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Reading Breaking Dawn: Chapter 39 (The Happily Ever After)

September 7th, 2009 at 12:29 pm by Kaleb Nation

The song for this chapter is Inevitable by Anberlin

And thus I have come to the final chapter of Breaking Dawn: the last book in the Twilight Saga. And what a journey it has been. My part in the Twilight fandom has been the most wonderful time of my life, and I say that with the deepest of sincerity. I have met more new friends in the past year than I have in my entire life. I have been to film premieres, bookstore events, midnight showings… all of these things that I never once expected to experience. This fandom has changed my life in immeasurable ways, some ways that I know I won’t even realize for a long time. I remember when I very nearly deleted this site the night I started it. How would my life be different if I had done that? The best memories I have were made with people I met through the Twilight fandom.

As for the ending of the Saga itself, it was just as sweet as I had hoped when I first picked it up: Bella and Edward are happy, as I think all of us have wanted them to be from the day both of them met in Twilight. Their happiness, I think, is just a reflection of how this book ends for everyone; but not only that, but it seems to tell of a strong, deeper ending to the entire Saga, and the lives of Bella and Edward.

In reflection of how this story ends, I like to think that there is someone out there for everyone: this one person who can make us complete, and with whom we are meant to be, and who we are, sometimes inadvertently and without fully realizing it, searching to find. I loved the Twilight Saga because I loved this concept — because I want to believe in it. A belief in fate or destiny aside, the idea that someone like Bella can go to a little town in the middle of nowhere and find someone like Edward seems to say that there is someone out there for each of us, somewhere, who might perhaps be searching for us right now, and who we could meet tomorrow, or a week from now, or next month.

It is easy to forget, after all of this, that Bella didn’t really like Forks when she first got there. She didn’t want to go to that school, or meet Edward, or be followed into the alley, or pretty much have anything to do with the rainy, miserable city of Forks. But if she hadn’t, she would have never met Edward. It seems to say that even the worst, most miserable times of our lives might perhaps be leading up to something extraordinary.

There is a depth of love that permeates the entire Twilight Saga, one that holds Edward and Bella together even through deaths, and wars, and heartbreak. I like to believe that the love each of us will eventually find will be just as strong as that, something that is so powerful that it can break down even the strongest boundaries, just as they did for Bella and Edward.

I think that what most of us want in life is this “happily ever after” in some form or another. Will we reach it one day? Have some of us already found it? Will we even know when we get there? As I have discovered with the Twilight Saga, it isn’t so much the ending that matters, but the journey we take to reach our own ‘small but perfect piece of forever’.

“But most significant in this tidal wave of happiness was the surest fact of all: I was with Edward. Forever.”

This post is short for a reason. Something more epic will be posted soon.


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  1. eylenen

    Wow, how sad that it's over…

  2. Mmary

    Ahhh, so sad, it's done! Loved reading all your blogs, Kaleb…and can't wait for the upcoming epicness…

  3. reinix

    I think the “something epic” will be his letter of resignation as the 'Twilight Guy,' since this should technically be his last post (but will probably not be).

  4. donniemangino

    This was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what the something epic will be! You are so down to earth, I can relate to everything you say, Kaleb!!! :)


  5. Janice Hill

    It's a shame it has to end sometime.

  6. Elyse B

    I couldn't have summed it up any better…that wanting to believe is the reason why I fell in love with the Saga. And the reason why my heart hurts so badly when I read it. I'm excited to see what epicness you have in store for us.

  7. 1Katy1

    Aww this post almost made me cry, its so amazing.
    I'm sad your done with Twilight, but I think I'm more excited for Bran.
    And also very curious about the something epic that is coming soon 😀
    <3 Katy

  8. TinkerMel2

    Wow. This is one of my favorite posts. You just gave me hope for the future that I didn't already have.

  9. c_ann

    Kaleb, you can still do posts about the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun from Stephenie's website.

  10. Yaletza Peralta Lugo

    So happy you enjoyed it as much as the rest us us and that you also see that its not really about the vampires or wolfs its mainly about having that faith that we can all be happy with that special person someday n_n

  11. reinix

    Though I must say, this was a lovely post.
    Reminded me of when I read my last Harry Potter book :)

  12. Kira Carey

    Kaleb! I'm so glad you did this! following your reactions has been one of my favorite parts off being a “twilighter”

  13. Karina Dziedzic

    Have you decided whether or not your a twilighter yet? Can't wait for the EPICNESS!

