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Los Angeles, CA, June 10, 2010 – Summit Entertainment confirmed today that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011. Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct both films starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner along with Billy Burke as Charlie Swan as well as returning members of the Cullen Family including Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Ashley Greene as Alice and Kellan Lutz as Emmett.

The project, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing. The TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN will start production in the Fall.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

The third film in the franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is due in theaters on June 30, 2010.

FOR THE COMMENTS: What do you think of the news? Are you surprised? Where do you think they’ll split the book?

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54 Responses

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  3. Kim Olsen

    AWESOME! Thanks for sharing

  4. julesworld88

    I thought they all ready confirmed that….oh well…yay?

  5. babybott330

    Wooo! I was so far behind on this piece of news I wasn't even sure they had confirmed even making a BD movie. xD

  6. Potters_pimp

    I wasn't a huge fan of the splitting idea, but I do like the idea that the movie people will be able to put more money into creating Renesmee.

  7. Maggie

    I have no idea where they would split it- maybe right after Renesmee's birth? that's pretty much where it turns around, mood wise.

  8. lara

    this is cool but…. summit… the first one just on november (2011)??? wtf?

  9. Galacticagirl

    I sure hope they film in michigan. Id work so hard to be in the film for 10 seconds. i hope they also have extras =-]

  10. Rebecca

    Well, there's two more Twilight movies I'm not going to see because I'm pretty sure that there's going to be even more Jacob then necessary.

  11. Laurenflick92

    Good grief. They're certainly milking the series for everything its got, aren't they?
    Am I the only one who thinks splitting Breaking Dawn two movies is absolutely absurd? I'm sure they could water everything down just as much as they have with Twilight and New Moon (and I guess we'll just have to wait and see with Eclipse when it comes out) and have it all fit in a two-hour movie. Simple as that.

  12. SteffiBabi

    mhmm ik they would split its way to long to be in one movie now i hope they put alot of detail in to it cause they have time and i think they cut it into 2 is right before renessme is born i think bell with fall down and everyone will look then they will stop right there they should because its like after that part its a new life for everyone

  13. Mloveangel101

    omg im so freakin excited……….i think this is a great idea and i think it should be split right after the birth since many people hvnt read the books to leave it as whether bella “survives” or not

  14. Karen

    I thought for sure it would have been one 3 hour movie! I am clueless how they are going to break it up, keep the storyline and make them both equally awesome. Wedding & birth in one with her changing and the Volturi in the second? Whatever they end up doing, I am sure I'll enjoy it!!

  15. TessaMarch

    I think that it would be great if they splitting the movie, well, they ARE. I believe they will split the movie at Renesmee's birth, like in the book. I think the book itself was a little too rushed, in my opinion, so I think if they split it into two movies it will be at least as good as the book (hopefully)

  16. michele

    Thank you Kristen! Can't wait….

  17. Fdsfsf


  18. Tamjacob546


  19. Parajunkee

    I didn't know they hadn't confirmed this, LOL. The way everyone had accepted it. They'll most likely split it at the birth. Part 1 human Bella. Part 2 Vampy Bella. It's give Kristen more time to work on the blinking.

  20. Jess

    i feel like ths is old news, but glad its official

  21. Smaurer2007

    If they wanted to make the first part of the movie a cliffhanger. They might split it when Edward first hears Renesmee. It'd end with a puzzled look on his face and fade to black.

  22. Xx_stephi_baby_xx

    I think having to separate release dates is stupid.. If Titanic would have released like that they wouldn't of made the millions or billions that it did… release both at once!

  23. Jacob

    I hated the book.. I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate the movie. Booo fourth movie.. yay third movie.

  24. BethTV

    I think that it would stop when Bella gives birth to Reneesme and Edward puts his venom in her like I think they gonna act like she died whenJacob sees she died. Then the second one would start when she's thinking about how much it hurts burning by being turned..thats my opinion.

  25. Wendi

    Excellent. Personally, I think the best place to cut the movies is with Bella vomiting blood as the placenta rips. I don't know if you could keep the PG-13 rating with that but its the only place that makes sense to me. To end the movie where Jacob becomes imprinted seems like too much of an ending. The beginning of the second movie needs to begin with Bella being changed.

  26. Debann

    Pretty happy about this, they'd have to rush way too much of it to make it one movie. I don't know where they'd split it, but I think ending the first one with her opening her blood-red eyes would be awesome.

  27. Guest

    Thanks for sharing, I can't say i'm surprised, it would have been hard to fit the whole book into one movie. Fine with me. MORE EDWARD!!

  28. Liorsapir

    In my opinion they'll split it at the end of Jacob POV like with Bella opening her vampire eyes for the first time or somethng like that 😀

  29. Ummhedaya

    'Vampy Bella'… thats funny!!

