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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 26 (Shiny) and Chapter 27 (Travel Plans)

July 27th, 2009 at 1:50 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for these chapters is Fabric Of My Life by Zooey Deschanel [suggested by H.L.]

This week is the great and glorious TWICON 2009 in Dallas, Texas! I will be down at the convention all the days and unable to do my regular blogs here, so I decided that in order to keep up, I’d have to read two chapters today! I figured I needed to double up at some point in Breaking Dawn, but wanted to avoid doing this back when it was from Jacob’s point of view, and the post titles might look like:

Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 17 (What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have) AND Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 14 (You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires)

which I assume might crash my website every time someone tried to load the page.

Charlie Swan seems to be taking the strange news quite well, considering the fact that he was just introduced to his new granddaughter who magically appears to be years older than she should. I wonder if he still thinks this is all some big joke? I suppose if I was Charlie, and I hadn’t seen Jacob transform into a big wolf, I might think that all this was a very elaborate plan to cover up something much bigger and more sinister than simply ‘Bella was sick’ and ‘Renesmee is a strange baby’.


However, despite Charlie’s good intentions, I think what Renesmee needs least of all right now is another admiring servant. She already has the Cullens and Bella and Jacob and Leah and Seth waiting on her every whim – now she has a grandfather who’s attached and ready to do her bidding. Forget her ability to crush rocks: the fact that she’s not a bratty beast is shocking enough. I was wondering for a while if she would have difficulties since she appeared to be two years old but was only two weeks old, but thankfully since she seems to also be learning at a faster rate, she might actually be able to fit in with their semi-society.

This brings up an interesting question: since Renesmee is a vampire-human child, will she ever be able to associate with humans? I mean, both Bella and Edward were able to go to high school, and to have some sort of a life with others around them. Will Renesmee be forced to live alone with her parents, and not be out with others? I wonder also if since Jacob has imprinted on her, if she actually needs those other people, and won’t feel lonely being cut off from society as long as he is around.

The arm-wrestling match proves in a way just how powerful the new Bella is. She goes from being the weakest of them all, and clumsy, and vastly uncoordinated, to being able to defeat the strongest vampire she has ever known. Seriously, she’s punching rocks and crumbling stones into powder with “the consistency remind[ing her] of hard cheese.” It makes me feel sympathies for the surrounding boulders.


It’s nice that after all of the pain and the problems that Bella has had to go through for the past couple years, to see her finally getting to have a little bit of happy, family life:

“Happiness was the main component in my life now, the dominant pattern in the tapestry.”

But even as all this happiness seems to be taking over Bella’s life, the entrance of a new vampire puts a great, dark streak across it. When Irina appears, immediately the thoughts of the other vampires return: there are others who will not be so pleased with Renesmee and Jacob, much less Bella. I keep wondering how the Volturi will actually react when they discover this news. Is Renesmee really that much of a threat to them? If the Cullens can stay hidden for so long, I don’t see why they couldn’t hide Renesmee just as easily.


– Today’s post is shorter than usual because I have to pack and get ready for Twicon! I’ll have more info tomorrow!

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206 Responses

  1. Jamie Harrington

    hands down that was the WEIRDEST part of the books for me… but I do think it could make an interesting sequel. So, when Jacob and Renesmee are making out by the lockers- and Edward and Bella walk up… that will be the perfect opening scene… at least in MY MIND haha!

  2. beth_c93

    Actually, it was the redeeming feature for me in the entire book! I love JacobxNessie. It's my favorite pairing! I know…I'm weird. I'm pretty up to date on how imprinting works. He'll be what she needs at the time, be it big brother, best friend, or boyfriend. It's a pretty cool thing.

  3. robstenforever

    I wanted Bella to kill him, to get a restraining order on him!
    Shes only had nessie for 2 minutes and he thinks shes all hers.


  4. delilah_starr

    This is one of my favorite parts
    it is pretty strange but is a twist that I in no way saw it coming
    (I read the series b4 it was popular so not as many spoilers)
    it's very interesting and makes me want to know what will happen
    next between the two

  5. anna1111

    not really…

    but just think of Nessie and Jacob when they do start having feeling for each other…

    what's more awkward? Edward hearing Jacob's or Nessie's lusty thoughts? or Being them, knowing Edward knows?

  6. digrsgirl

    Ha, yeah that was wild. If i were bella i would have killed him, lol, but she loves him and saw reason whether she wanted to or not. As far as allowing him? Well I guess she understood enough to know it was beyond her control. Man I gotta read this book again, it was my favorite and this is just bringing it all back to me.

  7. Rose

    It's not like he chose to imprint on her. He was on his way to killing her when he imprinted. You read that part when you were jet lagged and everybody was freaking out telling you to go back and re-read it. Including me of course!

    Anyways I just wanted to go back a bit and go to the fact where you were saying something along the lines of “Is Bella gonna be ready to be a mother in this short time she has to prepare?” You have seen Renesmee just a bit and I'm sure you can tell that she is not the average baby. She practically by now about two or three days old doesn't even really need her mother or anyone to care for her like a normal two year old. After you put this idea in my mind, I couldn't help but wonder, what is Renesmee was more like an actual baby? How would Bella handle that even with all the help? You make me think more Kaleb! That's why your sooooooo AWESOME!!!

  8. sorairoskye

    I find it somewhat cute, but I feel that Jake shouldnt have imprinted on Renesmee, because she didn't have a say on this at all and she is still very young. And Jake should have thought before he imprinted on Renesmee.



  9. twilightfreak101

    i think jacob imprinting on nessie is a good thing. cuz if nessie bites jacob nothing will happen but if she were to bite a human it may reveal what they are,kinda. and jacob is an okay guy (im team edward) so nessie will have someone good to be around..anddd jacob doesnt age so he can wait for nessie until she's fully grown (i think thats 15 idk i didnt understand that part) so they can be together forever. and edward doesnt have to worry about jacob being in love with bella cuz now jacob loves nessie and is just friends with bella. soo rlly it's perfect =]

  10. twilightfreak101

    i wish stephanie would write about nessie and jacob and how they continue. cuz we only got to know nessie for a few chapters rlly and haha it would be awkward for nessie and jacob to think about eachother in other ways and know that edward knows what there thinking

  11. Missy

    I thought Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is one of the creepiest things ever.
    The whole thought bothers me entirely.
    I really like Jacob & it makes me really sad/mad to have him imprint on a baby.
    I don't like it at all.
    I really wish Jacob just imprinted on a nice, normal girl, or even a regular vampire.
    But I REALLY wish he got together with Leah.
    That just would've been perfect.

  12. Brogan

    I had some INTENSE views on this when I first read the book! I knew something like this was coming, though, because of the whole Quil imprinting on a two year old thing. But I found it (and still occasionally do) find it a bit gross. Becuase it was like “Oh, I was intensely in love with your mother, and dreamed about her having my babies, but you'll do…” But I know imprinting isn't like that… And it is quite nice. Like how Jacob explained it to Bella in Eclipse. That at first it's like being the best big brother ever, then the best friend ever, eventually turning romantic. Because seriously, how could you turn down total devotion?

  13. cacissej

    OMG I NO! it was a really strange at first i was like WHAT?!?! but it kinda makes sense because Stephanie decided that she wanted the jacob lovers to have a happy ending too and since you would never expect that to happen, she then decided to do it that way.
    i was still in totall shock when i first read it.
    P.S love your movies..i watch every single one and can't wait for your book to come out 😀

  14. Alexandriad

    I think Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is so wrong!!! I know how imprinting works but it is just so grose. That part really messed up the way I think of Jacob. Renesmee is a baby and Jacob is a teenager. Jacob may not physicaly change but he still gets older. It must be very creapy to think of the huge age difference. When I read this part the first time I offically peged Jacob as a creaper. My opinon hasn't changed any since then. I think Bella should have killed him. What sane person (or vampire) would let Jacob live after that!

  15. NuttyNetty

    i absolutly find it SICK that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee.
    I would have preffered that he ended up with Leah.
    the main reason BD is my least fave of the series. that is just me though :)

  16. Charlee

    I did find it odd that you didn't mention the end of chapter 18. Even without being spoilered I knew immediately what had happened.

    But I don't feel like it was wrong, nobody was too seriously weirded out when Embry imprinted on little claire, so this really isn't that different.


  17. Xime85

    I always loved Jacob (I even liked him better than Edward for Bella) but when he imprinted on Renesme that was a bit much for me. It made me feel bad for him because I feel like he just “imprinted” on her because she was Bella's daughter. Kind of like…if you cant have the guy you like, you date his brother or his cousin just because they remind you of him.
    I dont think Jacob imprinted on her. Subconsciously he's still is and will always be hung up on Bella and will see her in Renesme.
    But if he wants to tell himself that he has imprinted on Renesme then go right ahead. I would have preffered he imprint on a vampire. I like the irony of the wolf/vampire relationship.

  18. ChristieP

    I think it brough the book full circle. It shows that Bella was always supposed to be with Edward. They were supposed to have a child. Bella was supposed to be a vampire, and her child was supposed to end up with Jacob. Full Circle. No loose ends. Just needs a big shiny bow! :-)

  19. amylouwho

    I gasped out loud when I read that part and had to think it through before I was okay with it. It's not as creepy if you understand imprinting. I think it does open the door for some serious sequel fodder. I love the way SM created someone great for Nessie. I think they make a great match. I also think that further on in the book we see why SM picked Jake to be with Nessie for whatever she needs when she needs it.
    And yes, finally we can move on from the Jake/Bella thing. :)

  20. aletheia

    I think Jacob imprinting on Renesmee really is a good thing. It's not creepy.

    Renesmee became The Reason for Jacob – the reason to exist, live, love, anything. I think the love Jacob has for her is quite like a father loving his child. That kind of love is a good kind of love in my opinion!

  21. Giada

    If you set your mind with the book contest it's more than all right… it's absolutely perfect! *o*

  22. babybott330

    Finally we've reached this point. I must step back to Quil imprinting on Claire, because I think the only reason that ever happened was so that we would already be exposed to the strange ways of imprinting, see that Quil does not act like some creeper while around her, which opened the path for us to not want to kill Jacob straight away. Not that it entirely worked.
    I have no idea how you managed to avoid heading straight into the next chapter. This was one of those times I couldn't put the book down no matter what. I mean, who knows how long it'll be before you find out that she does, in fact, KILL HIM?? (I'm just kidding.)
    It's a situation that I'm torn on, honestly. Imprinting has always seemed like the oddest thing, even when it happens to someone of their own age. To have one person who is beyond perfect for you, even if you don't realize it? Jacob absolutely HATED Renesmee until he absolutely LOVED her. It's odd, it's creepy, it's like being forced. It's also not nearly as rare as we were initially read to be. Seems like all the cool kids are doin' it. 😉
    It also makes me wonder how powerful imprinting really is. Did imprinting actually cause Jacob to fall in love with Bella so that he would care enough about her to stop his brothers from killing her so that she could give birth in his presence to the child that would ultimately end up being his imprintee? Yeah, I know that's a run-on sentence, but how else do you say it? I can't imagine all of this stacks up to chance.
    At first, I was mostly against it, then over time, I began to realize more and more how perfect it could be. The most fantastic part is that Bella can be completely happy with Edward, guilt free of Jacob, like it always should have been. He's been the thorn in the side of their relationship for so long, it's a nice breath of relief. I can't reveal any more without foreshadowing to some degree, but by the end, I can't imagine the series without her playing her part.
    Just one more thing to add:
    I'm not a big fan of the name Renesmee in the first place, but Jake found one I hated even more: Nessie.

  23. yeniczka

    Jacob's feelings for Nessie are not sexual, so I don't know what this whole issue about imprinting is. To me it's the same as when for example a teenage boy likes a little girl next-door, maybe a little sister of his best friend, and after some 15, 20 years when they are both adults, they fall in love. When she was a kid, he liked her as a sister of his best friend, a kid who was always around and was a bit annoying but still pretty cool. And then she gorws up into wonderful young lady and only then he realizes his feelings has changed. It's the same with Jake and Nessie or Quil and Claire.
    I'm not actually a fan of imprinting¨but I don't have problems with it. And an idea of adult!Nessie being together with Jake is really sweet.

  24. LucyR

    I'm absolutely delighted with it. As babybott330 said, look at Quil and Claire. We even had a scene with them earlier in the book, to help us really understand that there is nothing wrong or twisted about child-imprinting. I believe Jacob's idea that everything happened as it was meant to – he was protecting and preparing for his soulmate before she even existed. If that isn't proof of powerful love, I don't know what is. I know I'm going to get hated for this, but I think the real reason (in SOME cases) that people say the Jacob/Renesmee ship is “sick” is that they got too fixated on who THEY thought was right for Jacob (Bella, Leah, them, whoever) and now they're disappointed. It's the writer who tells the story, folks!