  14. Meghan O

    Awwwww! Wow I can't believe you're done. I never thought it would happen, haha. Can't wait for this more epic!! =D

  15. ItsMarisaYo

    I was nodding my head in agreement throughout this whole entry. Congrats on finishing :)

  16. CrystalHeart

    I enjoyed reading your blogs so much. Thank you for the great site and the deep, funny, amazing posts!

  17. Charlee Vale

    I have most enjoyed following along through this series with you! It has been enjoyable, and you have a permanent fan now, not just because of this site!

    Charlee Vale

  18. Jen

    Could not have said it better myself. I loved this ending so much. Bella and Edward finally together forever and with a family to boot! Who doesn't want a 'happily ever after'?
    Kaleb, I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and synopsis on the Twilight book chapters. You are so funny! I'm a little sad it's over.

  19. Joanne

    Kaleb Kaleb, you just made me cry damn you. U summed up so clearly why I love the Twilight series so much. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone and that we find them in the strangest places, whether it be Forks WA or elsewhere. I live in Ireland and my fiance lives in Tampa, Fl. We've been together for 2 and a half years, travelling back and forth between Ireland and the US and going months at a time without seeing each other. But I never gave up hope. We are getting married on Feb 19th 2010. He is my Edward, hence my twitter name lol. Stephenie Meyer has a wonderful way of writing about love and making the apparently impossible, seem possible. Although I love Edward in a horny fangirl type of way (lol) it's Bella that I'm a real fan of because I can relate to her in so many ways… and I hope I get her happily ever after (minus the Volturi showdown of course) :p Goodbye to Twiguy, hello to Bran Hambric author extordinaire, I salute u Mr. Nation! x

  20. Emma

    I want Stephanie Meyer to write a follow up to Breaking Dawn. I am sad that the saga's over, but that the movies are just basically starting! 😀

  21. Keanna Casey

    You make it seem as if you're dying. And to be honest, I very nearly cried.

  22. arikka

    Kaleb, I have been a fan of this blog since the 1st post. I can even remember reading the 1st post. I can't believe this is the end. You are so halarious and down to earth Kaleb. I have extremely enjoyed reading your thoughts on the saga.

  23. <3 Kristen

    It's bittersweet that you have finally finished the series. I hope you'll continue with TwilightGuy Kaleb perhaps by reading The Host next? Looking forward to read Bran Hambric.

  24. KrystolG

    I've been a fan of you since the very beginning and I'm sad to see this is over… please say it's not over forever. You will still post here about your future Twilight experiences, right???

  25. Stevenhill

    It was a great Saga, but I'm begging Stephenie Meyer to leave us wondering what would've happened. I believe that a great story leaves you wondering and wanting to know what happens, but it leaves you the rest of the details.
    This is really weird, to me, because the TwilightGuy is done with Twilight! Hopefully, someone will bring in the BranHambricGuy;].


  26. JudithG

    What a great post! Thanks Kaleb for being the Twilight Guy. You have provided more insight regarding the Twilight Saga than I would have ever imagined. It has been great exploring the books and because of you, I have noticed a lot more detail in them. I've loved seeing the story through your eyes and this last post definitely wrapped up the saga for me.

    Thanks again! I can't wait for Bran Hambric!
    – Judith

  27. cnfac

    Aw man. I remember when I first found this site. It was when you first began and the twilight lexicon said something about you. And now we are a year later and your finished!

  28. catherineee

    aww kaleb that made me cry! you started the books shortly before i did. and i loved reading your posts.

  29. Paige

    *tear* You're done! Why can't there be more? We could at least have Midnight Sun! Oh well… it's been a crazy journey, Kaleb! I didn't really start reading your blog till you were almost done with New Moon, but I have thorougly enjoyed it! And I can't wait for the epic post! And I have every intention of reading your novel! (2 more days!) Please don't stop this blog! You can still use it for Twilight-related news! You've always been my number 1 source for Twilight news!

