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NEW MOON The Movie: A Twilighter’s Experience [Video]

November 22nd, 2009 at 8:54 pm by Kaleb Nation

Since I was out of town for NCTE when NEW MOON opened in theaters (and had already seen it at the premiere) I didn’t get to film any video of the enormous lines and the crowds that showed up for the midnight showing! But thanks to Ilana and Taryn from TwilightUnplugged, you can see some of what it was like on opening night!

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10 Responses

  1. fervt88

    I loved the movie! it was so much better than Twilight! Great scenes, great script and great screenplay!
    The actors and actresses were awesome! 5 stars! ;D

  2. Vlo

    Can't wait to see the movie!! Only two days left..

  3. Mar123

    of coarse i loved it!!!!
    saw it opening night baby!!!
    hmm, it's not that it was better than twilight, i think it was more thought out, and there was a lot of scenes from the book though.
    but if i had to choose from twilight and new moon, movie-wise, it would be new moon.
    and i know!!!!
    the ending was like “WHAAAAT…?”
    i was laughing at the ending though. =D
    i'm going to see it again with parents this time.
    opening night i went with my cousin and her friend.
    it was funny, cuz her friend, Rueben, doesn't get it.
    he's just like, “wats up with all the shirts?? and what about that stuff about team edward or team jacob?”
    im just like “you just don't understand us twihards.”
    then he started complaining about the line. Ahhh, the power of twilighters. =D
    but seriously it only took like 10 minutes. =)

    BTW: are my coments ALWAYS the longest??

  4. Lizzie Hale

    I thought that New Moon was wayy better than twilight. It was so much like the book that I wanted to hug Chris W. at the end. I acted the same way as llana and Taryn right before watching it. Ahhh it was amazing!

  5. SonryuCullen

    OMG!! today is the Avant premiere here in Chile!!! i´m gonna make a video like that! im so exited!!

    blessed Keleb!


  6. Vlo

    I just saw the movie and it was EPIC!
    Of course there were many changes but i guess you have to differentiate between the book and the film..
    I always thought the team thing was ridiculous but now I'm definitely Team Taylor;)
    I just LOVED jake, he was awesome!!(well I guess you could replace awesome by hot;D)
    Does anybody know what he says before he almost kisses bella? I figured it was probably quileute and I so want to know what it means! It sounded kinda like 'I love you'..

  7. ashleyy_twilight_lover

    i love it!! i thought it was better than twilight..
    and im soo seeing it again!…
    Team JakeWard!
    (edward and jacob

  8. such a tween

    So, Kaleb, when are you going to share your thoughts on the movie?

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