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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 21 (First Hunt)

July 13th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Confines Of Gravity by PlayRadioPlay!

I discovered yesterday to my great amazement that one of my favorite singers, Plumb, is not only a Twilight fan, but happens to be writing three songs for her next album that are inspired by the Twilight Saga! This is majorly epic news for me. I’ve been a Plumb fan since I was about 15, and then had the strange chance to interview her when I was 18. Now she’s into Twilight. Hopefully this means epicness in the near future . But for now: Chapter 21!
The importance of Bella’s first hunt is obvious because of how big a thing it was for her in Twilight — Edward wouldn’t let her see him hunt, probably because he was afraid it would scare her to see what he really was. I don’t blame him either. If this was the other way around, and I was with someone I loved, strolling through the woods, and then she suddenly leapt through the air and start to drain the blood of a nearby forest creature, I would admittedly be a bit shocked.


Like Jasper in the previous chapter, I’m a bit confused as to how Bella is able to control herself so well. From everything they have said before, Bella should be a wild, almost invincible monster attacking everyone around her in order to relieve her thirst. I remember in Eclipse when the Cullens had captured the newborn from Victoria’s posse (her name escapes me, but it was around page 570). That girl had been a newborn for a bit of time already and was still thrashing about in the dirt just smelling Bella from many feet away. Perhaps it has something to do with Edward injecting his venom straight to Bella’s heart — maybe causing the transformation to go faster? Still, I find myself like Jasper and Edward, just waiting for Bella to snap into a frenzy.

There’s a lot riding on Bella jumping out that window with Edward, too. It’s almost symbolic — a lot like what Edward did with her the first time she came to his house. It shows that she is really a vampire, something that can go jumping out of windows and not get hurt. Especially in stilettos, which I imagine are not the best thing to be jumping in (just thinking about this makes my feet hurt). Of course, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Bella was to be the world’s only clumsy vampire.


If I was Bella, I think I would be going a bit mad by now simply because of my new hearing abilities. If she can hear such minute sounds as hearts and teeth, how irritating must it be just to step into a mall or even more so, say, a dentist’s office, and be forced to hear every little whir or chip or scratch or brush that every cleaning instrument makes. Even in the forest I imagine every little wriggling worm or squirrel will catch Bella’s attention. She can hear Jacob’s heart beating? She can hear Alice’s teeth grinding?

“his perfect voice, his breath, his lips brushing together as he spoke, the whisper of birds preening their feathers in the treetops, their fluttering heartbeats, the maple leaves scraping together, the faint clicking of ants, the heartbeats of said ants, in symphony with the molecules and cells that made up the ants’ hearts, gently bumping against each other in rhythm, as their protons and neutrons continued their quiet motion, echoing in my ears.


I was jarred to my sense when I read this part

“I made a face. “[Deer] don’t smell as good.”

“Herbivores. The meat-eaters smell more like humans,” he explained.

“Not that much like humans,” I disagreed.

Bella Swan, who not so long ago was disgusted by blood and needles, is suddenly aware of how human blood smells. She is a completely new person than what she was before.

It makes me wonder about what will happen to Bella and Edward’s relationship now. I remember liking a clumsy and imperfect Bella, the Bella who was insecure at times and who had to live with the fact that her boyfriend was a vampire. Not that it is a bad thing for Bella to be a vampire now, but Edward fell in love with the old Bella — the Bella who wasn’t stunningly, vampiricly beautiful, the Bella who just loved him for who he was despite him being a vampire. If I was Edward, I wonder if I would ever miss the fragile Bella I fell in love with.

And then Bella has a wonderful thought:

“Perhaps my sense of security was false, but I did feel pretty good about not killing anyone today.”

Good job Bella. You stepped outside and nobody died.

Question For The Comments: If you were a newborn vampire, what do you think you would like to hunt first? Lion? Elk? (Human?! *hides*) ?


– Michael Welch (Mike Newton from the Twilight movie) is in an upcoming movie called “Unrequited” and just appeared in a behind-the-scenes video for it on YouTube! Check it out here.

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110 Responses

  1. ChristieP

    Love your thoughts Kaleb! I can't believe that people haven't posted yet!

  2. ChristieP

    Ok… now that I thought about it…
    The first thing I would like to hunt would be (can I say Edward? YUMMY!) …………………………….. Hmmmmmmmm …………
    I honestly cant think of anything sounding better than Edward. Sorry

  3. amylouwho

    Loving the Disney theme! I think I would go for a large cat. Simba?! Here Kitty, kitty….

  4. Keanna Casey

    I would hunt a human. Because….. well they'd probably be the closest and most appeling thing to me. I'm quite sure if I was a vampire that my self control would be nowhere near Bella's.

  5. Miiitch

    The reason Edward wouldn't let Bella watch him hunt is because during hunting, he had to let go of his self control, and let his senses envelop him to find his prey. If Bella were anywhere near him, he didn't think he'd be able to stop himself from killing her.