  30. bloodnoir

    I couldn't not comment on the last chapter.
    Even though I knew this day was drawing near, I'm still oddly saddened by it.
    I have very much enjoyed your quirky thoughts on this series and I'm not ready for Twilightguy to end.
    At least I have Bran Hambric to fill the void. I'm only half way through (homework keeps getting in the way, otherwise I'd have finished it).
    Anyhoo, thanks for creating this site and sharing your thoughts on this epic saga.

  31. TeamJacobEdward

    awww, what a nice ending.

    so i want to know what are going to do with the site. keep posting movie related news only? or convert it to a bran hambrick farfeild curse site???

  32. crazydavisgirl

    mmm very good thoughts! and this is 1 of my favorite anberlin songs!

  33. Kelly Sipko

    Reading this last post was kind of similar to finishing Breaking Dawn myself.
    Seeing the words “The End” on the final page was just… unreal, much like how you are completely done with the series. Hard to believe.
    I checked this website everyday. You're totally right up there with the Lexicon in my opinion.
    Thanks for all the insight.

  34. Carla MacLean

    I only just started reading this blog last night, so I have a lot of old entries to read. I guess I'll be reading them backwards, haha. Reading a guy's opinion on the saga is interesting. I'm sick of constantly reading arguments between Jacob and Edward fans. I do prefer Edward, but those who prefer Jacob are entitled to their opinions as well. I want to see more analyzing the saga as a whole rather than arguing about who's “hotter” or “better.” That kind of behavior makes Twilighters look unintelligent and is probably turns a lot of people away from the series. I have to say, the entries I have read on this site have been very refreshing so far. I look forward to the epic post even though I unfortunately have not been here from the beginning. I just became a Twilighter myself this past July.

  35. alissa

    Kaleb, this was your most beautiful, profound post out of the whole series, and what a beautiful way to end such an enjoyable trip you've taken all of us on. Please keep blogging about the books you read!! It's a highlight of my day whenever you post something new.

  36. Anika R.

    I'm happy you keep this site up, cause I havn't finished reading your posts :) .. I discovered this site (and that you exist ^^) pretty late, so I have to catch up with you which isn't that easy!
    Do I have a chance of winning even if I'm from Germany? Mmmh I'll give it a try anyway..

  37. kathleendacey

    I cant believe that this is ending…I have followed you for a very long time

  38. mrsjasperhale08

    It's so hard to think that there wont be anymore twilight guy posts D= it was a good run thought =)

  39. jenn_ifer

    Thanks for the site, awesome depth and an amplification of the whole twilight experience!

    Concerning that last post:
    I also believe, that there is SOMEONE for everyone (sometimes to be found in the worst places). Not so sure about there only being ONE though…
    Still: This Bella married her Edward 😉

    PS: Amazon Germany keeps delaying the shipping date for Bran Hambric, tell them to hurry up 😉

  40. debby_1957

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! For your humor, your creativeness, your persistence and diligence, and especially for your insight. Since I discovered Twilight last March, and then your site soon after, I've read every blog and I check in every chance I get.

    This last blog was a perfect summing-up of the saga. I agree with all the other comments that it was beautiful and profound. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

    Please keep blogging. Hopefully we will have Midnight Sun in the future, but we'll definitely have your books to look forward to!

  41. karla duff

    “It's not the end…it's the beginning.” Bella

    You won't be too far away- thanks for the fun!
    – teacher 6th/ Karla

  42. alliethames

    awww… that was touching. it made me cry and made my dreary day much better. :) thanks

  43. ancha85

    Aww, Kaleb. We love being a Twilighter and love that you are proud of being one, too!

    I so love this Saga for all of it's great and wonderful types of love – parental love, sibling love, best friend love, friendship love, even “imprinting” love. The Saga helps us “older fans” remember the thrill of “first love” and how it was such a memorable time in our lives.

    But the most wonderful love of all is Bella and Edward's soulmate love, it gives us all hope that there really is someone that we can love in that way and that we can have that kind of relationship with. It is such a beautiful thing! True love is when you put your loved one ahead of yourself, no matter what, and that is what Bella and Edward do.

    I love this Saga so much and I am so happy that you and so many millions of other people do, too!

