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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 29 (Defection) and Chapter 30 (Irresistible)

August 12th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

The song for these chapters is The Killing Lights by AFI (suggested by Mikayla)

I should probably note before I publish this post that it is being written whilst its author is flying high on a recent can of Red Bull and crazy music on repeat. This combination is not at all the proper situation for reading Breaking Dawn, especially with all the death and destruction that seems soon to befall all the residents of Forks and La Push. But I’ve got a writing deadline, and I’m packing up my house to move, and energy drinks seem far better for me than dropping dead from exhaustion at the moment. On to Breaking Dawn!

Now that Bella and the Cullens, and I’m assuming the werewolves, have been sentenced to die by the Volturi, there are really only three options:

1. (Honorable Choice) Fight for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

2. (Chicken Choice) Run around screaming in circles, because that always fixes things.

3. (Medieval-Mindset Choice) Put Bella on a stake and cart her outside the city walls, in hopes the sacrifice will pacify the oncoming armies.


This always works.

I can’t really say that I can imagine how terrified they all must be, knowing that there is this great army of vampires coming to get them. It’s such a nightmarish thought, because as of now it doesn’t really seem like there’s much they can do. If they run, the Volturi will simply follow them. They won’t be able to hide anywhere. And making peace with the Volturi seems nearly impossible as of now.

I think most of their fear is simply from being without options – the thought that nothing they do will be able to save them. There are few things that I am greatly, paralyzingly afraid of (besides wasps and bees) but one of my greatest fears is just being helpless. In life, if there is a problem, usually there is a way to simply fix it by sacrificing something. If we need to pay the rent, and we don’t have enough money, we can sell the TV. If we need to get somewhere because a friend is dying, there is always a friend or a bus or something to get us there. But in the case of the Cullens and the werewolves, their absolute, petrifying fear is brought because there doesn’t seem to be any hope at all. No one will listen to their plight, and no fighting will save them. It is like being told in a premonition that your best friend is going to die tomorrow, and then having to actually go 24 hours knowing that it’s going to come true. When there suddenly seems like there is no hope, what is the point of even fighting anymore?

“My face felt permanently set into the fixed mask it had worn all night. I wasn’t sure I had the ability to smile anymore.” (pg. 555)


Not The Face Stephenie Was Imagining

But the fact is that there is some way out for the Cullens, even though it might be hard to find; and thankfully, the Cullens happen to have friends who can help. Alice seems to have a good idea of what she is doing, or at least some type of plan to get them out of this mess. I don’t even believe for a second that she is leaving the area to get out of being hurt in the battle. She’s like a sister to Bella, and everyone knows her far better than this – so whatever she is planning, I have a feeling it’s for the best of them all.

When Bella makes mention of this random J. Jenks person, I can’t help but be reminded of J Jonah Jameson from Spiderman, or feel like I’m in some sort of old gangster/detective film, where the villain just left a clue at the scene of the crime to tease Investigator McSmuff. For example:





J Jenks, Wanted Dead Or Alive

On the other hand, I think that with a name like J. Jenks, whoever this is could be some sort of lost vampire slayer, who has made a treaty to spare the Cullens but who’ll be willing to work and save their skins in return for vampire money. Then again, I’m getting way off topic.

Edward teaching Bella how to fight is a very, very significant part of this book in my opinion. After all, through the entire Twilight Saga, Bella has been seen as pretty much helpless, and almost any time there was danger, one of the Cullens or Jacob would come to save her. But suddenly, there’s no time for that anymore. She can’t always be saved by them – she’s one of them now. She’s got to fight alongside her family.

The whole Jane/Alec duo makes me think of a big spider. Alec blasts you with poison that dulls your senses, and makes you vulnerable. Then Jane goes in for the kill and burns your brains. That’s a chilling team there, which could very easily knock out the Cullens one by one, not even taking into consideration the rest of the Volturi who will be there. Bella’s thinking along the same lines as me: if she can just knock those two out, it will be a very powerful blow to their attackers. It also makes me wonder just how Bella’s powers will come in handy for this big battle.

I’m trying to imagine what it must feel like for Tanya and the other vampires to discover Renesmee. I suppose a similar situation would be if I walked into a house and saw a gigantic octopus sitting on the couch, watching television, and was told that it was my brother’s new girlfriend. Or, probably more fitting, if one of my friends suddenly told me in all seriousness that they were marrying a scorpion. But then, seeing how Renesmee telling the story herself is so influential, I suddenly see this as a potential lifesaver for them all. What if they can simply convince the Volturi to listen to her? Perhaps they might see the truth and spare them all without any war.

