

    Hey Kaleb i told you about that be on twitter. xp ( well not sure if i was the first one who told you , and if you really got it fom me.. )

    x Take care, Kato !

  69. Alba

    No offense, but I think it's you who aren't seeing Edward's side. To him, it wouldn't be disrespectful, because he knows what he owes Jacob, and he understands even better than Jacob and Bella the bond they share. It would have been a little hurtful, yes. But not disrespectful, because Edward knows and understands.

    Besides, he actually likes Jacob, and he cares about him. And Jacob's, above all, Bella's best friend. A lot of couples name their kids after their best friends. Bella's married with Edward, and Jacob is out of the ecuation right now. She knows it, Edward knows it, Jacob knows it. Edward would understand and he wouldn't object, but not because he's polite. He wouldn't object because he knows the reasons, and he understands the situation they're in.

    And yeah, the fact that their situation isn't normal does make a difference. It's not just a love triangle. As I said, the three of them are bonded beyond reason. Whatever they do, there will always be a consequence for one of them, a heartbraking consequence. They know that, and they have to adjust to that, they have to live with that and do everything with the other two in their minds. That's what makes this story so absolutely fascinating. The fact that anyone is at fault, and the fact that their bond is so strong that there's not a way out.

    This is not a situation about a girl who's married and pregnant and names her kid after one of his ex-boyfriends. This isn't about jealousy. This isn't about normal feelings. This situation runs way deeper. It's much more complicated, much more difficult.
    Oh, yes. It does make a difference. And a big one.

    Greetings from Spain!

  70. Kathleen

    “Do you really think Edward would object to his kid having Jacob as the second name after everything Jacob has given to them?”
    I don't think Edward would object to the name EJ because as we see in New Moon Edward tells Jacob that he owes Jacob for the rest of his existence. I think Edward would see it as the ultimate repayment.

    “And Edward knows that too, so Jacob's love for her (and Bella's love in return) isn't a problem anymore.”
    Also in New Moon (sorry I just revamped this one last week) Bella always says she wishes that Jake was her brother so she could have a claim on him. I think that while there was always the possibility, while Edward was away, of their relationship turining to “boyfriend/girlfriend love” that for Bella it was always sibling-esq.

  71. Alba

    It's not that I love Jacob. It's not about what I like. It's just so unfair that people treat Jacob like that when he hasn't done anything wrong. Just fall in love.
    He shouldn't be the easy target. The enemy is the enemy. Jacob is one of the good guys. And he's done SO MUCH for Bella and Edward.
    This is about being fair.

    But yeah, my comment was too harsh, you're right. I apologize to everyone. Maybe the fact that I wrote it when I should have been sleeping had something to do with the way I said things. lol

    Greetings from Spain!

  72. mel

    I think I like EJ better. But man … a girl is also sweet. Oo

  73. sabine

    I was very happy with bella having a girl! I mean, can't she imagine how hurt edward was after that EJ thing.
    I could have hit her! I mean first, I was like “ooh, edward junior.” but then I got it and was just like “Why bella, whyyy?”

  74. Alexi

    No, I think Renesmee is the most perfect name there is. I agree with Stephenie's explanation. Nessie's pretty rare–a human/vampire baby!–so you can't just name her some old, overused, boring name like……Elizabeth. (Haha, funny I should say that's boring; that's my middle name) You have to have a unique name.
    Maybe it's my upbringing, but I, like my mom, love rare names. I have never, since I was born, seen the point in naming your child a name that you KNOW a JILLION other people have! Thus, my name's Alexi (it was rare in '95, apparently), and my siblings' names are also rare.
    Plus, when you get to know her, Nessie is adorable!! Read ahead and you see that she's a darling little girl. I would never want Bella to have a boy. Aren't there enough men in her life already? 😉


    As for the Leah/Jacob thing, I thought they were a couple, too…..until What Happened in That Final Chapter, hehehe. At the beginning, I wanted Leah and Jake to be together, only cuz I couldn't see any other alternative…… but what Stephenie wrote for Jake was BRILLIANT. Seriously, it's not like that. It even said so in Eclipse! I support it, 100%.