  44. alyston

    I love this post. So sad that you've finished, but also kind of a happy thing. true love…something many of us search for…

  45. Vlo

    Great post!
    Thank you so much for doing this… it´s great you got something in return=)!

  46. TeamJasper2454

    Oh, I almost feel like crying. I can't believe it's over, and you finished right on time.
    Thank you so, so much for the countless laughs and insight on the series that has brought all of together.
    Love your work, love you, and I can't wait to read Bran Hambric!
    <3 Rachel

  47. Victoria

    Dear Kaleb,
    It's been a wonderful journey following you for almost a year now. I can't believe you are finally done! I had tears in my eyes reading this…it was beautifully written. I'm going to take that quote, “it isn’t so much the ending that matters, but the journey we take to reach our own ’small but perfect piece of forever’,” and put it up on my page. I find it inspirational. I'll miss wondering if you put a new post up and waiting to see what you had to say about it. I loved hearing about the Twilight Saga from a males perspective. I've told many people about your sight…that includes a lot of secret male Twilight fans lol. I hope you have a wonderful and successful writing career. God bless you always.

  48. twilighttwin

    Well said. I am one of those lucky ones; I found my Edward early in life and we've been best friends for 12 years now and married for 7. I'm only 28. There really is such a thing as true life and marital bliss. I'll vouch for that. Here's hoping that you find yours.

  49. Emily

    Thank you so much for all you've given the fandom Kaleb! You've been so wonderful. I don't really know what else to say until I read the “something epic.”

  50. Emma

    *tear, tear* You are so right Kaleb. I think we all want to find that person that makes us complete. And what you wrote, makes waiting for that person possible! Thanks for those awesome words of wisdome!

  51. lostinmusic89

    Amazing post, Kaleb. It sums up PERFECTLY how the true blue Twilighters feel about the Saga, no matter what hate the hype brings the fandom. Thank you!

    I am proud to say I have read this since post number one, and I am happy you will be continuing in some form or another. Although I would have liked to hear your thoughts on Edward finally being able to read Bella's mind, or how it feels to know all the secrets.

  52. Nicole

    Kaleb its crazy that this is now over because everyday I looked forward to an email saying you updated and now its all over. I think the next blog you have you should read the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare: City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass. Stephenie Meyer herself read them and she reviewed it! Its awesome….I need you to blog about something else I love!

  53. A. Rodrigues

    Kaleb, I do hope you continue as the Twilight Guy…It's been awesome following your journey :)

  54. Lacey

    Practically every day for the past 2 years, I have checked your website hoping for an additional post or chapter. However these last few days, I've been checking it hoping to NOT see this post. I was hoping it would never come. Almost like reading the last chapter of Breaking Dawn myself. We love you Twilight Guy! Best of Luck.

  55. gothhicgoddess

    I do believe that we all have the second half running around in the world, looking for us. I am one of the lucky ones, as I have mine. And it took me years to realize that I had him, and he had me. There is a beauty and strength to this love that can only be hinted at, but never explained. I do hope you find yours one day. It is worth the wait, and the broken hearts in between.

  56. bonniebythepeak


    Thanks. It's been fun. Good memories. See you on Twitter.

    On to Bran Hambric…

  57. tarsha8nz

    It has been a great ride. I haved loved your insights, and eerily correct predictions, since I started reading. I fully agree with what you were saying about there being someone who can make us complete I have the same sense of sadness as I had when I 1st finished reading the series. It took me about a week all. I was reading all day, and half the night. I will be coming back here to read your insights again chapter by chapter.

  58. Brogan

    I'm actually quite sad that you're done! I have LOVED (as have many others) your insights on the book! One of my favourite questions to ask my friends while they were reading the series was “What do you think is going to happen next?” and you answered this question for me nearly every time you posted!

    I'm going to miss obsessively checking your site to see if you'd posted your insights on the next chapter!


  59. FictionsMyReality

    It actually makes my heart sad that this has all come to an end. I really did enjoy reading what you had to say, even when it wasn't Twilight related. It was such a pleasure to watch you as you made your own journey both through the Twilight saga and the final publication of your book. I'm really going to miss you and your posts and your special giveaways and just everything!

