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Edward And Bella, In A Bed. Featuring You.

January 16th, 2011 at 12:57 pm by Kaleb Nation

I know why they put this new Breaking Dawn movie photo out. Edward and Bella in a bed? Wait, did you even notice Bella was in the bed? If you’d take your hand off the screen from over her face you’d see her… there she is!

Now let’s just make this easier for the whole fandom:

Click to download the transparent PNG. You KNOW you want it.

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11 Responses

  1. Elizziebooks

    I'm going to go print this out and frame it. Yeah.

  2. KMPeterson

    *giggles* I love how you are kind-of mocking the twilighters here.

  3. Anne

    Ha ha. I love you Kaleb!!

  4. mariafernanda

    hahahahahaa kaleb you're great

  5. Aei

    lawlz Kaleb, you're awesome.

  6. Ari

    Another thing. I was saving the top picture, and apparently the name is “oh-boy”. xD

  7. reinix

    Thanks, but that TG watermark totally kills the mood.

  8. Sita

    Oh Kaleb you know us so well ! LOVE IT ! This is so hilarious and come on fans you've all thought about doing this lol …

  9. Sita

    Pretty sure were the only fandom that does this give it time the Mortal Instruments fans might have us JP YEA RIGHT ! Were nuts lol …

  10. Guest

    LOL, Kaleb. Wow. You really know what those tween girls and creepy moms want when it comes to Twilight. XD

  11. Alice Bradley

    who will be the first to put Lautner's face there, because we all know someones going to do it!

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