  75. ciociaa

    i think it would of been better if they had a son, so that there would be more beautiful edwards in the world 😀

  76. Malin

    I'm happy about Bella's and Edward's baby being a girl, but the name sucks. When I read it the first time I really started hoping it would be a big fat joke. I also don't see Bella's character giving her child such a strange name. She was always a really straight-forward character and her mother even called her an old soul. I think it would have fitted better by choosing a more traditional name. Nevertheless, I can't change it and respect S. Meyers decision.

    EJ — I don't get this American trend. Why do people call their people based on the first letters? I personally think it is silly. Moreover, the fact that Jacob is included in the name is almost hilarious. I mean – no matter if best friend or not – Jacob tried to ruin their relationship (I'm not going to start if that is okay) and split them up! And then she names her newborn after him??! In real life, I believe Jacob AND Edward would be pissed about that choice. The image of a little Edward is naturally really nice, but as said, I'm happy with a girl (as happy as I can be that a baby needs to be in the saga…).

  77. Faye

    I think that it was Bella's way of having a piece of Jacob remain with her after she has the baby, because she knew that once she became a vampire, Jacob would not stick around anymore (in theory) and it's just a way for her to not be lost forever. It's sort of like keeping that one thing from each relationship that meant something–it's not that you're wishing you still had it, but you acknowledge that it has changed you.

  78. Tora

    She did.

  79. iloveEdwardnTaylor!!!

    I wish it was a boy and named Edward Junior. That is so cute. I am mad with what happens between Renesmee and Jacob, so I wanted their child to be a guy.
    I also think that Edward Jacob is very disrespectful to Edward and I dont think it sounds good together anyway.

  80. Victoria

    I love that twiCurls video!! I love watching their vids! Oh, random, but that “style” and pizzazz” thing at the end was so funny.
    Now on to the question:
    You know, I like that Bella is having a girl. I'm not too crazy about the name, but I do think it's better than having a boy. I think since it is a girl, Edward will tend to protect her more. He sees now that Bella isn't the only girl in his happy world anymore. I was happy when Edward found out he could read Renesmee's thoughts. I have to say that I totally did not even like the name EJ. I forgot, isn't it Edward and Jacob's initials…I haven't read that book in a while…anyways, NO! I was pretty shocked to see that Stephenie came up with that name. She came up with really good names up till Renesmee.

  81. Tessa

    forks having naked people? haha sweet.

  82. Jen

    I am SO GLAD that Bella had a girl. I feel for Jacob, but I'm sorry-it would have been really weird/inapproppriate to name her son Edward Jacob. I can just imagine my husband's face if I told him we were going to name our first born after him AND my ex, who is still hanging around as in love with me as ever and I am still friendsly with.(Um, I don't really have anyone like that!) Thanks for the map, I would also want to steer clear of places with roaming naked people!

  83. Micaela

    Then what the Hale was he doing at the wedding?

  84. Micaela

    I agree. It would've been too much for Jacob. And he hates this baby. It wouldn't be exactly fair to either of the guys.

  85. i-love-star-trek!

    I have a little cousin named EJ…so hearing edward and bella's kid named that would be kinda strange for me.
    On the other hand…Renesmee is such a completely ridiculous name. When I first saw it I was kinda wondering if somebody had accidentally laced Bella's earlier cup o'blood with some alcohol. Renesmee sounds like the drunken babble of a frat boy. That was the point where I really and truly thought that the intensity of carrying a mixed-species child had driven Bella insane. But even as much as I hated the girl's name…I loved the girl and after I while you just can't imagine her with any other name.

  86. Melly K

    I can't stand people naming their children after other people, so I can't say that I'm commenting from a knowledgable place. But I assume she is doing it to honor Jacob, to give honor to the two most important people in her life. I think Edward would be fine with it. I don't think Jacob would like it. I do not think it is being disrespectful to Edward, because the relationship between the three of them is much more than “old boyfriend” or even “spurned lover”, Edward knows that Jacob wants what's best for her, they just have different opinions of what it is.

    I prefer the boy because frankly the name “reneesmee” is painful, and I agree, quite forced, and IMO, a writer's cop-out with trying to come up with a perfect, and unique name for a perfect and unique child. When I read that I was so dissappointed, Stephenie could have done so much better. I have never understood not giving a child it's own unique name, as it is its own unique person, but of the two, I would pick Edward since at least it has a small semblance of tradition.

    I also think the scene with Edward hearing the baby is one of the most touching in the entire series and just replayed it my head over and over. So beautiful.

  87. Micaela

    Wow. I had never looked at it like that. Thank you for your perspective!

