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Has The Robert Pattinson Craze Gone Too Far?

June 17th, 2009 at 12:03 pm by Kaleb Nation

For all of you who were wondering why Robert Pattinson closes his Myspaces, has no Twitter or Facebook, and covers his face and runs when even well-intentioned fans try to ask for an autograph:

There is now so much fear for his safety that the studio executives have recently increased the number of bodyguards surrounding Rob. Because of these fangirl encounters on the Remember Me set, they have established a “No Contact Zone” against all fans of Robert Pattinson.

For the past uncountable months, I have received rude emails from so-called Robert Pattinson fans demanding I give them his phone number/address/myspace/etc — when nowhere on my website does it say I am the all-knowing guru of Rpattz secrets. The craziness is so bad that the rudeness is spilling over into my inbox. Not only that, but the poor guy is literally being attacked and assaulted almost every time he walks down the street. When does it get to be too much?

It’s all fun while people are chasing the celebs down, but now there is real fear for Rob’s life. Any one of those girls who were jumping at him and grabbing his neck could have been a psychopath with a knife — and there was so much frenzy going on, he would be dead before anyone could even react. Because of the crazies, even the good fans have to suffer, unfortunately. So for those of you who have been emailing me angrily about how “Rob doesn’t love his fans” because he won’t talk to you or give you his phone number, it would do you much good to keep this in mind.

QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: Do you think the Robert Pattinson craze has gone too far, or do you think it is all ‘part of his job’ to deal with it?

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229 Responses

  1. Telly

    It has gone way too far. One thing is to admire from afar. Another is to become a crazed stalker. Not to mention what this will do to his career! How many movie-making people will want to put up with his many fans, and spend the money on closed sets and security guards?

  2. Courtney

    This is honestly one of the sickest things I have ever seen. The guy is going to go nuts. I feel bad for him.

  3. Samie

    i think this time they have gone to far… he is just a person ppl!

  4. Sara

    I think that having crazy fans is a part of the business… that being said… I think Rob's fans are taking it way too far. He is just a person, and they should treat him as such.

  5. Telly

    This is going too far. Admiring from afar is one thing, but acting like a crazed stalker is another.

    Not to mention what this will do to his career! Why would movie-making people put up with this, and spend extra money on closed sets and security guards.

  6. Jessica

    I think that is just crazy. People are taking this wayyyy to far. It is part of the business, but I feel really bad for him.

  7. Sam

    I think that this whole thing insane. He's really no different from anyone else and deserves to be able to live his life in peace and quiet.

  8. Lorena

    I hope it calms down a bit, otherwise he may have to lock himself out of the world in order to get some peace of mind…

    I think he's been way too kind to people, he deserves some space

    I am a fan of his, but I feel sorry for those pathetic losers that are ruining his chance of a normal life, or his life in itself

    They should honestly back the eff off, they're just embarrassing themselves

  9. Mylles

    Its gone way to far. I for one love Rob but if I saw him in the street I would stare at him dumbfounded from afar. These girls are getting ridiculous. He's just another guy! An amazingly hot guy but still! He deserves respect as a person and I agree with Telly, and if you truly cared about the guy at all you would leave him the heck alone!

  10. ErynJE

    This is so sad it makes me want to cry and scream all of the foul things that are filling my head.

  11. Katharine

    Unfortunately, when you become as popular as Robert, the crazy fans seem to come with that popularity.

    At what point, though, is it too much? I think the actions of those girls (I refuse to call them “young ladies” because there was nothing ladylike about their actions), shows what happens when the fans lose perspective of the situation. Rob must have been terrified. I know I would be. Imagine having that level of insanity around you on a daily basis. No wonder Rob is hardly ever out and about. He can't leave his hotel room for fear of being attacked by crazed FanGirls.

    Rob, I have no idea if you read will read this, but I for one am embarrassed to be even remotely associated with these people. Take heart, we're not all like that, and we all wish you the best.

  12. Spank Ransom

    Great post. They violated not only his personal space but even the space that he has always been so courteous and generous enough with his time to provide his fans in the past. I am as crazy about His Holy Hotness as much as the next female but I am NOT crazy. I hope these psychos are obsessed enough to read the outrage that the “fandom” has felt over their aggresive and abusive actions – I also hope the media picks up on the fact that the majority of the fans for Twilight and its stars do NOT condone the actions of these set-stalkers. I am sorry that Rob has to endure this. Yes, adoration goes with the territory but no one should be expected to endure THAT.

    Again, great post. Thanks.

  13. Christina

    I feel sorry for the poor guy. Yes, fans are part of being a star. However, people should honor another person's personal space. Some of the fans have gone way too far with this.

  14. sveta!

    this has gone way too far. people are way more obsessive than i thought. i feel so bad for him!! its like he cant trust anyone anymore. its really bad. if i was to ever meet him i would just ask him a couple questions maybe shake hands and be on my way being happy that i encountered him. now i cant even do that. i feel so bad for the good fans that arent obsessive as the crazy maniac girls that stalk him and treat him like a…a… i dont even have the words. i just feel so bad for the poor guy.

  15. Capucine

    On the one hand, it's part of his job, on the other hand, it's really going too far. The worst thing is that I think it's only the beginning for this poor Rob… ):
    It's sad because these girls don't represent the majority of Rob's fans/Twi fans. I mean, I am a fan of Rob and more generally, of Twilight, but I would never never ever do that. First, it would be embarrassing because of the papps (; Second, this is not something you do when you have manners! And I know that most of the fans would never behave like that… I hope he doesn't believe that we are all like this now…

    It's funny because this kind of things doesn't happen to the others members of the Twilight Cast. Even if Kristen Stewart, for instance, is followed by the papps, crazy fans aren't attacking her.
    So is it all about Rob?? If it is, he's not done with that… (:

  16. Katie

    I think he deserves a break from the crazy fans. If I was there, I'm be shrieking at the top of my lungs, 'BACK OFF! HE'S JUST A GUY FOR GODS SAKE!!' or something similar.

  17. Troi

    I definitely think this has gone waaaaaaaaaaay too far. He is a PERSON, and these crazy people that chase after him have obviously forgotten that. I think that people should ask themselves how they would feel if this happened to them. I certainly don't want a bunch of crazy boys running after me. It's too much to say that it 'comes with the territory.'

  18. ciociaa

    I believe that it has gone way to far, i have never seen so many girls go crazy over a celebrity. In this business you know what can happen, you kow that you can have crazy fans. I work in the entertainement field and I was warned about the amount of fans one can get, Robert has to either let the fans in or drop out of the spot light.

  19. arikka

    this is going WAAYYY too far, yes it is a part of his job to have obsessive fans but it ISNT apart of his job to have to deal with THAT!

  20. Poppy Tranter

    Oh my! That must be horrible, and so freaking surreal.
    You just wanna take him where no one will know him so he can actually breathe.
    lol they're all just going “PLEASE, PLEASE!” please what?
    but that's gone way to far. the poor guy can;t walk two feet.

  21. Joyce

    I feel SO sorry for him! I can't believe they did that!

  22. tina

    One look at his face tells me he is miserable. Back off squeeing fangirls – the guy doesn't like it!! For every lovestruck teen out there who thinks if they chase him and throw their arms around his neck – I have a little advice. “Get a life!!” Sorry, harsh, but really, what do they think is going to happen? He's going to fall in love with a stalker??

    I agree that his safety is a concern. How would you deal with this kind of craziness??

    I just feel bad for the guy.

    HGE is no longer using pap photos – trying to give him a little more privacy. It's just a small thing, but feels like the right thing to do.

  23. frankie

    WAY out of control!!! If I were Rob I'd pull out of the movies altogether and go hide in a deep dark hole! What these insane people are showing is not love, since love requires respect! If they really loved him,they'd respect that's he's just a human being same and them and that he deserves his privacy and sense of safety. Maybe they should take a step back and think how they would feel if someone was attacking them like they were attacking him.

  24. ChannyMae

    I Totally agree with what everyone has said. I'm so glad you posted it. Although being famous it comes with the territory but there is a much better way of doing it, People are People. Even if they are more known when most. Everyone should be treated with respect no matter who they are. I mean put yourself in their shoes wouldn't you just hate just walk down the street and having crazy people and cameras in your face. I know I would. There is a better way about meeting someone like Rob and I'm sure you'd be able to enjoy it and they would be able to enjoy it better as well.

  25. Chelsea

    I'm a fan of Twilight and Robert, but I would never do that.Come on people that just crazy,.He's just a person.A little respect for him.

  26. xtonks

    I would have to say both.

    It's definitely going too far, but it IS part of his job he just has to deal with. It's part of being famous, and it happens. Do I think that it's ridiculous that it is part of being famous? Yes. That doesn't change the fact that it's still a known occupational hazard of being a celebrity, though. I can say these girls are way over doing it, because (personally a Taylor lover myself) if I saw Taylor Lautner on the street I would probably be too scared to even try to talk to him, let alone hug him against his will. Some people just have no class and are way too excitable, and unfortunately as long as he's in the spotlight, especially playing Edward Cullen, this is going to be his life as a good looking and successful young man.

  27. xxobsessedxx

    In my opinion it really isn't part of the job. Pat of the job is having fans asking you for autographs at appropiate times and not 24/7. Part of the job is having the paparazzi taking photographs of you at significance times and not it being headline news when you go and get a coffee or even just for being outside. For me the Rob Pattinson craze went to far a little while ago. Yes he has “celebrity” status but what exactly does that mean. Because I'm pretty sure the job description of a “celebrity” is not to be stalked 24/7 and then being attacked by “fans” who apparently love him so much they would risk him getting hurt for their own gain. At the end of the day he is just a normal guy who at the moment must be finding his life very hard. Yes I'm sure he loves what he is doing, but at times he probably asks himself why? Why am I putting myself through this. I honestly believe that the only thing the fans like those in the video above are doing is scaring him off. Is that really what you want?

  28. Alaris

    That was bit too much. Those girls needed to calm down. Yes, the whole fangirl crazyness comes with the job, but it was very obvious how Rob didn't want to talk to them at the moment, and I think those girls should have respected that.

  29. Nessa

    Its Definitely gotten too far.The poor guy he hates attention and now people are practically attacking him. X

  30. ErynJE

    I wonder what would happen if Rob recorded a YouTube video talking directly to the fans – telling them exactly how they make him feel. Perhaps seeing him ask them to stop might start something…

  31. Cara B.

    This video really disturbs me, the rpatz stalking has got to stop. Anyone can blame the security detail, or the production company for not having more bodyguards, but when it comes down to it if the fans treated him with respect it wouldn't be needed. I hate when a few fans ruin the reputation of the whole fanbase. I wish that rob didn't have to be worried about being attacked while walking to the mailbox or something. I understand that he's extremely popular right now, but that doesn't give these maniacs an excuse. You also bring up a good point with the knife situation, that's the kind of thing that whoever is providing security should be thinking about.

  32. Vanessa

    I think this whole thing has gone too far. He's a person people, not just a poster. Yes, we all love him in Twilight, but give the guy some room to breathe. There's no reason at all for people to be jumping on him for crying out loud! I would be scared too if I were him. Yes, people might say it comes with the territory, but seriously do people have to make it so hard on him? Let him work, or he might just decide that it isn't worth it anymore.
    He shouldn't have to run, wear disguises, or hire what looks like half of an army brigade. He should be able to walk down the sidewalk in peace.

  33. Sakura

    Oh dear! It's already too much! I don't think that any other actor in Hollywood is being mobbed by fans as much as Rob. Give him a break people! Even if I'm not a big Robert Pattinson fan I know that it's not right to mob an actor. He' still human therefore, he still needs his privacy. How would you feel if you were being mobbed by fangirls left, right and center that you can't even go out in peace anymore?

    Yes, it is 'part of his job' to have a lot of fans but really, can you still call those people fans? Even the ones who sends you rude emails. If they are real fans then they should know to be courteous and to respect Rob and other people. Rob has been nothing but polite to his fans and this is what he gets in return. Poor Rob.

  34. Cara B.

    Couldn't agree more.

  35. Wendy

    That is totally disgusting. Those people are crazy!

  36. M

    I say theres two sides to this..

    A) Rob you are an actor deal with it…you had to know this role was going to lead you in this fan crazy direction..come on…. GET BETTER SECURITY
    B)All you crazy fans dont act insane when you meet him like Kaleb said thats the reason why he doesnt have myspaces and twitters and give autographs out… you ruin it for us sane people.

  37. Adela

    I don't think I've seen anything like this! It's gone way too far. I get that girls love Robert Pattinson, I do too, but holy crap I would never go that far. He's a person, not some shiny object that people should chase and fight to grab!