  25. antoinetter

    wel I think jacob imprinting on Renesmee makes the story complete. And for the story very important. it just was meant to be. more i don;t have to say without spoilering

  26. DutchTwilighter

    Well, it feels, like you said, 'icky', the fact that Jacob imprinted on a baby. But, well, how weird and gross it may seem, it is explained and kind of 'okay' in the story. I don't líke is though. To me, it's a very cheap way of making everybody happy and making everything fall into place. I literally stormed downstairs after reading the last chapter (21, that is, I figured it out while I was reading the ending) and practically destroyed the juce-box when I was pooring myself something to drink. It's just so… not. I really do nót like it. Maybe I could overcome the baby-imprinting thing (I mean, Quill & Claire is icky too, but somehow less). What I find most disturbing is that it's Bella's freaking baby that Jacob imprints on. I mean, seriously. Have you thought of that? And Renesmee so has to find out about Bella's en Jacobs past somehow at some point (whether it happens in BD or afterwards, I'm gonna leave that out there). Can you imagine how that will go?
    Renesmee: “You SNOGGED with my MOTHER?”
    Jacob: “It meant nothing!”
    Edward: *raises eyebrows questionally*
    Renesmee: “And mom kissed you BACK?”
    Bella: “… It was a long time ago, sweetheart!”
    Yeah. Personally, I would flip. I would completely freak out – wheter I would've fallen in love with Jacob or not (wheter Renesmee falls in love with Jacob or not, she will freak out), the idea of my best mate/brother snogging my mother is disturbing as well. So… the imprinting I can handle (although I don't like the idea of imprinting at all – and it gets worse when it's on children). The 'I imprinted on your daughter after loving you for a few years' – that I cannot handle.
    So no, I don't think it was okay voor Jake to imprint on Renesmee.
    And Kaleb, I knew without being spoilered 😉 But well. Great post! Love the pictures xD

  27. Samantha Martin

    i think its fine that jake imprinted on her, cuz tho she is a toddler, remember it isnt a 'Love' thing yet, like between edward a bella and stuff like that. Jake and Reneesme love is like an uncle and niece kinda thing, or like he will be a big brother. tho it dose sound weird that these are the feelings they have now, and one day they will form to a real love between and man and a woman. sounds odd i know.. but we still all know how it works lmao…

  28. AnnCamille11

    I loved this part of the book! Not so much because everything gets settled between the confusing love triangle, but more of having a badass Bella narrate! The first time I read Breaking Dawn I had sort-of a grudge with Jacob from all his crap from the other books. “..and I lunged for his throat.” I couldn't help but being excited at that passage!

    It will DEFINITIVELY get awkward once Renesmee reaches Jacob's age….*shudders*

  29. VictoriaPoet

    It is very much alright, actually. I don't know why everybody's freaking out. If he imprinted, then okay, he just wants her to be safe and all. (not that I didn't feel like you when I read this chapter. Jacob really gets on my nerves sometimes) But it's okay with me.

  30. wesrider

    ITS THE BESTIE-ESTIE-EST THING EVER! i'm so glad jake imprinted on nessie cause then he and bella will always be a part of each other's lives, but in a comfortable way. edward on the other hand might find it a bit awkward when nessie gets older (wink wink nudge nudge if you know what i mean) i really didnt want jake to have to leave (im team switzerland by the way) but i was so emotionally drained from the whole drama in eclipse and at the wedding… YAY FOR ALL

  31. Rakey

    Well, the way you phrase the question seems like you're making it seem like Jake had a choice, which obviously he didn't. But it's like uber pedobear for him to imprint on a baby. Like, I get that it isn't romantic at all, not yet, but still. Plus, the Cullens will have to have a stinky werewolf lounging around forever. Yuck. And I feel that the whole imprinting idea in general takes the choice out of Renesmee's hands. I mean, it's practically an arranged marriage! I mean, if the imprintee was older, I dunno, it makes me feel like she'd have more choice. I mean, with Sam and Emily it's more like a more normal relationship. I mean, they meet and fall in love and get married. With people like Jake and Renesmee or Quil and Claire, the imprintee has known their whole life that they're going to be with the imprinter. So, is it alright that Jake imprinted on Nessie? Not in my opinion, but I don't like the idea of imprinting anyway.

    Plus, the whole fact that Jake was in love with Bella for like a two years doesn't make it easier on Nessie. I mean, how would you, Kaleb, feel if you discovered that your hypothetical girlfriend once was madly in love with your dad. I think we should get that raising-eyebrows-awkward-picture out again.

  32. katherineofbrightskies

    I read this part of the book, and felt far too much anger inside then a twelve year old should. Basically it is Jacob's fault he imprinted. If he had never gone to find Nessie to kill her, then he never would have seen her because E&B would have kept Jacob away from Nessie because they knew that he wanted to kill her.

    So yes, if Jacob didn't have homocidal tendencies, everything would be better.

    My theory on imprinting is, if the person you will eventually imprint on, you haven't met yet, but you do know one of their relatives, you will feel some sort of affection for them. Sam loved Leah before meeting Emily, and Jacob loved Bella before meeting Renesmee.

    I am angry. For another reason. Werewolves imprint to carry on the line, therefor, none of the werewolves could be gay. I wish Jacob was gay….And not in the 'gay for Edward' kind of way.

  33. Alyssa

    I laughed out loud when I read that part of the book. My family thought I was crazy or something. hahaha!

    Jacob imprinting on Nessie was totally unexpected, she wasn't even a day old! But it would still be interesting to see how things work out for them. I mean, what would Nessie think when she finds out that the love of her life was once in love with her own mother?! She can't hate Bella, she's her mom! It would all be so weird.

  34. Bayla

    I actually thought it was perfect, yet very unexpected, for Jacob to imprint on Renesmee. Reasons:
    1) In the future, Jacob can still be a part of Bella's family and they can remain friends.
    2) He doesn't age as long as he's a werewolf, so he can wait for Renesmee to grow older.
    3) It just makes so much sense, that all along he thought he wanted Bella but he actually loves Renesmee.
    I don't think it's THAT weird/gross/wrong because, as you pointed out, Edward knows exactly what Jacob's intentions are and would kill him if they were, you know, inappropriate. Jacob just loves her and cares about her, feelings that aren't so different than those of her parents. In my own opinion about imprinting, she was the one that he was meant to be with and I think he's happier knowing that he's found her and can still be friends with Bella. I'm not a huge Jacob fan but I do want him to be happy. It was meant to happen, for him to look at Renesmee and imprint on her. He doesn't have to tell her about how he thought he loved her mom and also wanted to kill her, at least not for a long, long time. He would do anything to make her happy and I think that is a good thing. I do understand 100% Bella's anger towards him, for obvious reasons- she's barely met her child and Jacob's already claimed her. I truly believe that this will all work out for the best in the future. (Sorry this was so long, I've been waiting a while to vent this out)

  35. Cassia

    Well, trying not to give anything away, but this is REALLY where I started to hate Breaking Dawn. So no, I don't think Jacob should have imprinted on Nessie. Just think, someday Bella might be jake's mother-in-law. WEIRD.

  36. jeninholland02

    lol @ “I'm pretty up to date on how imprinting works”

    Like it's this thing that actually happens everyday in real life.

  37. Melina

    Embry didn't imprint on Claire, Quil did.

  38. chelby

    It makes me so sad that you hate Jacob this much. I HATED Bella for reacting this way, especially when she WANTED Jake to imprint. I thought it was adorable, not creepy, especially since Jacob means no harm, he's like Renesmee's big brother. I feel such compassion for Jacob, probably because I'm just like him, or at least I was, loving someone who loved me as well but just stringing me along until he married someone else…
    Just give Jake a chance, he deserves it more than you think.

  39. tina

    I am split right in half by the imprint.

    I was reading the book overnight (the night it was released), and literally had to get up and walk around my sleeping house, trying to shake off the odd feeling I had over the imprint. But, that happened at the end of chapter 18.

    I loved Bella's reaction (I'm a mom – and I wouldn't be happy about that, supernatural or not). It seemed kinda sick and twisted for a while. I was never one of the Leah/Jacob people, so that part didn't bother me.

    But, as I read the rest of the book, I could see why the imprint was a central part of the story. It's important, it had to happen. And, it made sense in a strange way. Jake being drawn to the pregnant Bella, leaving his pack for the pregnant Bella, and standing by her side until the baby left the room, then being drawn down the stairs. I guess you could call it fate. It had to happen.

    Oh, and Bella did think of her baby in the last couple of chapters, but was discouraged by the family. She wanted to keep her baby safe, so she hunted.

  40. Hopie

    To me it felt a bit forced. Like SM really wanted Jacob to still be there and this was the only way to get him to stay…

  41. Lior

    at the begninning i was like “huh?! no way! Jake on Renesmee?! how can he?!!?!” but now i think they're great together :) one of my favorite couples :)

  42. Cara611

    I'm glad that I'm not the only person who thought this whole imprinting on babies/toddlers thing was weird. But has everyone forgotten that Edward is 107 years old and married to a teenager! Now that should be on an episode of “To Catch a Predator”….no pun intended :-)

  43. Name

    Oh and Bella would have every right to try and kill Jacob. And if Jacob hadn't imprinted on Nessie then all the drama that happens in the rest of book wouldn't have happened. Just look at the chain of events!

  44. Lindsey!!

    Well…I think Bella had the right to want to kill Jacob. I mean, seriously! Two seconds after Bella has the baby and Jacob thinks Nessie's all his. But it's more Jacob's attitude that bothered me than the actual imprinting. When I first learned that a werewolf could imprint on a toddler back in Eclipse with Quil and Claire, I'll admit I was reeeaaallly creeped out. But once Jacob explained it and said that Quil will become whatever Claire needs (brother, friend, ect.) I eventually came to like the idea a lot more. So it wasn't really that aspect that bothered me so much as Jacob being obnoxious.

  45. joshcb

    4 reel that would be wierd!

  46. Jessica

    Well, you know, it really wasn't Jacob's fault he imprinted. Remember when he TRIED to imprint on that one girl at the carnival(or whatever it was…I haven't read the book in a looong time)? Yeah, well, it didn't work, because imprinting is involuntary. Same reason Sam didn't imprint on Leah.
    But then Bella obviously has a right to be upset, because well, like any mother, she's thinking “ohnoes my precious daughter has fallen in love!” and UNLIKE any other mother, she has to deal with the fact that her baby was just born, and hasn't fallen in love naturally: she was Imprinted on by Bella's best friend. And of course she only had the baby recently and only got to see her for a few seconds.
    But that doesn't mean Bella had to be mad AT Jacob. Sure, she was frustrated(as any mom would be), but the way she yells at him makes it look like he chose to do it. I think, if he had the choice, he would have enough sense to think “hmm, well if I imprint on my best friend's newborn baby, I'll look like a pedophile.” So really she has nobody to blame but the laws of fictional nature.

    Of course, I've always had the belief that Bella and Edward should be together because I hate them both and Jake's too good for Bella, so I might be biased.

  47. Name

    Jacob as a character was kinda ruined for me when he imprinted on Renesmee. Not because I thought it was icky, but because of what it did to his personality. His description of the impression disturbed me–how everything he cared about before was replaced with this one new attachment. Pre-impression Jacob is angsty and rebellious; post-impression Jacob is this cheerful sap who can't survive without being within two steps of Renesmee at all times. Puh-lease. And maybe I've been Team Jacob all this time without realizing it, but I was *not* relieved to see his and Bella's love disappear so abruptly and completely. I actually found myself being jealous on Bella's behalf.

    I don't think I like this business of imprinting at all.

  48. Heather E.

    I feel like the imprinting was necessary. And it cleared up a lot of problems. I like how Quil imprinted on a kid first, though. So at least we had a little time to get used to the idea. Good choice, Stephenie!
    But really, I love Jacob. I don't see how a lot of people hate him so much. When I read some of the forum stuff (when I first got on the Internet in search of Twilight-related stuff) I couldn't believe it. I never hated him. I loved how funny he was. Jacob always cracks me up.

  49. Maggie

    I really don't mind that Jake imprinted on Renesmee. First, I was shocked and I gasped a lot. Second, I laughed. A lot. And third, I was happy for him. At least he would stop moping around and finally get off Edward and Bella's backs. I don't think it was icky because Quil imprinted on Claire first when she was two. Like Jacob said about that, he'd be like a big brother to her. I liked this part =]

  50. Maggie

    Also, I would be a little weirded out if my husband loved my mom before I was born… THAT part is icky.

    One last thing…
    “Question For The Comments: Do you think it was alright for Jacob to imprint on Renesmee?”
    Sorry to be a know-it-all, but according to my english teacher and the dictionary, there is no such word as “alright,” there's only “all right” *smiles sheepishly*

  51. Laura

    I think it's important that he imprint on Renesme. There's a point in the books when he explains to Bella that imprinting isn't necessarily a romantic thing. It usually ends up that way, but that's not exactly what it is. He says that the wolf who imprints just becomes whatever the other person needs. So, a brother, a friend, and maybe eventually a lover. I like to think of it as true soul mates. I just think the pull that Jacob babbles about through his part of the book is important. I don't think those were just words to describe how he felt. I honestly think that the reason Bella and Jacob had such an attraction to each other in the first place was because of the moment she had that child. It was his fate to be where he was at that moment, so he could see that baby. If I'm not mistaken there's a part during the birth scene, when he talks about Rosalie taking the baby downstairs. He says that the pull just seems to disappear so he leaves the room. So, I interpret the entire relationship between Bella and Jacob to be building up to this point. The point where he meets his true soul mate, and all these feelings for Bella evaporate. It's an abstract concept, but this is a vampire book we're talking about.

  52. lostinmusic89

    “I want to let out a great sigh of ‘FINALLY” when Bella realizes that her relationship with Jacob has changed.”

    I know! I was like, “$#%%^%&$#[email protected]$!!!! I've been telling you two that for HOW many books?! Thanks for FINALLY listening!”

    Your internal commentary before Bella lunges is pretty much verbatim what I was thinking, only it was like 5 in the morning and I was screaming it out loud due to my slap happiness (much like how I was during Harry Potter last night).

