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NEW MOON Soundtrack Song List!

September 21st, 2009 at 11:36 am by Kaleb Nation


This just in from Summit: the final track listing of the NEW MOON movie soundtrack! Check it out:

1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox

2. Band Of Skulls – Friends

3. Thom Yorke- Hering Damage

4. Lykke Li – Possibility

5. The Killers – A White Demon Love Song

6. Anya Marina – Satellite Heart

7. Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)

8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln

9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong

10. Hurricane Bells – Monsters

11. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon

13. Grizzly Bear – Slow Life

14. Editors – No Sound But The Wind

15. Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)

What do you think? Any favorites?

[via Summit]

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166 Responses

  1. smdahl

    Ah… it's too bad Paramore declined their offer to do a song for the soundtrack, but it's still awesome. ;D

  2. Lais Baptista

    I'm curious about them. Really curious about the The Killers one.

  3. stefaniepainter

    I'm excited about all the of the artists on the list. I like these soundtracks because they have a great way of exposing up-and-coming or firmly established groups to new ears. I haven't heard of about half of those bands, but I checked them out on myspace, and I'm really liking Lykke Li.

  4. Marti (Team Peter's Tweets)

    Thom, Muse, The Killers…. HEAVEN!

  5. kellko

    The Killers and Ok Go? HURRAY!

  6. Sara

    Lykke Li! She's Swedish, too, just like me 😀

  7. Charlee

    I could only find one of the songs!

  8. Capucine

    Sounds awesome : Death Cab For Cutie, Muse, Editors, The Killers, Thom Yorke, Bon Iver…!!! Can't wait 😀

  9. patriciarakel

    I love The Killers, Muse, and Death Cab for Cutie are a few of my favourite bands. ^^ I only wish that they would have picked the song “Someday You Will Be Loved” by Death Cab, instead of having them write a whole new song. “Someday You Will Be Loved” was absolutly perfect for New Moon. I hope that these songs are better than a couple of the ones on the Twilight soundtrack. And that they can live up to others on Twilight. I'm interested to see how this is going to go.

  10. Mar123

    Definitely, I belong with you by muse!!!
    Cant wait To hear the remix!

    (9 more days till i see you at the book signing!!!)

  11. Orla


  12. Elise Evans

    These are all new songs. The Twilight soundtrack had only a few new songs. I looked up every single one, and only Muse's was already released. ugh, oh well. Can't wait

  13. Meghan S

    I really thought Skillet's new song, I think it's called If You Believed, would have made a good New Moon song.

  14. Alexi

    love it!!!

    kaleb, you should really start posting chapter updates of The Host next!! We'd all love to hear your review!

  15. kellyjaxn

    I've been listening to the new Muse album wondering which song or songs they'd put on the New Moon soundtrack. November can't come fast enough.

  16. Kaylyn

    Lykke Li! I was introduced to her stuff a few months back (really loved “Tonight”). At this point in time, she can probably still be considered an indie, but, once the soundtrack's out – say goodbye to that. I'm happy for her for that.

  17. Hush Hush

    OMG! Did you here about Twilight part 5 , the MOVIE!!

  18. halfsaponigirl

    Oh! I wish they had used “Wolves (Song of the Shepard's Dog)” by Iron & Wine! Not only because the name is like so fitting but also because it's a really cool sounding song. Maybe it wouldn't have fit but it would be a really cool entrance song for the wolf pack! I'll sing it in my head when I sing it so I'll still be happy I guess.

  19. anaeskildsen

    where is The Used D: ?

  20. Alyssa

    Awwww… Hana Pestle's Need wasn't included.. :(

  21. shannon lawrence

    muse, the killers….:) im happy

    sadly no paramore though…

  22. Erin

    yaaa the KILLERS!!

  23. taylor leigh

    Awwwww , these songs seem great . But non of them are released yet .

    Except like two or three .

  24. Gunnhild^^

    OhEmGee, if they don't have that awesome bassclarinetsolo in I Belong to You, I WILL be mad.

