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Totally New ECLIPSE Movie Stills!

March 30th, 2010 at 7:38 pm by Kaleb Nation




Click the images to see them in super hi-res!

These come straight from Summit Entertainment. Enjoy!

While you’re here, you should check out my new blog and website design at kalebnation.com too. Also, check out the NEW Facebook Share button. You can post these new Eclipse photos straight to your Facebook page! It’s right down there next to the TweetMeme button.

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24 Responses

  1. Sydney

    Thank you, Kaleb! You're the first to post this.. Im getting super excited for Eclipse! WOO!

  2. Jaslyn

    haha! Jackson's hair looks hilarious!

  3. anglita28

    awwwwwww!!!! we're gonna miss them lol lol

  4. anglita28

    Yay!!! Here to stay then!!!

  5. reinix

    Jasper looks so… Victorian. Y'know what I mean? I'm not even sure I know what I mean.

  6. HannahNicole

    NOT loving Jaspers hair..whats up with it!?

  7. Aliesha

    it seems like the whole feel is more intimate. like there is a closeness that wasnt present b4. *or maybe im reading 2 much into the pics..lol*
    i guess ill say what im supposed to.. YAYY ECLIPSE..lol

  8. Karen

    LOVE the FB button, now I don't have to cut and paste! Thanks! :o) At first sight, I thought that last photo was a line up of Twilight dolls, until I got up close and looked! Jasper's hair? Not sure what I think. I ABSOLUTELY loathed his hair in the last 2 movies, but this is so different. I am not sure I can give an opinion until I see it in action.

  9. jenb

    Sweet! Thanks Kaleb!! These are great, makes me so excited for June 30th! Only 3 months!!

    But hey, where's Emmett?!?!

  10. Radio 1 – Pizza Guy Pranks

    […] Totally New ECLIPSE Movie Stills! | Twilight Guy – with Kaleb Nation […]

  11. rikeebaz22

    hahahaha, the whole cullen family are wearing denim,,,, i wonder who dressed them :S

  12. comettail1200

    I like how the coloring is more viberant. i was wondering how they were going to do that because twilight was blue… new moon was more brown. the first picture with the bright leaves really caught my attention. it had a more homey feel. We know the characters now and its just so much more awesome.

  13. snippie

    Jackson what have you done to your hair!!!!!!!!! D=

  14. Sam - FallenBoy Blog

    Thanks Kaleb for the amazing new photos from the Eclipse movie! I just wanted to let everyone know that like Kaleb I've started a book site called FallenBoy. You may have heard of the Fallen series and author Lauren Kate, its been a New York Bestseller and if you want to read something after the Twilight Saga then this may be the book for you. I'm going to be reading the book and writing about each chapter as I go. I would appreciate anyone visiting the site and letting me know if they are interested!

    Thanks again for the photos!

  15. englamerican

    Ohgod. What is on Jackson's head?!?

  16. Olivia

    Denim Much?

  17. Rachel Faith

    Not enjoying Jackson's hair in the least…again. Whoever is in charge of wigs can't get that boy's hair to look decent to save their life.

    And, of course, the lack of Emmett and the matching denim is, uh…intriguing.

  18. heidilizzm

    loveeeee it

  19. ummhedaya

    I love Jaspers new do… georgous!!!

  20. mayachan

    cool !! still waiting 4 eclipse ^^

  21. Michelle

    OMG!! they r soo awesome!!
    I HOPE BREAKING DAWN ISNT RATED R!!!!!! or else i wont get to see it! they should make it PG13!!!!!!
    r i'll miss my favorite movie series in the WHOLE WORLD! kaleb do something!! i mean…your THE TWILIGHT GUY!!!!!

  22. Michelle

    OMG!! they r soo awesome!!
    I HOPE BREAKING DAWN ISNT RATED R!!!!!! or else i wont get to see it! they should make it PG13!!!!!!
    r i'll miss my favorite movie series in the WHOLE WORLD! kaleb do something!! i mean…your THE TWILIGHT GUY!!!!!

  23. Maria

    i like this pics of u guys alot i wish i hade youur guys movies but i dont i just got done watching twilght i whant 2 what twilght eclipes and twight new moon but i think i watched new moom befor but now i havent watch twilght eclipes but whant 2 thou well i am 12 amd my draem is 2 be famoues ans a art person and a singer like justin bieber i thought thay whould already have twilght eclipes on youtube already but that dont ugh shoot i hate tht tht make me up set and my mom is having troable paying the bills write noe so ya thts why i cant get write now thou but i hope sill get soon thou ya go twilght but ya you can add me as a friend on myspace at maria202071@yahoo.com or follow me on twitter hopeandnini well thts al for today august 8-19-10 thru 6:01 pm. p.s. love misk maria! bby and ya my mom is a single women but she is waiteing for the man of god for her and i cant ether and my dad i not in my life i live in tyler tx zip: 75701 2 all the fans hayy whayz upz my peoplez lol. :) <3

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