    At first I was kind of ehhhh about the whole situation, but desperately happy he wasn't tormenting Bella to make a choice between him and Edward anymore. After finishing the book and re-reading it a few hundred more times, I have finally come to accept it and I can see exactly how their relationship would play out in my head. Right now, it is completely platonic; he is more like a super close best friend to Renesmee currently. Once Renesmee wants him as something more, his feelings will develop to something more.

    Also, I must say, now that you are winding down Breaking Dawn, I'm excited for you to read The Host, because it is an excellent book. I don't know if you will cover it like you did the Twilight saga, but maybe you could occasionally tweet your thoughts on it =)

  53. Tina

    Ok here is why I don't like it. The fact that he imprinted on a baby doesn't bother me at all. That was all explained earlier with Quil and Claire, that initially was a little weird, but once it was explained better I was ok with it. It bothers me because the draw that Jacob and Bella had towards each other definately increased as time has passed in the books. Yes you can call it love/infatuation/obsession whatever. But in Breaking Dawn Bella stared needing him around, Jacob couldn't be away no matter how bad he wanted. I just feel like the draw Jacob had towards Bella wasn't for Bella alone, sure he liked her and in a perfect world maybe something would have worked out with them, but this world isn't perfect obviously. His draw towards Bella wasn't just for her, but for the egg that she carried that would one day become Renesmee. Look at how his obsession with her increased dramatically once he became a wereworlf, and then again even more after Bella became pregnant! It's jsut weird and I feel like it wasn't Bella he loved but the egg she carried. Weird, gross, blech!

  54. Amanda

    I wasn't took shocked about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee…was it the fact that one of his best friends, Quil, had done the same exact thing that made the transition so simple?

    I remember cheering as soon as I read that he had imprinted. I literally screamed and my mom shouted, asking me what was wrong with me. At that moment, everything clicked. It explained Bella and Jacob's bond: Jacob loved the part of Bella that had yet to have existed. That little part was coming and Jacob must've felt that and thus he thought he was in love with her.

    I have to say, the imprinting cleared up a lot for me. Loved it so much that it was insane. I remember chanting “YAY JAKE'S HAPPY NOW! HE'S HAPPY NOW!”. So, I find that nearly the rest of the Cullens' story is a breeze as soon as Jacob and Bella solve the mystery to their bond.

    Awesome job, Kaleb. Loved the vampire baby food lol!

  55. chocolemonade

    I'm sorry, but although I am very VERY pro-Edward, I have to agree with Jacob on this particular argument. I remember when Jacob explained what happened with Quil. It isn't romantic or creepy at all, it's just love, like a brother, or a parent might love, similar in fact to Bella's. I find it annoying when people go off on how creepy it is (It's okay, I don't blame you :). Also, Bella should in no way get so angry at something that was entirely out of Jacob's control. It would be similar to Jacob getting mad at Bella for being a vampire, now that she already is one. I also think that it really was the perfect solution, AND it explains why Jacob and Bella had such a connection, it was because somewhere in Bella all along was Renesmee, Jacob's soul mate. I discovered that I like pre-werewolf Jacob and post-Bella pregnancy Jacob, that's when he and Bella are just friends and there is no pain and confusion :). Idon't think Bella was completely justified in attacking him, but I can see why she did. Although… the Jacob+Renesmee thing might get a little akward when Renesmee IS old enough for romantic stuff…lol
    I apologize for writing so much :)

  56. sarclark

    i like that jacob has someone now, even though its bellas baby. hahaha. it will finally let bella and edward be happy and bella wont have to feel guilty that she didnt pick jake.

    i wonder what taylor lautner thought when he read breaking dawn, because his character was fighting for bella, lost her, then is imprinted with her BABY! talk about a roller coaster of a job! :)

  57. Icy Topaz

    It's totally okay for Jacob to imprint, because at this stage, it's not a romantic love. Like with Quil and Claire. She is a 2 year old, but he imprinted on her. He related the experience to Jacob like he was her big brother, her protector. The love is very strong, but it's only to be protective and a guardian. A big brother, a father, a best friend. Something more like that. Love changes, because people change. Jacob and Renesmee won't have a romantic bond for a while, which makes sense, because they're both so young, and Renesmee is still a baby who's growing up and doesn't understand yet. It isn't creepy, because there are no wrong feelings here. Imprinting isn't a human thing, therefore it cannot be looked at as we humans would. It something beautiful and timeless, which steps out of the mortal understanding.

  58. Icy Topaz

    I know, I always adored Jacob! He got on my nerves sometimes, but so do all of the characters at some point or other. ^_^ I was always Team Edward in terms of Bella, but Jacob is AWESOME. 😀

  59. Icy Topaz

    ROFL Yeah, you're right! That is a HUGE age difference. And if he looked 107, we'd all be mega grossed out and Stephenie would have sold like, no books. 😀

  60. Icy Topaz

    Why would you want them to be gay?!?!?

    Ugh, that so grosses me out. Yeah, I really wanted Jacob to be a butt-hole faggot! Sheesh! Do you have any idea what you're saying? Guess not!

  61. katherineofbrightskies

    Nice to know that there are more people like you in the world. You know, the kind of discriminatory bigots who think they know better then everyone else, but really, have you're noses' too high stuck up to actually see what's happening in the world around them.

    Honestly, the LGBT community is just as much a part of our world as you (Sadly) are. You can't change that, so maybe gain just a wee bit of TOLERANCE and you might find out, that your discriminatory views are not right! Life is full of diversity. Why can't Twilight be too?

  62. Icy Topaz

    It's not a romantic love that Jacob has for her, it's more of fulfilling whatever role she needs him in. So he's a big brother, a friend. He loves her, but it's not attraction in a romantic way.

    Um, you're criticizing Jacob and Nessie's age difference when Edward is 90 some years older than Bella? Riiiiight. Good one. Cause 107 vs. 19 isn't crazy when compared to 17 vs. days.

    Besides, people used to marry off their young daughters to men who were 30 years older than them! At least this relationship will develop into love someday, when Renesemee and Jacob are ready.

  63. katherineofbrightskies

    Dude. I love you just cos you said 'So really she has nobody to blame but the laws of fictional nature.” That is the best line EVER/

  64. Alexi

    I honestly don't understand how people who have read the whole series, and consequently the part about imprinting in Eclipse where it says that IF THE IMPRINTEE IS STILL YOUNG THE BOND IS NOT, NOT, NOT (!!!!) ROMANTIC AT ALL, IT DEVELOPS INTO THAT WHEN THEY'RE OLDER, can be disgusted by this part. Jacob only wants to protect her and be there for her, like a friend. When she gets older, and to Edward's dismay, it will evolve into a romantic relationship, but it's not like that now. It's entirely fine, and it always will be.

    I honestly love how Stephenie did it; how Jake loved Bella–or thought he did–all along because inside her was Renesmee, somewhere. Once Nessie came into being, Bella was a friend, as she should be.

    And to me, this was a situation that I never would have imagined, but was entirely happy with, more so than all my imagined endings to the story. At first, during Jake's bit in the beginning, I was hoping there was some rule that said werewolves couldn't imprint on each other, and that Leah would be with Jake, because at the time that seemed rational; after that was nixed (and truthfully, I didn't mind) I hoped he'd find that girl when he was driving around. However, I'm so glad it was with Nessie. SHE was the missing link, the link that would allow Jake to stay near Bella and Edward yet feel no lingering feelings and be happy with his own someone. Nessie was the one that we needed all along, and she's truly one of my favorite characters.

    What I found funny was that Bella's pregnancy craving wasn't exactly food, it was a person; she needed Jake around because the baby needed him around. It's like how they say, the mom needs chocolate because the baby needs chocolate, in a sense.

  65. Kristen19

    No. Ew, ew, ew. That's the right word, Kaleb- icky. At first, it seems really wrong because Jacob not only loved Bella, he kissed her. Ew.

    I got used to it though.

  66. Victoria

    I was conpletely oblivious that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee when I was reading it. I know, I had a slow moment. I think it's quiet disgusting! I was like WTH?!?!?! ARE YOU FREAKEN' KIDDING ME JACOB?!?! I mean ewww!!! I love Bella's reaction. I was laughing so hard at her. I was hoping she would really hurt Jacob. Another thing is, as you might have seen people mention, Jacob made out with Bells like twice!! I mean come on!! What are you going to say to Renesmee in the future…I've made out with your mother…can you say awkward? I am so glad that Bella finally doesn't have any romantic feelings for Jacob anymore. This book is just too weird. I enjoyed the other 3, but this one.

  67. tashtheslash

    Wow. Sorry if this has already been said, I didn't read all the comments.

    The whole imprinting on a baby thing does seem a little wierd to me. But I get that it's not creepy. Jacob is Renesmee's best friend, he'll be loyal and take care of her until one day they fall in love. As a parent I would have totally freaked out just like Bella did, but after I calmed down a little I think it would have been okay with me. Isn't that what every parent wants for their child, they find someone truly devoted to them, who will do anything for them?

    Also, I don't think Jacob being with Renesmee is a, if i can't be with bella i'll be with Nessie thing. Jacob thought he was in love with Bella, but he wasn't. More like he was in love with a part of her, and that part became Renesmee.

    So to answer the question, I do think it was alright for Jacob to imprint on Renesmee (not that he had a choice). There are a lot of things that could have happened with the saga, but this is how SM set it up from the begining. This is the perfect ending, how everything is supposed to be. Love it or hate it.

  68. lalis02

    Agreed! I've been reading all these comments about how peple hated that part and I keep asking myself, “why?! don't they see it makes PERFECT sense?!” THAT was the part of Bella that was holding on to Jacob and viceversa… duh!

  69. Alexi

    And another thing, it's similar to Harry Potter 6 in a huge way here. Jake ane Bella are friends, like Ron and Harry. Jake imprints on his best friend's daughter, Harry falls in love with his best friend's sister. Both awkward situations, yet they end up being absolutely perfect. Jenesmee and Ginny/Harry are two of my fave book couples (as well as Ron/Hermione, we all knew that was bound to happen =D)

  70. Victoria

    Wow, that's a good way to put things. I like this idea! I agree with you.

  71. just another comment

    First of all, I must say that I am Team Edward, but I like Jacob just fine when he's not trying to steal Bella away. Having said that, I like how Jacob imprinted on Renesmee because it keeps Jacob in the story but he's not after Bella. Now they are free to just be best friends again. But, like I said before, I am Team Edward so I feel like I should admit that I started laughing when Bella attacked Jacob at the end of this chapter, because I felt like it was about time that Bella could take on Jacob in a fight. I don't want him to die or anything, I'm not evil, I just think that Bella has a right to be mad and for a newborn vampire that kind of response is totally expected.

  72. sheleah wilson

    I feel as though since Breaking Dawn was really supposed to be second book, Stephanie did a lot of foreshadowing in New moon and Eclipse. I feel like it was the only intentional thing she did in the book. Jacob and Neisse are the same as Clair and I believe its Quil not sure on the wolf part. Bella should of know to some part that, that could of happened I thought I was pretty gross and funny all in one.

  73. Danielle Frankel

    Forget whether or not it's okay for Jacob for imprint on a baby–that's hardly the most disturbing thing about this chapter, if you ask me (and for the record, I personally don't find the baby-imprint-thing disturbing at all). What I DO find upsetting is the appallingly anticlimactic way this vein of conflict was resolved. Though everybody appeared to have gotten their way, I found it unsatisfying. Much of what made the Twilight saga great in the first place was Stephenie's delicious angst and dramatic tension; Eclipse was basically nothing BUT dramatic tension and relationships. We've been struggling with the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle for FOREVER, and it's been agonizingly unsolvable the entire time. I expected somebody to have to suffer big time before everybody could be happy, and instead everything is suddenly rainbows and unicorns as soon as a simple, single fourth element is introduced (Renesmee). That's all it took. After all that hardship, in one paragraph everything is apparently peachy.

    Moreover, this is part of a larger trend within Breaking Dawn–the tendency for things to work out way too easily. If the other books were powered by conflict, BD is powered by easy wins. Beginning with Renee's startlingly genial attitude about Bella's wedding and continuing until this chapter, haven't things been just a little too easy? That's not a good thing–though I can understand a desire for everybody to be mostly happy in the end, the conventions of good writing dictate that people should suffer or sacrifice first to achieve their happiness. That's why we find it satisfying and cathartic when the hero wins. BD lacks this, en masse, and I call that an unconscious cop-out on Stephenie's part. In her eagerness to make her characters (and herself) happy, her writing suffers.

    I hope this comment doesn't come off as too harsh against Stephenie. I appreciate the difficulty of her position when writing a book as highly-anticipated as BD. I'm a fan just like everybody else, but as a true lover of fiction I can't allow travesties like this to remain uncommented on.

  74. Jennifer

    Yeah, but if it was up to him, he would pick to be looked at in a romantic way. He can't fall in love with anyone else, she's all he has. Plus, if Nessie tried to date other guys, it would be hard to ignore Jacob, and the pedestal he puts her on.

  75. just another comment

    I understand what you are saying with the easy wins, but I think that this is solving a lot of the problems that formed in the first three books. (Although the Jacob/Renesmee thing does seem a bit forced at first.)

  76. antoinetter

    in matter of fact if Renesmee would want to date other people it would be fine in Jacobs opinium because if Renesmee has no romantic feelings towards him, he would be a just a friend to her. That is just what imprinting is to be what ever the imprintee needs. In the end it is Renesmee decision on how their relationship is. So there isn;t anything wrong with it.