Question For The Comments: Which vampire’s power would you rather have: Jane’s or Alec’s?


– I’m flying in to California to look at cars and apartments this weekend, and my posts will be really scattered again! But I’m still set on finishing Breaking Dawn in time for September 9 😀

This post is one which was recovered after the Great Website Server Failure, and is missing most of its previous comments.

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79 Responses

  1. imani

    1st Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. imani

    gah 1st and 2nd comment!!!! i would have Alec's b/c you could help people in pain by dulling their senses until help comes. or that the vengeful road liek alec and help in horrid things, but not me!!! =D hi kaleb!!!

  3. imani

    i hope these are showing up b/c on my computer they aren't…='(

  4. Assshleey

    Def. Jane , even though Alecs power is just as useful and powerful , there is something about Janes that i feel could be mroe useful when in an attack : )

  5. JudithG

    Personally, I don't enjoy watching people suffer. I would much rather suffer for them so if I had to pick between those two, I would have Alec's powers.

  6. Sammy6618

    Alec's powers because it's able to stop a crowd of people and I would feel less guilty about it than if I were to have Jane's power and cause extreme pain within someone. But that's just me. If I could choose any power, I would choose Edward's instead because I don't really have a use for Alec or Jane's powers.

  7. Dara Eliacin

    Considering the fact that i'm not an evil tyrant looking to rule the world, i'll take Alec's!

  8. mitsy1991

    I would have Janes just because im a bit sadistic lol! Thinking about what Sammy6618 said about choosing any power I would quite like Edwards obviously but Jaspers also really interests me as you could make a person feel anything you like… could turn out very useful and very funny to use with people 😛

  9. reinix


  10. iluvjacob

    idk…… i would prob. take both cuz if i was in a fight with someone and was losing i could use alecs then janes or just janes…. ike if a friend was hurt ALECS if i wanted to KILL someone (whos initails r A. grantham.) i would use janes

  11. Victoria

    That's an interesting question. I'd probably have to go with Alec's power. I mean, I don't think I'd have the guts to make someone hurt like Jane. I am definately not sadistic. LOL.
    But out of all the vampires, I'd probably choose to have Alice's power. I would enjoy Edward's, but honestly, I don't think people would have interesting enough thoughts… =D haha. At least not around where I live!

  12. sole_c

    i would rather have alec's power because jane's is too evil

  13. Luke

    Kaleb, knowing your brother just from what I've seen from his YouTube, someday you will walk home and find an octopus as your brother's new girlfriend.

  14. agus

    If I have to choose between Alec and Jane I would have Alec's power. First, if I had Jane's power I'd only use it to defend myself but in that way Alec's power it's way better cause he can stop a crowd. And then his power can be use for good too, if someone was suffering you could numb his pain. But I still think Edward and Alice have the best and more useful gifts.

  15. Maria

    Haha… Jaden definitely has better taste than THAT. 😀
    I would choose Alec's power… because it has more than one use. Jane's can only cause pain and is offensive, but Alec's can take away pain, and can be offensive or defensive. Also, I think I might chicken out of using Jane's power, if I had it. If we're talking about everyone's powers, I would like Jasper's power. He could manipulate people very easily, and make them cooperate with him. Alice and Edward's powers are only about knowing things (the future, and other people's thoughts). But I like that Jasper's power is about knowing (other people's emotions) and doing (controlling other people's emotions).

  16. Bella Amaya

    Alec's, at least it's more humane. Jane's ability is pure cruelty.

  17. Heather E.

    I don't think I could be as sadistic as Jane, so I'd have to go with Alec's power. [Who knows? It might even be kind of awesome to be senseless, but only for a quick moment.] Well… I might like to burn a few people, but not enough to really want to. No, I'd definitely choose to strip people of their senses.

  18. LisiPie

    Kaleb, I was listening to your soundtrack (my favorite is Bran and Rosie's theme) and I was wondering what music software you used. Do you just layer the tracks on a keyboard, or do you have Notebook or something?

  19. lostinmusic89

    I'm glad you feel the same way I did when Alice left. I was like, “No, she isn't leaving because she's a chicken, there HAS to be a reason.”

    Overall, I'm not an insanely sadistic person, so I would go with Alec's powers. I don't think I could ever torture people like Jane.