    I'm kinda sad that I never got to meet you in person, but who knows, maybe someday chance will have it that I'll get that opportunity.

    I'm excited for you for everything goin' well in your life. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the possibility of another site like this (for other books perhaps?) in the future. You're so cool.

    Thanks for everything you've done..It's sad all great things must come to an end..=(


  60. babybott330

    I haven't read the epic something yet, as I've just now got to this post.
    I loved the ending of Breaking Dawn. I love that Bella can finally let him in. I love that Edward doesn't have to believe that Bella loves him, that she forgives him, that all the bad things in the past have been left there, whatever problems Edward has always seemed to hold on to, they are all gone now. Bella finally having the capability to let him into her head could not be more perfect. I love that, by Bella letting Edward in, Stephenie is taking us on a quick recap of all the best Bella and Edward moments, using the last few pages to tie us back in to the whole series.
    Then, to see that page with the word “the end” written on it, made all the more serious by Stephenie's earlier mention: “Edward and I had not had a last grand scene of farewell, nor did I plan one. To speak the word was to make it final. It would be the same at typing the words The End on the last page of a manuscript.” So bittersweet for me. I believe I could read about Edward and Bella forever.
    On the other note, it's sad to see you reach the end, Kaleb. It was fun. Reading your point of view has been a very enjoyable experience, but all good things must end. Even though I expect this announcement has something to do with continuing the site, there's no more to read, so it's still an ending of sorts.
    It's okay, you have your own story to focus on now. Good luck!

  61. ForTheLove

    I can't believe it's over… Being that I read the entire saga in 5 weeks (no sleeping or eating during that time period)..it was nice to reread it with you again at a slower pace really thinking this through. It was awesome having a male point of view of some of the chapters. Thanks for digging in and sticking out the saga…

    ….So how about The Host Guy????

  62. kimh

    that was so bitter sweet that was a really nice post but so sad that it's the last.
    you didn't say anything about bella being able to remove her shield and edward being able to read her mind! that summed up the entire series for me! that was a main point from day one! and it was wonderful that he finally saw that she loves him as much as he loves her!

    ohh dear writing this is making me want to read the books!

  63. Kim

    Kaleb, like many have said before me, you summed up exactly why many of us fell in love with the Twilight Saga in the first place. It really warmed my heart to read this post.

    I must say that ever since I discovered this blog, I have loved every single opinion, thought, funny picture, and insight you had to offer. For the smiles you put on my face, the pure faith you had in this story, and everything you have done for the Twilighters during your journey through the Twilight Saga, I am eternally grateful. Very few people would have the patience and drive to do what you have done. You're definitely underappreciated.

    Thanks for everything, and be sure that all of us blog readers will continue to follow your successes in the future! :) You're the best.

  64. Melanie



  65. Melanie

    dang. anberlin. not anberline! lol

  66. DreamingEternal

    You're words are wise, and i can't but get the feeling that you truly understand the books more than many of the other people who read them. I will miss hearing your thoughts as you go chapter by chapter through my favorite series. Good luck on your own writing career!

  67. MouetteSheridan

    You know… you could always read The Host… 😀

    Because I've enjoyed re-experiencing my beloved Twilight books with you, and yet I can say with all honesty that Twilight is *just the beginning* of Stephenie Meyer's talent. I love the Twilight books, adore them, but I am not impugning on their honor when I say that The Host knocks them all clean out of the water. It's an incredible story of all kinds of love and the meaning of being human, and I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage (okay, I might beg) you to read and review it. Maybe not chapter by chapter, as I can understand how much time that takes and know that with your own book coming out soon, you will be incredibly busy. But read it!

  68. shelly2010

    wow kaleb u made me cry
    i cant believe u finished the twilight saga
    following u read these books has made these books more enjoyable.
    i am happy that u didnt quit on this website. and i am so happy to have discovered.
    thank u so much.
    cant wait to read ur book

  69. dorydo

    Kaleb, you made me cry too , gosh…dont do that again…ok ?
    this final chapter post was excellent and you articulated so wonderfully what twilight saga books mean to me.
    A BIG THANKS for all the posts, i loved em all
    all the best

  70. Romina

    perfect perfect perfect song for the final chapter!
    i saw anberlin a few weeks ago and they played inevitable and it was magical… just like the last chapter of breaking dawn 😀

  71. rachel

    OMG I love what u just wrote and completely agree with it 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The main reason i love Twilight is because of the perfect happy ever after they get and no matter what life threw at them their love for one and other carried them through!! I just love it!!! And i definatley believe that we all have our Edward or Bella out there somewhere!!!!!! Its just a matter or meeting him/her!!!!!

