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The Real Reason That Eclipse Was Nominated For 9 Razzie Awards

January 24th, 2011 at 3:34 pm by Kaleb Nation

Today, it was announced that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was nominated for 9 Razzie awards, including Worst Picture. But was it nominated for the film itself, or because of the resulting fandom frenzy of hate comments that would throw the awards into the spotlight (and generate LOADS of website ad dollar$)? All the info is in today’s new show!

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  2. Sita

    I agree ! I saw many films that were way worse !

  3. Michelle Cullen

    haha…they just like to pick on the awesome movies because they know that The Twilight Saga has more fans than any other movie. They are so rude!!! :) well if twilight did WIN an award for that (which it NEVER will) some one will have to sleep with their eyes open.. :) MUAHAHHAHA!!! lol

  4. ur-nvr-gona-meet-me-newys

    Worst movie of the year? Probably Never Let Me Go, then Eclipse. Major props to Melissa R. for turning a plotless storyline into a somewhat-of-a plotty movie. She must have spent sleepless months trying to figure out an actual storyline in that book and turn it into a script. I admire her patience.

  5. Kasey Lynn Jeffries

    Or maybe it was nominated because it truly sucked.

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