  88. Micaela

    I agree. Renesmee is a completely ridiculous name. But it's better than Edward Jacob. I just wish that she could've came up with a better name.

  89. Micaela

    I kinda saw it as just a way for Jacob to be happy. What Happened in That Final Chapter seemed like just a way to tie up some loose ends. It wasn't what I (nor Spock) would call logical.

  90. Mmary

    I really, really don't like the name Renesmee. I think that is just dumb. So, out of those choices, I would have preferred EJ.

    and to those of you saying it isn't fair of Bella to name her child after Jacob, remember that Edward already knows how she feels, and know she has feelings for Jacob, but he also knows that she chose him!! So I don't think it would hurt him too badly.

    AND KALEB, see, you and Jacob can relate to each other! He doesn't like the too much information stuff either (don't you just LOVE his chapter titles? they are so jake!) I'm sure he wouldn't have been too happy about Island Esme, either.

    Neither was I. And it wasn't because I'm team Jake, it was because I don't like TMI either.

    And on a side note, it's tough for me to see 'TMI' and think of it as 'too much info' because now whenever I see it i think of The Mortal Instruments, best books in the world, WOOOO!!

  91. Hunter

    I would think that Bella should have….well I really dont know how to explain this without spoiling it for you. I guess I'll try. I think that the baby should have both names. One could be the middle name, and the other could be the first name! So what if it is a girl? Look at my name! My name is Hunter AND I'M A GIRL!!!!!! Just make EJ the middle name. come on guys, be a little open-minded.

  92. Amanda

    OK here's my only problem with naming her son Edward Jacob. When I first read this, it reminded me of a movie I'd seen called First Sunday. For those who haven't seen it, one of the main character's names is LeeJohn. When asked about his odd name, he replied that his mom had two boyfriends and didn't know which was his father, so she named him after both of them. I don't think that's what Bella was going for. That said, I am also not a fan of Renesmee, I'd personally go with Renesmee's middle name as her first.

  93. Rach

    This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. It really is a beautiful scene. I have a confession to make. When I discovered a good portion of the book was going to be told from Jacobs POV, I primarily skimmed through it to see if it was any good, and i happened upon that scene. And I read it. And i was mush. And i just HAD to read Jacob, JUST to get to that scene. I was spoiled, i know. But still. And Jacob's pov ended up being really good.

    So anyway, while most of my friends were hating on Nessie cuz of their first impression of her, i was like, “But I love Nessie!” because I always knew, the entire time, how good she is, and how she made Bella and Edward a family. I love Daddy Edward too!

    I actually like Leah after Breaking Dawn. At first I was like, “Ok, this chick's a B****h” but after reading breaking dawn, i was like, “huh, she's actually a pretty good gal.” But no, leah and jacob don't have a love affair at all. You'll see why. But it more of becomes a more-than-strong companionship and understanding.

    Looking forward to your next update!

  94. Amanda

    First of all about Jake and Leah, I was thinking the same thing. It seemed like something was happening there. And now about the question, I'm not really sure. I think I would have liked EJ better, espicially because that REALLY would have changed all the stuff that's going to start happening soon, most of which I didn't like.

  95. xtonks

    lol, very true, I didn't think about the fact that you may have been answering as if you didn't know what happened.

    If what happens, didn't happen, though, she would have never felt the love she did for Jacob anyway. Friend/family feeling = Bella's true feelings for Jacob.. Love feelings = CENSORCENSORCENSOR lol :)

    I think before knowing that, it is disrespectful, but after knowing that, I don't see it that way because it was never truly BELLA who felt that way.. it was 'something' else causing the triangle.

    Oh how I hate not being able to speak freely lol. I know Kaleb has avoided the spoilers this long and I doubt it'll be me to bring it, but I don't want to take the chance 😀

    Thanks, btw 😛

  96. antoinette

    what is it about Renesmee. It is original and cute. Carlie is horrible for a first name. There are so much Carlie's. Why should we copie names just because a original name are not done because we are not used to those.

    Besides it is not okay for Bella to used EJ for a boy. Edward would give in al though it shal hurt him. And Jacob wouldn't not have wanted it, because for him it is a monster child.