  20. hakeber

    I would not pick either. If I had to pick someone's I would pick Alice's or Renesmee's. I'd like to make crazy stockmarket money and I could probably communicate better if I could just show people what i meant.

  21. moegi

    When I think of Jane's power, I always think, “Oh that is so awesome!” But in actuality, I don't think I'm that kind of person. I could never be. So in my mind maybe I could have Jane's. But in reality I would be better suited with Alec's.

  22. Jenny

    On the one hand I could use Alec's power to make people senseless which could make for
    a lot of good pranks…hmm…I don't really know what use Jane's power would be unless you like
    that kind of thing, which I don't. Like the majority I would want Alec's power.

  23. Cara

    :O You're moving to California?? Where?

    Probably Alec's… I don't really want to cause people pain

  24. magicalhannah7

    Is Jaden the one you think would date an octopus? I can see Jaden dating an octopus. I'm just sayin'.

  25. Victoria

    JANE! It's better than Alec's power. She can prevent other vamps fro mharming her because she'll make them feel as if they were on fire. Hmm, I wouldn't go so far to say that Tanya seeing Nessie is like your friend wanting to marry a scorpian…

  26. C.Ann

    I would so have Janes power.
    where in california are you moving? if its around LA, we should hang! =D

  27. Gianna

    “…if I walked into a house and saw a gigantic octopus sitting on the couch, watching television, and was told that it was my brother’s new girlfriend…”
    i started laughing so much!and i have to ask if u would be ACTUALLY surprised?(jk)
    love it!enjoy the rest of BD :)

  28. beckysue

    Definatly Alec's power, no doubt!

  29. Rachelle Puzzitiello

    I'd want Jane's power for SURE. I'd think “CRUCIO!” every time I used it. Oh, come on, like you DON'T think of Harry Potter and that unforgivable curse whenever you think of Jane.

  30. daniela

    well i really dont like what jane and alec can do .. but if i had to choose.. it would be alec's .. maybe its kind of creepy not to feel anything, but i'd rather not feel anything than being tortured from the inside of your mind…

    still i dont like their powers :)

  31. cnfac

    Janes. I am crazy Like that.

    Simple comment. I am tired. XD Got back from the ball game. CARDS ROCK.

  32. becky

    I'd want Alec's because I don't like seeing people in pain :/
    plus, Jane is freakishly similar to Bellatrix in Harry Potter, and I'm not a fan of Bellatrix.

    “gigantic octopus sitting on the couch, watching television, and was told that it was my brother’s new girlfriend”
    …is there something Jaden isn't telling us :O hehe

  33. Rose

    Jane makes for a really good character and I love her but I would want to be a somewhat compassionate vampire so I would pick Alec's power. You could keep people out of pain instead of inflicting it. Keep them from feeling death….

  34. TaraSeanan

    “Dear Diary,
    Today I made Edward fall in love with Carlisle. Again! lol
    Later, Jaspar.”

    Like that? 😛

  35. Wren

    Jane's. I wonder if she can control the intensity of the pain?
    I love the ears on your bandit!
    You're afraid of bees and wasps, too? Very rational. I completely agree.
    Have fun in CA. Come visit CO sometime.

  36. tarsha8nz

    I did think of 'Cruicio' and Bellatrix every time I read about Jane using her power. I was so upset when Alice and Jasper left. Why was everyone so convinced she was gone for good? Maybe they realised if they had any glimpse of hope that could be fatal.

    Which power, well I'm a twin so I say I'll have Alecs' power and B (my twin) can have Janes'. The family joke is that she is the evil twin. 😉

  37. DutchTwilighter

    I have a feeling I'm going with the crowd here and that just about everybody is going to pick the same option as me. Oh, well.
    I'm going for Alec's power. That power could actually do some good (think about the good you could do working with the police, or with psyciatric (that is missspelled, I think, but I can't find the right spelling) patients). Jane's power is… awesome, and would feel more 'powerlike' – but I simply don't want to be able to pin someone on the floor experiencing brutal pains and torturing them with my brain. I just… don't want to XD Alec's power is, in the end, less of an attack; so I'd prefer that one.

  38. kaitlyn22

    If you're moving to California, I highly suggest moving to El Segundo. It's a really small town that's pretty much mayberry in Los Angeles. It's right next to the beach, LAX, and is about 20 minutes from downtown and hollywood. All the perks of living in a cute small town community, while still living in LA.