  38. M

    I totally agree you def are not showing real Love.. theres no respect here ..you just do what you want.. like grabbing the poor guys neck..come on… Hes just a regular person like me and you and unfortunetly he wont remember you afterwords… so sorry but true…

  39. Debra

    I feel really sorry for him. The guy is only 23 and he can't even go out and do anything because stuff like that will happen. While, yes, fans are part of the job when you're and actor, singer, ect. the fans have no right to act like that. He is just a guy trying to do his job and live his life. I'm not saying I wouldn't be very excited if I saw him on the street or something, but running up to him and thinking it's ok to touch him just because he's famous is ridiculous, have these girls parents taught them anything about personal space? Like you said Kaleb about him having to deleate his myspaces, facebook, and such, I totally understand, how would any of those people feel about people acting like that towards them? I really could go on and on about how much stuff like that upsets me, because they do ruin it for everyone when they act like that so he can't really trust being anywhere near where fans may be without body guards and such. I agree with most everyone else on here, those poeple are crazy.

  40. RosalieC

    I think it's a little of both. It comes with the job to be asked for autographs and have fans but Rob still needs room to breath!!!!

  41. Cara B.

    Also, I just went to a meet & greet with Jackson Rathbone & 100 monkeys and it was really nice. No one went crazy, there was no grabbing or pushing, and everyone actually got to talk with them. Just wanted to let eeryone know that there is hope!

  42. M

    I have a feeling he wont want to do the other 2 movies.. i think these idiots are going to ruin it for the rest of us.. he might just pull out of the movies.. then how terrible it will be to have someone take his place and all that. now come on…..

  43. Kristen C

    I think its gotten way too far. I would be scared for my life if I was in that situation. I think that the fans need to chill out and relax. Its not like they'll never see him again.

  44. Karlee

    Exactly. ^

  45. NuttyNetty

    this is too far. some people need too chill the heck out lol on a serious not though, I think he should chill from making movies for a while… maybe things will calm down with the fans… I hope this is the peek of the craziness and we just wait for it to down from now on… but if it continues to get worse for him… the best thing may be to stay away from the media/movies/songs so he can have a normal life again… well maybe not normal.. but a not so crazy life would be nice.

  46. Lisa

    Do these girls really think that by throwing themselves at “Rob” that it will make them more attactive to him? Do you think he goes home at night as says to himself “Boy, I wish I could get to know crazy fan girl #3 a little better?” I think not. I mean come on! I am team Edward all the way. But Rob does not equal Edward, he just portrays him. Poor Guy.

  47. Lana

    you know, a lot of people think this is the price to pay for fame. but c'mon, ever heard of personal space? celebrity or not, NO ONE likes it when their personal space is invaded. it's rude, inappropriate, and quite terrifying! the crazies just need to keep their behavior in check. aside from making the true fans look bad, they just end up looking pathetic!

  48. Janice

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the whole thing is getting ridiculous. I feel bad for Rob. I would just run away and never come back. I honestly don't understand why people can't just leave him be for five minutes. Would they want a swarm of people trying to attack them? Probably not.

  49. Adrienne

    That poor guy. He can't even *pretend* to have a normal life now.

  50. Jennaleah

    @0:35 my initial thought was that he was smiling and loving all of the attention – thinking this video was a bad way to prove the point … but it then zoomed in and you could see he was scared!

    I love Robert Pattinson as much as the next girl but that was just ridiculous! I'm sure that I can't say anything different than what others have posted, but here are my views:

    He is just a person, he might be sexy as all hell, he might be the star in a movie – but newsflash; he eats, he sleeps, and he shits just like the rest of us!

    I honestly don't understand what is going through those girls minds when they are acting like that. If you want a picture, ask him to stop and take a photo with you. If he keeps walking or the bouncer chucks you down so hard you should be in China – thats your cue to go.

    Or, make a petition and send to his agent for Rob to come to an area (bookstore) to do pictures for fans and just leave him the hell alone when he's walking down the road.

    I tell you what, if I was famous and people were acting like that for me – I'd dropkick every single one of them … screw having bouncers!

    All in all, what I'm trying to say is when you meet someone famous (Rob or JohnDoe), you'll get that adrenalline rush – don't attack the poor stars, just walk up casually and be appreciative of his space!

  51. TwiMom5404

    Oh for the love of all that is holy!

    I saw this coming months ago: Here's my Open Letter to the Robsessed that was published on the Twilighter's Anonymous site a few weeks ago.

    I can't even bring myself to watch this damn video because I feel like my head might explode from my shoulders.

    An Open Letter to the Robsessed byTwiMom5404

    The recent voracious media frenzy surrounding Robert Pattinson’s attendance at the Cannes film festival has triggered many things in my head, but probably not things you’d expect. I literally cried after watching the YouTube video of the photo op he attended, because he looked so uncomfortable and throngs of reporters were literally screaming and shouting his name over and over. I couldn’t even finish watching it. Let’s get one thing straight here. Robert Pattinson is a person, NOT a piece of meat. It hurts my heart to see people treat him as a commodity…an object. Why must the world treat celebrities this way?

    First of all, yes girls, GOD yes…the boy is GORGEOUS. There, I’ve said it. I’m a plain, old, boring 42-year old mother of three who lives a very quiet life and I’ll be the first to admit that this kid’s face makes my tummy flutter. Just the image of his hands on a piano makes me break out in a cold sweat. God help me when he smiles. And yes, I’m happily married and have been for 22 years to my very own Edward. But that doesn’t mean I’m dead. (Hubby has his own little crush on Ashley Greene, so it’s all good!)

    But seriously ladies, is it really, really necessary to scream at the decibel level that would shatter glass when you see him? Must we really chase the kid down like a hunted dog through the alleys behind his hotel? Have none of you even seen an interview where Robert tells the press that all of this makes him uncomfortable and fearful?

    So, today, I’ve come up with a list of DO’s and DON’Ts as it pertains to RobPatz worship, because if all of you Robsessed ladies out there TRULY care for him, it’s up to you to make his life less stressful. God knows we don’t want stress lines on that beautiful, sculpted-by-angels face of his. Do we girls? I think not.

    DO hang posters of Rob in your room – heck, wallpaper entire walls if you want to. Put a life sized iron-on transfer on your fitted sheets if it blows your skirt up.

    DON’T stalk him at his hotel, on set, or in ANY public place. The boy needs his Starbuck’s just like the rest of us.

    DO buy every piece of RPatz merchandise you can find. The more royalties he earns, the more money he has to hire badass bodyguards.

    DON’T scream at him. ANYWHERE. Not on red carpets, not at photo ops, not anywhere. He hates it. He really, really does. Just fight the urge. I know you can do it.

    DO write him letters and send them wherever you want – that Letters to Rob website is hilarious! DO give him accolades on his work and tell him that you sleep on an Edward pillowcase every night. DON’T threaten to jump off a tall building if he doesn’t write you back. It’s a long way down and the Streets and Alleys guys hate cleaning up that mess.

    DO make your own creative Rob art. Digital photos, paintings, sculpture, Fan Fiction pieces (I’ve written a few of my own and Sweet Jesus, I love those mental images), heck…write Rob-inspired songs…whatever! Give yourself a healthy outlet. We all have to do that sometimes.

    DON’T cry yourself to sleep at night wondering if you’ll ever meet him. Chances are you won’t. There is only one Robert Pattinson and there just isn’t enough of the poor kid to go around. (Hmmm…wasn’t there a research scientist in Europe somewhere who just claimed that he’d cloned a human embryo? This gives me evil, evil ideas! STOP. I’m ashamed of myself.)

    In closing ladies, I just want to say that I feel your pain. I really, really do. There’s just something about the kid that lights a fire deep inside, and he fans that fire by telling us that he has no clue how he started it because he’s really nothing special. We all know differently, right? But, unless we want to destroy the object of our affection, we all have to learn some restraint. The twelve step meeting will start at 5 p.m. at my house. Be there. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

    PS Rob – sweetie – if you ever want to disembark from this ridiculous roller coaster you’re riding, just dial me up, son. I live in a little town no one has ever heard of, in the middle of Nowheresville. (pop. 1650)

    You can come and hang out on my deck. I’ll fix you pot roast and Yorkshire puddins and get you a six-pack of Heiniken. I even have a piano in my living room just crying out for your fingers. And I promise, NO screaming. Not a single squeal. Well…maybe a little one, but I’ll work on stifling it.

  52. Mmary

    I feel so sorry for him. I really think this has gone way too far. He is just an actor! I mean, yeah, he's kinda hot, and got a nice personality and stuff, but seriously people! Just quit already! It doesn't do you any good! Do you think you can go home and brag to your friends “yeah, i threw myself at rob pattinson, and because of ME they increased his body guards and he is more and more annoyed with Twilight fans?” Not gonna make you too popular. So seriously, he's not Edward, cut it out!

    Disclaimer: I know I wrote this as if I was addressing myself to someone reading this, but I really am not. It was just easier to write that way. Well, if one of the girls who has thrown herself at him is reading this, yeah, but to all you normal fans, I wasn't talking to you. =)

  53. Mmary

    Oh, and haha, leave Kaleb alone, too!

  54. Katharine

    Check out my blog on this: http://www.robsession.ca/2009/06/robert-pattins

  55. Twi-Fan

    Oh, God. Poor Robert!
    He's been as nice as can be to all of his fans. Polite as he can, even when rude people bash on him. And as a reward he gets….THIS?!
    Its completely ridiculous, the fact that girls will just run up to him and start taking pictures and hugging him. Rob is a person, not a doll. He has feelings and wants to be able to walk outside just as much as everybody else does. Sure, fans and crazyness come with the buisness, but this is a little too far.
    I love Robert! But if I saw him outside at a coffee shop or something I wouldn't start hugging him and stuff. I'd probably just stare…or maybe say hi and ask a few questions. An autograph and a handshake will keep me content for a long long time….

  56. twilight_junkie

    Celebrity or not he still deserves to have his personal space respected.

  57. TwiMom5404


    Read my TA article to understand why I can't even bring myself to puch PLAY and watch this video.

    I'm getting tears in my eyes just imagining what happened to the poor boy.

    Girls….ladies…you bring shame upon the whole of Robert Pattinson fandom.

  58. spangiepantz

    wow my heart aches so bad when i see what he has to go through =( poor rob.. those crazy twihards will scare him off if he's not careful! he definitely deserves his personal space, and any person who thinks he's some sort of demi-god and condones the crazy twifans behaviour should go bang their heads against a wall, and hopefully knock some sense into their empty heads.

  59. spangiepantz

    oops i meant *those crazy twihards will scare him off if they're not careful! lol

  60. arikka

    i am so upset by this that i made a video about it!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWFPGshmToY
    (i reallllyyyy hope you dont mind me posting that Kaleb. thanks)

  61. Mel

    These people are crazy. They've taken things waaaay to far. I totally agree that it's gotten out of hand. He's only 23 years old. He's trying to live his life. He never asked to be the mega star that he's become with all the crazy fans throwing themselves at him. He acts because he loves acting. This has gone way too far. I cringe everytime I see something like this happen. Not just to Rob but to other celebrities as well. How often we forget that these people have lives to live. Back off. Give them some breathing room.

  62. Alina

    It has gone waaaaaay too far. Rob needs some space. I bet those crazy fans wouldn't like it if someone did that to them.

  63. Vitaani

    I do think this has gone way beyond the line. Yes, he PLAYS Edward (he isn't Edward) and yes, he's a star, but honestly he's just a guy. That being said, though, he should have some cantact with his fans because they come with the job. Maybe an organized autograph session, or some other function that could be kept safe AND let his fans feel loved.

  64. shannon1dork

    Enough is enough, kids! Leave the man alone, he is sharing his acting talent with us, so there is no reason for him to have to share every moment of his life too. He is an ordinary person trying to do his job and live his life. I personally wouldn't want to be attacked every waking moment of my day if I were an actress. There's no rational reason for this behavior toward another human being. He's not doing anything fascinating or broadcasting that he wants people to stalk him, so don't do it! He is just trying to blend in, like he did before his Twilight fame. If you were following him around after Harry Potter, he probably never would've stayed in the entertainment industry, and why should he?
    Leave the poor guy alone. If you see him on the street, smile and wave. Or even better, don't draw any attention to him at all. That's what I would do and I think he's amazing.

  65. Heather Kenison

    I really think this Rpattz craze has gone way too far. I mean, I love him as Edward as much as the next fangirl, but he's a friggin' human being, NOT Edward, and there's NO WAY anyone should have to go through so much, no matter how famous they are!

  66. Jenny

    I think that this has gone too far. I have a feeling that maybe he's smiling because
    he's trying to be polite. He is obviously very still very uncomfortable with getting attention from
    fans and i feel sorry for the guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he went into hiding or something like
    that even though i wouldn't want that to happen. Hopefully he'll get better bodyguards!

