I’m In Forks, Washington! » drcullen-sign



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  1. Rachieeeeee

    I love this.

  2. SophieIsabella

    Haha that is awesome!!

  3. Ritsuke

    This is an awesome picture!

  4. Nazneen

    KALEB this is awesome! 😀

  5. shelby

    What an awesome sign!

  6. Wendy

    so jealous

  7. Victoria

    LOVE THIS ONE!! I have to go to Forks now!

  8. Emily

    I see that evil glint in your eye, Kaleb! Don't even THINK of parking in Dr. Cullen's spot!!

    hee hee. Lucky lucky Kaleb in Forks Washington

  9. Jocelyn

    YOUR WEARING PLAID!!! Nice photo! I'm soo jealous that your in Forks!

  10. Kato

    Soo jealous ! i wish i was in Forks, i love the cold and the rain. ( most of the time i need hot days to .. once in a while )
    I'm melting here ! really i have an ice cold towel in my neck and still to hot!
    Ugggh wish i was there :p ( ofcourse also for al the twilight-y stuff 😀 )
    ehh. Im gonna stop

  11. Renesmee{PANTS}

    You are covering your plaid and I don't appreciate it! LOL jk. Hope life is dandy in the place of rain and doom, but good doom!

  12. Reese

    Awh, Kaleb you're cute.

    I have a picture with myself in almost the exact same position, lol.
    Hope you're having fun in the rain!

  13. Jenny

    Ha Ha! The plaid is still there. =D

  14. Kahley

    I want one for my room!

    Ha, I'm so lame.

  15. Steph

    Kaleb you're so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! ++sends a virtual mack*++

    *mack: australian definition of lip-kissing 😉

    haha i lovee yoooou!!!!

  16. Nat1130


  17. Snow Wight

    Do they park a black Mercedes there, I wonder? lol

  18. melanie


  19. melanie


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