  25. niphai

    YAY, Anya Marina is participating to the soundtrack <3
    I'm really curious how the movie will be with this soundtrack… <3

  26. Dania

    I thought Decoy or Brick by boring brick would make perfect soundtracks for new moon, but I totally understand why Paramore don't want to do one for the movie n I respect that, however I really can't wait to listen to the rest of the list, hope they are as good as last year.

  27. Sofabedtry

    Where is “Blue October”? It doesn't feel like “New Moon” without “Hate me”.
    I guess the songs are ok. I have to admit, some of my favourite bands are on there. I just wish that they used some songs from Stephenie's book playlists.
    That would be good.


  28. judysmom

    So far I'm disappointed. I've listened to “Meet Me on the Equinox” and it lacks heart and feels blah… Is the band in love with the Twilight books??! Doesn't sound like it. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Editors just seem loud and non-melodic… Alexandre Desplat's music sounds beautiful but doesn't feel beautiful, if that makes sense. Lykke Li is interesting but her songs on YouTube seem monotone, so I hope “Possibility” is more interesting. Anya Marina's “Satellite Heart” has more soul and melody but I still feel let down. I absolutely loved The Killers “Human” but the rest of their songs sound just loud, off key, and monotone. I really hope “A White Demon Love Song” will be as good as “Human” or better. Maybe my hopes for New Moon are just unrealistic. I know New Moon has a “darker” mood than Twilight, but the music still needs to be melodic, passionate, and gripping to the heart. Loudness and monotone and repetitive words just doesn't cut it. I hope I'm really wrong about the soundtrack…. but as of now, I'm disappointed and won't be ordering the soundtrack until after I see the movie… if I still want it.

  29. Twifail

    I love Muse, I adore them, they are my GODS.

    Not to sound like a buzz kill (and I'll be offending a lot of Twilight fans) but… FUCK THIS MOVIE AND SMEYER.

    I can't believe they would even think about putting Muse on this, AGAIN, and worst of all they're remixing such a beautiful song into some mainstream shit.

    Ugh. ;__;

  30. Wendilynn

    I'm underwhelmed by some of the song choices. But I felt teh same way about the Twilight soundtrack until I saw where they put them in the movie. I'm curious to see where these songs will go and what mood they will be creating.


    Omg im so sorry but i think they missed a crucial song its called “Going Under' by Evanescence. The youtube video aint the the best but the song i think would suit Bella's emotions to Edward's leave. So i am urging them to add this song asap.

  32. Ryannnn

    Richy Nix! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGUj0degAWM&feat

    Very good, song i will definatly miss it. Hes a smaller artist so im not surprised he was missed But you should really check out the link its goooood!

  33. » Blog Archive » Death Cab For Cutie VS. Paramore: Which Is Your Favorite?

    […] NEW MOON Soundtrack Song List! This just in from Summit: the final track listing… […]

  34. ISA1016


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME IF ANYONE OUT THERE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. serenaemtiaz

    It's by Candace Charee, i totally fell in love with her!!
    She's amazing!

    Check out the song i recorded for the breakup scene a while ago!

  36. liLmIsSbArTeNdEr


  37. isobellarockafella126

    Lykke Li – Possibility :) the music video is amazing, you should watch it, OMG, I ACTUALLY CANNOT WAIT TILL NEW MOON COMES OUT !

  38. isobellarockafella126

    I have listened to all the songs, they are all AMAZING (L) and i am defonitaly seeing the movie as soon as it comes out, hopefully the film will be as good as the book, the twilight book was better than the movie, but i still LOVE it, robert pattison is releasing a song apparantling, probably rumours :(

  39. haleytorres

    honestly i think that taylor swift's “Breathe” is a perfect song for new moon. and i think stephanie meyer might agree

  40. HON Fan

    there's 16 tracks and you spelled hearing wrong the 16th track is called ” Thunderclap” by ESKIMO JOE actually it's a bonus track on the New Moon soundtrack so u sould put tht in there I love the New Moon (the meadow) song it's like bella's lullaby but sweeter and more romantic:)

  41. MacDollar

    Need by Hana Pestle was a really great song for New Moon. Too bad it wasn't selected.