  6. Brandie1973

    Bella always could smell blood but it had to be out of someone or something not inside them. She said it smelled like rust and salt

  7. twicuz34

    i would really want their to be an even more vegetarian version of vampirism than the cullens because me and blood simply do. not. mix. ugh! so the thought of that being the ONLY thing i could live off of would make me very worried seeing as i undoubtedly would want to be a vampire!
    so… i would probably hunt the mean animals, like the bears that mawl people to death and such… because every time i saw a deer i would think aww Bambi, then how could you kill that?!
    bahah i wonder what PETA would think about this question…

  8. twicuz34

    oh and the newborn's name was Bre (i think that's how it was spelled)

  9. kelseyb

    If I was a vampire hopefully I'd be away from human,I wouldn't certainally try to kill a human, so I'd probably go for something small like a squirell and then go and eat something bigger like an, I don't know,an elephant.

  10. babybott330

    Now I can mention one of my favorite quotes, as you have read it.
    “That was quite graceful-even for a vampire.”
    I just love that Bella seems to be so perfect. It's like she was meant for this all along. I was curious, too, why she hasn't behaved at all like a 'normal' newborn vampire, such as (I think the word you were looking for…) Bree. By the end of the chapter after her running away from the humans, knowing she didn't want to hurt them, and still feeling such strong lust for Edward, I had come to figure that she was no ordinary newborn.
    I loved this chapter. I'm so happy to go through these first experiences with Bella, as I feel that we are finally getting a true look at the senses involved with being a vampire. I do have to wonder, though, how it would be to experience Carlisle's first days. It seems that Bella is completely overjoyed to finally have reached this stage. No one else came along so willingly.
    Bring on Renesmee! Finally, with the next chapter comes the comments I can't wait to here!

    Right. I forgot the question. I think it would be a lion, or some equivalent. I wouldn't want to eat humans, but I think I would still like to stick with the carnivores. This is (roughly) a theme with Edward, as he used to be able to excuse away eating humans that he thought were bad, as he was doing the world some good by eliminating them.

  11. 0ForbiddenLove0

    Definitly Edward 😛
    After ur done w/ the twilight series, r u gonna post things about the host???
    U TOTALLY SHOULD!!!!! It's an AWESOME BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. babybott330

    (Sorry, Kaleb, I know I'm always answering your questions.)

    No, he's not planning to post about The Host, although he does plan to read it. He's already bought a copy. We are a very short amount of time away from the release of Kaleb's book Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, after which he will be on book tours and working on the following books in the series. Kaleb's life is about to get really busy, which is why he's on a Breaking Dawn marathon session, so he'll be able to finish.

  13. twilightaddictjen

    First off, LOVE Plumb! Can't believe she loves Twilight! (well actually, I can) Seems like all the people I heart are coming out as Twifans, awesome. Anywho, love the Pocahontas pic-made me laugh, so true! I loved that Bella acclimated to being a vampire so well. Not only is it sweet for her, but I think it finally lets Edward be at peace about changing her. I think his main hang-up in not wanting her to be a vampire is he was worried she would regret it, but with her being so 'good' at it and the added bonus of a daughter I'd say things are looking pretty good. So even though she is different I don't think he laments her human self.
    What would I hunt first? Mountain lion, cause if it's good enough for Edward it's good enough for me! :)

  14. Julie

    If I was ever turned into a vampire I'd go down Edward's path and just suck the blood of people who are evil. Maybe travel the world doing it. But the first person I would hunt would be… the creator of that clothing company A.&E (and others like it). Those people have their stuff made in places like Vietnam and Srilanka. That country is war-torn and is currently having a genocide. Also, in Vietnam there is a lot of child labor. Can you really wear clothing that was probably made by a 7 year old?

  15. Bella Amaya

    This was funny, I needed a good laugh today. Thanks, Nation!

    I'd say deer. A lot of humans eat them. Well, I didn't. A loving relative served it to me letting me be under the impression it was hamburger. Then he turned right around after I took my first bite said it was Bambi. I was six at the time, so this was horrifying. Never touched the stuff again.

    Now, this is disregarding on how badly the thirst would be. If it would be too terrible that I was losing my mind by it, I would have to go with the lion. And I'm putting way too much thought into this.

  16. TaraSeanan

    Screw the animals, I'm hunting humans. After all, everything has a predator. And guess what? I'm yours. >D

  17. Kyrstin Delagardelle

    I think I would hunt whatever was closest. So, if I had an Edward, I would hope he would place me somewhere appropriate to eat. But, if there were lots of animals, I would choose the mountain lion. Bella did say that was pretty tasty.

    And on the subject of deer… you could call it venison. It's rather tasty and when cooked properly there is very little difference from beef. (At least deer shot in the Midwest that eat corn like cows do. The ones from Montana taste quite a bit more gamey. sp?)

  18. Lexi

    I laughed so hard when i saw the pochohanus (sorry if wrong spelling) picture!!! thanks for a good laugh kaleb i neede that!!! :) by the way the newborn vamp in eclipse was named Bree. And the reason I think bella is not like other newborns is because first she choose to be a vamp and was more prepared than most and like stated throughout all the books, bella is different then most people. She seems designed for this new world rather than her human one. As for my first meal, If i could choose, i would pick a predator, like bella. Maybe a mountain lion. I wouldnt pick a deer or something small because as bella says it doesnt smell/taste as good and i most defiently not choose a human (though it would be hard to control i would never purposly choose a human) For moral reasons & the fact that i was a human b4 changed & couldnt kill another being. For those who say they would only kill the bad, i do not agree because evil is an opinion & everyone is capable of good. they r still human & its not my decesion/duty to rid the world of those who can be evil or to choose who is good/evil. they r all still living.