  72. Terri

    I stubbled onto your site during the time you were reading new moon and was so taken i had to backtracked and read all your posts in one sitting. thank you for all your fun posts! good luck to your future!

  73. daniela

    i simply LOVED your post!!! it was beautiful and i cant believe you finally reached the end!! wow… my life's gonna be different

    good luck with your life, kaleb!! im sure you're gonna be very successful and that you're gonna be happy and find someone :)

  74. Twilight Slovenia » Somračne novice

    […] Twilight Guy je prebral zadnje, 39. poglavje knjige Breaking Dawn (The Happily Ever After). […]

  75. Aussiet

    Great final post. I always liked your thoughts on the books and chapters and this is no different. I didn't love the ending of Breaking Dawn – for me it all seemed a bit too neat and tidy for everyone and I wanted to see a bit more depth/explanation to how Bella and Edward related to each other now they were both vampires. But after reading your post, I realised that it's actually not a bad way to end the series (after all, it is just a story – though a great one – and at least this gives it a complete ending). One thing that irritates me in some fictional stories is when the main characters get killed off, or it doesn't have that 'happy ending'. So from that perspective, this ended perfectly.

    By the way, I do miss the Song for Breaking Dawn. Doesn't seem complete without it…

  76. Sem1995

    There was one tear that escaped out of my right eye when I was reading this post. Mostly because I want exactly what you said we all do. Our Edward or Bella, and to be happy in our forever. I wish I could talk to people about this stuff. They don't get why Twilight has changed my life, or why it is my favorite book. To have you post your own personal thoughts Kaleb was very brave. It was also very insightful. You made me think things over twice and take things into consideration. The reason I am FINALLY posting on this post is the simple fact I never wanted it to end. And this was the ending. I know now, that it really isn't. : ) Thank you, Kaleb.


  77. kris

    i remember the first time i found your blog half a year ago, it seems like yesterday..anyway i just want to say that i couldn't agree more with your views, i think we'd all like to believe there's a soulmate for everyone of us just like bella and edward, and that no matter how many problems our relationship has and how serious they are we'll be together in the end no matter what. i just hope it happens in real life as well, not just in books and films..:)
    ..in that case hope you ppl find your edwards and bellas 😀
    thanx for the amazing time & hope you'll continue with posts on midnight sun

    <3 kristina

  78. JaNnn

    When I read that last page of Breaking Dawn, I cried. It was really emotional for me when Edward saw Bella's thoughts – nostalgic. To think of everything they went through, and how it was now over … still makes me tear up!

  79. MyluvsEdward

    THERE NEEDS TO BE ANOTHER BOOK!!!! IM SO BORED i have nothing to read and its so annoying please another book!!!!!!

  80. Team KStew FTW! ShirtKnotsPWN

    I love the song choice

  81. kathleenharkins

    Hey I am new to this website. I REALLY LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!

  82. GraceLautner

    lol. song is perfect, though, have you heard of the Mitch Hansen band? YEAH, that's what I thought.

  83. Emily Cullen

    Are you going to do the same thing for The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?

  84. Effie

    …Well…Wow…I'm Deppressed!

    It all had to end. I cried xxx


  85. Luvin'ThatCullen :)Rileward<3

    omg ! i had such a huge flashback when i read ” the end ” ! wow ! from the bio class to italy to seattle and isle esme and the end ! wow ! at least i still have a my edward cullen action figure ! LOLZ ahahahah im re-reading eclipse again 2 ! :) yay !

    you know wut they say .. ” Great things that are written can never truly come to an end. ” AMEN to that ! 😀

  86. Luvin'ThatCullen :)Rileward<3

    i know seriously ! MS MUST BE FINISHED ! at least bree will come out soon ! ahahahha the book i mean …. :)

  87. Dijah

    Hey Kaleb… which book from the saga was your favorite??? For me its hard to decide… they all were important to the story of their lives… I love Eclipse though… but the struggles that New Moon presented were crucial to the understanding of the depth of the connection between Bella and Edward… I wouldn't really like to say its my fave just because it was sooo depressing… but its hard not to… I don't know… what do you think?