  30. Ummhedaya

    Hey, maybe they've gotta give Robs hair time to grow back out… ha ha ha :)

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  32. Jill

    I can see them cutting the first film off when the POV switches the first time, although that would be pointless because it would be way too short. So maybe after the second POV switch (after Jacob Imprints)

  33. Dania

    LUVING this!! cannot wait till they start shooting

  34. Amy

    Personally, I think it's pretty obvious where they'll split it. In Breaking Dawn, there was 2 main plotlines – Renesmee and the Volturi showdown. Therefore, they'll stop it around about Renesmee's birth – maybe stop it with Bella opening her eyes as a newborn? I doubt they'll end it with Jacob imprinting as it won't really make sense to people who haven't read the books and they'll leave the film thinking it's about pedophilia!

    I'm so glad they're going to split it because it means characters like Garrett, the Denalis and all the other vampire covens that appear in Breaking Dawn will be more likely to get their screentime. I always felt that if they made it into one movie that the screenwriter would have to cut at least half of the vampire characters in book 3 which was one of my favourite parts in the book. :)

  35. Animalover95

    YAY! 2 Breaking Dawns and 2 Deathly Hallows! Neither of my 2 fave. fandoms will die, at least not anytime soon!

  36. Annaleonard

    they're splitting it so they dont have to water it down

  37. Olivia Halsall

    It wasn't a surprise, I knew they were going to split the book, I bet that the first Breaking Dawn movie will end right after Renesmee is born, when Jacob is looking at her for the first time

  38. Maria C.

    I completely agree with you. Breaking Dawn is a lengthy book, but the characters spend about half of it just waiting around. It could definitely be cut down. Actually, it would be an improvement if some of the filler was cut. Splitting a movie in half is a risky move, and unlike Deathly Hallows, Breaking Dawn doesn't have enough action to really warrant two 2-hour segments. I also worry that the parts won't tell separate, complete stories that would allow them to stand alone as films. Does a satisfactory point of resolution even exist for splitting purposes? A single film would have better served the story.

    All in all, this is a pretty risky move, especially considering that there's a chunk of the fanbase that refuses to even acknowledge the existence of this book.

  39. toni

    I don't care about it being two movies, I just hope they don't do it in 3D.

  40. Courtney Y.

    I'm not too surprised that they are going to split Breaking Dawn into two separate films. I figured they would, since they have so much detail to cover! I'm very excited to see Eclipse on June 30, as well as Breaking Dawn 😀 I can't wait!!!!!!

  41. [email protected]

    i dont think they should split it atall… theyve missed so much out of the films they have aleady produced so why notdo it with this one? titanic was a 3 hour long film why cant breaking dawn be a long film and be released as one…. its daft making people wait another year to watch the ending

  42. Zack

    I have to disagree. We all love the characters in The Twilight Saga…now, we have the chance to see them for what they really are! It gives them a whole lot more time to develope them and the scenes. And, don't you want to see everything in the book in the movie? Wasn't everyone complaining about them cutting out things to fit into a two hour movie?
    Well, you no longer have to worry about that. And this two part finale will serve the story perfectly, in my opinion, for everyone will have an ending and nothing will be left out.

  43. Sarah

    Considering BD was my least favorite, my opinion is not objective but considering the fact that BD consisted of parts that were way too long and an ending that in many ways didn't deliver is going to make convincing me to see these filmS even more difficult. I took confidence in the fact before that in the movie industry they'd at least have to make the end battle more interesting or to do something to the plot to make it sell-able but now that Stephenie is producing I've lost faith. Would it really have killed them to extend the time to maybe 2 1/2 hours? 3? How they'll be able to carry it out for that long is beyond me. They'll probably focus on Jacob and the wolves a lot more, and they're going to have to do something about this teen birth message.

    Since they're splitting I think the only easy assumption is that they'll split after the birth scene. As everyone said, that will mean there will be one film where Bella is a vampire throughout.

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  45. Tannerbree74

    that sucks i wish the whole movie was just in one:(

  46. Prbaby1221

    Why do we have to wait until Nov 2011?! wats up wit that? why soo long omg!!! i cant wait that long!!! And i heard that she coming out a new Twilight Saga but Edwards vision. I cant wait Team Edward!!

  47. tdani

    why as two separate movies man??!!! y not 1??

  48. tdani

    why as two separate movies man??!!! y not 1??

  49. Busvissla

    OMG how can ppl want BD to be a movie? with Robert Pattinson as Edward is gonna be more than a nightmare, i will not be surprised if Renesmee have blonde straight hair and blue eyes….

  50. aujohnique

    the news was shocking but im not surprised because breaking dawn id a long book how are they going to fit it all into the movie it has alot of details….i think they are going to slit breaking dawn on the chapter What Do I Look Like? The Wizard Of Oz? You Need A Brain? You Need A Heart? Go Ahead. Take Mine. Take Everything I Have). i think but u never now…

  51. Meg

    what is the cutoff point for part 1?

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