  19. Alexandriad

    The first thing i would hunt really depends on how thirsty I would be. If i was too thirsty I probably go after a human. If the thirst was manageable I would go after a lion. They are carnivores so they would probably tase better than deer.

  20. shananigan

    WOW…I'm lost in words right now…well not really but I just finished reading all your blogs about the twilight saga. Talk about exhausting!! and annoyed i didnt start earlier. You're a great writer. Well I'm new to all of this Kaleb Nation talk so hopefully I can keep up. CAN YOU KEEP ME HERE? Nothing like a healthy challenge to keep you up at night…not that you don't get enough sleep anyways (so I read)

  21. Lexi

    *sigh*…. i always write 2 much…:(

  22. Umbra

    I would like to hunt … a Gnome! Yeah… that would be nice…

  23. Lela_B

    I would go for the lion because I could watch it's face as it died easier. I hate to sound all save the animals but think about it. When you eat venison you're eating deer the human way so all you see is the meat. If you were to eat vampire style you would be sucking the blood out of a live being. So don't you think it would be hard to suck the blood of Bambi or your best friend? Even if you only kill the “evil” ones you still look into the face of a human being and suck the life out of them. That's why Edward couldn't do that anymore because he heard their thoughts as he was killing them. (doesn't make Edward look so hot does it ladies, but everyone has flaws) it's also why Jasper became depressed with his old life.

    Edward still loves Bella because he didn't love her physical characteristics (he was probably overly relieved she was less fragile and tasty-smelling) he loved what was on the inside (not the blood her soul). What first made him fall for her was her acceptance of him but that's not the only quality he loves. If jexjust needed acceptance he would have been content. He loves her soul and that hasn't changed so be is still as much in love with her if more..

    Bella does change alot in this book from the beginning to now but it wasn't a sudden change after her transformation. Gradually through all the trauma she's brought upon herself in this book she has matured but we don't see that because we're on a vacation in Jacob's head. Stephenie knew this because Bella is her character and she wrote it from Bella's perspective first so she knew the gradual transformation Bella would go through.

  24. xtonks

    Okay, forget the sweet bloggitygoodness for now.

    You were in the TCWCKG lair with the TCWCKG.. and I MISSED IT.
    'cause my fellow TCWCKGers didn't friggin' tweet me!
    Oh how I hate my life! You probably won't read this but I had to whine.

    I'll read this and actually comment on it later when I wake up again in the AM. SIGH.

  25. shakespeareismyhomie

    I'd DEFINITELY go hunting bears, lions, or some other insanely dangerous creature. I might even pay a scientist to whip up a T-Rex for me just so that I could go all omnomnomnom on it.

  26. Bella

    I think I would hunt whatever was close. But try not to hunt humans. I guess it would all depend.

  27. antoinetter

    First Edward wouldn't let Bella near when he hunted because when he hunts he gives over too his instncts and prob. kills Bella in the hunt.

    Second Bella was always meant to be a vampire. Think about it she always was pale, she could smell blood ( rust and Salt). She had a talent that presented in her human live( very mentally talents of vampires hadn't effect on Bella. Her clumsyness ( it is like for her she is walking in slowmotion and so more diffecult to hold her belance , and her brain is allready on vampire speed). Even her smell for Edward is a sign that she is meant to be a vampire otherwise she wouldn't had a change to be one. So there is her advantage than an average new born and she had time to prepare for her new life. That is prob. why she could accept Edward so totally from the beginning.

    wel if I were a new born I prob. wanted to hunt what was near and smell a good enough. But I wouldn;t want to hunt people.

  28. babybott330

    Just wanted to clarify…

    I did NOT say that I would want to eat humans only if they were bad. I was simply mentioning how it had been a theme with Edward. For many people that haven't read the outtakes of Stephenie's site, they don't know about it.

    However, I can see the side of people that think it would be okay. I can also understand the people that choose to believe all humans are capable of being rehabilitated, but some people truly are beyond that and you would do well to realize that sooner than later. I'm just saying… you can end up in dark and lonely places trying to help people who never even had the desire to change.

    That's the same issues that are faced when you see from Edward's side about the men who planned to attack Bella. He has one belief, and Carlisle has another.

    I would rather prefer that, if vampires were to actually exist, they be like those created by L.J. Smith. They hypnotize their prey and only feed enough to sustain their survival, yet don't have to kill. If they do kill, they gain the whole essence of the person they've killed, making them stronger. Which in turn makes them more evil. Seems like the proper way of the food chain. I wouldn't feel near as guilty feeding off people if I didn't have to kill them.

  29. Laura

    I would def hunt humans. And not just any human, the meat-eaters. I'm vegan for ethical reasons and although I believe killing ANY animal – human or non-human – is wrong, as a vampire I would feed from people. There's too many people on this planet anyway, killing animals and other people and destroying the earth. I would gladly take few of those with me.