  67. LadyViolet

    That video was totally insane!! Good lord i feel so sorry for Rob!! He doesn't deserve to be hounded like that, it can't be good for his health being so stressed about getting mobbed by a bunch of rabid lunatics every time he goes outside. Some people have no sense of perspective – can't those crazy girls *see* that he's terrified of them throwing them selves at him like that and that it will only put him off talking to fans even more??
    I wouldn't blame him at all if he took a long break from movies after filming Eclipse – he will need a serious timeout from all the insanity surrounding the Twilight Films by then.
    People just need to leave him the heck alone!! Gah i would love to bash a few of those girls' heads together to make them realise that they're harrassing a human being not Edward freaking Cullen!! get a grip!!!

  68. bloodnoir

    Jesus ….that was disgusting. I can't even imagine what must be going through his mind while this sort of…stufff takes place. Its like they don't even remember that he's a human being with rights. What would they do if a crowd of grabby boys treated them the way they were treating Rob?

  69. Vanessa Phillips

    I think its gone too far… like all those girls following him around, pushing girls out of the way just so he can walk down the street or to set or w.e… well its crazy! I mean sure if i saw him or w.e. id want to like see him and everything, but if i saw like four big body guards pushing girls out of the way, i wouldn't keep following because obviosuly hes scared! its over whelming for him! I mean all these girls going “Rob i love you” i mean, ok, u love him because he plays edward… do u actually know him as a person? No, because if you did then you'd respect his space becasue you'd know he doesn't like all these crazy girls surronding him. And alright, it was bad before, I'm sure, when he played other roles, because he is a good looking guy (like maybe when he played cedric) but never to this extent. Im sure if he could go back and change it… he may, because im sure he didn't realzie what playing the role of Edward meant, what came with it, all these crazy girls and everyhting… im sure he may, if he could, go back and not take the role, if only to stop the madness, and let someone else deal with it all. I feel sorry for him, having to handle this all. He's not the real Edward Cullen, he's a human being playing a role. THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE!

  70. Krystina

    It has gone WAY too far. He is ok looking, but this is down right ridiculous. Honestly, if I were Rob, I'd probably kill myself because I know I couldn't deal with what his so called fans are doing to him.

  71. bloodnoir

    I don't think it would help if he scheduled an autograph session every day, these people would still go to extremes to get his attention.

  72. bloodnoir

    LOL! I'd be right there with you – dumbfounded from afar. Even if my brain functioned enough for cognitive thoughts, I still wouldn't walk up to him. It's rude and a little scary. I wouldn't want to be treated that way, so I'd never treat anyone else like that.

  73. Sara

    I think it's awsome you're adressing this issue.

    It's crazy the way he gets attacked in the street. He will go insane within a near future, for sure!


  74. Cricko

    It's gone way to far! I could write more but I would just repeat what so many already have written here…

  75. Lisa

    Thank you for the link. Great points! I hope they do not ruin it for the rest of us.

  76. TeamSwitzerland

    Dealing with fans is a part of the business. However, there is a point where the fans go too far. That's what has happened to Rob. I feel so sorry for him. He can't even go out in public anymore without being mobbed by fans. It's gotten to the point where, because of girls like this, it's almost embarrassing to admit to being a Twilight fan. I'll admit that if I saw Rob walking down the street, I would be excited. But, I wouldn't start screaming or try to touch him. I'd probably just admire from afar, or if I was feeling brave, I might go up to him and POLITELY ask for his autograph if he didn't look busy. There's nothing wrong with being polite and asking him for his autograph or something he's not busy, but screaming, touching, and mobbing him is taking it WAY to far.

  77. aubrey

    I wish people would just leave the poor guy alone.

  78. Heather

    Totally agree Kaleb. This is so ridiculous. These insane girls are projecting their Edward Cullen fantasies onto him. I felt it was getting too insane when there was that mall thing in San Francisco where people got hurt in their hurry to see Rob. There is a certain obsession that comes with being a celebrity, but there's a line, also. Rob's line was crossed before the movie even came out and I feel so bad for the guy. It makes me personally mad because I am a “good” fan who, if I ever saw the Twilight cast (Rob in particular), I wouldn't scream and faint and jump at them. They are normal people, just like us, only they have way cooler jobs. Now because of the insane idiotic fans I want to slap in the face for their stupidity, I have slim to no chance of ever meeting the cast and getting a picture because they have a ton of security and are scared to death of Twilighters. Also now the media thinks that alllllll fans are this ridiculous and the whole fanbase has a horrible stereotype (like how people think Harry Potter fans are all children).

    I think we as a fandom need to let the media know there are different types of fans in the Twilight universe. The definitions include:
    A “fanpire” would be someone who reads the books, watches the movies, but doesn't follow news updates except to find out when a book/movie is released.
    A Twilighter is a fan who has a healthy level of obsession; they follow the news updates and are very knowledgeable on all things Twilight.
    A Twi-hard is someone who is freaking crazy and thinks they are going to marry RPatzz, want to kill Kristen Stewart simply because she plays Bella and they want to be her, and if ever encountering the cast they scream and cry and faint and attack.

    Shall I start a petition? =)

  79. Melinda

    Having fans is one thing… but when those fans cause fear for his life (legitimate fear!) then it has gone WAY too far. The crazies need to get some psychological help. He is just a normal person, who happens to act in films. How would you feel if you had people grabbing at you and taking pictures of you every moment you step outside of your home? It's disgusting. Do I think it would be cool to meet him? of course! But now I won't ever have the opportunity because of a couple of crazy immature people.

    P.S. why on earth would anyone think that they could get a celebrity's phone number??? if you don't know someone, or have never even met them, why would you need their phone number anyway??

    P.P.S. I'm glad you have addressed this, Kaleb. Maybe some of the crazy fans will realize how crazy they have been.

  80. Becky

    The behaviour of some people is just disgusting. I mean, I am a big fan of Rob – I'm sporting my 'Team Edward' t-shirt right now, as a matter of fact – but that's precisely why I would NEVER be so utterly disrespectful and plain rude. What on Earth makes them think they have the right to mob another human being like that? It's awful behaviour, and as well as being harassment for Rob it's giving Twilighters as a whole a bad name as rabid, inconsiderate airheads.

  81. Brighterthansunshine

    I definitely agree with who said it isn't part of the job. Being famous brings fans as a deal, not mental institute patients. Being famous means being known on the streets, having paparazzi in your feet, having to deal with autographs and losing a great part of your privacy.

    Being famous doesn't mean being attacked or assaulted on the streets.

    Of course Rob isn't the first who was attacked by fans, and unfortunately he isn't going to be the last. Crazy fans – as crazy people at all – are everywhere, and even when they don't have a reason to be crazy, they make up one. Gladly he wasn't hurt by them, as already happened with other artists.

    I just feel sad because it has a lot of consequences. First, Rob is going to be a lot of more aware of anything now, and probably he won't give a step without a full security team together with him. And it can mean that we will loose the always smiling and gentle guy that wasn't still affected by the diva comotion. Who can smile and wave to these kind of fans? How can he recognize who's crazy and who isn't crazy when he's looking at a crowd of screaming girls?

    This video posted by Kaleb just make me angry. Angrier than sad. I feel like I was assaulted myself, in my fandom. I'm very, very upset because these fans are stealing Robert from us. These kind of fans are stealing from us the oportunity of having Robert freely, happily, nicely interacting with his fans. I feel very angry when those girls are LAUGHING after having assaulted Rob in that ridiculous way, as they believe they did something amazing. And the photos of him wasted, collapsing after this, are so sad, but so sad, that made me even cry.

    This behavior isn't part of his deal with fame. It's just madness and has to be punished.

  82. Arielle

    Poor guy. Sure, having admiring fangirls is apart of playing the handsome lead of Twilight. But there's a fine line between respectable admirers, to terrifying lunatics who run up and hug him while he is simply walking down the street.. I mean, he's just a normal person. I think what people fail to realize is that Robert is just Robert, and that just because he plays Edward doesn't make him actually Edward…

    It's so annoying. The fangirls get all crazy, and then wonder why the cast members suddenly become so inaccessible, stop doing signings, and refuse to interact with them. Sheesh, give these people some breathing room. Oh, and please stop screaming…it makes us less psycho Twilighters look bad.

  83. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    Poor, poor Rob. ;( This fan girl thing REALLY NEEDS TO STOP. What are you thinking, people? It's just… well, it's too too much.
    He's a HUMAN, not some kind of… vampire or something!

  84. Norma

    I feel really sorry for Spunky. At first it was all nice that we knew his wearabouts…it was nice seeing a picture of him here and there….but now I think I would even sacrifice that so that he could have a normal life. I do however have to play devil's advocate here…just because its always fun to do that. When you have been out waiting for ages outside to see someone…and they finally come out….I think thats when these girls lose it. They take carpe diem and blow it up thinking when is there ever going to be another chance to see this guy…ever? Especially since he's only going to get more famous. I think that is the mind set these girls are taking. I just wish they had time to think about their actions so that they would not make all the spunk fans look bad. :(

  85. Gabby

    I feel sorry for him. As with many other young stars that shoot to mega stardom, the fans get crazy. I love to act and perform, but I do not envy Robert his success. I do not think that the craziness is justified. I hope he will make it through the crazies and keep his own sanity and continue to act.

  86. Laura

    I do think it has gone too far, but doesn't this happen with every male/female celeb that is as popular as he is? Its ridiculous to me that people would act this way, but its to be expected. People obsess, and Rob is a huge target. Playing Edward Cullen is like strapping a bulls eye to your chest, poor guy.

    Gotta give him props for putting up with them though.

  87. Kato

    Exactly. it's a part of the job, but it is going to much. i would've yelled at those girls to leave him alone ,that he wants to have a life to.
    but yeah i duno.( :

  88. Mia

    That is so terrible. I really feel bad for him.=[ It's not right that people should mob him like that, I can only imagine how terrifying that must be. I'm sure that he didn't breathe until he got to the end of that mess. Those crazy fangirls have taken it to RIDICULOUS levels!!! He is just a man. Although he is an actor, he is still just a man. Poor guy. I don't think it's “part of the job”. I don't think anywhere in any actors job description does it actually say “Getting attacked on a weekly basis by dozens of crazed fans.” Having a fanbase is great, but THAT is a perfect example of TAKING IT TOO FAR.

  89. Rachel

    No one has the right to enter into another person's personal space and – especially – touch them without that person's consent. We teach these basic courtesies to young children: keep your hands to yourself, say “excuse me” when you'd like to get the attention of someone who is otherwise occupied, allow people enough clearance to pass where they are trying to go, etc. I expect any person, regardless of economic status or social position, to afford others these same courtesy.

  90. midnightswimmer

    People asking for a photo and autograph is part of the job. Being assulted by your fans is not. If he didnt have a body guard with him, I wouldnt be suprised if those crazy fan girls ended up knocking him to the ground and trampling him on accident. I wouldnt be suprised if they tried to steal the clothing off his back. Its reached a level that is 1000% rediculous.

  91. twilightaholic

    It's what happens when you become that famous, unfortunately for him. But when you're an actor you have to be prepared for that.
    I feel horrible for him of course, and I tell myself that if I met him I wouldn't be so rude and careless, but who's to know, really? I'm just as big a fan of him as those crazy fangirls.
    Sigh. Poor Rob.

  92. Elly

    Haha that was very nicely put. Lets just hope Rob realizes there are more Twilighters and Fanpires out there than Twihards

  93. Candy Bilyk

    I think celebrities need to understand that it's part of the business for people to be uncommonly interested in the details of their lives and get very excited to meet them, but examples like this are times when it has gone *way* too far.

    Humans are not made to withstand that kind of madness – it is impossible to keep entirely sane when confronted with these circumstances. After enough of it you go a little crazy and lash out in odd ways or grow the most enormous ego possible and feed on the crazed attention, and neither is healthy.

    Unfortunately, whether or not it's part of his job to deal with it doesn't really matter, because it's there and he MUST deal with it. I'm glad that they're giving him more bodyguards though, because no one should ever need to fear that a crazed fan could actually get through and touch you in the way some of those girls did.

    Oh, another reason that I feel this is just going too far – how many of those girls do you think are going after him because he is Robert Pattinson, a really good actor? I think many of them are so crazed because they see him as Edward Cullen, which is just sick.

  94. Mel

    That is honestly insane. I wouldn't be able to live one day like that. Having fans asking for your autograph definitely comes with the territory. That being said, a whole mob of screaming girls that do not respect his personal space is too far. I think all these screaming girls need to ask themselves if they would enjoy having that done to them on a regular basis – most would answer no!! – and then treat others how they would expect to be treated.