  88. Sophsoph11

    ok i just realize that i must be a huge loser because….ah!….sorry i just got attacked by a giant fly! sorry as i was saying i must be a huge loser because i am the only one who has posted a comment in like 9 months!! i feel lonely:(

  89. sophsoph11

    how lame am i? i am replying to myself

  90. sophsoph11

    hey Dijah! i fully agree with what you are saying because all 4 of those books were soooooooo awesome!! did you know that you use a lot of big words? because you do and i think that must mean that you are a huge fan of twilight just like me!!!!yay!!!!

  91. sophsoph11

    hey crazy lady!!!!! are you really crazy? i mean i just had to ask

  92. sophsoph11

    awwwwwww pooor you!!! but dont worry, i did tooooooooooo

  93. CRAZY LADY ! :)Rileward<3

    ahahah im not her ! ahah i just thought she looked hilarious soo i used her pix ! ahahah ! its from a post on eclipsemove.org ! :)

  94. Dijah

    Yeah, I'm a big fan… I got started with this series of books really late in the Twilight game though… but it could also be the fact that Im possibly a bit older than some of the other readers… but then again maybe not… my mother actually loves the books just as much as I do… thats kinda cool :)

  95. sophsoph11

    hi Dijah!!! i am soooooo happy that some one responded back!!!!!yay!!~ and thats ok that you started the books late because i did right after i saw the first movie and all of my friends were already on the last book. sad i know. i still love that you use such big words cuz i think it makes you sound smart

  96. sophsoph11

    oohhh i see ahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. so what r u doing? i am like soooo bored and i look like a freaking moster becuz i have like this green face lotion on and it is stupid.

  97. CRAZY LADY ! :)Rileward<3

    ahahaha LOLZ rite now i just came back from hangin with my pal ! we read hella magazines and we totally went to ulta and tried on every kind of makeup they had ! ahaha i ate ice cream <3 LOLZ

  98. Cheese_montoya

    you are so lame you know i love you sophieeeeee!!!!!! hi

  99. Cheese_montoya

    really sophie

  100. Mightygir4

    you really touched my heart when i read this……CAN'T BELIEVE I”M CRYING

  101. newines

    I think you summerised very well why the book meens so much for the fans. It is hope ! hope to find The love of our life, to turn our worst moments of life into the greatest ones, to find The place where we can shine, The extraordinary experince that can lead us to our own “small but perfect piece of forever” . Thank you Kaleb for all your reviews… I am a girl who believes boys and girls thoughts are not essentially different. I'm amazed by your review because it proved me right as I share many of your thoughts about these books.

  102. Kassl Cullen

    Hey Kaleb!!!
    I bought the movie “Twilight in Forks” almost a week later it was released, that´s when I saw you for the first time. But now I see you blog specting something new everyday. I have finish reading your chapter reviews and I absolutely LOVE them, I remember that your comments and “that was what he/she was thinking” made my almost pee.
    I was wondering. Are you going to write “chapters” to Bree Tanner, though there are not really chapters in that book. But you´ll figure that out.

  103. shirley

    if you do read The Second Short Of Bree Tanner will you post a blog post about it?

  104. Sophsoph11

    i love you too sissy!!!

  105. Sophsoph11

    yes really

  106. Sophsoph11

    me too!! well i havnt really listened to it but if i did i think i would love it!!(maybe)

  107. Sophsoph11

    ello!!!!!! sorry i just randomly feel like replying to someone i dont know 4 a change

  108. Sophsoph11

    i love you too sissy!!!

  109. Sophsoph11

    yes really

  110. Sophsoph11

    me too!! well i havnt really listened to it but if i did i think i would love it!!(maybe)

  111. Sophsoph11

    ello!!!!!! sorry i just randomly feel like replying to someone i dont know 4 a change

  112. Twilight!

    Im so sad its over!!! Stephenie should make another book, a continuaition!