  30. Astrid

    The Bambi pic was so funny :)

  31. Sakura

    Edward didn't want Bella to be present when he's hunting because when they (the Cullens) hunt, they give into themselves completely. Meaning that they almost have no regard as to what they're biting into as long as it has blood and that blood smells good to them. If Edward has somewhat foolishly let Bella near him while hunting, Bella would definitely be the first to go rather than Bambi. Considering how her blood sings to him, Edward wouldn't have been able to stop himself from biting and draining Bella of her blood when he's in that state of hunger and is hunting. So it's really more for Bella's sake (as always XD ) rather than his fear of Bella fearing him that made him keep her away when he's hunting.

    At first, I thought that being in control of her thirst is Bella's power coupled with her former intolerance of blood but then I realised that Bella, unlike most vampires had a lot of time to prepare herself from becoming a vampire. Most people doesn't even know that vampires exist until they are one themselves. Bella was aware of the existence of vampires and is expecting herself to become one. She had around a year of mental preparation that a lot of newborns doesn't have. Along with that, she knew that she wouldn't be following the normal vampire diet. That's another thing that she was prepared for. So with all the mental preparations that she had, it's logical that she's in control of herself while being a newborn. After all, after all those preparation the only thing left is mind over matter and she had the best teacher when it comes to that 😀 . I also still think that her former intolerance to blood helped her somewhat to be in control (even though she had a conversation with Edward as to which blood smells tastier XD )

    Hmm, I think Bella's still the same. Granted that she's now able to jump off window in stilettos without causing damage to herself (and her surroundings XD ) Edward already saw her as someone beautiful and perfect as a human. The only difference, now that she's a vampire is that she more graceful and more beautiful. Inside, she's still the same person that he fell in love with. She's still smart, altruistic, and stubborn. I also think that secretly, Edward hated Bella's fragility as a human because it put a lot of restrictions in their relationship and was also the cause of most of their troubles. Just because Edward didn't want to take her humanity away (at the beginning) doesn't mean that he doesn't long to be able to hold Bella just like how Carlisle would to Esme. Though yeah, I was also expecting Bella to be the only clumsy vampire in the world that would've been nice and funny (in my opinion XD ) it would've given her a more human side in her (not that being a biological mother to Renesmee whilst being a vampire isn't human enough)

    To answer your question, I guess it depends. I surely wouldn't want to take away human lives but if I didn't have the same mental preparation that Bella has then I guess I have no choice. I don't think I'll be able to resist the smell of human blood like Carlisle, he was a newborn. But if I had the preparation that Bella had then I think I'll go for a Mountain Lion 😀 nothing says a good first meal as a vampire like a mountain lion (which I'll be scared to approach as a human)

  32. Betelgeuse

    Bellas self-control is due to the mental preparation she had before. She knew what she was getting into and what to expect. So it was easier to not go all crazy.

    Oh, and if you think that for regular vampires it is disturbing to hear so much then what do you think it is for Edward for he doesn’t just hear physical activities but also thoughts.

    As for the question… I guess it depends. If I was turned by someone like Cullens, evil nomadic vampires or it would be just an accident.

    If I would be a vegetarian vampire then the first thing on my mind is… I don’t know really. I guess something fast and furious so it could be a little fun. Some big cat maybe?
    But I probably would like to go after humans. I have some really evil teachers you know…

  33. Meg O

    I would try to stick to the vegetarian vampire diet as much as I could. I could never kill a human being no matter how bad my thirst was for them. I also don't like the idea of my eyes being red. And that way I could be around humans like the Cullens.

  34. Rakey

    Well, I can't say that I could ever be a vegetarian vampire. I have zero self control. So, odds are I'd have a lovely feast of human. I would hope though, that if I by some twist of fate was turned into a vampire, I would realize that humans are humans and I shouldn't kill them. But for the first few years, probably an all human diet (I promise: I'll try not to kill children or babies).

  35. Frederikke Schwarz

    I would eat KALEB! Muhahahaaa…! ;b

  36. Alana Gravatt

    If I was a newborn I would probably Hunt something close. . . . or a Lion!

  37. Natty

    actually I think it was 'Bree', but whatevs.

  38. Rachel

    The newborn vampire who 'surrendered' in Eclipse was called Bree. And i think Bella didnt act lyk a 'crazed' newborn bcos she had soooo much 'preperation time' and she was expecting to feel completely out of control and stuff and so that made her more aware of it when she was transformed all the others didnt have a clue what was happeneing when they transformed it was lyk 'bam' ur vampire! Also all the others were screaming (appart from Carlise) during their transformation and the pain was completely unberable for them but even tho Bella went thru the same horrific pain she was expecting it and so she was able to not scream and jus keep quiet thro it and her transformation only lasted 2 days while all the others lasted 3 days. All of this happened i think bcos Bella has been preparing her self for aggggggggggggggges and i think if ur expecting something to happen then u can handle it much better when it does actually happen.