  77. Eternity_with_Edward

    Good point! Edward thought it was disturbing when Jacob thought lusty things about Bella – but wait until it's about his own daughter, yikes!! Jacob may not survive long. lol

  78. Eternity_with_Edward

    Yeah – I always thought he was going to imprint on Leah too……..I think maybe Stephenie was trying to “trick” us into thinking that and then BAM big twist.

  79. Eternity_with_Edward

    The only reason Bella and Jacob every had their “connection” all along was because Jacob was destined to imprint on Bella's future daughter. As soon as Bella had Renesme, Jacob and Bella's connection was completely gone. Jacob was never meant to be with Bella.

  80. Eternity_with_Edward

    Yes – Jacob imprinting on Renesmee allows everything to work out. He's no longer in love with Bella and now he has to be civil with vampires living in Forks since Renesmee is half-vampire.

    Edward must have been thinking to himself – “Seriously, Jacob – I wanted you out of my business and then you go and do this!!!” lol

  81. TeamSwitzerland

    I did not like Jacob imprinting on Nessie. However, I think that Bella was too harsh on Jacob. I understand that she doesn't like what happened, but it's not like Jacob can help it!

  82. Name

    preach it, sister

    I think it would've been a fantastic tragic ending if he did imprint BUT she didn't magically stop aging when she reached peak attractive mating age

  83. nessiewannabe96

    I think it was perfectly fine for Jacob to imprint. Now, instead of spending eternity pining away for Bella, his unrequited love, he now has Renesmee that he can care for and protect, just as a big brother, until the time comes. (Hint hint.) 😉

  84. nessiewannabe96

    Thank you! Finally, someone who gets it! You rock, Alexi!

  85. BiteMe

    Whats so wrong with Jacob imprinting on Nessie? Jacob isnt taking Reneesme away from Bella, its not like he can help it they were meant to be since the beginning of time (thats the way i see it) besides, they wont be like, boyfriend and girlfriend for a while, for now Jacob is like Nessie's big brother. Watching over her and protecting her from danger. I think its beautiful, how one small child can bring two different kinds together.

    But i also wish that Bella had chosen Jacob, because in my opiniion Jacob is a better person than, overprotective, annoying, heartbreaking, edward.

    I mean he left thinking he was protecting her, was he so blind to think that it wouldnt tear her apart? And who was there to keep her together? Thats right JACOB BLACK. And really Bella doesnt really love Edward for edward! if she really loved him, she wouldnt be wasting hour after hour of paragraphs just describing how he looks. It would be about how nice heis, and what they have in common and all the sweet things he's done for her. She barly even really knows Edward. But she knows all the different emotions of jacob and how nice, and funny he is. plus Jacob never keeps things from bella, he believes that she has a right to know everything that might affect her, but edward keeps half of the need to know things from her!

    Ok, Edward Vs. Jacob rant officially over.

    But back to my original point, its not fair to keep Jacob away from Nessie, i mean sometimes i think some of you fans enjoy his eternal pain. Even though he is no longer in love with Bella, im at least happy that Jacob is happy

    thats it for me, until next time


  86. Sakura

    I'll keep it really short today… 😀 …. I never had a problem with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee (as I have theorized before) and in all honesty, Stephenie did try to prepare us for it through Quil and Claire.

    The confrontation between Bella and Jacob is one of my favorite moments in that book! When Bella snapped at him I was like “YOU GO GIRL! SHOW HIM WHO'S THE BOSS NOW!!!”

  87. Alexi

    NessieWannabe96–Thanks!! You rock too!!

  88. Rachel

    It was absolutley PERFECT for Jacob to imprint on Renesmee! it explained everything that happened and it made it perfect! The only reason Bella and Jacob loved eachother that way was bcos of Renesmee. Bcos Bellas future was intwined with Renesmees Jacob and Bella felt an echo of the imprintinness that wud happen between Jacob and Renesmee. I completely hated Jacob throughout the saga bcos he wanted Bella to choose him over Edward but in BD once u realise why he was so in love with Bella how can u hate him any more? I know i cant.(ok thats not strictly true i do hate Jacob and i still think hes the worst character in the saga) However have u learned nothing from reading Eclipse? Do u remeber Quil and Claire? That explained it and thats why i thought it was completely PERFECT when Jacob imprinted on Nessie bcos i knew it was nothing sick.
    Also i had no idea that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee until Bella screamed it at him, i thought it was a power she had, like nobody cud help but love her and to protect her sort of thing.

  89. Rachel

    I totaly get what ur saying about the whole happy ending rainbows and unicorns etc but that exactly why i LOVE Twilight i love the fact that even tho there is a lot of conflict and heart break everything turns out right. True love conquers alll! ha thats a lil bit cheesy but still true

  90. Colleen

    I love it just cause you know what Edwards reaction is.

    Snickering in the background, egging Bella on.


    I dont think its THAT wierd…ok maybe a little, but as long it stays friends till shes like…20, i think we're good. and I dont mean 20 just physically lol.

  91. Ember

    I don't have any problems with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. First off, it's really not something he can control. Okay or not, you can't blame him. Secondly, it reduces all of the stress and tension so much. It really does solve all of the problems.

  92. chrisd34

    I am a Dad and I read the series so I could determine if it was appropriate for my daughter (BTW…I ended up loving the series and I have read each book 2-3 times + Midnight Sun). Explaining the imprinting thing to my daughter was strange (Quil and Claire made this difficult for me because if I was Claire’s father initially I would have done everything in my power kill Quil). It wasn’t until the scene where Quil and Claire are playing at the beach that I started feeling OK with the concept of an adult (remembering that the werewolves physically mature almost immediately to their adult “state” after they start phasing) imprinting on a child. Quil’s actions and feelings for here are like those I have had for my daughter when she was the same age (and still do). My recollection of imprinting is that things will turn romantic once her feelings move into that direction (so when she is ready for that level of commitment so will be her wolf-mate…but again as a Dad my blood boils thinking of anyone thinking of my daughter this way; however it is going to happen one day whether I like it or not). Imprinting was also explained as a way to ensure that the tribe’s unique bloodline be preserved because of the threat posed by the “cold ones”. I should state at this time that I was never a Team Jacob person. Personally I thought the way he manipulated Bella in Eclipse was beyond disgusting. Forcing himself on her when she was most vulnerable (plus knowing she could not physically escape his grasp)was assault (regardless of what her feeling may have been) and in many ways much more disgusting to me than him imprinting on Nessie (which was involuntary – more on that in a minute). Plus as a guy, I could not understand in New Moon and Eclipse why he kept opening himself up for more pain by pursuing Bella even after it was very clear Edward was her first choice. Sure Bella had feelings for Jacob but any right minded guy would not put the women he loves through what he did. Which brings me (in a long winding way – I needed to state my biases first) to my point on this.

    Imprinting appears to be the one involuntary, inescapable side effects of the shape shifting (again it was described as a way to secure the blood line – since the author did not provide any further reasoning we can assume that this simple fact drives the imprinting process). Given this… why does Jacob imprint on Nessie? To what purpose does this help strengthen the bloodline? Starting in New Moon and continuing through Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the dynamic between the Cullen’s and tribe changes from mortal enemies to reluctant allies. Looking at the endgame, Jacob imprinting on Nessie ensures the “peace” between the tribe and the Cullen’s and allows both parties to unite against their common foe (e.g. most non-“vegetarian” vampires). The safety of the tribe is strengthened by Jacob and Nessie’s bond…which is why I believe it happened. I also believe that Ms. Meyer starting setting this up in New Moon. Once Jacob starting phasing (which really started the night at the movies with Bella and Mike) he seemed to really become more aware to his attachment to Bella (it was almost like his previous burgeoning romantic feelings started to grow as fast and as unruly as he was physically maturing). However as I stated above, his actions towards Bella didn’t always speak of affection, admiration, and love. Once her feelings were known and demonstrated many times(going to Italy, facing down the Volturi, forgiving Edward, agreeing to marry Edward, and wanting to be changed into a Vampire are fairly obvious signs that Bella is picking Edward) Jacob still felt compelled to stay in Bella’s life. I believe the imprinting process for Jacob started the night of the “movie date” (which is when he first started to phase) and steadily manifested itself with his unwillingness to accept Bella’s choice in suitor and his unnatural attachment to being close to pregnant Bella (and all of the tribe drama it caused). Once Jacob started shape shifting Bella was never his future soul mate (maybe before he changed she could have bee, but not afterwards). Nessie was always Jacob’s future once he became a shape shifter. I do believe he loved Bella before he became a shape shifter but after he changed he could not permanently walk away from Bella (which he finally did after Nessie was born) until his “destiny” (I hate the use of that word but it fits) was served.

    BTW…I am sorry for the long post but my daughter and I have been discussing this for a while now.

  93. Xime85

    I completely disagree.
    I think their connection was genuine friendship, compatibility and attraction (on Jacob's side). While I agree that Jacob was not meant to be with Bella as a couple on the long run I do NOT think his connection with her was based on his “destiny” of ending up settling for the next-best-thing to Bella, Renesme.
    That's just the way I see it,who knows?

  94. Eternity_with_Edward

    I agree they were genuinely friends. But there was a bigger force keep them in each other's lives. Bella always had this “need” to make sure Jacob was okay and she was always drawn to go visit him in La Push. Even when she was so deeply in love with Edward. After Bella has the baby, Jacob admits he doesn't have the same attraction to her. Which to me, meant that “connection” keeping them together was gone. Once Renesmee was born, all of his love went rightfully to her. It was always meant to be that way. Just some thoughts – not saying this is the “word of God” or anything :)

  95. Xime85

    THANK YOU! that is exactly how I feel.
    I dont know why people keep saying that it was meant to be bla bla bla…..
    Jacob SETTLED for Renesme because he knew he would never have Bella. And yeah the idea of imprinting on a baby??mmmhh icky to say the least. No choice on the baby's side on who she would wanna be with?? what if when she grows up she falls for someone else, what happens then? does she feel guilty or like she owes something to the guy that imprinted on her?

    And yeah how can you be with a guy who was crazy about your mother for all those years and for whom your mother also kinda-sort of had a thing for at some point in the past?!?! talk about awkwardness.

  96. antoinetter

    if he settles for Renesmee because he can;t have Bella he wouldn;t have imprinted on Renesmee, but he would have imprinted on Bella. So your theory is not correct.

  97. DutchTwilighter

    I agree on all the stuff about imprinting; it's just so weird. Because they say 'I'll be for her what she needs me to be', but never once is it doubted that in the end, what his imprintee needs from him is his love as a lover. 'It is hard to resist that kind of adoration'. Yeah, but what would happen if one would? What would happen if, say, Renesmee tells Jacob: 'sorry boy, you're nice and all, but that boy over there is wáy more my taste.' Do you honestly believe that Jacob would than stop loving her as a lover (obviously I'm talking about an older Renesmee here) and start the brother-act again? I doubt it. And thát's the disturbing part. They act like the imprintee has a choice but she doesn't. Especially if she's a Quilotee; what do you think the tribe would do to here if she turned her imperter down? Yeah, that's what I thought.

    I don't know if Jacob as much as settled for Renesmee, though – but I do think it's cheap that he fell for her. And I think it's disturbing. He may not have any choice, but still, it's just plain weird.

  98. DutchTwilighter

    Not the imprinting on the baby-thing bothers me. Really, that's not it.
    'When she gets older, and to Edward's dismay, it will evolve into a romantic relationship, but it's not like that now.' Thát bothers me. For two reasons. 1) there is an 'it will' in that sentence, in stead of an 'it may'. Meaning it is already clear that Renesmee and Jacob will fall in love. I háte that, because there is no change & no choice on both sides. Jacob can't choose, Renesmee can't choose because she's so attached to Jacob by that point, there is no way she's turning him down. I hate the 'when' instead of the 'if', if you know what I mean.
    2) Jacob and Bella have had a very complicated relationship troughout the books, but it's pretty clear that they love/have loved eachother. And now Jacob imprints (and in the end will fall in love with) Bella's kid. THINK about that. Because seriously, how would you react if you would find out you're boyfriend had loved & kissed your mother – and had tried to make your mother break up with your dad on multiple accounts? Yeah. I wouldn't be to happy, to be honest. Even if it would all be supernatural. I would be freaked out, grossed out and pretty pissed of as well.

  99. DutchTwilighter

    Well, I'm the first one, but I completely agree with you . Breaking Dawn is full of easy wins – the reason why I like this book the least of the saga. It's just so… 'O, here is all the stuff that has happend in the last 3 books. Here are all the problems – solve them'. And without there being ANY struggle troughout BD, it just all gets solved in some magical way and everybody is happy!
    No. It does not work like that! So, yeah, I agree with you – in her strife to make everybody happy, SM made me very unhappy, because it is so obvious that some things are just there for the eternal happy ending that should have been fought for, in stead of just handed over.

  100. DutchTwilighter

    I love your post – that one first. It's a very good theory – and in the following part of my post I'm just going to go ahead and presume you are right.
    Second, I have a question. Do you agree with me that it feels kind of wrong that Jacob is forced to be around Bella, causing all the heartbreak, because of a baby who is unborn at that very moment? I don't really know who to blaim – I suppose the imprinting-thing in general, which I'm not fond of.