  97. Lauren C.

    WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT????? I have NO clue what nickname you are talking about but your kind of spoiling the book for me. (i am trying to read slowly because my dad hates taking me to the book store where i like to spend hours rather than minutes).
    Now, I like the name Renesmee and I don't really like the name EJ. But I think that maybe the baby will end up being Renesmee because (other than quite a few comments) Bella thinks that she is going to have a boy, and it seems like she has been wrong a lot lately. Just my guess.

  98. Mylles

    Deffinatley Renesmee. What really bothers me about EJ is that…its rude. Not only to Jacob to know that the woman he loves is now using his name on a child of the man he hates with a passion but even more so to Edward. Everyday of his life he would see his son and it would be a reminder, she loved him enough to name him after that dog. OUCH! Everyday reminders of those hurtful years when the woman he loved was caught between two men. OUCH again!
    And personally Jacob did deserve someone and it explains his comment to Quil in the begining of the book. If you're wondering about that read the part with Quil and Claire.

  99. Mylles

    It also is kinda wierd how some people don't like the fact that Bella has a kid but I love it!! It makes the world she lives in more real and makes her and Edward's relationship stronger in a way.

  100. clara

    Hey Kaleb…this is Clara from Brazil and I really loved your site!! I was looking for something like this way too long…

    Well…I kind of like the name Renesmee…really! It´s weird…mainly for me…a brazilian..but when you pronounce it…it´s kind of musical…´

    It´s sooooo much better than EJ…

    see ya

  101. ClaireB

    I think that you should NOT have said that. And besides, it's more complicated than that. Also besides, who Jacob “ends up with” is kind of crucial to the plot.

  102. kkat

    Renesmee… well, you get used to it. :) Edward Jacob is harsh. Not only a little disrespectful, like other posters have said, but it also perpetuates the “love triangle” that was so painful in Eclipse. Bella, Edward, and Jacob, tied together in ways that seem impossible to escape from. Despite their ultimate happiness, EJ would have been a reminder of that and, if things had turned out differently, been a constant source of guilt for Bella.

  103. becky

    Well, given something that happens after the baby is born (not to give it away) I think it would be terribly ironic if it were a boy named Edward Jacob, hehe.
    at first, i really really disliked the name Renesmee. I still sort of wished Bella had gone with Carlie Renesmee instead for Renesmee Carlie. I like Carlie as a first name. Anyway, by now the name has grown on me, and I kind of like Nessie.

    Plus, EJ would have been a constant reminder that Bella was once in love with two men at the same time. Which is awkward. Especially for the kid who bears that name.

  104. albino peahen

    The scene with Edward and Bella and the baby is definitely my favorite in the book. Seeing it from Bella's point of view, if your husband wants to kill your unborn baby, that's pretty much the worst thing ever. From her point of view, this should be a time of excitement in anticipation of the baby's birth. So, when Edward came to recognize the baby as a person rather than a thing, that was the best moment ever, and it was at that point that they really became a family. The only annoying bit is that the scene is from Jacob's perspective, and I'd rather ignore the fact that Jacob is there.

    As for baby names, I think Renesmee is better than EJ. What was Bella thinking? Naming the kid Edward would be awkward in the first place, but Jacob as a middle name? That is wrong. Naming your kid after a former romantic interest should be entirely out of the question. Honestly, I think the only reason Edward just lets these name suggestions go is because Bella's dying. I don't have the same issues with Renesmee that other people have, but I would definitely have preferred Elizabeth as a girl's name, or even Renesmee Elizabeth, if you want to name her after all three of her grandmothers. I just think Liz the Dhampir has a nice ring to it.

  105. Jenny

    I would have preferred renesmee just because i think it sounds so pretty. I really like renee's name and
    esme's name, but i agree with everyone else that combing their names is not creative.
    Stilll, i love how it sounds…ruh-nuz-mee. I would've hated Ej because i don't think that wouldve been fair
    to Edward. Reneseme is definately better! =D

  106. D.B.Ambs

    Ummm, that thing about fathers not becoming dad's until after the baby is born was in Juno. I personally don't believe that, but whatever.

    I like the name Renesmee, I don't know why, probably because I've always been one for the weirder names. After a while though, it does get kind of annoying.

  107. jade

    You didn't mention the most fun part about the Peter Facinelli bet! If he wins, the guy he's betting against has to wear a bikini down hollywood blvd and sing some Beyonce song and Peter will make a video of it and put it on youtube. So everyone go follow PF on twitter!