    To be completely honest, I was scared for him while watching that – it was terrible!

  95. Mel

    I couldn't agree more with you're entire comment – they probably would have full on trampled him had he not had body guards.

  96. Paloma

    Watching this makes me so sad. There are girls that chase him because “he's Edward Cullen”. They haven't even read the books, and just watched the movie. Believe me- I know plenty of girls that are like that. Today we watched “Twilight” at school, and when Rob appeared for the first time… I really had to cover my ears. “OH MY GOSH!! GORGEOUS!!” and bla, bla, bla. Come ON!

    Poor, poor Rob. I really feel bad for him. Not all of us Twiligh fans are like that. (I'd probably be too shy if I met him, and wouldn't even say hello to him, while these girls are screaming nonsense stuff). And I'm glad he has A LOT of bodyguards!

  97. Victoria

    That's just really sad. =(
    I feel so horrible for Rob. I mean, yeah, I LOOVE him too. I'd freak out if I saw him walking down the street. But mobbing him and pretty much assaulting him is just wrong.
    I guess it's what comes with playing one of the most appealing characters in the fictional world, but holy mess. He's just portraying Edward. HE'S NOT EDWARD. O_O
    These girls make me feel so ashamed to be a fan, almost. I wonder what the poor guy must think of us all? :-(
    Stupid fangirls… Poor Rob. That's just awful for him…

  98. kocere

    i feel really bad for him, and i think it has gone way too far! and sadly i think it's going to end bad :( they just se him as “edward cullen” but he is a real person. also i don't think it's fair to say that that is a part of being a celebrity. it's plenty of celebritys that doesn't have it nearly as bad as him.

  99. lea

    i agree being a fan is one thing but if the guy is scared to walk down the street i think its time to cool it some. Poor rob some twilighters should understand that he just a guy playing edward and not edward himself.

  100. Mary-Shannon

    It has gone too far. He is just a person!! I love Edward Cullen just as much as all the crazy fan girls but really? ROB AND EDWARD ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!!!!!! Yes, fans, like myself, want to just say hi to him but not claw at him like a rabbid animal. Leave him alone. Would you want to be mobbed by tons of people each day AND fear for your life. Leave him alone and whoever was in that video or has done anything like what happened in that video, you should fell ashamed of yourself. Leave Rob alone!!

  101. Betelgeuse

    Honestly? I thought that it was insane before but that was kind of… you know – bearable. But now it is like a complete nuthouse. And that still is an understatement.

    I am not really a huge fan but I do feel sorry for the poor guy. It must be like a hell to him

  102. Jo

    Everyone needs to give the guy some space. I cant imagine what his life must be like but no-one deserves to be treated the way he has/is being treated. Just because he is an actor doesnt mean he shouldnt deserve the same respect and privacy that any other indiviual does. Its a job not a life sentence…..

  103. Jacqueline

    I AM a HUGE Robert fan myself. But not out to stalk the poor guy. I am appalled. Yes the good fans must suffer the bad creepy reputation as well. It's pathetic how far people go. He's a human being who does NOT have to give out his personal information. Just like you do NOT have to give out your personal information via the internet if you feel it's a danger to your personal safety. Since when is it that celebrities HAVE to follow different rules and must have some form of contact with their fans at all times. They do NOT. It really ticks me off when someone says well they chose this career. It's part of the job. They are basically saying they deserve stalkers. Which is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. I do not believe that he doesn't appreciate my love of his work or me being a fan of what he does just because he doesn't give me his cell phone number. If he doesn't want to talk to you in a certain manner it does NOT mean he disrespects fans. He just can't talk to every single fan. It's simple as that. You won't always meet her favorite actor or singer and you won't always get to talk to them. It is a part of life. If he could talk and meet every single one of the fans I am sure he would. But the job requires a busy schedule and not enough time to thank every single fan personally. It's a shame that some go too far and feel they can attack him or send hate mail because he is trying to avoid a mob. There is no law that states that if you're a fan of someone you must be psycho.

  104. Megan

    I think the crazy fans have gone way to far. I feel bad for Rob, I mean what kind of life is that if he can't go anywhere without fearing he may get hurt or worse. He was clearly not enjoying being mobbed by those girls, who would. They should just leave the poor guy alone.

  105. cnfac

    Poor Poor guy.
    I have to say that it is part of the business sadly. Once you become famous your fan will follow. Literally.
    I personally think its wrong the fans really need to tone it down. I mean if I was there I would stay away from the mob scared of being marked as rude and impolite. I just could not do what they did.

  106. Ballatrina

    I totally agree with this, its crazy, and I feel sorry for him, as much as I love him myself! If I were he I would definately be yelling at them all to leave him alone! True fans admire from afar with respect.

  107. antoinette

    Wow I geuss this is really the down site of being really Famous. I really don't understand why girls would attack someone who they think they like. If you like someone you don;t want to hurt him or her physical or mentally. Don't they think of the concequenses for going to far? 1. he gets more security that mean that normal fans aren't getting any change for taking pictures and autographs. 2 How can he work if he is afraid all the time. So in the end, he stops as an actor or he go crazy, or even worse kill him self.

    well I hope it will calm down a bit for him.

  108. Nessiegirl96

    Way to far!!!!!! I mean, come on! Get a life! Don't be upset because Rob, the poor guy, doesn't want to make out with EVERY SINGLE FAN HE HAS! It's ridiculous how these girls are acting! Would you act that crazy about a guy you merely liked at school? No! I don't know if you've noticed, but the only thing most girls like about him is that either a) he plays a vampire IN A MOVIE or b) they think he's cute. I, personally, don't think he is ridiculously cute. He is average. He is normal. And that's just as well, because he is an average and normal guy! The sad thing is, some people think someone is cute even if they aren't when something huge happens to them, and some people who actually are cute aren't thought to be until something happens to them! I know from experience. I personally feel sorry for Rob, and if I met him, I would either smile at him and then act like I hadn't seen anything, or if I had an opportunity to talk to him, I would apologize. I think simply ignoring him would be the greatest gift of all. For someone to treat him like he actually is: NORMAL. Please, stop harassing him. LEAVE ROBERT ALONE! *starts crying* lol

  109. Helen

    Those “fans” that assaulted him on the street most definitely went too far. And it seems he had always been very gracious when it came to his fans (taking pics, signing autographs…). Just because he is an actor does not give anyone the right to touch him let alone ambush and strangle him in broad daylight! There was a pic of the 4 of them (including the one that strangled him) – all looking very proud – yeah, thanks for initiating the “no contact zone”. Stupid psychos ruined it for the real fans, ya know the ones that would respect his space and never attack him.

  110. Joanna6618

    They took it WAY too far. He's a human being and NOT a tourist attraction. Right now he is THE most wanted celeb in hollywood so it's natural to have fans but his fans are the CRAZIEST. I kinda feel bad for the poor guy, he got himself into the situation when he auditioned for the first Twilight film, and now he has a full package of crazed loonies, stalkers, squealing pre-teen fangirls, and of course, papparazzi. I've seen other celebrities out in broad daylight WITHOUT a crew of bodyguards making a human sheild, and they survive. his life is kinda sad.

  111. Deborah

    Being a fan is one thing, physically attacking the object of your desire/obsession is another. If this were a female celebrity there would have been no hesitation in charges of assault being made against the attackers. No actor or actress deserves to be molested just because they desired to share their creative talent with the rest of the world.

    This idea of fan entitlement, lack of common human decency and double standards makes me want to puke.

  112. Leslie

    Considering everything I really wanted to say has pretty much already been said, I suppose I don't really need to make a post but I want to anyway. :) Mostly because it seems I feel as strongly as the rest of you do.

    The fact is, being a star of a movie series that is as big of a hit as the Twilight saga is going to bring on crowds of crazed fans. It is indeed what comes with the job. You can't have the job Rob has and not have excited fans. Excited. NOT over-the-top, mob him style.

    Simply because fans come with job does not mean it's ok for fans to get out of control. They start seeing celebrities as objects and not actual people. (Or see Rob as Edward, instead of an actual human being.) Not too many people would like it if they couldn't go anywhere without crowds of crazed fans following, trying to grab at them all the time or jumping on them. That is just not okay. Yes, fans following you trying to get pictures, or whatever, comes with the job. Crazed fans to the point that you can't go anywhere without bodyguards because a “fan” might jump on you, or because there is fear if injury or worse? That is above and beyond. If you ask me, the real fans would give him his space. Real fans would not be putting him in danger, or making him and his not bodyguards think he's in danger. Putting it simply, real fans would not be instilling fear in the person they are fans of.

    And that goes right in to him “not loving his fans.” That is ridiculous. I mean, who would love the people that mob you every time you see the light of day? Why on earth would he give his contact information to those people? No person has to give that information if they don't want to, and being well known doesn't mean you've lost the right to that kind of privacy. And on top of that, with all the fans he has, even if he did allow that information public, he'd never be able to keep up with it (after all, he's not in fact a vampire, as these “fans” see him…) and most of the fans would still be saying the same kinds of things. He would then not love his fans because he didn't reply to every letter, or something silly like that. There is no pleasing everyone and the fact is these “fans” would just find something else to complain about.

    I mean, I'm not a really big fan of Rob but I do like him, and have ever since he was Cedric in Harry Potter. And I would be lying if I said I wouldn't try to get a picture if I happened to see him. But that's it for me. Would I chase him? Would I try to touch him? No. Get a picture with him? That would be cool, if he was willing and could at the time. But I imagine he's got better things to do than take pictures with people he doesn't know while he's walking down the street. That's the kind of thing that should be saved for premieres or events like that. But still keeping the madness out of it. Keep things within reason. He's a celebrity, that does not mean he's lost rights as a human to be able to do simple things like, oh, I don't know… walk down the street without being mobbed. I'm not saying fans shouldn't get excited about seeing him. Of course they will. That's ok. Who wouldn't get excited over seeing their favorite celebrity?! But when it turns to this situation where you have to have bodyguards all the time because you might be trampled, it's just excessive.

  113. Aria


    Poor guy! People, you should eb ashamed of yourselves! My God! I miss when the book world was quiet. Seriously though guys. he's a human being gifted with the skill of acting, that's all! That skin your touching and freaking out about? is just skin. No this is not part of the industry or his job. I don't think a rational Twilight fan explained to the guy what taking this role would mean!

    You poeple (not a general all Twilight fans, just the nuts ones), need to calm down and let the guy get his job done. Let me put it in terms you can understand, let him rest and relax so he can be a better Edward. Don't be proud of yourselves, be disgusted… I am…

  114. Thea

    i think it has definitely gone wayyy too far. the poor guy cant even have a relatively normal life, some of these fans are completely crazy and need to respect his personal space more.

  115. mel

    it's just crazy Oo they are totally freaking out. seems to be a part of the business.

  116. HYDEOUT

    Agreed –
    Check this blog out ! This person agrees too!
    It's really funny!

  117. Karen

    Yes it has gone way to far it making us look like were the crazy but some of us don't agree of how the fans reacted in NY I give props to the fans in Vancouver though

  118. michelle

    yes this is just plain crazy
    i mean ya we all love and prob want to meet him but hey
    his a human being
    let him be
    cuz we could loose him in a blink of an eye…….
    poor rob

  119. Gothic Vampire

    I like Robert Pattinson and all but this has got WAY out of hand. I would be in fear of my life too if I were him! He isn't immortal like the role he plays in Twilight ^^. He's human and can't take so much of the fan harrasment. Poor Rob…

  120. Camille

    I love Robert Pattinson and he seems like a very nice guy, but invading his privacy and endangering his life is just going too far. It's just crazy. All the insane fan girls that have no respect just make all the sane fans look bad. It's pretty sad. It would be nice if they just treated him like a normal person. Because, after all, that's what he is.
    It'd be great if they just left him alone.

  121. Shannen

    I think the craze has gone way too far, way too far. It's such a shame that he can't even walk down the street without being mobbed by girls. I myself am a Robert Pattinson fan but I wouldn't go chasing him around for his number or autograph.
    Why can't some people just get it into their head that he is a human being!!
    Also some people can't grasp that he is NOT Edward Cullen in real life, they just like to live in a fantasy world where they think he is!
    Plus he ain't indestructible like Edward either we could lose him like that!
    I wish people would just leave the poor man alone!

  122. Melissa (melissaturkey)

    I heard about this on the radio. I didnt even hear the beginning, I didnt hear anyone mention the name robert pattinson, but I knew who was mobbed and who they were talking about how insane it was getting, all the attention he's getting, even when they got done talking about it I knew who it was and they still hadnt repeated who it was but I knew.