    Now I have something about your theory. If Jacob stayed around Bella, because the imprintingprocess had already happend, than why don't all werewolfs imprint? This may sound like a weird question, let me explain.
    It is said, first, that imprinting is quite rare. Later on, though, it is made pretty obvious that imprinting is not all that rare. However, everybody imprints on someone who is kind of in the neighboorhood. The exception is Sam, but he first had a relationship with Leah, which you could explain with the same theory as Jacob-Bella-Renesmee; he fell for her so he would get to meet Emily.
    However, if so many werewolfes imprint, I think it is something natural. Something all werewolfes are supposed to do – because let's face it, they're all doing it, one by one. But than why are there so many in the past who have NOT imprinted? After all, there is a reason imprinting is thought of as rare – it must have been rare once. If imprinting is natural, every werewolf should be doing it. But not everybody does it. This leeds to believe that they never met the person they should have imprinted on – so she/he was not really close. But if this gap was filled in the case of Sam/Emily and Jacob/Renesmee, than why not with all the other werewolfes, who did not imprint?

  101. antoinetter

    maybe the ones who not imprint are not kwalefied too pas on his genes. In nature a pack of wolfs only the most kwalified alpha and beta male may pas on his genes, as if it is for the strenghten the bloodline you won't only the best genes.

  102. DutchTwilighter

    But than why are there so many – at least 4 or 5, forgive me, I'm not sure – in the current pack who imprint? Are they all that strong? I mean, Sam, Jacob (and Quill), I can kind of understand – they are all descendents of leaders or at least of powerfull wolves. But the other one, I think it was Jared, who imprinted on Kim – why him? As far as we know, he's not thát far up the wolf-pack – or am I mistaken? It's been quite a while since I read the books, to be honest.

  103. antoinetter

    Well in that theory it is a strong pack and maybe it is necessary to have more offspring than they just too forthe future, like why there is now the biggest pack of wolfs. i don't it is so. only SM knows why ofcourse but in theory it can't be explained that way.

  104. DutchTwilighter

    Yeah, I guess so. Thanks for all your replies – it was just a flaw I saw, this way it is kind of solved. Now we'll just have to wait and see whether or not chrisd34 agrees with us on this xD

    By the way, I can't believe I'm discussing this while it's 1:31 AM over here. Oh, well, it's vacation I guess xD

  105. antoinetter

    sorry i am a bit tyred and i make a lot of faults i see. you understand what i meant.
    wel i agree that we have to wait of Chrisd34 will agree on this.

    by the way i am dutch too

  106. DutchTwilighter

    Yeah! I'm not the only freak who's up this late just randomly posting on Kaleb's blog! Well, now it's just waiting for Chrisd34 😉

  107. chrisd34

    Thank you for reading my very long post, now on to your questions/discussion points.

    I believe Jacob is compelled by the imprinting process to be close to Bella during her pregnancy. Part of him very much wants to leave, however he can’t bring himself to sever the relationship. In fact during Bella’s pregnancy his future starts to take shape. He defends Bella against his pack, he leaves the pack to start his own, and he grants the Cullen’s permission to change Bella into a vampire. Leah is the one that causes Bella the most pain by pointing out all of the rotten things she has done to Jacob. I was glad Leah stood up for Jacob because even though I feel Jacob was unable(because of the Imprinting process) or unwilling to sever his relationship with Bella during New Moon and Eclipse, Bella was not strong enough to firmly let Jacob know that Edward was her choice. I thought it was warranted for her to understand the pain that her inability to communicate with Jacob caused.

    On the subject of why only some of the wolves imprinted I have two theories that have at least some basis of fact from what Ms. Meyer has written. The first theory is that only the wolves that have a strong enough bloodline will imprint. Some of the wolves may not have a “pure” enough bloodline to cause/warrant imprinting. My other theory (and the one I believe more) is that imprinting is not rare it is just that the other wolves have not met there destined companion yet. Some of the wolves were lucky enough to find their imprint-mates within the tribe; others found them outside the tribe (during family visits and such). One interesting thing to note is that all of the wolves imprint with females that have Native American bloodlines (expect for Jacob with Nessie but I explain my thoughts on that in my original post). When the non-imprinted wolves finally meet the person that will allow their offspring to strengthen the bloodline they will imprint. In my mind this also includes Leah. She is not a genetic “dead end” as she states in Breaking Dawn. Her family has very strong bloodlines. I believe if the Twilight universe did exists she will imprint when she finds the one male that will allow her to conceive superior shape-shifting offspring. Given enough time to pass in the Twilight universe, I would like to think that most of the wolves will imprint as they finally meet their destined mates (or they may just stop phasing long enough for them to revert back to being mortals; in which case they would never imprint).

  108. DutchTwilighter

    Thank you for your reaction! The first part I get and I do agree with. On the second half, however, I feel there is still something missing; namely why Jacob and Sam were 'brought' towards their imprints (both of them in an early stage of being a werewolf), while the others who haven't imprinted weren't. Do you think that everybody will imprint eventually (also the ones that have died a long time ago), if not for the fact that werewolves a lot of times stop begin a werewolf and then sort of give up on imprinting? In other words, do you think that if a werewolf waits long enough, he will imprint, that it's just patience?

  109. babybott330

    –adverb all right.
    Usage note:
    The form alright as a one-word spelling of the phrase all right in all of its senses probably arose by analogy with such words as already and altogether. Although alright is a common spelling in written dialogue and in other types of informal writing, all right is used in more formal, edited writing.

  110. chrisd34

    I do believe that imprinting is something that all of the wolves will/could do if they find their destined-partner. However, you bring up interesting point. Maybe only those wolves that have superior bloodlines (like Jacob who by his birthright should be the Chief of the tribe) with feel the pull of their destined mates to allow their actions to be guided to them. The others may feel some compulsion, but only when their imprint-mates are close by (I include Sam in this because he just happened to see Emily when she was visiting Leah – I do not recall him doing anything special to seek her out).

  111. DutchTwilighter

    He didn't, no. You could only say that he fell for Leah because she would lead him to Emily – but since he fell in love with Leah in High School (before becoming a werewolf, I believe) and the entire reservation seems pretty close, I don't really think it makes a difference whether or not Sam did something to seek out Emily. I don't think he did – therefore, he must have been just a lucky boy (except he had to break the heart of someone he held very dear, ofcourse).
    This new theory is interesting – and I might just agree. If those with superior bloodline feel the pull that every werewolf feels the strongest and it just degreeses from there on, that would explain both why mainly people high in the tribe have imprinted (Jacob, Sam & Quill), but also way for instance Jared imprinted; it is in his nature to do so, but the pull his weaker and therefore he needed a bit of luck as well to imprint. Jacob, as born leader, would have the strongest pull. No matter which of the 3 old wolves is the father of Sam, it is clear that one out of three is, making him one of the highest as well – his pull is much weaker, but may have drawn him to Emily in a way he didn't even notice – the same goes for Quill & Jared.

    I'm quite pleased with this theory, really ^^ This way it somehow makes more sense to me. I still don't líke it, but at least it's rationalized xD

  112. babybott330

    If I were going to postulate an answer as to why Jared imprinted, it would be that he imprinted on Jacob's sister, who is not a wolf, but still carries the very prominent genes through their family line. Since imprinting seems to be a very complicated process capable of securing fates beyond belief, I suppose it could happen that by mating with Jacob's sister, Jared is guaranteed to have a male son who could end up with the same bull headed features of the family, and could perhaps one day stop a huge war from breaking out, much as Jake has done in this book.

  113. ancha85

    Totally agree! So many people say that Jacob imprinting with Nessie is “oogie”. But IMHO, if you are going to by into Stephenie Meyer's Twilight World, you have to do it completely. If SM says that imprinting is not an “oogie” thing, everyone should accept it as she means it to be. Just like you said,
    “He'll be what she needs at the time, be it big brother, best friend, or boyfriend. It's a pretty cool thing.”
    That is exactly how SM means and portrays it, so that is how we should all see it also. If we are willing to accept “sparkly and vegetarian vampires”, we should accept imprinting, as it is meant to be, and not assume that it is something “weird” or “oogie”.
    Jake has NOTHING but Reneesme's best interest at heart. As twilightguy says, if he didn't Edward would have already killed him!

  114. ancha85

    He doesn't think Nessie is “all his”, he just wants to make sure that Bella, as a new vampire, will not hurt her.
    He only has Nessie's well being at heart.

  115. ancha85

    YES! I want a Jake and Nessie book!

  116. ancha85

    That is a good point to make. What would vampire Bella have done with a human baby?

  117. DutchTwilighter

    Sorry, I was wrong about the name of the boy than. The Jared thing, I agree on that. But there was someone where there was nó drama – the only one. He imprinted on Kim, a girl from his class and I can't remember his bloody name. And searching for it in the books, I don't really feel like doing that right now, at 3.00 AM.

  118. ancha85

    It is not an actually “choice” for the wolves. It has nothing to do with “thinking before”. It just happens.

    The way imprinting works has nothing to do with the imprintee's age. Whenever the wolf sees the imprint for the first time (after he/she transforms for the 1st time), the imprinting occurs. It doesn't matter if they are 19 (Emily), 2 years old (Claire) or a newborn (Reneesme).

    From the moment the wolf sees his imprint, he will be whatever she NEEDS him to be. Once the imprintee reaches a certain age, that usually turns into their soulmate in ALL ways, but it doesn't always work that way. If the imprintee just wants them in their lives as a best friend/brother forever, that is what the wolf will be. Period.

  119. ancha85

    She reaches full growth at age 7, so Jake doesn't have to wait for very long for her to be his complete partner.
    Your right though, luckily Jake will be the same age as long as he continues to phase.

  120. robstenforever

    If Bella and Jacob got together, theres nothing stopping him from going off and imprinting on someone else.
    Jacob is immature, arrogant and dangerous.
    He kept pushing Bella to choose him, and not to mention forcing her to kiss him.
    He even threatened to kill himself just to get a kiss out of Bella.
    He doesn't care what she wants. He only cares about what he wants, and what HE thinks is best for her.

    Edward is loving, protective, understanding and sweet. He'd rather protect her from the bad things, then flat out tell her. To me, that's whats more important. She knows Edward inside and out. She truely loves Edward, and thats all that matters. She doesn't love Jacob in that way. It's always been Edward. And I'm sure if Edward was standing infront of you, all you'd think about was his looks.
    Edward has made mistakes, and so has Jacob. Jacobs mistakes may be small compared to what Edward has done, but I feel they've had more impact on her. Sure, Edward left. But he returned and made up for it. He did his best to get along with Jacob. Jacob didn't try to like Edward, even though what he was doing was hurting Bella, and again, he didn't care. Jacob needed to accept the fact that Bella loves Edward, and will always love Edward. Jake needed to back off.
    And again, blackmailing an engaged woman to kiss him? That just plain wrong, on so many levels.
    Jakes just a kid, that needs to grow up before he starts relationships with people.

    I think it IS fair to keep Jacob away from Nessie while Bella gets used to HER DAUGHTER.

  121. ancha85

    I understand that people wanted Jacob and Leah to be together. But Jacob and Nessie are soulmates, just like Bella and Edward are. They belong together, just like Bella and Edward do. That is what SM was planning from the beginning, and after all, the Twilight World is her world.

  122. ancha85

    It is a difficult concept to get a handle on, if you put it in terms of our real world. But in the Twilight World and for SM who created that world, it makes perfect sense.

    But I agree, it is very likely to cause some angst between Jacob/Nessie/Bella/Edward in the future. However, I think it would make an excellent book, so many different themes and situations that SM could put them in!

  123. ancha85

    You have to remember that Stephenie Meyer is a Jacob lover, too!
    She loves Jacob and Edward both!

  124. ancha85

    Jacob is NOT a creeper. He does NOT have sexual feeling for Nessie, and will NOT have them, unless she has them for him first, when she is full grown! He will be whatever she needs him to be!
    And your reasoning on the age thing is double sided. If you apply that to all of the characters, like you apply it to Jacob, then Edward is oogie, too. After all, he and Bella fell in love when she was 17 and he was 107!! Their age difference is MUCH huger than Jacob's and Nessie.
    Bella could NEVER kill Jacob. They are closer than best friends and brother/sister.

  125. ancha85

    Sorry, but we have to go by what Stephenie Meyer wrote and created. She says Jake imprinted, so he imprinted. PERIOD. He is no longer “hung up on Bell” at all. He loves her like a favorite, dear sister, the way they were meant to be. He did NOT “settle for seconds” with Reneesme. She is his soulmate.
    As much as Edward and Bella must be together as soulmates, so must Jake and Nessie.

  126. ancha85

    Love it… Full Circle… Beautiful.

  127. ancha85

    Great response!

  128. ancha85

    At first, that is probably true. But what he says at the end of the book to Jacob, regarding his relationship with him, is sooo touching. I just love it. One of my favorite lines in the book.

  129. babybott330

    Nope, so sorry, you're right. Jared imprints on Kim, the girl he met at school. Paul is the name of the chip thieving idiot marrying Jacob's sister.
    I guess the reason is because she just happened to go to his school, so “finding her” wasn't difficult. Maybe her parents chose to move to the reservation right after they found out they were going to have a baby because imprint fate destined it to be that easy so she and Jared could have a baby that will save the world! LoL

  130. Jessica

    Stephenie has said she always knew it was going to be this way. Some writer's have a picture of the end of the story in their head and then write toward it, but I can see how that transition is a bit bumpy.
    The weirdest part for me was not that Jacob has imprinted on a baby but that it entirely changed the reasons for his feelings in the other books. We (and he too) thought it was Bella he was in love with but it was Renesmee. m
    I like that Nessie will have a protector. He is really devoted to her.

  131. chrisd34

    Paul imprinted on Jacob's sister. I forgot about Paul and Jacob's sister…she would have an excellent bloodline (e.g. Jacob's). However having Paul as a brother would suck.