    Renesmee is better than Edward Jacob. I too find EJ disrespectful. Even if Jacob was never her boyfriend, the idea of naming Edward's child after someone she was in love with who is still in love with her is wrong. If he was just her best friend and there was no history between them, I wouldn't really mind it. I actually find it a little disrespectful to Jacob too. Why would Jacob want that constant reminder of what could've been?

  108. Alba

    He went to the wedding because Bella herself wanted him there. He went as a FRIEND. Nothing more. And he tried, he really did. Until she told him that she wanted a real honeymoon.
    Jacob knew the stories. He, as Edward, knew how dangerous was to sleep with a vampire. He totally thought she was going to die, and that's why he blew it at the end.

    But think about something… Even Edward said that Jacob was right. It was too dangerous. It went good at the end, but they couldn't know that. Jacob couldn't know that.

    AND Edward was happy and thankful when he saw that Jacob had gone to the wedding.

    Greetings from Spain!

  109. Alba

    Thank you! Well, it's nice to see that there are some Team Edwards who understand Jacob. Thanks! 😉

  110. Alba

    Shut up! Oh my God, have you ever heard about avoiding spoilers whenever you comment about something that others haven't already read? Don't spoil the story for Kaleb!

  111. Natalie

    UUGGHHH!!!! I am SO glad that Bella didn't name the baby EJ (Edward Jacob). How extremely awkward for Edward. How would you, Kaleb, like your wife to name your child after an old flame?!? I would divorce the spouse immediately!!!

    And, oh, this part was so beautiful!!! Where edward hears the baby!! He finally calls it a baby instead of the fetus!!! I cried with happiness after this moment they have together!

    And from what I have read in books and seen in the media, whenever it comes down for a man to choose between the life of his wife and the life of his unborn child he ALWAYS chooses the wife! I guess it's natural so the man can look after the safety of the woman while the woman gives up that instinct for the sake of her child.

  112. Sakura

    Ah! So it's in this chapter!!! I love how in this chapter, something just clicked and Edward was suddenly accepting the baby. It's where Edward suddenly realises that what is growing inside of Bella is not so much of a monster that he initially thought it was. I felt proud of Edward when he handed his keys to Jacob. He knew that him accepting the baby would just kill Jacob even more.

    I felt so sorry for Jacob. I just want him to be able to imprint or at least find someone that can fill the gap and yes, I was also hoping for a romance between Leah and Jacob during this part of the book. They seem so close that it seems possible in the future.

    To answer your question, I was so glad that the baby was a girl! I mean it would be kind of acceptable if EJ stands for “Edward Junior” but “Edward Jacob”? It's worse than Albus Severus! (You'll see what I mean once you've read Harry Potter, though I kind of like the name Albus Severus) I like Renesmee Carlie Cullen, though in my opinion, Carlie Renesmee Cullen sounds waaaaaay better.

  113. cathyness

    Renesmee and EJ were both so awful. I understand that SM wanted to be original, but just because a name is way different doesn't necessarily make it creative in a good way. I felt like she sat at her computer putting together family name combinations, and thought, “hmm Renesmee doesn't sound too bad”. And of course, EJ was the most cliche thing I'd ever heard (that's an exaggeration). Honestly Kaleb, as an English major I don't understand how you've been able to swallow this atrocity of a fourth book. I LOVED the other books, but once Jacob's book ended, it was hard to continue reading.

  114. NougatCat

    Just adding my vote that I agree with all the others in wondering what the heck is going through Bella's head at that point with the names she mashes together, and being fair to both the guys… but then, she was already starting to get a little crazy (as much as I love them together). Hee…. I grinned at that video too, and it must have made you wonder, Kaleb! Even if you avoid spoilers, it was hard to not hear mention of the name floating around.

    You reminded me of commentary on that scene by another blogger (http://cleoland.pbworks.com/Twilight – the book recaps are at the bottom), who said “We’re lucky Bella didn’t want to name a boy Edwob Charlisle.” Hah. I swear, I couldn't stop giggling sometimes reading through her commentary re-caps of the books (kind of like yours). She loves them too, but has a healthy dosage of witty snark and humor when it comes to calling out the books on all the crazy stuff and adding in hilarious remarks… kind of like Twilight meets MST3K… you need a sense of humor to enjoy it! (just saying, for those who don't like their books joked about… I love the books too, but she's incredibly good with being able to laugh at the craziness in it, too, which is great to be able to do with anything you love)… I think you'd like it… let me know!