    How? because I thought it was becoming way too insane a long time ago, I dont know about you but I cant believe any of the actors especially Rob and Kristin can say “oh they're all really sweet and awesome” and mean it when stuff like this happens. It has to be a line because I know I've felt embarrassed to be a twilighter since way before this happened. It doesnt change how I feel abotu the books or stephenie or the movie or the actors that portray or beloved characters but when I think about how rabit and mean we can get on online discussions and how crazy everyone is in a group? yeah Im ashamed.

    I have no part in most of the craziness (well I might have gotton into a heated debate or two online) but I still feel as a whole disapointed. Ive never been to a book signing, a prom or a premiere and besides the movie and the books I own none of the merchandise.

    On average I'd say alot of twilight fans are like me, they get majorly excited for the next book or the next movie but dont get involved in any crazy screaming and picture taking and stalking of the actors but by the ones that do? We're being misrepresented. and if I were an actor I would hate the fans as a whole so much I consider quiting the project to get away from all the hype.

    I loved when they decided to make twilight into a movie but now that its become such a “pop culture phenominon?” and its become some huge franchised machine? I wonder if it shouldnt have just stayed a great little series I shared with my friends in the very beginning.

    I feel bad for rob. I feel bad for the rest of the cast because now no matter what in every interview and everything they do there will always be the mention of twilight, even when they're doing and promoting their other movies.
    I feel bad that the crazy few are giving twilighters a bad name.


  123. theresa

    They make the rest of us look psychotic! I'm scared he's just going to up and quit pretty soon, even if it is after twilight is done. CHILL OUT!
    and another thing : those bodyguards were not doing such a great job. I mean how can 4 guys not be able to keep girls from hanging onto Rob's neck?! I pray for his safety 😀

  124. AmandaMarie

    It has gone WAY too far. This is ridiculous! These girls have things WAY out of perspective, do they not see the impact this is having on Rob's life and do they stop to think about how they would feel if they were in his shoes? Yeah, he plays Edwards the “heartthrob” in the Twilight Saga, but HE'S NOT EDWARD. He is ROBERT PATTISON. An actor, The only difference between a normal person and him is that everyone knows him from on screen, and he gets payed more. It's be like going up to Obama or Donald Trump and having hysterical fits (except for that they're not young and handsome eligible bachelors).

  125. Amanda

    Hasn't anyone heard of the personal bubble? If I were Rob, I'd twitch anytime someone was within a foot radius with how the fan girls attack him! The poor thing, he looks like he just needs space to breathe. He looks so miserable. I can tell he enjoys having fans but when they attack him?! That's just way to hard on a young man like him! He needs his space. Most 23-year-olds are savoring freedom and space but instead he's being passed around like a puppy in front of rambunctous kindergarteners. Fans, have some respect and class. It's one thing to be a fan and enjoy his acting, but it's a complete other entirety when you're suffocating and disrespecting him. If you're a true fan, you won't disturb or attack someone you idolize if that's the case. Instead, if you truly 'idolize' a celebrity, you will give them their space and let them be. If they are not being swamped, you may approach them politely. I'm certain Rob would be willing to spend time to say hello if you were more polite and did not leap on him like an animal. I've seen Jennifer Hudson(Singer/Actress) and Mike Alstott (Bucs Football Player) in public locations before and I have simply continued about my buisness out of respect and decency. I'm a fan of both but I do not attack them or leap on them like a rabid raccoon. Instead, I leave them be and simply admire from afar. It's nice to see them in public. But overwhelming them only makes them dislike you or find fans to be atrocious rather than adore them. Anyone notice how kind Rob was to fans before they started leaping on him? We want the sweeter, less frightend Rob back and the only way to do that is to simply give him his breathing room.

    That was a long enough rant…Thanks for making fans aware of their pathetic and cruel actions, Kaleb. I'm glad to see that there are sane fans that agree with me :)

  126. Lucy

    Now that was really hard to watch. What in the world are these girls on? Just chill out! Yes, he is awsome…but give him some space and breathing room! They've already gone over the edge…now it's just plain stupid. There is a fine line between being a big fan and being obbessive.I feel bad for Taylor when the New Moon movie comes out. You and I both know THAT is going to happen to Taylor because he is the main man in the second movie.

    To all those crazy girls: Be a Twilighter…not a Stalker!

  127. Samantha LeAnne

    Sitting here watching that video makes me feel really bad for him. Yes, he is gorgeous, yes I would love to meet him, no I would (could) never act like those girls. That is scary and it's wrong. Somebody should have taught those girls the common deciency that you don't attack someone on the street like that! Seriously. I feel really bad for him having to deal with that, and I think there should be some kind of consequences for people that act like that.

  128. Reese

    I completely agree. I live in Vancouver, where all the Twilight movies are filming now, and if I ever happened to see Rob (or any of the other cast, for that matter) I would most definitely not attack them. Do these girls realize that jumping on a person really just makes them frightened of you? That would be why he's being rude to everyone now, since he's scared that if he's nice, they'll attack! If I were the poor boy, I'd be terrified. I do feel sorry for him, but the fans do come with fame…some of his fans just go too far, and ruin it for all of us.

  129. AussieT

    The whole celeb thing has gone too far – it is not part of his job. His job is to entertain people by making good movies and doing the necessary promo's. Everyone else in the world gets to knock off at some point everyday and just be themselves. This apparently isn't supposed to occur for actors, musicians or people being famous for being famous. If the above is supposed to be part of their job, when do they actually get to knock off? If everytime they show their face in public they're expected to put up with the above? It's not right, but unfortunately we all contribute to it in some way – even by just being interested in watching the video.

  130. Karen

    I love Robert Pattinson, but the craze has DEFINITELY gone too far! He shouldn't be afraid for his safety, afraid to leave the house, etc. Honestly, I've been toying with the idea, that if I ever do see him, of simply doing nothing. He said, a long time ago, in an interview that that's what he'd want fans to do. It'd be difficult, but because I respect as an actor and as a person, I'd do it.

  131. Jeannette

    Jeez you'd think he was Jesus in the flesh the way those girls carried on. Yes it is part of the job BUT…there is such a thing as going over-board and they have! Give the guy a break, he's just a kid. Well, a kid to me as I'm 43 yrs old, but that is irrelevant. I liked Twilight, I've read all the books and I also look forward to New Moon.

    I appreciate actors for what they do for a living and that they entertain me on the big screen for a couple of hours. Bottom line, Robert Pattinson is just a human being just like the rest of us. I enjoy watching movies and appreciate his talent, beyond that, he deserves to live a normal life and have privacy just like the rest of us. I bet, some days he almost regrets getting involved with Twilight. I know I would. Sure it is great to be involved with a successful franchise, however, is the cost too great?

    He seems like a pretty timid guy and this type of thing is likely very hard on him. Give him a break, take a little step back and recognize that he's a human being just like the rest of us. One that has an interesting job. He deserves peace in his life. Don't we all?

  132. Kristyn

    Obviously crazed fans are a part of the job and something any celeb has to deal with it. However, once the celeb has to fear for his/her life just walking down a street it has gone WAY too far. I would love to meet Rob, but I would never do something like that. The fangirls need to give him room to breathe and not try to maul him.

  133. once in a blue moon

    I think this has gone WAY too far! He's just a person like you and me. He isn't the fictonal character. And quite honestly (nothing against the guy) he's very rude. I really think all these obsessed fans need to get a life, find another series, or SOMETHING!

  134. shelby

    I am 100% in agreement with you Kaleb. The fan girls that follow Rob around need to calm themselves down anymore because if they don't they may just scare him off. The poor guy cannot even walk out the front door without worrying that a chunk of his hair will be ripped out by some crazed freak screaming his name down the street.
    Its ridiculous how all the sudden Rob had to deal with ten times more fandom than any actor just because these girls are too persistant. I say this next statement because I think thats it true (and in no way am I dogging rob or twilight): A TRUE TWILIGHTER RESPECTS NOT ONLY THE AUTHOR BUT THE ACTORS THAT PLAY IN THE MOVIES THAT FOLLOW!
    Respecting means that you don't jump on him screaming like a wild banshi (sp?) and snap pictures of yourself as you push yourself into the poor guy. RESPECT THE SPACE!
    I hate it that he this poor guy has to fear for his life. REALLY GIRLS? If you truly love Rob Pattz then you wouldln't treat him like that.

    ANyway now that my rant is over….my final answer agrees with KAleb IT HAS TO STOP!

  135. Jessirae

    Gosh. I understand that it's part of the job, but fans need to calm down a bit. You wouldn't want someone doing that you. If I were him, I'd be upset at someone trying to grab me that way. Asking for autographs is fine and pictures but grabbing and trying to literally jump on him is way too far.

  136. Lauren

    This is just wrong…it's getting to a point where I hate being a twilight fan because of this kind of crap. It really makes me sick that people can't just leave Mr. Pattinson alone. I can understand it if people were excited to see him at fan events like premieres but walking down the street shouldn't have to involve 5 security guards! He needs his privacy! And as to your thing about rude emails demanding his email and what not is crazy, some people are just dumb, if they cant realize that you are not the type of person to just hand that information out whether you had it or not then they aren't very bright. He's not Edward Cullen and I can understand maybe 10 year olds not understanding that but these people are obviously older and should be more mature than the way they are acting, no one has the right to jump on someone like that, I wouldn't let my best friend do something like that to me let alone a complete stranger. It's clearly affecting his life in a big way and my heart goes out to him, it really does, because he shouldn't be treated this way.

  137. Mckenzie

    My first thought when I read the title of this was “Ya think???” I think it sums up my opinion on the matter

    Poor guy…

  138. Beth (a.k.a. BranHambricFan)

    I feel so bad about poor Rob! l think fangirls need to take a step back and let the poor guy have some privacy… and stop trying to tackle him!

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Bran! 😀

  139. Tobey

    It is way too much and over the top…..let the poor boy have some privacy and peace… It is ridiculous that popular actors/actress' fear for their lives to walk 50 feet from their car to a venue, can't be seen in public, and virtually have to become a recluse in order to keep themselves safe….jumping at or on another person is extremely dangerous, invading their space is not acceptable regardless of who they are, your best friend, your spouse, a stranger walking down the street…..Wasn't anyone paying attention when Princess Diana lost her life being chased by the paparazzi because they wanted pictures and a “scoop”? When will enough be enough? When another talented young person loses a life or becomes disabled or disfigured because a fan is so crazed to get a picture? Kaleb, I agree, those rude fans should just grow up and get a grip on themselves….and they are saying Rob is rude? If they treat him like that, they deserve it!

  140. Klarise

    you are so effin right!!

    Rob, dude, if your reading this, I suggest you take some self-defense classes. It might help, even though you shouldn't have to go through this. Everyone has the right to defend themselves. You shouldn't always depend on your bodyguards (I'm not insulting them, I'm just saying, they aren't ALWAYS gonna be there.)

    soo yeah……It's not your fault, dude. It's those physos that are to blame. I don't know if you want a pity party, but I really wish you wouldn't have to go through this……

  141. Ashley

    I feel really sorry for him! I mean I would never want that many people around me, and it would completely freak me out! Plus those girls kinda give other Robert Pattinson fans a bad name! I'm a big fan of his, but I wouldn't stock him like that at all! I bet a lot of other fans are thinking the same thing.

  142. Amanda Beth

    So my first thought on this is how much Rob's next GIRLFRIEND'S life would be in danger. If those girls are doing that then there are some pretty disturbed fans out there. Celebrities and their loved ones have been stalked over a LOT less.

    I joke with my best friend about “my boyfriend” but I really don't think I could handle that! The girl would probably receive death threats and have to have body guards even when she isn't with him!

  143. jane

    Give Rob a breather please! Admire from afar! don't violate his space!

  144. ancha85

    There is “normal” fan craziness and there is “abnormal” fan craziness. Poor Rob has gotten to the
    “abnormal” stage.

    The way the fans act with all the rest of the cast is crazy, but normal. We just love them and the characters they play, and what to see them and would love an autograph, etc, etc.

    We would NEVER do anything to hurt them, either physically, mentally or emotionally. We do stress them out sometimes, but that is part of being an actor.

    However, this thing with Rob is getting scary. He is being mobbed like he was a Beatle in the 60's or Michael Jackson in the eighties or something. He has done nothing to encourage this behavior.
    In fact, he has tried to discourage it, because it makes him feel uncomfortable, and as he has said before; it SCARES him! If we are not careful, he is going to go into hiding completely and give up on the Saga.

    We, as fans, need to take responsibility and tell these literally crazy people to STOP!
    We do NOT want you ruining the actors of our beloved Saga's lives! Lay off of Rob, and give him some peace!

    And that includes the paparazzi! There is a time and place for you to do your job, and it is not at all hours of the morning and making up things you KNOW are not true, but out and out lies.