  42. THgrits

    No I think that we should go with Tokio Hotel!!!!!!! Their songs would be perfect like Rescue Me, Dark Side Of The Sun, Love and Death, ect. I think that they would be a perfect fit for the Twilight saga.

  43. Melanie

    try this website i found most the songs http://dilandau.com

  44. ella

    okay i listen to alll songs and i think twilight soundtrack was much beter according to me no offence but seriously i like two or three songs of new moon like i belong to you by muse,roslyn,meet me on equinox,the meadow but i like all the songs of twilight or may be i only heard them once so maybe i hear tthem many time i might like them but still some songs are very nice

  45. kira

    me too i also like that song

  46. outermost17

    OK.. WTF?! why was Richy nix's song “You are the one” not on here? it was specifically made for twilight.. dont believe me? listen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGUj0degAWM listen to that and tell me that shouldnt be on there cuz it should be

  47. Fannycula

    Death cab for Cutie.. the best group in this soundtrack…!!!

  48. sunshinelovelove

    i love the soundtrack

  49. Wendilynn

    I've seen the movie four times now and I really don't like the soundtrack. There are a few music choices that are just too discordant for the movie and don't fit where they've been placed. Each time it rips me right out of the movie…

  50. gj

    …i was hoping that paramore was part of the artist who contributed to the soundtracks..T_T

  51. Kelsey:)1234TwiLiGhTfAn!!!!

    I like DeathCab for Cutie, Muse, Anya Marina, The Killers, I just got to say that I really like most of the songs. And Yes I have already saw the Movie 6 Times. I just love to watch it alot. It is really interseting and I love the part with the wolves and I love all the HOT…BODIES In The Movie!!!!!…..I am A really BIG FAN of the Books and The MOVIES

  52. Becky

    ANYBODY!!!!!! I really want to know the name of the song when Bella and Jacob are in his shed and she turns the radio off. He says, “That's a good song” and she says, “I don't really like music anymore.” It isn't on the soundtrack and the few lyrics that I think are correct aren't turning up anything when I google them. “You never even asked forgiveness…..who will believe me?” Please help!!!!!

  53. dhany

    Hey guys what song is playing on the radio when Bella and Jacob started to fix the motocycles. Thx a lot

  54. Jac

    the song is called All I Believe In

  55. Becky

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Becky

    Thanks to Jac, I've found out that it's called “All I Believe In” performed by the Magic Numbers and Amadou and Mariam. Very good song!

  57. anamarie

    nice songs but too bad paramore didnt come out it would have been awsome

  58. davidchavez

    you're forgetting all I believe in by magic numbers

  59. Jac

    Like seriously i HATE the fact that paramore are not on this soundtrack if anyone knows why could you like plese tell me!!!!!!!! thx Jac
    i also think that linken park should be on the track tooo. i like luv the song they wrote called Leave Out All The Rest they wrote that song for Twilight.

  60. Jac

    i so agree with u. twilight track heaps better

  61. Jac


  62. haley

    possibility is really good and they did a great job of putting them in the movie i cried to be quite honest:)


  63. Jac

    I found 2 more songs that totally suit New Moon and they are “Never Erase” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5usj3HBFAg&feat… and “Goodbye” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfOm9iM2W08&feat… . Check out the clips on youtube

  64. Mercedes

    My favorite is deff. Lykki Li- Possibility! (:
    I love it so much that I even set it as my ringtone!

    a song that would have gone great with New Moon is Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. Everyone should listen to it, it’s amazing [:

  65. shaecarcar

    my favorite is meet me at the eqinox

  66. neonstar

    OMG I shun them for not putting Oh Hush! Irresistible that song no doubt is absolutely jacob in all ways ever

  67. neonstar

    no that I rethink that song probalbley belongs on the eclipse soundtrack

  68. americanidolepisodes

    boy that's just a terrible line up of bands! I've no idea no hint of “metal” appearing in this soundtrack, but that's just me… 😀

  69. kun huang ou

    what's that song when bella went to Jacob with the motorcycle? He asked her if when are they gonna start fixing the motorcycle.