  115. imyourdensity

    i really hate the name Renesmee!! its so stupid! i would rather she had a son named EJ, its waaaaaay more normal. she is a freak to name her poor daughter that!

  116. Julie

    Doesn't it seems weird that Bella makes sure that her & Edward's parents name if the baby is a girl; but she doesn't consider that if the baby is a boy she just names him after her father Charlie? I'm just saying, didn't Stephanie just think of that instead of EJ it sounds a little more normal.

  117. Alexandria

    But it is wong though. I really don't think it added anything besides making everyone feel extreamly weird reading it.

  118. Anna

    lol you all have to see this!!! copy and past the link::: http://s3.amazonaws.com/twitpic/photos/full/127

  119. Anna

    sorry i meant this link::: http://twitpic.com/7lnqr/full

  120. Alexandria

    Renesmee is alot better than Edward Jacob. Renesmee has a ring to it and it is very different. I don't really think it is a good idea to name your child after a parent. It sounds like you didn't really care what you were going to name your child so you just decided to go with the name that took the least amount of thought. As for the name Jacob I really don't think that it fits. It sounds weire to me paired with the name Edward. I aloso think that it is wrong to name the kid Jacob because Bella and Jacob were basically dating. It is wrong to name your child after the people you go out with. It makes you question if they really love you or if they are going to leave you for that person the next day. If she had a boy it would be better if the name was more orignal.

  121. Mal

    I like both names……I wouldn't be able to decide.

    Oh and two things:
    1) You guys are very good at reading comprehension…(i'm not)
    2) You guys have very good discussions on here….and you kinda get defensive at times…..it makes it fun for me to read though.

  122. Amry

    Jacob hasn't done 'nothing wrong'. That kind of blanket statement is as bad as the original comment; Jacob has taken actions and said things he should not have. In particular, tricking Bella into kissing him, using his own death against her when he knew she'd already made her choice, was very wrong indeed. While I do like Jacob much better than I used to, now that Breaking Dawn is over, he was severely unlikeable (read: he acted like an arrogant, using jerk much of the time) during Eclipse – which is probably why people still 'pick on him'.

  123. Amry

    Renesmee is also a baby… people tend to adore babies, think they can do no wrong, cherish them, spoil them, etc. Especially for a family of vampires that actually gets to experience having a baby in the house… no, I don't think Renesmee is a Mary Sue. She will grow up, and have a personality, and there will be people who dislike her and people whom she dislikes. Everything will not always go well for her. But right now, she is a baby, and she is adored the way a baby should be adored.

  124. Telly

    Huh. The name grew on me, I have to admit.

    Hey Kaleb, have you heard about Baby Bella? http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/new

  125. Autumn

    I'm thinking I'll stick with the Renesmee. I have just gotten to used to her.

  126. Cara B.

    I don't really know, every time I read this part I have different opinions. At first I was totally with you, but now I still think that Jacob was still fighting. Not “stealing” her from Edward, it's not like he's clubbing her and dragging her back to his hut or something, he's just trying to give her what he thinks is her best option. I really think that Jacob isn't there to be her friend because he never was. He always had this connection with Bella that was more than friendship. Just my two cents. & that's so awesome that you're from Spain. 😀 I'm from the us and your English is better than mine!

  127. Mylles

    That usually happens because they never know the baby. They haven't had any connection with the baby like the mother has. They haven't been carrying it in their gut for 9 (usually) months and haven't felt those little kicks personally. The father has no chance to know the baby until it is born. This is why they usually pick their wives who they have known and loved much longer. NOT THAT THIS IS OKAY! I just wanted to explain that.

  128. Mylles

    WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH WIERD NAMES!!! My name really is Mylles its not just some wierd name I came up with. I was named after my father and my mom wanted to spell it like that! It makes me a little upset when everyone starts talking about how much they hate the name Renesmee! The name may be different but calling her Carlie would be too normal! And naming someone after someone else is fine and creating wierd names from that is just as fine.

  129. CullenWannabe

    I like Renesmee (especially after reading what SM said on her site about the name.) Plus I HATE the fact she would want to name her son Edward Jacob. I like naming after Edward just fine, it's the Jacob part I hate. She has clearly already chosen Edward, she's married and pregnant with his child. And did she think about what Edward would think of naming his son after that dog? Ugh, Bella gets on my nerves sometimes. I am soooooo glad that it ended up being a girl.