    As for the question ummm i dont know maybe peguins??? Or maybe a tiger but they are too cute to eat so maybe a gorilla but they are too ugly to eat umm i dont reli kno i think id have to become a vampire to know what animal i wud prefer to eat but sadly i dont think thats goin to happen x

  39. Natty

    Hmm… well seeing as I am a vegitarian in real life… can't abide by squishing bugs but rather carry them outside… am unable to watch or read the part of to kill a mockingbird when atticus kills the dog… same with other books or movies that include the killing or hurting of animals… have to stay home (of my own will) when my family goes to a steakhouse or seafood (ok dont know how to spell restaraunt is that right?)… so I'll have to say humans!


    But actually, probably only people such as osama bin laden or something… not like the volturi with the tons of innocent people they cart in.

  40. numi108


  41. VictoriaPoet

    Any big animal I could find. AND KALEB! Edward didn't want Bella to see him hunt NOT because he didn't want to scare her, but because he would lose control and probably kill her, because when vampires hunt, they follow their senses. (or something like that)

  42. Madeleine

    I would eat mountain lion, because meat eaters taste better than herbivores. But only one or two, because I'd feel like I was eating something endangered (I don't know if they are) and I would switch to elk.

  43. PrincessStephanie

    If I were a vampire, I'd like to hunt you, Kaleb 😉
    And not in a brutal, killing way……… <33333333333

  44. Bree_B

    I just got why Edward was so shocked when Bella said she could smell blood! She was a human….she wasn't suppose to smell blood! =) And the newborn's name was Bree (like me!)

  45. shakesgirl66

    First just so you know……… the newborn girl name was bree and newborn boy name was rylie (know that not spelled right sorry.)

    If I was newborn vampire, not sure what i would hunt, I wouldn't want to hunt human.

  46. beth

    You like PLumb too? ^_^ She's been my favorite artist eversince her first album(95' or 96') It's so great to find another fan. I really hope she does do some twilight songs.

  47. DutchTwilighter

    Funny as always, Kaleb. Bella's not-killing is kind of strange yes – to be honest, it kind of annoys me how she just has this perfect self-control which somehow makes it so easy for her to be around humans. Yes, she had a lot of time to prepare. But hell, she isn't Super Woman. She's a vampire. In my opinion, there really should be more of a struggle to contain herself and not kill everybody who crosses her path. Just saying.
    And I would go insane hearing and seeing and smelling all of that. Because seriously… I know that the vampire-brain somehow 'works' differently than the human brain, but still. That's a hell of a lot to take in.
    I honestly don't know what I would hunt. I think I would have a taste for cat-like animals, like a jaguar or a tiger. Since those aren't really around here… I guess I'll go for a bear (who aren't around here either, but hey, they're closer).

  48. babybott330

    >gasp< NOT THE PENGUINS!!! 😉

  49. Jaclyn

    Well, if I was being honest, I'd have to say a human. Blood has never bothered me, unless if it came out of cute little animals (you know, the kind that aren't safe when Edward Cullen is in town?). I have never been okay with animals dying, and I have even stated that it would probably be easier to kill a stranger than a bunny, a puppy, or even a deer, though they do taste delicious, but that is why I have a solid theory that my friends – particularly those who are hunters – will continue to make fun of me for as long as I stand by it, all of which includes the Magical Food Fairy, Denise, who comes down from the Great And Mighty Food Gods way up high in the sky. And besides, I've always been stubborn, insistant on living in the now, and irrational when it comes to the difference between want and need. As the Volturi have called it, I doubt I would have much aversion to my “natural food source.” But, I would probably have no aversion to being a vegetarian, either. Each option seems fine to me.
    But Kaleb, don't worry. I wouldn't eat you. The world needs some humor, even if it is destined for hell.

  50. chocolemonade

    I do not know why, but hunting a shark as a vampire just sounds friggin' sweet!! Lol I'm such a dork :) Sharks are awesome though, they have awesome senses and are super fast, so it would be a cool challenge. I also just think it would be fun to be a vampire and hunt underwater, because that's something the Cullens never do, it also sounds like something Emmett would enjoy ha. I would definitely not eat humans (on purpose). I'm a bit like Carlisle that way, too much conscience.

    Also, Edward didn't want Bella nearby while hunting, not because she would be scared, but because he didn't want to accidentally kill her. That would not be good.

  51. asheighlaureen

    I probably wouldnt have as much self control as Bella so sadly I'd have to say human *sigh* Oh well, I'll try and avoid you Kaleb ;]

  52. asheighlaureen

    btw the vampires name in Eclipse was Bree :)

  53. Sal

    I love Plumb's Music! that's so awesome =)
    Hmmm…What I would hunt first?…..Tiger…lol don't ask me why

  54. AnnaKoz

    i LOOOVE plumb! Her songs are on all of my Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and BD soundtracks i made for my iPod. but im always sadden that no one has really heard of her, dispite her talent. im so glad that other twilight fans like her, and even more happy about her next album!!! can't wait! songs for the Eclipse soundtrack maybe…….?

    i wasn't surprised at all when Bella was able to control her thirst better than any regular newborn. Afterall she's been living with the idea of being a vampire for nearly 2 years. She actually CHOSE to be a vampire, probably the only person in the world who has ever done that. that has to change something. these other new borns didn't know what was happening to them and thier thirst took them off guard i guess. But Bella knew what to expect, so she could handle it better.

    hmmm…if i were a new born what would i eat first….? i like other people's suggestions of sharks. that sounds cool. and i've always wanted to breath under water (or at least not HAVE to breathe while under water). oooh!! i just got a better idea! giant squid! now THAT would be a fair challenge!!!! it's too bad that most of the challenging animals are endangered……dangit

  55. Paige

    As always Kaleb… thanks for the laughs! If I was a vampire, I would be vegetarian all the way. I dunno why, but I kinda like the thought of vampires seeming human in some ways. I would probably want lions… or elks. Who knows?