  132. ancha85

    The idea of the imprinting being so powerful that it was like love for Jacob and Bella is a fascinating concept for me.
    I think if they would have been in a world without magic, they would have been great for each other. They would have had a loving, caring relationship. Both of them realize this in Eclipse.
    So, I feel that the feeling they had for each other was real, but the magic changed it. I think it was Destiny (or in other words SM!) that they all must eventually be in each others lives in some way. Edward must be with Bella. Jacob must be with Nessie. Jacob must be in Bella's life in some way. Imprinting is the way that SM can bring this all together. Perfect is the word.
    And yes, Nessie is so important to the Saga.

  133. ancha85

    Love your response. The example of the little girl next door is great.

  134. ancha85

    I totally agree with you. People who are so against Jake imprinting on Nessie I feel wanted to see Jake in a romantic relationship (which would have been quite awesome), and were disappointed when he wasn't.
    Most of them wanted a Leah/Jake pairing, which would have been nice in a way, but it would have put him out of Bella's life. And he and Bella were MEANT to be together in some way. Not necessarily as a love pairing, but definitely in some way. That is the way SM created it. It is HER story. We have to accept it as her creation.
    I would have been very sad if Jacob and Bella had said goodbye to each other forever.

  135. ancha85

    If you truly see how the imprinting works, you would see that Jake will be WHATEVER Nessie needs him to be, whenever she needs him to be it. If she never “falls in love with him” that is O.K.
    Sure, that would be awfully sad for Jacob, because that would mean he would never be in a love relationship, which would be very sad, but for Nessie, it is not icky at all. She would be under no pressure to feel guilty whatsoever. Jake will only want what makes HER happy.

    I do agree that it would be awkward for Nessie to find out that her mom and Jacob had feelings for each other, but there are many awkward situations in the Saga already, which is partly what makes it interesting.

  136. ancha85

    Feel the same!

  137. Eternity_with_Edward

    Ah – I don't remember what he says to Jacob – but I'm starting to read Breaking Dawn for my 2nd time around through the series so I'll wait and see. :)

  138. ancha85

    First of all, Jacob does NOT have homicidal tendencies. If ANYONE has homicidal tendencies it is the VAMPIRES. Jacob only wants to protect human beings FROM vampires. That is the only reason he is ever violent. He is a PROTECTOR.
    And about Jake coming around and that being his fault why he imprinted, did you ever think that the reason WHY he was coming around Bella during her pregnancy was that she had ALREADY imprinted on the baby before she was ever born? Once Reneesme was born, his feelings for Bella completely changed to a brotherly love, so it's obvious that the reason he kept coming around and that Bella kept WANTING him around is that Jake and Nessie had already imprinted.

    And what's all this stuff about wanting Jacob to be gay?! We really should have more respect for Stephenie Meyer's characters. She loves them all.

  139. Hopie

    Yes, I had read that Stephenie had always knew what was going to happen but I still feel like its forced… I don't know…

    I didn't hate the book like so meny people but it is definetly my least favorite of the four. Though to be honest I liked The Host more (I can see hordes of fangirls coming out to get me…)

  140. amiara

    There is a much smaller age difference between Jacob and Renesmee than between Edward and Bella. Is that relationship also creepy?

  141. ancha85

    You make some excellent points. I also understand your reason to vent! This subject is one of my pet peeves regarding the Saga. I just have to defend Jake. Stephenie Meyer feels EXACTLY the same way about defending Jake. She has often felt hurt by people being ugly about him. She loves both Edward and Jacob. So do I.

    Only thing I would add is this. I hated seeing all three of the characters suffer. I felt so bad for all of them. But I REALLY felt bad for Jacob, because I knew and he knew it was a lost cause. The only thing that makes it bearable is that Bella and Edward give Jake his reason for living too.

    Bella and Edward MUST be together and Jacob and Nessie must ALSO be together.
    Bella and Jacob must also continue to be a part of each others lives. Their relationship is too important for them to say goodbye forever. SM did a fantastic job of bringing everything full circle.

  142. ancha85

    Good points.

  143. katherineofbrightskies

    Dude, he was gonna MURDER Renesmee untill he saw her and imprinted. That's 'so not' homicidal.

    ONCE RENESMEE WAS BORN. Not before! If you do recall, he was still extremely protective and jealous of Bella, like that time he found Seth with his arm around Bella. Yeah, he was totally concerned about the kid at that point. He hated Renesmee before she was born.

    Are you honestly saying that if Meyer loved her characters, she wouldn't make them gay? I don't think you seem to realize how hurtful that is to people. Its discrimination, and honestly, you're insulting way more people then you think. Every one in ten people, loves, knows, or works with someone who is gay. Every one time out of ten you make an homophobic comment, you're insulting someone who cares for an LGBT. Think about that.

  144. ancha85

    I really don't think it was forced. SM was planning it for a long time.
    And she wanted Bella to be happy. She would have had something missing in her life without Jake and Charlie.
    I don't blame SM for allowing Bella this, I wanted it too.

  145. ancha85

    Me too!

  146. ancha85

    So true!

  147. ancha85

    But that is what SM was planning all along. It is her Twilight World after all.

  148. ancha85

    I 100% totally feel the same. I LOVE Jacob Black. It really bothers me when people talk bad about him. So much so that I constantly find myself defending him. I just can't help myself. (as you can obviously see on all my response posts on here!) I have to try and get people to see Jake as he really is and how SM really portrays him. She loves him, too!
    Jacob is hilarious, loyal, caring, and gorgeous!

  149. ancha85

    So true. Edward and Bella must be together and Jacob must suffer, because that brings him HIS soulmate. Whether it be romantic or not, Jake is there for Nessie however she needs him t obe.
    It was cool the way SM explained it all with Quil and Claire. The beach scene with Claire is adorable.

  150. ancha85

    I don't look at it as “the egg”, but the soul that was waiting to be born throught that “egg”.

  151. ancha85

    Agree to a lot of what you said.

  152. ancha85

    Really! Taylor probably freaked out when he read Breaking Dawn at first!
    I know he's gonna' be awesome though!

  153. ancha85

    Excellent points! We cannot compare imprinting to human love and human relationships. It is something totally different and in a class by itself. It would be like calling a race between Jacob and Edward and Mike fair.
    You can't compare apples to oranges to pears.

  154. ancha85

    Awesome post!

  155. ancha85

    I love it! And good comments!!

  156. ancha85

    Agree. It was pretty funny that Bella attacked Jake as a newborn. I just am glad that it didn't end up bad.

  157. ancha85

    I have to disagree. I feel that the main characters suffered tremendously. Especially Jacob.
    Yes, everyone ended up happy, but that is the way SM meant for it to end up!
    Why does a good story have to mean that someone dies or gets totally destroyed emotionally?
    It doesn't.

  158. Hopie

    I never said it was forced, I said it felt like it was forced while reading it.

    I'm not saying I didn't want bella to be happy I did want her to be and I don't blame SM for allowing it either.

    For the most part I'm cool with the whole book. It's just while reading it it felt forced, and maybe a bit rushed. Like she should have taken some more time to fine tune it or something. She is an amazing writer and can write really fast. I think that maybe she should have taken some time off and relexed a bit which I'm glad she is doing now.

  159. Alexandriad

    If you look at the ages that Edward and Bella turned into vampires at it is denfitally not creepy. Jacob is still human he still ages. It may not be physicaly now but he still has a birthday every year. Vampires don't celabrate birthdays after they turn into one. Why would you have a birhday every year if you knew that you were basicaly the walking dead?

  160. ancha85

    He was so furious that that is what he was THINKING of doing, but there is no way he would have really done it, unless the baby was an actual MONSTER. And even then, he would only do it to protect human beings and he would have never done it if he thought Bella was still alive.

    Dude. He would have NEVER murdered an innocent baby. NEVER.PERIOD. He is a PROTECTOR not a murderer. I cannot believe anyone could ever say that of Jacob. He purposefully left his pack and became a homeless person to stop them from harming Bella and the Cullens. Yeah, that is a real murderer alright.

    He thought Reneesme was a monster. He thought that she was killing Bella (which she was, but it wasn't on purpose). That is why he hated Reneesme, because he (and most of the Cullens too!) thought that she would be one of those terrifying, horrendous newborns. If you remember, Edward wanted Carlisle to force an ABORTION on Bella. That would be killing Reneesme too, wouldn't it. That would be her own father and grandfather doing it, too. But you don't see that as murder, do you? Once Edward was able to communicate with her he would never do that once was able to understand that she was NOT a monster. Neither would JAKE!

    Now as for the “gay” thing. What reason would you have for Jacob all of the sudden being gay, other than to be disrespectful to the Saga? That was YOUR put down line, not mine.. I have NO PROBLEM with gay people. In fact, I love many of them.
    So if Jacob would've been gay, or any character in the Saga, fine. But for you to “wish Jacob was gay”, just doesn't make any logical sense unless you were using that to put Jacob down. What other reason would you wish him to be gay for?
    Unless you are a guy and like him for yourself, I don't understand why you would wish Jacob to be gay. It just sounds like an immature statement from someone who is venting and hating on Jacob.
    If that is not your reasoning for wanting him to be gay, then fine, but you really need to explain yourself further, because otherwise that statement makes no sense.

  161. ancha85

    I can understand that.

  162. Alexandriad

    I really disagree. It is not like Bella was pregnant the whole book series! What Jacob and Bella had was just friendship. She wanted to be with Jacob when she wasn't going to have Renesmee.

  163. Eternity_with_Edward

    I'm saying the reason Bella and Jacob had that unbreakable connection was because Jacob was always supposed to be in Bella's life – because he was destined to imprint on Renesmee. I always wondered why Bella was always so concerned about Jacob throughout all the books – but it was because there was this hidden connection we found out about in Breaking Dawn. The connection didn't happen when she became pregnant.

  164. beckysue

    i hafta agree with ancha85 :)

  165. DutchTwilighter

    Your comment made me laugh, you know, babybott330 xD And yes, it would suck to have Paul as a brother (in law). Oh well, Jacob survived 3 years of heartbreak, he will manage to survive it XD

  166. katherineofbrightskies

    I have Breaking Dawn in my hands and I quote for that: “Perfect. The new position was perfect for my strike. I leaned forward, and felt the heat begin to change me while the pull toward the killer grew” (359).

    “Rosalie would try to kill me when the creature was dead, and I would fight back. I wasn't sure if I would have time to finish her before the others came to help. Maybe, maybe not. I didn't care much either way” (358).

    “Every inside me came undone as I stared at the tiny porcelain face of the half-vampire, half-human baby. All the lines tha theld me to my life were sliced apart in swift cuts, like clipping the strings to a bunch of ballons. Everything that me who I was-my love for the dead girl upstairs, my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, the love for my brothers, my hatred for my enemies, my home, my name, my self–disconected from me in that second-snip snip snip- and floated into space. I was not leeft drifting . a new string held me where i was” (360).

    He hated Renesmee because he THOUGHT she had killed Bella. Which she didn't! And if he had bothered to stick around and check before going off and attempting to murder her new born child (If Jacob hadn't imprinted, Renesmee would be dead right now)

    And on the gay thing, it's just because Forks seems to be so….anti-diversial. They have the tribe, and they're all of the same race, but they live on a totally different reservation! We never hear anything about African Americans, or Hispanics, or Asians, or gays, and it'd just be nice to have a little more diversity in one of the main characters. Because really, no one expected Eric Yorkie to be Asian in the movie, or Tyler to African American.

    Forks is a Caucasion town, with a Native American Reservation off to the side. Not exactly my idea of diverse.

    And, also on the 'I wish Jacob was gay' subject, it'd also prove to be interesting if one moment he likes guys, and the next moment he imprinted on a girl.

  167. ancha85

    In response to the following –
    “I have Breaking Dawn in my hands and I quote for that: “Perfect. The new position was perfect for my strike. I leaned forward, and felt the heat begin to change me while the pull toward the killer grew” (359).

    “Rosalie would try to kill 'me when the creature was dead, and I would fight back. I wasn't sure if I would have time to finish her before the others came to help. Maybe, maybe not. I didn't care much either way” (358).

    Yes, I agree. He would have killed “the creature” because he thought it was a monster. Yes, part of his reasoning was because he felt she had killed Bella, but if she was a human baby that had caused Bella's death, he wouldn't have even have fathomed the idea of killing it. He would have been sad and probably angry too, that Bella had died, but he wouldn't have hated a HUMAN baby.He only was feeling this, because he thought the baby was a monster, as ALL young children vampires had been in the past. Edward clearly wanted to kill it too, the only thing that changed his mind was when Nessie communicated that she loved her mama already.

    The next quote you have is his feeling when he imprinted. He knew then that Reneesme could not be evil, because the imprinting occurs to help the wolves continue to protect humanity, so no way would he have imprinted on an “evil creature”. The ONLY thing Jacob is EVER willing to kill is a vampire.

    “Every inside me came undone as I stared at the tiny porcelain face of the half-vampire, half-human baby. All the lines tha theld me to my life were sliced apart in swift cuts, like clipping the strings to a bunch of ballons. Everything that me who I was-my love for the dead girl upstairs, my love for my father, my loyalty to my new pack, the love for my brothers, my hatred for my enemies, my home, my name, my self–disconected from me in that second-snip snip snip- and floated into space. I was not left drifting . a new string held me where i was” (360).

    Even as much jealousy and anger he feels with Edward, once he truly starts to know Edward, that starts to fade away. He can see Edward as a “monster” as long as he doesn't really know him, but once he starts to actually converse with him, that feeling starts to change. He could have NEVER truly killed Edward or any of the Cullens.