  130. Ashlyn

    A son named EL because I am a Team Jacob soooo I mean that name really works for me.

  131. Natty

    NOT ME!! I think it was perfect who he ended up with. It made evrything good at the end.

  132. izzylove

    It's obvious from these posts that you people don't understand the dynamics of these relationships. Being in a different situation really changes how it affects the outcome.

    1st- I do not believe it would offend Edward in anyway if the baby was named after Jacob. He is secure in relationshio and understands that Bella loves him more than anything and that if she wanted to be with Jacob she would have left by now. He understands the hurt that Jacob feels and has become a friend and ally to Jacob in many ways. He knows he owes Jacob for saving Bella's life and being as old as he is puts the situation in perspective for him. Jacob is not a threat and has given up hopefor being with Bella.

    2nd- Stop making Jake the bad guy. He is not a threat. He is a best friend who comforted Bella in her time of need. If it had been some friend who was a girl there would be no issue with naming a child after her. Jake never dated Bella and gave up on her after Eclipse. This is because all he ever wanted was her safety and for her to realize she had other options that could include children and her family and life. He just wanted to know if her acknowledging her love for him would change anything. After realizing that he couldn't beat Edward he accepted that. If having a crush on your best friend is cause for them to not be able to name their kid after you then there is something wrong. The only reason you people have a problem with it is because anything that opposes Edward is some horrendous threat that must be destroyed.

    3rd- It would cause Jacob much more stress. What a bigger reminder of your unrequited love than your name on their kid. He loves Bella and knows she would only have the best in mind but seeing all the little details that remind him of Edward would make him go crazy. He is a hot headed boy and that would probably set him off. I mean what else could hack open wounds and bring back bad memories more than your best friend/ unrequited love interest's kid with the guy that you always thought was no good for her and kept you from being together

    I think EJ would have been cute but I also enjoy the originality of Renesmee

  133. Shannon

    You realize he hasn't gotten to that part yet, right? Stop spoiling it for him *whacks you with a wet noodle*

  134. Shelby

    OMG! EJ WOULD SUCK!!! Okay so I loved Edward and Jacob! (Taylor Lautner rocks!!!! ROBERT PATTINSON SUCKS! HE CAN SUCK IT!!!!) Anyways I love Renesmee! She's adorable, and absolutly perfect!

  135. Shannon S.

    Personally, I like the name Carlie better as a first name. Also, at the end of the book, all loose ends are tied together in a neat little bow.

    However, that doesn't excuse the package being wrapped in duct tape. -_-'
    Just ignore me. I'm having fun reading your reviews on these chapters Kaleb. Wonder what you'll think when Bella gets back in control.

  136. Alba

    Wow, thanks a lot for what you said about my English! You're so sweet! Thank you, even though I know my English could never be better than yours. lol 😉

    I don't think Jacob was fighting, you know… He just wanted her to be safe. He didn't want to see her dead. That's what I think.

  137. Alba

    I meant he hasn't done anything wrong to be considered an enemy. Jacob's intentions were good, but yes, he was wrong with a few of his methods. He's 16, after all. He's young, and in love, and desperate. Of course he made mistakes. I wasn't saying he was perfect.

    All of them made mistakes. But I don't see anyone holding Edward's mistakes against him. That's what I meant.

  138. Feven

    DEFINITELY NOT! (For naming the kid EJ)
    That is not only a disrespect to Edward, but an even bigger one for Jacob. How could you look into the child of your love's eyes, have it named after you, and know that it's not yours!?
    *shakes head*
    Thank goodness, it wasn't a boy.

    But as for the girl.. I so would have preferred Elizabeth Renee Cullen.

    One more thing.
    Kaleb pleaseeeee. I know you're trying harder to look into Jacob's point of view, but please, I don't want it to just be an appearance for your readers. I read your blog comment and I'm not sure you get it..