  70. jessica

    what is the song where bella is sitting on the chair and the months are passing bye and like it shes all alone or something?

  71. Becky

    It's #4: “Possibility” by Lykkie Li.

  72. nicoleeeee

    i think the song savior by rise against is good for new moon because its the boy telling the girl hes not the answer and the girl telling him she wants to save him.. which is perfect. <3

  73. Erin

    im called erin too (= my favourite songs out of this is possibility and grizzly bear =P i LOVE robert pattinson!!! <3 xxxxxxx

  74. Madi

    So many great bands did amazing songs for this terrible movie.
    I have a few favorites
    Lykke Li – Possibility
    Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
    Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln

  75. Lonnie James

    Bon Iver is great Muse is my favorate band and the New Moon version of I belong to you I actually like better than the original. Death Cabs song for the movie was also really great I love them nd that song in my opinion is one of their best now.

  76. Brianna kaylee

    What's that song called right before Bella and Edward break up? it's not on the CD =[

  77. Savannagh.

    i really like the song call possibility by Lykki Li….i don't knww why its just awesomeee!!!! :] and i didn't really like the new moon soundtrack i just like the twilight soundtrack better….

  78. kaleighsmoore

    I really like the song Hurricane Bells :) It's awesome!

  79. Crissy

    What's the song called when Bella is sitting there for those 3 months after Edward leaves her?

  80. Arielle

    What was the song called when Bella went to Jacob for the first time with the motorcycles on the radio called?

  81. Matt.

    Does anyone know about the song that played on the radio in the movie when Bella brought the bikes to Jacob?

  82. falling4wolves

    that would be ok go shooting the moon :)

  83. falling4wolves

    i was at first also… but if u think about it they all fit the indie feel of the movie.

  84. falling4wolves

    soo… new moon if i say was wayyy better than twilight. and the lighting was amazing compared to it cause in twilight the blue feel of the lights kinda made me sick..lol. but the movie is amazing and the actors and actresses did so well. i feel their emotions. and i trully think that im falling in love with taylor lautner lol. hes grown up infront of us from shark boy to young blood in danny phantom…. but dangg hes a sexyy wolf. lol. my favorite soundtrack from the movie is slow life. i feel like it sums up the whole edward/bella half of this movie. i love it.

  85. falling4wolves

    need needed to be in twilight… shes being completely ripped off there.

  86. falling4wolves

    i meant needed to be in new moon. lol

  87. falling4wolves

    1st if u dont like twilight why would u come to twilightguy? 2nd they couldn't have made the remix without muse's help and go ahead so maybe the problem is with the band…

  88. falling4wolves

    the song is also like a million years old.. to old to be considered for an updated movie like this.. and going under talks about she's been inlove with him and hes never cared to notice or call bk to her… it doesnt really fit the love between bella and edward. and its kinda to… possessed sounding to fit the indie feel of the movie and soundtrack.. just saying. i think thats why..

  89. falling4wolves

    Candace Charee

  90. falling4wolves

    i love the song hate me.. just cant stand blue october lol. i think the reason it was looked over is because its older and doesnt fit the indie feel of the movie..know what i mean?

  91. falling4wolves

    yea it is its… its Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln #8. it starts the night before after she asks him to kiss her for her birthday and then he says i love you. it starts as he walks away. and goes through her day without him up until she pulls up and he says come and take a walk with me..

  92. falling4wolves

    possibility. lykke li

  93. falling4wolves

    that is shooting the moon. ok go. starts when he says when do we start and goes through them workin on the bikes.