    In fact, he abandoned his pack and his tribe to save them. Yes, his main objective was to protect Bella, but as he told Jared “Even though you think this is just for Bella, your wrong. I am going to protect innocent people, including the Cullens.” I paraphrase that, but that is pretty close to what he said.

    I am glad that they used diverse actors for the parts of the school kids. I really am. But SM wrote about Forks as it really IS. There are small towns in America that are predominately white or predominately black or predominately Hispanic. Not many small towns are diverse. That is just a fact. At it doesn't make them a bad place. Forks is a small town near a small Native reservation. SM is portraying it as it is. Not every story has to be about “diverse” characters. It does not make it bad if it is not.
    Plus, the way SM is portraying the Quileutes is pretty amazing. She and Summit are doing a fantastic job of promoting pride in Native people. I am very proud of them for that.

    Now again about the “gay” thing. We would not even have a Saga if Jacob had been portrayed as gay. Period. SM would have written “Twilight” and maybe some version of BD, but the books would have not been NEAR as interesting (and I would say wonderful, too) without Jacob and the love triangle. There is NO WAY that Jacob could have been portrayed as gay.

    It just seems to me because you hate him, you want to change him into something he is not. IMHO, anyone who wants to change the Saga or hates something in it is, in a way, being disrespectful to Stephenie Meyer. Because it is HER Twilight world, her story, so SHE decides how the story is going to go, not ANYONE else. You don't have to like the story, but you should be respectful of it and SM.
    It has hurt her a lot when people hate her characters, especially Jacob. I don't blame her, it hurts me, too.

    And even your concept is strange. The whole purpose of the wolves is to protect humanity by being protectors and carrying on the line. Most likely if a Quiluete were gay, they would not be transformed into a wolf, because they could not carry on the line. And if they were, don't you think that would be awful for someone who was gay to be forced into heterosexuality by imprinting? That is just strange, sorry but I just don't get it.
    Jake is NOT a murderer and the “gay” thing is just strange. Sorry.

  168. katherineofbrightskies

    Wow, this is the first Twilight conversation that I've actually enjoyed in awhile. You really know your Twilight stuff, and you're really literate. I have to congradulate you, because your views are intriquing and well stated, you're very articulate as well, but you get to the point fast.

    I placed the imprinting quote to show how quickly he changed from his 'kill Renesmee thing” Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

    I do not hate Jacob. I used to hate Jacob up untill the end of Eclipse. I just hate the pairing of Jacob and Bella together. I don't hate any of the Twilight cast, I just have mixed feels towards the Saga overall.

    Also, just because something would be awful, doesn't mean it wouldn't be interesting. I examine every option, every possible plotline or story line, because the theories around things like that, are as you say, strange, but are also very interesting.

    He's not a murderer, but if he hadn't imprinted, he would be. Honestly, I find the idea of imprinting extremely fascinating, but I dislike Jacob's choice. I prefer Leah ^.^

    The thing I do dislike about Twilight is, is that when it ends, everything fits together way to perfectly.

  169. katherineofbrightskies

    Also, on the hating Jacob subject again. Most authors right books, and want their readers to feel passionate about their characters, whether in good ways or bad. I believe that it's not offensive to hate a fictional character because of their actions. I believe it is offensive to hate a fictional character because of the quality of how they were written.

    Do you honestly think such writers as JK Rowling would be upset if a reader hated Voldemort?

    I hated Jacob because he was trying to break up Edward and Bella, that was all. Otherwise I liked him, but I came to like him more as we read inside his mind insteadd of Bella's. Then I disliked him again when he imprinted on Renesmee. Now I just wish he had a more interesting plotline and not so perfect ending. Same with the rest of the characters .

  170. chocolemonade

    Thank you, I truly hate it when people don't like the book just because they find it “creepy”. Its not creepy at all, and theres a lot more to the book than just this one aspect

  171. Name

    oh for crying out loud, forming a negative opinion of a published book isn't disrespectful. it's not being so obsessed with an author and loving everything associated blindly so that you still HAVE an opinion. nobody is talking about burning books and sending hate mail.

  172. Name

    yes you have made it perfectly clear in your comments to every single post regarding this question that you love and accept everything SM has done or ever will write. we get it.

  173. ancha85

    First of all, thanks for the compliments. It is nice to be able to have an
    “agree to disagree” conversation with someone rational who does not get all angry and defensive if someone does not agree with their point of view.

    Now saying that, and after reading the above, I only have a couple of last things I would like you to consider.

    First of all, of course it is not wrong to dislike a character in the book. There always has to be a “bad guy/villain” in a story, there has to be conflict. How could anyone not hate Voldemort. However, and this is a BIG however, Jacob Black is NOT a villain. He is a kind, caring, loyal, and loving person.
    Did he try to take Bella away from Edward? Yes, but that does not make him bad.

    When he started his relationship with her, Edward was GONE. Edward and told her he was NEVER returning. Bella was in a severe depression, suicidal. Jacob saved her from that, and many other things. Without Jacob Black it is very likely that Edward would have come back to a very broken person or to no one. She likely would have died, from her own actions or Laurent's.
    If Edward wouldn't have left, they wouldn't even have had the kind of relationship that they did. They felt attraction and love for each other because Edward LEFT. Edward himself realizes he is the cause for Bella and Jacob's strong bond. He accepts the consequences of it because he knows it is his fault.

    Now, Jacob is a 16 year old boy, who is in love. What 16 year old boy is just going to give up on the object of his affection, just because the “old boyfriend” comes back? He cannot turn off his feelings like that, and neither can Bella.
    But besides all of that “normal human emotion” stuff that he is feeling, that is NOT the main reason why is fighting for Bella so much.

    The PRIMARY reason that Jacob is fighting for Bella is because he is so afraid for her. He is afraid that she is going to DIE or be turned into the UNDEAD (which for him and his pack is worse than death) because she is in a relationship with a vampire. He cannot imagine that these vampires are really what they claim to be, good, caring, honest people. When he gets to know them, he realizes his prejudice and changes. He says, “That's the problem about hanging out with vampires, you start to think of them as people.” He starts to realize his own prejudice and the Cullens start to realize their own prejudice against the wolves, too.

    I don't understand how you can compare good-hearted Jacob Black to Voldemort, there just is no comparison. Now if you compared Aro to Voldemort, that is a different story. Aro is not near as evil, but he's pretty evil.
    So IMHO, it is fine to hate an evil character, it is not fine to hate a character that is good, but is causing conflict. Jacob is a wonderful character.

    And just to let you know, I truly believe that Bella and Edward must be together. They are soulmates. But so are Jacob and Nessie, they belong together. In fact, Bella and Jacob belong in each others' lives in some capacity. Not necessarily as a romantic relationship, but in some way. Some people are just SUPPOSED to be in our lives.I am very glad that things ended the way they did.

    I understand that a lot of people don't like that there was not more “sacrifice” and that things ended so well for Bella, because that is the way “good literature” is supposed to happen. Well, why can't the author end her story the way SHE wants to. SM did not start writing these books to become rich or famous. She wrote these books because she loves her characters and loves that we love them, too.
    IMHO I am thrilled that she ended it as she did.

  174. ancha85

    I just don't like it that people say they “hate Jacob” or that he is “evil” or that they “want him to die”. If he was an evil character, I would have no problem with that, but he is just a teenage boy caught in the middle of a very difficult situation that is not any his fault.
    The whole reason Bella and Jacob have this strong bond, is that Edward LEFT.
    Jacob is just trying to defend someone he loves.

  175. ancha85

    I am not saying that I “love and accept” everything that SM does. But yes, I do love this Saga and her three main characters. They. Are. Awesome. PERIOD.

    I don't understand being so cruel to a character that is a 16 year old teenage boy in a very difficult situation. He does the best he can and is not EVIL.

    The main reason all of this happened is because Edward LEFT. Is he evil? No.

  176. kanfan077

    ok i totally agree with your Edward vs. Jacob thing


    Nessie really changed him just like Bella changed Edward and vice-versa hes not trying to take Nessie away from Bella. and i love how EVERYTHING worked out how neither of them(Bella and Jacob) have to hurt anymore. i think that Jake imprinting on Nessie is the SMARTEST most beautiful thing Stephenie Meyer did.

  177. thearticalpineapple

    I agree. It's been said in the series that imprinting doesn't always mean being in love with the person (or half-person, half-vampire) at the moment. Another member of the wolf pack, Quill, imprinted on a young girl. And he was there to be whatever she needed; babysitter, a playmate, a best friend. There weren't near as many comments on how “gross” that was. I don't think people would be reacting this strongly if it wasn't Bella's baby. I understand Bella and Jacob's history, and I think the imprinting explained it well. Bella and Jacob wanted to be in each other's lives, maybe because fate knew they always would be. Bella wanted Jacob as a best friend, and now he can truly be that. Jacob was attracted to Bella, possibly because he was drawn to something that could have been the future Nessie. The fact is, Jacob wants nothing more than to be there for Renesmee, whatever that means. And seeing how much he cares, I think he will be wonderful. Besides, if he had been thinking anything inky, Edward would have already ripped his throat out by now.

  178. kanfan077

    Plus how creepy would it be to be nessie, and know your boyfriend (is this the right word?) has kissed your MOM!!!!


  179. kanfan077

    ok ya Renesmee didn't have a choice but neither did jake. and besides i dont think she wanted a choice because he is just as perfect for her as she is for him even if she did have a choice he would have been her choice!

  180. kanfan077

    im not sure he COULD have imprinted on Leah because she is a wolf too!!!!

  181. Tonks

    I disagree. Viewing each book individually instead of a piece in the lives of these characters might reveal BD to be “powered by easy wins.” However, I view the books as an ongoing story. They didn't suffer?! These characters have had enough torture, unhappiness, tragedy to DESERVE some happiness. I was quite satisfied with BD. I LOVE that Bella is no longer in need of anyone's protection. I LOVE that Bella is a mommy. I LOVE that Edward is a daddy. I LOVE that Jacob is there for their daughter. ( I understood so much of the parent angst that I connected with Bella finally).

    The imprinting didn't bother me at all. I thought “He is her perfect playmate, friend, and eventual mate.” As parents, you couldn't ask for a better son-in-law.
    However, I totally understood Bella being upset. “Is there anyone else who gets first dibs at my kid before me?”
    “and then you nickname her after the Loch Ness monster?” lol. That was great!

    I'd explain in more details but I do not want to spoil anything for our TwilightGuy (whose website I adore).

  182. BiteMe

    Ok Twilight fans! Ive gotten over one hundred Emails involving this comment, so if you plan to reply to my comment, read the others to make sure it isnt something that hasnt already been addressed. Im suprised that SOOO many people are interested in this very important twilight subject. But please take it easy! im going to try and read all of your comments (even if i must stay up all night until im done) . So hold your comments until at least Saterday night!

  183. BiteMe

    srry replyed to the wrong comment! im talking about the comment right above this one /

  184. babybott330

    At the same time, Renesmee is aging at a hugely accelerated rate. She's on a much higher level than any regular newborn, much like Bella. It's an interesting parallel.
    Edward is only 17 on a very technical level. He has experienced many more years of life than Bella, and has learned far more about the world.

  185. babybott330

    I agree with you. If there were going to be a “fault” for the way that Jacob and Bella ended up feeling about each other, the fault would belong to Edward. As you've said, he even states it in the book.
    As I've said, I really see no other person that Renesmee could end up with, if not for <the one person> who's way older than her anyway.
    However, there are times that I haven't liked Jacob from the standpoint that he was in the way and making me angry. Of course, I've also felt that way about Bella and Edward a time or two, as well.
    As for Name, who can down people without actually stepping up and holding their own identity, get a life. I'm in love with everything that Stephenie has written, and it is not out of some crazy blinding love. I find her to be an exceptional author who writes in a style that I particularly enjoy.
    I also have to agree about the diversity issue. In The Host, just for example, there are people of all walks of life. To say that the books are not diversified simply seems to state that you feel Stephenie is prejudiced. Once she decided to place the story within the town of Forks, all other possibilities fell away. You can choose to make Forks as diversified as, say California, for example.
    Since Rowling was brought into this long before my mention, allow me to say this: Someone please cite specific examples for me in which you realized long before her mentioning it that Dumbledore was gay. I actually picked up chemistry between him and McGonagle, if anything. Rowling jumped on a boat to become diversified, and left many readers wondering what just happened. I love the Harry Potter series, and I think as far as villains go, Voldemort is superbly written.
    I'm sorry, I see no way at all how Jacob being gay could have enriched the storyline. Also as has been said, wouldn't it really be tragic if he were gay and somehow imprinting forced him into loving a woman?
    What aggravates me the most is that we have all read the rest of the book already and we know what happens. How could you not admit how essential to the plot the Jacob/Renesmee pairing is by the end, even if you hate it? Not to mention, I prefer the extreme mental battle that takes place as opposed to half our beloved characters dying off.

  186. babybott330

    Just in case you're not keeping up, Name has made it perfectly clear that he/she hates you, and I assume, me by extension of agreeing with you. We are losers and it is not okay for us to love Stephenie Meyer's writing and characters and we totally need to get lives.
    Edward is GOD, Jacob is evil, you are a loser, I am a loser, and Leah pwns all, okay? 😉

  187. ancha85

    Thanks for all your support BB! I really appreciate it when someone else helps me defend Jacob and/or SM and how she wrote BD.

    I too totally agree with everything you said. Like minds think alike, as they say. Very intelligent and well thought out comments!