  56. Shelby

    I like penguins! *gasp* they r so cute

  57. AnnaKoz

    i never thought about Bella's clumsiness being because she's on “slow-motion”. Hmm, interesting. Either way, its nice that Bella finally knows where she belongs.

  58. Shelby

    as always I love reading the humor you put into breaking dawn :) But the question… hmmm… well i would definitey be a vegetarian but maybe hunt lions i guess??

  59. bonniebythepeak

    Kaleb, thanks for the chapters. Haven't commented in awhile, but you're doing an amazing job.

    I always thought that if Bella were turned into a vampire her clumsiness would be augmented. That would be her “power” along the lines of Edward's mind reading and Alice's visions and Esme's love.

    …And in the center ring we have Bella Cullen. Faster than a speeding bullet and capable of leveling tall buildings in a single fall.

    I just have this image of whole towns being destroyed because Bella pays them an innocent visit. Now THAT'S a super power. :-)

  60. pri murray

    The new born vampire girl is (or was) Bree
    Ok…. I think the next thing: If you could eat or hunt anything or anybody, I probably will eat to my ex!!!! hahahhaa

  61. pri murray

    The new born vampire girl is (or was) Bree
    Ok…. I think the next thing: If you could eat or hunt anything or anybody, I probably will eat to my ex!!!! hahahhaa

  62. TeamJasper2454

    Yay, a nice long post!
    First, the newborn vampire from Eclipse was named Bree.
    Second, hunting in stilettos doesn't really sound that bad, actually. I can run decently in four inch heels. (That was a really interesting end-of-the-year school dance.)

    ANYWAYS, I would definitely be a vegetarian vampire, though I'd probably be too distracted by everything to even hunt for a few days. But I think I'd go for something easy, like deer. Or swim the ocean and test out a shark. XD

  63. Kristen19

    This is going to sound really sick, but yeah….I would eat a human. I would probably try to control my thirst….

    I wouldn't go down the veggie path…i would most likely start eating the bad humans. Like break into a prison or something and take my food on the way out….eat them once i'm out of sight……

  64. antoinetter

    wel maybe i read to much into it, but for me it makes sences. And i agree with you that it is nice that Bella finally know where she belangs.

  65. babybott330

    BAHAHAHAHA! Good point, I'd eat my ex, too!

  66. Jane

    Lets see…well I am already a vegetarian in human form. I love animals so much I can't BARE even the thought to eat an animal. I'd go for the humans…the bad humans anyway. And I LOVE Plumb. I've been listening to her for so long! My mom played “In My Arms” for me when I was younger.

  67. Jane_doe

    OH! Question for anyone who can answer! Since I am a vegetarian….would that be like eating a deer? Since I'm not carniverous? Would that make me less tasty to the vampires???

  68. Mel

    i would probably hunt a human. Oo because i know that i woudn't be that strong to control myself.

  69. Alexi

    If I was a newborn and was going on my first hunt, I would definitely go for a huge kill. Something like a lion, or perhaps an elephant if I was in the vicinity of one, just because now I COULD. Now I could take on anything and win, so my first kill would be huge. I couldn't bear the thought of eating a human; even transformed, it would be bad to me. If I was to eat a human, though, just to try it–because at one point in my forever-existance I would want to–I would go after a bad human, somebody horrible, so it would be like they deserved to die instead of me taking a life.

    Hmmm, some human that deserves to die….. Spencer Pratt comes to mind. Scratch the elephant, I'll save that for the second hunt; Spencer Pratt is my first kill.

  70. sarclark

    if i was a newborn i would kill a mountain lion like edward lol. not just because its his favorite but since its a carnivore and like edward says they smell better. lol.. i agree with alexi about the spencer pratt thing cause he is f-ingg ANNOYING! hahaha. but i would definitely be a vegetarian. :)

    the newborn in eclipse is bree. lol if you wanted to know! :)

  71. Lindsey!!

    I'd definately go after some predator like a mountain lion or something. I hate to say this, but I don't know if I'd be able to be as strict a vegitarian as Bella. I don't see myself having self control that good, even if I was prepared for the change. So I might end up killing a person, even though I'd hate myself for the rest of my eternal life for it.

  72. Becky

    Lion, or something similar, just because I think that would be very cool to suddenly be able to go after lions and have *them* be afraid of *you* instead of the other way around.