  94. falling4wolves

    shooting the moon by ok go. #12

  95. Tia

    Lykke Li – Possibility

    But the whole soundtrack is addicting.
    I dint know some of the bands an it opend me up to a new
    sound . I love it , its been on replay. :)

  96. Tia

    there still are some songs from the movie that are not
    on there but still awesome.

  97. nikkiwebster

    i love tracks 4,6,8, 9 and 10….they fit the movie well…brilliant film :)

  98. Breanna

    What is the song that was played when Jacob said that he would help Bella and rebuild the bikes and then Bella turns off the radio and Jacob says that its a good song?

  99. Breanna

    What is the song that is right before that in the movie?

  100. Guest

    Its by The Magic Numbers, called All I believe in. Really pretty song!!

  101. mia

    I love the song Possibility!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  103. brookealdrich

    um yes….all of them!! thjey all fit into my amazing music catagory :)

  104. LJ

    I love Posibility – such a great song, and placed perfectly in the movie.

    Anyone knows what is the song where Jacob is hunting Victoria, Harry gets heart attack, then Bella jumps of the cliff? Can not figure out what song that is..

  105. Tabby

    Ok Go is one of my favorite bands…have you heard Here We Go Again? It is too bad Paramore declined, but there's still some good ole Muse, author's request.

  106. LJ

    Got it. Thanks!!!

  107. Shiver

    I totally thought Move on Now by Hard-fi would've been perfect for new moon…

  108. Blanquita

    I know a place where you can find EVERY song… free http://www.mp3raid.com

  109. Lee

    I have the same question Breanna asked. What is that song that's playing when Bella turns off the radio as they begin working on the bikes?

  110. Dianaaaa ((:

    ilooooooveeee Satellite heart !!! ((: thee bestt songgg of this sounddtrackk !

  111. CA123

    omg awwwsome i luvv all the songs i cant really choose! but i hv 2 admit monsters possibility and friends are really good!!!

  112. TwilightLover

    The Violet Hour by sea wolf would have to be my fav out of this one but i agree i wish paramore would have gottn in there but atleast muse did

  113. Hannah

    i LOVE the sountrack! the movie is GREAT too!!

  114. TwilightFreak

    Its so weird. I luv twilight, new moon, etc with all my heart. I have opins, stickers, clothes but i STILL dont have either soundtrack on my ipod. I feel so stupid!!!!!!

  115. makasha

    hey i like new moon and twilght and eclipse and breaking dawn

  116. maverick

    I know that this question is probably a bit out of time but i still wanted to know as im so curious, Can someone pls tel me when the songs come in the movie!!!
    i mean, i could figure out just 3 of it, possibility(Bella is sad) , sea wolf(BElla waiting after the blood incident at the cullens) and Ok go(with Jake in garage), Hearing damage(Victoria is getting hunted by the wolves) , other than these 4songs im not able to place where the other songs appear in the movie,
    i get it if u ppl think that my hearing skills suck but pls do help me out

  117. kayla

    there's a song that's not on the soundtrack or the score. It was playing on the radio when Bella and Jacob were fixing the motorcycles. jacob told bella it was a good song when she turned it off and said she didn't like music any more.do you know who sings it or what the name of the song is. it's driving me crazy !!

  118. Jessie

    what are all the songs? involvoing the ones *NOT* on the soundtrack??

  119. Twilight Fanatic

    COOL!!!! I guess they're gonna have muse song on every soundtrack. They have one on the Eclispe soundtrack. too. Muse is a pretty good band and now i'm gonna go get the new moon and eclispe soundtrack pretty soon :)

  120. Along_rem91

    i just want to know the song when bella went to la push to meet jacob

  121. Ballaz_baby15

    number 8 for sure i LOVE that song fell inlove with it as soon as i heard it on the movie

  122. Ballaz_baby15

    number 8 for sure i LOVE that song fell inlove with it as soon as i heard it on the movie

  123. Amymdeveau

    4. Lykke Li – Possibility <3 it!

  124. italiana

    Does anyone know the song that is playing on the radio when bella turns it off and says shes really not into music anymore?