    People, give them a break. They are people, too. Just 'cause they are famous does not mean that we have the right to totally take over there lives. We dont. Period.

  145. ancha85

    Me, too!

  146. Kelly376

    That's completely ridiculous. Makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to think that people feel they have the right to do this.

  147. Britt.

    I'd have to say it is part of the job…crazy fans come with the territory when you're co-starring in a film based on a book that millions of people love. But I do think they've gotten WAY out of hand. Give the guy a chance to have a semi-normal life, for crying out loud! Sheesh. If the craziness doesn't calm down, I think he'll become a total recluse because it's too much stress and craziness just trying to go out his front door.

  148. edward&&taylorlover!

    uhh yeah i would say this is a little nuts. like seriously? people come awn!
    i freakin love rob but i wouldnt be like jumpin on him and stuff…. when ur a fan u shouldnt be doing that crap, ur gunna scare rob and he will prolly hid in his closet and never do a twilight movie again.
    i seriously can see this happenin.. maybe not him hidin in the closet but i can see him stoppin the twilight movies, or maybe even movies in general.
    when ur a fan u should admire them from afar. maybe if people get this through their heads he will be nice again!
    and i hope he doesnt think all twilight fans are like that cuz im def. not.

  149. Jeannie

    That is way too crazy…. I feel so sorry for Rob! To think that just over a year ago everyone hated him becuase he was playing Edward, now everyone is obsessed. Its way too crazy for me to handle. I was at a Twilight Prom earlier this year where Kellen Lutz and Edi Gathegi turned up, and they were mobbed. My friends and i got so sick of the scremining we walked outside… I mean its great to meet them and we were so excited, but they are only people and they arnt going to remember you and no they arnt going to marry you, and yes they are going to think your totally out of your friggin mind if you chase them down the street.
    And can we please remember that wasnt it John Lennon who was shot by a crazed fan – leave them alone or they may up dead then who the hell is going to play Edward in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, geez!
    And Amanda Beth is definately right, i hope Robs next girlfriend doesnt get stabbed or shot by some crazy twihard!

  150. Viqii

    Ok, he's a famous actor and everything and EVERY girl out there wants to touch him, speak to him or at least have an autograph.
    I'm not the type that follows celebs or asks for autographs, just not my style. I always keep in mind that they are PEOPLE just like I am.
    Crazy fans are making him be afraid and not being able to go out and walk down the street! It must be really awful. Not to mention that he's got no privacy, as there are thousands of bogs and sited that only talk about him and go out and take a million pictures of him…poor guy.
    And yes, I do think it has gone WAY too far.


  151. Angelique

    yess i deff agree with Sara. it is a part of the job, but it has been taken to another level. its almost getting ridiculous. yes, he's a celebrity and its cool to see one, but i think it HAS gone too far.

  152. Nicole

    It is all just too much. I mean seriously this is like some Nsync….BSB…boy band type craze over him. Yes he's hot and all that but it is seriously not that deep. People need to chill out and realise that he is a normal person just like us, and put themselves in his shoes and see how they would feel if that happened to them. Poor guy.

  153. Judy Bradley

    Way too far!! I do not really understand it anyway, after all HE is NOT Edward, he only pretends to be on film!! He is totally different in his own personal life ( I mean Edward would not use the language Rob does and neither would Bella) and he deserves to be left to live in safety – as we all do! Sure you may think he is cute or whatever, but that does not give you the right to invade his space or privacy. I admit some privacy is forfeited for great fame, but come on people, give it a rest already!! He still has two more Twilight series movies to do, leave him be. If he appears in public and agrees to autographs, so be it, but if not, quit chasing him. Where is your decency and dignity?

  154. Charlee Vale

    I totally agree Kaleb! I feel horrible for the poor guy!

    Its like these people can't separate fantasy from reality. I mean, how would you feel if you got attacked every time you walked down the street. I would never want to leave the house!


  155. Mia C.

    I have been saying this for months. The tween Twi obsession stems to Edward, who is supposedly the perfect guy. Robert Pattinson plays the “perfect guy” on the big screen. The psychos have difficulty with seeing the difference between an actor and a character. The already unhealthy Edward obsession gets transferred over to Pattinson, then kicked up a notch because he actually exists and the crazies can stare at pictures of him for hours on end (unlike the fictional Edward). Behavior like this has caused me to avoid being generally associated with the Twilight fandom. The rabid behavior of many (and the masses of people who are only reading Twilight because everyone else is) make me ashamed to even admit I've read the books. I still check here and the Lex and Everglow near daily, though, I'm still interested in the books and movies and such.

  156. Alexandria

    I agree it is part of the job. Those girls are a little too crazy though. It really dosen't show how all fans of Rob and Twilight really are. The really crazy people really need to leve him alone fore the sake of his job.

  157. d A n i

    I don't think Rob should have to deal with all those crazy fans. Just because he chose acting as a career path, dealing with crazy fans isn't one of his duties. I think the public wants too much from people. I mean, I work as a cashier in a hardware store, and I get asked questions about everything we sell and sometimes I even get harrassed for not knowing the answer, though when you read the policy and procedures manual, nowhere does it say that I am required to have an extensive knowledge about the products we stock. People in general are too used to getting what they want when they want it. Those kinds of people need to learn that they can't get everything in life. Those fkn spoilt little bastards! =D

  158. Amry

    It has gone far, far, far too far. Yes, being an actor may involve being something of a public figure, but it does not mean that you sign your life over to craziness. Honestly, I worry for the poor boy's peace of mind. Dealing with that insanity day in and day out is not a requirement for any job, and he certainly did not know what he was getting into when he signed up to be Edward. It might be in his own best interest to run away to Fiji for a while.

  159. beckysue

    Wow. That was quite scary. But it did come with the job. But it is also hard to understand just how big of a fanbase Twilight has. When he originally took the role, he had no clue what he was getting into. I hope he doesn't regret it.

  160. Shannon P.

    Ok, I think it has gone way out of control, I feel sorry for him. He can't go out in public without screaming girls and some guys chasing him, don't they understand that all he wants is to have a life like everyone else? I don't think Crazies really define what these people are. And I don't think it will get any better in the future, he is just beginning his career.

  161. Steph

    That's retarded. Seriously. That's the only way I can adequately describe it. Who does that? How can anyone lack a life so much that they practically attack celebrities? That kind of behaviour requires counselling.

  162. Anna

    stuff like this would make me want to quite… these crazies keep it up and he just might…

    that being said, i think those girls are just warped. i could never do that to any person. if i was there i would have calmly start to explain that they were being nuts. at that said point some girls would most likely punch or slap me… but i would do that for any person, not just rob. no person deserves to be treated like that.

  163. Holly

    You guys are all completely right. All of them are normal people who happened to get jobs to be in a movie that we happened to all be obsessed with. They had no idea all of this insanity was going to happen, especially Kristen and Rob.
    Why would they want to come to a bunch of events to see fans if they're just going to be attacked. It would be terrible if they weren't able to do it anymore, but I really wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come to special events anymore. That's not fair to them or any of the fans that are respectful and don't try and mob them any time they are in public.

  164. ClaudiaH

    I'm so shocked at how far this has gone past “normal fan-behaviour”! Actually, until I saw that clip, I didn't think the fan attention was any different to any other “heartthrob”, but I literally felt sick watching this.
    And the girls were beyond reason at that point. Haven't they heard of self-preservation? No one deserves to be treated like that.
    I just think, if you wouldn't act like that around your grandfather (any other family member, friends, etc.), you shouldn't act like that around Rob, or any other person.
    I just hope things get better for him.

  165. nady

    stupid crazy fans i hate them

  166. Astrid

    I was thinking about this when I first saw the footage of all the girls jumping on him.
    It was really scary, I don't know how any fan can do that, it's just not polite. I think I would be too intimidated to even go up to him.

    I really don't understand how anyone can handle being in the public eye this much. It's a miracle people don't go insane more often.

    It's pretty sad for the “normal” fans who just wait to get a picture of him but don't get all crazy and attack.
    When you mention you like Twilight or something/someone to do with it, people will start to think you'd do anything to get close as well.
    I'm not into the whole screaming thing anyway, but at least that doesn't hurt anyone – except maybe their ears :)

  167. Emily

    Oh My God. really people. IT”S AN ACTOR! It's not the 'real Edward Cullen.' I am just as big a fan as you are but really If I saw him in the street I would look twice at him yes, but I wouldn't approach him. And that's not because I would be scared, it's because I wouldn't want to bug him and make him uncomfortable. He is a guy with a job. There is something wrong with a world were it is safer to hang out in a war zone than be a star. Maybe I am the only one that remembers but NOBODY LIKED HIM UNTIL STEPHENIE SAID SHE DID. People actually hated him and said honorable things about him. I didn't and still don't agree with all the criticism. But I bet he is actually missing the days people hated him. And wouldn't that kill your throat anyway, all that screaming. Your hurting yourself in the long run. This is why when you say hi to some one and start talking, if you mention your a twilighter they get scared of you.

  168. Annissa

    It's gone too far. Nobody, no matter their job, should fear for their life while walking down the street. When I read about the fan who grabbed him, I was horrified. I can only imagine how he felt.

    I'd take a harder line than Rob Pattinson did. I'd probably file charges. It's assault. It's not ok.

  169. Natty

    It is WAY too crazy!! As previously metioned by just about everyone above, he is just a normal person and deserves to live his life.

  170. Luci

    Nobody knew how big Twilight was when the movie first started filming, Rob didn't know in what direction his role was going to lead him. He shouldn't have to hire anybody to help him walk down the street. yes, fans are part of an actor's life, but crazy fans like these are way too much and something he shouldn't have to deal with.

  171. Ashley

    I somewhat disagree with Becksue. I know that Twilight was huge even before the movie, but since it has become a film, the fanbase may just have doubled. That being said, I know a lot of people who are the crazy and obsessed Twilight fans, and they only become Twilight fans because of the actors in the film. Plus I have the feeling that Robert is the first guy (in a real long time) to have fans actting like this, so he did know he was going to have a few new fans, but he didn't know how many (I'm agreeing with your point) but I still don't think he should be attacked whenever he leaves the set of a movie, just to go to his trailor!

  172. Telly

    I found this story the yesterday and it made me shudder:

    The behavior this (college age!!!!) girl is describing is frightening.

  173. ancha85

    Excellent description of what the difference between fan craziness and psycho craziness.
    There is “normal” craziness, and then there is “psycho” craziness. Some of these people are psycho. They cannot distinguish between Robert Pattinson, the normal guy, and Edward Cullen, the fictional character.

    For example, some people go all crazy either hatin' on Kristen Stewart/Bella, saying that she doesn't “deserve” him, because they are jealous of her (which is absolutely RIDICULOUS, because they have the same chance of actually being with Rob themselves as a snowball in h*ll!).
    Or they go the other way, stating that they KNOW that Kristen and Rob have something going on, and talking ugly about Kristen's boyfriend, and verbally attacking people who say that Kristen and Rob are just friends. What real difference does it make people?? It is their PRIVATE lives and their PRIVATE business.

    It would be really romantic to think that they really have those kinds of feelings for each other, but there would be far reaching consequences if they ever admitted it.

    If you think about it, if they did “hook up”, do you think it really would last in this craziness? They would be hounded to death, if they ever admitted to dating one another. What do you think that would do to the other movies? It would ruin the chemistry between them and the movies for us. It would ruin their lives.
    Rob is NOT Edward and Kristen is not Bella! They are real people, NOT fictional characters!

    It's just like the some of the Team Edward/Team Jacob girls. A little friendly competition and razzing is all good and fun, but some people take this soo seriously.

    Some people have actually wished death on Jacob. Some have said that he is a pedophile. Some people have said that Edward is a controlling emotional abuser. Stephenie Meyer herself has said that all of this hurts her to hear all of this. It hurts me, too.

    Yes, we all have our favorite. But does that mean we think we have to defend our favorite by overreacting like that? No, that is ridiculous.

    My favorite character is Jacob, but I love Edward, too. I don't always agree with all that he has done (or all that Jake has done for that matter), but I know that his intentions have always been good (or should I say SM's intentions, as they ARE her characters). The Saga would be incomplete without ALL of SM's wonderful characters.
    We should respect and love ALL of them. We may not LIKE them (Aro and Jane and Caius), but we should understand that they are essential to the story, and MOST importantly be able to distinguish FICTION from REALITY! What kind of life does a person have if they can't do that? It is really pathetic to think about it.

    We all need to put all this into perspective. I know that 90% of us Twilighters do .
    And I need to get off my soapbox… Sorry for the rant…

  174. Britt

    I completely agree with you. The poor guy can't have a moment's peace…

    The paparazzi, the fans, it's totally out of control. Sure, it's part of the job to an extent, but it's just gotten waaaaay out of hand. I'd really like him to keep acting, because I think he's good and I want to see his work, but I wouldn't blame him if he ran off to some deserted island and never showed his face again.