  39. kaitlyn22

    oh and i'd rather have alec's power. my evil sister megan would love jane's.

  40. mitsy1991

    Exactly like that! You could so mess with peoples emotions and relationships…. i'd make mike fall in love with eric just to get him off my back, and just think…. all the male cullens in love with you! Now thats a good scenario to put yourself in 😛

  41. jackie

    I'd probably take Alec's. Very hard question might I add. They both have their pros and cons. Jane's would be very useful in a fight, Alec would be too. But Jane's would be faster, like a straight on attack. Alec's I think it quite strong since you wouldnt be able to feel anything. All your senses cut off. I said Alec's power though because I dont have the guts to actually attack someone straight on unless they personally hurt me or someone I love. So yeah Alec's. Also it could do some good too. I can't really think of how Jane's would do much good.

  42. Sam

    haha, I do! But that would lead to being the geekiest vampire on Earth if I had Jane's power. Wouldn't it be cool to be able to move things without touching them? I'd be yelling “ACCIO!” all the time, though…

    Actually, I'd rather have Alec's power. It seems more humane and more useful. They use him when they're feeling nice and want to spare a person pain when they kill them. Jane can stop someone in their tracks with pain, but they can still think and I bet they'd eventually be able to resist the pain (like with the Crutacious Curse, as soon as it's lifted, they could probably function well enough to take her down if in good health). But Alec just deems them incapable and he doesn't need to lift it to hit anyone else with his power, either.

    If I could have any vampire's power, I'd like to have Jasper's. I don't know, I think that's just so cool to be able to feel emotions and then control them. I feel bad when he's in the house, of course… But at school, it would be awesome! Hey, he's gotta go to high school for the rest of his life! He might as well have fun!

  43. Mmary

    lmao! Jaden dating an octopus!?! HA!

  44. xAkix

    Personally, I would have Jane's power. Something about cutting off all the senses, and having just absolutely nothing is terrifying. To have a consciousness and see nothing but blackness–it's kind of what I fear death will be: having a consciousness after life has departed from your body, and you spend eternity in darkness and unable to move or breathe. At least with Jane's power, you can feel SOMETHING. You can feel pain. And at least you can take comfort in knowing that while you're able to feel pain, you're still alive. To me, Alec's power is instant death. I would never be able to inflict that upon anyone. The whole idea is truly horrific–you never know if you'll come back to life again because you can't feel anything anymore.

  45. Madeleine

    You read my mind. Seriously. That was almost EXACTLY what I was about to post!!

    Yeah, I would never, ever want Jane's power, because when could I use it? I would feel horrible and sadistic causing people pain, and the only thing I would ever use her power for—self defense—could be done just as well and better by Alec's power, because he can incapacitate large numbers of people. And with Alec's power, you can also help people!

    But I have to say, while Edward's and Alice's powers are more useful, I wouldn't want either. I would feel like I was violating people by reading their thoughts (I would sure feel violated if it was me!) and besides which, I might find out a lot of hurtful thoughts and things that people never intended me to know, and that could potentially ruin my relationships with my friends and family. As for Alice's, well, I don't really want to know my future. Especially in her case, because the visions are subjective. I would feel the need to constantly be moderating my future and the futures of my family, and constantly worrying about every little tiny thing affecting the future. I would end up living in the future instead of the present. I think in both cases (Edward's and Alice's), ignorance is bliss.

    Odd as it sounds, if I had my total druthers, I would want Bella's power. Yes, I realize it isn't cool like Edward or Alice or Benjamin who can move things with his mind. But honestly, just the thought that there are people out there who can get inside my private thoughts and emotions and manipulate them in various ways makes my skin crawl. As I said above, I think that sort of invasion of my mind and privacy is the ultimate violation. If I knew I was that vulnerable, just an open book, I wouldn't be able to relax for a second around Edward or Jane or Alec or possibly even Jasper (though less so). The ability to block out all of that would be the only thing capable of restoring my peace of mind.

    Whew, that felt good! I'll post more on a future chapter!

  46. VictoriaPoet

    None. I would see it as a curse if I had Jane's or Alec's powers. :)

  47. Danno94

    Oh plZ, Cant I juZt have Alice'Z power?!! but since it iZnt an option I'll chooZe Jane'Z, it soundZ stronger, though Im not sure if I were tough enough to uZe it xp

  48. xXCourtneyHaleXx

    I'd want Jane's. I'm not sadistic or anything, it's just I have a few people who need to stop thinking their parents will stop every harm that comes there way.