  125. Katastrophekatie1724

    what song is it when bella knocked herself out?

  126. Dienowlivela8ter_punk

    possibility by lykke li for suree!

  127. Dienowlivela8ter_punk

    look up a little bit by lykke li f. drake

  128. sande whycliff

    I like that movie it reaaly took most of my thought. Guys what do you talk about it

  129. missnaya

    The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam – All I Believe In

  130. Alba_atopmodel

    The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam – All I Believe In

  131. Alba_atopmodel

    what is the melody they play when Bella goes to talk to Jacob in the rain scene??

  132. Alba_atopmodel

    I found it, it's jacob's theme song DREAMCATSCHER by alexandre desplat

  133. Haccus_234

    i def think “scream” by avenged sevenfold would go good on 1 of the movies!

  134. Zeien

    Did'nt you just love new moon

  135. L0vey0u♥

    i luv shooting the moon and possability

  136. Djicey702

    Where is track 16?

  137. Pretty_N_pink919

    I loved the new moon movie and the sound track.

  138. zoey

    whats the song that plays in the very beginning

  139. Meredithmannix

    I have to pee.

  140. Tanyak

    Hearing Damage!!

  141. Guncha03

    what song plays inthe background when edward comes to meet bella after parking his car at school…the day of her birthday..??? when he walks, his shirt sways and he gives that shy crooked smile…plz temme frenz!

  142. Yo_me_acusto_contigo_69

    This was perfect, I was looking for the song that played when Bella sat in her room at her window after Edward left.. and i found it THANKS

  143. Kell-37

    Possibility <3 it

  144. Zehra_hamid

    i was quite disappionted by this soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, Twilight was the best thing that could've happened to the Earth, but the songs here are'nt that good. I like Possibility cause it really shows how Bella's feeling after he left, and satillite heart is all right, but the others either don't have a rythem, sound are monotone or the words don't make sense.

    Jacob and Quiluette wolves Rule!
    Peace, Love Twilight,

  145. Isabellaleighliter

    I love this soundtrack and it has helped me threw some tough times and I want to thank each and every one of the artists for their song. Thank you

  146. Petra1109

    hey  someone!What is the title of the music, when Bella and Jacob are in the bedroom? someone,please, really should!

  147. T <3

    love the meadow aaah so beautiful!! next piece i look at for piano will deffinetly be this! :)

  148. Rachel

    is that song on the soundtrack….I would buy it just for that song alone….can't find it on napster , or any othe music either :(

  149. MCR and twilight lover

    u for got one it is called Possibility by Lykke Li

  150. Harish Cornvict

    can any one please tell me wats the soundtrack played at the end of the movie “new moon” when bella says to jacob “dont make me do this… its always bin him”….  som1 plz tell me where to find that soundtrack…

  151. Allana08

    whats th song when bellas sitting in her room looking outside her window for ages ?

  152. Loudem63

    what's that song when bella went to Jacob with the motorcycle? He asked her if when are they gonna start fixing the motorcycle.

  153. Dahbestestsbs

    which one is the song where bella and edward stay the night for the first time?

  154. vampire_LUVER17

    I luv all the music!!!!!!!!

  155. Andrea

    What's the song on the homepage?? It's classical

  156. Bella-Swan-Cullen


  157. Maeve

    Lykke Li's Possibility is raw, beautiful, sad. Perfectly selected for the movie. It also introduced me to Lykke Li which is a bonus. Thom Yorke's song is great as well. The Radiohead fans who are too snobby to deal with the fact that he put a song to this movie need to get a grip. I'm also a big Radiohead fan!

  158. Vienna

    Does anyone know how I can find the orchestra songs from the movie? I really love them but don't know how to get them besides taking each one directly off of the movie, talking and all. Does the orchestra have an album or anything?

  159. jaiswin

    can any one tell me the name of the soundtrack when bella says don’t make me choose in new moon…….

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