  73. Eternity_with_Edward

    Funny – I had a dream the other night I was a vampire. It was very realistic. I remember eating some regular food by accident and later coughing it up because I obviously couldn't digest it. In the dream, I was very “blood thirsty” which kind of gave me a new perspective on how not-so-awesome it would be to become a vampire. It was kinda scary. But to answer Kaleb's question about what I would want to hunt first – I would want to hunt whatever was closest to get it over with so I could move on to MUCH better things like alone time with Edward. :)

  74. tina

    I found it very interesting that Bella had so much self-control. But, she was prepared to become a vampire, so maybe that's why…I don't know.

    I think it's interesting to see Bella blooming and gaining confidence. I think Edward always saw her that way, even when she stumbled. She was a lot stronger than anyone gave her credit for – I mean, come on, she gave birth to a vampire/human hybrid!! lol

    As far as my first vampire meal…Lion, but without the great self-control, human. ha ha

  75. bricarbest

    OMGosh! Could I be any later to read this, haha!
    Anyway, this is probably one of funniest posts ever. I thought the exact same thing after she said she didn't kill anyone, like do you want a standing ovation or something. I also wondered the same thing about B&E's relationship, but you'll find out soon enough.
    I would probably go with lion, I guess. Oh, & the girl's name is Bree. :)

  76. courtney_os

    yeah, her name WAS bree. cool name.

  77. erica-taylor and edward lover!

    hahaha. that post was funny as always. : )

    i would prolly start off with a deer because its pretty small compared to other things. then i would want to go to a lion or something big.
    and the girls name is Bree (:

  78. Victoria

    Aww your almost done! Lol. Well, I have to say that the reason Edward did not let Bella go with him on hunts when she was human was because he looses control and could eat her. = (
    Well, if I was a newborn vampire, I would totally try my best to be a “vegetarian”. I think I would most likely be like Bella and not loose control. I would definitly hunt a Mountain Lion first. Edward's favorite. ; )

  79. acadia05

    I agree Alexi! Spencer Pratt would definitely be on my list too! (And Heidi, come to think of it…can't stand those people, they're why I stopped watching “The Hills” last year)

  80. kris

    i would want to hunt a lion, but i think i'd finally hunt a human…hehe *evil laugh*
    no seriously, it would be a very interesting experince.

    ps: j/k i'm not mental haha

  81. acadia05

    I guess we have to take into consideration that this is all Stephenie Meyer's vampire world. I've never read any other vampire books (Sookie Stackhouse is on my list, but it's on hold at the library at the moment), so are they all the same? Sucking blood of human vs. of an animal? Sounds like a dumb question, and maybe it is, but it's just my first vampire book/experience so I don't know how it all works!! So for me, I guess if I was to become a vampire of the Meyer world, I would try and be like the Cullens. Doesn't sound as appealing as humans, but I definitely would want to avoid as many as possible (except maybe the criminals). Something like lion or bear sounds slightly better than deer, although of course it's good to be aware of the populations of these animals too 😉
    After having read the first three books, I knew that when/if Bella became a vampire that she would be different than the others. Meyer describes her as different from the beginning- that her brain “doesn't work” properly (to which Jacob replies that he already knew that), and that she was also very mature, and an “old soul” for a teenage girl. I think that, as already mentioned, her knowing about the Cullens for a while, and knowing that at some point she would become one of them, helped her too!

  82. Nicole

    “There’s a lot riding on Bella jumping out that window with Edward, too. It’s almost symbolic — a lot like what Edward did with her the first time she came to his house.”

    *gasp^ KALEB. NATION. I certainly hope that I am wrong, but I do believe that you have made the terrible mistake of confusing the movie with the book. I would like to point out to you that in Twilight the BOOK, Bella does not go out a window with Edward the first time she goes to his house. She does that in the MOVIE. I. Am. Appalled.

    It's okay though, I still love you. X-D

  83. lostinmusic89

    At this point, my guess was that Bella had known what was coming, she had heard all the stories about newborns and even seen one (Bri). These all scared her, these images, which is why she insisted on having a human honeymoon with Edward, because she was afraid her love for him wouldn't be back for many many years during her thirst for blood. With all this in mind, when she opened her eyes and felt the burn, the human fear she had of being crazed jumped in and took control, making her able to unconsciously control her animalistic nature.

    I would probably hunt like a jaguar or something wild, cause it would be more fun to play with.

  84. Wendilynn

    rofl!! He did! He did! In the book Edward races through the trees with Bella on his back.

  85. Wendilynn

    Something to keep in mind about Bella self control. She is one of the very few vampires who was turned on purpose with her full knowledge. She was prepared on what to expect and what to watch out for. Unlike most vampires who are human one moment and after a traumatic experience burning (literally) with thirst the next. Bella really is a very self contained sort of person as it is. She isn't one to freak out and lose control even when she was mortal, so is it really any surprise she is also contained as a newborn? She did not want to be like Bri. She doesn't want to worry her family and she doesn't want them to be disappointed in her.

    As for Edward. His opinion of the whole thing is coming. The next chapter cracked me up.

