I’m In Forks, Washington! » bellas-truck



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  1. Lynn Derkvist

    heyy that´s totally awesome!!great job♥

  2. imani

    so cool that bellas truck is actually there!!! that's awsome!!!

  3. Samantha

    I was there when the guy at the visitors center repainted the truck. it took him 9 cans of spray paint to coat it. lol poor guy.

  4. Emily

    LOL. Small town of Forks is really reaping on this sudden popularity, isn't it? Good for them :) It's nice for a small town to suddenly become famous for something nice

    If you can call vampires nice. Well, the Cullens certainly are nice…

    … I'm going to stop now >_<

  5. Amanda

    I have a picture with that 😀 I just wish they didn't add the extra flags and stuff. And did you notice when you where there the bullet hole in the back window?

  6. Kelly Ann

    WOW.that's cool.Are u back yet?

  7. Kelly Ann

    WOW.that's cool.Are u back yet?

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