    And how could Jacob being gay serve any purpose to SM's story? I just didn't get it. I am glad that I am not the only one. And I would have been soo upset if any of the beloved characters had died. Someone said on another post that it would have been more interesting if SM had killed off one of the Cullens, for example Esme. I was thinking NOOOOO!! That would just be awful! For both Esme and Carlisle and all of the siblings! Look what happened to Tanya' clan when their mother died!
    It would have been TERRIBLE. Thank God SM brought everything to a great conclusion!
    Now I just hope and pray that she writes a book about Renesmee and Jacob or with Leah as a main character. That would be soo awesome!

    Also, I pray she does finish MS one day. What I read of it opened my eyes up to Edward's POV so much!

  188. ancha85

    You just crack me up, BB! As another Jacob defender said, we shouldn't beat our heads against a wall with people who are narrow minded and can't handle a civil discussion.

    Name has every right to her opinion, as long as she states it in a civil way, some people don't know how to do that, though. Too bad…

  189. Name

    all I'm saying is that someone can love a book and simultaneously discuss it critically. it has nothing to do with respect. I don't understand why anyone would be so personally offended by this concept.

  190. ancha85

    Of course it is possible to love a book and be RESPECTFULLY critical. I don't love all aspects of the Saga either. I think Edward is too controlling. Don't get me wrong, I love Edward, and totally believe he and Bella MUST be together, but I do not like that he does not treat her as an equal partner sometimes.
    I understand that he cannot do that physically, as she IS a danger magnet, and she is a human in the middle of all of these supernatural creatures, but too often he lies to her to protect her “fragile feelings”.
    Bella is a strong person mentally and emotionally, and if Edward had treated her that way, instead of lying and hiding the truth from her, a lot of the problems the had could have been avoided. But saying that, I know that that is part of what makes the Saga so interesting.
    I am being critical of Edward in a respectful way. I am not saying “Oh, Edward is ridiculous! He is so stupid for leaving Bella in New Moon! She should have never left to go save him. He deserved to have the Volturi kill him, for being so stupid!”
    If I or anyone said that online about Edward, Team Edward fans would be furious! And rightly so, because it is disrespectful.
    Yet it is supposedly OK for some Team Edward fans to say “I hate Jacob!” “Jacob is a stupid, mongrel dog.” “I wish Jacob was gay!” (I really don't understand that one) or “I wish Jacob was dead!” I am sorry, but that is not being just critical, but also disrespectful.

    SM has said that it hurts her when people say things like that to her about Jacob. She loves BOTH Edward and Jacob. And for those of us who love both of them, too, it is feels hurtful. I feel like I am constantly defending Jacob from people, yet I hardly ever see a Team Jacob person saying such things about Edward. There is nothing wrong with friendly teasing, but here IS something wrong with disrespectful comments.I would never say anything like that about any of the characters in the Saga.

    For example, I do not like the Volturi. Jane is a masochistic, evil creature. I could say “I wish the Cullens would totally destroy her, after torturing her until she wished she were dead!” Many people would say that Jane would deserve that. But, I would never expect the Cullens to be evil like her. I would never expect SM to disrespect any of her characters like that. The Volturi are a necessary and important part of the Saga. What would the story be without them? Not near as exciting. So even thought we can not like them, because they are “the bad guys”, we should respect their place in the story.

    Many people do NOT respect Jacob's place in the story.
    It is perfectly fine to be critical in a respectful way, just not in a DISRESPECTFUL way. I am in no way offended by the concept of respectful criticism. I am offended by disrespectful, immature comments.

  191. Madeleine

    I agree completely! I wanted to murder Bella in this chapter, I really did. She was being completely ridiculous! How does she get off being angry at Jacob for something completely out of his control? And she's acting like she has an exclusive claim on Renesmee or something…when she really doesn't anymore. The bond that Jake now has to Renesmee is UNBREAKABLE. I think he has as much right to the baby as Bella does! Besides which, Jacob is finally HAPPY now, a feat unto itself after everything Bella did to him, and now that he's finally recovered from her, she'd going to take away his ONE chance to be happy in life! After all the pain she's already caused him, she has to take this away, too! Especially since he doesn't even want to STEAL her baby, he is more than willing to share. I'm sorry, but that would really make Bella a monster, in the truest sense of the word.

    I also don't understand why Bella and Edward are so opposed to Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. Honestly, I thought Bella would be thrilled. I was thrilled. Do they not realize how many of their problems this solves? For one thing, now that Jake's imprinted, the wolves can't harm Renesmee, which strengthens their alliance. (that's coming up in the next chapter.) For another, Jacob doesn't have to be in pain anymore over Bella, and Edward doesn't have to be jealous anymore! And yet, Jake can still be a part of her life, as he was always meant to be, and they can both love each other the right way, instead of the way that hurts everyone involved. Isn't that what Bella has always professed to want for Jacob and herself? Not to mention how lucky Renesmee is to have someone like Jacob in her life. He truly only has her best interests at heart. As many have said, imprinting isn't necessarily romantic. Jacob TRULY loves her, and will fill whatever role Nessie needs him to fill in her life. As her needs change, he will change to accommodate them. I mean, how can they not be happy to have someone who cares so deeply for their daughter?

    I only forgave Bella for her awful behavior because she didn't mean a lot of what she said, she was just having a vampire over-reaction. Really, she and Edward would BOTH have to be blind to not see the reason in this! Even I thought it was the best possible solution!

    Okay, I'm done babbling now. Phew, that felt good to get out.

  192. Madeleine

    “I've always believed that Bella and Edward should be togetherbe cause I hate them both and Jake's too good for Bella, so I might be biased.”

    HA HA! While I don't hate Bella or Edward, there IS something to be said for that, because they both have similar negative qualities.
    LOL, I love that line. I don't completely agree, yet I still love it.

  193. Madeleine

    I could not agree more! I was so happy for Jake and for everybody else when I realized he had imprinted. I thought Bell and Edward would be happy too, and was shocked when they weren't.

  194. chocolemonade

    I've read it 3 times so I know how things turn out and thats why i forgive Bella for attacking Jacob, motherly+vampiric emotions lead to explosive breakdowns sometimes lol.

    And it does feel good to get out doesn't it :)

  195. tinabelle722

    ok i like the idea of the soul within the egg much better than the egg itself. i am adopting that thought now. my feelings on it haven't changed but the idea of him falling for an undeveloped soul is much less icky than him falling for an unfertilized egg! haha

  196. Brandie1973

    You dont imprint on more than one person It is a once in a lifetime thing.

  197. robstenforever

    I didn't say that.
    If Bella and Jacob had got together in New Moon or eclipse, then Bella wouldn't of had Nessie.. therefore Jake wouldn't of imprinted.
    So theres nothing stopping Jake from imprinting on someone when Bella and Jake are together.
    It's possible for that to happen.

  198. Brandie1973

    ok I misunderstood what you were saying. All I meant was there is only one person he would imprint on so even if Jacob and Bella had hooked up he never would have imprinted on anyone.

  199. futonfighter

    As opposed to the huge-r age difference between Edward and Bella?

    While I understand people being squicked because Renesme is a baby when Jacob imprints on her – imprinting means nothing more than that that person becomes the centre of your universe. There's no fixed romantic interpretation with imprinting unless the person being imprinted wants it to be that way. Basically the imprinter gives their purest devotion because they are willing and happy to be *whatever the imprintee wants them to be*. I don't get why that's so much more squicky than the idea of Edward being 80 years older than Bella when they become *romantically* involved.

    Seems a bit hypocritical. On one side you have something that isn't imediately romantic and has a smaller age difference; and on the other hand you have something that is and has a larger age difference but that somehow flies because outwardly Edward looks younger than Bella.

    In other words you have people being squicked not because of what something *IS* but because of what something *LOOKS LIKE*. That seems pretty lame to me.

    If Renesme grew up and fell in love with someone else the whole point of imprinting would be that due to the level of devotion imprinting gives they can't be anything other than what the imprintee wants them to be.

    I actually have more issues with the idea of imprinting completely removing the aspect of choice and free will than issues over supposed 'squickiness'. If I can get over the major squickiness of of centunarian Edward boinking teenager Bella, then I can get over the supposed 'squick' off Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. Particularly when Renesmee's going to be fully grown in 7 years. And hell, even if there was no romance between them for thirty years there'd still be a smaller age difference between them than Bella and Edward.

    I'll never get how everyone ignores the 'squick' of that pairing. If it doesn't bother you fine but it's definitely just as weird as the other if not more so, imo.

  200. ancha85

    In response to Chris34. I know it has been quite awhile since you have posted your comment on this blog, but what you have said has really resonated with me, and I have wanted to comment on it for some time.
    I find your theory about the Bella/Jacob/Renesmee relationship really interesting, and something that makes a lot of sense.

    I have heard people say that the imprinting thing is really disgusting, and it would be if you look at it through a HUMAN perspective, but we shouldn't look at it like that, as that is not how the wolves percieve it. For them, it is something totally different, that we as humans have a difficult time truly understanding. I have heard people call Jacob a pedophile or say that “he should die”, and that really bothers me. I understand where they are coming from in a way, but in reality they are looking at imprinting totally wrong.

    I have also heard the theory that there never was a “Team Jacob” to begin with, that Jacob was only in love with the egg inside of Bella that was going to be Renesmee, or that he imprinted on the half of Renesmee's DNA that was inside of Bella. I could not ever really wrap myself around that concept. It doesn't make complete sense to me.

    As you say, Jacob did have strong feelings for Bella before he ever turned into a werewolf. In fact, because he was so happy being with her, it took him longer to phase for the 1st time. I agree that he loved her from the beginning, but you are right, things did seem to intensify so much after he started phasing.

    I really like your theory that Jacob could not give up Bella, because he really was not able to give up Renesmee. You are absolutely right. Renesmee was his destiny and he had to be wherever she was, both before and after she was born. Excellent Theory!

    I do have one thing I would like you to consider regarding the Bella/Jacob relationship. I understand where you are coming from when you state you are not “Team Jacob” because you feel he forced himself on Bella and manipulated her (Edward manipulates her quite a bit to, for that matter). I understand you are looking at this from a Dad's point of view. And I also can understand that as a guy it bothers you when Jacob continues to open himself up to pain by not letting Bella go easily.
    But one thing I have a problem with from many people who don't like Jacob's behavior is that they don't see what his primary reason for not letting Bella go easily. His PRIMARY concern is her life.

    Yes, it would have hurt him to let her go, and being a teenage boy in love, that would have been extremely hard for him. But after awhile, part of him was desperately wanting the separation from her, especially in Breaking Dawn. Part of him wanted to start the healing process. He couldn't understand WHY she kept wanting to see him so badly (it was Nessie, of course).
    But I think he would have done it a lot faster and easier on both of them, if her life wasn't at stake.

    Jacob truly believed that if he gave up on her, her life was forfeit. He believed that he had to fight for her with every ounce of his being, to save her life. He was terrified that if Edward tried to turn her into a vampire, he would lose control and kill her. And if, by some miracle, he didn't kill her, then her soul would be forfeit, which to him and the other wolves was, in a way, worse than death.
    Jacob was supernaturally created to be the natural enemy of vampires, and it was only because of the true goodness inside the Cullens that he was ever able to see them differently. This is a great example for young people to see that prejudice takes many different forms, and that if enemies just communicate with each other, they see the humanity in one another and can no longer BE enemies

    So, as Stephenie Meyer has said on her website, Jacob's main concern was saving Bella's life/soul, and he did ALL that he could to prevent her from losing that. Once he realized that the Cullens could exist and not be monsters, he was willing and able to give Edward permission to not break the treaty when he turned her.
    The romantic situation was extremely important to him personally, but it was only a secondary motivation for him. His first and foremost motivation was to save Bella.

    Anyway, I know this was very long, and you might not even ever see it, but I felt like I had to comment on your theory (I like it very much!) and also defend Jacob a little bit, maybe give you a little different perspective on his motivation for doing what he did.
    I will be attending the Twicon Convention next week in Dallas. I know one of the Breakout Panel members is going to discuss her theory about Jacob only being in love with Renesmee's DNA. If I get a chance, I will try and offer up your theory as a possible alternative to that. I hope you don't mind! :)

  201. Irunwithvampires

    I know, I too hated that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee he thinks she's all his and Renesmee's like “my Jacob”.


  202. Irunwithvampires

    Well it bothered me at first, like, it was kinda awkward, but now I understand that Jacob is just perfect for Renesmee and he's sorta like an older brother to her, taking care of her and making sure she didn't get hurt or anything, and when she gets older, they'll (awkward!) date…

  203. Irunwithvampires

    I totally agree with ancha85! I totally want a Jake and Nessie book, or at least a fifth book that's about their life as vamps and about Renesmee getting older and starting to have more feelings for Jake and all that stuff. S Meyer if you read this comment pleeeaaasse write a fifth book! I enjoyed the saga a LOT and I'm dying for another book!


  204. Beth

    I thought about that a lot, Renesmee will be about the same age as Edward Bella and Jacob, so Bella will be like “Daughter!” to someone her age! And, how would Renesmee feel knowing her boyfriend had kissed her mom??

  205. ciarapowe

    Can Someone please tell me where The Additions for Reneesme are going to be.Hello i am an Actress going to drama school I think i would be the perfect Reneesme.GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

  206. ciarapowe

    Can Someone please tell me where The Additions for Reneesme are going to be.Hello i am an Actress going to drama school I think i would be the perfect Reneesme.GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!

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