  175. Melly K

    Way too far, people are forgetting HE'S NOT ACTUALLY EDWARD. He's just an actor. And I don't really like him as a person. But still.

  176. Britt

    Very well put.

  177. vjm

    even though i am an Robert Pattinson fan i would never do that he would probably put an restraining order on you and then you would never get near him ever again. he just a human being leave him alone he doesnt deserve it, after all he was apart of the twilight movie we all love so why are you all annoying him so much

  178. Gunnhild^^

    Crazy fans is port of the business, but Twilighters has gone TOO far.

  179. Ruby

    It's too much- I'm a big fan of Robert and the rest of the cast, but I would never be running after him or jumping him, when his boduguards tell to get away from him- it's sad since he seems like a very down-to-earth guy (I've never met him, but that's just what I think of him), who is a great actor, probably a really nice person- who doesn't deserve this… Sure- with fame there are fans and media, but just because of that you don't have to be herrased or threathened.
    And if you (Kaleb) is getting herassed about Robert, then I bet it's much worse for him…

    So to all fans- just keep it down a little and let the frenzy about him settle a bit before you throw yourselves at him please- after all, what we want is for Robert to be happy, feel safe and feel like his fans are there for him instead of assulting him, isn't it?

  180. Victoria

    Seriously!!! He's NOT the real EDWARD CULLEN! He's just an ACTOR!!! People need to stop hounding all the twilight stars and leave them alone. They're NORMAL people!! This seems to be way out of hand and too much for Rob! No one understands how it feels like to be followed everyday by tons of people who mob you!! Just because he portrays Edward, crazy obsessed people stalk him. That is just wrong and dangerous!
    I love Twilight and everything that goes with it, even the stars, but I would never go all crazy like those fans! The poor guy.

  181. Jen

    Well said. I completely agree.

  182. dsolo

    Poor Rob. He needs more bodyguards. It is never, ever acceptable to jump on a celebrity or grab them. Being famous does not mean that you don't have the right to be assaulted. Assault has been defined as touching someone without permission. Becoming famous is not giving permission. There have been multiple past incidents of celebrities being stalked, attacked and even killed by obsessed fans. Rob is a talented actor, and he doesn't deserve this type of treatment. I was horrified when I saw this video. Rob looked miserable and afraid. This reminds me of the attitude towards Stephenie during the controversy of BD and MS. We do not own these people just because they entertain us. They are people with feelings and the right to privacy and respect. Fans with no boundaries have already deprived us of Midnight Sun, are they going to drive Rob away, too?

  183. Vickie

    This is what happens when girls get an unhealthy view of reality. Rob Pattinson is a man. Plain and simple. He has a talent of acting and there are thousands of guys in the world that probably have the same talent and good looks. It's a shame that those fans could not control themselves in a more lady-like manner.

    It's ridiculous and any kind of craze like that is not what I would consider “part of the job”.

    Idolization of any person like that is unhealthy… for the fan and the celebrity.

  184. jenb

    The Rob Pattinson craze has gone too far. People need to leave him alone & respect him as a person. Sure he's a good actor & good looking and he's protraying one of the best romantic male characters ever created, but leave him alone! He is NOT Edward, he's just a guy who happened to get cast as him in the movie. I feel so bad for him & hope that fans will calm down & leave him alone & let him live his life.

  185. Meghan

    Kaleb is so right. Rpattz can't go anywhere without being mobbed. He will have to go into hiding. Girls, if you read this:
    1. Rob Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. There is a huge difference.
    2. He is a human. Would you want crazy people mobbing you all the time? I think not.
    3. There are better ways to get guys' attentions than nude photos. You want a guy to notice you, not your bod that looks just like everyone else's. Just be yourself and some decent fellow will notice you. He doesn't have to be a celeb.

  186. Samantha!

    i think it is disgusting how inconsiderate and disrespectful those girls are!
    i mean i'm as big of a fan of Rob as the next person(maybe a little more..) but i wouldn't hang on him and try to take a picture with him when i knew he had somewhere to be and when people were clearly telling me to BACK OFF. i would probably just keep my distance and try to get a few pictures to prove to my friends that i had gotten that close :)
    but ANYWAYS i think it's not only rude to Robert but to his RESPECTFUL fans. it is ruining the chance for the nice fans because of few crazy *itches out there…ugh it just makes me so angry…he's JUST A PERSON too and i don't think anyone should have to go through that..celebrity or not. even most celebrities don't have to go through that. so to answer your question Kaleb..yes i think that it has gotten WAY out of hand and we need to bring these stupid little girls back to earth..treat the guy with some respect!

    lastly they have forever ruined my dream of running into him at one of his select pubs and quietly asking for an autograph and a perhaps a picture…hes going to be so well protected that they will think i'm some crazy person just likes these girls…humph..

    keep up the wonderful attitude about all those freaks Rob! all the normal people feel for you..

  187. WarriorLEX

    wow this is sad! these arent even fans! they are crazy! i hate when people obsess over another human being! rob is just another guy! he is not edward! hes an actor! you dont go attacking people normally do you? so why do you attack rob? hes like anybody else! how can you say you love him when you dont know him and you attack him? its crazy! this rob craze was bad before but now its just way to extreme!!!! and thats an understatement! that goes for any person! they dont do this to “normal” people but yet they think rob is so different! its so stupid and annoying and it doesnt make sense! these people arent true good fans and i cant stand their behavior! its completely irrational! i mean hes just another human being! the sane fans have to suffer for the insane ones actions! it really sucks! what is running through these peoples heads?! i am a fan of the twilight saga and love and enjoy them greatly, but i would never do something like this! to me the movie was ok and the acters were alright but still even if im not a huge fan of rob or taylor or whoever you dont go jumping on people you dont know! your scaring them and their scared of all of us now! the steriotype twilight fans sucks! i hate being associated with and thought to be like all the twilight obsessor people! were not all like that! most of us are sane! i am sure that if rob was just a “normal guy” walking down the street that wasnt an actor you wouldnt mob him for his “extreme hotness”. its just plain crazy and stupid people! (i have never had a celeb crush and think i think its strange stupid and irrational to “love” someone you dont know personally or say they are “sooo hottttt” when you wouldnt even notice them if they werent a “celeb”) so i dont see rob as “hot or ugly” i just cant see him that way! hes just another person/guy who happens to be an actor who plays edward. its normal to have and people asking for auographs/pictures but come on! these arent fans! there stalkers! this goes for us “normal” people and “celebs”. this is getting waaayyy to out of control if he needs lots of body guards surrounding him just to walk a block! dont these people have better things to do than follow people around saying “PLEASE! please!” for pictures and autographs? sad..its just really sad! they need to get a better healthier life! do they all really think that rob will fall in love with them one day? especially acting like that?! *sigh* i am glad oters on here agree with me! thanks for adressing this kaleb! :) poor rob (even if he seems a bit strange, now i just he has the right to lol) he doesnt deserve this. its pathetic and sad what these people are doing! i hope they relize their consequences. theyre punishing everybody! rob! normal fans! themselves! stephanie meyer! and all others who have to put up with watching this happen on tv and hear it on the radio! its a disgrace! where are these peoples parents and manners! rob might go into hiding! let him live! let breathe! i here this “rob craze” everywhere!!!! its driving me crazy! imagine how rob feels! oy! stop the obsession! stop the craze! before its to late for all of us! someone (mostly rob or fans) could get hurt or worst! there are more important things and issues in the world!!!!! focus on that!!!! this shouldnt be front page news!!!! i think thats enough for this rant…this is part of his job and life but it shouldnt be! ok i gotta go breathe calmly…..:) good luck rob(and any other celebs, like the twi celebs) and wake up crazy twiRob fans!!!!! stop scaring and embarrasing us all!!!! P.S. You rock kaleb and we agree with you! and for those wondering i am not a team anything. i take kalebs view on team edward/jacob/etc. but i prefer edward. (which is NOT the same as ROB) dont mix up reality and fiction or real people or made-up characters! woah…what a mouth full! leave celebs/& all people alone! they need their personal space and lives and dont have to give out personal info/phone #s! jeez!! what happened to privacy and normal rational twilight fans?! (i know im still 1 and there are lot more out there) we have to unite and show what real fans are like so the steriotype will go away and actors like rob wont be afraid of us!!!!! i agree with a lot of comments here and am glad to see most people who are twilight fans are still rational!!!!!!! Rock on people! dont be afraid rob! you can and will survive in 1 piece! (mostly because im sure some sanity was lost along the way) :) PEACE!

  188. WarriorLEX

    wow i didnt relize my comment was soooo looonnnggg!!!!!! :0 i talk to much……:( oh well i like to talk and i said what i felt like saying.

  189. Noureen

    Wow, yeah, I definitely feel for him. He deserves all the screaming and what not but not being mobbed, that's just creepy! I love Rob, just as much as any girl, probably more, just because I've always been a huge fan, so yeahh that's great and all but not being attacked by mutated girls, that's just messed up.
    I don't think he “deserves it” like he did something wrong now he's paying the price, it's just like now he's big and he's probably going to have to go into incognito x]
    Other than that, he shouldn't be attacked to that extent. So answering your question: yes, a huge huge HUGE fan no kidding, but that has gone WAYYY pasr what it should and there should be something done about it.
    And Rob. if you're ever gonna see this, know there are still some sane fans out there so keep up what you're doing (:
    AND Kaleb, you're amazing (: And amazing at what you do so you keep rocking man (:

  190. Lesley

    Wow. That is truly scary. I think people need to remember that he's just a person, like any of us. He doesn't deserve that.

  191. Jaclyn.

    Kaleb, first I would like to thank you for bring the subject up.
    Oh my God, people. This is way too out of hand. Robert Pattinson is not Edward Cullen. Robert Pattinson is not a doll or a toy. Robert Pattinson is in fact a human being.
    This is insane. He shouldn't need to have so many body gaurds. He shouldn't need to run. He should be able to be human and not be treated like an animal being hunted, which is exactly what is going on. He is being stalked by the fanatics and the media.
    There is a difference between a fan (the approximately 88% of people who like Twilight and are sane) and a fanatic (the remaining 12% of people who like Twilight and are not sane.)
    Many people are taking this too far. I understand that as a celebrity, there are people who will like you, admire you, want to meet you, get an autograph or a hug, but to be chased down the street by girls who think he is his character is enough.
    Acting is not being. Acting is a lie, to put it in simplest terms. Pretend. Make-believe. Not real. So, being an actor, he puts on a show and smiles, says some fancy words, and now the whole world knows who he is, and he is currently being obsessed over.
    Rob is human. Humans have flaws. One of his is being surrounded by the public. It makes him uncomfortable. He does not like it. When will these girl understand this.
    As any other human being, he deserves to be shown respect. Having people toss themselves at someone or in their face all the time is not what the majority of the population considers respect.
    I am embarassed to like Twilight if this is what it has come to. Will we be expected to throw ourselves at him next?
    I cannot think of anything to say to these people, because of the fact that I am so disgusted by them. They are absolutely infuriating. They actually make me mad. Because of the fact that they cannot show self control, the rest of the Twilight fans are suffering. We are stereotyped as the rest of the crazy people that are obsessing over him, and because of that, many of us find it impossibly difficult to be a normal fan, being one who is excited by Twilight-related things, may be slightly defensive of our favorite characters or the series we have come to know and love, but to understand when enough is enough, and learn when to back down. We have fun with it.
    These people, on the other hand, do not understand. They do not know when enough is enought. They don't understand that there is a time to back down. They don't have fun with Twilight, they are ruining it's name!
    I am very sorry to Robert Pattinson and all of the rest of the Twilight cast for what is taking place with them, but I would like very much to assure them that not all of their facs are like this.
    Take care, and good luck to you all.

  192. Jaclyn.

    Sorry about the long post. I just got kind of angry and then I started ranting, and now look what happened.
    Oh well. At least I helped get the message out.

  193. Kelly

    Oh my god, this video is disgusting. The crazy fangirls have crossed the line for sure and it is NOT “part of the job” to be touched or attacked in any way by a stranger. Of course, screaming fans and paparazzi are part of the being famous deal, but un-asked-for physical contact is wrong and these crazy girls should have some respect for Rob, and for themselves for gods sake!!! Just because Rob is a man, there is a double standard that it is okay for girls to touch him. If this was happening to Kristen or any other female actress, and it was guys grabbing and touching her, it would be big news and considered harassment! Crazy fangirls, stop harassing Rob, and go back to your screaming!