  86. FaithfulBeyondDeath

    I would definitely hunt humans. Bad ones. Like the Vampire Lestat. The reason being that I find the killing of animals disgusting. I know it sounds odd, but I value animal life more than bad humans! And no I'm no hippy tree hugger. I just love animals, especially cats (domestic and wild) and that part where she kills the mountain lion was the most disturbing scene in all of the novels. I always skip over it when I reread the novel.

  87. Jackie8

    I think that Bella has more self-control than the other vampires because she wanted to be changed. Unlike the others, they had no choice in the matter. Bella chose to be a vampire. Also the name you were looking for, for the newborn in Eclipse was Bree. But it seems as though some of your other reviewers have bet me to it. You are correct a little with the venom. Edward injecting his venom into Bella’s heart did increase the transformation but I don’t think that it contributed to her self-control.

    Now to the question, I really don’t know. This probably depends on what type of vampire group I was changed into. For example if a Cullen changed me than I would probably eat a deer first because their lifestyle is different. Although now knowing about the types of vampires the vegetarian vampire sounds the best for me. I don’t ever want to kill a human being and although I know that anyone is capable of doing it. I don’t want to! I say deer because for me I would probably pick a deer over an Elk or Mountain Lion.

  88. christyo78

    wow – You're a Plumb fan? Lol, this is the first time I've hopped onto your site and was surprised to read that! I have CandyCoatedWaterDrops which came out forever ago, and I thought that Plumb had gone off the radar and broken up? But I guess she just went solo after a hiatus? This is big news. Thanks for the heads up! Now I will read more about your Twilight take. Thanks!

  89. imani

    so besides the possibility of killing a human, i would hunt a cheetah. to fun faster then the fastest animal in the world would be great. then i would tackle it and attack it, but we don't need to think about that scene. lets think about dancing cats.
    Have a nice day Kaleb. =D

  90. janehumen

    Umm. I'd probably go for the first large…thing-on-four-legs-with-blood. No humans, though.
    For all intents and purposes (or is that INTENSIVE purposes, can't remember) I think that drinking a human's blood when you're a vampire is technically cannibalism–you used to be a human, and still APPEAR human for the most part.
    …That kinda just popped into my head.

  91. CCullen227

    Ummmmm……… you sound like you already are a vampire……. EVERYONE!!!! RUN!!! HIDE!!!!!!!!!

  92. Leah

    I'd find a grizzly bear to wrestle! Yum!

  93. teamedward112

    hmmmm i would hunt for MY lion if you know what i mean lol….like edward mayb lol'''' yummmmmmm

  94. Panther_shapeshifter

    Okay i confess, if i was a vampire i would probablly eat a human first=) but after that i would eat lions

  95. saratechie92

    the name of the new born in eclipse was BREE.

  96. clararenee

    Edward told her from the beginning that if he was just worried about scaring her he'd take her ASAP he's afraid of hurting her!

  97. Toygerzrock

    AGH! Unrequited?! My friend's step-dad is directing that movie! He's met Michael Welch and everything. I was secretly jealous.

  98. nicoleisirrevocablyinlove

    Dude that post was hilarious….I totally was killing myself laughing. If I were a newborn who was in the Cullen Family then I'd go straight for as much mountain lions as I could find. However if I was made a vampire by the normal ones or a Volturi member…then of course I'd be all for the humans lol. I'd give in to the thirst in a heart beat.

    Kaleb after you're done with Breaking Dawn you must leave the site on and then do movie commentary on scenes and tie them into the book….seriously I can't bare to loose you at this point lol. Think about it!

  99. alaetralorisa

    so, you know who playradioplay! is?
    you are my new favourite person Kaleb Nation.
    it is quite the perfect song for this chapter, i have to say.
    ps, i finally got that poster in the mail !!
    YAY for having your signaturee <3

  100. twicuz34

    yea i wasnt sure how to spell it, hence the (i think that's how it was spelled) lol thanks for the correction!! 😀

  101. Margie

    Plum on the sound track…that's really neat! I used to listen to one of their songs when I was pregnant. It was so beautiful and sadly sweet.

  102. Natali

    Edward didn't want her to see it because he lets go and controls by senses, if Bella were there, he would kill her. He said that she could use a little fear, it wasn't about showing who he was, but fearing he would kill her.

  103. EdwardAndBella174eva

    I think i would stick to the carnivores,as for what to eat 1st….probably a shark or a lion.

  104. thejackle123

    If I became a vampire, I would go to Pandora and hunt thanator, and toruk if one flew too low

  105. jagong19

    I have a question for you. what animal does Edward like to hunt. I'm sure the answer would be mountain lion, but the options are sheep, horse or elk. which one?

  106. jagong19

    I have a question for you. what animal does Edward like to hunt. I'm sure the answer would be mountain lion, but the options are sheep, horse or elk. which one?

  107. iluvtopazeyes16

    To me, I like Bella both ways… as a vampire and a human. I would hunt a mountain lion. They are Edward's favorite!

  108. Dimplesyoung

    idk id depends which ever animal eats meat lmaoo !

  109. danielle virant

    hi my name is danielle virant i have a question i want to copy and past the breaking dawn book in microsoft office word but i can’t find the book online any were. can some one please help me find it online

  110. danielle virant

    sory forgot to put a period.online

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