    … Oh my God, that sounds horrible!

  49. imanicelestin

    i cant see the comments!! why, i want to read!!!

  50. Cassidy Ward

    omg. . . I would probly want alec's. But if i could choose any i would want to abosorb the powers around me so i could use them too!

  51. carpediem1991

    Oh, Kaleb, you were totally spoiled. You know you were.

  52. Emily

    I wouldn't really like having Jane or Alec's power, but if I had to choose, I'd say Alec. At least it doesn't hurt. I wouldn't want to hurt anyone, even if they were trying to hurt me. Rendering them completely senseless is just as effective.

  53. d A n i

    wow that's a difficult question.

    i'd say alec's but his gift works slowly, so probably jane's, but she can only incapacitate 1 person at a time, its hard .. maybe just super strength *shrugs*

    ps. LOL i didn't know kaleb nation listened to happy hardcore ..

    pps. LOL @ Starry_NightT .. i didnt't even thik of it that way .. that would be quite cool

  54. Paige

    You seem to be funnier with you're on Red Bull! LMAO! Althought I should say… I hear bad things about energy drinks, Kaleb! There's a reason I've never touched one!
    I'm not sure I would want Jane's OR Alec's power! Can I have Alice's and just be psychic? =)

  55. Jenni

    Yeah, I'd probably be frantic and living in the future with Alice's power. With Edward's I'd go mad with all the petty, sadistic, cruel, and just plain stupid thoughts. I feel so sorry for him. With Jane I'd slip. A lot of times. I mean I'd get so angry and then the next second the person is writhing in pain. Big uh-oh moment if I did that to my sister. Alec. Maybe I mean he seems even more sadistic than Jane. I just get that vibe from them, no one is that eerily calm. NO ONE! I'd go for Reneesme since I can't explain myself that thoroughly and when she matures she might be able to project without touching a person. She also has the most control with her power besides Kate and Bella. Also probably Jasper. It's be too funny to send Rosalie a wave of lust and get her to kiss Bella. Or when Bella was human send her buckets of lust so she can have dreams about all the Cullen men. She'd be so mortified and it would be hilarious! Also most people assume your brother would really have a octopus girlfriend. I seriously burst out laughing at that. God, if I walked in the house to see an octopus lounging on my couch watching TV and my sister claimed it was her boyfriend I'd seriously freak out. Then convince her to dump him.

  56. Emilie

    I am very… ah… sadistic so I'd have Jane's

  57. lofern

    As a fellow bee-fearing Californian, I welcome you to our fair shores!

  58. TessaMarch

    I would way rather have Alec's.
    But Jane's would be awesome too.
    Alec's would be cooler, because perhaps somone could be strong enough to resist Jane's pain. You cant resist when all of your sences are cut off.

  59. Jaclyn.

    Jane's. I have always wanted to get back at certain people… And I think there's a sick side of me that would have a lot of fun with that…
    I wouldn't like Alec's, not in a million years. To be able to cut someone off of all senses seems much more sadistic to mean then simply burning someone with your mind. There is seriously something wrong with Jane and Alec, though. And even though Jane has a temper, Alec's constant calm is somewhat disturbing, and even a little scary.
    I don't think I'm that mean…

  60. Biks

    FINAL New Moon trailer in English here:


    Enjoy it!

  61. Vitaani

    Causing pain isn't really all that appealing to me, so I would definately pick Alec's powers.

  62. janesoprodigal

    JANES! Hale yes. I could just walk aroung a mall and cause people to be in pain when i see them. IT WOULD BE FUN!!!!! MUA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  63. rachel

    ummm i dnt reli think u can compare Renesmee to a giant octopus! That me lol – literally!
    I think Janes power would be the most fun, watchin someone drop to the floor in complete incapacitating agony, all because u looked at them, however it would probly be extremely funni to have Alecs power and make someone 'senseless', theyd be running around like headless chickens! haha

  64. Lela_B

    I would want Alec's power because it can incapitate multiple people at once. It would be more useful to make everyone senseless than for just one to be in pain. It is also useful for helping people who are in pain. I also don't think I'm sadistic eanough to use Jane's power.

