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Twilight: Spotted In HEBREW! (aka “TWINLIGHT”)

September 8th, 2010 at 6:31 am by Kaleb Nation

I’m finally moved in to my new place in Arizona (which many of you have already pointed out is Bella’s former home) and just got back from a short but much-needed vacation visiting friends in Canada. While I was there, I spotted this at Ilana Zackon‘s house — a copy of Twilight from Israel, in Hebrew! I had to grab some photos for all you TG readers:

This is the cover of the Hebrew Twilight. Notice that the entire cover is flipped backwards — even the hands are mirrored!

Hebrew books are read the opposite of English, so the page numbers go backwards.

Some things are lost in translation 😀

Kinda amazing to see how the Twilight Saga has not only taken over our culture but has also made its way all around the world!

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14 Responses

  1. Amanda Reed

    haha that is so awesome!!

  2. Daniela

    Hi I am from Isreal and all of the books got translated, if u want i will send u some pics of them!

  3. Mohannad Mohammad

    I have an Arabic version :)

  4. Vicky Carpenter

    Cool 😀

  5. Samantha Martin

    i would love to see a Spanish one.

  6. Sarah

    Cool!! I am Jewish so I can sort of read Hebrew. Only I don't know it well enough to read it without vowels, or understand the majority of it xD

  7. Daniela

    i am Jewish 2.. and Isrealy sooo reading Hebrew is essy to me… but th twilight book has lots of speling mistaks…. (sorry for my speling mistaks English is not a strong side,…)

  8. edwardsgirl09

    That is way to cool!! 😉

  9. Lior sapir

    OMG!!!!! Kaleb!!!!!!
    i sent you an email like 2 years ago that in hebrew it says “twinlight”..
    i live in Israel!! i can't believe you posted this!!!

  10. Laurenoshi

    haha israel rocks:P
    but i have the books at english and hebrew
    in hebrew its something like 450 pages

  11. Shaked_maltz

    hhhh I am from israel and thers here so many fans!! (by the way i am one of them) … and the books in hebrew really dispointed!! so many mistakes!! you can see that in your 3 photo.. they wort twinlight and not twilight!! (I am not so much good in english so sorry if thers a lot of mistaks here :])

  12. gerry

    hallow…i'm from greece (yea with the beutiful islands and all this stuff) and the greek edition is realy cool is related to the english one….i can sent ypu photos if you want…and yes i'm a boy so i'm a twilight guy…by the way my name is gerasimos…and sorry for my bad english….

  13. Lior

    Haha.. I'm from Israel but I read the book in English.. (original is always the best)
    I have to say that you choose one of my favorite parts in the book
    when Edward takes Bella hiking and she sees him in the sunlight for the first time :)

  14. Shir

    hahah im from israel too, i have the book at home. i read them in english first then in hebrew.

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