  194. Emily

    OH MY GOD!! Rob was just hit by a cab! He was being chased by FANs and tried to cross the street and was hit. This is no joke. Well crazy obsessed fans you can just kiss Eclipse good bye. If that doesn't say STOP nothing will.
    I'm not kidding look it up! This has to stop!

  195. angiebeninati

    Uhg. – That's all that comes to mind. My mental capacity has met it's limit with the sum of what my opinion entails. Poor. Poor. Poor guy.

  196. Janna

    this is so sick…. I don't know anything more to say about that

  197. Kylie

    OH MY GOSH KALEB YOU ARE PSYCHIC!!! He was hit by a taxi in NYC today because raging fan girls were chasing him.

    *sigh* The nicest thing we could do for Rob is completely ignore him.

  198. ana

    I completely agree with this. This situation has shown that these pseudo fans are really crossing the line. They are totally invading his space and by this kind of actions, making him to even consider not to go in public, which is not fair for him as a ypung person who absolutely deserves to enjoy of a calm walk by the city.

    Even though he is a public person, this has been taken to another level, a posible dangerous level to Rob … Honestly, we all are fans of Twilight, but this doesn´t give the right to crazy people to invade their space….

    Poor Rob, I only hope this won't happen again….

    BTW, Greetings from Mexico!!!

  199. Rachel

    Obviously crazy fans are part of the acting job description but there are crazy fans and then there are crazy fans. this is beyond crazy its pathetic reli, why the hell wud Rob want to give his number to girls who r physically attacking him and throwin themselves at him in the street? i feel sory 4 him and 4 th normal crazy fans who myt wanna askk 4 his autograph o summin in th street. these so called 'fans' need to stop makin a fool of themselves and try to maintain a bit of dignity how wud they feel in Robs position? But sadly i dont think this is gona change until afta Breaking Dawn is in cinema. i jus hope these looser havent put Rob off actin and make him totaly ignore all his fans in the fear of being attacked. the poor boi must be terrified.

  200. scrappyshelly

    Jeez poor guy. Bloody hell those fans are psycho. Let the guy walk down the street in peace and act some way normal.. Those fans have gone way too far.

  201. Jean

    What I dont think people understand is that stars HAVE been killed by “fans” before, and other fans can also be hurt in crowds like that. I would never even walk up to Rob because I'd be too emberassed by the way some girls are acting. It's not the people sending him fanletters that are the problem, it's the girls like that who try to jump all over him when he's just walking down the street. Thank you so much for posting this, Kaleb, not many people understand that.

  202. Julie

    I can't believe girls are actually acting like that, he's just one freaking' dude okay? Why can't all those crazily obsessed fans get that through there Rob obsessed heads?! He may look like Adonis but that's no reason to swarm the guy! Who cares if the dude is been in a few movies; that's no reason to not give him space for something as simple as walking down the street. Kaleb I thank you so much for posting this video. I hope now that people can understand that Robert Pattinson is JUST ONE PERSON, GET IT?

  203. Erika

    Poor guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he decided that he would quit making movies or even quit showbiz for that matter because of all the craziness that's been surrounding him. I mean, he couldn't even have a decent walk out in the street without hyperactive fans surrounding and screaming at him.

    Those overly-dedicated fans should realize he's just playing a character. Leave him alone. Act normal crazy people.

  204. Julie

    BTW I totally agree with WarriorLex. Also, how fans are reacting is making me think of these 2 songs I know by Marianas Trench ( sing sing and perfect). The world should focus on things other then celebs. Like I bet nobody knows about there is genocide (like the holocaust) happening in shri lanka right now.

  205. Cara

    Way too far… Did you hear he got hit by a cab today while trying to escape fans? Apparently he's okay, but…

  206. MG

    Apparently the getting hit by a cab story was not completely true- he was bumped by a cab but not because of fans. That being said, yes, the Fangirls are too crazy and out of control. The poor guy is just trying to do his job! People need to back off and give him some space. Plus, as its been stated before, it doesn't make the fans look good. You don't see Kristen being swarmed by teenage guys! The fans need to back off and be respectful of his space and of him as a person-let him live his life.
    In the end, I don't think this is going to change him doing the movies (well he's already contracted for Eclipse) but when all this is over he may go into hiding for a while, take a little break. Alot of actors do that, take time off, which I think is what he's going to need after this year is over!! And, we all know that eventually the fans will calm down. Once the Twilight movies are finished the crazyness will be less…crazy!
    I hope that the girls that attacked him have read all of the stuff online to see what people are saying and realize that they went to far.

  207. marissa

    WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too far!!!

    I fell so terrible for him, I mean ya, almost every celebrity gets mobbed by fans and such but I feel like he was just THROWN into this.

    And not that he isn't grateful to the fans and grateful for his success, but when they invade your personal space like that I can imagine it's a bit terrifying.

    I wouldn't say it's RUINED his life per se… but it won't ever reach the level of normalcy that he could live with you know?

    It's one thing when you're at a function or something but when you're just trying to get to work or walking down the street and require 5 bodyguards… it's very much excessive

  208. NormalGirl

    I think this is the longest comment I've ever seen in my life :)

  209. i-love-star-trek!

    I read that too. Lol that girl was crazy! I completely can't see how anyone can be that obsessed with someone they don't know. I hope for Rob's sake that she never sees him

  210. Zella

    They would put up with it because, although they'd have to spend a fortune on security to keep the crazies out, when the film hit cinemas, all the crazies would go to see it nine times then when it comes out on DVD buy it just because he's in it. They'd make twice as much, even when you take RPS* costs into account.

    *RPS = Robert Pattinson Security.

  211. K

    Having fans is part of the job, yes. Having crazy fans shouldn't be a part of it. Those people need to get a life, and let the guy breathe.

  212. beckysue

    I don't think it is right for them to act that way, but I knew that there are some rabid and crazy twilighters. I just kinda knew it would happen that way, but that doesn't mean I think its ok. :)

  213. Abby

    I believe that being followed and being on the magazine covers is part of the job but just like everything in Hollywood people take it way to far. Him being mobbed like that is ridiculous but unfortunately he is not the only one, any good looking A list male actor is attacked like this whenever they are spotted unless they have the superman guard watching them. It is that way for the girls as well, if I were Rob I would consider a career change, he was nervous enough before people started attaking him in the streets now he looks just terrified.

  214. babybott330

    Quite a while back I wrote my own blog about this very topic. It really is ridiculous the things that fans, particularly “twilighters” are doing these days. It saddens me to belong to such a fan base. My first introduction to the fans of Twilight came from this very website where, it turns out, the majority of the smart, sophisticated, and witty fans congregate. Then I came to know the devastation I refer to as 'fangirls'.
    I feel I have to point out that many of the same girls that now scream “I love you, Rob,” “Marry me, Rob,” “Bite me, Rob,” and very other ridiculous exclamations, are the same girls that threw a huge hissy fit, signed petitions and demanded that CEDRIC DIGGORY not DARE to try and fulfill the role of Edward.
    It has gotten so bad that when discussing among friends and strangers my love of The Twilight Saga, I feel that I have to add a disclaimer that I'm not 'one of those psycho fans, though'.
    I will say one thing of 'famous people.' I believe that once they choose to act in a capacity which causes them notice and admiration by fans worldwide, there is a certain expectation that is unrealistically placed on them, which when they complain about I feel compelled to remind them that they asked for it by putting themselves in the spotlight. When someone puts themselves in a position in which young children look up to them, I wish they would show restraint in what they decide to in front of camera.
    Stephenie Meyer stands for goodness. She is unbelievably nice and humble, and chooses to act with dignity in her personal life, and in dealing with her public persona. I'm sure that she is just as horrified as the rest of us that her successful and fantastic creation has caused such reactions out of a limited number of her fans. At least the rest of us have the humanity to stand up for what is right.
    One cannot blame Rob for fearing for his safety. I saw one video where a woman runs at him and tries to plant a kiss on him. It was dark, seemed to be a secluded part of town, and she appeared drunk out her mind. There is no telling what she could have been holding or really planning to do when she ran up on him. I really can't think of any other 'star' in which I have seen such a crazy reaction out of fans. Perhaps if people could separate ROB from EDWARD, he would fare better in his daily life. Soon he will be holed up in a mansion on top of a hill, razor wire fence all around, and access only by helicopter. Surely there are some days he wishes he could go back to just being Cedric.
    While I'm on the topic of people in the public eye who hold themselves with dignity, I would be remiss if I did not mention you, Kaleb Nation. You do an amazing job of conducting yourself with respect to your younger viewers. One particular example was today during BlogTV (June 19) in which you bumped someone from the room for cursing. Then, even when she continued to goad you, you still did not give in to the petty argument and moved on. It was a very classy move.
    Best of luck to Rob, as by the time The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is released, he will have gathered at least fifty bodyguards.

  215. Julia Borghi

    it honestly makes me sad and repulsed to watch this clip.
    the craziness has definitely gone way too far.

  216. BiteMe

    I Know. lets just hope this doesnt end like John Lennon's life did, if i recall right he was shot by a drunk fan.

  217. Vicki

    WHOA!! Over the top!! This would freak anyone out. No amt of $ is worth dealing with that on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of Rob, LOVE, LOVE the books, am on “Team Edward”. Please, people, GET A GRIP. It makes me sad for Rob. I hope he doesn't seriously regret being a part of the Twilight Saga. There always has to be a few to ruin a good thing. I don't think he can enjoy the spotlight like the other cast members are. It's just too much.

  218. Z.J. Cullen

    GIRLS!! Just leave the guy alone!!! I'm sure he doesn't mind signing his autograph every once in a while, but being chased down the busy streets of New York City where cars might hit him is too much. Didn't you hear? The same thing that happened in this video also happened, but this time ROB WAS HIT BY A CAB. God forbid if the cab driver didn't slow down in time, Rob would be dead right now, and it would be all of those crazy girl's faults. Honestly. If you “love” the guy soooo much, think of his safety and LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!

  219. Kaylee

    Way, way, way too far. I think this entire twilight thing has gone too far. Yes, I love Twilight, and yes, I'm as much a fan of Edward Cullen as anyone else, BUT, its fiction people. Edward is not real and, geez, now poor Rob can't even have a life anymore. These girls have no respect for Rob, this is just so sickening. I mean if Brad Pitt walked down the street right now, would I squeal like a little girl? Umm, YES. But would I attack him? Absolutely not! Their humans like the rest of us and should be treated that way. Robert Pattinson is not the greek god fangirls make him up to be. He's just a normal guy blessed with good looks, talent, and the opportunity of a lifetime. Not saying that if Brad Pitt did walk down the street right now I wouldn't go politely say hi and tell him that he's doing a great job. But this.. this… video is just insane. Tell me Rob fans, if you claim to love him so much, then why do you let this happen? Why do you do this to him?

  220. Kaylee

    Oh and by the way, Rob is a shy guy, he doesn't like all this attention. So was Michael Jackson. And look where that led. This is too crazy. Eventually it could be the death of him. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. May Robert Pattinson not have the same fate.

  221. Tracy

    It's Just Sad He already Has Paranoia.
    So It's Re-Donkulus.

  222. Kelly

    Wow. Can you say savages? No wonder he misses the UK.

  223. BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE | A simply wonderful fansite for the beautiful Twilight saga

    […] e pelo que eu imagino não será o último. Mas isso não impede que se levante, aqui, uma resposta à pergunta que foi feita no site do Kaleb: isso é parte do “negócio”? Ter fãs enlouquecias que te agarram no meio da rua faz […]

  224. TeamCornOnCob :)

    i guess Rob's a shy guy, and now, all these girls are trying to kiss him;
    that must be…so hardd for the guyy.
    i mean i am a big fan but not in a way that goes at as a pervertt.
    I justt hopee that he copess withh this andd thatt them obsessive fanss leave himm alonee,!
    There are good fanss, whichh are unfortunately suffering from all the pervert-y fansss!
    not all ROB-fanss are LIKEE THISS.
    i've herad somee newss that Rob's takingg the famee thingg quitee badd-bless himm-;
    so why can't the good fans makee this better for himm.
    and possiblyy make the pervert-y fans betterrr,
    andd i hopee oncee thee twilightt craze is overr Rob will have peacee.
    i kindaa wishh he goess backk to the UK
    nott cuz i live there butt, at least he'll feel more at homee.
    i just really hopee Rob will be finee. (yn) :)

  225. joannemaria

    I feel really sorry for the guy, it must suck not to have any normal freedoms.
    I am sure he would love to mingle with his fans but not when it is overly risky.
    If they didn't act so crazed we would probably all get a bit more Rob.

  226. joannemaria

    I feel really sorry for the guy, it must suck not to have any normal freedoms.
    I am sure he would love to mingle with his fans but not when it is overly risky.
    If they didn't act so crazed we would probably all get a bit more Rob.

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