  139. Ana Eskildsen

    ahh I've thought of that same name! Elizabeth Renee, I've always thought that would have been the perfect name for Nessie :)

  140. MG

    At first I didn't like the name Renesmee, but it grew on me, and I understood the reasoning behind it as well. She's unique, one-of-a-kind, etc etc. I didn't like the name EJ, but thats mainly because I'm not really a fan of “initial” names. And EJ doesn't role off the tongue, it sounds funny to me!! Elizabeth Renee would have been nice, it's “old-fashioned” sounding, kind of, or enough so to work in the book. Isabella and Edward are a bit old fashioned too (as are all of the Cullen names). However, I think someone mentioned this before- I've heard stranger names than Renesmee- look at most celebrities these days- I just wonder WHY anyone would name their child Apple or Moses, or Bluebell, or Bronx! Like come on people! Unique is one thing, but you have to think that this child is going to teased later on in life! Poor things!

  141. inzaratha

    That map about where Jacob runs around naked is hillarious! So funny Caleb!

  142. Monika

    It was Edward Junior not Edward-Jacob

  143. Ana Eskildsen

    It was Edward Jacob, not Junior

  144. Mylles

    Um…I just read the book again, (stupid book) and I don't remember it ever clarifying that. When she calls the baby EJ Edward asks “What?” She says “Your father's name was Edward too wasn't it?” But I also could swear she once said, My Little Edward JAcob, but I couldn't find that when I skimmed over it this morning so we may never know.

  145. Mylles

    I always thought Ella would work. Like Edward Bella, maybe I'm crazy but…

  146. Elise

    Edward wouldn't say anything beacuse he loves her, and Bella feels horrible that she still loves Jake. AND it is sort of edwards fault they fell in love, he was the one who left. But i see what u mean. Though it all works out

  147. shannonlee

    i though that jake and leah would develop feelings for each other 2… but just before the end of the chapter i guessed what was gonna happen.
    dont really like the name renesmee… its like bella is jst trying 2 please everyone (which she prob is) insted of giving her a actual name

  148. Clara

    Son, Ej
    Most Def.

  149. Jackie

    Well there are a lot of comments! Firstly I would love to say I like the song that you chose for this chapter. Sounds great!

    I don’t know. I don’t really mind if she has a son or a daughter. I like them both. I wasn’t one of those people who hated the name Renesmee. So I’m happy either way.

    I like how you wrote about Jacob and Leah being similar and how there could be something romantic going on. I felt like that too when I was reading the book.

  150. shemus

    naming her child edward jacob i think would be awful. that would be like naming your child after the ex-boyfriend you had RIGHT before marrying your current and new husband. renesmee might be Quite the odd name.. but Edward Jacob, i think, would be worse.

  151. Megan

    it was Edward-Junior i have the book in my hand

  152. katelyn newber

    i was SOO glad that Renessmee was a girl. if she was EJ i would hace freaked out because that is my brothers name (Edward Joseph). i keep telling him to tell everyone his real name, he'll get more girls.

  153. Rae

    Ha! I was just thinking about this the other day. Edward Jacob is a horrible name. And I have to say it would be very disrespectful to Edward to have his child named after Jacob. No offense to anyone else, but I think it would be. I mean, if Jacob were her brother or something, it'd be different (ha, just have to say, Jacob is my brother's name. And he looks like a werewolf! Haha my family is Native American), but that's pretty much her ex-boyfriend and that's really creepy. You don't name your husband's child after your ex-boyfriend. No no no. And Edward and Jacob are two first names, and don't make a great combination. Renesmee is kind of a weird name but I don't have a problem with it. I love weird names. Just not ugly names like Edward Jacob. Ugh. That was one of the things I had a big issue with.

  154. jbafaith

    I did not like the idea of her naming the baby Edward Jacob, to me it was a slap in the face for Edward. But as I thought about it later, I remembered Bella saying that her extra need for Jacob during her pregnancy was the influence of Renesmee. So maybe that was the reason she wanted Jacob's name too, but she did not realize it yet – not until after Jacob imprinted with Renesmee, it was then easier for Bella to see that influence as she reflected back on her strong need to have Jacob near her during her pregnancy.

  155. Jillian

    For anyone wondering, it's Edward Jacob. If you don't believe me, check page 371 in Breaking Dawn.

  156. Ashley

    I was thinking . . .how are they going show “jacob NAKED” in the movie?(!!!!!!!!!!,I really hope they don't!!!!!!!!!!)

  157. Ashley

    I was thinking . . .how are they going show “jacob NAKED” in the movie?(!!!!!!!!!!,I really hope they don't!!!!!!!!!!)

  158. Betsy

    Personally I think Apple>Albus Severus>Renesmee.

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