  113. Rbissat

    Hi Kaleb. I'm a a big Twi-hard female fan, and I of course DEVOURED the 4 books, and I of course loved Edward more than Jacob,but i want to say one thing : I liked reading all your posts. They allowed me to see this story from someone else's point of view, from a different kind of logic. I was searching for something like your website. I read about your daring project in some girlie mag, and I was so curious! And I was SO rewarded :-) ! Thanx Kaleb :-) .

  114. iluvtopazeyes16

    Even reading it for a third time, the ending of the Twilight saga is a huge deal and quite sad…

  115. Hillsknowsbest

    I can honestly say that when coming to the final conclusion of the Twilight saga something inside me bagan to hurt. After reading all four books in the course of a week and two days I felt like i've formed a closed realtionship with every character ( excluding the Volturi, Luarant, James and Victoria). I've never read a book or seen a movie where two people are so in love as Edward and Bella are, and to think of all that she has given up inorder to be with him for and eternity has really got me thinking: Is it possible to love someone so powerful and to never get tired of them? I really fell inlove with Eward Cullen after reading Twilight and his special qualities has given me an idea of what to look for in a soul mate, Now I can honestly believe that Love is real and that maybe someday I would find my Edward Cullen….

  116. Maandacs

    Thank you so much for all the time you have given to us. as a young person, it takes a lot to go on continuing your promise to finish the whole 4 books let alone being a male reader. You dont know what you did to us. To those who are hungry to have any thing written to suffice our need to read more about the Twilight story. There is nothing new to read, Stephenie would probably change her mind and continue where she left off The midnight sun. Or maybe writing a sequel about the life and times of Renesmee and Jacob. Or exploring the other characters of the likes of Alice pursuing to find out where her last remaining living relative is at. introducing herself as one , or if she continue to remain a secret. It is endless but we are hopeless waiting and it is all up to Miss Myers. When that time comes, we hope for you to find time, no matter how busy you are to do the same chapter by chapter. Have a nice life Kaleb..may you be succesful with everything youdo. Be safe.

  117. Lobeng9

    I am probably going to cry rivers when this movie is over.

    I won't be the only one though

  118. Megan Rose17

    that was absolutley amazing and exactly how i feel, i can i only wish one day i find a love like there. i get emotional everytime i read these books because of the deep love which is the heart story of all the books :)

  119. Walterzaina

    i thought the ending was awful..

  120. BoogerQ43

    Now for the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner!

  121. Michelle Cullen

    Im just now about finished with breaking dawn…i remember the first time i read it at the end i cryed… im such a big baby!!! LOL. im pretty sure im going to cry @ the movie to!! i cant belive it's almost over..*tear tear* i wish it could go on forever… :( to bad steph isnt a vampire.. or IS she..? hmm soo many questions.. :)

  122. bookworm4eva

    I quite love the twilight series.
    It shows how hopelessly inlove one could be. The thing is is that after reading New Moon I thought that it would be great if Jacob could be with Bella instead. Jacob seems immature and hilarious to be around, unlike Edward who seems so serious and overprotective. But when I read the last book I finally understood the entire thing on how it involved Jacob. Renesmee seems like a perfect match to Jacob in her own way. How much she has changed Jacob is great.
    I was hoping that Stephanie Meyer would write another book, this time based on Renesmee and Jacob instead of Bella and Edward. I mean, there would be a lot for the new book to hold. Like that other half vampire-half human vampire who seemed so intrested in little Renesmee because she is the only other of their kind who is not related to him. And how she is immortal but Jacob imprinted on her.
    I would love to see people get excited over new characters in the book, more love, romance, heartbreak and action. Renesmee might not ever happen… But I will still be her biggest fan in a way.

  123. Ninoskateague

    this is sooo awesome!!!

  124. allyssa joye pingul

    wow ! SO GREAT !

  125. TwiliaTwihard

    Sigh… I feel extremely sad that twilight saga is over. Even though stephenie meyer is gonna write midnight sun, well, i wanna twilight sequel… :(

  126. Violet

    wow!what  a marvelous storry

  127. Adelaide Amaral

    I love twilight forever…
    And loved your site man !!! Is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

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