  65. Alexi

    Alec's, no question. If you want to take down more than one person, I'd simply paralyze them and let the others do my dirty work. :)

    Yeah, that sounds a bit sadistic. Sorry. xD

    Kaleb, after you're done with Breaking Dawn, are you going to blog about The Host? We'd all love that!!

  66. Lioness_Rampant

    i dont really kno. i think i wud go w/ jane's cuz just the intimidation aspects wud b useful. not 2 mention the ease of killing sum1. ofcourse this is from a strategic point of view. i'd prolly b less guilt ridden if i had Alec's.

  67. Vlo

    I guess out of the two I´d want to have Alec's power, because it's pretty useful if you have to defend yourself. But it still seems very cruel to cut off ALL senses of somebody. So I don't know wheter Jane's power wouldn't be nicer after all. But considering the pain – probably not. And of course as already said Alec's power is not limited to only one person.

    But if I could choose between all the powers I´d either take Bella's or Benjamin's. I would only take Bella's if I knew that other people had powers too to protect myself.
    But if not I would definitely take Benjamin's! I mean he can influence all elements, how cool is that? Yeah, I would definitely like that =D!

    Edward's power seems pretty cool, too. But I think that would request to be VERY forgiving. Because even your friends/family don't always think nice things about you.And it's not like you could just turn it off.. I would like to find out what people are really thinking, but only if it were for a day or something.

  68. Olivia Halsall

    I would totally have janes 😉 It would be totally awsome and if you hated someone alot you could go “I HATE YOU!” and burn them with your mind for a couple seconds.

  69. xtonks

    Alec's hands down.

  70. Mmary

    Probably Jane's.

    But I just want to point out that what you said in this chapter is exactly why some of us felt so sorry for Jacob, and could understand him sticking around. He had no other options. That was his very last chance, to make Bella somehow impossibly change her mind before it was too late. You said being helpless is one of the worst things that can happen to you. I agree. And that's what Jake felt like.

  71. Mmary

    Hmmm….I like the idea of using Jasper's power to have fun at school…….

    The teachers would love me, I'm sure. If they knew it was me! =D

  72. Natty

    hmmm… Well, Jane's would be cool… haha jk i'm not THAT evil. I would want neither, I'm mean, sheesh. Could the pair of them BE any more nasty and horrible?

  73. shaddin387

    Alec's gift, definitely. I can help people, and it would be good for self defense. If I had Jane's gift, I would lose control of it whenever I lose my temper.

  74. Leah

    Alec's, definitely. If I had Jane's I would never use it, and if I did, I would regret it. Alec's power, though, I wouldn't feel bad about using.

  75. melissa

    I'd choose Jane's power. There are a few people I'd love to use it on.

  76. melissa

    Btw… I'd rather be in excruciating pain then have my senses taken. I think that's more sadistic. The people I'd use it would probably rather have their senses cut.

  77. Dijah

    You know… I've actually put some thought into what type of 'vampire power' I would prefer… yeah… thats silly I know… but I actually had this conversation with my 'tolerant' hubby… I say tolerant because he simply tolerates my Twi-stuff :) He actually humored me with this conversation though… I decided I would like the 'power' of decisiveness… yeah, it doesn't sound to impressive… but I have the worst time deciding anything… Im horrible when it comes to making up my mind about pretty much any and everything… that would be awesome to me just to be able to make decisions without all the wishy-woshyness… His was something like photographic memory or something like that… still cool… :) Yeah, I know you posted this like ages ago… still thought I would put my two cents in… I don't really want either Alec or Janes semi-demonic abilities… that would be too difficult with my lack of decision skills… who knows what damage I would do with that??? Better for me to stick to something more beneficial :)

  78. Dijah

    You know… I've actually put some thought into what type of 'vampire power' I would prefer… yeah… thats silly I know… but I actually had this conversation with my 'tolerant' hubby… I say tolerant because he simply tolerates my Twi-stuff :) He actually humored me with this conversation though… I decided I would like the 'power' of decisiveness… yeah, it doesn't sound to impressive… but I have the worst time deciding anything… Im horrible when it comes to making up my mind about pretty much any and everything… that would be awesome to me just to be able to make decisions without all the wishy-woshyness… His was something like photographic memory or something like that… still cool… :) Yeah, I know you posted this like ages ago… still thought I would put my two cents in… I don't really want either Alec or Janes semi-demonic abilities… that would be too difficult with my lack of decision skills… who knows what damage I would do with that??? Better for me to stick to something more beneficial :)

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