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Forks, Washington, on MTV News

June 30th, 2009 at 11:44 am by Kaleb Nation

I just got back in town from Forks, Washington, and I’m desperately trying to catch up on some sleep after nearly 12 hours of travel! I have tons of photos and video I’ll be putting up soon, but Larry Carroll from MTV has already wrapped up a great article about the event. Plus, he happened to be at Summer School In Forks with us as well, so he made an awesome video about the event! WARNING: I look like a ZOMBIE in this video:

Read the full article here.

Photos and video coming soon!

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38 Responses

  1. (The)Victoria(Poet)

    I wish I was there. (Not that easy when you live in Europe, eh? :D)

  2. Felicia

    You don't look like a zombie :] Wahh this looks so fun. The woods = gorgeous. I wish I had been there. I giggled at -I think- the principal's speech.

  3. Jean

    Kaleb! You just had to use the word zombie, didn't you? You have no idea how ironic that is for me. :) Larry's speach was soo cheesy, but I seriously almost cried.
    yeah…i'm that person


    wow thats awsome lucky you.And no you dont look like a zombie, you look just fine. : )

  5. Allie

    You did not look like a zombie! The woods look really really nice. Take pictures! haha.

  6. xtonks

    I hate to say it AGAIN, but you didn't look like a zombie!

    This is way cool, though. MTV? Really?!?! lol. I know it's the biggest sell out station in existence, but that's still pretty awesome. :)

  7. Shawnee

    Awww i cant watch it cause im in england :(

  8. Victoria

    I'd like to repeat everyone here, but we – the people outside the US – cannot view the video for copyright reasons. Oh, well….

  9. Nicole

    Aww it wont let me watch it. Its “unavailable to users in my region” =(

  10. Amber

    I can't watch it :(

  11. Abbyll

    OMG, that was jacon joost and hilly hindi from The hillywoodshoe, aahhhh. Did you spoke with them?

  12. Abbyll

    i meant jacob jost

  13. Adrienne

    I'm in the US, but the video just won't play for me. All I'm seeing is a commercial about MTV… then it just stops. =(

  14. LilMissTrouble

    Were you wearing makeup, Kaleb? That shade was a little off for you. Or maybe you just were jet lagged? It happens.
    I must be honest: that hair style does nothing for you. You probably don't care, but if you let go of the bangs, you will look a thousand times better. 😀
    PS: Forks looks breathtaking! I bet you guys had tons of fun! It's awesome to see how the town embraced Twilight with open arms.

  15. marcela

    o stop you dont look like a zombie

  16. KeannaCasey

    I can't watch that video because I'm not in the US. *despair*

  17. Veronica

    Oh, you don't look that bad 😉

  18. Alexi

    Oh, stop, you do NOT look like a zombie!! =) Welcome back, anyway. Looks like it was a lot of fun–you probably want to go back, right? I know how that is–I just got back from my first ever trip to Washington DC and I never wanted to leave, and I still miss it horribly. Glad you had fun!

  19. Kathryn

    That's crazy!! I live in PA and MTV was here and i didnt even know it!! I wanted to go to the Summer School but couldnt get off work! *tear* Still awesome to see our little area on MTV! =D

  20. Marti

    Come on, Kaleb. You didn't look like a zombie and you know about it. 😉
    This video was really cool. I wish I could go to the Forks, it looks awesome.

  21. Kathryn

    PA = Port Angeles by the way…not pennsylvania…

  22. babybott330

    Perhaps you should Google pictures of zombies? Just so you can see that you don't look like one… 😉
    Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to see your footage!

  23. Jenny

    You do NOT look like a zombie. Forks looks awesome. I wish I could go!
    It sounds like you had a good time.
    By the way, I think it's time for you to get a haircut. =D

  24. Paloma

    I would say you don't look like a zombie, but in view of the circunstances -everybody already said that- I'm just saying I'm very jealous. You should be lucky guy instead of twilight guy :)

  25. Tia Lang

    Aaawww…. I cant watch! I live in canada! Too bad ='(

  26. Katie from "Bella Rocks!"

    Kaleb, you looked fine! We were all exhausted, though, so it's okay. =]
    WOOOT! I saw me!

  27. Laura

    I cant watch becuase i am in canada…
    I hate MTV for that :/

  28. becky

    wish i could've gone
    it looks AWESOME

  29. Judy Bradley

    Looks like so much fun! You do not look like a zombie – you could say you were related to the Cullens if you wanted. I would have loved to go!

  30. Emma

    that's awesome! wish i could've gone

  31. marissa


    **inhale, exhale**

    sorry for that

  32. Pragya

    How can people not watch it outside US???? I live in Dubai and I can watch it!!!!! Now I can really appreciate that!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Srry ppl hu cant watch it! you made me appreciate the true pleasures of life!!!!

  33. Pragya

    And seriously Kaleb you DONT look like a ZOMBIE!!!!! It is time you got a haircut though! I am soooo jealous! Wish i could have gone.

  34. Pragya

    Post vids and photos soon!

  35. becky

    you dont look like a zombie> i wih i could of gone. :(

  36. effy

    OME are they kidding?!? As soon as Larry Carol got on that stage, i would have prepared my vocal cords for my most piercing scream as i yelled, “OH MY GOD ITS LARRY CAROL!”
    He was the missing link that connected the fans to the real-life movie of Twilight (even though it sucked), and i think that counts for something. SOMEONE should have yelled, “OH MY GOD ITS LARRY CAROL!”!

  37. joannemaria

    I went to Forks in August 2009, it is truly beautiful and really Twilight's home. I kept feeling like I would see the Cullens running through the woods, oh yeah…”Bella-call on line 2″ LOL

  38. joannemaria

    I went to Forks in August 2009, it is truly beautiful and really Twilight's home. I kept feeling like I would see the Cullens running through the woods, oh yeah…”Bella-call on line 2″ LOL

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